Olympic Giantesses by Wholia

The London Olympic Games 2012...with a size-changing twist.

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Hello everyone. As a tribute to the Olympic Games that just ended, I decided to make a bunch of short stories, trying to show how it might work if size-changing was included. This was just made for the fun of it, so I'm not trying to get anything by using real people in the stories. I also don't mean to say that they would act like I wrote, as this is just fantasy. I hope you have fun.

The Ceremony by Wholia
Author's Notes:

Even as this is just the introduction, there is still giantess stuff in it, so don't worry.

The Ceremony

The Olympic Games of London 2012 are about to begin, and everyone is really excited about it. Which countries will win more medals? How many world or Olympic records will be broken? Everyone in the world is wondering. The athletes have spent years of training and only for this moment. This is it. Only the best will get the gold.

That said, the U.S.A. have recently developed the latest technology, hoping that it’d give them an edge in the competitions. They kept it secret, both to make is a surprise for everyone and to make sure they don’t ban it before the games begin. Knowing that they don’t change the rules once the games begin, this will probably the only chance they get to use the new technology to full potential, and they’re going to make sure to take advantage of it.

This new technology consists in a size-changing ray, allowing every athlete to increase or decrease in size as needed, giving each one of them the best size to face each competition. Of course, the size of the athlete doesn’t help in every single sport. Archers, for example, would have a hard time being bigger or smaller than normal, as the size of the bows and targets is fixed. The same with cycling or rowing. However, many other athletes would really appreciate a size modification, and they’re going to show it in the next weeks.




It’s the day of the ceremony. The countdown is finally over. The British have prepared a magnificent spectacle to amaze the entire world. But no one knows that another country has something prepared for that day too. Something that will surprise everyone, making them forget about the opening ceremony for good.

The U.S.A. picked this day to show the entire world what they’re about to come against in the Olympic Games. The United Arab Emirates Olympic team has just made their appearance, and now it’s the turn for the United States. It starts normally, like with the rest of the other countries. The numerous U.S.A. Olympic team starts parading, guided by the fencer Mariel Zagunis, who carries her country’s flag in both hands. However, after a few seconds, something that no one expected happens: the blonde flag bearer starts to grow.

At first, most of the spectators think it’s just their minds playing tricks, but as she gets bigger and bigger they soon realize that the other viewers notice it too. The American woman is indeed expanding in size! This, obviously, causes a lot of panic in the stadium’s crowd. No one saw that coming, and no one knows what to expect. Many stand up from their seats and attempt to flee, while others just stay where they are, unsure of how to react, and still too startled to even move.

However, after a little while, everyone notices that the giantess is just walking, casually, like all other flag bearers did. She doesn’t seem to be threatening anyone, or even minding them. She’s just carrying the flag and parading like everything is normal. This behavior causes people to start calming down. Some return to their seats, watching her walk. Almost everyone around is still really nervous, but at least the panic is gone.

Mariel walks in front of her Olympic team mates. At 100’ in height, her massive, white shoes shake the ground with each step, creating tremors that almost make the tiny people around her trip and fall. Her vast, white skirt, waved by the movement of her two powerful, titanic bare legs, produces gusts of wind that make the “tiny” people down by her feet feel like they’re in the middle of a small tornado.

Everyone stares up at her in awe, mouth wide open in confusion. They don’t know what’s more strange, that they’re seeing a giant woman, or that none of the U.S.A. Team members seems to find it a big deal. They just follow her as if everything was normal. It reminds many of the onlookers about the fairytale “Pied Piper of Hamelin”, except that instead of being a man followed by rats while he played the flute, it was a giant woman followed by tiny people while she carried an amplified U.S.A. flag.

The giantess is obviously walking at a much slower pace, so that she wouldn’t outrun the rest of the athletes. But then, after a little while, it seems that she starts to pick up her pace. For some reason, though, this doesn’t make her outpace the rest. That’s when everyone notices that she was shrinking back.

Back to normal size, she just gives the flag to the people who place them in their spot. This makes many people in the crowd to wonder if what they saw was just an illusion. Still, the International Olympic Committee receives all kinds of complains just a few minutes after the scene. Everyone is concerned about the sudden size change of the American athlete. Have the U.S.A. somehow managed to change her size? How is that even possible? What’s going to happen then? Are they going to use that in the games? That wouldn’t be fair!

After a long meeting with the members of the IOC, they finally have come to a decision. Considering that size-changing can’t be considered doping, and that nothing in the rules forbids the athletes from being too big or too small, they can’t stop them from using it. Also, they can’t change the rules until the London Games are over, so at least in this edition, they’ll be allowed to change the size of their athletes as they please. That being said, this will be an Olympic Games edition that no one will ever forget. Everything is ready now. Let the games begin!

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