An Idle Wish by Breaker

A Young girl makes a quiet wish, little does she know that the stars have alligned just right so as the make it come true. 

Trying something differant with this story, so I hope it comes out well.


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Welcome to My New World by Breaker
Author's Notes:

This is a little differant from my other works. It's meant to be shorter with the growth taking place over minutes rather than days or weeks. I don't think it'll have a sequel but I'm always open to the possibility. 

Haley had always been small. Not just for her age but in general. Even at 13 she found herself looking up to kids nearly half her age. 3 feet 11 inches. She’d been 3 feet 11 inches tall since she was 8 years old and hadn’t grown a bit since. It didn’t help that she came from a tall family. Her older brother was 5 foot 10 and 15 years old and what was worse was her younger sister. Only 11 years old but nearly a foot taller than Haley at 4 foot 9. She had endured jokes about being the “baby of the family” or the “little sister” for too damn long. 

“If only there was something I could do!” she thought as she stood in front of the mirror one morning. In front of being a relative term. In reality, she stood below it. Standing on her tiptoes Haley could just barely see the top of her head in the mirror.

“I wish whenever I stretched like this I would actually grow.” 

It was an idle wish. One she never really expected to come true. 




Unbeknownst to Haley a shooting star flew by at that exact moment. Not a particularly rare event, over a million “shooting stars” fall every day. Most go unnoticed in the daylight. Every now and then some bleeding-heart type will make a wish on one. Invariably nothing happens as most shooting stars are just random space dust. But every now and then, every 10 trillion or so stars does have the ability to grant wishes. And if it hears, and decides the wish is worthy a miracle comes to pass.

This was not quite one of those times. This particular 1 in a trillion shooting star was just bored and decided to hurl itself at the Earth in the hopes of spicing things up. When it heard Haley’s wish it thought.

“Well now that’s interesting, why not?”

And so Haley’s wish was granted. Completely randomly and with little fanfare.

That’s not to say Haley didn’t notice. She was stretching at the time remember? As she stood on her toes she felt an odd sensation. Like she was standing on her toes….again? Surprised she dropped back down to her heels, steadying herself on the edge of the sink. 

“That’s….weird….” She wasn’t going to chalk it up to much more than standing too quickly until she looked back at the mirror and noticed she could see the top of her head. 

“But I’m not….” Confused, she once more stood on her toes. The strange feeling came back and this time she actually saw herself rise higher. 

“Oh my god….OH MY GOD! I’M TALLER!” Ecstatic, Haley did several repetitions of standing on her toes. Rising taller and taller each time. By the time she was done, she could clearly see her full face in the mirror. 

“I must be nearly as tall as Addie by now!” The thought of finally catching up to her younger sister thoroughly excited her. 

“And my clothes! They’re so tight!” Her pajamas, nothing more than booty shorts and a tank top, had always been loose, being hand-me-downs from her sister, now they clung tightly to her larger body. Just at that moment, speak of the devil, Addie knocked on the bathroom door. 

“Haley open up! I gotta get ready!” 

Not wanting to keep her sister, or herself, waiting Haley threw open the door.

“All yours sis!” 

Addie stood in complete shock. Her shrimpy “little” big sister, who until now had barely cleared her shoulders was now looking her gleefully in the eyes. 

“Haley w-what happened….something’s not right.”  

Haley paused giving her sister a perplexed look.

“You’re right, something isn’t quite right.” 

Her frown turned into a beaming grin as she once again stretched, this time arching her back and lifting her hands high over her head.

“Ooooooh, that’s better.” Haley looked down at her sister from her new height of 5 feet even. 

Enjoy your shower Adds, I’m going to get some breakfast!” 

She left her now truly little sister standing, dumbfounded, at the bathroom door as she skipped downstairs. 


In the kitchen, she came across her other sibling. Max, her brother, had always taken every opportunity to tease her about her size. Even now as he heard her coming down the stairs, humming lightly, he greeted her in a mocking tone. 

“What’s up squirt, got your high chair ready for ya’, you want eggs?” As he turned he was faced with a face much closer than he expected.

“Oh, it’s you Addie I thought…. Wait.” 

The face grinned. 

“Hey Maxie, how tall would you say you are?”

“Haley what happ….um like 5’10. Why?”

“Hmmm, that’s pretty tall. It might take me a minute to catch up.”  

“A minute? Haley what are you-” 

She had already started. She had learned from the last time she grew that while standing on her tiptoes made her grow incrementally, stretching was continuous. Max’s jaw dropped as he watched his little sister’s head slowly rise.







It was speeding up now, 5’ 7. The top of his little sister’s head passed his eye level. Her previously tight clothes were now practically a second skin.




They were now eye to eye. Haley’s gleaming bright blue irises appearing to taunt him as the rose ever higher, above his own. 5’11



Finally, Haley rested. Both parties were stunned into silence. Popping out her hip and folding her arms, Haley noticed another difference. It wasn’t just her size that increased. She had breasts. Large ones too, easily DD. Her far too small tank top barely covered them like a training bra and they spilled out of every possible corner, top bottom and sides. Her courageous little booty shorts had gone from being like a second skin to like a cage, struggling to contain her burgeoning flesh. Her thighs were actually bulging out the bottom. Her face too had changed, though only Max could see this. She didn’t look 13 anymore, she looked closer to 18 or 19. Her voice only further confirmed this.

“What’s the matter, little brother?” 

Her voice was deeper, smoother. Not the high pitched timber of a prepubescent, but the rich tone of a woman. 

“Oh my, it would seem that you really ARE my little brother now. How old do you think I am? I’d say at least 18. I guess that whatever granted my wish took the word ‘grow’ to mean in every sense.” 

“Wha---wha--I don’t…” Max was completely speechless.

“What’s that? You don’t think I’m tall enough? I was just about to say the same thing.” Haley lifted her arms to her head, caressing her soft auburn hair, it was longer as well. Instead of only reaching her shoulders it now cascaded down her back in thick, wavy locks. 

“Hnnnn, this feels great!” 

She stretched her arms out wide, and once again rose to her toes in a back-arching stretch.

Higher and higher.


Taller and taller.










All the while her bust expanded further, rising to Max’s face and pushing him backward. Her poor old tank top finally gave up the ghost and flew off in tatters, leaving her mammoth breasts to bounce free of its confines. Her thighs and hips widened. Her stomach, defined into a soft six-pack. Her shoulders became wider and wider, eclipsing her brother. 


She stopped. At a towering 7’3. Gone was the leggy 18-year-old. Now she stood a titanic woman, easily in her early 20’s. Her hair alone was longer than Max was tall. Haley ran her hands over her newly defined stomach. Feeling the ridges of her abs.

“Hmmm, do you think flexing counts as stretching?” She wondered out loud. 

“Let’s find out.” 

She raised arms to either side, gave Max a flirtatious wink, and flexed her biceps. Almost immediately her arms swelled. First baseball, then softball, then grapefruit-sized bulges pumped up. 

“Oh wow! I must be super strong now! I bet you wouldn’t even be able to budge me if we wrested! But I’m not quite done.” 

Saying this she lifted a shapely leg and put her foot on her brother’s chest. Then she slowly extended her leg until he was pressed against the fridge. 

“Watch this!” 

It’s hard to describe someone “flexing” their leg, in Haley’s case it seemed to increase in definition, going from simply “thick” to “toned” her calf muscles swelled out as her shorts finally gave in, revealing her voluptuous hips to the world. Both her legs increased in proportion and each thigh was now nearly twice again as wide as Max’s whole body. 

“Hnnnnnng!” Haley moaned, unable to contain herself. 

In one movement she dropped her leg and stepped forward to grasp Max in a deep hug. There was nothing he could do about it. Accepting his current state of affairs, he simply wrapped his arms around his former little sister’s waist. 

“Up we go.” She whispered and again she stretched her whole body.  








Max’s feet had left the floor as he clung to her stomach, his face buried just below her breasts. He was beginning to have trouble reaching his arms all the way around his sisters every increasing frame. Not that it mattered, Haley was more than strong enough to keep him aloft with even a single arm.







Haley had to stop as her head kissed the ceiling, looking down she found she couldn’t even see Max under her mountainous cleavage. She could still feel him though and with one arm she hefted him up, catching his legs with the other. She held him like a child. Her breasts covering most of his body like a pair of beanbags, his head barely peering out the side. She smiled down at the tiny body she was holding with such ease.

A small tap on her left butt cheek drew her attention away from her brother. Down, down below her, Addie stood nervously.

“Are….are you still mad at us. You know….now that you’re bigger?” 

Haley smiled warmly. Initially, she had been mad, or rather determined to finally get some revenge for all the years of torment she’d been made to endure. But now all that, as with her siblings, seemed so small, so insignificant. Perhaps it was her matured mind, or perhaps it was the more sinister notion that noting and no one could hurt again, without severe consequences on their part. But she felt no anger.

“No. I’m not mad. But I do want to make something clear. Come with me.” 

With that, she turned, still carrying Max in her arms, and walked to the living room. Here the ceiling was much higher. She gently placed Max on the ground next to Addie and looked down at the two of them. 

“I need you both to understand that I’m in charge now. And when Mom and Dad get home I may need your help explaining that to them as well. I don’t want to hurt or punish anyone but it must be understood that what I say goes, is that clear?” 

“Yes, ma’am.” The two replied in sync. 

“Good. Now, stand back.” 

Realizing what she meant to do, Max spoke up.

“You can’t get bigger, you’ll-” Haley shot him a warning glance. 

“Max, what did we just discuss?”

“Sorry, ma’am. I-it wasn’t my place.”

“Good boy.” Haley began, standing with arms out and slightly raised, like a star she stretched, expanding in all directions.














Her arms now ran into either side of the room but still, she stretched. At this point getting in out of the house would pose an issue but she didn’t care, she needed to be bigger.








She couldn’t stretch in the house anymore, her head bent against the ceiling and her hands pressed against the walls. She sat down as softly as she could, even so, it felt as if the entire house shook in its frame. She patted her titanic thighs, each several times larger than her siblings, and watched, amused, as they clambered awkwardly aboard. Her breasts spilled into her lap giving her tiny brother and sister something to lean against as she wrapped her arms around them in an all-encompassing hug. Her hair flowed around them, encasing them in a canopy of sweet-smelling auburn curls. 

“Welcome to my new world” She whispered. “I hope you like it because it’s only going to get bigger.    




End Notes:

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed!

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