The Incident; Part 1: It Begins by AEW

Daniel is a normal guy with a great life who lives in a small town of roughly 1500 people. His life is turned upside down when his wife, Elizabeth, wakes him up and tells him that something is going on. This event will not only change Daniels life forever but millions. 

Tags will be included in the chapter heading as a little heads up on what you can expect. Just like my previous story there is a Bio's section so if you want you can see how I imagine these characters. I will be updating this as well as more characters are introduced. 

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1. BIOS by AEW

2. Chapter 1: It Begins by AEW

3. Chapter 2: New World Problems by AEW

4. Chapter 3: The Sister by AEW

5. Chapter 4: The chat by AEW

6. Chapter 5: Goodbye my love by AEW

7. Chapter 6: The Drive by AEW

8. Chapter 7: The Deal by AEW

9. Chapter 8: Sasha by AEW

10. Chapter 10: The Walk by AEW

11. Chapter 11: A gift by AEW

Author's Notes:

Just the BIO'S section

Name: Elizabeth (Liz) Eiren

Age: 30

Birthday: March 14, 1993

Height: 5’5

Giantess Height: 4125 feet

Bio: Elizabeth was born on _ in a small town of 1,500 in South Dakota. She hated every minute of it. There was little to nothing to do in the town except to go to the local pizza hut and get a bite to eat. She heard stories that there had once been a bowling alley but it was closed about five years before she was born.

From the moment she was eight the only thing she wanted to do was leave and never return. She fought for that goal. Watching as the other girls in her school got pregnant or addicted to drugs. Not blaming them for it. What else was there to do? She graduated High School with some of the highest marks of the year in all of SD and was given a scholarship. 

Just as she was about to leave her town behind, the goal achieved, she met Daniel. A newcomer to town who had moved there for the cheap houses in the area. Leaving Sioux Falls behind. He asked her out and they had a perfect date even if it was at a Pizza Hut. They began to see each other full time and as she went to college they decided on a long term relationship.

Neither of them expected it to last but alas it did and soon after she graduated Daniel popped the question and she said yes. Dragged back to her small town but now with someone she loved it didn’t seem so bad at all. On the day of the incident her and Daniel have been together for fourteen years. 

Married for about nine. Their relationship is stronger than ever as they have dealt with some truly hard times but nothing has prepared them for what comes next. 

Name: Daniel Eiren

Age: 32

Birthday: October 31st, 1990

Height: 5’9

Shrunken Height: 20mm

Bio: Daniel is originally from CA but moved to SD when he was 16 with his parents. He hated it from the moment he set foot in the state. It was much too small and there wasn’t nearly enough to do. Coming from Los Angeles he was a culture shock. It didn’t help that he didn’t get along with his parents at all. It was for this reason that at 19 he decided to get the fuck out of dodge and moved to small town.

His parents thought he was crazy and told him he couldn’t do it. He wanted to prove them wrong even more. So off he went, the only thing happy about being the rent prices. That was until he ran into Elizabeth. He saw her walk into the public library and instantly ran inside. Not knowing what his next plan was.

In truth he had never done anything like that before. Usually he was timid but there was something about her. So against every fiber in his being he asked her out and the rest was history.

Name: Abigail (Abbie) Meyers

Age: 26

Birthday: July 16th, 1997

Height: 5’4

Giantess Height: 4000

Bio: Abigail Meyers is the younger sister of Elizabeth Eiren. Abigail grew up knowing that she was destined to be stuck in the small town she called home forever. It's one of the reasons why at the age of 15 she started doing drugs and fooling around. Lucky for her she didn’t get pregnant but the drug problem followed her around. She has been in and out of rehab multiple times but when stuck in a small town what else do you do? At least that is her way of thinking.

She has only been out of rehab for going on a month when the news of men shrinking hits. 

Name: Sasha Leigh

Age: 33

Birthday: December 13, 1989

Height: 5'11

Giantess Height: 4438

Bio: Sasha did not grow up in the town Daniel, Abigail, and Elizabeth call home. In fact she grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Which, even given its small size, is the biggest town in the entire state. She fell into drugs at a young age. 12 or so. Her mother tried to get her the help she needed but it didn’t work and she found herself, not unlike Abigail, in and out of rehab. 

It was during her recent stint that she met Abigail and they hit it off. They kept in touch and it wasn’t long before they were living with each other. 

Chapter 1: It Begins by AEW
Author's Notes:

Tags: Giantess, Instant Size Change

“Honey. Daniel. Wake up. Something is happening.”

Daniel awoke in a haze, his wife shaking his shoulder, and as her words finally breached through the fog he sat up quickly.

“What is it,” He asked as he leapt out of bed.

“I think you should come downstairs and have a look.”

She grabbed his hand and led him out of the bedroom, downstairs, and into the living room. There she pulled him to the couch and sat down, Daniel following his lead, confused. On the TV was a reporter, a man in his late 50’s, who was speaking urgently.

“Again if you are just turning in we have some breaking news. After 1am eastern standard time, men all over the world have begun to disappear. We don’t yet know where they went or if they will be back. Nothing remains, not even the clothes they are wearing at the time, all of it goes with the victim. The President of the United States is currently safe but president’s of other countries haven’t been so lucky. Such as the president of China and Brazil. We will keep you updated as we find out more.”

“Again if you are just turning in we have some breaking news. After 1am easte-”

The TV shut off and Daniel turned to his wife who held the remote control firmly in her hand. Looking at him with a level of worry that he had never witnessed from her. Holding back tears.

“How long has this been going on for?”

“Since I got up this morning about 5 minutes ago. Who knows how long it has been playing before that. Could have been all night. I went to come check on you as soon as I heard and,” She couldn’t fight back the tears now as they rained down her face, “I am just glad you are ok.”

She gave him a tight hug. Daniel hugged her tightly. Feeling awful that he didn’t really care about how she felt at the moment as his mind raced for answers. How many men had gone missing? Are they still going missing? Are we all going missing? How soon till he was next?

When she pulled back he stood up.

“You're not leaving are you,” She asked wiping the tears away with the sleeve of her shirt, “You can’t possibly think of going to work? What happens if you…”

She began crying once more but Daniel didn’t even move to console her. On any other day he would have done so without thinking about it. Today it was the furthest thing from his mind. 

“Fuck work,” He said.

He walked out of the living room and after a few minutes he could hear her footsteps as he followed her. He climbed up the stairs and she did the same. She followed him into the study where he turned on the computer and after it was booted up went to the news.

His wife was behind him now, hovering over him as he looked at the screen. There were hundreds of articles and plenty of updates. The news reporter had disappeared as well, incidents all over the world, and finally what he was hoping to find they had found a victim. He clicked on the link as fast as he could and he began to read. Knowing his wife was doing the same thing.

The incident happened in Mexico to Gabriel Valsquez. Him and his wife were getting hot and heavy just a few hours ago when he disappeared in an instant. His wife, seemingly, had been on top. She panicked of course as her body fell to the bed quickly and freaked out again when she noticed a speck, the size of an ant, where her husband had been.

On closer inspection it was him. Shrunken. He is currently in the care of a local hospital. Backing out of the article and looking over a few others Daniel found various stories saying the same thing. Men were not disappearing off the face of the Earth in a rapture-like setting. They were shrinking in an instant to the size of an ant. 

To Daniel’s surprise it only got worse. Thousands upon thousands of men had already shrinking and it was still ongoing. Meaning, it could happen to him next and no one knew what to do, how to stop it, or when it would stop. After about an hour he closed his web browser and began to cry. His wife hugged him from behind. Before long they were both crying.

“Promise me,” He said, “Promise me that if I shrink that you won’t take me to a hospital.”

“What,” She said into his ear confused, “They can help you?”
“No,” He replied, wiping away his tears and grabbing her hand, “No. They won’t. They have no idea what the fuck is going on. If you send me to a hospital at worst I will be experimented on. At best they will just put me in a fish tank with a bunch of other people. I would rather just be home.”

She nodded his head and as she did so it dug into his shoulder, “Of course. In sickness and in health. I meant that. I promise I will do whatever I can to help you and keep you safe if you…”

She began to cry again and it was then that Daniel stood up, turned around, and gave her a huge hug.

“Thank you. You're the best wife a guy could ever ask for.”

She kissed him and then he returned it. One minute he could feel the sensation of her lips against his, her tongue and his tongue together, and then the next second nothing. It happened so fast that it took a second for his brain to realize that he wasn’t kissing his wife any longer. It took another second before his brain realized that she never unwrapped her hands from around his neck. 

When she let out a terrifying scream, he knew before he opened his eyes what happened, as panic set in. After another painstaking second he opened his eyes to find that he shrunk to the size of an ant.

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Chapter 2: New World Problems by AEW
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Tags: Giantess, Slight Unaware

Chapter 2

He opened his eyes and began to panic. He couldn’t help but scream at the abject terror of it as tears streamed down his face. Before him, somehow both impossibly far away and impossibly, close was the left foot of his wife. So small he found himself that he couldn’t even see the tops. Though he knew that her toes were painted a light green color at the present moment. 

“LIZ,” He yelled at the top of his lungs. Hoping that somehow the sound would travel to her ears.

He wouldn’t admit it to himself but he knew that there was no chance of that happening. At his height he would be lucky if his wife even heard a squeak out of him. It didn’t help that she was crying as well. That too would drown out any noise he was producing. 

He wondered if he should walk over to her feet and try to knock on them but his brain panicked at the sheer thought of it. Even if he reached them she was so big that any movement from her end would be instant death. Smushed in between the wrinkles of her feet. 

Even if she didn’t move and he had the time to punch, claw, and bite odds were she wouldn’t feel it anyway and if she did it would be so slight that she might just ignore it anyway. At the end of the day, no matter how much he wanted to do anything else, he knew that his best bet would be to stick where he was and wait. 

She had been reading over his shoulder. Eventually the shock would wear off and she would realize that he would be where he had been. He needed to be there so when she looked he was where she expected. If he did move she could lose him and he didn’t want to think what would happen then.

As if on queue he watched as she wiped the tears out of her eyes and cleared her throat, “Daniel?”

To his surprise he didn't instantly go death as soon as she spoke. Nor did he feel the need to cover his ears from the sound of her gigantic voice. No, it was the same volume as it always was. His heart raced as he realized that maybe, just maybe, she would be able to hear him after all. 

I mean if her voice came at a normal decibel why not his?

“LIZ,” He yelled as he jumped up and down and waved his arms, “I am down her baby. I’m down here.”

“Honey,” She said sheepishly as she looked down at the ground, “Are you down there?”

He looked into deep blue eyes and began to cry as he continued to basically do jumping jacks. 

“Yes, baby. Please.”

She took a step backwards and as she did so the loudest BANG! ever echoed through the entire room, shaking him to his very core, a split second letter the ground shook as if a great big earthquake had just hit. It caused him to fall over onto his back. 

“A little more careful next time,” He pleaded, “That was intense.”

He sat up in time to watch as she kneeled down, sitting down on her knees. As each knee hit the ground, the floor underneath shook violently. The first one knocked him down once again. He didn’t even attempt to stand insteading staying on his back as the second earthquake hit.


“Right here,” He said as he stood up slowly, “Can you please be a little more careful next time though? That is a very rough fall.”

“If you are alive, say something please. It may be easier to find you that way.”

His heart dropped. She couldn’t hear him. He knew that he shouldn’t be as shocked as he was but he had still been clinging on to some level of hope. He opened his mouth to yell at her but instead proceeded to jump up and down. Ignoring how tired he was getting, how out of breath. Fucking asthma.

She bent forward. He watched in horror and amazement as she did so. Amazed at how large she was. Every moment that passed as she did so she seemed to blot out the sun. Drenching his world into shadow. By the time her eyes reached where he was standing he found himself in, what seemed to him, nighttime. He could see of course after his eyes adjusted to the darkness but it was hard to do so. As he continued to jump he looked to either side of him to see the daylight shining in from the windows on either side but none reached him here.  

His wife had encompassed his very world and she didn’t even realize it. To his relief she didn’t keep extending herself. He watched instead as her eyes locked onto him, a smile lighting up her gigantic face. He shuddered as he looked at her teeth. What was once something he never gave a thought to were now terrifying monsters in their own might. Capable of destroying his body in seconds. 

“Oh my god,” She said, “You're alive.”

He stopped bouncing up and down. Taking the time to catch his breath. She began to tear up once more and he found himself doing the same. Glad to be found. Glad to at least be with the women he loved more than everything. The feeling quickly became one of horror as a tear hit the ground next to him with POP! The tear exploded as it did so the contents of which sprayed in every direction. Leaving, from his point of view, small puddles.

“Liz,” He yelled up at her, “It's OK baby. I am fine.”

The tears came rapidly. POP!POP!POP!POP!POP! Hitting here and there. A few hitting mere inches away from him the contents of which soaking his legs as it exploded. Thankfully after a few long seconds she wiped the tears away.

“I am going to pick you up now,” She said carefully, slowly.

Daniel thought he would be ready for this. It is what he wanted after all but his brain panicked once more, seemingly shutting down, as her right hand shot forward, and scooped him up. Before he could process that he was in the palm of her hand, he was enclosed in darkness as she clenched her fist, gently. Clearly careful not to hurt him. 

She stood back up before unclenching her fist, he rolled a few miles from his perspective ass over end, before coming to a complete stop. To his surprise nothing was broken, he wasn’t hurt, the only thing he found was that he was nauseous. He reminded himself to thank her for how gentle she had been whenever he learned how to communicate with his wife again. 

She kept him about level to her chin. Though he didn’t dare stand up. Each breath she took caused her palm to slightly quiver and though he could no doubt stay standing despite that, with practice, he was more worried about if she decided to walk or move her hand.

“We need to find a way to communicate hun,” She said with a nervous smile and chuckle and I couldn’t help but laugh.

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Chapter 3: The Sister by AEW
Author's Notes:

Tags: Giantess

Bios: If you are interested a new Bio's has been added for Abigail. Its shorter then the others but it will give you a look at how I envision this character. 

Authors Note: Juicy stuff is coming. I promise. Faster then you would think. Just hold on for a little longer. 

She left him sitting there as she left. Hoping to find something that would help her communicate with him at his current size. He didn’t have much hope. He had no idea what they would have lying around the house that would amplify his voice that much. He stood there for about five minutes before sitting down. Five more minutes passed before he lay down. Staring up at the ceiling that seemed like lightyears away now. 

Just a few minutes ago he could have touched it with a single hop. Now the only way he would ever touch it, is if he was lifted, in his wife's hand. He shuddered at the thought and sat back up wondering what the hell was taking so long. Wanting for her to at least be in the same room as he was. 

Sure they kept the house nice and clean but that didn’t mean there weren’t bugs. Before he wouldn’t have paid them any mind. In fact he could have passed by one on multiple occasions but at his current state he could find himself a snack for any number of bugs and or animals.

His heart pounded in his chest at the thought. Causing him to stand up and look in every direction. He was still looking around when he heard footsteps on the stairs and his wife's voice.

“It was instant,” She said, snapping her fingers, “One minute he was in my arms and the next minute he was gone.”

Who was she talking to? Was she on the phone? Did someone call to make sure I was OK? No, if that was the case I would have heard the phone ring. He could hear his wife's cell phone ring from just about any room in the house.

“I don’t want to hurt him or scare him, you know? Thanks for doing this.”

“No problem,” Another voice said as they stepped off the top step.

He knew that voice. His blood went cold. It was Elizabeth’s sister Abigail. She had recently gotten out of rehab after ODing on… something… he wasn’t sure what and honestly he wouldn’t be surprised if it had been multiple things at once. If there was one person he didn’t want to see him like this it was Abigail.

He knew that was a silly thought to have. Abigail had never been anything but nice to him. Kind. He wouldn’t be surprised if Abigail didn’t describe them as close. He had helped her multiple times, through some pretty rough waters, and had even saved her life once. If not twice.

He didn’t think Abigail would do anything to hurt him. No. However, he was also insanely vulnerable right now. He wouldn’t be surprised if the slightest sneeze would kill him. Not only that but he slept in his boxers. Always had. Meaning that he was partly naked.

He also wasn’t as skinny as he had been when he and Liz first got together. He had let himself go. Where he was once 130 pounds, he now found himself close to 200. He was very self conscious about his body nowadays and has been working himself up to work out.

As he looked around trying to find somewhere to hide, he knew that it was useless, there was just nowhere to go. He would need hours to get anywhere and he just didn’t have that much time. He had seconds at best.

“I am just hoping it works.”

“This is pro streamer stuff right here sis. If this doesn’t work, nothing will.”

They were in the bedroom now. Thankfully, now that he wasn’t on the floor, the BANG! didn’t accompany their footfalls and the desk didn’t even shake. Which meant he found himself still standing as the two women came into view. Daniel watched as Abigail jumped into the computer chair and drew close.

Closer than Daniel would have liked. Her face was like one of those movies where a boat crashes onto a dock and doesn’t slow down. He could watch it coming but there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was also too big for him to try to run. So instead he fell onto his back as her head stopped mere inches away from him. She too thrust his world into darkness.  Her hair fell around him and he wished that she had put it into a ponytail like his wife had.

“Would you look at that,” She said.

Each word caused a blast of wind to hit him hard across the face, causing him to winch, as the force caused him to scoot back about a millimeter of two. Not nearly enough for Abigail to notice. She turned her head to look at her sister and her hair hit his arms and face causing him to wince in pain. 

“Damn and here I thought the news was just playing some elaborate trick.”

She pulled her head back. Her hair pulled him forward about an inch and caused him to roll as if down a hill for a brief second.

“I wish it was just some trick.”

Abigail looked at the computer for a second as if lost in thought. After a brief moment she turned back to her sister, “You think this happened to John? Fuck, what I would give to get a hold of him at this size. I bet he wouldn’t have the guts to try to hit me then.”

Daniel shivered as he heard her say those words. How could she possibly speak that way? What she was talking about was murder. At the very least kidnapping. As if realizing this herself she looked down at him with a nervous smile.

“Not you though,” Abigail sputtered, “You're cool Daniel.”

It didn’t help any but Daniel forced himself to give her a smile (not knowing if she could even see it) and gave her a thumbs up. 

“Jesus Abbie,” Liz said as she handed her sister a box, “Can you just set this up and realize that my husband’s life just changed for god knows how long?”

Abigail took the box and chuckled, “Sorry sis. Sometimes I just say what's on my mind.”

“I know.”

Abigail turned to Daniel then and said excitedly, “Alright let's hear that voice of yours shall we.”

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Chapter 4: The chat by AEW
Author's Notes:

Tags: Giantess, Gentle

“Testing 1,2,3… Testing 1,2,3.”

He didn’t really know what else to say. Hi, seemed weird, it had only been, maybe, forty-five minutes since he and his wife last talked. So instead he said the first thing that came to his mind into the gigantic microphone before him. Feeling almost faint at the size of it.

As Liz placed it down in front of him the sudden realization of his predicament hit like a bus. His legs felt weak, his stomach tossed and turned, he gave a little heave, as his head felt like it was floating in the clouds, but somehow with a slight cough he came too. 

Centering himself once again. In reality, the microphone was probably half an inch at best. It was one of those clip ones that newscasters put on their shirts. Sure the microphone wasn’t that much taller than him. Perhaps a foot, maybe a foot and a half his size, but perhaps that is what made it so much worse.

He watched as a smile lit up his wife's face and she turned and embraced her sister.

“It works,” she yelled jumping up and down, “Thank you so fucking much.”

“Don’t mention it,” Abigail said as she adjusted the headphones she was wearing.

That was how they could hear him. Headphones. Abigail said when she was hooking it up that she had ordered earbuds but they hadn’t arrived yet. She told Liz that those would be better. They were wireless anywhere up to 100 feet so Liz could be in another room and she could at least hear him if he needed anything.

Liz pulled herself away from her sister and looked down at Daniel.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I when I bent down, when I picked you up, when I put you on the desk, or when we were hooking up the equipment, right?”
She sounded genuinely concerned. He was thankful for that. The only thing he could think of that would have been worse than being so small would be to be with someone that didn’t consider the size difference. 

He shook his head and said, “No but your movement on the ground was rough.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What did it feel like,” Abigail asked.

“Like a very strong miniature earthquake. It was hard to keep my balance to be honest.”


“If you could just be careful when you are moving around that would be grateful. Hopefully though I don’t end up on the ground again.”

“Look hun. I know you said you didn’t want to but are you sure you don’t want to go to a hospital? I mean at your size a simple accident can,” She paused not wanting to finish.

“Kill you,” Said Abigail quickly.

Liz gave her a glare.

“I understand that but… look. If in a few days it seems like the hospital is treating people my size with respect I will go. However, I do not want to be a lab rat and this is my home.”

Liz nodded her head, “I want you home to baby. I will do whatever I can to make you comfortable and safe.”
“Well you are going to need someplace for him to sleep,” Abigail chimed in, “I think at his size sleeping together would be a bad idea.”

“What? Why?”
“She is right,” He said painfully, “There are nights you roll in your sleep and you do like to at least move. One wrong move and I am done. Even if you don’t hit or roll on me our size difference is huge. The impact of it could send me flying in the air. Doesn’t matter where I fall at that point the fall would be pretty good I would wager.”

“Not only that but if you drool in your sleep sis you could drown the man,” Abigail jumped in,” If you snore you could suck him into your mouth like a bug or perhaps he goes up your noise. If you fart you shoot him off the bed. I mean that’s everything I could think of.”

Daniel was shocked. Abigail was more aware of the situation than his own wife. Abigail looked down at her feet, nervous, biting her lip.

“Any move I make could hurt him right now, can’t it?”

“Yeah, just about.”

She looked up at Daniel with a sad look on her face, “I am sorry babe but you are going to have to go to the hospital.”


“I can’t do this. Take care of you. What if I put something down not realizing where you are? What if I sit on you or something? I love you too much to put your life in danger like that.”

She dug into her pocket and pulled out her phone. Daniel felt a pang in his heart and his stomach drop. No, not this.

“Please,” He cried, “Don’t do this. I will be fine. I trust you.”

Abigail looked between the two of us as Liz unlocked her phone. After a brief moment or two she grabbed Liz by the arm.

“Wait? I will take care of him?”
“Really,” Daniel said with a smile on his face.

“Are you sure? This is a lot and you had trouble keeping a fish alive?”

“Fish die no matter what you do sis. Those guys are not hardy at all. Plus this is Daniel we are talking about. This man saved my life. I will take care of him. I owe him.”

“What if you get back on drugs?”
“I will have a little angel on my shoulder.”

Liz lowered the phone and looked at Daniel.

“Is this OK with you babe?”
Daniel didn’t think about the big picture. All he knew at the moment was that he didn’t want to be sent to a hospital and possibly locked up in a jar with more men like him. Experimented on to see how and why this happened, hoping for a cure that may never come.

“Yeah,” he said deep down, hurt that his sister-in-law would rather take the chance of taking care of him.

“I will come visit every day. You are still my husband and when I figure out how to best take care of you here then you can come home.”

Daniel wanted to curse at her. Tell her that their house was no doubt better suited than Abigail’s house but he didn’t. He bit his tongue instead.

“Of course baby. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Alright. I will give you guys some space to say good-bye while I call my roommate and explain what the hell is going on.”

As she walked out of the room, pulling her own phone out of her pocket, it hit him what she just said.

“Did she just say roommate?”

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Chapter 5: Goodbye my love by AEW
Author's Notes:

Tags: Gentle, Giantess

Abigail came back not too long after and informed Daniel and Liz that her roommate is fine with the arrangement. Daniel was getting nervous but he and Liz had a talk while Abigail was gone and it was no use. His wife was just too scared that she was going to hurt him and could she blame her. No matter how mad he was about the situation he could at least understand.

A few minutes after returning Abigail let Daniel say his good-byes before unplugging the microphone and headphones. She made sure to promise him that she would plug them in when they got to her house. Daniel looked up at his wife who looked down at him with tears in his eyes.

He wanted a kiss, a hug, to be told that everything was going to be ok but he knew that it was impossible. A kiss from someone her size could cause a lot of damage to his small body and would soak him head to toe. He watched as Liz wiped her eyes clean and looked up at her sister.

“You're going to take care of him,” She asked again sternly.

“Yeah. I got it. On the way home we will stop at the store and pick him up something to sleep in.”

“And what is that going to be?”

“I don’t know. I will figure it out. Relax,” She looked down at Daniel and frowned, “Don’t know if I am going to find any clothes that fit though.Sorry Dan.”

“Look, it's not too late to call the hospital.”

Daniel felt his blood boil at the words.

“It's not what he wants sis and we have to respect that. He isn’t a child. He is still an adult.”

Daniel felt relief at Abigail’s words and also a huge sense of gratitude. If, when, he returned to normal size he would have to pay his sister-in-law back ten fold. Liz looked down at him one last time and walked out of the room without another word. Without even blowing him a kiss.

Daniel felt his blood boil once again.

“Hey, don’t worry about her. This is a lot. Give her a few days and she will come around. I mean you guys have the closest relationship I have ever seen.” 

Daniel looked up at her and smiled.

“Now how do I pick you up without breaking anything?”

He closed his eyes as her hand reached out preparing for her to roughly pick him up but she did it differently then Liz. Liz quickly wrapped her hand around him. Abigail reached out and slowly wrapped her hand around Daniel until she was sure that he wasn’t going to fall out the bottom of her closed fist. 

Doing it this way meant that he was much more comfortable and he even opened his eyes. This was a mistake as the part that came next would have been impossible to do in a pleasant way. She raised her hand into the air. The force of it, the wind that buffeted his entire body, and the speed was intense. 

He wouldn’t be surprised if someone told him that this is what it would feel like to be a bullet launched out of a gun. She lifted him until he was level with the tip of her nose, looking into her gigantic green eyes

“Well… Let’s go home.”

Chapter 6: The Drive by AEW
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New Bio ready for the Roommate. Sasha enters the story

Daniel will give credit where credit is due and he had to give Abigail credit. More than he would have originally thought he was going to give when he had heard her voice on the stairs. She has tried to be as delicate and as careful with him as possible and so far he has suffered no broken bones or a major injury of any kind.

He has been in pain a number of times but that was to be expected given his size and hers. In truth he was shocked that she hadn’t just crushed him yet by pure accident. She had spent a good few minutes trying to find somewhere to put him so he wouldn’t be hurt while traveling. 

She eventually decided to take one of Liz’s many purses, dumping the contents out (Somewhere), and then gently placed him inside of it. She then put the handle over her shoulder, picked up her box, and walked out of the house. Every moment she made caused the bag to sway just a little and before long he found himself slipping and sliding all over the bottom of the bag.

It caused his skin to burn as his skin dragged against the surface giving him the worst case of rug burn, on top of that every once and while he would smack into the walls of the purse and that would cause him to wince in pain, but the worst part was how dark it was.

There was only a tiny bit of light at the very top of the bag. The rest was pitch darkness. Before long the movement stopped and he could hear a car door open. He was sent rolling end over end as she leaned forward putting the box in either the trunk or backseat. He hit the front of the bag and was bathed in light and then she stood back up.

Thankfully he didn’t roll nearly as much and was close enough to the light to at least see. She hopped in the car, slowly took the bag off of her shoulders, and placed it down.

“I have to make a quick pitstop to pick something up for you and then we will get you out that purse.”

The drive was bumpy and rough. The purse moved around a lot and he found himself being tossed in the air and landing rough everytime, he rolled to and fro, and was starting to feel sick from all of it. Eventually it all stopped and she got out of the car, not grabbing the purse, and for that he was thankful.

It felt like an eternity. Away from the light again and with nothing to do he found himself chewing on his own thoughts. Everything that happened? If he made the right choice not going to the doctor? Would a cure be found? How long would it take? Would his wife be ok with everything later? What if a cure was never found and he had to live like this forever?
That last thought caused him to go into panic. Not unlike the one he would get about thinking about death itself. So with that thought he forced himself to just take deep breaths, remain calm, and focus on something else. Anything else. Thankfully it wasn’t long after that when the car door opened, closed, and Abigail was back.

“Sorry about that. Had to get you somewhere to sleep.”

The car turned back on and Daniel braced himself for the drive to come. A few minutes later the car stopped once more and Abigail chimed, “Were home,” and opened the door. She grabbed the purse and I rolled end over end as she lifted it in the air and draped it over her shoulder once more.

“Your home,” A voice Daniel didn’t recognize said.

Daniel tensed up. Scared. At this size he only wanted people he trusted around him and this woman was not one of those people. However, he wouldn’t have said Abigail would have been either. 

“Yeah. You mind getting the dollhouse out of the trunk?”

Dollhouse, Daniel thought to himself, Is she fucking crazy? I am not sleeping in a dollhouse.

“Dollhouse,” The woman laughed, “I thought you were bringing home a man not a toy.”

Daniel could hear the trunk open and close. 

“Shut up. He needed someplace to sleep and to call home for a while. I didn’t know what else to grab. I figured with a dollhouse he will have a home at least.”

“I don’t know how to tell you this but I have been watching the news. With how small this guy is I think a doll house will be too big for him.”

“What the hell else did you want me to do with him?”

“I don’t know.”

Daniel heard the car door open and braced himself for what was to come. It didn’t help. He still found himself rolling as she went to pick up the box. When she was back on her feet he was just thankful that he was in the light once again.

“At least you won’t have to worry about hurting him?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You haven’t been keeping up with the news Abigail? Turns out that the men that shrink are unkillable. At least that is the belief for now. I mean one wife in California, I think, stepped on her husband when trying to locate him after he shrunk. Found him on the bottom of her foot, she had to peel him off, but he was alive. 

No broken bones or nothing. There have been other reports of course. Guys who have been sat on, guys that were having sex at the time that were found lodged in their wives vagina’s, even one was snorted up his wife's nose. The last one sneezed him out. All fine.

I mean obviously they don’t know what would happen if they were, like, eaten or something but as long as you don’t do that he should be fine. What’s his name by the way?”
“His name is Daniel.”

With that the purse opened wide and a hand swooped down gently picking him up. He was then raised in the air. He shut his eyes tightly as the sun bit at his corneas. When he opened them once more he was looking into the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen.

A smile stretched across her face as she looked at him.

“Nice to meet you Daniel. I am Sasha. I am sure we are going to become the bestest of friends.”

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Chapter 7: The Deal by AEW
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On one hand he was thankful that he couldn’t die. Feel pain yes but he didn’t have to worry about dying by some stupid accident. On the other hand there was no escape this way. He was stuck. If a cure wasn’t found, if one turned out not to exist, there was nothing he could do. He would be stuck like this forever.

He hated himself for thinking about taking his own life but on the other hand he wondered if he should. At this size he had no life. He had nothing to aspire to, nothing he could become. He would be forced to watch as everyone around him moved on with their lives and he was trapped.

If a microphone had been connected right then he would have pleaded for Abigail to take him to the hospital. This wasn’t her job and he couldn’t expect her or his wife to take care of him forever. He didn’t have a microphone though. Instead he found himself sitting down on their dining room table which was an absolute disaster.

Covered in beer cans, soda can’s, dirty dishes, and the like. He found himself near the edge of the table next to a beer can 225 feet tall. It was monstrous and gave him vertigo to look up at it. It was funny how objects seemed to make him realize just how small he was and people didn’t.

Abigail was off hooking up the microphone once again and Sasha was busy putting the dollhouse together in the living room. The instructions splayed out before her. How she planned on doing it was beyond him. The living room was just as messy as the dining room table with trash, clothes, and god knows what else littered everyone. 

She had no room to build it. Perhaps she realized this because Daniel watched as she began batting and throwing things out of her way. 

“That should do it,” She said as she looked at the area.

She was about a quarter of the way through when Abigail returned.

“Sorry about that. I had to make some phone calls after I was doing setting everything up.”

She put her hand on the table, palm up in front of him, and watched him closely. He knew what she wanted but he didn’t know if he could. Her fingers were huge and he knew he would have trouble scaling them. He barely went above her fingernail for Christ's sake. 

“I can’t,” He said to her knowing full well that it was pointless.

After a second or two she understood and picked him up instead. She carried him into her bedroom and placed him on the computer desk in front of the microphone. She then sat down in her computer chair, put on her headphones, and leaned forward.

Daniel took a look around, thankful that her computer desk was at least picked up and kept nice. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t climb up your finger. I was barely taller than your fingernail and I am not in the shape to climb that high.”

“It’s fine I just feel bad picking you up like that all the time. Sorry about the state of the house by the way. Sasha and I do not get many visitors. The ones we do get are just as messy as we are.”

“You have guests over often,” Daniel asked worried.

He wasn’t oblivious. At his size he couldn’t fight back if someone wanted to do something to him and he didn’t trust people when he was at full height. He had a feeling it would only be a matter of time before a story came out of someone who was found and not reported. Someone who, at this very moment, was having a very bad day indeed.

“Yeah. Maybe twice to three times a week. Mostly other girls. Sometimes a guy comes over but not very often. Sasha is a lesbian and I don’t date.”

She must have noticed the look on my face because the next moment she looked concerned as well.

“Hey, it's fine. I bet Liz calls by tomorrow asking for you to come home. Odds are you won’t even be here when someone does come over and if you are you can just hide out.”

He nodded his head wondering just how long it would be before she tired of him. How long would it be before she got sick of taking care of him? It was only a matter of time. He fought the thought down. Reminding himself that he had been surprised by her attitude thus far.

“There is just one caveat of staying here,” Abigail said, biting her bottom lip.

Something she did as a tick, it meant that what she was about to tell you, you were not going to like one bit. His heart raced as she looked down at her hands.

“What is it?”

“Well I wasn’t entirely forthcoming back at your place. You see Sasha was fine with you staying here but she had some demands and I didn’t know what to do. You were so keen on not going to the hospital so I accepted them.”

“What did she ask for,” Daniel asked with fear and anger in his voice as he spoke.

“She just wants you to… pay your way… so to speak. Now obviously you can’t work and she wasn’t interested in money anyway. What she had in mind were chores.”

“Chores? Abigail looked at me. I am the size of a fucking ant. What chores can I possibly do? I can’t pick up a beer can. Odds are I couldn’t even pick up a cotton ball.”

“Your chores don’t revolve around cleaning per say.”

She looked up then with a nervous smile.

“Please spit it out already!”
“She wants you to do chores for her.”

Daniel's heart sank; he was sure he knew what that meant.

“You have to trust me on this. I made her promise that she wouldn’t hurt you. You're my brother-in-law. I love you and you have done a lot for me. You're just going to do little things here and there,” She continued as she gave him another smile.

“Like what?”

“Massage her feet was one of them, paint her nails but only if you can manage, and that's it. Honest. Not a whole lot. The only other part of the deal is that when she wants a chore done then she can come get you any time day and night.”

“Jesus Christ Abigail. You didn’t think of telling me this first. Look at me. How am I supposed to massage someone's feet and paint their nails? What gives you the right to decide these things without my permission?”

She stood up and looked down at him, “Look you have a long day. I am going to leave you be while I help Sasha with the dollhouse.”

“Don’t walk away from me,” Daniel yelled, “This is unbelievable. I trusted you. You bitch.”

He stopped there as Abigail took off her headphones and put them down on her chair walking out of her bedroom. Leaving him to stand there furious at the situation he now found himself in.

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Chapter 8: Sasha by AEW
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Daniel stood there for a time waiting for Abigail to come back. To apologize for her words and actions. To rectify the situation but as the seconds turned into minutes he began to realize that this was not going to happen. So he sat down. For the first time in his life he had, what he believed, was a panic attack. 

His heart seemed to pound hard against his chest, it was hard to breathe and he began to fear that he was going to pass out or die right there, and his hands seemed to shake violently. He tried to take deep breaths. To calm his nerves but he didn’t help in the slightest. 

He had believed, foolishly, that even though he was going to be away from his life that he was going to be safe with some form of family member but that rug had been pulled out from under him in an instant. In truth he had been scooped up and thrown into a nightmare.

His brain tried to find a way out of the situation. He knew that escape was meaningless. Even if he did find a way off the computer table he would just find himself lost in the apartment. At his size it would take hours to get to the edge. It could take days, weeks, hell even months to get to the door at his size.

No, he knew that the only way out of what was expected of him was to talk to Sasha and try to get through to her. To make her see what she was doing was wrong and pointless. At his size she would never feel his hands against her skin anyway and there would be no shot he would ever be able to paint her toenails.

The fumes themselves would cause him to pass out in seconds. With a plan in place he had something to anchor himself too and slowly but surely his heart slowed down, his breathing returned to normal, and the feeling of lightheadedness began to fade away. 

Daniel couldn’t see the clock from where he was sitting on the desk but he would guess that it was about a half an hour later when Sasha walked into the room and took a seat. Abigail followed after, placing the dollhouse down on the top of her dresser. 

Sasha picked up the headphones and pointed at the microphone, as if he couldn’t figure out what was going on. Abigail walked over and picked up the second pair of headphones. 

“So I hear you have a problem with the deal,” Sasha said.

Daniel was shocked that she would jump straight into the matter. He thought that she would ease into it. Try to butter him up to the idea.

“I do, yes.”

“Abigail told me that she didn’t tell you or her sister about it beforehand so I understand that but I want you to know that regardless the deal stays.”

Daniel was again taken aback, “I just don't think that's a good idea. You see-”

Sasha held up a hand and Daniel, to his surprise, stopped talking.

“I get it. I do. I would honestly be shocked if you were completely ok with this. I was shocked when Abigail told me that you and your wife were OK with the terms. There is just one problem… You plan on living here don’t you?”

“Yeah but-”

“You can’t possibly work in this state can you? Bring in money?”

“No but I do have money in the bank.”

“And how long is that money going to last? You also don’t know how long this is going to last. Wouldn’t you want that money going to your wife?”

“Yes of course but-”

“Are you about to tell me that you would rather take money from your wife than to massage my feet or paint my nails?”

The answer was a yes but he didn’t want to tell Sasha that.

“At my size painting your nails would be next to impossible. I couldn’t even pick up the brush and the fumes would surely get to me in seconds.”

Sasha nodded her head, “Ok, so you don’t paint my nails. You can still massage my feet.”

“At my size?”

“What, you worried you're going to get crushed? That I am going to slip or move funny and BAM,” She smacked her hand on the table hard mere inches away from Daniel causing him to fly in the opposite direction of where her hand hit and causing him to roll a bit further after landing, “The thing is you can’t die? Can you feel pain?”

He could and he was feeling tons of it now as every muscle in his body screamed as he pushed himself back to his feet. Wobbly. He looked at the microphone which now seemed miles away. 

“I think that's enough, "Abigail said as she leaned over and pushed the microphone towards him.

Daniel braced for impact and closed his eyes as he watched it barrel towards him at unbelievable speeds but all he felt was a rush of air as it stopped moving. As he opened his eyes it was mere inches away from his face. 

“We are done when we say we are done,” Sasha declared as she looked down at me.

The look on her face made his blood run cold. 

“Do you feel pain,” She asked once again.


Daniel's heart beat quickly once again. Watching her closely. Her hand seemed to move so fast, he didn’t even see it coming. One minute he was standing there and the next second he was flying in the air. Higher than he would like to think about. 

“Then here is how this is going to work Daniel. You are in my house now. I make the rules not Abigail and certainly not a tiny speck of a man who couldn’t even reach the top of my toes. So when I want you I come get you. That’s it and if you are lucky and are good then you will only be expected to massage my feet.

However, if you talk back or disobey me in any way then me, you, and Abigail are going to have to renegotiate our little deal and trust me when I say that you will not like it one bit. Your life can be easy here. We can even be friends OR you can fuck around and find out. It's your choice. 

I will let you think about what you want to do.”

“The hospital,” Daniel said as Sasha reached for headphones, “I want to go to the hospital. Abigail, please.”

Abigail watched him, guilt written all over her face, and Sasha chuckled.

“Hospital. Hospital. No, that time has passed. Abigail bought you a house and everything. It’s too late for that. You know what, fuck it, lets go have some fun now. My feet hurt.”

With that she took off her headphones, placed them on the table, and as Daniel was turning around to try to run away she reached out and grabbed him. Enclosed in darkness in her clenched fist, Daniel felt his whole body fighting not to explode from the pressure.

Chapter 10: The Walk by AEW
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Who the fuck did she think she was? That was her brother-in-law, a good man, and she had promised him that he would be protected. In an instant Sasha had made her a liar. Abigail was a lot of things but a liar was not one of them. At least not often. She had left the house soon after Sasha had whisked Daniel out of the room. Not wanting to be there when she forced him to do, whatever it was she was going to have him do. 

As she walked to clear her mind she tried to come up with something, someway, to get Daniel out of his current predicament. The thought hit her about a block away from her house. She knew what she had to do but she didn’t know if she had the heart to do it. 

She had to find a sacrificial lamb. Another shrunken man that she could offer up to Sasha in tribute. One that there would be no boundaries for. One that she could do whatever she wanted with. The thought made her stomach flip. The truth was Saha wasn’t the nicest person in the world. She was loyal, yes, and Abigail was thankful to be able to call her a friend but she was not kind.

She was also controlling. Everything had to be her way. With those two personality traits alone she feared for any shrunken man that would be in her hands. Including Daniel. Yet to save him she knew that she had to find a man. So she glanced downwards and as she walked she began scanning the ground beneath her feet. Hoping that some unlucky guy shrunk as he was going for his nightly or morning jog.

“So here is how this is going to work,” Sasha said as she unfurled her hand looking down at Daniel who hadn’t yet stood up.

In fact he was looking up at her at all. Instead looking at his feet. This annoyed her more than anything. The disrespect on display. 

“Look at me,” She snapped and to her delight he did indeed look up. 

Rather quickly as well. 

“As I was saying. I am going to place you down on my desk. I am then going to put my feet right in front of you and then you are going to massage them. Tenderly. Like you would have your wives. If you do a good job then I won’t knock on your door for a week but if you do a bad job… Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Well lets just say we are going to have to train you and that is going to be an everyday affair. If not multiple times a day. So I expect you to massage them really really good. Do you understand?”

Daniel mouthed something and Sasha took it as yes. She figured that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to say no to her. He was ant size and she was a legit goddess right now. So with that she leaned for and ever so gently placed him on the desk. 

She promised Abigail that she would take good care of him and wouldn’t hurt him and she was going to keep that promise but he didn’t have to know that.

“Before we start I only have one last thing to say. Do not try to get away with not massaging my feet. I know you believe that I won’t feel it and maybe you are right but I still want you to rub my feet anyway. If you don’t there is going to be hell to pay. What that is, I am not saying, but I think we both agree that you do not want to find out. I don’t think that I have to remind you that Abbie left.” 

With that Daniel watched as she leaned back and placed her gigantic feet right next to him, not in front as she had said. One foot and then two. Crossing them at the ankles. He stared at how massive her shoes were knowing that very soon they would be taken off and he would have to do a very dirty job. 

Abigail found herself at the park which was vacant due to the news of the day. No doubt everyone was huddled in their houses. In truth she had only seen one other person going for a walk, an older gentleman of about eighty, who looked stark white. 

She wondered if she should follow him. Hoping to catch him shrink but realized that Sasha would probably want someone a little younger. Perhaps a lot younger. So she went to the park. She was huddled on all fours. Carefully parting the grass as she looked for anyone.

As she did so she couldn’t help but think of the shrunken kids in that one movie she used to watch as a child. She made a mental note to ask Daniel or Liz the name of it later. It was a few seconds later when movement to her left made her look up.

Sitting there, on the swingset, was a man in his late 20’s. Would he shrink? She stood up and walked over to him. He looked up at her while she approached and she raised her hand in greeting. He looked back down at the chips.

“Hey,” Abigail said as she took a seat next to him.

Mind if you shrink for me so I can bring you back to my friend, She thought.

The flip in her stomach returned.

“Hey,” He said, not looking up.

“You ok?”

“What the fuck you think? How would you feel if all over the globe women were shrinking?”

He didn’t yell, he didn’t even snap, he just stated it like he was discussing the weather. She extended out a hand and touched his shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” She said, “It sucks. My brother-in-law was affected.”

He turned to look at her as he stopped swinging.

“Will he go to the hospital?”


“Smart guy. I don’t trust the hospitals one bit. Fuck em.”

She removed her hand from his shoulder and in the next instance he was gone. In a flash. Abigail jumped up off the swing seat and slowly walked over to the swing the young man was sitting in. Shit. She never even got his name. 

She got down on her knees in front of it, ignoring the chips digging into them, and bent forward. There he was. Waving his arms at her widely. It was clear he was trying to say something.

“I am sorry,” Abigail said as she reached forward quickly. Scooping him up and bringing him up to the bridge of her nose. She made sure his head was poking out so he could continue to look at her, “You are going to help my brother-in-law. Ok. You are not going to like it but look at it this way. Out here no one would have found you anyway. You would have probably been eaten by an animal, maybe starved or died of dehydration, or would have been crushed the next time someone sat on this swing. So I am kind of doing you a favor. Besides, you didn’t want to go to the hospital anyway.”

With that she shoved the man into her pocket and with a quick glance to make sure no one was watching she began to head home.

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Chapter 11: A gift by AEW
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Tags: Giantess, Humilation

This chapter is a little shorter then I would have liked as I didn't get to work on it for very long. Sorry about that. I will see you guys in a few weeks with a longer chapter

Daniel stood for a time waiting for Sasha to take off her shoes and for her to finally stick them into his face. After a while though his heart stopped racing so fast as he watched her scroll through her phone. Every once and while her fingers would move around the screen as she typed something. He couldn’t tell what and he couldn’t even tell if she was texting or looking up something.

So he sat down and after, at least, twenty minutes, he laid down on his back. Maybe, just maybe, it had all been a hoax. All she was trying to do was scare the ever living hell out of him. He would be ok with that. After a few more minutes of staring at the ceiling, his stomach began to grumble, he heard the door of the apartment open. 

Only  then did Sasha pull her feet off the desk as she placed her phone on the opposite side of the desk. She twisted her chair around as Abigail barreled into the room. Daniel jumped to his feet.

“Damn,” Sasha said, “What's the rush?”

“You don’t have to hurt Daniel anymore,” She smiled as she walked over to Sasha who was looking up at her, curious.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. Check this out,” Daniel watched as Abbie reached into the front right pocket of her pants and removed something. She extended her hand outright and showed Sasha whatever it was.

Daniel wasn’t an idiot and he could take a few guesses at what the object was. 

“Holy shit,” Sasha said as she reached out quickly and scooped up the man that Abigail was currently holding, “You can’t be fucking serious? Where did you find him?”

“I didn’t find him. I was going for a walk and I stumbled onto this guy sitting on a swing. A few minutes later and poof. I scooped him up before anyone could notice what was happening. Not that anyone was around anyway.”

“Did you get his name?”

“No. I didn’t.”

“That’s fine.”
“So can I,” She looked in my direction and Sasha nodded without even looking up. 

She just looked down at her palm. Daniel felt a wave of nausea and fear wash over him. Sasha had been nice to him because of who he was. He had a feeling that this man wasn’t going to get the same treatment. In a flash Abbie had walked over to the desk and scooped him up. 

Sasha turned away from the man and looked up at Abigail, “When you were gone I was reading an article. The leading theory is that men all over the planet are shrinking when they get turned on. What did you do to him?”
“Nothing. I sat down on the swing, talked to him, grabbed his shoulder, and that was all.”

“How about that,” Sasha said as she looked back down at the man in her palm, “So… Are you a virgin or just really easy.”

With that Abbie turned to leave the room.

“Oh. Close the door on the way out,” Sasha called out and Abbie did so, gladly. 

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