Devour by Prophet

To devour is to survive, that is the way of life for all those who transcend the confines of the Insignificant things called planets, who break the laws of mortality and go beyond the sanity of reason, that is the way of a devourer of worlds. 


One such devourer finds that her immortal life has no purpose, no meaning. Is devouring planets all she can do or is their more to life itself? Follow her down the road to discovering what it means to be one of the beings she once believe to be weak and Insignificant, a road filled not with death and destruction, but understanding, and protecting that special someone.

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This is my second story enjoy and please commit.

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Chapter 1: Devour by Prophet
Author's Notes:

Hope you enjoy.

In the empty void of space filled with the blazing heat of stars and jagged cold fragments of meteors, comets soar through the desolate void as a gargantuan  mass levitates through the inky depths, a mass that possessed long brown hair, and unblemished white skin. 


To any regular person this massive body of flesh would be indistinguishable from colossal cosmic Debris bigger than suns and planets, very few could guess that this monumental body belonged to a woman of monstrous Proportion and fewer could ever know the name of such a species that rang with untold fear through the cosmos. The name Devourer. 

Her eyes where closed as she seemed to aimlessly drift through the illuminated nothingness, she who's name was unpronounceable to mortals and who's very being radiated with power, a power ebbing through the passing of time. Their was only one thing a Devourer desired and as the colossus opened her eyes she saw the object of her longing, a small planet that brightened with a red hue. 



She did not smile as she looked at the planet the size of a small hand sized moon that floated a few feet in front of her face. What she was about to do could not be undone by any of the supposed cosmic gods the little mites on this small floating mass believed in, and yet she was going to destroy this tiny planet, she was going to end millions of lives to live, such was the life of a devour, and even though she had partaken in this horrid act more times than any finite being could perceive, for the first time since the beginning of her infinite existence she felt guilt, but why?" 





On the planet Uzuno the once crimson sky was renewed with a color unknown to the inhabitants that roamed the red desert like surface. The color of white skin. 


The Kraadhoits where a species that lived in a harsh heated environment, their skin was a deep shade of red and was as hard as rocks and even though they possessed technology advanced enough to explore the deepest reaches of outer space, they where a species that held a deep connection to their mother planet, and proclaimed it sacred by their almighty god Tetzotl, making colonizing other planets unacceptable by their most fundamental laws. 


These people ruled by a monarch society now looked up in fear at the bringer of the end. Death itself. 




Caption of Advance Guard: "My king the advance warships are ready for battle. We now await your command." 


Inside the grand thrown room decorated and crafted with untold riches that shined like diamonds the great king of kings Urnan sat on a Stygian thrown that seemed to continuously sparkle like tiny stars all around the exterior.


Urnan with a forlorn expression looks at the captain of the Advanced guard Bilxies that kneeled before his thrown.


King Urnan: Oh great Bilxies, you who have drank the blood of the 12 Suns, who has held the heart of the mighty Dradirine Beast, who has received knowledge from the Almighty himself... Tell me." 


The thrown room fills with quite. 


Bilxies: "Yes my king?" 


King Urnan: “Do we have a chance at survival?" 


Tears flow from the kings eyes as the utterance of such weakness taste like vile on his lips.



Bilxies: "No My king... I do not believe that the gods will look kindly on us this day." 


 king Urnan stands from his thrown and steps towards his most trusted servant. 



King Urnan: "Arise my friend." 



Bilxies hearing the calm tone of the man he called king rises from the ground and looks his master in the eye. 


King Urnan: "Will you my brave solder do one last thing for your king?"


King Urnan places both of his trembling hands on Bilxies shoulders. 


Bilxies: "Of course my king." 


King Urnan: Please take my wife and son off world, save them from this terrible fate." 


Bilxies stands in complete bafflement, was the king himself asking him to break their most cherished laws, even worse, was the man he loved like a brother asking him to run away from an honorable death.  


Bilxies: "please my king do not ask this of me." 


King Urnan walks past Bilxies and stands before a large window that overlooked much of his kingdom. Looking up he saw her, a being of untold origin and incalculable scale looking down on his whole entire planet like a goddess about to proclaim her judgement. 


King Urnan: "You must because this may be the end of our sacred planet Uzuno... The fight for our existence has begun."




The great devourer looks at the planet covered in a stable gravitational orbit, and couldn't help but admire the color that eliminated the surrounding darkness of space. It was almost a shame that it had to be destroyed. 


Her mighty eyes transfixed on the tiny planet before her notice something arising from the planets red surface. To the mighty titan the object in question was smaller than cosmic dust, more insignificant than the small stone sized rubble of past planets now forgotten. She herself wouldn't have noticed them if it weren't for her cosmic awareness, and it was because of these god like perception abilities the great devour understood what she was looking at. 


Devourer: "Warships."


An immense smile bigger than a dozen moons appears on the face of the destroyer, this was her favorite part, the resistance of the small microbes that believed themselves mighty, who refused to except their ends. 


Devourer: "Come and be my nourishment"

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Chapter 2: End Of Planet Uzuno by Prophet
Author's Notes:

Please enjoy! 


The great female titan with a smirk watched as star ships no bigger than her finger nail, barely wider than a single strand of her hair soared through the vacuum of space right towards her. It wasn't the first time this all powerful Devourer had witnessed such fool hardy bravery. Time and time again the foolish little microbes believing that their microscopical struggles will solve anything, will stop the end from approaching, and yet it was only quite recently that this monolithic deity began to admire their pointless struggles. It truly was to bad that such admiration would not save them. She was going to have their planet, such was the life of a Devourer. 


Devourer: "Huh?" 


The massive goddess opens both her eyes in fascination as she caught sight of small streaks of light that battered her naked body, slamming against her chin, cheek, nose, and upper chest. These small dazzling lights sprung from the tiny battle ships making it quite apparent that she was being attacked. Their was only one small problem, this super imposing being didn't feel a single thing, not one attack was strong enough to register even a little pain from one of the Devourers nerves. All these insignificant little beings seemed to do was give this great being a beautiful light show in the pitch black emptiness of space.


Devourer: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!" 


The megalithic woman unable to contain herself let's out a laugh of cosmic proportions, producing solar winds strong enough to blow away moons and make meaningless the very laws of gravity. Multiple unsuspecting Kraadhoit battleships where torn apart as the cosmic shockwave made contact with the outer hull.


The cosmic chaos came to an end as the immense eater of worlds turns her gaze to the speck sized militia that hovered before her.


Devourer: ["Aren't there less little ships than before."] 


The Devourer, deep in thought  looks at the formation of battleships that hovered right before her face.  


Devourer: "Oops." (Covers her mouth with one hand.)


The great devourer soon came to the conclusion that the missing ships was probably the result of her uncontrolled laughing, and looks at the little ships apologetically, which only served to confuse her more.


Devourer: ["These little insignificant beings tried to kill me, they attacked me, so why do I pity them."]  


The Goddess looks at the warships that continued their assault and does nothing. If she wanted to she could have killed them with a wave of her hand, she could have swallowed them all whole, snorted them all up like cosmic dust, crushed them all between the smallest crevices of her body, all these things she had done many times before, so why was it so hard right at this moment, exciting yes, but hard.


Devourer: "What is wrong with me?" 



The great warriors of Uzuno gazed at the monstrous sight right before their eyes, from the deck of their ships. Never before had they seen a being of such gigantic proportion. The great people of Uzuno had crafted many gods, created many alters inspired by their greatness, but many of the warriors occupying the battleships began to believe that the humongous avatar of destruction before their eyes was the true god. 


On the great battle deck the first devision troop leader Ulxa stood mouth open in fear. 


Ulxa: "By the sacred name of Tetzotl, none of our attacks are working!" 


Ulxa having a great understanding of their weaponry understood that the fire power they had just unleashed could have easily wiped out a whole country and yet not one attack could leave so much as scratch on the destroyers body. 


Ulxa: "How much of the fleet remains?!" 


Kraadhoit Solder: "Out of the 900 Advanced warships sent into battle only about 100 are still able to fight." 


Ulxa hearing the words of his subordinate couldn't help but be shaken. 


Ulxa: gods help us what is she doing?!" 


Every last solder watched as a hand thousands of times bigger than their very own planet reaches out and came ever closer to the fleet.  



The Devourer ignoring the microscopic fleet reaches out towards the planet. She knew that the insignificant species could do nothing to stop her. Their efforts did not go unnoticed as small beams of light struck her hand and arms, but still did nothing to halt its progression towards the red planet. 


The great destroyer did not know if she was being merciful or cruel, was it better to provide the little mites a quick death, or was it better to spare them, to bare witness to the the death of their planet, after all they could always find a new planet to colonize that probably was the best option, and yet the goddess noticing how the warships continued their attack, refusing to run away, also using her cosmic awareness she could see millions of Kraadhoit still on the planets surface. This insignificant species had already chose its own fate. 


Eyes that had finally turned cold the great Devour without wasting more time forcefully grabs the planet, breaking it from its orbit. As her fingers wrapped around the planets surface she could see lava seep from the planets crust like blood, warming up her fingers ever so slightly. 


Holding the small red planet in her hands the Devour uses her cosmic awareness to see the little lives on its surface. She saw the upheaval of the very ground, fissures big enough to swallow whole countries she bore witness to the tsunamis of lava that burned away whole entire cities, and raging winds that swept up the micro people by the dozens, all of this she saw, all of this she caused, and as she continued to look on with amusement, the great devours eyes soon falls on a single person trapped within the planetary wide chaos. 


The microscopic being wore fancy clothes and stood within a fancy palace. Upon his red head sat a crystallized crown, the devour having consumed billions of worlds knew exactly what she was looking at for almost every species possessed one. The being she was looking at was the king of the species, and what separated this mite from the others was his eyes that instead of being filled with fear, instead contained hope. But why? 


The massive Goddess still deep in thought tightens her grip around the small planet breaking it into pieces, condemning all those trapped on its surface, and as she did this she could feel power well up inside of her very being.


Devourer: [why did that little man have such a look, what were his dreams, in the very end what did he hope for?] 


Eyes closed, the cosmic destroyers mind was filled with questions as she thought about the tiny king she had destroyed. 


The great devour of worlds could see no more warships attacking her, all that surrounded her was the all to familiar dark abyss of space and frenzied energy of a demolished planet. 


Devourer: "They must have been destroyed in the explosion."  


Looking at the remains of the planet she had consumed the great devourer sees something amongst the rubble, something small and fast pushing through the darkness of space. 


It wasn't as big as a Kraadhoit battleship but the massive goddess could tell it was a ship, a ship in retreat. 


Curious if the little survivors the colossal titan decides to use her cosmic awareness to peer inside the tiny ship and what she saw made her planet size heart skip its first beat in all of her days. 


The technology of the ship meant nothing to the Goddess, for she had transcended technology and had been born into the realm of infinity, no what she bore witness to was three beings on the ship. One was a solder with battle armor who was piloting the microscopic vessel the other was a woman who wore fancy grey robes with a crystalized crown on her head, holding a small child in her arms, the child was a small boy who like the woman wore beautiful clothes. 


The gigantic woman seeing the little boy in her minds eye soon thinks back to the king she had just recently destroyed, and her eyes open wide with understand. 


Devour: "That boy is that dust mites son." 


With such revelations revealed the Devourer soon feels a small feeling in her chest as she watched to minuscule ship flee. 


Devour: ["what are this feelings, could they explain what has been happening to me?]  


The Titans right hand grabs her left bosom as her eyes once again falls on the fleeing ship. 


Devour: ["I must not let that ship flee, I must talk to the microbes on board."] 


The massive giant without hesitation flies after the little ship. Space Rocks breaking apart as her gigantic body flies against them at high speed. 



Bilxies heart was heavy as he along with the wife and son of his king watched as the dark goddess had destroyed their planet with a Single hand. Bilxies had seen the whole entire Advance fleet get swallowed up by the explosion and deep in his heart he knew that their where no more Kraadhoit left alive the three on the ship where the last. 


Bilxies sits down in the captains chair and rubs his red forehead as stress began to take over his body


Bilxies: "[we need to find somewhere to rest.] 




The ships emergency alarm echos through the whole entire room as the whole ship began to shake. Bilxies no longer comfortable press a myriad of buttons and soon a holographic screen appears right in front of his face. 


Bilxies face turns a lighter shade of red as she sees a moving flesh sized planet right behind him. She was to big for him to see her in all of her glory, but Bilxies knew what he was looking at. 


Bilxies: "That monster is coming."

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Chapter 3: Chase! by Prophet
Author's Notes:



The kraadhoit ship flew through the vacuum of space with great speed as it was being chased by a gigantic colossus. 


Bilxies: “Hold on!” 


Bilxies clutches the ship controls as he navigates through the cosmic waste of his now dead planet Uzuno, tears flow down his eyes as he bore witness to his now dead culture, and as he looked at holographic image of the dark deity chasing the ship he knew that she was growing closer. Bilxies glances back at the queen and young prince in the back of the ship, and he swore on the life of his now dead king that he would protect them. 


Bilxies: [“We have to get away”] 


Bilxies knew that their was only one chance to escape, they needed to activate the hyper drive, and go into hyperspace, and yet that would take time to activate and the gigantic goddess was gaining. 



The Devourer having consumed a small planet found herself chasing after a small ship in the middle of space. She did this to communicate with the little creature inside, for only they had the answers she was looking for, answers to the new strange emotions she was feeling inside her chest. 


It was almost laughable to the Goddess of immense size and power, that she needed the help of such microscopic beings, she needed their help to such an extent that she was willing to chase them through space and yet the comedic principal would change nothing. 


Devourer: “You will not escape.” 


The Devourers breath stirs up the cosmos as the shock wave rattled the fleeing ship ever so slightly. The Devourer having seen the ship shake ever so slightly refuses to speak any further, for her voice was to immense for the little ship and those on board to handle. She needed them alive, which because of her immense scale made this chase more difficult. 


The great titan constantly used her cosmic awareness to peer inside the speck sized ship. She saw the little solder behind the controls, she saw how he bravely defied her with his every breath. She saw the little queen and prince huddle together in the corner of the ship, scared of her very visage. Seeing all of the emotions on the ship actually made the chase ever more fun. The devourer flying ever closer to the ship couldn’t help but smile, revealing her planet sized white teeth. Victory would soon be hers. 



Bilxies: “Is that monster smiling?” 


Bilxies feeling nothing but rage watches the screen as the world eater drew ever closer. She was literally on top of them, and who knew what she would do to them.  They would not have the power to resist even a single strand of hair.


Queen: “Bilxies what are we going to do?” 


Bilxies: “Just hold on my queen, we will make it through this. I swear.” 


Bilxies looks down at the monitor and smiles, the hyperdrive was almost completely charged, all they needed was a few minutes more. 


Bilxies with a sense of victory soon looks back at the holographic images of their pursuer and soon his smile disappears. 


Bilxies: “Oh Gods.” 



The great devourer reached out her giant hand in order to grab the fleeing ship.


“Come here you little.”


The Devourer of worlds takes small swings at the fleeing ship in hopes of capturing the occupants inside and only misses it by a few inches and as she extends her massive hand ever closer her nail scratches against the exterior of the ship breaking a small portion of the ship apart.


The great Goddess watched as atomic sized pieces of metal floated off into space, and amongst the wreckage a micro person floated within the vacuum of space. The titan recognized the little speck as the little queen. 


The goddess seeing the little queen began to for the first time in her existence panic. She knew that lesser species unlike a Devourer could not survive the vacuum of space and she wanted to capture all three of the little people alive. 


The devourer momentarily halting her chase of the little ship, brings her face closer to the dust sized woman, and using her cosmic awareness could see the life quickly departing from the little woman’s body, and what really drew her attention was the little metal object the queen held in her grasp. 


Devourer: “What is that?” 



Bilxies: “Hold on to something!” 


Bilxies struggled to control the ship as a whole torrent of air like a raging river rushed out of the giant hole that formed in the back of the ship. 


The destroyers nail had brushed up against the ship, it was a nail that could effortlessly split moons and planets and survive the heat of stars, the ship itself never stood a chance. 


Bilxies quickly presses a small button on the consul of the ship and a small energy barrier like a blanket covers up the hole trapping the remaining air inside the ship. 


Bilxies as well as the queen and the young princes gasp for air. 


Bilxies: “Are you two alright?” 


Bilxies looks at the queen who wore a concerned look as her child ran into her arms bearing his face into her bosom. 


Queen: “At this rate the monster that annihilated our people will catch us.” (Stand up onto her feet.) 


Bilxies: (Closes his eyes, and clenches his fist) “Not if I have a nothing to say about it.” 


Queen: “Bilxies please look at me.” (Walks towards Bilxies) 


Bilxies opens his eyes and looks into the eyes of the woman he called his queen. To him she was beautiful, her red skin was more beautiful than all the diamonds that rested on the planet Uzuno. Her black hair was more grand than the kings thrown. Her very presence made Bilxies want her ever more. 


Queen: “Oh great solder of Uzuno, their is only one way for us to survive.” (Digs into her robes and takes out a small metal orb) 


Bilxies: “What is this my queen?” (Looks at the orb with apprehension) 


Queen: “What you bare witness to is the Moon Breaker, this sky smasher, the city Decimator, it is the Bomb of Thevione.” 


Bilxies hearing the name of the device that rested in the queen hand felt shaken to his core. The Bomb of Thevione was a weapon of unimaginable power, so much power in fact that it put very last super powered weapon of Uzuno to Shame. No one knew who crafted such a weapon, some say it was the gods themselves but every one knew and feared it’s power. Only the king and queen knew where the weapon rested and for good reason. 


Legend states that back before the rise of the 12 Kingdoms of Uzuno their use to be a beautiful moon that rested in the sky. In those early days their were actual two Bombs of Thevione, each of the powerful weapons where guarded by the most trusted warriors of that era and for a time their was peace, but those times of peace did not last as war broke out amongst the ancient kingdoms of Uzuno,  all for the unimaginable power that rested in the all powerful weapons. Legend spoke of a powerful warrior that sought the two bombs in order to gain revenge for the loss of his loved one, and in doing so unleashed a power so great that it had not only wiped out him along with all of his enemies but the moon itself. That is why the bombs are named after the great god Thevione, the god of destruction himself, and that is also why Uzuno had no moon.


Everyone on planet Uzuno knew the story and Bilxies was now staring at one of the divine artifacts. 


Bilxies: “My Queen what are you planning to do?” (Looks at the Wueen with worry.)  


Bilxies heart shakes agony as the Queens once worried face turns into a face of peace and acceptance. 


Queen: “ I am going to protect the ones I love.” 


Bilxies: “Oh no.” 





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Chapter 4: Sacrifice In The Void by Prophet
Author's Notes:



Bilxies: "You are going to do what?" 


Bilxies looks at the queen that stood before him, who's eyes where steady and calm. They where eyes that Bilxies had seen many times on the battle field, eyes that belonged to veteran solders who where willing to do anything when it came to fulfilling their duty, and that was what made Bilxies so worried. 


Queen: "Using the bomb of Thevione I should be able to give you and my son time to escape. (Holds the bomb at chest level.)


Bilxies: "You can't you... you will..." 


Bilxies found it hard to say the word that assaulted his mind, he couldn't believe that he could do nothing against the gigantic goddess that was chasing them through the cosmos. 


Queen: "I will die, and you two will live." 


Bilxies: "No! My queen please let me carry this burden please, think about your son." (Grabs the queen's shoulders.) 


Queen: (Looks at her son passed out in her arms.) "I am thinking about my son, the road ahead will only be more dangerous, my son will need someone like you by his side, protecting him." 


Bilxies bows his head in disgrace, he could not die for his king, and now he couldn't die for the woman he called queen, was their any greater dishonor?


Queen: please look at me Bilxies. (Lifts up Bilxies head with her right hand.) 


Bilxies: "My queen please..." 


Queen: (let's out a small laugh) "Even in the end you will not call me by my name." 


Blixies: (Blush) "Scele." 


Queen: "their we go."


Looking at his queen Bilxies could feel his heart burst out of his chest.


Blixies: "Scele I... I've always..." 


Queen (Scele): "sshhuusshh!!!!! I already knew." 


The Queen turns away from Blixies and walks towards the huge opening in the back of the ship bomb in hand, the opening that was covered by a energy forcefield.


Blixies sensing that time was near walks towards the control council of the ship. 


Queen(Scele): "Protect my son." 


Hearing Sceles final words Blixies for a quick second deactivates the forcefield that was keeping everyone alive and upon reactivating the powerful barrier looks to see Scele blown into the vacuum of space. 


Blixies knew that Scele would not last long in emptiness of space.


Blixies: ["I always love you."] 



The Devourer watched the small speck of a woman right before her eyes floated in the cold vacuum of space. 


The minuscule little speck was dying fast and yet the Devour watched as her eyes still held a fearless courage.


Devourer: ["What could this little woman possibly do?"] 


The great titan coming ever closer to the little queen, with the help of her cosmic awareness could see a microscopic metal ball in her hands a metal ball that contained a large amount of energy, energy the goddess craved but as her gaze returned to the fleeing ship traversing the cosmos her desire returned to the occupants inside. She could have easily saved the little speck floating to her death, but that would require energy, and their was one thing a Devourer never did and that was waste energy. 


The giant Immortal was about to return to her task, capturing the tiny ship and yet as

She began to move after the ship she could feel warmth coming from below, coming from the tiny woman herself or more specifically the nano sized ball in her hands. 


Looking down the Titan noticed how the little woman began to glow with chaotic energy, energy that rose without control. 


Devourer: "what is...."