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Author's Chapter Notes:
Note: this is partly inspired by one of my favorite classic Asukafan and Littletoy collaborations. Which one should be perfectly obvious within the first half-dozen paragraphs!

* * * * *

Hi! My name is Cory Maric. And I first came to work for Game Guys, as a college intern, twenty years ago. At which time, they had merely leased American distribution rights for the video game, CAMP CAPERS, from Nakafusa Toys. By the time I came on board, five years later, as a full-time rookie game designer, Nakafusa had already bought and assimilated Game Guys!

Ergo; we developed CAMP CAPERS II directly for Nakafusa.

For those who never played either game, the protagonist, Little Guy, had been shrunken by a weird meteorite he found in the woods near the girls' summer camp owned and run by his widowed mom. His girlfriend Kristin (a high school cheerleader from a camp across the lake) ended up losing him to a female cardsharp rich-bitch at the conclusion of the first game. Resulting in her ultimately successful efforts (as a college cheerleader) to steal him back at the conclusion of the second! That, in turn, led to our turning the franchise into a trilogy (just in time for my tenth anniversary with the company) with CAMPUS CAPERS. Wherein, the first-person gamer aided Kristin's efforts to hold on to Little Guy after his presence is discovered by her sexually insatiable sorority sisters.

That, in turn, inspired WORLD'S FINEST MASCOT. Wherein, a red kryptonite-shrunken Superman is found/rescued/captured/adopted/brainwashed (depending on the gamer's preference) by the Kilgore College Rangerettes of Texas!

Now, it was nearing my twentieth anniversary with the company. By which point, I was chief game designer! And I had been tasked with the responsibility (by Nakafusa-san, himself, back in Tokyo, no less) of surpassing all those best sellers!! Which, in turn, inspired the following brainstorm.

Why not revive the virtual reality craze of the early Nineties?

Hence, the following pre-recorded message.

"Hi, there! Welcome to NEUTRINO NIGHTMARE. A VR videogame wherein _you_ choose from three different adventures!
The central premise of which is that _you_ are Steve Robbins. A scientist who has invented an experimental teleportation system based on dissimulation and re-assimilation of neutrinos. To demonstrate the efficacy of this system, you will teleport from a West Texas ghost town, called Magic City, to one of these four scenario settings."

"Setting Number One: Cal-Tech, which is currently hosting a football game against the USC Trojans. Your intention is to materialize within the receiving booth located in the top-secret sub-basement of the administration building. But, instead, you rematerialize before the USC Song Girls in the Visiting Girls' Locker Room!"

"Setting Number Two: a minor variation. Wherein, you intend to rematerialize at Louisiana Tech! But, that school is hosting a football game against Southern University...and you appear in front of the Dancing Dolls, instead.

"Setting Number Three: you want to rematerialize in front of a Pentagon general whose attending a football game between his alma mater's team, the Citadel Bulldogs, and the South Carolina Gamecocks. But, instead, you wind up appearing before the Coquette Dance Line."

"Setting Number Four: a minor variation. Wherein, an atmospheric disturbance (like Saint Elmo's Fire, or whatever) misdirects you to a charter bus carrying the South Carolina State Champagne Dancers back from an away game against the Aggies of North Carolina A&M!"

"In all four scenarios, of course, you are now only three-to-six inches tall."

"Which one will YOU choose?"

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