GT - Summertime by rave777

20xx, unknown virus pandemic spreads all over the world that caused a phenomenon where women have 50-50 chance of giving birth either a normal sized human or tiny sized human


It's summer, the two different sized sisters specialized in athletic activities spending their time on a countryside for a week.

Disclaimer: All characters within are 18+. 

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1. Chapter 1: Heat by rave777

2. Chapter 2: Sweaty Ascent by rave777

3. Chapter 3: Daily Training by rave777

4. Chapter 4: Guest by rave777

5. Chapter 5: Playfully Lethal by rave777

Chapter 1: Heat by rave777
Author's Notes:

wrote this one on impulse, lemme know what you think.

Summer days ahead, sun shines brightly in the middle of the day. The cicada noises decorate the sizzling heat in this countryside area. Simplistic homes with most of them made of woods, sea breeze letting the wind carries the smell of salty ocean throughout the small town. Sure, the town doesn’t offer much when compared to any big cities, but it had enough for everyone’s needs. It’s definitely hot today, the town itself almost too quiet in the middle of the day, everybody probably just decided to stay home and laying down as lazy as possible in front of their fan or air conditioner.

Among the peaceful houses separated by small roads fits for probably one and half a car, there’s this one small house with well-maintained backyard. Various kinds of potted plant with delicious fruits ready to be harvested anytime soon across the grass patch from the patio. On the patio itself… above the wooden floor and beneath the roof, there lies an ordinary yellow plastic bowl.

Inside the yellow plastic bowl contains cold water filled up the whole thing. On top of it, something floats… what looked like a human being but probably only the size of a gummy bear candy. A girl, neck length black hair, blue bikini covered her modest chest with blue string visible beneath her dark green short jeans, just lazily floats around using toy donut-shaped buoy enjoying the cool sensation in the middle of the summer heat. Despite her tiny size, her lightly tanned skin and a bit of abs on her gave an impression of someone who routinely exercise to keep her own body stay healthy and firm. Chill, quiet, peaceful. Bright blue clear sky combined with cicada noises relaxes every inch of her mind and muscle, letting the gentle clear water below sways her into afternoon nap…


…until a light booming sound entered her ear, snapping her out from the comfortable nap. The booming sound grew louder with each passing second, ripples started to form inside the yellow bowl, shaken the tiny girl a little. Then a shadow engulfed the entire plastic bowl. The tiny girl looked up to see… a giant, tanned face staring down at her with a smile complete with her black ponytail hair.

“Hi there big sis!” the loud voice of the giant girl fortunately filtered through the tiny’s ear thanks to the earpiece that she wore.

“You finally awake, Athena?” the tiny girl opened her eyes while lifting her head further back to see the giant face up above as she spoke through her earpiece. “Still a sleepyhead as usual, I see,”

“Meanie!” Athena’s right hand still busy browsing through her phone. “By the way, I just read this earlier; ‘Melly Callum took first place in regional tiny women’s triathlon representing National Athletic University.’ You actually won!?”

“How dare you doubting your own big sis,” Melly just scoffs.

“Gimme a break! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I just wanna surprise you later today… but turns out my win becoming a headline, huh?”

“Then congrats, sis!” Athena claps her hands for her tiny big sister still floating inside the plastic bowl below her. “How are you? How’s your first year in there?”

“Oh it’s so much fun! I’m glad everyone in there being kind to each other, even they treated tinies really well,”

“NA University, Tiny Women’s Triathlon. Impressive that you could won a race in just one year,”

“Never stop training, young lady. College athletics in our country here is not for the weak,” Melly swings her right index finger into the air. “By the way, did you join that swimming club in your school?”

“Sure I did!” Athena answered proudly.

“May I see the result?” Melly twists herself around, now her body facing right in front of Athena’s face. “Stand up,”

“Um…” clearly there’s a hesitation in Athena’s response.

“Stand up, come on. I wanna see the result of your swimming activity,”

The mountain rises up slowly in front of Melly, revealing the white tanktop covering the D cup size beneath it which never fail giving Melly a slight spark of jealousy whenever she saw it. Then below it… a little bit of her plump belly sticks out. While not egregious to be noticed by people, not to Melly’s eye that has been very critical when it comes in keeping the body in shape for intense sports activity. Melly continues to stare downward into her short black bicycle tights covering half of her pretty thick tanned thighs until finally her shins because of the plastic bowl pool blocking the sight of her barefoot.

“Well well…” Melly raised one of her eyebrows, arms crossed below her chest. “For someone who wanted to join college athletics, your belly didn’t convince me that, young lady,”

“I’m sorry!” suddenly, Athena crouches down with her praying hands toward her tiny big sister below. “It’s my friends! They’re always ordering fast food for us in the dorm!”

“Then it’s settled; this whole week of our holiday here, you need to exercise,”

“EH!?” Athena certainly opposed to the idea, she just wanted to be lazy for this whole summer holiday.

“Let’s see… basic cardio, jogging, bicycle ride… oh, that gym is still there in this town, right? We’ll go there as well…” Melly keep listing every possible training that comes to her mind while above her, Athena’s expression slowly transitioned into the annoyed one, puffing her cheeks irritated by her tiny big sister’s commanding attitude right now. Then her mischievous side suddenly took over her mind as Athena lowered her right index finger into the plastic bowl and flicks Melly’s toy donut-shaped buoy from the side, sending her tiny sister splashing down right into the cold water. “WHOA! HEY!”

Slight giggle escaped Athena’s mouth, it never stops to amuse her that despite the age difference and herself being the younger one, the size always comes to play whenever Athena needs to remind Melly who’s the stronger one between the two.

“What’s that for!?” Melly resurfaces herself inside the plastic bowl, hanging into the buoy.

“Sorry, it’s nothing, just…” Athena always felt a little bad toying with her tiny big sister, but she just couldn’t help it. She would feel worse toying with any random tinies that she didn’t even know their names, but with her sister she knows that Melly could handle her mischievousness even if it oftentimes must be embarrassing for her older sister to be whimsically toyed around by her bigger little sister. Besides, this is one of those rare moments where she could interact a lot with her before she gets busier with each passing year.

“Hey, I’m saying all of that for your own good. Our parents have been busy overseas for how long now? If I’m not the one taking care of you, then who? And this is our holiday together, who knew if I’m gonna be busy in the coming years,” Melly still leaning on the floating buoy. “You’re saying it yourself you wanted to get into athletic just like me, then let me help you while I can right now,”

“B-but… this is a short holiday… I just wanna get lazy for once, sis…” now Athena just sheepishly kneeling while looking away, rubbing her cheek.

“Nah nah, if not now, when? When it’s too late? Never procrastinate when it comes to sports!”

“But… what about you?” suddenly, Athena turns her face and lowered it toward Melly, startle the older sister a little. “Have you done some workout today?”

“What? Well I… uh, not yet,” Melly seems to be taken aback by the sudden change of her little sister’s behavior. “Hey, what do you mean by that? Look at my body, it’s still in shape! Unlike-GURG!”

Suddenly, Athena dropped her right index finger from above and pushed her gummy bear-sized older sister down into the water, just giggling as Athena saw her trying to fight back the immovable car-sized index finger that currently drowns her. Seconds later, Athena lifts her finger back up, letting Melly floats back into the surface once again.

“ATHENA CALLUM! What was that all about!?” Melly quickly grabbed the buoy.

“You said that you already felt doing enough workout, yet you couldn’t even move my finger an inch,” Athena just grinning mischievously. “So, you need more then!”

“What’s my motivation here?”

“How about… this?” suddenly, Athena grabbed a watermelon from behind her and lifts it up for Melly to see. “Freshly chilled, the best from that supermarket!”

“Whoa!!” Melly could only look in awe at the building-sized watermelon grabbed firmly in Athena’s hands.

“Win my challenge, then I’ll slice this open from you, how’s that?”

Now that’s smart, Melly thought. Even if her big little sister is clumsy as hell most often, she knows that nobody else here in this house could slice open that big watermelon but her very own sister, Athena.

“Heh… fair. What’s the challenge?”

“Outta the pool, I’ll put this back on the fridge first then we’ll talk about it,” Athena stood up carrying the watermelon back into the kitchen while Melly climbs out the plastic bowl.

Chapter 2: Sweaty Ascent by rave777

There stood Melly on the wooden floor, now facing in front of her just a few feet away is the imposing sight of her own little sister’s barefeet, wriggling in rhythm with her own form just a bit taller than the big toe of Athena.

“You’ve grown so much, haven’t you?” Melly slowly cranes her neck up, first those twin building-sized pillars that is her shins and then her black bicycle-tight covered thick thighs that is probably bigger than an apartment building made for a tiny. The sun glistens the sweaty tanned skin of it doesn’t help but giving Melly an imposing sight resembling those bronze giant Greek figures that she often imagines. Then that little pooch bursting out above her bicycle tights. While Melly had to admit it has its own charm to look at, at the very least she needs to make sure that Athena could control it for the sake of her performance in any sports she’s in later. Continuing the observation upward, there’s the main dish in Melly’s eye; the twin mountains that Melly thought tinies could build a dozen houses on top of it or maybe more. Even for normal human standards, Athena’s cup size is pretty impressive that it blocks Melly from seeing her face above.

“You think? I always felt bigger than you all this time, though,” Athena giggles a little.

“Oh shut up, you dork,” Melly wore her climbing gloves while stretching a little before doing Athena’s challenge. “So, to the top of your head, right?”

“Yeah, just don’t stick a flag like you would usually do when climbing a mountain, otherwise I might bleed… you wouldn’t want hurting your poor little sister here, don’t you?” Athena does a mocking crying gesture with her hands.

“Very funny…”

A mountain, huh? Melly could only imagine if the tallest mountain in this world is at her size, then how tall it would be to Athena? A curious thought.

“Well, here goes, and don’t sneeze when I reached your face,”

“Hey, who knows, maybe it’ll help you for a free trip back to your uni,”

“Yeah, but instead I’ll be just landing on the grass over there? Get outta here…”

With that, Melly made contact with her little sister’s left barefeet, climbing on top of it.

“Ahaha… that tickles,” Athena struggles not to move. Too bad her own boobs blocking the view of her own lower part, but she could perfectly feel where Melly is currently.

“Don’t move too much now!” Melly planted her tiny hands on the left shin. The tanned flesh wall fortunately being very friendly with Melly’s modified climbing gloves. The gloves itself is a specialized product made for the tinies that allow them to stick on any surface to climb them up, including human skin.

“I feel you on my left ankle there!” Athena felt the tiny tickling sensation on her left leg.

The climb continues and Melly successfully passing the knee, now entering the left thigh section of the climb. The firm yet soft feeling of it surprised Melly a little compared to the shin and knee part previously. Even if it’s not the first time Melly climbs her little sister, it’s always a fascinating feeling to examine every bit detail of her body. And of course, summer heat caused sweats to pour out a lot from Athena’s body and Melly felt the humidity around her sister’s body; that smell of sweaty body combined with her sweat began to lubricate Melly’s tiny body little by little. If Melly hasn’t been used to it, any tinies probably would’ve fainted just about now, added with her most prized investments ever the all-terrain climbing gloves, it makes the challenge a bit easier.

“Thigh already? That’s surprisingly fast,” Athena seems amused by her older sister’s performance.

Much to Melly’s relief, she finally gets to the easier part; the bicycle shorts. The black nylon material of it made the climb a breeze for tiny Melly instead of the slippery sweaty skin of her giant sister.

“B…big sis?”

Athena felt something different; instead of feeling Melly climbing upward, she seems to be moving… sideway? Currently, Athena thought that her big sister is hanging on the upper thigh position, but why is she-

“A…aaa….” All of a sudden, Athena feels ticklish. She could tell that Melly move closer right toward her crotch area. “N…no! big sis, don’t! Not there!”

Smiling mischievously, Melly approaches the tights-covered bulge between Athena’s legs. Even if Athena wanted to move her arms toward her crotch, she didn’t want to risk bumping her big sister and letting her fell down. Now hanging just a few centimeters beside the bulge that is Athena’s womanhood, Melly make sure the gloves stick to the wall of nylon in front of her. Planting her tiny barefeet, Melly started to repeatedly stomps the nylon surface horizontally, trying her best to let the pressure of each kicks felt by her giant sister.

“HYAH!!” the ticklish sensation caused Athena to lifts her arms covering her face. While she really wanted to just snatch her older sister right now and gave her an easy payback to her tiny body, yet she also knows that she is currently the part of this challenge. “S-STOP IT! HEY!”

“I didn’t know you can be that ticklish,” Melly stopped her kicks and continues the climb.

“You almost touched that part! How am I not!?” Athena clearly flustered.

Above the bicycle shorts, there’s the little belly pooch bursting out from right on top of the bicycle shorts that hugging her waist real tight. As soon as Melly touched it, the squishiness of it even at her size is strangely enticing for her to feel it with both of her tiny hands. Intrigued, Melly leans the side of her head against the belly itself, there the muffled gurgling sound from the inside of Athena echoes through Melly’s left ear. Surreal and a little intimidating, even if Melly already done this a few times with her little sister.

“You took a long time in my belly there, big sis, something wrong?” Athena still couldn’t see her big sister from above.

“N-nothing… just resting a bit,” this time Melly’s the one being flustered, that was probably a bit too intimate for her.


The sudden tremor caused by her little sister’s sudden growling stomach startled Melly completely that she removes her left hand away in surprise, leaving with only her right hand still stick on her sister’s squishy stomach.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry!” Athena once again covers her face in embarrassment.

“Someone’s real hungry, eh?” Melly readjusts her position, ready to continue the climb after the slight turbulence earlier.

As the climb goes on, now Melly entered the cotton area that is Athena’s white tanktop. Everything gradually gets darker around Melly and she quickly realize that her little sister’s asset above her is so massive that it practically created an eclipse for her. No joke, probably the largest pair of boobs that Melly ever seen with her naked eyes, she thought. Breathe in, breathe out, here comes the most challenging part for the courageous tiny climber currently hanging below the two giant boulders. Circling around and climbing the back instead? Nah, it’s actually more difficult that way because for some reason, Athena’s back can be quite too slippery due to how sweaty that area is, and Melly learned that fact from the experience before where she ended up sliding down right into the inside of her own little sister’s pants, trapped right between her humongous buttcheeks. Melly could only shudder remembering that experience…

Let’s see… through the middle? No, the loose part of her tanktop can be very unstable to be used as a climbing spot. The exposed side boob? Nah, too slippery with all that sweats trickling down on it, added with the soft surface would probably risking the sticky gloves won’t work that well.

So it begins, Melly took the left path and carry forward her quest for that sweet ice cold watermelon treat that her little sister promised her. Despite the cotton material being very friendly with assisting her on the climb, Melly realized the toughest part of the challenge once she’s directly on the underboob part of Athena’s body; the outward curve that required Melly to rely only with her hands to hanging on the curved diagonal ceiling that is Athena’s monolithic boobs. No other safer choice anyway, Melly twists her body around, now for the first time facing something other than Athena’s body, Melly could finally realize how high up she is currently, the tiny courageous human spider could only gulp in awe and fear to be in this current predicament.

Building up as much determination as possible, Melly began the climb toward the outward curve as she grabbed the cotton material above her until her feet just left hanging below. Don’t look down, don’t look down, Melly whispered to herself as she doing her best to just keep her eyes looking forward instead of down. Just to humor herself, it reminds her of that game that Athena plays once about slaying Greek gods and then she complains about too much of the game just about hanging on the ceiling.

A sudden gust of wind caught Melly off guard as she tightened her grip on the cotton material above her but the panicked Melly inadvertently look down on the ground, causing a sudden hit of vertigo splashed right into her mind just by realizing how high she is above that wooden floor below.

“You okay, big sis?” even Athena felt concerned as she felt her tiny big sister hanging below her left boob, it must be a difficult feat to climb that vertical curve upward.

“I… I’m fine! I’m fine!” mustering up courage once again, Melly toughen up and continues her climb upward until slowly the upward curve finally allowed her to plant her feet on the cotton wall once again. Sigh of relief escaped Melly’s mouth as she stopped for a second just to catch her breath after the challenging part. Right, that chilled watermelon is close, Melly could smell it. With renewed determination, Melly marches on upward until she noticed something sticks out beneath that tanktop… with no hesitation, Melly boosts herself up and grabbed it with both of her hands…

“HYAAAAA!!” the sudden ticklish sensation strikes Athena’s left nipple like a thunder, causing her to jump a little while in the process almost thrown off Melly if it’s not for her strong grip.

“Oi! STOOD STILL!” Melly used her whole body to hang onto the nipple as tight as she could, but in the process it’s just adding even more ticklish sensation for her giant sister. “Athena!”

“Sorry! Sorry!” Athena’s hands covered up her face once again trying to recover herself. “Just… get off there hurry!”

“Your ticklish body gonna kill me anytime soon, I swear…” Melly finally lands right on top of her sister’s left boob. It’s always a fascinating feeling to see her own feet sink a little everytime she took a step above the soft ground, it’s probably like walking on top of a blimp. Still, always reminding her this is how massive her own little sister when she could imagine tinies like her could probably built a house on top of this flesh island. Meanwhile, Athena for the first time could see her big sister currently just walking freely on a planet made of her own boobs. It’s always a funny sight to see her big sister playing around on top of her assets.

The climb continues, the gummy bear-sized Melly entered the flesh area once again above the cleavage. When Melly reaches the neck, Athena does her best trying not to swallow while at the same time holding herself from the delicate touch that is her sister’s tiny body. As soon as Melly clears the vertical climb of Athena’s jaw area, she finally made contact with Athena’s eye while hanging on the chin.

“Hey, I finally see you eye to eye!” Athena squints down, trying to see her big sister currently hanging on her chin.

“Alright, don’t speak,” Melly continues her journey until her hands now placed on Athena’s lower lip. Suddenly Melly’s face just turns red, to be this close with her own sister’s lips made her fluster a little. The soft, delicate pink surface didn’t help matters but bothering her focus in trying to keep herself contained. Then the fruity smell from her sister’s lip balm just made her struggle in concentrating on the climb.

“Mmmmmm!!” Athena started to gone red as well, trying not to move her lips at all despite the sudden intimate situation that they’re both in currently, it tingles both of them real quick.

“I-I’m almost there… hold on!” Melly just turns her face away, forcing not to look at her own sister’s lips for too long while her hands keep on climbing with each placement on the plushy surface.

Then her ordeal finally over, now it’s just all about easy climb through the nose, between her eyes, the big forehead and finally the top of this mountain called Athena that is her hair. Melly tried to control her breath after the sudden tender moment earlier while Athena just breathe as gentle as possible trying to ease the tense from her feeling.

“And… there!” Melly did it, ruffling through the hair. “Where’s my watermelon!”

“Yeah! I know you could still do it, sis!” Athena clapped her hands in amazement.

“Whoa! Hey! Calm down!” the sudden movement caught Melly off guard, trying her best to stabilize herself from falling off her head. Unfortunately, it’s too late for her as she rolls forward and fell down…

Unexpectedly, Melly felt herself landing into something soft and dark. Recovering herself, she felt something fleshy pushing her from all directions.

“Where am I… wait-HMMF”

Suddenly, the wall of flesh pressed her from all sides. Athena accidentally pressed her boobs together, still didn’t realize that her own big sister currently trapped inside her cleavage…

“Big sis? Where are you…?”


A few minutes later…

The watermelon has been sliced; Athena enjoys chomping down on it while sitting crosslegged facing the backyard. On the floor beside her, there’s Melly inside the bowl of half-sliced watermelon just digging down, eating the red fruit reminiscing of a mouse chomping through a big cheese.

“No fair! You got a lot there than me!” said Athena jokingly.

“That’s just the advantage being tiny, I guess,” Melly resurfaced from the fruit, her whole body covered in fruit juice.

“Sometimes I’m kind of jealous of you,” Athena sighed.

“How so?”

“I dunno… look at you, just a single watermelon could probably fill you up for days, you could easily have your own swimming pool with just a plastic bowl. Heck, even your dollhouse looked like a mansion! That’s a dream life right there!”

“Hey, I assure you, it ain’t easy though,” Melly sits down on the edge of the sliced watermelon. “Everything is bigger than you. Sure, they could easily provide us tinies with stuff that fits for our size. But in the end, we’re still have to rely on the bigger ones for various helps,”

“Yeah, I’m only looked at the fun side of it… but sometimes I’m imagining how adventurous life must be being at your size. I kind of found that… exciting,”

“So you’re saying… you want to trade place with me? Is that it?”

“Probably,” Athena just laughed. “But if I do that, how can I mess around with you?”

“Oh screw you…” Melly scoffs. Suddenly, a pair of thumb and index finger sneaks beneath her armpits from behind and lifts her whole body up. “Hey! WHOA!”

“Besides, I’d rather taking care of my lovely tiny big sister here! It’s so much fun!” Athena squished her big sister on her face, pinned her whole body between her fingers and her cheek.

“You big dumbo! I can’t breathe! HEY!” Melly could only helplessly shouts before she got muffled by the soft cheek of her little sister…

Chapter 3: Daily Training by rave777

“…five! Six! Seven!...”

The two sisters are inside the living room, doing some sit-up on the mat. Melly, clad in her yoga pants and black tanktop, currently on her fifth set on her twelve-sit-up program. Her younger sister meanwhile, moving like a living mountain beside her wearing the same white tanktop and black bicycle shorts.

“…Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twe-uuuugh!”

Despite being the bigger one, when it comes to physical endurance Athena surprisingly just a bit below her older sister. Now she’s struggle to lift herself back up while Melly beside her still keep going like nothing happened. Then that’s it, Athena collapsed as the pain on her abdomen quicky caught up to her.

“Three sets and you’re done already?” Melly taunts her younger sister a little as she continues the sit-up.

“My belly… feels like somebody wringing me like a wet towel…” Athena gasps for air while laying down still on the mat.

“You won’t make it if you can’t endure all this, lemme tell ya that,” Melly is already on her fifth set of sit-up. “Oh well, let’s move to the next one then, yeah? Do some push-ups!”

“Right!” Athena drinks some cold water from her water bottle before shifting her position into the push-up position. Arms stretched wide, fingers firmly planted into the mat below, Athena positioned herself upon the floor. Same with her tiny older sister beside her, both ready to take on the trial of the day.

“One! Two! Three!”

The two sisters continue their grueling training as their body fights the weight of gravity with each press of their arms into the mat below. For tiny Melly though, it’s always a sight to behold whenever her sister lowered her body. To see those humongous boobs brushed the mat with each descend kind of a fascinating sight to see, Melly could only imagine should Athena done this on a tiny settlement her boobs would easily flatten a bunch of houses all at once probably…

Three sets of pushups had passed, now the two sisters entered the fourth set of this arduous training.

“…five! Six!... Agh!”

Athena’s arms began to buckle, imaginary boulder appeared on top of her back, pushing her down while Athena trying her best to fight her own sore arms just for that satisfaction in accomplishing things according to the target that she’s wanting to achieve.

“Push hard, sis!” Melly still goes on, currently had just entering her fifth set.

“I’m… trying!” Athena’s speed slowed down significantly, sweats trickling down her face, her eyes closed trying to muster up the strength she needed to push through. Failure is inviting her to just rest and take a break, yet she’s still refused to give in to that easy way out of that inviting comfort. But of course, her arms say otherwise as Athena just drops her own entire body to the mat, tremor vibrates through Melly’s position as she loses balance a little bit caused by the gust of wind from Athena’s humongous body landed on the mat.

“Fourth set, huh… at least that’s an improvement,” Melly quickly gets back to her pushup once again while her sister just lay limp on the mat. Athena’s face turns to the left side, letting her right cheek rests on the mat as her eyes observing tiny Melly still going strong on her sixth set of pushups. It never fails to amaze her how her older sister has such huge amount of resilience and perseverance inside that tiny body…

Tiny body… if it’s not for her being born small, she would probably already decimate her little sister in everything. No one is born perfect and that’s a fact. Trying to justify her own intrusive thought, Athena lazily lifts her left hand into the air and sticks out her left thumb…

“UGH!!” suddenly, a large mass pinned Melly from above, knocking the wind out from her body. Heavy yet it felt familiar to Melly, she’s already known it’s her little sister messing with her once again. “ATHENAAAA!!”

“You’re already strong enough to do many pushups in one day, but can you do it like this?” Athena put her thumb right on top of Melly’s back, pinning her down like a trapped insect.

“I swear I’m gonna…!” despite her annoyance, Melly tried to free herself by pressing both of her hands down to the mat, trying her best lifting the insurmountable weight that pinned her down from above. Sweats flowing through her body like waterfall as the humongous thumb above her didn’t let up, Athena didn’t even put much strength on her finger, she simply put it on top of her older sister like nothing. Just seconds later, Melly’s arms gave away and her body fell flat to the ground with her sister’s thumb resting on top of her form spreading out from her thighs to her head.

“So in the end I’m still the stronger one, eh?” Athena giggles as she lifts her right hand back up.

“Oh shut up… I bet you couldn’t scale a whole mountain like I do with your whole body just like yesterday,” Melly won’t stand down that easily.

“Well… uh…” Athena seems to got caught off guard with that one. “Hey! My body is still safer than a mountain at least! I could save you if you fell off!”

“So you’re saying you are better than a whole mountain? Is that it?”

“Y-yeah…” now it’s just a silly conversation for both sisters. “But you won’t, that’s for sure,”

“Oi, nothing is impossible, young lady. Even if it took years to scale a whole mountain for someone like me, I’ll do it!” Melly with her stubborn remark once again.

“What about the insects? The animals? They’ll devour you!”

“Patience, Athena. Why should I fight them if I could learn to hide from them?”

“There are other factors as well, like… rockslide! Or even a tumbling tree! How can you survive that!?”

“I could manage it, no worries,” Melly scoffed at her sister’s worry.

“Oh come on!” Athena just couldn’t stand it; somehow and some way she really wanted to remind her older sister how there’s always a limit to someone’s capability. The larger sister got up and now sitting cross-legged in front of Melly, giving Melly quite a view of that mountainous crotch beneath that bicycle shorts. “There are days where you’ll be forced to confront something like that, are you really sure that you’re prepared for something like that?”

“We could never know tomorrow, young lady, all we could do is to prepare ourselves as best as we-wait, what are you…?”

Nonchalantly, Athena brought her legs together, surrounding Melly with building-sized thighs on each side, closer and closer as everything suddenly darkens around tiny Melly.

“Let’s say… you’re entering a tight cave,” Athena slowly drags her thighs toward Melly.

“Wait, Athena! What is this!?” the wall of flesh made contact with Melly from both sides. Her tiny hands trying to hold it from engulfing her entire body.

“If the unexpected happened, could you get out?” Athena didn’t stop tightening her thighs together.

“ATHENA-MMMF!” Melly switches her position as her shoulder trying to hold the right thigh while her legs pressed on the left thigh. Despite her best effort, the humongous thighs continue to compress her entire body effortlessly. It didn’t take long until Melly’s strength runs out and her body completely squeezed tight between the thighs…

“See? You’re not that strong, sis…” Athena scoffed. Just to add a little mischievousness, Athena playfully rubbed her thighs up and down, sandwiching her own tiny older sister like trapped bug. Granted, at least her plump thighs isn’t really hardened yet to crush her tiny body, but it’s still firm enough to lock her relatively stronger older sister inside this flesh prison that she’s currently couldn’t move a muscle while Athena’s thighs pancaked her from both direction. Not to mention how humid and sweaty it is, Melly’s body now completely drenched with her little sister’s sweat. A few seconds later, Athena loosened her thighs, letting Melly’s limp body dropped down into the floor.

“How can you conquer an entire mountain if you couldn’t even conquer your own little sister?” Athena asked with a slight hint of taunting her older sister.

“I…” Melly stood back up despite already exhausted from the previous ordeal. “I still wanna try that… someday… you don’t know shit until you try it, that’s what they say… heheh…”

This stubborn little… Athena could only wonder if this is pure determination or simply an ego and pride thing just because she’s the older one. Nevertheless, she cares about her tiny sister so much despite her thick skull and constantly worrying daredevil attitude. Oh well, maybe today’s not the day she could convince Melly about her limit being a tiny yet…

But there’s no harm in trying, right?

Still irritated by her sister’s unwavering attitude, Athena figures there’s only one more thing she could try… Extending her legs backward and planting her hands on the ground with Melly below her, Athena gave her older sister one last glance of annoyance then…

"Now imagine this; what if there's a rolling boulder that suddenly rolled into you..."

“Athena? What are you… WHOA!!”


Before Melly could even react, Athena let herself fell down to the floor. Her mountainous boobs fell to the ground like an earth-shattering meteor, pinning down her older sister completely beneath it. The helpless tiny Melly felt her body compressed deep into the mat below her with that D-cup boobs smushing her without mercy. The white fabric of her sister’s tanktop didn’t even help in softening the impact either, everything is darkness for Melly while all she felt is a planet-sized pillow hugged her entire front but thankfully didn’t completely suffocate her as she could still breathe through the cotton material, even if the air completely filled with the familiar smell of her sweaty little sister.

For Athena though, it’s never stop being amusing how her own body is all she needs to deal with her tiny sister. Many times, it tingles her dominating side without fail, especially given how rare she could do something like this to any tinies. The slight ticklish sensation beneath her left boob turned her on a little while imagining a defenseless tiny that couldn’t fight back her tremendous body no matter how hard they tried. Gently she lifts herself back up and shifts to the side a little just to see a tiny limp body lay down tired inside that boobs-shaped imprint on the mat.

“Maybe I should often do this… so that I could prevent you diving headfirst into danger…” once again, Athena let the gravity do the work as her boobs lands on the mat. This time, her left boob pinned down the entire body of Melly, knocking the entire wind out from her tiny body while leaving only her head and her arms sticking out beneath facing up.

“Athena! Stop this!” Melly bangs her arms on the tanktop-covered flesh meteor. Its softness didn’t make it any less painful whenever the whole thing dropped from above. “I’m older than you! You shouldn’t need to wo-“

“NO!!” the tone changed. The ever-cheerful little sister suddenly had tears rolling down her left cheek, her sudden mood whiplash startled Melly to silence. “I’ve… I’ve seen it too often… many unfortunate tinies out there… the unlucky ones, how they’re easily involved in fatal accidents… how they’re whimsically just becoming playthings to the bigger ones… I… I don’t want to lose you, sis…”


It’s been how long since Melly had a direct talk like this, it made her realize how lonely her younger sister must be ever since she’s enrolling in college. Especially now with their parents so busy working overseas, they’re left to handle their own and with Athena as the youngest in the family… Melly secretly grateful that she has a family that really cared for her. She didn’t even expect that despite the mischievousness of her giant little sister, it’s always a nice reminder that in the end she was the big part of her life, always helping her in what a tiny could never do with their puny little body.

“I thank you…” Melly’s tiny arms trying its best to hug the mountainous flesh that still pinned her body. “We’ll always be strong together, all right?”

Strangely, silence. No response.


A snoring sound could be heard. Looks like the moving mountain fell asleep…

Well, she must be tired, drained… hold on a second.

Melly realized she’s still trapped beneath the d-cup ballistics.

“No! ATHENA!!” Melly goes back to banging her fists on the soft flesh once again…

“Wake up you big dumbo! I’M STILL STUCK DOWN HERE!!”

The hot summer goes on…

Chapter 4: Guest by rave777

Eyes closed, sweats running down her body like a waterfall. Clad only in a white towel, Melly felt herself melting into a heat. Tensions from today’s workout evaporates into the steam from below her as she settled down with knees drawn upward toward her chest, letting the heat from under her wrapped her whole thought inside a space of tranquility. Solace, clarity, time stand still as all those stress from past few days and during the college period seemingly leaves her mind…


A sound of microwave-like timer broke the silence, lights entered her sight as Melly opened her eyes, realizing that her sauna time is finally done, never a disappointing comfort time even if it’s only for a short while.

“Oi Athena, your noodle’s cooked,”

Stood back up with hands holding her own towel, Melly jumps down from the top of the cup noodle surface, walking right toward her favorite yellow plastic bowl where she proceeds to climb up the tiny ladder attached to it and slides down into the insides of the plastic bowl where there’s a little cold water in it. Dipping herself by laying down on her back, Melly began the process of cooling down her body after the sauna session using the cup noodle earlier.

“Oooh nice,”

Her giant little sister entered the room, picking up the cup noodle from the floor and sitting cross-legged near her tiny big sister who’s now just cooling herself down inside the plastic bowl.

“No fair, you got a sauna for yourself,” Athena began to slurps up the noodle.

“Just another advantage of me, eh?” Melly proclaimed proudly. Her eyed lazily scanned the ceilings and wall around her until a buzzing sound interrupts the silence. Athena checks her phone to see what’s up…

“Someone calling you?” Melly noticed her little sister answered a call. Judging by her expression, she seems shocked about something before she put down the cup noodle, stood up and walking toward the front door, much to the curiosity of Melly. “Who is it, sis?”

No answer from her earpiece, but Melly heard the front door opened. A guest? Melly quickly climbs out of the plastic bowl and dried herself up with the towel. Wearing her favorite blue tanktop and olive short jeans, Melly anticipate whoever visits this house this evening. Sound of Athena speaking to someone could be heard toward the living room where Melly sitting down alone, awaiting whatever her little sister’s intention this evening… until the thunderous step entered her ear, signaling the incoming moving mountain that is her own little sister until she finally returned inside the living room.

“Took a long time there, what’s up?”

“Sorry! So… here’s the thing,” Athena lowered herself to the floor, sitting on her knees in front of tiny Melly with cupped hands in front of her chest. Then the giant cupped hands lowered into the floor… revealing another tiny person, same size as Melly. Long brownish hair with straw beach hat, long sleeveless white dress covering all the way to just below her knees complete with a white flipflop. “Big sis, this is my fellow swimmer from the club, Cassandra,”

“Oh hi! Melly, nice to meet you,” Melly approaches the tiny figure and shakes hand with the gentle-looking girl.

“Cassandra, but just call me Cassie,” the warm smile flashes before the tiny guest. “Wait, so it’s true? You’re that Melly Callum? Oh my god!”

The excited tiny swimmer grabbed Melly’s right hand in excitement.

“Whoa! Slow down, lady!”

“She’s your fan, sis,” Athena chuckles softly, seeing how her cool older sister gets flustered easily in this situation.




Athena and her tiny friend explain everything to Melly; turns out Cassandra is also on her way for her summer holiday in this town, but her giant friend that is on duty to pick her up suddenly unable to do so due to urgent matters. Thus, Cassandra remembered that her fellow swimmer athlete, Athena, is also on the same town, that is why she asked her if she’s able to stay for one night until tomorrow morning when her friend would finally come over to pick her up.

“I see…” Melly nodded. “No worries, you’re welcome here to spend the night, make yourself comfortable in our humble abode,”

“Thank you so much!” Cassandra bow down a bit.

“Athena, she can use that house for the night then,”

“Well, okay… but there’s one problem…”




Door opened, Melly walks into the room. World of familiarity immediately revealed to her as soon as she took the first step inside the living room. Walls adorned with posters, portraits and dusty shelves lined up with various collections of stuff that she collected years ago flooded her mind with those happy and comforting childhood memories. Unfortunately, heavy amount of dust and lots of cobwebs also decorating the house that has been untouched for years…

“Oh man… I expect it to be dirty, but I didn’t know it’s gonna be THIS dirty…” Melly scratches her head observing her childhood place.

“I could help if I wanted to, don’t worry!” Cassandra looks ready.

“Nah nah… I can’t let a guest do that. Just wait outside, big Athy gonna take care of you as I made this place shiny and livable again,” Melly picked up a broom.

“No please! I’m the guest here, you shou-“


Melly closed the entrance door, leaving Cassandra outside…

“Alright… gonna bite a lot of dust here!” Melly put on a handkerchief around her face, covering her nose and mouth. Ascending the staircase, the creaking steps only adding to the nostalgia vibe that currently wrapped her mind like a comfy warm blanket. Finally, Melly reached her intended destination; her own little world, never fail in providing her with sanctuary from the cruel world outside as her own childhood life flashes before her eyes…

That’s it. the nostalgia mind is satisfied, time for her to do some cleanup so Athena’s tiny friend can get comfortable sleeping through the night. First the floor, then the shelves and the tables, not to forget tidying up that bed. Then a loud creaking sound broke her focus, the ceiling above her moved and lifted… replaced with the familiar giant face that is Athena, peeking through the dollhouse with a warm smile, noticing her tiny older sister sweeping up the place.

“Need help?” her giant younger sister asked. “I could clean the upper floor if you wanted to, you can do the lower part,”

“Nah, you’re usually not careful… last time you helped, my bed turned upside down,” Melly dismissed her real quick.

“HEY! That was a long time ago!”

“My doll collection got lost because it got stuck to your giant brush…”

“I… I was still young…”

“Then thanks to you forgot to wash your hands, my room smells like potato chips for the whole day,”

“ARGH! Come on!” Athena couldn’t take it anymore. Of course, being the bigger one of the two, Athena’s mischievous thought once again took over as she turns around, showing her black bicycle-shorts covered backside and gently lowered it toward the tiny dollhouse…

“Wait… Athena, ATHENA! OI! Athy! STOP THIS!!”

The gigantic rear end settled firmly above Melly’s dollhouse. The humongous plump black nylon-covered right buttcheek covered the whole ceiling of Melly’s bedroom, trying to force itself into Melly’s tiny bedroom as the sound of the whole structure groaning under the enormous weight of her little sister.


“Thank youuuu…” with the agreement in place, the whole dollhouse stops creaking. Athena lifts herself back up, allowing light to enter Melly’s tiny bedroom once again.

“Remember how your Godzilla ass nearly killed me years ago?”

“Ah that one… that… well, I was going too far…” Athena remembered the incident; still young and clueless, the younger sister just sitting lazily on top of Melly’s dollhouse. Even despite the warning of her older sister who stood in front of the house trying to convince Athena, the naïve little sister won’t budge until there’s a sudden cave in as the dollhouse couldn’t handle the massive weight of the bigger sister. Much to the nightmare of her older sister, her whole personal world instantly crumbles and buried deep underneath the colossal rear end of her younger sister. The angry older sister only adds to it as Athena cries in regret knowing she had just destroyed something precious to her older sister. Thankfully, their parents were there to clear things up and fix everything for the two sisters…

“You’re still young back then, whatever… well, I’m going downstairs,”

“Right… I’ll start cleaning,” Athena grabs a brush, ready to clear up the dusts and cobwebs on the whole upper floor.

“Oh, Athena?”


“Thanks for helping, by the way… glad I got a sister like you,” Melly turned off her earpiece, heading downstairs until Athena couldn’t see her once she entered another room on the lower floor…

A single tear running down Athena’s left cheek along with a warm smile as she brushes the tiny rooms on the upper floor. Looking at the tiny dollhouse that Melly used a lot back then opening up floodgates of past memories with her sister. A lot of times she couldn’t help it, being the bigger ones and basically unstoppable to the tinies, the intrusive mischievous ideas never stop running through her mind in how to toy around with her tiny older sister. Despite that, at the end of the day, they’re just talk about it through dinner and laughs it off like nothing happened. Currently when real world responsibilities separate the two, Melly is the one never stop giving her little sister some encouragement either through video call or a simple chat. When the weight of the world proving to be too much for young Athena’s still-fragile spirit, it’s always Melly that always boosting her mood, strengthen her spirit back up to fight through any hardships.

Swell of gratitude filled her gigantic heart, the gift of sisterhood that provides her someone she could one hundred percent trust without any littlest doubt… she’ll never take it for granted.




“Thanks a lot, Melly. Seriously, isn’t this too much for someone who only staying for a night?”

Cassandra stood in the center of the room, looking around in awe. Everything looks better than the previously damp and dusty bedroom.

“Hey, only the best for Athena’s friend here! Well, make yourself comfortable, Cassie. If you need anything just call me or big Athy there,”

“Um…” Cassandra turns her attention at Melly.

“Something the matter?” Melly still leaning on the doorway.

“You two are really close. I’m… kind of jealous with Athena, for her to have such a cool sister like you,”

“Ah come on… I’m just a gummy bear sized to her, she’s clearly infinitely stronger than this tiny body,”

“No, really! She… she never stops talking about you, praises you and your achievement everytime, and… it’s always fun time whenever I’m hearing Athena being happy talking about you, that’s why I’m your fan. Watching you trying your best in every competition… you really inspired me to try my best too, you know?”

“She… did that?” Melly turns her eyes away; her cheek grows red a bit.

“Compared to me who got a bigger but lazy uninspiring older sister… seriously, wish I could have you instead,”

“Hey, don’t say that. Whoever our siblings, it’s our job to keeping the bond strong, you know? Isn’t life’s good when you’re not lonely in life? When you could have someone to talked to? When you could have someone to depend on?”

“I… I know that… sorry… I guess I’m not being grateful there, eh?” Cassandra sticks out her tongue. “Anyway! Once again, thanks for letting me stay here for one night! I’ll pay you back one way or another!”

“Take it easy… well, good night, have a good rest,” Melly leaves the room, walking down the staircase until she’s out from the dollhouse. Lights out, Cassandra wears a pajama provided in the dresser and trying to get some sleep for the night…

Eyes opened.

Must’ve been hours after Cassandra fallen asleep earlier. Looking at the time on her phone, it’s still 3 AM… frustratingly enough, she suddenly couldn’t get back to sleep anymore. Oh well, she’s thirsty right now anyway, the summer heat at this night didn’t help either… turning the lights on, Cassandra walks out from the bedroom, downstairs into the kitchen where she poured some nice cold water into a glass and drinking it, letting the ice-cold sensation cooling up the inside of her dry throat.

Satisfied, little Cassandra walks back up into her bedroom… only to be startled by the view of her ceiling being replaced by the sight of Athena’s giant face.

“Couldn’t sleep?” the giant girl asked.

“It’s hot in here…” Cassandra unbuttoned the top of her pajama. “You too?”

“Well… I see the light is on… so I pay you a visit,”

“You… haven’t told her about us, huh?” Cassandra’s tone changed into the serious one.

“Not yet…” Athena’s eyes turn away from Cassandra. “I… I don’t want her to be jealous,”

“But you two are sisters! It shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“I know, I know… it’s just… maybe I love her so much as my big sister that I don’t want frown written all over her tiny face if she’s somehow jealous about our… you know… I kind of felt bad if that happened…”

“Let’s say, if Melly isn’t your big sister. Who would you choose, her or me?”

“Hey,” using her right index finger, Athena poked Cassandra’s tiny body a bit hard that she’s got thrown into the doll-sized bed. “Don’t you dare crossing that line, girl,”

“I’m just teasing… but you know, I’m the one that jealous seeing you have such wonderful sister like her. I really wish my useless older sister could even being half as good as she is, despite her giant size…”

“Don’t say that…” Athena’s right index finger gently touching Cassandra’s head as the tiny girl’s left hand rubs back the tree-sized finger. “If you think she didn’t do good enough, then why don’t you be the one showing her the way? Maybe you’re just a tiny to her, but you’re definitely the one that could make some changes there, right?”

“I’ll try…” Cassandra forcing a smile just to reassure the giant girl.

“Still… I’m so happy… travelling all the way here, just to see me?”

“I really missed you… I couldn’t help it,”

Athena leaned inside the tiny bedroom and gave tiny Cassandra a long, lingering kiss. The moist, pillow lips nudging playfully on her tiny face and her chest. The tiny fellow swimmer athlete could only raised her hand in trying to push the soft lips away but of course it’s futile. The gentle embrace of the giant lips took her breath away, it lasts for several seconds and just to add into the mood, the giant tongue slipped out and touches Cassandra’s face, soaking it alongside the upper part of her pajamas. Then things took an interesting turn as Athena’s lips moves down toward Cassandra’s chest, letting the tiny tits being assaulted by the giant, playful lips above. Light moan escapes Cassandra’s mouth as electric charges burst through Cassandra’s tiny body.

“Athena! Don’t stop! AH!”

Athena’s lips and tongue completely engulfed Cassandra’s tiny body, her entire pajama alongside the bed completely soaked in Athena’s saliva now. As if things couldn’t get any better for the tiny girl, Athena’s tongue sneaks through her legs, dragging right on her crotch, causing the louder moan escaping Cassandra’s lips. The summer night goes on for the two girls…



Under the table near where Athena and the dollhouse is located, Melly is leaning against one of table legs, overheard everything…

“She’s grown a lot, huh…”

Chapter 5: Playfully Lethal by rave777
Author's Notes:

The next morning…

Today’s challenge for Athena is set; jog for a few miles and some light exercise. Tiny Melly, clad in black yoga pants, cyan sports hoodie and white running shoes, now warming up near the entrance doorway. Trying to focus for today’s workout session, Melly’s mind couldn’t help but wonder what’s between Athena and Cassandra. The fact that turns out Cassandra’s friend once again unable to swing by to pick her up, forcing her to stay in this house for a few days more only adds to speculation fuel for Melly. Granted, her own sister has grown and now a young adult with her own private life and relationship.

Still, why there’s this uneasy feeling lingering inside Melly’s heart…

“Yo, sis!”

Melly’s train of thought quickly broken up as the floor rattles with each footstep of Athena walking near her position. Wearing the usual black nylon bicycle shorts exposing those glistening sweaty building-sized tanned thighs and black and grey tanktop behind the sporty red hoodie, complete with the black running shoes, Athena is ready for today’s challenge. Although, instead of the usual looks of determination, Athena’s face seems to worried about something else…

“Something bothering you?” Melly noticed her little sister’s worried face.

“Uh, so… I bought a cake yesterday. But when I checked the fridge, it’s gone,”

“The chocolate and green one?”

“Yes! It’s a chocomint cake that always sold out fast everyday! I got lucky yesterday! Do you know where it is, sis?”

“Oh, um… I ate it,”

“WHAT!?” Athena looks flabbergasted.

“I was so hungry last night; I couldn’t help it. I thought it was just a leftover cake or something,”

No response. Melly turned her head around and looking up, she’s welcomed by annoyed looks of her own little sister. That piercing glare strikes through the soul of the tiny older sister.

“A-Athena?” for the first time in a long time, Melly trembles beneath the rare annoyed expression from her younger sister. Chills running down her spine seeing the angry colossus staring down at the puny subject beneath her. No words, Athena‘s right hand suddenly pinched Melly up, holding the gummy bear-sized older sister with thumb and index finger tight beneath the armpits. Now the helpless Melly could only worried about her own predicament as the ice-cold stare of her enormous little sister still locked right at her diminutive form, her tiny arms holding tight on each finger now grasping her tiny body firmly inbetween.

“I’ve been craving that for a long freakin’ time… only for you to eat it!?” the grip gets tighter, tiny Melly trying to squirm her way out to no avail. “I couldn’t believe you…”

“Look, I’m sorry, alright? We could visit it today to buy some more if-“

“You have no idea! It’s already sold out since yesterday!” now Melly has done it, she awakened the rarely seen wrath of her own giant little sister…

“Wait, Athena? What are you-MMMF“ suddenly, Athena retracts her right hand, placing her own sister in her cleavage. Stuffed between the D-cup sized tits, her pleads immediately muffled, her diminutive body got compressed from both sides as wall of flesh unrelentingly squishing her tiny form with no mercy.

“Hmph!” Athena, still unhappy about the cake incident, stepped out of the door into the world outside, ready for her today’s workout session…


Rays of sunlight began to peek over the horizon, cool breeze kissed Athena’s skin as she jogged through the familiar neighborhood of this small town. It’s quiet, the world’s still sleeping around her in this early morning, only the sound of her sole hitting the asphalt could be heard. Meanwhile beneath her sporty red hoodie and tanktop, tells a different kind of struggle…

With each rhythmic jiggles, Melly’s puny body got smashed left and right, wall of flesh smother her all over. As if things couldn’t get any worse, sweats started running down Athena’s body combined with the sunlight gradually rising high only adds to the humidity. The smell of her sweaty sister completely engulfs her, the tanned meteor-sized tits becoming her whole world that she’s struggled to get out from, before long Melly was completely drenched in salty warm sweat, her whole clothes soaked in it.

“FRESH AIR!!” after desperately clawing through between the flesh mountains, Melly’s upper body popped out on top of the cleavage, her tiny arms hanging on the edge of Athena’s tanktop, gasping for air for a few moments... before Athena nonchalantly put her right index finger on top of her head, shoving her own older sister back down between the mountainous tits, trapping her inside the humid cleavage once again.


A few minutes later…

“Phew…” finally arrives at an empty field on a cliff overlooking the whole small town, Athena stood proud on the edge, hands on her hips enjoying the grand sight of the morning sky illuminates the quiet town below. Breathe in, breathe out, refreshing morning breeze flow through her nose and lungs, cooling down the heated body after such intense jog.

Then a little ticklish sensation made her remember that she’s not alone currently. Using her right hand, Athena reached into her own cleavage and began to search around for a few moments until her thumb and index finger found it and fishing the trapped figure between her boobs. There’s tiny Melly, pinched by the back of her hoodie, hanging tired and helpless in front of her own little sister’s billboard-sized face like an undesired bug.

Her hair is messy, hoodie and yoga pants completely tattered and soaked by her sister’s sweat all over and finally that tired little face that showed an expression of someone who had just gone through a life-threatening ordeal for an extended period of time. Melly felt sore already, especially after her whole body had just been gone through wringer, mercilessly smothered inbetween those massive tits she thought her body would be fall apart anytime soon if it’s not for her trained muscles and high durability due to lots of physical training throughout her life.

The big little sister meanwhile, while she felt a bit sorry for overdid it with the punishment, she tried to holding herself from chuckling looking at how pathetic her older sister can be whenever size-related shenanigans occurred between the two.

“You… you okay?” Athena spoke through her earpiece.

“…your badonkas has grown a lot, I noticed,” Melly just smirks.

Of fucking course, Athena thought… the hard-headed older sister never changed… sometimes Athena could only wonder how many courage contained inside that stubborn tiny body, or is it because she’s simply already trusting her own little sister that she allowed her to do whatever she wanted with her tiny form? Sitting down on a bench with Melly still hanging in front of her face, Athena looks up into the blue sky above, playfully putting Melly on her nose bridge, letting the tiny older sister hanging on it with all fours.

“Never steals my cake ever again,” Athena being playfully threatening with her sister.

“Nah, it’s too tasty, I’ll do it again,” predictably, Melly remains the same. “What are you gonna do next, huh?”

“Really…” Athena sighed once again. Although, something’s a bit different than usual. Despite her hard-headedness, Athena felt Melly’s a bit more… daring than usual toward her. Athena remembers exactly how Melly usually stopped herself from crossing the certain line where she’ll be reasonable and stopped playing around with her. But for today… is it simply adrenaline? Is there something that triggers the direct retort she spats out? Despite this, Athena’s instinct as the bigger one among the two couldn’t help but to stand her own ground in this matter. “You know I’ll go beyond stuffing you in my chest if you ever dare doing it again,”

“Like what?” Melly seems eager, much to the surprise of Athena.

“W-Well… I was thinking of… uh… using you as my sweat rag for a day, putting you under my toes inside my shoe, or… p-putting you inside my pants between my buttcheeks…” then Athena stopped herself, her face glows red imagining all those scenarios that she could do with her own tiny older sister, adding with the quick realization that she could do everything that she thought of to her effortlessly and nothing that Melly could even do to stop her made her turned on a bit, her crotch tingling at the wild imaginations running through her head. What is this, she thought. Is this the new way of her own older sister in messing with her? Does Melly finally discover her own sister’s weakness? “A-Anyway… what’s next, sis?”

“…huh? Oh! Y-Yeah…” Melly snapped out from her own bubble. Funny, even she seems flustered judging by how her tiny face turns red listening to Athena’s interesting suggestions. “Okay, let’s start with… front plank, do as long as you could,”

Melly stepped off Athena’s nose into her awaiting open right hand. Standing up, Athena walks into the middle of the field facing the cliff, ready for another round of today’s workout session. Depositing Melly off to the ground, now with legs stretched into the back and elbows planted on the ground, Athena lifts her whole body off the ground, pressing through her elbows and toes to maintain her own body while keeping a straight line from her waist to shoulder. For Melly whose stood on the ground beside her, it’s like watching Greek statue came to life, showcasing the might and strength in that firm building-sized arms and thighs.

Thirty seconds, Athena counts inside her mind. Thirty one… thirty two… thirty th-suddenly, her train of thought shattered when she felt something on her right shin.




Massive, there’s hint of soft texture in this tanned skin yet so firm almost not unlike a pavement. That’s how probably Melly describes the ground beneath her as she walks on top of Athena’s leg. Ever so adventurous, it’s never not impressive to explore her own sister’s humongous body, the statuesque beauty belonged to this ponytail-haired colossus always a treat for Melly to explore on, especially now that she reached the exposed tanned right thigh, to see how the surface beneath her sunk a little whenever she took a step is kind of cute, also giving her a quick reminder that it’s not just a statue that she’s walking on.

“Sis? Is that you on my leg?” Athena’s voice came through Melly’s earpiece.

“Yes, I am on your leg,”

“Oh… I thought an ant is crawling there,”

“Did you just call me an ant?” Melly got irritated a little while a slight chuckle escaped Athena’s mouth.

The skin portion of the exploration ended for Melly as the upper part of Athena’s thigh is covered by that nylon material of her bicycle shorts. The imposing sight of that twin mountains never a disappointing one, sometimes Melly could only wonder should they’re the same size, could Athena grow up to be the bigger one given a few years? Nevertheless, the walk continues until Melly reaches the right nylon-covered cheek. The soft, spongy yet firm surface of it makes it felt like a walk on a hill-sized bed as the surface sunk a little with each walk. Just to tease her sister a little bit more, Melly drops on all four and crawls around it.

“HYAAAH!!” Athena, still trying her best holding her plank position, suddenly got a lightning jolt surging through her entire body as tiny Melly gave her some ticklish sensation on her backside. Just to make it worse, Melly decided to lay herself down just on the right side of the crevice between her buttcheeks. “Sis! S-stop! It tickles!”

“That’s the point here… can you endure such distraction and focus on your training? I’ll be the judge on that,” hands rested behind her head, Melly lied down on her back comfortably, enjoying the soft sensation of the surface below her while her little sister struggles to stay still. Musty smell radiates from around her combined with that bicycle tights soaked overtime with sweats as the planking position exhausts Athena with each passing second.

It’s a different story for Athena though, it’s not just the ticklish part, but there’s this urge slowly manifesting inside her mind… she just needs to bring her right hand to the back… using her finger, shove that tiny bug right inbetween cheeks… enjoying her tiny struggle in trying to broke free from her enormous-NO, focus! This is part of the training! Come on, Athena!

“I’ll buy you a beef bowl if you’re succeed today,” somehow, Melly makes it harder than ever.

“Beef bowl, you say!?” with renewed determination, Athena reinforced those toes and elbows. Sweats running down her whole body, the unbearable pain in holding her own body weight started to creeping in. But the prize… the promised beef bowl; those chewy meats, the mildly sweet sauce poured over them, the hot rice beneath it… that delicious image on her mind immediately triggers the growl on her belly. So loud that it shook Melly a bit who’s still lying down comfortably on top of the soft hill that is her own sister’s backside.


Minutes later, that’s it; Athena’s arms finally buckle, bringing her whole body down to the ground with a resounding thud. Melly meanwhile just holding on to the fabric below her as the surface shook heavily from Athena’s sudden movement.

“Dammit… my arms…” Athena’s arms as stiff as a tree trunk now. Holding her own weight isn’t as simple as it sounds turns out. “Well… do I get my beef bowl now?”

“Hey, it’s only the first move, now for the rest,”


“And no messin’ with me, or you’ll lost your chance for that treat, big girl,”

“Oh come on!”




11.00 AM

Callum residence…


Not even three steps from the door, Athena quickly lay down on the wooden floor.

“Man, that rice bowl is frickin’ good!” Athena patted her belly in satisfaction.

“Pretty good huh?” Melly slips out from Athena’s hoodie pocket into the floor on the left side. “Intense workout makes you hungry like a wolf, told ya it’s worth it,”

“That was heavenly sis, and that melty egg…. Oh so good!”

“The best in this town… and just hours ago you were grumpy!”

“Yeah… I’m sorry about that, I got kinda… carried away,” Athena stuck out her tongue sheepishly.

“Well, it’s my fault for eating it without your permission anyway… at least we’re even now, eh?”

“Yeah cool, sis… don’t worry about it,”

“Seriously though, last time I see you so distraught like that was a long long time ago… remember? That chocomint chewy candy?”

“Oh yeah! During Halloween! I got that from a rich neighbor, it was a rare one! I was so sad when it goes missing…”

“Yeah, I feel that, it really was a tasty one compared to the other candies,” Melly chuckles sheepishly.

“You WHAT!? It was YOU!?” suddenly Athena raised herself to the sitting position.

“Wa-wait! I thought you already know!” Melly has done it once again. The relaxing mood vanished instantly as Melly realizes what she’s getting into, especially after just a few hours ago knowing what would happen when she pissed off someone bigger than her. Instead, the similar answer immediately fell on Melly in the form of Athena’s left thumb and index finger suddenly pinched her off the floor. Sense of déjà vu passed through Melly’s mind remembering the ordeal just this morning. But there’s no time to think for anything anymore as the billboard-sized annoyed face of her little sister filling up her entire view.

“H-hey! It was a long time ago! Come on! I’m sorry, alright?” Melly tried her best.

“I was sad for days, you… thief!” her piercing glare only added to make Melly felt smaller than ever in the presence of this colossal athlete. “Seriously… looks like I need to do it so you’ll stop, big sis,”

“Do… do what?” now Melly felt nervous than ever. What could possibly worse than squished between the enormous boobs for minutes? Once more, the answer presented itself as Athena raised her right hand up and loosen up her jacket a bit… “Wait… wait! WAIT! ATHENA! NO! PLEASE!!”

Melly slowly realizes the incoming horror looking at the clean-shaven armpit of her little sister. The heat, the vile smell, the sight of those glistening post-workout sweats as Athena brought her left hand toward it to the point Melly could observe the great detail of it.

Then the terrifying torment finally arrives as Melly’s face and her whole body shoved right into the bare skin. Not even deodorant is strong enough to hold off the rancid smell of Athena’s sweaty armpit, adding the drops of sweat immediately raining down and soaking Melly’s whole outfit again. Foul smell and taste forcefully going through her nose and mouth almost causing her to puke, Melly couldn’t even scream anymore, she’s instantly wrecked mentally and physically.

Just to put the final nail in the coffin, Athena lowered her right hand down, squishing her big sister tight in it. The pungent hell that Melly had to endure… maybe now she’s really regretting eating her little sister’s food knowing Athena’s unstoppable power as the bigger ones.

“Hmph!” Athena stood up, fuming and still with her big sister squeezed tight inside her right armpit beneath her hoodie as she walks toward her living room…

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