A Change of Fate by This is It

A wealthy businessman finds himself locked in the bedroom of one of his unknowing clients. Without a clue of how he ended up only half an inch tall, will he be able to survive the giantess?


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Chapter 1: James Awakens by This is It

James Avery was a very charming young man, which helped him greatly as an entrepeneur who sold things that rangeed from vacuum cleaners to health insurance, depending on which company hired him. On the day in question, he was visiting a client at her home.

The client in question was a beautiful girl named Veronica who was trying to get her photography business off the ground, but she didn't have a good advertiser, and she had heard the James Avery, the independent advertiser and salesman, was the best. She found his number in the phone book and gave him a call, inviting James over to her home office, where she would give him his job and a sampler of her work.


"I'm impressed," James said, smilling down at the photos. They had an elegance to them that he didn't often see. It was like the way he could sell practically anything to any person, even if the person didn't really need the item. James had dabbled in photography for a couple of years and knew that this girl had talent. "Sure, I'll do the job. I'm going to need a deposit check though. It's not going to be cheap, but it will be worth it in the long run. I can sell pork to the neighborhood Temple, after all."


Veronica laughed, her laugh chiming through the air with a musical quality. James, though, was more focused on the beauty of her photography than the beauty of the girl in front of him. Veronica was a lovely young lady of about 21, with a slender figure and a flowing river of brown hair that reached her lower back. Her eyes were a dark brown that shown almost gold in the light. She had C cup breasts, though they seemed perfectly matched to her body, adding to the true beauty. This, however, went unnoticed by James. It's not that he was not interesting in women or that he already had a woman waiting for him at home, but he was a salesman and she was his client. To him, if he recognized her as a beautiful woman, he wouldn't be able to sell her as a wonderful artist. 


"Well, Miss Johnson, I'll just have you mail the check to me, and I'll handle everything from there," James said, smiling his charming smile that had closed so many deals that he could have retired before he even started working. He got up from his chair, noticed that she had set out tea for him that was now cold, wondered when she had put it out, and then left. He was tired and longed for sleep that he couldn't attain because no matter how successful he was, there was something missing. He did not know what, but everyone else seemed to be trying to change him.


Well, I guess people need to change me to their image if they think they are helping, James said. He rounded the corner in the intense summer heat. Feeling a little dizzy, he rested for a moment against the street sign and suddenly blacked out.



When James awoke, he was disoriented and confused. He was sure he had passed out at the street corner, but wherever he was now was in the shade. A light shone above him, though it was dulled by some kind of canvas. Was he in a tent of some kind? The surface he was lying on was warm against his bare skin- Bare skin? 

James lifted his neck and looked down, noticing that he was completely naked. The surface he was on was some kind of peach color, and like silk. He stood up and noticed his head was forcing the soft fabric above him up and the floor under him rose. "What the hell is going on?" James said out loud, tumbling and falling.



Unbeknownst to the sleeping Veronica, the man she had met earlier that day had been stricken by more than just the heat. As a bit of cosmic irony, the Powers that Be decided it was time that James Avery discovered what it was he was truly missing in his life. The very thing that's absence kept James lying in his bed staring at the ceiling. What Veronica had known is that she was exhausted from trying to impress James, and that she needed to slip into her bedroom for a midday nap. Not minding to change from her white cotton T-shirt and jeans she had worn during James's interview, she promptly fell asleep while a crafty bit of fate placed James Avery, the handsome man that she didn't know existed until yesterday, on her well-carved stomach.


He rose and fell with the breaths she took and he tumbled along as he tried to walk. He contantly fell face-first into her soft skin with every rise and fall of her body. It was simply breathing for Veronica, but to James, it was an insurmountable challenge to move very far at all.


James was thrown by the rises and the falls until he collided with a soft and strong wall. White cotton rose above him and dwarfed him in size, and it was then he realized how insignificant he had become. Still not knowing that he was on Veronica's tantalizing body, he climbed the shelf that was her chest without trying to think too hard about how he clung tightly to her breast. Once he had reached the summit, he tumbled down into the valley that was her cleavage and was squeezed tight.


At this very instant in time, Veronica had woken from her power nap and rose to her feet. Looking at her silver watch, she hurried out of her house, trying to get to the bank. She had to deposit a few checks before she would have the money to pay James. Even if it meant spending her last dime, she desperately wanted to make a living from her photography, which was her one true passion. 


Looking across the business table where she had sat with James and rifled through her papers. She pushed her way past the photos of the sampler that James had left behind and found a folder marked "To Cash."

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