A Summer Broken by Idealworld

There's nothing worse than being grounded during summer. Summer is a time for friends and fun, but not for John. John is serving the sentence, a semi-new fad adopted by schools around the nation. The participant is shrunk and forced to occupy a cage. A little free time isn't too bad, Right? Johns about to find that desires can't always be ignored, and the consequences for having these desires might just cost him his sanity. 


This story inspired by the legendary masterpiece called A Summer Stolen by Badguy; if you haven't read it, ignore this one and read that one because I promise you it will be much better. 

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The Awakening by Idealworld
Author's Notes:

Welcome, kick back, and relax. This is pretty much inspired by the first chapter in Summer stolen, but I plan to depart after this chapter and go my own way, so if you enjoy and have any criticism or comments, let me know. 

I open my eyes, head-spinning, an after effect of the shrinking procedure. Some time in my dull existence, I took a nap.  I looked around the empty room, which was no better than a hamster cage—the blank walls staring back at me. A giant window in the front of the room gave me a view of the giant mudroom outside. This huge cage has become my dwellings for the summer; in the vast expanse of the mudroom, I see the familiar sights of the abandoned and discarded mounds of my family’s footwear; they littered the ground around my cage. It’s only been two weeks; I bang my head on my bed frame in frustration. 

I was good at school; it’s just been this last year that my grades have been slipping. Everyone knows what happens when grades fall nowadays; it’s the same treatment that prisoners get. Shrinking was the new fad that most schools and, ironically, prisons have adopted, showing an increased average GPA after a sentence. It was beginning to make sense why no one would ever want to do this again; my entire existence has been staring at my family’s day-to-day activities or staring at the walls of the cage. I suppose some part of me should be grateful as if a in house sentence wasn’t bad enough,  I could be in summer school; all I know is the urban legends about what goes on during summer school,  and none of them are good. According to some of the things whispered from the grapevines, students who go through summer school endure three weeks of hell. It probably shouldn’t even be legal; I’m talking water torture stuff, shoe entrapment, salvia torture, hell I’ve heard someone say they got put up Mrs.Pepper’s ass for the entire three weeks, not that I wouldn’t mind that compared to this cage. Fortunately, my mom decided a while back that me and my siblings would be better suited for in-house punishment. 

 Now I spend my days in a prison-issued to every shrinky, not in summer school, not that it was a mansion or anything. The room that occupied the cage was gray and sterile, having only three floors, windows on every floor, except the bottom, the bottom being more of a traditional pen having bars and a lock be the only thing that separated a shrinky from the outside world. Now heading out into the house or the world might sound like a good escape. The shrinking made the participant more sturdy, able to withstand more pressure than an average human can. Frankly, the invincibility from the process is probably the only reason this process is legal. Escaping might sound like a good idea, but this would most likely be a death sentence; being one-fourth of an inch tall, a deep enough puddle could kill me and has killed shrinkys before. If someone was brave enough or stupid enough to wander around the house for the first two weeks, it’s normal for people to suffer from headaches and hormone changes; yours truly suffers from both; it was something about the body adjusting to the new perspective. These headaches during the adjustment periods make it very dangerous for a shrinky to leave their cage for long periods of time.

I hear the crashing sound of the patio door, and suddenly the towering form of my mother walks into the mudroom.  My mother Caroline was wearing her cardigan over her scrubs, brushing her blonde hair out of her face. She stomps over to my cage and looks down at me. “How are you doing, John?” My mother says I can see what looks like pity flash across her face. I grab my headset, the headset multiples a shrinky’s voice, making it easily perceived by human ears. I sneer, “Oh, you know how it is, being a quarter of an inch tall in a cage is a riveting experience.”,  “Honey, I didn’t want this; you had an ample amount of opportunity to tighten up your schoolwork.”, “This isn’t great for me either you can’t even help around the house, I can only hope that this works better than it did for your brother.” “Do you know what it’s like to have every one of my kids have to do the sentence,” My mom says shaking her head, rubbing her temples. “Ashley only had to do Anthony, and she made him give her a pedicure every week; imagine having to climb a foot that size just to paint some nails, John, be a little grateful .” My mother lectures. Mrs.Yang is what I know Ashely as she was one of my mom’s friends, she’s a teacher that teaches at my school, She’s unbelievably strict on her kids, I hate to imagine the punishment that Anthony had to suffer through or the fact that Mrs.Li seems to take joy in torturing shrinkies. My mother, on the other hand, naturally being a logic-based person, saw the data and decided that the punishment would be a good motivator alone. My mother couldn’t hurt a fly, though Mrs.Li would gladly rip its wings out.

 “Brook straightened out really well; I hope you take after her.” Caroline scolds. “Yeah, we all know Brook is a well-functioning member of society,” I laugh. “Enough, We’re not discussing this,  I’m tired, and my feet are killing me goodnight.” Caroline storms off her footfalls shook my prison, and her bare footsteps were making squelching sounds as they walked into the kitchen. I spy my mom’s abandoned pumps, their sweet vinegary smell crawling from the pumps into my cage; I am reminded of how I got in this situation, to begin with. 

Something has awakened inside me since the beginning of this school year. All of my teachers were females; while not all were supermodels of sorts, they all carried the same trait, feet. My teachers seemed like they were torturing me, playing with the shoes, kicking their feet up during tests. It was too much for me; all I could do was stare. I imagined their soles pumping my cock; I imagined them gigantic looming above me, their soles becoming an ocean of wrinkles; I imagined them crushing me, stomping me, squeezing me. Now I never imagined my family members in any of my fantasies, but the combination of a lot of free time and no social life have left me feeling pent up. There just feet; after all, they don’t have to be my family’s, right? If these urges weren’t enough, many nights I have been haunted by dreams of being trapped inside my sister’s shoes, her laughing as her sock-covered foot lowered onto me. Dreams of my mother’s colossal mouth swallowing my minuscule form whole; even having my brother has joined some of my fevered dreams as he towers above me. I usually awake in a cold sweat with an unwanted hardness in my groin. 


 As much as It nauseates me, being forced to have my home by the abandoned footwears of my gigantic family, this urge inside of me keeps me from asking to move the cage. My mother’s shoe leathery, twangy smell rose to meet my cage, and I began my almost nightly routine. I travel to the bottom of my cell; the abandoned pumps far below begged me to jump to them. Was I going to? No. Was I going to ask my mom to move them? No. Though I truly feel ashamed that I am on the bottom floor right now or the fact that this is the third night in a row, I am here; Something inside me pulls me here.  I know that Caroline doesn’t try to torture me like this, but sometimes in my fevered dreams, I wonder if a bit of her knows the torture she inflicts on me. I sigh, wondering how I got to this point in my life. My nostrils flared, taking in as much of the smell as I can, as my cock roared to life almost as if it was meeting the stench of my mother’s feet head-on, and a strange excitement rose in my gut. What if I jump?  I could make it. I’m invincible, right? What if someone comes? How would I get back? Disappointed and disgusted at myself. Regret rushes through my mind as I walk back to my bedroom, feeling the guilt of even considering indulging. It was going to be a long summer.

End Notes:

He said it. He said the line.  

The Temptation by Idealworld

I open my eyes as the orange flares of the sun shined through the windows of the mudroom, seeping through my cage windows, basking my body in its heat. I get up to see my erection staring up at me. I had another vinegar foot smell-fueled dream last night to much of my disgust.  I begin to hear a familiar shaking making my bare feet vibrate; this usually signaled an approaching family member. Out in the mudroom, I see two pink mountain size slippers in the distance.  I hear the thundering voice of my mother, Caroline. “You ready to get up John, I have to leave soon for work.” “Yeah, mom, just a second,” I say. I grab my headset, and in the distance, I see her pull out her house size foot from her slipper, her pale foot adorned with red nail polish and itched her shin.”Wow,” I say to myself. “What was that, hon?” Carolyn says. 

“Nothing, mom,” I blurt out, turning bright red as I had forgotten that I had my headset on. I see my mother slide her foot back into her slipper and begin walking my way, her footsteps shaking my cage. I see her Imax size face slide into my window, taking up all of my view.  When shrunk, you see the world from a completely different perspective; you begin to the dents and blemishes unseen to the human eye. I see her car size fingers gracefully open my cage. “Mom, wait, I’m naked,” I shout above. “Sorry, hon, but it’s not like there’s anything down there I haven’t seen before, not that I can even see anything down there,” my mom laughs to herself. 

I throw on my shorts in a rush as my mom’s red adorned fingernails breach into my room. Her fingers wrap around my hips, making me wince, unprepared for contact as she proceeds to drag me from my cell. “Honey, I need to get going,” my mom nonchalantly sighs. Bringing me through my door, she proceeds to lift me to her face. I see two giant supple lips heading towards me as my upper body collides with the pillowy, wet flesh. “Muuuuha,” My mom makes a kissing sound, seemingly unaware of the growing erection she just kissed. Images of my cock disappearing between her giant lips that just slobbered my body flash through my mind. “Knock it off,” I say to myself, shaking my head. Good morning sweetie, sorry I was grumpy last night. I understand you’re upset, but try to imagine it as a bit of vacation,” My mom chirps, seemingly completely unaware of my disdain. “Brook will be watching out for you today,” my mom said, forcing a smile. Her teeth had a slight coffee stain, but they were arranged perfectly.  “Brook, are you serious? Why can’t Blake?  At least He doesn’t torture me more as is,” I groan. “Honey, Blake has football practice, and to be fair, you put her through a lot when she shrank.” My mom was right; I made Brooks’s life a living hell when she had her sentence. 

My mother brought me to the kitchen table where Blake and Brook sat. The smell of eggs permeated the room. My mouth began to water; being shrunk had its benefits as every one of my senses were kicked up to 11. “Hey, twerp,” Brook says, not looking up from her phone. Blake looks up from his phone and nods at mom and presumingly me. Mom sets me where my chair once was; now it’s just space for me to eat now. Blake and Brook are both returning from college for the summer. They are twins and two years older than me. All my life, it felt like it was me versus them as they always had an unspoken bond. Though Blake let up on me in the later years, I was always the runt of the litter, trying to catch up to them.  My mom walks over to the oven and grabs a piece of egg, and toss it in her mouth; Images of falling into that cavern fills my mind. Shaking it off, I look at Carolyn heading in my direction. “Here you go, honey, eat up.” My mom drops a small plate of egg pieces and crumbs of toast in front of me. I jump on it and begin shoving food into my mouth. 

My mother turned around so that her back was facing me. I observed her building-size ass in pair of leggings in front of me. Images of being lost in the sea of those pants flash, making my shorts twinge. My mother was the cliche blonde mom; while she is quite intelligent, she has gained a few pounds in her forties; with growing a stomach, she also has had some growth in her hindquarters. Brook was almost identical to my mother, but she was taller and having a more athletic body, having gained our father’s black hair and tan skin. Blake was like a guy version of Brook. He’s muscular, tan, and tall; quite honestly, it looked like Blake was ripped off a cover of a magazine.  “Alright, kids, be good. I’m working another night shift, so I won’t be home until late,” Carolyn says. Both Blake and Brook nodded their heads without looking up. My mom is a nurse, so she worked very irregular hours. When my mom gets home after a night shift, a bomb could go off, and she wouldn’t notice.

 Carolyn rushed to the mudroom, and I heard the door slam shut.  I continued to eat my food as I see brook get up to get what I presume is to get more eggs. I hear the door open, and my mother’s voice yells in. “Oh yeah, Aunt Donna will be staying over. She’ll be in your room, John!” Then I hear the door shut. “Oh, man, I bet she is going to destroy that room, John,” Brook says.
“You know how nasty Aunt Donna farts are, Almost as bad as this.” Brook throws her ass back and pulls down her pajama pants, exposing her two bare moon-sized cheeks. The tan cheeks spread, and I am greeted by her backdoor bulging open. While she didn’t have the milf weight of my mom, her ass was by no means small. Brook grunts and lets out an earthquake size fart. The toxic gas washes over me, and I start hacking a lung. “Gross Brook at the table?” “ I’m out; sorry, John, you are on your own,” Blake says, fanning his face as he gets up and leaves. Brook pulls up her pajamas and turns to face me as I am left on my back with a hard-on bulging in my shorts.” what the fuck, Brook” I shout. Brook giggles like a madwoman “cmon, John, we know that you’d be snorting it if it was Maya who ripped one on you; after all, your just a little butt bug now.” She says, her voice degrading into a more sinister tone. Maya was my girlfriend that I haven’t seen since the beginning of the sentence.

“It’s just you and me today, bug; whatever shall we do?” Brook says.  “How bout you leave me in the cage?” I ask sarcastically. I shove a piece of egg in my mouth and realize that the stench of ass has tainted it. I hold back a gag, not giving Brook any ammunition. Brook puts her hand to her chin and makes a thinking face. “No, I have a better idea.” Brook puts out her hand, and her palm surrounds me and leaves me in darkness. I am treated to the world’s worse roller coaster as I am thrown around Brook’s clammy palms. My naked back and chest know that this is a touch of another person. In my pent-up dismay, my cock begins to grow hard as l slide upwards against the clammy wall of flesh.  Suddenly I am treated to the outside light as I am sent hurtling through the air. I scream and close my eyes and lift my hands up, bracing for impact. I slam into a floor of fabric. I groan In pain and lookup, and I see that I am on Brooks’s bed. I look up and see brook standing above me. “You’re going to chill in bed with me until Rebbeca heads over, bug,” Brook says, turning around giving me a view of her ass. She then drops her massive body weight. I am thrown back as the shockwave ripples through the bed.

 “There we go,” Brook says, stretching out her legs pushing her tan feet towards my form. Her feet towered above me. I doubt that if she didn’t know I was here, she would have never been able to find me.  “ Do you like my nails?” Brook says with a sly smile. High above, She flexes her toes, flashing her pink nails at me, the wrinkles of her tan soles rippling. My heart starts trying to beat out of my chest as I try to decide what answer could quickly get me out of this situation. “They’re okay,” I stammer out. “Okay, just okay?”, “John, I am goddamn beautiful every part of me.” ”Perhaps you need a better look?”  Brook says as she drops her toes on me. I grunt as the air is knocked out of me as Brook’s meaty appendages rested on me and my rigid member “ Like what you see, John?” Brook starts to flex her toes, bashing me, and unknown to her, my hard cock with her pink adorn toes. There was a slight cheesy smell to her feet. She must not have taken a shower yet. Her ripe toes bashed into my body, making me groan in pain and pleasure. It doesn’t matter that this is my sister. My body knows this is a foot touching me, and my cock was the hardest I’ve felt in a long time. I try punching at the doughy flesh in defense.“Brook, stop, knock it off,” I shout at her. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to hold it any longer, Brook laughs, and she pulls her toes away. “Jeez, bug, I was only kidding.” I try to hide my boner, but I realize that it would only draw attention to it. “Okay, bug, you chill there while I relax. Brook pulls her legs up to her body and twists her body to the side. I am given I solid view of her soles and her ass.

“Quit starin weirdo,” Brook says, turning her head to me. I quickly look down and try to calm my racing heart and my aching cock. “We have a few hours until Jaz gets here.” ” But believe me, you don’t want to be here. When she gets here, you should’ve heard what she did to the last person she met shrunk.” Brook made a drinking hand movement and then pointed to her ass and made an implied dropping movement. “Yeah, Jaz is crazy like that,” I say. The next few hours are filled with brook scrolling on her phone and watching lame videos. I am left with my thought; I occasionally look at Brook’s massive form. I would be lying if my gaze didn’t wander to some less than appropriate spots. I imagine what it would be like to rub my naked form on her feet. A wrinkle on her sole could probably take my entire length in, or what it would be like to be dropped in the ocean of ass that was contained her pajama pants. I shake my head in disgust. This was my sister of all people. I begin to hear snoring, and I realize that Brook has fallen asleep. 

My heart starts beating fast. I feel a strange pull in my body towards the house size feet. No, I can’t, I can’t, but my body wants what it wants. My brain was screaming danger. I decide to walk towards them, the smell increasing with each step and my once flaccid cock returned to full erection. I reach Brooks’s foot at least six times my height. I put my hand on the wrinkly sole her skin was much like her palm. Her foot was soaked in sweat as I pull my hand away, and a light layer of sweat came with it.”Wow,” I say to myself. Regret flashed through my mind, gross, this was my sister; I can’t; I need to stop. I couldn’t not yet. I feel my hand reach into my shorts; for a moment, I think about taking it out and rubbing it into the doughy sole. I start stroking my cock with my sister’s foot sweat, inhaling my sister’s cheesy foot smell. Okay, maybe a little touching. I need to know what it feels like. I feel a headache rip through my mind making me stagger back. “No, not now, come on,” I groan. I try to fight through it.

Just then, a loud ringing rips through the house, making me cringe in pain. I fall to my knees. Brook sits up dazed from her nap, obviously not expecting to have fallen asleep. Her eyes meet mine, and for a second, I thought she saw what I was doing. “You okay?”Brook asks, seemingly concerned. “Headache” Is all I can grunt out. “Oh well, good thing Jaz is here, sorry John, free time is over, time for your cage.” Her hand outstretched and enveloped me, and I am once again trapped in darkness. The darkness helped ease my crying mind. After a few minutes of the sickening clammy roller coaster, I am put back in my cage. Brook stomps over to The door and opens it, and I see Jaz walk through the door. Jaz was Brooks’s childhood friend, so we’ve known each other for a long time. She was a short dark skin nerdy girl, always very interested in school but was very boy crazy. I would be lying if I didn’t have a crush on her at one point of knowing her, though I had a much bigger crush on her mom Denise. The squeal of girls ripples through the room as Brook and Jaz excitedly exchanging fast pace greetings and gossip.”Who’s in the cage,” Jaz says, pointing in my direction. “John got the sentence,” Brook says, trying to hold back a laugh. Jaz slowly walks towards my direction and pops a squat.

 “Can we take him out?” Jaz asks inquisitively; her ebony skin seemed to suck in my focus. My sister shakes her head. “No, he’s having one of them shrinking migraines or somethin,” Brook says.  “Well, maybe next time it’s been a long time, John, we’ll definitely have to get more acquainted,” Jaz says, winking at me. “Weird,” Brook says, rolling her eyes. I stammer, unable to respond. “Cmon, let’s leave the loser and go hang out,” Brook says. Jaz nods her head in agreement and gets up, and leaves. I am left alone. I see Jaz sneakers on the floor, and  I imagine the smells that could be coming from them, but I am unable to find out. My headache fights for me to lie down and rest, so that’s what I do. The rest of the day is relatively uneventful as I powered through my headache. Brook and Jaz hang out in the room until around dinner time. Brook feeds me and heads upstairs for the night;  I don’t remember seeing Jaz leave. I lay down and close my eyes, ready for this day to end.


I am rustle awake as my eyes adjust to the light. I see the lumbering form of my mother, Carolyn. She stomps towards my cage, and I see her kick off her shoes. The discarded behemoths make a loud dropping sound making my cage vibrate.  My mother takes a few dizzy steps towards the kitchen, and I hear her head up the stairs. I sit up and realize that my headache is gone. I put my shorts on and head out, wanting to make up for not seeing Jaz. I begin my nightly routine; I walk down to my cage’s stairs and head to the bottom of my cage. The familiar leathery smells drift through the floor. I realize that Brook hadn’t properly locked the cell. I think just for a moment to call someone down and have them lock it, but reality hits, and I take a step out into the cool night.

End Notes:

John this is not going to go the way you think. Thanks for reading. 

The Fall by Idealworld
Author's Notes:

Leave any ideas or wants if you enjoy the story. 

Silence. It’s strange how in a house full of people, the noise can die so quickly. Perhaps It’s just the nature of humans to remain silent at night, for we do not know what lurks in the night, let alone what their intentions are. My intentions were not so pure, so the silence befits me. As I step out of my cage, I see from moonlight seeping through the windows my target, my prey. My mother’s abandoned flat was flayed on its side. I continue my walk to her shoes with every step; my doubt is ripped apart. I needed this. I tell myself it’s just a shoe doesn’t have to be my mother’s. 

I walk to the giant shoe. I never noticed it before, but my mother’s foot must have been bigger than Brook’s as this shoe was giant. The stench that I’ve been huffing for the past few days was nothing compared to this, The raw source. It almost made me drop to my knees. It was like a completely different atmosphere down here. The air was laced with my mother’s smell, and inside there was still warmth in the air evidence of the shoe’s owner, still fresh. A shiver travels down my spine as I feel my cock harden. I look up, and I see the murky footprint of my mother, almost as an ominous warning for what is to come. The flat’s insole has completely melded to the shape of my mother’s foot; this footprint alone dwarfed me like some colossal ancient skeleton of the abuse my mother put these flats through. No, not my mother. It doesn’t have to be my mother’s; the shoes could be anyone’s, and the giant shadowy footprint could belong to anyone. I put my hand to the footprint and feel it sink in.  I imagine someones foot’s doughy skin enveloping me, punishing me. I put my hand to my mouth and lick the salty vinegary the after taste of foot fills my mouth. “Fuck me,” I whisper to myself.  The pure musty smell of foot dwarfed the natural leathery aroma, and there was a twinge of perfume hidden deep in the flat. I whip out my cock and begin rubbing it into the stinky insole. Moaning, I licked the insole. Not yet I need to go deeper. 

I continue my stroll through the flat, observing the dirt and pebbles completely embedded into the insole. I imagine a barefoot sliding in the flat pushing my skull into the sole of the shoe; I moan in pleasure. The deeper I go in the shoe, the thicker the air gets; it begins to feel like a boiler room, the smell of vinegary becoming potent. I began to taste foot just from the air here.  I reach where I want to be. I see the murky shape of the ball of the footprint and the five circles that belonged to her toes. Throwing away all inhibition, I begin humping the rough insole imagining a gigantic foot joining me in the shoe. “What do we have here,” the voice in my mind said. “ A little pervert in my shoe.” The voice spits out full of hate. I moan, increasing the speed, making out with the tiny bit of the giant toe print. The dirt and muck wash through my mouth, giving me a sour, salty dirt taste. “That’s right, bug hump, hump like that’s all your good for, after all, it is,” The voice says. 

“Yes, yes, yes.” I moan. “Fuck yes.” My cock was touching the insole where a real person’s foot has been. My cock was pushing into the insole, almost like the insole was accepting it in. “Little buggy, you getting close?” The voice sang. “Yes!” I shout. The sensory overload was beginning to be too much, the miasma of foot, the voice in my mind, the insole. I feel my cock numbing as I approach the point of no return. Suddenly the voice changes resembling a familiar tone. “John, what are you doing here? What are you doing, after all I’ve done for you.” I hear the voice of my mother. “Wha-” I say, but It was too late. I shoot multiple loads onto my mother’s insole, staining it. I continue to hump, riding out my orgasm, offering up all my seed to the hungry insole. Almost immediately, the insole seems to accept the offering as my seed soaks into the toe print, disappearing. After the high comes down, the voices disappear, receding to whatever part of my subconscious they crawled out of. The realization hits me. I just humped my mother’s insole; the realization hits me. “What the fuck is wrong with me.” I sit down for a moment, trying to reconcile with the sin I had just committed. Disgust fills my bones; I want to give up right here. Just let whatever punishment god sees fit happen. I feel something else rising to the top of my broken psyche, a darker, more angry source. This bitch put me in a cage for two weeks with no access to the internet. This was all my mother’s fault; I didn’t make her shrink me. Also, this was  Brook’s fault; she didn’t need to torture me this morning. My urge was this entire stupid family’s fault, not mine. I didn’t put their shoes there; I didn’t ask for this urge. I hope this bitch likes stepping in, baby batter, the darker voice rips through my mind.  I get up and realize that I am already hard again; my hormones were all discombobulated. My urge has to be the shrinking’s fault. 

I begin my walk back through my mother’s flat, knowing every excuse in the world couldn’t change the fact that something has changed inside me. I wanted more, and I didn’t know where I was going to stop to get it. I stop; my worse fear realized. Footsteps, someone is close. There was no way I would be able to make it back to my cage in time. I decide that I don’t want to end up underneath someone’s half-awake foot. I’d wait here. The footsteps begin to get louder, and then I see who was sneaking around. The ebony form of Jaz walks through the door frame. She was wearing a black shirt that barely contained her breasts and green pajama pants. Jaz must have spent the night over with Brook. “John?”, “ are you up?” Jaz walks to my cage, tapping on it. This situation was now going to top my previous record for the most embarrassing thing that has ever happen to me; The previous record was nutting into my mother’s shoe. Now I was going to be caught by my childhood crush nutting in my mother’s shoe. “ Think, John, think!” I shout to myself. 

 Jaz squats down and looks at the cage. I see her delicate fingers grasp my tiny door and open and close it. I knew that it wouldn’t be hard to put two and two together; the question became, do I just give up. I crawl quietly to the opening of my mom’s flat. I see Jaz look in the direction of the flat. For a moment, I thought our eyes met. I see Jaz bend over, picking up something off the ground. I squint, trying to see what it was, my discarded shirt. It appears that in my infinite wisdom, I left a trail of abandoned shrunken articles leading straight to my mother’s shoe. I facepalm. In a last-ditch effort, I run deeper into my mother’s flat, fearing whatever confrontation with Jaz would entail. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I whisper to myself. I push myself against the wall of my mom’s flat and hold my breath all the good that would do. I hear muffled footsteps getting louder and louder, my heart racing. A drop of sweat dripped off my brow; I didn’t know whether it was mine or my mother’s foot. Suddenly the noise stops. I wait seeing if it was possible. Was I really going to get away with this? I crawl out of the toe section,  my body resting on the last bit of my mom’s shoe. I found comfort in it, like a child unwilling to let go of their mother. I peer around the room to see if Jaz was still there. The bare mudroom greeted me as the room was basked in the pale moonlight. I take a step out from the shoe, but I hear a sound behind me; I flip around to see what it was. 


“There’s Johnny.” I hear Jaz’s voice above, and I look up and see five ebony fingers outstretched towards me. 

End Notes:

Girl, what you doin trying to jumpscare like that. 


Thanks for reading. My main goal for this chapter was to show how close to the edge of sanity our main character is. I tried using random voices and short sentences to show rapid and scattered thoughts. It might have put some people off, so I apologize. Let me know, leave any suggestions or improvements.

The Depths of Amusement by Idealworld
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Hope you enjoy.

“Let’s try that again; what were you doing in there, John,” Jaz says, her massive face towering over me as I sit in her palm. Jaz had grabbed my headset when she found me, so I am able to communicate with her. “ You see, there was a bug in the shoe, and I had to get it out, so I chased it out,” I say, trying my fourth lie in a row. “Okay, and how’s that any different than the weird cleaning story.” Jaz looks at me inquisitively. I shrug my shoulder, unable to look her in the eyes. “ You were naked in there, John,” Jaz says. “Speaking of which, can I grab some clothes if you’re going to keep interrogating me,” I say, pointing towards my cage. Jaz ignores my comment shaking her head. “I’m going to tape you down naked Jesus style in Carolyn’s shoe and leave you if you don’t tell me right now,” Jaz says, bring her face closer to me.  “Why do you want to know,” I shout. Tears begin filling my eyes. Jaz stops a moment, almost like she’s trying to think of a lie. “ I need you to be honest before I can,” Jaz says dryly. I shrug silently. How was I going to be able to admit what I had done to Jaz If I can’t even admit to deed myself? 

“Fiiine If you won’t talk, then I’ll let your body do the talking,” I see Jaz’s other hand head in my direction. I put my hands up in defense, but I feel her fingers wrap around my leg. I am lifted up by her ebony fingers, hanging me by my legs as Jaz sits on the ground, shaking my entire body within her fingertips when her bottom touched the floor. Jaz brings me to her feet and drops me down between them. Jaz’s feet didn’t smell nearly as bad as a freshly worked pair of work shoes, but the scent and heat coming off of them made me instantly lock up. Her pale soles were decorated by many wrinkles, which came and dispersed as she wiggled her toes. Jaz’s dark toes were adorned with blue nail polish. “You ready to talk, little dude?” Jaz says. After a moment of silence, she assumes I’m not going to talk, not that she’s wrong. I see her soles began to grow in size as they slide towards me. “One,” Jaz says coldly. I looked up in fear, unable to calm my growing hard-on. Her soles slid closer, the balls of her feet collided into each other behind me, cornering me.  Bits of dirt and dust flew  down on me as Jaz wiggled her toes. . “Two.” I tried to make a break towards Jaz’s toes, trying to escape this trap. “Three.” 

Jaz’s soles slam into each other, smashing me between two walls of smelly doughy foot flesh. I grunt in pain. Jaz begins to rub her soles together, causing me to be rubbed along with them. Between the hot soles, I moan as a wrinkle appears a and my hard cock is pressed into the flesh, taken in by a single wrinkle. I cry out in pain as the friction from rubbing  Jaz’s two soles was crushing my cock into the wrinkle. Just as quickly as the wrinkle appears, it disappears, making me grunt in frustration.  “Ready to talk?” Jaz asks, staring down at me. Her eyes have a strange spark in them. “Please no more.” I cry. I hear a strange noise, almost as if something wet was being squished. I peek out from Jaz’s feet and see her with her hand in her pants, presumably touching herself. “Her skin, while soft obviously well lotioned, felt like they were trying to rip my member off. Her soles shift upwards, and I wince in pain and pleasure as my cock and my family jewels are stretched and crushed against her meaty soles. I shout up at her, “You’re hurting me!” Jaz looks down at me, frustrated that I interrupted her flow. “Okay, you sick fuck, but you owe me.” 

Jaz makes a grumbling noise in the back of her throat, and I realize what she was doing. Jaz spits between her soles, covering both me and her massive soles.  Jaz continues to rub her soles together, making sure to obnoxiously finger herself while doing so. My cock is rubbed in multiple directions as the now lubricated doughy skin plays with me as though I was putty. I feel my loins go numb as I slide around between her soles. I hump against her soles, and a wet wrinkle takes in my full length was again. I put my hand against the wrinkle, trying to keep my dick inside it. I hump into the crease of foot skin, and I groan, seemingly unable to take it anymore. I shoot three messy loads into the warm moist skin. Jaz continues rubbing me between her soles until I yell up at her. “I’m done!” “I’m done!” Jaz suddenly pulls away her soles. “I knew it.” She says. You were getting dirty in your mom’s shoe; I always knew there was something strange about you.” I lay defeated as Jaz soles hanged over me, almost like they are mocking me for giving in so quickly. Tears fill my eyes as I shout up at her. “Why do you care so much!”  Jaz stops, almost as if she is pondering for a moment. “Let’s just say You and I have similar interests.”, “You like being tiny; I find it hot as fuck that you are a tiny who likes this shit,”  Jaz says. “Don’t get me wrong; I don’t find you attractive as a person; you are a little too young and not enough height if you know what I mean.” I stare up, dumbfounded. This was the strangest way I heard a girl tell me I was unattractive.”You still don’t get how rare you are, do you?” Jaz says, bringing her face closer to my form. “Guys act like they can handle it, the sheer size difference,” Jaz says, pointing to her body. “But they can’t, their fear gets the better of them, and pretty much lose their mind and just give up on the fun, but the fact that there is some jizz on my feet, and your mom is going to be walking around in your spunk tells me that you aren’t like them.”  Jaz lets out a sigh of relief. “That’s just messed up, little dude,” Jaz giggles. “What do you want from me,” I ask, more confused than I started. “I want more of that,”Jaz says, pointing to her feet. “ Your pervy ass being around big people, little dude. 

You know what I think we’re going to start today, Or tonight should I say.” Jaz laughs, outstretching her hand towards me. Her ebony fingers envelop me; my tired cock rested upon her giant ring finger; if I hadn’t nutted twice in an hour, I might’ve gotten hard again. Jaz brings me up to her face. “What would you say to getting some booty tonight, you little perv.”  I look at her in confusion. Did I find Jaz attractive? Yes. Would I love going to town on her ass if I was normal size? Yes. Being shrunken was a whole different ball game; her fat ass has become a literal mountain of booty at this size; part of me wanted to say yes. “Come on little dude, don’t let me down now,” Jaz says. I flounder around, trying to think of an excuse, but I mumble out, “Yes.” “Perfect,” Jaz says. Her hand covers me once again, and I am left in this hot miniature cavern that is her palm. I breathe rapidly as excitement rose through my body. Was I really about to go into  Jaz’s ass? I feel my cock harden a little bit. My member ached obviously spent from tonight. I feel some rapid movement of Jaz’s hand. After a few moments of steady movements, I am greeted to a dark room; I recognize it as my sister’s room only washed in moonlight. “What are we doing here,” I ask Jaz. “Don’t worry, little dude, you’re about to get a ton of action.”


I see the sleeping form of my sister, Brook; she’s sleeping on her stomach, giving the world a view of her pajama and thus her ass. Jaz starts heading towards Brook, and I realize what’s about to happen” Wai-.” Suddenly Jaz rips off my headset and puts it in her pocket. I begin to shout at her. “Please don’t do this. I don’t want this, please!” It seems like my cries fall upon deaf ears as Jaz barely acknowledges my cries. I see her other hand reach for Brooks’s waistband of her pajamas and pull it back, revealing Brook’s canyon size crack. “No!” I shout as I am dropped, hurtling towards the hot, murky depths of Brooks’s ass.

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Booty diving. 



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The Consummation Of The Pit by Idealworld
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I feel my body fall against the blubbery skin of my sister’s ass, slowing my descent. Darkness consumed me; I wasn’t able to see my hands in front of my face. I try to figure out how far I’ve fallen between the hot, sweaty cheeks of my sleeping sister. I feel my naked aching member push into the fatty ass skin, gliding on the sweat. Despite the smell of my current location, it wasn’t too bad. The heat wasn’t terrible, offering warmth to my naked body, and I was able to keep my body at the current position in Brook’s ass despite the sweat making it complicated. Brooks ass was pressing into my body, the skin offering almost a full body massage.  Only moments before I was out in my sisters’ cool room, within the fingers of my sister’s lifelong friend Jaz, who dropped me into the crack of my sister. Suddenly I see a dim light flood into the sweaty cavern I now occupied. With dim light, I can see where I was currently located. I fell much farther than I originally thought. I see the imminent presence of my sister’s asshole beneath me. The dark pit’s size began fluctuating, almost like it was a ravenous animal prepared to consume me whole, which it could easily do as it was the same size as me. Above I can see Jaz’s massive face, scanning Brook’s ass for me. I stop moving, trying to avoid her spotting me. Despite my efforts, I see recognition flash across Jaz’s face, signaling she found my location. 


Jaz’s eyes lock with me, and I see her hand loom above the canyon size crack. I see Jaz’s finger begin pushing through Brooks’s cheeks pushing aside the moist skin like a shark in the ocean. I fruitlessly start flailing, throwing my body towards the top of Brook’s ass, trying to climb out of this hellhole. Jaz’s ebony finger collides into me, making me slide backwards deeper into Brook’s ass. With Jaz’s finger still on my back, I hear a shrill cry, and I feel my entire world move.  “Jaz, what the fuu-” I listen to the voice of Brook shriek. My sister must have twisted her hips, so her butt was towards the bed. I begin to hear a strange sloppy noise, and I realize that Jaz was making out with my sister. “What the fuck.” I say, unbelieving of my situation. I hear brooks voice, “You coulda warned me, jeez.”  I feel Jaz’s finger push me farther into Brooks’s ass; the temperature increased as I went deeper. I begin to dry heave as a piece of ass flesh pushes into my mouth, leaving the salty taste of ass in my mouth. I see where Jaz intended me to go; Brook’s asshole gapped at me as its size was growing as I got closer. I hear Jaz say, “I’m going to give you the night of your life.” I collide with Brook’s asshole. I land on the side of Brook’s asshole on top of a wrinkle. I felt my head sink into the pit; I fling my head up dry heaving; the stench was something else in there. I felt my sweat soak hair come up with me as I pull out of the pit. I gag the scent of ass and sweat was overwhelming now. I feel Jaz’s finger retract as my world shift again. I began to hear a sloppy wet noise like a wet ASMR video. I realize that Jaz is eating my sister’s pussy. I feel my cock grow hard again, pressing into the sticky skin of Brook’s asshole; I am being treated to the strangest porno ever. I turn my body around, turning my back to Brook’s asshole as I attempt to climb my way out.  I hear moaning ripple through Brook’s ass. “ Fuck meeeee.” I hear Brook cry. 


After a few minutes of aggressive pussy eating, I feel my world flip around once more. High above, I see Jaz’s face staring down the canyon into the deep pit in which I occupied. “You’re going to love this,” I hear Jaz say. I see Jaz wink high above. I realize that the wink was not only directed at Brook but me as well.  I feel Brook’s canyon-esque ass cheeks spread apart like tectonic plates shifting. I fall down my back colliding once more with Brooks asshole’s wrinkle making Brook moan as I touch the sensitive skin. I see Jaz’s giant face approach me and what I assume Brooks, asshole. Jaz’s mouth opens, her thick lips parting away to reveal the hulking wet mass of her tongue. Jaz’s giant wet tongue slams into my entire body, slobbering me. I feel my back push around the wrinkles of Brooks, asshole. Sliding against the sweaty skin, Jaz’s tongue pushed into my chest and midsection as I feel my cock rub against her soggy muscle, making me moan as she moved it around. I would have loved this if I wasn’t my sister’s ass that was getting a rimjob.  I realize that I am apart of the world’s strangest threesome. I was being rolled around by Jaz’s tongue, slamming me onto Brook’s asshole, the rubbery skin shifting underneath me, almost begging for me to fall in. I scream in frustration allowing salvia and newly hydrated skin flakes to enter my mouth, leaving a bitter, salty taste in my mouth. After a few seconds of being rubbed around Brooks asshole,  I feel Jaz’s tongue shift plunging my back into Brooks asshole. Realizing what was about to happen, I shout in fear. I hold onto Jaz’s tongue, wrapping my arms and legs against the moist, shifting beast. My cries fell upon deaf ears as I am completely pushed into Brook’s asshole. 


The heat was something else inside Brooks’s innermost pit, becoming akin to a furnace. It was hard to breathe; it was almost claustrophobic  I am swished around by Jaz’s tongue. Jaz shoves me upwards, and I feel my face press into the slick skin that made up Brook’s rectum. My eyes burned from the sweat and heat. I scream in frustration at my situation, hearing my voice reverberate back at me in the depths of my sister’s ass. “Please, Jaz no more!” I shout. I was no longer enjoying this hot tight cavern. I feel myself get pushed further into Brooks’s rectum and feel the skin tighten around me, hugging my body tightly. After a few seconds of relief, I realize that Jaz’s tongue cannot reach this deep inside Brook;  I see her tongue flail around trying to find me, but I see it slide out, leaving me here alone inside my sister’s ass. “No, Don’t leave me here.” I cry out, trying to crawl against the rubbery skin. My hard cock pressed into the rectum flesh. Sweat was pushed into my eyes as I try to find where Jaz’s tongue retreated. Was I going to die here in the depths of my sister? Imagine that death by rimjob. Suddenly the tongue pushes back into the rectum and slides over me. I feel Jaz’s tongue flop on top of my body and pull me forward. I feel myself pull out of Brook’s asshole with Jaz’s tongue. Jaz’s tongue pushes my face against Brook’s asshole skin, rubbing my body against the ring Brook’s asshole.


Suddenly I feel Jaz’s tongue wrap around me, pulling me to the dark cavern that is her mouth. I feel my tired body slide past her thick lips, and I enter the moist cavern. Jaz’s tongue pushes me against her lower gums, hiding me underneath the tongue. I feel Jaz salvia replace the taste of Brooks ass sweat in my mouth. I collapse in the gum bed, my spent form finding rest there. From the opening of Jaz’s mouth, I see the pantless form of my sister lying on her bed. “You like that.” Jaz’s tongue slides around her mouth as she talks, slamming into my body.  “Yes, I did very much so.” I hear Brook sigh in pleasure. “Me too,” Jaz’s tongue bashes my head upon one of her molars. “I’ll be right back. Jaz says. 


Outside of my sister’s room, Jaz spits me out into her palm. “So was that enough booty for you, little guy?”  I look up, dumbfounded at her. “No, that was terrible.” Jaz looks at me blankly then she realizes that I need my headset. Jaz reaches into her pocket, shifts around a bit, and pulls out her hand; between her fingertips is my headset. She drops it off between my hands, and I quickly shove it on. “You could have killed me,” I shout at her. “But I didn’t, and look at him still sticking out like a flagpole.” She said, bringing her giant finger near me and colliding with my midsection, and with that, my erection. “It’s refreshing, you know, working with someone who is as into this as me.” Jaz laughs. I throw my hands up in frustration. After a few seconds of silence, I look up at Jaz’s face.  “Since when were you and Brook a thing,” I question. “ Since Christmas, but it’s been an on and off sort of thing,”  Jaz says. I make gagging sounds. “ What you know first hand how amazing that ass is.” Jaz laughs. A small moment of levity hits me, and I find myself smiling. In some sort of fucked up way, I enjoyed the threesome very much. “Never again,” I say sternly. “Come on, little dude, you know that was awesome; anyways, I have some snuggling to do; you can go back into your cage now and imagine it.” Jaz winks and closes her hand around me, and begins walking down the stairs and into the mudroom. Jaz tosses me into my cage and locks it. “Don’t want Carolyne to get suspicious,” Jaz says, winking at me. Jaz then walks out of the mudroom, and I am left alone once more.  I lie down on my bed. This has been the longest night ever.

End Notes:

I will be heading into more unaware scenarios soon got a little carried away with this.


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The Quiet Moments by Idealworld
Author's Notes:

Bit longer than what I have been putting out. I hope you enjoy it. 

I awake, stretching out of bed. I see my cage’s familiar walls; I could probably paint a picture of these walls with how often I stare at them. I almost find comfort in the familiarity. A week has passed since the most sexual night of my life. While Jaz has been over at the house nearly every day since she has barely talked to me, I’m not certain that the unwanted threesome even happened or if it was a hormonal fever dream. The dreams I were having before that night stopped for a few days, and I almost felt normal; I even stopped my nightly routine for a while.  However, it seems my mind can only be satiated for so long as my dreams have started back up again at full force. Brook seems to have no idea that I was inside her that night with Jaz, so she has been her usual annoying self, and my mother still leaves her abandoned pumps by my cage, so it seems she is none the wiser either that she’s been walking around in her son’s seed for the past week.  

My mother didn’t work a night shift last night, so she’ll probably be up in a bit, which means I might get to eat sometime today. Both Brook and Blake have seemingly gotten accustomed to living with a mom again as they don’t feed themselves, let alone me. I hear footsteps. I look out my window, and I see the hulking form of my mom. She was wearing a grey tee-shirt with some pajamas, her hair messily down. “You’re up early,” I say while putting on my headset. “I could tell you the same thing to you, hon,” my mother says. A yawn escapes her mouth, sounding like a soft roar. “You ready to have some grub?” My mother asks, stretching pushing out her growing stomach. 

For breakfast, I sit upon my usual blank spot, patiently waiting for some food. Caroline, my mother, was standing in front of the microwave, sipping on her daily coffee. She seemed to be in a lazy mood today,  as she was using the microwave to cook some oatmeal. “ I’m planning on having a party tomorrow,” My mother injects my observing looking up from her coffee in my direction. I look at her dumbfounded, “Are you asking me for an opinion?” I ask, feeling anxiety crawl up my spine. Sure, it was going to be a girl’s night; my mother hasn’t had another man in the house besides Blake and me in years, but that scared me more; nothing got more intense than a bunch of drunk middle-aged women. Now those women were many times my height. Part of myself found excitement at the prospect. Those were a lot of new shoes and feet that didn’t belong to my family. I sigh and facepalm at what my life has come to. “No, I just want you to know; I know how you hate parties, so I imagine it’s probably going to be worse at your height.” Caroline dryly says, sipping into her coffee. “So you get to hang out with friends, and I don’t?” I yell.  “Don’t raise your voice at me, young man; I passed high school and med school if I might add.” Caroline firmly says. I shut up and start to skulk. “I’ll bump up your height, so we have less to worry about if something bad happens,” My mother says. I look up, excited. “How big?” “I’ll do half an inch still noticeable, but you won’t take up too much space, Caroline says.  I hear the approach of four footsteps down the stairs. Brook and Jaz walk into the kitchen. “Mornin  girls, how did you sleep” my mother chirps, obviously excited to talk to someone other than a shrunken moping teen.  Brook nods her head, still half asleep, and Jaz says, “good, Mrs.Robinson.” “Jaz, I see you stayed over again; Denise is going to start to get worried,” My mom says. “She knows I’m here.” Jaz shrugs. My mom gives her a look of doubt but continues on. “Oatmeal, everyone?” My mom says, handing out three dishes to Jaz and Brook. My mom turns around and yells up the stairs. “Blake, get your ass down here if you want some breakfast!” My mother turns around and heads in my direction, Caroline says,  “and here you go, itty bitty boy” My mom drops a spoonful of oatmeal on a plate.  I hear Brook and Jaz snicker at that.

After breakfast, I was sent to my cage, where I sat around for a little bit staring at the usual wall until I heard footsteps. “You know you can’t sneak up on me, right?” I ask the person doing a terrible job of trying to sneak up on me. Jaz walks into the room. “How did you know it was me?”Jaz asks, “I know everyone’s footsteps; it’s all I do for my summer,” I state.  “Huh, anyways, I have a proposition for you,” Jaz says, looking in through my window. Yeah, because your last proposition turned out so well,” I snort.  “Hey, I was just trying to help you get scored,” Jaz shrugs. I stop for a moment. I swear this woman can smell weakness on me. “Go on,” I say. “We’re going to start a onlyshrink,” Jaz says.  “An onlyshrink?” I yell, dumbfounded. “Good, you know what that is,” Jaz says. Yeah, I knew what an onlyshink was; it was a paid video service where shrunken prisoners and some questionable other participants did porn with normal size people. “Why and how would we do this,” I ask. “Well, I ordered this.”  Jaz pulls out a box the size of her finger. “A go pro for tinies; it’s got night visions flashlight and can last for 48 hours without charging.” Jaz brags. “I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s not like I can do any video editing at my current size.” I sigh. “Leave that to me,” Jaz says excitedly. “I’ll do the promoting, the editing, and the writing; all you have to do, my little friend, is act.” Jaz gives me a wink. “So what do you says deal?”  I think for a moment if I say no, this all ends. I go back to my normal day-to-day, but I say yes, what would that cost me? How far would Jaz and I go to satisfy our needs? I feel a growing twinge in my shorts. I know that I should say no, but this thing inside me has been growing. “Yeah.”, I say reluctantly. “Perfect, it’s going to be sixty forty; forty you sixty me since I have a directorial position, And’ll make sure you get paid once you’re upsized since you don’t have much use for cash right now.” Jaz laughs. “I’ll be in contact for the first video, don’t worry,” Jaz winks at me and begins to walk towards her shoes. “What’s the first vid?”  I ask. Jaz looks back. “Shrunken son stepped on by unaware hot milf.” Jaz winks and then walks out, leaving me alone with a strange erection in my pants. 

The rest of the day was uneventful until the evening. I was lying in my bed like usual, staring at my familiar walls, pondering what my next few days would contain. Suddenly I hear footsteps, one that I haven’t heard in a while. “You up, John.” I recognize the voice of Brook. I groan and grab my headset. “Yeah, wassup,” I ask. “You ever hear the story of the lion and the mouse.” she asks. “no?” I question. “How have you not heard of- nevermind,” Brook shakes her head. “I got a painful sprinter in my foot from the deck; can you pull it out,” Brook asks. “Brook, gross, I don’t want near your feet,” I lie and shake my head. The deck has been the bane of this family’s feet for as long as I can remember; many summer nights  have been scorned by the deck splinters. “John come on, I took a shower; please, I can’t get it out,” she begs. I sigh and give up. I’ll make this quick don’t want this to get weird.  “Fine, but this is going my way, no funny business,” I tell Brook. I  begin to head down to the bottom of my cage. I see Brook’s massive hand outside my window.  Brook reaches into my cage and puts out her hand. I step onto her finger, and she quickly pulls out, making me fall on my knees and hold on to the massive finger as it pulls out the door.  “Thanks, twerp; I appreciate this,” Brook says, sitting down with unexpected grace, making my trip somewhat enjoyable. She sets me down between her feet, and instantly The smell was noticeable. Shower or not, her feet had a natural garlic smell that made it hard to breathe. Brook’s foot towered over me, her toes wiggling above. Her toenails pink polish was scrapped and faded, showing the flesh pink underneath. 

“Brook, I can’t really reach anything; you’re going to have to lay down,” I say.  “Oh, okay.” She shifts over, laying on her stomach.  I see her soles stretch out, her toes sticking out towards me. I lift myself up on her toenail, and then I crawl up onto her toe pad. “Don’t be weird; that tickles,” Brook giggles turning to look back at me. Brook looked absolutely massive from here; her soles were the size of a large field. “Brook, I’m a quarter of an inch tall everything about this is weird.” I see Brook’s body stretch beyond her soles like looming mountains in the distance.  Her butt was particularly noticeable from this angle, looking like two gigantic pajama-covered slopes. Not too long ago, I was struggling to breathe in between those mountains. I feel my groin began to fight against the fabric of my pants, but a strange fear rose throughout my body; I desperately wanted to curl up in a ball. It was almost like my body was giving into Brook’s overwhelming foot. Some ancient primal part of me was going belly up to the alpha. “Need to make this quick,” I say to myself. I see the tan hill size wrinkles roll like waves ahead of me. I shout, “Any idea where this might be this is like finding a needle in a haystack.” Brook twist her head back, her long black hair shifting in the distance.  “Try the middle of my foot,” Brook says. I begin walking towards the middle of her foot, my own feet sinking into the doughy flesh. Brook flexes her foot, causing the tan hills to come alive, shifting, and a wrinkle gives out in my mid-step, causing me to fall over, landing onto the sole. I feel my face collide with the stinky leathery flesh. I groan, feeling foot sweat enter my mouth. “Can I go one day without someone else’s body fluid getting in my mouth” I sigh to myself? I push myself up notice a bulge in my grey shorts pushing into a sole groove.  My mind knew what this was, and it didn’t care if it was my sister, seemingly replacing its own primal fear with lust.

  “Twerp, what are you doing back there,” Brook says, shifting her feet, making me have to grip onto the foot flesh in front of me, pushing my hips and in turn my member into the doughy skin.“Stop moving; it’s making this twice as hard as it needs to b-” I stop, and I see what I came here for. A black object was sticking out of Brook’s sole. The strange object looked wooden. “Found it,” I say, feeling proud of myself. “Nice, get that puppy out of there,” Brook says, turning back to smile at me. I get up and dust off my shorts and shirt off; foot jam and dirt particles flew off as I did it. I walk to the cylinder object; it looked excruciating up close. The skin was bright red that surrounded the splinter. I plant my feet into the doughy skin the skin pushes back like a bounce house. I wrap my arms against the splinter and perform what would look like to an onlooker as a deadlift.  

Suddenly I hear approaching footsteps. Distracted, I lose my footing and fall on my ass, the skin underneath me shuffling from impact. My mother walks in in her lounging clothes. “Honey, it’s bathti-.” my mom pauses, looking puzzled. “What’s going on in here?” Caroline asks. “I’m getting a splinter out of Brook’s foot, and can you not call it bathtime?” “ I’m almost in college.”  I sigh and facepalm. “Like the mouse and the lion?” My mother says. “Yes, exactly.” Brook interrupts.” “And honey, you do need my help to bathe so I can call it whatever I want,” She laughs. I groan. This has been a weekly process as I refuse to allow Brook to bathe me to keep some of my dignity. My mother bathing me is much more bearable. “How much longer will this be?” My mother asks. “Not long, John found the splinter. “Okay, but you guys have to be careful John can’t be out of the cage for too long.” “Okay, mom.” I squat in front of the splinter and begin to try to deadlift it. With a strange wet popping sound, the splinter slides out of Brook’s foot. My mother begins to loom over Brook’s lying form. “Got it?” Caroline, my mother says. “Yeah,” I say. “Brook, can you grab him off your feet; I don’t want anywhere near them; frankly, I don’t know how John handles them up close.” My mother says, pinching her nose. “Okay, got him. She leans backward and outstretches her hand towards me, enveloping me in her palm. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being carried. The g-forces push me against her palm as she brings me up to her face.

 “Thanks, twerp; enjoy bath time.” Brook snickers and hands me off to Caroline.  My mother sticks her hand out, and Brook twists her hands to the side, dropping me onto her palm. “Have a goodnight, honey,” Caroline says to Brook. “You too, mom,” Brook says back.  My mom brings me up to her face and puts to fingertips to my head, pulling off my helmet. ’“I’ll leave your headset behind; please don’t want that short-circuiting. My mother’s nose flares and a brisk wind pulls and pushes my clothes.“Jeez, hon, you smell like a barn.”  How you manage to get so stinky, I’ll never know.  My mom’s hand collapses around me, shutting me into the dark. I am treated to the familiar clammy dark rollercoaster.  When the light finally meets me, I am in the bathroom. My mother has been watching bath multiple times the past few weeks. I wasn’t going to ask her to, so it’s usually when she feels like it, which wasn’t often.

Caroline brought the bowel in which I bathe in. One of the worse things about the sentence is  Shrinkco, the company that made it, strongly recommends that you watch the shrunken participant bathe. Having your mother watching you wash is embarrassingly enough, but my mother is also a clean freak in a sense. “ Okay, hon, you can strip.” my mother says. “Can’t you let me down first, “ I ask. “You’re going to have to have be in my palm either way.” My mother laughs. I burgeoningly take off my clothes, stripping bare on my mother’s palm. “I’ll be taking those.” My mother pinches my minuscule clothes in her fingertips and sets them on the sink. “Okay, hon, in you go,” my mother says, setting me into the bowl full of hot water. I sit on the edge, letting my body adjust to the temperature like one would do to a hot tub. My mother pulls out her phone and scrolls through Facebook. Appreciating the small amount of privacy, I slide down the bowel and relax in the bowel. It felt akin to a hot tub minus the chlorine. Relaxing in the hot water, I lay back and close my eyes and enjoy this moment of levity. The rest of the bath is my mother occasionally looking up from her phone to check on me. I continue to relax, enjoying the peaceful heat on my skin. “I remember when they first figured out shrinking.” My mom says, looking up from her phone. “I was still in college at the time; you weren’t even a sparkle in my eye.” I nod my head in response, not really listening. “It was first used on cargo, I think, but when they figured out they could use it on people, it was the next big thing for a while,” My mom says; her eyes looked through me clearly in another time period. “I dated some guys in college that liked to experiment with that kind of stuff before I met your father.”  Caroline laughs. “Gross mom, I don’t want to hear that,” I say, looking up at her. “Sorry, sorry... hint taken,” she says, putting her hands up.

After a while, I get up and get ready to go. “Where are you going?”  “You didn’t even wash off. My mother says, “I’m done; I soaked off the dirt, it’s fine,” I say. My mother shakes her head and says, “I raised you better than that; here, let me show you.” She puts her hand under the hand soap and puts a few pumps in her hands. “Close your eyes, so the soap doesn’t get in; I have to do this all the time at work,” She says. “Wait, stop!” I shout, but it’s too late; her soapy fingers collide with my body rubbing their soft skin throughout my body. My mother made sure to get every nook and cranny of my body, her soft fingers rubbing my feet and legs making me moan in relaxation. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. Her fingers began to rub my back and chest, offering a soapy massage.  I began to get hard from all the touching too much to my shame. Standing at full mast, my member begged for attention as well. I yelp in surprise as I feel my mother’s soapy fingertips on my cock. “Take this as a compliment, but you’re pretty large for your age group, hon.” I instantly blush up. “Don’t be embarrassed it’s quite natural to grow erect.” I cringe at my mother saying the word erect. “But I see a lot of these when I do check-ups, so believe me when I say you definitely inherited some of your father’s genes” My mother lets out a hearty laugh. Her fingertips leave my member and rub into my balls, making me yelp and laugh out of reflex. My family jewels were unbelievably sensitive that it almost tickled when my mother’s fingertips rubbed against them. Her fingertips move off my balls and begins to rub into my ass cheeks, making me jump one last time, my body not completely used to being manhandled like this. “You have nice buttocks, too; you could make a man happy as well.” My mom winks at me, making me groan in embarrassment. “Alright, were going to leave those clothes for me to wash… maybe even burn, so you’re going to have to get new ones at your little cage.” I facepalm while I was looking forward to finally being done with this experience; a part of me enjoyed that just a little too much.

 After the experience in the bathroom, Caroline carries me in her palm. I feel my bare member resting on her pointer finger, pushing into the soft, clammy skin. She walks into the mudroom and sets me into the cage. “Okay, sit still while I adjust the height.” My mother walks into the white closet at the end of the mudroom and pulls out the, for lack of a better word, shrink ray. The device was the size of a big rifle. It seemed like the Shrinkco was sending out smaller and smaller ones every year, but it appears that my mother is still using the same one Brook and Blake used. I see a strange clear mist leave the device surrounding my cage. The growing process was unnoticeable, besides my mother looking a little less gigantic. “Okay hon, have a goodnight.” Caroline says, turning off the lights and leaving me alone for the rest of the night. I lay in my bed, pondering how close I was to Brook’s feet. Brook’s massive soles were burned into my mind.  I began to wonder just how close I came to nutting to my mother’s awkward handjob and what was this thing Jaz was talking about. I shake my head; those were questions for another night. 


End Notes:

Shrinkco, Onlyshrink surely only a brilliant mind could come up with those names. 


Thanks for reading have about 3 to 4 more chapters planned out for this one, and then I'll probably go back to my old story and finish that, maybe even rewrite it with the stuff I learned from this one. 

Stuck between a rock and a hard place by Idealworld
Author's Notes:

Sorry about the wait. I have been very busy, but I think this part benefited from it. 

I awake once more to the dulling sight of my room, basked in sunlight. I sigh, feeling the wasting away of this summer. Not everything was doom and gloom, as I've come to appreciate the view that I am given every morning.  The scattered and abandoned mounds of my family footwear decorated the floor below me. The light smell of foot rose up to my room, fueling my morning wood.  I get up, grabbing new grey clothes from my boring grey dresser. My body felt light refreshed from last night's bath. I sigh, feeling the wasting of this summer.  At the thought of last night's awkward bath, and a little excitement rose through my chest.  I find my mind coming back to Jaz's proposal and what she truly meant by that. It seems like I didn't have to wait long as Jaz walked through the front door. She kicks off her sneakers colliding with the bottom of my cage. Shaking me into my knees. "I grab my headset and shout, "Jaz, you could have made my entire cage fall over."  Jaz calmly sits in front of my cage and looks into my bedroom window. 


Quit crying; we have work to do.", "You ready?" Jaz asks. I can see excitement burning in her eyes. 


"About that, I don't know; if we should continue to do this, it's wrong," I say, rubbing my arm.  


"Come on, little dude, don't chicken out," Jaz says. 


"Don't try to pressure me into anything, Jaz; I'm allowed to say no," I say, beginning to get angry at Jaz's enabling. I see anger flash across Jaz's face, but then it disappears as quickly as it came, replaced by something I can recognize.


"Fine, let's talk face to face; if I can't convince you, I'll drop it no arguments." I stare at her, trying to discover whether or not I should believe her. It's Jaz; Jaz would never hurt me, at least on purpose. We've known each other all our lives. I head down to the bottom of my cage and walk onto her ebony hands.  She brings me up to her face. Jaz's face is genuinely intimidating; while it's not as large as it was before, it still dwarfed me. I feel my shorts tighten. "Little dude, you have blood on your hands already whats a little more." She says, "I know I promised not to tell Caroline what you were doing in her flat, but we both know what you were doing." 



"Yeah, I guess, but I can always turn it around and come clean," I say. I see the anger flash across Jaz's face once more, and just as quickly, it disappears.


 "Come on, John, we both know you'll never admit what you did and think about the money," she says, her voice becoming higher pitch and more pleading. 


I don't know; this is moving so fast." I stammer, feeling my erection reach full mast in my pants. 


"How bout we just try this one time, and then if you don't like it, you'll never hear me say anything again."  


"Fine," I say, giving into Jaz. 


Good, we're in a select market with this content, you know. Jaz laughs. I feel Jaz's fingers grab onto my shirt and feel a tug. I feel a brisk breeze on my back. Her fingers slide between my legs, and  I wince in anticipation. "You won't be needing those either," Jaz says somberly. Her fingers rip away my shorts, leaving me in my birthday suit. "Let me grab some tape," Jaz says, not looking at me. She looks around as if she was searching for something. "Where's your guy's tape." She laughs. 


"On the counter in the kitchen, but are you sure this is a good idea? I ask. 


"Ah, there it is." She says, walking towards the kitchen. "Yeah, it'll be fine; I will check on you when your mom gets home; she's going to run to get party stuff today, and you'll be joining her." Her dark fingers wrapped around tighter around my body. "Did you get bigger?" Jaz asks, looking down at me. 


"Yeah, mom grew me to an inch," I say. "Why do we need the tape though," I ask. 


Why didn't you tell me she was going to do that?" "Well, I supposed it'll be easier to get the money shot now," Jaz says, laughing to herself, and walks back to the mudroom tape in her other hand. Each one of her steps fills me with anxiety as I think I know what she has in plan.


We're going to be doing a smut film kinky as it can get." "You need to make sure to kiss and lick that foot like it's your girlfriend; I mean, her foot kinda is at this point. I turn red, and Jaz laughs and winks at me. You'll need to make sure to get that cumshot though if you don't, this will be all for nothing," 


"Wait, what," I say, shocked that my childhood friend is so casually explaining her porno.


 "You won't be needing this as well," Jaz rips of my headset. I began yelling up at her, but I could tell that my voice had almost no impact on her. "Here you go, little guy, your camera." Her fingertips ruffled in my hair, and I felt a sticky substance squeezing my head. The gel only lasts two hours, so I'll have to make sure to meet you before it drys and falls off. " I don't want to be shuffling around in Carolyne's flat. Jaz walks towards the shoe rack, my cage resting beside it. Brook's and Blake's sneakers and sandals were messily thrown around the floor in front of the shoe rack while my mother's flat and sandals were put away carefully next to my cage. Jaz takes out my mom's right flat. 


"Wait, Jaz, I change my mind!" I scream out at Jaz, flailing in her hand. 


"Knock it off unless you want to hit the floor." Jaz hisses at me. Jaz stretches out the tape to the width of her thumb. "There we go," she brings my body, and she sticks the stretchy plastic on my head. She rips the tap off and grabs my arms between her fingertips, and puts them above my head, and tapes them together. 


"Not like this," I cry out. Jaz then holds me between her fingertips, her meaty fingers squeezing my torso. 


 "It's okay little dude; you'll love this," Jaz says. Her hand enters my mother's flat the atmosphere was less intense since the last time I was in here. While the air felt thick with the smell of my mother's feet, it was colder in here; she must not have worn these in a while. "All you need is a little push," Jaz's words rips through the shoe washing over me. says into the shoe. The only light came from the mouth of my mother's shoes which were partially blocked off by Jaz's hands. I feel myself be pushed deeper into the flat, where the stench only got worse. I look around and see the massive murky footprint rushing underneath me, shaping into the ball of my mother's foot. Suddenly I feel my back hit the leather insole, sliding against it as Jaz's hand pushed my body into it. Jaz's finger taps my head and arms, pressing down against the tape, feeling it connect to the insole. Her fingers slide down, rubbing my chest and resting on my crotch. I feel her fingertips rubbing into my member, my cock quickly rising up to meet her fingertips, begging for attention. She then brings her fingertips down and taps on my legs and the tape down there, making sure I was securely stuck. Her hand pulls out, letting the dim light of the outside world seep in, but was quickly overshadowed when I see a pair of lips enter the flat. "Make sure to get the money shot in view, little dude, and make sure to do it on your mom's sole avoid getting any on yourself; it's bad for views."  "Have fun, little guy." Jaz giggles and her mouth pulls out,  leaving me alone in my mother's shoe. 


Caroline stretched out of bed, dazed and confused. She had just worked a night shift, and she could feel her the outer layer of perception was dim. Caroline had a lot to do; she had arranged a small party with a few of her friends, which was hard to do at her age as her friendships were slowly deteriorating. She was already regretting planning it, but one has to enjoy the little moments in life. The only people who weren't work friends at the party were Ashely and Denise, her two best friends. Caroline had invited Elizabeth and Grace too, they were long-time colleagues, but they were fun. Caroline slept naked, so she went into her closet to get dressed; it was neatly organized precisely as she likes it. She grabbed out a white shirt and her green cardigan and pulled her yoga pants over her legs.  Caroline took a moment to look back, seeing her bottom hanging out. She had at least one thing to thank age for. Caroline pulled up her pants, having to shake her butt into her pants. 


Caroline walked out of the room, walking past Brook's room. Caroline took a moment to look in. Brook and Jaz were sitting on brooks bed, lying close together. Brook and Jaz had always been close as kids, but Caroline always figured Jaz and Blake would hit it off, but it appears that she had mispredicted. Caroline and Denise had some moments in college together, but it was not accepted to pursue a relationship back then. Maybe if Caroline had pursued that path, she wouldn't be divorced right now, but Caroline loved her kids and didn't regret a thing.


 "Good morning, girls." The words slide out of Caroline; the words themself sounded hollow to her and had a hint of envy. Brook and Jaz look up simultaneously.


 "Hey, mom," Brook says wide-eyed. Brook had always been a terrible liar, so it was pretty obvious something was happening between the two.


 "Hey, Ms.Robinson," Jaz says. If Caroline were to ever have a daughter-in-law, she would love it to be Jaz, but the girl had to work on her lying game as well, as she started calling Caroline Ms.Robinson out of nowhere. Caroline had no problem with their relationship.  Caroline was just worried about why Brook and Jaz haven't told her yet. Caroline hoped that she didn't give them the wrong impression that she was homophobic. 


"Did you guys eat yet?" Caroline asked. 


"Yeah, we did; Jaz brought some Mcdonalds," Brook said. Jaz nodded her head in acknowledgment. Caroline shook her head and bit her tongue; it would be useless telling them the dangers of fast food as she had told her kids the mantra their entire life.


 "Okay, well, I'm going to ask John if he needs anything and grab some of those party supplies,"


Wait!" Jaz yells. 


"What?" Caroline asks, staring at Jaz, confused. 


"Uh, John is sleeping; I tried waking him up, you know how cranky he gets when he gets up." 


"Oh, okay hon, I'll let him sleep then," Caroline says, closing Brooks dorr. Jaz looked like she was hiding something. Why would Jaz lie about Jake? Maybe she walked in on him doing the deed, Caroline wondered to herself and snickered. That was one thing Caroline felt empathy for her minuscule son. While John was never much of a ladies' man, he hadn't even seen his girlfriend in weeks. Caroline also felt bad for Jaz as many times had she walked in on both,

Blake and Jake doing the deed. Caroline walked down the stairs; the ancient stairs groaned underneath her footsteps. Caroline walks into the mudroom and looks upon her minuscule son's cage. Caroline hesitating for some reason, she wanted to wake him up despite Jaz's warning, but she decided to go easy on the kid; after all, the girls are definitely going to want to see a shrinky even if it was her son. This reminded her she was going to bump up his size a little more, maybe an inch. She would definitely surprise John with that when he wakes up. Linda walks towards her flats. They were in their usual spot, something off about how they were laying; it was almost like someone had touched them.  Shrugging it off, Caroline bent over to grab her flats. Caroline's nose crinkled, trying to hold her breath as her shoes were ripe.  Caroline slides her foot into the flat. She definitely needed to get new casual shoes, but the girls have been with her for a while now. Caroline laughed at herself, "I'm getting attached to shoes; I definitely need this party." As she slid her shoes on, she felt something under the ball of her foot, like a tag or something. It didn't hurt, so she didn't mind, and Caroline was in a hurry anyway. Caroline walked out into the world, ready to get this party started.



I struggled against my restraints; the tape cut into my arms as I pulled against it. "Come on, Jaz, I don't want this anymore!" I yell to no one. "Anybody help, please!" again, no one responded to my cries. No one was going to save me; I needed to think of a way out of here. I have been stuck here for god knows how long. I have been struggling so hard that my skin has gone bare where my constraints were. My hard-on died a long time ago, so no part of me was enjoying this. I look around; maybe there was a way to cut my tapes. I hear something that shocks me to my core, a familiar sound that has haunted me this summer, Footsteps. I scream into the stinky cavern of my mother's shoe; I scream to whoever was out there. The footsteps become louder and louder until they're practically shaking the ground I lay upon. Suddenly they stop, and I freeze my heart, the only thing I can hear. 



The shoes shift, sliding my entire world to the side. I see the light of the outside world be blocked out by a gigantic foot attached to the foot five bulbous wiggling toes adorned with red paint. I am basked in darkness as the foot fully covers the light. The temperature immediately increases, and the humidity becomes oppressive. The stench that existed before was nothing compared to this. My eyes watered at the oppressive miasma of foot.  My member surged back to life, reawakened. I scream into the moist cavern. "Mom, no!" I scream and flail against the constraints. My eyes adjust to the darkness, and I see the form of my mother's colossal foot as it slowly slid into the shoe. The sound of fabric rubbing against my mother's sole reminded me that I didn't have much time. "Please!" My mother's toes slid past my frame; her naked flesh squashed my erect member to the side. I flex my body in defense as the ball of my mother's foot slid on top of me. I felt my body sink into the doughy flesh. It was almost like my mother's foot was accepting part of my being. The oppressive weight fully sank in as I was crushed uneath the hulking mass of flesh. I wheeze as my chest was crushed.  It was tight and muggy, and it was hard to breathe. I  try to open my mouth to cry, but I can barely even open my mouth, and the small room in my mouth was treated to the salty flesh seeps into my mouth, offering itself to me. I felt the headgear on top of my head squeeze my head as it was crushed between the ball of my mother's foot and the sweat of my mother's foot seeped into my eyes, burning them; they were pushed open from the sheer oppressive weight of my mother. My body felt like it was in a constant state of breaking. I felt my mother's foot lift a bit, and for a split second, I thought I was saved. The ball of my mother's foot came back down, slamming into my skull, and my ribs flared in pain. My head was spinning. I pressed the back of my head against the insole, not wanting to get a concussion from my mother's foot. The foot lifted once more, and I was given time to adjust and prepare for the next footstep. Amidst this torture, my dick seemed to love being pressed into the maternal foot flesh as each footstep, my member pushed itself into the ball of my mother's foot, the clammy skin accepting the embrace. If I could, I would reach down and finish myself. This tortuous process continued; my mother's foot went up and then came down, crushing my tired body.


 I began to adjust to this oppressive rhythm of crushing and relief when I feel the gravity in the shoe shift, and I feel my back slide downward, and my body began to hang limply against my constraints. I look upon my mother's foot as the mass hovered lightly in front of my face. My member, still at full mast, was sticking out almost like it was trying to embrace my mother's foot flesh. I hear a strange vibration above, almost like it was a rhythm like a song. I realize what was happening above too late as this moment of respite ended as the wall of flesh in front of me pushed forward and slammed into me. The pressure was far worst than it was before. I felt my body pressed into the insole, and I felt my eyes bulge out as my ribs began creaking. A grunt of pain escapes my mouth, my lips brush against the foot flesh, the salty skin sucking any hydration out of them. My mother's foot pulls off once more, and my tired skin pulls away with it, almost like it would rather be with my mother's sticky, stinky flesh than being stuck on my weary bones. My mother's foot arches downward, and I feel my mother's big toe slam into my chest. It rubbed itself up and down my body like a blind animal's greeting; the silky skin glided across my body. It slammed into my erect dick, making me groan in pain. As the massive toe slammed into me, I feel something rip above, and I feel my right hand fall loose of the tape. "Yes!" I shout into the clammy skin. The toe pulls above, and the wall of sole slams down onto me once more. I feel my body shift to the right. I have to wait until my mother lifts her foot so I could try to undo my other arm. I pray for her to lift her foot, and my prayers come true, and it slightly hovers above me. I fling my arm across my body, sliding against the doughy skin, and I grab onto the tape and try to pull with all my strength. With my arms now free, I began to free my feet and legs, but as I freed my legs, I felt myself slide down against my mother's sole. I began to press my feet into the foot flesh and pushed my back into the insole, slowing my descent. I stopped for a moment, trying to plan my next move. The song above stops suddenly, and I hear something that sounds like voices far above, but it was far too muffled in this murky cave for me to ever hear. After a few moments of respite, the foot pushes forward and slams into me, pressing my skull into the insole; my face was smashed against the doughy foot.  My penis found a sweaty wrinkle in my mother's sole to burrow into, and the wrinkle accepts the length of my member; I moan. I reflexively dig my hips into the doughy flesh, feeling the velvety wrinkle. A shudder ripples through my body as I shoot strings of cum into the wrinkle, pushing my hips in and out of the crevice. "Fuuuuck," I moan. I continue to hump the wrinkle riding out the hollow orgasm. My mother's sole flexes and, the wrinkle disappeared into the sole, taking with it my tired body offering. The wall of flesh lifts some of its weight off, ceasing its crushing embrace. I head butt my mother's flesh in surrendering I had failed. Jaz was right; I was into this. Even as my mother's full body weight threatened to crush me, I was still into this. 


Caroline hummed above as she began driving. She was having a rather peaceful morning; it was the weekend, so not that many people were up and about driving yet. She began to listen to her favorite country song, softly tapping her foot to the beat. There was a strange feeling in her bones, something that ached for her to notice, but caroline was drained from work, and that overshadowed any concern. An idea pressed into Caroline's mind, Starbucks. Surely a detour wouldn't slow her down too much. The drive-through was terrible; forced to play on her phone, she felt the tag in her shoe again. She softly pulled her foot out of the shoe and began to rub her big toe on it felt kinda strange, like a familiar feeling. The line shifts forward, and caroline is forced to put her foot back in and pull up. Caroline ordered her usual, an ice honey oat milk latte; the young lady at the window was being snarky despite the fact that she had messed up Caroline's order. Caroline pressed her foot down out of annoyance. When Caroline pulled up to the window, she was greeted by a much friendlier employee; as the hand-off was completed, Caroline thanked the employee. The young woman couldn't have been much older than John, Caroline thought to herself.  Caroline sips upon her ice honey oat latte, enjoying the caffeine rushing through veins as she pulls up to target. She feels the strange tag in her shoe. It must have shifted during the drive from Starbucks. Caroline decided it might as well be now or never would be the time to take it out; she put her finger into her flat, shifting her finger around as she pulled out whatever was on her shoe. 



I feel the massive weight lift off me as a breeze of fresh air enters the shoe. I see blinding light shine in as my mother's foot arched above me. I see a giant finger slamming around the shoe, rubbing against the insole. "Oh fuck." I say to myself. Not wanting to be found naked in her shoe, I try to will myself to get up. My body was tired and spent, and I could barely get to my knees before the giant finger slammed into me. I groan as I feel her blood-red nail scrape against my sore bare skin. Her thumb entered the shoe and slammed into me, capturing me in its embrace. I am then pulled out at break-neck speed, hurdling towards the world above. The light blinded me, but as my eyes adjusted, I see my mother's looming face in front of me.


"What the fuck." my mother says, her morning breath washed over me. 

End Notes:

Quick play dead.


Thanks for reading.

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