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Category Updates!

Hey there everyone, just wanted to go ahead and make note of a few changes that have been made to the categories section recently.

-Renamed the "Overweight Girl" category to "BBW" and gave it a brief description

-Fixed a handful of typos that were noticed on the Categories

-Locked the Toilet tag. No new stories can be added to it. Instead, it's been separated into two new categories, Watersports and Scat. Descriptions have been added to both at the Categories page.

-Also added the following new tags

Footwear: This is for use if the story contains scenes focused on the shoes, boots, or other kinds of footwear a character has. This isn't a tag, it's a category. Please don't use it unless the footwear is actually focused on.

Legwear: Much like footwear, this is a category, not a tag. This one applies to a focus on nylons, socks, stockings, tights, etc, over just bare skin or shoes.

Sci Fi / Fantasy: Despite the name, this is intended as more of a catch-all for all stories that take place in an alternate universe, or basically aren't modern times real life. It's just that Science Fiction and Fantasy make up the VAST majority of stories like this

Furry: Should be self explanatory, but any characters with anthropomorphized characters will generally be considered furry.

Destruction: This is for stories with a big focus on widespread destruction. This is most common with rampage stories, but because it can also be unaware, Destruction seemed a more apt category.

Odor: This is mainly to be used in conjunction with other tags, but it encompasses any kind of odor fetishes. Overly smelly feet, farts, etc.

This is where you, the readers come in! If you've got any stories that make use of any of these tags, please, by all means, update the tags on your own stories to help us out as we try and work on this ourselves. Like I mentioned, the Toilet tag is now locked, but myself and some others will be working through all the stories currently tagged with it, and separating them into the Watersports, Scat, or both categories.

Again, please help us out by adding any of these new tags to your own stories! If you'd like to help out with the tagging on a story that isn't yours, you can send us an e-mail by clicking the Contact Us link at the very bottom of the page. Send a link to the story, along with any tags it doesn't have, but should have, and we'll make sure to update it!

As always, GiantessWorld has a chat hosted offsite that you can access at http://www.chatzy.com/76906873316852 If you'd like to help with tagging, just drop in, provide the same information, and we can get to it even faster!

Thanks very very much to anyone and everyone that helps us out with this! Until next time, we'll be seeing ya!

--Emma Gear on August 03 2014 2:44 AM 4 Comments
Most Recent Page

The Most Recent page is now up and working as normal. The problem has been identified and is still be worked on to permanently fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Later Days,


--Asukafan2001 on July 05 2014 7:39 AM 3 Comments
Most Recent and a chat!
Just making note of two things very quickly. First off, the site is experiencing some issues with the Most Recent link at the top of the page not working. As a temporary solution, we've increased the number of Most Recent stories visible on the site's front page to 15 at a time, from 8.

In addition, GiantessWorld now has an unofficial Chat room for users to make use of! Converse with your fellow writers about projects you're working on, or just talk about the weather! We hope to get a link to the chat on the site's main UI, but until then here's a link. http://www.chatzy.com/frame/giantessworld

As always, if you have any issues with the site (Aside from the one outlined above, of course) you can just click Contact Us at the bottom of the page, to send us an e-mail!

Thanks for stickin' with us through these trying times~

--EmmaGear on July 03 2014 3:10 PM 0 Comments
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Mr France
03/31/15 03:17 pm
@Nostory I sent you an Email I hope you received it, thank you.
03/31/15 12:11 pm
How many administrators are on this site? I think it's 4 but I'm not sure.
03/30/15 08:25 pm
I consider it a triumph of sorts if I can get the reader to comment on it, means the story had enough of an impact to get them to say something.
03/30/15 04:39 pm
03/30/15 03:21 pm
Feedback, regardless of how long or short it is, is the biggest form of encouragement for me personally. I'd say a few authors share my opinion in this regard.
03/30/15 01:31 pm
Discouragement mostly comes from a lack of feedback. And procrastination. Definitely procrastination. Mostly procrastination...
03/30/15 11:06 am
I think most of us don't want the author to be discouraged so we'll offer words of encouragement.
03/30/15 10:25 am
Most reviews tend to be just simple comments these days.
03/29/15 12:31 am
How about a poll asking what do like best about gts stories?
Mr E
03/28/15 05:39 pm
anyone have any good gts poll ideas ? The current one is about milk :(
03/28/15 01:22 pm
anyone know what happened to Ultradude306 and his stories? seem to have disappeared from the site
03/27/15 11:18 pm
Thank you. Really appreciate it.
03/27/15 06:30 am
It's still available for download from here: tinyurl.com/npbfgzu
03/26/15 10:58 pm
I think if you email him he might send you a copy of it. Or if anyone else has it saved as a document, they could do the same.
03/26/15 10:38 pm
Hey does anyone remember the story called "Splinters Edge" by Spooky Taco i cant find it. It was one of if nit the best story ive ever read. If anyone can help me thank you!
Fairy King
03/25/15 04:24 pm
Well Jeremy Clarkson got sacked. RIP Top Gear.
Fairy King
03/25/15 11:49 am
I'm more inclined to sexual acts in this scene coming up.
03/25/15 11:21 am
Then I go for boob play, Thalia tucks him into her cleavage and goes to bed.
Fairy King
03/25/15 11:08 am
I don't think bottom play would happen. Just sounds like a lot of physical exertion.
03/25/15 10:11 am
Fairy King
03/25/15 06:51 am
What content do you want in the more lighthearted and fetish related chapter coming up in Amnesia?
03/24/15 09:55 pm
Making great progress on ERICA'S HOUSE chapter 6, I should have it posted by next week!
03/15/15 10:53 pm
Eventually, I'm just trying to find a way to not make the chapter be like 'and this happened because I said so'. That and I'm working on a SECRET project.
Hank the Boggle Champion
03/15/15 10:18 pm
lancealot501 are you going to update terra?
03/15/15 02:15 am
You're welcome, I had fun writing it!
03/15/15 01:34 am
I updated Growing Dates with two chapters, one of which is written by Nostory! Thanks again for writing it!
03/13/15 11:20 am
Working on Going up Chapter 3 now and I gotta say that it'll be the best chapter yet.
03/13/15 09:36 am
I replied back Nostory
03/13/15 08:43 am
Thanks lancealot, answering it right now.
Story smith
03/13/15 07:00 am
Thanks SomeRRight
03/13/15 06:41 am
Nostory I sent a reply
03/13/15 01:54 am
Holly the freshman
03/13/15 01:53 am
Story smth: it's called The Freshman. Love that one.
03/12/15 11:52 pm
Lancealot, I'm sending the email now. Seems using the onsite contact function isn't working very well.
Story smith
03/12/15 11:47 pm
Hay does anyone know the name of a story on this site where there is a tiny female who is going to collage. And lives with a roommate who loves to eat? I can't remeber he title.
03/12/15 08:55 pm
Just got off work Nostory but your email isn't in my inbox or junk mail. Try sending it to lancealot501@hotmail.com
03/12/15 07:20 pm
I emailed you about it. Did you get the mail?
03/12/15 11:58 am
Synopsis of my idea
03/12/15 11:58 am
I'm looking for a co author who enjoys my work and knows my stories fairly well. I'll start up a 2-4 chapter project in a week or so. If you are interested send me an email and I'll give
03/12/15 10:46 am
I actually would prefer Stasis first but if it is down to the first two, going to go with Going Up.
03/12/15 10:23 am
I finished the chapters for My life with Lily and Going up. I'll work/fin on stasis and dark guardian tonight/tomorrow. The question becomes which of the two do you guys want me to release tomor
03/11/15 02:41 pm
03/11/15 02:23 pm
Okay then, out of Randall, Going Up, and There First Time which one do you guys want first. First to reply to this gets to choose.
03/11/15 02:13 pm
I would opt for one a day. Should give you enough time to let people read and review it.
03/11/15 01:54 pm
Recent category. What do you guys think?
03/11/15 01:53 pm
I should wait and upload them all at the same time, release them one every day, or post the three I have then the other three when I finish them. I just don't want them lost in a few days in the
03/11/15 01:51 pm
So I finished writing chapters for my story Randall, Going Up, and Their First Time. I'm going to write new chapters for My life with Lily, Stasis, and Dark Guardian. The question for me is whet
03/10/15 10:17 pm
03/10/15 09:56 pm
Newb92, give mine a shot. See if its your kind of story. It'll be updated soon.
03/10/15 04:23 pm
I....Have updated and Newb92 give my story a shot, I think its really what your looking for...At least for a first read. There are a lot of good stories on here.
03/10/15 03:49 pm
Hey guys, I'm kinda new to all this so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for The best authors that deal with Gentle MiniGTS type of stories
03/10/15 10:13 am
Finished writing the next Downtrodden, now its time for editing.
Mr E
03/09/15 01:49 pm
I'll enjoy any type of giantess interaction Sugary-Micro. I'll go into details in a review.
03/08/15 10:29 am
Halfway through a Downtrodden chapter, might have it out by Thursday.
03/07/15 02:54 am
Suggestions being taken for my story yo~~
03/04/15 09:33 pm
I was wondering if the function to post work from Microsoft was working. I attempted to copy between both locations to use the spell check.
03/04/15 09:29 pm
After a few months off, I've put up Chapter Eleven of The Realm of Melanie - Final Edition. Long time coming, I hope it is well received!
03/03/15 08:51 pm
Their basically composed of an ultralight flesh like substance, rich with water as they produce steam and their blood is very thin. You could count the light tan exterior as flesh of the red muscle.
03/03/15 12:47 am
I guess so, it's weird. I mean, technically, aren't the Titans made of light anyway? That's why they can just pop into existence and why their corpses don't remain after they're ki
03/02/15 06:15 pm
Isn't muscle on the titans sort of their flesh? I mean, when they disintegrate, you can see the muscle under what looks like muscle.
03/02/15 05:07 pm
Ive seen attack on titan. Im trying hard not to read the manga and ruin it for myself. If you want another anime with gts in it try Seven deadly sins...shes a main character and has flesh!
03/02/15 02:41 pm
Just wondering, can anyone point me in the direction of some good storys with a empathis on breasts/ the protagonist shrinks with arousal
03/02/15 01:26 pm
I finally updated after what... a month? Out of curiosity, how many people watch the show Attack On Titan?
03/01/15 09:16 am
I got something in the works as well, if my schedule permits you'll see it out within the week.
03/01/15 12:57 am
Cool, I do like your guys's stories.
02/28/15 07:30 pm
*ownloads... For anybody still interested in me and Nostory's series I intend to update tomorrow, if my computer is still working at that time.
02/28/15 07:29 pm
I just got an adware virus on my laptop. I keep getting pop up ads suggesting I update something, and getting these false ads for anti virus software when I access any website. Stupid internet d
Fairy King
02/27/15 11:58 am
R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy
02/26/15 06:39 am
I've heard of it, will have to take a look even though Im not a fan of the franchise.
Fairy King
02/25/15 02:33 pm
Has anyone seen the bootleg power rangers film?
02/23/15 06:25 pm
His account is still active, but it looks like his stories were deleted.
02/23/15 05:00 pm
Anyone know what has happened to Makebelieve??? They did some great stories like House Cleaning and Rise Of The Dragon but can't find the account ?????
02/22/15 12:08 am
I'm actually trying to write something longer (and not gts related) now, and its COMPLETELY out of order.
02/20/15 08:28 pm
I have never done that before , mostly because I am worried that I hit on a good idea in the earlier and then I have to change the future chapter.
02/20/15 05:33 pm
I've also been sending chapters 36 and 37 to a test reader to see what he thinks
02/20/15 05:32 pm
Been in a writing slump lately, but has anyone ever wrote chapters of their stories in the wrong order? I'm currently writing chapter 37-42 of Terra even though I haven't done chapter 32-36.
02/20/15 05:08 pm
It's kinda like a boombox, only you shout into it! LOL!
02/19/15 10:46 pm
what the fuck is a shoutbox
02/19/15 12:06 am
I did. Maybe this time you send me your other email?
Mr France
02/18/15 10:06 pm
Please, resend it.
Mr France
02/18/15 10:01 pm
I sent you another message through my real E-mail. That other E-Mail was a fake one I created years ago and no longer use it. I realized how useless that one was and deleted it haha.
02/18/15 09:43 pm
I got your email but can't send a reply, is there something up with your email? I'll try doing it through the site.
02/18/15 08:28 pm
Did you use a different email? That could be it.
02/18/15 08:28 pm
It should be in your email and I just sent it again.
Mr France
02/18/15 08:20 pm
For some reason i can't find it in my E-mail. Is it supposed to be sent to my Email? Or is it sent to this website. I need help.
02/18/15 08:02 pm
Okay, I'll do it again.
Mr France
02/18/15 01:52 pm
@Nostory Could you E-mail it one more time please? I don't think I received it. Thank you.
02/18/15 09:54 am
A more story driven one could get by with less. Last thing, I sent the email Mr.France, just waiting for your reply.
02/18/15 09:53 am
Well I agree that there's more than one way to describe a character, probably best to find the one that works for you. Erotica probably demands more attention to the look and movement but a more s
Amateur Wordsmith
02/18/15 08:33 am
"It all depends on what kind of story or character your trying to portray." was the key phrase Kosmita.
02/18/15 07:05 am
I understand the need to overly describe a character, esp in erotica. I'm playing devil's advocate hoping others would think of alternatives to describing their characters.
02/17/15 10:38 pm
...with a bad complexion and a fashion-victim wardrobe, I think you can do the rest, can’t you?"
02/17/15 10:38 pm
Stephen King: "I’d rather let the reader supply the faces, the builds, and the clothing as well. If I tell you that Carrie White is a high school outcast...
02/17/15 10:33 pm
There are ways of giving the reader a mental image of your character without sounding like a police description or a Sears catalog.
02/17/15 10:32 pm
"There is no such thing as too much or too little detail" -I disagree. I've read stories on this site that killed the mood because of how insistent the author is on a character's app
Amateur Wordsmith
02/17/15 08:50 pm
Going back to eye, hair, and skin colour; it all depends on what kind of story or character your trying to portray.
Amateur Wordsmith
02/17/15 08:43 pm
There is no such thing as too much or too little detail; however, you can have extraneous details.
Mr France
02/17/15 08:15 pm
@nostory I would like to hear your suggestions!
02/17/15 06:12 am
I think I'm guilty of that, using blonde,black,red or brown.
02/17/15 12:24 am
I honestly want to know the height and weight and that's about it. For hair color, I don't want people to mention it, becuase usually people say blonde and it's getting repetitive.