The Diminutive Situation. by Mara

A reclusive honor student named Claire McLane wakes up one day to find herself ant-sized in an all girl's High School with no recollection of how she ended up this way. Claire is forced to fight for her life to survive in a world hundreds of times her own size while trying to figure out how to get back to normal. Will she be able to find out how to get back to normal? Can she avoid the wrath of the Giants around her? Surviving High School has never been this hard... 

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Series: The Amozo Virus Tales
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This is my first ever GTS story. I recommend that you rate and comment after you finish reading what is here. I'll try to add a chapter or 2 whenever I can. But if I don't, Please don't fret. I won't leave you all hanging in this epic GTS tale!

1. Introduction. by Mara

2. Back to School... As an Ant. by Mara

3. Beautiful Freckled Host. by Mara

4. Parasite. by Mara

5. The Pleasure of Company. by Mara

6. Claire and Sarah: The Flashback into Claire's Past. by Mara

7. Giant Women: Arousing or Nauseating. by Mara

8. The Horrible/Wonderful World of a Girl’s Lady Parts. by Mara

9. Amelia and the Dominatrix. by Mara

Introduction. by Mara

The Diminutive Situation.





It has been over 350 years since the alien virus named “Amozo” has landed on the planet. Amozo was a strange and mysterious virus that at first didn’t seem to affect those who were infected by the virus, but recent studies have shown that the offspring of the infected have had abnormal growth spurts once they’ve reached the age of 5 or in some cases 10. The Children of the infected grew over 5 feet tall, but otherwise aged normally. Once they reached the ages of 14 through 19, they were up to 10 to 13 feet tall. Since then, the offspring of those infected with the Amozo virus only seemed to give birth to children considered “normal sized” in their perspective.

This pressing issue has been frequently talked about in the United States government. They’ve spoken with various scientists from India, Japan and their homeland about how to eliminate the virus. However, 9 out of 10 say that there is no possible cure to treat such an inhuman and advanced virus unknown to mankind. In fact, scientists predict that the offspring’s grandchildren, currently dubbed Amazons, will be the ancestors of much bigger people. And it could put a strain on those who will forever remain small.

Since the unavoidable and incurable mutations in over 47% of the earth’s population. Strict laws have been enforced by nations all over the world to ensure a safe environment for everyone. However, there were frequent government protests in America and many parts of Europe regarding philosophical views on humanity’s current situation. People started embracing Social Darwinism and began expressing their concerns and thoughts about the situation while others rallied against it, saying it would only put a bigger strain on weaker and smaller people. Soon enough crime was on the rise, and “large on small” crimes were becoming constant until eventually, segregation voluntarily came into effect. This time, the government didn’t get involved.

Time passed and the world changed like it always does, but the tension between the Amazons and the Humans did not. And to make things worse, the Amazons seem to be growing bigger in this current generation. Society now fears the worst. Scientists now speculate that the Amazons of each generation will keep growing bigger and bigger. If this keeps up, not only will they take up more and more of earth’s space. Research shows that the Amazon’s appetite seems to have increased which could effect food supplies all over the world in due time. To make matters worse, the Amozo virus only effects humans. Other scientist have also been predicting other scenarios such as frequent human deaths, famine and even more strain on humanity.

What could become of earth’s future? Could people become the size of sky scrapers? Or much bigger? And given their current relation towards humans, could they abuse the power they would have? Would humans be nothing but pets? Slaves? Playthings? Food? Would they want to rule over humanity as a whole?

End Notes:

The Story begins in the next chapter. I put myself in the main character's shoes and tried to envision her surroundings and point-of-view the best I could. So don't soak your shorts reading the next chapter. Ok?

Back to School... As an Ant. by Mara
Author's Notes:

The Story begins. Did you make some pop-corn and put on a diaper? Well, ok I shouldn't be bragging about my work just yet. Just be sure to enjoy the story!

Back to School… As an Ant.
Claire was awakened by the sudden throbbing in her head. She groaned, she didn’t want to wake up just yet. Today was a “special” day. She had to endure yet another year of being in the most boring and irritating place known in the history of those under the age of 20. School. And it was the first day of it. She sighed. At least she was in 12th grade now. This is the last year she had to put up with snobby and overbearing popular girls, Jerky, piggish and macho jocks, crabby teachers and all of the endless amount of class and homework. Thank God this was the last year, wait- why was her bed so hard? And where was her comforter?

Claire opened her eyes and saw that her bed was in fact hard linoleum floor. But this wasn’t her bed and this wasn’t the floor of her bedroom. Claire looked around. She saw huge objects as tall if not taller than the world trade center towers. She saw a board with sheets of paper on it high above her. She was in a school. But it didn’t look like the one she went to. She looked back up on the over-sized board and saw a paper that said “Welcome back to Poppy Flower High School for Girls! Students of 2489.”

Claire gasped. She was in a different School. And she came to a startling realization that she was no bigger then an ant. Suddenly, the bell rang. It was deafening. Like being in a belfry filled with many huge bells. And the next thing Claire heard was many faint voices. Suddenly an earthquake hit and as quickly as it came, it stopped. Then another one came, but now the ground kept shaking and rumbling. Claire struggled to keep her balance. She shook her head vigorously to snap out of what crazy hallucination she was having.

Claire: Come on! Snap out of it damn it!

Just then, Claire gasped when she saw a huge shadow looming over her for many miles. And then she saw something incomprehensible to human eyes and thought to be only seen or read about in a story. She saw what looked like a human being towering over her. Claire gasped shakily. She slowly traced the lines of the leg towering into the sky. The Giant before her was wearing knee length socks and shiny black shoes. It had to be the biggest shoe she’d ever seen in her life. She slowly looked up to see a towering leg, a bare white leg of what anyone would classify as shapely, sexy, beautiful, etcetera. She looked up more to see the huge white panty clad crotch many miles above her. A navy blue skirt wrapped around her pelvis. The girl’s crotch alone had to be as high and as thick as a building. This would be a big turn on for Claire right now if she wasn’t a heterosexual.
End Notes:

Are you enjoying it yet? If you're not, don't worry! Thing's will get more exciting!

Beautiful Freckled Host. by Mara
Author's Notes:

There are clearly not enough stories with shrunken females in them. And being shrunk at school is everyone's secret dream. You can see all sorts of things when you're tiny. Like panties! And the best thing is you won't get caught!

Beautiful Freckled Host.

Claire stopped and wondered if she should try to get her attention. But then again, she was a size of an ant to her. If Claire did get her attention, what would happen? Would she mistake her for a bug and crush her under one of those shiny new shoes of hers? Would she by some miracle see that she wasn’t in fact a bug, but a human being like herself shrunken to ant-size? Claire had to take a while to ponder her situation. She would risk getting help or getting killed by what was in front of her.

Just as she was considering calling up to her for help. The girl’s whole body pivoted, causing the ground to shake. Claire gasped in horror as she saw that the girl was squatting down. Her sky darkened as the girl’s legs were spreading apart as she bent down. Her crotch was getting closer and closer to Claire and became more and more noticeable. She could feel heat and smell the scent of her massive sex pouring over her.

Claire: (Whispering) Holy shit!

Claire could see the young woman’s face. She had blue eyes and a pretty freckled face. The girl wore cheap pink lip-gloss that she possibly brought from a 99 cent store. Claire saw those sexy lips of the giantess part slightly. A heavy gust of hot minty wind erupted from her mouth. Had her face been closer to the ground, Claire would’ve been blown away. The gigantic teen then reached out to open her locker. From Claire’s point of view, she was moving in slow motion. The school-girl’s massive sized chest rose and fell slowly as she breathed in and out. The beautiful teen got some notebooks and text books out from her locker.

Claire watched the girl as she moved. She was totally mesmerized by the giant beauty that took up the space in her insignificant and pathetic little world. Looking up between her thighs, Claire could see that curly dark pubic hairs were escaping the confines of the girl’s panties. Most Immodest. She also took note of the girl’s massive chest. Her breasts were quite large even by normal standards. She didn’t know why, but Claire was becoming fascinated with this girl. She was curious as to what her name was. Suddenly, the ground rocked and shook as something huge hit the ground. It was the girl’s book bag. The school girl was putting her books into her book bag and she was ready to start class.

The Giantess’s body pivoted again causing another small earthquake. Claire saw that she was slowly standing up because her panty clad crotch was moving higher into what was Claire’s sky. Another gust of wind escaped the girl’s mouth as she put on her book bag. Claire could tell she was ready to leave. She had to act fast. It was either stay here and wait to get stepped on, or hitch a ride on the girl’s shoes.
End Notes:

Well, I can tell you'll like it because I KNOW I DO. Stay tuned kiddies. Oh. I really shouldn't say "kiddies" because as you have already read, this story is NOT for kids. Anyway... the next chapter is comming soon. Please don't throw your computer in anger. I promise it'll be ready soon!

Parasite. by Mara
Author's Notes:

Here is the next chapter. I'm very pleased that so many people are reading my story. I am also pleased with my recent rating. And as promised, I going to type this story until my fingers fall off. But hopefully that won't happen because I know you all want to hear the ending!


The school bell rang and once again, Claire covered her ears to avoid going deaf. The girl would be on the move. Claire didn’t have time to ponder her current situation so she ran as quickly as she could to the girl’s right shoe and grabbed on to her black shoelace as tight as she could. And with that, her Giant companion was off to class.

Claire yelped as the foot she was on suddenly lifted off the ground at an alarming rate. It hit the ground with a crash and an earthquake. The impact picked up an absurd amount of dust. Far behind her, the Giantess’s left foot lifted off the ground and began moving. Claire breathlessly looked up and watched as the massive foot soared high into the air and landed several miles in front of the other foot. She was walking.

This process would need to repeat itself over and over again until Claire’s Giantess companion would reach class. Until then, she would have to enjoy the ride, or at least hang on long enough until her Giantess got to class. However, she was slipping and the impacts of her footfalls didn’t help much either. Claire was quickly losing her grip on the shoe lace, but she saw that the girl’s other foot had came to rest right beside the one she was on. She suddenly heard booming and thunderous distorted voices come from the heavens. Claire looked up. The freckled Giantess was talking with someone.

While her host was busy speaking with the other Goddess, Claire took the opportunity to climb onto the girl’s shoe and find a safer spot to be when her Giantess companion started walking again. Curious, Claire looked up at the person she was chatting with. This girl had tan legs. She wore light pink panties. She was standing up so Claire couldn’t see her face clearly. She wore the same school uniform as the girl she was hitching a ride with. She listened to their conversation. From her point of view, their voices sounded very deep. If you were to record these 2 girls and play their conversation back in slow-motion, that’s what it would sound like. It was somewhat hard to understand what the 2 of them were saying, but Claire managed to catch one word that came out of the other girl’s mouth.

Amelia. That was her Giantess’s name. It was very nice too. Amelia. Claire suddenly shook her head and grunted. She couldn’t understand why she was becoming infatuated with a giant. Was it because she was beginning to depend on her? She even thought of Amelia as her “host”. Is this strange emotion toward a person she knew had no clue of her existence come from the fact that she was very tiny? Claire watched the 2 girl’s talk while she worried about her mental health. Claire’s strange feelings was likely due to her loss on reality. Or maybe, she felt this way out of loneliness…

End Notes:

Oooooh. Suspence. I thought it could spice up the story a bit. Sometimes I wish I was shrunken down to the size of an ant. They probably see us in slow motion like Claire sees the Giant School girls. Besides, there's something about slow motion that makes everything so sexy. Don't you think?

The Pleasure of Company. by Mara
Author's Notes:

Company is the best medicine for loneliness. And reading my story is the best medicine for boredom! :) In this Chapter, Claire starts to get more attached to Amelia just by being on her foot. I'm not much of a foot person, but I'll try to add some sexy foot stuff soon enough for those who have foot fetishes!

The Pleasure of Company.

While the 2 Goddess’s were talking. Claire looked at her surroundings once again. Everything around her was so immense. People around her were enormous, gigantic. Actually, these words weren’t enough to describe how big everything was. This was a constant reminder of just how small she was and she didn’t even remember how she ended up the size of an ant. Now she started to grow interested in a stranger she just met. Is this really the way creatures her current size think?

Claire looked up to see the shadow of Amelia’s friend tower over her. Her gigantic body was slowly moving forward. Claire saw the girl’s impossibly long arms wrap around Amelia’s body far above her. Amelia wrapped her arms around her friend as well. A thunderous moan escaped the girl’s mouth as she hugged her friend. This casual human action caused Claire to feel a mixture of emotions. Enamored and calm with a small twinge of jealousy. As soon as the friend let go of Amelia, she lifted her left foot and took a massive step forward. She was walking with her friend. Luckily, Claire had found a good place to hang onto while Amelia moved and soon enough, both of them had reached their destination and went into the classroom.

Amelia approached her student’s desk and turned to sit. Claire watched as Amelia’s enormous ass lowered onto the chair. A thunderous thudding sound came from the heavens as her butt made contact with the chair. She looked up and saw other girl’s take their seats around Amelia. There were conversations thundering from the sky. The girls around her were talking about things like boys, sex, fashion, basically anything girls would take interest in. Claire was never interested in simple things like that. She was interested in books, nature and documentaries.

Many people would classify her as a nerd, but Claire certainly didn’t have the appearance of one. She was a petite girl with short blonde hair. She was thin, but she didn’t have much of a figure. Claire wasn’t ugly or gorgeous, but pretty. Between plain and beautiful.

Amelia fidgeted slightly in her chair. She moved her feet around a bit. To Claire, it felt like a cruise ship capsizing. Claire began sliding off Amelia’s shoe, but acted quickly and grabbed a loose thread in her shoe lace. Claire looked up and saw Amelia’s massive hands grab the folds in her skirt. Small movements like that showed signs of discomfort. Claire wondered if Amelia was under some stress.

A minuet later, someone else came into the room. The teenage giantess’s instantly stopped talking. Claire turned in the direction of the classroom door and saw a tall pair of gorgeous legs enter. They belonged to a woman dressed in a business outfit. She wore black stockings and far above, Claire caught a glimpse of the woman’s thong under her skirt. Claire gasped when she saw the face of the beautiful teacher… and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

End Notes:

Looks like Claire saw someone she knows. And I know you're just dying to see what happens next. Until then, please await the next chapter. I won't take too long to up load it. I once heard that some people can catch the "Angry German Kid" syndrome from waiting too long to see something on the internet. LOL. (Just in case you don't know about the Angry German kid, go to youtube and type in "Angry German Kid"). 

Claire and Sarah: The Flashback into Claire's Past. by Mara
Author's Notes:

This is a Flashback Chapter that I put a lot of work into. A story is as juicy as a well cooked hamburger when you add some information about the main charachter's past.

Claire and Sarah: The Flashback into Claire’s Past.

There was a time in Claire’s life where she was happy. She had parents who loved and supported her and gave her whatever she wanted. Claire was known by everyone around her as a gifted child because she was very smart. And unlike most little girls who wanted dolls, ponies and dresses, Claire wanted micro scopes, chemistry sets and anatomy books and DVDs. Sure she wasn’t someone you would classify as a normal girl, but she was a hard working girl that made her family proud.

Shortly after her 6th birthday, Claire noticed that her mother and father were going through financial problems, and Claire would always notice that her father would constantly search the house for money or change and go out to “play” with some friends. There was a time when Claire’s dad exited the house with a large stack of $20 bills in the morning before she went to school. When he came back home at 8 o’clock at night, it was all gone.

Yes. Claire’s father had a gambling addiction, and it was driving her mother crazy. She was under so much stress that she looked to alcohol for comfort. The 1st couple of weeks she would only have 1 or 2 glasses a day. But within the next couple of weeks, she started having 5 to 7 glasses a day, and she craved more and more. And soon enough, she would be searching the house for money too. She even became convinced that her own daughter Claire was stealing money and keeping booze from her, which led to verbal and physical abuse.

Things went from bad to worse. Claire’s father had a gambling addiction and Claire’s mother had an alcohol addiction as well. Things got so bad, that Claire’s mother eventually lost her job and began prostituting herself for money on the streets just to get more booze. It was then that the other kids at school started bullying Claire because her parents were considered to be nothing but “White Trash”. But it didn’t stop there.

One day, when Claire was walking to school, she noticed her father’s silver Porsche that he had somehow managed to keep had followed her. There was no emotion in her parent’s eyes when they saw her, but then they smiled and waved to their daughter, and she waved back. It was the first time in ages that her parents had looked at her with so much care and love in their eyes. But then, her father had mouthed the words “Good-bye” and firmly put his hands on the steering wheel. He then punched the gas petal. The car jumped onto the sidewalk and headed straight toward Claire.

The witnesses of the horrible crime immediately called the police and the next day; Claire’s parents were arrested, while Claire was in a coma. There was no guilt or pity in their eyes when they were hauled off to jail. They had confessed to the police that they found that there was over $200,000 in Claire’s health insurance and they had remembered that a now deceased relative had put a portion of their inheritance money in their daughter’s health insurance account. Claire’s parents had planned on getting rid of their daughter by killing her so they can get the money and cash it in so they would be rolling in dough and their bratty and needy daughter would be 6 feet in the ground and out of their lives.

3 months later, both parents were sentenced to 40 years behind bars in court, and their only daughter was taken out of the hospital and was about to be sent to an orphanage, but one woman had stepped in and offered to take care of her. A beautiful woman who Claire knew very well. Sarah McLane. Her mother’s older sister. While her sister and her husband were always drinking, partying, abusing drugs and spending many hours out on the streets, Claire always went to her aunt’s house down the street. The 2 of them would always talk to each other, and over time, Sarah began to feel more like a mother to Claire than her actual one. Sarah would always cook for her whenever she came over and she would always console her. Like a real mother should. Before Sarah adopted her, she was known as Claire Wallace. Now, her name was Claire McLane.

Claire looked at the beautiful face of the Giantess teacher standing by the door of the classroom with her teaching books in hand. She looked at those mountainous breasts that would be measured as an E cup buy normal standards. She saw those gentle chocolate brown eyes of hers through those pretty glasses. Her long brown hair was put up into a bun. It was the beautiful woman that took her in and gave her a home when she was depressed and betrayed. It was the woman who comforted her and made her feel safe in her care when she was young. It was her aunt and foster mother. Sarah McLane.
End Notes:

I know this wasn't a very ecxiting chapter if you were looking for some more GTS action. But I promise you, you won't want to miss the next one!

Giant Women: Arousing or Nauseating. by Mara
Author's Notes:

Hey, Hey, Hey Everybody! Here's the next chapter! A story is nothing but crap if you don't give the readers suspense. Anyway, this chapter is LONG! And I'm not talking 500 words long. This chapter has exactly 1558 words! Enjoy!

Giant Women: Arousing or Nauseating.

Claire looked at her aunt Sarah as she strode into the room. Her black stilettos high heels were hitting the ground causing tremors. Her feet were too far away for the tremors to be considered earthquakes to Claire. She had always admired her beauty. Everything about her was beautiful. Her feet, her legs, her hips, her body and her personality too. She was a perfect woman and Claire envied her for that. And that’s when she knew that she just had to get her attention. Sarah was the one who decided to take her in because she loved her, and she raised her well for 10 years. Sarah was the only one that she could trust. She could help her get back to normal.

The hard part was getting her attention. Claire knew that she couldn’t just run up to her feet and yell up at her. She wouldn’t be able to hear her, would she? Not to mention Claire’s current size. Would Sarah mistake her own niece for an ant and stomp on her? Claire knew that running up to her wouldn’t be the safest or smartest thing to do. Claire should know. She was an honor student since the 4th grade. Sarah went over to the chalk board and turned her body to face the class made up entirely of girls.

Sarah: Good morning, girls. My name is Sarah McLane, and I will be your English teacher as well as your home teacher during the year.

As usual, Sarah always had impression of no compassion on her pretty face. But that didn’t exactly mean she was an uncaring person. Claire has always known Sarah was a good person. She would always help someone in need. She just gave everyone the “no nonsense” expression because she didn’t want to let people trample down on her and her rules.

Sarah turned around and began writing on the chalk board. The flesh in her voluptuous ass was rippling and jiggling before Claire’s inferior form. Amelia was sitting in the front row and she stuck her feet out. And because Sarah was so tall, Claire got a good view of Sarah’s ass.

Claire: (Sighing) My God. I could become a lesbian by the time all of this is over.

Suddenly, Sarah dropped the piece of chalk she was holding onto the floor. Claire covered her ears from the deafening clattering noise.

Sarah: Oops.

Claire watched in awe while trembling as Sarah slowly bent down to pick up the piece of chalk on the floor. Her enormous ass cheeks parted slowly. She could see the lips of her aunt’s vagina as she squatted lower and lower.

Claire: Jesus Christ.

Sarah’s ass loomed several hundred feet from the ground. Claire could almost feel the heat from it. Sarah moved her body forward which caused Claire to see even more of her aunt’s magnificent ass. Claire just hoped she wouldn’t fart. Amelia’s feet were just about a foot away from where Sarah’s taut and enormous ass was. If she farted, Claire would be doomed. Her body would be hurled hundreds, if not thousands of feet into the air and she would die an absurd and humiliating death.

When Sarah found the piece of chalk, she got back up again. That beautiful ass of hers was slowly moving far away into the air. Claire watched as Sarah turned to the side and walked to her desk. She took a large white binder from her desk and opened it.

Sarah: Ok. I’m going to start role call now, so please say respond if you hear your name.

Sarah began calling names out and the girls responded by either saying “here” or raising their hands. Meanwhile, Amelia was twitching more. Her hips were grinding into the chair and the movement in her feet caused Claire to hang on for dear life. Claire started to feel woozy and her arms were getting very tired and started to ache. Claire was considering abandoning Amelia and going over to Sarah’s desk where she could climb up there and have a better chance of getting her attention. But part of her didn’t want to leave Amelia. She didn’t know why, but Claire felt like she had to stay with her.

Amelia raised her hand. A look of discomfort was on her face. Sarah noticed.

Sarah: Yes? What is it?

Amelia: Um… Ms. McLane, I’m really sorry, but may I use the bathroom, please?

Sarah: (Sighs) Ok. Just try not to make a habit out of this.

Amelia: Ok.

Claire: Oh crap!

Claire hung on as tight as she could to Amelia’s shoe lace as she moved her foot out and got up from her desk. She walked out of the classroom and made it to the girl’s restroom a minuet later. To Claire it felt like an hour. And she cursed herself for not leaving Amelia when she had to opportunity. Claire watched as Amelia entered the bathroom stall and put her hands under her skirt. She knew what was coming next.

Claire: Oh my God.

Amelia slowly pulled down her white panties exposing her vulva to the ant-sized girl that she had no idea was there with her. Claire saw the curly pubic hair on the girl’s genitalia. A gust of wind escaped Amelia’s mouth as she sat down causing her vaginal lips to spread exposing Amelia’s glistening labia and clitoris. Claire was completely filled with shock and fear. She couldn’t say a word. She was so stunned with fear that she failed to notice that Amelia’s panties were falling right over her.

Claire yelled with fear as the panties made contact with her puny body. The force threw her whole body down and pinned her to the shoe lace she was holding onto. She could hear the roaring waterfall of urine going into the toilet far above her. Claire was in a very uncomfortable position. The massive cloth of the odd smelling panties was pressing down on her back. It wasn’t crushing her, but it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable position to be in. Claire decided that the best course of action would be to get out of here. But she had to stay with Amelia, not because she was felt she needed to, but because she was safe around her.

Claire was able to survive this long because she stayed with Amelia. If she didn’t decide to hitch a ride on her shoe earlier, then she probably would’ve ran into tons of other dangerous scenarios. Stepped on by someone strolling by, swept up by the janitor and thrown away in the trash and the very worse case, captured by someone who recognized that she was human. God knows what would’ve happened after that.

Claire decided it would be best to change locations while with Amelia. First she had to go somewhere and think. She couldn’t think clearly while in this position. Claire made her way out from under Amelia’s panties and grabbed onto the hem. She climbed up onto the hem and sat down to think. But before she could she heard very deep bellowing from the heavens. She looked up and then noticed the wind speed picked up slightly. Amelia had taken a deep breath and sighed deeply. Once again, Claire had some concerns about Amelia. She wondered what she was thinking about.

Suddenly, Amelia stood up above the toilet bowl. The hairs in her nether regions by her labia were shining wet with urine. Gross. Amelia gyrated her hips and stretched her arms high into the heavens. A drop of pee and dripped off from the confines of Amelia’s bush and fell toward her panties. Claire cried out in fear when she heard the whistling of the drop of urine falling toward her. Fortunately, it landed only several feet from where she was and sank into the now yellowing fabric of the ground that was made up of cotton. Claire gasped when she heard a thunderous tearing sound and looked up to see Amelia with toilet paper in her hand. She wiped her vaginal lips free of urine and sent the wad of toilet paper splashing into the toilet behind her. It was then that Claire realized she made a bad decision.

Claire: (Nervously) Oh, no…

Amelia reached down. Both of her hands extended down toward Claire to grab hold of her underwear. Claire’s heart beat faster and faster as the Goddess’s impossibly huge hands touched each side of her panties. She could see her titanic freckled face fill her sky. She saw her slowly blink. Her sexy pink lips parted slightly, showing Claire those immense building sized white teeth. Claire could feet the warm minty gusts of wind emanating from Amelia’s mouth. Claire was dead. If she moved it was all over for her. She knew exactly what Amelia was capable of, so Claire didn’t dare move. She even wondered if Amelia could see her.

Amelia began pulling up her panties.

Claire: Whoa! Shit!

Claire slipped off the hem and landed right in the center of the panty. Claire gasped with shock as she saw Amelia’s vulva coming closer and closer to the miniscule girl. She couldn’t believe her stupidity and carelessness. Claire swore as she realized that she’d be in a world of hell.

Claire: (Angry) Mother fu-

End Notes:

And that is the end of the stroy! Ha just kidding! Chapter! I'm not going to end the chapter on such short notice, I mean, that would be messed up, right? I really hoped you liked this chapter! I put all my sweat and tears into this chapter. So you'd better like it! The next chapter is comming soon!

The Horrible/Wonderful World of a Girl’s Lady Parts. by Mara
Author's Notes:

If any of you were mad and thought I lied to you about promising to end the story, I apologize. Please remember that I am a human being with a busy life. I'm sorry that I couldn't bring you this chapter sooner. But here it is. Just calm down, take deep breaths and read this chapter. I put my heart and soul into this one.

The Horrible/Wonderful World of a Girl’s Lady Parts.

Claire shuddered as she looked up at Amelia’s exposed sex. It was like some sort of alien monster ready to eat her up. And the smell of it was incredibly heavy. Amelia pulled up her panties tight around her waist, forcing Claire right between her labia. Her slit was as long as a large big business building and her clitoris was as big as a house. Claire was incredibly disgusted at the sight of Amelia’s vagina. She’s a heterosexual, what can you do?

Suddenly, Claire’s pathetic little world shifted as Amelia began to move. The entrance to the confines of her sex opened up slightly as she walked. The heat became more intense. Claire was beginning to sweat profusely due to the immense amount of heat. Her vaginal lips were opening and closing as she walked. Her movements caused the wet and sensitive flesh to slide and make nasty squishing sounds.

Hours passed as the day dragged on. Staying in the constant heat of Amelia’s intimate part was like being in an oven. A musky smelling, sweaty, fleshy and wet oven. Claire had no idea what was going on. Amelia occasionally got up and sat down. And when she ran, beads of sweat the size of Claire's body, sometimes bigger formed in her labia. At times, Claire had passed out from the heat and woke up again only to pass out again. For a man, this would be heaven, but for girls like Claire, this was hell. Especially when she bent down.

When Amelia squatted, her vaginal lips opened, pouring more and more heat onto the tiny ant-sized girl right below it. The gigantic, wet and terrifying pink fleshy cave into Amelia’s sensitive parts had loomed above her. Threatening to swallow her minuscule body. It was disgusting, so disgusting that Claire would scream, mostly in disgust, frustration and anger for getting herself into this mess. She felt like the biggest idiot even though she was no bigger than an ant. She would never get a chance to get to Sarah now. It was like a nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from.

At certain times during the day, Claire heard Amelia conversing with someone and she also heard other conversations around her. When school ended, Claire heard Amelia wish her friends goodbye. And with that, she was on her way home. Claire thought about her current situation. She was in Amelia’s underwear and directly under her vagina. Claire had no means of escape. At least not a safe one.

If Claire did manage to get to the hem of Amelia’s panties and escape, she would fall to her death unnoticed. That’s why she had stayed put in her companion’s panties. To be safe. In fact, this was a much safer location that Amelia’s shoe. Claire couldn’t spend all day holding onto her shoe lace. The best course of action now would be to get Amelia’s attention. She seemed like a nice girl, but then again she was human.

And at times, human beings are cruel and craved dominance over the weak. Could Amelia be trusted? Claire felt like she had to take a risk. Getting this girl’s attention could mean life or death, but she knew she couldn’t find the means to get big again by herself. She needed help. And in order to get it, she would have to get her attention somehow. Then, Claire slowly looked up and saw Amelia’s labia and shuddered. Would she have to touch it to get her attention?

Claire really didn’t want to think about, or even consider that. But what choice did she have? She really didn’t want to stay in Amelia’s panties forever. So she stood up and tried to get better footing, but due to Amelia’s constant movements, Claire was tossed around a bit. Thankfully, she did manage to grab onto one of the Goddess’s dirty blonde pubic hairs. With a sigh, Claire shook her head free of a thick layer of sweat and began climbing.

Instead of cringing at the huge, fleshy and highly immodest sight directly above her, Claire just focused on what she had to do. She held on tightly and listened to hers and Amelia’s surroundings. She heard what sounded like keys jingling from far above, then a door opening. Amelia just got home and the time to act was now.

Claire looked up again and saw a hair that was closer to Amelia’s naughty bits and jumped over to it. She continued to venture upward while she heard Amelia talking to other people around her. She listened to the distorted voices around her and tried to make out what they were saying. She heard Amelia’s somewhat stressed voice saying that she had a long day at school and needed to unwind for a while before starting on her homework.

Amelia started moving again and mumbled to herself that she needed a shower. Claire gasped and hurried up through the forest of Amelia’s bush until she finally reached the clitoris. The gigantic pink knob was wet with vaginal juices and it pulsated slightly every couple of seconds. It was a sickening sight.

Claire: (Gags) Oh God…

Claire knew she had no time to bitch and moan about her situation, so she got busy. She found a short hair directly under the massive lump, jumped on it and touched Amelia’s clitoris using both of her hands.

On route to her room, Amelia stopped and shuddered as she felt a small, pleasant tingling feeling down in her panties. She sighed softly, and then went into her room.

Claire was hard at work trying to get Amelia’s attention. If she got hot enough, she would look into her panties to see what was causing her to react this way. A muffled rumbling sound came from directly above. Just then, a hot creamy substance fell on Claire’s shoulder. She looked at the mess on her shoulder then looked up at the titanic vaginal opening to see that Amelia’s love cream began to spill out from inside her. A waterfall of cum poured out from Amelia’s vagina and flowed just behind Claire. The thick, heavy and milky white substance flowed several feet behind Claire and down into the net of pubic hair below. Nasty squishing and splatting sounds reached Claire’s ears; she then heard a low, deep moan come from high above. Amelia was getting hot and bothered. Claire was horrified, but she continued to unwillingly please her Goddess as hard as she could.

Claire used the thick hair below the clit as a trampoline. She charged into the massive organ as hard as she could over and over again until her world shook and rumbled around her. Claire felt her world turning. Thinking fast, she quickly crouched down and held on tightly to the hair by Amelia’s labia. The wall of cotton panties moved away and came off of Amelia and went around her ankle.

Claire: Huh?

Claire saw Amelia’s massive bare foot tossed away her undergarments. She then spread her legs wide and put a small mirror down near her crotch to see it. Claire knew what was coming next.

Claire: Oh Shit!

Claire saw a pair of huge fingers come into view. Claire yelped in fear. Now was the best time to move away. While Claire climbed through the forest of pubic hair, she watched as Amelia used those massive fingers of hers to peel herself open. Loud squishing sounds came from behind her. Luckily for her, Claire got out of the way of Amelia’s massive digit. She could’ve been either pinned to the sensitive flesh or squished. A loud disgusting slurping sound came from behind Claire as Amelia inserted another pair of her fingers inside her.

Claire couldn’t believe her eyes. She was masturbating! And to make things worse, Claire was right in the center of all this. Claire reached the outside of Amelia’s bush just in time to hear her panting and moaning. Form Claire’s point of view, she sounded like some sort of ferocious beast. Amelia breathed out hot hurricane speed winds of ecstasy and moaned (or more like bellowed) in sexual pleasure.

The sensations coming from Amelia’s nether regions were absolutely wonderful. She felt shame because she was masturbating herself at a young age, but she didn’t care. God would forgive her, besides, it was her body and she knew she could do what ever she liked with it. After she finished climaxing, she basked in the after glow of her self-pleasuring. That was the best orgasm she ever had since she dumped her dick of an ex-boyfriend John. When the waves of the after glow finished, she sat up and looked at the mirror aimed at her sex. She gasped and tilted her head slowly as she saw something tiny moving on her bush. She watched it for a while and wondered what it was…
End Notes:

Oh! Looks like Claire was spotted! Are you excited yet? You should be! Because another exciting chapter is coming up soon! Again, I apologize for taking a long time to continue the story. I'll try to pick up the pace and think hard about ideas for new chapters. Thank you.

Amelia and the Dominatrix. by Mara
Author's Notes:

Here is the next Chapter! I bet you're happy that I'm finally starting where I left off after many days without posting anything. I think those of you how love demanding and powerful women will find this chapter very interesting. The title says it all, not to mention, I always aim to please. I should know, I'm a woman myself.

Amelia and the Dominatrix.

Claire decided that it would be best to escape Amelia’s big hairy monster. She felt sick to her stomach after witnessing the Giantess’s self-pleasuring escapade while being right in the middle of it. The sight of those fingers entering her love cave had made Claire’s blood run cold. Thick love juices covered those towering white fingers as Amelia drove them in and out of herself over and over. She sometimes moved her fingers in circular motions to please herself. All while her vaginal flesh quivered throbbed and glistened wetly with her juices.

Claire was exhausted and she was in a world of hell, but she knew she had to find another way to seek out Amelia’s attention, however, the sky above darkened. Claire looked up at Amelia’s huge face come into view. She was looking down at the tiny presence on her hairy and sensitive flesh.

Claire: Aaah!

Claire saw that Amelia’s fingers were coming down upon her. She screamed as Amelia’s colossal hand came down toward her. Amelia used great care to carefully extract the tiny thing from her pubic hair. Her fingers nearly squeezed the life out of Claire, as she was brought up to the face of the curious teenage Goddess that held her. Amelia held Claire in the center of her finger and squinted to get a good look at what was on her finger.

Claire was utterly terrified as Amelia’s enormous freckled face emotionlessly looked down at its unwanted visitor. Claire was shaking with fear as she looked around at the fleshy landscape she was on. The ground was covered in wrinkles and ridges that extended hundreds, or perhaps thousands of feet in front of her. There were small clumps of dirt wedged in the ridges of skin that was Amelia’s finger print.

Claire shouted in fear as she saw that Amelia’s face moved closer and closer. Strong gusts of hot air escaped from Amelia’s pointy, flaking nose. The long nose hairs shook violently as they were blown back and forth by the hot breath of the mighty Giantess. Claire noticed all of the things on the human face that a normal sized person couldn’t see with the naked eye. She saw short light blonde hairs growing on Amelia’s vast face. She saw that her lips were somewhat chapped underneath the thick layer of magenta lipstick. She saw the many huge freckles that were on her face. Claire even saw the barely noticeable zits that Amelia had on her face, which was a major gross out.

Amelia brought her finger up to her eye and studied the ant-sized creature. Claire could almost hear her heart throbbing in her chest. Amelia’s pupil was almost 4 times her size. It visibly expanded and shrank right before her eyes. The eyelid slowly closed over the eye, then opened again. Amelia blinked. Just then, a deafening and thunderous distorted voice assaulted the air and space around Claire.

Amelia: Oh! A Human!

Claire cried out in fear and covered her ears from Amelia’s powerful voice. Amelia saw this and lowered the volume of her voice.

Amelia: Oh. Sorry about that.

Amelia reached down and carefully plucked the tiny human from her finger and placed her in the palm of her other hand. She saw that the little thing was frightened, so Amelia smiled gently to assure her that she would not hurt her.

Amelia: (Cooing) What were you doing on my pussy? Were you busy being a little perv?

Claire was trembling with fear as Amelia kept her eyes glued to her, but she didn’t look like she wanted to harm her in any way. The smile on her enormous face told Claire that she was excited and fascinated by what she saw. However, Claire couldn’t fully trust her. To Claire, Amelia was an immense and mighty Goddess. She could end Claire’s life in a heart-beat if she wanted to.

Amelia: You’re so cute! Can you talk? What’s your name, little one?

Claire was waiting for this moment all day. She would finally get to speak with someone that could help her. Claire slowly stood up and shouted up at Amelia so she could hear her.


Amelia giggled softly and cooed at Claire like she would a small child.

Amelia: Aaaw, how cute. She wants to play an adventure game with me.


Amelia: Ooh, you poor little thing. You must be so confused and lost. I’ll get you something to eat.


The giantess got up off the bed, took a piece of tissue and folded it into a small square and set it on the bed. Amelia tilted her hand to let the tiny human slide off. Claire landed on the soft surface of the tissue paper, and then looked up at Amelia. Her freckled face was beaming with happiness as she looked down at Claire. Amelia giggled, and then went over to the drawer buy her closet, found a clean pair of baby blue panties and put them on. They fit tightly around Amelia’s beautiful ass.

Amelia: (Looks at Claire and winks) I’ll be right back, cutie.

The titanic teenager turned away from her new friend began to leave. Claire watched the girl’s immense body sway as she walked out of the room. She was a bit younger than Claire. She was 15, maybe 16. Claire had almost forgotten how pretty she was. In fact, she sort of reminded her of her aunt Sarah. Because she had just the right amount of flesh to make her breasts, waist and ass hypnotize even a girl like Claire.

While waiting for Amelia to return, Claire had thought about what she said. She mistook her for wanting to play some sort of game with her. Then she said that she was lost and confused. Did Amelia see her as some sort of pet? An animal to love and care for? Claire didn’t know what to do now. Perhaps she should tell Amelia about Sarah, but would she even listen to her? Would she refuse? Or would she coo at her again and treat her like a child?

Suddenly, Claire heard a massive thudding sound hitting the hardwood floor from the end of the hallway. The loud sound startled her. She wasn’t yet accustomed to the sounds of the big world just yet, but she knew someone was coming down the hallway. The thudding became louder and louder with each approaching step, and then another Giant figure came into view in the doorway, a different figure.

Claire gasped when she saw the person standing at the doorway. It was a tall woman with shoulder length rose red hair. Claire suddenly covered her eyes as soon as she saw the woman’s nipples popping out of her smutty, tight black outfit. In fact, she was dressed like some sort of dominatrix fantasy chick. The tight black leather dress showed off the lines of her curvy body and she wore thigh length fishnet stockings with shiny stiletto heels. 

Woman: Hey Amelia? Where are you?

The woman walked into Amelia’s bedroom and looked around. Claire looked up at the woman’s face and saw the woman’s sensual, sticky red lips moving. It looked like she was chewing on something, like bubble gum.

Woman: Amelia! (Scoffs, muttering) Where is that girl?

Claire looked down and covered her ears as the woman’s powerful and thunderous voice assaulted the air around her. As soon as Claire uncovered her ears, she heard the woman smacking her bubble gum. She then looked up to see the woman slowly taking her grape flavored bubble bum out from her mouth. She took a small piece of paper out of her pocket, stuck the bubble gum to the paper and tossed it away somewhere. The woman walked up to the bed and sighed. Claire could feel the earthquakes coming from far below. The dominatrix’s titanic shapely legs were about 100 to 150 feet from where Claire was. Her massive shadow loomed over her. She looked up the woman’s short dress and saw that her panties were see-through. Claire didn’t dare make a sound.

This woman looked scary and hostile. Not because she was dressed up like a dominatrix, but because there was something about her that made her look predatory. The look in those blue eyes of hers was uncompassionate and cruel. She looked like the kind of girl that would steal someone’s friends and boyfriend for kicks. She was taller and older than Amelia, and she also looked less friendly.

Sighing, the dominatrix took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out from her pocket. She casually took a cigarette out of the pack and lit it up. The she put away the pack, put the lit cigarette to her lips, raised her head high and began smoking. Claire watched breathlessly as she saw the woman’s enormous chest rise as she breathed in, then fall as she breathed out. She saw the seemingly endless amount of thick blue-grey smoke coming out from the powerful Giantess’s mouth, and she heard the powerful blast of wind and the low bellowing moan the woman made as she enjoyed the feeling of smoking. She put her free hand on her hip which caused her big breasts (big even by normal standards) to jiggle slowly.

Claire gasped in fear as she suddenly made a realization that ash began to rain down from the sky. And it burned. The air pressure grew thicker and thicker as the pungent smell of cigarette smoke grew more and more powerful. Claire quickly took off her sweater and covered herself with it to protect herself from the burning ash. She covered her mouth with the arms of the sweater and began to cough. She heard another powerful blast of wind come from high above. The tiny girl was coughing and hacking. The smoke in the air was nearly unbearable. It was like being at the site of an erupting volcano. For the sake of her own safety, Claire decided to try and get her attention.

Claire: HEY! I’M (Cough, wheeze) DOWN HERE! PLEASE (Cough, cough) STOP SMOKING!!

Woman: Huh?

Nora thought she heard a small faint voice coming from somewhere in the room. She took another puff of smoke and looked around to see where the voice came from, but couldn’t find the source of it. She had a long day, and now she was hearing things. Amelia was taking too long to get home again and she couldn’t stand here forever, so she decided to take a seat on her bed.

The air was thick with eye stinging, suffocating cigarette smoke. As soon as cigarette smoke exited the lungs of a smoker, it entered the air and disappeared. However, the smell would linger in the air for a while and so would the smoke. It couldn’t be seen by normal-sized people like the dominatrix or Amelia. Also, the burning ash was created by the moisture in Nora’s lungs and the moisture in the air. The smoke that went into Nora’s lungs was already pretty hot, and when she breathed it out, it had cooled down causing the ash to form.

The Giantess towering above Claire and the thick billowing smoke failed to notice her. Claire wanted to try and get her attention again, but she couldn’t breathe and she couldn’t stop coughing.
Suddenly, the red haired Goddess’s body pivoted and turned around. Her back was now facing Claire. The woman’s massive, yet perfect ass was looming hundreds of feet above her.

Claire: (Cough, Cough, Hack) WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I’M DOWN HERE! (Cough, Cough) HEY! TURN AROUND!!

Claire’s plea fell on deaf ears as the enormous ass of the dominatrix began lowering down. She was ready to sit down on the tissue paper that Claire was on.

End Notes:

Uh-oh. Looks like Claire is in a bit of a pickle. A clueless Giantess never fails to steam up the story even though she doesn't mean to. Things get even more steamy when a smoking hot Giantess starts smoking! LOL! Stay tuned! Chapter 10 is comming up. Don't worry. It won't take 20 days to get here!

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