A quick roleplay... by FluffyRose

A roleplay between myself and Just_Ryan that took place in the past several weeks or so. Basic premise is: a regular girl receives a power to grow as large as she wants, except.. she's not exactly "regular", having dreamed about this exact scenario for years...


As for the plot.. yeah it's slow and sure takes its time to get anywhere - but we had plenty of fun stuff happen so.. idk, if whoever likes story based stories then maybe they'll find it enjoyable ^^


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The Intro by FluffyRose
Author's Notes:

Hii everyone!

First time posting anything like "a story", but I've been role-playing a bit here and there, so figured.. why not try uploading one of the more interesting plots? Not sure it it'll work or if anybody finds it enjoyable or even sufficiently readable, but.. idk, I'm certainly enjoying it myself so far, so.. here it goes!

Oh, and yes - I did ask the RP partner if he's fine with it, before posting this. Just_Ryan was.. well, still is I suppose - we're going at it every now and then, so I may add chapters with any new developments! ^^

As for the structure: it would take way to long to rewrite everything in a proper 'story' format, so I'll leave it as is.. unfortunately tenses and POVs are mixed up a lot - even going as far as using second person a lot when referring to the partner, so it may be difficult to read, but.. yeah, maybe somebody finds it readable&enjoyable! :)



The general idea was to skip the "discovery" phase and jump more or less straight into action, since I'm usually playing as a character that is new to sizeplay and all that - which is fine for longer rps, but pretty much sucks when you have to start "exploring" everything all over again with every new DM.

We also fast-forwarded the growth itself and details of how it happened, to get to the more interesting bits. The basic background was that he found a magic genie lamp giving wishie thingie - and his first wish was something trivial like a sandwich or a billion dollars or.. yeah, something trivial. Then the 2nd wish was to bring me over to his place - and he then gave the third and final wish to me: we didn't care about mechanics, it simply worked. And I wished (of course) to, a direct quote, "be able to grow anything I want, including myself!" - and with that the lampish plot-device was gone, and.. nothing else changed really... So we drove away, to some empty field to "test it"


Rose, 21yo, normally 5'3", playful and carefree - has been dreaming of being huge for years

Michael - or Mike, 23yo, 6'3", laid back and pretty easy going, can be a bit short tempered at times, but generally is quick to revert back to his apathetic lifestyle

I suppose the funniest part about this particular RP was that it was "meant" as a quickie to get to know each other's likes and preferences, but.. well, "kindda" outgrew that particular premise! :)



We're on an empty field outside the town, having figured it's far away enough not to cause much disturbance. Or at least not to crush homes and everything under my feet as I grow. I'm still kindda doubting it'll work, but.. the huge pile of hundred dollar bills on your bed was pretty convincing. So was being teleported into your bedroom without warning or any way to explain.. oh well. We make sure you're some distance away before I do this. I speak to myself: "Okay, here goes nothing..." - and I finally concentrate...

And grow.

And keep growing, bigger and bigger... Absolutely loving the sight of everything getting smaller all around me... Taking in the feeling of grass crumpling and compressing under my soles.. then a few small trees as I grow ever bigger and bigger...

Finally I remember you and look down.. all the way down at you between my bare feet. Judging by how tiny everything is I estimate I must be around one mile tall.. give or take. And shame you didn't have any shoes my size, but.. at least the jeans and tshirt you borrowed me aren't too baggy and stuff. Better than a nightgown I got teleported in...

"Pfffft...I don't know why she wanted me to drive her all the way out here. There's nothing around..." I thought to myself as I sat on the hood of my car. "And why the hell was she so insistent that I stay here? It's not like she's gonna...." My inner thoughts were suddenly interrupted as the ground beneath me began to tremble.
"An earthquake? Here?" I questioned as I nervously looked towards the center of the deserted clearing.
I quickly realized how wrong I was once I spotted you rising past a nearby hill. "Well I'll be damned...she's actually going through with it. Rose!...Hey Rose!" I shouted, trying to get your attention.
It was then that I noticed that your growth wasn't slowing, if anything it was speeding up. Higher and higher your body began to rise, growing tall...wider...curvier....bigger in every possible way. You bare feet effortlessly bulldozed along the ground towards me at a staggering speed. "Oh...my...god...." Was all I could manage to say as I stared up at you in awe, completely unconcerned for my own well being.

Your feet quickly rushed passed me before finally starting to slow. It appeared that for now your ascension had slowed down. "Holy crap...." I muttered to myself as I looked up...and up...and up...until my eyes met with yours. My knees began to shiver, and a fearful numbness shot down my spine. Having been the tallest one for so long, I never knew what it was like to feel small, but this.....this was on a whole different level.

I take a step back and crouch down to see you better, then kneel and finally lean down so my head is just inches from the ground.

I squint my eyes at you and it seems like you're trying to talk to me.. except of course I won't be able to hear you, so: "Hang on, let me just..." - I put a finger next to you, upside down so you can climb onto my fingernail. "Sorry they're a bit of a mess but I wasn't expecting.. well, wasn't expecting this! And it's been a while since my last manicure and all that..." - when you walk on the underside of my nail, I gently raise it closer to my eye - "Aww, so adorable!" - stare at you for a moment, completely mesmerized, and then move the finger with you next to my ear.

Like the little chicken for the old time story, I too knew what it felt like to have the sky fall on me. An immense wind knocked me on my ass, displaced by the minor act of you crouching down. I looked up at your fearfully as your thunderous words rang down from the heavens like some sort of divine being. "This is it...this is how I die..." I thought to myself, only to be knocked aside as another gust of wind crashed down next to me along with your massive finger.

"I...you...I'm alive?" I questioned stupidly while I struggled to pull myself to my feet. Your fingernail alone was almost as tall as I was, and I struggled to pull myself onto the unfamiliar terrain before it suddenly rocketed into the air. "SLOOOWWW DOOWWWNNNN!!!" I complained as the gforces pinned me to the underside of you immense digit.

By the time my impromptu carnival ride was over, I felt sick to my stomach and on the verge of passing out when your titanic iris comes into view. From this close I'm unable to see the entire thing, only my own reflection it's mirror like surface. My mouth drops open and I'm once again knocked aside as you move your finger away and towards your ear. "That was...I mean, you're....Why did you get so big!?" I shouted into the cavernous opening.

I chuckle, only just barely able to hear you - even though you're next to my ear! Yeah.. it's just like I always imagined it, except SO MUCH BETTER! "Well, you know.. why be smol when you can be big hihi!" - I say then remind myself and whisper as quietly as I can: "Sorry, got a bit carried away.. my voice must be pretty strong to you now, any better now? Hey um.. I never thanked you properly for.. well, making this happen?"

The overpowering volume of your intense voice makes me cover my ears quickly to avoid blowing out an ear drum. If you could cause that much pain just from talking, I shuddered at the thought of what you'd be capable of if you actually tried to be harmful. "Ehhh...Yeah...that's much better! I guess I can't really make fun of you for being short anymore huh!?" I teased while letting out a halfhearted chuckle as I pulled myself to my feet using the visible ridges of your fingerprint

Maintaining my balance was a chore thanks to the constant swaying of your hand and the blistering winds that I doubted you even noticed. I quickly snatched a single strand of your hair as it brushed by me and tied it around my waist just in case I fell. Your hair still smelled like the shampoo you used this morning back when you were...well...normal, yet now it was like a thick piece of rope that easily provided the sense of security that I needed. "You don't have to thank me...I just couldn't really think of anything else to wish for! If I would have know this is what you wanted then I probably would have wished for it a long time ago!"

"Oh yeah, well still thank you! Soo much!" - I move you to my lips and plant a soft kiss.. on my finger, basically. I make sure not to get you stuck to my lips and stuff like that - it always seemed to happen in the size stories and stuff. I bring you back to my ear and continue whispering: “But okay, okay.. but I guess I’m a bit ‘too big’, if only for now. Or maybe.. yeah, I’ll just shrink down real quick!” I concentrate on shrinking myself down, and it.. doesn’t work? Thinking about it quickly, I realize: “Uh.. wait, I wished so I’m able to only grow things bigger right? Shoot… Um, okay, I guess that kindda sucks but whatever. I probably would be back to this size soon anyway and.. oh I know, I’ll just grow you a little hihi!”

I carefully put my finger down on the ground again, ask for you to disembark - then concentrate on growing you. It fails again: “Uh oh, now I’m getting worried.. was it like a one time thing? Um, maybe I should try growing myself bigger? Or no, maybe just...” - I try to grow your car and it doubles.. then quadruples in size “Okay, that worked, so… umm, right… I wished to be able to grow things and myself…”

Your colossal lips make contact and instantly drench me in a thin layer of saliva that was resting on the surface. It felt...incredible...like getting pressed into a mattress, only this particular mattress was connected to the girl that I had secretly admired for years, and this particular girl was now the biggest thing in existence! "You think?" I asked sarcastically, nodding in approval at your realization that you may be a bit too big if you wanted to avoid any attention..or so I thought.

My eyes widened as you offered to make me grow alongside you, and my manhood began to stiffen at the thought yet was quickly calmed once the ground dropped out from underneath me once again. I experienced a momentary feeling of weightlessness as I was lowered some 500 feet back towards the earth, and the strand I hair I had tied around my waist easily slipped off as my knot came untied.

Never had I been so thankful to be back on solid ground, I eagerly hopped off your fingernail and damn near kissed the ground while being unaware of exactly what you were muttering about, only picking up a few choice words. I'm suddenly knocked aside by the wheel of my car as it rapidly exploded in size, quadruple the size it was originally! "Wait a minute...you can grow anything you want...including yourself right!? Then does that mean..." I paused as I tried to put my thought into words, "Does that mean that you don't really want me to get any bigger?" I questioned, unable to imagine why wouldn't want someone to experience this with.

Luckily enough, when I focus real hard, I can hear you from the ground.. but only just. Still, I hear your comment and whisper: "Oh silly, you're not a 'thing' are you? I guess I was very specific about it.. any 'thing', including myself? Except.." - I chuckle - ".. I guess I'm lucky it didn't turn me into a thing or something!" - and I chuckle again at the thought.

"Besides, why wouldn't I- - I suddenly feel a light tap on my back. I’m focusing on you so I just ignore it at first, but then realize.. at my size? I look behind me and see.. smoke? “What the.. hell?” - then several explosions follow.. all over my back and butt. I’m doubly confused as it doesn’t even hurt, not really.. more like: I can ‘feel’ touch, plus slight warmth.. but not even unpleasant or anything. And they’re pretty big explosions – like in the movies and stuff! I instantly realize.. I’m being attacked by the toy military...

By the time the dust settled there wasn't much left standing in the surrounding forest. Trees had been reduced to nothing but splinters, either by your original growth spurt or by a stray missile that you effortless knocked away. Plumes of smoke rose high into the sky and fires began to spread throughout the remaining foliage. "Geez Rose...you really know how to stand up for yourself huh? Remind me never to get on your bad side haha" I yelled up to you as I crawled out from underneath my oversized car that I had been using as cover.



End Notes:

At which point we fast-forwarded one last time, just to skip having to deal with the military, since it wouldn’t allow him to participate much.

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