Oh, Christmas Tree by AdamX

Christmas decorating can be a fun and joyous time...this is not one of those times.

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Chapter 1 by AdamX

"Are you sure it's going to fit? Adam."

"Yes Lisa, I have measured and everything so we should have no problems getting this in here"

"I'm just saying last year you broke out two windows and knocked the door off the hinges, you have no idea how embarrassing that was to explain to the neighbors."

"It was an accident!, Objects tend to appear closer then they are...the windows just happened to actually BE closer"

Rubbing her hands over her face, Lisa sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'm telling you it's not going to fit"

"I will make it fit!"

*The sound of glass shattering is heard and a few audible swear words from Adam mixed with much giggling from Lisa and most of the neighbors now*

"I got it in and it only took me one window this time!"

"That was our nice patio window, we had that made specially for the house"


Lisa begins tapping her foot on the ground in a slightly annoyed manner.

*I'll buy a new one next week"

"You better!"

"Of course Lisa"

Finally getting the tree inside we come to realize that one particular course of planning was forgotten...they already had a tree this year.

"We did?"

"I've been trying to tell you this for about two hours now."

"But how...I don't remember going out and cutting it down or buying it"

Lisa grins brightly before suddenly shooting up to 150 feet tall and smiling down at Adam, "I kinda used my feminie charms on it and it decided to come home with us ^^"

"You ripped it out of the ground didn't you"


Adam stares wide eyed at his friend, he's used to seeing her this big but it never ceases to amaze him at her level of braveness sometimes.

"Then what do we do with this one?"

Lisa smiles down before picking up the tree and holding it in here hand, "I AM MOTHER NATURE! hehe ^^"

Adam can be seen now visibly frowning at the antics of his giant friend, "Cute..."

Lisa raises her foot over Adam and the house, making an angry face glaring down at him.

"I know you won't step on me so I'm not afraid of you silly"

Lisa turns her attention to a nicely painted car in front of the house while lowering her foot ever so slowly.

"Ok, you win it was funny!"

The foot keeps lowering, "And?"

"And...I'll let you pick the decorations for next year"

The foot lowers more still, "And?..."

"Linkin Park is a good band...really it's not their fault they su...rock so much"

"What was that you said before the last part?"

"Linkin Park sucks"


The sound of metal crushing can be heard for blocks as what was a nice car is now reduced to scrap metal by the mere step of Lisa.

"Next year, I'm getting a tank"


"I'm hopeful SOMETHING has to be able to stand up to your feet one day"

"Kon Kon Meow Meow!!"

"Just Kidding!"

Lisa scoops him up and tucks him into her pocket, "I parked your car in the garage yesterday :)"

"Then who's car was that?"

Lisa visibly frowns, shrinking back down with the now inches tall Adam in her pocket, "We'd better go into the house now"

"Oh brother ;-;"


From myself and my tall cohort here, Merry Christmas to all!

"Are you going to fix the window?"

"Wait aren't you magical?"

"oh yeah ^^"

With a wave of her hand, Lisa repairs the window, "You owe me ;)"

Adam sighs, "What color?"

Lisa sits him down before visibly starting to remove her boots, "Pink and grab the cotton balls too will you?"

"Of course"


Once again a Merry Christmas to you all and if you'll excuse me I have a quite the task ahead of me ^^
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