Forbidden Dish by girlfood

A restaurant allows patrons to become a part of the menu.

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Chapter 1 by girlfood

Lindsay studied her reflection in the mirror. He hair was long, straight and pretty. She was wearing makeup, although not much. She didn't need it. She was very pretty although she had no illusions of being some sort of supermodel. With a frown, she tugged at her blouse. It didn't quite cover her belly. 
Not that it was a problem. One look at Lindsay and it was easy to see that she was in decent shape. The only curves she had were supposed to be there, and they looked fantastic. Still, the outfit worried Lindsay a bit.
"This is a little over the top don't you think?" she asked aloud.
A muffled response came from the other room. "No, you look fine. We've been over it,"
"Really? I feel like Daisy Duke," said Lindsay.
"The whole point is to show off," said the voice, its owner was approaching Lindsay judging by the increased volume and clarity. "Really, you look fine. Stop worrying. We're not going to Church. We're going to dinner."
Kate walked into the room. She was cute, perhaps as pretty as Lindsay. But in different ways. She too, was in good shape. Better than Lindsay, in fact. Her tight jeans and belly shirt reflected this fact. She had chestnut hair and blue eyes. She was perhaps less outgoing than Lindsay, but still friendly in a reserved and polite way. Lindsay attributed this to her work in Law Enforcement.
"Are you sure this is legal? This restaurant?" said Lindsay. She turned her back on the mirror to face her friend.
"Of course I'm sure. I'm a cop," shrugged Kate. Her body language suggested that she was wondering why Lindsay would bother to ask the question. Kate would have done her research on the subject.
"You're not scared are you dear?" she added politely.
"No. It just seems weird. Weird. You know?" Lindsay cocked an eyebrow at Kate as if to illustrate the point. 
"I've wanted to go to this restaurant since it opened Linz," said Kate. "It says we can meet guys, shrink them, and eat them. I really want to try." She gave a look of longing that she got every time she mentioned the place, which was annoyingly often. Damn near every day lately. But Kate also didn't want to go alone and had pestered Lindsay until she had agreed to come and "try to eat someone."
"I know. I know I promised to go with you. It's just scary," amended Lindsay.
"Not as scary as it will be for the guys," smirked Kate. "Let's go." 
"Dude, I want to roll," shouted Jamiel. He was yelling up the stairs to his best friend Cory. 
"Alright. Alright. I'm coming. Be patient," sighed Cory as he pulled on a collared  shirt. He was going to meet a girl who would eat him tonight. Or so he hoped. He had to look his best! With the proper attire, he might be lucky enough to be eaten by a very pretty girl. Jamiel was as excited about being eaten as he was but Jamiel didn't seem to put the right amount of effort into looking his best for what would be his last night out. Cory sighed, buttoned his shirt, and headed down stairs.
The two hopped onto a train that would take them to the restaurant that they had both found over the internet.
"So what do you think she will be like?" asked Jamiel. He had said this to Cory over and over during the past few days. Cory was sick of hearing it. He decided to play dumb in an effort to annoy his friend.
"What will who be like?" he responded, with a tone of extreme indifference. 
"The girl that eats us! Who do you think I mean?" said Jamiel. He sounded irritated by Cory's tone.  
"I don't know Jamiel!" said Cory. He had finally lost patience. Why speculate when one had no idea? "We'll have to wait and find out. Besides, I might not go with the same girl you do." 
"Man. I wish we could have done this sooner," said Jamiel, absentmindedly reaching for a cigarette. He had them half way out of his pocket before he remembered he couldn't smoke on the train. He frowned and put them back in his pocket. "We could have gone during the week."
"The web site says that going on a Friday or Saturday night is when they have the best turnout of girls! They don't have to work the next day," pointed out Cory.
"Yeah and that means that they will have way more guys to choose from," said Jamiel. "What if none of the girls like me? What if no one want's to eat me?"
"Then I hope that someone eats me because being digested alive by even the ugliest girl will be better than listening to you complain."
Jamiel snickred but he took the hint as well. He piped down for the rest of the train ride. Each man was lost in his own thoughts.
The train reached their stop and the two guys walked the remaining few blocks to the restaurant. It was called "The Forbidden Dish."
Walking inside they were greeted by a woman named Rachel. The first thing Cory noticed about her was that she was pretty. Perhaps not in a beautiful way but most certainly cute. 
"Good evening gentlemen," she said. 
"Hi! said Jamiel. "We're here to be dinner. People will eat us here right?"
"Yes," said Rachel. She smiled tolerantly. She seemed used to enthusiastic customers. "Any man or woman with a blue bracelet is someone who would like to eat a shrunken person. These red bracelets will identify you as someone who would like to be eaten. You do both want to be eaten?" Cory nodded and she passed them each a red, glow in the dark bracelet that they fixed around their wrists. 
"Guys and girls can eat shrunken people?" asked Cory. "I thought it was just girls."
"No," said Rachel. "Anyone who wants to. But you have to agree to be eaten by them. They can't just pick you out. Don't worry. The vast majority of our predatory cliental are composed of females. Some quite spectacularly pretty. You guys will like it. If you can't find someone to eat you though, you could always try the staff. Most of us are girls. Every one of us girls have eaten shrunken guys before."
"Even you?" said Jamiel excitedly.
"Even me," said Rachel. "Now go upstairs if you would like more of a club atmosphere. If you are looking for more of a formal atmosphere come back downstairs." Cory was keen to hear more but Rachel seemed to be dismissing them. Besides, he didn't think Jamiel could wait another second.
"Thanks," said Jamiel excitedly and bolted upstairs. "See you," said Cory and followed his friend. He looked over his shoulder at Rachel. She was pretty alright. It was amazing to think that she might eat him if he asked her.
Lindsay sat at the bar of The Forbidden Dish. She was drinking a Margarita. The club section of the restaurant was lit with dark lights in places, but still with plenty of illumination so that everyone could check out each other's scantly clad bodies. Lindsay realized she was not wearing much but she certainly had on more than many other girls. Some wore nothing more than thong bikinis. The glow of red or blue wrist bracelets fixed to wrists could be seen throughout the room. Lindsay's own blue bracelet was on her own wrist and her eyes were unconsciously drawn to it's beaconing glow as she reached for her glass to take a sip of the Margarita. 
The red bracelets seemed to be more common. However according to the barmaid, more girls tended to show up later in the evening. And girls, as she said, tended to want to have the boys for dinner. 
"Good thing you showed up now," she said. "You might be able to eat two if you hurry."
"Right now I am plannining on just one," said Lindsay. 
"First time?" asked the woman.  
"Yes," said Lindsay. "How could you tell?"
"If you've eaten men before you would want more than one. They're kind of addicting."
"Good huh?" asked Lindsay.
"Amazing," said the barmaid, although her attention was now directed towards a man who had come up to the bar and was leaning in to place an order. He had a red band around his wrist. "I'm Jessica," said the barmaid.
"I'm Ty," said the man. "May I have a bud light lime please?"
"I would figure you would go better with cocktail sauce and wine but it' up to you." Jessica winked at him, then bustled off to find Ty his beer. 
Lindsay looked around to see how Kate was doing. She was chatting up a tall, fairly attractive guy who was wearing a red colored bracelet. A moment later, Kate had taken his arm and was leading him towards Lindsay.  Lindsay was surprised to see that the man had his hand on Kate's butt. Normally Kate didn't allow that sort of thing from strangers. Unless the guy happened to be really hot of course. Kate however, seemed to be all smiles.
"Linz! Linz! Guess what? This is Dan. Dan is going to be my dinner! Dan, this is my best friend and roommate Lindsay."
"A pleasure to meat you," said Dan shaking Lindsay's hand. 
"Come on Dan, I really want you in my belly. Let's go shrink you down!" 
And as quickly as they had come, the left, Dan still with his hands on Kate's butt. 
Lindsay wandered the room; watching as several other men and woman decided to be each other's food. It was almost exclusively women eating men. At one table, a group of pretty young girls each held a shrunken man. The were having fun, popping them into their mouths and drinking them down with whatever they were drinking. The way they were looking at each other the were really enjoying the sensation that the men gave as they slid down into their bellies. 
Lindsay decided to return to the bar. There she found Kate, who was ordering another drink.
"Lindsay!" said Kate, hugging her and giving he a kiss on the cheek. "I ate him! I ate Dan! He was delicious. He stopped moving just a little while ago." She grinned her widest smile. Her fantasy had been realized.
"So it was fun?" said Lindsay.
"Fun? Incredible was more like it! I came more times than any guy has ever managed to get me to come before. It was wonderful to feel he riggle down my esophagus. Dan was delicious. I want to have another before we leave. How about you? Have you eaten anyone yet? 
"Not yet. So what's with letting him grab you butt?" asked Lindsay.
"He wanted to," said Kate. "Apparently it's an unspoken rule in this club that if you agree to be eaten by someone, you have the right to touch them where you want. Not that I care of course. I mean he was my food so what harm could it do? So, you really haven't eaten anyone yet? Why not?"
"Not sure how to approach someone," said Lindsay. "It's a little weird to just walk up and ask someone if they would like to be your dinner."
"Oh no it's not. Who do you like? Pick out a guy in here and I'll introduce you."
"Okay, well. How about that guy over there," she pointed to a man who was ordering a drink at the bar.
"Alright. He looks cute enough I guess. Want to eat him?"
"I suppose we could ask if he would mind," said Lindsay uncertainly.
 Let's go talk to him," said Kate.
"Oh no. Kate, I couldn't," but Kate was already working her way through the crowd like a shark that has smelled blood. Lindsay reluctantly followed.
Cory was just getting his Smithwicks Ale when a very pretty girl crashed to a halt in front of him. 
"Hi there," said the girl. "My friend and I were just saying how delicious you look. And I couldn't help but notice you have a red bracelet on. By the way, I'm Kate and this is my friend Lindsay."  She pointed to the girl who moved to stand next to her. Lindsay was smiling a rather shy smile at Cory, as if she was not sure she should be talking to him. 
Cory only then noticed that Kate had extended her hand and was giving him a somewhat surprised expression that he hadn't shaken it yet. "Oh, good heavens. Excuse me Kate. Lovely to make your acquaintance. I'm Cory." He shook her hand.
"Cory. Hmm. I like how that sounds. It sounds tasty," teased Kate, reaching out to grab his bicep. "Not bad," she added. "I hate fatty food."
"I wouldn't want to disapoint you," said Cory excitedly. He was loving how predatory the girl was here. "And your name was again?" Cory asked, as he offered his hand to Lindsay.
"Oh, Lindsay. Nice to meet you." They shook hands.
"I just downed a guy a few moments ago but Lindsay here hasn't eaten anyone yet. Not just tonight. Ever! Care to let either of us devour you?" said Kate. "I certainly have room for another man in my belly."
"Kate!" snapped Lindsay. "We, were just saying how cute you were," she amended with a rather embarrassed look.
"Oh. Well thank you very much," said Cory. "You're very pretty too! You both are. So you haven't eaten anyone yet?"
"She hasn't yet. But I have no intention of letting her leave here tonight until she does. And I want another for me. So how about it Cory? Want to come home with one of us? In our bellies of course?"
"Sure," said Cory. "I would love to be your dinner Lindsay. Would you like that?"
"Okay. If you really want me to eat you." said Lindsay, blushing.
"Defiantly," said Cory, grinning. "It can be a new experience for both of us. You have never eaten a human before and I have never been eaten before so it works out."
Lindsay laughed.
"Hey Cory. Nice choice!" said Kate, running a hand down his shirt to feel the muscles underneath. "I bet Lindsay loves you. Now if I can leave you too to get to know each other I need to go find some delicious man to go swallow. Later Cory," she said with a wave.
"Wait," said Cory. He was wondering if he should have chosen Kate to eat him. She seemed sure of herself and very upbeat. "I have a friend who you could eat, assuming he hasn't been eaten already."
"Take me to the man!" said Kate, pointing a finger in the air.
When Cory introduced Jamiel to Kate, they hit it off right away. 
"Feel like going inside me?" asked Kate.
"Definitely!" agreed Jamiel. 
"Good," said Kate. She lifted up her shirt nearly to her bra, exposing her flat belly. "I ate another guy about a half an hour ago. His name is Dan. When you get in there, tell him he was delicious."
Jamiel ran his hand down Kate's belly as Kate grinned. "Amazing to think someone else is in there!" he exclaimed.
"Soon you will be too, said Kate.
"Oh man," said Jamiel. "You have a sexy stomach!"
"Thanks. I hope you feel that way when you are inside it," said Kate. "Now come on. Lets go you two. Jamiel and I have a dinner date!" She gestured for Lindsay and Cory to follow her. 
They were taken to shrinking booths. There were five booths in all with a line outside each. Above each door was the neon sign spelling out "SHRINK BOOTH" in large green letters. A couple waited outside each booth, mostly making out but occasionally talking shyly or whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.
Kate and Jamiel made for a more feisty couple. They kissed a bit. Their hands were all over each other. Jamiel's hands exploring Kate's breasts, flat abs and firm buttocks. For Kate, it was enough to merely touch Jamiel and know that very soon, he would be much smaller. And all hers. 
Lindsay and Cory got in line behind a pretty black haired girl and a hispanic looking guy. The black haired girl seemed to be grinning fiercely at the man she would soon eat. He looked excited as well but Lindsay almost feared for him. The girl didn't seem the type to be gentle.  She wondered how rough she would be with the man. As if in answer she grabbed his hair and yanked him closer, running her tongue along the side of his face and up to his ear. She whispered something Lindsay couldn't quite catch and then looked up as a woman walked out of the door marked "Shrink Room" before them. She walked off while the couple in front of Lindsay walked in, the woman pulling the man along excitedly. Lindsay noticed how many tattoos the woman had. 
She became conscious of Cory, who was standing quite close to her and not so subtly checking out her boobs. 
"You can touch them if you want... I guess," said Lindsay uncertainly. Was she really going to eat this man in a few minutes?
"You seem uncertain," Cody pointed out. "I don't want to seem impolite."
"It's not impolite if I'm going to have you for dinner," shrugged Lindsay. She smiled warmly at him and winked. Their whole chemistry seemed strange, as if they should become more familiar with each other as quickly as possible. Lindsay felt Cory should be allowed to explore her body, since he would soon be a part of it. That was an odd thought. He, so much bigger than she was and yet soon he would be spread throughout her body. She wondered what part of her body he would become. Her fingers? Her toes? 
In the half light thrown by the glowing neon signs and wrists bracelets they pressed together. Lindsay felt Cody's hands explore her body. They were gentle and caressing as they moved over her breasts, across her stomach. To think that she would soon eat this man. Lindsay imagined him at his smaller size. She could do whatever she wished with him then and he would have no say in the matter. Of course, she was going to eat him. However the thought that she would be in complete control over him while he was at a miniature size was just as delightful. 
"Are you scared?" whispered Lindsay in his ear.
"Yes," he admitted.
"It's going to hurt in my stomach," said Lindsay. "I'll swallow you alive and it will hurt when I start to digest you. I don't know how long you will live but I can guess that it won't be painless."
"I know," Cory nodded. His index finger pressed against her lips. She kissed it. Opened her mouth and tasted it on her tongue. The flavor of the man was nothing special but she smiled at the thought of an entire wriggling human form on the tip of her tongue. She knew what she would do with him when he was there. 
"You taste good," she smirked. "I really can't wait to eat you."
"Me neither," said Cory. It looked like sucking his finger had practically put him over the wall. Lindsay knew she had him. He was hers to eat.
"I have to ask if you want to back out," said Lindsay, already knowing the answer. "It's your last chance. I wouldn't feel right not giving you the chance."
"That is sweet of you. But I want this!" insisted Cory. "What I want is to be your dinner. To satisfy you." He pulled her close. (Lindsay suspected that he was really just trying to get a good feel of her buttocks as his hands were on her there.) 
The dark haired girl reemerged from the door, alone. The man she had gone in with was no doubt in her stomach by now. Lindsay noticed that she had a nice belly, with a lot of intricate tattoos around her belly button. The girl looked at Cory and then to Lindsay, to whom she gave a conspiratorial smirk. Then she walked away.
Lindsay looked around. Kate had already disappeared. No doubt she and Jamiel were in one of the shrinking booths. "Come on Cory," said Lindsay. "I'm aching for trying the rest of you after that little taste."
Jamiel dangled in front of the largest breasts he had ever seen. Kate was naked to her waist, where she wore a thong and nothing else.
"Like them?" Kate asked with a grin. Jamiel realized he had been staring at her boobs. 
"Hell yeah!" said Jamiel, forgetting for a moment that the girl who held his three inch frame would soon be consuming him.
"Glad you approve," said Kate. "Because there is not much I could do if you didn't like them."
Jamiel considered this. She had a point.
"Anyway, it doesn't matter what you think anymore. I am going to eat you food. That's all you are now. Although I will be thinking back on you a bit more fondly then I do with most meals."
She brought him closer to her mouth. "No Kate wait!" said Jamiel. 
Kate raised her eyebrows in surprise, as if daring him to beg for his life. Jamiel knew then that if he were to ask to be spared that he would not be. Fortunately, he did still want to be her food. Just not yet.
"Wait," he said again. "Can I just enjoy crawling around you for a minute? I will be inside you soon enough and you are very pretty. I would like to see what I'll be inside."
Kate grinned. "You are sweet. I bet you taste that way. Sorry Jamiel but you aren't at the top of the food chain anymore and my food doesn't get to decide when I eat it. Or should I say, 'him'? Down you go!"
And with that she opened her mouth wide. Jamiel could see her tongue inside her widening mouth, between two rows of white teeth. It was like a moist, red road leading to darkness and oblivion. He saw his last of Kate's face. He barely had enough time to think how beautiful she was before he was on her tongue. He was covered in saliva almost instantly. Kate tossed him about for a few moments before suddenly the angle of the tongue changed as he felt his feet to be higher than his head. A moment later and Kate gulped, sending him into her esophagus. It was a slimy and confined tube that forced him down, down, down. It made him feel erotic and claustrophobic at the same time. He was living out his fantasy which delighted him. On the other hand this was real! He had just been swallowed alive by a pretty girl who, as of a few moments ago, considered him nothing more than food. Now he was quite literally sliding down her throat where he would be digested. Everything was so much more real than in his fantasies. Of course, that was because it was real.
 Finally he reached her belly where warm liquids that smelled like a mixture of barf and alcohol waited to greet him. He was sloshing around and Jamiel realized that it was because Kate was moving around. She was probably getting dressed and then leaving the shrink room.
Lindsay waited until Cory was inside the shrinking device, then she pressed the big, green glowing button that said "Shrink" on it. There was a flash of light and a moment later the shrinking device appeared empty. Lindsay approached  the device cautiously and opened the door. She was confronted by a three inch tall Cory. 
Gingerly lifting him from where he stood she smiled widely. "It worked! It really worked!"
"It worked!" said Cory, as excited as Lindsay. "I can't believe you're about to eat me!"
"I know!" agreed Lindsay. "So um. Are you ready?"
"Well," said Cory. "I was wondering."
"Can I see your butt? I mean from this size it has gotta look even cooler," said Cory.
The request surprised Lindsay. "Okay, I guess. If you really want to." She brought the hand that held Cory behind her own rear so Cory could take in her Jean clad butt. A few second later she brought him back to her face.
"Like it?"
"Oh yes!"
"Okay. Um. I'm going to eat you now. I hope you enjoy the ride. I'm really looking forward to swallowing you." Lindsay opened wide and looked at the excited look of on Cory's face. Then she put him into her mouth and closed it behind him. 
He tasted good. Salty but kind of like chicken. Sort of. People had their own flavor. She wondered what he would taste like if he were cooked first. But a cooked man couldn't wiggle and that was just what Cory was doing right now. It was beyond delightful. Sort of like getting a french kiss but using the whole man. She had fun flipping him about, this way and that. This really was fun. Swallowing would be even better. 
Just the mere thought of swallowing a live, sentient man was irresistible to Lindsay right then. She decided it was time to send Cory on his way to the next phase in his process of being digested. She pressed him to the roof of her mouth with her tongue. She felt Cory's body tense. He must realized what I'm about to do, she thought. Then Lindsay swallowed him.
Completely inside her.
She felt Cory wiggle down her esophagus. She was far more aware of his progress down her throat than any other bite of food she had ever swallowed. Oysters didn't measure up. The live fish she had eaten on a dare once didn't even come close. It was like someone had given her the best pleasure ever possible. She sighed a sigh of ecstasy. The knowledge that a tiny man was alive inside her was, in itself, delicious. The fact that Cory had actually been delicious was even better. Lindsay let out a long breath. She slowly rolled her hips to one side, attempting to incite movement in her belly. She would have looked incredibly sexy to anyone at that moment. Unfortunately, Cory couldn't see her, or anything for that matter. Lindsay grinned. She jumped when she felt something try to crawl up her stomach. She smiled even wider. This was better than she expected. She hurried out to find Kate.
Walking out of the shrink room she passed the lines of people waiting to be shrunk or to eat the shrunken. She grinned at the girls who planned to eat their dates. Some grinned back. The grin of two predators who share a taste in the same prey.
Lindsay was disappointed that she didn't feel any movement in her stomach as she walked. It made sense, Cory was probably being thrown around a lot in her belly while Lindsay walked. She didn't care. The mere though that he was alive and inside her was amazing. She felt very erotic and feminine, she smiled conspiratorially at the women and with hunger at the men. She looked at every boy differently now. They were all food. Some looked back, even at her belly as she felt wiggling from within. It was enough to send her over the edge.
Returning to the bar she ordered a jack and coke. It would help her calm down. As it was, she was ready to take a bite out of the arm of the man sitting nearby.
 She sipped it for a while, wondering if Cory liked it in her belly. Probably not, she thought with a snicker. He was in the midsts of being digested now and if he had hoped that she would feel bad and try to throw him back up, he must have realized by now that she intended to do no such thing. She hadn't felt him move again but she knew her digestive system was probably working on him to the point that he might already be dead. Or he might even just be drown. Still, it seemed unlikely. He had only been in there about a minute now. She sat still for a few moments, waiting. Unfortunately she felt nothing more. Cory must had been digested quickly. Disappointingly quickly. 
Kate sidled up to Lindsay about twenty minutes later. "Hey there girlfriend," she grinned. 
"Did you eat Jamiel?" asked Lindsay. 
Kate slapped her stomach. "Sure did. How was Cory?"
"Great! Kate, this place is too good to be true. We have to come back here again soon!" Lindsay traced a square shape around her belly button with a finger of her right hand, while taking a sip of her drink with her left. 
"I know," said Kate. "But I think I am done for the night. You staying or coming home?"
"I'll go. I think I better just limit myself to Cory for tonight or I might go insane trying to eat everyone."
They got their jackets. Rachel smiled at them and asked if they had a good time. 
"Amazing!" said Kate.
"Eat anyone?" asked Rachel.
"Yeah. I ate TWO guys!" said Kate with a grin.
"And I ate a guy named Cory," said Lindsay.
"Addicting, aren't they?"
"Yeah!" said Kate.
"Hope to see you again soon," said Rachel as they left.
"Oh, you will!" said Kate with a grin.
The ride home was surreal. It was almost increadible to think that each girl had eaten someone for dinner. For Lindsay it was surreal. She had eaten Cory but everything else was so normal. A red light. A sign advertising for a sale on shoes. A man crossing the street. It was all so normal.
Yet she felt amazing. She had eaten someone who would never see anything she was seeing again. He was becoming nutrients to be absorbed into her. 
Lindsay and Kate walked back into their house fifteen minutes later. Kate took a shower. She thought of the two men in the shower with her. They were also in her belly. She grinned, thinking that seeing her in the shower would have probably turned them on. Now they were just becoming a part of her. That was a funny thought. She wondered if either man would become a part of her breasts. She supposed that the odds were at least a part of one of them would. What a funny thought. She decided it was appropriate since they each had been amazed by how big they were when they were three inches tall.
Kate stepped out of the shower, dried off and went to bed.
Lindsay read from a book she was in the midsts of until she became tired. Then she turned off the lights. Left in the dark to think of Cory she became aroused. She thought of him touching her. Well now he was touching another part of her. 
"Morning Linz," said Kate as Lindsay made her way downstairs, still dressed in her pajamas; a rock and roll t-shirt and shorts. 
"Morning Kate," Lindsay grinned.
"I dreamed about Dan and Jamiel," said Kate.
"I dreamed about Cory," confessed Lindsay. "Then I thought how nice it will be to go back to that restaurant." 
"We will!" said Kate.
"Soon!" agreed Lindsay.  

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