American dreams by thestageofrage

hey guys, after a long time away im back with this story, i hope you enjoy it as it progresses- Luke is an ordinary guy with a problem. his girlfriend lives in kansas and he lives in london. so how does he end up in his girlfriends bedroom at 3 inches tall? and now hes their....what will julie do.....

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1. Silicon Nightmare by thestageofrage

2. Kisses and Setting the future by thestageofrage

3. tongue tied by thestageofrage

4. the tongue rodeo by thestageofrage

Silicon Nightmare by thestageofrage
Author's Notes:

he guys, ive been out of writing for a while so this chapter is a little short and rusty, but, it mainly outlines what has happened to our little guy and ho he got where he is.

I woke, my head pounding and a black spots floating in front of me. It was like refreshing blacking out. I tried to stand but quickly realised the futility in even that. I had been securely strapped to a hard object. The spots began to clear and I could see the world around me properly. I was in a girl’s room that much was apparent. Pink was everywhere, even a hello kitty cushion. I swallowed hard. I recognised this place. That's when it hit me, everything looked huge. Impossibly big.
"You awake yet Luke?" Came her voice. A voice I had begun to love over the past few weeks. Then the impossible. Her face popped up in front of me. Imagine standing in a field. And then, out of no where, a Boeing 747 decides to materialise out of nothing. That was the shock I received from the enormity of her face. It caused me to once again, pass out.

In the world of dreams my mind had turned back time. Sent me back to the beginning. I was sitting in my room, on skype, as per usual. I was talking to Julie, in my element, my zone, talking to the girl of my dreams. Her beautiful pink hair travelling to just below her shoulders, her plump red lips, her smoky grey-green eyes. She was my form of perfection.
"Luke, wanna try something I've been working on?" She asked. Julie had always been one for kinky ventures, so, like the natural 15 year old boy I was I grinned back at her and said
"Sure." That was mistake number one.
"Okay, touch your hand to the screen" she said. I complied, mistake number two. "Good, now one more thing, repeat after me, I give myself to thee, wholly and completely." She said, I repeated her words. That was my final mistake. The screen of my laptop seemed to bubble out ward and enclose around my finger. At first I just stared at it, still trusting my girlfriend. But, the screen seemed to slowly pull up my fingers, slowly encompassing my hand and swallowing my arm. I opened my mouth to try to say something, to plea for help, to ask to be saved. But the screen seemed to sense it and react, launching a silicon tentacle over my lips and pulling me into its electronic embrace head first. My body was slowly devoured by the demonic laptop and, as I blacked out, the final words I heard were.
" See you real soon honey."

I woke once again with a start. The dull ache in my head had dissipated but fear was its immediate replacement as I realised that I was still in Julie’s room and it hadn't all been a sick dream. Julies form lay on her bed, a book in hand.
"Julie" I called out "Julie please help me" my voice sounded quieter and sort of squeaky.
Her colossal form stirred and took a glance toward me. Her eyes lighting up in glee and her plump lips spreading into a menacing smile. I swallowed, a sharp shiver of fear spreading right through me.
"Awwww" she cooed, "you look even cuter at this size. She stuck her tongue out at me and I realised that it was even bigger than I was. I took another loud gulp. "We're gonna have so much fun together little guy" she continued, bringing her face close to me. " I have such brilliant plans." She grinned, stuck out her tongue again and pushed it into me hard. The pink muscle covered me completely with about an inch of tongue left on each side of me. Causing me to deduce I was only around three inches tall. She slowly moved her tongue over me, taking a large and long lick. Her taste buds pushed into my skin and I could practically feel the alkaline loving enzymes latch onto me and begin to soften my skin. The tip of her tongue raced up my body, stopping at my face and pushing hard into it, licking it fiercely. When she stopped I was covered from head to toe in her saliva. "Such amazing plans"

She moved in closer again, puckering her lips, but stopped about and inch away. Her lips quivering with joy. I could here some muffled words from outside her room.
"Awww too bad cutie, I'll be back in about 10 minuets, my dinners ready." She flashed me a grin that showed off all of her teeth. Huge porcelain looking white boulders of destruction. The titaness turned quickly and practically skipped away. My mind was in tatters, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I didn't know what her 'amazing plans' were yet. But as I hung to a hard, unknown object, a large way off the ground, I figured the clever thing to do would be to play along, for now.

End Notes:

okay guys, there you go, chapter one, i hope youve enjoyed it, leave a comment on what you think Julie will do to Luke, Keep in mind she still loves him :)

Kisses and Setting the future by thestageofrage
Author's Notes:

sorry guys, sort of another scene setting chapter, but i PROMISE the action will be arriving ASAP, i just really wanted to get across the two mains relationships so that you wont have to wonder, allthough, dont worry, i might have to add something in that will.....spice things up a little >:D

I hung alone, pondering, thinking about the events that had befallen me and how i should react. emotions flooded through my being and my brain made leaps and twists that it had never made before. I knew three facts. One: i was three inches tall. Two: Julie had somehow brought me here and three: I was covered in her saliva and something deep down inside me was enjoying it. The saliva had hardened around my body, sticking me even more solidly to whatever object i had been pinned to to give me my vantage across the room, and what a vantage point it was. I was near 100% sure that no-one had had a view like it before. from my point i could see the enormous expanse of my girlfriends bedroom.  it stretched for what looked like miles but in reality could be little mnore than 5 foot steps from where i was to the other side of the room. 

I felt her before i saw her. That is to say i felt the vibrations that she caused as she walked before she walked in through the door. I swallowed heavily. although i loved her i couldnt help but feel a certain element of fear, i was three inches and she was 5ft 7, lets just say that she overwhelmed me slightly.  when she stood at the door she leaned against the frame. Even at this distance she was colossal, i gulped and felt new and strange emotions surface, not just the farmilliar buzz of love that i always felt when comfronted with her image, but something much more than that. from my vantage point, she looked like a modern Athene, femininty in its upmost perfection. My heart swelled, this fantastic creature had chosen me above all others to be with her. For the first time in my life i felt like i truly belonged.

"I'm sorry" she croaked. her emotionless mask breaking and tears slowly forming at the corner of her eyes. i looked at her in confusion, not saying anything, just observing my hearts desire. "So very sorry" she said, and slowly started walking toward me, her legs covering distances that i had previously thought impossible and at a speed that my mind was near failing to comprehend. Yet still i stayed silent, biding my time. "I've hurt you, and tortured you and..." she got too choked up to continue talking and kneeled before me, her eyes and face level with mine. Her eyes glittered like the deepest ocean and her plump lips quivered again, this time in sorrow. "I'm such a Bitch, i stole you away from your home nd shrunk you down to this size...just because im selfish....just because..." she choked up again, the tears breaking their boundries and streaking down her near flwaless face, each drop seemed to be as large as my head.

"I love you" I said, my voice quieter, but she heard. her eyes widened in shock and she looked at me doubtfully. "I love you and i could never hate you, how crazy is that, im stuck to god knows what by some string and your saliva, but, some part of me, deep down, likes some of it, the string i could do with out, but being here with you is more than enough to make up for all of it. " i smiled at her and i saw her facial expression change from a pained grimace to a watery smile, the corners of her mouth still slightly turned down. "Although" i said with a grin, "it would be great if you could get me down from whatever this is." i laughed and her smile grew slightly.

"its a protractor" she said, "it was all i could find that would fit you without stretching you." she giggled slightly at that and reached her hand up to me. Each didget was like a tree trunk, the deep groves looked like they could serve as hand holds to a professional mountain climber. her hand flew above me, it looked as if it could hold an entire family with in its fleshy embrace. i sighed, it was all mine, her body, her laugh, her smile, it made my heart beat at a thousand minuets a second. I could feel some light tugging at both of my arms and then i was tumbling I fell faster than i thought was possible and I closed my eyes in fear. 

I landed on something soft and warm. for a second i thought i was dead as my body felt like it was rising upward on a cushion. a silent but pleased sigh escaped my lips. my brain thinking that heaven was my final destination.

"i really am sorry Luke" came Julies voice, pulling me out of my slumber. i opened my eyes and once again i was comfronted by Julies picture perfect face. 

"Better than heaven" i sighed.

"what was that?" julie asked, her face reddening slightly at my compliment.

"Nothing honey" i replied smiling. i turned and kissed the palm of her colossal hand. the salty flavour of her skin breaking past my lips and entering my system, it was glorious. "now, one small matter love" i say, looking into her eyes which took on a puzzled sheen. "How do we get me back to normal?" a large part of me wanted her to change me straight away, but there was a small part of me that wanted her to deliver bad news....

"we cant..." she said, her eyes looking away from me in shame. At that moment i expected my heart to break, but strangely enough, i felt a warm glow of unexplainable happiness rain down on me.

"Well, thats a shame, but im sure we can work around that small problem, i mean, weve been web dating for a year now but now im here, literally in the palm of your hand, baby, where do you wanna start." i smiled seductively up at her and she grinned back.

"Your not angry at me?" she questioned.

"i could never be angry at you" i smiled back at her. my brain found it hard to register the speed at which i was moved upward but before i knew it my entire body was being crushed into her big plump lips. i sighed and closed my eyes, helping her hand and pushing myself into her lips, returning her kiss with my entire body. Resigning myself quite happily to my new life.



End Notes:

well, if you liked it thanks for reading and PLEASE leave a review, more reviews equall longer and more chapters with a better quality of fact...... any type of review, nasty or nice, is appreciated. and thank you to Aaron, the first and second comments go to you, im pretty sure you read my earlier pieces too.

Love and foot prints

Rage <3

tongue tied by thestageofrage
Author's Notes:

hey guys, sorry about the spelling and grammer, my microsoft word is dead and i have to use wordpad, no spell check XD

She pulled me away from her lips after a minuet of passionate kissing, her tongue had frequently slipped out of her mouth and ran its self over my body like i was some sort of human sweet. “you taste real good luke” she grinned, i blushed in response, unsure of what to say. We looked at eachother, just stared, me at her flawless and titanic face, her at my miniscule body that was residing in her palm. we were trapped in eachothers stares, nothing could break it....“JULIE” came a shout from outside followed by some harsh knocking on the bedroom door.“shit” Julie murmered. She moved the hand containing me at a dizzyingly fast speed. one second i was staring into her beautiful green eyes, the next the world was a blur of shapes, colours and phenomenal G-forces, and then, darkness and what felt like felt surrounding me. I put one and one together and managed to figure out that she had stuffed me into her pocket in a bid to avoid my detection. yet still my heart was beating like a jackhammer. 

The voices were muffled from within my felt pocket prison and i couldent make out their conversation, all i could tell was that their voices were elevated and the conversation was getting heated. I swallowed hard. From what Julie had told me her mother dosent like guys in the house, guys outside the house was even stretching it a little. If i was to be found by her mother at this size, god knows what would happen. I gulped again and turned my gaze to the skies, careful not to move too much lest i disturb the fabric and bring attention to myself. At the mouth of the pocket was a thumb about the same size as me. it was awe inspiring. to see something that most people would consider to be tiny and not in the most large at all, to me, was the size of an entire person. i refrained from reaching up and touching it as i could still hear the conversation going on outside by pocket, although it had dulled down considerably and seemed to be more of a friend on friend banter than an argument.

The Door slammed and Julies entire hand jumped into my pocket, her fingers closing gently around me. My titanic girlfriend pulled me out a lot slower than i went in, her fingers closed in a protective cage around me instead of a light fist. Without speaking she placed me onto her pink duvet and layed down in front of me, her face mere inches for her away from me, however, for me, it was more like a couple of feet. “Sorry about that, i dont want mom to find you, who knows what she would do” i gulped, her words sent a shiver of fear through me, i deffinately did not want to have an encounter with her mother at this size. “ its okay love” i said “but, one thing, what do you plan on doing with me?” i ask. the question had just popped into my head. Sure it was great I was with her in america, sure it was pretty cool that i had been shrunk and sure it was pretty sweet that i was spending time with her. But, what now.“I plan on keeping you forever” she said, her face taking on a look of pure seriousness. “I plan on never loosing you and i plan on keeping you with me for the rest of my life because im entirely in love with you. If thats okay with you i mean” she continued, her face becoming red. I opened my mouth to reply, but found that i couldnt. her reply had robbed me of words. she had told me that she wanted to be with me for the rest of her life. Instead of speaking, with my emotions running on over load, i stood and walked over to her face. She observed, un moving with a look of curiosity covering her features. Even that made her look beautiful. I reached her face and gently stroked her cheek before closing my eyes and walking straight into her lips. 

I felt Julies entire body stiffen as i pushed up against her lips. I rubbed my body against the beautiful objects and sighed. her lips parted slightly and her colossal tongue snaked its way out and prodded my stomach and crotch. I gasped in pleasure at the feeling of her tongue overwhelming me penus as it stood to attention. i pushed myself harder into her tongue and lips and started to buck my hips, groaning the all the time. I felt her lips open wider and her tongue pushed me hard downwards before scooping me up and pulling me into her mouth. “NO...WAIT” i screamed, dissapearing into my girlfriends mouth. 

The inside of Julies mouth was more attractive than i thought it would be. it was a little hot but other than that it was nice. the roof was around a foot above me and the back of her mouth was around a foot and a half away. it was a little cramped, but i could get used to it. Julies tongue quivered below me, sending me sliding slightly toward the back of her mouth and in turn her throat. i whimpered. was this to be it, my death, the way she meant me staying with her was to be me becoming part of her. She lifted her tongue upward and pushed me into her pallete, rubbing me against it. i heard a moan from deep within her. apparantly i was tasty. her tongue angled forward and i slid to the front of her mouth, my feet resting on her teeth. her tongue twisted me around so i was laying face down on her tongue. the muscle covering my body and face in her sticky saliva. I realised then that she meant me no harm. that i was safe. Julie began to suck on me gently. a slurping sound surrounded me and her tongue grated and jolted against my penus. i was in heaven, little did i know, this was just the beginning.

End Notes:

hey guys, if you enjoyed the chapter be sure to leave a review, it will motivate me to write more. sorry about the ending on this one, i sorta had to go and i needed to upload SOMETHING:P

love and footsteps, Rage

the tongue rodeo by thestageofrage
Author's Notes:
Sorry about the time this took to get up and its shortness, but, I have had many exams and my computer decided to delete the original version of this chapter, but hey, here it is now :p
Julie Continued to suck on me, getting stronger and more powerful with each pull inwards of her mouth. I groaned loudly, happy at last, with my girlfriend and being pleasured by her in an incredible way. However, in the throes of my pleasure I had not realised something that could possibly hold a threat to my existence. Slowly but surely the saliva of my titanic girlfriend was building in her mouth, my flavour causing her salivary glands to go into hyperdrive and produce a colossal amount of spit. It pooled at the bottom of her mouth, by her feet, and slowly began to rise over my legs. Meanwhile, I was still in heaven, bucking my hips against her tongue as it pulsed and moved against me. I groaned loudly, feeling the build up of fluid in my penus, I tried to hold it in as long as I could, to delay the inevitable and prolong my pleasure. But every man has their breaking point and all of a sudden I exploded my love all over her tongue. It seemed like the biggest orgasm I ever had and I shuddered and fell onto her tongue which had now stopped gyrating against me, knocked near unconscious by the waves of pleasure now ripping through my system.

Being thrown into this exhausted and pleasure stupor had rendered me re-sensitized to the world, effectively making me realise the danger I was in as the quick forming saliva had now reached just above my chest, slowly approaching my head. If I didn’t get out of here fast I would be drowned in my girlfriends saliva. I pounded against Julies tongue and screamed her name, hoping that  she would realise the lethal problem that I was facing. Apparently she had. All of a sudden the world began to move. Julies mouth swishing me and the saliva around. I was completely covered and entombed in the saliva and could only go along with the ride. My body impacting her tongue, cheeks and gums. A pleasured sigh came from below me deep in her body, well, at least one of us was having some form of fun.

Once again the world changed. This time it was more terrifying than the rest. The world seemed to drop out from under me, gravity making a momentary leave of absence and the dark that my eyes had become accustomed to transforming into a blinding light. I was falling, my stomach seemed like it had disappeared and, if I didn’t still have a hard on, I would have wet myself. But, not only was I falling, I was still entombed in julies sticky saliva, my only hope would be that the viscous liquid will cushion my fall.

I hit julies hand hard, the fall felt like it had taken an eternity, but, in reality it must have only been less than a second. The impact jarred me, the pink flesh of her hand cushioning me so I didn't break any bones. I opened my eyes slowly, the lids sticking slightly by her saliva. She giggled above me and I pulled a pouty face.
"It might be funny for you Jules" I huffed, sticking to her hand as she brought it up to her face. " But its not funny for me" I pouted. Julie raised an eyebrow.
"I didn't hear you complaining while you were in there" she smirked, opening her mouth wide and giving me a tongue flexing display. My member once again grew in response to her show. She giggled again and stuck out her tongue cutely.
"See, you clearly can't resist me" she said and gave me a wink.
" Yeah your right, I love you jules" I said to her smiling, emotion welling deep from within my chest. I wriggled desperately in my saliva tomb so I could turn and place a kiss on her palm.
"I love you too luke...." She replied. I could hear the sincerity in her voice and the pure emotion behind them. Happy tears began to leak from my eyes and a wriggled closer to her skin, snuggling into her hand.

"Although" she said, that familiar mischievousness returning to her voice. "Sucking on you like that was simply lubrication for what is to come." She twisted me round and I could see the lusty glint in her eye. I swallowed hard, julie was a very kinky girl, and I knew she was going to show me just how kinky she was.
"W..w...what do you mean" I asked, my voice trembling with fear.
"Don't be so scared hon" she said, tapping my head lightly with her index finger. "I mean we always talked about having sex."
I shivered in her hand apon hearing these words, her meaning becoming clear to me almost instantly. Julie planned to use my new shrunken body to pleasure herself. Strangely, my penus could not contain its jubilation at this fact. Yes, we had always talked about sex, although, I had never imagined my entire being used as an object of penetration.
"Yeah, I guess we did" I said grinning, the strength in my voice betraying the deep fear I was truly feeling. Julies face lit up like a christmas tree, joy illuminating her face like a beacon guiding ships out to see.
" Thank you so much" she practically squealed and quickly kissed my miniscule body before sending me hurtiling down toward her crotch.
Julie placed me just below her navel. It allowed me to once again realise just how much larger julie was to me. I turned toward what I expected to be her face but instead were two mountains of breast goodness. They were big when I was normal sized, now they resembled the mountains of olympus. My mouth hung as I observed her breasts and my dick began to twitch in anticipation. I turned. She was completely naked and clean shaven. I could see everything. It both terrified and excited me. But, I would do anything to please Julie, and thus, I began to traverse her skin with only her deep lusty breathing as the awesome backing track.
End Notes:
So, I hope your enjoying what we've got so far, which isn't much, I think you can tell where the next chap is heading, after that I will work on filling in the plot line, some foot stuff, and, inevitably a sleep over of doom. Muhahahaha. Anyway, please review, I swear, reading your guys comments is like a shot of love straight into my heart....or writing adrenaline....either way, please review, love you all :p

Love and footsteps
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