"Swallow Her!" by Juliet

Some broads try to prank Anali, but it goes disastrously wrong.


Note: This story shamelessly steals two characters created by Vintovka, named Fulda and Olga. Go read his stories because he's a very fantastic author too.

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"Swallow Her!" by Juliet

While dreaming quite peacefully about going to a fair, Anali was rudely awakened by some broads storming into her dorm. The lights flipped on and gave her and the other girl in the dorm, Melanie, a pretty intense jump. One, two, three, four girls came in to grab her. Before she was grabbed by her ankles and slammed onto the floor she barely made out two of them, Fulda and Vivian, and some girl she didn't know holding and iPhone and recording her.

Melanie hopped out of her bed and yelled, "What the fuck are you doing?" One of the unknown girls just said "Shut up," and started to straight up drag Anali out the door. Melanie was about to start chasing after them but seeing that they were recording, she already knew what was about to happen. Hesitantly she closed the door, flipped off the lights and tried to just go back to sleep.

Just about everyone in the dormitory was awoken by Anali's screams, but this entire routine had become commonplace at this point. No one wanted to step in, or else they were pretty much doomed to either get the shit kicked out of them, maybe even suffer the same fate as Anali, or even worse, become the ultimate clown on campus. If anyone was going to step out of their dorm, it was either to laugh with the four girls or record it themselves.

Now, Fulda (basically the leader of this entire prank) wasn't a total sociopath, so when they pulled Anali out the dormitory entirely they opted to lift her up instead of dragging her across the cement as well. Obviously that was a pain, she had realized what was happening and after enough kicked and punching she was starting to literally bite. The girls did end up accidentally dropping her, but it was only for the worse. Now Anali was in too much pain to even try to escape, she was totally up a creek.

"Help, help, help!" Anali just kept screaming, hoping for anyone at all to come help her, but really it was too late into the night, people that ended up waking up because of her screaming were too pissed off to want to even do anything about it. Plenty of people were relieved when the girls finally tossed her in the car and drove off.

Well, Anali thought, it wasn't worth it to try to jump out of the car at this point. That would probably get her more fucked up, killed or unharmed, but still vulnerable on the ground to immediately be snatched back up into the car. She looked into the iPhone and said "Fuck you, stop watching this shit," to the viewers of the live broadcast, most of which were sitting next to a tv watching Netflix and laughing along with the girls. No one felt too bad for her.

Fulda turned on the radio and cranked it up loud to drown out Anali's bitching while Vivian was looking for something to, like, stuff in her mouth and get her to shut the fuck up. It was pointless, Fulda never ate fast food so there wasn't going to be napkins or something laying around. The radio would have to do for now.

The girl holding the iPhone was Anisa. While she kept the phone hovering over Anali's crying face she was doing some sort of commentary on their plans for her. "So first we're gonna shrink her," she yelled over Havana, "then we're gonna let you guys decide what we do to her," that made Anali's heart sink, "and you guys know what comes after that." Yeah, Anali knew what was going to happen afterward too.

Fulda pulled the car up by her mom's house, who was conveniently out of town (wow, how lucky of her...). The girl in the passenger seat, Vivian, got out first to open the back door and help drag Anali out. She got the door open a little bit when Anali started screaming for help again, so she slammed it shut again. Looking through the window she gestured some weird vague movement at Olga, the fourth girl who'd been holding Anali down the entire ride. "What is she even doing?," she asked Anisa. Fulda looked behind herself through the window to look at Vivian too. All three of the girls looked at Vivian totally bewildered by her awkward charade.

After a few seconds of Vivian dancing around she opened the door back again and hopped on top of Anali before she could start screaming, and delivered a pretty strong punch right in the center of her face. "Knock her out, could you seriously not tell I was punching?" The girls laughed it off as they dragged Anali's mostly unconscious body out of the car and into the house.

When they were inside Vivian ran over to the center of the living room to move the table out of the way. They threw Anali down on the floor, Olga didn't need to keep her pinned since it looked like she was out cold. Anisa panned her phone around her body and said to the audience, "This is Anali."

It was getting a bit later than the girls had expected it to be, and people weren't gonna stay awake to watch the whole broadcast if they kept the prank going on until 4 A.M. Fulda took a little glass ampoule from her pocket and cracked it open right over Anali's nose. Since she was unconscious, Anali couldn't make an effort to hold her breath.

Shrinking was a pretty nasty process. Some people showed it to the audience and others turned the camera away; Anisa kept the camera trained on Anali's slowly shrinking body until everyone in the chat told her to get that shit off the screen. She turned it around back into her face and smiled smugly for the camera.

Honestly if it had been their first time chances were one of the girls would have to step out and get sick in the toilet, but all four of them had pulled this stunt, like, way too many times to count. The only thing that really bothered them anymore was Anali's shrieking as she snapped awake from the pain coursing throughout her body. She screamed and screamed like a god damn banshee until she was out of breath and could only wheeze. What a bitch, Olga thought, it only took like a second. But honestly, it's not like Olga had ever been through it anyway, so what did she know?

When Anali was finally done shrinking Fulda snatched her up and put her on the table that Vivian had moved to the side. Fulda placed her down in a weirdly gentle manner, like handling a fragile little doll. "Anisa, turn the phone around," Fulda shouted at her. Anisa pouted then turned the camera back around to Anali.

Olga asked, "What time is it now?," and glanced to a grandfather clock posted on the wall. What the hell, it had hands and shit all over it; she just took her phone out of her pocket and saw it was nearly 1 A.M. What a pain, she wasn't going to get much sleep and she had a final tomorrow. Bummer!

Anisa turned the camera to Fulda's smiling face and Fulda asked the audience, "What are we gonna do first?" There was some commotion in the chat for all of 4 seconds before enough people had spammed to crush her. "They want us to squash her," Anisa told Fulda. Fulda grimaced and said, "Do you think I'm a fucking monster?" Anisa grinned when the chat was flooded with laughing emoji. "Any other ideas?"

The chat couldn't really come to an agreement this time around, so Anisa decided to pick at random. She listed off ideas, drop her down someone's pants (ew), drop her down the back of someone's pants (double ew), cook her in a microwave (good idea but pretty fucked up), feed her to an animal (why? Also no animals around anyway) or have one of the girls eat her instead (no one was supposed to get killed, more likely just beaten into a vegetative state like the past three or four people they'd pranked). Vivian finally hopped into the frame on the camera and said, "Ya'll are crazy, I'm gonna pick instead."

So she told everyone the idea and ran off to get a glass of iced water. They'd never tried to waterboard someone before... but Vivian didn't actually know what waterboarding was, so she just decided to put Anali into the glass and dunk her down for a little while. What could that result in... death? Let's hope not. Hypothermia? Possibly, that's no big deal. Retweets? Definitely.

So Vivian got to the table and dropped Anali's maybe, like, half an inch tall form into the glass. The chat on Twitter expressed confusion until Vivian moved some ice over Anali, trapping her deep underwater.

It was freezing cold, but that's a given. Anali thrashed around, trying to swim up, but she only slammed her head into the ice about her. She shouted in pain and inhaled some water by accident. Her life started flashing before her eyes, everything was fading...

The chat communally flipped out and loved it. "Nice...," Olga said to Vivian. Anisa looked tickled pink.

Well, they only kept her under there for all of 3 seconds maybe. Vivian didn't want to take her out yet but Fulda reached over and did it anyway. She didn't want her to pass out again, that's no fun.

Olga bitched about it being creepily quiet in the house so Vivian started a playlist on her phone, starting with Lil Uzi Vert. He's pretty great, but no one was feeling that so she skipped around and eventually just stopped at Rockstar. It didn't even matter all that much, Olga was just being annoying for no reason.

Fulda scooped Anali out of the water and put her back on the table. Anali wasn't moving much, she was worried they may have gone too far. "I think we're done with her, she literally looks half dead." Anali was at least conscious enough to roll around and sob in relief that she was still in one piece after all of that bullshit.

So Fulda was about to get her keys off the rack to take Anali back to the dorm (the shrinking effect would wear off overnight so no harm no foul), but Anisa wasn't having it. She complained, "No one wants us to stop now, we barely even did anything to her." Anali's blood ran cold, even colder than it had been after drowning under a piece of ice.

Fulda sighed and walked back to the table in a pretty overblown manner, like, she was actually stomping her feet. "Oh fuck off," Anisa said to her. Fulda sat down next to the table with everyone else again.

Olga impatiently asked, "Alright Anisa, what are we gonna do now?" Seriously, did no one else care about finals? Isn't that kind of important?

The chat was back on the eating shit now. "They still want someone to eat her." Keep in mind no one had been killed in the making of these awesome prank videos, that's flat out sociopathic. Fulda started to stand up again.

"She's not getting eaten, tell everyone they can fuck off," she was saying as she grabbed her keys. But she froze as she watched Olga pick Anali up and place her on her tongue. She gasped, covering her mouth.

"Oh shit," Anisa yelled. "She's gonna do it!" Fulda was still standing by the door watching in disbelief. Olga wasn't actually going to go through with this, was she?

Through the saliva binding her to Olga's tongue Anali could make out the phone still hovering over her, about to capture her demise. But she still had a brain, if they were actually going to kill her they wouldn't be broadcasting it for the world to see. They'd been getting off easy with abusing people before because Olga's parents had secured them some pretty good legal protection. Unfortunately all of the lawyers in the world couldn't defend them if they recorded her death... could they?

Anisa asked "Are you gonna swallow her?" The chat was wondering as well. Olga grinned the best she could with her mouth wide open. Maybe she could put on a show...?

Anali felt the tongue shifting under her, moving, it was rolling up. The walls of muscle closed in on her, encasing her in a wet tunnel. Her ears were blocked by the tongue around her, for a moment all she could hear was wet squelching echoing around her. Screaming, she opened her eyes against all sensibility and looked at the light at the end of the tunnel and started her crawl.

That was pointless, Olga unwrapped her tongue in a few seconds anyway. "Wow... look at that..." Anisa gave an awkward glance to Olga, "that tongue...!" Vivian crawled around the table and knelt next to Anisa, watching the show. Fulda was fucking furious, but what could she do?

That's what Anali was asking herself, staring far off to Fulda on the opposite side of the room. She felt so far away from her, but in reality it was only a few meters. She hoped she could, like, telepathically ask her to save her. With every hope she had she prayed that she would stop Olga.

And her prayers were answered. Fulda, once again, stomped over to the other three girls. "Spit her out," she said, starting to wrestle the phone away from Anisa, "spit her out!" Olga pulled her tongue into her mouth and keep her out of Fulda's grasp.

Anali's world was consumed by pink, and then black. Olga kept her tongue as still as she could, Anali was pinned between it and her hard palate. There was no air, literally nothing to breathe. She didn't want to inhale any water again, she thought, but then she came to realize what seemed like water to her was spit.

Anisa backed away from Fulda, keeping the phone as far away from her as possible. "Fulda, wait, wait, wait," Vivian shouted. "Anisa, why don't you ask everyone what to do?" Fulda kept grasping at the phone, but she started to put in less effort as the room fell silent after Vivian's suggestion.

"Good idea!," she exclaimed. "Jesus Christ, get off of me," she shoved Fulda away again. Fulda scowled, "Fine! I don't even care anymore."

Anali couldn't hear any of this. She was starting to get delirious, she was going to die in Olga's mouth. She knew Olga probably wasn't even trying but she was going to kill Anali anyway. Her hopes were leaving her one by one.

Anisa read the chat. They all had a good idea of what to do, make her beg for her life, then eat her anyway. Anisa knew Fulda wouldn't let that shit fly so she just said the first half, "Why don't we make her beg?"

Fulda looked at Anisa with, like, an "are you serious" face, whatever that looks like. Vivian laugh loudly, "Ha!," and crawled closer to Olga. Olga nodded in agreement, not able to speak, and stuck out her tongue.

A second later and Anali would be dead, but the real world came back to her in an instant. The contrast between the darkness of the mouth and outside scared the shit out of her, but she thanked God as she gasped the precious air she'd always taken for granted.

Vivian looked at Anali. "If you don't wanna get swallowed, you have to beg." Anali barely heard anything with all of the saliva in her ears, and didn't really react. "Hey, genius, are you listening to me?," she looked into Olga's eyes, "Did you seriously just kill her, you dumb bitch?" Olga was about to flip but Vivian told her to stop when Anali squirmed around to express her status as actually being alive. Thank God Vivian was such a loudmouth Anali could hear her snapping at Olga.

Vivian said again, more loudly this time, punctuating each word. "Beg, for, your, life, or, you're, dead." Hearing those words was weirdly bittersweet to Anali. There was still a risk of death, but she knew she could beg harder than literally any other beggar to ever exist literally ever if it would keep her alive. So she did.

She was really small so it was hard to hear her. Anisa moved the camera really close to Olga's tongue until it lost focus so she had to move it back. It was still close enough to capture Anali's tiny cries, "Please don't kill me, please!," she shouted with all of her energy. She put her absolute all into it, "I'll do anything, just let me go!" Vivian nodded and grinned. Mission accomplished!

Olga thought they were about done, but Anisa said, "Come on, that's not enough. We could kill her right now so easily, make her really REALLY beg." Vivian looked back over to Anali.

"Do you hear her?" Anali did.

Again she yelled to Vivian's enormous face in front of her, "Just let me go, I won't even be mad, I won't do anything, just don't kill me, please, don't kill me!" Fulda was watching, kneeling next to Anisa. Well, as long as Anali wasn't going to straight up die, she could play along too.

She pushed Vivian to the side and got uncomfortably close to Olga's tongue to stare at her. She smirked and pulled back, "I want you to tell me that I'm your god." No problem!

"Fulda, you are my god!," Anali cried.

"Come on, if I'm your god, you really need to worship me!"

"Fulda, you are my god, you are literally my everything! I'm nothing compared to you!," Anali was starting to sob, "Please, mercy me, let me live...!"

Well that was pretty satisfying for Fulda. Olga was a little bit annoying with all of the theatrics, her jaw was getting sore. "Alright, I'm taking her back to the dorm" Fulda said.

Anisa, camera still in hand, actually tackled Fulda to the ground, way overboard really, and said to Olga, "Swallow her, right now." Olga wasn't keen on that idea. Anisa moved the camera back to focus on Olga, the audience was understandably pissed. "Swallow her."

Anali stared into Fulda's eyes, Fulda was absolutely livid. She wasn't going to receive another blessing like she did last time, was she?

"Swallow her!" Anisa straight yelled at Olga. What a psycho! Whatever, Olga decided they had already gone this far, they might as well make Twitter history.

And so the world melted away from Anali again, Olga pulled her into her mouth. She pried herself off of the tongue and out of the spit with all of her power and started to run to just jump or something, anything to keep her from being actually eaten. But she was too small, she didn't make any way before the teeth came together in front of her and she was sealed in the black.

When Anisa seemed distracted enough, Fulda shoved her off of herself and snatched the phone away from her hand. "Don't do it, you dumb bitch!," she yelled to Olga, but that didn't matter since Olga was pretty much in the middle of swallowing her anyway. Fulda's protesting vanished when she saw Olga swallow, taking Anali down, down, down...

From Anali's perspective, there was no visible world around her, she couldn't tell what way she was even moving. Saliva quickly flooded around her, sweeping her up and rushing down Olga's throat as she swallowed Anali whole. Then it became obvious what way Anali was headed, the texture of the flesh around her grew softer and more slick, until she came to a relative standstill inside of Olga's esophagus.

Relative, because she was still moving, just a lot more slowly than any other movement she'd suffered tonight. The trip down was a slow one, Anali sobbed and shouted all she could, but she knew there was nothing she could do. This is how she was going to die, broadcasted across the internet for people to laugh at.

Well, luckily for her, Fulda had stopped the broadcast. They weren't going to capture murder on video, no one was going to get to laugh at Anali's demise. Young adults across the world were now pissed off, already tweeting about how mad they were, just straight up ignorant to Anali's current suffering. Oh well!

Before Anali tumbled down into Olga's stomach she had already mostly disassociated. Hitting the stomach walls and sliding down into the messy chyme filling the place was overwhelmingly painful but did it really matter at this point?

Anali was totally unconcerned with defending herself. Nothing seemed real anymore, all the noise around her was groaning and wet sounds of tissue on tissue. She began to sink deep into the mixture, immediately overtaken by a digestive process miles beyond anything she could have imagined. Thrashing aimlessly, she took anything she can feel in her hands: mostly digested semisolids that collapsed in her grip and stomach walls that are impossible to penetrate. At the bottom of the pool she made weak attempts to push into the sac around her but her body was failing too quickly, easily defeated by Olga's natural bodily processes.

Her barely functioning mind tried its damndest to make sense of her mortifying fate, knowing that she's leaving the world through Olga's digestive system, treated like actual food, not even a human being. Her body was too broken to cry anymore, she could only think of how her humiliating death was captured for the entire world to see. Her life was spent for a few thousand retweets as some kind of fucking prank? In her final moments she felt bitter self-hatred, she felt like she only had herself to blame for even letting herself get caught by some sick girls she would have called her acquaintances only yesterday.

Another wet squelch echoed around her.

Waves of unidentifiable digestive mush shifted around, pushing Anali deeper and deeper into the stomach. Her fragile form was falling apart, her skin sloughing off and her open eyes jellying and eventually dissolving. Her only reprieve is given as she settles between two wrinkles, a pocket airless but safe from further digestion. With nothing but vomit and stomach enzymes intruding down into her throat and through her body, her insides essentially dissolved into a slimy mess and her entire body was left formless.

The stomach walls contracted and pulsed enough to eject Anali's ejected remains back into the bodily cauldron where even her skin began to decay until small pieces of her were pushed down into Olga's small intestine.

Olga's stomach had been pretty much full, the last pieces of Anali's corpse were evenly strung out and spread between the crevices of the homogenous mushy mixture of ex-food. Everything wetly squirmed through Olga's intestines, her body sapping it all dry of nutrition. Whatever was actually useful from Anali's body wasn’t excluded, her existence came to an end purely for the satisfaction of Olga's body. Anything left of her (completely unrecognizable, to be honest) wasn’t any different from the rest of the waste that got sucked deeper and deeper into Olga's body.

Really, by the time Anali had just barely entered Olga's intestines the girls were in the car together again. Fulda looked in her rear view mirror, giving Olga a dirty look. Come on... it wasn't even her fault. Blame Anisa.

Fulda pulled up to the dormitory and they all got out of the car. As Olga checked her phone to see the time (Jesus Christ, it was 4 A.M., no way) her tummy groaned out and she expelled a rude belch. She gave an embarrassed look to Fulda, who'd been staring at her since they got outside. They all stood huddled in a square, Fulda told them, "No one is ever going to hear about this, literally fucking ever. Don't even bother talking to people asking any of you about her, we're putting it behind us. This never happened."

The group all came to an agreement. Just before they'd totally split Fulda bitterly said to Olga, "Good luck with your exams." What... why not be mad at Anisa instead?


Through the night the remaining waste descended deep into Olga's bowels, collecting in her colon and packing into a round tube at the rectum. Unnoticeable residue of Anali's form was spread throughout the mess, a once successful and happy girl now transfigured into a bowel movement.

The last of the waste was quickly pushed into Olga's rectum, displacing air that goes out the only way it can, making Anali's death knell a single wet fart.

After about two whole hours of beauty sleep Olga got out of bed basically a dead woman walking. Really, she didn't even feel like she had time for it, but she had to shit. The bathroom wasn't too far.

Planting her round ass on the toilet, waste slowly slid from her rectum down into the toilet bowl, each individual turd splashing into the water muddying it further and further. When it collected at the bottom it already had begun to dissipate, prepared to all collapse in the pipes and erase any shred of Anali's existence.

Olga pissed on top of Anali's temporary sepulcher then wiped her dirty asshole with a long trip of toilet paper. When she dropped it in too she stood up and flushed, lazily walking off without even looking into it. The last evidence that a previously living, normal person ever existed is disposed of like any other collection of shit.

Really Olga was too tired to think of the fact that she ate Anali. Maybe later in the day she'll ponder it and remorselessly brush it off. It never happened, remember?

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