Leverage by DuffyBear

When Tanya discovers a secret that could jeporadise her bosses career, she has a few things in mind to keep it between just the two of them.

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I will attempt to add a new chapter every week, this is my first attempt at writing a story so any suggestions are more than welcome. 

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Chapter 1 by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

This first chapter I know is a little short and slow but was neccesary in order to set the scene. 

Tanya strode into work, like any other normal day. This repetition was beginning to become a drag. Frequently she had asked her boss for a pay rise, promotion, you name it but he just wasn’t budging. Charles Croft, a wealthy businessman who owned a large proportion of the oil wells in Northern Canada was one narcissistic human being. Having come from nothing, Charles had made his way in futures and trading, consequently with this increase in financial power he was able to invest large sums into Canada. At an average height of 5’8 he was well built, we neatly cropped dark brown hair with a personality to match.

Many believed he was strict but fair, however Tanya had started to have enough. She had been working in the company for a good few years now and had not once been promoted or received any recognition for her work. In her late twenties, she was tall (around 5’11), with long silky black hair. Her body also could’ve been mistaken for a next top model. Her curvaceous figure, along with her sultry look, won many deals for her, yet she’d never been able to use it to crack her bosses tough exterior.


Walking through the large glass doors of the company she saw Croft on the other side of the foyer, about to take an elevator to the top floor. Tanya for weeks on end had persistently asked for a meeting to be arranged in order to discuss her future in the company. Stumbling forward Tanya caught the elevator just on time. It was just her and Charles inside.

“Hey Tanya, how are you today?” said Charles confidently.

“Good thank you, and yourself?” not willing to be to rash with her proposal.

“I’m great, the companies projections for next year came in today and everything looks very promising indeed,”

“That sounds excellent Mr Croft, I was just wondering if it could be possible, when you have a space in your diary to discuss a possible promotion in the company after the recent deals I have pulled off in the Middle East?”

“Hmm,” said Charles thoughtfully. Tanya was hoping this wouldn’t be the same story as in previous instances, surely he couldn’t keep saying no? “I’ll have a think about it yes, come along to my office this lunchtime and I’m sure we’ll be able to come to a conclusion.”

“Ahhh thank you Sir, I’ll see you then.”

With that the elevator stopped which in turn concluded a very productive conversation with Tanya. Charles said he would consider it! Sheer elation was beaming from her face, as Charles stepped out of the elevator, shortly followed by herself. Wearing 4 inch heels she realised for the first time how tall she was in comparison to her boss, he barely came up to her chin. Walking briskly towards her work desk she found a small parcel addressed to her. Opening it up there was a letter inside and a small vial with a blue liquid inside located at the bottom.Tanya opened the letter,

‘Use on those who are unhelpful and are self centered, don’t use for revenge but purely to strike a balance.’ Utterly bemused, Tanya began to consider who had sent this to her, and why? Picking up the vial between her fingers, a small label was attached to the bung which read ‘Shrinking potion.’ This was incredible, would it even work? And if so how small would it shrink someone? Tanya checked the time - an hour and a half till lunch. “Well then,” she thought, pondering all sorts of scenario’s that could result on use of this vial.

End Notes:

Any comments and criticisms are welcome, I will be adding more tags as the story develops.

Chapter 2 by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

This chapter is still yet to see any real Giantess action but I promise in the next things will speed up. 

The clock slowly ticked towards lunch, Tanya was starting to feel nervous and apprehensive about her meeting with Charles - in truth she also really liked him. Charles was also equally anxious about how the meeting would go. He knew that Tanya did indeed deserve a promotion, she was hard-working, enthusiastic and never really complained - yet there were other also who were worthy of recognition.

Tanya pondered over why the small ‘potion’ as it where had ended up on her desk. Perhaps there had been a reason? Surely it had to be someone working within the company? The big hand on the clock passed one - lunch time. She got up from her desk, placing the small test tube inside her bra, and walked off to the bathroom.

Applying last minute make-up and making sure everything was in check, she checked to make sure enough cleavage was on show, yet she couldn’t be deemed tarty - a familiar tactic in winning over clients. Satisfied, she departed from the bathroom and headed towards Charles’ office, along with the shrinking potion. Tanya knocked on the office of Charles’ door and waited for a response.

Charles popped open a bottle of brandy, his nerves were ecstatic. He had always had a thing for Tanya. She was tall, had dark curled black hair, and her Hispanic complexion set her in a class of her own. There were even times he was considering asking her on a date, yet he never had the courage to say it. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, it must be her.

“Come in,” Charles called from inside his office. Tanya, slowly turned the door handle and walked inside. She noticed a bottle of brandy was open, with papers all over the desk. Straight ahead, was Charles sitting in his large black leather chair, overlooking the city.

“Hello there Mr Croft,” Charles turned around.

“Ahh hello there Tanya, please take a seat,” he said calmingly, “would you like a drink?”

Not wanting to upset the apple cart Tanya accepted his offer and was given a small glass of brandy.

“So you believe you deserve a promotion Miss Sanchez?”

“Yes sir, I have served this company for over 4 years now and I believe that should I be promoted in a position where I can conduct more and more of my own work, it will only boost the company and it’s credentials.”

“Hmm,” said Charles skeptically, Tanya began to get nervous, what if he said no? “I’m going to have to think about it. As you know there are many other people all fighting for this position and at this moment in time, I’m afraid I can’t promote you just yet.”

Tanya was in utter shock. She truly believed that perhaps this could’ve been her chance, but no, it was not to be. Charles stood up and spoke softly, but with great authority, despite having to crane his neck back to look into Tanya’s eyes.

“I know this result isn’t precisely what you wanted, but I don’t want it to jeporadise our friendship. So, I was just wondering if you were free tonight perhaps you could come back to my place and we could have dinner or something?”

Tanya couldn’t believe it. The man she liked, more than a friend, had just rejected her proposal of promotion, but had then gone and offered her to come round to his house for dinner tonight. Her perception of Charles was gradually beginning to change, and she was starting to actually really like him. Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as he was made out to be. “Yeah sure that sounds great Mr Croft -” she was cut off.

“Please, call me Charles, here’s my address, if you fancy coming over at around 7ish, that would be fine.”

“Excellent, I’ll see you later Charles.” Smiling seductively, she turned round and left his office. The rest of the day, seemed to drag by, she didn’t even see Charles after their meeting. All Tanya wanted was for the evening to hurry up. She was eager to get to Charles, primarily to get to know him better, but also to perhaps seal her promotion, there was clearly something between them.

End Notes:

Excitement building. 

Chapter 3 by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

More action in this chapter. 

Pulling up outside of Charles’ place, Tanya was dressed to kill. She wore a tight revealing dress in order to maximise her assets - particularly her incredible rear and rack to match. The vial was still placed inside her bra, and she had no particular reason why it was still there. Tanya also wore a pair of six inch stiletto heels. With these on she reached an unbelievable height of 6’5. A good 9 inches taller than Charles. She walked up the driveway and knocked on the door waiting anxiously for Charles to open it. Within seconds, Charles opened the door.

“Hello there...” Charles was completely blown away by Tanya. Her large cleavage was on show in addition, her long black hair nestled perfectly on top of her rack. She walked inside and standing next to her, Charles felt very small. At boob height, Tanya had clearly wanted to use her outstanding bosom to full effect. He wasn’t complaining.

Looking down on Charles, to her he looked like a little boy, she could’ve been his mum.

“Hey Charles, how are you?”

“I’m.. um... fine thanks... c-come in..”

Charles led Tanya into the dining room, her shadow looming over him, reminding him of her superior physical stature.

“Please take a seat.”

Tanya sat down, shortly followed by Charles. After discussing promotions, the company all sorts, the conclusion was that both of them fancied each other, there was no mistake about it. Charles’ bubbly personality really attracted Tanya and the two of them got on as if they were a married couple. As dinner drew to an end, Tanya got up and left for the bathroom. En route she passed his office - door open. Without hesitating she went inside. Across the desk there were various irrelevant files consisting of jargon that simply made no sense to her at all. However under one of these statistics page was a letter from what looked like to be a Chinese organisation. Tanya read the letter:

‘ Dear Mr Croft,

I am writing to inform you that we are willing to go ahead with the purchase of 80% of your oil wells in order to transform the area into a nuclear factory, the oil bought will be sold and used to fund the project, with a total of 10% coming directly to you. You will need to inform your staff that your company is closing within the next 30 days. If you fail to sign the agreement, we will take matters into our own hands,

We look forward to hearing from you,

Du Zeng Je
ISCC inc
Beijing ’

Baffled, Tanya decided to keep the letter, placing it in her purse, she also came across the letter which came from the mystery parcel, along with the vial the other day.

‘Use on those who are unhelpful and are self centered, don’t use for revenge but purely to strike a balance.’

Was the message instructed. And this scheme Croft had with the Chinese seemed “self centered” to say that least. Taking the vial out of her bra, she went back into the dining room, Croft was in the kitchen preparing dessert. Slyly, she crept towards his glass of wine and looked at the vial in her hand. This would shrink him. Infact who knows what it will do. Blissfully unaware of her actions, Charles continued to prepare dessert. Without hesitation, Tanya emptied the blue liquid from the vial into his wine and stirred it gently. She then retraced her steps and acted as if she had just come back from the bathroom.

“Hello again Charles.”

“Ah, is everything okay? Dessert’s ready.”

“Yes everything is fine thank you, oh lovely, what is it?”

“Banoffee pie, homemade, don’t judge it by what it looks like haha.” Charles chuckled, Tanya laughed.

Tanya bit into the pie, and in all honestly it didn’t taste that bad. She watched Charles’ movements, anticipating him to drink more wine. Charles on the other hand was completely captivated by how Tanya was eating the pie. Ever so gently she would put a small mouthful in, and then lick the remaining cream of her lush, plum lips. Charles then reached for his wine and took a sip. The wine seemed to have a stronger kick to it. Feeling slightly jaded, Charles began to loose his vision and the last thing he saw was Tanya looming over him - he blacked out.

Charles woke to the sound of heavy pounding, almost earthquake like. He got up and suddenly feel straight back down again. He’d lost all sense of balance and coordination. Utterly confused he stood up again and attempted to gather himself. The loud thumping still continued. Regaining his vision he looked around and saw that everything was enormous. He was in his bedroom, but everything had turned giant size. His bed was as tall as a skyscraper. His wardrobe was vast, and everything was simply huge. Looking across the room he saw Tanya’s black stiletto heels. They were incredible. He walked over towards them and stood next to the heel, which was six inches. He was smaller than it by quite a bit.

Suddenly the thumping began to get louder and louder. A large shadow loomed over him. He turned round. There, as tall as the Empire states building was Tanya staring down at him His first thought was run. But where to? At his size all Tanya had to do was to take one step and she would easily catch him, there was no hope.

“Hey there little man,” boomed Tanya from above.

Charles stumbled backwards, landing on his bum. He then attempted to crawl away, but then suddenly Tanya’s large foot came crashing down on him. Smothering him into the carpet. Barely able to breathe, the smell of Tanya’s foot sweat began to build up, completely intoxicating him. Between her gigantic toes, of which were probably the size of Charles’ entire body, he could see Tanya looking down mercifully on him.

“You know Charles, I’ve started to like you recently,” she said, “And I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a giantess, and for you to be my little man. I don’t want to hurt you, I can actually see a future with us. I’m not going to hurt you I just have a few questions to ask regarding the proposed Chinese takeover you’ve been discussing, then I’ll let you go.”

She lifted her large foot off Charles, then slowly dived in, plucking him from the floor as if he was as light as a feather. She brought him up, past her colossal breasts which now looked like mountains, to her face, which made he beauty magnified in Charles’ current predicament.

“How can you even consider letting this takeover happen Charles? You’ve got to be more firm and say no, tell the authorities.” She said.

“I can’t Tanya, they have threatened to kill my family, and there is nothing I can do.”

“I don’t believe you.” She stated. And with that she lowered to him to her arse and began to kneed him into her plump rear. Charles’ world was upside down, he was being massaged into Tanya’s chunky arse. This was going to be an eventful evening.
End Notes:

The next chapter will give you something you can really get your teeth into. 

Chapter 4 by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

Any criticism is more than welcome, let me see where you guys feel this story is going.

After being tormented by Tanya’s colossal backside, Charles was completely exasperated. Lost for words and out of breath, he wondered if this ‘torture’ as it were was going to get any worse. Perhaps he should just confess the truth? Yet he’d gone so far to work all these plans out. It was beneficial for him. He wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore. The plan had to go ahead. He was determined not to cave in to Tanya’s torrent.
Tanya however was not done, and wouldn’t stop at anything until she found out why Charles was going to sell the company to a nuclear plantation company based in China. Another thing that crossed her mind was how on earth was she supposed to get Charles back to normal size?

Whoever had left the parcel containing the shrinking potion had left no clear instructions on what to do with these people who were ‘self centered.’ Perhaps the secret messenger had made it so that the shrunken person was kept that way. Anyhow, in the mean time she was going to use her new found power as an advantage, not only that, but she did find Charles quite cute at this new miniature size.

“Right Charlie boy,” she bellowed, “now that you have become familiar with my buttocks, perhaps you’d like to explore other parts of me? Or how about you take a closer look...”

Placing Charles in between her vast cleavage, she set about taking off her long, black dress, and dropping it to the floor. Tanya was not a petite girl either. Her now, titanic double D bosom, would in comparison to Charles, be incomprehensible. Completely lost within a fissure of soft flesh, Charles was beginning to wonder what was coming next. Tanya was loving it. She couldn’t believe she had a tiny little man, her crush, In between her boobs.
Plucking him from her giant jugs, she pulled back her panties, lowering Charles into the depths of her bulbous bum. Wedging him slowly further and further up her crack until she was satisfied, she let the elasticated fabric spring back into position, watching her mammoth arse devour Charles.

“How are you back there little man? Let me know if you need fresh air, it could get a little hot back there.” Tanya chuckled to herself.

Meanwhile Charles was fighting what seemed to be certain death. His entire world now was Tanya’s incredible rear, and there was no escaping it. Swallowed further and further into her crack, Charles began to loose conscience. The intense heat wouldn’t give for a minute, with sweat beginning to form by the minute. Completely lost in her backside, Tanya had seemingly forgotten Charles was wedged up her bum.

She went about searching through his files, trying to find anymore evidence that could point towards the selling of the company? Tanya believed in sustainability and greener planet, even though she did work for a large oil firm, and to know that something potentially detrimental to the Earth could be unfolding without her doing anything to stop it, was something she was not willing to let slide so easily. After spending well over an hour, shifting through files and running searches on Charles’ home computer, her results came up blank. Whatever deed Charles was planning behind her and the companies back was squeaky clean, no loose ends. Perhaps it was time to ‘interrogate’ a little further.

She opened her panties and plucked Charles from within the depths of her booty. He looked helpless, tired and in all honesty pathetic. Tanya held Charles in the palm of her hand, he was no bigger than a small Lego figure.

“Charles?” Tanya inquired.

Still no response. She didn’t want to kill him. Tanya then rushed to the bathroom, Charles in hand, and started to give him water. He needed a break it was evident. There was no way anyone could survive from Tanya’s foul smelling crack. He suddenly began to splutter back into life. Tanya gasped with joy at the sight of the little man slowly withering on the side of the sink. She didn’t want to question him anymore tonight. For the first time in her life she felt like a bully. She had grown up as a young child forever being the victim of bullying due to he lankiness and nerdy glasses. However when puberty arrived she transformed into a goddess and she swore to herself she’d never make anyone feel as bad as she did.

Charles on the other hand had no idea what was going on. After spending what seemed like eternity, crammed up Tanya’s backside, he had lost the will to live. The odor that was emitted from her crack was indescribable. After slowly fading into unconsciousness, light started beaming into his eyes, then cold water ran over his body. The last thing he can remember before passing out was Tanya’s dark, suntanned face looking down on him with great concern.

Tanya decided that both herself and Charles needed a rest. She really did like like him and wanted something more than just for him to be her little miniature man, she wanted a relationship with Charles, regardless of size. And for him to enjoy it. To enjoy the same pleasures that she also got out of being a giantess. Placing Charles between her soft cleavage, she climbed into his large double bed and slowly drifted into a deep sleep, thinking of all the events that had unfolded and what was to come in the future.
End Notes:

Slightly shorter, will be hoping to post a few chapters in the coming days. 

Chapter 5 by DuffyBear

Waking up the next morning, Charles was surrounded my mountains of flesh. He could only assume he was in one place; Tanya’s ass. But no. As he gathered his senses and began to wake up, he was surprised to find himself lodged between Tanya’s monumental cleavage. With Tanya fast asleep, Charles saw this as the perfect opportunity to break free from this sadistic woman. In an attempt to get out from Tanya’s fleshy walls, he pushed himself with all his might against the sides of her large breasts. It came to nothing. After minutes of trying, Charles was beginning to loose hope. He was trapped. Trapped in between Tanya’s boobs with no possible way it out it seemed. Charles then began to recall last night’s events. Tanya had genuinely tried to help him after removing him from her potent ass. She had cared for him, nurtured him... loved him?

Charles still really liked Tanya. He wouldn’t have asked her to come back to his if he didn’t. But he was confused as to why she was taking such a keen interest into his business dealings with the Chinese. If he called of the agreement he knew the consequences. But on the positive side of things, it would bring him and Tanya closer together. What was more powerful: love or greed? At this moment in time it was hard to say as he had just been theoretically tortured by Tanya’s rear. Even though it had been terrifying, Charles had always dreamed of having a giant girlfriend and it looked to be that dreams were starting to become reality. Tanya was still fast asleep, the gentle beating of her heart lulled Charles in a sense of security. He drifted back off, assured that Tanya meant no harm and he was safe.

A few hours passed when Tanya stirred from her deep slumber. Checking her cleavage to see if Charles was still there, she was pleasantly surprised to see him sleeping soundly against her great bosom. She decided to leave him in between her boobs while she made breakfast for the two of them. Slowly rising to her full height, she checked up up on Charles: still fast asleep, and began to proceed towards the kitchen. She decided on making herself a fry up (not thinking that Charles would eat much at his current size). Charles began to gradually wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon being cooked in a pan. Looking around him he felt as though he was as high as a skyscraper, then he realised where he was. Still between Tanya’s cleavage. Tanya noticed her little man was awake and bellowed down to him from above:

“Hey Charles, are you okay? Did you sleep well?”

“I’m fine thanks Tanya, yes yes I did it was very comfy.” Charles smiled on the final word. Tanya began to think that he didn’t mind being this height, infact he was actually beginning to enjoy it.

“I’m terribly sorry for what happened last night Charles, I don’t know what came over me!” Tanya began to whimper.

“Oh it’s fine don’t worry about it Tanya, the main thing is is that I’m alright now, just don’t do it again!” They both laughed. Tanya went about finishing off breakfast and set Charles down on the table. She brought over, what looked a delightful, breakfast. She began to get stuck in, chomping on her bacon with her powerful jaws, eating slices of toast with great speed. Tanya the noticed Charles wasn’t having any.

“Charles you’re more than welcome to have some if you’d like? There’s no need to be afraid, I won’t eat you haha”

“Ah yes please, sorry I’m just a little on edge this morning haha, but thank you.”

Charles walked over to the plate and began to nibble on a slice of toast. Tanya laughed inside at how small he was in comparison to the toast, and to herself. A thought crossed her mind. She stabbed at a piece of bacon, then dipped it into the runny egg while finally navigating towards Charles and his piece of toast. She put him, along with the bacon and egg of her fork and slowly brought it towards her mouth. Charles was panicking, yet slightly excited. He knew Tanya wouldn’t hurt him, perhaps she was just playing around? Tanya had Charles directly infront of her mouth, smiling seductively, she brought him closer, until Charles could smell her beautiful, hot breath on his face. Within an instant she opened her large mouth, revealing a set of perfectly shaped, glistening white teeth. Charles was in heaven. Tanya brought him closer and closer, until finally she dropped him into her great orifice.

Playing around with Charles inside her mouth with her tongue, she had little idea about the dangers that could happen. What if she swallowed him? She better take him out. With that she opened her wide cavern and picked him up into the palm of her hand. Charles was dripping with saliva, and looked completely out of breath, however he still had a smile on his face.

“That was incredible Tanya.” said an exasperated Charles.

“I’m glad you’re starting to enjoy yourself,” she responded with great joviality, “perhaps we should take a shower and get you cleaned up...”

And with that she tucked Charles back into her cleavage and danced off towards the bathroom.

End Notes:

Expect another chapter later on today, once again any criticism is welcome.

Chapter 6 by DuffyBear

Turning on the shower, till it was steaming hot, Tanya waited until the glass panels condensated, finally placing Charles by her ginormous but beautiful feet. Charles was in paradise, he looked towards Tanya’s immense feet the to her toned, long legs, finally past her crotch and up to her mammoth breasts. Charles was really starting to enjoy being an inch tall. Tanya began to take her bra off, and without even caring dropping it on to Charles along with her panties. She went into the shower. Charles was momentarily stuck beneath her soft padded bra, which easily engulfed him, yet his eagerness and determination to be with Tanya was enough for him to escape quickly. Adrenaline pumping, Charles sprinted off into the shower with Tanya. Tanya noticed Charles run into the shower, and stood right next to her feet. She thought about gently crushing him, but decided against it. She thought to herself that Charles could serve greater purposes rather than being stuck under her feet.

“Hey there tiny, everything okay?”

Charles was completely blown away by Tanya’s incredible physique, he was lost for words.

“You know, how would you feel about being my little bar of soap Charlie boy?”

Without even having a moment to respond, Charles was whisked from the floor by Tanya’s soft, great palm. She began to squirt some body lotion into her other palm, instructing Charles to close his eyes, Tanya began to rub her two palms, with Charles in between them together, lathering up a soapy foam. Satisfied, Tanya pondered where she should begin her extensive clean up. She decided she go from top to toe. She began to scrub Charles all over her clavicle, then preceded towards her boobs. She rubbed him in between her cleavage, kneading Charles as if he was dough all over her plump bosom. Content that her incredible globes were sufficiently clean, she started to rub Charles into under her armpits.

“Sorry hunny, but I’ve got to get every area.” She boomed.

Charles, unable to see, could only use his sense of smell to have any idea where he was, and he knew that he was being rubbed into her armpit. The stench, despite the soap was potent, and it was intoxicating. Barely able to breathe, Charles was suffering physically, but he was determined not to give up and show Tanya he was faithful to her every wish.
Pleased that her armpits were now smelling of a better aroma, she lowered Charles down to her gargantuan rear. Rubbing him in out and ferociously, her cheeks repeated a process of swallowing Charles whole, then slowly easing him out again. Tanya’s ass was one hell of a weapon. Barely able to feel Charles back there, she completely lost all awareness for him - after all he was simply just nothing more than a bar of soap. Tanya continued this repetitive motion of her ass completely engulfing Charles with it’s fatty, yet firm, cheeks for a prolonged period of time. Tanya then decided to release her captive from her astronomical buns. There was only one area left to clean.

Tanya plucked Charles from her rump and brought him infront of her hungry pussy. Scared for his life, but too tired to care, Charles did little to protest. He wanted to make Tanya happy. Tanya, without hesitation, thrust Charles into her craving muff. Slowly pulling him in and out like a dildo, Tanya began to climax, what seemed like electric shocks raced through her body. Cumming all over Charles she took him out, breathing heavily.

“Oh my god, Charles I am so so sorry! I don’t know what came over me? Are you alright?!” Aware of what pain her mammoth vulva might’ve caused Charles.

“I’m fine,” said Charles, a little out of breath, “as long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

Tanya’s heart melted, she brought Charles into her chest, completely immersing him with a large hug. She then brought him to her face and began to kiss his entire body. Charles also was happy that Tanya was now showing her true feelings for him and he joined her in the passionate kiss.

“That was incredible Charles, you have no idea.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“C’mon let’s get you dry...”

End Notes:

Sorry this chapter is a little on the short side, I just wanted to leave it at this particular point, however i will try now to get further chapter done by the end of today to compensate. Please leave a review with any criticism as this is my first piece of writing and would like to know how it's going from other people's perspectives, thanks. 

Chapter 7 by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

I hope this of better length, I'll be writing to more of this measure in the future. 

After spending the rest of the day relaxing, it came upon Tanya and Charles that they had work tomorrow, yet, with Charles still tiny, the task of getting him to work would be difficult to say the least. Tanya had in mind that perhaps there might be another parcel waiting at her desk the following morning so she was committed to go in and check before anyone else could find the parcel, if there even was one. However, she didn’t want to leave Charles at home all alone, but had no idea of how he could get him in without being seen. Of course there were certain ways, both of them new that, but Tanya didn’t want to be the one to decide. Instead she left it up to Charles on how he’d like to be taken to work. They both thought best that they should spend an hour or two alone to think about things. In Charles’ case how on Earth was he going to get to work where as Tanya was still thinking about the mystery messenger and the proposed takeover of the oil wells.

The company was her life and she so desperately wanted to have a greater future there, especially after getting so close to the CEO. She wasn’t using Charles no, she did like him, yet she could see this relationship working to her advantage, especially at his current height. Charles was yet to confess his fetish for giant women, but deep down Tanya knew that he did have one. She was determined to give him everything in return for him not to sell the company and instead stay committed and perhaps even have a serious relationship with her. Yet there was no way she was going to make the first move. Right now, you could say they were just ‘friends with benefits’ but on a colossal scale.

As time ticked on, Tanya went to go and check up on Charles to see if he had come to any sort of decision. She was excited and interested to know how he’d like to go to work, it would give her some indication of what his guilty pleasures were. Tanya had her suspicions but didn’t want to decide on any of them, just yet. Entering Charles‘ grand, master bedroom, she noticed he was fast asleep, like a baby. The time was coming up to seven and they’d yet to have dinner, but she decided to let him rest. Charles had been through quite a lot today, particularly as he’d been used as Tanya’s personal bar of soap, entering multiple orifice’s.

Leaving the room, Tanya glanced over one last time to look down at the little man who days ago was a healthy 5’8, now he was just a mere inch, no bigger than her toe. The thought brought her immense satisfaction. Tanya had always liked to be taller and bigger than most people and now to Charles she was an absolute mountain of a woman. Everything must be amplified to him, she thought. Her giant ass could probably eclipse his view, her bust, more than respectable to any regular-sized human, must of been like two giant hills. She chuckled, she loved being a giantess, she didn’t want this to end, but deep down she knew Charles couldn’t live the rest of his life like this. Unless he wanted to...

An hour later, Tanya returned, fresh from having an aromatic bath, she smelled divine. Dressed in nothing but an elegant nightgown, which clung tightly to her phenomenal figure, she preceded to enter Charles’ bedroom. She was eager to know Charles’ method of transport for the next day.

“Hey there little guy, feeling okay?” she cooed.

“Hey Tanya, take a seat,” replied Charles.

Tanya sat down, shifting her incredible body next to him, cleavage on show.

“So have you decided about tomorrow then?” Tanya asked in sheer excitement.

“I have indeed,” Charles smiled cunningly,

“Well...?” Tanya replied flirtatiously.

“I will let you know in the morning,” Charles laughed, knowing that Tanya was desperate to know his desires. Tanya’s mood instantly changed. She was horny and yearning to know. She stood up to her full height, looming over Charles with a stern look on her face.

“Well then, I guess I’ll have to find out myself.” she boomed.

Plucking Charles from in between the covers, she took him into the living room and sat down on a sofa, Charles in hand. Tanya then dropped Charles infront of her size 10 feet, which to him looked at least 25ft long.

“Now little man, we can do this the easy way or the hard way,” bellowed Tanya, “The easy way being: to simply tell me how you’d prefer to go to work tomorrow, or the hard way is I’ll force it out of you.”

Charles simply sat there laughing. Tanya couldn’t believe it, he was so much smaller than yet he still had the nerve to laugh. Well then I’ll give him an ‘experience’ he won’t forget. Tanya lifted her humungous foot over Charles, then dropped it on top of him. She could feel him squirming around underneath her sole. Tanya then stood up to her full height, bearing down all of her weight upon Charles. The squirming stop, but Tanya didn’t. She lifted her foot up, and to great satisfaction she saw Charles stuck on the bottom of her sole. Laughing to herself, she plucked him off and brought him into the dining room placing him on a wooden chair she began to strip off. Completely naked.

“Still want to tell me little man? Or am I going to have to make this harder than it needs to be?” boomed Tanya.

Charles simply could no longer take Tanya seriously, even though he was physically exhausted, he wasn’t going to tell her, instead he continued to wind her up by smiling pathetically from the chair. Tanya on the other hand, not only had a burning desire to torture Charles further, but also wondered how on Earth was it possible that he hadn’t given in to her yet. She decided to crank it up a notch.

As Tanya turned around her immeasurable backside eclipsed Charles’ view. Completely struck with awe, Charles turned to stone as Tanya’s glistening, tanned ass gently lowered itself down upon him. He had to be dreaming. Tanya then settled her full weight on top of him, proceeding to the next stage in her plan. Feeling Charles wriggle beneath her cheeks, she decided to slowly grind him against them even more. Tanya then quickened the pace as she ferociously pulverised Charles into her ass. After a good few minutes she stopped and waited for a response from Charles. Moments later, she began to feel him jiggling below once more. Now for stage three. Tanya had doubts about what she was about to do, but regardless, she decided to proceed with haste. Squeezing her inner ass muscles, Tanya was able to produce a deathly fart, which to any normal sized person, would’ve been bad to say the least, thus at Charles’ height of a mere inch, this was unbearable. Tanya let rip, allowing the noxious gas to completely consume Charles. Little did Tanya know, but Charles’ choice of travel for the next day, he had decided, was going to be her dangerous derrière...

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Chapter 8 by DuffyBear
After letting Charles suffer for what seemed like to him, eternity, Tanya lifted her giant rear off of him, turning around slowly to examine her rumps victim. Charles was completely drained by Tanya’s colossal backside and the deathly gasses she had released upon him, Charles couldn’t handle another pummeling. Tanya on the other hand was in some ways, dissatisfied that not even her incredible ass could force him to talk, yet there was no way she was going to land another blow onto him, that would be one step too far. Instead she decided to play along as if she was going to drop her phenomenal ass onto him once more.

“So, Charles,” she bellowed, “fancy telling me know? Or do we have to go for round two?”

Charles stood up, looking rather shaky and instantly dropped back into the chair, he was too shattered to even speak. Tanya, taking pity on him, realised in that moment the sheer power of what her body could do to a man of that size. Marveling at the prospects, Tanya decided it was best to leave Charles, for now. Plucking him from the stool she headed for the bedroom, climbed into bed (with Charles firmly tucked away in her gigantic cleavage) and hit the lights. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


Charles’ alarm rang promptly at 6:30am, arousing Tanya and himself from a deep slumber. Tanya pulled him out of her cleavage, leaving him to rest in bed on his own while she took a shower. Tanya was yet to know how to take Charles to work with her, she assumed he wouldn’t suggest her backside. Particularly after everything he’d experienced. Tanya in some ways hoped that he’d choose a much nicer method of transportation such as her cleavage or perhaps shoe (even though that wouldn’t be great either). Leaving the shower she came back to check on Charles, who was still fast asleep. Prodding him gently with her finger, Charles began to stir.

“C’mon Charles, wakey wakey, we have to go to work remember?”

“5...more...minutes...” muffled Charles.

“No come on now, you have to get ready, have you decided how you’d like to go to work with me?” she pondered, desperately wanting to receive an answer.

“Yes yes, but let me get ready first.”

With that Charles finally got up, Tanya then quickly whisked him away to the bathroom to get washed. Obviously being an inch tall, nothing would fit him, thus he was going to have to travel to his own company completely naked. After finishing off breakfast they were ready to lead. Tanya’s excitement was growing with every passing second. Two things were on her mind: how would Charles like to go to work? And secondly, would there be anymore instructions from her mystery messenger?

“So Charles, can you tell me now?” smiled Tanya sweetly and innocently.

“Fine,” Charles smirked, “Well, originally I had planned to ask you if it could be possible to travel in your juicy ass, but after last nights antics, I think I’ve had quite enough of your bum.” They both laughed in unison, this was the first time they’d really been able to share a joke about their heights, Tanya enjoyed Charles new sense of banter with her.

“So,” she enquired invitingly, “what have you decided on shorty?”

“I’d like to travel underneath your foot.”

Completely bemused, Tanya was so sure that it would’ve been her cleavage. Which man in their right mind could turn these puppies down. Oh well, it was his decision after all, yet she decided to throw in a twist.

“Okay little guy I’ll make a deal with you,” standing to her full height she looked down on Charles below. Removing her ankle sock, she placed her whopping great feet directly infront of Charles.

“I’ll let you travel in my feet to work, as long as, in return you give me the best foot massage a girl could dream of when we get home. Then you may have your wish.” Grinning childishly, she knew there was no way Charles could resist. It seemed like a win-win situation to him. But knowing Tanya, the sound of a wonderful foot massage was never going to be as nice as it seemed. Yet Charles was lost in complete awe of Tanya and slowly obliged.

“Anything for you my Goddess,” bowing down infront of her, he began to kiss her colossal feet.
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Chapter 9 by DuffyBear
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Tanya waited patiently as Charles struggled to climb into her left flat, eagerly anticipating what it would feel like for a tiny man to be under her feet. With Charles situated perfectly in the end of her flat, he could think of nothing better. Charles, over the past weekend, had been considering asking Tanya if she wanted to be something more than just friends. However, he was hoping that there would be a parcel at work, waiting for Tanya, which would give him the opportunity to return back to his normal height. In addition, Charles had also been contemplating whether or not he should still go ahead with the proposed takeover from the Chinese. There was a lot for him to game. His company was going bust, and there was little he could do to stop it. There was another offer that was still on the table from another organisation. This one came in the form of a Green Energy project set up by the government. This deal would’ve had no financial benefit should he choose to sign it, as the group were not willing to pay a dollar for the land, however there would be no back deals like the Chinese one. However, what could he do, the Chinese would otherwise use force. He did have one idea on how to stop them, but for now that had to wait.

“Are you comfy down there?” Questioned Tanya.

“Yes, everything is fine thanks, go ahead don’t be shy,”

Tanya certainly wasn’t one for being shy, and with the she slid her giant foot into her black pumps. Charles saw Tanya’s massive toes coming into view and was beginning to wonder what he’d got himself into here. As Tanya’s toes crept further and further into the shoe, Charles backed up against the end of her flats, completely terrified. Tanya on the other hand began to feel a small lump at the end of her shoe, knowing it was Charles, she started to play around with him a bit before they set off. Pinching Charles between her toes, she flipped her over and began to push him under her sole. Tanya could feel his tiny limbs attempt to fight back but it was of no use. Charles was trapped. Cautiously, Tanya began to stand up very slowly, not wanting to exert her full weight (around 11 stone) down upon Charles‘ diminutive form.

After standing still for a few seconds, Tanya began to take a couple of steps forward.

“Everything okay in there?” she called from above.

Charles responded by punching her sole as hard as he could, which to Tanya felt like a little tap. More confidently now, she began to stride at a comfortable pace, her long legs traveling at a speed that most people would have struggled to keep up with. Unlocking her car door, she stepped inside, placing her foot on the gas, and drove off. It was a relatively cold morning and Tanya wearing nothing but a tight, mid-short length skirt, decided to turn on the heating. Little did she know what impact that would have upon Charles underneath her foot. As the car started to get hotter and hotter, Tanya’s feet began to get warmer and warmer. As a result her foot began to sweat and a pungent smell became present within Charles’ surroundings. Charles, completely overwhelmed by Tanya’s huge foot, was trapped in her foot sweat and deathly toxins that were released from it. Charles’ eyes began to water and his throat became very dry, this was going to be a long journey.

Arriving at work earlier than usual, Tanya got out of the car and headed into the building. Due to the fact that she had Charles’ access card, she was allowed early access to all of the complex’s buildings. Entering through the main door, she took the lift all the way to the top floor. Crouching down, whilst she was inside the lift, she took of her shoe and removed Charles from her stinky foot.

“You okay little guy?” she murmured.

“Yeah I’m fine just a little sticky...”

“Oh no! It wasn’t my feet was it? Did they smell?!”

“No no,” Charles said, not wanting to be rude to a lady of significant physical power over him, “I think it was just when you turned the heater on thing’s got a little too hot, but nothing to worry about I’m fine.”

“Aww Charles, I’m sorry I’ll make it up to you.”

With that, Tanya started to gently rub Charles’ minute cock, and then ever so gently begin to lick it. To Charles this was amazing. A blow job like never before. Charles, reaching his climax, began to shake wildly as he attempted to control his orgasm, but it was of no use. Tanya’s giant tongue began to pick up the pace and not before long, Charles shot his entire load into Tanya’s mouth.

“There we go,” Tanya said seductively, “how was that little man?”

“That was incredible Tanya! Thank you!” Charles said with joy.

“I’m glad you liked it, I certainly did. Now let’s go and check my desk.”

Tanya walked over towards her desk, and to her disgust there was no parcel or message waiting on the table. Checking through various drawers, while Charles was placed on her desk, she came across some final remains of the shrinking potion which she used on Charles. She was sure she used the entire vial? But there, staring her straight in the face was the vial half full. Making sure Charles didn’t notice, she tucked it into her cleavage for safe keeping.

“Honey, I desperately need the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

“Sure no problem Tanya.”

“I’m just going to leave you inside my bag, be right back.”

With that she gently lifted Charles off the desk and placed him securely inside her bag, then headed towards the toilets. Little did she realise, they were not the only two in the room, as a figure emerged from the shadows, who had been watching their every move...
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Chapter 10 by DuffyBear
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As Tanya entered the bathroom, she found this place a small sanctuary in what seemed to her like a chaotic world outside of these four walls. Over the past few days her life had been flipped upside down. Her boss had shrunk to the size of her big toe, her job was at risk and more importantly there seemed no way of making Charles normal size again. What if she had to look after him for the rest of her life? Tanya couldn’t even begin to comprehend it. In addition, she also felt partly responsible for Charles’ current predicament, after all she was the one who had shrunk him. Relieving herself, she left the bathroom and headed back towards her desk, hoping that some sort of parcel would be there...


Charles was tucked snugly away inside Tanya’s giant leather bag, blissfully unaware of the possible dangers that were foreboding. Still half asleep, Charles could feel himself drifting off into a melancholy state of rest. Meanwhile outside of Charles world of Tanya’s bag, out stepped a silhouetted figure, wearing all black with his face covered with a standard burglars mask. Creeping forward ever so gently, as not to alert his target, he suddenly saw the lady come back from the toilet. He had one shot, and he couldn’t afford to miss. Quickly analysing the oncoming female he sized her up in comparison to him. The bigger they are, the harder they fall he thought to himself. As the woman turned the corner, approaching the home straight towards her desk, the masked assassin reached into his back left pocket and pulled out what looked like a small TV remote. His supplier’s technology and vast array of weapons was one particular attraction to the current job at hand.

Tanya strode towards her desk, hoping that Charles was still there and nothing bad had happened to him, she really did care for him and love him, she was just afraid to admit it to him face to face. As Tanya turned the corner, her eye caught a glimpse of light reflecting off something from the depths of the dark corridor, she decided to take a sharp right, turning away from her desk - she knew she wasn’t alone. Carrying on further, she turned into Emily’s desk (a close work colleague of hers) and hid. The time was coming up to seven, fifteen minutes away from when the early birds would be arriving to begin another week of monotonous tasks. Glancing just above the glass panels that ran round Emily’s work area, she caught sight of a masked figure. Measuring up to what she decided was around 5’9, she knew she was comfortably taller than him, maybe even physically stronger. Tanya had no place to run, she could only wait and use her element of surprise to attack the intruder.

Walking through the various work stations checking each one as he passed, the masked assailant was sure that the woman was around here. Bringing out another device, he pressed a few buttons and activated the buildings security system: no one could get in or out. Carrying onwards, he decided to test his new toy. Pointing the TV remote-like controller at a dustbin, he pressed the right hand button which was a symbol with an arrow pointing downwards on. The bin instantly shrunk to miniature version, no bigger than inch. So that’s what it does, he thought to himself, this should be fun.

Tanya saw the masked man shrink a bin and instantly became more and more anxious. What if he found her, she’d be shrunk too. She had to get that remote of him before he shrunk her, which she was confident he’d do. Noticing that somehow the buildings security had been activated, Tanya was trapped there was no way out. She noticed the man slowly walk in her direction - Tanya began to formulate a plan of action. Holding her breath, Tanya knew she had only one chance to get this right. Watching and waiting nervously, the masked intruder finally passed her desk, she sat as rigid as stone. He glanced into the work station that Tanya was in, waited briefly then carried on with his search. Slowly standing into a crouched position, Tanya came out of the station and crept up slowly behind the man. She’d always been fleet of foot every since starting salsa dancing in her native Cuba. Crouching like a tiger ready to pounce, she leapt forward with speed and ferocity knocking her assassin to the ground. The shrinking remote being knocked out his hand, traveled further down the hall. Wrestling with the intruder, Tanya began to see her superior weight advantage have an effect, even though he was strong Tanya was able to pin him to ground. Rolling around on the floor, Tanya saw the controller within her reach, she had to get to it. Kicking the man in the face she stood up and went to reach for the controller, only to be knocked back to the floor from the assailant, as she attempted the break free of his iron grip, she felt herself getting more and more tired. The masked intruder was on top of her now, restraining Tanya’s movements. Yet Tanya could just about reach the controller, she only needed a few more inches. Putting everything she had left into this final push, she managed to move closer to the device, fingers touching it, she grabbed it firmly, and pointed it at her hitman. Without hesitation she pressed the button with an arrow facing downwards.

A beam of light shot of of the end of the remote and struck the man who was on top of her. The look in his eyes said it all. Fear took hold of him. Reluctantly he stayed on top of her, hoping that the ray would have no effect on humans, pinning Tanya to the floor. Then suddenly the process kicked in, he began to shrink. Tanya felt the man’s weight slowly decreasing, yet she simply lay there as she knew what was about to happen. The man began to shrink and shrink and shrink until he was nothing more than a tiny spec in between Tanya’s colossal cleavage. Unlike the previous shrinking potion, this one shrunk the mans clothes also, protecting some of whatever was left of his dignity. Tanya smiled at her new captive and then slowly brought her boobs together, crushing him between, thinking of all the things that she may do with this tiny man now. In addition, hopefully finding out more about who sent him, which she was sure, wouldn’t be a problem...

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Chapter 11 by DuffyBear
Tanya stood up, her tiny captive nestled between her prison like cleavage. Gathering herself, she headed towards her desk, picking Charles out of her bag.

“You okay Charles?” she asked.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine, I heard a lot of jostling and banging round the corner, what happened?”

Placing him on her desk, Tanya explained the story to Charles. He listened with real interest. Perhaps the Chinese had sent this intruder to try and make Tanya as small as I am? Concerned that he was no longer safe, he began to realise that he had to grow back to his original height. Not yet telling Charles about the shrink-ray, Tanya didn’t really want to change him back, she’d examined the device and noticed that there was a button which had an arrow pointing upwards, but she knew she had to.

“Charles, I can make you big again if you like?” said Tanya.

“I think that’s a great idea, but how?”

“Look,” she revealed the device to Charles, “this device here will return you back to normal height, do you want this?”

“Yes,” without hesitation, came Charles’ reply.

“Okay then,” Tanya placed Charles on the ground and pointed the ray at him. Glancing down at him for what she thought would be the last time, she pressed the growth button, and right before her very eyes, Charles began to grow back to his original height. The process was quite phenomenal. He slowly grew past her knee, then her hips, past Tanya’s breasts and then stopped at where he had started: Tanya’s chin.

“You’re still my little man,” Tanya joked, standing on her tip-toes to add emphasis.

Laughing in unison, both Tanya and Charles looked into each others eyes and kissed passionately.

“Tanya,” Charles interrupted the kiss, which seemed strange to Tanya, wondering what on earth he could say, “will you go out with me?”

Without a second thought Tanya went straight back in for another kiss, but this time it was different, she truly did love this man and she felt it as waves of electrical impulses went up through her body, sparking her inner emotions for Charles even further. Charles was also ecstatic, and in utter shock. He’d always had a thing for Tanya and now they were a pair it seemed so right. Breaking from their romantic kiss, Charles, who was stark naked, led Tanya towards his office. After getting changed, the time was around 8 and there was a sea of people outside waiting to get in, due to the fact that the intruder had turned on the buildings lock-down system. Charles quickly sent an email round saying that there was a minor gas-leak however that was all resolved and the building was now safe to enter. With that in flooded the workers quickly ascended to their respective floors, anxious to get on with the day. To avoid suspicion, Charles kept hold of the shrink ray and made a pact with Tanya that they’d speak when everyone had gone home, they didn’t want to make things seem irregular.

As the hours ticked on, all Charles could think about was Tanya. He really wanted to make her happy and he had still promised her a foot massage, which at his former height, he was more than willing to give. Tanya meanwhile was devising a plan on how to get the shrink ray back from Charles, as she did find him rather cute at his diminutive height of an inch. Tanya was already beginning to miss the previous power she had over Charles, and so desperately wanted it back. Even though she did posses a tiny person, who was currently lodged between her boobs, it didn’t feel as good, it wasn’t personal. However, if Tanya couldn’t get the ray from Charles, she did have a back-up: the vial. As the day wore on, the office seemed to get hotter and hotter, consequently causing Tanya to sweat a lot more than usual, including between her boobs. This made her captives inner esteem drop incredibly. Suffocating between Tanya’s huge orbs of sweaty flesh, nothing could be worse they thought...yet they had little idea of what was to come this evening.

Work came to a close earlier than usual, it seemed, and Tanya and Charles both waited for everyone to leave until it was just the two of them. Tanya headed for Charles’ office, with the vial being moved from her boobs to her large, chunky ass. Without knocking she went in to find Charles knocking back shots of vodka, something wasn’t right.

“Honey what’s wrong?” Tanya asked pitifully.

“It’s the Chinese,” Charles stated, “they’ve sent another letter...”

“What does it say?!” a state of fear began to creep into Tanya’s usually confident tone.

“They say that they know that we’ve taken one of their hitmen captive, and that they’re going to come after you if you keep interfering.”

“Well Charles we can’t let them do this to us? We have to stop them!”

“I know,” he replied instantly, “I have a few idea’s about how we can take care of these thugs, but I’ll let you know nearer the time, let’s go home and ‘question’ ” Charles smiled and looked at Tanya with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes, “YOUR tiny man when we get in, she what you can get out of him.” Charles smiled and went to kiss Tanya on the forehead, she had to crouch slightly for this to work. Charles left for the toilet and told Tanya that he'd meet her in the car park in 10 minutes, leaving Tanya all alone in his office...
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Chapter 12 by DuffyBear

Tanya searched throughout Charles’ entire office for the shrink device, yet it was no where to be seen. Rummaging through all of his drawers, selves she just couldn’t find it. Perhaps Charles had taken it with him? There was no way he would just leave it out of his sight, knowing full well the power of the device. Losing hope Tanya decided enough was enough, she was going to have to live without her tiny man for the foreseeable future. Leaving the office, a glimmer caught Tanya’s eye, she glanced to where it was coming from, and right there in the corner of the room underneath various files was the shrink ray, but why was it glowing? Crouching down she picked it up and immediately felt a rush of energy go through her. The device stopped glowing and returned to it’s original state. Confused but thinking nothing of it, Tanya left the office, however she noticed she had to crouch to get through the door. This was odd. She stood next to the door, which was approximately 6ft tall and to her shock, she was taller than it. It had to be something to do with the ray, perhaps it was emitting some kind of radiation? Tanya didn’t want to cause any further suspicions to Charles she had the ray, thus pointing it at her, she pressed the shrink button and returned to her normal size. Leaving the building she headed for the car park.

“Everything okay?” Charles asked, smiling at Tanya.

“Yes everything is fine dear, ready to go?”

“Sure thing, you’ve still got the intruder right?”

Opening her cleavage, she looked down and there he was, trapped.

“Indeed I do, not sure he’ll be leaving anytime soon.” Tanya laughed.

They got into Charles’ fast sports car, a 911 Porsche to be exact, and sped off towards Charles’ place. Arriving, they proceeding towards the kitchen, and Charles began to make some coffee for both of them. Tanya was looking forward to this evening. Charles still owed her a foot massage, and she was hoping she could shrink him back to a tiny size once more. In addition, she also had complete control over her tiny captive. But for now she decided to have some fun with Charles. Going into the bathroom, she pulled out the shrink/growth ray and aimed it at herself, pressing the growth button. She tapped it and only grew an inch. Tapping it once more she grew a further inch. So that’s how it works she thought to herself. Pressing the shrink button she returned to normal height, then she held down the growth button for 5 seconds, increasing her height by a good 5 inches. Standing previously at 5’11, Tanya now stood at an incredible 6’3. Satisfied, she decided to impose herself upon Charles even further. Searching her bad she found a pair of 6 inch heels, boy this was going to be fun. Now standing at 6’9, she towered a whole foot and an inch above Charles. However it wasn’t just her height that had increased, other body parts had too. Her boobs, double D’s beforehand, now stretched her bra to the limit, struggling to hold back the giant fleshy orbs. Also her ass was now also enhanced, protruding it even further out than before. Her feet also, must of gone up at least 2 shoe sizes, as her heels were now very tight upon her, her toes pushing right on the edge of the shoe.

Leaving the bathroom, she made her way back to Charles, who was sitting in the kitchen, sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

“Wow Tanya, have you grown?” Charles exclaimed, already intimated by her previous height, which he just found bearable.

“I thought I’d just slip these heels on, but no I haven’t got any bigger than I was earlier? Have I?” acting clueless, but at the same time she knew she had Charles completely sold.

“Well why don’t we measure you? I’m sure you have grown.”

“Okay sure thing.”

Charles stood up and walked over to Tanya, he was shorter than her boobs. Laughing at the sight, Tanya couldn’t resist any longer. She whipped out the shrinking device, pointed it at Charles, smiled, and held down the button. Charles began to feel himself slowly diminishing in front of Tanya, ending up right next to her colossal feet.
“Now,” Tanya boomed from above, happy to be a giant once more, “how about that foot massage that you promised me?” Smiling seductively.

Charles was officially scared. How on Earth had she found the shrink ray, he had had enough of being an inch tall and now Tanya was super sized even further than her previous height of 5’11, he felt very vulnerable to say the least. Smiling down at Charles from above, she reached down and plucked Charles from the floor, carrying him in her palm to the living room. Settling down on the sofa, she pulled up a small coffee table and placed Charles on it. Taking off her heels she revealed her now size 12 feet to Charles, which in turn would've looked something like 35ft long each to him.

“Well then, you did promise little man, now it’s time to fulfill that,” Tanya bellowed, “However if you do a poor job, there will be significant punishments.” Emphasizing the last word.

Stepping up towards her humungous feet, Charles was completely taken aback by the sheer size of them. They were simply huge. There was no other way to put it. He made his way to Tanya’s left foot and began to press as hard as he could into her substantial sole. Kneading away, he’d barely covered her heel, when he started to build up a sweat. This was physically exhausting and mentally deteriorating. Tanya on the mean time, could barely feel Charles’ tiny hands working on her vast feet, and was starting to get a little agitated. Charles wouldn’t even be able to get reach up to her sole she thought. Oh well, I’ll give him 5 more minutes to see if he improves, if not, well punishments will have to be carried out...

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Chapter 13 by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

Hey guys, I know this story hasn't been updated in a while and this chapter is a little short, but it was merely to whet your appetite. I hope to upload another chapter by the end of the week but I want you all to know that this story won't die out! Thanks for your patience. 

Time ticked by and still Tanya felt nothing from Charles, who she couldn’t even see due to her colossal foot obstructing her view. Reluctantly, she decided on making Charles just a tiny bit bigger so that he could give her a massage worthwhile. Reaching into her cleavage she plucked out the ray and pointed it at Charles, watching him grow to an admirable height of 6 inches; around half the size of Tanya’s foot.

“There we go, that little boost should help, but if this massage doesn’t improve, things could turn ugly for you little man,”

Charles anxious not to upset Tanya any further began to kneed not just his hands, but his entire body into Tanya’s foot, in a vain attempt in providing his girlfriend with some sort of pleasure. Deep down though, Charles was enjoying this. He began to kiss Tanya’s sweaty sole, licking it up and down. Tanya noticed this and pushed her foot into the ground, smothering Charles at the same time. Completely turned on by this experience, she began to rub her clit whilst scrunching Charles between her mammoth, plump toes. She wanted Charles inside of her. Charles on the other hand was completely submerged underneath Tanya’s huge foot, barely able to breathe he began to feel dizzy, but regardless he used every bit of strength left in him to pleasure Tanya just that little bit further. Tanya on the other hand couldn’t wait any longer. Lifting her colossal sole off Charles she looked down at the tiny man, her boyfriend, withering on the floor, yet she had no empathy. She was a goddess, in her mind. Lifting Charles from the table, she pulled down her panties and began to bring Charles towards her hungry pussy. Charles feared for his life.

“Tanya don’t do this! Please for my sake! I’ ll do any...” but Charles was cut off. Tanya was in no mood to be interrupted from her current state. Tanya shoved Charles further and further up her pussy, with nothing but his legs hanging out. Tanya now began to feel a real essence of power over Charles, nothing like before. A tiny man was hanging out of her pussy. With a sense of real authority, Tanya used her strong muscles surrounding her vagina, and eased Charles into her pussy. Charles was completely engulfed. Tanya then began to manipulate Charles around inside of her causing a tremendous orgasm to occur. Tanya had never felt this so sexually aroused in her life. Meanwhile Charles was utterly speechless. His body limp, his mind lost; Charles felt like nothing more than a dildo. Tanya’s hot, plump vaginal walls crushed his body mercilessly as Charles became more and more exhausted by the second. This did not comply with any fantasy Charles had ever dreamed of.

Tanya continued to ruthlessly pump Charles further and further into her abyss of darkness, pleasuring herself all the more. However in the back of her mind she knew what she was doing was morally wrong , but when you have so much power in your possession, morals rarely factor.

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Chapter 14 by DuffyBear
After Tanya finished pleasuring herself through the torture of Charles’ diminutive frame, she tugged him out from her soft, wet pussy. Charles was completely knocked out. Physically he hadn’t been able to withstand the intense pressure from Tanya’s muscular vulva and thus caved in to the constant battering. Tanya now began to feel slightly guilty for what she had just done. She’d abused her boyfriend without even taking the slightest care for his well being. The evening was getting late and Tanya decided that waking Charles would be even crueler. She went to place him between her breasts when she noticed both her captive and the shrink ray were gone. Panic set in. Tanya scoured the house in search of her captive but more importantly the shrink ray.

After spending what seemed like hours looking, to her surprise the back door was open. The captive must have escaped through here, Tanya thought to herself. Well whatever happened, he was long gone. Tanya considered taking Charles’ car in search for him, but now that he had the shrink ray it was far too dangerous. On leaving the kitchen out of the corner of her eye, Tanya caught sight of a small piece of paper. Picking it up of the kitchen table the handwriting was scrawny and difficult to read but she just about made out the words ‘Time’s up.’

Confused as to what the message meant, Tanya locked up Charles’ house and returned to the bedroom where she left Charles. Tanya looked down upon Charles, who was resting what seemed peacefully, and popped him in her cleavage. It was in that moment that Tanya realised Charles was trapped at the height of a mere inch or two for the foreseeable future. There was no way of returning him back to normal height. The thought aroused Tanya but it also came with concern that now, without the shrink ray all sorts of trouble could arise. Tanya slept uncomfortably that night due to the reality that her former captive was now free and probably a bit pissed off.


Tanya woke to the sound of Charles’ alarm ringing. 6:40am the clock read. Time to get ready for work. Charles however slept peacefully through the alarm due to Tanya’s gigantic breasts muffling any sound. Tanya got about and plucked Charles from her cleavage, leaving him to lie in while she got ready for work. After a quick shower and a bite to eat she came back to Charles and returned him to his former sanctuary. Tanya grabbed Charles’ car keys and headed off to work.

The drive was an unusual one. Her tiny boyfriend, trapped between her massive womanly mounds, meant that the journey was a very quiet one indeed. Tanya however was more concerned with her appearance than her boyfriends. Having not returned to normal size since using the shrink ray, Tanya still stood at a mesmerising height of 6’3, without heels. This was bound to be noticed and remarked on by various colleges, but there was nothing she could do. Smile and wave was the policy Tanya would adopt. Pulling into work, Tanya saw a large number of reporters, cameras and news vans. What on Earth was going on? Tanya thought to herself. She pulled into the Charles’ designated parking block and looked towards where the company building should have stood. Tanya couldn’t believe her eyes. Leaping out of the car Tanya proceeded towards the large crowd forming at what should have been the front door to the building. Bustling towards the front using her now incredible height advantage she saw a miniature version of the building, no bigger than a dolls house. Shit, was all she could think. A small envelope was attached to the building addressed to her name. She picked it up and instantly the reporters where on her like a swarm of flies. Pushing her, pulling her, Tanya was beginning to get mad, like really mad.

“Enough!” she bellowed.

The crowd backed up, Tanya on the other hand felt her clothes stretch, then fall back to their previous size. Gathering herself and what just happened she headed back towards the car, the group of journalists following her with real menace. Tanya put the letter in the glove compartment and started the engine. She had to get away from here. Far, far away.
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Chapter 15 by DuffyBear
Tanya, with Charles nestled comfortably in between her boobs, headed back towards Charles’ place, the letter still unopened resting on the passenger seat. Tanya’s mind however was not at rest. She had so many things to take in. Firstly her workplace: gone. Secondly, who would threaten the company in such a manner? And finally; Tanya had felt herself grow when bombarded by reporters. How on Earth could she possibly grow in a matter of seconds and then return to normal size? Yet there was no way she could visit a doctor. It was too late for that now. After all, the last message Tanya had received from her previous unknown captive was “Time’s up.”

As Tanya accelerated down the road, a homeless man stepped out infront of the car. Slamming the brakes as hard as she could, the car stopped just inches from the man. In utter rage, Tanya proceeded to get out of the car.

“What on Earth do you think you’re doing?!” Tanya exclaimed.

The homeless man paid her no attention and carried on walking as if nothing happened.

“Hey mister! Are you listening to me? You nearly got yourself killed!” Tanya could feel her blood pressure rising. Yet still the man didn’t respond and continued to walk away from the car, his back towards Tanya.

An inner fire began to form in Tanya’s eyes and suddenly her clothes began to tear and rip as she grew taller, and taller. Her flats split down the middle as her feet began to expand. Following on from that, her work dress (already skin tight) began to rise up her long curvaceous thigh, tearing slightly as Tanya’s large behind increased in mass. Her boobs also began to swell up, yet Tanya paid no attention. Standing at nearly 7ft tall, Tanya strode confidently over to the man, grabbed him on the shoulder and spun him around with ease. It was then that it hit her. Tanya’s colossal jugs were higher than the man’s head. Stepping backwards, Tanya began to calm down and returned to her previous height. The man, previously docile, stayed in awe.

Tanya headed back towards the car; the man just stood there, perplexed by what he had just witnessed. Tanya started the ignition, and sped off into the distance. So that’s what triggers my growth, she thought to herself.


Arriving back to Charles’, Tanya lunged up towards the front door. As she went to put the key in the lock, she found the door to already be open. Oh no. Opening to door hesitantly, Tanya peeked her head inside. The hall stand was raided, books and files of paper were strewn across the floor. Stepping into the kitchen the larder was wide open, food had been tossed aimlessly across the floor with many packeted items cut open. The house had been ransacked. Tanya decided now was the time to open that letter. Opening it with delicate fingers, Tanya withdrew what looked like a piece of old parchment, something similar to what was used in Ancient Egypt. Turning it over, a message was written.

“Dear Mr Croft,

We are writing to inform you that due to recent uncooperation, we have decided to take “matters into our own hands.” Your unwillingness to participate or correspond to our recent attempts to communicate with you have left us with no choice but to takeover your business and transform it to our needs, previously stated in past letters. In our culture, we regard manners and etiquette very highly and you have displayed little throughout our negotiations. Thus, as to what we believe is a sufficient punishment, you shall remain at your diminutive size for the rest of your life. If you attempt to disrupt proceedings further, then you will be eradicated.

Yours Sincerely,

Du Zeng Je
ISCC inc
Beijing ”

Tanya felt empty. She felt responsible for Charles. There he was nestled in her cleavage, unaware of what was going on. She had let him down. She had put her needs before priorities, and now her only lead to solving this was long gone, along with the capability to return Charles to normal size. How on Earth could she explain any of this to him... Tanya sat down on a chair and thought about Charles’ future and life now for a long, long time. After a while, she felt a jostling down in her bosom. Reaching in with her large but delicate hands, Tanya pulled Charles out from her fleshy crevice.

“Hey hun,” Charles said, out of breath, “I thought you’d never let me out of there haha, not that I’m complaining!” he laughed.

“Charles, I’ve got something to tell you.” Tanya said with seriousness in her tone. Charles’ smile quickly faded.

After filling him in on what had taken place, Charles was lost for words. Tanya left him alone in his bedroom to gather his thoughts while she prepared dinner. Tanya began to realise now, that Charles was entirely dependent upon her.
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Chapter 16 by DuffyBear

The next few days seemed to pass by very slowly. Tanya only interacted with Charles on a very rare basis, due to the fact he was insistent on having some time to think things out, alone. The couple only spoke bluntly during dinner and right before they went to sleep. They were now sleeping separately with Tanya occupying the king sized bed, which just about accommodated her tall frame, while Charles on the other hand was left in an old sock, stuffed with cotton wool. To Tanya, it seemed like their relationship was going to fizzle out sooner or later, the pair just didn’t seem to have the same energy as they did have, before Charles was left to live out his remaining days as the size of a Lego figure. Tanya was really now only staying with him as she felt responsible for his foreseeable predicament. However deep down, Tanya still did love him.


It was Friday night and as usual, the pair had finished dinner and Charles had been assisted to his bedroom. Tanya, meanwhile, was finishing up with the washing up. She was contemplating whether or not to ask Charles if he wanted to watch a movie with her, but decided against it. He’s probably already fast asleep, she thought to herself. After loading the dishwasher, she proceeded towards the bathroom to brush her teeth and stuff before bed.

In the meantime, Charles was mulling over his situation as a 1 inch tall man. After moping around over the past few days he realised there was nothing he could do to change what he had become and was determined not to give up on life, despite all the difficulties that were being thrown at him; and he felt for Tanya too. She had still stayed with him, in spite of being on the end of his miserable mood, and he was determined not to let her down. Rising out from the sock, he grabbed hold of the duvet and began to pull himself up, like a rock climber. Using every single muscle in his minute body, Charles tugged away eventually reaching the top of the bed.

Looking across the vast white plane, Charles realised how small he really was in comparison to everything. And especially Tanya, who’s feet hung easily off the king size bed. Gathering himself, Charles began to sprint towards the middle of the bed. Tanya had now finished brushing her teeth and her other business in the bathroom, and headed back towards the bedroom. Opening the bedroom door, without hesitation she hit the light switch and headed towards her bed. Charles on the other hand began to get nervous. He hadn’t made it as far as he wanted to (which was near the end of the bed as Charles wanted to surprise Tanya with a foot massage) instead, Charles had ended up someone in the middle, hidden from Tanya’s view beneath the covers. Tanya strolled over towards the bed and pulled away the covers. Tanya’s immense body covered Charles’ peripherals. Tanya began to turn around, revealing her titanic booty, her cheeks glistening in the moonlight. Oh no, was all Charles could think right now, as her astronomical ass began it’s descent.

Charles attempted to try and out run her descending rear, as shouting out would be useless due to the tiny sound of his voice. But like that, running also didn’t go according to plan. Tanya’s ass came crashing down, trapping Charles evenly between her flabby cheeks. Charles pushed as hard as he could to break free but to no avail. He was trapped firmly in Tanya’s ass. This was going to be a long, long night.

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