Olympic Giantesses by Wholia

The London Olympic Games 2012...with a size-changing twist.

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Hello everyone. As a tribute to the Olympic Games that just ended, I decided to make a bunch of short stories, trying to show how it might work if size-changing was included. This was just made for the fun of it, so I'm not trying to get anything by using real people in the stories. I also don't mean to say that they would act like I wrote, as this is just fantasy. I hope you have fun.

1. The Ceremony by Wholia

2. Swimming by Wholia

3. Athletics by Wholia

4. Combat Sports by Wholia

5. Team Sports by Wholia

The Ceremony by Wholia
Author's Notes:

Even as this is just the introduction, there is still giantess stuff in it, so don't worry.

The Ceremony

The Olympic Games of London 2012 are about to begin, and everyone is really excited about it. Which countries will win more medals? How many world or Olympic records will be broken? Everyone in the world is wondering. The athletes have spent years of training and only for this moment. This is it. Only the best will get the gold.

That said, the U.S.A. have recently developed the latest technology, hoping that it’d give them an edge in the competitions. They kept it secret, both to make is a surprise for everyone and to make sure they don’t ban it before the games begin. Knowing that they don’t change the rules once the games begin, this will probably the only chance they get to use the new technology to full potential, and they’re going to make sure to take advantage of it.

This new technology consists in a size-changing ray, allowing every athlete to increase or decrease in size as needed, giving each one of them the best size to face each competition. Of course, the size of the athlete doesn’t help in every single sport. Archers, for example, would have a hard time being bigger or smaller than normal, as the size of the bows and targets is fixed. The same with cycling or rowing. However, many other athletes would really appreciate a size modification, and they’re going to show it in the next weeks.




It’s the day of the ceremony. The countdown is finally over. The British have prepared a magnificent spectacle to amaze the entire world. But no one knows that another country has something prepared for that day too. Something that will surprise everyone, making them forget about the opening ceremony for good.

The U.S.A. picked this day to show the entire world what they’re about to come against in the Olympic Games. The United Arab Emirates Olympic team has just made their appearance, and now it’s the turn for the United States. It starts normally, like with the rest of the other countries. The numerous U.S.A. Olympic team starts parading, guided by the fencer Mariel Zagunis, who carries her country’s flag in both hands. However, after a few seconds, something that no one expected happens: the blonde flag bearer starts to grow.

At first, most of the spectators think it’s just their minds playing tricks, but as she gets bigger and bigger they soon realize that the other viewers notice it too. The American woman is indeed expanding in size! This, obviously, causes a lot of panic in the stadium’s crowd. No one saw that coming, and no one knows what to expect. Many stand up from their seats and attempt to flee, while others just stay where they are, unsure of how to react, and still too startled to even move.

However, after a little while, everyone notices that the giantess is just walking, casually, like all other flag bearers did. She doesn’t seem to be threatening anyone, or even minding them. She’s just carrying the flag and parading like everything is normal. This behavior causes people to start calming down. Some return to their seats, watching her walk. Almost everyone around is still really nervous, but at least the panic is gone.

Mariel walks in front of her Olympic team mates. At 100’ in height, her massive, white shoes shake the ground with each step, creating tremors that almost make the tiny people around her trip and fall. Her vast, white skirt, waved by the movement of her two powerful, titanic bare legs, produces gusts of wind that make the “tiny” people down by her feet feel like they’re in the middle of a small tornado.

Everyone stares up at her in awe, mouth wide open in confusion. They don’t know what’s more strange, that they’re seeing a giant woman, or that none of the U.S.A. Team members seems to find it a big deal. They just follow her as if everything was normal. It reminds many of the onlookers about the fairytale “Pied Piper of Hamelin”, except that instead of being a man followed by rats while he played the flute, it was a giant woman followed by tiny people while she carried an amplified U.S.A. flag.

The giantess is obviously walking at a much slower pace, so that she wouldn’t outrun the rest of the athletes. But then, after a little while, it seems that she starts to pick up her pace. For some reason, though, this doesn’t make her outpace the rest. That’s when everyone notices that she was shrinking back.

Back to normal size, she just gives the flag to the people who place them in their spot. This makes many people in the crowd to wonder if what they saw was just an illusion. Still, the International Olympic Committee receives all kinds of complains just a few minutes after the scene. Everyone is concerned about the sudden size change of the American athlete. Have the U.S.A. somehow managed to change her size? How is that even possible? What’s going to happen then? Are they going to use that in the games? That wouldn’t be fair!

After a long meeting with the members of the IOC, they finally have come to a decision. Considering that size-changing can’t be considered doping, and that nothing in the rules forbids the athletes from being too big or too small, they can’t stop them from using it. Also, they can’t change the rules until the London Games are over, so at least in this edition, they’ll be allowed to change the size of their athletes as they please. That being said, this will be an Olympic Games edition that no one will ever forget. Everything is ready now. Let the games begin!

Swimming by Wholia


Today’s August 1st, 20:12 hours, and everyone’s very excited in the London Aquatics Centre. 8 women are about to give everything they have to get an Olympic medal in the Butterfly style 200m swimming contest. However, one of them gets all of the crowd’s attention. She is Kathleen Hersey, from Athens, Georgia. The reason: she stands at 15’ in height. The other swimmers barely come up to her thighs.

Jemma Lowe, the Great Britain swimmer, stares up at Kathleen as she walks in front of her. In awe, she can’t help but watch, mouth open, as the American “Amazon” passes by. The British swimmer tries to hide her nervousness, but the shaking of her legs gives her away.

“Oh, my God!”, thinks Jemma to herself. “One of her legs must be bigger than my whole body!”

The 8 swimmers then get into position, each one in her respective lane. Of course, the only lane that people pay attention to is the number 4, as the girls climb onto the starting block. The crowd immediately notices that Kathleen is having some troubles getting on it, though. She looks down at the small object, scratching her head.

“Ummm…OK, then. Here goes nothing.”, she says to herself, as she lifts her right foot. Very carefully, she steps on the starting block, trying not to fall, as it’d get her disqualified. She manages to place both feet on it, although it’s still a bit too small for her. Both her feet completely cover the whole surface of the block, and her heels even stick out from the platform, being no more room left for them.

Having made it, she smiles, although her whole body shakes a little bit, as she has to balance herself to avoid falling. Fortunately, the starting signal comes soon, and the women dive into the pool. Kathleen’s huge body causes a much bigger splash than the others. Everyone in the crowd cheers as soon as this happens.

Kathleen quickly starts to get a considerable distance from her rivals. Her powerful legs kick the water violently in a dolphin way, while her big, strong arms emulate a butterfly’s flight and carry her swiftly through the water. In just a few seconds, she reaches the other side’s wall, touching it quickly with both hands, and then plants her soles on it, pushing them against it to get impulse from it.

After a little longer, she had already shattered the world record, and just stands there, waiting for the rest of the competitors to finish. She is able to easily stand there, as the water doesn’t even come up to her shoulders. Proudly, she waves at the crowd, as eventually the Chinese Jiao Liuyang finishes, securing the silver medal, followed by the Spanish Mireia Belmonte García for the bronze.

The three medal winners then climb onto the podium to get their prizes. Kathleen, of course, has to stoop to help them put the gold medal on. Even then, though, her head is too high (and to big) for them to put it on, so she just receives it with her hand. Giggling, she lifts it to her face, gently biting it.

The winners then spend the next minutes posing for the cameras. Kathleen, of course, has to crouch, as otherwise the pictures would only be able to get her feet, legs and waist. After a little while, though, she gets tired of crouching, so she instead sweeps the other two girls off their feet and stands up to full height, placing them on each of her powerful biceps, holding them easily. The cameras start flashing crazily as she does that.

“Sorry, girls! I’ll put you down in a minute!”, the American swimmer says as she chuckles, smiling down for the cameras. The other two girls yelp, startled by the sudden event, but in a few seconds they just laugh, too, and wave down at the cameras, smiling.




The next day, people are back again at the London Aquatics Centre. This time, everyone’s ready for the Freestyle 100m competition. All the Dutch hopes are set on their number 1 swimmer, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, who is likely to win the gold, according to the experts. However, the 17 year old American star, Missy Franklin, will try to stop her from doing so.

7 of the 8 swimmers are already there, in their positions. Only Missy Franklin is missing. Everyone in the place is wondering where she can be. As if on cue, though, the American swimmer walks into the place, cheered by all the USA spectators. She waves back at them, smiling, while she gets into position, standing between the Aussie swimmer, Melanie Schlanger, and the British one, Francesca Halsall.

Immediately after she does so, everyone in the place see her start to expand in size. At first, no one is too surprised, as they already know the U.S.A. team has the means to do so. However, when they see that she doesn’t stop at 15’, they start to worry. Everyone gasps and just stares, wondering how big she’ll get. Melanie and Francesca even back away a bit from her expanding feet, trying to avoid being bulldozed by them.

When she’s down, Missy stands at 150’, her head almost touching the ceiling. The two swimmers next to her stare up in awe, being not even as tall as her ankles. It takes them a little to get back into positions, as being so close to her feet is rather uncomfortable to them. The American crowd cheers even more as they see this, causing the giantess to giggle.

When everything is ready, the 8 swimmers get ready to start. Missy doesn’t even bother to step on the starting block, as she’d just flatten it. Instead, she just waits behind for the starting signal, which comes a couple of seconds later. The other 7 swimmers immediately dive into the water, swimming as fast as they can.

Missy looks down, seeing the other girls swimming. She then takes one step into the pool. Her foot is barely narrow enough to stay in her lane. This causes a small wave to spread around her ankle, as she already prepares to take another step. In just 3 strides, she’s already right by the opposite end. Touching it, she prepares to step back. The other swimmers haven’t even reached the wall, when they can feel the water shaking them violently each time Missy steps nearby.

Soon, the swimmers start reaching the goal. Ranomi, the Dutch swimmer, is the first one to get there, only to see Missy already standing out of the pool, having easily bettered the world record by a lot. Aliaksandra Herasimenia, from Belarus, arrives third, and then the rest of the women. All reflectors are on Missy, as cameras don’t stop shooting. She waves down and blows kisses at the tinies around.

The podium ceremony obviously is done in an usual way, as the gold winner is simply too big to even stand on it. She even has to crouch and reach down to get her medal. To take the pictures of the three winners, she lays down inside the pool, her head sticking out from it. The other two swimmers look really tiny, posing next to a face bigger than their whole body. Missy almost swallows her own badge while they do the classic medal biting.




Place: Serpentine River in Hyde Park, London. Date: August 9th. Competition: Women’s 10 km Marathon. The Hungarian swimmer, Eva Risztov, is getting ready for the competition. The crowd enjoys the view of the beautiful scenario while they wait for it to start. Suddenly, the ground shakes. They look around, trying to find the source, when the ground shakes again. The rhythmic tremors get harder and harder, when all of a sudden, people notice a massive woman, clad in a swimsuit, walking towards them.

People start to recognize her, especially the Americans. She is Haley Anderson, the U.S.A. swimmer, who soon arrives to the place, towering above everything around. She even struggles trying to find a spot to place her gigantic feet, trying not to crush anything or anyone. The people around stare up, mouth wide open, while some of them back away, scared, wondering why they grew her so much. But without lanes in this competition, the limit of her height was much greater.

“Oops, sorry, sorry.”, says Haley, looking down by her feet, seeing some people fall because of the tremors her steps cause. But then again, a 300’ tall woman can’t help to be so heavy to even shake the ground with her steps. The other swimmers also struggle to stay on their feet, as they have to stand in their positions, next to Haley’s huge feet, before the competition starts. Each time the massive American shifts her feet, she accidentally knocks some of the other women down.

Finally, they manage to stand all where they’re supposed to be, and soon enough, the starting signal comes. All the swimmers dive into the water, except for Haley. She waits there a little longer, trying to avoid accidents. As soon as she considers that they’re far enough, she hops into the water, landing with both feet. Both of her soles hit the water with a tremendous force, raising a 360° wave that drenches every single spectator in the crowd.

“Sorry!”, she says, giggling, as she starts walking. The water comes up half way up her shin, so it’s very easy for her to wade through the water, trying to catch up with the other swimmers, who actually received a little push from the wave she caused, helping them to speed up for a few seconds.

However, with walking strides of over 100’, it takes her just a few steps to catch up. Eventually, one of her feet lands right next to the swimming group, causing a wave strong enough to wash them all aside. Seeing that, she just chuckles and continues on. Everyone watches amazed as the colossal American crosses the whole route in record time. Not that it was unexpected, but it was still awe inspiring to see.

As soon as she reaches the goal, the American spectators cheer at her, waving their flags. Smiling down at them, Haley crouches to get a closer look. She can’t quite make out what they say, so she decides to just get them even closer. Without warning, she reaches down for them with one of her gigantic hands. Before they can react, they’re all engulfed by her enormous palm and lifted off the ground.

“Hello down there!”, she says, lifting them all to face level. “Thank you for the support. This medal is for all of you.” She then blows a kiss at them and puts them back down on their spot, carefully.

Then, Haley notices that the other swimmers are starting to arrive, and her feet are blocking the path. Yelping, she tries to step aside, letting them pass. Being so many, it’s hard to avoid every single one, so she clumsily moves her feet around, creating little waves that make it hard for them to swim.

The last swimmer is the hardest to dodge, as her footing was really unstable because of all the dodging. She barely manages to land her foot right behind the tiny swimmer, but this causes her to lose her balance.

“Oh, boy…”, she says as she starts to fall. People gasp as they see this, terrified. Haley falls backwards, her huge bottom landing in the water with a powerful impact. The wave this caused was much bigger than the one she first caused with her feet. This time, the wave not only drenches everyone around, but also washes them away, as if it is a minor tsunami.

Haley looks around, blushing, embarrassed. No one is nearby, as the wave brushed them all many feet away. She just sits there, scratching her head, hoping that everyone is OK, as she just utters: “Oops?”

Athletics by Wholia
Author's Notes:

Sorry for taking so long. It's been a few busy days. Anyway, here it is. The second competition. I hope you like it and please comment.


Lolo Jones stands proudly in the middle of the Olympic London Stadium, waving at the crowd around her. At 75’ tall, she easily stands out from the other runners. Her fellow American athletes wave up at her too. They aren’t giant sized, as Lolo is, because the USA Olympic Team decided to let the older competitors in the athletics win the gold medals, as they’d probably not be able to do so in 4 years.

All the 8 finalists then make their way to the starting line. Lolo can’t help but giggle a little as she thinks about how cute the other women look at her feet, barely 5 inches tall compared to her. All of them, except the other two Americans, stare up at her, mouth wide open, afraid that she might accidentally step on them or kick them as they run.

They then get into position as they wait for the starting signal. Lolo stands some feet behind the rest of them, in order to be able to get into position too without crushing them. She lowers her whole body, as the rest do, and places her hands down on the floor, just behind two of the other women, which shiver a little, nervously, as the huge hands rest behind.

The starting signal finally comes, and they all start running. All of them except Lolo. The giant American simply stands up, grinning. She then leaps forward, and in one big stride she reaches the first hurdle. She aims at it just for the fun of it, since hitting the hurdles isn’t forbidden. Her huge foot lands right on it, shattering it easily under her sole.

The impact of Lolo’s foot against the floor causes a tremor strong enough to cause the rest of the athletes to trip and fall. However, the giantess doesn’t even notice this, and leaps again, crushing the next hurdle with her other foot. She then continues jumping and crushing hurdle by hurdle, causing the floor to shake each time she lands.

In no time, she has already crushed all the hurdles on her lane, and with a final, longer jump, she lands past the finish line, raising her arms, happily. She then turns around, to see how the rest of the athletes are doing. They’re still far behind, considering Lolo’s blinding speed and the fact that they all tripped because of the tremor.

The Aussie runner, Sally Pearson, takes the lead, closely followed by the other Americans, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells. Seeing this, it crosses Lolo’s mind to just crouch and flick the tiny Australian to send her flying back to the start. However, she quickly dismissed the idea, as she’d be disqualified if she did that, for sure.

Eventually, Pearson arrives first, followed by Harper and Wells. The silver medal winner stares up at Lolo, nervously, as she glares down at her, as if saying: “You’re the one who got in the way of a whole American podium.” The tiny Aussie simply walks away from her, to collect her Australian flag.

Lolo then crouches and reaches down for her. Sally Pearson screams as the huge hand descents towards her. Before grabbing her, though, Lolo swiftly changes her hand’s direction, picking up her fellow Americans instead. She still chuckles because of the Aussie’s reaction, though.

Lolo then placed the two Americans on each of her shoulders, smiling down at the crowd around them, and carefully waving at them, trying not to accidentally cause the tiny women to fall off. Sally just stares up at the giantess, mumbling to herself: “Not fair…”




It’s time for the jumping events. As said before, the USA team picked the oldest ones to be giants, so the lucky ones are the high jumper Amy Acuff and the long jumper Janay Deloach. Janay’s sport forbids her to step outside the runway, so she just stands at a modest 75’ in height, like Lolo did. Amy, on the other side, has a much wider area to move, so she stands at a towering 200’.

Janay is the first one to compete. As usual her foot is barely narrow enough to fit inside the lane. She didn’t want to make a big show with her first jump, so she takes a slow running start across the runway, taking a few short steps, and finally jumping across the landing pit. It’s big enough to hold both of her feet, so she simply lands on it, raising an explosion of sand with both soles of her shoes. However, this is just warming up for her.

Janay’s next leap, though, is the one that amazes the whole crowd. Instead of taking a slow start, she takes longer and faster steps. At her size, though, she covers the whole runway’s distance with two steps. Then, using just one foot, she pushes herself across the landing pit. Her shadow travels fast across the floor as she flies above, and everyone just stares in awe. So far, the demonstration is good enough. But then comes the landing.

Having easily passed the landing pit, the only place she could land next is the hard floor. Stretching her legs forwards, as all long jumpers do, she has no choice but land right on with her bottom. Janay’s massive behind crashes against the floor, knocking everyone around off their feet as a powerful tremor shakes them. A few cracks can be seen on the floor around her, as she sits there.

“Oops!”, she says, giggling, as she looks back. “So, ummm…what is my mark with this jump?”, she asks, grinning.

Three days later, it’s the other jumper’s turn. Everyone stares in awe at the biggest giantess they’ve seen so far in non-aquatic sports. Her titanic frame dwarfs everything around, giving the crowd an amazing look. Having proportionally long legs, and being normally a pretty tall woman, Amy gives the people around her an impressive and imposing sight.

As the giant blonde walks towards the starting position, people start to feel more like in a fashion parade rather than Olympic Games.  Amy can’t help but smile as she notices that the poles she’s supposed to jump are around the same height as her own ankle.

“So cute…”, she thinks, as she gets into starting position. Like Janay, she doesn’t want to give the big jump in the very beginning, so to pass the first few heights, she simply hops over the bar, easily clearing each one of them. However, the time comes when they don’t have a higher bar level. This is when she decides to show the entire stadium what she’s capable of.

Amy stands right in front of the two poles and the bar, which lies there at a height that no one in history has ever cleared. She flexes her long legs, careful enough not to accidentally bump the bar or the poles as she does. People start to get curious, as she has never done this in any of the previous jumps, when she simply hopped over.

Suddenly, catching everyone off-guard, she jumps as high as she can, high above the bar. Everyone cranes their necks to stare up at her. First, the crowd is amazed, and just watches in awe as she jumps. However, once she starts falling, their expressions change, as if they were watching a meteor approaching.

They just have enough time to gasp or yelp before Amy lands back. Both her feet hit the ground with a very powerful impact, shaking the whole stadium. The floor beneath her feet cracks under her huge weight. The cracks even reach a few tiny people around, causing them to fall inside them, although only deep enough for their legs to get stuck there.

“Oh, my God! I’m sorry!”, she says, noticing this, and quickly starts helping them out, either by just pulling them out, or using her strong hands to make the cracks wide enough for them to get out. As scared as they are at first, the rescued people sighed in relief as they were pulled out of there. As soon as everyone is freed, people start clapping at the giantess. She simply blushes, waving down at them, and even blowing a few kisses.




In the streets of London, everyone gathers to watch the women’s marathon. This event, having a much wider area for the competitors to move around, is the perfect site for the USA team to test the limits of their invention. The one to grow: Kara Goucher. The American marathon runner is already at the place, looking around at the beautiful buildings that surround her, especially the Buckingham Palace, which stands behind her.

Then she starts to grow. People around her start to back away as she gets bigger and bigger. When she reaches her final height, a gargantuan 500’ tall, people stop contemplating London’s beautiful sights and gaze up at the massive American woman, who towers over most buildings around. She looks at her surroundings, marveled.

“Wow…what a beautiful view!”, she says to herself, as she explores her new point of view of the city. She feels like standing on an ant-hill, with people a little less than an inch in height.  The city itself is just as beautiful as before, just not as imposing, and actually a little frail to her, like a model city.

The other runners just stare up at Kara, terrified, feeling like they were in a Japanese, giant monster movie. Even as they all know that she won’t suddenly start rampaging, her sheer size is enough to inspire fear in the tiny people around.

The race starts soon after this. Most of the competitors take a bit to actually start running, staring up at Kara, trying to be ready to avoid her steps. She, though, was already prepared for this, and with a single 200’ long step, she steps over all of them, casting a shadow that covers each one of them. Many scream as this happens, only to be knocked off their feet as soon as Kara’s foot lands on the pavement, cracking it.

After leaving all her rivals behind, Kara proceeds to take massive steps along the street, shaking it each time her foot lands on it. After a few steps, though, she finds herself in front of the Admiralty Arch. Being too large to fit under it, she lifts her foot, raising her long leg and stepping over it. At her height, it wasn’t a difficult task.

Then, some more steps ahead, she is walking along the river. She quickly dismisses silly thoughts of jumping in and splashing everyone around her, and keeps walking until she reaches the Palace of Westminster. The Big Ben Clock is what gets her attention, though. To her surprise, the famous tower doesn’t even come up to her breasts, which is a little disappointing for her. Still, she touches its tip a couple of times with her finger, leans a little to give it a gentle kiss, and then continues her path.

Kara then passes right in front of the Abbey, waving at it, giggling, and proceeds to cross a road surrounded by trees. She feels like crossing a road of bushes, though, and giggles as they tickle her as she passes. She even brushes some of them with her hands, accidentally breaking a few.

“Oops! Sorry!”, she says, and continues her route.

After clearing the trees part, she stands right by the Buckingham Palace. She stops there to give it a good look. Considering the advantage she has with the rest of the runners, she has time enough to explore and tourist around the city, too. She even crouches to get a closer look of it.

The rest of the race is fairly easy for Kara. To her, it feels more like giving a tour around London than an actual competition. Besides stepping over a few bridges, she doesn’t have many troubles completing the route. And even as she stops to see a few churches and sightseeing in general, she still manages to win by a considerable difference.

As Kara returns to the Buckingham Palace, she thinks for a couple of seconds about reaching inside and snatching the queen from inside. However, she quickly dismisses the thought, not wanting to start a political conflict between the two countries. She simply accepts her gold medal and decides to keep exploring the city a little more.

“OK, London. Ready or not, here I come!”, she says, happily, as she steps back into England’s capital city.

Combat Sports by Wholia
Author's Notes:

Sorry again for not updating this sooner. I had a few things to do, and didn't have enough time to write. Anyway, I really hope you like the new chapter, and as always, I would love to recieve more comments. Thanks in advance and thanks too for the already posted comments.

Combat Sports

Marlen Esparza is already on the boxing ring. She seems calm, just stretching her muscles a little bit before the fight. Li Jinzi, Marlen’s Chinese opponent, on the other hand, couldn’t be more nervous. Why? Because Marlen stands right now at 12’ in height. As soon as their respective coaches finish giving them the last instructions, the two women approach to each other, as indicated by the referee. Jinzi doesn’t even come up to Marlen’s waist.

The Chinese boxer’s legs shake nervously, as she stares up at her amazon opponent. Marlen simply smiles down at her in a friendly way. Jinzi smiles back, although her smile is much more nervous than friendly. Marlen can’t help but giggle a little because of this.

Then, the referee indicates them to start. Before Jinzi can even raise her hands to protect herself, Marlen’s powerful arm thrusts forwards, and her huge gloved hand hits right on the Chinese’s face, sending her flying backwards, bouncing against the ropes and finally landing on her belly, motionless. The referee quickly goes to check on her. She’s completely out.

Marlen is declared the winner, and Jinzi is taken out with a stretcher. The Americans in the crowd cheer, while the rest of them sigh, annoyed. Not because Marlen won, but because she did so in just a few seconds, ending the show as soon as it started. She then returns to her corner.

“Sorry, sorry!”, she says, embarrassed. “I’m not used to being this size yet. This is how I always fight.”

“It’s alright”, says her coach. “You just need to learn to control your strength. But hey, you won.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”, says Marlen, sighing. “Poor girl. I Hope I didn’t hurt her.”

Marlen is much more nervous next fight. Even as she knows it’ll be an easy fight, she doesn’t want to hurt her opponent as she did last time. This time, the boxer in front of her is Marina Volnova, from Kazakhstan. Being no bigger than Jinzi, Marlen knows that she will have to be careful with her punches in order to avoid last fight’s outcome.

The fight starts, but Marlen hesitates, waiting for Marina to attack first. This happens soon enough, and Marina starts throwing punches at Marlen, hitting her belly a few times before backing away. The American boxer feels each blow, but they don’t hurt her at all. This gives her enough confidence that she’ll have enough time to figure out how to win the fight without hurting her rival badly.

However, as the fight continues, Marlen keeps having problems finding a good way to win without using too much roughness. This causes her coach to start to get worried, as the fight isn’t going well, and Marlen would surely lose if she doesn’t KO her opponent. Having explained this to her, Marlen prepares for the last round.

As it starts, Marina attacks again, confident, as the last rounds have been clearly dominated by her. She punches Marlen’s body a few times, but the huge American barely feels it. She tries not to giggle as she sees the tiny boxer try so hard, as if she could actually win.

Marlen uses her oversized gloves to block a few punches, but then she just stops, placing her hands on her hips, letting Marina punch away freely. This causes the small boxer to stare up, confused, seeing that her attacks are causing no damage at all. Marlen then crouches so she’s face to face with her.

“Sorry, little girl, but I kind of have to win this.”, she says, and without warning, she gives Marina an uppercut with her huge hand, right on the jaw. The powerful blow lifts her a few feet from the ring, causing everyone in the crowd to gasp. As soon as she lands back, everyone notices she’s unconscious, and Marlen is declared the winner.

While preparing for the final fight against the Russian boxer, Nadezda Torlopova, Marlen and her coach try to find a better way to win the last fight. The last fight didn’t go very well, as she would have lost if she hadn’t KO’d Marina, so they don’t want to take that chance. They need a way to give Marlen enough time to win the fight without receiving hits while she does. Eventually, they find a solution.

The day of the final fight comes. The American Marlen Esparza vs the Russian Nadezda Torlopova. The whole crowd expects a 12’ tall Marlen to suddenly appear, but instead, they notice something even more surprising. Marlen’s growth doesn’t stop at that height, as in the previous fights. Instead, she keeps growing and growing, until she reaches the gigantic height of 150’.

As they both step on the ring, it becomes immediately obvious that both her feet take most of the fighting area, forcing the referee and the Russian boxer to find their ways around Marlen’s shoes. Nadezda is clearly terrified, as she wonders how she’s going to even fight. Punching Marlen’s feet or ankles would be against the rules, but she’s not able to reach higher than that. Exactly the American team’s plan.

As the fight goes on, Nadezda just moves around the ring as she can, trying to avoid Marlen’s fists. However, considering Nadezda tiny size and the fact that there’s not much room for her to run, it’s fairly easy for Marlen to give her gentle punches every few seconds. Each punch, as gentle as Marlen tries to be, causes Nadezda to fall and roll on the ring. More than an Olympic fight, the scene looks like a cat toying with a mouse.

As much fun as Marlen is having, she realizes she’s just humiliating her Russian opponent and that it’d probably be nicer to just end the fight, instead of toying with her for longer. She then lifts her right hand, right above Nadezda, and smiles down at her.

“Sorry, I’ll stop this now. Good fight!”, she says, cheerfully, and lowers her fist on Nadezda, pounding over her whole body. For a few seconds, Nadezda’s body simply disappears under Marlen’s glove. However, when she lifts it back up, everyone can see the tiny boxer’s body lying on the ring, unconscious.

The USA crowd cheers as Marlen wins the gold medal, although her coach just stares up at her, confused.

“Why did she want to grow so huge if the outcome of the fight was going to be the same?”, he thinks, scratching his head.




Diana Lopez cracks her knuckles just before the beginning of her fight. Her opponent, the French Anne-Caroline Graffe, is already regretting the decision to be there today. She knew she was fighting against an American woman, knowing the kind of strategy they used. And yet, there she is, staring up at the 15’ tall Diana. She just gulps, knowing that it’s probably going to hurt.

As soon as the referee indicates them that they can start, Diana swiftly gets close to Anne-Caroline and gives her a roundhouse kick right on her body, with the classic “ya!” The French fighter is sent flying by the 2’ long foot, landing out of the contest area.

The referee stops the fight and walks towards Anne-Caroline to find out if she’s OK and can continue. Knowing that feigning injuries is penalized, she stands up and walks back into the contest area, ready to continue.

As the referee signals them to start again, it’s the French woman who takes the initiative this time, and attacked Diana with a kick. The American fighter easily blocks it with her huge hand, much bigger than her opponent’s foot. Then, without wasting time, she uses her other hand to punch Anne-Caroline’s body, causing her to bend down a little, trying to recover from the hit. However, Diana is already preparing her next attack, and with another roundhouse kick, this time to the head, she finishes the fight. Her heel, bigger than her opponent’s head, easily knocks her down, unable to continue.

As Diana is declared the winner, the Serbian Milica Mandic watches, terrified, at the woman she’s about to fight for the gold medal. Even as she doesn’t want to fight her, and wouldn’t mind just giving her the gold, she still has to participate in order to get the silver medal, as if she just walks away, she’d be disqualified.

The fight for the gold medal comes much sooner than Milica would like, but there they are, face to face. Or should we say…face to feet? This time, instead of 15’, Diana is a gargantuan 200’ tall. Both her bare feet barely leave room in the contest area for Milica. Diana just wiggles her toes a little, teasing Milica, as the Serbian stares up in awe at the gigantic American.

As the fight starts, Milica starts wondering how she’s going to get out of this. Her thoughts are interrupted by Diana’s huge finger, as it flicks her, knocking her off her feet. Milica quickly gets up, as the hit wasn’t so hard, and backs away, trying to avoid her opponent.

Diana then lifts her right foot, hovering it above Milica, and lowers it towards her, as if trying to “kick” her. Milica yelps and runs as fast as she can, trying to avoid the gigantic foot. She barely makes it, diving right next to the other foot, feeling the floor shake just after it lands.

“Oh, fast girl!”, says Diana, amused, as she lifts her other foot, trying again. Milica manages to avoid being stepped on a second time, but the third one is unavoidable, as is easily stepped on, pinned down to the floor for a few seconds before the foot goes back up again. As she does that, she finds herself in the open again, and she barely has time to see an enormous foot moving right towards her and kicking her. The foot’s sole, 10’ wide, easily kicks Milica’s whole body, sending her flying. It feels as if a wall of flesh had suddenly smacked against her. And that’s the last thing she feels before she faints.

Diana is declared the winner and receives the gold medal. The silver and bronze ones, though, have to be delivered later, since their respective owners are still recovering from their fights against the huge gold medal bearer.




It’s the wrestling semifinals, and Ali Bernard is ready to face her opponent, the Bulgarian Stanka Zlateva Hristova. Standing at 11’4’’, exactly twice her height, Ali waits in the central wrestling area for the beginning of the match. She feels really confident about herself, as her height gives her an obvious advantage. Stanka, on the other hand, is already thinking for techniques that use the opponent’s strength and weight against themselves, but she doubts it’d be easy to do so against Ali.

When the referee signals the start, Ali starts walking towards Stanka. Not wrestling so far or anything, just walking. Stanka uses both hands to try and push her back, even planting her feet on the mat. However, Ali’s legs are too powerful, and by simply walking she’s able to push Stanka back. For the Bulgarian wrestler, it feels like trying to push a wall.

After a few seconds, Ali then actually starts wrestling, and crouches trying to get a grip on Stanka. The Bulgarian woman quickly dives between Ali’s legs, avoiding the grip. Ali then turns around, surprised.

“Wow!”, she says, hands on hips. “That was cool. But let’s see if you can do this again!”, she says, and then quickly gets a hold of Stanka before she can escape again. The tiny wrestler does her best to try and break the grip, but Ali’s powerful arms don’t even budge. She then lifts her small opponent in a bear hug-like maneuver, holding her tightly between her arms. Then, to finish the match, Ali lets herself fall down on her belly, pinning Stanka under her huge body. The Bulgarian woman does her best to push her off, but it’s like trying to push an orca’s body. She’s simply too heavy.

As soon as Ali is declared winner, she gets off Stanka, helping her up. The tiny Bulgarian coughs a few times, trying to catch her breath. Ali apologizes, and when she’s sure that Stanka is OK, she leaves the mat, preparing for the gold-medal match.

The Russian wrestler, Natalia Vorobieva, is ready for her match against Ali. Having seen the previous match, she believes she can at least manage to make the match a little less one sided, considering her opponents height and weight, and the way she wrestles. However, and as usual, the USA team leaves the best for last, and Natalia immediately realizes that her last minute strategy isn’t going to work.

Instead of twice her height, Ali is more than 15 times her height, standing at 100’. This sight, as intimidating as it is, doesn’t stop Natalia’s determination and she simply gets on the mat, followed by the giant American. Even as her feet cover a wide area, Natalia still has plenty of room to move, and she’s about to do so.

When the match starts, Ali immediately crouches, reaching down for Natalia with her hand. However, the Russian wrestler is ready, and quickly dives out of the giant hand’s way, feeling it slam against the mat behind her. Natalia jumps back to her feet as fast as she can, because Ali’s other hand is already reaching down for her. Her quick feet let her avoid being caught a few more times.

“Come here, little mouse!”, says Ali, chuckling. As much as this upsets Natalia, she knows she’s not match for the American wrestler, so she just keeps dodging the gigantic hands for as long as she can. However, as soon as Ali decides it’s been enough, she uses both hands to corner Natalia, leaving her no choice but direct confrontation.

Seeing no other way out, Natalia charges towards Ali’s open palm, trying to bash her way through. However, as strong Natalia is, she simply bumps against Ali’s palm and bounces back, landing on her bottom. Amused, Ali holds her hand there, not trying to grab her for now.

Angrily, Natalia stands back up, and instead of charging like a football tackler, she uses both hands to push against the massive palm, trying to at least move it a little, enough to be able to get out of the cornered situation.

The feeling of the diminutive hands against her palm tickles Ali, who giggles.

“Hey, no tickling!”, she says, smiling down at her tiny opponent. Then, suddenly, she closes her hand, engulfing Natalia’s whole body in her fist. The Russian woman uses all her might to try and push Ali’s fingers away, but it’s useless. The American giantess is simply too strong for her.

Lifting her to face level, Ali grins down at her, saying: “This was nice, but it’s time to wrap things up.” And with that, she lowers Natalia back onto the mat, pinning her under her open palm. Natalia does what she can to try and slip out of there, but the gigantic palm is too wide and strong for her, and in a couple of seconds, the pin is declared.

As Ali lifts her hand back up, letting Natalia get back on her feet, she can’t help but think that all her wrestling preparation wasn’t needed, and that any normal woman, without any kind of training at all, could easily defeat Natalia, provided that she grew to 100’, of course.

Team Sports by Wholia
Author's Notes:

I'm sorry about taking so long. I really didn't have much time, and this chapter was a bit longer than the other. Anyway, I honestly hope you like them, and please comment. I love to hear criticism and opinions in general. Have fun!

Team Sports

France women’s basketball team is already on the court, waiting for their rivals to appear. They know that the USA team is the favorite to win the gold medal; not only because they have great players, but because they have that secret weapon they’ve been using throughout the Olympic Games. Still, just being there means that the have the silver medal assured, so it’s not so bad.

Soon enough, the USA team starts to walk into the court. The French girls watch them, so far not noticing any of them taller than usual. However, that quickly changes when the team captain, Sue Bird, shows up. The Amazonian player stands at 11’6’’, exactly twice her normal height, towering above all her teammates.

Sue’s imposing height intimidates every single French player, although they aren’t exactly surprised, since the American size-changing machine isn’t a secret anymore. Still, they all start to think about a way to at least try to stop such a big and strong girl from sweeping them easily.

The game starts, and Sue’s size is immediately felt. The French team, knowing that Sue would probably play a big role in the USA team’s strategy, decides to crowd more girls around her, to try to prevent her from receiving the ball. However, this strategy quickly proves to be inefficient. First of all, sending too many players to cover Sue leaves most other American players free to receive the ball and score. Second, even if all the team covers her, the Amazonian player doesn’t have much trouble in receiving the ball above her tiny rivals, considering her superior height and reach.


After a few minutes, and an already overwhelming score line, they decide to start playing normally, treating Sue as any other player. That, however, is what lets the USA captain really shine. Her long legs let her easily get rid of the girls blocking her, and even though she clumsily bounces the ball at first, considering its much smaller size compared to her, she soon moves around the court with grace and skill, scoring dozens of points for her team.

Sue’s scoring, however, isn’t nearly as spectacular as it usually is, considering that the rim is shorter than her, and she doesn’t even has to jump to score. Still, not everything is so easy for her. Moving around without making fouls isn’t so easy for her, as even the slightest movement can cause her to bump a rival player with her thighs or hips, knocking her down with ease. To avoid this, though, Sue decides takes advantage of her long legs, which alone are taller than many of the other players, and simply jump over them to pass them. This, obviously, really scares them, as they worry they might accidentally be kicked by her. This, fortunately, isn’t the case, as Sue’s powerful legs help them jump really high (as any other basketball player would), and easily leap over them without touching them.

The score line starts to get more and more uneven, not only because of the massive amount of scoring that the USA achieves, but also because the French girls have a really hard time scoring themselves. Outrunning Sue is simply impossible to the European players, and once the American girl reaches her own rim, there’s no way to pass her. After all, how do you score when a huge girl, hands on hips and staring down at you, blocks your path? Especially if you don’t have enough time to shoot, as even the slightest hesitation gets you a pair of enormous hand that easily snatch the ball from you. As easy for her as to take a candy from a little kid. The strength difference is that wide.

Eventually, the half time comes. The score is already too embarrassing to even tell. Sue Bird is simply sweeping the floor with the French team, and it doesn’t seem to be a way for them to stop her. But even though, the USA couch decides that, considering this is the final match, they should give a show that no one will ever forget. And everyone knows how they’ll achieve it.

Just before the second half starts, the French team discovers that their already oversized opponent is now much bigger. Instead of the 11’6’’, at which Sue started, she now stands at an imposing 200’ in height. This enables her to cover the whole court by only spreading her legs. Her ankles alone tower over every single girl in the court, be her American or French.

As the game starts again, the last minutes of humiliation start for France. For the rest of the match, they don’t manage to score even once. In the first half, they could do it every now and then, taking the ball quickly just as Sue scored, and then sending a long pass to a team mate, and scoring before Sue managed to return. However, at 200’, the giant player doesn’t even have to move from her spot to both score and block rival attacks. Each time the USA team recovers the ball, they simply throw it upwards, letting Sue do the rest. She easily catches the ball, bends down and drops it into the rim. The French team then takes the ball, sending a long pass, but already an 11’ palm blocks the shot. How do you play against that?

The match finally ends, ending also the French suffering. Eager to just leave the place, they simply take their silver medals and go. However, it’s the opposite for the American team, which celebrates the easy victory. Sue snatches her teammates one by one with her huge hands, even as some of them, playfully, do their best to avoid being caught. Once she has them all, she lifts them on both her palms, close to her face, smiling down at them. This image makes it to the cover of every next day’s sports journal.




Kerri Walsh, the beach volleyball player, wasn’t a petite girl at all to begin with. Standing at an imposing 6’3’’, she already towered over the vast majority of people on Earth. So it only makes sense that when she appears at the volleyball court at twice her normal height, she looks monumental to everyone there. Her long legs alone easily dwarf Misty-May Treanor, her partner, who walks by her side. The net itself just comes up to her hip.

“I guess I’m not going to need to jump a lot”, she thinks, smiling.

On the other side of the net, her rivals, the Brazilian players Larissa Franca and Juliana Felisberta, can’t take their eyes off Kerri. Watching on TV how the USA team enlarged their players isn’t nearly the same as seeing it live. But that doesn’t stop them from taking their positions in order to start the match.

The first bunch of points all go to the USA team, as the Brazilian players simply find it impossible to answer Kerri’s serve. The ball flies at a blinding speed each time it’s hit by Kerri’s huge hand. This means that most of the time, nor Larissa nor Juliana can even touch the ball before it lands on the sand; and even when they do, the ball is moving simply too fast to give it a proper direction.

Eventually, and fortunately for the Brazilian team, Kerri hits the net with the ball, finally losing her serve. This means that it’s now Juliana’s turn to serve. However, she actually only gets to serve once. As hard as Juliana hits the ball in her serve, Kerri easily blocks it with her hand, scoring again.

It’s Misty-May’s turn to serve, which actually makes her very happy. So far, she has only been another spectator, since she has never hit the ball until now. To make it up to her, though, the first set ends with her not needing to stop serving. Larissa and Juliana manage to answer her serves, but in by no means are they able to get past Kerri. Of course, it’s not easy to spike the ball when a 12’6’’ tall woman is blocking you.

At first, Kerri uses her wide hands to block every single shot that the Brazilians make. However, she gets bored pretty quickly by the almost nonexistent challenge that her opponents represent, so she starts toying with Larissa and Juliana. Instead of using her hands, as she normally would, she simply stands in front of the spiker, blocking her shot with her broad body. As much as they try to get the ball through, it always bumps against Kerri’s belly or chest and back into their side.

The second set goes pretty much like the first one, with Misty-May either just serving or just watching, while Kerri easily handles Larissa and Juliana’s attempts to score. That’s why the USA team decides to change things a bit for the third and final set, to make things a bit more interesting and fun.

As if she wasn’t tall enough, the USA Team enlarges Kerri even bigger, to an astonishing height of 200’. Just by standing on the court, her feet cover most of their side of it, and her bare heels even exceed the area by some inches. There’s barely enough space on the left side of Kerri’s left foot for Misty-May to stand on. And if the net came up to her hip before, now it doesn’t even reach her ankle.

Everyone in the crowd stares up in awe at her, and the Brazilian players’ jaw drops as they see the kind of opponent they’re about to play against. Fortunately for them, though, it’s Misty-May’s turn to serve, so they’ll at least be able to respond to it.

Of course, being able to answer to a serve doesn’t mean you’re going to score, and the Brazilian couple finds out that the hard way. If they found it impossible to pass the 12’6’’ Kerri, trying to do the same with a 200’ one is simply unthinkable. Just by holding her open palm over the net is more than enough to block every single attempt from them to pass the ball to the other side. She scores a few times like this before, again, starting to get bored. This time, however, her size allows her to try a few other stuff.

First, instead of using her hands, she starts using her feet. Holding one of them at the right height and position, she stops all her opponents’ attempts, feeling the ball bump against the sole of her foot, tickling a little. Not wanting to cause any accident, after a few points scored that way, she changes tactics.

Trying to show her power and easy control of the game, she then blocks the balls with other parts of her body. By leaning as close as she can to the net, she uses her enormous face to block the shots. They hit her cheeks, mouth, and sometimes even nose, harmlessly because of her size, and then land right back into the Brazilian side.

Then, just for the giggles, she turns around, using her gigantic bottom to do the blocking instead. Her colossal butt chicks loom above the Brazilian players, who, offended, start hitting the ball with all their might, not caring about the points anymore, but trying to give Kerri a well-deserved spanking. However, the gigantic American player’s thick flesh isn’t hurt one bit, only humiliating them even more.

Close to the end, Kerri realizes that her partner hasn’t even scored once in the entire match. Feeling a little bad for her, she decides to help her out. Instead of waiting for the Brazilian duo to hit the ball, she hops on her spot, causing a strong, yet brief tremor. This causes both of her opponents (along with everyone else around) to fall off their feet, making it impossible for them to respond. Kerri repeats this a few times, hopping just after Misty-May serves, and letting her score a few times.

Juliana, decided to at least score once for her team, decides to give most powerful and high jump she can just before Kerri’s gargantuan feet land, avoiding that way the earthquake. Then, while in midair, she hits the ball as hard as she can, hitting a distracted Kerri’s ankle and then landing out of the field for a Brazilian point. The first in the last set.

Kerri looks down at Juliana, frowning, hands on her hips, and prepares for the Brazilian serve. Just as Larissa hits the ball for a serve, Kerri flicks the tiny ball with her index finger, sending it flying straight towards Juliana, hitting her belly and knocking her down onto her back.

“Oops! Sorry!”, she says in a girly way. “Our serve again!”

She then picks up the diminutive ball, looking at it on her palm. Then she looks at the score: only one more point to win the gold medal! Knowing this, she decides to give them a final scare. Grinning, she tosses the ball upwards, in front of her face, and then, as it starts to fall, she hits it with all her might with her hand. The ball flies towards the other side of the net as if it was a meteor. The Brazilian girls dive aside, trying to avoid it. Fortunately for them, they manage to get aside, as the ball lands with force onto the sand, burying itself on it.

The game is finally over, and Larissa and Juliana leave the court as fast as they can, wanting to get away from the American giantess as soon as possible. The crowd cheers at the winners, while Kerri suddenly snatches Misty-May from the sand, tossing her up and catching her a few times, which causes everyone around (except for Misty-May herself, which starts screaming) to laugh.




While planning the match against Japan for the gold medal, the USA Football Team finds itself trying to figure how to use the size-changing technology. Being a team sport where each player has a different role from the others, the answer isn’t easy. It takes some skill to control the ball just using feet, and at a larger size, that might easily backfire if not used with caution.

The answer, however, seems to be role distribution. Leaving most players at normal size so they can handle the ball as they usually do. But then which players should be enlarged? And how big? Well, the question to ask was: What’s the objective of the game? To score goals and stop your opponent from doing the same. So the large ones should be the players who specifically focus on said objectives. In other words, the goalkeeper and the striker. In the case of the American team, these roles belong to the keeper Hope Solo, and the striker Alex Morgan.

Having already picked the players to enlarge, the next decision was to choose the size. Obviously, Alex needs to keep a minimum of smallness to still be able to accurately shoot to goal and control the ball in general without accidentally flattening it. Taking all that into account, they finally decide that the optimal size for Alex Morgan is 15’ tall. Small enough to still play skillfully, but large enough to still be able to take advantage of her increased height and strength to overcome the other team’s defenders and keeper.

Hope Solo, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem. Being the goalkeeper, she can handle the ball with her hands, which gives her much more freedom. Also, she doesn’t have to score goals, so she doesn’t need the accuracy of a smaller size. Her job is easy; just stop the other team from scoring goals. Considering all that, they decide to blow their keeper up to a massive height of 300’.

Now, at the match day, it’s easy to guess the look on the face of the Japanese players when they realize they’re going to play against an Amazonian striker and a titaness goalkeeper. Alex crouches next to Megan Rapinoe and whispers.

“Hey, I knew the Japanese were short, but this is ridiculous!”, she says, and both girls laugh.

As soon as the game starts, Alex runs towards the Japanese area. A bunch of thigh-high defenders surround her, trying to prevent her from receiving the ball. She just can’t help but think how cute they all look from her height. As if they were a bunch of kids trying to cover a grown woman.

When the ball final flies towards the area, one of the Japanese defenders starts to run backwards, keeping her eyes on the ball at all times. While this is what’s expected from a defender, it’s not a good tactic when there’s a 15’ tall girl in your area. Without even seeing it coming, the tiny defender suddenly smacks against Alex’s huge leg with her back, falling on her belly. Alex, on the other hand, doesn’t even move, just chuckling a little.

As much as the other defenders jump, Alex, without even moving her feet, easily wins the ball and hammers it with her forehead right into the goal for the 1-0. While she high fives her teammates, the Japanese players start complaining with the referee about the play, saying that Alex committed a foul against their defender. However, since the American striker didn’t even move, and it was actually the Japanese player who bumped against her, the referee just dismisses them.

Just after the first minute of the match, the USA is already winning. But the Japanese don’t take long to counterattack. With a long ball, one of their strikers manages to get past the defensive line and run straight to the goal, just to find herself in front of an enormous palm blocking the whole thing. Hope, just kneeling next to it, grins down to the tiny striker. She’s not even wearing gloves, as she doesn’t exactly fear getting hurt by hard shots.

Not knowing what to do, and seeing the defenders chasing her, she just shoots at the goal with all her strength. The ball harmlessly bounces against Hope’s palm, just to be picked up by her. She smiles at the tiny ball on her palm, finding it both cute and funny, and then simply throws it back towards the Japanese goal, looking for Alex.

The goalkeeper, seeing the long ball, decides to try and anticipate herself to Alex. However, being only 5’5’’, she can’t even compete against the American striker by air; not even when stretching her arms and jumping as high as possible. Alex simply hits the ball gently with her head, enough to fly over the keeper and get into the goal. 2-0.

As the match continues, Alex keeps proving to be a nightmare to the defenders and the keeper. No matter what they try, the huge girl always seems to easily score. And not just with her head. With such a superior height, her chest is still high enough for the defenders or keeper to reach, so she easily stops the ball with it, and then kicks it hard in midair. Alex’s big, more than 2’ long foot, hits the ball so hard that it explodes in the spot.

“Whoops!”, she says, picking up the ball and dangling it in front of her face. Or at least, what’s left of it. “Sorry, hehe.”

A few minutes later, Alex has a second chance. This time, however, she does two different things. First of all, she kicks the ball a little bit softer, so that it still flies at full speed into the net, but not exploding. And second, to make it even more fancy, instead of just kicking it midair, she decides to execute a bicycle kick.

The ball flies right into the goal, scoring again. However, the bicycle kick causes her to fall in a not-so-orthodox way. The defenders, including the goalkeeper, being too busy watching the ball hit the net, don’t notice Alex’s enormous body falling until it’s too late. With a thud, the girl with the number 9 on her back lands on the tiny girls, pinning them under her legs, bottom and back.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry!”, she says, blushing, as she quickly stands back up. The Japanese players remain down. After a few minutes, most of them stand back up to keep playing, although one of them hast to be taken out on a stretcher, as Alex’s huge weight was enough to break her leg.

“I’m sorry, honestly!”, she tells her as they take her out of the field. The rest of the Japanese players explode against the referee, claiming that the goal doesn’t count because of the foul, and that Alex must be expelled. However, as the ball got into the net before the amazon striker landed, the goal is valid. And as it was clearly an accident, they can’t expel her either. This, of course, enrages the Asian team, but there’s not much they can do.

As Alex’s goal fest goes on, Hope seems to be having a rather boring match. At first, she has a few giggles blocking the shots with her palm or even her foot. But after a while, it gets rather boring. Just sitting in front of the goal, Hope easily defends her goal with her bottom and thighs, even faking a few yawns.

Eventually, she decides to make things a little more interesting. As soon as she sees a Japanese forwards run into her area, she simply pinches her shirt with her index and thumb and lifts her all the way to her face, dangling her in front of it.

“Where do you think you’re going, little mouse?”, she asks her, grinning, while the tiny girl just screams in panic.

The referee immediately gives a penalty kick to Japan, and a yellow card to Hope.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby!”, she says, placing her back down on the field. “Plus, it’s not like you’re going to score, right?”

The Japanese girl gets ready to kick the penalty, but Hope isn’t blocking the goal yet, as if taunting the tiny Asian. The girl then kicks the ball right towards the center of the goal, but before it can get inside, a massive fist lands right on it, flattening it against the grass. This knocks every single person near her area off their feet, especially the penalty kicker, since she was very close to the giant hand.

Hope then lifts her hand off the grass, seeing the flat ball still stuck to the outer side of her hand.

“We’re going to need a new ball, I think, hehe.”, she says, peeling the ball off her hand and tossing it over her shoulder.

But Hope is just getting started, and then decides to contribute more for her team. She picks up the ball, places it on her open palm, and then flicks it all the way across the field towards the Japanese goal. As hard as Hope’s flick is, the goalie manages to stop it, and even mocking the gigantic goalkeeper.

“Oh, hey you!”, she says, angrily, and starts stomping towards the other side of the field. Both American and Japanese players alike do their best to get out of her way, although most of them are knocked by the power of her stomping, anyway. As she reaches the other area, the Japanese keeper stares up at her defying. So Hope then gets down on hands and knees, placing each hand at each side of the area, which almost land on a couple of defenders, respectively, who manage to dive aside just in time.

Hope then leans close to the tiny keeper, her face towering her. Knowing that she can’t touch her, she just takes a deep breath and blows against her. The gust of wind easily lifts her off her feet and blows her right into her goal. The referee, once again, has to make the goal count, as the keeper was never touched by the player.

As Hope “low-fives” her teammates, the Japanese team tries to quickly make a last attempt to score, with no keeper in their way. Unfortunately for them, as soon as Hope notices, she quickly sprints back to her goal. After a couple of long strides, she leaps, landing with both feet in front of her goal. The Japanese strikers scream as two gargantuan heels land in front of them, creating a powerful earthquake that shakes the whole stadium, causing everyone to fall. All except Alex, who uses her strong legs to manage to stay standing.

And so the match ends. Again, the score line too humiliating to tell. And no matter how much the crowd asks Hope to trade shirts with one of her rivals, she simply giggles and shakes her head. She simply blows a kiss at the crowd, which is as much as they get from her.

Alex picks up a couple of her teammates and sits them on her shoulders, carrying them around the field. Hope then picks Alex up and sits her on her own shoulder. The rest of the players just laugh at this; at least, until Hope starts snatching them all, too, and lays down on her back, placing the whole team on her belly, chest and face, where they play a little pick-up football match until the medal time comes.

End Notes:

I probably won't be adding to this story soon, as I've done all the sports I thought I could. I know there are some others, but they seem a bit redundant with the ones already written. I really hope you all had as much fun reading them as I had writing. I'll probably keep adding to the other story, and I'm also about to start a new one. So if you liked this one, please check the others out, too. Have a nice day. See ya!

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