Devour by Prophet

To devour is to survive, that is the way of life for all those who transcend the confines of the Insignificant things called planets, who break the laws of mortality and go beyond the sanity of reason, that is the way of a devourer of worlds. 


One such devourer finds that her immortal life has no purpose, no meaning. Is devouring planets all she can do or is their more to life itself? Follow her down the road to discovering what it means to be one of the beings she once believe to be weak and Insignificant, a road filled not with death and destruction, but understanding, and protecting that special someone.

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This is my second story enjoy and please commit.

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Chapter 1: Devour by Prophet
Author's Notes:

Hope you enjoy.

In the empty void of space filled with the blazing heat of stars and jagged cold fragments of meteors, comets soar through the desolate void as a gargantuan  mass levitates through the inky depths, a mass that possessed long brown hair, and unblemished white skin. 




To any regular person this massive body of flesh would be indistinguishable from colossal cosmic Debris bigger than suns and planets, very few could guess that this monumental body belonged to a woman of monstrous Proportion and fewer could ever know the name of such a species that rang with untold fear through the cosmos. The name Devourer. 




Her eyes where closed as she seemed to aimlessly drift through the illuminated nothingness, she who's name was unpronounceable to mortals and who's very being radiated with power, a power ebbing through the passing of time. Their was only one thing a Devourer desired and as the colossus opened her eyes she saw the object of her longing, a small planet that brightened with a red hue. 




She did not smile as she looked at the planet the size of a small hand sized moon that floated a few feet in front of her face. What she was about to do could not be undone by any of the supposed cosmic gods the little mites on this small floating mass believed in, and yet she was going to destroy this tiny planet, she was going to end millions of lives to live, such was the life of a devour, and even though she had partaken in this horrid act more times than any finite being could perceive, for the first time since the beginning of her infinite existence she felt guilt, but why?" 








On the planet Uzuno the once crimson sky was renewed with a color unknown to the inhabitants that roamed the red desert like surface. The color of white skin. 




The Kraadhoits where a species that lived in a harsh heated environment, their skin was a deep shade of red and was as hard as rocks and even though they possessed technology advanced enough to explore the deepest reaches of outer space, they where a species that held a deep connection to their mother planet, and proclaimed it sacred by their almighty god Tetzotl, making colonizing other planets unacceptable by their most fundamental laws. 




These people ruled by a monarch society now looked up in fear at the bringer of the end. Death itself. 






Caption of Advance Guard: "My king the advance warships are ready for battle. We now await your command." 




Inside the grand thrown room decorated and crafted with untold riches that shined like diamonds the great king of kings Urnan sat on a Stygian thrown that seemed to continuously sparkle like tiny stars all around the exterior.




Urnan with a forlorn expression looks at the captain of the Advanced guard Bilxies that kneeled before his thrown.




King Urnan: Oh great Bilxies, you who have drank the blood of the 12 Suns, who has held the heart of the mighty Dradirine Beast, who has received knowledge from the Almighty himself... Tell me." 




The thrown room fills with quite. 




Bilxies: "Yes my king?" 




King Urnan: “Do we have a chance at survival?" 




Tears flow from the kings eyes as the utterance of such weakness taste like vile on his lips.




Bilxies: "No My king... I do not believe that the gods will look kindly on us this day." 




 king Urnan stands from his thrown and steps towards his most trusted servant. 




King Urnan: "Arise my friend." 




Bilxies hearing the calm tone of the man he called king rises from the ground and looks his master in the eye. 




King Urnan: "Will you my brave solder do one last thing for your king?"




King Urnan places both of his trembling hands on Bilxies shoulders. 




Bilxies: "Of course my king." 




King Urnan: Please take my wife and son off world, save them from this terrible fate." 




Bilxies stands in complete bafflement, was the king himself asking him to break their most cherished laws, even worse, was the man he loved like a brother asking him to run away from an honorable death.  




Bilxies: "please my king do not ask this of me." 




King Urnan walks past Bilxies and stands before a large window that overlooked much of his kingdom. Looking up he saw her, a being of untold origin and incalculable scale looking down on his whole entire planet like a goddess about to proclaim her judgement. 




King Urnan: "You must because this may be the end of our sacred planet Uzuno... The fight for our existence has begun."






The great devourer looks at the planet covered in a stable gravitational orbit, and couldn't help but admire the color that eliminated the surrounding darkness of space. It was almost a shame that it had to be destroyed. 




Her mighty eyes transfixed on the tiny planet before her notice something arising from the planets red surface. To the mighty titan the object in question was smaller than cosmic dust, more insignificant than the small stone sized rubble of past planets now forgotten. She herself wouldn't have noticed them if it weren't for her cosmic awareness, and it was because of these god like perception abilities the great devour understood what she was looking at. 




Devourer: "Warships."




An immense smile bigger than a dozen moons appears on the face of the destroyer, this was her favorite part, the resistance of the small microbes that believed themselves mighty, who refused to except their ends. 




Devourer: "Come and be my nourishment"

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Chapter 2: End Of Planet Uzuno by Prophet
Author's Notes:

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The great female titan with a smirk watched as star ships no bigger than her finger nail, barely wider than a single strand of her hair soared through the vacuum of space right towards her. It wasn't the first time this all powerful Devourer had witnessed such fool hardy bravery. Time and time again the foolish little microbes believing that their microscopical struggles will solve anything, will stop the end from approaching, and yet it was only quite recently that this monolithic deity began to admire their pointless struggles. It truly was to bad that such admiration would not save them. She was going to have their planet, such was the life of a Devourer. 


Devourer: "Huh?" 


The massive goddess opens both her eyes in fascination as she caught sight of small streaks of light that battered her naked body, slamming against her chin, cheek, nose, and upper chest. These small dazzling lights sprung from the tiny battle ships making it quite apparent that she was being attacked. Their was only one small problem, this super imposing being didn't feel a single thing, not one attack was strong enough to register even a little pain from one of the Devourers nerves. All these insignificant little beings seemed to do was give this great being a beautiful light show in the pitch black emptiness of space.


Devourer: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!" 


The megalithic woman unable to contain herself let's out a laugh of cosmic proportions, producing solar winds strong enough to blow away moons and make meaningless the very laws of gravity. Multiple unsuspecting Kraadhoit battleships where torn apart as the cosmic shockwave made contact with the outer hull.


The cosmic chaos came to an end as the immense eater of worlds turns her gaze to the speck sized militia that hovered before her.


Devourer: ["Aren't there less little ships than before."] 


The Devourer, deep in thought  looks at the formation of battleships that hovered right before her face.  


Devourer: "Oops." (Covers her mouth with one hand.)


The great devourer soon came to the conclusion that the missing ships was probably the result of her uncontrolled laughing, and looks at the little ships apologetically, which only served to confuse her more.


Devourer: ["These little insignificant beings tried to kill me, they attacked me, so why do I pity them."]  


The Goddess looks at the warships that continued their assault and does nothing. If she wanted to she could have killed them with a wave of her hand, she could have swallowed them all whole, snorted them all up like cosmic dust, crushed them all between the smallest crevices of her body, all these things she had done many times before, so why was it so hard right at this moment, exciting yes, but hard.


Devourer: "What is wrong with me?" 



The great warriors of Uzuno gazed at the monstrous sight right before their eyes, from the deck of their ships. Never before had they seen a being of such gigantic proportion. The great people of Uzuno had crafted many gods, created many alters inspired by their greatness, but many of the warriors occupying the battleships began to believe that the humongous avatar of destruction before their eyes was the true god. 


On the great battle deck the first devision troop leader Ulxa stood mouth open in fear. 


Ulxa: "By the sacred name of Tetzotl, none of our attacks are working!" 


Ulxa having a great understanding of their weaponry understood that the fire power they had just unleashed could have easily wiped out a whole country and yet not one attack could leave so much as scratch on the destroyers body. 


Ulxa: "How much of the fleet remains?!" 


Kraadhoit Solder: "Out of the 900 Advanced warships sent into battle only about 100 are still able to fight." 


Ulxa hearing the words of his subordinate couldn't help but be shaken. 


Ulxa: gods help us what is she doing?!" 


Every last solder watched as a hand thousands of times bigger than their very own planet reaches out and came ever closer to the fleet.  



The Devourer ignoring the microscopic fleet reaches out towards the planet. She knew that the insignificant species could do nothing to stop her. Their efforts did not go unnoticed as small beams of light struck her hand and arms, but still did nothing to halt its progression towards the red planet. 


The great destroyer did not know if she was being merciful or cruel, was it better to provide the little mites a quick death, or was it better to spare them, to bare witness to the the death of their planet, after all they could always find a new planet to colonize that probably was the best option, and yet the goddess noticing how the warships continued their attack, refusing to run away, also using her cosmic awareness she could see millions of Kraadhoit still on the planets surface. This insignificant species had already chose its own fate. 


Eyes that had finally turned cold the great Devour without wasting more time forcefully grabs the planet, breaking it from its orbit. As her fingers wrapped around the planets surface she could see lava seep from the planets crust like blood, warming up her fingers ever so slightly. 


Holding the small red planet in her hands the Devour uses her cosmic awareness to see the little lives on its surface. She saw the upheaval of the very ground, fissures big enough to swallow whole countries she bore witness to the tsunamis of lava that burned away whole entire cities, and raging winds that swept up the micro people by the dozens, all of this she saw, all of this she caused, and as she continued to look on with amusement, the great devours eyes soon falls on a single person trapped within the planetary wide chaos. 


The microscopic being wore fancy clothes and stood within a fancy palace. Upon his red head sat a crystallized crown, the devour having consumed billions of worlds knew exactly what she was looking at for almost every species possessed one. The being she was looking at was the king of the species, and what separated this mite from the others was his eyes that instead of being filled with fear, instead contained hope. But why? 


The massive Goddess still deep in thought tightens her grip around the small planet breaking it into pieces, condemning all those trapped on its surface, and as she did this she could feel power well up inside of her very being.


Devourer: [why did that little man have such a look, what were his dreams, in the very end what did he hope for?] 


Eyes closed, the cosmic destroyers mind was filled with questions as she thought about the tiny king she had destroyed. 


The great devour of worlds could see no more warships attacking her, all that surrounded her was the all to familiar dark abyss of space and frenzied energy of a demolished planet. 


Devourer: "They must have been destroyed in the explosion."  


Looking at the remains of the planet she had consumed the great devourer sees something amongst the rubble, something small and fast pushing through the darkness of space. 


It wasn't as big as a Kraadhoit battleship but the massive goddess could tell it was a ship, a ship in retreat. 


Curious if the little survivors the colossal titan decides to use her cosmic awareness to peer inside the tiny ship and what she saw made her planet size heart skip its first beat in all of her days. 


The technology of the ship meant nothing to the Goddess, for she had transcended technology and had been born into the realm of infinity, no what she bore witness to was three beings on the ship. One was a solder with battle armor who was piloting the microscopic vessel the other was a woman who wore fancy grey robes with a crystalized crown on her head, holding a small child in her arms, the child was a small boy who like the woman wore beautiful clothes. 


The gigantic woman seeing the little boy in her minds eye soon thinks back to the king she had just recently destroyed, and her eyes open wide with understand. 


Devour: "That boy is that dust mites son." 


With such revelations revealed the Devourer soon feels a small feeling in her chest as she watched to minuscule ship flee. 


Devour: ["what are this feelings, could they explain what has been happening to me?]  


The Titans right hand grabs her left bosom as her eyes once again falls on the fleeing ship. 


Devour: ["I must not let that ship flee, I must talk to the microbes on board."] 


The massive giant without hesitation flies after the little ship. Space Rocks breaking apart as her gigantic body flies against them at high speed. 



Bilxies heart was heavy as he along with the wife and son of his king watched as the dark goddess had destroyed their planet with a Single hand. Bilxies had seen the whole entire Advance fleet get swallowed up by the explosion and deep in his heart he knew that their where no more Kraadhoit left alive the three on the ship where the last. 


Bilxies sits down in the captains chair and rubs his red forehead as stress began to take over his body


Bilxies: "[we need to find somewhere to rest.] 




The ships emergency alarm echos through the whole entire room as the whole ship began to shake. Bilxies no longer comfortable press a myriad of buttons and soon a holographic screen appears right in front of his face. 


Bilxies face turns a lighter shade of red as she sees a moving flesh sized planet right behind him. She was to big for him to see her in all of her glory, but Bilxies knew what he was looking at. 


Bilxies: "That monster is coming."

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Chapter 3: Chase! by Prophet
Author's Notes:



The kraadhoit ship flew through the vacuum of space with great speed as it was being chased by a gigantic colossus. 


Bilxies: “Hold on!” 


Bilxies clutches the ship controls as he navigates through the cosmic waste of his now dead planet Uzuno, tears flow down his eyes as he bore witness to his now dead culture, and as he looked at holographic image of the dark deity chasing the ship he knew that she was growing closer. Bilxies glances back at the queen and young prince in the back of the ship, and he swore on the life of his now dead king that he would protect them. 


Bilxies: [“We have to get away”] 


Bilxies knew that their was only one chance to escape, they needed to activate the hyper drive, and go into hyperspace, and yet that would take time to activate and the gigantic goddess was gaining. 



The Devourer having consumed a small planet found herself chasing after a small ship in the middle of space. She did this to communicate with the little creature inside, for only they had the answers she was looking for, answers to the new strange emotions she was feeling inside her chest. 


It was almost laughable to the Goddess of immense size and power, that she needed the help of such microscopic beings, she needed their help to such an extent that she was willing to chase them through space and yet the comedic principal would change nothing. 


Devourer: “You will not escape.” 


The Devourers breath stirs up the cosmos as the shock wave rattled the fleeing ship ever so slightly. The Devourer having seen the ship shake ever so slightly refuses to speak any further, for her voice was to immense for the little ship and those on board to handle. She needed them alive, which because of her immense scale made this chase more difficult. 


The great titan constantly used her cosmic awareness to peer inside the speck sized ship. She saw the little solder behind the controls, she saw how he bravely defied her with his every breath. She saw the little queen and prince huddle together in the corner of the ship, scared of her very visage. Seeing all of the emotions on the ship actually made the chase ever more fun. The devourer flying ever closer to the ship couldn’t help but smile, revealing her planet sized white teeth. Victory would soon be hers. 



Bilxies: “Is that monster smiling?” 


Bilxies feeling nothing but rage watches the screen as the world eater drew ever closer. She was literally on top of them, and who knew what she would do to them.  They would not have the power to resist even a single strand of hair.


Queen: “Bilxies what are we going to do?” 


Bilxies: “Just hold on my queen, we will make it through this. I swear.” 


Bilxies looks down at the monitor and smiles, the hyperdrive was almost completely charged, all they needed was a few minutes more. 


Bilxies with a sense of victory soon looks back at the holographic images of their pursuer and soon his smile disappears. 


Bilxies: “Oh Gods.” 



The great devourer reached out her giant hand in order to grab the fleeing ship.


“Come here you little.”


The Devourer of worlds takes small swings at the fleeing ship in hopes of capturing the occupants inside and only misses it by a few inches and as she extends her massive hand ever closer her nail scratches against the exterior of the ship breaking a small portion of the ship apart.


The great Goddess watched as atomic sized pieces of metal floated off into space, and amongst the wreckage a micro person floated within the vacuum of space. The titan recognized the little speck as the little queen. 


The goddess seeing the little queen began to for the first time in her existence panic. She knew that lesser species unlike a Devourer could not survive the vacuum of space and she wanted to capture all three of the little people alive. 


The devourer momentarily halting her chase of the little ship, brings her face closer to the dust sized woman, and using her cosmic awareness could see the life quickly departing from the little woman’s body, and what really drew her attention was the little metal object the queen held in her grasp. 


Devourer: “What is that?” 



Bilxies: “Hold on to something!” 


Bilxies struggled to control the ship as a whole torrent of air like a raging river rushed out of the giant hole that formed in the back of the ship. 


The destroyers nail had brushed up against the ship, it was a nail that could effortlessly split moons and planets and survive the heat of stars, the ship itself never stood a chance. 


Bilxies quickly presses a small button on the consul of the ship and a small energy barrier like a blanket covers up the hole trapping the remaining air inside the ship. 


Bilxies as well as the queen and the young princes gasp for air. 


Bilxies: “Are you two alright?” 


Bilxies looks at the queen who wore a concerned look as her child ran into her arms bearing his face into her bosom. 


Queen: “At this rate the monster that annihilated our people will catch us.” (Stand up onto her feet.) 


Bilxies: (Closes his eyes, and clenches his fist) “Not if I have a nothing to say about it.” 


Queen: “Bilxies please look at me.” (Walks towards Bilxies) 


Bilxies opens his eyes and looks into the eyes of the woman he called his queen. To him she was beautiful, her red skin was more beautiful than all the diamonds that rested on the planet Uzuno. Her black hair was more grand than the kings thrown. Her very presence made Bilxies want her ever more. 


Queen: “Oh great solder of Uzuno, their is only one way for us to survive.” (Digs into her robes and takes out a small metal orb) 


Bilxies: “What is this my queen?” (Looks at the orb with apprehension) 


Queen: “What you bare witness to is the Moon Breaker, this sky smasher, the city Decimator, it is the Bomb of Thevione.” 


Bilxies hearing the name of the device that rested in the queen hand felt shaken to his core. The Bomb of Thevione was a weapon of unimaginable power, so much power in fact that it put very last super powered weapon of Uzuno to Shame. No one knew who crafted such a weapon, some say it was the gods themselves but every one knew and feared it’s power. Only the king and queen knew where the weapon rested and for good reason. 


Legend states that back before the rise of the 12 Kingdoms of Uzuno their use to be a beautiful moon that rested in the sky. In those early days their were actual two Bombs of Thevione, each of the powerful weapons where guarded by the most trusted warriors of that era and for a time their was peace, but those times of peace did not last as war broke out amongst the ancient kingdoms of Uzuno,  all for the unimaginable power that rested in the all powerful weapons. Legend spoke of a powerful warrior that sought the two bombs in order to gain revenge for the loss of his loved one, and in doing so unleashed a power so great that it had not only wiped out him along with all of his enemies but the moon itself. That is why the bombs are named after the great god Thevione, the god of destruction himself, and that is also why Uzuno had no moon.


Everyone on planet Uzuno knew the story and Bilxies was now staring at one of the divine artifacts. 


Bilxies: “My Queen what are you planning to do?” (Looks at the Wueen with worry.)  


Bilxies heart shakes agony as the Queens once worried face turns into a face of peace and acceptance. 


Queen: “ I am going to protect the ones I love.” 


Bilxies: “Oh no.” 





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Chapter 4: Sacrifice In The Void by Prophet
Author's Notes:



Bilxies: "You are going to do what?" 


Bilxies looks at the queen that stood before him, who's eyes where steady and calm. They where eyes that Bilxies had seen many times on the battle field, eyes that belonged to veteran solders who where willing to do anything when it came to fulfilling their duty, and that was what made Bilxies so worried. 


Queen: "Using the bomb of Thevione I should be able to give you and my son time to escape. (Holds the bomb at chest level.)


Bilxies: "You can't you... you will..." 


Bilxies found it hard to say the word that assaulted his mind, he couldn't believe that he could do nothing against the gigantic goddess that was chasing them through the cosmos. 


Queen: "I will die, and you two will live." 


Bilxies: "No! My queen please let me carry this burden please, think about your son." (Grabs the queen's shoulders.) 


Queen: (Looks at her son passed out in her arms.) "I am thinking about my son, the road ahead will only be more dangerous, my son will need someone like you by his side, protecting him." 


Bilxies bows his head in disgrace, he could not die for his king, and now he couldn't die for the woman he called queen, was their any greater dishonor?


Queen: please look at me Bilxies. (Lifts up Bilxies head with her right hand.) 


Bilxies: "My queen please..." 


Queen: (let's out a small laugh) "Even in the end you will not call me by my name." 


Blixies: (Blush) "Scele." 


Queen: "their we go."


Looking at his queen Bilxies could feel his heart burst out of his chest.


Blixies: "Scele I... I've always..." 


Queen (Scele): "sshhuusshh!!!!! I already knew." 


The Queen turns away from Blixies and walks towards the huge opening in the back of the ship bomb in hand, the opening that was covered by a energy forcefield.


Blixies sensing that time was near walks towards the control council of the ship. 


Queen(Scele): "Protect my son." 


Hearing Sceles final words Blixies for a quick second deactivates the forcefield that was keeping everyone alive and upon reactivating the powerful barrier looks to see Scele blown into the vacuum of space. 


Blixies knew that Scele would not last long in emptiness of space.


Blixies: ["I always love you."] 



The Devourer watched the small speck of a woman right before her eyes floated in the cold vacuum of space. 


The minuscule little speck was dying fast and yet the Devour watched as her eyes still held a fearless courage.


Devourer: ["What could this little woman possibly do?"] 


The great titan coming ever closer to the little queen, with the help of her cosmic awareness could see a microscopic metal ball in her hands a metal ball that contained a large amount of energy, energy the goddess craved but as her gaze returned to the fleeing ship traversing the cosmos her desire returned to the occupants inside. She could have easily saved the little speck floating to her death, but that would require energy, and their was one thing a Devourer never did and that was waste energy. 


The giant Immortal was about to return to her task, capturing the tiny ship and yet as

She began to move after the ship she could feel warmth coming from below, coming from the tiny woman herself or more specifically the nano sized ball in her hands. 


Looking down the Titan noticed how the little woman began to glow with chaotic energy, energy that rose without control. 


Devourer: "what is...." 




The dark void of the cosmo was shrouded by a blazing light that was almost as bright and powerful as a small star. Their could be nothing but destruction for all those who touched that energy, nothing but death. 



The small Kraadhoit ship raced away from the raging energy that seemed to consume all of space. Bilxies knew that the ship would never be able to resist such a massive power. 


It didn't take long for the cosmos to regain its former darkness, and as the energy finally dissipated Bilxies sits back into the captions seat with tears in his eyes. 


Bilxies: "She's dead, that monster is finally dead." 


Bilxies voice shakes with grief as he rubs his eyes with his hands. 


Bilxies: we're finally...." 


Bilxies looks into the Holographic screen and shakes with disbelief. On the screen before his very eyes was a body that was bigger than any planet, stronger than any star, and more divine than any god. The Goddess was alive and was approaching at unbelievable speeds. 


Bilxies: "Nooooo!!!!!!" 


Bilxies: (looks down at the monitor) "The hyper drive is ready!" 


Bilxies feared as the goddess drew ever closer and quickly slams his fist against the hyper drive button. 


Bilxies: "jump!" 


The Kraadhoit ship shakes with power and expeditiously disappears into the void.



The Devourer watched as the little ship disappeared into the infinite dark void of space. The little micros that she chased after, the micros she needed had escaped. 


The goddess clenched her fist in exasperation, as she looked into the great nothingness.


Devourer: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"


The colossus screams into the void as a humongous amount of energy spills out into the cosmos, energy stronger than a solar flare, she no longer cared about wasting her energy. The feeling in her chest, the feeling of emptiness and longing, she still did not understand why she was feeling such things, and it irritated her that now she may never know. 


Devour: "They got away."

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Chapter 5: The Blue Planet. by Prophet
Author's Notes:

Please enjoy! 


The cosmic goddess flies through the cold vacuum of space with an intense look of irritation on her face. The great Devourer with her cosmic awareness search’s through the endless void, she searched for the two microbes that had escaped. Never before had this being of tremendous proportion ever been so willing to chase after such weak and feeble beings, but she needed to find those insignificant specks for only they would be able to tell her about these uncontrollable feelings. 


While traversing the cosmos the Devourer began to think back to the planet she had destroyed. The all powerful Goliath could see a countless memories countless images that were not her own. Images that belonged to the people of that red planet, for this was the risk that every devourer had to face. They called it the inheritance of stone. The memories of the planet where now hers the memories that had been engraved into the the planets surface for eons now filled her mind, memories of Kraadhoit culture, history, religion, family, and even love, all

Embedded itself into her thoughts and as they played through her subconscious the feeling in her chest only grew stronger. 


Devourer: “Uzuno.” (lost in thought) 


The Devourer clouded by memories shakes her head in defiance, what she needed wasn’t useless sentiment what she need was another planet full of energy and life, for after her little outburst of emotion she hungered. She would find those that had escaped her, after all her time was infinite but right now her endless appetite came first. 


The Devourer closes her eyes and spreads her consciousness through the empty void of space, and as she did, the goddess failed to notice that she was headed towards a small space rock floating through the cosmos. 



Novixe and his son have traversed the cosmic void living a life of freedom as treasure hunters. They who had no place to call their home found themselves in top quality space suite while mining a barren rock in the middle of space. 


Novixe: “Hurry boy we have to mine every last bit of this Aspian metal before our suites run out of oxygen.”


Novixe knowing the value of minerals and metals knew that Aspian was a highly desired substance used to craft weaponry and space crafts. It was a metal capable of absorbing a huge amount of Kinetic energy and using that absorbed energy to attack or defend. It was a rare metal and this Baron rock smaller than a moon was filled with it. 


Ihrae using high powered tools to drill into the hard rocky surface of space debris hears a small alarm go off inside of his helmet.


Ihrae: “father something has appeared on the scanners, something big.”


Novixe: “Must be some damn poachers trying to loot our bounty.”


Novixe without delay takes out a small Drull weapon also called a purifying pistol, and his son does the same. Both stop working, both get ready for battle. 


Novixe, gun in hand looks over at his son Ihrae who stands on guard in front of him. Novixe knew that having the occupation of a treasure hunter was dangerous work, the one rule was that nothing belonged to you, and everything not nailed down was up for the taking, the honest truth was that even though they called themselves treasure hunters they where no different than outlaws, and worse case pirates, it was this kind of life that Novixe raised his son in and as he looked at his son Ihrae he knew that their was a chance that this might be the last time he saw his son alive.


Novixe: [“I have no regrets on what I have done, the boy needs to realize that this universe is a deadly place, their are worse things out in these dark depths than pirates and thieves.”]  


Ihrae: “Father look something is approaching from afar.” (Pointing forward into the darkness of space.)


Novixe looking into the distance sees something approaching, something that started to grow bigger and bigger as it advanced ever closer, becoming something to massive to recognize.  


Novixe: “Oh no.” 


Novixe face turns ghostly white as he stares at the approaching mass from afar, only one word could come to his lips. 


Novixe: “Devourer.”


Ihrae: “Devourer? Father what’s that?!” 


Novixe: “The worst monster in the universe. We need to run… Now!” 


Novixe grabbing the arm of his son sprints to their ship, which stood far off out of reach. As they both ran down the rocky terrine Ihrae stares at his father with fear and disbelief, for never before had he seen his father so terrified, his father who was like an unmoving iron pillar of sheer manliness, but as Ihrae looked behind at the approaching titan he could understand his fathers fears, never before had the young man seen anything so massive, her nearing presence alone seemed to be shaking the ground itself. Ihrae’s vision returns to his father. 


Ihrae: “Father what aren’t you telling me?” 


Novixe while running looks at his son with disheartened eyes, he never wanted to have this conversation, not with his son, especially now. 


Novixe: “You know that our planet was destroyed.” 


Ihrae: “Yes you told me that our planets core became unstable, it was because of that instability that the planet was destroyed killing many of our people, including my mother.” 


Novixe: “I’m sorry my son, but that was a lie.” 


Ihrae: “What?” 


Novixe: “Our planet was destroyed yes… but it was destroyed by the dark god known as a devour.” 


Ihrae wanted to cry he wanted to tackle his dad and beat the crapy out of him, he had lied to him all of these years about their planet, about his mother, but as hard as it was he Ihrae decided to swallow his anger.


Ihrae: “what are these monsters, why would they do something so horrible?”


Novixe: “They are known by many names, The Cosmic Eater, Void Drifters, the great consumers, whatever they are no one really knows why they do what they do, they simply leave death and destruction were ever they go.” 


Ihrae: “They? You mean their are more of these monsters?!” 


Novixe: “All I know is that the one which destroyed our planet wasn’t this one.” 


Novixe thought about the past he could almost see the cosmic god in his mind. 


Novixe: The one I saw had black hair, and her eyes where as cold as ice.”


The ground darkened with an ominous shadow stopping both Novixe and his son Ihrae in their tracks. 


Novixe looks up to a skin colored firmament, it was as if the sky itself was falling. 


Novixe: “My god she is going to crash into us!” 


Ihrae: “We’re not going to make it!” 


Novixe takes hold of his sons arm as they both look each other in the eyes. 


Novixe: “My Son, I lov….” 



The great Devourer could barely feel the breaking of stone against her skin and with a little surprise could feel an atom sized piece of energy enter her body. She could see the person the energy came from. He was a small man and his name ran through her mind. 


Devourer: “Novixe?” 


The goddess said with boredom, she had destoryed and killed so many specks, one more didn’t make a difference. She had greater concerns her hunger was growing and that atomic sized piece of energy she received from that speck sized man wasn’t even close to enough to satisfy her.


The Titan reaches out with her mind searching the cosmos with her cosmic awareness, it was then she saw it, shining in the emptiness of space like a light blue pearl. It was the most beautiful planet that the gigantic goddess had seen and looking further the residents living on its surface looked very much like her. Their was only one problem, it was smaller than any planet she had visited before, it was a glowing small dot in the darkness. 


Devourer: “What is this blue planet?”











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Chapter 6: A Cosmic Choice. by Prophet
Author's Notes:

Authors notes: Not to much action in this chapter but still enjoy. 


She floated in the middle of space gazing at the planet that hovered in the middle of the void, the planet that shined with a blue elegance the great Devourer had never before seen and yet was so small that she could destroy it with nothing but a small breath.


To this goddess of destruction the marble sized planet was an oddity for multiple reasons, the first where the inhabitants that resembled her to such a degree. The Devour had seen and destroyed many planets over the course of her long life and she had witnessed many alien species but none of those different species had ever resembled her divine form to such a degree as the ones on this tiny planet. The second was the life energy the planet itself  produced. It was of a high quality and it was amazingly pure. 


Devour: ["How could such a small planet produce so much life energy"] 


The Devourer could feel the waves of energy this tiny planet produce and as the energy radiated throughout her entire being her hunger seemed to grow stronger. 


Using her cosmic awareness the cosmic titan could see every microscopic life being lived on the blue planet and to her surprise she saw a species not worth her time, they where a species that possessed such weak technology that they couldn't even leave their solar system. She could destroy this planet, she could crush it any way she saw fit, with any part of her body, and the little microbes wouldn't be able to stop her, they wouldn't even be able to run away. It almost sickened her that such pathetic beings shared her image.


Devourer: ["I should destroy such a pitiful race, I should devour them and this planet.] (Licks her lips in anticipation) 


The grand consumer grew closer to her prey, her mind completely filled with greed and hunger, this planets energy would fill her with energy for days, it would give her satisfaction that very few planets ever could, these little mites where not worthy of such a treasure and therefor the titanic goddess would relieve them of this prize.


The Devourer had every intention of eating the planet whole, as she flew through the cosmos she could feel that she would soon be within the solar system belonging to the little planet. 


The Devourers cosmic gaze continued to scan the surface of the blue world, this planet would soon be hers and its inhabitants would soon be an insignificant memory in the universe. These where the thoughts that flooded her mind as her cosmic awareness surged through the planet and as her unrestricted gaze inspected her prize her cosmic eyes spotted something that made her stop her advance through the universal depths.


What the Goddess saw was a large green field filled with lush green crops covered in morning dew, and standing in the middle of that green filled was a young boy, who to the eyes of the cosmic god looked barley old eneough to be called a man. The boy had short brown hair, and while managing the field wore no shirt, the only clothes that covered the tiny boys body where raggedy jean shorts that went down to his knees.


The Goddess looked at this speck of a boy and as she did she could fill an unknowable feeling appear in her chest. It was the same feeling she felt when she destroyed planet Uzuno, as she looked at the little prince of the now dead king. It was a feeling that she couldn't understand , and as she came ever closer to the planet, her plans began to change. 


Devourer: ["Maybe this boy can explain these strange feelings that I have been having.] 


The Titans thoughts gave her a sense of hope, that maybe their was still a chance that she could get the answers that she was looking for, and by receiving those answers return to her old immortal self. 


This planet would become one with her as so many others had, but for now with a smile on her gigantic face, the Devourer decided that she would spare the little world. She would let it continue its cosmic cycle through the solar system until she had gotten the answers that she was looking for.


The Devourer with her plan running through her head could feel the energy weakening throughout her body.


Devourer: ["If this planet will survive I will need to find another one to satisfy my appetite.] 


The Devourer once again reaches out to the cosmos, she would need to find a planet full of life nourishing energy, and as she searched through stellar void her cosmic gaze discovered a much bigger planet close by, a planet that shines with orange hue.


Devourer: (Smiles) "I hunger."

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Chapter 7: Planet Of The Sun by Prophet
Author's Notes:

Authors Notes: This chapter is going to get a little sexual, not to much but still wanted to warn you. I hope you enjoy.

The ever consuming hunger grew stronger as the goddess grew closer to the orange planet. It was a hunger that threatened to make her mad, to put an end to the little reason the Titaness had. Their could be no debate, this planet would meet its end. 


The Devour with her cosmic eyes looked at the tiny microbes on the planet and what she saw was a people with light orange skin with dark stripes all around their bodies and as she looked further she could see tiny buildings made of elemental stone and sand, skyscrapers made up of hard and durable metal that shined with a silver elegance as the suns rays touched it. But what really caught the eye of the goddess was the golden shrines that rested all around the planet. Shrines that all revealed golden pictures of the sun itself. It was obvious to the Massive cosmic Goddess that these little maggots worshiped the sun and that thought alone brought a smile to her face.



The residents of the Gotholla watched as their once orange sky became covered in shadow and darkness. 


Kherkrans, the species that lived on the orange planet where a people that believed that their one almighty sun god was the creator of the universe. The sun was the life giving light that made life possible on the planet of Gothilla that was why that every Kherkran believed that the all consuming shadow was caused by the wrath of the great sun god Inir.


In the sacred golden temple of Inir three priest stand in utter disbelief as they watched the darkened sky. 


Priest 1: “High Priest what does this mean?” 


High Priest: “It means that the sacred scriptures are finally being realized.”


Priest 2: “You mean the ancient texts that speak of the sun gods judgment upon the sinful and disobedient.” 


High Priest: “Worry not my disciplines, we are the faithful, and we will be spared the coming destruction.”


The High Priest speaks words of comfort as he looked at his disciples. He believed in his god and he believed that his long life of faith and allegiance would not go unrewarded.  



The Devourer grew closer to the solar star wearing a smile on her face. It never ceased to amaze her how foolish mortals could be, how their limited minds tried to make sense of the universe that surrounded them. Coming ever closer to the star that lit up the solar system billions and billions of miles around the great goddess smile grows wider as she bore witness to a solar flame smaller than her hand. 


Devourer: [“Do those inferior beings really believe that this little star is a god?”] 


Looking back at the tiny planet that floated from afar, the Titan that saw so much praise and worship wanted to show the little germs how little their religion mattered, and she had the perfect idea in her mind.


The colossus reaches out and like plucking a small cherry, plucks the small star out of its orbit using nothing but her thumb and index finger. With the small star in her clutches, the goddess couldn’t  feel the cosmic Flames that arose from the stars core and without wasting time brings the small sun up to her mouth, facing the orange planet while licking her lips in excitement.



The people of Gotholla where in panic as they saw from within the cosmic depths a being to massive to comprehend a being that looked nothing like their blazing god of the solar flame. This unknown entity was a god in its own right, how could it not be when it was easily playing with the almighty sun that so many Kherkrans had worshiped over the long years of their existence. 


Whatever thoughts where flowing through the people of Gotholla, their was one thing that they all knew, as solar winds devastated that many lands and cities throwing many things into the far off depths of space, and boiling the oceans and people alike. This new god cared nothing for them, the Gothollians couldn’t make out the Cosmic Colossus fully but they could feel in their hearts that their lives meant nothing to these dark being. 


Priest 1: “I don’t understand, the sacred texts of Inir, the golden scriptures of the sun mention nothing of this.” (Shakes in fear and looks at the High priest.) 


Priest 1: “The 100 days of darkness, the Tempest of flames, the Flame of eternal life. The scriptures mention all of these things… But this?”


The High Priest fails to meet the gaze of his fearful Disciple, the only thing that seemed to matter was the cosmic monster that filled the entire sky.


High Priest: [“Was all of my worship for nothing? Did it really not matter in the end?”] 


The High Priest of Gotholla thought things he had never once thought before, faith stronger than metal had no use for doubt and yet here in the golden temple of Inir, doubt exists.  


High Priest: “You fools, you would dare doubt the words of our lord here at the time of judgement!?” 


Priest 1 & 2: “NO SIR!”  


High Priest: “Remember our lord like the great flame is shapeless, his ways are not for us to understand, we are his chosen, and through our god we will live forever!” (Raises his fist in the air.) 


High Priest: “What we are looking at is probably a messenger sent from on high to test our faith, so do not waver!” 


Priest 1 (Bows his head in shame.) “I give honor and to the Great High Priest, and ask for forgiveness for the words that I have spoken.


High Priest: “Worry not, for the great Inir will for….” 


Priest 2: “What is the messenger doing!!!” (Grabbing the attention of the High Priest and points at the chaotic sky. 


High Priest: “Oh lord.” 



The Devour star in hand comes ever closer to the little planet. She was far enough that her very being posed no danger to the planet, and yet close enough that so many of the little microbes could bare witness to what was about to happen. 


The Goddess brings the planet down  to her monumental crouch and with a grin opens her pussy lips wide enough that her musk washes over the planet making the once clear air humid with the smell of womanhood, causing the ground itself to uplift changing the landscape with ease. The air Itself would never be the same, forever replaced with the pheromones of a cosmic monster. 


The Titan after keeping her pink lips open for a few Minutes, to give the little germs a view throws the flaming sun into her hungry maw and slowly brings her lips together, causing the once bright solar system to be deprived of the once warm giving light. 


Devourer: (Blushing) [“Now they will see who the real god is here.]


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Chapter 8: Faith and Mercy! by Prophet
Author's Notes:



The goddesses could feel the power of a cosmic flame powerful enough to burn away planets, strong enough to evaporate the deepest oceans, and violent enough to destroy the strongest of spacecrafts ever invented burn from within her vagina. This fierce cosmic force of nature found itself in a humid cave of massive flesh, the very flame being extinguished by sexual juices that put the depth of any ocean to shame and could sweep away a hundred cities in a tidal wave of love juice.


The devourer feeling the mighty star inside her opens up her gigantic maw letting out a deep breath of pleasure as a raging flame enveloped her pussy lips surrounding It in cosmic elegance. So many microbes where watching as the sun they worshiped like a god was being enveloped deep within her crevices, it gave her such delectation. So lost in her cosmic masturbation of solar energy the titaness didn’t realize the small droplets of her juices that rained down on the orange planet like meteors of wet destruction causing even more death and chaos.


She looked at the orange planet before her and witnessed a small scar on the surface of the orange world, seeing this she smiled, her massive teeth shined brightly in the darkened void as embers of solar fire caressed the folds of her massive love cavern. To the little microbes on the orange planet of Gotholla her vagina looked to be a fire breathing demon that filled their sky.


Devourer: (blush) [“Did my breath damage the planet?”] 


The Devourer looking at the scorched earth of the planet caused by her moist humid hot breath and couldn’t help but see the humor in her simplest actions, which had turned the very mountains to dust, and had turned all flesh into burned charcoal, looking down at such weak creatures her mind drifted back to the boy she had seen in the green lush field, the goddess had doubts about such insignificant beings. Did they really have something to teach her. With the power of her cosmic awareness she could see many men and women on the planet Gotholla huddled together, women in the arms of their men and as the massive titaness bore witness to these acts the feeling in her chest only grew stronger.


Devourer: [“Can that boy really explain these feeling? Can something so weak really help me?”] 


Devourer thinking such things for a brief second could hear a small voice echo through the caverns of her mind a voice of a man, a voice that said one thing. 


Unknown: “Mercy…” 


The goddess looks down at the orange planet and looking ever closer could see a speck sized man with light orange skin, a man who wore golden bright robes. The man was on his knees with his hands together as if he was in prayer. The world was falling apart all around the microbe and yet he continued to pray without moving. It was a prayer so powerful that it had forced its way into the destroyers mind.


The high priest of the planet Gotholla after witnessing the so called messenger of Inir devour their sun, after watching the golden radiant fire of the great god Inir decorate fleshy folds immense enough to darken the once golden sky of the planet and deeper than the deepest cannon, and after watching his very world burn from the hot and humid masturbation breath of the the cosmic entity from above, realized that the great and mighty entity was no herald of Inir, she herself was a god. Mighty and powerful, the great goddess using nothing but a single strain of hair could split the planet in two and destroy all of their lives, how could she not be a goddess.  


The High priest without hesitation gets down on his knees and bows his head in prayer. He did not know what he and his people did to earn the wrath of this Titan this colossus of the cosmos but if they where to survive, obedience was necessary. But the question was, was it enough, what could they possibly offer to something so massive. The High Priest could only think one thing. 


High Priest: [“Mercy.] 


The ground began to quake and tremble as horrid vibrations radiated all around the world, breaking the ground and demolishing while entire Kherkran cities. 


The High priest opens his eyes in surprise as he gazes up at the darkened sky and sees a white glowing eye that almost looked to be a moon in the night sky.


High Priest: “Is, Is she laughing, will she not spare us?” 


Upon asking his question the High priest from deep within his mind hears only one word that had caused his heart to skip a beat, one word powerful enough to make him lose hope. 


Unknown: [“No.”]


The High priest was sure that the voice he had heard in his mind was the voice of the destroyer from above, the ender of worlds, and as the great priest of Inir observed the  the goddess in complete terror he saw something that made his nerves cry out in dread.


 High Priest: “God Inir preserve me.”



It was nothing but foolish to the Devourer when she heard such insignificant beings asking for mercy, it was waste of time begging for ones life when it came to a devourer for their was only one thing that a cosmic god cared about, one thing a Devour desired. Planets, all for the sake of living. 


Knowing this the colossus opens her mouth wide giving the residents of the little planet a view of a tongue bigger than the planet itself. 


Devourer: [“If these little mites miss their sun so much, than they can chase after it from within me.”]  


The devourer brings her face ever closer to the orange planet, and gives the planet a small lick. 



They had very little time to recognize the end of their lives as a pink mass of flesh descended from the sky and like an unmovable object, moved across the land sweeping everything up as it passed. Buildings made up of highly dense alien metal, the lush blue forest that grew from the planets surface, as well as the tall mountains that pierced the cloudy skies, all things great and small were swept away, stuck against the pink mass of flesh or crushed out of existence from the unimaginable weight.


All those left alive to witness such power, alive enough to gaze upon the changing of landscapes and the end to whole entire civilizations all knew two things. The first was that their beautiful planet Gotholla was about to meet its end, and the second was that their was nothing that they could do to stop it, all they could do was bare witness to the destruction that the cosmic goddess caused, and await their own deaths. 



Ithya was a young Kherkran that had live for 117 years, in two days her coming of age ceremony would have been celebrated, for it would have been the day that she would have become a full fledged adult, ready to work for the benefit of her species, and for the glory of Inir, those days Ithya knew would never happens, for right now she found herself covered in sticky fluid that not only made her immobile and stuck to a pink unyielding wall, but also burned to the touch as the immense cavern she found herself in was unimaginably scolding hot. 


Ithya screamed as she felt her orange skin boil and and slowly melt, she prayed as hard as she could to her god as every nerve in her body cried out in pain, surely her god would never allow her to die in such a way, but the more she called out to the almighty the more she lost faith. Ithya knew nothing of her whereabouts all she really knew was wherevwr she was, she wasn’t alone, for within the moist burning cave she could hear the scream of a myriad of her people, all roasting from the unbearable heat. 


Ithya not wanting to admit her defeat struggles against the confines, Clinging desperately to life not knowing her whereabouts. 


Ithya: “I can feel it, I’m coming loose I might be able to make it out of thi…” 


It happened to fast for Ithya to recognize, but before she could even finish her sentence, before she could be filled with hope, her small little life had been extinguished. Ithya and everyone else who had lost their lives would never know that they where stuck to a gigantic moist tongue bigger and more durable than their planet, stranded on a taste bud that put the biggest mountain to shame, they would never know that the force that burned their very skin was the hot and humid breath of sexual pleasure and they would never know that their deaths where from the simple result of the massive goddess pressing her tongue against the roof of her mouth. Their lives had ended, by the will of their betters.



The devourer for a split second savored the taste in her mouth, she could feel every little creature on her tongue, and in truth, to her surprise it gave her little pleasure unlike in the past. At that moment the  titan decided to  waist no more time as her hunger pained her like no other. It was the hunger that the Devourer feared, for it threatened her very life like no other weapon in the galaxy ever could, she had already spared one world, she would not spare another. 


The behemoth once again brings her mouth close to the planet but Unlike before she sticks the whole entire orange planet into her mouth quickly. Using her cosmic awareness she watched as her tongue dug deep within the planet razing the ground itself to nothing, she watched as the tiny bugs drowned in her saliva and how the tiny gnats where blown away by her mighty breath and where sent down her throat only to be digested, teeth stronger than their strongest weapon broke the world apart as they clashed against the rocky ground causing streams and rivers of lava to appear from the planets core. A whole entire civilization was being destroyed in her mouth and just like it did a thousand times before, it had made her excited but unlike before, she had the feelings of guilt that had consumed her mind. She was destroying this whole entire planet filled with life all to live, but what did living truly mean. The species dying inside her mouth was so weak that it was humorous but that didn’t mean that they deserved to die and yet they had to so she could survive.


Closing her eyes the Destroyer swallows the cosmos contents hidden within her mouth, and as the energy of the planet satiated her ever growing hunger she thought back to the blue planet, as the residence that lived on it. 


Devourer: [“It is finally time.”]











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Chapter 9: Avatar & Beginnings by Prophet
Author's Notes:


She floated amongst an ocean of stars this goddess of massive splendor, this eater of worlds and consumer of stars had only one thing on her mind one Objective to be completed and as she made her way towards the blue planet filled with abundant life giving energy and nourishment she felt a small sliver of excitement deep from within her huge chest. 


Power coursed through the Devourers very being, waves of energy clung to her divine flesh. Fully charged with this energy the grand destroyer could destroy whole entire planets with ease and force countless stars to explode, with such cosmic dominance no power could stand against this titan and yet despite her power and rank this monolith of cosmic might was solely focused on a planet the size of a small glowing marble, a planet so fragile that she could blow it away with her tiniest movements if she wasn't carful. 


The Devourer found the whole situation Ridiculous, and what's more the very fact that she felt that she needed the help of a mortal smaller than dust seemed to irritate her even more. But she needed relief from these feelings, a way to ease all her doubts and questions. Using a mortal was so far beneath her true, but if doing so would provide her freedom from all troubles than she would do so. 


She gazed down at the little mights on the minuscule world and it was then that she had witnessed large groups of people going throughout their daily lives, and amongst these sentient dust particles she had found the little boy she had seen  Before, the boy that she need, the boy who had the answers to her question. She would get her answers, and then she would devourer this world and feed on the life energy it produced.


Devourer: ["It time to begin."] 


The Goddess of the cosmos closed her eyes and cleared her head as she focused on the little planet light years away from her current position. She couldn't get to close less she makes her mighty presents known to the Minuscule beings below, and that wasn't an option, for she wished for her actions to go unnoticed.


What was about to be done had never been done before but deep down the Devourer of worlds knew what needed to be done. She would create an avatar of herself to walk amongst the little creatures. This was necessary, for her power was far to great for the planet to withstand, this was the case even in her weakened state. Even if she where to shrink her main body her powerful presence would still Pose a problem for the whole world. Her body couldn't be anywhere near the planet but her mind could. 


Waves of energy exploded to life all around the massive Titan as she focused her very being for the first time on creation instead of destruction. Soon like a collapsing star the energy began to collapse down to a single point the size of a dust particle. Inside this small partial of energy that rested in the middle of the Devours massive palm, energy was being transformed into matter. Bone mixed together with flesh and blood was being constructed until finally what lied on the surface the the goddesses palm was a tiny human body that mimicked her appearance down to every detail, the only difference was the size of this human avatar was the size of a germ compared to the Devourer and yet still the great goddess looked at her work with pride.


Devourer: (smiles) ["Now I can begin."]


Night fell over the northern town of Chilswell as people young and old found themselves in their homes resting for the coming day.


Running down a dirt covered road 14 year old Conrad Ehmer rushed home in all haste, for his curfew was 10:00 and right now it was 10:05.  


Conrad: "Crap, Crap, Crap! Dad is going to kill me for sure!" 


The sight of buildings and houses were soon replaced by wooden trees and open fields as Conrad continued to make his way home. The town of Chilswell was a town covered in many woodland areas and acres and acres of farmland. Conrad for all his life had lived on one of the farms that occupied these lands. This kind of life was hard but deep down Conrad knew that it was honest work.


Conrad ran past the tall trees leading into the woods and as he did the ground began to rumble under his feet. 


Conrad: "What's Happening?!" (Stops running.) 


To the city of Chilswell earthquakes were rare but they did happen from time to time, but as Conrad felt the vibrations under the ground he couldn't help but feel that this earthquake was different and soon without warning a blinding light shined brightly through the woods.


Conrad: (shielding his eyes from the light) "what the hell is that?" 


It lasted only a few seconds but soon the light that seemed to chase away the darkness finally faded into shadow, all that was left was Conrad who continued to stand still in bafflement.


Conrad continued to look within the darkened woods, he had to make his way home but the more he looked into the wooden depths. His curiosity only grew stronger and soon without thought Conrad found himself walking into the darkened woods. 


He saw nothing but the trees and wildlife that occupied the forest in al directions. He felt nothing but the cool night air that stroked his body gently, and yet Conrad continued to step forward.


Conrad soon stops walking as he found himself in an open area filled with grass and surrounded by tall trees. This place located deep in the woods was a place illuminated by moonlight and right in the middle of that sacred light, to Conrad's surprise stood a woman with long blonde hair and pure smooth skin. To Conrad she was the picture of perfection and the longer he looked at this woman covered in divine beauty the more she seemed so unreal. 


Th woman covered in moonlight and held the beauty of a marble statue  to Conrad's surprise began to move her head side to side viewing her surroundings as if she didn't know where exactly she was and soon her eyes and Conrad's met and as she acknowledged Conrad's existence the woman showed a smile, a smile that almost brought Conrad to his knees, and soon as he opened his mouth he found himself able to say a few words. 


Conrad:  "Who are you?"

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Chapter 10: This Feeling! by Prophet
Author's Notes:



Hair that flowed like silk in the night air, skin that shined with a sliver elegance as it bathed in moonlight, and a toned body that could only belong to an athlete that had trained all their lives, to Conrad this naked woman possessed all of these things as she stood before him in all of her splendor. Conrad could barley control his raging heart as new found feelings erupted from within.


Conrad: (Blushing) "Who are you?" (Looks down) "And why are you naked?!" 


Conrad watched as the strange woman looked at him, confusion evident on her face, almost as if she didn't understand what he was saying. 


Devour: "%}>{!£#£|%%}" 


Conrad: (Confused) "Uh, I'm sorry but I can't understand you." 


Conrad listened as the Naked beauty spoke a language he didn't recognize. He was positive that this woman couldn't understand him and this of course represented a problem.



The cosmic god who had devoured planets, who had made love to blazing stars, and snorted countless moons and comets for millennia now stood before a small boy she could kill with ease, hoping for an answer that would solve her problem, and yet their was one problem, this mortal, this boy couldn't understand her. This befuddlement caused the Devour to feel an irritation, she hadn't felt in a long time, an irritation so strong that she had half a mind to destroy the whole entire planet and forget about her problems all together, and yet as she looked at the young boys face she found herself rethinking her actions.


She spoke words of the old tongue, a language as old of as the universe itself, a language unrecognizable to lesser creatures. As a goddess larger than planets she rarely ever needed to use words, she would use her mind to communicate whenever she found it necessary and yet in her current situation she found such ideas unwise.


Devourer: ["I have no choice"] (Raises her finger towards Conrad's forehead) 



Conrad watched the woman lift her right hand and saw how her index finger glowed with a silver light. She lifted her glowing finger towards his head, and honestly Conrad was debating on wether or not he should back away or stay completely still.


Conrad: "What are you doing?" 


Conrad could feel the cold touch of the woman's finger against his forehead and at that time he felt like his whole entire body was being probed, as if his very soul was an opened book that this person could read at her Leisure. He could feel his  very presence being dominated by an unknowable power and by instinct he knew it was a power to be feared.


Devourer: "Can you understand me now boy?"


To Conrad her voice was gentle and yet was so feeler with authority that Conrad for a split second reverted his gaze. The strange language she was speaking awhile ago was gone, what replaced it was perfect English.


Conrad: (Excited) "Oh wow! I can totally understand you now." (Walks closer to the woman.)


Conrad: "So who are you lady, and while are you.." (blushes) "naked?"


Conrad couldn't help but steal glances at the woman's perfect figure after all he was a young man. 


The woman follows Conrad's gaze and looks down and finally acknowledges her nakedness, and without delay returns her gaze back to Conrad with zero embarrassment as if the whole situation was completely natural.


Devourer: "Worry not about who I am, and when it comes to the garments you people wear, such things mean nothing to me." 


Conrad: "Oookay"  


Devourer: "I have come before you for an explanation mortal." 


Conrad watched as the woman stepped closer to him, and soon she was only an inch away from his face. He did his best to look away, trying to show this strange woman respect but every now and then Conrad found himself looking at the woman's ample bosom.


Conrad: "Explanation for what exactly?" 


The woman focuses her eyes on Conrad 

as if she was in deep thought.


Devourer: For as long as I could remember I have done whatever it took to survive, destroyed so many lives to persevere my own." (Looks down at the ground.) "I was happy with this life for quite awhile..." 


Conrad: "Uh, so then what changed?" 


Devourer: "You, you all changed me, infected my mind with unnecessary thoughts!" 


The woman looked at Conrad with an unknowable hatred that took Conrad by surprise.


Devourer: "Now you will tell me the reason I am feeling these things, and how I can make it stop," 


Conrad took a step back as he heard the woman standing before him speak in a threatening tone. 


Conrad: ["I just wanted to go home, and now I might be getting into a fight with a naked woman."] 


Conrad didn't know if he was the luckiest man on the planet or the unluckiest all he did know was that this woman wasn't one to be trifled with and yet knowing all of that didn't change a thing, he still had a curfew and still had to go home. He had no time for this woman's craziness. 


Conrad with little to no care walks past the naked woman blocking his way, the woman who had refused to give him her name and who acted as if she was so much better than everyone else. Such a woman held beauty that would probably drive any man insane, and yet her attitude wasn't something that Conrad had time to deal with.


Devourer: "Hey! Where do you think your going!" (Watching as Conrad walks away.) 


Conrad: "I'm going home to my family. It's quite late out, and I'm going to be grounded for a long time if I delay any further.



The Titan in human form watched as the human boy she needed walked off towards his home not giving her a second look. Her anger started to rise as she clenched her fist in rage. 


Never before had a lesser being ever ignored her in such a way this boy had done now. Such disrespect was unacceptable for someone of her status and as she looked at the back of the boy in question all she could think about was crushing his mite sized body between her finger, and destroying his very planet in the most humiliating way possible.



Conrad while continuing to walk down the Stoney path leading to his house, looks back at the naked woman still standing in the middle of the road behind him. Conrad could see the look of anger and disappointment that decorated her face and for a moment felt bad for the woman. 


Conrad: (Sigh.) "Look lady I'm a simple farmer I'm not good when it comes to emotions and feelings. (Scratches his head in irritation.) "But if your story is true, then maybe, just maybe what you are feeling is guilt."


The devourer looked at Conrad, her anger replaced with shock and confusion.


Devourer: "Guilt?"


Conrad: "Yea you know, you feel bad about hurting people."


The cosmic god had destroyed over a thousand civilizations and therefor she had heard this word many times. Many times this same word was spoken in many tongues but it still had the same meaning. 


Devourer: (Raises her shaking hands.) "No that can't be true." 


Conrad: ("Shrugs his shoulders.) "Maybe it Is maybe it's not, either way I wish you luck lady. (Begins to walk away once again.) 


Devourer: "Wait!" 


Conrad stops walking and turns towards the Devourer. 


Devourer: "If what you say is the truth, then how, how do I get rid of these feelings?" 


Conrad looked at the desperation in the Devourers eyes. 


Conrad: ["what kind of answer is she expecting me to give?] 


Conrad: "I can't really tell you that. The truth is, what ever guilt you are feeling, you have to find your own redemption. (Walks away.) 


The Devourer watched the boy she hardly even knew walk away until he had disappeared into the night. She stood their  along that dusty road seemingly staring at nothing, her mind clouded by her thoughts 


Devourer: "Could it be true, am I really feeling such a miserable emotion for these tiny creatures?"


As she pondered these questions in the depths of her mind, her body began to turn translucent and like a specter from beyond, began to completely disappear.


The great eater of worlds found herself back in the middle of the cold void of space, within her gargantuan imposing form. The great goddess looked out into the dark depths and could see a small speck that shined blue a thousand miles away. The planet that she wanted and craved she could now have. 


With such desires filling her mind their was one more that refused to be ignored. The thought of that boy, the thought of his brown eyes and hair, his senseless pride, it all began to intrust her more than she thought possible. 


Devour: "I didn't even get his name..." 


Solder 1: "Captain we have found her sir." 


Captain: "At last! Where is she, that monster of cosmic terror." 


Solder 2: "She seems to be in a unnamed solar system Captain." 


Captain: "No doubt about to feed on another helpless world!" 


Solder 3: "What are your orders sir?" 


Captain: "Fool do you even have to ask, all ships get ready to attack!" 


All Solders: (Smile, tears in their eyes) "Yes  Sir!!!" 


Captain: "Today is the day of our revenge, today the Broken Armada will kill that monster!"

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Chapter 11: The Broken Armada by Prophet
Author's Notes:



Lost in thought she floated amongst an ocean of stars. She thought about her time on earth, her time with that boy with brown hair. It had changed her even further, she just didn't know how. 


The Massive Goddess of the stars focused her cosmic gaze into the far away depths, where a blue speck shined in the darkness. The blue planet so infused with life that it's energy would satisfy the hunger of any devourer. It was a treasure hidden by the cosmos and it was all hers for the taking and yet the gluttonous Titan made no move against it, instead she watched and observed the boy she just met, the boy who had finally made it to the place he called home and who was currently sleeping in his bed, leaving all problems and hardships of the actual world behind.



Into the further sectors of space thousands of ships fly through the cosmos, each carrying a myriad of different alien species, all where solders that held one purpose, revenge. They where the Broken Armada and all held one goal. The destruction of the cosmic gods called Devourers. 


He stood in armor as black as the starry sky's. The Grand Commander of the cosmic fleet. 


Grand Commander: "Are we ready to begin the operation?"


Solder 1: "Yes Commander. The solders are all ready and in wait."


Grand Commander: (Sits down on his thrown.) "Connect me to the solders." 


Solder 3: "Yes sir." 


It took only an Instant for the Grand Commanders image to be shown on every ship under his command. Thousands of solders looked up at their leader with tears in their eyes, for today was the day that history would be made. 


Grand Commander: "The time has finally come, brothers in arms. The time for our wrath to be realized." (Clenches fist in anger.) "We have all suffered by the cosmic hands of the dark gods, our planets destroyed, Loved ones lost, and we who where made into nothing but refugees without a home. Let this day be our day of retribution!!!" 


He spoke words of hatred as he bathed in the cheers of his people. They who cared very little about life existed for one reason, a reason that they believed most holy. 


Grand Commander: "We may die, we may not live to see the greatness our deeds will create. But the truth is that none of us are guaranteed long lives, and this higher cause is worth all of our lives." 


No solder held any hesitation or fear as they looked at their leader, only a silent calm that harbored a maddening eagerness for battle. 


Grand Commander: "All Force Advance forward! Let the attack begin!" 



Her eyes never once left the small blue sky  planet that floated light years away from her Current location, or if one where to be more specific her massive glowing eyes never left the sleeping face of the boy she had met earlier. This devourer of cosmic space never before had such things like dreams, nor did she ever have to close her eyes and sleep, all she needed was the energy the cosmos itself provided and yet as she looked at the contentment that shined brightly on the residence of the tiny planet from afar, the very idea of sleep sounded nice.


Devourer: ["Guilt... Could it really be something like that."]


Unknown: "Monster..." 


The Devourer turns her head as a noise echoes through the cosmic void, and what she saw was something that barely made her Bat an eye. To the naked eye they appeared as nothing but small specks of light that floated in the darkness but to the eyes of the Devourer they where so much more. Lined up side by side a whole Battalion of warships floated before her face, warships that numbered in the thousands. 


Such a large fleet had the power to effortlessly destroy countless planets and moons, and yet despite their power, the cosmic Titan looked at such feeble creatures with little to no interest, and without wasting anymore of her time refocuses her massive gaze on the blue planet from afar, completely ignoring the small fleet.


Unknown: "Hear me cosmic devil for you are in the presence of the Grand Commander of the Broken Armada Kuga Addah!" 


Hearing the little voice the almighty Devourer still paid no attention to the little specks that hovered before her.


Grand Commander: (Annoyed from being ignored) "You barbaric savage how dare you not give me and my men the respect we deserve, the respect that you and your foul kin owe us! Well it matters not, look away if you must, it will make all that much easier to destroy you devil!" 


Hearing such threats the Devourer shifts her gaze back to the fleet with a gaze that still shined with boredom but at the same time held a small bit of interest, for not everyday was a being as mighty as her so brazenly challenged. 


Grand Commander: "Today is the day that the so called Cosmic gods know death!"

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Chapter 12: First Attack! by Prophet
Author's Notes:


In the depths of space the Broken Armada floated before the being they believed to be their most hated enemy. The Goddess of the cosmos, the eater in the void, she who was responsible for the destruction of so many worlds, today was the day, justice would be served, today was the day that god would die.


Grand Commander: “All forces ready the blasters, set them all to full power!” 


Solder 1-20: “Yes sir!!!” 


No solder held even the slightest bit of hesitation or fear as they followed the commands of their Commander. This was what they lived for, it was this moment that gave their lives purpose. The battle, the war that would decide the fate of the cosmos.


The Grand Commander Kuga Addah stared at the cosmic god who filled the entirety of the screen. He could see that this mighty being showed little interest and no concern when it came to their presence, their threats fell on depth ears as the Devourer of worlds looked at them as if they themselves where bugs. This he believed to be her weakness, for their was no greater danger than to underestimate ones opponent. 


Grand Commander: (Smiles) “All forces ATTACK!!!” 



She who was the embodiment of cosmic  mighty gazed down at a whole fleet of star ships, each wanting nothing but to do her harm, to end her very existence. To her they where to small to pose a threat and deep down she was annoyed that such weak beings had the audacity to take her attention away from her one true prize but despite her rising anger she decided to ignore the annoying pests and turn her attention back towards the sleeping boy who’s name was a complete mystery to her. For a reason unknown the massive Titan felt drawn to the mortal who lived on the blue specked sized planet and at this moment she was in contemplation on whether or not to end the planet entirely.


Devourer: [“What should I do?”]


Deep in thought the living mountain of living divine flesh feels something warm pop all around her back. Quickly turning around the massive goddess see tiny explosions encompass her upper chest, arm, hair, and even face.


With her cosmic awareness she could tell that these explosions where the result of a few tiny ships crashing into her skin, they all gave in against her divine flesh with no struggle What so ever. In the end all that was left of these ships where the small pieces of metal and broken technology that know drifted in the inky depths of space.


Looking inside her minds eyes she could see all the memories of the lives lost against her massive body, she could see their purpose, and she knew their most desired wish. The destruction of her kind… this thought put a small smile on her face. Their dream was foolish and suicidal and as she faced the broken Armada and tiny explosive attacks surrounded her entire body, her thoughts did not change. 


She could destroy them all for their insolence and disrespect, these tiny little specks of waist and yet as she gazed within the tiny ships and saw the faces of all those inside, she thought back to the words spoken to her by the boy she had met on the tiny blue planet from afar. If what she was feeling was actually guilt, would she add to these feelings with more death and destruction. Her mind was made up, she for the moment would show mercy, with that thought in mind the cosmic goddess sends her thoughts towards all who called themselves her enemies. She would speak to these bugs and try for the first time in her immortal life  to reason with these beings.



Grand Commander Kuga Addah saw how hundreds of his ships exploded against the skin of the cosmic giant. He cared not for the men he loss, for all of them knew the risks, no what truly mattered was that she had finally decided to turn and face them. The mighty being decided to recognize them as her opponents. 


Grand Commander: “So you finally decided to recognize our presence Huh? Well good because I would hate to kill her with her back turned.” (Laughs)


Kuga Addah smiles with excitement, for the battle had just begun and justice still had not been served. 


Unknown: [“STOP THIS.”]


Grand Commander: (Shocked) “What’s that?!” (Quickly Looks around the ship.) 


From within his mind Kuga Addah could hear an overwhelming voice that threatened to overload his very senses, and as he looked at his crew he could tell that all of them heard the same thing. Kuga Addah knew who was the owner of such a powerful voice, it was not hard to guess, for only one being could speak with such power. 




Grand Commander: (Anger)  “What!”




The Grand Commander watched as the goddesses eyes glowed with threatening light as she ushered in her warning. Rage echoed through his whole being as he listened to the goddess speak with such arrogance.


Grand Commander: [“Does she really think that she has won this battle? No this disgrace will not go unpunished.”] (Clenches his fists.) 


Grand Commander: “All hands ready the second wave, it’s time to show this monster a glimpse of our true power.” 


Soldier 5: (Looks back at the Commander.) “Grand Commander you don’t mean…”


Grand Commander: “Yes I do, release the Etherion Charges.” (Smiles.)


For a moment the Grand Commanders words hung in the air, for everyone knew that the release of such weaponry was a sign of no return. 


Solder 1-20: “Yes sir.”



The small attacks had come to an end, for no more tiny explosions touched the Devourers massive body, instead all their was, was a cold calm stillness all throughout space. 


The Cosmic Titan looked at the small and pathetic attack force with a cocky smile on her face. 


Devourer: [“It would appear that these insignificant little pests know their place after all.”]


Once again like many times before the great Goddess of the cosmos reigns supreme and this time unlike so many other, she was able to stop her enemies using nothing but her words. She truly was amazing. 


The truth of the matter was that these little fools, as annoying as they where, where able to feed her, if only a little, for the thing that devourers loved more than anything was energy. The energy of stars, blazing comets, and even blaster fire, all could feed her, but her favorite kind of energy, loved above all others was the energy created from planets themselves. 


With her warning spoken, and after showing her dominance, the devourer began to once again turn and face the tiny blue planet from afar, but as she turned something caught her massive eyes, something amazingly small and glowing an emerald green and their wasn’t just one but thousands that flew towards her body with great speed. 




The Inky blackness of space lights up with a emerald hue as wild energy is unleashed, energy that threatened to destroy all matter within its range.


It was from within this barrage of chaotic power she continued to exist, Uninjured, as a bright excited smile appeared on her face. The body of the Titan was bathed in massive explosions, explosions accompanied by powerful shockwaves. Her arms, face, breasts, legs, feet, toes, and even her crotch was bathed in explosive fury. The great Devourer couldn’t remember the last time she felt such excitement. 


Devourer: “And here I thought you all where my enemies, but the truth is that you are all my toys.” (Speaks out loud, her voice destroying even more ships.)


Her massive body tingled with excitement as she thought about all the fun she would have. She looked down at her body that quivered with a blazing lust, she watched as tiny speck sized bombs exploded against her skin. Her heart beat began to increase as for once she wouldn’t kill for survival, she would kill for pleasure.


It was then, when her mind was clouded by such desires, a tiny glowing speck soars past her face, completely missing its mark. 


Devourer: [“Uh.”] (Turns her head in surprise.) 


The Devourer watched as the small speck filled with energy flew towards the far off distance, and it was then when the massive goddesses eyes where open. The small bomb that had missed its target was now headed towards the tiny blue planet that rested in the distance. 


Devourer [“NO!”] 


All thoughts of pleasure had disappeared from her mind. Her mind was in panic as she thought of the young man who she had met earlier. He would die and all answers would be lost, her plans would be ruined, and even worse the planet that held such massive reserves of energy would be forever out of her reach. This could not be aloud.


Paying no heed to the armada before her, the great consumer quickly turns her body around and reaches out towards the fleeing explosive. Her body created solar winds that could make the mightiest stars shake in fear, and as she moved she could feel the explosive deaths of hundreds of ships against her legs and feet, her very toes claiming countless lives. She did not care, only one thing mattered.


The Devourer stretched her hand as far as she could, and as her massive fingers fell in range of the tiny bomb the great being closed her hands incasing the emerald explosion inside a fleshy prison. Her hand steamed from extreme heat. She bore no pain and yet she couldn’t help but think about how foolish she had acted, deciding to show mercy to those who wished to do her harm. Her gaze turned back towards the tiny fleet. Eyes blazing with energy only one word came to mind as she stared down such insignificant beings, who dared to show their fangs to their betters.


Devourer: “Destroy.” 

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Chapter 13: Farraxin fleet! by Prophet
Author's Notes:


The great goddess of the stars looked out amongst all those who called themselves her enemies, her eyes glowing with power, her mind was filled with rage. These tiny men who believed themselves strong and mighty, these insignificant little pests who believed themselves her equal, these little solders now had to be destroyed. She had warned all of them, and not one listened and now they needed to be punished.


The cosmic ships wrapped in steel drew ever closer to the massive Titan, each had their massive cannons aimed at their enemy. They would not give an inch, and that would be their downfalls. 


The devourer clenched her teeth as she bore witness to the sheer Arrogance of mortals. 


Devourer: ["Unforgivable."] (Seething with anger.)


Space began to tremble as power burst to life from the Devourers giant body, power capable of destroying all matter that existed. Her eyes grew brighter as energy rivaling the power of a hundred stars came to life, seeping out of her irises. 


Devourer: ["Begone Vermin."]




Beams of white light shoot out from the Space Goddesses eyes. Beams capable of  burning whole entire worlds. The beam of energy left destruction where ever it past, destruction and death.


Kuga Addah, Grand Commander of the Broken Armada stood unwavering on the front deck of his ship as he watched the utter annihilation of his solders. 


The cosmic void of darkness was filled with massive explosions, each explosion represented a loss of a thousand lives and yet Kuga Addah would shed no tears, he would not feel even a little bit of sadness. It was an honor to die for this noble cause, this holy war. 


Grand Commander: "We have to divide her attention! Release The Farraxin fleet." 


Solder 20-30: "Yes sir." 



The great Titaness of the void was surrounded by the fiery remains of burnt still. Her eyes where set ablaze by solar fire as her mind was filled with the thoughts of all those she had killed. She could feel their anger, their hatred for her. She bore witness to their sadness, their pain and yet she did not shed a single tear. She had no pity for those who dared to attack her. 


The Devourer looked out amongst the fleet. She had already destroyed hundreds of thousands of ships and yet their where still thousands more left. 








Devourer: (Surprise.) ["What?!"] 


Small explosion erupt all throughout the behemoths body, explosions that glowed with a bluish flash. 


Devourer: ["Whats happening?"] 


The Giant Celestial couldn't help but be confused as small balls of blue light assaulted her body. Each explosion contained small specks of energy that only served to feed her unbridled appetite.  She could tell that these explosions weren't coming from the fleet of ships before her. The attacks were far weaker and a lot faster. 


Devourer: (Squints her eyes.) ["I have to look closer.] 


She focused her cosmic vision on her surroundings. The great void eater whose form radiated with explosive power. She saw them, flying past her her body with great speed. They where as small as dust, these tiny ships of metal. These ships were much smaller than the warships that surrounded the great goddess on all sides and yet their speed and move ability was far greater. 


Devourer: (Annoyed.) ["Pests!"]


The Devourer swipes both her hands past her face and as she did tiny balls of fiery smoke appeared all over her hands. 


The Behemoth moved her body in a wild frenzy as she swatted the annoying fleet with her hands, little did she know at the moment that her wild movements caused the tiny ships to explode all against her body. Tiny explosions erupted all throughout her body, this included her face, stomach, chest, arms, legs, feet, and hair. 



Ivaz Greedvolt was a solder apart of the Broken Armada and like all those who had found themselves on this hellish crusade his planet of Thupra had been destroyed. Millions were killed leaving only a handful of survivors left. Many of those that Ivaz called kin decided to travel the cosmos to look for a new planet to call home. He was the only one who burned with enough anger, who seethed with enough hatred to look for revenge, even though countless lost souls had warned him against such actions, against calling forth the wrath of god. 


Ivaz didn't care about the cowardice of his people and had very little reason to refuse the chance to join the Broken Armada. He had worked hard all throughout his career of being solder and now he was apart of the Farraxin Fleet which was an elite unit of advance combat pilots. The best of the best flyers in the whole armada. This opportunity allowed him to come face to face with the exact same monster that had destroyed his planet. 


Ivaz remembered the day he had lost everything. It was the day of crimson sun, the day of boiling seas and the day of falling sky. That day so long ago the heavens shook with force as al things where about to come to an end. So many years had passed and now that he was flying before this cosmic goddess he really couldn't believe how gigantic she really was. 


FF-Captain: "All solder, all solders fan out, keep appropriate distance from her body." 


FF-Solder 13: "Captain we can't just keep defending and dodging!" 


FF-Captain: "We have no choice, our mission is to buy time for the rest of our comrades!" 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "The captains right, we have our mission we have to succeed!" 


FF-Captain: "Turn all of your weapons up to the highest level and continue the attack."


FF-Solder 1-50: ""Yes sir!""


The battle in the void seems to last forever  as countless explosions erupted all throughout the Devourers body, explosions belonging to minuscule attacks that left not a Blemish on the goddesses thick skin.  


The goddess of the stars looked out amongst the tiny ships that where attacking her with unending determination. She could see the tiny beings who would dare call themselves her enemies, they were smaller than a speck to her and yet they possessed such mighty resolve. Such a thing was almost commendable, if it wasn't so annoying. 


The Devourers attention was no longer focused on the main fleet, no these tiny little ships held her full attention. 


Her body burned with white light as a wide smile appeared on her face. 


Devourer: "Begone fools." (Brings both of her hands together.) 


The dark void of space faded into the a blinding light as waves of energy expanded in all direction with the Devourer in the center. 


The cosmos grew chaotic as powerful waves destroyed all in their path, waves feeler with a massive will to destroy, and soon as time passed all grew still with darkness. 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Oh god how many casualties did we suffer?" 


FF-Solder 15: "30 of our solders have been destroyed and ten are unresponsive!" 


Ivan couldn't help but grit his teeth upon hearing such a report. 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Damn her!"


Ivaz clutches the Triggers to his ships guns. He would not hesitate, he would not rest, not until he had destroyed these cosmic monsters. 


With these thoughts flooding his mind Ivaz noticed something that made both of his hearts skip a beat. 


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Captain! Watch out"


The massive planet eater opens her mouth and reveals a massive cavern of fleshly darkness and a small ship flying towards the hungry maw.


Ivaz Greedvolt: "Captain No!" 



The goddess of the void with a smile noticed how she had destroyed so many of the tiny mites that had dared to attack her. She would never allow such weak beings to destroy or defeat her. 


10 tiny ships were flying all around her body and yet only one had caught her eye.  She caught sight of it zooming past her face, always trying to stay within the corner of her eye, or even hiding behind her golden hair, and yet she still caught sight of the minuscule ship 


Devourer: ["What do we have here?"] (Amused.) 


The Devourer could feel tiny energy blasts explode against her cheeks, nose, and chin. Using her cosmic awareness the massive goddess bore witness to a tiny mortal inside the ship, her smile grew ever wider as she saw the desperation in the little microbes eyes. She could tell that this bug was using every last weapon in his Arsenal and yet not one could even hurt her.


The Titan could feel that she had used so much energy and feeling the coming hunger an idea had come to her mind. 


Eyes filled with excited anticipation the Devourer opens her mouth wide as she angles her massive face in front of the tiny little ship who continued to attack her. She continued to feel the small little attacks that where filled with desperation, she could fill tiny explosions against her massive tongue and feeling such things only made her hungrier. 


The Devourer slowly closes her mouth as she feels the tiny ship struggle against her inner cheeks and without even a little bit of hesitation she gulps the tiny ship down her throat. 


The devour could fill a tiny speck of energy  surged all throughout her body. It wasn't enough and as her eyes fell on the rest of the microbes that surrounded her she could only thought one thing. 


Devour: "I hunger."

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Chapter 14: Revelations of the end! by Prophet
Author's Notes:


Ivaz Greedvolt had served many years in the Farraxin Fleet and never before had he been in this kind of situation. 

Tears filled his eyes as he bore witness to his captain being devoured by the gigantic maw of the cosmic monster feared by all. 

Ivaz: "Captain! This can't be!" (Wiping the tears from his eyes.) 

For the first time since this fight began Ivaz felt fear for his life and yet he would not stop. Looking at the Devourers massive face he bore witness to a devilish grin that decorated her lips as if the giant monster was savoring the taste of the Captain who he had served under for many years. This would not stand. Ivaz hardened his resolve as he pushed forward along with the rest of the Farraxin Fleet.

FF-Solder 10: "Ivaz what should we do now?" 

Ivaz: (Surprised.) "Why are you asking me!"

FF-Solder 10: "Everyone knows that your flying skills where second only to the Captain... "You are the logical choice."

Both of Ivaz's hearts began to beat ever faster as a certain realization emerged. He now held the lives of the remainder of the Farraxin Fleet. 

Ivaz: (Takes a deep breath.) "Alright men, what we need to do is buy the Armada more time... GIVE YOUR LIVES." 

FF-Soldier 1-10: "Yes Sir!!!" 


She had done what she was most known for. Devouring the lives of the weak and feeble. Already dozens of ships had exploded against her massive body, already many lives had been consumed by  the chaotic energy that filled the cosmos, and yet these deaths gave her little satisfaction. This battle would only bring forth the starving, the ravenous hunger that all Devourers feared. This battle would have to end soon or only endless destruction would follow. 

Buzzing around the Devourers body like tiny gnats were 10 cruisers piloted by well trained little pilots. The massive goddess looked at these minuscule fighters with little interest, they mattered not. With the memories of the fallen the great Titaness knew who she had to destroy. 

The Devourer turns her attention to the rest of the Broken Armada. Her cosmic gaze reaches out until her mountainous eyes fall on one tiny being dressed in combat armor. That warrior of infinitesimal stature stood way back on the biggest ship in the whole fleet, guarded by the tight steel of his fellow fleet members, he stood to the Grand Commander of the Broken Armada.  

Devourer: (Smirks) ["Grand Commander Kuga Addah.]

She hovered in the inky black nothingness.  Eyes focused and never wavering. Her body glowed and radiated with cannon fire   and yet still she moved ever forward. One target, one small ember amplifying the ever growing fire. 


Grand Commander Kuga Addah clenched his fist in frustration as he witness an unstoppable force destroy so many of his ships. 

Grand Commander: "We have thrown so much at this monster and we haven't even Slowed her down. 

It was maddening to all who bore witness to the truth. These cosmic gods truly could not be stopped. 

Solder 32: "Grand Commander!"

Grand Commander: "What is it!"

Solder 32: "She's coming..." 


The Goddess moved towards the hundreds of ships lined up from afar and without thought extends her right hand towards the entire fleet. 

A massive hand the size of dozen continents reached out for its target. Gigantic planet sized fingers clashed unflinchingly against the wall of ships that stood in their way. 

The Devour could feel the warmth of tiny detonations against her fingers. She could see the the countless memories of the newly slain and yet still she didn't waver. Her divine on only one target, the tiny leader of all these foolish solders. 

Devourer: ["Your mine.]


Solder 23: "Grand Commander we must abandon this vessel immediately!" (Stands up from chair.) 

Solder 15: "Much of the fleet has been destroyed by this monsters most casual movements, we must retreat and think about our next move." 

Grand Commander: (Clenches his fist.) "No! I refuse to flee like some kind of coward!" 

Kuga Addah thought back to the past as he gazed at his enemy who was making her way towards his very location. 

Kuga Addah had heard stories of how the very cosmos was filled with such gigantic monsters. Already in fact did many of his own crew complain about how the very horrid deity facing them this very moment wasn't the actual monster that had destroyed their own planet. This fact mattered very little to Kuga Addah, for he was sure of one thing, this cosmic god, this Devourer was the same beast that consumed his very own planet. 

She had taken away his loved ones, she destroyed the rich lands that he had once claimed as his birth right, the majestic mountains that once overflowed with mirth and nourishment were obliterated without mercy, all of this was taken from this commander of the lost and to make all matters worse, this gluttonous beast had taken all of this from him using the most deplorable of methods. His planet, his home, his family and friends were consumed, not by the hungry maw of the giant nor where they crushed by her monolithic teeth. Instead their were swallowed by a massive crotch big enough to consume whole entire worlds, squeezed into ash and fallen ruble by genital muscle  a thousand times stronger that the gravity of the mightiest star. 

Kuga Addah's eyes overflow with tears as the entire ship Shakes all around him. The crew had erupted into chaos as all solders struggle to find their way of escape from the ship. Soon their stood only one on the deck of the ship. 

Kuga Addah stood alone as titanic flesh breaks through the protective metal of the ship and entraps him in a unbreakable prison. 

Grand Commander: "Damn her... Damn her!!!" 


Between her fingers she held him. The source of her annoyance and her ever growing hunger. The Devourer held in between her fingers a being so microscopic and insignificant that even with her cosmic vision she could barely see his diminutive form. This so called commander was so weak that if the titaness was to use even a measly amount of her strength her so called enemy would die. Her power alone was allowing this mite to breath in the ever consuming vacuum of space. 

It was at this moment that the Devourer found herself questioning her certain revelations that had been divulged to her. 

Devourer: ["Is what I'm feeling really guilt, do I really feel sorry for such tiny beings?"]  (looks down at the Grand Commander.) 

Devourer: ["No it can't be. Am I not only following the oldest rules of the universe itself??? The strong devour the weak."]

The Devouers eye seemed to grow cold as a new realization fills her head. 

Devourer: (Smiles.) ["Yes I've done nothing wrong... I've nothing to be ashamed of..."]

The great goddess brings the microscopical warrior closer to her face. She would destroy this man body and soul for his ignorance. His deeds where unforgivable and yet as she brought the unimportant commander ever closer, her mind thought back to the small blue planet that shined with a azure light from afar, or to be more precise the small young man she had met in that small planet a few hours ago.

She remembered his face, the words he spoke, his serious eyes that seemed to stare directly into her soul. Even now she couldn't remember the last time someone had looked upon her with such eyes. 

The memories of the fallen flashed deep from within her head and she found herself asking herself once again... 

Devourer: ["Am I truly in the wrong?"]


Kuga Addah struggled between gigantic fingers that could easily split apart whole entire planets. He moved not an inch as he was left with no choice but to gaze into a eyes so gigantic that he would never be able to see it in its entirety from his current location. 

Kuga Addah: ["Am I going to die?"] 

Kuga Addah stopped his senseless struggle as he witnessed the sudden departure of the Devourers attention. He witnessed what seemed to be the movement of an entire planet as the Giant moved her head ever so slightly. As mighty as she was, the Grand Commander could still see that this mighty beings focus was some where else.

Kuga Addah: ["what is she looking at, am I not worth her attention?"] (Irritated.)


Her eyes once again beamed with longing as she witnessed the sleeping face of the one mortal that held her interest. 

Kuga Addah: "Why!" 

The devourer looks down at the small speck struggling between her fingers. 

Kuga Addah: (Shouts in anger.) "Why does such a planet hold your interest!" 

The Goddess looks at the little microbe with pity. 

Kuga Addah: "Why does that ball of dirt command such mercy!!! Tell me you monster!" 

The mighty Titan said nothing as she thought of that very question herself. It all seemed to illogical to put into words. 

Devourer: (Turns away.) ["LEAVE ME..."] 

The Devourer makes her thoughts known to the little speck within her grasp. 


Her fingers glowed with white light as the tiny commander disappears from sight. Kuga Addah was transferred far off into the galaxy away from the Devourers sight. 

Devourer: ["Its over... It's finally over."]

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