My Friend Lorraine by BigAl

This story was written simply for my own pleasure but I thought I may as well share it with you lot! It is a gentle story with no forced actions, everything is consensual.

I apologise if it isn't everyones (or anyones!) cup of tea, but as I say, it's just my own story of my own personal fantasy.

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1. Part One - Introduction by BigAl

2. Part 2 by BigAl

3. Part 3 by BigAl

4. Part 4 by BigAl

5. Part 5 by BigAl

Part One - Introduction by BigAl
My friend Lorraine is quite short, only about 5’ tall, has dark hair and a slim figure.  Ever since I met Lorraine, I have had this fantasy!  I have tried all ways to try and get her to sit on my face, or at least get a quick feel and sniff of her butt while she wasn’t looking but I’ve never managed to do either.  I try sitting in the doorway having a cigarette while she squeezes by me, my face turned away until her butt is level with me then turning hoping my face makes contact with her butt, but still no luck.  I never realised that Lorraine actually had noticed what I was doing.It was a summer Saturday evening that Lorraine came to visit me and we were sitting in my garden having a few beers when completely out-of-the-blue she asked me straight if I liked her butt.  I couldn’t answer but I turned an extreme shade of red which probably did all the talking for me.“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Lorraine said laughing and pretending to warm her hands by the heat of my face. I nodded embarrassed.
“Nothing to be ashamed of, plenty of guys look at my ass!” she said. “I’ve noticed you seem to want to sniff it! I’ve never had blokes trying to sniff my ass before but if you want to, just say so.”
“Erm, I’m sorry Lorraine.  I can’t help it.  I’ve got this ‘thing’ about attractive women’s butts!” I replied, once again burning with embarrassment, “If I’m being perfectly honest, I’d LOVE to sniff your ass!”
“Look, I’m your friend” Lorraine replied with a strange look on her face, “Let’s go inside.”Once inside, Lorraine directed me to lie on the couch which I did.  She stood about 3 feet away from my face, her gorgeous ass hypnotising me. 
“Are you ready for this?” she asked, looking over her shoulder, “My ass is coming!  I’m going to sit on your face and if I’m comfortable, you may be there some time!”Slowly, so slowly it was almost a torture, she backed up towards me.  When her ass was only about a foot away from my face and I was almost leaning towards it to get a sniff of it, she looked over her shoulder at me and something about her face told me she was in a very playful mood!“I never thought you’d actually admit you liked my ass” she laughed at me as she turned around and jumped on my chest with her knees. I was suddenly winded.
“Open your mouth and drink this” She said, producing a vial of what looked like water from her pocket.  I didn’t know what else to do so I swallowed the contents.
“The one thing you didn’t know about me is the fact that I’m a witch! Not a bad witch though.  The reason I can do this to you is because you want it, even if you don’t realise it yet!” Lorraine laughed as I fell dizzy and then unconscious.
Part 2 by BigAl
When I came around, I wasn’t sure if that had all been just some sort of weird nightmare.  I forced myself into full consciousness and looked around.  Something was mighty strange here!   My surroundings were completely alien to me.  I vaguely recognised the wallpaper and the furniture, but it all looked HUGE! Had I shrunk?  Then I felt a rumble and Lorraine suddenly appeared in the doorway.
“Had a nice sleep?” she asked me with a huge grin on her face.
“What did you do to me?” I asked her, still slightly in disbelief.
“I shrunk you down and made you almost indestructible!” she announced proudly, “I can do anything to you now and I can’t hurt you!”
I let this sink into me slowly.  I must have sat there looking blank for a good minute or so because Lorraine spoke again “Are you ok?”
“I just can’t believe you’ve done this!  Why?” I asked her.
“I’m going to fulfil your fantasies!” she replied, “besides which, the spell wouldn’t have worked if you didn’t harbour a secret fantasy for being shrunk by me anyway!”
“What’s your plan?” I asked.
“You’re going to sniff my ass!  From every possible angle gradually getting worse and worse!”I started to stiffen a bit at the thought I was finally going to sniff her ass, but I still didn’t understand fully what she meant, so I asked her to elaborate.“It’s quite simple! You’ll be attached to a cushion for a day and sat on, then you’ll be attached to the inside of my trousers for a day, then you’ll be shoved as far up my anus as I can get you for a day, then I’ve got an extra special treat for you, but you’ll have to wait for that!”Now, I’ll admit I was aroused at the thought of being her seat cushion, and maybe being attached to her trousers, but I didn’t really like the thought of being up her anus, especially for a full day!“You wouldn’t really do that to me would you?” I asked.
“Hey, I’m your friend and you could say I’ve always had the fetish of having a man up my butt! We’re helping each other!” Lorraine picked me up and dropped me into her trouser pocket.  I felt the movement of her as she walked the short distance back to her own home.  She took me out of her pocket and I was placed onto a cushion.“No time like the present to begin” said Lorraine, “Now just lie still while I make sure you’re not going to move.”Lorraine produced a giant needle and thread.  The thread was like rope to me and she stitched me across my chest and legs to make sure I couldn’t move.
“OK, now you’re almost indestructible, so you shouldn’t be crushed!” laughed Lorraine.  She placed the cushion on her couch and turned on the TV.  She backed up to me slowly and lowered her ass.  She was wearing figure-hugging jeans… She was going to do it this time!  At long last I was going to feel and smell her gorgeous butt!  Six inches… Four inches… Two inches… This is it! Loraine sat down slowly on the cushion, making sure that my tiny body was aligned with the crack of her butt.  The pressure of weight was absolutely indescribable, yet I could still breathe and I wasn’t actually being crushed by her!  I couldn’t see anything obviously, as I had tons of butt on top of me, but I inhaled deeply.  I couldn’t really smell anything which was a bit of a disappointment! I’m not sure what I expected to smell, but something! She sat for quite a while.  I heard the theme music to ‘House’ finishing and she stood up.  She never even acknowledged me or looked at me.  It was as if I didn’t exist! She returned a few minutes later and she’d changed into her tracksuit bottoms and top.  She picked me up and carried me over to her exercise bike.
“Time for some calories to be burned up” she said, although not directly to me but I assumed she was talking to me as there was no-one else in the house!
She placed me (the cushion) on the seat of the exercise bike and mounted it.  Her butt came down again and this time I disappeared further up her crack.  I assumed the reason for this was because her jeans were tight and her tracksuit bottoms were very baggy.  Now I could smell something.  It was very faint, and I think it was shit, but it still gave me an erection!  I’d love to know why something like that would turn me on, but nevertheless she sat heavily and started cycling.  After a while, the smell became more pungent, as the sweat from her butt crack was obviously seeping through her underwear and onto her tracksuit.  She cycled for probably another fifteen minutes then abruptly got off and picked up the cushion.  She carried me through to her bedroom.  It was the first time I’d ever been in her bedroom!  It was quite girly and pink. Very strange for someone in her late thirties I thought, but each to their own!  Lorraine laid me on her bed.  She started to undress.  I enjoyed the view of her ample bosoms as she removed her top, then I got my first view of her lower regions naked.  Her pussy was shaven and her ass looked even nicer!
“I can sense you’re still looking at my ass” said Lorraine “So when I’ve been showered, I’ll give you a quick taster of what you can expect later in the week.”She disappeared into a side room and I could hear water running.  After a while, she came out still naked and slowly lowered her butt onto my cushion!  Oh My God! This was incredible!  I slipped right up inside those gorgeous tight butt cheeks and I’m almost sure I kissed her anus during the time I was up there.  It lasted only a few seconds however then she stood up.
“It’ll get worse than that!” she laughed.She unpicked the threads that had been my bonds for the day and placed me into a plastic bowl which contained a tiny bed, table and chair, some food and two tiny buckets. One to wash and the other for waste.Tomorrow would be an interesting day, attached to the inside of her trousers!
Part 3 by BigAl
It was just after 8.30am according to Lorraine’s clock-radio that I could see through my bowl.  Obviously I’d awoken and looked around expecting the previous night to have been just a dream, but no! I was actually in a bowl on a table beside my friends bed!  She was still sleeping, however at 0845, the radio switched on, blaring the sounds of an FM pop music station.Lorraine turned over and hit the ‘off’ button then stretched and opened her eyes looking directly at me.  A smile came over her face as if she too maybe thought she had dreamt yesterday.
“Good morning!” Lorraine said cheerily, “Hope you had a good night of sleep!”She slowly got out of bed and ambled towards her en-suite.  I could hear the shower water for a while, then she
re-appeared.  She was wearing a white T-shirt and a yellow thong.
“I believe you’re going to spend the day sniffing my butt inside my trousers today?” she said, smiling.
I just nodded and grew hard with anticipation.  I watched as she selected a pair of short denim shorts and then came over to me and slowly picked me up out of my bowl.
“These things really hug my ass, so they’ll suit our purposes for today!” She said as she slowly lowered me to where the crack of her ass would be and once again stitched me in place.She placed one foot through the leg holes, then another and then suddenly, but very slowly and deliberately, Lorraine raised the shorts until I could see the yellow thong sticking up her lovely butt crack looming closer and closer.  It suddenly went dark and I knew I was in position.  I was very excited about this, and looking forward to a day sniffing Lorraine’s butt. I felt her moving downstairs, her tight cheeks jiggling as she walked.  She sat down to have breakfast.  That was a bit of a shock, as her butt cheeks seemed to close around me. I was no longer sniffing her crack, but rather kissing her butt cheek!  I could hear that FM Radio station again.
She soon finished whatever she had for breakfast and she was up and going outside.  I heard her speaking to Claire, one of the young ladies who lived in the street.  I recognised her voice as Claire was another lady whose butt I’d love to have on my face!  I think Lorraine knew this, as she took the conversation towards flatulence of all things.  They were discussing what foods gave them the worst wind.  They both agreed it had to be taco’s before laughing at some private joke and saying goodbye. 
Now there’s a thought… flatulence! I never thought about being this close to a butt which was farting before!  Lorraine had spared me that ‘pleasure’ so far, but the average human apparently farts quite a bit during the day, so by the law of averages, I had that experience to come.Lorraine walked for about ten minutes, then I could vaguely hear the crappy music that is usually piped around our local shopping centre.  She continued shopping for a while and then suddenly I could see daylight again.  I blinked and Lorraine grinned down at me.  She was sitting on the toilet urinating. I heard someone else from another cubicle use the electronic hand-dryer and then exit.  Lorraine finished wiping herself then said “Hope it’s not too bad down there!  It gets worse tomorrow!  In fact it might get worse soon because I’m meeting Claire soon for lunch and we’re having taco’s!  I know you overheard us talking earlier; you forget I’m a witch, I know everything!” Then she pulled me back into position, flushed the toilet, washed and dried her hands and continued shopping.About an hour or so later, I heard Claire’s voice again and Lorraine sat down heavily, once again causing me to kiss her butt cheek.  She remained sitting for quite a while, presumably eating her lunch.  I could hear snippets of conversations between Lorraine and Claire and also a lot of raucous laughter.  I wondered if she may actually be telling Claire about me and where I was!  Suddenly Lorraine stood up and we were mobile again.  I couldn’t hear the tinny music anymore, but I could hear car horns so I assumed we must be on our way back home, or somewhere different.After about ten minutes walking, I experienced the taco having its revenge on Lorraine’s digestive system!  Yup, Lorraine farted!  It was only a small fart and didn’t make a noise, except for gas escaping, but I now understood the term SBD! This one was silent but extremely deadly!  It stunk of sour milk along with other stuff.  Then she farted again!  This time it was a long, loud fart! If I hadn’t been attached to her shorts, I’d probably have been blown out of them by that.  It sounded (to me) like a crack of thunder directly in front of me, and the smell which followed was like the SBD only magnified by about ten! 
OK, so maybe sniffing a girls butt had some downsides, but I was still actually quite enjoying the ride, despite the now regular gas attacks.Eventually we arrive back at Lorraine’s house and she sits heavily to watch TV. She continues her farting attack and I wonder how I’d ever survive if I was attached to her thong rather than her shorts. Then I remembered that tomorrow I’d be actually shoved up her bare ass!  Surely she wouldn’t have gassy food again tomorrow?  All the same, I was quite worried!
I suspect Lorraine fell asleep on her couch watching TV as I could hear the news theme music, and I knew she hated watching the news for some reason. Also she never moved for quite a while, and the farting reduced to only once every twenty minutes or so.Suddenly, about an hour later, Lorraine stood up.  I wasn’t expecting this, and was suddenly nauseous. That calmed however when I saw daylight again and I saw her face with her cute smile looking down at me.
“Sorry about the flatulence! But as I say I can read your thoughts and I know you had a deep, dark longing for me to fart in your face, however much you tried to deny it! I’m sure today would have satisfied that craving!” she laughed at me then removed me from her shorts.
“I’ll let you have a bit of fresh air and a wash in your bowl for a while, but you’ll be attached to my tracksuit bottoms shortly for my exercise routine.”True to her word, she gently placed me in my bowl and I washed myself down as well as taking care of my own toilet needs.  I rested for a short while before Lorraine came back in carrying her tracksuit bottoms.
Once more I was secured in the inside butt crack of the pants and she once again took great pleasure in her slow, almost teasing, pulling up the trousers until suddenly I was once more staring at her thong.  I noticed the thong was red now, so she’d obviously changed it.  At least she was a clean girl.  Then suddenly it went dark again.I felt her sit on her exercise bike.  She cycled for probably thirty minutes, and I was soaked in her sweat by the time she stepped off.  However it didn’t end there!  She turned on some pop music loudly and began running on a machine.  I was now getting almost saturated and the smell was getting quite rife now! I could smell the ‘fishy’ smell obviously coming from her pussy, as well as the smell of the sweat coming from her anus… Where I’d be tomorrow.She finished running and placed me back in my bowl.
“I think you’ve had enough for today!” Lorraine laughed, “Are you any closer to being cured of your fetish for sniffing butts?”
I just smiled and was about to answer when she turned away leaving me in my bowl to get cleaned up and rested.  Tomorrow was going to be a very smelly day if she carried out her threat to stick me up her naked butt!
Part 4 by BigAl
To be honest, despite how tired I felt, I was finding it difficult to sleep, worrying about what the following day would have in store.  I had always wanted Lorraine (and many other women) to sit on my face, but I’d never even thought about being actually inserted up someone’s anus!The time ticked by quite slowly, I sat watching the red numerals tick by on Lorraine’s clock radio. I guess I must have drifted to sleep because the next thing the clock radio is blaring its pop music and Lorraine is stretching by the side of me.
“Good morning!” she said, cheerfully, “I’m going to jump in the shower and then we’ll get you in your new home for the day!”I sat nervously waiting for her to return.  My feelings seem to be having a massive battle with each other: on one hand, I love the thought of being up Lorraine’s bare ass, however on the other hand, I’m also dreading it especially if she’s as windy today as she was yesterday!Lorraine comes back through into her room with her dark hair tied up in a towel.  She is completely nude.  I can feel a stirring in my pants at the sight of her, then she picks me up.
“Well, you’ve coped as my cushion and the inside of my trousers so far! Now for the hardest challenge yet namely my butt! Believe me, this will be a piece of cake compared with what I have planned tomorrow!”
What the hell did that mean?  No time to ponder it now, Lorraine’s cute but (from my perspective) gigantic butt fills my vision.  She gently pulls her cheeks apart with one hand and places me right in the valley.  I can actually see her anus from where I am, in fact my face is almost touching it.  So far, it smells ok seeing as she’s just showered.
I guess she’s used some sort of spell to hold me in position because I can’t move from where I am and when she releases her bum cheeks, I’m plunged into almost total darkness and, as predicted, my face is staring almost directly at her anus.Lorraine continues getting dressed, with a white thong coming up alongside me and then what seems to be a short skirt as I am still getting a tiny bit of light when she walks.
She is having her morning coffee whilst dancing around the kitchen to the music blaring from her radio.  So far, so good!The day goes ok until about an hour after breakfast while she is watching TV (it sounded like Jerry Springer) Lorraine lifts her butt very slightly from the couch and lets out a long fart.  That came as a total shock!  My face was staring at her anus and that monster blasted right over my face.  I was gagging, my eyes were streaming and my nose felt like it was on fire!  Lorraine giggled “Sorry about that!  I’ll try to warn you next time!”After that, there was always the sour smell lingering in my location as she went about her day.  Lorraine had promised me she wouldn’t have anything gassy for lunch, and I was grateful for that!  If she was an enemy of mine, she could leave me here for days and eat nothing but taco’s!  Imagine that! I shuddered at the thought.  It was one thing having a gorgeous lady sit on my face, but it was quite another to be up her anus, especially at this tiny size!After a day of shopping and visiting friends, she returned home and changed into her exercise outfit. I prepared myself mentally for the sweaty shower I was about to get.
Sure enough, she mounted the exercise bike and started pedalling. After a short time, her butt was seeping sweat which had a rather nasty odour and indeed taste to it.  Then she went for her run on the running machine. By the time she was finished, I was drenched.“OK, we’ll take a shower now and then I’ll tell you what’s planned for tomorrow” Lorraine said.I thought she was going to let me out but she didn’t.  I remained attached to her anus, however she pulled her bum cheeks apart and I basked in the clear, hot water pelting down at me.  Lorraine gently drew her sponge over me and I started sneezing with the soap.  Then she was stepping out of the shower and Lorraine reached round and removed me from her butt.  “We’ll talk shortly, but for now I’ll put you back into your bowl” Lorraine said as she padded into her bedroom leaving wet footprints on the floor.I sat and waited.  Lorraine came in and sat on the edge of her bed.  She was now wearing a creamy baggy Tee shirt and tight jeans.
“You know how I said I was a witch and I could read your innermost desires?” she asked me.“Yeeees” I replied tentatively, not knowing what was coming next.
“One of your desires was to sniff my butt, which I’m sure you’ll agree has now been accomplished?”
“Definitely!” I replied with a grin.
“I also know that one of your other desires is to be eaten. Swallowed whole by a giant woman.”
I turned bright red again. “There’s nothing you don’t know” I mumbled.
“Look, I want you to enjoy all I’m doing for you.  I know you enjoyed sniffing my ass, even the farts.” She was correct, I had to admit I did have a raging erection almost all the time over the past few days, “so now I can make your next fantasy come true.  I know you don’t want to be digested and killed…” She was reading my mind “so I can swallow you, hold you in my stomach for as long as you want then safely pass you through my digestive system and, erm, poop you!”I sat in stunned silence.  This was indeed a long-held fantasy.  The thought of going in through those gorgeous lips and spending a day in her stomach then re-emerging into the outside world through that orifice I’d grown to know over the past few days… I think with her witch mind-reading skills, she already knew what I thought.“OK Lorraine, I’d LOVE to be swallowed alive by you!” I told her.  A huge grin came over her face.
“Well, have a good night of rest and I’ll see you at breakfast time!” she laughed.
Part 5 by BigAl
That night I never got ANY sleep.  I couldn’t believe my dream was about to come true!  I have no idea why I have this fantasy, particularly the bit where I emerge in her poop, but all I know is I had an erection all night, despite the amount of times I came just thinking about it.  Clearly Lorraine’s anus today had acted like a double-strength dose of Viagra!Eventually, morning came and so did the familiar sound of pop music blaring from the clock radio.“Good morning!” she smiled at me, “I’ll have a shower then I’ll have breakfast!”She went away in to her en-suite shower room and my nerves grew more and more.  I couldn’t believe this was going to happen!  I was actually so nervous but excited I felt physically sick.
Eventually, she came out looking as gorgeous as ever.  She picked me up and carried me downstairs.  She placed me gently on her dining table.
“So, are you ready for this?” she asked me.
“I can’t believe it’s going to happen!” I replied.
“How long do you want to be in my stomach for?  I can hold you there for as long as you want”
“Just a few hours if you don’t mind, then I could be pooped out by tonight?” I replied
“Whatever you want!  We could make it longer next time” she said.  Next time?! Wow, my life suddenly seemed to be full of possibilities!She made herself some coffee and then sat down looking at me. “OK, it’s time!” she said.She lifted me very slowly up to her face.  She opened her mouth and slowly extended her tongue and licked me all over.  That tingled like nothing I’ve ever felt before, it was pure ecstasy!  She slowly lowered me into her mouth and closed her lips.  I was already swimming in the saliva which had pooled in there.  Lorraine moved her tongue and played with me for about thirty seconds, gently pushing me against the roof of her mouth and pressing me under her tongue.  Then she flicked her tongue and I was falling!  I allowed myself to be carried down her oesophagus and landed with a plop in her stomach.  Lorraine had obviously used a spell to protect me from the strong digestive juices which would normally have dissolved me in minutes.  She’d also given me an excellent see-in-the-dark vision.  I looked around her stomach and marvelled at the fact I was actually inside of my friend!  I was on the inside of her stomach and she was getting on with her day!  I couldn’t get over this fact and I was high as a kite, despite the awful smell!  Then coffee landed around me with a splash, followed by what seemed to be chewed toast.  I watched the acids work on this and watched it getting carried through to her intestines.After about an hour of Lorraine walking, I started to slide towards her intestines. I did not fear it, I actually enjoyed the ride.  I seemed to be moving for hours, being squeezed and pushed, up and down, left and right.  It was like a really slow rollercoaster ride, only a LOT smellier!Eventually I assumed I was in her rectum.  I could see the poop compacting and building up around me.  I tried not to breathe through my nose for obvious reasons. Lorraine sat on the toilet.  I relaxed and went with the flow.  Suddenly I could see daylight, or to be more precise, I could see water in the white porcelain bowl.  I took a dive and went under the surface.  I fought to free myself of the terd that I was stuck to and swam to the surface.  I watched more turds escape and land around me, then the urine poured in to the mix.  That toilet was stinking!  Lorraine got up and looked down.  She smiled broadly as she rescued me.  She placed me in the sink while she wiped herself.“How was that?” she asked
“Very smelly, but absolutely fantastic!  Thank you so much!” I replied, “But any chance of a bath?”Lorraine laughed.  She turned me back to normal size and allowed me to bathe and wash away the excreta and various other bodily fluids I’d encountered over the past few days.She had left my original clothes out for me and once dressed I went downstairs to see her.“I can read another few desires” she laughed, “One is for a good meal and the other is to make love to me”“You’re right again!”We had dinner together, with me watching her every mouthful in awe and awareness of where it was headed. 
“I know you love me, and you always have… Do you think now would be a good time to turn our friendship a bit more serious?” She suddenly asked.  She already knew the answer.We went upstairs and made love before falling asleep in each other’s embrace.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard Lorraine fart.  I laughed and relaxed knowing I’d found my soul mate.
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