Toy for the holiday by Yougts

When shrinking is finally possible, you volunteer to be your sisters toy for the holiday

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Morning by Yougts
Author's Notes:

A few years ago, shrinking matter finally became possible. Only one company has a license to produce shrinking packages. Sadly, because of the high development costs it comes at an extremely high price, allowing only the very rich to use this technology. The company will launch a new version of the shrinking packages with new features. For the promotion of this new package they organised a lottery to give away one package for free.

The new package allows the person in control a lot of possibilities. By inserting a chip in the shrinker's body, the person in control gets full control of the shrinkee's body and can control everything by a simple app on the users phone. It allows the controller to adjust the shrinkee's height, but also allows the user to actually see what the shrinkee is seeing and enables to communicate with him. The chip also makes sure the shrinkee is almost invulnerable to everything. Finally, the package also allows the shrinkee to be 'smoothed' in both inanimate as living textures.

Having a giantess fetish as long as he can remember, Stan is really excited to try out this technology. His sister Mia recently discovered his fetish and really likes the idea of having her brother small and under her control. She teases her brother relentlessly about what she would do with him in any kind of situation. At first, Stan was frustrated and humiliated that his sister found out about his giantess fetish. But when the teasing continued he actually started to like the idea. He figured that he at least could trust her and he was very sure that there was no one else who could come up with crazy ideas as is sister. Stan decided that if he ever had the opportunity to shrink he would let his sister be in control.

For the new package, the company organises a lottery to give away one shrinking package. By miracle Stan actually wins the package. This is where the story starts.



The sun causes Stan to finally wake up. Rubbing his eyes he slowly gets his bearings. He looks at his alarm clock and it says Sunday 10.00 am. Only one more week and the summer holiday finally begins. Stan looks around his room noticing that he really should clean it today. Clothes from the whole week are scattered down the room. He is glad with the family rule; your own room is private and when the door is closed, nobody should enter. If his mom sees his room like this, she certainly would not be happy Stan thinks.

He slowly gets out of his bed and walks to his desk and turns on his computer. The screen comes back from sleep and he starts with checking his mail. As always, a lot of spam fills his inbox, but he gets immediately excited when he opens the mail he has been waiting for. Last month, he subscribed in the most important lottery, to win a shrinking package for home-use. The mail is an announcement that the company decided to announce the winner privately today at 11.00 am. Stan cannot contain his excitement and shouts a big yes. He knows his chances are extremely slim, but even the probability to actually live his fantasy is exciting!

Realising that by shouting the rest of the family probably knows he is awake, Stan decides that it's best to get some breakfast, it will make the wait a bit more bearable. He gets up and walks out of his room to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He opens the door and walks to the sink and starts brushing his teeth, when suddenly his sister walks in. 'Goood morning little brother!' she says, emphasizing on 'little'. Stan grunts knowing she probably received the same mail and is just as excited as him. 'Don't be so rude to your sister, you never know where you may end up if you're rude' Mia says and playfully sticks out her tongue. Stan chuckled and rolls his eyes. She always gets him right where she wants him. Ever she found out he has a giantess fetish she teased him relentlessly. 

At first he was really frustrated that she found out. In the beginning he got angry every time she described a situation where he ended up shrunken and under her control. But there was one evening that changed the way he looked at it. It was a family night and Stan’s mother insisted that everyone watched a movie. Stan sat on the couch with his sister, and they agreed that it was a very boring movie. Stan asked his mother if they could leave, but Carol said everybody should stay and watch. Sighing, Mia went to the kitchen and got a bowl of gummy bears. She whispered in Stan’s ear, "Let's see if you find this as boring, you are the yellow one, tiny'. Stan gazed at the bowl and noticed a lot of different coloured gummy bears, but only one yellow. Stan immediately turned to his mother pleading if he can just go upstairs, but Carol wouldn't let him. 

Sighing, he was determined to only watch the movie. But when he saw the first gummy bear taken out the bowl, he just had to watch. He peered through the corner of his eye and saw a green gummy bear hanging from Mia's fingers in front of her full lips. Suddenly, her pink tongue came out from between her lips and slowly licked the gummy bear. Then she proceeded to put the candy between her lips and lightly sucked on it. In the meantime, Stan stared directly at the show before him. when suddenly her gaze met his. Mia winks and sucked the gummy bear with a 'plop' in her mouth and smiling wide. Stan quickly glanced away but experienced a new sensation. He was actually aroused from seeing his sister play with her candy as if it was him. Mia looked at her brother and realised she pushed the right button.

Mia decided to go straight to the money shot and picked up the yellow one. Stan couldn't help but watch again and Mia repeated the same routine. But she did something different in the end. First, she sucked for about two minutes on the bear making satisfying noises. Then she did something unexpected, she turned her head to her brother sticking out her tongue. Stan watched his sister pink tongue and sees the gummy bear all wet and sticky. Mia pointed at the gummy bear and then to her brother, emphasizing the candy is actually her brother. Then she looked forward and tilted her head down, while she opened her jeans and panties with one hand. Then she simply let the gummy bear drop from her tongue into her panties. She let her panties snap back against her and gave her crotch a few pats. Mia let out a satisfying sigh and got more comfortable on the couch turning her attention back at the movie.

Stan just looked in shock at his sister. There was no way that he would ever be sexually involved with his sister, but the way she just casually dropped that bear in her jeans fulfilled him with utter lust. Not so much of his sister, but the pure dominance she demonstrated with the knowledge there wouldn't be a thing in the world to stop her if he was her shrunken toy. 

A million thoughts went through Stan's head, but his mind screamed only one thing. He had to be shrunken down by her. He quickly got up and sprinted to his room to process this new knowledge. His mother yelled after him that he should stay, but didn't care. Just before he left the living room he looked back at his sister. She playfully clicked her teeth together and laughed her ass off. 

Stan looks in the mirror at his gorgeous sister getting ready to brush her teeth. 'Just because I agreed to be your toy if we ever get the chance, doesn't mean you can put me anywhere, sweet sister' and he pushes her away a bit. Standing on one leg trying to keep her balance she replies 'Of course it does, stupid', 'and I would also know where to put you right now, would you like to know where? Stan replies that he doesn't want to know but she doesn't care and explains it anyway. 'Right now, I would just tie you immobile with some floss and then tie you to my toothbrush'. Stan wants to say he doesn't want to hear it but is already to aroused to stop her. 'And then, little brother, I would simply put some toothpaste on you and brush my teeth, 3 minutes off coarse.' 'And then without rinsing you, put you back in the holder for let's say half a day.', "see, I can put you anywhere and there would be nothing you can do'. 

So much teasing and it is still only morning. Stan slowly got a boner during his sisters fantasy. Noticing his brothers excitement she nods at his boner coming through his pants 'I see you like being a toothbrush, I will make sure you got your wish then'. 'I am so excited, only 50 minutes left and we know if we can live out both our fantasies'. She quickly finish her business in the bathroom and walks out to the hallway. Stan looks at the mirror seeing himself with a boner and flushed and laughs to himself, slowly nodding his head. Just then his sister pops her head back in the bathroom. "Quickly now little bagel, let's eat breakfast or should I carry you"

End Notes:

Thought I would stop being a lurker and actually try a story. Let me know what you think and maybe give some pointers because English is not my native language. 



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