Name: amanda (Signed) · Datum: February 26 2010 5:35 PM · Für: CIVIC SIEGE

Comics......yawnnn how boring when are you going to grow up timescribe xx.


Author's Response: When you stop fixating on urine. I grew out of that at 6 years old.

Name: Pixis (Signed) · Datum: February 21 2010 2:23 PM · Für: ELASTIGIRL'S RETRIBUTION RAMPAGE

Re: Timescribe's comments - Hmm. Didn't know that about earlier writers making Wonder Woman immortal. I guess they did away with that idea in the modern stuff.

I don't think Beast Boy being adopted would make much difference. He was still her son to her.

In any case, being the uber-comics guy that I am, I just have a hard time letting go of my preconceived ideas about the characters. I know this is a vore story and not meant to be true to the comics or the shows. But my inner geek just rebels and goes "So-and-so wouldn't do that!" LOL. Don't mind me, have fun with your story.

Name: amanda (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 4:58 PM · Für: CIVIC SIEGE

94 stories wow and all the same theme well done this must be record for this forum,i am impressed Timescribe..... but bored with it all.


Author's Response: I thought you spent weeks in December telling us all how you were going elsewhere.

Name: Pixis (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 4:09 PM · Für: CIVIC SIEGE

I'm going to be nitpicky here so I hope I don't offend. Still don't agree with some of this (Flash is suicidal? Elasti-Girl eats her own son?). But it's a vore story so it's more based in fetish than character, I suppose.

Don't think Wonder Woman and Talia were alive for centuries, at least not in the comics. This version might be different.

I did like seeing Doll Man, Giganta, Leviathan, the Shade, and all the others. I think we just disagree in our takes on the DC heroes. Sorry I'm being picky and taking this stuff too seriously (as I often do).

Author's Response: I don't mind your comments at all. It's fun analysing this stuff. I knew I was breaking all the rules with this story, and just wrote to please my own preferences. I wouldn't have had Elastigirl eat Beast Boy if he was her real biological son; but she did look great expanding in the Teen Titans Season 5 episode 1 cartoon and I just couldnt help myself. I took license with WW and Talia too, although some Wonder Woman writers (like the 70s TV show writers) mentioned Wonder Woman knowing ancient people (Socrates, I think). Very little of what I've written is in character. WW would never have eaten Atom, but the cartoon imagery made me want to write it.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 9:25 AM · Für: ELASTIGIRL'S RETRIBUTION RAMPAGE
Aw! Poor Beast Boy!

I would LOVE to have seen a three-for-all between Giganta, Elastigirl, and him (as a green Titano). Ah, well!

Author's Response: Well I've exhausted this yarn, and shouldn't steal your idea, but maybe you could work it into a chapter of IDEEA men.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 9:20 AM · Für: GIGANTA'S SHADEY MEAL
Hmmmm! Considering the crush Giganta had on Wally-Flash (as hinted at in the JL series finale), I have to wonder if she might try to get revenge on WW for fixing up him and Barda.

Author's Response: I know. I thought of having Giganta eat Flash because of that kiss in JLU final episode. But I really wanted to use Barda, and I also wanted the Shade/Giganta early scenes in Secret Society Pt1 to lead to the outcome I wrote.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 9:12 AM · Für: DOLLMAN'S GOLDEN AGE ENCOUNTER
Avontha? Nice--that is, nicely innovative. Maybe DC will incorporate her into their mainstream Bat-books the way they did Harley Quinn. Then, you can get rich off the creator-royalties the way Marv Wolfman (presumably) did with Marvel Comics' Blade!

Author's Response: DC'll probably just shoot me for perverting the Amazon legend, not to mention retconning Dollman's romance with Dollgirl out of existence.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 9:04 AM · Für: TALIA PLAYS THE GAME / DIANA STAKES HER CLAIM
You know; that's something no professional Bat-writer has ever considered before. That Talia might be older than she looks. As they might say on that beer commercial: "Brilliant!"

Author's Response: I wanted to make better use of a timeless Talia, than the awful trick plot device used in Batman Beyond Season 3. It was a great story, but a horrific outcome for Talia.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 20 2010 9:01 AM · Für: TALIA ENTERS A NEW LOVE TRIANGLE
*Kowtows in abject humility.*

"I ain't worthy! I ain't worthy!"

Name: Pixis (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 11:27 PM · Für: THE BRAVE AND THE GOBBLED
As a hardcore Justice League fan, I love all the references to past episodes and characters in this. And I'm sure a lot of us imagined similar scenarios during that scene with Atom and Wonder Woman. Don't really feel like this is in character for Diana but hey, it's your fantasy so who am I to judge?

Author's Response: I feel honoured to get a review from you. I don't think I'll ever be able to write DCAU characters as well as you do, but I'm a hardcore JL fan too. I thoroughly enjoyed your Mouse Man's Revenge and A Bird in the Hand stories. I'm this minute about to post chapters 10-15 of this yarn, featuring Giganta, Leviathan, Doll Man, Big Barda, Flash, Talia and others. I hope you like it.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 1:28 PM · Für: THE BRAVE AND THE GOBBLED
Seriously, though, this was a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 1:27 PM · Für: THE BRAVE AND THE GOBBLED
I hope she doesn't get "Atom-my ache."

Author's Response: Oh that's great, maybe your best pun yet. Wish I'd thought to put it in the story, and you'll be glad to know I'm just about to post another 6 chapters of this yarn. You'll find a reference to yourself in there somewhere too (to return the funny favour you did me in IDEEA men, as well as for the fun of it.) For more details, see my response to Pixis' review.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 1:17 PM · Für: ADVENTURE ON AN AMAZONIAN TONGUE
Hmmmm! If he didn't want Wonder Woman taking charge of the belt, and he's not personally wearing it, then where did he put it?

The JLA storage tesseract?

Author's Response: Oh, but he did want to leave the belt in Wonder Woman's care. Being eaten is his choice, and the belt will be used by another character in a later chapter, but I don't want to spoil that...

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 1:14 PM · Für: THE WORLD'S SMALLEST SUPPER HERO
If she did change her mind, he'd have to change his name. He'd go down Ray, but, come back up...Chuck.

Author's Response: Your reviews should go in a book. I get a real kick out of them every time.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 1:11 PM · Für: CLOSURE OF THE MOUTH
"The verdict is...delicious!"

Name: timescribe (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 10:30 AM · Für: AN ATOM ON THE MENU
If you liked this, I'm thinking of doing something similar with a similar comic book character in the not too distant future.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 8:20 AM · Für: AN ATOM ON THE MENU
True love means never having to're vorey.

Author's Response: Vore-y good pun. Love it. Unfortunately my satirical lyrics for the Wonder Woman 1970s show theme song are too naughty and non-GTS to put on this forum.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 8:19 AM · Für: AROUND THE GIRL IN 80 WAYS

Author's Response: Makes you wish you were the Tiny Titan, doesn't it?

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 8:18 AM · Für: CUPID THE BUTLER
I loved Alfred's litany of Bat-relationships. My compliments on your background research!

Author's Response: All in my head at this point. Hopefully some Obsidian Age fans out there will get something from this.

Name: Carycomic (Signed) · Datum: February 18 2010 8:16 AM · Für: THE ATOM AND THE AMAZON

Author's Response: Well the actual cartoon art did half the job of creating these ideas in our minds, didn't it?

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