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Name: Binary_Prophet (Signed) · Datum: April 30 2012 7:08 PM · Für: Chapter 8: Unknown Victory

Just skimmed through this again, as I do from time to time. Absolutely awesome. I love the scale!

Name: team1223 (Signed) · Datum: May 26 2010 10:30 AM · Für: Chapter 1: Dean

Loved the unaware aspect. It seems like that kind of story writing has dried up some. However it's good to see it come back with a delicious finish.

I would love to see more stories like this and I'm sure others would agree!

Name: Solar Crimson (Signed) · Datum: May 25 2010 5:19 PM · Für: Chapter 1: Dean

Thanks for sharing this story, and glad that you took your time and didn't rush with it. :)

I was hoping that Dean would have been stepped on by Samantha, but this way is probably more humiliating (and painful; stomach acid) for him.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: May 25 2010 10:19 AM · Für: Chapter 8: Unknown Victory
It looks like the school will now have to call it "Samantha's List."

Seriously, though: thanks for sharing this. It was--for lack of a better term--absolutely great!

Name: rubber (Signed) · Datum: May 25 2010 8:16 AM · Für: Chapter 8: Unknown Victory
great story. it's a real pity that it'sover

Name: rubber (Signed) · Datum: February 07 2010 12:34 PM · Für: Chapter 7: Cliffhanger
awesome chapter

Name: Sandwich (Signed) · Datum: February 02 2010 9:50 AM · Für: Chapter 1: Dean

Really enjoying this. I know this is a fetish work, but the reader in me still feels that the boys, though maybe a little arrogant, don't really deserve to be so punished simply for trying hard and succeeding. I'm secretly hoping for a just ending where at least Dean survives, but alas, they're probably going to get eaten, and teh story will be excellent anyway.

Simply excellent writing. Some of your descriptions, whilst imaginative, seemed a little dubious, but the narrative is well planned and the setting (if you can call a toe a setting) excellently portrayed.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This story is more about injustice, especially when I consider the motives of the girl with the garnet ring. I agree with your criticism of descriptions, it is the reason I have been struggling lately with the story; I am never happy with them. Hopefully I will get better, and I hope you enjoy the conclusion that will be forthcoming.

Name: asdfsdfasdf (Signed) · Datum: February 01 2010 8:24 PM · Für: Chapter 7: Cliffhanger
Doesn't look too good for our heros... what a cliffhan- oh, its the title. lawlz

Name: Solar Crimson (Signed) · Datum: February 01 2010 9:10 AM · Für: Chapter 7: Cliffhanger
Well, looks like Tia's about to have a meal, is what I got from the end of this chapter. Looking forward to the finale. :)

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 01 2010 8:18 AM · Für: Chapter 7: Cliffhanger
Excellent! See you @ Chapter Ate.

Author's Response: Haha I love puns. How true, how true...

Name: Solar Crimson (Signed) · Datum: November 12 2009 8:49 PM · Für: Chapter 6: Two to Go

Writer's Block... I can relate...

But when you get your inspiration back, I look forward to seeing how this ends. :)

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: November 11 2009 9:44 PM · Für: Chapter 6: Two to Go
That's the spirit, Leon. Never say "die!" Not until chapter 7, at any rate.

P.S.--thanks for updating this. Well worth the wait.

Name: rubber (Signed) · Datum: October 18 2009 7:48 AM · Für: Chapter 5: Wild Ride
awesome story

Author's Response: So glad you like it, hope you dig the rest.

Name: Solar Crimson (Signed) · Datum: October 16 2009 5:13 PM · Für: Chapter 5: Wild Ride

Nice addition! :)

One jackass down, three to go? lol

Author's Response: Your enthusiasm gives me enthusiasm! Thank you for the review and I hope you enjoy the rest of this story...hopefully I can get another chapter done in the next week.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: October 15 2009 10:29 AM · Für: Chapter 5: Wild Ride
Awesome! One micro-dude down. Two to go.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: October 15 2009 10:28 AM · Für: Chapter 5: Wild Ride
P.S.---no apology necessary. I have the same trouble, occasionally, myself.

As do some of my reviewers. ;-D

Author's Response: Thank you, for the understanding and the constant reviews. Helps the motivation when you know someone is out there actually enjoying what you put out.

Name: Solar Crimson (Signed) · Datum: September 25 2009 12:09 PM · Für: Chapter 1: Dean
Looking good so far. The guys must be so small, that they could probably survive being stepped on like that. Or maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself...

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: September 25 2009 10:21 AM · Für: Chapter 4: A Change of Scenery
My bad! I just now remembered that BBL used it as a link between "Parallels One" and "Parallels Two." But, those were sf stories. Yours is a fantasy about poetic justice (a la THE TWILIGHT ZONE).

In other words, this tale is still first rate.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: September 24 2009 9:20 PM · Für: Chapter 4: A Change of Scenery
Ahhhh! Shrinkage through teleportation? I cannot honestly recall anyone else using that plot device, here, at anytime in the recent past. Very innovative.


Name: rubber (Signed) · Datum: September 20 2009 5:45 AM · Für: Chapter 3: might come true.
cool start

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