The New Neighbour by DuffyBear

Adam is desperate to fufill his dreams, not taking into account the consequences of his actions. 


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Power Shift by DuffyBear
Author's Notes:

Sorry it's taken so long to update this, been really busy all week. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. 

Sandy plucked Adam from the bed and carried him downstairs effortlessly towards the living room. She laid him down on the floor just infront of the leather sofa, which she proceeded to sit down on. Adam, at the base of her feet, was petrified as to what was going to happen next. He could barely comprehend his mother had shrunk him down to a mere few inches while also she had discovered his fantasia for giant women. There was no way out of it.

“Right honey,” Sandy bellowed from above, which from Adam’s perspective she looked like a skyscraper, “you’re going to give me a foot massage today, but if it’s not up to my high standards,” she chucked to herself at the discreet pun she just made, “then things may not turn out so sweetly for you, okay dear?” she cooed, “Now get to work.”

With that, Sandy pulled off her socks revealing her enormous plump toes and soft, gigantic feet. She suspended them in the air before slowly lowering them so they touched the ground ever so softly. Adam stared in awe. He walked over to his mother’s right foot and was completely taken back by the sheer size of her feet. At least double his height, Sandy’s feet were no longer the dainty looking tootsies they were before.”

“Well, what are you waiting for little man, start massaging!” called Sandy from above.

Adam had no idea where to begin, so he gently began to kneed his fists into the sole of his mom’s feet. After doing this for a relatively long while, he began to build up and sweat and slowly ran out of energy. Massaging his mother’s feet were taking a toll on him both physically and mentally. Sandy noticed the gradual decline at her son’s pathetic efforts to pleasure her.

“It seems to me my big old feet are a little too much for you to handle hey tiny?”

“No honestly mom,” Adam gasped, “I can do this.”

“Really? Are you really sure you’re up to the task bug, you haven’t been massaging anywhere near as good as you were to start with...”

“Please mom let m-”

“You shall not refer to me as ‘mom’ any longer tiny!” Sandy growled from above, “You shall only refer to me as goddess or giantess Sandy, understood?”

“Yes mom, I mean gia-!”

With that, Sandy lowered her humungous foot on top of Adam, then stood to her full height placing all her body weight on top of her shrunken son. Feeling him fidget beneath her sole, Sandy started to slowly grind her son into the carpet. Sandy felt a sudden rush of energy go through her. This was electrifying! She could never have imagined how powerful or how good being a giantess would be up until this point. Her captive, her son, had no escape from her colossal feet. She could do what she wanted with him. Meanwhile, Adam was struggling to breathe beneath the hot, sweaty soles of his mothers right foot. Attempting to wriggle free, Adam pushed and pushed but to no avail. The considerable weight advantage his mother had over him made it improbable for Adam to even gain a few centimeters, by his scale...

Sandy, satisfied she’d made her point, lifted her hefty foot off of her son. Looking down below, she could make out Adam spluttering and coughing after the physical ordeal she had just put him through. This was immoral. Even Sandy could say that now, but she was just having such a thrill ride being the monumental figure of power she couldn’t give it up, not just yet. Plucking Adam from the floor, she brought him to her eye level, examining his feeble form.

“Have I made my point little one?” Sandy stated with an air of authority in her tone.

Adam however, was too exhausted to respond and struggled to make out the distinct features of his mother’s face due to the fact he was so worn out he had began to loose his vision. Feeling more and more limp, Adam struggled with keeping his eyes open any longer and slowly drifted into a state of unconsciousness. At first Sandy, thinking cynically, assumed it to be fake and ploy in which Adam hoped would relieve him from her clutches for this evening. She wasn’t about to give in so easily. Carrying him back up to her bedroom, she placed him down on her dressing up chair and strapped him there with masking tape, making it nigh on impossible for Adam to even move an inch. Satisfied with her work, she proceeded to take a long shower while fantasizing her next move upon her 3 inch son.

About 5 minutes into her shower, Adam stirred and began to regain his senses. What he was experiencing was like a hangover from hell, all he wanted to do was return to his normal height and go to sleep, yet there was no time for sleep now. Gathering himself, he attempted to stand only to find that each of his limbs had been strapped down heavily with masking tape. Shit. Adam tried to break free of the holds implemented by his mother but was unable to break free of the tape. He could hear the shower running and assumed that she would be back shortly. He had to think fast. Adam looked around for any sharp object or anything within touching distance which he could use to unbound him but found nothing. He began to break a sweat, with his blood pressure rising rapidly, Adam realised he was all but doomed to whatever fate lay before him. The shower stopped running. The heavy sound of his mother’s feet echoed throughout the house. Fear was Adam’s only emotion right now.

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Any feedback is more than welcome, positive or negative. Hope you're enjoying it so far. 

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