The Way Things Were by Parajake32

Steve, a 19 year old with newly acquired shrinking disorder, is forced to move in with his mother, the lovely 47-year-old Mary, as she tries to help him overcome his new condition.

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Story Notes:

So, this is my first (and probably only) story! I'm doing this with the assistance (or I'm assisting it. Depends on the point of view) of a AI, where I'm ''herding it'' to get the story the direction I wanted it to go. Most of the first chapter however, is my own doing.

I'm not ashamed, I'm even proud in fact, to share that this story is heavily inspired on my favorite stories and author from this and other sites. You''ll find that this story features similar concepts and even scenes from those other stories, but I also tried to make my own thing while writing it. Also, I make a few callbacks or references of those works, like character names or chapter names.

I can't promise this will get finished. I'm writting this more as a way to hopefully encourage some new people way more capable than I, to make more stories with gentle maternal giantessess. AND most importantly, to maybe some of my favorite authors to come back to finish some of their stories, kkkkkkkkkk.

Speaking of which, I really hope that everybody knows that I do not personally hold any sexual feelings about any relatives of mine. It's just a sub genre of the giantess fetish that I find very appealing, and since there are so few good stories about the relation dinamics about a shrinking son (or growing mom), I decided to try it out. This story will not feature direct incest or anything sexual between the characters. Most of the more commonly accepted ''hot scenes'' will happen only on dreams probably.

SO with all of that out of the way, here the stories and authors that inspired this one, not on a particular order:

How to Train your Dad - JessaJess99

Origins of a Foot Fetish - V11 and DanceDance1982

A Mother'Son Weekend - Pluto Pedragon

Home Sick - Krunk33

Mother Grows Best - GnomeKid (Giantesscity)

I apologize for any grammar or coherence errors. English is not my native language, but I'm trying. Feel free to help me correct any mistakes. This is a Frankstein of a story already, so I probably will be editing it a lot.

Thank you!

Chapter 1 - Origins by Parajake32
Current height: 6'2

I was just an ordinary 19-year-old, standing tall at 6’2 feet. I was independent and never really cared about what others thought of me. However, that all changed when I caught that damn shrinking virus.

The first time I shrunk, it was a shock. I woke up one morning and found himself standing at 6 feet tall.

This can't be real'' I thought to himself. But as the days went by, I shrunk a little bit more every time until I was 5’10 feet tall.

I was worried and didn't know what to do. I quit my job since I simply couldn't face my coworkers as my body was slowly changing.

I've become isolated, as I didn't want to tell anyone about my condition, not even my mom. But as time went by, I couldn't hide it anymore, and eventually, called my mom, Mary. She was the sweetest mother in the world, but even then It was tough because I didn't want to be a burden to my mom. As I explained to her my situation, she invited me to spend a few days on our old family house.

''Hi, mom'' I said, looking down at my feet.

''Hi, honey... come here'' my mom said as she approached me for a hug. ''Everything is going to be alright! Come, I made your favorite cookies!''

Even though mom was trying to appear hopeful to her son, she was understandably worried about me. She knew that I needed her, and she was there for me every step of the way.

The next day:

I woke up sweating, having a bad dream that I can't see to remember, but it was probably about the situation I'm currently in. As I went dowstairs, the smell of fresh bread and hot coffee permeated the whole house, making me feel a little less worried about the fact that I was now shrinking.

'’Yep, slept like a bear,'' I lied. After a few seconds of my answer, my mother takes a sip of coffee and says:

''Good! I also slept well. Thank you for asking!'' she says in a sarcastic tone.

''I'm sorry, Mom. I'm still waking up''

''I can see that, dear.'' Well, I have to get dressed to go to work. I'll see you later this afternoon'' she says as she gets up and gives me a kiss on the forehead, leaving a lipstick mark on it.

As I ate my breakfast, I browsed social media as usual. When I was once again faced with the news of the shrinking virus. Apparently, it is an extremely rare disease, with only 20 cases worldwide, but it already had scientists, journalists and the entire population intrigued. As such, the news was covering pretty much 24h that topic.

But since most of the cases come from distant countries, people where I live don't usually pay much attention to it outside the news. After breakfast, I decided to sunbathe by the pool we had at home. Suddenly, I started to feel a slight dizziness along with a particular muscle tension, but I let it go thinking it was just prolonged exposure to the sun. I left immediately and continued my day as usual, waiting for my mother to arrive. Being out of work due to severe social anxiety, the day went fairly quickly. I was about to go to the bathroom when, that weird feeling of the afternoon hit me again. I realized I was shrinking again. As I measured myself, I saw that I was now 5'9 in height. I remained in a semi denial state, as I tried to read and tend to the garden as a way to distract myself from my incoming doom.

At 7 pm my mother finally arrived

''Hello honey, Mommy's home'' declared my mother in a singsong voice.

''hey mom. How's was...'' I couldn't finish saying that she already arrived hugging and squeezing me, as usual. Mom always showed affection this way, unlike me who was reasonably shy and restrained.

''Tired and annoyed with those false people, hon. But I managed. And you? How was your day?''

''Good too. I felt a little dizzy in the afternoon tho.''

''Dizzy? Well, it's pretty hot these days. Are you drinking water?''

''Yes, yes... Actually, I shrunk an inch today'' I said, feeling a bit down.

''I see...'' my mom said. ''Well, at least you I'll have more space on the couch tonight! She said laughing.''I'm going to prepare a cold juice with some popcorn. How about we watch a movie together?''

''Sure mom'' I said, trying to smile. My mom was putting a lot of effort into taking care of me and making me feel happy, so I tried to hide some of my frustrations.

''Thanks honey! I'll be heading for the shower first, then I'll make the preparations'' she said as she hurried up the stairs. About 30 minutes later, she was back in her iconic scarlet robe and bathing slippers, with her wavy brown hair a little wet.

After she finished making popcorn and juice, she went to the living room where I was waiting and sat on the coach right next to me. As we were flipping through the channels to find some movie, we ended up on a news channel, where not surprisingly, it was covering the newest case of the shrinking disorder. ‘’Is it ok to watch this, honey? We could learn more about this condition...’’

''Sure mom'', I said, feeling a bit anxious.

''…the new virus, now named The Reductovirus, has made another victim. This time, it was Marcus (name changed to preserve the victims identity), 47, who did not want to concede an interview. However, his only daughter claimed that Marcus is now below the 1 foot mark, where some previously victims just felled under the 2’5 mark…’’

Seeing the news, my mind drifted for a second. I started to imagine myself being less than foot tall, and how the world could possibly look from this perspective. ‘’Wow, just imagine how things around here would look like… the TV, the pool… I could even explore our vegetable garden outside! It would be like mini forest to me… but eatable!’’ I continued with my childlike fantasy about exploring my house as the news kept going. It was a way to coope with this strange situation I was in, so I just tried to see a little bit of the good side os this whole situation.

‘’…scientists say that strong doses of adrenaline could trigger the shrinking process. So strong emotions, they theorize, can be catalysts for the infected…’’

‘’I couldn’t play much videogames though. The controller would be just too big’’ I imagined me sitting on a controller bigger than me trying to play on an enormous TV. Too bad that was a virus and not some sort of gun or controller that shrinks people. If it was a controller, I could shrink my Xbox with me and play all day without mom bothering me since she doesn’t like videogames…’’.

‘’Mom…’’ suddenly, the focus of my thoughts changed. If a few seconds ago I was daydreaming about the things on my house, now I was daydreaming imagining how normal people would look like from a tiny perspective. In this case my mom, at least ten times her original size, in comparison to me. ‘’She would be like a giant to me!'' I said, as I imagined my petite mom as a towering giant. ''Well, at least I could sneak upon her and scare the shit out of her! Hahaha. I bet she would love too. To mess with me like she always does’’ I thought innocently. Well, of course, it could only be done with care. The way she’s clumsy, she could even step on…’’

‘’How can a virus do this to a person…’’ my mom quietly said, but it was enough to break me from my fantasies. ‘’Well, let's hope this does not happens to you sweety. Even though you would be adorable at the size of a doll’’ my mom said, her eyes tearing up a bit, as she was a very sensible person, but also trying to joke around with the idea.

‘’Well, at that size would be very difficult to things around the house like cleaning and stuff’’ I said, her look starting to crack a smile. ‘’…So the big people would have to do everything for him. Besides, it must be really fun to have a cinema sized TV… imagine how big our pool would be at this size! It must look the size of an Olympic pool!’’ I said, trying to joke around, while sharing some of my fantasies with her.

‘’Yeah I bet you would like that! You lazy little thing’’ She said with the maternal affection only she could do.

‘’Of course I would! I would watch TV aaaaaall day’’ I said, further provoking her.

‘’Like you don't already do that, you little brat.’’ She said with a false angry tone

‘’Do you think I would let you escape your chores? No, no, young man! Even with the size of a doll you wouldn't escape!’’

''But mom, it would be literally IMPOSSIBLE to wash dishes this size''

''Yeah, you're right.’’ She pondered. ‘’BUT I am a very creative woman. If there's one thing mothers do well, it's find ways to give their child some work!'' she said, starting to laugh

''Oh yes? Like what?'' I asked while laughing with her

''Well, you'd be the perfect size to help me do my nails, for example''

''Haha, never! I would run away''

''And I'd crush you for being naughty, young man!'' She said just as she started tickling my stomach with her well-manicured fingers. ‘’You would treat me like the queen I’m!

''Damn mom... hahahaha. m... stop!''. But of course, she didn't stop. Luckily I was able to control her childish assault by pushing her hands away. The image of a giant mom angry with me stuck in head for a few moments.

‘’hahaha, damn you! Maybe having you tiny would not be such a bad idea! I miss when you were small, and I could tickle you much easier!’’ my mom said as she started to back off’’

‘’yeah, that’s a nice point you got there’’ I said smiling

The night went as we chat and teased each other. In the end, we didn't even watched any movies. I went to sleep feeling a lot more relaxed. These past weeks were rough, and I needed a break. My mom was a lovely lady and was making a hell of a work making me feel good, despite my situation.

As my eyes were slowly closing, I started having a dream. I was in a vast plane landscape made of shining wood. It took a few seconds for me to realize that gigantic expense was our living room floor, and I was now much tinier.

Just as I was starting to comprehend my surroudings, the floor started to shake violently. Sudently, I saw my mother, now a imposing colossus of godlike proportions.

As her immense foot came down on top of me, I started to run away, terrified about my impeding doom. The immense foot crushed me, but I didn't feel any pain. On the contrary, I felt dominated by a very soft and smooth wall of warm flesh. It's warmth encompassed me, giving me and overwhelming sensation of comfort and love, even if I couldn't move a single muscle. The sensation of confort was so overwhelming that I also started to feel... pleasure. I could feel an increasing hard on forming on my pants from the stimulation, but on my dreams, I could not care less. I was finaly happy after a long time.

I slept like a angel that night, but wake up fairly early on the morning. As I got up from the bed, I was shocked! Not only I was now smaller, but also my covers and pants seems to be... wet.
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