A eight year old's play thing. by johnnyfive22

Mark was in love with his best friend Rachel a freshman in his high school. Little did he know that her little sister who was eight also had a crush on him. And she will use her mind powers to get him. No matter if he likes it or lot.

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Life changes in an instant by johnnyfive22
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My name is Mark. My story may sound weird to you because it hasn't happened to anybody in the history of time. At least i don't think. I am writing this stuff down in a diary sitting in a little doll house of my friend's little  sister's room just in case anything happens to me. You may be asking yourself how did i become this size and in a little girl's doll house? It all happened one sunday afternoon after visiting a friend's soccer tournament. Actually the girl i currently had a crush on but had been friends with for five years. What was her name? Her name was Rachel and she was a knock out. The perfect american girl. Nice and sweet. Not stuck up. Wore the latiest styles and went to the beach a lot. Very popular and almost every guy and sometimes girls wanted her at school. And she always smelled good too. Anywas getting back to my story.

"Yo Rachel." I shouted getting off of the bleachers and walking over to her after the game. It was in the nineties on a may after noon so we were both sweating bullets.

"Mark i am so glad that you could make it and watch." She said with a smile and hugged me even though she was full of sweat i would take her's over any other girl. "Sorry i know i am sweaty." She laughed and let go of me.

"Hey understandable. You played great out there. I am very proud of you." Mark said and Rachel smiled over at him

"Thank you. I wish that we would have won though. Are you still going to prom next weekend? You can join me and my boyfriend if you would like?" She said with the prettiest smile in the world

"I would love too but i really don't have that much money. Plus i don't have a date." I explained. Now don't get me wrong i really did like Rachel's boyfriend. Even though i was jealous of him. He was actually a cool guy.

"Hey Rachel." 'speak of the devil.' I thought. I saw Troy walk over to her and putting his arms around her waist like she was his possesion. "You did great baby." He said kissing her lips and I had to look away.

"Hey people present. Cough." I said and Rachel laughed kissing him back.

"Sorry Mark. Thanks babe. So your not going to at least try and get a date?" Rachel asked and I smile at her.

"I don't know. Dancing isn't really my thing. But you two have fun. Don't worry about me I'm fine." I said with a smile and  Rachel looked at me.

"Alright if you change your mind let me know. Oh and your still coming over right? I need help with my homework later tonight." She said and I had to smile at that. Every time we hang out i cherish the moment.

"Yes of course i will meet you at eight." I said and Rachel smiled.

"Great. Your still going out with your friends right babe?" She asked and Troy nodded with a smile wrapping his arms around her and I just rolled my eyes.

"Yes of course Were just going to the movies." He said and kissed her deeply and i rolled my eyes.

"Get a room you two. I'll see you tonight Rach." I said and walked away as she waved at me during the kiss. My heart was aching though. I couldn't stand seeing Rachel with another guy. True I was happy for her. But i just wanted her to me. I fought back and forth in my mind trying to figure out if i should tell her that tonight. I was still thinking about that walking to my car when all of a sudden a bright light flashed.

My eyes blinked and when they got back into focused I was in for a shock. I stared at my car but not only it was small so was I. Like a few inches short. Everything was huge including the school buildings and cars. I was terrified and herd footsteps and a loud giggle.

I saw a giant shadow above me and i tried to run. My little legs couldn't run that far as the giant hand came down out of the sky like some horrible monster and it scooped me up with out much difficulty and i heard once again the sound of a child's laughter.

The surface i was standing on was warm and soft and it smelled like sweat. Light came threw and i could see the sky as i stood up on the surface and heard the child's laughter and turned around and froze in fear.

Brittany. Rachel's ltttle sister was holding me in her hand and she smiled at me. I was so much in shock that i didn't hear her mother call out for her.

"Brittany come on were going home." Her mother called out and Brittany smiled at me.

"Coming mother. Boy do i have a surprise for you. Your my toy now Mark." She giggled. I didn't like the sound of that. I felt her hand close around me again and lift me lower towards her shorts and then I felt myself fall in her panties and i was pushed up to her soft warm skin, She was also sweating from being in the heat all that which didn't help.

I tried to yell out but the waist band was closed shut by her light blue panties like i was some prisonor. All I can ask myself is 'what the hell just happened?' 'How the hell did I become a prisoner of a eight year old girl?"

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getting to know the new rules by johnnyfive22
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The ride to Brittany's house in her panties was not a pleasent experience at all. If she was a bit older and maybe even Rachel I would have enjoyed it but since she wasn't even a teen yet it was a terrible experience. First she was sweaty because of the hot afternoon all day long. My face was pressing up against her soft sweaty skin and i could taste her sweat against my tongue. She obviously liked that because I felt her push her finger against my body in her panties more into her skin like she was ordering me to lick. I felt like I had no choice and you guys have to believe me on this one. I mean what would you do if you were trapped by a giant eight year old? You would do what you had to do to survive and didn't want to piss them off. I began to lick against her skin and her sweat was terrible but I continued anyways. This must have pleased her as she began to stroke my body against her finger.

"That's right Slave. Lick that sweat off my body. I'm so hot." She whispered to me and I did what she told me too

"What did you say dear?" Her mother asked and Brittany panicked some.

"Um just playing mom. Talking to myself." She commented and her mom must have bought it because she said nothing else. Brittany continued to stroke my body as i licked her sweat some more and she grinned. "Hm wait until we get back to the house." She commented and I gulped.

"I can hardly wait." I mutter with Sarcasim. Rachel's sister was always a brat.
I don't know how long it laster on the way to Rachel's house but it couldn't have been more then ten minutes but it felt like a life time of licking Brittany's sweaty skin. Before I knew it light flashed inside of her panties and the giant hand once again came down for me and plucked me up like i was nothing and she kept me in her hands like I was a pet. She ran to her room excited to play with her new play thing. Kicking off her little flip flops she jumped up on her bed and she giggled looking down at me opening up her hand.

"SLAVE."  She yelled mearly jumping me out of my skin and i turned around facing the new giantess and she now laughed at me. "Oh Mark I always had this small crush on you. But you were always older me and paid more attention to my bigger sister then me. Well guess who is big now?" She asked and I gulped not liking this,

"Brittany. I am sorry I never paid attention to you. I should have. I should have been more nicer. Please let me go and i will take you anywhere you want. To the movies or buy new stuff." I pleaed with her but the brat stared at me and chuckled.

"Your right Mark." She said and my eyes lit up in excitement.

"Really? You will change me back?" He asked and she chuckled

"Hell no. But you are right that you will pay more attention to me from now on. I am the only thing you will think about." She said picking me up with her fingers dangling me like i was a puppet. She chuckled poking me with her finger teasing me as i struggled and she laughed.

"Look at you. So cute and everything. Like a puppet on a string. Hey that gives me an idea." She said and I looked up at her taking a string from her desk where her nail polish was and cut it with some scissors. She tied the string around my waist gently and then tied it to her finger and she laughed as I hanged from her like a puppet on a string. "Come on Mark do a little dance." She laughed and poked me in the butt with her finger and i began to do the best dance i could for her.

"This is priceless." She said and then licked her lips. I didn't like the look she was giving. It was like a tiger looking at her prey. "Now let's set some ground rules." She told me lowering me on her bed she pushed her sweaty toe against my body and I screamed out. I tried to move under her toe but I couldn't. She held me down good and her toe stunk of sweat it almost made me puke.

"Now your going to do exacually what I say from now on. You will treat me like a queen. A princess. And you will obey every one of my commands." She told me as she pressed more down on my body with her toe and i couldn't help but get a little bit turned on as it shocked me. By body was betraying my better senses and i felt like I had no other choice.

"What about my family? What about Rachel? They will come looking for me." I say staring up at the brat. Excuse me my new queen

"Oh don't worry. I am not that worried, I don't think the police will be looking for a boy in a little girls pantie drawyer." She said with a slight laugh and i gulped. "Hm i am going to keep you forever's. It will be great. In my baby teens you can paint my nails every morning and come with me to school. You can help me with my homework. And You can also teech me about boy stuff in high school." She laughed

"How would i do that?" I asked and i saw her evil look and immidiatly regretted asking her that.

"Well for starters I have never kissed or sucked on a boy." She told me and grinned. "You will be that. But for right now i want you to be a good slave and clean my feet. There so sweaty from this afternoon. And afterwords." She took off her little dress. She hadn't even got breasts yet. "You can lick every inch of my body. Lick the sweat off and i will give you a reward." She said as she picked me up and squeezed me together. I yelled feeling her breaking my ribs with her hand. It was that moment i realized she can break me just like that. I felt like i had no other choice. "Now submit to me. Call me your queen." She said

"Yes. I will serve you my queen." I say submitting to her. She fully broke me and she smiled petting my head with her finger.

"Good boy little Marky." She laughed and put me on top of her huge foot and i smelled her auroma and i almost threw up once again.

"Get to it." She yelled and i began to lick my tongue over her feet and she smiled as I continued to lick. This is going to be a long night.

Back at the high school:

Rachel just got done taking a shower from her long soccer tournament in the girls locker room and she smiled and waved at some of the team mates. "By girls see you at the dance." She said and saw Troy waiting for her and she smiled putting her arms around him.

"Hey thanks for waiting." She said

"Hey no problem i got nothing else to do." Troy said and he put his arm around her waist and walked with her to the parking lot. On the way there Rachel felt something hit her sandle and it made a loud crunch.

"What the hell?" Rachel said and bent down and gasped. "Troy please tell me you see what I see and i am not going crazy." She said picking up the tiny car in the parking lot staring at him.

"It must be some toy car a kid left behind." Troy commented. "I use to have them when i was little." He said and Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Yes but it looks like Mark's. It's way similar to his." She commented and Troy looked at it.

"Your tired baby. It's been a long day. It must be your imagination." Troy said and Rachel smiled at him and put the car in her purse.

"I guess your right about that. I can't wait to show this to Mark later tonight." She said and walked off. But something in her mind was still bugging her. She just didn't know what. Something was not right.

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Background information on the family. Mark get's a BJ, Well sort of. by johnnyfive22
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Another chapter here we go.

It felt like hours licking the little brat's feet as i stared up at the huge giantess as she laid against the bed reading her teen vogue magazine that i don't know how she had gotten but i continued to lick her feet and tasted the sweat coming from her. It was foul and i didn't know how i was going to get out of this situation.

"Good job Thing." She said staring down at my tiny form finishing up her feet. "Oh yeah i decided to call you thing since well your my slave and i can call you anything i want." She told me and i frowned licking down her feet. I only hoped that Rachel would be able to find me in time. I felt her huge fingers then pick me up wrapping around my neud body and she smiled looking down at me. I saw an evil look that i didn't like.

"I have always wanted to do something to a boy and was afraid of asking. Now that I have you i can do anything i want." She giggled and I looked up at her.

"No you can't that is wrong. Listen i know that your eight and everything but you don't know what your doing." I quickly felt her grip tighten around me and i looked up at her

"What did i tell you slave. Do not talk back to your queen. This room is Brittany land and i am your queen. You will worship me and not talk back to me understand me?" She yelled as her voice was so loud it rang my ears. I nodded weakly at the eight year old.

"Yes Ma'm." I said now shaking and she smiled at me. She began to run her finger down my nued body and i looked up at her in the eyes as her pink finger nail began to go down my member and i gulped some more staring at her in the eyes. I knew what she was going after and it felt very emberresing knowing that a little child was doing this to me but i was getting turned on by it. Her finger jumped back in surprised as my dick began to grow.

"Whoa. It grew." She laughed rubbing her finger on my cock again and she was fascinated by it. Her eyes were as big as sacucers and she smiled up at me. "Does it hurt slave?" She asked rubbing her finger over my cock in moation

"No it feels good." I said not wanting to adminester another punishment. With a grin  she leaned down and blew on the tip of the cock as she continued her little blow job and she must have felt my cum on her finger and she jumped back and dropped me on her bed between her legs.

"Ew you peed on me you little pervert." She said whiping it off with some cleanex and she stared down at me with anger. Before i could explain why it happened that way her hand came down for me and snapped me up in her hand. She grinned at me. "Hm your so in for it now" She threatned me.

"Brittany get down here right now please." Her mom called from the kitchen and i silently said a thank you to anybody who is in charge. Maybe God doesn't hate me anyways. She stared down at me with frustration.

"Just a second Mom." She said

"Now young lady." She said in a demanding tone and Brittany sighed looking at me.

She leaned her hand down and scooped me up with her hand and I felt her walk towards the pantie drawyer of the room and i was dropped into a drawyer full of what a little girl would wear and they felt soft and comforting. "Until later tonight shrimp." She told me and then shut the drawyer and left me in complete darkness to make me wonder what my fate will be.

As soon as Rachel got home she knew that she had to talk to her mom about all of this and she smiled over at her boyfriend and kissed his lips as she walked up to the door and opened it.

"Mom i need to talk to you something happened." Rachel said walking into the ktichen and her mother came in looking at her.

"Honey what happened did you and your boyfriend have a fight or something?" She asked and Rachel looked at her.

"What? No mom. It's not about me. Look." Rachel got her purse out and then showed her mother the tiny car that was in her purse. Margret the mother looked at the car.

"She has done it again huh? She has shrunken somebody."

"Yes and i am afraid it is my best friend Mark. This is his car. She is getting too dangerous with these powers mom. I don't know if she can handle it." Rachel said as Margret put the car in the desk drawyer.

"I am surprised that you haven't shrunken your boyfriend yet." Her mother said and Rachel looked at her.

"I wanted too, but you told me how much you regretted shrinking dad and now he is lost in your, well i don't want to think about it." Rachel shuddered and Margret blushed pouring a soup of Orange juice.

"Oh no dear he is not lost. I got him safe and sound." She said and Rachel made a gagging sound.

"Ew mom alright enough, right now i just want to get mark back. Besides if anybody should have him it should be me i have known him longest." Rachel said and Margret laughed

"Honey this is not a contest. Fine i will help you find Mark. Besides she should know the ground rules. She can't just go around shrinking everybody." Margret said and smiled at Rachel. "Don't worry we will work out something." She said and then screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Brittany get down here." She said. After a few moments Brittany came down the stairs and saw her sister and mother looking at her.

"Yes mommy?" She asked sweetly and Rachel looked at her.

"Give me Mark." Rachel explained and Brittany shot them an angry look.

To be continued....

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Explaining things to Mark. Brittany learns her place. by johnnyfive22
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Being stuck in a little girl's pantie drawer is not as pleasent as you would think. First off she was just a child and her smell was, well a kid so she would be sweaty and dirty. While laying there in her panty drawyer I tried to think of a way to escape. If it was even possible, Oh who am I kidding? How am I going to get away from a giant eight year old who wants to keep me as a pet for the rest of my life? But then I started to think about my family and who I would be leaving behind. My mom was behind on the bills as it is, and she needed my help to pay them or she would be evicted. She hadn't been the same since my dad died and that alone got me motivated to escape. I had to wait my time.


"What do you mean? Who is Mark?" Brittany asked a bit nervously and Rachel rushed over to her sister grabbing her arm in a furious manner as Brittany screamed out in pain. "Mom she is hurting me." Brittany screamed

"Your should deserve more then this if you have hurt Mark you little brat. Now where is he?" Rachel cried and Margret went over and pulled her girls apart. It took a few moments to get Rachel to let Brittany go before she did any more damage.

"Rachel that is enough." Margret demanded at her daughter. "We will deal with Brittany's punishment later. Right now I want you to chill. Brittany tell me the truth or heaven help me, I will shrink you and you know what punishment awaits you if I do." She said and Rachel winced. Her mom has shrunk her before and it wasn't pleasent. She either put her in a sock or nylons when she goes to work and call the school in for sick day. Regular teenagers got grounded. Rachel and Brittany's punishment was slaves to there mother for a week. Depends on how badly in trouble they were. Rachel didn't want to think about it and kept her mouth shut. Margret pulled out the small car from her purse and showed it to Brittany as her little girl's eyes went big. "Well young lady?"

"Alright I took your little boyfriend alright?" She glared at Rachel. "I thought I was the only one that had the powers and I felt like I was special." She said frowning and pouting her arms. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Brittany we all have them you dummy." Rachel said which got a glare from her mother and she backed down. "Where is he?" Rachel asked more calmer and nicely this time and Brittany frowned and cried.

"All I wanted was just a toy to play with." She said upset. "He is upstairs. In my room. Panty drawyer." She said with a small blush and Rachel laughed at that.

"Oh I am going to tease him." Rachel said with a smile on her face.

"Honey remember you have to explain to him about us. Just keep calm if he yells alright? We have been here before." Margret said to her daughter and Rachel nodded worried about her friend more as she walked up stairs.

"But mom what if he doesn't corroperate?" Rachel said with a sad look. Margret knew that Mark was Rachel's friend and to be honest she always had a fondness of him. She was one of her favorite's of Rachel's friends. This saddens her more then Rachel will know but it has to be done.

"Honey you know that I like Mark. But rules are rules. Do what ever it takes." She said with regret and Rachel nodded walking up stairs.

"You will pay for this Brittany." She glared at her younger sister and walked up stairs silently praying to the witch godesses that Mark would listen to reason. "Please Mark don't make this hard on you." She muttered.

Meanwhlie Brittany's eyes were turned to her mother and she noticed her Mother's angry glare. The fact that Mark was well liked by her mother and sister was not good for her. Especially since he was a family friend. "Mom please. I just wanted a toy. I didn't know." She begged her mother. She suddenly felt herself shrinking and she screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" She yelled out loud while being shrunk. Brittany looked up at everything which was now huge and she was scared to death. Her mother's foot steps were like quakes knocking her down while her mother walked over to where she was at and she sighed sadly scooping her hand over Brittany's little figure and the eight year old was soon covered in darkness as her mother closed her fist.

"Honey. If you want your powers, you will have to learn the rules." Margret said as she carried her youngest daughter in her fist towards the living room to decide on her proper punishment.


I begin to get a little frustrated when Brittany didn't return thinking that she forgot about me. I prayed that wasn't the case but as soon as I heard foot steps coming my way it  once again made loud sounds as I felt the drawyer open. I was prepared to see Britany but my heart leaped for Joy to see the other sister and my friend staring down at me. "Rachel." I yelled happily as i ran towards her finger and hugged her finger.

"Mark. Thank god your alright I was so worried." Rachel explained and after hugging her finger i began to do some thinking. 'Wait how did she know?' I looked up at Rachel and I smiled at my long time friend. She still looked tired from the game and sweating. She probably haven't gotten a shower since she got home.

"Rachel how did you know where to find me? What the hell is going on your little sister has powers becareful." I say in a scared voice and I was surprised she chuckled a bit and my heart jumped not expecting that. 'Was Rachel in on it? That was n my biggest fear.' "Rachel why are you laughing? Get me out of here." I begged and She smiled at me in a calm manner.

"Relax Mark. It's a long story. Come on let's get you out of there." She said gently opening her hand up and I jumped in not wanting to waste any more time in a child's panty drawyer. She was more gentle then Brittany thank god and more beautiful too now that she was a giantess. Almost like a Goddess. "Hang on Mark I am going to my room ok?" She said and I nodded as she cupped her hands over me so I wouldn't fall. I felt relieved and happy at the same time that Rachel was not like her sister. But the chuckle caught me off guard. I heard the closing of her door and she put me gently on her desk and she sat down in her chair. ""Your probably wondering what is going on huh Mark?" She asked gently trying to make me calm.

"You can say that again." I told her and she smiled.

"I am so sorry for what my little sister put you threw. Trust me that brat is going to pay Mark. But I need to tell you something about my family. We all have powers Mark. Were witches." My eyes went big when she said that. Witches? All this time my friend was a powerful witch?  "What? Your witches? all this time.?" I asked still not knowing how to feel about that. I shook my head thinking that Rachel would never hurt me and I had to get her to change me back. "Rachel please you have to grow me back. My mother needs me. You know how she is." I told Rachel and I saw her frown like she was considering it. "I am sorry Mark I can't." She said closing her eyes and I felt my heart break at that word. My friend won't change me back. My best friend.

"What? What the hell do you mean? Your my friend. Your suppose to help me." I say. I started to loose my temper and bang my fists on her finger which made Rachel more upset and she stared down at me with sad eyes.

"I am sorry Mark. Please don't make this harder then it is." She exclaimed picking me up with her two enormous fingers. "You see I would love to change you back more then anything. But then Me and my mom talked and I have wanted you as a pet for so long." She said trailing her finger down my chest. I couldn't believe that my best friend just betrayed me. But I was suddenly getting a hard on. "Maybe if i put you in time out you will have a chance at calming down." She exclaimed and then hung me over her breasts  as she dropped me in between her sweaty breasts from the soccer game and i slid all the way down between them feeling there mountain flesh squeeze me and she smiled. "Oh and i might be a little sweaty from the soccer game. I haven't showered yet. And tonight there is a sleep over with the team. And your coming with." She told me and I realized that I was in for a long night. But something made me get a erection again and i laid my head back between her breasts not wanting to fight back. The warmth of her skin and heart beat was making feel safe and comfortable.



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