70 Mile Jenny by Hedin
     Mega, Crush, Novel
1001 Shrunken Nights by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Average
5 Go Mad on Lisa by ???
     Micro, gentle, Short

5 years later by Her Tiny Pal

          Shrinking, teasing, gentle, avg.

6 Shortington Road by NL

   Micro, Short

2010 by LePetitEsclaveDelaMère

    Growth, Short



Addicted by willie
     Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Average
Addicted to it by Bytsize

     Shrink, Ass, Teasing, Avg.

Adventures of shrinking Jim by Antman

     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, LOng

The Adventure of the 1/8 Inch Man by sniper_180

     shrink, Micro, Short

Adventures of 1/8inch tall man by sniper (Revised Version)

       Micro, Crush, feet, violent, Avg.

Adventures of Tiny Tim by Jason Reed 

     Shrink, Feet, Ass, Avg.

African Goddess by Ramvo

            Shrink, teasing, ass, gentle, insertion, avg.

Alana's First Catch by Micro Ozzy

                 Slow Shrink, Teasing Lesbian short

Alicia's Birthday Treat by ???
     Shrink, Vore, Short

Alicia's Birthday Treat by ??? edited by Asukafan2001

     Shrink, teasing, vore, short

Alien by Hedin
     Mega, Crush, Long

Alien Vistor by Robin Goodfellow

      Shrink, Grow, Long

Alisons Epiphany by Antithesis

     Growth, slow, Short

All I Ask by Atkins
     Micro, Body Adventure, Voyeur, Girl, Novel

All In The Name Of Science by ???
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Average
Allison's Toy by T1
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Average
Aloha Goddess Linda by ???

      Shrink, Short

Along Came a Giantess by handluver

                Growth, teasing, Body adventure, Feet, short

Altered State by Littlelee

       Transform, Feet, Long

Altered State 2 by Littlelee

        Shrink, Feet, Avg.

Alterted State 3 by Littlelee

      Shrink, feet, short

Always the Bridesmaid by apollo

       Transform to object, Long

Amanda's Diary by Astrogrator

         Shrink, Teasing, Violent, avg.

Amanda at Large by Typesbad

        Mega, growing, Novel

Amber's New Pet by ???
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Long

Amber's Pet's by shrinkerman

                 shrinking, Ass, insertion, Violent, short

American Test Subject by Giantess Observer

     Shrink, Gentle, Average

Ami's Times of Trouble by Deathworks

     Mega, Grow, Average

Amy's House by Jason Reed (1-3)

       Shrink, Transform, Crush, Teasing, Avg.

Amy The Giantess by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Average

Amy the Woman Eater by nightmare

      Shrink, vore, sw, short

Amy Zonn by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Mega, Crush, Body Adventure, Long
Ananda Brown by Sub Mikro

     Grow, Mega, Avg

Ananda Brown 2 by Sub Mikro

    Grow, Avg

Andrea at School by ???

           Shrink, Slave, Feet, short

Andy's Story by Medusa
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short

Annette by MiniMaxi

     Growth, Slow, Avg.

Angels of Judgment By Vince Aldrete

      Mega, avg

Angels of Justice by Slipstream (1 2)

      Shrink, Feet, Body Adventure                                                                                       

Anita Wallace: Resurrection by Jason Reed

       Shrink, Transform, Feet, insertion, teasing, crush, avg.

Anna by Boniboy
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

Anna's Rampage by Euclid Edited by Asukafan2001

     Mega, teasing, violent, avg.

Anna's Rampage by Euclid

     Mega, Teasing, Violent, Avg.

Anne's Wonderful Ass by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Ass, Short
Anne by Leo Fosse

       Mega, Crush, Short

Anniversary by alexbobay
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adenture, Short
The Anniversary by ???
     BE, Shrink, Grow, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

Another Small Matter Underfoot by moldy (1)
     Micro, Feet, Novel

Another Toy by Banfield

    Shrink, Ass, body adventure, humiliation, toilet, vore, long.

Ant Farm by Nemo

          Shrink, micro, body adventure, toilet, avg.

April Fools by Gravis

         Shrink, Micro, feet, violent, teasing, crush, long.

Appearance of the Giant Chibi Moon by Deathworks

     Mega, Avg

Arcathia by Edge

             Mega, Growth, Crush, Couples, gentle

The Arena by Number 10

     Shrink, Avg

The Argument by ???

     Shrink, Teasing, vore, toilet, ass

Arnold Inside by Chelgi
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Insertion, Avg
Art Isn't Easy by Nemo

     Shrink, teasing, avg.

Ashley's Pet by ???

            Shrink, Feet, Slave, Short

Losing Yourself by Astrocarl

                 Shrink, Teasing, Crush, Vore, Feet, Violent, avg.

At Last!!! by ZZZ
     Grow, Gradual, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
At Last!!! Oops!!! by ZZZ
     Grow, Muscle, Gradual, Teasing, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
Attack of the 49.5 foot Teenager by ???

     Mega, short

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 2 by Goldenbane (new ending)

      Grow, Mega, Crush

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 2  by goldenbane (Original Ending)

      Grow, Mega, Crush

Attack of the B list Celebrity by Newmon

                Mega, Growth, Ass, Crush, Body Adventure, Feet, Violent, Long

At the Crossroads by Diaotonic

       Micro, feet, Body Adventure, Teasing, Novel

At The Office by Nairb
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
Atlas of the Bitches by ChuckCJC
     Mega, Teasing, Avg

The Audition by Astrocarl

        Shrink, feet, crush, avg.

Aunt Mary's Secret by oglithorpe
     Shrink, Gentle, Feet, Avg
Average Day by The Wordmaster (1)
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg

Aztec Goddes of Micro Terra by Deuce Little O

     Shrink, gentle, avg




Baby Spice Story by Eddie

     Grow, Vore, Insertion, Short

The Babysitters pet by Antmanfc

       Shrinking, Teasing, Gentle, body adventure, feet, insertion, short

Baby Spice Story revised by eddie

     Grow, Vore, Insertion, avg.

Bachellorette Party by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short
Backstage at the U.S. Pop Festival by Lamarun
     Shrink, Teasing, Vore, Long

Backyard Mistake by Diesel

         Shrinking, Teasing, SW, Avg.

Bad Day for Shopping by Branford
     Shrink, Teasing, Crush, Body Adventure, Novel

beat by two celebs by handluva

             Shrink, Teasing, Crush, Feet, Violent, Short.

The Bagel by Haley
         Shrinking, Vore, SMW, Short

A Bagel For Breakfast by Stephanie Evans
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Gentle, Avg
Banana Pudding by Lamarun
     Shrink, Voyeur, Vore, Short

Baywatch Giantesses by BBL (1)

     Shrink, Growth, Avg.

Beachball by Hedin
     Micro, Voyeur, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
The Beam That Shrank Me by Littletoy
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg
Beauty is Iron by Cobalt Jade

      Transform, Avg

Becoming Part of her by B.Tweenercheeks

                    Shrink, Ass, Toilet, transformation, body adventure, avg

Believe It Or Not by Willie
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg

Belittle by Metallicaman  (1)

       Shrink, teasing, body adventure, feet, girl, avg.

The Belly Dancer by Redux (1)
     Micro, Gentle, Feet, Avg

The Best Laid Plans... by Conrad (1)
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
The Best Vacation Ever by willie
     Shrink, Feet, Teasing Long

Betray or betrayed by Littlelee

           Shrink, SMW, crush, teasing, avg.

Beware of those Personal Ads by Spitfire

       Growth, ass, short

Beyond the Daydream by Krael
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
Biff by Aborgien

     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, avg

Big Business by ZZZ
     Grow, Muscle, Crunsh, Short

The Big High School by Dandamainman

        Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg.

Big Man on Campus by Littletoy

     Shrink, Body Adventure, Gentle, Avg

Be careful with that lamp by ???

             Shrink, ass, toilet, avg.

Beach Blanket Giantess by Shannon Sargent

     Grow, Mega, Teasing, Avg

The Beautiful Princess and the Little Frog Prince by Steptoe

                   Shrink, teasing, Crush, Transformation, Feet, Violent, Novel

The Big Camping Trip by ljlenhart

    shrinking, feet, short

Big Game Winner by B. Tweenercheeks

        Shrink, Micro, Body Adventure, Insertion, Avg.

Big Man in her eyes by diesel

              Shrink, Teasing, Crush, avg.

The Big Night by Hi-Standard
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
Big Nymphomaniac by Rapscalion
     Grow, Body Adventure, Guys, Avg
The Big Sisterhood by Poco
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg
The Big Visit by little1
     Shrink, Gentle, Short
The Birdcage by Chelgi

       Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Biker Bitch by ???

       Grow, Mega, Teasing, Crush

Billy's Bar by willie
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Avg

Bill's Slumber Party by ???

              Shrink, Feet, Short

The Binge by LBP
     Mega, Crush, Avg
The Birdcage by Chelgi
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Insertion, Avg
Da Birthday Goddess: A goddess Sarah adventure by Goddess Sarah

          Grow, Mega, Teasing, Humiliation

The Birth of Galaxa by ZZZ
     Grow, Mega, Crush, Short
Birthday Surprise by Mark Bryan (1)
     Shrink, Vore, Avg
Birthday Surprise by ???

      Does anyone have any more of this story? It ends just when its starting to get interesting.

Blackout by Ricky-San

    Shrink, feet, short

Blink by ???
     Shrink, Insertion, Short
Blood Magic by Aborigen
     Shrink, Insertion, Avg

Blueberry Flavored Toes by Hat Trick

      Shrink, Micro, Voyeur, vore, feet, GG, avg.

Bob Smith's New Job by willie
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
The Booth by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Short
Boss's Daughter by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg.

Boss Donna by Jowlover
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
Boss's Lunch by Gator
     Shrink, Crush, Body Adventure, Long
Bosslady by Mr. Floor (1 2)
     Shrink, Feet, Avg
The Bot by Cookiman
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Vore, Avg
The Bottles of Al'Qazr by Aborigen
     Shrink, Ass, Teasing, Long

The Bourne Decimity by ramsfan100

                       Shrink, Growth, Slow, Avg.

Box by Oddmund Gratz
     Shrink, Vore

Breakfast for Britney by Rallychampionbr

      Shrink, Vore, Short

Brigid and Rehites big day by Mole

      Shrink, Teasing, Short

Brittnay Spears by ???, original version
     Shrink, Teasing , Body Adventure, Girls, Avg

Brittany Spears revised by Wordmaster REMOVED BY AUTHORS REQUEST

     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Girls, Avg
A Broken Promise by Krael
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

The Brothel by Dreamwatch

     GTS, SW, Teasing, Body Adventure, Average

Bubblegum Crisis by ????

               Growth, gentle, avg.

Bugged by m4rk

        micro, crush, instertion, vore, average

Bunga Bunga by willie
     Grow, Teasing, Insertion, Ass, Long
The Bus Trip by Dr. Nick
     Micro, Vore, Short
Butt Slave by ???

       Shrink, Toilet, Ass, teasing, long

By the Pool by B. Tweenercheeks
     Shrink, Voyeur, Ass, Avg

"Buzz" by B. Tweenercheeks (Ch. 1-2)

       Transform to object


Cardiff Angel devours Nsync by Rally Championbr

       Shrink, Vore, Short

Captial Punishment by Max Howard

     Shrink, Feet, Crush, Vore, long

Careless Wish by Number 10
     Micro, Body Adventure, Avg

Carrie's Science Project by Tiny Dan

       Shrink, Teasing, Humiliation, avg.

Cathy's Toys by Squash

      Shrinking, crush, vore, body adventure, short

Cave Canem by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Avg
Celeb Photographer by ???

     Shrink, Short

Change for a 22 by DX Machina

     Shrink, Voyuer, Gentle, Novel

A Change In Times by Remylocke

     Shrink, Slow, Teasing, Body Adventure, Novel

A Change In Perspective by East Coast Guy
     Shrink, Gentle, Avg
Changing Room by James Layton

     Transform to object, short

Cheap Thrills by ???
     Shrink, Feet, Short

Cheryl's Revenge by ???

                Shrink, Violent, Ass, long.

Cell 7 by Jason Reed

                 Shrink, Micro, Feet, Avg.

Child's Play by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Avg
Choices by G_Warrior

      Shrink, Crush, Short

Christina Aguilera by The Wordmaster
     Mega, Crush, Avg
Christine The Giantess Neighbor by ???

       Shrink, Feet, Avg

Christine The Giantess Neighbor 2 by ???

      shrink, Body Adventure, short

Christy by Jon Thumb

       Shrink, Teasing, Avg.

Cindi's Surprise by littlelarry
     Shrink, Gentle, Short
Circle Of Throats by DDhatch

     Shrink, Eating, Long

Classroom Disaster by SSU Guy (1)

       Shrink, teasing, short

Classroom Torture by Eddie

    Shrink, teasing, Crush, Short

Clear Shoes (Kathy the GTS Wife 2) by Scott Grildrig
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Avg
Click by Imax
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Short
Click by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Mega, Xtreme Crush, Long

Click to Enlarge by hgmn38

     Growth, Teasing, Body Adventure, avg.

Climb Or Else by Rally Championbr

       Shrinking, Vore, Short

The Climber by Ann
     Shrink, Feet, Short
Climbing Deanna's Legs by Darkman

      Shrink, Feet/legs, Short

Coeds by Littletoy

     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg

The Cotton Crotch by B. Twenercheeks

                Shrink, Voyeur, Transformation, body adventure, transformation, avg.

Copies by Squash

       Shrink, crush, violent, short

Cousins Small New Life by Alyssa

      Shrink, gentle, Short

Companion Series by willie
     Shrink, Feet, Avg
Consequences by cringer
     Shrink, Teasing, Vore, Short

Consider Every Variable by B.tweenercheeks

      Shrink, Ass, Insertion, Toilet, Avg.

Conspiracy by Kyle Caldwelder

     shrink, teasing, Avg.

Control by Frost
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Crush, Long
Conundrum by D.X. Machina
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long
Cookies by Au Goose
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short

Crappy story by Squash

       Shrink, Toilet, short

Creature From The Blue Lagoon by ???
     Grow, Teasing, Avg
Cruel Shoes by RAM, original version
     Shrink, Crush, Avg
Cruel Shoes by RAM, revised by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Crush, Avg
Crushed Heels by ???

      Shrink, Crush, short

A Crush on Sailor Moon by ZZZ
     Grow, Teasing, Short
Crushed! by Andrew Nellis
     Mega, Xtreme Crush, Avg

My Daughter's Birthday Gift by Crushed2Mush

              Slow shrink, Ass, Crush, Feet, Short

Crushed Underfoot by Footrest2

     Shrink, Transformation, Crush, Feet, short

The Crystal Talisman Part 1: Merideth by Dr. Music
     Grow, Xtreme Crush, Long
The Crystal Talisman Part 2: Jesse by Dr. Music
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Long
The Crystal Talisman Part 3: Mark Bryan by Dr. Music
     Shrink, Vore, Avg
The Crystal Talisman Part 4: Job by Dr. Music
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Vore, Long
The Cunt (Kathy The GTS Wife 3) By Scott Grildrig
     Shrink, Insertion, Xtreme Crush, Short
The Curse by CJA
     Shrink, Crush, Body Adventure, Avg

A cushion for mom by Crushed2mush

                Shrinking, transformation, ass, feet,  avg.

Cut Down To Size by Friar Tuck
     Shrink, Teasing, Short
Cyndi's Birthday Party by ennui
     Shrink, Teasing, Short



Daisha, My Big Prom Date by Icedragon
     Shrink, Teasing, Short
Daisy's a Hazzard by ZZZ
     Grow, Teasing, Short
Damnation by Astrogrator

      Shrink, Crush, Vore Short

The Dance by Northgate
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Short
The Dangerous World of Porno by ???

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Short

Dark Alleys by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Xtreme Crush, Avg
The Darkroom by Tom Thumb
     Shrink, Gentle, Long
Dawn, Go Away by Poco
     Shrink, Short
Dawn of the Amazon  by The Wordmaster
     Grow, Teasing, Body Adventure Long
Day at the Beach 2 by Paul Jutras

      Transformation to object

A Day In The Life by Canuck
     Shrink, Avg
A Day In The Market by willie
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Novel
A Day With Mitzi by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Crush, Avg
A Day In School by ????

    Mega, avg

A Day with my sister by ???

    Micro, Voyuer, Short

Dearsly Dinner Party by Rally Championbr

      Shrink, Vore, short

Dearest Fear by Eraxel
     Shrink, Teasing, Short

Death by Sisters Foot by Bryan

             Shrinking, Voyeur, Crush, feet, short

Debbie's Dolls by ???

                 Shrink, Entrapment, Slave, violent, avg.

Debt Reduction Plan by Disman

     Transformation to Object

Deep Freeze by Harro

       Micro, Crush, Toilet, Avg.

Deep Freeze: Birthday by Harro

       Micro, teasing, body adventure, avg.

Deep Freeze: Large Problems

      Shrink, Crush, Teasing, Avg.

Deep Freeze Showtime by Harro

      Shrink, Crush, Teasing, Short

Denise's Secret by ???

      Shrink, Crush, Avg

Demonstration by Ramvo
     Shrink, Teasing, Ass, Avg

The Diminuative Diary of David Riley by Rozman

      Shrinking, Slow, Teasing, gentle, avg.

Divorcing Tasha by Jason Reed

                 Transformation, Feet, Avg.

Doctor Forever by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Vore, Short
Doctor's Holiday by BBL

    Shrink, Gentle, Avg.

The Doll by Banfield

      Shrink, Ass, buttcrush, toilet, long

A Dollman to play with by Unknown Shrinker

     Shrink, insertion, humiliation, body adventure avg.

Dollhouse by Serene

      Shrink, Gentle, Exploration, Short

Dollhouse Blues by Littletoy (1)

     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Voyeur, LONG

Doll man to play with by Warren Vehec

       Shrink, insertion, avg.

Don't Mess with Grandma by Nemor

     Shrink, Vore, Avg

Down in Smallville by weary Traveler

        Shrink, feet, Avg.

Downsized by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Voyeur, Xtreme Crush, Long
Downsized by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Short
Dr. Dawn by Jas

      Shrink, Body Adventure Teasing, epic

The Draftee by Waterman
     Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Avg
The Dream by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Crush (implied), Short

The Dream by Jason Reed

        Shrink, Feet, Avg.

A Dreamy Night with Jenny by Mini E

          Shrink, Micro, Voyeur, Insertion, Incest

Druid Priestess by Steve Crandell

      Shrink, Girls, Insertion, Avg

Dumb Blonde by Jamie Westwood

Grow, Mega, Crush, Average

Double Trouble from twins by Rally Champion
         Shrink, Vore, Average


Eclipse by greapos

      Shrink, gentle, Long

Eclipse Revisted by Greapos

      Shrink, slow, gentle, BE, Novel

Ed by Pendragon
     Micro, Body Adventure, Voyeur, Novel
Education by ???

     Shrink, Body Adventure Short

Eddie and Mellisa by Goldenbane

      Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Eight More Blocks by willie
     Shrink, Teasing, Long
Elicrond by Hedin (1)
     Micro, Crush, Voyeur, Toilet, Long
Emily, the Giantess Queen by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short
Emily's Tiny Sex Toy by Littleguy

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Crush, Avg

Emmersons by Crocodile

     Shrink, Teasing, crush, avg

Empire by Gator
     Micro, Mega, Grow, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Girls, Long
Empire: Confused by Gator
     Grow, Gentle, Body Advemtire, Avg
Empire: Cosmopolitan by Gator
     Shrink, Micro, Crush, Girls, Body Adventure, Long
Empire: The Second Owner by Gator
     Micro, Mega, Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Girls, Long
Empire: That's News by Gator
     Micro, Mega, Grow, Crush, Long

Empire: Offroading by Gator
           Shrink, Micro, Ass, Vore, Body adventure, feet, Insertion, avg.

The Engagement by ???
     Shrink, Ass, Avg

The Entrapment by undersole2002

       Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Avg.

Eric's Desire by Tiny Dan

       Shrink, Crush, short

Eric's New Perspective by Mini E

       Shrink, couple, feet, insertion, avg

The Erotic State by Oddmund Gratz

         Shrink, Teasing, Voyuer, Crush, Vore, gentle, violent, adventure

Escape Attempt by deuce little O

     Micro, Avg

Escaping Amy by D.X. Machina
     Shrink, Crush, Avg
Ethan by Nochoto (1)

       Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Novel

Evan's Shrink Story by Evan

               Shrink, Teasing, Voyeur, Feet, body adventure Short

An Evening Out by jd
     Shrink, Vore, Avg
An Experiment by digger123

     Shrink, Crush, Avg.

The Experiment by Steph

     Shrink, Crush, Feet, short

Ex Mother In Law by Lisa
     Shrink, Body Adventure,Teasing, Long
Executive Priviledge by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Long
The Experiment by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Short

The Experiment by Steph (Ch.1-14)

     Shrink, Crush, Feet, short

The Explosion by Shannon Sargent

      Grow, Mega, Slow, Avg.

Eva and Jon by yakuzaaa2000

     Shrink, Body Adventure, insertion,  Long

Evening Out by Mark Bryan (1)

     Shrink, Vore, Short

Evil Magic World by Pulsar

      Transform to object, Long

Evil Sister by Weirdman

    Shrink, lesbian, teasing, ass, crush, vore, sw, smw, feet, insertion, violent, incest, novel

Evil Wife by Bryan

         Micro, insertion, feet, crush, avg.

Evy by Chelgi

      Shrink, Insertion, Teasing, Avg

Ezron & Zack by Eraxel
     Grow, Gentle, Avg



Faerie Trap by t'Sade
     Shrink, Gentle, Insertion, Avg
Faeries by ???
     Shrink, Micro, Gentle, Body Advemtire

Fair Exchange by Vicelente

      Shrink, slow, teasing, long

Fairy Princess by Sapere Aude
     Shrink, Gentle, Girls, Short
Fairy Princess by willie
     Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg
The Fall of Tiny Town by Kefkarowantha

       Shrink, micro, violent, teasing, avg.

Family Hierarchy by FK
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

Fashion Statement by Nikko (pictures)

       Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, avg.

Fast Food by Hazmat
     Shrink, Crush, Vore, Avg

Fast Food by Hazmat

            Shrink, Micro, Vore, Teasing, avg.

Fed Up by Rally Championbr

      Shrink, Vore, Short

Feeling Small by Littlejoe

     Shrink, Teasing, Short

Festival by 10

      Shrink, avg

Festival 2 by Nemo

      Shrink, avg

A few strange days by DX Machina

      Shrink, Voyeur, long

The Fine Art of Deception by Nathanial Skye
     Shrink, Teasing, Short
First Dimensionaut on Collosaus by Kyle Zephyer

      Shrink, Teasing, Avg

First Deconstruction by Aborigen

         Shrink, Body adventure, short

Second Deconstruction by Aborigen

         Shrink, Body Adventure, feet, ass, teasing, insertion avg.

Third Deconstruction by Aborigen

        Growth, insertion, crush, short

Fourth Deconstruction by Aborigen

         Shrink, insertion, avg.

Five Percent by Nadie
     Shrink, Slow, Teasing, Long
The Flight by Robin Goodfellow

       Shrink, Teasing, Long

Floor Beneath Her Feet by Edmund (Ch1-11) (1)

       Shrink, Slow, Teasing, Long

For Practical Reasons Only by ???

       Shrink,  Ass, short

Forever and ever by Kerrunch

      Shrink, Teasing, Crush, violent, novel

Foot by Footman2

     Shrink, feet, short

Foot slave by Undersole2002

     Shrink, Feet, short

Foot Slave Memoirs by Waterman

      Shrink, feet, short

For Bigger, For Smaller by MAJ
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short
The Forest by ???
     Shrink, Toilet, Teasing, Short
Formula Version Dot One by BC Weir (1)

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Novel

Friendly Roomy by DX5

      Grow, mega, avg.

Freak by Cassandra White

        Grow, Mega, Violent

French Quarter Giantess by B. Tweenercheeks
     Shrink, Ass, Teasing, Long
Freshmen Feet 1-13 by Archer

      Shrink, Feet, Crush, Teasing, Novel

Friday The 14th by Paul Jutras

    Transform to Object, avg

Friends No More by Lamarun
     Shrink, Teasing, Vore, Long



Games by ???

              Shrink, Vore, Avg.

Game Of Life by Hedin

     Mega Crush, long

Genies Toes by Ashi Koi

     Shrink, feet, short

Genocide of the Planets by Banfield

       Shrink, Vore, Short

Geri The Giantess by Steve Crandell (sequel to Druid Priestess)

       Shrink, Body Adventure, short

Geri Diary by Steve Crandell (Sequal to Geri and the Giantess)

     Shrink, Short

Get Me a Coke by ???

      Shrink, Slow, Average

Getting Away by Pendragon

      Shrink, Insertion, Voyeur, Long

The giant Genie by Inch High

                    Shrink, Micro, teasing, voyeur, feet, avg.

Giant Perspective by Various Authors

         Mega, Crush, Avg.

The giantess by Robert F. Young

          Mega, Feet, Avg.

Giantess Amusement Park by Zotster
     Shrink, Crush, Body Adventure, Avg
Giantess Cuckold by B Twenercheeks

      Micro, Ass, Avg

The Giantess in the Infield by willie
     Grow, Teasing, Insertion, Long

Giantess Jess by Handluva

         Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Short

The Giantess Lifeguard by Roll_O (1)
     Shrink, Voyeur, Short
Giantess Neighbor by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg
Giantesses of the Apocalypse Part 1: Winston King by Astrogator
     Grow, Gentle, Insertion, Avg
Giantesses of the Apocalypse Part 2: Rosebud by Astrogator
     Grow, Gentle, Insertion, Avg
Giantess Wedding by JonThumb

      Shrink, Body Adventure, avg

Giantess Resort Inc. by GTS Artist

A Giantess Story by Smartass Mcgee

     Shrink, teasing, Lesbian, Toilet, Body Adventure, Insertion, short

Gift by Undersole 2002

Transform to object, feet

The Gift by Gwarrior07

    Shrink, teasing Feet, Avg.

Giganti by LBP
     Grow, Mega, Slow, Crush, Novel
Gina's Computer by B.Tweeneercheeks

       Shrink, Crush, Short

The Gingerhaired Boy by ???
     Shrink, Insertion, Avg
Ginny by Aborigen
     Shrink, Ass, Crush, Avg
The Girls Apartment by Random Guy

      Shrinking, Micro, Voyeur, Avg

Girlfriends by willie
     Shrink, Voyeur, Teasing, Feet, Body Adventure, Long
Girl's Night Out by Adeline
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Girls, Vore, Avg
Girl on Prodigy by Prodigy

      Shrink, Teasing, body Adventure, long

Glitters by Magnus

      Transform to object, long

Glumdalclitch’s Travels by Soviet Hybrid

            Mega, Toilet, Crush, Vore, Feet, Adventure, avg

The Goddess by Sydney
     Mega, Crush, Novel
The Goddess 2 by Sydney
     Mega, Crush, Novel
The Goddess 3 by Sydney
     Mega, Crush, Novel
The Goddesses Toy by Goldenbane

     Shrink, short

Goes Around by Aborigen
     Shrink, Gentle, Long
Good Intention's by myownresponce

      Shrink, Growth, Mega, Violent, Teasing. Avg.

Good Night, Sleep Tiny by Poco
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg
Goodbye Lisa by The Mole
     Shrink, Mega, Gentle, Avg
Good Misunderstanding by Alexoboy

      Shrink, Feet, Body Adventure, short

Gourmund Discovery by Banfield

       Shrink, Violent, Humiliation, long

Gotcha by Hedin

      Shrink, Micro, Feet, Voyeur, Crush

Gotham City Goes Bust by Nairb
     Grow, Crush, Avg

Grandma's Diary by Steptoe

                 Shrink, teasing, Crush, Violent, feet, avg.

Gravity by Willie

      Shrink, Teasing, Ass, insertion

Greatest Harem by Lem

        Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

Greatest Wish by Hedin

       Micro, Voyeur, avg

The group by Naven the Raven

        Shrink, Girl, vore, feet, ass, crush, Insertion avg.

Grow, Baby, Grow by Gilsara
     Shrink, Grow, Body Adventure, Avg
Growing Body or Growing Heart by Hedin

       Mega, Crush, Avg

GTS Resort by GTSartist
     Shrink, Grow, Body Adventure, Long
GTSyndrome by The Wordmaster
     Grow, Gentle, Avg




The Halftime Show by Newmon

                Mega, Growth, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short

The Hangman's Daughter by Dave
     Shrink, Teasing, Vore, Avg
Happy Birthday, Tiny Man by elwood
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long
Happy with your own height, You should be by Slipstream

     Shrink, slow, teasing, body adventure, Novel

Health Drink by Haley

        Shrinking, Lesbian, Vore, SW, Violent, Short

Heather And Gina by Sapere Aude
     Shrink, Teasing, girl, avg
Heather's Walk Through Town by Bootslave
     Shrink, Crush, Avg

Helena The destroyer of Mini-men by Joker
              Shrink, Crush, Feet, Avg.

Hell Hath No Fury pt 1 by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Short
Hell In The Giantess School by ???
     Shrink, XTREME Crush, Long
Hello Kitty by Dreamalina

      Growth, Crush, Short

Helpless (1-3) by No One (1)

     Shrink, teasing, Avg.

Helverson by ???

     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg

Her by Bolus

           Shrink, Toilet, Vore, Avg.

Her Bicycle Seat by B.Tweenercheecks

     Transform to object, long

Her Clutch by ???

                  Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, entrapment, long.

Her First Victim by FK
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Her Science Project by Number 10
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure
Her Science Project 2: Maureen's Night To Remember by Number 10
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure
The High Cost of Beauty by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Vore Xtreme Crush, Long
High School Crush by s@m
     Shrink, Teasing, Toilet, Long
 High School Crush by S@M Removed by Revised Authors request
     Shrink, Teasing, Toilet, Long
His Eternal Reward by oglithorpe
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Avg
His Fetish by Toe Seperator

     Shrink, Feet, Avg.

His Nose in Her Business by Ran Dandel

      Transform to object, Short

Hitting on a Goddess by Big Larry

         Shrink, Teasing, Vore, avg.

Hipplotya's Girdle by hgmn38

     Shrink, Slow, Teasing, Avg.

Homo Sum by D.X. Machina
     Shrink, Voyeur, Gentle, Body Adventure, Novel
Homunculus by Cayce

      Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Novel

Honey, I Blew My Secretary Up by ???
     Grow, Mega, Avg
The Honeymoon that wasn't by DX Machina

      Micro, transform, body adventure, Novel

The Honeymoon Surprise by oglithorpe
     Shrink, Vore, Short
Hot Legs by Magnus

      Transform to Object, Long

The House of the Tiny Men by ???
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Vore, Toilet, Long

Houston? We have a small problem! by Carycomix (1)

     shrink, Micro, short

How did she do that by Mr. G

     Shrink, Short

How to Swallow a Man by Adeline
     Shrink, Crush, Body Adventure,Vore, Avg
Human Insole by Undersole2002

      Transform to object, Feet, Long

Human Pet by Learhp50

       Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Avg

The Hunter by Bond
     Grow, Mega, Crush, Long

Hunting the Huntress by Ladyprey

           Shrink, teasing, vore, avg.

Hungry Teen Causes Chaos by Rally Championbr

      Shrink, Vore, Short

Hypnosis by willie
     Shrink, Voyeur, Feet, Ass, Insertion, Long


I Dream of a Giantess by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

If She Only Knew by wes, revised by The Wordmaster
     Micro, Feet, Voyeur, Short

I'm Not a Ant by Shrinky Zee

              Shrink, Micro, Voyeur, short

In Crowd by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, avg

In The pink by Jayboyd

               Shrink, Micro, vore, avg


Incredible shrinking Man by ???

      shrink, Body Adventure, Short

The Incredible Shrinking Teenager by Cat man

     Micro, voyeur, adventure, long

In Dip Trouble by Rally Championbr

     Shrink, Vore, Short

In her hair by Mr. G

     Micro, adventure, avg.

Industrial Insole by D5

      Shrink, feet, short

In My Girlfriends Purse by ???

     Shrink, Short

In Praise Of Older Women by Talisman
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Crush, Long
In Shoe Diaries by Ziggy
     Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Long

The Intern by Big Larry

       Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Vore, Avg.

In the palm of her hand by HTP

In The Kitchen with Dyna by ???

     Shrink, Vore, AVG

In What Cavern of deep by Robert F Young

          Growth, Transformaion, feet, long

An Interesting Week by Dreamwatch (1)

      Micro, Voyeur, Long

Inch Worm by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
The Incredible Shrinking Sarcastic Man by D the B

     Shrink, Slow, Teasing, Avg.

The Inheritance by Zotster
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Avg
Inheritance 2: The Legacy by Zotster
     Shrink, Gentle, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Long
Insert Title Here by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Feet, Long
The Internet by Jason Reed

      Transform, feet avg.

Intruders by Beverly C

       Micro, Crush, voyeur, Avg

Invasions of Gigantic Porportions by ???

      Mega, Crush, Avg

IRC-URC-WEALLC-4IRC by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Crush, Long
Irresistible Bliss by D.X. Machina
     Grow, Avg

The Island by Kathy Castro

           Mega, Crush, Feet, Violent, Avg.

Island of the Giant Women by Paul Bunyan
     Grow, Teasing, Avg

The It by filo

           Shrink, teasing, toilet, vore, short

It was Just A dream by J E Jacket

     Growth, Mega, Teasing, Crush, gentle, AR, Long

Its all billable by Redhead *removed by request

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Insertion, avg.

Its Time to Move on by NL

      Micro, Teasing, Avg.

It's Worth it for 5 by edibble laura

             Shrinking, teasing, toilet, vore, short



Jack The Giant-Killer by Andrew Nellis
     Grow, Crush, Body Adventure, Avg
Jamie's Experiment by Lamarun
     Shrink, Vore, Avg
Janice in the City by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Xtreme CruSh, Long
Janice and Pam by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Xtreme Crush, Long
Janison by Krnos Recker

      Micro, Violent, Voyuer, Avg.

Janitor by ???

     Micro, Voyeur, Avg

Jaws by Rally Championbr

     Shrink, Vore, Short

Jeannie's Little pets by Chelgi

      Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Jenna by ???
     Shrink, teasing, Avg
Jennetta In Atlanta by ???

      Mega, Gentle, Avg

Jenny's Last Day by Paul Jutras

      Transform to Object, short

Jesse's Fantasy by Remy Locke
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Short
Job of Desire by ????

     Shrink, voyeur, short

Jocalyn by Jason CF
     Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Gentle, Long
Joel by ???

     Shrink, Voyeur, short

The Journals of Talia by Hand of Gozer
     Micro, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Long

Journal of A Shrinking Man by Slipstream

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Novel

Justice by Alexandria and Rowan

       Transform to Object

Julie's Wraith by ?????

      Shrink, Feet, Humiliation, Avg.

Joy-Mart by Kratch it (1)
     Shrink, Short
Joyce by St. Patrick
     Shrink, Body Aventure, Avg
Just Big Enough To Care by Poco
     Shrink, Gentle, Avg

Just Good Friends by ???
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Girls, Long

Just My Luck by B.Tweenercheeks

              Shrink, Voyeur, Crush, Feet, violent, Avg



  by Tblag 

        Shrink, Gentle, Avg.

Kaitlen by Kaitlen
     Shrink, Avg
Karen by ??? (1)

Karina and Caluna by 6sic6

         Micro, Voyeur, crush, feet, avg.

Karen Gets Even by M. Sherman
     Grow, Body Adenture, Crush, Avg

Karma's Kopies by LVPelt

        Shrink, Average.

Kate's Story by Happiest in Shadows

         Mega, growth, teasing, Voyuer, gentle, body adventure, Insertion, muscle, novel

Kathy, the Giantess Wife by Scott Grildrig
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk by Human Pen

     Shrink, Feet, Ass, Avg.

Keri by Banfield

      Shrink, Vore, Avg.

Kernel by Atkins
     Shrink, Voyeur, Crush, Avg
Kimberly by D5

      Transformation, Feet, avg.

The Kiss by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Crush, Short
Kristen by ???
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Short
Ken Doll by Littletoy
      Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Avg

Kori's Enchanted Pizza by Micro Ozzy

             Shrinking, teasing, lesbian, gentle, avg


The Lab Accident by ???
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
Lab Partner by Jonthumb
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg
Ladies Club by ???

     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Avg

Lady Lisa at the Beach by The Mole
     Grow, Mega, Gentle, Short

Lanna Lez by Gator

       Shrink, Vore, shorts

Lancelot Shrink, Secret Imp by Littletoy
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Land of the Giants by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, avg

Land of the giants 2 by ???

     Shrink, Teasing, avg

The Large Swim Team by Dandamainman

       Micro, teasing, violent, ass, avg.

Laundry Land by Rez Dog

     Shrink, teasing, violent, avg.

LBWS by Toyfriend

Legend of Mile High Mike by 10

     Grow, Mega, Avg

A Less than Fantastic Voyage by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Teasing, Body Adventure, Incest, Guys, Long
The Lesson by Astrogator
     Shrink, Gentle, Avg
Life with Alex by Styxfryk (pictures)

        Shrink, Feet, Long

Life in the day by East Coast Guy

      Shrink, Avg

Lisa The Giantess Wife by Boniboy
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Guys, Long
Lita by moldy
     Micro, Feet, Avg
Little Affection by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Teasing, Incest, Avg
A Little Extra Credit by CJA
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long

A Little Extra Credit by CJA
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
The Little Fight Club by jd
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
A Little Game of Hide and Seek by DreamTales
     Shrink, Voyeur, Long
Little Husband by Rebel and Lita

    Shrink, Gentle, Avg

Little Leann by Size Store

        Shrink, SW, Girl, Body Adventure, Teasing, Avg.

Little Man Story by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, Short

A Little Nudity by ???

        AR, short

Little of Both by ???

        Micro, shrink, feet, growth, avg.

Little Pete's Big Adventure by Talisman
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg
The Little Room in the Basement by RAM
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Feet, Crushh, Avg
Little Sister by Unsung hero

     Shrink, Guys, Girls, Teasing, feet, Long.

A Little to the Left by Dizzy Lee

     Shrink, Slow, Teasing, Long

A Little Wish by ???
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Gentle, Teasing, Avg
A Little Warning by LittleJoe

     shrink, teasing Humiliation short

Living Doll by ???

        Shrink, Body Adventure, short

LIving Suppository by Ramvo
     Shrink, Teasing, Ass, Girls, Avg
Liz by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Micro, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Girls, Avg
Liz: Part 2 by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Girls, Long

Locker room #1 by Dinosorcer

      Shrink, Humiliation, Feet, Body Adventure, Avg.

Loophole  by Robin Goodfellow

     Shrink, grow, Teasing, Avg

Looking for Shoplifters by disman

      Ratings Pending

Losing Yourself by Astrocarl

                 Shrink, Teasing, Crush, Vore, Feet, Violent, avg.

Lost Change by DX machina

    Shrinking, gentle, teasing, body adventure, Novel

The Lost Child by Crusher

        Micro, Mega, Crush, Transformation

Lost in LA b DX Machina

      Shrinking, Gentle, Teasing, Body Adventure, Novel

The Lost People In Terri's Bedroom by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Crush, Long

Louise by Scrumptious

     Shrink, Growth, Vore, avg.

Love Hina: Turtle Power by Edge

              Mega, Growth, Teasing, gentle, feet, avg.

Love Hina GTS by Various/multiple authors

         Shrink, adventure, growth avg.

Lunch in a Restaurant by Rally Championbr

     Shrink, Vore, Short

Lunchtime by ???

      Micro, Teasing, Eating, Avg

Lydia's Footlocker by ???
     Shrink, Feet, Girls, Short



Madison by DX Machina

       Micro, teasing, voyeur, Crush, body adventure, transformation, violent, adventure, novel   

Magic Candy by Hi Standard

     Growth, Body Adventure, Avg

Mail Order Bride by Red
     Grow, Eating, G&G, Long

The Making of a GTS fan by Bytsize

            Ass, voyuer, crush, vore, avg.

Making The Grade by Big Larry

         Shrink, Micro, Body Adventure, Feet, avg.

Malled by D.X. Machina
     Shrink, Voyeur, Avg

Mama's Sucker! by Ziggy
     Shrink, Transformation, Voyeur, Vore, Avg

Mandals by ???

       Shrink, teasing, feet, avg.

Mannequins from Mars 1 & 2 by Paul Jutras

     Transform to object, long

Man of a 1000 uses by seabee

      Shrink, ass, feet, avg

Man or Mouse? by Aaron Daly
     Shrink, Voyeur, Long
Manual Labor by Mr. Floor
     Shrink, Feet, Long

Mario by The Wordmaster
     Grow, Crush, Body Adventure, Avg

Marshaleena by Kathryn

       Mega, vore, Avg.

Masumi by Ayden

       Shrink, Feet, avg.

Material Prision by Eric Larue

     Transform to object, avg

A Matter of Physics by Ghostwriter
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
Mattress Giantess by Number 10
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Short
Maze by Scott Grildrig and Chelgi

     Ratings Pending

Mega Problems by Gator
     Mega, Crush, Avg

Menage et Giantess by Talisman
     Shrink, Body Adventure, teasing, Girls, Avg

Mercy Mother Mercy by Ziggy freud

      shrink, feet, avg

Mercy Mother Mercy by Weirdman
          Shrinking, Teasing, Feet, Incest, Long

Mexican Vacation by willie (1)
     Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Vore, Avg
Michael's Story by Dreamtales

      shrink, Teasing, Long

Michelle's Shrink Ray by Want2shrink
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Feet, Long
Microbe by m4rk

       Micro, teasing, body adventure, avg.

Micro Lad by BBL (1)

       Shrink, gentle, Growth, teasing, body adventure, novel

The Micro-Brewery by ???
     Shrink, BE, Short

Miffed by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Xtreme Crush, Avg

Mighty Wendy by ????

Growth, Mega,  Avg.

Mike Wallace's Supernatural Bar & Grill 1: Sam's Tale by The Wordmaster
     Grow, Crush, Avg
Mike Wallace's Supernatural Bar & Grill 2: Mike's Tale by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Avg
Mike Wallace's Supernatural Bar & Grill 3: Sven's Tale by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Short
Mike Wallace's Supernatural Bar & Grill 4: Lydia's Tale by The Wordmaster
     Grow, Mega, Crush, Body Adventure, Girls, Long
Mike Wallace's Supernatural Bare & Grill 5: The Final Chapter by Wordmaster

       Ratings Pending, Crush

Millennium by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Crush, Avg
Million Dollar Floormat by Ogilthorpe

     Transformation, feet, Avg.

Mind over Matter by ???

        Grow, Mega, Crush, Long

The Misadventures of Dr. Bogue by ???

      Shrink, Feet, Avg.

Mis-understanding by Slipstream

      Shrink, feet, humiliation, avg.

Missing Dad by ???

      Micro, Voyeur, Crush, Novel

Miss Smith(1-15) by Bats

       Shrinking, Vore, Body Adventure,

Miss Southern Belle by Paul Jutras

      Transfrom to Object, avg

Mistress the magician by Little B

      Shrink, Teasing, Short

Mmmmmm by epiphone9020

      Shrink, Vore, Short

Models De Mannequin by Magnus

     Transform to object, avg

Mom, Cant you see me? by Rah

                Shrink, Micro, feet, Ass, Voyeur, Crush, Short

Mom's The Word by Marko

               Shrinking, Crush, feet, incest, short

Mom's Vacation by Black Jack

         Shrinking, feet, Crush, Incest, avg.

Mom I'm Not a Toy by Matt11
     Shrink, Crush, Voyeur, Avg
Moma's Boy by ???, original version
     Shrink, Voyeur, Ass, Insertion, Toilet, Short
Moma's Boy by ???, revised by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Voyeur, Ass, Insertion, Toilet, Short
Mommy's Little Boy by Sumbodi Kilmee

     Shrink, incest, eating, Short

Mommy's Little boy toy by XTMS

        Shrink, incest, insertion, gentle, short

Mommy No by Unsung Hero

     Ratings Pending

Mommy's Toys by Hazmat
     Shrink, Humiliation, Body Adventure, Avg
Monica XL by ChuckCJC
     Mega, Crunch 'n' Munch, Epic
Monica XXL by Chuckcjc
     Mega, Crush, Short
Monument by Short Sprite

      Shrink Gentle, Avg

Moody Ditz by An Old Author
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Vore, Long
Morla by Hedin
     Mega, Crush, Feet, Avg
A Most Unusual Date by D.T.
     Shrink, Vore, Avg

Mrs. Melon Gives Freddy Firefuck Dark Detention by Vanishing
     Shrink,Teasing, Ass, Short
Mrs Carson by TTETF

       Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Slowl, Long

Mrs Helverson  by littleman

     Shrink, teasing, body adventure, Novel

Ms. J's Tiny Men by Chelgi
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Long
Ms. Leon by Ricky-San

      Shrink, Feet, Short

My Big Friend by unknown

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Long

My Daughter's Birthday Gift by Crushed2Mush

              Slow shrink, Ass, Crush, Feet, Short

My Dollhouse Apartment by antman
     Shrink, Teasingg, Body Adventure, Long

My Gabriel by RR

   Shrink, Micro, feet, vore, avg.

My Life as a Little Husband by Pril

     Shrink, Teasing, Novel

My Life as a Pet to a Stripper by Antmanfc

         Shrink, Teasing, feet, long

My Little Fantasy by Khaladhen
     Shrink, Voyeur, Avg

My Life by East Coast Guy

        Shrinking, Teasing, Novel

My New Pills by ???

     Shrink, Feet, Short

My New Job by Antmanfc

      Shrink, feet, short

My Wife the Giantess by mjc
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long
Mysterious Guest by Undersole2002


Mysterious Materia by Johnloafuk

       Shrink, Short

Mystify by Magnus

     Transform to object, avg


Nanny by Pril

     Shrink, Teasing, Long

Naughty Girls by Frost

        Shrink, Teasing, Lesbian, Ass, Vore, SW, Feet, Insertion, Violent, long

Neighbors by Slipstream

      Shrink, Micro, Teasing, some voyeur, Novel

Neighbor's Secret by Everyday feet

     Shrink, Feet, Avg

The Neighbor by Big Larry

     shrink, Crush, short.

The New Principal by Weirdman

                 Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Long

The Net Ship by Octavion

         Micro, Crush, vore, insertion, short

Neverending Story by a boatload of people
     Grow, Mega, Crush, Long
New Girl on the Track Team by B. Tweenercheeks

      Transform to object, Ass, Teasing, Avg

New Hire by Waterman

       Shrink, Feet, short

New Life by RoboNat

       Transform to Object, avg

A New Perspective by ???

        Shrink, body adventure, short

Newsflash by East Coast Guy  (1)

     Shrunk, Avg.

The New Tenant by Number 10 (1)
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

My New Stepmom by Littlejoe

      Shrink, feet, short

A Night with the Inlaws by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Avg
Nikki's Day by Diavolus
     Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Short

Nikki: Evil Giantess by ADO

             Shrink, crush, vore, insertion, short

Nikki Matures by ???

        Growth, Insertion, body adventure

Nikki Matures by Dedlam

(No) day at the beach: A gentle Giantess Story by Lem

            Shrink, Teasing, Adventure, Avg.

No Shirt, No Shoes, You Shrink by Littletoy

                   Shrink, teasing, Avg.

Naomi by Wilfred (1)

       Shrink, Teasing, ass, toilet, couples, Vore, Insertion, short

No Use For A Name by Velocity Elf
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg

Not So Little Red Riding Hood by ZZZ
     Grow, Muscle, Teasing, Crush, Short

Nouveau Riche by DX Machina

              Shrink, Micro, voyeur, Couples, Body Adventure, insertion, adventure, Avg.

Now They Got Ami by Deathworks

        Grow, Mega, Long

Nurturers, A Tale of Three Women by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Girls, Long



An Object of Affection by Pendragon
     Shrink, Girls, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Transform to object, Long
Objects of Desire by Rodford Edminston

     Transform to object, short

 Oddities removed by request of Roll182
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg
Off the Beaten Path by D.X. Machina
     Micro, Voyeur, Avg
The Office Pest by Lurker_B
     Shrink, Feet, Crush, Short

Office Slouch by Bryan

         shrink, Voyeur, Crush, Adventure, short

Office Vignette by Aborigen
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg
The Office Visit by Sue Walters
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg
Old Neighbors by Gator
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg


On the Brink Of Desi's Colon by Filo

            Micro, Teasing, ass, toilet, vore, Incest, avg.

Once Upon A parallel Universe by Micromegas

         Micro, short

One Inch Tall by Various Authors

       Micro, Teasing, Humiliation, Avg.

One Man's Shrinking Role by Spitfire

       shrink, slow, insertion, avg

Oops, I'm In Trouble This Time by nic2800
     Grow, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Oops by Robo

     Transform to object, short

Out Of Order by Hazmat

      Shrink, Feet, Avg

Outside Wonderland by LBP
     Shrink, Micro, Grow, Mega, Crush, Teasing, Body Adventure, Novel
Over Their Heads by Dream Weevil
     Grow, Toilet, Avg

Oysters by ???

      Shrink, Eating, Short



Pantyman by Clipper
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

Part of Her by B.Tweenercheeks

       Shrink, Vore, Transform, insertion, avg.

The Peeping Tom Thumb by Dreamtales (1)
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg
The Pen by Steph
     Shrink, Crush, Feet, Long
The Pen 2 by Steph

         Shrink, Micro, Feet, Teasing, Humiliation, Toilet, Vore, Crush

The Pen Experiment by Steph (1-4)

      Shrink, Crush, Violent, Teasing, Feet, avg.

Penalities for Perversions by Six Inch Dildo

        Transformation, short.

Perils Pantyhose by Magnus

      Transfom to object, avg

The Perfect Example by 1/12

               Shrink, Teasing, Ass, SW, Violent, incest, avg     

The Perfect Roommate by LilBit
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Novel
Personal Magnetism by Poco
     Grow, Gradual, Crush, Long
 Pet by ??? Removed by Authors Request
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Toilet, Short

The Pet by Jason Reed

       Shrink, feet, insertion, short

The Photo Shoot by Dreamwatch
            Shrinking, Teasing, Gentle, body adventure, Insertion

The Physicist's Husband by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Long
Pink by D5
     Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Short

Pink the Sequel by d5

        Transformation, feet, Short

Pixie No More by ZZZ
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg

The Plague by Zotster
     Shrink, Gentle, Teasing, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Novel
Plastic Man gets all Dressed up by Caleb Jones

    Transform to object, short

Playthings by BBL

     Shrink, Teasing, Gentle, Long

Plaything by Kate

             Shrink, growth, body adventure, gentle, novel

Playing With A Full Deck by Clovis
           BE, Long

Play The hand thats dealt to you by Paul Jutras

      Transform to object,  short

Please Mistress Don't Step on me Anymore by R Siclary Canaan

      Feet, Teasing, Avg.

Pool boys by Nemo

    Shrink, teasing, avg

Poreolight School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by STE LETTO (Ch. 1-11)

       Feet, Teasing, Violent, avg

Presence by MaleKim
     Grow, Body Adventure, Girls, Avg

Princess Leia Story by Kitsune

           Shrinking, Lesbian, crush, vore, feet insertion, avg.

Prison of Purple and Green by Obsidian Dragoon
     Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Girls, Long
Proffessor B by Squidge

     Shrink, Crush, Avg

The Professor's Daughter by Littletoy
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Avg

The Prostitute by Rob
     Grow, Muscle, Teasing, Avg
Punishment by Warren Vehec
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Purple Haze by ???
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg



Quality Time by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Xtreme Crush, Avg
Quick Squish by Boniboy
     Shrink, Teasing, Crush, Avg
Quitting Time by Grildrig

       Mega, Teasing, Crush Avg.



Rachel by Vdeoman
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long

At Rachel's Mercy by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, violent, long

A Giant Hunter's Tale: Episode 1 by Ramsus XIII

               Mega, Gentle, Adventure, Avg.

Raped by a Teenage Witch by Chelgi

      Shrink, insertion, Teasing, Avg.

RB Gold by BBL

        Shrink, gentle, teasing, body adventure, novel

Real Justice by WannabeWriter

       Shrink, Crush, short

Ready Meals by Banfield

       Shrink, Crush, vore, violent, avg.

Reign of terry by Kiler

     Mega, teasing, avg.

Rebecca's Apartment by Jason Reed

      Shrink, Feet, Ass avg.

Relative Size by Andrew Nellis
     Shrink, Incest, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
The Residents by Edmund

     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Crush, Toilet, Long

The Resort by Leo Fosse
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Exploration, Long
Retaliation by Ramvo

      Shrink, Insertion, short

Reunion by figus
     Shrink, Slow, Gentle, Vore, Avg
Revenge by Warren Vehec
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Reverse it by Eddie Delany Jr.

      Grow, Teasing, Avg

Reverse it  by Eddie Delany jr.

       Grow, Teasing, Avg

Richer by Gator
     Shrink, Grow, Vore, Avg
Ringing in the New Year! by Hungry Giantess
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Vore, Short
A Ripple No One Would See by willie
     Grow, Crush, Avg

Rise of Jenna by kiler

      mega, violent, teasing, avg

Role Reversal by Bikeman
     Shrink, BE, Slow, Teasing, Long
Role Reversal 2: My Secretary's Little Helper by Bikeman
     Shrink, BE, Slow, Teasing, Long
Romancing Albert by ???

     Mega, Body Adventure, Avg

Romeo and Giantess by ZZZ
     Grow, Voyeur, Crush, Short

The Root of Ampoi by Clarke Ashton Smith

      Mega, long
Runaway by s@m
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Incest, Avg

Roots of Humanity by Hedin

     Micro, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

Room to Rent by Size Store

         Shrink, SW, long (actual plot)

The Red Ruby Ring by Ragnos

            Shrink, Vore, Gentle, avg.

 Runaway by s@m, Removed by wordmasters request
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Incest, Avg



Sadako by EtiennePX (1)

   Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Long

A Sailor Moon gts story by Freak boy and Somedude

                Growth, Gentle, body adventure, insertion, adventure, novel

Sakura Trilogy by Duck San
     Shrink,Vore, Crush, Avg

Samurai by Bond

               Growth, Violent, Adventure, Long

Sand Castles by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Xtreme Crush, Avg
Sandy's Promotion by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

Sarah's Revenge by eponymous rex

          Crush, Transformation, feet, violent, avg.

The School Bus Ride by ???
     Grow, Crush, Short

School Girls by Micro Crush

     SW, Girl, Insertion, Violent, feet

The Science Project by Dreamtales
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Secret Desires by Lost Soul (1-4)

     Shrink, feet, avg.

The Seminar by oglithorpe

        Shrink, Teasing, Feet

Sentence by Medusa
     Grow, Crush, Body Adventure, Avg

Shared Fantasy by L Huckins

      Shrink (couple shrink), insertion, Humiliation, avg.

Sharkey's Revenge by Littletoy
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Sharon's Turn by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Xtreme Crush, Teasing, Body Exploration, Avg

Sharon's Travels by Ben

       Mega, Short

Sharkeys Revenge by Littletoy (1)

     Shrink, Teasing, avg.

Shauna by ???
     Shrink, Grow, Body Adventure, Guys, Avg
Shawna Returned by D.X. Machina
     Micro, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg
SHE by Claud
     Grow, Crush, Body Adventure, Avg
She Comes Around The Mountain by Leo Fosse
     Mega, Crush, Short
She didn't even know it by Littlelee

      Shrink, Crush, feet, Short

She's In charge now by Joe

      Shrink, Short

She Still Plays with Dolls by Twerp

                Shrink, Feet, Short

She Keeps them in the Attic by nemo

      Shrink, Feet, Avg.

Sheer Slavery by Magnus

      Transform to object, short

She Started to Grow by Astrogator
     Grow, Slow, Gentle, Teasing, Body Adventure, Long
She's a Big Girl Now by zypher
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg
She Keeps them in the Attic by nemo (1-6)

      Shrink, Feet, Avg.

Shifters by Sketch (1)

     Shrink, Novel

Shoe Closet by ????

     Shrink, feet, Short

Shop of Secrets by Weirdman

                 Shrink, Lesbian, Crush, Feet, Violent, Avg.

Short Circuit by Dreamtales (1)
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Shorties by Unkown

      Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Short Putts by contrast lover

         slow shrink, teasing, long

The Showers by Scott Grildrig
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Body Adventure, Avg
Shrinkers by Burp

      Shrink, Vore, short

Shrinking Collar by Halfpinte Pete

     Shrink, Teasing, Novel
Shrinking Man, Missing Chapters by Richard Matherson

      Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Shrink Me Now by Astrogator
     Shrink, Teasing, Short
Shrinking Forever by Remy Locke
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Voyeur, Avg
Shrinking Him by Chelgi
     Shrink, Insertion, Avg

Shrink High by Shrinkster

       Shrink, SW, Lesbian, Incest, Crush, Body Adventure, insertion, feet. Avg.

Shrinking Husband by Sweet T

      Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Crush, Short

Shrinking into oblivion by hat-trick

      Micro, vore, short

Shrinking Professor by ???

     shrink, Teasing, Avg

Shrinking Really Small by Goldenbane

      Shrinking, Teasing, avg

Shrunk In Translation by Littletoy

       Shrink, Adventure, Teasing, Long

The Shrunken Delivery Boy by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, short

Shrunken in an Exam by Various

          Shrink, crush, short

Shrunken Man Tragedy by B. Tweenercheeks

              Shrink, Teasing, Toilet, Voyeur, vore, Couples, insertion, avg.

The Shrunken Student by Various Authors

          Shrink, Teasing, Humiliation, avg

The Shrunken Student 2 by Various Authors (1)

          Shrink, Teasing, Humiliation

Shrunken Teacher by Anonymous

     Shrink, Teasing, Avg.

Shy Girl by Moldy

     Micro, Feet, short

Sibling Rivalry by HTP  *MUST READ FOR ANY GTS FAN*

      Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Slow, Novel

Sister's Friend by Neptune

             Micro, Vore, Short

Sisters Newest Doll by HTP

       Shrink, slow, Teasing, Body Adventure, Novel

Sister's New Job by DD

      Shrink, Feet, Short

A Sizeable Tale by ???

       Shrink, slow, short

A Sizeable Difference by ???

       Shrink, Incest, body adventure, teasing, short

A Simple Plan by Adeline
     Shrink, Voyeur, Teasing, Vore, Avg
The Sinister Circle Chronicles Episode I: Bass Ackwards by Canuck
     Shrink, Crush, Long
The Sinister Circle Chronicles Episode II: Another Fine Mess by Canuck
     Grow, Crush, Long
The Sinister Circle Chronicles Episode III: The Maltese Budgie by Canuck
     Shrink, Grow, Crushh, Long
Six Millimeter Man by Deuce Little O

     Micro, Voyeur, teasing, Novel

Sizeable Difference by ???-

     Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg

A Slave to Nancy by Dr. Ed

     Shrink, Feet, Humiliation, avg

A Slow Shrink Tale by Slipstream

     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Feet,Novel

Sluts Amok by Smallfrye
     Shrink, Grow, Humiliation, Body Adventure, Avg
Small! by B. Kaiser
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

Small Apartment by Antmanfc

                Shrink, teasing, feet, avg.

Small Family Matters by Binary Prophet

          Shrink, teasing, sw, feet, violent, avg.

Small Island by Slow Shrinking Male

     Shrink, Slow, Short

Smallest Man in the Kingdom by Ghostwriter

      Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure

Smallman Chronicles by ???

      Shrink, Short, guys

Small man by Barry Stone

     Shrink, Feet, short

Small Matters Underfoot by Moldy
     Shrink, Micro, Feet, Teasing, Avg

Small shrunk dude stuck under heel by D5

    Shrink, micro, feet, crush, short

Small Spy by HUY

      Shrink, Teasing, Long

Small Weekend by Dreamwatch

      Shrink, Girls, Teasing, Insertion, Novel

Small World by GM

       Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Novel

Smell by ???

          Shrink, Feet, Humiliation, Crush, Avg.

Smoothed by Atkins
     Shrink, Gentle, Voyeur, Incest, Vore, Insertion, Avg

Snack by Littlesnack

      Shrink, Eating, Teasing, Short

Soccer Girl by Poppy
     Shrink, Teasing, Feet, Short

The Sole Above me by Christopher Denton

       shrink, Feet, short

Some Side Effects May Occur by LEM
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long
Someone to Love by Goldenbane

       Giantess, Body Adventure, Long

Something in the Water by ZZZ
     Exchange, Muscle, Teasing, Short

Spectator Sport by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Crush, Short

Spaghetti Sushi by Pril
          Shrinking, Teasing, Gentle, Feet, Long

Spells Volume 2 by Steph (1-5)

        Shrink, Transform, Crush, Violent, Teasing, Avg.

Spells by Steph

        Shrink, Transform, Crush, Violent, Teasing, Avg.

Splitting Adams by William Levy

      Shrink, Slow, Short

Spring Break by Shannon Sargent
     Grow, Body Adventure, Toilet, Avg

Squire to the Rescue by Deathworks

      Shrink, Teasing,  Avg

SRU: TG's Tale by Ran Dandel

     Transform to object, short

SRU: Return of the Love Doll by Ran Dandel

     Transform to object, short

SRU: The Love Dolls Lesson by Ran Dandel

    Transform to object, Short

Stacey Q by BBL
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long

Star Trek Voyager by ???

       Ratings Pending

The Stardust Six by Sydney

            Shrinking, Mega, Growth, Adventure, Novel

Stay Home Dad by TTETF

      Shrink, slow, Teasing, Feet, Novel
Stay Home Dad 2 byTTETF

      Shrink, Feet, Avg

"Steps" by Frost

        Shrink, Crush, Feet, Avg.

The Stone by JustAGuy (1-8)

        Shrink, Feet, Avg.

A story by ???

         shrink, Micro, teasing, feet, avg.

Stranded by Scott Davis (1)

      Shrinking, Body Adventure, Long

Stranded on Asgard by Deuce Little O

       shrink, Gentle, Avg

Storm and her great job by Nightmare

        Shrink, vore, short

S.T.R.I.C.T.ly M.E.A.T. by Jared Welsh
     Grow, Mega, Slow, Crush, Avg
Stretch by ???

       Grow, Mega, Body Adventure, Avg

Sub Teacher by Astrocarl

        Shrink, Vore, Average

Suck My Big Toe by ???
     Shrink, Feet, Voyeur, Avg

Summer in the South by Riker

        mega, body adventure, avg

Super Sized Sistah's by Newmon

               Mega, Growth, Lesbian, Ass, Crush, Feet, Violent, Novel

Susanne by Antsize
     Shrink, Micro, Teasing, Body Adventure, Guys, Short
Susanne by Antsize, revised by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Micro, Teasing, Body Adventure, Guys, Short
Susan Ravishire by Kathy Mcclure

    Shrink, body adventure, insertion

Sweet Honeymoon by Ramvo

     Shrink, Ass, Teasing, Avg.




T5 by Krael
     Shrink, Avg

The Tale of Jarmara the Wicked Sex Poppet by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Avg

A Tale of the Tape by T.J. MacAllister
     BE, Shrink, Teasing, Avg

Tale by Gwarror07

    Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Avg.

Tales of High School by Maxx Clock

                   Shrink, Teasing, Body adventure, gentle, short

The Talisman by Ravage

             Shrink, Lesbian, Crush, Feet, Violent, avg.

The Tank by The Lucky One
              Shrink, Crush, vore, Avg.

Tanya In Control by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Short

Tasgeni by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long

Tasha 2: the Next Marriage by Jason Reed

                Transformation, Feet, Avg.

Teacher and the Whore by Pril (1 2)

          Body Adventure, long

Teacher's Pet by Chelgi
     Shrink, Incest, Humiliation, Body Adventure, Girls, Feet, Novel

Teachers Pet by epiphone9020

      Shrink, Teasing, Short

Teacher Quake by Rally Championbr

     Shrink, Vore, Short

Teachers Volunteer by Antmanfc (1-2)

       Shrink, feet, Long

The Team by Chelgi

      Grow, Mega, Long

The Televerses by e10

        Mega, Crush, Gentle, body adventure, adventure, Long

Test Crush by ???

        Shrink, Crush, avg.

Threefold by Sumguy

      Shrink, slow,

Teasing by ???

       Shrinking, Vore, short

Terri Felt Uncomfortable around Midgets by ???

        Micro, Teasing, avg

Ten Days of Hell by Seabee
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg
Things Better Left Alone by Inch High Guy

     Shrink, Exploration, Voyeur, short

This Is How The Movie Should Have Gone... by Juxton
     Shrink, Voyeur, Crush, Avg

Tia by Minuss

       Mega, Growth, Teasing,  Crush, Vore, Body Adventure, Violent, Long

Tic Tac Toed by craft

      Shrink, short

Till Death Do Us Part by ???
     Shrink, Teasing, Girls, Body Adventure, Long
Tina and Lara by Hedin

       Mega, Crush, Avg

Tiny Accident by Dreamwatch

       Shrink, teasing, insertion, long

Tiny Tim by Shrinkmesister 2003

       Shrink, body adventure, teasing, couple, avg.

Tiny Toe Slut by Mighty Mite
          Shrink, Crush, Couples, Feet, short

The Tiny Couple by V00d00

       Shrink, Teasing, Couple, feet

Tiny World by Skywalker42

     shrink, Crush, Teasing, Long

Tiny Samson

     Shrink, Gentle, Avg

Tiny Ship Was Tossed by Nemo

      Shrink, gentle, Short

The Toilet Massacre by ???

       Shrink, Toilet, Voyeur, Short

Tom Thumb In Tokyo by Various Authors

       Shrunk, Humiliation, Long

Tomb of the Gods by ???
     Grow, Crush, Avg

Too Much of a Good Thing by Harro

     Shrink, Micro, Teasing, Feet

Tools by Hungry Giantess
     Shrink, Vore, Short
Top Secret by willie
     Shrink, Gentle, Insertion, Avg

The Torture of the Teachers feet by RAH

                Shrinking, Micro, feet, Short

Torture at Teachers Feet by Wolflord & Rah

                Shrink, Feet, Avg.

Toy by Chelgi

      Shrink, Insertion, Body Adventure, Short

A Toy for Mistress by ???

        Shrink, Insertion, feet, avg.

Toy Soldier by growl *removed by authors request
     Shrink, Gentle, Avg
Toyed by Littletoy
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

Trading by Zilt

                 Shrink, Feet, Short

Tracy's Friends by ???

      Shrink, Teasing, Short

Traders by Nemo
     Shrink, Teasing, Avg

A Tragic Tale by Astrogator
     Grow, Crush, Avg

Training Week by willie
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Teasing, Long

Trapped by ???

     Shrink, Feet, Avg

Trapped in Heather's Room by Jake Van Meter
     Shrink, Xtreme Crush, Long

Trapped in Stone by RHMusic
     Shrink, Transformation, Gentle, Body Adventure, Long

The Trial by Astrogator
     Shrink, Crush, Long

Trinity cultivates a taste for national security by lady prey

             Shrink, vore, body adventure, insertion, avg.

Trivial Pursuit by BIGWoman
     Shrink, Teasing, Vore, Short

Trusty Lab Assistant by Carnaj
     Shrink, Gentle, Teasing, Crush, Long

Truth or Dare by Mr. Negative (1-4) (1)

      Shrink, feet, crush, avg.



Unbalanced Battle by ZZZ
     Grow, Mega, Muscle, Crush, Avg

The Unbelievable Growing Woman by LBP
     Mega, Crush, Avg

Under Sister's Foot by Ram
     Shrink, Voyeur, teasing, Feet, Avg

Underneath It All by Delicious
     Grow, Body Adventure, Avg

Underwear Story by Nemo

      Shrink, Micro, Short

University Law  by Oglithorpe

     Shrink, feet, teasing, Novel

Un-miserable by Smitty Smith

      Shrinking, teasing, ass, body adventure, insertion, avg.

Until Vanish From Sight by O humunuclo (1)

         Shrink, short, incomplete

Untitled Story by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasomg, Gentle, Girls, Avg
Untitled Story by Goldenbane

       Shrink, Voyeur Avg

Untitled Story by Tech

       Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure

Untitled story by 5 inch tall dude

        Shrink, Teasing, Avg.

Untitled Story by Hat Trick

       Shrink, Micro, Gentle, feet, short

Untitled Story by Frizz

        Shrink, teasing, crush, feet, Avg.

Up Lisa's Skirt B Tweenercheeks

     Shrink, Micro, Crush short

Used by a Giantess by AntmanFC

      Shrink, Gentle, Short


Vacation Time by The Wordmaster
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg

Variations on a theme by Matheson by CLH

              Shrink, Teasing, Gentle, Avg.

Vengeance by Ramvo
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Girls, Avg

Vengence: Marissa's Return by Jason Reed

                 Shrink, Crush, Feet, Short

Vengeance in Corduroy by Aborigen
     Shrink, Teasing, Insertion, Ass, Avg
Vengeful Secretary by FK
     Shrink, Teasing, Body Adventure, Avg

Very Dark Experience by ???

          Shrink, Ass, Slave, Teasing, entrapment, avg.

Vicki by Malekim
     Grow, Mega, Gentle, teasing, Long
Victim of your Neighbors Trap by Rally Championbr

    Shrink, vore, Short

The Video Swallower by Lamarun
     Shrink, vore, Girls, Long
The Village by Hedin

      Micro, Crush, Avg (this could be considered mega depending on your pov)

Virtual Giantess by Shannon Sargent
     Grow, Body Adventure, Shrink, Teasing, Long
Virtual Reality by North Gate
     Shrink, Body Adventure, Teasing, Avg

Vicious Caitlin by ATOOLArmyMember

        mega, Violent, Crush, short

The Visit by Chelgi
     Mega, Crush, Long
The Visit by Scott Grildrig
     Mega, Xtreme Crush, Girls, Long

The Volunteer by Little Joe

       Shrink, avg

The Volunteer by Quorus

       shrink, Micro, short

Voyages Of A Mile-high Fille De Joie by Judith Johnson Sherwin
     Shrink, Gentle, Long

Voyeuristic Tendencies by DX Machina

      Shrink, Micro Voyeur, Body Adventure Avg.

Voyueristic Tendencies: Chick Flick by DX Machina

      Micro, Shrink, Insertion, Body Adventure

Voyeuristic Tendencies: Wedding Guest by DX Machina

         Micro, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg.

Voyeuristic Tendencies: Timing Isn't Everything  by DX Machina

        Micro, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg.

Voyeuristic Tendencies: On Thin Ice by DX Machina

        MIcro, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg.

VR Squish'n by manncub

      Growth, teasing, crush, avg.




Wacky Weed by Pendragon

    Micro, Voyeur, short

A walk in the park by undersole2002

       Shrink, teasing, Humilation feet, short

Wash and Worn by Jason Reed (1)

     Transform, feet, Ass, avg

Watch out below by ???

     shrink, Toilet, Short

The Watcher by Nsole

      Feet, short

Way to go by Banfield

       Shrink, insertion, avg.

The Way The Cookie Crumbles by The Wordmaster
     Shrink, Voyeur, Feet, Body Adventure, Vore, Avg

The Way Life Goes by Eraxel
     Grow, Gentle, Short

Wedding Day by Sick Puppy

       Shrink, Crush, Avg

Wendy In Charge by Shado
     Shrink, Grow, Mega, Xtreme Crush, Long

Wendy's Story by Mark Bryan
     Shrink, Crunsh, Vore, Avg

What A Girl Wants by Hat Trick

     Shrink, Vore, Short

What Tony Wants

     Shrink, Vore, Avg

Whetting Appetites at Dinner by Ralph Smith
          Shrinking, teasing, Lesbian, Toilet, couples, insertion, incest, Novel

Wifes Revenge by ???

          Transformation, short

A Witch For a Mother by Weirdman

    Shrink, teasing, transformatin, feet, long.

Who Moved Our Food by Nemo

      Micro, Gentle, Average

Wishes (1-3) by Craft

      Shrink, feet, Crush, avg.

A Whole New World by ???

        Growth, Mega, Couples, short

What was found at the Orthodontic Office by Lamarun

      Micro, vore, Avg

Who Says No to Earthquake by Scott Grildrig

The Wife by Little Husband

      Shrink, Feet, short

Will's Secret Fantasy by Osoloco

           Shrink, ass, Crush, short

Willow Haven by Rez Dog (1)

      Shrink, Voyuer, avg.

Winter Wonderland by Scott Grildrig
     Grow, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg

A Wish Come True by Adeline
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Vore, Avg

Wish Upon A Star by Littlelee
     Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Long

Wishes by Eddie
     Grow, Muscle, Body Adventure, Avg

The Wishing Stone by Warren J. Vehec
     Shrink, Grow, Teasing, Long

Without Warning by ???

      Mega, Long

Wizard of ZZZ by ZZZ
     Grow, Muscle, Short

The Wizzigdoon by mjc
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Crush, Vore, Feet, Avg

Women of the 3rd Millennium by Banfield

      Shrink, Vore, humiliation, Violent, insertion, ass, long.

Working Story by LBP
     Mega, Shrink, Body Adventure, Avg

Workmates by Eddie

    Shrink, Vore, Avg.

World's Greatest Secretary by Smallfrye
     Shrink, Voyeur, Body Adventure, Avg

A World of giants by ???

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Insertion, Avg.

A World of giants by Ghostwriter (1-3)

      Shrink, Body Adventure, Insertion, Avg.

Would you want it? (1-11) by Littlelee

      Shrink, Feet, Teasing, Avg.

Wraith of the Priestess by D5

      Shrink, Crush, Feet, Average

Wrestlemania '99: Lady Lisa vs The Mole by The Mole
     Grow, Mega, Teasing, Long

Writer's Block by Dreamtales
     Shrink, Grow, Gentle, Avg

Wrong Package by Dreamer

         Shrink, body adventure, voyuer, short




X-Rated Download by Nurbs

      Transformation, Humiliation, Feet, Insertion, long.


You Asked For It, You Got It by John Gull
     Shrink, Gentle, Body Adventure, Avg
You Oughta Be In Pictures by Poco
     Shrink, Gentle, Avg
Your Last Pancake Day by Rally Championbr

      Shrink, Vore, Short

Young Girls by m4rk

       micro, insertion, crush, average

Yu Gi Oh: love war and magic by Edge

             Growth, teasing, couple, gentle, long

You Got Your Wish by Rubkair
            Shrinking, teasing, Gentle, Body adventure, feet, insertion, novel



The Zoo by pintsize

       Shrink, Avg