Alphys & Friends: Toriel's Inside Story by xandermartin98

In probably the second-best part of one of the greatest Undertale fanfics of all time (Alphys' Bad School Day), Alphys and company reach the final portion of their very first day of junior high school in Hotland; why, Gaster's biology class, of course!

However, just like everything else that ends up happening in this story, the class' subject matter of the day is nowhere near what you would expect from any normal school; in fact, the students' assignment for the day is none other than to strap on a set of nanosuits, shrink themselves down to practically microscopic size and venture inside Toriel's body so that they can explore her beautifully vast and complex system of internal organs, and perhaps even theoretically learn a thing or two about how said organs work in the process!

Of course, however, the students' actual intentions during the assignment are anything but educational; in fact, as it turns out, Gaster's plan the whole time was actually to have Alphys and her friends sneak inside Toriel's brain and take control over her body to make her have the sexual intercourse of her life with her husband Asgore in the janitor's closet!

Do I really need to explain how fucked-up this is?
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Alphys & Friends: Toriel's Inside Story by xandermartin98


"Greetings, visitors, and welcome to my fabled Biology classroom, which of course is exactly where you'll be studying the subject of Biology this year!" Gaster greeted his new students.

"Could we perhaps learn a thing or two about exactly WHY it is that I'm not freaking DEAD right about now after what happened to me in the gym? Or those two, for that matter?" Burgerpants asked him inquisitively, pointing over at Alphys and Undyne, who were busy nursing each other's wounds.

"'ll have to see me after class about that one, as I'm afraid it might be something rather...on the INTERESTING side, so to speak!" Gaster chuckled reluctantly, patting Burgerpants on the head with one hand as he diligently examined his clipboard with the other.

"Ooh, do we perhaps...get to learn what BLOOD tastes like?" Muffet cackled, baring her unsettlingly sharp and poisonous fangs and hissing like a snake at the mere thought of it.

"Um...perhaps...maybe..." Gaster blushed, fiddling with his collar.

"Gaster, why do you...remind me so much of myself?" Alphys asked him curiously, readjusting her glasses and resuming her loving and caring licking of the very tender scars on Undyne's cheek.

" I really need to explain?" Gaster sighed and facepalmed while Undyne resumed her loving and caring licking of Alphys' sore, aching feet, causing Alphys to squeak and giggle adorably.

"Um...why do you have these weird, like, holes in your hands?" Undyne asked Gaster curiously, experimentally sticking her spear through one of them to see if said holes were actually real.

"I...I was just BORN this way, okay?!" Gaster raised his voice frustratedly at her, throwing his arms up in the air and then crossing them irritatedly in front of his chest. " these days..."

", where's Temmie and stuff?" Catty asked, pinching her cheeks and stretching them around in boredom while Burgerpants joined in the fun for pretty much the exact same reasons.

"Sigh...sadly, she ended up having to replace Toriel as the English teacher." Gaster groaned, faceplaming himself and shaking his head at the mere thought of Temmie teaching English.

"Um...WHY, exactly?" Frisk asked him urgently, beginning to look rather worried.

"Toriel is now going to be our new Biology volunteer for the day." Gaster explained.

"And for WHAT exactly, may I ask?" Sans asked somewhat overexcitedly, failing miserably to hide how much of a shameless crush he had secretly had on Toriel for only the longest time.

"Students, I hope you're ready for this..." Gaster sighed, reluctant to deliver the following news but knowing that he would ultimately have to. "You're going to be exploring her internal organs."

"OH MY GOD, YES, YES, YESSSSSS!" Muffet screamed at the top of her lungs, having a literal nerdgasm and collapsing out of her chair onto the floor.

"SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL!" Sans squeed both internally and externally, blushing his head off and clutching his cheeks as he trembled anxiously in his seat while everyone mostly just shot him weird-ass looks.

"Um...EWW?" Alphys pointed out to everyone, hoping that sanity was still a thing here as Gaster reluctantly strapped Toriel flat onto the lab's conspicuously bloody surgery table and propped it upright with a wink and a kiss, obviously as a wasted attempt at "comforting" her.

"You''re not going to make us enter through her BUTTHOLE, are you?" Undyne asked nervously, cringing in disgust at the mere thought of ending up having to do such a thing.

"I suppose it ultimately just depends on your preference." Gaster sighed as Toriel entered the room, trying not to think about what could end up happening to her. "So, tell me, students: which of the two main types of vore scene do you want this to ultimately be an excuse for?"

"M-mouth vore or anal vore?" Gaster stammered and gulped, shaking and sweating nervously while Toriel shot him a rather profoundly stern death glare and cracked her knuckles fiercely at him. Luckily, Muffet was literally the only one who raised her hand for the latter option.

"God DAMN it, Muffet, what the f%# is WRONG with you?!" the rest of the students yelled at her.

"Alright, everybody, strap these on!" Gaster instructed his no less than EIGHT students, pulling a whole bunch of nanosuits out from the storage closet and handing exactly one to each of them. "They're borderline indestructible and they even allow you to levitate and fly around like Supermen, so you definitely won't have to worry too much about DYING in there!"

"Good luck, everyone!" Gaster sighed reluctantly as he pulled out a shrinking gun from his desk drawers, fired it at all eight of his students until they were practically microscopic, then levitated them into a conveniently placed glass of water on his desk and poured said glass into Toriel's mouth, washing the poor things straight down her throat and into her stomach, where they landed in her bubbling digestive pool with a series of loud and rather gross-sounding splashes (in addition to incredibly loud and overexcited utterances of the word "cannonball").

"So, what do you see in there?" Gaster asked his students inquisitively.

"Honestly, judging from what Papyrus is doing in here right now, I'd say that things are going rather quite SWIMMINGLY in here!" Sans chuckled while Toriel stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BONES, GENTLY DOWN THE SEA! MERRY, MERRY, MERRY, MERRY, LIFE IS BUT A MEME!" Papyrus sang obnoxiously loudly as he graciously paddled and breaststroked his way over to a Brussels sprout that Toriel had "coincidentally" swallowed whole just a few minutes ago and volleyed it over to Sans, who then volleyed it right back to him, and so on, and so forth.

"EWW! BRUSSELS sprouts? SERIOUSLY? WHO THE HELL EATS THOSE?!" Alphys and Undyne laughed and winced in disgust at the sight of the incredibly round and bizarre-looking freak of a vegetable as all eight students formed together into an octagon formation and began playing an eight-way game of volleysprout in Toriel's stomach!

"Come on, guys, seriously, we JUST had gym class!" Gaster groaned as his students playfully splashed Toriel's lethally corrosive digestive acid all over each other, even going as far as to climb up the inner walls of her stomach and dive gracefully like beautiful white swans into it!

"Wow, I can already tell that these kids are REALLY f%#$ed-up." Toriel sighed as the students worked their way up into her liver and marveled at the massive pool of boiling blood inside.

"Nah, they're just having REALLY f $&ed-up fun together!" Gaster chuckled somewhat sarcastically, patting her on the head and making her quite unsettlingly aware of how much danger her central nervous system would most likely be in if and when things went horribly wrong.

"OHH, MY...tastes like the prettiest penny I've ever licked!" Muffet moaned with pleasure as she stuck a straw into Toriel's piping-hot liver blood and began drinking it while everyone else relucantly did the same.

"So, basically, it just tastes like f%$&ing COPPER? No thanks, pal!" Alphys laughed as she retracted her straw from the massive pool of blood while everyone else eagerly did the same...except for Muffet, who drank so much that she was actually starting to get fat!

"Why, Gaster? Why are you doing this to me?" Toriel stammered, trembling in fear as the students worked their way up to her lungs and marveled in childlike amazement at the vast network of treelike branches housed within them (which, of course, were ripe for the climbing).

"Oh, trust me, you'll see!" Gaster laughed, gently stroking her ears in a very teasing manner.

"Wow, I never realized being a monkey could be so much FUN!" Alphys laughed as she dangled precariously by her tail from one of the many, many rotten old branches of Toriel's trachea, causing her lab coat to collapse onto her shoulders and reveal her plump, round buttocks!

"I spy with my little of Alphys' sweet, precious TAILHOLES!" Muffet climbed up behind her with her many spider limbs and teased her while everyone else was busy bouncing off of various webbing trampolines that Muffet had left in the branch gaps and laughing at Alphys' rather embarrassing case of accidental public indecent exposure in the process.

"Hey, Alphys! Just wanted to let you know that me and Papyrus can see your TITTIES from here!" Undyne snickered while Sans stared long and hard at Alphys' butt and suddenly had an idea!

"Come on, everybody, let's stink this joint UP!" Sans laughed as him and his seven fellow students all let out their disgustingly loud and stinky farts in unison, flooding Toriel's lungs and breathing passageways with noxious gas as they all laughed hysterically at her expense.

"God DAMN it, how did I KNOW that those lovable little scamps were going to do something like that?" Toriel sputtered, coughing and choking in a desperate struggle to regain her breath.

"Goodness gracious ME, Toriel, your breath smells absolutely ATROCIOUS!" Gaster cringed in disgust, waving his hand over his (seemingly) nonexistent nose and sticking his ecto-tongue out as the students proceeded onward into her currently rapidly-beating heart!

"Oh, dear, looks like she must be REAL nervous about something or other!" Catty gasped in surprise as she and her other seven classmates swam into Toriel's ventricles (with Muffet needing to be pulled through by Undyne due to how fat she had recently gotten) and gazed in wonderment at all of the incredibly complex vein/muscle systems within, as well as all of the pretty little disk-shaped red blood cells floating around in her extensive bloodstream.

"Wow, I can't believe this actually WORKS!" Burgerpants laughed as he grabbed one of said red blood cells and used it to play underwater Frisbee with Catty while Alphys used one of Toriel's more ball-shaped white blood cells to play underwater volleyball with Undyne!

"Frisk, I just want you to know right here, right now, how much I secretly love you." Papyrus whispered into Frisk's ear, cradling them in his arms and stroking them gently with love.

"I hope it's not too much to ask, but may I please take off our helmets so that we can lovingly, romantically kiss each other inside of Toriel's lovingly romantic heart?" Papyrus politely asked Frisk, his "heart-to-heart" pun already starting to become insultingly, cloyingly obvious.

"NO, WAIT, PLEASE STOP, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, I'M GOING TO FREAKING DROWN- (glub, glub, glub)" Frisk screamed in terror, holding their breath tightly as Papyrus took off both of their helmets, leaned forward passionately, and kissed them right on the lips!

"Gee, THANKS for PUBLICLY embarrassing me with your mushy romance crap and almost causing me to DROWN in someone else's f#%&ing BLOOD!" Frisk sarcastically complimented him with a piercingly un-seductive glare, rolling their eyes and shrugging very irritatedly at him.

"Oh, why, THANK you!" Papyrus laughed, hugging Frisk yet again and squeezing them so tightly that they almost suffocated to death for literally the second damned time in a row.

"I...GREATLY...APPRECIATE...YOUR PATRONAGE..." Frisk gasped and wheezed as Papyrus hugged them so incredibly hard that it nearly crushed their ribcage and squeezed their lungs shut.

"OHH, THAT WAS SO DELICIOUS!" Muffet, who was now even fatter than before, moaned with delight, burping loudly as she put her helmet back on and licked her lips with culinary pleasure.

"Hmm...I wonder if this will still work even in the literal sense?" Sans wondered to himself as he activated his telekinetic powers (again, causing his left eye to glow brightly blue) and concentrated firmly on the singular focal point of Toriel's passionately beating heart, until...

"HOLY CRAP, MY HEART IS LITERALLY FLUTTERING IN MY CHEST RIGHT NOW!" Toriel screamed in dreadful surprise as Sans began literally shaking her heart around inside of the massive figurative box that was her ribcage, causing it to irregularly skip several beats.

"WHOOOOA!" Sans and his fellow classmates screamed with excitement as the rapid underwater motions caused them to literally bounce right off the walls of Toriel's heart!

"OOH! OH! OW! GAH!" Toriel winced in pain from the literal pitter-pattering feeling in her heart.

"Don't worry, my dear, it'll all be over shortly!" Gaster promised her, patting her on the head as the students flew all the way back up through her throat and entered her mouth.

"COOCHIE-COOCHIE COO!" Alphys and Burgerpants giggled as they both leapt straight up onto Toriel's fleshy, dangling uvula and began tickling it with their claws while Undyne stood atop her tongue and poked at the adorable little organic punching bag with her spear.

"Who's an itsy-bitsy spider NOW?" Muffet cackled as she crawled up onto the roof of Toriel's mouth (struggling to do so because of her sheer weight at the moment) and began tickling it savagely with her six itty-bitty little spider hands while Toriel began smiling uncontrollably.

"Tee hee..." Toriel giggled and snorted, trying to hold back her laughter while the other five students lifted up her tongue in a combined effort, dug their fingers into its underside and began scratching it furiously with their fingers until Toriel just couldn't take it anymore!

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Toriel broke out into a rampant fit of tearful laughter, conveniently opening her mouth up super-duper-wide so that the students could easily fly out of it as Gaster gently lifted up her right earflap, granting them easy passage into her ear canal!

"Wow, this woman REALLY needs to clean out her ears!" Alphys hypocritically winced in disgust upon seeing the numerous gooey and hairy formations of bright yellow wax lining the inside of Toriel's ear as she and her fellow classmates quietlywaded their way through her ear canal.

"You know, I have a rather EARY feeling that that's more than likely what's going to end up happening to US rather shortly here, especially if we aren't more QUIET in here!" Sans explained as he accidentally ran smack-dab into Toriel's eardrum, alerting her to their presence!

"Gaster, for the love of God, those kids just snuck inside my ear and are very clearly headed RIGHT for my freaking BRAIN as we speak! PLEASE GET THEM OUT RIGHT NOW, PLEASE!" Toriel desperately begged Gaster, who then proceeded to dig around in his desk drawers, locate a nice big box of Q-Tips and pull one out as he eagerly lifted Toriel's earflap back up.

"Watch and learn, Toriel; this is how you get all of that DISGUSTING built-up wax out of your accursed ears once and for all!" Gaster explained as he gently, carefully inserted the long and pointy swab deep into Toriel's ear...and then jamming it all the way in at full force, of course!

"HOLY SH#%, WATCH OUT!" Sans screamed in horror as he used his magic to temporarily phase both himself and all of his classmates out of existence for a few seconds as Gaster shoved the Q-Tip all the way in and "accidentally" poked a hole right through Toriel's eardrum!

"OH GOD, I'M SO SORRY, I SWEAR I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO THAT TO YOU, IT WAS ALL JUST A SILLY MISTAKE, I SWEAR!" Gaster pretended to panic while Toriel shrieked and whimpered in pain as the students proceeded right through the newly made hole into the extremely delicate and sensitive inner workings of her ear (yes, she WAS able to feel them in there, of course).

"Come on, Muffet, hurry the f%#& up before they catch us!" Undyne yelled at Muffet as she began tugging forcefully on her arms in an attempt to pull her through the hole that she was now stuck in due to suddenly becoming such a cantankerous lard-ass...when suddenly, Gaster thrusted the Q-Tip all the way into Toriel's ear canal yet again, pushing the fat f%&# right through and sending both her and Undyne tumbling right into the entrance to Toriel's inner ear passageways, where they then followed their fellow colleagues right on through to her central nervous system!

"Why won't somebody please just come and end my life right now before this sh%# gets any worse...I wanna die really, REALLY badly right now..." Toriel whimpered and moaned in defenseless agony while Alphys and her cohorts scurried their way up onto her brain!


"So, on a scale of one to ten, how utterly terrified and helpless do you feel right now?" Gaster asked Toriel teasingly, briefly holding up the scale in his arms and displaying it to her.

Unable to speak from how incredibly horrified she was at the moment, Toriel merely laid there and whimpered in mental agony with her hands pointed about as far up as they were able to go.

"So, I take it that's at least a ten, right?" Gaster chuckled as Alphys and her accomplices finally clambered up onto the very top of her massive brain, marveling at the incredibly, almost inceptionally complex pattern of wrinkles that decorated its vast surface as well as the copious amount of bioelectric energy that was very clearly being generated from deep within it, creating a rather noticeable tingling sensation beneath their feet even with their thick rubber suits on.

More importantly, however, they also noticed how incredibly FILTHY it was, as in the whole thing was literally covered with dirt and grime from the sheer amount of pornography inside.

"Wow, and I thought I had an incredibly filthy mind!" Burgerpants chuckled, patting Catty on the back nervously and glancing back and forth while Catty glared evilly at him with her breasts.

"Guess you could say she's got an awful lot of SH%# on the brain right about now!" Sans snickered, giving Papyrus a high-five while the latter just rolled his eyes in utter annoyance.

"Well, if there's anything we might be able to learn from this incredibly disturbing and awkward situation, it's that you should always BRAINWASH your noodles before cooking them!" Papyrus chuckled proudly at his own incredibly lame and obvious joke as he pulled out a metric crapload of cleaning supplies from the theoretical hammerspace of his suit, including: three sponges, five mops, one ginormous bottle of bleach, and a nice big bucket of self-refilling water.

"NO, WAIT, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Alphys screamed in a fit of panic, lunging at Papyrus and clinging tightly onto his bony arm. "The dirtier the poor woman's mind is, the more easily accessible and wonderfully delicious PORN we'll have full access to once we get inside!"

"Which, by the way, is EXACTLY why we should CLEAN it up!" Papyrus growled disgustedly at Alphys, smacking her away as he slowly but surely began opening the gigantic bleach bottle.

"You know, I never thought I'd find the courage within me to say this out in public, but...YODEL-AYYYY-HOOOOOO!" Toriel suddenly yodeled very loudly for literally no apparent reason whatsoever, her eyes crossing in mismatched directions and her tongue hanging out of her mouth absentmindedly as Papyrus poured a metric crap-ton of bleach all over her brain.

"Wow, I actually very legitimately did NOT know that she could yodel!" Sans laughed heartily as he and his fellow colleagues grabbed the cleaning supplies (with Alphys, Burgerpants and Muffet grabbing the sponges while everyone else grabbed the mops) and got right to work.

"Good god, I feel as if there are literally a bunch of freaking ELECTRIC FIREANTS crawling all over my brain right now!" Toriel winced in pain as the brain-cleaning procedure commenced.

" know compared to the sheer internal anguish you're probably experiencing emotionally at the moment, that actually sounds perfectly acceptable!" Gaster laughed snidely as he grabbed Toriel's cheeks, stretched them around and booped her nose with his fingers.


"You SEE what happens, everybody? You SEE what happens when you pick the certified name brand over that freaking half-assed and generic store-brand crap? Why, of course, you get THIS! SPARKLY CLEAN, JUST LIKE HOW THE INCREDIBLY HYPERBOLIC COMMERCIALS PROMISED!" Papyrus laughed triumphantly, holding his mop straight up beside him as he stood heroically atop Toriel's brain while everyone else just wondered what the f%# he was doing.

"Alright, come on, guys, we're going in! No turning back NOW, am I right?!" Alphys laughed maniacally as she flipped open the entrance hatch to Toriel's brain and eagerly hopped right in!

"Well, I suppose it's not like I really have anything else to lose at this point besides my freaking dignity..." all seven of her colleagues thought miserably to themselves in unison as they followed her inside.

"OH, DEAR GOD, THEY'VE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO REACH THE INTERNAL PARTS OF MY BRAIN...THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE ABSOLUTE WORST IDEA FOR A BIOLOGY LESSON YOU'VE EVER HAD, AND I HATE TO LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR IT..." Toriel moaned, whimpered and sobbed on Gaster's behalf, feeling immense amounts of internal pain both physically and mentally as the students made their way across her brain's ludicrously spacious control room.

"You know what? GOOD! We f%#&ing HOPE this hurts YOU as much as it hurts US to even be having to f%$ ing DO sh%# like this in the FIRST goddamned place!" Alphys, Catty and Burgerpants laughed sadistically in unison as they trudged their way over the profoundly soft and delicate interior surface of Toriel's brain with their bare, incredibly sharp-clawed feet.

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!" Toriel repeatedly yelped in pain with each footstep as Alphys and company finally reached the very frontmost inner portion of her brain, in which an astonishingly massive central control supercomputer was firmly and rather cartoonishly embedded into the wall, just begging for Alphys to hack into it and wreak mass-scale havoc!

"Umm...Alphys, buddy, ARE YOU SURE you really know the full FLOPPY-eared extent of what you're EXECUTING here? Or the moral RAMifications of it, for that matter?" Sans laughed smugly at his own incredibly corny jokes while Alphys booted up her brain...only to be greeted by literally the only thing standing between her and her dream: the obligatory password screen!

"Hmm, let's see what we've got under here..." Alphys mused curiously to herself as she flipped over the supercomputer's built-in keyboard panel, revealing a myriad of buttons and levers of all shapes and sizes that would obviously end up coming in handy later on...and a microphone!

Setting the microphone to INTERNAL VOICE, Alphys communicated directly with Toriel.

"Toriel, for God's sake, what's your freaking password?" Alphys asked Toriel angrily.

"Oh, UH-UHH! ABSOLUTELY NOT! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT I AM EVER GOING TO REVEAL SUCH A THING TO THE LIKES OF YOU! OVER MY COLD, DEAD, FREAKING BODY!" Toriel screamed internally at her, trembling so intensely with fear that she was literally shaking the entire surgery table as Alphys swallowed what little pride she had left and bit back.

" know, speaking of your cold, dead do know what happens to people when their internal organs get shredded, mangled and torn apart from the inside with razor-sharp animal claws and teeth, correct?" Alphys horrifyingly teased her with a snide smirk.


"YUP, you got THAT right!" Alphys laughed downright evilly. "If you don't spill the beans about your stupid fricking password within the next TWENTY SECONDS, we are going to-"



"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, IT'S BUTTERSCOTCH! THE F%#&ING PASSWORD IS BUTTERSCOTCH, OKAY?!" Toriel screamed and cried in defeat as Alphys typed in BUTTERSCOTCH on the keyboard, hit Enter and logged herself into a whole new world of opportunities (that is, if by possibilities you mean as in forms of rape, misogyny and torture).

"Oh, BOY, are you going to EPICALLY regret having given me that information, MA'AM!" Alphys snickered as she hacked her way into the backup Asgoriel porn files in Toriel's memory banks...only to find that since her brain was hooked up to the school's Wi-Fi network, the files were somehow blocked from student viewing despite not actually being on the Internet itself!

"GODDAMNIT! Even in the FUTURE, nothing works!" Alphys ranted angrily, slamming her fist on the keyboard and crossing her arms over her chest as she bitterly cursed the school under her breath.

"HA! Serves you right, you damned PERVERT!" Toriel laughed heartily at her.

"Ma'am, I'll have you know that you're going to freaking EAT those words, just like how you just recently ate US!" Alphys laughed snarkily as she hacked into Toriel's central command systems.

"Alphys, I'm pretty sure I already know VERY well what you're about to make me do, and I'll have you know that this level of depravity isn't even acceptable in PRIVATE settings, let alone even remotely appropriate for freaking SCHOOL!" Toriel yelled frustratedly at Alphys while the latter was busy flipping over the former's keyboard and loading up her central command prompt.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I MISS something somewhere along the lines? Pardon my asking, madam, but since when were YOU the one in CONTROL here?" Alphys teased Toriel trollishly as she took absolute total control over the poor goat woman's brain, turning her eyes into swirlies!

"You know, as much as I utterly DESPISE where this is going, I'm actually somewhat perversely excited to witness the results!" Gaster chuckled as he unstrapped Toriel from the surgery table and watched with delightful amusement as the goat lady stumbled to and fro while Alphys fiddled flippantly with her internal brain controls, smirking devilishly with delight in the process.

"Um...what exactly ARE you planning to make her do, again?" Undyne asked Alphys while Toriel exited out the doorway to the biology lab and clumsily, seemingly drunkenly walked and stumbled through the hallways.

"Oh, YOU'LL see..." Alphys cackled maliciously as Toriel made her way into the principal's office, grabbed Principal Asgore by the arm, and forcefully dragged him out into the hallway.

"Alphys, this is just UDDERLY wrong on so MINI levels that I don't even know where to START!" Sans chuckled awkwardly as Toriel threw Asgore into the janitor's closet like a sack of potatoes, then walked in herself, with Gaster slyly pulling out his keys and locking the door from the other side.

"Honey, what...w-what are you DOING? No, stop, please, this isn't the time for this, I'M F%# ING BEGGING YOU TO STOP!" Asgore screamed in horror as Toriel stripped off her clothes, tossed them on the floor, and then finally proceeded to do the exact same with Asgore's, tackling him flat onto the floor and making only the sweetest of love to him.

"OOH...AHHHH...OHHHHH...OH, YEAHHH...OHHHHHH...YEAH, F%# ME LIKE A RENTED MULE, BOY...OH, LORD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT F%&# MOP...OHHHHHHHHH...OH, GOD, THIS HURTS ME SO DEEPLY ON SO MANY LEVELS, AND YET I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF...NEITHER CAN I, DARLING...OHHHH, DEEEAR, I'M MAKING SUCH A MESSSSSS...SO AM I, HONEY...SAY, WHERE ARE ALL THE CONDOMS...DON'T WORRY, HONEY, WE'RE NOT GOING TO NEED THEM FOR THIS...JUST RELAX AND LET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOW...YEAH, LET THEM FLOHHH...OHHHHH...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Asgore and Toriel could be heard moaning and screaming in pleasure as they intertwined their naked bodies together and rolled on the floor in a big fluffy ball of pure sex, while all eight of the students merely stood there in her brain, with their jaws dropped to the floor, their eyes widened as far as they could go, and their arms drooping downward in gawking disbelief.

"COVER YOUR EYES, PAPYRUS, FOR GOD'S SAKE, COVER YOUR EYES!" Sans screamed at the lovestrickenly drooling Papyrus, tackling him onto the ground and blindfolding him hastily.

"ALTHOUGH...YOU KNOW...IT IS REALLY FREAKING HOT..." Sans drooled and panted hornily.

"Um, SANS? What's that THING sticking out of your shorts right now?" Sans asked Papyrus curiously, pointing at his ecto-dick. "Is this supposed to be that so-called BONER you speak of or something?"

"PAPYRUS, FOR F%# 'S SAKE, HOW MANY GODDAMNED TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDFOLD IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS?!" Sans screamed at him, forcing his blindfold back on as he began furiously masturbating to the Dreemurr's humiliating predicament while Gaster (disturbingly enough) also did the exact freaking same outside.

"Oh, you pathetic mortals would not BELIEVE how irredeemably ASHAMED of myself I am right now, but I just cannot glance away!" Gaster moaned as he excitedly spied on them through the peephole in the door, unknowingly surrounded by a multitude of security police officers.

"Um...I c-can explain!" Gaster quickly removed his hand from his pants, drummed his fingers together and stammered humiliatedly as the cops brandished their batons angrily at him.

"Boy, I sure hope OUR relationship doesn't end up like this!" Burgerpants playfully teased Catty, winking at her and nudging her with his elbow while she just covered her mouth and giggled embarrassedly.

"Oh, trust me, sweetie, it WILL!" Catty whispered into Burgerpants' ear as she leaned over to the side and lovingly smooched him on the cheek, causing him to turn pale and faint onto the ground. "D'aww, you're so fricking SWEET!" Catty pointed and laughed at him, picking up his unconscious body and cuddling it like a teddy bear as the absolute madness outside resumed.


"Sweet dearie me, if I had a LIMB for every time that goddamned mop handle's been shoved up Toriel's baby-hole and/or Asgore's butt so far, I would have no less than EIGHT...which I almost forgot I had in the first place because of how freaking fat I am!" Muffet laughed, patting her belly and burping up a multitude of disgusting bloody bubbles as Undyne walked over to Alphys.

"Alphys, what you're doing right now is absolutely f%# ing DEPLORABLE! This isn't the warrior's way, it's the freaking COWARD'S way!" Undyne yelled at Alphys, grabbing her by the collar of her lab coat and shaking her violently to try and knock some sense back into her.

"I know..." Alphys blushed and sighed embarrassedly, hanging her head (and tail) in shame.

"HUH?!" everyone in the general vicinity screamed in surprise as the cops busted down the door and ordered Gaster to teleport the intruders out of Toriel's body once and for all.


"Come on, guys, it's just about time for you all to go home!" the officers beckoned to Alphys' classmates, leading them all out of the room in single-file while Alphys just stood there in shame, with Asgore and Toriel glaring at her so angrily that it could practically melt ice.

"Oh, and as for you, Gaster, you're under arrest; PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR AND FOLLOW ME QUIETLY!" one of the officers commaned Gaster, handcuffing him and leading him out while Alphys nervously struggled to come up with something suitable to say in apology.

"UM...N-NO HARD FEELINGS..." Alphys stammered in terror, her knees quivering like a bowl full of JELL-O as she backed up against the wall, closed her eyes and prayed desperately to God that she was just having a nightmare where she would later wake up and everything would all be okay.

"HURK!" Alphys choked as Toriel's husband grabbed her tightly by the neck and lifted her up into the air as her stubby little legs dangled and flailed about in a rampant fit of panic.

"I FIND YOUR LACK OF FETISHISTIC RESTRAINT DISTURBING." Asgore growled boomingly and menacingly at Alphys as he led her into his office and sat her down across from him at his desk.

"So, umm...w-why did you b-bring me here, m-mister D-Dreemurr?" Alphys stammered pathetically as the majestic king Asgore towered pants-sh#%&ingly intimidatingly over her.

"You freaking KNOW why, you little...pardon my language...CUNT!" Asgore growled angrily at her, slamming the tips of his trident into his desk as he moved Alphys' seat over to the round table next to his desk and stood threateningly over her, seething with pent-up, animalistic rage.

"Alright, look, I just want you to know how sorry we are, t-that things got so F%$#ED UP, so to speak, with us...a-and Mrs. Dreemurr, okay?" Alphys stammered, gesturing with her hands as she racked her brain for excuses. "I mean, seriously, we got into this thing with the best of intentions, and I never even once thought that it would actually be a good idea to go inside her head and-"

"CRACK!" Asgore's side window went as he forcefully slammed his fist right through it!

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I BREAK your concentration?" Asgore smugly teased her, stroking his beard with inquisitive delight. "Please, were saying something about...BEST intentions?"

Alphys had literally no response, and therefore just helplessly sat there, quivering with fear.

"Oh, you were FINISHED? Oh, well then, allow me to RETORT!" Asgore chuckled ominously, literally lowering himself to Alphys' level and staring deeply into her eyes as he delivered the next line.

"WHAT does Toriel Dreemurr...LOOK like?" Asgore asked her, still seething with pent-up anger.

"W-WHAT?" Alphys stammered, shaking in her seat with helpless fear and wetting herself.

"WHAT KINGDOM ARE YOU FROM?!" Asgore yelled furiously at Alphys, flipping the round table right over with both arms and forcefully tossing it behind him for dramatic effect as papers and writing utensils scattered all over the room.

"WHAT?" Alphys responded, biting her nails in terror.


"WHAT?" Alphys responded, curling up into a ball and shaking in fear.

"ENGLISH, MOTHERF%# ER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!" Asgore yelled even more angrily at her, grabbing one of the many, many scattered documents off of the floor and shoving it into her face.

"Y-YES!" Alphys stammered, doing the jazz hands in trepidation.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING?!" Asgore yelled at her in frustration, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her violently in an attempt to try and get proper words out of her.

"YES..." Alphys sighed as her eyes cartoonishly, dizzily rolled around in her head.

"DESCRIBE what Toriel Dreemurr LOOKS like!" Asgore yelled at her, grinding his teeth and foaming at the mouth while Alphys helplessly squirmed and squeaked like a mouse in terror.

"W-WHAT?!" Alphys weakly stammered, unable to think of anything else to say.

"SAY WHAT AGAIN! SAY! WHAT! AGAIN! I DARE YOU, I DOUBLE-DARE YOU, MOTHERF%#&ER, SAY WHAT ONE MORE GODDAMNED TIME!" Asgore screamed at her in a fit of rage, grabbing his punishment paddle out of the closet and threatening to knock her teeth right out with it.

"S-she's white!" Alphys stammered, gesturing with her hands and breaking into a cold sweat.

"GO ON!" Asgore commanded her, gripping his paddle even tighter.

"She's FLUFFY AND ADORABLE! EEEEEE!" Alphys awkwardly squeed, clutching her cheeks and blushing brightly as she wiggled and bounced in her seat while Asgore waited patiently for her to finish.

"Does she look like a FISH?" Asgore asked her angrily, eagerly awaiting her response.

"W-WHAT?!" Alphys stammered in confusion, then suddenly shrieked in pain as Mr. Dreemurr whacked her across the face with the paddle, so hard that it sent two of her front teeth flying out.

"DOES?! SHE?! LOOK?! LIKE?! A FISH?!" Asgore yelled aggravatedly at her, wiping the blood off his paddle.

"NOOO!" Alphys cried as she put her left hand over the corresponding cheek and whimpered in pain.

"Then why are you making her f%#& her own personal love interest in public like a fish, Alphys?" Asgore asked her inquisitively, twirling his paddle in his hands.

"No...I DIDN'T..." Alphys whimpered, curling up into a ball and cowering in fear.

"Yes, you did! YES! YOU! DID, ALPHYS!" Asgore yelled at her, individually pointing at each of the three words he had written on the room's markerboard as he hammily yelled each one.

"You made her f%#$ me in public, and Asgore Dreemurr don't like to be f#%^ed in public by ANYBODY, even if it IS consensual! ESPECIALLY when it relates to my DEEPLY private personal relationship with my own F&^$ING WIFE, and the audience is a bunch of TWELVE-YEAR-OLD F%# ING KIDS who've taken to torturously f^$%ing about in their own harmlessly sweet and innocent teacher's goddamned HEAD, no less!" Asgore ranted lividly at her, his blood pressure skyrocketing.

"Um...can we PLEASE just send me to the counselor and get this whole admittedly embarrassing charade over with? PLEASE?!" Alphys got down on her belly, grabbed his ankles and begged him, licking his feet in a shamelessly servile manner to try and butter him up.

"Sigh...have you ever read the Bible, Alphys?" Asgore asked Alphys disappointedly as he watched the incredibly pathetic display of unyielding subservience that the girl was projecting.

"Um...NO?" Alphys blushed embarrassedly as she immediately stuck Asgore's left big toe right back into her mouth and continued sucking on it like a dainty little lollipop, causing he himself to blush in shame at how much he was actually enjoying Alphys' disturbingly unrelenting service to his feet.

"Ezekiel 25:17?" Asgore asked her curiously as he pulled out a copy of the Holy Bible from his desk, flipped his way through the pages to the exact bookmarked passage that he was talking about, sat atop his massive principal's-desk chair and crossed his legs, scrunching his soles and wiggling his toes teasingly at Alphys as he promptly began reading straight from the book.

"The path of the righteous monster is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men." Asgore read dramatically while Alphys stared droolingly at his sweaty feet.

"Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his fandom's keeper and the finder of lost children." Asgore continued reading while Alphys climbed up on top of a stool and began massaging his soles.

"And I will STRIKE down upon thee with GREAT vengeance and FURIOUS anger, THOSE who attempt to POISON and DESTROY my fandom!" Asgore continued reading with rapidly growing anger while Alphys placed her dick in-between his wrinkled, calloused, ever-so-wonderfully-gorgeous-and-beautiful-and-masculine soles and gave herself a footjob fit for a queen.

"And you will KNOW my name is the LORD, when I lay my VENGEANCE upon thee!" Asgore yelled furiously, kicking the stool so that it toppled right over and sent Alphys crashing down onto the floor as he threw the book down onto the floor, grabbed his paddle and walked thunderingly toward her.

"No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Alphys screamed in terror, crawling backward rapidly on all fours like a spider and backing up against the wall as the king lifted up his paddle and readied himself to lay the ultimate biblical smackdown on a quite frankly overrated bitch of a character!
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