The Way Things Were by Parajake32

Steve, a 19 year old with newly acquired shrinking disorder, is forced to move in with his mother, the lovely 47-year-old Mary, as she tries to help him overcome his new condition.

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Chapter 4 - Primal Instincts by Parajake32

Current Height: 3 feet

As the echoes of our clash still reverberated within me, I stood there, a mere 3 feet tall, consumed by a storm of anger and frustration. The confrontation with my mother had left a bitter taste in my mouth, igniting a fiery rage that threatened to consume me. In that moment, I sought solace in punishment, a twisted desire to inflict pain upon myself for my perceived failures.

My eyes fell upon my mother's discarded black flats, resting on the floor as a silent reminder of her presence. An idea took hold, like a dark whisper in my mind. I reached out, my hands trembling, and grasped the shoes, feeling their cool leather against my skin.

As I held them, a wave of perverse fascination washed over me. I begin stroking myself furiously. The image of myself being tiny, dwarfed by my mother's immense size, nestled inside her shoe, danced in my daydreams. It was a fantasy born out of my anger and despair—a desire to experience the full weight of my mother's dominance and power.

I closed my eyes, allowing my imagination to run wild. I pictured myself shrunken down, no larger than an inch, peering out from the depths of the shoe. The scent of the leather, mingled with my mother's essence, enveloped me, fueling a strange mix of fear and desire.

In this daydream, my mother's towering presence became even more daunting, her every movement magnified to colossal proportions. I could almost feel the ground shake beneath me as she walked, each step reverberating through the shoe, a reminder of her immense strength and control.

But as my emotions surged, my body responded in kind. A tingling sensation coursed through me, intensifying with each passing moment. I opened my eyes, a sudden realization dawning upon me—my anger, my emotional turmoil, was accelerating my shrinking, causing me to diminish even further.

Panic gripped me as I witnessed the world closing in, my body rapidly shrinking from 3 feet to a mere 2 feet in height. It was as if my punishment, my desire to be subsumed by my mother's power, was taking a physical toll, distorting my very existence.

In that moment, the twisted allure of my daydreams faded into insignificance. The stark reality of my diminishing stature, the loss of control and agency, hit me with an overwhelming force. I had longed to understand the depths of my mother's dominance, but now I was faced with the harsh reality of my own vulnerability and insignificance. The sense of vulnerability and helplessness intensified, leaving me yearning for solace and reconciliation. My clothes were now way to small for me to wear, and I was now practically naked. I quckly scanned my room for something to wear, but could only found my mother's large, black discarded stockings. She was quite a messy person and would often leave random things at random places. I picked up her stockings and used to make myself an improvised toga.

With a heavy heart and tears still staining my cheeks, I made my way to my mother's room. The magnitude of the fight we had engaged in weighed heavily on my conscience, and the need to seek forgiveness and comfort drove me forward.

In the dim light of the room, I approached my mother, her form a towering presence in the darkness. The sight of her, now even larger than before, sent a mix of awe and trepidation coursing through me. But in that moment, my longing for connection outweighed any lingering fear. She was wearing a dark red nighty, which come only to her knees.

"M-Mommy," I whispered, my voice trembling with emotion. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry for the way I acted earlier."

Tears welled up in my eyes once again as I wrapped my arms around her leg, seeking solace in her familiar presence. The word "mommy" slipped from my lips instinctively, a reflection of the deep vulnerability that had taken hold of me.

My mother's touch, her warmth, enveloped me as she knelt down, her expression a mix of understanding and compassion. She gently stroked my hair, her touch a balm to my troubled soul.

"Oh, sweetheart, it's okay," she whispered, her voice filled with a tenderness that eased my troubled heart. "I know it's been hard for you, and I understand your frustration. I'm sorry too, for pushing you too hard''.

Her words held an essence of forgiveness and understanding that washed over me, offering a glimmer of hope in the midst of my emotional storm. The realization that my mother, too, carried her own burdens and regrets, allowed empathy to bloom within me.

As I stood before her, my eyes were drawn to the expanse of her legs. From my diminished vantage point, they appeared thicker, more prominent, a physical manifestation of her strength and nurturing nature. It was as if my shrinking had brought a new perspective, a heightened awareness of the details that had previously gone unnoticed.

Feeling a surge of exhaustion and emotional exhaustion, I gathered the courage to make a request, born out of a deep yearning for comfort and security.

"Mom, can I... sleep in your bed tonight?" I asked, my voice small and hesitant. "I just... I need to feel close to you, to know that you're here with me."

Without hesitation, my mother extended her hand, inviting me onto her bed. With a mixture of gratitude and relief, I climbed onto the bed, curling up beside her, my body fitting perfectly within the space she provided.

As I lay there, the sound of her steady breathing acting as a lullaby, I found a sense of solace and reassurance. In the vastness of her presence, I discovered a safe haven—a place where I could surrender to my vulnerabilities.

As the night passed I slept peacefully beside my mother. Her immense, amazonian body next to me. I was sleeping with my back turned to her, as she held me in a warm embrace. But something woke me. A deep pain formed on my stomach, which was now growling - It was hunger. I haven't eaten nothing the day before, and that what started my fight with mom. But now, during the middle of the night, I was hungry. I laid there besides mom, not knowing what to do. ''Should I get up and go to the kitchen? No, probably not. I'm too small now to reach certain things. Should I wake up my mother? Also no... she was already tired from fighting me the other day, I don't want to give her any more trouble'' I thought to myself.

With my increasing hunger and stomach pain killing me, I turned back, facing my mother. But then what  I saw, and what was about to do, would change everything from this point on: Her breasts. As I turned, my eyes were met by her immense breasts, one of which was partially standing out from her fancy nighty.

Guided my instinct and a sleepy mind, I approached them carefully to no wake up my mom. My belly started to growl even louder, as it was saying that there, at the tip of that enormous breast, lied the food I needed. All boundaries and norms were lost to me at that moment, as I instinctively started feeding on them. After a few minutes pumping her nipples with my mouth, I took another shock, as her breast was actually lactating. I fed on her thick, creamy milk enthusiastically. Each drop not only satiating my hunger, but also my deep feelings of loneliness and sadness, as I was getting a feeling that I can only describe as true love and belonging.

Questions of how and why quickly appeared on my head. How was this possible? Was her body doing this because of my shrinking? Maybe her maternal instincts were so strong that even her body now was changing to supply my needs.

All these questions faded from my mind however, as I was feeding, enjoying my warm meal, I was again struck by the shrinking sensation. I quickly dwindle 5 inches, making me 1'5 now. My improvised toga was now too loose for me to wear, so it just became a blanked for now.

Even as I was shrinking, I couldn't stop feeding that delicious milk. In my sorry and infatuated state, I also became rock hard. As I fed, my tiny erection, covered only my my mother's stockings, was leaning, along with the rest of the lower part of my body, against my mom's soft and warm stomach. Waves of pleasure from my drinking and from my lower parts were almost overwhelming to me. I was having some intense feelings to be as close with my mom as possible, almost as to become one with...

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a light moan coming from my mom's mouth. I looked up, only to see her awake, looking at me with a sleepy but radiant, maternal smile down at me.

''Hi, sweety...''

I looked at her giant smiling face with terror and guilt. I immediately stop what I was doing and tried to explain myself, but failing miserably.

''M..mommy... I, I was just...''

''Shhhhh'' she whisperd, cutting me of my feeble attempts at communicating . ''It's alright, sweetheart'' her voice ever so gentle. ''This is meant for you'', she said, pointing to her breast. ''My body was giving those signs sometime ago. I was afraid to tell you, but this is how things were, remember...? I know this is being so hard on honey. But you're still my baby, and always will be. Everything you're feeling is completely normal... she said, quicky glancing at my hard on, but trying not to make me feel bad. ''Please, don't be scared, let me take care of you'' she said, her hand, almost the size of my entire back, scolding my little body next to her again. ''M, Mommy, p, please, I'm sorr...''

''Shhhhhhhhhhh'' she shushed me again, this time, her enormous hand, way bigger than my tiny head, easily enveloped my entire head on her palm, making me feed on her again.

As I fed however, the amount of pleasure, warmth and caring that I was getting, was simply too much for me.

And I came. Twice in a row.

Sudenly, I begin shrinking again, a lot faster this time.

My mother saw this, but kept firmly holding me against her chest. I tried my best to struggle, but she was just so much stronger than me now.

''It's alright Stevie, it's all right.'' she said as I dwindle wet in her arms. As I shrunk however, I was presented by a sensation of relief, as if her growing figure, her almost godlike presence, towering over me with so much maternal care, and her words of affirmation, had released me from some of my anxieties. I continued to fed on her as I shrunk, now totally succumbed to her will and presence. But in a way, I was now more free than ever.

Current Height: 10 inches

End Notes:
So, that is it! A new chapter, and a bit more intense and graphical than the others. Also, I added some new things on the last chapter in hopes to expand it a little. Make sure to check it out! Hope you enjoy this new chapter on Steve's downfall.
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