Between an Orc and a Hard Place by Pixis, Ryantherebel

A peace-craving orc warrior quits his tribe and meets a fellow misfit, the giantess Raquel. A spin-off of Ryantherebel's Hayone Saga.

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Chapter 7 by Pixis
Author's Notes:
Chapter 7 by Ryan.
Chapter 7

Raquel pulled her her now bloody hand out of the sewer.

“Oh, dear God,” Pixis gasped.

“I'll be fine,” Raquel replied. “But damn, does it hurt. Come on, we've got to warn Rupert and the others.”

She climbed over the defensive wall, and landed with a loud thud. The vibrations of the impact were felt through more then half of the city, causing a sizable chunk of the populace to investigate. But as soon as Raquel saw them approach her she cried, “No, go back to your homes. Trouble is coming.”

The people began to talk among themselves nervously.

“Do as I say,” Raquel shouted.

As the crowd began to disperse, King Tillinghast and Claude came running out of the castle.

“What's going on?” they accidentally shouted in unison.

“We've got trouble,” Pixis announced. “There are trespassers in the sewers, and they're after Djoland.”

Tillinghast quickly turned to Claude and ordered, “Get Sinclair to organize a company of men at once.”

“Yes, sire,” Claude replied, and ran off.

“Are they orcs?” Rupert asked Raquel.

“Yes,” she replied, “as well as several several humans. To be honest, there are some things we haven't told you about our Orcish friend.”

“What exactly?”

“Well,” Raquel began.


Kane approached Kroth, and said, “Quick question, 'mighty chieftain,' how the hell are supposed to navigate this shit hole?”

“I will have Amot scout ahead for us,” Kroth answered.

Kane turned back to Lee and whispered to him, “It's bad enough that we're in a goddamned sewer, but why the name of all that is holy and unholy do we have be with these things?”

“Take it up with Hayden,” Lee replied. “Personally, I say try to be more patient. This will all pay off soon enough.”

“It'd better,” Kane snarled. “I'm already getting sick of looking at these Emerald Apes.”

Alvar, who was overhearing this conversation, chimed in by saying to Kane, “Watch your mouth. You wouldn't want to get on our bad side.”

“Wouldn't I now?” Kane asked. “Because so far I'm not impressed by your little operation you have here. Why didn't you take on that oversized bitch when you had the chance?”

“We could have taken her down with ease if your men hadn't start firing at her.”

“Oh, so it's our fault that you didn't get a chance to flex your orcish muscles, huh? You want to make something of it?”

“Do you?” Alvar asked.

“You have no idea,” Kane answered.

“Lee,” Kroth called out all of the sudden, “please keep this masked flunky of yours under control.”

“My apologies,” said Lee.

As he then took Kane aside, he asked Kroth “When will you send out the scout?”

“Right now,” Kroth answered.


“And that's what happened,” said Raquel.

“I see,” Rupert replied. “I'll have Sinclair organize a company of men to investigate. Also, I might instigate a curfew until we smoke the intruders out.”

“What about Djoland?” Pixis asked.

“Well,” Rupert sighed, “I didn't want to tell you two this but I'm little suspect of the orc. I currently have him under heavy guard.”

“But he's done nothing to you!” Raquel protested.

“I know, but I can't take any risks,” Rupert replied. “I'm sorry. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need get Sinclair.”

As the King walked away, Raquel sat on the ground, brokenhearted, and asked Pixis, “I was wrong, wasn't I?”

“I wouldn't say that,” the elf replied, “but you just can't expect his kind to get accepted into society.”

“Make another crack like that I'll put you in my southern cleavage,” Raquel bitterly quipped.

“Sorry,” Pixis replied. “By the way, we might want to do something about your hand.”

“I know,” sighed Raquel, “You got a knife on you?”

“Well, yes, but why?”

“I want you cut all around here,” she said pointing to her midriff.”

“You mean all of the cloth or just part of--”

“All of it,” she interrupted. “All round here.”

Pixis, unsurprisingly, leaped at this opportunity.


Amot felt strangely at home in the sewer. The dank condition felt no different than going through the swamps of Gurnal or taking a mud bath in a brothel. Even the smell was tolerable. It was only when he poked his head out through manholes that he felt uncomfortable, despite the fact he managed to avoid detection in the process. He tended to pick the manholes at random, trying to find a clue as to Djoland's whereabouts. He decided the check one more manhole before going back to Kroth. He picked out his final manhole and poked his head out ever so slightly. He was surprised to find that instead of a street, it lead to what appeared to be a cross between a small military base and an airfield that was right behind the castle towered above the rest of the city. But what really caught his attention was a humongous and heavily armed airship in the middle of a nearby runway. He then overheard a conversation between a couple of soldiers about an orc being kept in the castle.

At last, Amot thought to himself, I've found him.

Suddenly, a gruff voice came over a loud speaker.

“Attention all members of Company 892, assemble in the courtyard at once,” the voice bellowed.

“Oh no,” Amot gasped. “They're on to us.”
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