Between an Orc and a Hard Place by Pixis, Ryantherebel

A peace-craving orc warrior quits his tribe and meets a fellow misfit, the giantess Raquel. A spin-off of Ryantherebel's Hayone Saga.

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Chapter 9 by Pixis
Author's Notes:
Chapter 9 by Ryan.
Chapter 9

“Hold it!”

Kroth turned around, and saw Djoland come towards him, with the trunk slung over his shoulders, wielding a water cooled machine gun, and with two human soldiers behind him.

“Let her go,” he ordered.

“Ah, so you've finally decided to show yourself,” Kroth said triumphantly. He then drew his revolver, and aimed it at the deserter's head.

“I'm not here to fight you,” said Djoland. “I'm here to negotiate.”

“Negotiate?” Kroth asked. “Well now, go ahead, but it will not help you.”

“Oh really,” Djoland replied. “Look above you.”

Kroth did as Djoland said, and looked at the airship hovering above the city.

“Like it or not, we're all in the same boat. Even if you do kill me, you'll still have that to deal with. Therefore, I propose a truce. If you help us, I'll give myself up to you.”

“An appealing proposition,” said Kroth, “but how do I know that you'll keep your word?”

“You don't have much of choice,” Raquel chimed in. “If we don't work together we will all experience what one of my schoolmates calls a horrible, fiery, explody death.”

“Bah,” Kroth grunted. “We don't need your help, right, men?!”

There was an uncomfortable pause.

“Right?” Kroth asked again.

“Something tells me you weren't prepared for something like this, huh?” Djoland asked.

Kroth didn't know how to reply. Any insults or counter-points he has in mind were rendered useless by the present situation.

“Fine,” Kroth grunted, “I accept this truce.”

“Okay, now that that's over with,” Raquel announced as she sat up. The ropes flew off her with complete ease.

“What?!” Kroth gasped. “You could have escaped at any time?”

“Yeah, but that wouldn't be as fun.”


“Well, well, well,” Lee sighed, looking at the now free giantess. “I can't say I didn't see this coming. Open fire.”


The Dauntless's cannons roared to life.

“Out of the way!” Raquel shouted.

Everyone below her scattered. The shells hit the ground with enough force to trigger off a fault line.

“Everyone,” Raquel cried out to the troops both orc and human, “Climb on me, now!”

They did as she said. The soldiers, along with Djoland, Kroth, Pixis, and Claude, climbed up to her head, shoulders, and arms. By the time they had settled, Raquel turned her attention to Tillinghast's palace, and she started to climb it. By the time she reached the top, the Dauntless began to face her, and get closer.

“What's she doing?” Kroth asked aloud.

“What she does best,” Claude replied. “Taking the problem head on.”

Raquel then jumped off the palace, and grabbed onto the Dauntless.


As the ship rocked back and forth violently, Hayden took control of the airship and managed to straighten it out. Just then over the com came the voice of one of guns for hire.

“Lee,” the voice cried out.

“Go ahead.”

“We're being boarded. The giant has brought the orcs, and those soldiers with her.”

“Well then, what are you waiting for? Slaughter them!”

It was easier said than done however. The two armies boarded the Dauntless, guns blazing. Firefights were breaking out on every deck of the ship, and the corridors were slowly being drenched in rivers of blood.


“What the hell is going on now?” Durrant exclaimed out loud. As if being confined to his quarters by a bunch of cutthroats who were now running his ship, and were most likely forcing the poor pilot at gunpoint to keep flying, wasn't bad enough. Now it sounded like the orcs were breaking in somehow. Just then he heard a knock on the window. He turned around and saw an orc on the other side. The orc then punched through the glass, jumped through, and pulled out a loaded sub machine gun.

“Do you know how to use this?” Djoland asked.


“Then take it.” He then tossed it to Durrant, along with two spare magazines.

“Don't worry about your men,” Djoland continued. “Pixis, and Claude are in the process of freeing them as we speak, and if you see any orcs, don't kill them. They're on our side.”

“Got it,” Durant replied. He then blasted the lock on the door, and kicked it open. Finishing of an already dying mercenary in the process. He and Djoland then joined their comrades in arms.


There was a knock on the door of bridge. Not wanting to take any chances, Lee drew his revolver, opened the door slightly, and stuck the gun out.

“Wait,” a pathetic voice cried out. “It's me!”

“Who's me?” Lee snarled.

“Just let me in! I'm on your side!”

“Fine,” Lee replied. He opened the door all the way, and in came one of the mercenaries, looking battered and bruised.

“We're getting butchered out there, sir.”

“Hold your ground,” Lee ordered. “Hayden, I'll take control the ship. You take Kane, and put a stop to this.”

“Right,” Kane replied.

“Just a minute,” Hayden announced. He then turned to the pilot who was tied to his seat with the ship's docking ropes. Hayden took out the second “hand” grenade he had on his arm, and put it in the pilot's mouth, and turned a small dial on the hand's stump. He then opened up his false leg, pulled out a whip, and attached it to his arm.

“You're probably wondering what the hell I just did.” Hayden asked the pilot, who promptly nodded in response.

“Well,” Hayden began, “unless you keep this explosive in your mouth, it will go off. And now you're probably wondering why I would give this device such a feature. Well, why not?”

The three bounty hunters promptly left the bridge.


Djoland and Durant meet up with Pixis on the second deck of the ship.

“Boy,” Durant exclaimed, “are all my men free?”

“Yes,” the elf replied, “everyone is evacuated.”

“Good,” Durant answered, “but how the hell do we get off?”

“Follow me,” said Pixis.

He took them to the window nearest to Raquel.

“You can climb down her arm from here,” said Djoland. “Now, which way to the bri--”

Before he could finish, he felt something wrap around his neck, and pull him away. He then hit the floor hard, back first. Three familiar awful faces then loomed above him.

“Hello again,” Lee announced.

“Hold it you three,” Pixis snapped as he pulled out his pocket knife, and lunged toward Lee's throat. “If you want him, you're going to have to go through me first.”

“Same here,” said Durant, raising his sub-machine gun.

“Well,” said Kane looking down at Djoland, “you made some friends. Let's waste them!”

“Hold it,” Djoland snapped. He then ripped the whip out of Haydens socket, and joined his friends.

“I'm not going to have your deaths on my conscience. Now go,” he declared. “Get off the ship, and Pixis, tell Raquel to let go.”


“Do as I say! This fight is for me to settle alone.”

“Excellent,” said Lee.

Wait a minute, Hayden thought to himself. He then announced, “Shoot them!”

Hayden raised his shotgun and fired at Pixis and Durant. The two them jumped before any of them were hit, and within seconds, Raquel had let go of the airship. The sudden loss of excess weight made all those left on board lose their balance, and for the ship's pilot to lose more than that as the “hand” grenade was released from his mouth and exploded destroying the cockpit with him. With its maneuverability compromised and pilot dead, the Dauntless began to fall out of the sky.
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