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Reviewer: Avid Reader Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 28 2021 3:13 PM Title: Erika

It's back! A new chapter in this is rare, but that makes me even happier if I come across it. I will now read it.


This chapter was very creative.

The idea of turning the victims into Grass Types, force them to use ingrain and then pee (and rarely spit) on them as means of both humilation and nutrition at once never even occured to me. Albeit thinking of the all-female staffed Celadon Gym should be obvious.


Maybe they are unwanted, but I have two ideas for man-centric chapters.


- A popular male trainer (Red, Gold, Steven Stone, somebody like that, who is widely renowned for his battle prowess) that just wouldn't loose and Cynthia plotting against him. Can't have a powerful man being popular with not only Males but Females alike. How unnatural.


- An androgynous Ace Trainer who had a terrible accident when traveling together with his (sursprisingly still loving and caring) twin sister which tragically left her dead. As he knew she would still try to protect him with all she could he did honor her wish to protect her (and may it jst be minutes) younger brother - by assuming her identity (as being female is safer for sure now) and claiming the unidentifiable deformed boulder-crushed body used to be the twin brother. So he, in his new life as a female Ace Trainer (preferable the Gen V version, gotta love this absurd braids), lives in constant fear of being found out. As he would've her PokéGear and the same gene composition he could (and probably would) engage in the whole shrinking male trainers (if it would just be for appearances) and probably feel very guilty whenever doing it. That would offer a very unique viewpoint. One could say it's like a "double agent role". Even if there is no counter agency to be aligned with.

(You really didn't like NRawkGTS' idea of an "underground resistance", didn't you?)

Without a specified storyline in mind: I still miss May and Gloria from the chapter selection.

(For Gloria Skelda Shield from the Manga may be a more interesting approach as the constantly shouting (she seems to be half-deaf) very curious about how any things (both machines and creatures) work, mechanic would probably offer a way more interesting chapter than the "angry scottish girl" Persona that the Internet applied to Gloria.

I imagine "WWWGloria" would merely beat somebody, spout a myriad of barely intelligible insults and immediately stomp her victim. Fitting for the character, but a very uninteresting read.)

Reviewer: Reidthemouseboy Signed [Report This]
Date: May 23 2021 12:47 AM Title: Erika

Valerie would be an interesting one since her gym is a literal doll house she seems like the type that keeps a collection of dolls and toys for her and her trainers to play with as stress relief.

Author's Response:

Hmm, I never really considered her gym like that before. I know she likes pretty things, and finds beauty in pokemon so there's options to have her do stuff to the trainers she beats to make them cute in her eyes. As well as the option to give her more pokemon like features since that's her dream. There's also her many fascia girls with her who would like nothing more then to make their Gym Leader happy too. So many possabilities lol. 


I'll look into her character and see what I can come up with. F.W

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