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Christmas Eve at My Cousins Feet by Mr E

Rated: R • 109 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

It's a normal Christmas Eve that you spend every year at your aunts holiday party, that is until your hot cousin decides she wants to see what you feel like under her feet.

Friends With Benefits by UHF

Rated: X • 341 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Sometimes you're looking for love in all the wrong places, but it finds you anyway. Life is funny like that.

Homunculus by Cayce

Rated: R • 56 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A tiny teenager is forced to live with his normal-sized family. Ignored by his father, he finds himself at the mercy of his sadistic stepmother and her friends, who delight in teasing and torturing him. His only allies are his bratty stepsister and the gentle housekeeper/babysitter with whom he becomes enamored.

Julia by Jacksmith

Rated: X • 439 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Five shrunken strangers become playthings in the twisted fantasies of a psychotic teenage girl and must work together if they ever hope to get out of her clutches alive.

My Marriage to a Giantess by ThomThumb

Rated: R • 190 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Ron is slowly shrinking, and his marriage to the beautiful Allison is becoming increasingly difficult as a result. But the burden of Ron's strange situation seems to almost make Allison... happy.

But she couldn't really find satisfaction in her husbands life-altering misfortune, could she? Read away, and continue to check back for updates, as the couple works through this strange phenomenon.

The smaller Ron shrinks, the bigger his problems become. Other characters include Jessica, Allison's 16 year old niece, who seems to find immense pleasure in torturing and humiliating Ron. There is also Glenn, one of Ron's old friends who openly covet's Ron's wife. Allison's warm-hearted, chubby sister, Erica. There's Erica's abusive ex-boyfriend, Jack. And the young, naive Cassie, who has a crush on Ron.

Retrospect: This story relies heavily on humiliation, and the act of losing one's masculinity. With Ron's shrinking, each character learns a little about themselves, including what drives them sexually, as Ron slowly loses control over his life.

Mom's the Word by Ace Jack

Rated: R • 41 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

A quick-moving story about an unaware giantess mom.

A Chance with a Cougar by littlemac

Rated: X • 51 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

 After having little success with the ladies, a young college student is shrunken by his attractive but mature boss, who is looking for a serious relationship to fill a void in her life that she desperately needs filled….

Neverquest by Cassadria

Rated: R • 29 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Neverquest was supposed to be a game, a virtual reality world, an MMORPG where Women rule. But after a virus enters the system, the characters begin to question their own reality as it slowly changes around them...

This is the FIRST book in the Adelais series.

Parental Myrmidon by Invisible Ink

Rated: X • 67 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Feature

A rebellious girl ends up with the upper hand when her parents end up shrunk.

Tom's Story New! by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 361 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Enlisting the aid of his sister, a teenaged highschooler who has been inadvertantly shrunk decides he wants to crash the birthday party of the girl he's been crushing on, but the party is girls only.

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