Adventures In Shrinking by Keeper

The story follows a lesbian couple as they shrink a man and have some fun!

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Story Notes:

I have a finished story in my head but I'd like to see what people think of it thus far, so as I can make changes accordingly, please give me feedback, this is my first time trying this sort of thing so don't expect a masterpiece <3

The Start Of Something Small by Keeper
Author's Notes:

This serves as an introduction to the series just to give you a taster of what the story will be like, enjoy.

Alice was a mean-spirited 17 year old girl, standing at 5,4 with short emo hair, she never "matured" fully as her bust size was a mere 32B.
Her girlfriend Kelly was a gentle 18 year old, 5,6 with long hair, just reaching past her shoulders, unlike Alice she had matured a lot, her bust size was 38E.

Alice's closest friend had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend Tom, Alice had always disliked him but could never do anything because of her friends relationship.
Finally she had a chance to have her fun.

Alice: Hey, remember that boy I was always complaining about?

Kelly: The one that's dating your friend?

Alice: Yeah, that one! well he's not dating her anymore

Kelly: So what?

Alice then reached over to her bedside cabinet and pulled out what looked like a small hand-gun

Alice: Seeing how you can drive ould you drive over to his place and fire this gun at him?

Kelly: WHAT? You want me to murder him?

Alice: Haha, no, I won't ruin the surprise but it's perfectly safe I promise! Bring him back over after.

Kelly: Okay! Be back soon honey!

Confused Kelly left for Tom's house, she had been there once before to collect Alice and her friend, she still remembered how to get there.

She soon reached Tom's house and knocked on the door, Tom answered.
Kelly wasted no time and pointed the gun at Tom, "Sorry..." she said with a smile on her face, she then fired and watched as Tom slowly shrunk to about an inch tall, the shrink ray then turned to ashes.

"Woah! You're so tiny" Kelly said.
Tom was overwhelmed and just stared up at the giagantic treetrunk-like legs which led to the huge white sheet of fabric that was Kelly's underwear.

Kelly playfully smiled and loomed over him, "enjoying the view?" she laughed, this stopped Tom's gazing and he tried to escape by running away.

She watched him run for a little before bending over and pinching him between her thumb and index and proceeded to walk to her car.

At her car she sat down and placed Tom in the palm of her hand so she could take a good look at him.

Kelly: Hey there little one.

Tom: What did you do to me?

Kelly: I guess I shrunk y-

Kelly was cut short by Tom


Kelly was a kind girl but she didn't like being interupted

Kelly: HEY! Don't use that tone with me!

With that Kelly used her index finger to push Tom over

Kelly: Take off your clothes now!

Tom: Wh..what?

Kelly: You heard me little man, strip, otherwise I'll do it myself, and I won't be gentle.

Tom: Okay...

Tom stood up and began taking off his clothes, just as he got to his underwear Kelly's phone began to ring, she answered.

Kelly: Hello?

Alice: Hey! Have you got him yet?

Kelly:Yeah, I'm on my way now!

Alice: Good, see you soon

Kelly put down the phone and turned her full attention to Tom
, she looked at him standing in the palm of her hand in nothing but his underwear.

Kelly: Awww, you're so cute! I've had dolls bigger than you, I'm sorry about earlier, don't worry about getting undressed.

Tom: Where are you taking me?

Kelly: To Alice's house.

Tom: But she'll kill me! She hates me!

Tom then began to cry with fear

Kelly: Hey little guy! Don't cry, I'm here, I'll protect you, hey I know what'll cheer you up!

Kelly then picked Tom up between her thumb and finger and placed him between her breasts

Kelly: There you go! Now don't worry about a thing! Whatever Alice has in mind I'm sure it's fine, I'll make sure nothing happens.

With that Kelly started up her car and began to drive.

Tom had stopped crying, he looked up at his captor, she was really pretty and so big now!
He rubbed her right breast which was bigger than his entire body, it felt warm and was so soft, he looked up at Kelly who didn't react at all to his movements.

Taking this opotunity he then grabbed the side of her breast with both of his hands and began thrusting up and down.
It felt so good to Tom he had never had this kind of experience before, he started to lick and suck the side of Kelly's breast.

Not long after he "unloaded" right onto her breast, he let go of her and closed his eyes, Tom noticed the car had come to a hault.

Kelly: Ahem!?!

Tom opened his eye's to see Kelly glaring down at him, she reached between her clevage and picked up the tiny man

Kelly: Having fun were we?

Tom: I-I'm sorry I...

Kelly: Haha don't worry

Kelly placed Tom on her tigh which was parcially exposed due to her short skirt, she then picked up some tissue and wiped her chest.
She then looked at Tom and placed her nail on the top of his boxers "do you mind?" she said, Tom didn't say anything and instead just shook his head, with that kelly used her fingernail to pull down his boxers.

Kelly: WOW! It's so tiny!

Kelly then used her index finger and thumb to pick up Tom by his hips, she put him to eye level whilst Tom tried to cover himself

Kelly: Oh come on! Don't be shy! I just wanna see the little fella!

Tom: It's not that small!

Kelly: Haha! Are you joking? It's almost microscopic!

Kelly tried to contain her laughter, to no avail, Tom felt embarresed and tried to hide his face.

Kelly: No, no, I'm sorry! I think it's cute.

Kelly then placed Tom in the passenger seat

Kelly: We can't let Alice see you like this, so put on your clothes

Tom: What about my underwear?

"You can't exactly wear these" she giggled as she held up his tiny sperm covered boxers "just put your jeans back on, just so Alice doesn't see".

Tom then turned around to get dressed, "you know you're really cute at this size" Kelly said, she then wrapped her entire hand around his body so that only his head was showing.

"You're powerless to do anything! Right now I could do anything I want with you" she then kissed his head and put her other hand below her clenched fist and then opened it, letting Tom fall into her palm.

She raised him to her mouth and started to lick him up and down, starting from his feet all the way to his face

Tom: Kelly! Stop!

She ignored him and lent her head back with her eyes closed, she began to massage her left breast, just then Kellys phone rang again, she snapped out of it and answered it.

Alice: What's taking you so long!?!

Kelly: Sorry...Ugh..Traffic?

Alice: Okay, well hurry up!

Kelly: I will! Bye

She then looked at the saliva covered boy sitting in her hand

Kelly: I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me! Now please get dressed.

She then placed Tom in the passenger seat again and started up the car and finished the journey to Alice's house.

To be continued...

End Notes:

Don't forget to tell me what you think of the story, once I get enough feedback I'll continue.

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