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The Most Recent page is now up and working as normal. The problem has been identified and is still be worked on to permanently fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Later Days,


--Asukafan2001 on July 05 2014 7:39 AM 2 Comments
Most Recent and a chat!
Just making note of two things very quickly. First off, the site is experiencing some issues with the Most Recent link at the top of the page not working. As a temporary solution, we've increased the number of Most Recent stories visible on the site's front page to 15 at a time, from 8.

In addition, GiantessWorld now has an unofficial Chat room for users to make use of! Converse with your fellow writers about projects you're working on, or just talk about the weather! We hope to get a link to the chat on the site's main UI, but until then here's a link. http://www.chatzy.com/frame/giantessworld

As always, if you have any issues with the site (Aside from the one outlined above, of course) you can just click Contact Us at the bottom of the page, to send us an e-mail!

Thanks for stickin' with us through these trying times~

--EmmaGear on July 03 2014 3:10 PM 0 Comments
A Few Small Updates!

Recently a few minor changes have been made to the Administration at Giantessworld; most notably that EmmaGear and myself have been brought on to help out with tagging old stories and doing general site support! To that end, we've recently revamped the support system, getting a new e-mail address that all Admins have access to. This means that getting in touch with one of us for any reason should be a lot faster and more efficient than ever before! If you have a comment about the site, PLEASE use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and one of us will address your comment as soon as humanly possible. Thanks a lot!

Oh, we'll also be making MUCH more use of the front page now. Expect a new poll every so often, along with actually making use of the "Featured" section of the front page.

--Tinyone234 on September 14 2013 3:55 PM 10 Comments
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07/30/14 03:14 pm
Well, we didn't want you to think we were saying you can't leave negative reviews. You are free to do so as long as you back up your claims, and part of your review did that.
07/29/14 11:47 pm
You could have asked me to delete it, it would have saved you a lot of time and I would have complied. I will refrain from harsh reviews in the future.
07/29/14 07:19 pm
Agreed. Criticism is absolutely fine if explained (which you did), but some of that review was more rant and was uncalled for. We're here to share, not tear each other down.
Emma Gear
07/29/14 07:16 pm
vgiv please don't use the reviews section to be unnecessarily harsh to other users. I edited out what I would consider personal attacks from your review, so please refrain from doing so again.
07/29/14 06:59 pm
Stress relief. Plus you do have to admit the review was earned.
07/29/14 10:11 am
Damn vgiv I read the review, you're harsh bro! XP
07/29/14 02:09 am
Yay to JTC! I guess it would vgiv, you get to let off some steam when bashing it.
07/28/14 09:11 pm
I find that reviewing the worst stories on this site are actually a very good way for stress relief.
07/28/14 08:44 pm
Oh my god I have to do something...
07/28/14 06:14 pm
Chapter 25 has been started on and hopefully will be posted by Wednesday or Thursday! Whoooooooooo!
07/27/14 10:33 pm
yep, being written as we speak.
07/27/14 10:20 pm
Of those stories, one is for a coed series.
07/27/14 03:32 pm
Various stories, 2 of which you can see right now.
07/27/14 03:21 pm
Nostory, watcha working on now?
Mr France
07/26/14 10:43 pm
Decided to finish up my first story! Check it out!
07/26/14 05:57 pm
Good news it's been fixed and I've added a chapter to one of my latest stories.
07/26/14 05:56 pm
vgiv did you get my email?
07/26/14 03:57 pm
I'm having problems with my enternet so I will try to fix it asap
07/26/14 12:04 am
My next update should be on the 28th, if all goes well for me.
07/25/14 08:22 am
07/25/14 07:35 am
Update is really close.....
07/24/14 11:10 pm
Possible update from me tomorrow, depending on how things go. If you're lucky it'll be a double update.
07/24/14 05:53 pm
Don't worry Amateur, I uploaded one story on it and it doesn't show so it still has its problems.
07/24/14 12:03 pm
Sorry everyone. I think I'm finally in a position to write again. I'm still working on The Initiation. Since it's taken so long to post anything, I've posted a short, prewritten story.
Amateur Wordsmith
07/24/14 10:35 am
Just signed up, although for some reason it won't allow me to log in; it's very confusing. Ah well, I'm sure it'll clear up
07/24/14 01:56 am
Just uploaded my newest story, I recommend everyone else do the same!
07/24/14 01:35 am
Gonna upload my newer stories there!
07/24/14 01:24 am
Thanks DX!
DX Machina
07/24/14 12:33 am
Dropping this here.... http://macrotales.com
07/24/14 12:30 am
07/23/14 09:56 pm
Updated Afterlife.
07/23/14 08:33 pm
You mean the story where the GTS was a Nazi? I'm not the biggest believer, but a remake of a biblical passage is crossing many lines. But the Nazi one was worse, as it was written with care.
07/23/14 06:14 pm
Okay first a racist giantess, now a religious one! I think the latter might be crossing a line here.
07/23/14 05:58 am
To reinforce i really did not mean any offense.
07/23/14 05:50 am
I was making a joke, don't take it personal.
07/23/14 05:24 am
@gadgetmawombo Not so much cool that it was really disturbing and I had no choice but to laugh at it. And Vgiv, what is your problem?
07/23/14 03:58 am
You can do both things.
07/22/14 10:30 pm
I was about to check out Katie's profile on deviantart but give me a moment... laptop booting up...
07/22/14 10:11 pm
Vgiv please reply to my long email.
Mr France
07/22/14 10:06 pm
There are some really great stories on this site! Glad to be a part of it! (:
07/22/14 09:50 pm
Welcome Katie! Kazuma is a ***** but if he reviews one of your stories, we are thinking of getting a pool or some reward for whoever.
07/22/14 09:24 pm
Hello Katie! Don't be afraid to talk, we don't bite. Except in some of the reviews, but don't worry about that.
The Shrunken Scholar
07/22/14 08:43 pm
Welcome @GiantessKatie! Hope you enjoy the site!
Amateur Wordsmith
07/22/14 06:17 pm
Welcome to the site, you'll find us to be a very hospitable bunch. btw finally updated something
07/22/14 05:56 pm
@katie cool, hope you like this site. @kazuma Way to keep us in the dark...If its so cool, tell us!
07/22/14 05:50 pm
Hi everyone, i am new here. looking forward to making some new tiny friends x
07/22/14 11:05 am
Lol holy shit now I've seen everything. Hahahaha!
07/22/14 06:31 am
Well I sent you another email, its a long one.
07/21/14 09:32 pm
I've been playing Saint's Row 3 for the past 9 hours how should I know?
07/21/14 08:27 pm
Vgiv did you get my emails?
07/21/14 09:51 am
Minor Update on Area 51
07/21/14 06:32 am
You're spoiling us, it was a lovely chapter.
07/20/14 11:26 pm
I'm back and I updated Afterlife. You people's fault I am not catching up on sleep...
07/20/14 07:07 pm
The 'Series' URL link is not working. :/
07/19/14 05:51 pm
For those who think The Escape Redux is just a rewrite of The Escape and ends the same way, well...you'll be surprised.
07/19/14 06:12 am
I was afraid it would be that one, haha.
07/18/14 09:01 pm
The one with the working title, dingbing :p
07/18/14 08:47 pm
Whichever Kazuma reviewed.
07/18/14 08:43 pm
Haha, which one is my "far more interesting story?"
07/18/14 07:35 pm
You should The Escape Redux, it is better.
07/18/14 05:31 pm
I wonder when dingbing is going to update his far more interesting story
07/18/14 02:24 pm
07/18/14 12:41 pm
Official request, Kazuma, read that story, I want to see of you would go blind.
07/18/14 12:37 pm
Kazuma, have you read The Adventures of PA Mcfalls? I'm curious to hear your review/critique.
07/18/14 12:13 pm
On the welcome page, about how accurate is the members online part?
07/18/14 11:45 am
Gadget is still here, he reviews BFG when it comes out.
07/18/14 11:38 am
Damnit Jacksmith I was enjoying the doom and gloom :p
07/18/14 11:28 am
I would think you guys are overestimating the effect of Titan's move slightly. Visitor numbers here really haven't been impacted, and those names vgiv mentioned are still as active as usual.
07/18/14 11:12 am
Well Titan has caused a large number of readers to focus their attentions elsewhere. We need to give them a reason to come back.
07/18/14 10:41 am
Either I was correct in thinking the Escape Redux was unnecessary, or everybody is now on thetitanempire.
07/18/14 10:39 am
Online for a while.
07/18/14 10:39 am
Kazuma is right. Even though saying that makes me want to kill something... not many people are exactly paying attention to the site. I have not seen Carycomic, Ancient, Wordsmith, gadgetmawombo...
07/18/14 10:03 am
Ah it gives me motivation to write again.
07/18/14 09:34 am
I told you!
07/18/14 07:56 am
*Not really paying attention to the site* Back to the dark ages with you.
07/18/14 05:50 am
Nope, anyone?
07/18/14 03:47 am
Going to post a chapter soon, anyone excited? Looking at the time, all of you are probably asleep.
07/17/14 11:59 pm
Also, can one of the site administrators think about moving the lost password button a bit farther from the login button? I keep pressing it by accident. Something to think about.
07/17/14 11:58 pm
Perfect opportunity for us then...
07/17/14 11:21 pm
I think the problem is that the good stories are the ones hard to find and will just stop in the middle do to the author no longer updating the story.
07/17/14 09:34 pm
They need a reason to pay attention. We shall give them a reason to.
07/17/14 09:18 pm
I get the feeling a lot of members are not paying attention to the site.
07/17/14 11:57 am
Some of the shouts are missing.
07/16/14 04:22 pm
How the hell is everybody updating daily?! I bet when I update Afterlife next week, it is off the page in two hours.
07/15/14 03:37 pm
I hope you're right.
07/15/14 03:07 pm
We'll deal with it.If its good people will read it.
07/15/14 02:33 pm
I'm afraid to update any of my stories because of how fast it will come off the most recent page. So many daily updates... this could be an issue for our series Nostory.
07/15/14 09:08 am
Hey Dudes! Give me some reviews! 'Determination': I need some constructive abuse...;`)
The Lone Ranger
07/15/14 07:55 am
Chapter 3 of Tiny Nathan is up!!! Feel free to read and review!!!
07/14/14 09:24 pm
It is nice to at least know what you can improve on. Or else you'll never get better.
The Lone Ranger
07/14/14 07:13 pm
basis and need to find many ways to back yourself up from those. It's like being bossed around.
The Lone Ranger
07/14/14 07:08 pm
I have mixed opinions on the criticism with reviews. It is good because they want you to improve. But it does become a pain because then you have to really be creative and descriptive on a regular..
The Lone Ranger
07/14/14 07:06 pm
It's kind of a hit-miss with certain stories that writers upload. The best quality stories are the ones that are well descriptive and creative. But that's just me.
07/14/14 05:12 pm
This is why I kinda hate this fetish. It's either be /d/ extremist motherfucking asshole or pussy tiptoeing asslicker.
07/14/14 03:31 pm
The rating system is bad, but if a story does not have 4 or 5 stars, you can tell about it. Some stories and authors on this site just are terrible. I am not exactly great, but many I have read...
07/14/14 10:10 am
Yes I agree. But sometimes, *some authors* take even mild criticism too seriously and go ape...Makes me not want to review
07/14/14 03:32 am
There should be more 'harsh' reviews; too many folks who do so tiptoe around things or spout 2 words and are done with it; constructive criticism is key, and authors need to take it in stride
07/13/14 06:03 pm
07/13/14 06:03 pm
I feel like I review too harshly...
The Lone Ranger
07/13/14 05:30 pm
Chapter 2 of Tiny Nathan is up. Feel free to review!!! :D