Reviews For A Summer Broken
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Reviewer: teradonk Signed [Report This]
Date: March 27 2021 11:43 PM Title: The Consummation Of The Pit

This is a great story!

So many details that I love. That Jake is 1/4 inch tall is perfect. You describe the size difference very well; how diminutive he is compared to the colossal women is apparent. It's so hot that he's sexually obsessed with the giantess feet and asses, and that while he loathes himself for his desires, he can't help himself. And this last chapter is amazing, especially for a gts ass lover like me. I love how Jaz basically rapes him. I hope there's more non consensual stuff ahead with ass and farts! The fact that you include Jake's junk in the story, and his sexual release, is awesome. Not a lot of stories do this. Most of the time the tiny male's sexual response is not even mentioned, so hell yeah!

And Aunt Donna! With her terrible farts! Good lord I'm looking forward to her and Jake!

Well done!

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