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Reviewer: shadowrust Signed [Report This]
Date: January 18 2016 8:59 PM Title: Chapter 1

Woah.... you actually remembered my thing.


Few things I'm going to point out. 

You said that "Your society believed women were a bunch of orgasmic pigs before the Rebalancing". That's a lot closer to what we beleive about men. I beleive the steriotype is that men only care about sex, while women want a commitment or babies. Obviously, either can be both, but that's how society seems to portray us in the general case.

Other then that, the real obvious inconsistancy between the two stories is the magnitude of the womens sex drive increase. Obviously, due to the nature of erotica, there is going to be lots of sex, but I called it like I saw it and it seemed like 90% of what these women were thinking about was sex. Though I suppose it is a fallacy to extrapolate one group, especially immidiately after the rebalancing to a whole society.

This can be rationalised by the idea that the initial sex craze wears off after a few weeks of the initial rebalancing, and in this specific society, the idea spread that the women were nothing but "orgasmic pigs" now, and their perceptions of themselves made it a reality which persisted throughout the years.

I don't think Jake would suddenly become convinced by this meeting alone, but pherhaps it would nag at the back of his mind for a while untill (especially since he remembers the estatic joy of being tiny). Pherhaps many years down the line, he gives up and accepts society for what it is.

Still though, the goddess did seem to leave gays/lesbians out in the dust in her orgasmic utopia/dystopia. An oversight on her end? Or does the scope of her powers not extend to Gays/Lesbians.


Yeah it's weird how I'm trying to rationalise erotica, but I tend to overthink a LOT of things.

Author's Response:

I envisioned Jake's society as being different from others affected by the Rebalancing. I tried to imagine why it would be different from others that made the transition and saw women take control of society (the big world) while men took control of intimacy and sex (the small world). 

At different times, human societies have envisioned male or female as the "promiscuous" sex. Up until about 200 years ago, Western men viewed women as the unfaithful ones. Women are kept under wraps in many societies to this day, not because men think highly of them, but because they think the worst of them! I envisioned Jake's society as one that never made that transition, which coincided with the slow growth of the women's movement over the past couple of centuries... an event the Goddess of Love interprets as paving the way for the Rebalancing of Sexes to work. 

In our society, men are thinking about sex as much as 90 percent of the time. I figured women would have somewhere from 1.0 to 2.0 times the current male sex drive. What would make it seem bigger is that the constraints on female sexuality caused by fear of men and by men's self-agency for being big would vanish. I think that drive would continue and not wear off. What would change is women's means of controlling it. Other fanfic has addressed societies that did a better job than Jake's, either by developing drugs to control the urges short-term, or by managing them by having men close by in the workplace. This also has the advantage of allowing women to bond with female co-workers through sex, bonobo style, much like the "two women one man" project (which makes Jake's society sound very authoritarian, leading me to suspect it was that way when straight men were in charge.)

The Goddess wanted to introduce Jake to the idea of being emotionally small so that he could accept that Spencer would find things to enjoy about his condition, although she thinks the way this society handles that issue leaves much to be desired. The "ecstatic joy" doesn't always occur right as or after a man shrinks. Sometimes it doesn't happen until he has emotionally reset and reconciled himself to being a small toylike creature whose function is a woman's pleasure. 

Finally, the Goddess has great affection for gays. They just aren't part of the straight male/ straight female power dynamic she was trying to address. And she doesn't care about money or power, as she considers these as tools to sort out who gets sex, which is the only thing that matters. Her idea of the Rebalancing accomplishes a couple of things: 

1. Giving power (though restrained) to women in the bigger world, and

2. Ensuring no man is left on the outside looking in at female sexuality. 

Thanks for the exchange and I welcome more such. A



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