GT - Summertime by rave777

20xx, unknown virus pandemic spreads all over the world that caused a phenomenon where women have 50-50 chance of giving birth either a normal sized human or tiny sized human


It's summer, the two different sized sisters specialized in athletic activities spending their time on a countryside for a week.

Disclaimer: All characters within are 18+. 

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Chapter 2: Sweaty Ascent by rave777

There stood Melly on the wooden floor, now facing in front of her just a few feet away is the imposing sight of her own little sister’s barefeet, wriggling in rhythm with her own form just a bit taller than the big toe of Athena.

“You’ve grown so much, haven’t you?” Melly slowly cranes her neck up, first those twin building-sized pillars that is her shins and then her black bicycle-tight covered thick thighs that is probably bigger than an apartment building made for a tiny. The sun glistens the sweaty tanned skin of it doesn’t help but giving Melly an imposing sight resembling those bronze giant Greek figures that she often imagines. Then that little pooch bursting out above her bicycle tights. While Melly had to admit it has its own charm to look at, at the very least she needs to make sure that Athena could control it for the sake of her performance in any sports she’s in later. Continuing the observation upward, there’s the main dish in Melly’s eye; the twin mountains that Melly thought tinies could build a dozen houses on top of it or maybe more. Even for normal human standards, Athena’s cup size is pretty impressive that it blocks Melly from seeing her face above.

“You think? I always felt bigger than you all this time, though,” Athena giggles a little.

“Oh shut up, you dork,” Melly wore her climbing gloves while stretching a little before doing Athena’s challenge. “So, to the top of your head, right?”

“Yeah, just don’t stick a flag like you would usually do when climbing a mountain, otherwise I might bleed… you wouldn’t want hurting your poor little sister here, don’t you?” Athena does a mocking crying gesture with her hands.

“Very funny…”

A mountain, huh? Melly could only imagine if the tallest mountain in this world is at her size, then how tall it would be to Athena? A curious thought.

“Well, here goes, and don’t sneeze when I reached your face,”

“Hey, who knows, maybe it’ll help you for a free trip back to your uni,”

“Yeah, but instead I’ll be just landing on the grass over there? Get outta here…”

With that, Melly made contact with her little sister’s left barefeet, climbing on top of it.

“Ahaha… that tickles,” Athena struggles not to move. Too bad her own boobs blocking the view of her own lower part, but she could perfectly feel where Melly is currently.

“Don’t move too much now!” Melly planted her tiny hands on the left shin. The tanned flesh wall fortunately being very friendly with Melly’s modified climbing gloves. The gloves itself is a specialized product made for the tinies that allow them to stick on any surface to climb them up, including human skin.

“I feel you on my left ankle there!” Athena felt the tiny tickling sensation on her left leg.

The climb continues and Melly successfully passing the knee, now entering the left thigh section of the climb. The firm yet soft feeling of it surprised Melly a little compared to the shin and knee part previously. Even if it’s not the first time Melly climbs her little sister, it’s always a fascinating feeling to examine every bit detail of her body. And of course, summer heat caused sweats to pour out a lot from Athena’s body and Melly felt the humidity around her sister’s body; that smell of sweaty body combined with her sweat began to lubricate Melly’s tiny body little by little. If Melly hasn’t been used to it, any tinies probably would’ve fainted just about now, added with her most prized investments ever the all-terrain climbing gloves, it makes the challenge a bit easier.

“Thigh already? That’s surprisingly fast,” Athena seems amused by her older sister’s performance.

Much to Melly’s relief, she finally gets to the easier part; the bicycle shorts. The black nylon material of it made the climb a breeze for tiny Melly instead of the slippery sweaty skin of her giant sister.

“B…big sis?”

Athena felt something different; instead of feeling Melly climbing upward, she seems to be moving… sideway? Currently, Athena thought that her big sister is hanging on the upper thigh position, but why is she-

“A…aaa….” All of a sudden, Athena feels ticklish. She could tell that Melly move closer right toward her crotch area. “N…no! big sis, don’t! Not there!”

Smiling mischievously, Melly approaches the tights-covered bulge between Athena’s legs. Even if Athena wanted to move her arms toward her crotch, she didn’t want to risk bumping her big sister and letting her fell down. Now hanging just a few centimeters beside the bulge that is Athena’s womanhood, Melly make sure the gloves stick to the wall of nylon in front of her. Planting her tiny barefeet, Melly started to repeatedly stomps the nylon surface horizontally, trying her best to let the pressure of each kicks felt by her giant sister.

“HYAH!!” the ticklish sensation caused Athena to lifts her arms covering her face. While she really wanted to just snatch her older sister right now and gave her an easy payback to her tiny body, yet she also knows that she is currently the part of this challenge. “S-STOP IT! HEY!”

“I didn’t know you can be that ticklish,” Melly stopped her kicks and continues the climb.

“You almost touched that part! How am I not!?” Athena clearly flustered.

Above the bicycle shorts, there’s the little belly pooch bursting out from right on top of the bicycle shorts that hugging her waist real tight. As soon as Melly touched it, the squishiness of it even at her size is strangely enticing for her to feel it with both of her tiny hands. Intrigued, Melly leans the side of her head against the belly itself, there the muffled gurgling sound from the inside of Athena echoes through Melly’s left ear. Surreal and a little intimidating, even if Melly already done this a few times with her little sister.

“You took a long time in my belly there, big sis, something wrong?” Athena still couldn’t see her big sister from above.

“N-nothing… just resting a bit,” this time Melly’s the one being flustered, that was probably a bit too intimate for her.


The sudden tremor caused by her little sister’s sudden growling stomach startled Melly completely that she removes her left hand away in surprise, leaving with only her right hand still stick on her sister’s squishy stomach.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry!” Athena once again covers her face in embarrassment.

“Someone’s real hungry, eh?” Melly readjusts her position, ready to continue the climb after the slight turbulence earlier.

As the climb goes on, now Melly entered the cotton area that is Athena’s white tanktop. Everything gradually gets darker around Melly and she quickly realize that her little sister’s asset above her is so massive that it practically created an eclipse for her. No joke, probably the largest pair of boobs that Melly ever seen with her naked eyes, she thought. Breathe in, breathe out, here comes the most challenging part for the courageous tiny climber currently hanging below the two giant boulders. Circling around and climbing the back instead? Nah, it’s actually more difficult that way because for some reason, Athena’s back can be quite too slippery due to how sweaty that area is, and Melly learned that fact from the experience before where she ended up sliding down right into the inside of her own little sister’s pants, trapped right between her humongous buttcheeks. Melly could only shudder remembering that experience…

Let’s see… through the middle? No, the loose part of her tanktop can be very unstable to be used as a climbing spot. The exposed side boob? Nah, too slippery with all that sweats trickling down on it, added with the soft surface would probably risking the sticky gloves won’t work that well.

So it begins, Melly took the left path and carry forward her quest for that sweet ice cold watermelon treat that her little sister promised her. Despite the cotton material being very friendly with assisting her on the climb, Melly realized the toughest part of the challenge once she’s directly on the underboob part of Athena’s body; the outward curve that required Melly to rely only with her hands to hanging on the curved diagonal ceiling that is Athena’s monolithic boobs. No other safer choice anyway, Melly twists her body around, now for the first time facing something other than Athena’s body, Melly could finally realize how high up she is currently, the tiny courageous human spider could only gulp in awe and fear to be in this current predicament.

Building up as much determination as possible, Melly began the climb toward the outward curve as she grabbed the cotton material above her until her feet just left hanging below. Don’t look down, don’t look down, Melly whispered to herself as she doing her best to just keep her eyes looking forward instead of down. Just to humor herself, it reminds her of that game that Athena plays once about slaying Greek gods and then she complains about too much of the game just about hanging on the ceiling.

A sudden gust of wind caught Melly off guard as she tightened her grip on the cotton material above her but the panicked Melly inadvertently look down on the ground, causing a sudden hit of vertigo splashed right into her mind just by realizing how high she is above that wooden floor below.

“You okay, big sis?” even Athena felt concerned as she felt her tiny big sister hanging below her left boob, it must be a difficult feat to climb that vertical curve upward.

“I… I’m fine! I’m fine!” mustering up courage once again, Melly toughen up and continues her climb upward until slowly the upward curve finally allowed her to plant her feet on the cotton wall once again. Sigh of relief escaped Melly’s mouth as she stopped for a second just to catch her breath after the challenging part. Right, that chilled watermelon is close, Melly could smell it. With renewed determination, Melly marches on upward until she noticed something sticks out beneath that tanktop… with no hesitation, Melly boosts herself up and grabbed it with both of her hands…

“HYAAAAA!!” the sudden ticklish sensation strikes Athena’s left nipple like a thunder, causing her to jump a little while in the process almost thrown off Melly if it’s not for her strong grip.

“Oi! STOOD STILL!” Melly used her whole body to hang onto the nipple as tight as she could, but in the process it’s just adding even more ticklish sensation for her giant sister. “Athena!”

“Sorry! Sorry!” Athena’s hands covered up her face once again trying to recover herself. “Just… get off there hurry!”

“Your ticklish body gonna kill me anytime soon, I swear…” Melly finally lands right on top of her sister’s left boob. It’s always a fascinating feeling to see her own feet sink a little everytime she took a step above the soft ground, it’s probably like walking on top of a blimp. Still, always reminding her this is how massive her own little sister when she could imagine tinies like her could probably built a house on top of this flesh island. Meanwhile, Athena for the first time could see her big sister currently just walking freely on a planet made of her own boobs. It’s always a funny sight to see her big sister playing around on top of her assets.

The climb continues, the gummy bear-sized Melly entered the flesh area once again above the cleavage. When Melly reaches the neck, Athena does her best trying not to swallow while at the same time holding herself from the delicate touch that is her sister’s tiny body. As soon as Melly clears the vertical climb of Athena’s jaw area, she finally made contact with Athena’s eye while hanging on the chin.

“Hey, I finally see you eye to eye!” Athena squints down, trying to see her big sister currently hanging on her chin.

“Alright, don’t speak,” Melly continues her journey until her hands now placed on Athena’s lower lip. Suddenly Melly’s face just turns red, to be this close with her own sister’s lips made her fluster a little. The soft, delicate pink surface didn’t help matters but bothering her focus in trying to keep herself contained. Then the fruity smell from her sister’s lip balm just made her struggle in concentrating on the climb.

“Mmmmmm!!” Athena started to gone red as well, trying not to move her lips at all despite the sudden intimate situation that they’re both in currently, it tingles both of them real quick.

“I-I’m almost there… hold on!” Melly just turns her face away, forcing not to look at her own sister’s lips for too long while her hands keep on climbing with each placement on the plushy surface.

Then her ordeal finally over, now it’s just all about easy climb through the nose, between her eyes, the big forehead and finally the top of this mountain called Athena that is her hair. Melly tried to control her breath after the sudden tender moment earlier while Athena just breathe as gentle as possible trying to ease the tense from her feeling.

“And… there!” Melly did it, ruffling through the hair. “Where’s my watermelon!”

“Yeah! I know you could still do it, sis!” Athena clapped her hands in amazement.

“Whoa! Hey! Calm down!” the sudden movement caught Melly off guard, trying her best to stabilize herself from falling off her head. Unfortunately, it’s too late for her as she rolls forward and fell down…

Unexpectedly, Melly felt herself landing into something soft and dark. Recovering herself, she felt something fleshy pushing her from all directions.

“Where am I… wait-HMMF”

Suddenly, the wall of flesh pressed her from all sides. Athena accidentally pressed her boobs together, still didn’t realize that her own big sister currently trapped inside her cleavage…

“Big sis? Where are you…?”


A few minutes later…

The watermelon has been sliced; Athena enjoys chomping down on it while sitting crosslegged facing the backyard. On the floor beside her, there’s Melly inside the bowl of half-sliced watermelon just digging down, eating the red fruit reminiscing of a mouse chomping through a big cheese.

“No fair! You got a lot there than me!” said Athena jokingly.

“That’s just the advantage being tiny, I guess,” Melly resurfaced from the fruit, her whole body covered in fruit juice.

“Sometimes I’m kind of jealous of you,” Athena sighed.

“How so?”

“I dunno… look at you, just a single watermelon could probably fill you up for days, you could easily have your own swimming pool with just a plastic bowl. Heck, even your dollhouse looked like a mansion! That’s a dream life right there!”

“Hey, I assure you, it ain’t easy though,” Melly sits down on the edge of the sliced watermelon. “Everything is bigger than you. Sure, they could easily provide us tinies with stuff that fits for our size. But in the end, we’re still have to rely on the bigger ones for various helps,”

“Yeah, I’m only looked at the fun side of it… but sometimes I’m imagining how adventurous life must be being at your size. I kind of found that… exciting,”

“So you’re saying… you want to trade place with me? Is that it?”

“Probably,” Athena just laughed. “But if I do that, how can I mess around with you?”

“Oh screw you…” Melly scoffs. Suddenly, a pair of thumb and index finger sneaks beneath her armpits from behind and lifts her whole body up. “Hey! WHOA!”

“Besides, I’d rather taking care of my lovely tiny big sister here! It’s so much fun!” Athena squished her big sister on her face, pinned her whole body between her fingers and her cheek.

“You big dumbo! I can’t breathe! HEY!” Melly could only helplessly shouts before she got muffled by the soft cheek of her little sister…

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