3 Fates Intertwined by lolarex

After hastily wishing to be intimate with a girl, a boy is put through the ride of his life.

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Story Notes:

This story takes place through three viewpoints and shall be told as such. Any helpful criticism is greatly appreciated. 

1. A Simple Wish by lolarex

2. The Realization by lolarex

3. The Date by lolarex

4. Mark Gets Lucky by lolarex

5. A Ride Through Brittany by lolarex

A Simple Wish by lolarex


As I walked home from school I couldn't help but think of her once more. Brittany was the perfect teenage girl. She was short, wide hipped, and busty. And her face resembled that of  goddess. I often dreamed about what it would be like to feel her sweet pussy, or gentle lips, though I would never had the chance. She was the most sought after girl in scool, and rumor had it that she has a huge crush on Mark. Mark was a typical high school jock, and he hated my guts. About a year ago I had gotten him into some big trouble by telling a teacher he had marijuana. He swore to me that he would get me back for it, but he had yet to do so. Nevertheless I let my mind drift in dream mode, thinking of Brittany's smooth curves, as I often did. Throughout the dayI masturbated three times thinking of her, and I went to bed with her on my mind. I drifted of to sleep wishing I could just feel the soft, supple touch of her pussy just once. 

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The Realization by lolarex

I awoke the next morning and began to stretch. As I opened my eyes I realized something was wrong. Everything was dark, and there was a cloth over me, almost like I was under my covers. I tried to lift up the cloth but it was insanely heavy. I was trapped in this cloth prison with no idea how I had gotten here, or where I was for that matter. I should have been slowly suffocating for the air was very thin, but it seemed as though I didnt even need to breathe. After a long while I heard something off in the distance. It sounded as though someone was humming, but something wasnt right. Suddenly there was a deafening creak, and the world around me began to shift. I screamed as loud as I could, but it was to no avail. I was thrust into the cloth and it felt like I was rising into the air. Light blinded me as I struggled to grasp the situation. The humming became much louder, as if it was being projected from some huge speaker.  I was laying on my back paralyzed with fear as my eyes finally adjusted to the light. It seemed as though I was in a valley made of white cloth. Either side of the valley was open, and the edges seemed almost frilly. I was staring straight up when my mouth gaped in disbelief at what approached me. Two giant feet came out of the sky and pierced either side of the valley. I felt the sensation of rising again when I finally realized what was going on. Looking up I saw the face of a goddess, it was Brittany. I was shrunken down to the size of an ant, about an inch big, and she was a giant compared to me. As I looked lower I saw her vagina and ass. She looked as though she had been caved from stone, her proportions so perfect I was instantly aroused. Then it came to me that I was in a pair of her panties and she was currently putting them on! I screamed to get her attention as I approached ever closer to her pussy. My screams were futile as I slammed into her skin. I was pressed tightly against her rippled skin as she pulled her panties on tight. The first thing I noticed was her smell. She had used a Vanilla body wash, and the scent was very pleasent. Secondly I noticed how smooth she was. Maybe she just shaved herself. I then realized where that I was pressed up against her asshole. As I felt around I could feel her sphincter muscle, but she could not feel me. I didnt know whethe to be turned on or grossed out. I turned my head and pressed it into the white cloth. I could see her room through her panties. I looked down to see her putting leggings on. As the leggings were pulled up I was plunged into darkness again. She pulled the leggings on extremely tight, which pushed me up farther in her crotch. I was now resting at the bottom of her vagina, and I was being pressed into her skin so hard that I couldn't even move. When she walked I could feel her massive legs shifting around me. With each step I grazed against her pussy. It felt like I in this position forever before I felt her taking off her leggings. She pulled down her panties and I could see she was peeing in what had to be her bathroom. She was on the phone talking about how she had a date later with Mark. The thought of her being with him made me sick. But there was nothing I could do, so i laid in my cloth prison and awaited the date.

The Date by lolarex

Once again I was pressed up tightly against Brittany's pussy when I felt what seemed like a finger rub against me. The finger squirmed around until it had touched all sides of me. The finger felt abrasive, like a man's hand, and I assumed that it was Mark's. Mark put his finger at the lower part of me and started pushing me up and in to Brittany's vagina. I could feel Brittany get aroused as her labia enflamed and she started getting wet. Soon i was completely engulfed by the lips of her pussy and was being drown by her grool. Her pussy was pouring like a faucet and I could hear her softly moaning. Marked moved up and down her pussy, which pushed me gently inside her. She was loving what Mark was doing, and I could feel her squirming with joy. Mark gradually increased his speed and Brittany vagina muscles started to strengthen. I could feel her pussy clamping down on me. He switched from rubbing to thrusting his finger into her pussy, which pushed me from my resting place to deep within her pussy. The walls of her pussy were soft and warm, but they pushed into me hard. The pain got to me as I tried to scream, but my mouth was quickly filled with her juices. My screams were being muffled by her juices as I struggled to swallow what was in my mouth. Mark pulled his finger out of Brittany and started slowly rubbing her clit. I was stranded deep in Brittany’s pussy, being painfully crushed by her convulsions. Mark starting rubbing her clit faster now, and I could hear Brittany softly moaning. She hadn’t orgasmed yet, but I could only assume that she was getting close. The pain was so intense that I felt faint. I didn’t want to black out but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could survive. If she reached orgasm her pussy contractions would be stronger than ever, and I would almost surely black out. I laid there helpless, hoping she didn’t reach that point of ecstasy. Mark was vigorously rubbing her pussy now and I was just bystander. She was edging closer and closer to orgasm. I could feel the muscles in her vagina contracting, crushing me in a rhythmic fashion. I was drowning in her juices, but I lacked the need of air. The contractions of her pussy muscles should have crushed my bones, but I remained intact, despite the immense pain. Then the hand pulled away, before Brittany could orgasm. I could hear them passionately kissing and I could only imagine what was yet to come. I started to fear for my life. I had not thought about it before, but what was going to come of me. I could still hear the movie from inside Brittany’s engorged pussy when her labia started to shrink back. I tried to work my way out of her pussy but she was too tight. Soon her young, teenage pussy closed up tight and I was trapped. I could no longer hear what was going on outside. I knew I was in trouble, but there was nothing I could do, so I laid there awaiting my fate.

Mark Gets Lucky by lolarex

The walls of Brittany’s pussy shifted around me and I could tell that she had stood up. This meant that the movie was over, and they would be heading back to Brittany’s house. As Brittany walked her pussy rubbed against me, slowly pushing me out of her vagina. I got close to the outside when the environment shifted again. My head was at the opening of her pussy when suddenly I was blinded by light. I could see the bed underneath Brittany and leaning over her laying body was a nearly naked Mark. I heard Brittany say that she had never done anything like this before, and Mark assured her everything would be ok. I tried to claw my way out of my fleshy prison and on to the bed, but I coul see Mark’s face quickly approaching. I screamed in despair as Mark’s tongue slowly gliding over me. He was eating Brittany out and I had nowhere to go. His tongue moved slowly up and down her vagina, and she once again became aroused. Her engorged labia engulfed me just as before, and she began to get extremely wet. As Mark his tongue up and down her pussy I sit near the outside of it. I wasn’t able to climb out but I was happy not to be deep within her pussy again. But then Mark pushed his tongue as far as he could into her, and me along with it. I was once again being tormented by Brittany’s pussy walls. Her vagina muscles were contracting even harder than before, and I was in so much pain. Mark pulled his tongue out of her and began to suck on her clit. She moaned in pleasure and I was sure that she would orgasm this time. I could feel her body writhing in ecstasy as he caressed her clit ever so gently. Her moaning turned to screaming when her pussy tightened more than ever before, and she finally reached orgasm. Her pussy gushed juices as she squirted right into Mark’s mouth. I was ejected into Mark’s mouth along with Brittany’s ejaculate. I was more scared now than ever before. What if he swallowed me? After being thrown around Mark’s mouth for a while, I came to a rest underneath his tongue. I cringed with fear as he swallowed Brittany’s cum, knowing that I could have been swallowed with it. I remained under Mark’s tongue for a short while before I felt a huge muscle-like mass push me. It was Brittany’s tongue! The two of them must have been making out again. I was thrown about Mark’s mouth by both of their tongues. Several times I was thrust into Mark’s teeth as I screamed out in pain. I saw a flash of light, and both Mark and Brittany’s giant faces, before I was in the dark again. I had been moved from Mark’s mouth into Brittany’s. Once again I rested underneath her tongue, as I felt my environment shift. Brittany was leaning over Mark now. I squirmed in disgust as she took Mark’s enormous dick into her mouth. When she sucked, I was pressed into her mouth. I was in shock. I had no control over what was happening. I tried to move but Brittany’s gigantic mouth was too strong. She thrust his dick into her throat and gagged on its enormity. I couldn’t help but wish that it was me in Mark’s position now. She continued to suck his dick for a while, and I felt safe under her tongue. I was lulled into a sense of security when I felt her head lift higher than normal. She started gathering spit in her mouth and I was pulled from my resting spot. She spit me, along with her saliva, onto the tip of Mark’s penis. I was stuck on the very tip of Mark’s dick, right above his penis hole, when I heard him say that it was time for the best part now. I tried desperately to move but Brittany’s spit was sticky. I saw Mark’s hands slowing reaching over his penis. He was holding something that I couldn’t quite make out. As it approached I realized that it was a condom, and I was about to be trapped in with his dick. I unleashed a bloodcurdling scream, but it was no use. Mark rolled the condom on his huge cock, sealing my fate. I felt Mark lean over Brittany yet again, as he positioned himself to fuck Brittany. The walls of my rubber prison collapsed around me as he slowly thrust into her. The walls of her pussy held me tightly against Mark’s cock. He started slowly thrusting in and out of her. I felt her pussy rushing by me, pushing me into the tender tip of his cock. As he sped up her walls started to hurt me. The rubber conformed around me, suffocating me despite my lack of need for oxygen. I could feel his dick throbbing with pleasure. He as enjoying every bit of this. I could even feel her pussy contracting again. Apparently she was loving this too. He started going deeper into her and I could hear them both moaning. I was startled a bit when he rammed into the back wall of her vagina. His cock must have truly been massive. He started ramming her back wall repeatedly, which ended up pushing me into the hole of his dick. I was just inside his dick when I heard him grunting ferociously. I could only assume that he was close to cumming. He rammed into her hard as ever, and she screamed with joy. His dick throbbed like a chainsaw, and I could hear him moaning loudly. Mark’s dick erupted with cum, ejecting me from his penis hole into the wall of the condom. I screamed in pain as shot after shot of ejaculate sprayed against me, but every time I opened my mouth it was filled with his steaming hot cum. I found myself swallowing Mark’s cum in an effort to get rid of it, but there was just so much. After ten or eleven shots he eventually stopped and I was left bathing in an ocean of cum. He had completely filled the end of the condom. I felt him pull out of Brittany and they both laid down. I realized that he would eventually take the condom off, and there was a good chance I would go with it. I was scared of what was to come.  


A Ride Through Brittany by lolarex
Author's Notes:

This gets really gross really fast, but its exactly the kind of thing that Im in to. 

Brittany and Mark were laid on the bed for a short while. Mark was still hard, and his giant dick was pointing straight into the air. I was literally floating in the cum-filled condom, drifting just above his penis. It had a thick consistency which made it hard for me to move. Eventually I sank down enough to feel his penis. I was once again at his penis hole. After what seemed like an eternity of silence I heard Brittany say that she had never tasted cum before. I felt Mark slowly peel the condom off, and much to my surprise I stayed on his dick. He told Brittany that she could lick him clean if she wanted. I instantly knew I was in a bad place. Mark’s cock must have looked like a giant popsicle drizzled with vanilla cream, and Brittany’s eyes showed that she was hungry for a tasty treat. I tied to make my way off his dick but it was no use, his cum was too thick and I was covered. I watched helplessly as Brittany crawled slowly over to Mark. She put her hands on either side of him and opened her mouth wide. I screamed her name as she slowly lowered herself onto his monster cock. I watched her lips pass by me and saw her tongue scraping the underside of Mark’s dick. As she went deeper I could see the back of her throat, her epiglottis and uvula. I started to cry as she closed her mouth around his dick and sucked hard. Her lips glided up his dick taking all the cum that was there before and me along with it. The cum filled her mouth almost entirely and I was once again floating amongst it. I heard Mark ask her to show it to him, and she opened her mouth. Light flooded her mouth as I saw Mark’s gigantic face in front of me. He looked as though he was marveling at what he done. He, and he alone, had filled this goddess’s mouth with sperm. It was truly something to be proud of. But he had no idea what he had actually done. I stared into his eyes as Brittany closed her mouth. She tilted her head back, and gulped down all the cum all at once. I was thrust past her epiglottis and into her esophagus. As I slid down her throat, approaching the pit of her stomach, I heard her say that it Mark’s cum tasted so good! Little did she know that she had just devoured a person whole. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. I was trapped in a wad of cum as it swallowed traveled to the stomach of the girl of my dreams. To her I was just a piece of food. I felt the upper sphincter of her stomach and I screamed. I didn’t want to know what being digested would feel like. A sensation of falling came over me before I landed in a goopy substance. I had reached the goddess’s stomach. The consistency was that of slushy snow. I was being thrown about by the mechanical digestion of her stomach when I felt the first drop of acid touch me. I screamed in agony as the acid seared at my nerve ending, but I suffered no injuries. Shrinking had made me invincible with the restriction of being able to feel pain. Her stomach was a living hell for me. I was constantly being burned and thrown about. I had no control over my actions. I felt an extreme cold that lasted for only a few seconds when I realized that Brittany must have been eating ice cream. I cringed at the thought of being a snack for this girl. I wanted nothing more than to escape her and live. To return to my normal size so I could tell her what she had done to me. But I knew there was no hope for me. After a long while I could feel the lower sphincter of her stomach. It opened and I was sucked into her intestines. Her intestines were much more confined than her stomach, and I was no longer being thrown around. The consistency of the goop began to thicken. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was quickly being surrounded by poop. I tried to wriggle myself free but I wasn’t nearly strong enough. The poop solidified around me, and then smell was rancid. Despite Brittany being the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, her shit still smelled awful. I tried to hold back my urge to puke for I knew I would just be coating myself in it. I could feel the poop moving throughout her body with me inside it. I wondered what would happen when she had to go to the bathroom. Would I be flushed down the drain? Or by some chance would I survive the encounter? I lay pondering the situation, not knowing that the time was already upon me. As I reached the end of her digestive system I could feel her body pushing the shit out of her. She would push very hard, contacting her intestines and smushing the poo around me, and follow it with a sigh and some relaxation. I finally reached her anus and was at the last bit of the poo that passed out of her. I watched as I fell from her gigantic ass into the toilet. I could see the slippery walls of the toilet around me when suddenly I hit the water. The force of the impact jerked me free of the shit log and I struggled to reach the top of the water. I emerged gasping at air when I was struck forcefully by another piece of shit. It hit me face first and I received a mouthful of her feces. I swallowed it against my will as I was rammed into the wall of the toilet by her shit. I broke free of the turd and rose to the top again. I looked up to see that she had stopped shitting, but I was left gawking at the glorious golden stream emerging from between her legs. Urine shot down from her pussy light lightning from the sky and the stream landed right where I was floating. I was once again blasted underwater as my mouth filled with her precious golden liquid. I swallowed her pee an was appalled at how bad it tasted, but there was no escaping it. The stream kept pushing me under and forcing my mouth open. I kept swallowing her piss for what seemed like a lifetime before the glorious stream came to a stop. I once again floated to the top of the toilet water and looked around myself. I was floating in a mix of shit and pee all created by the goddess above me. Even now, after her body had put me through a living hell, I gawked in her beauty. I watched as her perfectly tight asshole tensed and relaxed several times before she decided that she had passed all she needed to. I then watched as she ran a handful of toilet paper between her sweet, delicate, young pussy and ran it all the way back to her asshole. She tossed the paper down and reached for another. She repeated this process of wiping herself clean several times before she was sufficiently tidy. I watched as she began to stand up and I knew my time was coming to an end. I screamed for her to notice me, hoping that by some chance she would see me. Maybe she would save me and confess her love to me. Maybe she would apologize for all she put me through and would help me return to my normal size. Maybe, just maybe, I could be more than just a speck in the toilet. But my hope turned to despair as I watched her pull her white thong in between her luscious ass cheeks, as though she were flossing her ass with it. She then pulled her tight leggings up, which hugged her curves and made her ass pop. She really was a goddess. She pulled the toilet handle and water came flooding down the sides. I began to swirl around the bowl, along with the rest of her excrement, as I watched her walk away, not even giving a second thought to what she had just done. 


End Notes:

Not sure if i should end the story here, or make it a happy ending. If anyone is interested in me continuing the story I glady will, just let me know!

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