'Stream of Consciousness' by Shywry

John finds himself in a surprisingly sadistic situation, when two girls team up to torment him.

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As my first story, I aim to make it very likable. I also aim to add as many genres in it as possible, but do not expect regular updates.

1. Chapter 1 by Shywry

2. Chapter 2 by Shywry

Chapter 1 by Shywry
Author's Notes:

I've always believed in good first impressions. This first chapter will hopefully be such a thing to you. It does not contain any plot development, it simply thrusts you into the action, and introduces the main characters. There will be plenty of time for plot development later.

I ran behind the couch, now standing at a little less than 2 feet tall. I kept running, but Sarah came around to that side, and I stopped in my tracks. She was wearing the sort of clothes she always wears, an extremely tight, spaghetti, low-cut tanktop that reveals the top bit of her perky breasts, and an even tighter pair of shorts that are shorter than my underwear. She towered above me, and growled playfully with her hands raised like claws. Good to know she was having fun, this was the most fear I had ever felt in my life. I turned around and started to run, but Autumn cut me off there. She was wearing basically the same thing as Sarah, except her clothes were duller in color. Also, her breasts were humongous for a 12-year old… or is she 11? I just know she’s way too young to even be developing those yet, and they’re huge for a 15 year old. I suppose it slightly makes sense though. Sarah was quite skinny, and Autumn was chubby. Not chubby to the point where you look at her, and you think chubby. At first sight, she looks like she might be kind of fit. But it’s just sort of… baby fat, I guess, that hasn’t gone away. Sarah was very pale, and Autumn was quite tanned. Sarah had extremely curly red hair, and a very slender body, plus some perky boobs. Autumn had long, naturally wavy, brown hair, a more perky body, and very large boobs. But they were both so young… if I was going to be captured by two sadistic girls, I would at least have liked them to be around my age.

            The two started stepping in unison, closer and closer to me. I started to run opposite to the couch, which I must’ve done just in time, as I heard a pound on the couch behind me. I don’t even want to know what would’ve happened had I stayed there. But I know I heard giggling. Both of them must’ve been having the time of their lives. I heard footsteps coming towards me, and turned around to see autumn had literally just leapt in the air, like a tackle. She landed with her stomach on the ground, but her outreached hands caught my ankle and tripped me. I fell and hit my face on the ground hard, making my eyes watery.

“Got him!” she shouted. Sarah clapped her hands and ran to the front of me, crouching down.

“I think you hurt him.” Sarah remarked, sounding a little too amused. “C’mon, get him up!” Autumn obeyed, and grabbed my arms, lifting me to a standing position. Sarah grabbed my legs and pulled, so now I was on my back. They pinned my arms and legs to the ground, Autumn holding my arms, and Sarah holding my legs. I struggled as hard as I could, but it was useless...

I’m a 17 year old star athlete, and these two 12 year olds… or was Sarah 13? Anyways, these two little girls were toying with me like I was, well, a toy.

“Go get the rope,” Sarah gleefully commanded. She grabbed both of my hands together with her left hand, and put her shins on my legs so I couldn’t move them, I supposed they learned how slippery I could be. With her right hand, she pressed her middle fingernail to her thumb, like she was about to flick something, and put it right near my groin.

“Sarah, no! Please don’t, I’ll play with you, I promise!” she just laughed.

“Yes John, I know you will. You don’t really have a choice in the matter anyways.” Her smile was constant… never faltering… and 100% genuine. She jerked her body a little, scaring me into thinking she was about to flick. It was at that moment that it dawned on me just how small I was. Less than two feet tall! One of her hands was big enough and strong enough to encompass both of my hands completely, and pin them to the ground. Her giant face loomed over me. It was as big as an old television. Just her face! The finger that would imminently cause me great pain was bigger than its target. I was as big as a small toddler. Damn it!

Her mouth started sucking on something, or maybe just sucking. Usually when I suck on a piece of candy, I have to swallow a lot because of the spit, but she didn’t seem to be doing so. After about 20 straight seconds of just sucking, she pursed her lips together directly over my face, and I saw moisture begin to make its way out of her mouth, into a large drop of saliva. It lowered slowly… slower than it physically should have, I would think, until it was close enough that it covered my whole field of vision. Fear swelled in my throat, this would be one of the most disgusting experiences of my life… but a ray of hope shone, as it slowly began to ascend, back into her mouth. But all she did was grin as she pursed her lips again, and the spit dropped down to my face once more. This time though, she let it drop.

It washed over my entire face, that one drop of spit. The saliva dribbling down the crevices of my bone structure, all around my mouth and lips, reflexively forcing me to close them. I closed my eyes as I felt the warm, mucus-filled saliva ooze over them. That was quite a bit of spit she had gathered. The snot filled saliva covered my nose, and refused to move, forcing me to hold my breath. I tried to shake it off, but it was absurdly sticky. Then I tried to move my hands to get it out of the way so I could breathe, but she wouldn’t let me, shaking her head in amusement. I started to panic. The mucus encompassed my entire lower face, so I couldn’t open my mouth to breathe either, but I refused to taste this disgusting little girl’s spit.

Then I felt it, she had released her middle finger, sending it flying at my groin. I grunted in pain as it made contact with my sensitive balls, and opened my eyes to see her smiling innocently. I opened my mouth too, which sent the mucus into my mouth, and instantly to the back of my throat. The slimy texture and putrid flavor instantly sent my gag reflexes into overdrive, and I turned my head and puked. Finally, I could take a deep breath in, but the fierce pain in my balls was unforgettable. It was like someone kicking them. Hard. Sarah frowned down at me, seeing just a speck of my vomit touching her skin.

“How dare you?!” She spat, “If you’re going to be puking on me, then I’ll just puke on you. But I’m going to wait until you’re smaller. A good bit smaller.” I could tell she was mad now. And serious. I didn’t like where this was going.

“You’re already playing with him?” I heard Autumn say. “I thought we were gonna tie him up first.”

“Oh don’t worry about it. We can do anything we want to him!” They both talked so properly. It was obviously forced, neither of them were proper at all, and Autumn was just copying Sarah. Sarah was the one who tried so hard to be proper and superior – and right now, she was succeeding. At least on the superior bit. “Go on, what do you want to do with him?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I kind of have to… fart.” Autumn said, a bit nervous. She wasn’t sure if Sarah would be okay with what she was thinking, but the corners of Sarah’s mouth touched her cheeks in a grin.

“Go on then.” She said, encouraging Autumn. Autumn smiled with happiness, and put her feet by my face. She was so tall from here… a giantess. She began squatting down, eventually placing her knees on the ground. I could see her butt. Well, her pants, but they were so short and thin. It came closer to me, covering my whole field of vision, until I actually felt it. Lowering slowly, it touched my nose, and the pressure began to grow. I could tell she neglected her hygiene a little bit, as the small of ass crept into my nose, but I was fearful as to what this would become. I couldn’t stop breathing desperately, due to my recent near suffocation, and the searing pain in my balls still present. The pressure stopped. I could tell she wasn’t putting all of her weight on me, but it was enough to seriously reduce my ability to breathe yet again. Now my lungs were having a fit, as they forced me to breathe as hard as possible, that nasty ass air, until I heard it. A grumbling. A loud grumbling, coming from above. Next came the giggling, and then came the worst thing yet.

I actually felt it, for a long time. The noise was one of those nasty noises, where it sounds like something is coming out of their butt besides just gas. The wind brushed over my tiny head, and my desperate breathing forced me to smell the extent of this rancid smelling fart. It smelled like she was crapping herself, but thankfully, because of my unfortunate position, I could tell she at least wasn’t doing that. It went on and on, it seemed like an eternity that this little girls bad gas was brushing against my skin, contaminating my very soul. I was about to puke again, when finally, the seven second fart ended, and I could look forward to her getting up, and me possibly getting some fresh air.

But something was wrong. She wasn’t moving. She was just staying there, and began to grind my face a little. Not enough to notice at first, but she was slowly increasing in speed and in length of her humps. She was getting less lenient with how much weight she was putting on my face, too. Now it felt like someone put a pillow on my face, and then an old television on the pillow. I could feel my nose getting bloody already – it would probably break soon. The lingering smell of her noxious gas infiltrated my systems, making me want to exhale hard to get it all out, but I couldn’t. My lungs became more desperate by the second. I was breathing like I had just run a mile now, and the bad air remained stagnant… it was almost like it was getting worse.

I could hear muffled voices, but she had began to grind my face with her ass enough that I didn’t pay it any mind. My only thoughts right now were keeping my sanity, and getting through this ridiculous pain and horrible smell. Each thrust of her hips was harder than the last.

Thrust. I hear a snap, and felt it in my nose. There goes that bone.

Thrust. I hear a crunch. My nose is going to be completely gone after this. I’m curious as to how I’m still breathing through it, and how my sense of smell isn’t completely gone.

Thrust. I hear a moan. Isn’t this girl 12? How can she have these feelings? And how can she be achieving them with her ass?

Thrust after thrust after thrust, still each one getting harder and faster than the last. I just can’t take it anymore! Sarah’s hand still engulfs both of mine, and she still has my legs pinned. I start to panic, and want to scream, but my body forces me to focus on breathing. I feel as though I’ll pass out from frustration, my body furiously jerking about, but Sarah easily holding it in place. This is ridiculous. I can’t take it anymore! I can’t! But there’s nothing I can do about it. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Just when I think I faint, something keeps me conscious. Something keeps me aware. This can’t be happening!

Finally, she jerks her ass forward, and keeps it there. Then jerks it again, the time between the jerks significantly decreasing. I think she’s done, but I don’t feel any moisture where… well, there should be moisture. Is she faking, just to anger me? Because it’s working. Or is she showing off for Sarah? I don’t know. But at last, she rises a little bit, but stops, letting her ass linger just above touching my face. She lets it sit there for a good minutes before she wiggles it to taunt me, and removes herself. Sarah looks at me and grins.

“Had fun? Because now it’s time for round two. And I think snacks should be smaller than two feet tall.”


End Notes:

Hope you liked it! Don't expect chapters to come out very frequently, I'm a busy person. But the more I see that people like it, the more commonly I'll work on it. Thanks for reading!

P.S. This is my first story on this site, so if you see any formatting or grammatical errors or concerns, just let me know, and I'll do what I can to nullify them.

Chapter 2 by Shywry
Author's Notes:

Trust me, this isn't a hiatus for me. Like I said, do NOT expect chapters very often. BUT here it is. 

“Had fun? Because now it’s time for round two. And I think snacks should be smaller than two feet tall.”

I start to feel dizzy, the room begins to turn but, at the same time, it stays in place. Sarah smiles at me sweetly… bitch.

I wake up in the same room, the same place I think, but everything’s bigger. That’s silly of course- I’m smart enough to know that I’m smaller. A good bit smaller, I must now stand at about 8 or 9 inches tall. I dart back up to my feet, but everything becomes blurry and I fall down again… damn it! Too dizzy, too worn out, I don’t know. I turn around and I see them both. Sarah is sitting on a chair with her legs crossed, staring at me intently. Autumn is sitting on the arm of the chair, inspecting her nails.

“So you’ve finally woken up.” She starts. I try to ask her how this is happening, but I can’t bring myself to speak. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t notice it before, but I can’t open my mouth. However, my nose isn’t broken anymore, and my face doesn’t hurt at all. Sarah stand up and takes a step towards me. “Don’t bother trying to say anything.” She takes another step. “Don’t bother running. Don’t bother hoping. Don’t bother with anything, really.” She takes another step. Not she’s right in front me, her hands on her hips, looking down at me. She’s so tall… I don’t know what to make of it. “You don’t seem to understand. They never understand, even in the stories I read online. They always think they’re human, and not some toy. And for some reason, the girl always tells them that they’re a toy, and tries to explain it all to them. But to be honest, I don’t care what you believe.” She scoops me up and holds me firmly in her hand, my arms pinned at my sides. “Because you’re mine.” And she’s right. I’m hers. There’s nothing I could ever hope to do about it. She’s so much bigger than me, she can literally do anything she wants with me, I understand that much. But I just want to know how. How is it possible that she shrunk me? She’s a smart girl, but she’s not smart enough to make any sort of potion, or chemical, or spell. She doesn’t know anyone smart enough to do that either. In fact, I don’t know anyone smart enough to do that!

She squeezes me, causing me to grunt in pain. I would have yelled, or cursed at her, but my lips remain unresponsive. She just grins, genuinely enjoying my pain. Her slender face isn’t just forceful and scary, but it’s also annoying. The arrogance of this girl… this creature… is overwhelming. It radiates from her, and makes me feel like less of a person. I hate her. I hate her SO much.

She squeezes me again, and I grunt again, just like last time. She laughs a little, and her eyes become hungry. Her face becomes oppressive, the expression… demonic.

“How are you so weak?” She asks, and she squeezes again. “You’re small, but even there are creatures smaller than you that are stronger than you.” She squeezes again, this time I feel a crack in my ribs, and a pop in my shoulder. “Humans are pretty weak pound for pound, I suppose. A praying mantis could probably eat you up.” She starts swishing her mouth around… here it comes again. She places her lips directly above me, and a huge glob of saliva begins to gather. It falls towards me, stopping nearly in touching distance of my face, and then comes up again. Really? She can’t think of something new? It falls again, but this time smashes against me, oozing all over my head, over my shoulders, onto her hands. How does she gather up so much spit? There’s so much of the disgusting, snot filled spit on my face that I can’t breathe, just like last time. I try to open my mouth to blow it away, but again, my mouth doesn’t open. I don’t dare to risk blowing out of my nose- I need to conserve the breath that I have. I look up at her, and hear her giggle a little at my torment. What a sadistic monster.

I shake my head violently to try to get it off, but it’s so sticky that it doesn’t go anywhere, so I take a risk. Almost out of breath, I droop my head down and wipe it across her hand to get all that snotty saliva off of my face. I take a huge breath in, and start gasping for precious oxygen. I look up, and not surprisingly, she’s not smiling anymore.

“You ASSHOLE!” She screams at me. Enraged, she presses her middle finger into her thumb, and starts building up pressure. She puts it right in front of my face, and I look up to her pleadingly, shaking my head and screaming muffled pleas of mercy. Her scowl doesn’t disappear, and I look back at the finger. As soon as I see it, it’s springing towards my face at light speed, smacking it with the force of a truck. When it comes into contact, I instantly hear my nose break… again. My head snaps back, and I hear a crack. The pain I’m going through is so intense that I begin to lose consciousness, but just like last time, I can’t seem to cross that bridge. I have to bear with the pain, but I can’t! I just can’t! I’m going to go INSANE if I have to put up with this shit anymore! I try to lift my head back, to at least scream in pain in a more comfortable position, but I can’t. In fact, I find myself unable to move my body at all! Great, am I paralyzed now?

She lets go of my body, and I land on a couch cushion in a very awkward position. She crouches down and fiddles with my limbs, so that my arms are extended outward and my legs go straight down, as if I’m being crucified.  She does it slowly, giving me a sense of dread. Her smile says it all- that I can’t even move now without her. I’m even more worthless than before…

“Well John, I guess you’re completely useless now, huh?” She says, perky as ever.” She positions my head to look up straight. “Should I just end it all now?” She stand up, and turns around, showing me her plump rear end, easily seen through her extremely tight, extremely short shorts. She starts to lower her ass towards me. NO! No, this can’t be happening. I’m NOT going to die under this annoying little girl’s ASS. I try to move, I try with all my will and my strength, but can’t. Her butt comes closer, and closer, it has almost reached me now! I give it more, I give it more than I have. 110%. 120%. 1000%! Nothing’s working. I just can’t move! My goddamn muscles wont respond! Her ass touches me, just barely, but as soon as the space between her two cheeks reaches my face, it stops. What? How much control and precision can a human being possibly have? I hear a rumbling… oh crap. I REALLY hope this doesn’t happen. She jerks down a little bit, pummeling my nose into oblivion, but doesn’t quite manage to… fart. Thank GOD. She lifts herself up.

“Looks like you got lucky.” She said, as she spit on me once again. She didn’t gather up nearly as much this time, and didn’t make as big a deal of it, but I was still completely covered in her saliva. Luckily, I could still breath. There would be nothing I could do if she were to spit on me like that again. “Autumn!” She yelled, and Autumn came eagerly rushing over. “Your turn. Play nice, I think I broke him.” She left with a bounce in her step.

Okay back up. This little girl just shrunk me somehow, to the point where I can never exist in society again. She grabbed me up and spat on me, nearly suffocating me. When I try to save myself, She flicks me so hard in the face, that my neck snaps and now I’m paralyzed, STILL burning with pain, by the way. Then she plants her ass on my face and tries to fart. Now she walks away with a bounce in her step, as happy as can be? Why do my captors have to be so fucking demented?!

Autumn bends over and examines me, obviously a bit disappointed. “Man, I was hoping you would be able to struggle. It’d be way cooler that way.” She says with a frown. Yeah, I wish all my victims could struggle in their massive pain too. Cunt. “Oh well. What should we do?” She asks me, as if I can answer. When I don’t respond, she moves her hand towards me and scoops me up, placing me on the floor. Now I’m laying down, facing straight up. From this angle and this point, she’s even bigger than before. She’s as tall as the sky. I can’t see her face, hidden behind her enormous breasts. Yeah, I’m calling them breasts, and she’s 12. I feel so insignificant… I AM so insignificant. It’s not fair! Why me?!

She raises one bare foot, and looms it high above me. She stumbles though, and has to catch herself with that foot, which lands right next to me, thank god. I could be paste on the floor right now. She lifts her foot and looms it above me again.

Let’s back up again. She’s one of the clumsiest girls I know, and she stumbled 4 SECONDS ago. Now she’s going to put her foot above me, again?
…I’m going to die. I’m dead. I’m done. I’m finished. I’m going to die. Fuck.

She lowers it slowly, letting me take in what it means. Her foot above me. I’m as good as the carpet now. Her foot shoots downward, but stops a few feet above my face. She must have stumbled again, and caught herself. Again, I’m going to die. I can smell the cheesy, musty stench from here. She must not have taken a bath for days, or have just gotten back from a very long run. It’s one of the worst smells I’ve ever smelled in my life.

She lets the ball of her foot just barely touch my face, and then she stops lowering it. She lets it just sit there, suffocating me. I would have moved away, turned my head, or struggled; but for one, it would be no good. For two? I can’t move any of my muscles anyways.

She lifts her foot an inch, letting me take a deep breath in. A deep breath of that foul odor nearly kills me, but I somehow manage to stay awake. That’s not the right word. Or the right sentence. I should have said, I somehow don’t manage to faint. I wish I had, but again I find myself unable to do so.

She lowers it again, planting the ball of her smelly foot on my face, and begins moving it back and forth. I somehow don’t move with it, and it brushes against my face, creating a piercing pain in my broken nose, and a disgusting sensation through the rest of my body. She plants the rest of her foot over my body, and starts rubbing it all over me.

I could feel her getting impatient, as she moves her foot away, bends over, and quickly swipes me up. She sits on the couch, and puts her right foot on her left leg, so it’s facing outward. Oh boy… this isn’t going to be good.

With her left hand, she presses me against her foot, and I hear her moan. She starts roughly rubbing me all over her foot, especially my face, which she makes an effort to reach every crevice on the stinking thing. She pops my head in between her toes, and rubs it in the extra smelly area. She rubs my face all over her plump toes, sometimes putting me in the creases of her toes and squeezing down with them, trapping me. As she’s giggling and moaning on the outside, I’m crying and groaning on the inside. The pain is one thing, but the smell of her foot is completely unbearable. It’s sour and rotten and moldy… I’m not even sure feet are able to become this terrible, but hers has. She uses me to massage every inch of her foot, in every way she can possibly think of.

When she finally finished, she lowered her foot back to the ground, and lifted me up to her face, grimacing at the smell. “FUCK! You smell terrible! You sick freak!” The insult hurt for some reason. I felt bad, I felt embarrassed… I’m not even sure I’m human anymore. “That was fun though. It would have been more fun if you had struggled, but I like you as a ragdoll.” A ragdoll? Is that what I’ve been reduced to? “But my left foot is getting lonely. Ready for round 2?” She asked sweetly, as she put her left foot on her right leg, and lowered me to it.

As I zoomed towards the putrid smelling foot, awaiting the torment to come, it occurred to me. Wasn’t THIS supposed to be round 2?


End Notes:

Not sure why, but this chapter seemed a bit emotionless to me. Not one of my better chapters. Let me know what you think!

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