Read Before Opening by Xiao-renzhe

A man has been keeping his deepest fantasies a secret from his wife, but not from the women with whom he loves to role-play them all. His wife is secretly privy to these ongoing, covert conversations, and has a few surprises of her own up her sleeve. Can her husband survive her spurred scorn, or will his wife's vindictiveness be the end of him? Will life and love find a way? 

Find out In this story of drama, humor, desires, cruelty, passion, and understanding. 

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1. Chapter 1: The Letter by Xiao-renzhe

2. Chapter 2: Yet a New Perspective by Xiao-renzhe

Chapter 1: The Letter by Xiao-renzhe

            Chapter One: The Letter


Upon arriving home, Monica’s eyes were drawn to a dark shape on her front steps before she’d even put the car in park. There appeared to be a small parcel sitting against her front door. She parked the car and grabbed her purse before climbing out, absently clicking the “lock” button on the key fob repeatedly as she walked up the path to her home, barely hearing the staccato of the horn beeping to let her know that her car was, indeed, secured the first or second time she’d pressed the button. The loud clicking of her heavy heels down the pavement path echoed off the front of her house as she arrived and stopped before the first step.


Monica scrunched up her nose a little looking at the parcel. She hadn’t ordered anything. There was a white envelope sealed under clear tape and attached to the box that had bright red letters scrawled across it in what she believed to be a woman’s handwriting that read simply:


“Monica: Read me before opening.”


Kneeling down, keeping her knees together and swinging them to the side as one does when kneeling in a pencil skirt, Monica took the diminutive package into one hand and lifted it easily as she stood. It was light. She gave it a little shake, feeling something without much weight to it jostle around a bit on the inside.  Sighing at the lack of a return address and her inability to guess the contents, she hastily stuck the box under her arm as she fiddled with the door lock and let herself into her home.


Monica let the package fall from her hand and drop to the granite surface of her countertop as she walked by. She spent the next thirty minutes or so busying herself with her after work routines. She changed out of her business attire and into some leggings and a loose crop top, fired off a few emails, caught up on missed personal messages from friends, checked the mail, sorted said mail, and threw out the junk. That’s when Monica remembered that she’d received a package. Frowning slightly, she returned to where it sat on her kitchen counter. How do you end up with a package with no return address anyway? She thought while eying the somehow simultaneously suspicious and unassuming 6x6 inch parcel. She retrieved a random knife from the set nearby and drew the tip deftly around the sealing tape which bound the red envelope to the box, freeing it quickly.


Once freed, Monica tore off the side of the envelope and let the letter within slide out into her right hand. She unfolded it carefully, finding it to be many pages in a thick trifold. She took a seat on one of her barstools and began to read, making a slight note of the lovely cursive in which the letter was written. The letter began in a straightforward enough manner, but she was certainly not prepared for all of its contents. The letter went as such:


“Salutations, Monica! I want to start off by saying that I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and that I wish you only the best. You may find what I have to say somewhat alarming at certain points but stick with me till the end and I believe you’ll agree that it’s well worth your while!


You don’t know me, and I would say I don’t really know you, but I almost feel that I’ve gotten to know you through a mutual friend we share. It would seem that you had frequent online correspondence with a certain Joseph Shane starting roughly eighteen months ago and ending just this past May. As it happens, Joseph is my husband! I know, small world, right? How fun that you and I have both spent so much time engaging with the same man! I think we may have a lot in common.  Anyway, I probably wouldn’t have taken any interest in the many conversations the two of you have shared were it not for the fact that he deemed them valuable enough to save and document them in their entirety in the cloud service which he and I share.


Needless to say, when I finally noticed the multi-megabyte document titled “wish-list” among our files, I got curious enough to give it a look. I was deeply fascinated with what I found.  Bearing witness to the chronology of the beautiful and truly unique dynamic that grew between the two of you was utterly tantalizing, to put it lightly. Through your conversations with him, you taught me things about my husband I never would have even thought to guess at! It was very informative, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the insight. You two share some extraordinarily peculiar interests and desires that you played out via text, images, and even video on many, many occasions. Why, it seems that, in his mind, he was spending our last anniversary “inside you” instead of me— in a manner of speaking, of course. And I assure you, I’m not upset. I might have felt a little scornful at the betrayal at first. But by him, not by you.


Anyway, there were silver linings to this discovery, and far from put off by the novelty of these fantasies, I was intrigued! It made me wonder why he hadn’t brought these desires to my attention before. Surely, he knew that I would want to share it with him. So, that in mind, I broached the subject (without making any mention of his conversations with you, of course! This was meant to be an enlightening conversation, not a confrontational one). To my immense surprise and disappointment, he denied harboring these fantasies outright! He even got a little upset. Confused, I returned to reference your conversations with him to make sure I understood them, but alas, he had deleted them all (this was last May, if you’re wondering why he stopped writing you). Luckily, I had already made my own private copy of the chat. I really liked them! It was then that I concluded it would be up to me to take action and assert myself where my husband was too meek. I took matters into my own hands.”


Monica’s throat had gone dry as she read the letter up to that point. It’s not that she was too worried about the moral or even legal consequences implied by this development. It wasn’t like she had really done anything terribly wrong. So, she had sexted—frequently— with a married man. They hadn’t even met up with each other. He lived in a different state. It was an entirely digital tryst. If she was being completely honest with herself, she didn’t even really care about Joseph on a personal level. It’s not like she loved him. He just so happened to be extremely into the same fantasies she was and was fun to role play with.


Their sexualities fit together like the teeth of a zipper, and she had immensely enjoyed the levels of eroticism they had tapped into together. The orgasms Monica had achieved while masturbating after writing a thorough role play with Joseph had been second to none. She would miss coming up with new scenarios and fantasies with him, but she understood when he had last reached out to say he was going to have to call off their little conversations. She could empathize. But she didn’t feel guilty. But now his wife was reaching out to her. Monica had not anticipated she would ever have to deal with the woman directly, assuming that, even if Joseph’s somewhat adulterous behavior had been discovered, they’d work it out just between the two of them. Why’s the woman gotta go dragging me into it? I was just the other girl. I didn’t cheat on her! She thought with frustration.


Monica closed her eyes and shook her head slightly. This was the risk she had accepted when she messed with married men, online or otherwise. No matter. She’d see herself through it and be fine. Might as well finish reading the letter. Monica picked up the next sheet of paper and focused in on the small, suave handwriting, pressing onward with the strange essay. The letter continued:


“After reading through some of your more erotic role plays, both for inspiration and because I honestly enjoyed them, I finally felt like I had connected with the material enough to assume the role my husband would appreciate the most; namely, yours. Then, I set to work making his fantasies a reality.


Now, Monica, I know what you’re probably thinking: make his fantasies a reality? What on earth could she mean? And what does this have to do with me?


Those questions are valid, and I’ll address them in the order in which they were raised.


Firstly, had my husband decided to confide his little fantasies in me from the start, he may have ended up fostering the kind of mutual trust that would have reciprocally led to my revealing one of my deepest secrets to him. As it happened, I had to discover his secrets via roundabout means. So, I revealed mine to him in a similarly disingenuous manner. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m a rather special woman, Monica.


One day, while my husband was at home alone, I made special arrangements that he would fall asleep and awaken to find his deepest desire had come to pass. Or rather, the necessary, seemingly impossible barrier to his deepest desires would be broken, thereby allowing his fantasies to play out. That’s right. I did it. Oh, you should have seen him when I got home and “discovered” him like that. It was really wonderful pretending not to know he was there. I kept it up the whole day, acting like I couldn’t hear his diminutive, little cries for my attention. It was even better when I finally pretended to notice him for the first time. Let me tell you, I deserve an Oscar for my performances starting then and continuing over the subsequent weeks.


As time went on, we spent more time first jokingly alluding to, then discussing, and finally acting on some of the things I secretly knew he’d always desperately wanted to try now that it was possible. I’m sure you can imagine all the fun we had. Oh, Monica, you two were really onto something! It’s really all quite erotic! We tried everything you two had described in intimate detail—almost everything. All but one thing. I’m sure you can guess. If not now, I’m sure you will understand quite soon.


Anyway, as time went on, my husband began to stop taking his situation for granted and questioned the “how” of the situation with increased frequency and scrutiny. Finally, I owned up to my part in it, confessing to having been the one responsible for his newfound… disposition. At first, he was dumbstruck, demanding an explanation as to how it was possible that I could be capable of such a feat. I told him that such openness was a two-way street, and he should have been more forthcoming about his fantasies. He agreed and asked if I could turn him back. That’s when I let the other shoe drop, so to speak. I told him I couldn’t possibly turn him back, at least, not until he’d had a chance to experience all of his fantasies.


 There was still one thing we hadn’t tried, you see.


 He once again, predictably, denied knowing what I meant. I told him what “appetites” I had on my mind. He was flabbergasted. He demanded to know how I had learned of all this. I told him about the saved document I had discovered featuring all the conversations between the two of you. He seemed to understand that we weren’t quite finished with our discussion regarding honesty.


So, Monica. You may still be wondering how you fit into this story besides being the initial catalyst that set it into motion. Well, you must understand, I meant what I said when I told Joseph that I wanted him to experience all of his fantasies. Every. Single. One. And he and I have done almost everything. But there was one thing that I couldn’t bring myself to do. He’s my husband, after all. I love him too much to wittingly put him through something so frightfully gruesome. You understand? That said, I truly felt like I was depriving him of something really special. That last, dark, beautiful, and dangerous fantasy is something singularly enticing for which there can really be no substitute for the real thing. I just couldn’t do it! But then I realized from my deep memory of your vast conversations with Joseph— that final fantasy was your favorite! In fact, I believe you’re the one who first brought it up between the two of you. And somehow, I think after all of this, it would mean more to everyone if you were the one to do it, and like I said, I just couldn’t possibly! But I still think it’s what he deserves, and you deserve to get something out of this too for your part in making all this fun happen, I think.


So, as a sign of good will and friendship, and so you know there’re definitely no hard feelings between the two of us, I have sent you this letter explaining how and why this all came to pass, and I’ve sent you a very special package—yes, remember the box? Or did my letter almost make you forget? Handle with care, Monica. I insist that you do exactly what you please—what I know you are already struggling to resist. I’ll be a little insulted if you deny yourself and my Joseph this delight. Or I suppose he’s mostly your Joseph, now. For a little while, anyway.


Your friend,


Evelyn xoxo”


 Monica struggled to come back to her senses. She had to read the last few paragraphs several times to make sure that she had understood it all properly. By the end, her eyes kept darting over to glance at the package as she began to practically pant with lustful excitement, chewing on one of her knuckles to try and stifle the erratic breathing while her heart raced. Surely, it can’t be true. This is some elaborate scheme on the part of his wife to get back at me for sexting her husband. But then… Monica’s mind began to race with the possibilities, her eyelids flitting shut while her hands began to explore her own curvy body with a mind of their own. She had to know. Could it really be?


Monica’s eyes snapped open, and she snatched the package off the counter with both hands a little too roughly. She caught herself, forcing a sense of calm sufficient to steady her shaking hands enough to at least open the darn thing. She slid a fingernail down the middle of the tape sealing the box shut, held her breath, and opened the flaps.


She gasped, her eyes full, blue moons. She stared at the little thing in the package with her mouth agape for a long time.

Joseph stared right back.



For at least a full minute in real time—an eternity as far as awkward silences are concerned— Monica and Joseph simply stared at each other in a mutually tongue-tied stupor. Finally, however, a natural process cut through the tension, as a sufficient amount of saliva had built up within Monica’s mouth that she had to close it and swallow the accumulation, a subconscious gesture in reaction to the appetites being subconsciously inspired by he who lied before her that was not lost on the little man inside the box. He cleared his throat.


“Erm, hello, Monica. Nice to actually meet you. You know. In person, I mean.” The four-inch man extended his right hand to shake. Monica’s eyes took in the absurd sight and she began to laugh in a way that came off as nervous, but she was really just experiencing a sort of overload. She reached down and took his tiny hand between her right index finger and thumb, “shaking hands” with Joseph, giggling all the while.


“H-hello, Joseph! I… I’m… oh my gosh. I’m sorry. I really can’t believe this. You’re… is this?”


“My wife’s idea of poetic justice? Yeah. I guess you could say she’s got a somewhat sick sense of humor. Devious woman,” Joseph said with an air of flat dismissal. Monica was taken aback by his casual demeanor. Then again, according to the letter, he had been shrunken for at least a few weeks before his wife had decided to “deliver” him to Monica. He had doubtless already moved past the unbelievable and amazing nature of being shrunken to this size, but Monica was still quite a ways off from ceasing to be utterly amazed by it. Still, his ability to just converse with her casually while just existing as a tiny human did make it somehow easier for her to collect her thoughts and regard this situation as a reality, albeit an incredible one. She took a deep breath and mentally told herself to settle down. While a strong part of her wanted nothing more right now than to snatch this tiny man up and have her way with him, explicitly executing everything Evelyn had implicitly alluded to in her letter, Monica didn’t want to get carried away too quickly and squander this opportunity. If this was real and she wasn’t losing her sanity, he wouldn’t evaporate into nothing if she took her time with him. If she was really awake, she was going to make this dream-like experience a meaningful one. Monica let out the breath she had been holding for a few moments while she had composed herself. She realized Joseph had been staring at her expectantly.


“Wow,” was all she responded with at first. After a short pause, she smiled and said, “quite the remarkable woman, your wife. I had no idea she was so…”


“Backwards and sadistic?” Joseph offered as Monica hesitated. She laughed.


“I was going to say understanding and generous!” She replied. “Nice of her to send you my way. I really never once thought in a million years…” she trailed off again. “I mean. Shipping you to me in a box? That was literally one of our fantasies!”


“Yeah, I know. Pretty wild, huh? Still though. She couldn’t just get mad and give me the silent treatment, or fight, or even dump me like a normal person. She had to do all this…” he gestured at himself and his box, “just to make a point.” Monica thought about what she was going to do with him—what his wife, Evelyn, seemed to desperately want her to do to him— and she considered just how thoroughly made the scorned woman’s point would be.


“Yeah… quite the remarkable woman,” Monica muttered. She looked away, scratching her head distractedly. “I’m… I’m sorry. But. Can… can I…?”


“Do you want to touch me?” Joseph guessed at her thought. She smiled elatedly.


“Yes! I mean. If it’s okay. It’s just that this really doesn’t seem real or even within the realm of possibility! I kinda just want to make sure you’re… actually there and tiny!”


“I sure am here and I’m very tiny. But if it helps you get past the whole ‘shock and awe’ phase, then by all means, go ahead and—hey!” He was startled as Monica abruptly reached for him and wrapped her fingers around his little body. She hastily hoisted him up into the air, gravity bearing down on him slightly as he was whisked up toward her face. When the blur of rapidity settled, he found himself face to face with his old role play partner, only in much more stunning detail. The stuff of my wildest fantasies, indeed, he thought. He had pleasured himself many times to exactly this idea: mailing himself to the busty, dark-skinned, blue-eyed brunette and wowing her with his having somehow solved the problem of size reduction so that they could finally play out all their sultry desires in real life. Now, he could feel the warmth of that woman’s breath, and silently, he was more than a little apprehensive of what he knew was to come. But as he stared at her bright smiling face, he had to admit, it wouldn’t be all bad. She was stunning— perfect teeth, dazzling eyes, and he knew from photos that her tongue, when extended, was of a very specific shape he was oddly fond of. It was curled, long, and came to a narrow point just past the tip of her chin. He’d dreamed of it. And now…


“Little rough, Monica?” He said with slight indignation. Her smile didn’t vanish, but she apologized.


“I’m sorry! I just. Wow! I’ve got you in my hands—one hand! You’re in my right hand! You’re so small! My god, Joseph! I can hardly believe it!”


“I thought touching me was supposed to help.” She tilted her head at him.


“Okay, smart Alec. One of us hasn’t had a chance to get used to this. So, excuse me for reacting how I’m sure you did when you first ended up this way.” Joseph sighed, deflating a little in her grasp. She was right. This was still fresh and otherworldly for her.


“Okay, okay. You’re absolutely right. It’s just that this has been a little too real for me for a while now… and…” he trailed off, his mind going dark places. Monica seemed to read him well.


“No, I get it from you’re angle too,” she said. “I mean, you have a point. It’s crazy enough that anyone, let alone your wife, is capable of accomplishing this. But beyond the capability, the idea that the wife of someone with a fetish like yours would catch you going behind her back about it to someone like me and that she’d actually then send you to me knowing full well that I… I mean… especially considering…” Monica bit her lip and her eyes drifted to the side. Joseph understood where her thoughts were headed.


“Yeah,” he said flatly.


“I mean… in this letter she claimed to have actually read our conversations—our role plays.”




All of our role plays. Especially the really nasty ones. Even the one that starts out…” her hand went up to her mouth in slight surprise. “the one that starts out just like this! With you mailing yourself to me! She’s read that!”


“Well, not just like this. In that fantasy, I was the one mailing myself to you. As it is…”


“Oh, yes. Your wife gave you to me…” Her hand fell down and rested on her chest. “She gave you to me knowing full well…” Monica’s breathing began to become erratic again. Her heartbeat quickened at the full force of the realization as it began to sink in. It was terribly kinky. She loved it. “Your wife knows exactly what I’ve always dreamt of doing in this situation and she gave you to me anyway.”


“That… sure seems to be the idea,” Joseph admitted with resignation. Monica stood up from the stool and slowly began to cross the threshold from her kitchen into her living room. She took special care to hold Joseph steady and just below eye level as she took soft steps, her bare feet quietly slapping the synthetic-wood surface of her laminate floor.


“I’m sorry. That’s almost too much,” she said, paying attention to where she was walking. She arrived at her soft sofa and sank into it, relaxing fully for the first time since getting home from work. She sat back and kicked her feet up on her coffee table, Joseph still in her right hand.


“It is a lot,” he admitted. “But, Monica, just because we fantasized about something a lot—well—doesn’t mean that we necessarily have to… ya know…” Monica made a strange face.


“Joseph… we’ve literally talked about this. Precisely this. You asked me directly, and I’ve always said that if I ever had the chance. If it was ever real. If I ever got my hands on you…”


“Yeah, I know. And I always said that I’d accept that consequence. But that was me deciding to give myself to you willingly. This is a little different, isn’t it? I didn’t give myself to you.


“That’s different, yes. But, Joseph, it’s also not. You said that if you ever gave yourself to me willingly, you’d be wittingly surrendering to what you know I’d do if I ever got my hands on you as a tiny man… but what I’d do if I ever got my hands on you was not contingent on your willingness…” Joseph sighed and shook his head. She was right. She had explained this exact thing to him as recently as six months before when he’d asked her whether or not she’d spare him if he begged. She had been very clear that the answer would be “no.” Back then he had thought her answer was strangely erotic. She knew what she wanted. He knew it then and he knew it now. Even his wife knew it. That’s why he was here. The sooner he just accepted that… but his thoughts were interrupted.


“Joseph. We’re getting way ahead of ourselves,” Monica said with a dismissive chuckle.


“I mean, we were playing along with the old script somewhat well.” She laughed.


“That’s true! And I’m still of two minds. Like, part of me wants to stick to the ‘script’ and just keep going the way we’ve always talked about. But if that were the case, I don’t think we’d still be talking,” she said slyly.


“Nor still fully clothed,” Joseph added. She smiled.


“Exactly. Part of me feels compelled to cut with the chit-chat and become… a woman of action…” like your wonderful wife, Monica thought after she finished her statement. She paused a moment, and then continued. “But another part of me is like, ‘woah! Joseph, this real guy I’ve kind of known and talked to a lot for more than a year is here, with me, in my living room, and he’s like, four inches tall! How wild is that?’ And I kind of just want to soak in that reality for a bit and appreciate it and ask you lots of questions—I have so many questions!” Her vibrant energy was practically causing her to resonate with a frequency that Joseph found a little infectious. The pit of dread died down a little and he allowed himself to loosen up a bit.


“I mean, it is pretty crazy. And I did really want this. Like. I willed it. Some days it was all I could think about; that is, being here, in this situation and in my current disposition with you specifically.” He considered how back then, the seeming inevitability of this situation is part of what made it so dangerously enticing.


“That’s right. I know you did. I did too. And now you’re here. So, why don’t you just… forget about the how and why for the moment. Forget about before and after. Focus on now. Just live in the moment with me, Monica, your role-play partner turned real-life giantess!”


“More like I’ve turned real-life doll…” Joseph said with a snicker.


“And what a dashing little doll you make, good sir!” Monica declared enthusiastically. “So, tell me more about what it’s like being a doll-man! This seriously defies physics, after all. Like, there’s no way this should be happening!” Monica placed Joseph on the arm of the couch beside her and crossed her leg, leaning on the arm for support as well while lacing her fingers under her chin and gazing down at him with unaffected attention. She really did look quite dreamy. Joseph shook his head.


“Being doll-sized? Well, it does sort of defy physics. At least, getting down to this size does. And maybe a few aspects of my new physiology. But physics didn’t have anything to do with it anyway.”


“How’d she do it then?”


“She wanted it to be this way, so it is. That’s about the best I can describe it. She’s… something else.” Monica’s eyes grew wide and she let out a whistle.


“I’ll say. Sounds like some kind of wizard or fae.”


“Yeah. Or demon. Tomato-tomahto,” Joseph joked. Monica grinned.


“Okay. So your wife magicked you small. What’s different about you physically?”


“Well, you can hear my voice and it isn’t shrill, for one.”


“Actually had not realized that was weird, but… yeah. I’m barely straining to hear you.”


“Yeah, that shouldn’t work. And some other things are as expected except they’re dramatic. Like. I shouldn’t need as much oxygen, but I can hold my breath an insane amount of time.”


“Oh really?” Monica asked with a strange glint in her eyes. Joseph’s heart fluttered.


“Uh… yeah. Stuff like that. I’m a little more durable. Pretty agile. Things are just different.”


“So physics don’t really apply?”


“I mean, yes, they do. They just didn’t apply to how I became this way. I can’t break any of Newton’s laws myself. Now I’m just a stronger, faster, and tougher man, relatively speaking.”


“How tough are we talking?”


“Pretty solid. Like… Evelyn’s sat on me, like, for a while. She’s stepped on me. I’ve been… well, used in ways. You know.”


“Ways inspired by some of our role-plays, you mean?” Monica’s eyes were narrow slits. Joseph gulped.


“Yes. Plenty.” Monica appeared to be considering for a bit. She was almost honored his wife had taken so much inspiration from her ideas.


“How has she used you, Joseph?”


“W-what do you mean, exactly?”


“You’ve been… inside her as you are now?” Joseph tried to gulp again, but his throat was drying up. He croaked a response.




“How much of you? How… how deep?”


“All of me. And honestly, it’s hard to say?” Monica’s breathing was getting increasingly unsteady. She was swaying slightly, as if slightly drunk from the very thought. Her next words came out in an almost husky growl.


“Which holes has she stuffed you into?”


“All of them…” Monica gasped, her posture straightening. Her hands both fell into her lap. Joseph saw her squeezing her own thighs till her knuckles turned white.


“You’ve had such experiences, Joseph. And look at you. No worse for wear… it almost makes me wonder how you’ll fare when I…” she trailed off, looking down. As she dropped her gaze, her left hand slid up passed her waist and softly rubbed her belly.


“That’s different,” Joseph said with factual certainty. She pouted.


“You’re sure? Don’t think you could muscle through, tough as you are?” She asked playfully. He shook his head.


“No. I’d say not.” Joseph noted that Monica didn’t appear upset to hear this.


“You seem so certain. But if you’ve been so deep within your wife’s… well… the latter bit of the journey shouldn’t be survivable either, no matter which angle you approach it from,” Monica alluded strongly. “So how do you know you won’t be just fine?”


“I— because…” Joseph found himself unable to speak any more on the subject. He gave a dramatic shrug. “I’m pretty sure,” he managed to get out.


“Oh, but I’m sure you’ll give it your best shot. You’ll have to…” she said, smiling seductively, her left hand leaving her belly so she could bite her finger, eying him all the while. She blinked, and looked away, her facial expression abruptly shifting. “Sorry, Joseph. I know it’s gotta be rough for you, but… it’s hard, ya know?” Joseph merely nodded. Sure, he understood in some strange and detached way. He just wished the riveting experience she so desired didn’t come at such a steep cost to him.


Monica did feel a little bad. She didn’t want to hurt Joseph, but that also didn’t change the way she felt. It didn’t change what she really did want. And she knew what she wanted more than anything… well, it was going to hurt Joseph. But then again, he had kind of made his bed, hadn’t he? Sure, she didn’t consider what he had done to be very wrong. He was no more guilty than she was. But he’d wished for this too, and it just so happens that the right woman was listening to his prayer and was willing and able to heed it. For that matter, his wife had practically demanded this of Monica, and she was loathe to let such a powerful, generous, and obviously mischievous woman down. Who could say what would become of her if she disappointed her? She could end up like Joseph.


Monica closed her eyes and thought a moment. What to do? How to go about this? She wanted to be polite. Playful. Gracious. That all depended on whether Joseph behaved, of course. But she’d take what she wanted even if he wasn’t a good sport about it. He had to know that. She smiled and exhaled through her nose sharply. She spoke again.


“It’s hard for a few reasons. I understand when you say it’s a little too real for you. But I mean. It can’t be all bad, right? I’m sure you’ve had a lot of fun since becoming small. You’ve already gotten to experience things you’d only ever dreamed of.  And you got to do it all with the woman you love. All but one last experience. Something I’m keen to provide. And besides, you want this too, right?”


“You want me to make it easier on you?” Joseph asked. She grinned.


“You can’t exactly make it harder on me, you know. Physically this will take about the same amount of effort with or without your… cooperation. But I’d prefer if you were invested in the experience, yes.” He sighed, looking down.


“Of course I want it. I’ve always wanted it. And I’ve wanted it with you since the first time we chatted and exchanged pictures. Something just clicked.” She smiled brightly.


“Something clicked, huh?” Monica began clicking her tongue. “Could it be that I have the sexiest maw you’ve ever laid eyes on?” She leaned forward and stretched her mouth open wide, her long pointed tongue unfurling for Joseph to see. He was paralyzed by the view. It was one thing to see in his photos and dreams. This was altogether different. And she was right. She really did have the sexiest mouth ever. He gulped.


“Ye-yeah, that could be part of what clicked,” she laughed hot air onto him and snapped her teeth shut. He blinked in the moist atmosphere and continued. “But you also just always described things in just such a way that it was utterly and almost painfully tantalizing. Like… you made me want things I knew I shouldn’t. Things that defy my basic instincts. But I wanted them nonetheless.”


“Oh, I think I remember one of your favorite lines for just this sort of thing.”


“What’s that?” He thought he already knew, but he did want to hear it in person. In the proper context. He was hoping it would help him get in the right headspace. Her eyes became serious.


“What goes up must come down, but what goes down stays down,” Monica said in a low, sultry voice. Joseph shivered from head to toe. She smiled with confident predation. Then she shook her head, laughing. “Ugh, Joseph! I wanna eat you, man!” Joseph merely sat on the arm of the chair taking in this bubbly woman’s dangerous ‘confession.’ There it is.


“Oh? Really? I had no idea,” he sulked.


“Come on! Don’t be that way! You’re a vorephile! Your sexuality is practically centered on being swallowed! And here I am practically begging to fuck you in a way I know we’ll both just love, and you’re going to be a sour puss?” Monica abruptly stood up, pressing on the arm of the couch for leverage which caused Joseph to tumble off of it and down onto the seat cushion below as the fabric below him moved dramatically.


“Woah, hey!” He shouted as he went literally head over heels, landing in a heap. As he righted himself, he looked up to see Monica had her back to him. She reached back with both hands and squeezed her taught ass cheeks, giving them a little lift and letting them fall. She had his attention.


“Joseph…” she almost whispered with her back still to him. “Most people with our fetish would do anything to have a chance to try this. And they’d probably settle for doing it with anyone, too.” She began to slowly turn around. Her hands were running up her torso and slipping under the fabric of her shirt. “But you don’t have to do anything. And you don’t have to settle for just anyone.”


As she spoke, she pulled her shirt up, revealing a taught, flat stomach and subtly defined abdominal muscles. She was so profoundly sexy in all the ways Joseph loved best in a vore-pred. The shirt continued to lift away until she pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. She stood before him in her leggings and a sports bra. Monica stepped forward and knelt down before the couch, crossing her arms on the seat cushion and resting her chin on them. As he expected, her mouth yawned open and her tongue rolled out welcomingly, strands of saliva briefly connecting it to her front teeth before snapping. His gaze naturally followed the contours of her tongue to the back until he was transfixed by the uvula and the darkness behind it. Her mouth closed.


“It doesn’t get much better than this, right?” Monica asked knowingly. She leaned back, straightening herself up. Her hands came together on either side of her breasts and playfully massaged them, squishing them together before sliding down and rubbing her bare abdomen. She licked her lips and smiled. Joseph thought that it really couldn’t get much better than this. She was stunning. That didn’t change the fact that his situation sucked. But it did objectively make it suck less. He sighed.


“I don’t suppose you’d settle for some heavy mouth play?” He asked with mock hope. She laughed. “Didn’t think so. Um… are you… in a rush?” This caused Monica to scrunch her lips to the side and look up at the ceiling contemplatively. Finally, she answered.


“That depends on your attitude going forward I should think.”


“Whatcha mean?”


“There’s only one issue I’m ultimately willing to force. I’m going to swallow you, Joseph.”


“G-granted.” He couldn’t believe he was willing to just grant that, but hey, he was a crazy vorephile just like she was.


“I’m happy to take my time, but, I mean… are you going to be fun to spend time with? Or would you prefer I just got it over with and spared you the slow and torturous approach of inevitability?” Monica didn’t want to rush things at all, in truth. But she was ‘back on script’ as it were, and relished her role. Even though she’d prefer to spend the whole night or longer teasing him first, she’d gulp him down right now if he said he’d prefer it. She’d love to do this in an ‘accommodating’ manner, whatever that looked like.


Joseph thought it over for a bit. He couldn’t believe he was weighing his options like this in order to determine the lesser of two evils, or rather, the more pleasant approach to the same evil. Delay the inevitable or welcome it? His eyes traveled up and down Monica’s perfectly toned body. Delaying might be enjoyable…


“Let’s say I’m open to being amicable,” Joseph started. Monica perked up noticeably. She was really hoping that Joseph would come to see things her way and try to be more graceful in the beautiful face of oblivion. Joseph had pieced that together. If his role plays with her when she had confessed that she “really would gulp you down if I had the chance even if you beg” weren’t enough of an indicator, he gathered now that Monica might be a little nuts… and he was at her non-existent mercy. Joseph continued:


“Isn’t there plenty of other stuff you’d like to try first?” Monica tapped an index finger on her lips.


“Hm-m-m, that depends,” she said cooly.


“On what?”


“On your motivation. Do you want to do ‘other stuff’ to push back the eventuality of perishing inside my stomach? Or do you want to do it because you really want to?”  


“Have you seen you, Monica? Who wouldn’t want to?” Monica blushed at his words.


“That’s not quite an answer, Joseph.”


“What do you want me to say?” Monica appeared thoughtful.


“If I’m being honest, there’s definitely at least one other thing I’d really like to try. But just as I’m not willing to force that particular issue, I’m not exactly down to do it with someone who doesn’t want to be here, and I’d really rather it not just be used as a means for buying time.” Joseph thought he had an idea as to what she was alluding. He also understood her sentiment in a way. He thought he knew what to say.


“You’re going to swallow me one way or another. I’ve… accepted that. I’ll face it when the time comes. I’ll even do my best to make it enjoyable for you.” Monica’s smile grew wider with every word. She chewed on her lower lip and her eyes glanced down her own body and then back up to Joseph.


“Are you going to be amicable, or are you going to be fun?” Her whole body rolled with that last syllable in an entrancing wave.


“I’ll be the perfect playmate until you upgrade my title to ‘belly-buddy.’” Monica’s eyes grew wide. He knew that was a good move. ‘Belly-buddy’ had been her joking term for him as her favorite vore-friend-with-benefits.


“Upgrade, huh? That’s more like it. Don’t pretend to you don’t want that more than anything in the world. I know you won’t ever stop wishing for it until you know first-hand what it’s like. Neither will I.” She licked her lips. He shuddered.


“You’re… you’re absolutely right. I would never stop wanting it without knowing first-hand.”


Monica had crawled back up to the edge of the couch seat and was leaning closer and closer to Joseph. Her eyes were locked on him. She was drooling. She had to swallow frequently to keep the excessive salivation in check. Joseph couldn’t help but notice. Against his better judgment, he was becoming deeply aroused. This perfect ten of a woman was literally drooling over him, so how could he help it?


“So you do want it with me? You’ll willingly be my meal?” She asked in a whisper. “Would you forego your other desires and… serve me now?” Joseph shivered.


“Yes. I do. I would.” She’d heard all she needed to.


“Then you’ve talked yourself into my pants as well as my stomach, little morsel.” She winked and snatched him up roughly before he could even prepare himself. He was dazed as he watched her residence whiz past him in a frenzy while she carried him through the room and up some stairs. In no time, he heard a door slam and a lamp click on. As his eyes adjusted, he realized they were in Monica’s bedroom. Joseph actually recognized it from many of her photos she’d sent him.


Taking Joseph at his word regarding his durability, Monica tossed him across the room onto her mattress, not too worried about her aim or force. He yelped as he bounced on the soft bedding and came to a stop. When he sat up, he saw that Monica was wiggling her hips as she slid her leggings down over them. She was wearing lace, turquoise panties that looked marvelous against her tan skin. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.


“I’ll be honest,” Monica started, reclaiming his attention from her loins. “I’m sure you can relate, but there are things I role played and things I actually thought about that I wanted to do for real. You know?” Joseph nodded in understanding.


“For instance. Swallowing you and digesting you. That’s a must. I’ve dreamed of doing that since I was a little girl. Never understood quite why. But I always knew I’d do it given the chance, no doubts.” She bent down, pushing the leggings to the floor and stepping out of them. Standing back up to her full height, she continued.


“There’s a difference between a simple fantasy and a true desire. I know you’re aware of the distinction. For instance, the first time I told you that I wanted to swallow you and that it was something I truly desired, not just idly fantasized about, and that it truly vexed me that I couldn’t, you said…”


“I said that I felt it was potently and frighteningly erotic that you really wanted to do that.”


“So you do remember. You also said that the idea of me claiming you completely and making you a part of me was extremely sexy. Was that just fantasy, or do you want it? Do you desire it?” Joseph hesitated. She giggled, taking slow steps towards him.


“Relax, buddy. I don’t expect you to want every aspect of this…”


“But it is sexy…”


“Love to hear it… anyway. When we talked about other things. Putting you… other places. I confess, those were just fantasies for me. It was all mostly for you. Don’t get me wrong, I find the ideas all very enticing conceptually.” She arrived at the foot of the bed and ran her hands down her belly and between her thighs. She then hooked her thumbs in her underwear and tugged the waistband down a bit. “I can only imagine it’s wonderful…” Joseph gulped and found his voice.


“Wh-why wouldn’t you want to do it?”


“Simple. Because when I imagined this situation playing out, I didn’t think that there was any possibility the little guy could survive it. Vore is where my strongest proclivities lie. And I desire more than anything to swallow you whole and alive. Loosing you for the sake of an orgasm when I’m perfectly capable of getting there on my own just seemed like a waste in practice.”


“I-I think I’m inclined to agree,” Joseph admitted. Monica leaned forward and began to crawl towards him inch by inches


“But you… you say you’ve done it, yes?”


“That’s right.”


“You’ve been in all the way—too deep for you to say?” Joseph’s mind flashed back to his tiny sexual encounters with his wife.


“Really deep, yeah.”


“And how long were you in there?”


“Depends on which hole,” Joseph said I’m a low voice.


“Oh! So naughty! M-m-m.” Monica arrived at the head of the bed where Joseph lied and rose up to her knees. She hovered above him, looming both sexily and menacingly. She reached down and used her left hand to pull the crotch of her underwear aside while her right hand’s fingers spread her lips open. She was dripping. Her clean shaven mound was glistening with wetness as her nethers gaped hungrily for something or someone to fill them. “This one!” Joseph stood up shakily and started to take off his clothes.


“Hard to say,” he admitted. His heart was racing. This was, at least, something he could properly and honestly get excited for without any reservations. He knew he’d be fine, and he really couldn’t help but be attracted to this woman despite her later plans for him. Holy hell is she gorgeous! Joseph thought, realizing that he, too, was rather nuts. “Not as long. It was easier to find my way around because it doesn’t go as deep. So I didn’t get lost. But plenty long enough.” Monica was panting like a dog in heat now.


“M-m-m, fuck. Okay. I definitely want this… if you’re completely sure you can handle it, that is.” Her middle and index fingers began sliding in and out of her soaked hole in preparation. The “schlick-schlick” sounds of her moistness was music to Joseph’s ears.


“Don’t worry. You won’t lose me in there. I promise I’ll be fine.” Joseph finished his statement as he kicked off his last little sock. It occurred to him as a little ironic that she was so concerned for his well-being regarding this situation considering what he knew she’d end up doing to him eventually, but then, that was precisely why she wanted him to assure he’d be okay. He was standing below her stark naked, looking up into the dark tunnel betwixt her smooth thighs that glistened with new slickness as she coated herself in juice. “I’ll still be suited for later.” He winked. She noticed the tiny gesture and moaned.


Monica brought her knees together and slid her panties down to the mattress. Then, she spread her knees slightly, making the elastic, lacy fabric of her underwear taught.


“Climb inside them,” Monica ordered. Joseph didn’t need to be told twice. He briskly walked forward, having had plenty of experience in walking on mattresses already. Once he arrived at the waistband, he took a hold of it with both hands and leaned forward, tumbling in and landing in the center of the crotch area of the underwear on his back. He noted that the fabric was rather moist and smelled strongly of feminine arousal. There came a low chuckle from above. When Joseph looked up, he could only just see Monica’s eyes past the mounds of her breasts. It was a peculiar perspective, lying on one’s back and looking up at a woman from between her knees at this size. His eyes drifted down her body until they came to her dripping vagina that awaited him hungrily.  


“Going up,” Monica said breathily. She very slowly began to hoist up her underwear. At first, the waist band moved without taking Joseph with it. Then, the slack was taken up and what little additional weight he added to the center of the thin fabric was not sufficient to keep it pinned down. He felt himself being propelled slowly towards that soft, wet, dark destination above. He could already vividly imagine what it would feel like to be pressed against those big, soft labia. Monica was so incredibly sexy from head to toe that he was fit to burst just looking. Inch by inch those engorged lips came towards him. He was almost there. She slowed down as he was almost up against them. The temperature increased just as suddenly as the light dimmed severely. He got a nose full of her delicious musk. He made contact and didn’t stop. Monica pulled her underwear up so snugly that the fabric, as well as Joseph, became wedged well within her vaginal lips.


Her pussy seemed to react to his presence with intelligence. The moment his little body was pressed into the soft, slick walls between the folds of her massive labia, he felt her contract powerfully as her tunnel attempted to get a grip on him. He wasn’t in quite deep enough, however, but he wasn’t exactly trying to resist. He was eager. Making contact with Monica in this way had caused his mind to go blank as he embodied his role as a device for sexual pleasure with vigorous abandon. It was already as hot as a sauna and he wasn’t even truly inside of her—merely occupying the threshold.


Before Joseph had a chance to even attempt to squirm his way inside on his own, he felt something large and solid pressing on his back. Monica had reached down behind her ass and into her underwear with her right hand and shoved Joseph face-first deep into her juicy hole with a loud moan. She couldn’t help herself. He’d said he was durable enough to handle her and had done this before. While Monica had never seriously considered doing this, she was extremely thankful that she had reconsidered her position on the matter, as the position she now had Joseph in was brilliant. She shoved her fingers inside herself, pressing him in up to his waist. She then slid her fingers back out and down his body, finding his little ass, and she gave him another shove, this time effectively swallowing the four-inch man with her pulsating pussy. She retracted her fingers and fell back on the mattress, moaning loudly and rubbing her clit with her thighs spread at a wide angle and the soles of her feet pressed together.


Monica couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a man inside her most sensitive bits. Sure, it made sense that his squirms would be stimulating, but Joseph really seemed to know what he was doing! She never wanted to let him out! As if subconsciously responding to the desire to keep him trapped, her legs came together and she did a long, hard kegel, applying acute pressure with her muscular vaginal walls to the tiny man within, giving him a hot, hard, and slimy embrace. His ardent, effective wriggling proved even more stimulating when she was bearing down on his body like this. He was magnificent!


Joseph was in a little, velvety envelope of heaven.


Courtesy of his unnaturally durable little body and his very low need for oxygen, he was capable of getting truly caught up in only the pleasant, erotic aspects of what he was certain would be an otherwise brutal experience. There was nothing unpleasant about the circumstances for Joseph. His senses of smell and taste were saturated by the surprisingly neutral, slightly tangy, and just a little sweaty flavors of Monica’s inner sanctum. The exact nature of the hormonal atmosphere seemed specifically designed to arouse and hypnotize him. He was slipping and sliding around in some of the softest flesh on the human body that eagerly conformed to his shape and cradled him evenly while only occasionally giving him a strong squeeze that let him know she was really enjoying his presence. The sounds of her distant, muffled moans were accented by the various noises of squishing and squelching fluids all around him. It was perfectly dark. Joseph had concluded since being shrunken that, even in the moment of violent climax, the vagina was the most pleasurable place on earth. This one was unique and new, sure. He figured they all were. But it was pure bliss. The knowledge that it belonged to a woman so beautiful as Monica just made it all the better. Joseph let his head empty of all thoughts as he reached and felt around everywhere he could with his limbs, making the most of his time within there.


Monica had lost track of time. Joseph had never stopped squirming and she had never stopped moaning and gyrating her hips. She kept a hand pressed firmly against her vagina as if to keep the man inside, though he had shown no signs of trying to escape. She only occasionally slid that hand up to give her clit a rub. In truth, she could have achieved climax a long time ago, but she was relishing the act of being edged like this. The subtle, consistency of Joseph’s movements within her paired with her very occasional clitoral rubs were sufficient to keep the orgasm just on the precipice. It was a wonderful place to linger, teetering on the brink of blissful eruption like this. She would keep herself there as long as possible, and the eventual, inevitable finale would be all the better for it.


Monica allowed her mind to turn for a moment to what she would do once that climax began. As she contemplated it, she unconsciously began to rub little circles into her clit a little harder and faster than she had really meant to. She clenched on the little man a little more frequently, feeling him a little more intensely in turn. As she imagined things soon to come, she felt the electric shock building deep in her loins and getting set to discharge. Oops. It’s happening. She realized. She’d overstimulated herself, or maybe it was just what she had been imagining, and she could swear that Joseph had begun to writhe with more vivacity than before. Was he close, too? Either way. Joseph’s time inside her was up. At least, his time in her nethers…


Acting quickly, as the chain reaction had already begun and nothing could stop the storm, Monica removed her underwear completely, carelessly slinging them across the room as little squeaks and gasps escaped her between panting breaths. The moment was close. She couldn’t fight it. Rolling over onto her belly. She pushed herself up to her hands and knees. She reached a hand between her legs and pushed Joseph out of herself. He felt amazing sliding out of her like that, and she had to resist the strong urge to slide him right back in and fuck him like a dildo through her climax. She had other plans.


She brought the sticky man forward and laid him on her pillow before her. The hand used to retrieve him went right back down to work on her clit. Joseph, confused and disoriented, gazed into the sexually distraught facial expression of the gorgeous Monica. Her features were twisted with the intensity of pleasure. Her eyes pleading, mouth agape and pouting, cheeks flushed. She was whimpering. Her masturbation was becoming a furious, aggressive act. He could tell she was just about to finish. So why had she removed him for the best part?


His answer came swiftly.


Without warning, Monica dipped her head down, closing her lips around Joseph’s feet. The tip of her tongue licked his soles playfully before he was abruptly slurped in up to his waist. Monica let out an aggressive, husky moan through her closed lips. She almost couldn’t believe herself. She was doing this. Her knees gave out. She rolled onto her side and began to spasm. Something like laughter erupted from her but sounded strange while her mouth was still closed around a man. Joseph’s eyes were wide with surprise. He weakly pushed back against the soft lips that had him trapped. The intensity of her laughter grew. She slurped once more, and he disappeared inside her mouth. She could taste her own fluids, his sweat, and just the faintest hint of what she thought might be his own cum.


Monica rolled onto her back. She was moaning as loudly as one could with her mouth shut. It was making her horse, and it was deafening to the little man within. Her back was arching. She was shaking all over. She curled her tongue, feeling the top of the tip batter Joseph in the face as he frantically squirmed around within her oral cavity. She raised her tongue and smushed the man against her palette. He pushed back. Oh my god, he’s fighting being swallowed alive! Monica realized with astonishment. She marveled at the fact that she had a living man in her mouth who, in spite of fantasizing about this with her on many occasions, was instinctively resisting going down at the key moment. It was understandable. All the same.


As her orgasm finally crescendoed, things seemed to happen all at once.


Her mouth came open with a scream. Joseph lunged toward the light, his hands grabbing her lips to pull while his feet kicked the back of her throat to push. The kicking triggered her reflex, and her blissful cry was momentarily interrupted by a sudden gulp.


“Ah-h-h-h— ‘Gluck’—a-h-h!”


Joseph was startled by how suddenly the chaos had come to claim him. He’d gone from the safe confines of her vagina, to her pillow, to her mouth, and to being swallowed in a matter of seconds. It had all be a flash. He was still in shock and disbelief as he sped down her esophagus, the sound of her pounding heart passing him by. In no time, he was dropped into the dark, dank, fleshy sack that was her stomach.


He sat in silent surprise for a moment, still suffering a mixture of indignation and disbelief.


“Did she really just… she… shit.” The chamber shuddered and shook as Joseph heard the sounds of crazed laughter permeate the gooey walls around him. It sounded like she was losing her mind. He knew he was screwed. And thanks to the one of the many charms placed on him by his wife, he knew it wouldn’t be oxygen deprivation that got him. No. That would be too easy.


As the walls around him began to wake up to his presence, Joseph cursed. He knew what he was in for. He tried to stay calm, to focus on all the aspects of this that were actually enjoyable and intriguing. It didn’t hurt… yet. As far as stomachs go, Monica’s was rather pleasant. It was empty save for what seemed like what had been plain water she’d drank a little earlier. Since being imbibed, what hadn’t drained out had become quite warm and somewhat thicker. It was actually pleasant to the touch. The atmosphere was a little oppressive and dank but didn’t smell terribly foul. The air was thin and stale, but it wasn’t discomforting to breathe it. Joseph thought the hardest thing to handle was the heat, and he knew it would get hotter as the stomach got busier and more blood flowed to it to aid in the activity of claiming the meal.


On the outside, Monica’s frenzied mixture of laughter and moans had died down. Joseph felt the room squeeze as she sat up and began to prod and rub her belly fondly. She was probably hoping to feel him moving around in there. Well. She might. Eventually. But for now, Joseph tried to relax and save his strength. He went to his weird version of a Zen place of mind he had learned to establish since being reduced to this size and frequently finding himself in notably horrifying situations. Somehow, he was able to remove himself from the situation in the personal, subjective sense and experience it from a more observational standpoint.


Monica had eaten him, Joseph, the man. Something he had always wanted to experience. It was erotic and dangerous all at once. His body would go on to be broken down and much of it would be absorbed and used by hers. Some small part of him might briefly add to fat or muscle on her ass as she had often joked. He played their many conversations through his mind accompanied with imagery of the sexual encounter they had just shared and subconsciously applied it all to his current situation to try and trick himself back into being more aroused than terrified. He was satisfied to achieve some level of effective results in this activity as he began to get hard again. He could enjoy himself… for now. While the environment was still only somewhat privy to the arrival of something it could work on and use. In the back of his mind, he was all too aware that no amount of exhaustion or delusion could distract him once things got really rough.

Would he go numb to this before going totally insane?



Monica came down from her climax and finally steadied her breathing. She sighed contentedly at the knowledge of what she had done— what she was still doing. She’d swallowed a man and she was in the midst of keeping him inside herself while her body got to work on digesting him and claiming his nutrients. She knew he’d probably rather not experience that, but she was going to do it anyway. She rested her hands on her belly and contemplated that reality while wondering how she might heighten the singular enjoyment. She doubted she’d ever get this chance again. Should she verbally taunt him? Should she keep swallowing water and antacids to keep her stomach neutral enough to prolong his stay? Part of her wanted to somehow keep engaging with Joseph. Her vanity wanted to hear him say nice things about what the sex had been like. Hell, she really wanted hear him say how much he’d enjoyed being swallowed and had actually realized he wanted her to digest him; that he was content with his lot. She almost wished she could do it all again. But no, any version of that now would require somehow retrieving him, and she was resolved not to do that. He who goes down must stay down.  


Eventually she resolved to simply stay awake and quietly enjoy it. She waited a while to see if she would be able to feel his struggles within, eventually deciding that she likely wouldn’t. So, she was quite surprised after a couple hours’ time during which she busied herself by writing down every detail she could think of regarding the experience she had and was still having when she felt a little flutter from within. It started as a very subtle stirring—not even strong enough to be a muscular twitch—but it gradually ramped up in intensity. There was no denying what that persistent, arrhythmic tickle beneath her left breast was. Monica thought she understood what this meant; what he was now experiencing. The slightest pang of guilt flashed through her mind, but it was quickly replaced by arousal at the revelation; namely, that her stomach was hard at work making Joseph a part of her.


Monica smiled. She immediately got to work on herself.


“There’s no turning back now, Joseph. You’re becoming a part of something bigger than yourself,” she said while she began to pinch and rub her left nipple and her right hand slid down her abdomen to her quickly moistening loins. After more than an hour and two more climaxes, Monica realized she couldn’t feel Joseph any more and hadn’t for a while.


It was done. Her greatest fantasy realized. It had certainly been everything she had hoped for. She’d miss hearing from Joseph. But then again, he hadn’t been texting her since his wife, Evelyn, had caught on to their conversations anyway. Monica was so thankful that she had.

She drifted off to sleep.



 “Honey? Honey? Can you hear me? Rise and shine, little sleepy head.”


Joseph blinked off what felt like a hundred-years’ rest, pale blue light stinging his eyes something fierce. He immediately understood the cause. This wasn’t the first time he’d been given a new set.


“That’s right. Shrug it off. Not your first rodeo, so don’t be a baby, newly born,” came a smooth, sweet, feminine voice. It was a very familiar voice. Joseph eventually got his bearings and sat up. He scanned his surroundings and saw that he was lying on a folded washcloth in a blue bathroom that appeared to belong to a nice hotel room, most likely close by to Monica’s house.


“Ugh. Hey, Evelyn,” Joseph said groggily. “So nice to see you.” His wife smiled down at him knowingly.


“Good to see you back so soon! That Monica doesn’t waste time messing around!” Joseph rubbed his eyes wearily while the memory of his most recent escapade came back to him gradually. Evelyn was right. Monica hadn’t even had him a day before she did the deed.


“Jesus, yeah. She’s really nuts. Didn’t seem hesitant in the slightest,” Joseph mumbled.


“Well, what does it say about you that your favorites have been so merciless?”


“What, you mean about my judgment in selecting partners? Probably doesn’t say much more than the fact that the woman I married is taking so much pleasure in this twisted idea of getting even.” Evelyn grinned evilly.


“Hey, now. I’m just being a good, compassionate woman and making sure that her man is satisfied. I’m only assuring that everything you’ve ever expressed a strong desire for comes to pass. Besides, this isn’t exclusively about payback. If you haven’t worked that out yet, you’ve got a lot to learn.”


“Like what? ‘Careful what you wish for?’” Joseph groaned.


“Sure, for starters. Maybe you’ll learn from this yet. So, how was your time with Monica?”


“You don’t have a way of keeping tabs on the situation when I’m with them?”


“Duh, but I like to hear it from you.” Joseph shook his head.


“Do you have to hit me with the speech inhibiting enchantment on top of it all? It’s bad enough without not being able to express certain thoughts. I mean… Amanda kept me for two weeks before she finally got up the nerve to eat me and I practically had to beg her for it. She probably would have done it a lot faster if I’d been allowed to tell her I wouldn’t stay dead!” Evelyn laughed at him derisively.


“Where would be the fun in that? Now, come. Let’s get you some breakfast. We’ve got a long drive ahead of us to get you to your next rendezvous! It’s eight hours to get to Ashley’s!”


“Oh my god. Can’t I have a day to recover this time? I only just reformed!”


“Hey. It’s not my fault Monica gulped you down on a Friday. I’ve been tracking Ashley’s schedule, and Saturday is the best day to get you to her. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you keep your powers of free speech this time. Sound fair?” Joseph eyed his wife suspiciously. Since the start of this little ‘redemption tour,’ he’d come to see his wife like a tricky genie of sorts. Nothing she did with her magic came without a catch. If she was giving him this, what was she taking away? But then again, he’d be really happy to finally be able to speak freely in these situations. And what choice did he have.


“I’ll take it,” he said lowly. “But Jesus, honey. How much more of this do I have to go through? I’m sorry, alright? Do you have any idea how much getting digested sucks?”


“I’m quite sure that I do not, nor have I ever expressed interest to a dozen or more women in finding that out first hand, much less behind my wife’s back,” Evelyn chided. “And as for how much of this is left ahead of you. Well. How many women’s chats and photos did you have saved on our cloud?” Joseph sighed.


“You’re really going to make me go through this with every single one of them?”


“You have quite the long drive to build a case for why I shouldn’t, and I’ll consider your arguments while you’re spending ‘quality time’ catching up with Ashley. As I recall, you made some really juicy promises to this one. Something about how you’d do absolutely anything to spend a whole week riding around secretly tucked away in or on different parts of her person? It might be a while before I see you again if she holds you to that. Lucky, she lives so close to Chicago. I’ll be having my fun in the windy city while you have your fun in that little pretty.”


Fun in the city, huh? So, it’s fine when you mess around with other men on your terms?”


“Oh, excuse me, Joseph. But I’m giving you everything you’ve ever dreamed of sexually with every little hottie on your ‘wish list.’ I think it’s fair to consider our marriage ‘mutually non-monogamous’ for now,” Evelyn said with no effort in hiding the humor in her voice. “I only hope my little trysts are half as fun as yours!” Joseph groaned. There was no way around this but through it. His wife was a supremely powerful magical being with a profound ability to hold a grudge and an equally strong aversion to divorce. She was determined to make her point and work things out in their marriage, and Joseph was just going to have to find a way to survive long enough to make peace with that. For now, he was trying to come up with arguments for why Ashley should be the last woman on his list he has to ‘go through’ before Evelyn’s vindictive point could be said to have sufficiently sunk in. Eight hours was a good and long drive.



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Chapter 2: Yet a New Perspective by Xiao-renzhe
Author's Notes:

Joseph is delivered to the next stop on his strange journey. What will he learn about himself in this encounter? What new perspectives will he gain? 

(Chapter tag warning: here there be butt stuff)

Chapter 2: Yet a New Perspective

“Furthermore, and I think this is really the kicker, I have been gruesomely murdered no fewer than four times since this all began, and I just think that’s a whole helluva lot more penance than anyone else on earth and maybe hell can relate to. Don’t you think I’ve learned my lesson?” Joseph finished his indignant speech as their cross-country drive to the next ‘stop’ neared a close. Evelyn had listened and responded to his many grievances with the humor of an imp and the callous, logical rebuttals of an attorney. She was chuckling now, her eyes never leaving the road.

“First of all, I defy you to regard at least the first of your little esophageal spelunking expeditions as ‘gruesome,’ as that would imply that any part of my beautiful self is unseemly, and I would take exception to that gross mischaracterization,” Evelyn said cooly. Joseph cowed a little at the rebuff. He really hadn’t meant to insult his wife or her innards, but if he was being completely frank, his first time being swallowed was the most terrifying. He hadn’t known then he’d be coming back from it. That said, in no small way, it was also the most exhilarating.

“I’m… well, sorry, Evelyn. You’re not gruesome,” he said in a low voice. She smiled at the road.

“It’s okay, honey. I won’t count it against the legitimate aspects of your argument.”

“It’s just—" but she cut in.

Secondly,” she began, “I’ve told you time and time again that this isn’t just about punishment. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be about punishment at all, but you seem resolutely insistent to take it that way. And no, I’m not being flippant when I say that.”

“If this isn’t a punishment, then why don’t I have a choice in any of it? What’s it really about then?” He asked. Evelyn shrugged.

“There’s a difference between a harsh punishment designed to instill a sense of ‘just comeuppance’ and simple consequence. This is just cause and effect, sweetie. You don’t think you have agency in any of this? That’s because you’ve already chosen everything, and now, you’re discovering the intricate nature of your decisions. If you weren’t consciously aware that you were carefully planning and designing every aspect of this road trip when you were doing it, I can’t help that. You must not have been paying attention to what you were doing.” Evelyn’s words were so plainly matter of fact. Joseph was at a loss. Could she really think it was reasonable that he could have anticipated she would actually go so far as to shrink him, have her fun with him, and then drive him around the country to ensure many other women did too when he was just role playing online?

“It’s like what Monica said to you yesterday,” Evelyn continued. “There’s a difference between something one merely enjoys the idea of for the sake of fantasy and something one truly and deeply desires to experience. I know the difference, Joseph. What’s more, I know you. I beseech you to imagine I had told you before all this began that you could one day have the chance to experience everything you’d ever written, or role played. Just now, when I said that, what was your first instinct? Was it dread, or hope?”

Joseph considered this. He realized that as the words, ‘you could one day have the chance,’ had reached his ears, despite everything he had been through, there was a fluttering sensation in the pit of his stomach. The concept still excited him.

“Hope, I think. Yes. I… I think I’d have been really amped. I wouldn’t have believed you, but some childish part of my imagination would have wanted to,” he admitted.

“Remember that the next time you feel like you’re being punished. I’m not trying to make you miserable, my love. It’s entirely up to you if you choose to feel that way. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Add it to the list of things you need to figure out. Like what this is all really about.”

“So, it is about something?”

“Figure it out, Joseph,” Evelyn said with a sly grin. “But do so on your time. We’re pulling up on Ashley’s.” She parked on the side of the road and turned off the engine. “As it were, I don’t think you’ve made a very convincing argument as to why I should cancel the rest of the trip. I see no reason to deprive you and Ashley of the fun I’m sure you’ll both have.”

“And you really mean that don’t you? You want us to have fun?”

“I’ve never lied to you, Joseph. Now, the speech inhibition. You wanted that lifted?”


“Done. Test it out.”

“My wife discovered our chats and shrank me so you would have a chance to play them out, I can’t die unless you digest me, and even then, she’ll just resurrect me and deliver me to the next girl, so go nuts!” Joseph said experimentally. He was satisfied. He hadn’t been allowed to explain the situation to any of the women yet. “Huh. Alright then.”

“Do with that what you will,” Evelyn said. “I’ll still be writing a letter.”

With that, she reached over to the passenger seat, removed Joseph from his new box, kissed him lovingly ‘goodbye,’ replaced him, and sealed the box up tight. Smiling, Evelyn whispered something to the box, and it did as it was told. Oh, that’s perfect. She thought. She then walked Joseph over to Ashley’s front door and gently placed his box down in front of it before turning on her heel, getting back in the car, and immediately driving away. She smiled to herself as she contemplated her husband’s reaction to hearing what she’d put in this letter. The letters were her favorite part. They made her feel like a director framing a scene for her eager actors in a play. The stage was set. Action.


Ashley had her nose buried in her phone as she walked the few blocks between the bus and her house. She’d spent the day in the city and was looking forward to some rest and relaxation in her quiet, suburban home. Moving by instinct, she didn’t really need to look around to gauge where anything was, so she was surprised when she felt something hard but light bounce and skid away after being kicked as she went to enter her front door. Looking down, she saw that there was a tiny cardboard box with a letter attached to it. She’d gone and kicked it off her steps and into the garden beside.

“Whoops. What’re you?” She mumbled as she strained to fish the parcel from behind a bush below. Once retrieved, she stepped through her door and closed it behind her. Looking around, she set the box down on her countertop and walked away.

More than an hour later, after having fallen asleep, Joseph was awoken to more rough jostling. What this time? I swear she punted me a hundred feet before. Joseph thought. The turmoil continued for some time before everything became settled. All was still and silent for a while until Joseph thought he heard the faint sounds of a woman’s voice coming from the distance. He strained to listen and was able to gather most of it.

“Hey, man… yeah. I know I’ve never called you before, but I got your package and the letter said… you serious?” There was silence for a while. Joseph thought he must have misheard her, unless she was talking about another package and letter. Who could she be talking to? Surely not Evelyn. But his thoughts were interrupted when she continued. “Yeah, no, I totally understand, it’s just… pretty strange. No, no, in a good way, I think. I mean, thanks a lot for thinking of me. I guess… I don’t know. It’s nuts to think that tech exists.” There was silence a while longer, then: “you got it. Not a soul. Yeah. Okay, well. I guess I’ll… let you know how it goes! Yeah. Thanks. You, too. Bye.”

Joseph sat in silence a while with a torrent of questions spinning in his head. He hadn’t really understood that phone call at all from what he had heard. In little time, however, he was jostled around slightly. After a minute, he heard the loud sound of something gliding across the top of his box before the flaps swung open and light poured in. He squinted his eyes while they adjusted to the change. As his vision processed all the information above, his jaw dropped. It had been a while since anything had really stricken him at his new size, but he wasn’t prepared for this.

Evelyn had clearly altered the game after sealing him away. Joseph and his box were absolutely minuscule now compared to before. He estimated that he was less than a third of his former size— perhaps even smaller! He was peering up into the curious face of Ashley, and she seemed truly massive. Joseph stood up and waved to her.

“Hey, Ashley! Um. Nice to—"

“Woah, I can actually hear you a bit. Way cool,” Ashley muttered. Then she blew a gust of wind into the box, knocking Joseph onto his rear. “Heheh. Woah. You’re really tiny. This is so weird!” Joseph shook off the shock of being blown over and stood up again, dusting himself off. He was eager to explain the whole situation to Ashley so that maybe he’d be treated just a little differently than he had been on the last several occasions. A little sympathy for what he’d gone through would be nice.

“Yes, well,” Joseph began before Ashley blew on him again, putting him back on his rear. “Okay, rude!” He complained. Ashley began to giggle profusely.

“Wow. Okay, I was worried this would be freaky. But I dig it. This could be pretty fun.” Joseph was taken aback by her very casual demeanor. He supposed that everyone was different, though. He didn’t bother standing back up. There was little point if she was just going to keep blowing him down like that. “I mean. Don’t get me wrong. Still pretty uncanny. But besides your size, you’re just like a person as far as I can tell!”

“What? I am a person,” Joseph said with indignation.


“I said I am a person!” He said more loudly, realizing that he’d have to project more at this size, magic or none.

“Oh, right. Of course.”

Joseph didn’t like how this was playing out. He sensed that something was up, suspecting it had something to do with the phone call and whatever Evelyn put in her letter.

“Hey, listen, Ashley…” Joseph began, but he didn’t get to finish the thought.

“So, hey, yeah. You, like, have all Joseph’s memories, right?”

“What? You can see that It’s me, Joseph, right?”

“Hmm? Oh! Yes. So, you remember everything we’ve ever talked about?” Joseph hesitated.

“Y-yes. All the more important points. Yeah.”

“Cool. So. That in mind, this is really awesome, and I’m sure we’re going to get along great, but I already had plans tonight, and I don’t think my friends would accept ‘I’m gonna cancel because this guy I used to sext some pretty kinky shit with literally mailed me himself,’ as an excuse. So, you’re welcome to stay here or come with.” Joseph was momentarily stunned to silence. “C’mon, bud. Ride or die?” Joseph almost choked.

“Uh, I guess come with?” Ashley smiled with glee.

“Heh. Awesome. I’m gonna go get ready. You… stay fresh?” She moved away, and whatever surface Joseph’s box was on shook violently as she disappeared from his view.

“Okay. What the hell,” Joseph said to no one in particular.

He’d nearly nodded off again by the time his world once again shook. This time, his box was lifted and turned upside down. Joseph found himself free falling for a moment before he landed on a plush surface, though at his weight there wasn’t much of a bounce. Looking around, he realized he was on a massive bed. He guessed it was a king. It was truly an expansive landscape to him at this size.

“Jesus, how small did she make me?” He asked.

“Did you say, ‘how small?’ I don’t know. You look about an inch, I guess,” he heard from above. Joseph turned and looked up to see Ashley wearing her ‘going out’ clothes. The petite, slim, strawberry blonde woman was wearing a peach-colored short dress that clung revealingly close to her sleek body. His eyes grew a little wide. She looked great. “Which I think is pretty perfect. I know you’d probably have rather grown a few more inches for your fantasies, but all my favorites…” she trailed off and brought her thumb and pointer finger up and pinched them almost together, “… work better if you’re really itty bitty.” She smiled. “And you are, aren’t ya? And this dress doesn’t have any pockets, so…” she looked herself up and down and then glanced back at Joseph. She raised her eyebrows.

“Oh. Of course,” Joseph said. Ashley smiled, but then her eyes dropped, and she pulled a strange face. Almost pained.

“Okay, listen. This is still a little weird for me, so to get past that, I’m just gonna punch right through it. So. Heads or tails?”


“To determine where you’ll be riding. Heads or tails?”

“Oh. Uh, tails.”

“Heh. Okay then,” Ashley was smiling in an almost shy way now. Her cheeks were positively flushed. “Guess I’m just gonna do it.”

“Is there a coin? Wait, hey!” Joseph learned that apparently heads and tails were apparently assigned their own meanings in this situation and there would be no coin involved as he was snagged between Ashley’s thumb and forefinger and held in the air in front of her abdomen. She then hoisted up her dress with her free hand and held it up with her elbow. The same hand then went down and pulled open the front of her underwear, a cute floral set with a pink bow on the front. Joseph saw the faint outline of her mound in the darkness below. Her grip on him loosened and that darkness rushed up to meet him. She released the waist band and it snapped shut behind him. Joseph was sealed inside the hot, humid, and slightly musky confines of her panties. He slid down until he was looking face to face with the bottom of her vagina, his feet facing towards her rear. He heard giggles from above quite clearly.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this. Um. Try not to fall out, and I’ll see you when I get home!” Came her voice with nervous delight.

“Shit, wonder what ‘heads’ woulda meant,” Joseph muttered.


Things began calmly enough for Joseph trapped between soft cotton and skin. Ashley took an Uber to meet her friends. As she sat down and pressed her legs snugly together, Joseph was thankful for his now even more dramatically minuscule size for the first time. Instead of being squished uncomfortably for the ride, he ended up having a little breathing room just at the base of her ass cheeks. Though it was hot, and he couldn’t tell if he was covered in his own sweat or hers.

It wasn’t long though before she was out of the car and back on her feet, and the temperature dropped significantly. Joseph was actually getting quite the breeze in his position. He listened as she met with her friends and they lined up outside the club. He was treated to loads of gossip, and none of it concerning tiny men. At one point, a woman named Melissa asked Ashley if she’d be trying to take someone home since she had the house to herself.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna focus on my drinking tonight. I’m just trying to have a ‘me’ weekend. Get trashed with the girls,” Ashley said, seeming to cross one leg in front of the other and squeezing Joseph exactly as the words ‘me weekend’ crossed her lips.

After about ten minutes, they were in the club. Joseph couldn’t even follow the conversation anymore. The girls had to shout into each other’s ears to hear one another, and Joseph was stuck with just feeling the bass rattle his bones.

After a while, Ashley evidently decided to enter the dance floor. The temperature had been gradually rising for Joseph throughout the evening, but this was really pushing it. As she stomped and swayed to the music, Joseph actually worried he’d be somehow shaken loose from her underwear and find himself on a crowded dance floor. This didn’t sound ideal. But his worries were soon squashed.

Ashley was having a great Saturday. After several rounds of shots and cocktails, she was now happily sandwiched between two of her girlfriends on the dance floor. She was really feeling herself. She pressed her ass against the crotch of one of her friends and ground it playfully while another of her friends stood in front of her with a leg between her own. None of them had ever really ‘gone for it’ with one another, but when they got drunk and dancing like this, things got very sensual. Ashley loved the freedom. They all got to feel sexy.

Her friend Melissa wrapped her arms around her and pulled her in for an embrace, her thigh pressing snugly between Ashley’s legs as she did so. It was a light rub, but the consequences felt greater for some reason. Ashley bit her lower lip and glanced down. Oh fuck. She remembered the man in her panties. How could I forget? A strange, unfocused glint in her eyes, she looked around to see if she could get away with it but didn’t really care much. She used Melissa as a shield from view and reached a hand down like lightening and pressed firmly between her nether lips with her middle finger. She felt what she was aiming for.

“Mmmm, yes…” she moaned, but no one could hear her over the booming music of the dance floor. Melissa flashed her a questioning look, but never stopped smiling. Ashley shook her head to indicate that it was nothing. Melissa signaled that she wanted to get more drinks. Ashley assented. The fun continued.

Joseph found himself being pulled deeper by the natural bodily motions of Ashley. As she danced, walked, and changed between sitting and standing, somehow this all resulted in little rubs, shifts, clenches, and pressure changes that resulted in Joseph getting sucked further in. To an extent, he was rather relieved. Her soft, slimy walls did wonders for muffling the ambience of the world beyond him, and at his size, the bass beats had been getting really aggressive. Now, they were just dull thuds no louder than a heartbeat from the vantage point of the stomach. The vagina was usually much quieter, but he wasn’t minding the noise. It was also a relief that there was now practically no way he’d fall out of her undergarments and become lost in the chaotic club.

Joseph tried to remain relatively still but couldn’t help it when he had to adjust his limbs for comfort or to push back on the walls for some breathing room. They always responded in kind, flattening him into a pencil pose. He was much less capable of holding his own against the strong vaginal muscles at this size and they were having their way with him. He wondered if his movements were even sufficient to stimulate the giantess to whom they belonged. He considered his current predicament and decided that as far as nights out at the club went, this was actually far from his worse. For one, he wouldn’t be hungover. Secondly, he was definitely going home with a hot woman. Being hugged tightly by the strong, slick folds of her pussy, Joseph began to appreciate his situation.

Hours passed. Joseph awoke to a dramatic shift in gravity. He perked up his ears. There was no more thumping bass. He guessed Ashley had left the club, but he had no sense of how long ago that had been, nor where she might have been now. He struggled a little to get comfortable, contemplating making his way out and realized something he found a little funny. He didn’t know which way was out. He’d told Monica that the vaginal canal was a place in which he could stay oriented because it wasn’t very deep. Well. Now he was less than a quarter of the size he had been then. He realized his orientation was somewhat horizontal, so she was probably lying down, but he couldn’t remember if he had been upside down or not before he’d fallen asleep, and small as he was, he’d actually been turned around a few times since being shoved and sucked deep inside the hungry womanhood.

Ashley lied in bed and watched her ceiling jerk back and forth in quick little arcs as she experienced the spins. The second her feet left the floor when she was this drunk, they always set in. She closed her eyes tight and tried to concentrate on something else to distract from her nausea. She felt the most minuscule stirring sensation within her loins. She smiled, once again remembering what really ought not to have been forgettable. She groped clumsily for her phone and mashed her thumb on the screen a few times. It was ringing. She experienced a second of minor panic as she raised the phone to her ear, wondering if she should really do this. He answered. Too late. She was drunk, horny, and committed.

“Hey-y-y-y! I know we’ve… ‘hic!’ … never done this on the phone before. But. Ya know… special ‘casion,” she slurred. She listened to the reassuring response from the man on the other end. “M-m-m, so you’re all alone, too? Sweet. Yeah. Me too. Well. Ya know. Except for…” she reached her free hand down and gave herself a little rub. “Yeah… he’s been inside me all night. Went… went to the club. Got pretty drunk. What should I do with him?” There was a brief pause. “Heheh, okay. ‘You,’ then. What should I do with you? Mmm. Yes. Tell me what you want, little man, and I’ll do it for real. I’ll tell you all about how it feels from my end! I can already say that you feel amazing inside me!”

Joseph was only catching every few words of Ashley’s muffled, drunken growls of aroused dialog from the outside. Best he could figure was that she was on the phone with someone again. He was struggling to get out so he could get her attention, suspecting that maybe she’d somehow forgotten him in there, but when he finally figured out where the entrance was and popped his head out for the first breath of fresh air in many hours, what he heard came as quite the surprise.

“M-m-m, heheheh, looks like you want out? Oh? You don’t? You don’t know what you want? Well then I’d better show you,” Ashley said, apparently to the person on the other end of her phone call. Before he could question anything, however, he was hit hard and fast by something large and rather unforgiving. He hadn’t seen nor heard it coming, but he was shoved right back from whence he came by her dildo. He heard her moan as he was plunged back within her. It wasn’t just one jab, however. He was hit a few more times and pushed deeper and deeper inside. Joseph could vaguely hear Ashley’s words, but it was entirely secondary to the bombardment.

Eventually, the shoves came so hard and fast that he was pushed slightly beyond the repetitive reach of the toy, and just held on for dear life as Ashley worked herself up to what she considered a ‘pretty good for being wasted’ orgasm, which is to say; she was satisfied she’d managed to get there at all. She calmed down and caught her breath, her head just a tad clearer than it had been when she’d gotten home. It had taken a while, and the man on the phone describing what ‘he’ was going through inside her helped more than the actual struggles from within. She slid the toy out of herself and brought it up for inspection. Joseph was stuck to it, his minuscule body plastered to it with her sticky juices right below the tip.

“Hah! Oh my god. He’s stuck to the dildo!” She shouted into her phone. “I mean… you’re stuck. M-m-m, is it your turn? What do you say?” A brief pause. “Oh? Just a taste? Alrighty then. C’mere little man!” Before Joseph had a chance to regain full awareness of his situation, the dildo, along with Joseph, was roughly stuffed inside Ashley’s mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip, knocking him loose quickly. He was separated from the toy and stuffed inside her cheek by the tongue.

“Ugh, we tasth gra!” She lisped through the mouthful of man and silicon. She made quite the audible show of moaning and complimenting Joseph’s flavor and the feelings he was giving her for the man on the phone. She described how he struggled. In truth, Joseph was limp as a dead fish. He had no fight left to give. He was simply along for the ride while she rolled him around and tossed him from cheek to cheek, occasionally flattening him against the roof of her mouth while she swallowed excess saliva. Joseph had discovered since being small that one could make being swallowed more difficult, but one could not ultimately prevent it once they were inside a mouth. All they could do, really, was escalate the necessary force to be subdued at an increased risk to themselves. What was more, he’d discovered that before he’d been made even smaller. As he was now, Ashley’s mouth was like a bouncy house that sucked and smushed him with deliberate intent. His ears popped frequently from the suction and he was so covered in sticky, thick saliva that he kept his eyes shut, and only got a good breath in on occasion.

She kept this up for a while before the man on the line got her attention again.

“Yesh, I’d do it. I’d wallow wight now,” she confessed to the unheard question. Joseph braced himself expectedly. She may as well. This is nuts. He thought. But then, he was suddenly spit out into her right hand. “Oh-h-h, yes. I remember,” Ashley said. She paused to listen again for a little over a minute. “You really want that? No, no! I’m down. Just… would you really want that?!” Now she was staring at Joseph as if she expected him to somehow know the answer. “Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll text you how it feels. Yes. Okay. I’ll call you back next time I’m ‘alone,’ if any time this week is good for you. Okay. Bye, little man. Loved how you felt tonight. Can’t wait for more!” She hung up.

Ashley looked at the exhausted, battered and sticky lump of a man in the palm of her hand, a mysterious glow in her tired eyes. She dumped him onto the mattress and leapt out of bed, ditching the dress and bra she was still wearing as she stumbled into the bathroom. She was gone a while and Joseph heard running water. After a while, she returned, satisfied to find Joseph right where she had left him. He was too tired to move and had no desire to flee.

Ashley wasted no time taunting or even telling. She scooped up Joseph with her right hand, as her left held something small concealed in the palm. She leaned forward onto the bed and spread her cheeks wide. She quickly guided Joseph right to the intended destination, stuffing him swiftly into her evidently pre-lubricated butthole. He glided noiselessly and easily headfirst into the sphincter. Ashley’s eyes were closed, and she smiled contentedly at the sensation while her fingers guided him deeper. Once she was satisfied with his position in her freshly cleaned anus, she looked at the object in her left hand. Dripping with lube was a small, golden butt plug. She reached around back again with it and groaned pleasurably as it stretched her tight ass before stopping snugly in place. She gave herself a playful smack on the ass, incredibly satisfied that there was a man trapped in there.

Ashley plopped back onto the bed and got comfy before grabbing her phone again and firing off one last text before she settled down to sleep.

Joseph, meanwhile, was at a total loss. Sure, her ass was pretty clean and not too offensive, and he had done this before, but he never imagined that being used and attended to so thoroughly could feel so callous and neglectful. Sure, Ashley had always been a bit of a cold dom during all their role plays, but she’d always been a good dom. She had communicated, established boundaries, tended to his needs as well as her own, and made sure to wind down appropriately and untangle the roles once they were done. He had expected to be treated a little roughly by the woman, but this shocked him. She hadn’t had a single proper conversation with him since he had arrived and now that she was done with him, she was leaving him to sleep it off in her ass?

What was worst of all was that it appeared to Joseph that she was actually taking care of someone else’s needs at his expense. If he had understood correctly, he was now inside her rectum at the whim of the man from her phone call. Why did that guy intervene when she was gonna swallow me? I’d rather have just gotten this particular encounter over and done with. Joseph was too tired and overwhelmed to sort it all out, but the experience so far had left him feeling dejected and used up. While he and Ashley had often played out very similar fantasies to what he was currently experiencing, at least then she had been playing it because she had known he had wanted it. How could she be sure now that Joseph was on board when she hadn’t checked in with him a single time since going out earlier that night?

Joseph shrugged, feeling deflated and defeated. He resolved to get Ashley’s attention and demand a civilized conversation the next morning. For now, he simply let himself be lulled off to sleep within the snug, slimy walls around him. He dreamt of nothing.

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