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A Few Small Updates!

Recently a few minor changes have been made to the Administration at Giantessworld; most notably that EmmaGear and myself have been brought on to help out with tagging old stories and doing general site support! To that end, we've recently revamped the support system, getting a new e-mail address that all Admins have access to. This means that getting in touch with one of us for any reason should be a lot faster and more efficient than ever before! If you have a comment about the site, PLEASE use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and one of us will address your comment as soon as humanly possible. Thanks a lot!

Oh, we'll also be making MUCH more use of the front page now. Expect a new poll every so often, along with actually making use of the "Featured" section of the front page.

--Tinyone234 on September 14 2013 3:55 PM 8 Comments
Website Changes

Jacksmith and I worked out size and category definitions for the content on this website. Some of the tags you have been used to have been changed and sizes attached to each category have been adjusted as well. Authors may find they will need to re-edit size ranges of certain ones of their stories, in order to account for the system becoming more detailed.

Categorizing Size Change roles has been expanded and adjusted from what you are used to. You will see a new system has been put in place to identify the genders of characters growing or shrinking in a story. A capital letter refers to a giant while a lowercase letter refers to a tiny, with m and f representing male and female respectively. For example, the F/m tag means a story contains a giantess interacting with a tiny man, the M/f tag refers to a giant man interacting with a tiny woman, and so on.

So authors when adding stories please make careful attention to the changes and edit your tags for your stories as needed.

You can view all these changes not only on the add story page but also by clicking the definitions link at the top.

I would like to especially thank Jacksmith for his work on this project. It wouldn't have been completed without him. Anyone with further questions about the new categories system should comment here or feel free to email either of us.

Later Days,


--AsukaFan2001 on June 11 2013 8:53 AM 9 Comments
Website Fix and Mobile Update

It was reported that some authors were having issues editing there stories. As a Fopen error would occur. That issue has been resolved as of today. I would like to thank the members who notified and helped out with the testing. If you uploaded a story in the last 10 hours or so you may need to re-upload your story or chapter. Sorry for the inconvenience.

While the error was being fixed I took the liberty to launch a mobile version of the website so it can be viewed more easily from a smartphone. It has been tested on andriod and windows phone, but should work on a iphone as well. I just don't have access to a iphone.

Later Days,




--AsukaFan2001 on June 08 2013 10:58 PM 6 Comments
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For Hire by happiest_in_shadows [Reviews - 3]

Standing at five and a half meters tall Annette is a still growing giantess...

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04/16/14 09:29 pm
You sure?
04/16/14 07:49 pm
Edit it and when you think it is good enough and ready to be uploaded, do it.
04/16/14 07:42 pm
I just wrote the first chapter to a new, long story... should I post it?
04/16/14 07:20 pm
I just wrote the first chapter to a new, long story... should I post it?
04/16/14 06:18 pm
a one sided game of basketball. Great dream in my opinion.
04/16/14 06:17 pm
I had a dream last night about a school for tall people(6'6-7'2). I ended up making all the females dwarf the males by placing my hand on their head and raising it up. I then enjoyed watchin
04/16/14 05:48 pm
I understood the Sunday time slot was a weekly occurrence; someone correct me if I'm wrong
Mr E
04/16/14 12:35 pm
I heard that there is another meeting this sunday 9pm eastern at Egiantess. is this the case?
Mr E
04/16/14 09:42 am
New rule?: theres no need 2 apologize 4 a double post. accidents happen, everybody does it. fyi: its because u hit the refresh button 2 C who replied 2 your post. next time hit the home button instead
Mr E
04/16/14 09:39 am
dont worry about it Nostory, everybody does it. those sound like some great souvenirs.