A Love Story of Another Kind by Samius

Sam, a 17 year old cocky student, finds himself shrunk down in school one day through a bizzare turn of events. He soon finds himself at the mercy of his friends and schoolmates, and has to make difficult decisions for his every crucial move as old friendships rekindle and new adversities unfold.

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Story Notes:

Warning: This story contains sexual content and inappropriate language.

DISCLAIMER: All the characters, places, etc. depicted in this story are fictional. Any resembelence to any real people or places is completely accidental. The content of this story belongs to the author. (So you, dear multi-billion-dollar publisher, need to pay me some of the millions of dollars you'll make selling this masterpiece.) 

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Chapter 1 - Bad Day, huh? by Samius
Author's Notes:

Let's see what's going on in the triple H, shall we?



I wake up by the sound of my cellphone’s alarm just like every other weekday. Today is a Thursday. I finally convince myself to get up and brush my teeth. Then I wear my clothes. Let’s see, black pants, my white t-shirt with the muscular pug on it and… black converse shoes? Nope.  Hmm…

I look at myself in the mirror that hangs in my room, right next to the door. I think I’ll go with my black and grey running shoes today. After I check myself one more time in the mirror – can’t disappoint the ladies, now can I? - I go downstairs. I know that Shila, my dad’s exotic eye candy, has already prepared my sandwich, as she always does. So I go downstairs to the living room, and from there to the kitchen, and there it is! Another disgusting peanut butter sandwich waiting for me on the kitchen table. It’s not that Shila doesn’t know that I hate peanut butter. I think it’s a gesture of control for her, you know, like “I’m your mom now and you should obey me blah, blah.” I don’t know, I don’t mind my dad’s hot new wife.

When you are a famous dentist who owns an entire dental clinic, then I guess getting a wife 25 years younger than yourself comes as a perk of the job. Shila is 25, originally from some Asian country. She’s been living in the states since she was five, and then she decided she wanted to become a receptionist at a dental clinic when she grows up, and I think you can guess the rest.

Never mind her though, she’s probably in the pool right now. I grab my sandwich and go back in the living room and then past the entrance hall and to the front door. I open the door to our front yard and the garden: my dad’s second obsession in this house. Guess what’s his third obsession? His son? Nope. His freaking 1968 Shelby, which has been parked in the garage ever since I was born.  I come at 5th or 6th on his list, if I’m lucky!

So I’m walking in the garden, and right after I’m past the dandelions my, allergy kicks in. I take out a tissue to cover my running nose as I reach the gate. I can see James, the household’s driver, through the bars. I wave at him. “Hi James, how’re you doing?”  

“Good, good. Still can’t handle the dandelions?” He asks. He’s a cool dude, used to be on some minor basketball team. I’ve had some one on ones with him, he’s still good enough to block me. Did I say I’m on the basketball team? Well now I did.

“Nah, man. I swear I’m gonna burn that shit someday.” I reply as I get in the front seat next to him.

“Wow,” he says, trying to look serious. “I don’t think your dad would like that language, or that thought, for all it matters.”

“Sorry, it’s just so annoying to start your day with a stuffed up nose.” I say apologetically. Not that I think saying words like shit matters. There, I said it again. Shit! Anyway, I respect James enough to let him play the adult from time to time, even though I’m 17 now and he’s just our driver.

We both spend the rest of the 15 minute drive taking about the games. He and I are fans of different teams and like always, I try to convince him how pathetic their team is. He just doesn’t get it, I mean who the hell misses seven shots in a row? James’ favorite team’s point guard, that’s who!

So we reach my school, High Hope High School, or the triple H, as we call it. I say goodbye to James and get out of the car. The students are walking towards the door in groups. I look around to see if Kyle is here, and I see him talking to Tina. So you’ve finally done it, huh Kyle? I approach them.

They suddenly stop their conversation just as soon as they see me. “Hey guys.” I say with a fake smile.

“Hi Sam.” She says callously. She then smiles at Kyle, turns back on her heel, and walks toward the entrance. 

Kyle looks at me with guilt, “What’s up Sam?” he says. He’s acting weird this morning.

“Kyle, did you ask her out?” I ask him. His face tells me all I need to know.

“Do you have my sandwich?” he says. So he’s deflecting. Oh poor Kyle.

“You did, didn’t you?” I yell at him. A couple of my classmates in Biology look at me curiously as they pass by, but I’m too busy to pay any attention to them.

“Yeah. I did.” Kyle finally says, looking at the brick wall next to him, in which he’s found sudden interest.

“Dude, I told you she’s…” More people are looking at us now, so I lower my voice and take a step toward him to get closer. “You know she’s the biggest bitch in the school.” I say quietly.

“Dude, you’re mad at her cause you missed your chance with her.” Kyle says, still staring at the red bricks.

Well, it was the obvious answer. I wonder why I didn’t predict it though. Last year, that was out junior year, I caught Tina checking me out a couple of times. You know, tall dude on the basketball team, it was to be expected. The difference was that Tina is one hot girl. She’s not that tall, like 5’8” I’d say. She has dark blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin, the whole package, and I almost fell for that, I mean who wouldn’t? But then the new student came to town: Ashley.

God, she IS something. The guys don’t consider her exactly “hot”, but she has some kind of special cuteness to her, you know. When a girl isn’t exactly “beautiful”, but she’s so cute you’d pick her over any other girl! That’s how Ashley is. She transferred to our school when her older sister came to our town. Her sister was a clerk at some gallery whose name I never bothered to ask, and they wanted her to manage their new branch in our town. That’s how she ended up in the triple H.

Anyway, Tina and I had been on a couple of dates when Ashley came. I saw her first in the chemistry class. A brunette with light skin and very deep blue eyes. Her features were small: a small nose, small yet full lips that blossomed whenever she laughed, and a very soft voice. She is shorter than Tina though, maybe 5’4” or something like that, much shorter than me, but it never mattered. I was in love the second I laid eyes on her. Needless to say that Tina wasn’t happy when I told her we weren’t going on any more dates. That’s what Kyle just refered to. As if I needed Tina or something.

“Dude, this girl is nuts, seriously.” I tell him, trying to convince him for the hundredth time this month. “You know David, her ex? She screwed him up so bad, I swear, he fears everything female now! The dude will probably go gay soon.”

“Look, Sam.” He replies, looking at me this time. “Can’t we, like, agree to disagree? We’re already going on a date this Saturday. Maybe David wasn’t the right person for her.”

“Alright.” I finally give up. It’s his ass on the line anyways. “As long as you’re happy I guess. Here’s your sandwich.” I give him the peanut butter sandwich as I’ve been doing every day for the last two years, then we move inside the school. Our first class is biology, and then chemistry. No basketball until this afternoon….

So, now I’m sitting next to Kyle in biology class, staring at Mr. Lewiston without really listening to what he’s saying about amoeba. I picture Ashley. Her every feature, how she smiles, how she laughs, how she walks, how she plays the violin, I picture her doing all these things, and then some other things. Get it? OTHER THINGS, hehe.

When Tina realized I had stopped dating her because of Ashley, she was furious! I mean, throwing her soda at my face furious. That’s when I noticed her evil side. She and her best friend, Suzanne who is a redhead, began making trouble for Ashley. They talked a lot behind her back, spreading rumors, putting a bad word for her with the teachers, all the nasty stuff they could do to a stranger with an unknown background, which was a lot. Little did they know, that’s what I needed to get close to Ashley.

One morning, in junior year, a couple of my teammates and Kyle, the traitor, were hanging out behind the school near a corner when the already sensitive Ashley passed by and walked around the corner, they began talking about her. How she was a slut, and how she was expelled from school before, all the crap Tina and Suzanne had cooked up. Little did they know, Ashley was eavesdropping on them around the corner. She did that a lot back then, I guess she wanted to find out why everybody avoided her. That’s when I arrived at the scene like a hero to defend the damsel in distress, yelling at them for being such assholes to Ashley. I swear, she looked so beautiful when she smiled at me in appreciation, with tears still in her deep blue eyes....

“SAM!” the voice suddenly takes me back to reality. “Sam, I asked how many cells an amoeba has?”

Oh crap, I wasn’t even listening. “Umm… one?” I say out of the blue.

“Good.” Mr. Lewiston says, resuming the lecture.

I was right? Well, guess you ought to get one lucky answer after so many wrong ones throughout high school. Mr. Lewiston is still talking about amoebas in his monotones tone. He’d make hella more money if he recorded his lectures and sold them as some sort of sleep therapy.

My next class is chemistry, same as Ashley. She sits in the front row, and I sit at the back. Doesn’t matter where I sit though, she seldom talks to me since she broke up with me only months after our first date. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas, and we’d been in a relationship for some time. I had felt that she was annoyed recently, but I didn’t pay her much mind. I was living the dream, a lovely girlfriend, four consecutive wins just after I’d been assigned as a forward, and  Shila didn’t seem to mind me anymore. I had it all, until she went ahead and ruined it.

I watch as Wundt opens her manly bag and takes out some stuff. She is asking us to go to her desk to get some kinda powder or something. Oh she just called my name; let me go to her.... Right.

"yes..." I'm about to say before Nadia the nerd chimes in.

"Sorry Ms. Wundt..." she says in her annoying voice. Well screw her; Wundt is turned away from me to answer her question. I don't have time for this. I want to get back to my seat and out of her sight before she asks me something. I grab a couple of vials from her open bag and start walking to my desk again. What was I saying?

Oh, Ash! I look at Ashley's black hair, her head is down and she’s taking notes. Such a smart girl, all straight A’s. She even let me cheat off her in history once, though she said she’d never do that again. Ms. Wundt, our chemistry teacher, is showing how to mix two liquids, and then apply heat to the mixture to create some chemical reaction I haven’t even heard of in the entire semester. her hair is shoulder length, and she is tying it in her pony tail. She does it whenever she wants to concentrate or do something serious.

I look at the small Benzene torch on my desk. Students around me are fumbling with their stuff as well, thoush none of them seems to have the kind of vials I have on my desk. Hmm. Ms. Wundt doesn’t believe in theoretical learning. She wants us to actually do all the experiments ourselves, with her watching over us. She’s in her mid-thirties, I think, and she is extremely sharp when it comes to cheating or not paying attention in her class, and that means that I have to actually listen to what she says. What was I saying? Oh Yeah. One night after watching a movie at the theater, Ashley dropped the bomb.

“I think we should end it, Sam.” She said, in her low, soft voice.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“I mean we shouldn’t see each other outside the school anymore.” She went on saying some stuff about not having the same personalities, and me being a different person than what she’d originally thought. I didn’t really listen to what she said after the words "not seeing after school" came out of her mouth though. I did throw a fit, now that I remember. It wasn’t… pretty.

“Sam, did you create the compound?” I suddenly hear Ms. Wundt say.

“Yes ma’am!” I answer her with the most sincere tone I can imitate.

“Then why isn’t the compound the same color as your friends’?” Ms. Wundt replies, looking at the other students in the class. I look around too, they all have a purplish liquid in front of them. Mine is still transparent.

“You have until the end of the class to create your reaction, Sam.” Ms. Wundt says, her voice is serious. “Or you’ll lose the lab score.”

Damn it, just what I need. Failing in senior year is not an option, not after all the effort I’ve put in cheating and greasing people up in the past years. I look at the small amounts of different chemicals in front of me, and put the transparent liquid on the Benzene torch. I pour some powder that looks like salt into it. No change. I look around for help.

Everybody is busy packing up, I look at my watch. It’s about 3 minutes before the class is finish. I look at David, who’s sitting next to me at the back, away from all the girls.. He doesn’t pay attention to me at all. I look again at my watch: two minutes and a half remaining. Damn it, maybe I’ll get lucky twice in one day? Stranger things have happened before. I snatch the small vial of red liquid from Dave’s desk.

“Hey, what’re you doing?” he protests. I don’t look at him, instead, I take a peek at Ms. Wundt who’s bent down on a girl’s desk, talking to her. I pour the red liquid in my transparent one, and add a little of whatever I have in front of me, then increase the Benzene torch as much as possible, praying to see whatever reaction Ms. Wundt meant to teach.

Nothing happens. The class is finish now, and everybody starts to stand up and go out. Ms. Wundt approaches me with a sad smile.

“Looks like you won’t get the score for this part, Sam.” She says, looking at my now boiling compound. It’s still transparent. “You’d better clean your desk, put everything on my mine. I’ll take care of them later.” She continues, and then she walks out the door in a hurry. Ashley stands up and runs after her. 

It’s not good, I needed the score to have a chance at passing this term, but now I need to somehow cheat off somebody. I look at my chemical compound. It’s still boiling, and it’s still colorless. I reach to turn the torch off.

The torch is off now, and I grab my compound to put it on Ms. Wundt’s desk…but…something feels wrong. The liquid is still boiling, and it is changing color… but not to purple, it’s… green…no, it’s blue now! And it is boiling although it’s now in my hand, and not on the torch anymore.

Damn it, what have I done now? I should put it back on my desk before it…. Suddenly it explodes in my hand, its content splashing in my face and torso. I cover my eyes, they burn so bad. What the hell will I do if I go blind for this shit?


My eyes still hurt, and my entire body is itching like crazy. I manage to open one eye despite the pain, I see… it’s really blurry. Focus…focus…. I can see my desk? No, just the bottom of my desk. I guess I fainted for a minute there, and I fell down. I try to sit up, I feel cold all of a sudden.

I manage to sit up despite the weird sensation in my body, my eyes still hurt. Let me see where my chair is, I’d better rest there for some time… wait, something is wrong. I’m sitting up, but I can still see the bottom of my desk, what the hell?

I look at my body to see what position I’m in, guess I’m still confused from the blast. I see my naked legs, and naked crotch. What? I jump up on my feet, suddenly feeling exposed. The class has changed, it’s like… it is bigger now. I look to my left, I can see a crumbled picture of a bad ass muscular pug. Is that my t-shirt? Why is it so big? There are four giant metal pillars behind it. I follow them up with my eyes, just to see the bottom of my chair. Then it hits me, I’m small.

But is that even possible? This must be some sort of mistake. I slap myself as hard as I can, ouch! Then I open one eye. Nope, it’s still the same. I’ve shrunk down. What should I do now?

I notice Ms. Wundt’s desk at the end of the class, it’s like the length of a football field from here to there, but I have no choice, I have to get to her desk and get her attention somehow. I begin to run, feeling the cold floor under my bare feet.

I’ve been running for a good 20 seconds now, and still there’s more than half the way to go. This is crazy! It’s just our class room! As I get closer and closer to the desk, I notice Ashley’s sling back pack still lying on the floor next to her chair. She must’ve forgotten it. I run past it, it looks so freaking huge compared to me. I must be like 2-3 inches tall, max. I was six foot two less than five minutes ago!

The floor suddenly shakes beneath my feet, and I hear footsteps getting louder and louder. I think someone is running outside the class, what if they come inside? I wouldn’t want some of the guys on my team to see me like this, it’s so freaking embarrassing. I stop running just a few feet past Ashley’s back pack. There’s no better cover to hide behind nearby. I pause there, my heart beating like crazy in my chest. The footsteps stop right behind the door, and I see the door knob turning.

I waste no time. I dive behind Ashley’s backpack, hiding there. I can feel my heart beat faster. The person is now in the class room with me, but what if it’s Ms. Wundt?

The footsteps start coming this way, I freeze there behind the back pack, my back still against it. I can see my chair and my desk from here, my clothes are lying there on the floor, with shattered glass everywhere. I think whoever is in the room is going to check them out, which means they’ll walk past the backpack, and they’ll see me if they turn around. I look around for a better cover, any cover. There is none. The footsteps are getting closer, how can one person walk with so much force?

I look up, and see the side pocket on Ashley’s backpack. I immediately jump up, and hold on to it. As I struggle to pull myself up, the footsteps stop just inches from the backpack. The fear of being discovered gives me new strength, and I pull myself up and slide into the side pocket of Ashley’s black and grey backpack. I want to look out to see who the person is, but suddenly the world around me starts to move, and I feel like I’m in an elevator that’s going up at the speed of light. The shakes stop, and I feel that the back pack is moving. I sit here in the dark, thinking what to do next.

I finally manage to muster up enough courage to look out to see what’s happening. I raise the top cover of the side pocket with my hands to sneak a peek. I can see the floor moving fast, and two legs coming and going out of my view rapidly. I recognize the back of Ashley’s converse shoes. She’s walking to her next class, completely oblivious to my tiny existence in the side pocket of her small, black and grey sling backpack.


End Notes:

Just a few words for new readers. This story will be, for the most part, about tender giantess-shrunk man relationship with a touch of humiliation to spice things up a bit, and is rather descritpive. After a couple of chapters, though, the plot will diverge into two scenarios so the readers can make some decisions for the protagonist and choose a plot line more tailored to their taste. From there, it is possible to get some harsher relationships should you wish. If you want something really cruel, I suggest you read my other story, Aurora, which acts as a prelude to this one. (Though it is not completed at the moment of writing this end note, it does include some decent action!)

Chapter 2 - Pain and Pleasure by Samius
Author's Notes:

Sam's back, and he hasn't even started yet!

I get back in the pocket of Ashley's backpack. I’m trying to control my shivering, but I’m too distressed to do that. The school’s hallway now looks more like it's from some parallel universe, with huge monsters and shit! It’s unbelievable. I’d slap myself again to check if I’m dreaming, but that proved useless before. I guess all I can do is sit tight in this dark, swinging cave until Ashley reaches her next class, or wherever she’s going. It smells like strawberry in here…

I’ve been sitting here for some time now, can’t say for sure how long it’s been ‘cause I don’t have my watch. Ashley’s still walking. Sometimes, she moves her backpack so fast to the sides that I get knocked down. I think it happens when she turns around a corner too fast. It creeps the hell outta any dude to realize that his ex has so much power over him. Imagine that your little ex can get you knocked off your ass without even knowing that she’s knocking you off your ass! And I think I’m gonna puke if she does that again. Oh great, now I’m being thrown up and down in here. I think she’s going down the stairs, I think I’m about to puke, I….OUGH....

Oh God, I finally barfed. My stomach feels so light now. Its smell is getting mixed with the smell of strawberry, thank God I’ve got nothing left in my stomach, so it’s safe if I barf again. I’d better see what’s going on outside, I try to stand up but… hold on a minute, she’s not moving anymore! I think she’s finally stopped.

I raise the top flap to sneak a peek. Let’s see, there are giant students sitting all around, but we’re not in a classroom. It’s… of course! We’re in the cafeteria for lunch time! I really prefer not to get back inside, so I’d better keep looking through this small space I’ve made by raising the cover flap. I look down, and the first good thing in this entire shitty day finally happens to me: I see Ashley’s butt.

Well, it’s more like her belt and the back of her jeans. But I think I caught a glimpse of her pantie through the small opening right against her but crack, So it still counts. Apparently, she’s still wearing the backpack, and I have a pretty good view of the cafeteria. Let’s see, David’s sitting in his corner with some dude whose back is against me. That must me Hank, they’ve been hanging around lately... is... is he eying Nadia the nerd? Weird.... So, who else is there? Some freshmen, the cute blond in the junior year, and... Damn it! Tina and Suzanne have just walked into my view. If Tina is here, then Kyle must be within twenty feet. Let me see if I can find him.

So I’m still scanning for Kyle, but there’s no sign of him. The world suddenly moves, and I get knocked down into the pocket again, with my last night’s dinner waiting to give me a hug. In the face. I can feel in my guts that I’m going down, she must be taking her backpack off. My fall suddenly comes to a stop as her bag hits the floor, and the dinner hits me in the face. FUCK! It’s so disgusting….

I clean my face with the inside of her backpack. The polyester isn’t the best absorbent, but it’s all I’ve got. Oh I wish I was in a hot shower at the gym right now…

I raise the top flap again to see where I’m at. Now all I can see is the floor and a lot of shoes. I look up, and see the bottom of a table. So she’s put her backpack under the table to have lunch? Well at least I’m out of view. I look at the shoes, thanks to my super slight foot fetish (it’s just for fun, really.) I recognize all of them. The black pair of converse shoes belongs to Ashley. I know all her shoes. These are her favorites. Even if I couldn’t recognize the shoes, I’d recognize those thighs anywhere, heh. I look at her legs some more, I never thought I’d get such a nice view from here, wow.

Okay, I’d better look around some more. I can see one more foot right next to Ashley’s feet. It’s wearing sandals, my favorite kind, to be precise. You know, the ones that look like Greek sandals? That’s the kind I love most, and Julia shares my love for them as well. So the white foot wearing the Greek sandal must be Julia’s, NICE. My view is limited here, and I can’t see her left foot. I think there’s other people sitting at the table with Ashley. I could get out to see what’s going on… maybe I’ll even manage to get Kyle’s attention? He must be around here.

I put my leg on the edge of the pocket and pull myself up, there’s a short drop to the floor, and I jump out. The cold, solid floor beneath my feet feels good. I take a step away from the backpack and get closer to Ashley’s shoes. They look so freaking huge. She must be a thousand feet tall by my standard! Each of her feet is the size of a trailer compared to me, I wonder how big ALL her body parts must look at this size… I’d better get closer.

I’m standing between her shoes now, looking up, and brother, I now believe that I’ve been a pessimist this entire morning. I mean, I see the full half of the glass now, just as soon as I see Ashley’s full, ginormous tits. Coincidence? I think not. They just have that kind of effect on me, like they make all my troubles suddenly go away.

So here I am, standing between two huge converse shoes, drooling. Her boobs look real huge, even though I’m looking at them from a distance, and only the bottom of them is visible. Oh, I can feel that little Sam is about to drool too.

I know it is risky, standing here like this, but I think the risk is worth it, and I KNOW you’d take the risk too. If you think you wouldn’t, you’re simply wrong. Or gay. Not that I have anything against them. Anyway, now I have to walk away from what could be the best view I’d ever see in my entire life, but I’ve got to find Kyle. I suddenly hate myself.

I turn to my left, only to see Julia’s pretty toes a couple of feet away. There’s chatter coming from above, and the two girls seem to be oblivious to my existence. They are talking about some lame vampire movie. I walk toward Julia’s sandals. The backpack is not blocking my view from here, and I can see the shoes of the third person sitting at the table now, but I don’t think I recognize the leather shoes. Judging by the socks, they must belong to a girl, but how come I don’t recognize them? Doesn’t matter, I keep walking toward Julia’s feet.

I’m now right next to her foot. There’s a faint smell of lotion on them, sweet. I step closer. Her toes are painted pink, and she wiggles them slightly from time to time. I can feel my penis trying to explode in protest. I bend down on Julia’s big toe, and I kiss her pink toenail.

I pause for a second, waiting. I think she hasn’t noticed anything. Sweet! I bend down again to kiss her toenail once more, I can see my distorted reflection in the nail polish as my lips touch the smooth surface. I think I’m having the biggest erection of my life, and I’ve had some big ones too!

I’ve got to use this chance, there’s no way Julia actually bothers to check under the desk. Besides, my kisses must be so insignificant to somebody her size, that I doubt she’d feel anything at all. Yeah, no way she’d notice a thing. I’ve got to do it. I bend down again, kissing the tip of her big toe this time. The warm flesh tastes great on my lips. Her toes have such fine details… I don’t think I can control myself for much longer.

I get on my knees in front of Julia’s toes and kiss each one of them repeatedly. I kiss the tip of her big toe again. I kiss the toe next to that. I’m kissing her toenails, the tips of her toes, the sides, anywhere I can think of. The warm, slightly salty flesh tastes great in my mouth and my mind is all fuzzy. I keep kissing her toes one by one, moving on my knees, and then I get back to her big toe. My penis is raging. It’s going to explode anytime now. I look at her big toe, it’s soft pink flesh, its wrinkles and patterns, its smell…. I stand up and put both my hands on her pink toenail, and I stick my dick into her big toe so hard I’m afraid it might break. My dick explodes in her warm toe flesh at the first touch. I’m feeling rapid jerks in my waist. My love juice is squirting out on her toes like a fountain. Oh gods of love… the feeling I’m having right now. Euphoria!

Aaaah, my cum keeps coming for an eternity. My entire naked body is shaking; I’m using my hands to support my weight now. This must be the biggest…. BAM!

Suddenly the toes disappear, what the fuck? Why am I flying? Everything around me is fuzzy, did I die? Can you die if you cum that hard? Wait a minute, something is coming my way. I think it’s the floor!

I hit the cold floor hard. I think my head is about to split, and I’m feeling exposed. I quickly sit up to look around. Everything is spinning, and the first thing I manage to see is the black and grey backpack. I crawl towards it as fast as I can.

I’m in the shelter of Ashley’s backpack now. The chatter coming from above seems different. I look toward Julia’s leg to see if a head is peeking under the table. I must admit I’m afraid shitless.

Nobody is there, well, nobody’s head is there. She’s scratching her right toes with the tip of her left sandal. I try to understand what they are talking about right now.

“I don’t know, I think something spilled on my toes.” I hear Julia saying.

“Eww, maybe it was a bug or something.” A voice from across the table says. Is that Nadia the nerd? So that’s why I didn’t recognize her shoes….

“Yeah. You’d better take a look, Julie.” This was Ashley’s soft voice. I can recognize that anywhere, even when recorded. It’s the most… wait a minute, did she say take a look? Oh shit.

I jump up for the side pocket of the backpack and slide inside. The disgusting smell is back. I quickly stand up on the soft surface. I think I’d better check to see if Julia has seen me. Let me open the top flap, slowly… slowly… I can see her right foot. She is holding it up toward her, I think. Good, she didn’t bother to actually bend down, this was a close one for me. I need to be more careful.

“What’s up, guys?” I suddenly hear the voice from above. It’s Kyle’s!

“Hey Kyle, how are you doing?” Ashley replies.

“Not bad, have you seen Sam today?” So Kyle is looking for me too, huh? I knew if there’s one person in the entire triple H I could trust, it’s my bro…

“There you are, Kyle!” this one is a female voice, but not that of Ashley and her friends, this one is….

“Tina! How are you? I haven’t seen you since this morning!” Kyle says, mroe loudly than usual. I think he’s shouting, his voice isn’t muffled by the table anymore.

“Yeah. Actually, I’ve been looking for you! Why are you going from table to table?” Julia asks. Tell her it’s none of her damn business, bro. Tell her!

“Ah… nothing. I was just…umm… looking for an empty seat.” He says. What the fuck?

“Oh, okay. Suzanne is saving a place for me. Do you want to, like, join us, or do you want to have your lunch with that giraffe, Sam?” Julia says in the bitchiest tone humanly possible. She’d better pray I never get back to normal, cause then I’m gonna….

“Haha, no. I'm sure he'll show up eventually. Let’s go, Tina. Nice to see ya guys.” THAT SON OF A BITCH! I can hear footsteps disappearing into the background rumble of the cafeteria. That Judos! I bet he has his stupid nerdy smile on his stupid face right now, running after Tina like some lap dog, that mother f…

Wow, a hand is coming down from the sky. It’s Ashley’s. She must be leaving. I let go of the flap so it covers the side pocket again, and put my legs shoulder width apart. There’s no way I’m chewing on my last dinner again for the third time today. The world goes up, this time I’m holding on with my hands as well as my legs. It then stops, and we’re no longer going up. I ease up my muscles. My arms feel weak from the experience I had with Julia’s toes. Speaking of which, I honestly believe that must’ve been as big an ejaculation as a man can hope to get.

Suddenly everything shakes again, as if she is throwing her bag at somebody. My hands aren’t supporting me anymore, and I suddenly lose balance and fall down into my vomit again. Then I realize. She’s hung the backpack from her shoulder, stupid.

I roll back. I can feel the sticky vomit on my face again. Fuck both the full and the empty halves of the glass. I've had enough of this already.

I feel the movement again. It’s more subtle this time, I think I’ve got used to it. I don’t even bother to clean my face anymore. I’m exhausted, and tired of all this. How the hell can someone shrink himself by mixing some school grade chemicals?

Ashley pauses again, and I feel the backpack being lowered. This time, it doesn’t hit the floor that hard. I stand up to do the routine again. I raise the flap with one hand, holding on to the edge of the pocket with the other. Light rushes in, and I can see the back row chairs of the classroom as soon as my eyes adjust. There are students sitting here and there, but most of the chairs are empty. Ashley likes to come early to the class, so she can take her favorite front row seat. Technically, someone with an attitude like this should repulse me, but for some reason, Ashley always comes as an exception to my rules.

I can see David at the back, looking at Nadia the nerd who’s sitting three desks away from him. Come on dude, she doesn’t count! Two guys are sitting in the second row from the back of the class, and there’s Suzanne sitting in the third row, staring directly at me.

Oh God! I let go of the flap and collapse in the dark. That’s it, my little adventure is over. Suzanne will definitely tell Tina, the teachers, Ashley, the basketball team, Ms. Wundt, the janitors, and pedestrians in the sidewalk next to the triple H. Basically if Suzanne knows something, half the country will know that, and that’s only because the other half simply won’t care.

I’m just sitting here in the dark, waiting for the top flap to be opepend, and a giant hand comes in and take my naked, vomit covered body out so I can be ridiculed in a well lit room. Maybe If I threaten to smash my dad’s Shelby, and burn his stupid dandelions, he’d agree to let me study abroad after this? I’m gonna burn his dandelions anyway…

I’ve been sitting here for some time now, listening to Mr. Brooks’ coarse voice,  reading the Charge of the Light Brigade. Nothing special has happened, and the class is going on as normal. I think Suzanne’s eyes are astigmatic, or was that Nadia’s eyes? I don’t like redheads, so I don’t really know. Maybe she thought she saw a little person, but then realized how stupid it was, and how nobody would believe her, and she simply let go? Or maybe she was just day dreaming, and didn’t pay any attention to what was in front of her. Either way, it’s fine by me. I don’t think I could ever forget the humiliation that would follow my discovery like that!

I hear the ring, the class is finish. I don’t bother to stand up anymore. I go up, and the violent shake as Ashley wears the sling backpack happens again, knocking me over even though I’m sitting. I can feel the routine movements of Ashley’s steps again. She’s going home, and she’s taking me with her. Under different circumstances I’d welcome it, but now, I’m not so sure.


End Notes:

Remember to read the story through the eyes of a very immature teenager at this point. It may or may not progress beyond this in the future, though. Let me know what you think through your comments and rating. Thanks for reading.

Chapter 3 - Homecoming by Samius
Author's Notes:

Let's see how  Sam's day can possibly get even worse.

The constant movement, the smell, the dark pocket. I’m sick of them all. I’ve been sitting here through most of lunch time and an entire lecture on literature. Boy, to think that I thought sitting at a desk like other students while listening to poetry for an hour and a half was as bad as it could get. Try listening to the same shit while trapped in someone’s backpack, with the smell of vomit all around you, listening to how some dude misunderstood an order decades before you were even born.

Let me see where Ashley’s going right now. I have to use my hands and legs to keep my balance, it gets easier as soon as I reach the edge of the backpack pocket though. Alright, where’re we at? Damn it, the light always bothers me when I raise the flap. Okay, I can still see triple H, but Morton St. is not visible from here, so she must be going east… Oh right, Ashley always takes the bus home. So, she’s probably going to the bus stop just around the corner from the triple H. It’s a short walk from here. I’d better sit down now. I still feel tired.

We should’ve arrived at the bus stop by now, I’d better take a look… Yep, she’s waiting for the bus, which means I’m waiting too. You know, Ashley is a bit weird when it comes to relationships. I mean, I had to work my ass off to get her to go with me on a date, and that’s ME! Wonder what a regular dude had to do to pull it off. Right after I defended Ashley in front of my teammates, I went straight to Tina. She was sitting in a classroom with David and a couple of others who I don’t recall, waiting for the class to start. So I went to her and David, and I told her to stop being such a bitch. We had an argument, a very loud one. Luckily no teacher was around to hear it… David tried to defend his dear girlfriend (she hadn’t fucked him over yet, back then) so we got into a fight. Suffice it to say I kicked ass like always. Right after that, the rumors stopped.

I thought Ashley would be proud when she hears how I put Tina and her sissy boyfriend back in their place for her, but she got mad instead! I know, right? She said she didn’t want it that way, and that I’d made matters worse. I mean, I was protecting her after all! What does a chick know about fighting? You’ve got to be the best if you want to survive. I think the biology teacher mentioned something like that once…

So once I settled things with Tina, then I focused on getting Ashley to go with me on a date. And man, she was so hard to impress! I mean, usually the biceps alone suffice to get a girl all over me, but for Ashley I had to pull everything I’d got. From money to my insane skills with the ball, nothing would impress her! I even bared half an ass once, you know, in case she was one of those girls, but even that failed. So, after a couple of weeks had passed, I went straight up to her, asking (who am I kidding? Begging!) for a date. She looked at me with her blue eyes, like she’d seen me for the first time, and simply said yes! I’m lucky she agreed when she did, next on my list was writing a poem for her, and I doubt I could ever live with that…

Wow, we’re moving again. I think the bus has arrived… yeah, I can hear its doors opening. Good, Ashley is going straight home. I have to get out of here as soon as she arrives at home. I’m hungry, should have eaten the peanut butter sandwich when I had the chance instead of handing it over to that slimy bastard, Kyle. What happened to the bro code, Kyle? You choose the first chick who looks at you after two years and a half over ME? I’m so kicking his ass when I’m normal again.

Through the backpack, I can feel Ashley stepping onto the bus. Good, I’m almost out of here. Okay, now we’re going down, I think she’s found an empty seat, and… What the hell? The cave is collapsing!

I’m feeling one of the dark walls of the pocket pressing against my back. Oh, this is not good… I’m being pushed to the other side of the pocket! Should I get out? No way, the passengers will surely see me… wait, the pocket feels smaller now, what the hell? I…I think I’m being crushed in here, I can feel the polyester wall touching me from the back AND the front… something must be putting pressure on it. Is somebody stepping on the backpack? Oh God, is… IS IT SUZANNE?


Ashley’s leaning back on the back of the seat, with her backpack still hanging on her back. I can see the pocket next to mine, on Ash's backpack. It is slightly crumbled between Ash’s back and the seat, same as the one I’m in, apparently! Let me look back inside… the space in the pocket looks so much bigger from here! So I panicked just because she decided to lean back? Damn it. You know what, it never happened, and you never saw anything. Got it?

Anyhow, now that I’ve done my scouting, I must say I doubt that there’s anyway for me to get out now, even if I wanted to. The backpack, and the pocket, are pressed against the seat, and there’s no way for me to squeeze out, unless Ashley leans forward again, but then what can I do in a bus full of giant people? Guess I’ll have to wait some more. At least I can breathe fresh air here…

I don’t know how long we’ve been on the bus, but Ashley has finally stood up, and the pressure is off me now. Again the routine, harmonious movement of her gait. She even walks beautifully! How is that even possible?

Okay, I just heard a key turning in a keyhole, I think we’re finally home! Sweet. Let me make sure… yes, we’re defiantly in their living room, and she’s walking to her room right now. I’ve been here twice before, but our relationship just never really advanced beyond that certain point to actually get to the fourth base. In hindsight, I don’t really know why I was so furious when she broke up with me. It’s not like I was missing any action. I don’t really know…

The world is suddenly shaking for the hundredth time today! What the hell is going on now? I hear a heavy bang, and then I hit the opposite polyester wall, with Ashley’s books hitting me in the back, with only a thin wall of polyester in between. Luckily, I can feel that most of the force is absorbed by the bottom of the backpack, it was more like falling down, rather than being thrown. My back hurts though. Ashley, what the hell? I complimented you less than a minute ago…

I don’t intend to stay in here for a second longer. Let’s see where she’s left the backpack…. So we’re in her bedroom. I can see Ashley across the room, in front of her dresser. She’s looking at herself in the mirror, doing something with her make up. I can’t really see her face, her back is against me, and… she’s taking her t-shirt off? Well, this should be interesting. Let me just wait in here for a little while longer…. Unfortunately her back is still against me. Let’s see, Pink bra? Not bad, I’d prefer dark red though. Okay, now she’s bending down… nice butt, Ash, I can’t get enough of it… Oh shit!

I get back in the pocket as soon as I can to take cover. I saw her taking off her converse shoe, and then throwing it at me! Well, she actually threw it toward the backpack, without even turning around. The shoe makes a surprisingly loud bang as soon as it hits the wall above me. It’s creepy to think her small shoes can be that dangerous. There’s the second bang! I thought you’d be tidier than this, Ash! Let’s see what you’re up to now… oh, she’s taking her bra off! Please…please…pleaaaase… JACKPOT! She’s taking her panties off right now…Okay, this is something between me and my ex, and that doesn’t include you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m… free…

Alright, Ash just walked out of the room with a towel in hand. She’s been walking around naked, but now I think she’s taking a shower… My crotch hurts, I think it’s got sore after I rubbed it so… I mean… umm… after “it” got rubbed against the polyester accidentally while you were away… Anyway! I’d better scan the room to see where I can lay low, and more importantly, where I can find some food! I haven’t eaten anything today, and I’m starving.

Ash’s room is pretty much the same as it was last year. A bed with dark purple sheet, a small nightstand right next to the bed, and a dresser on top of which she puts her makeup things and a mirror. There’s also a closet and a desk on the other side of the room. The floor is made of wood, with a thick purple carpet in the middle. The black and grey backpack and her converse shoes are lying on the floor at the foot of her bed, and I can see some stuff under her bed too, but it’s a bit dark under there. All the furniture in her room is made of wood in white color. So basically you could say that her room is a mixture of purple, brown and white! What do you expect from a girl? At least there’s no pink….

I walk around the room, naked. The solid, wooden floor feels good under my bare feet. I walk toward the closed door first. Ash always keeps her door closed despite her good relationship with her sister. I can see even from here that the space under the door, between the door frame and the wooden door, is too narrow even for me to slip out. No luck here. I’m now scanning for the places I can hide in case Ashley shows up. Let’s see, I can easily hide under the bed, and under the… dresser? Let me see… nah, the space under it is too small for me to slip in. I can still hide in the backpack, and… maybe in Ash’s shoes? The thought is exciting…

There’s no food to be found, though. I’ve searched everywhere in the room, except for the closed closet, but there’s nothing to eat! Maybe there’s something on her nightstand, or the dresser? I look at the bed. The bed sheet comes half way down to the floor, I think I can reach it if I jump… let me try…

Yep, I’m hanging from it with both my hands now. With a jump as high as the one I just did, I could’ve done an epic dunk! Well, comparatively… I doubt I jumped more than two and a half inches by the normal standards… Anyway, I’m pulling myself up now. It’s a lot like climbing the rope back in the gym…. I reach the edge of the mattress and pull myself up. I’m on top of the bed now, but I feel exhausted. Let me catch my breath…

I can see the nightstand from here. There is a clock and a notepad on it, as well as a framed picture, I think… Is that a photo of me? Let me jump over….umph… Nah, it’s Ashley and her sister. Well, there’s no food here. What about the dresser? I look across the wide gap between the night stand and the dresser. I don’t think there’s any way for me to reach it from here, to be honest. The dresser is about a standard foot away, and there’s a trash bin in between. Nope, not gonna even try that.

Not that it matters. I can see the top of the dresser from here. There’s all sorts of things on it, but nothing edible. It’s so depressing. You know, I’m beginning to think that my exhaustion is because of my hunger. Got to do something about it fast… hold on… ah shit! The door knob is turning! She’s back already? I’m going to jump on the bed…

I land on the soft bed with ease, and now I’m climbing down the bed sheet to get on the floor. Damn, I’m not gonna make it! The door is already half open… I’m gonna let go of the bed sheet to drop the rest of the way. Wish me luck!

Ouch… landing on your bare feet and ass hurts! I can see that Ash is in the room now, but she hasn’t noticed me yet. I get up and run under the bed, where I’m hidden from her view. The disadvantage is that I can only see up to her naked knees from here. Honestly, I don’t care much anymore. I’m too tired anyway.

Ashley has been walking around the room for a couple of minutes now. I saw her wear her panties, and I guess she’s also worn clothes. Now she’s coming toward the bed. I can see her white, bare feet coming towards me. The smell of peach lotion reaches me before her feet do. Ashley’s feet stop in front of me, a couple of inches away. If not for my tired body, I don’t think I would manage to stop myself from running towards her white feet, from kissing them and begging Ash to come back to me. But no, I must not be discovered. I don’t know what Ash would do to her tiny ex-boyfriend, I mean the Ash I knew wouldn’t hurt me… But then again, the Ash I knew would never break up with me either.

Her feet disappear from my view just as I hear the springs of the mattress above my head creak. She’s on the bed know, probably to take a nap. She’s used to taking a nap before doing her homework. She plans to study creative writing in university. I remember making fun of her for that, she’d always smile in reply, but her eyes looked sad while doing so…

Hmm, I guess my hunger is making me sentimental. Ashly closed the door as soon as she entered the room, like she always does, and I wasn’t in a position to run for the door when it was open. Guess I’d better take a nap too. At least I won’t feel hungry while I’m asleep. I lie on my back. It begins to ache as soon as it touches the dusty floor. I don’t know why, but the thought that Ash is so close gives me comfort. The wooden bottom of Ash’s bed gets fuzzy, I think I’m about to fall asleep….

I’m awake now. My stomach keeps rumbling. Judging by the sunlight in the room, I doubt I slept more than 20 minutes or so. I’ve got a stomach ache now, I’m all sweaty and sticky, and I’m starving. I don’t think I can take it any longer. I’d better get up.

I stand up and walk from under the bed towards the thick purple carpet. I guess Ashley is asleep, but I’d better make sure… Yes, she’s sleeping like a baby. Her breasts are going up and down with every breath she takes, and I can see that she’s wearing a grey top. I look back at the closed door again… the ugly, white wooden door is closed shut. I turn around to look at Ash again. I… I think I’d better wake her up, and explain my situation to her.

Luckily the dark purple bed sheet is still available for me to climb, but this time it’s hanging near the foot of the bed. I just need to jump for it… hmph… damn it! I couldn’t reach it. My legs ache. Let me try again…. YES! umph… I’m hanging from the bed sheet, but it’s much harder this time… umph, I just… need to climb up… keep going Sam… umph….

I’m about to reach the top, I can’t let go now… yes, I’m on the top now, but I’m too tired to move… let me lie here for a little while… Ash’s white shin is next to me… the smell of peaches…

Okay. I finally manage to stand up. I think my legs are shaking under my weight. The mattress towards the head of the bed is blocked by her arm and parts of the blanket under her, and it looks very uneven. I think I’d better take a shortcut. I take a step toward Ash’s shin, and then I jump up and hold myself there with my arms on her shin, and pull myself up. The slightest physical activity is like death to me. I crawl along her shin… I wonder if it makes her wake up.

I’m on her thigh now. I must say, although I’m near death here, they still look very impressive. They’re softer than her shins, too. My knees and palms don’t ache as much when I crawl on them. One creepy thing that happened was when I went on her knee. I remember kissing her knee back in the day. I always thought how such delicate, small knees could support the weight of a person. Know those small knees are as big as a rock to me, and just as hard as one too.

I’m on her pink pantie now. It’s funny, I spent so much time fantasizing about Ash’s body ever since we broke up, but I never imagined the next time I’d be so close to her privates (of course I knew I would get close to her privates again someday, dafuq bro?) it’d be under such circumstances!

Anyway, I’m too tired to even look. I’m afraid if I don’t finish my journey to her face fast, I’ll faint right here on her pantie, face down on her thing, and then she’ll surely squish me like a bug if she finds me in that position.

I’m on her stomach now. It’s creepy to see how big it is. I think she could easily hold a hundred people in my size in her stomach… not the best thought that has occurred to me today. I move on, and there they are! Like a man lost in desert, who regains his strength at the sight of an oasis, I too regain my strength at the sight of Ash’s ginormous ta-tas, shining in the sunlight in all their glory! I crawl faster on Ashley’s soft stomach. Her skin feels soft beneath my naked body, and the smell of peach has been prevalent throughout my entire journey on her.

I can feel her hard ribs under my palms now. Almost there… I’ve finally reached her tits, but now that I’m so close to them, I realize that I’m not nearly as excited as I thought I’d be this morning in the cafeteria. I put my hands on them for support, as I walk on her bra right along her cleavage to reach her neck. She moans softly as I put more pressure on her soft tits to support my weight. Her beautiful face is now visible to me…

I’m standing on her chest, right where it connects to the neck. I’m afraid to go on her throat, so I reach out to touch her chin… I… I’m not sure if I should touch her or not… what if it’s a bad idea? Well, honestly, I’m too used up to give a fuck right now… besides, what can some chick do to Sam “Da” Man?!

Her head is resting on the pillow, so it’s tilted up and I can see her beautiful face. I touch her chin with my left hand, stretching my right arm behind me to balance my weight, so I won’t accidentally step on her throat. It’s good to feel her soft face beneath my hand again. I haven’t touched her in forever... and now I realize how much I’ve missed her…

“Ash?” I call softly, tapping her on the chin. She doesn’t move.

“Ashley, can you hear me?” I say, this time louder. I’m tapping her chin as hard as I dare. My palm begins to hurt as I bash it on her.

Wow, her chin suddenly comes down towards me. She is opening her mouth.

“What?” she moans. Her eyes are still closed. Her warm breath washes over me. I love you so much Ash…

“Ashley, it’s me Sam!” I say tapping her chin again. This time, my voice is louder. Ashley finally opens her eyes. The large, blue orbs are fixed on me and they dialate, and freeze for a second. I stare back. They’re so lovely, I’m now noticing details of her features that I’ve never noticed before. A true goddess is before me, my lovely Ash, my heart and my…

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” she shouts so loud. My ears are ringing, and I can feel myself flying as Ash’s chest pushes me up into the sky. She’s sit up so fast I never realized what’s happened until I was in the air. I feel movement coming from my right. I look that direction mid-air, a giant palm is coming at me at the speed of light. I feel Ash’s soft skin hit me hard, and now I’m flying faster than before. A huge purple thing is coming towards me, or is it me that’s flying towards it? We hit each other. My eyes are closed, my head is banging and I feel that I can’t open my eyes no matter how hard I try. I manage to turn on my back on the soft, uneven surface. It must be Ash’s carpet? I hear footstep very close to me, but fuck it. I’m just gonna lie here, and wait for it all to end under Ash’s lovely foot….

An eternity later… still nothing happens. I open an eye. Everything is spinning a thousand miles above me. There’s Ash, standing right over me… she smells of peaches…

I open my other eye. My entire body is aching, and I don’t think I can even sit up. My head hurts so badly, and this time I guess I’ve really broken half my ribs. Ashley is now squatting over me. Her lady part in her pantie is now just a couple of inches away from me… she looks at me with her deep blue eyes from above... I… I want to look into them but everything is vague… there’s only the color of blue…

“Is… is that you, Sam?” she asks… thank God… she’s recognized me… my fate is in her hands now…. I’m feeling relieved that I’m no longer in control…. I just want to go to sleep now…darkness surrounds me once again…


End Notes:

Sam's finally gotAshley's attention, but not exactly the way he'd wanted I imagine. Follow Sam's life at 2-3 inches tall in the future episodes to see how old love, weird circumstances and a couple of high schoolers and adults mingle to change one's life, for better... or worse.... Thank you for reading!

Chapter 4 - Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind by Samius
Author's Notes:

Looks like Sam's little secret is no longer really a secret. Let's see how things go with Ashley.


 “Sam?” A soft voice calls. I open my eyes to a vague abstract painting. Blue is the dominant color. It always is.

“Sam? Can you hear me?” the soft voice asks again. The colors begin retracting into distinguishable shapes. I notice Ashley’s large eyes first, and then the warm and soft surface I’m lying on. I stare at Ash’s eyes, still motionless. I… I’m not sure about her feelings…

“Sam?” she asks again. Her eyes are getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger… my world is blue now. I can see my face’s reflection in her dark pupil. I nod.

“Oh thank God!” she says. The blue orbs are getting smaller now. I’d better sit up.

“Easy there.” I feel something soft on my back, helping me up. It hurts, and I try to look behind. Is that Ash’s finger?

“I… I’m okay, Ashley.” I manage to say hoarsely. I’m covered in something white.

“Oh, okay.” Ash says, still looking down towards me. I want to look back, but I feel embarrassed. I’d better take a look around instead. She’s covered me with a thick white tissue, I think. It’s good, I prefer not to be both small AND naked in front of her right now. I think I’m sitting on a towel.  Good thinking Ash, my back must be covered in bruises. It sure as hell hurts a lot. My entire body does.

“I… I thought it’d be best if I covered you with something.” She says from above. I look back at her this time. My neck hurts.

“Thank.” I reply. She notices anything I do from up there. I’m feeling so uncomfortable right now.

“So… how have you been?” I ask her, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

“Oh.” Ashley says. Now she’s struggling with herself. Now she’s giggling. Why is she giggling? “I…I’m fine Sam thank you very much. How are you?” she continues, still chuckling.

“I’m good.” I answer. Oh stupid me. Why would you ask how she’s been? But what else was I supposed to say?

“Sam, what the hell has happened to you? Why are you so small?” she says. She looks serious now, maybe even worried?

“I don’t know, Ash.” I reply. I can feel my cheeks burning. “I was in chemistry class when my compound exploded. Next thing I know is that I’ve shrunk to… to this size.”

“You SHRUNK? How is that even possible?” Ashley asks. Movement to the right again. My reflex kicks in without any thought, and I quickly bend my back and raise my right arm to cover my face.

“OH, SORRY!” Ash screams hastily from above. I look over my still raised forearm to see what that was. Ashley’s giant hand is on the desk to my right, her index finger is pointing alongside me.

“I just wanted to see how small you are…” She continues. I look up. She looks ashamed, and so do I. Who’d react to a girl’s finger like that? Damn it.

“It’s okay Ash. It was just an impulse…” I tell her. Her head is a hundred feet above me. I can see up her nostrils from here!

“I’m so sorry Sam, about what I did to you. I was so freaked out when I woke up and saw you from that close!” She says hastily, before I get a chance to react.

“What do you mean THAT CLOSE? I thought you freaked out because I was so small!” What, me being close to her is the highlight of our day together, but not me being 3 inches tall? What the fuck did I ever do to her?

“Yes, that too, and…well I didn’t expect to see you in my room! I mean, I didn’t notice you were so small. You were so close to me!” she says apologetically. At least she has the decency to try to fix it. But I didn’t expect that kind of reaction, to tell the truth.

“I was so worried that I’d accidentally killed you! You were out for a good ten minutes.” She continues. Her tone is remorseful, and I think she’s about to cry. I notice my stomach rumbling again. Oh, food!

“Ash… have you got anything to eat?” I ask her, clenching my stomach. It hurts so badly.

“SURE! SURE!” she shouts suddenly, standing up. She looks so tall from here, now that she’s on her feet. “Just hang in there, I’ll be back.” She continues before running out of the room. Her bare feet sound so loud thumping on the wooden floor. She is out of my sight now. I have nothing else to do but stare at her empty room. It looks as big as a stadium to me now… strange.

 I look at the things on her desk. There’s just a cup full of pens and pencils to my left. Each pen is like a pillar to me, how comforting! I look right, a couple of text books and notebooks are stacked on the far side of the desk. There’s a couple of small figures of gnomes standing in a line next to the stack of books. I’m not even going to think about comparing size with them. Let’s see what else is here, some nail polish bottles next to the figures, these are closer to me. Some earrings, an almost entirely rubbed off eraser, and me staring back. I stare at my reflection in the mirror, boy do I look like a mess! My hair is unkempt, and it looks oily. Must be because of the sweat and vomit. I don’t even want to think about the day I’ve had so far.

I hear footsteps, and soon after, Ashley comes into the room. She’s holding something in her hand.

“Here.” She says, putting five giant biscuits next to me on top of each other. I can smell the strong scent of vanilla from here. I can’t control myself anymore, I’d better get up, but slowly. I don’t intend to piss away my last shred of manhood by falling in front of her! I look pathetic as it is, and it’s even worse when you’ve lived your entire life as a badass. People expect certain things from you, and not being able to stand up on your feet while you’re smaller than a pencil is not one of them. I got a rep to protect here!

I slowly stand up, my legs are trembling but I think I can make it to the biscuits. Ash is slowly raising her hand. I think she’s being so slow so she won’t alarm me again. Her hand is coming my way now. “I got this, Ash.”

“Oh, okay.” She says, putting her hand on her lap quickly. She is sitting at the desk now, and is staring at me relentlessly. No wonder I feel so uncomfortable. I hold onto the tissue, covering myself with it like a robe. I feel exposed as it is, and showing off little Sam will not help it. Not that I’m ashamed of it, it’s huge, or at least it used to be huge. I bet it’d still be bigger than yours if you were 3 inches tall! Anyway, moving on from my manhood.

I step toward the stack of the golden biscuits, it’s as high as my waist, and the smell is getting stronger with each step I take. I finally reach it, and put my hand on the top to help support my weight. I’m still very tired. I’d better break off a corner of the top biscuit, there’s no way I can lift an entire one like this. I pull the top biscuit toward myself with my right hand, my left hand is still holding the tissue tightly around me. I can feel Ash’s gaze. I put my elbow on the biscuit and get ready to break it. Okay, 1, 2, 3…. UMPH… damn it, why is it so thick? UMPH… almost…. ALMOST… damn it!  I can’t break it off…

Ash’s giant hand comes down slowly, I step away from the stack of biscuits, with the tissue still around me. It somehow feels good around my naked body.

“Let me help you, Sam.” Ashley says in a flat voice. Her voice is too flat, as if she is trying to devoid it of any emotions. Is she talking like this so I won’t feel humiliated?

She holds a corner of the top biscuit between her index and her thumb, and easily breaks it off. I’m suddenly getting the urge to look away, but the smell makes me keep looking at the biscuit in her hand. Now she is bending her wrist towards me very slowly. You don’t have to be in slow motion for the rest of the day, Ash! It’s not like I’m afraid of your hands or something. You just jumped me! But I’d better not tell her that. Okay, now she is holding the small piece of biscuit in front of me, it’s still between her fingers. 

Honestly, I’m too hungry to give a damn about how humiliating it must look. You know, her feeding me by the hand. I snatch the biscuit from between her fingers and sit down to eat it. I’m still covered with the tissue.

Ashley is laying her forearm down on the table now. She’s still in the slow motion mode. I take a bite at the thick piece of biscuit in my hand. Sweet lord! Mmmm, it tastes soooo good. I can’t see Ashley’s face, let me look up… she’s still staring at me, creepy! I’d better ignore her. I look back at the piece of biscuit and take another bite. It tastes so sweet in my mouth. Oh, what food of gods is this? Never thought a biscuit could taste this good.

Oh great! Now Ashley’s resting her chin on her forearm on the desk, and she’s STILL STARING AT ME! Dude, creepy! The tip of her nose is at the same level as my head now. I look at her, her blue eyes are still looking down towards me. She smiles with her big, pink lips. Oh… okay… I smile back. I couldn’t possible feel more uncomfortable right now. I’m just going to keep staring at the piece of biscuit…

“So, how did you end up in my room?” I hear her say. Her damp breath washes over me, but I like how it feels. It’s warm. I have to look back at her now, otherwise she’d think me weak.

“I hid in your backpack.” I say as seriously as I can. Okay, I shouldn’t have said it so seriously now that I think about it. My seriousness just made it funnier. Oh great, Ash’s smile just got wider. I can see her white, giant teeth now.

“How the hell did you do that?” she says, still smiling. How the hell do you think, Ash?

“I got into your side pocket back in chemistry class.” I say, this time trying to keep a normal tone. She appears to be thinking now.

“Oh! Right!” she finally says, her eyes suddenly look worried. “You… you mean you were inside my backpack the ENTIRE afternoon? Why didn’t you show yourself to me sooner?”

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I was afraid you’d swat me mid-air like a fly? Or maybe I wasn’t too eager to show myself to my ex, who presumably hates me and that’s why she broke up with me? Oh shit, she’s waiting for an answer.

“I…I didn’t get the chance. You were always in company.” I reply as innocently as I can.

 “Yeah, right…” she replies. Her eyes suddenly got wide, did she remember something?

“Julia said something was on her foot, during lunch time. It wasn’t you by any chance, was it?” she asks. Her smile is back again. She’s enjoying this, isn’t she?

“Nope.” I say, shaking my head from left to right. “I never left your backpack.”

“You sure Sam?” she says. She’s not resting her head on her forearm anymore. Instead, she’s getting closer to me! Okay, too close now Ash. Too close… ok, the tip of her nose is now practically in my face. She’s grinning.

“You didn’t let your foot fetish get the best of you, you naughty boy?” she says. Her breath feels almost hot now that she’s so close.  I must take a stand now, before this broad thinks she has any dominance over me.

“First of all.” I say, standing up, still clutching at the tissue around me. I feel stronger now. “I have a very mild foot fetish, and that’s just for fun!”

“OH, COME ON!” she yells heartily, leaning back all of a sudden. I have to look up now to look at her face. I think I liked it better when we were at the same level.

“You’d kiss and rub my feet any chance you’d get. I don’t think it’s as mild as you think it is.” She says. She has an evil grin on her face.  I must confess, she looks hot.

“No I didn’t.” I shout back. What? I really didn’t! “You’re flattering yourself, Ashley.”

“Yeaaaaah, right!” she says mockingly. She is looking naughty now. HAWT!

“Would you like to see how my pretty feet look at this size?” Oh, really, Ash? You know one weakness in a man and you use that against him? She’s still looking at me, grinning. The thought would be much more tempting if I hadn’t humped Julia’s big toe just a couple of hours ago, and that other thing that happened when you were away. HAHA, no luck here, Ash.

I look at her, as brazenly as I can, and I reply: “NOPE!”

Her grin has disappeared, and she now looks surprised. Haha! Got you!

“Are you sure? I just used my peach lotion on them… and they must look so big to you…”

I try to look interested for a moment. Her grin is reappearing. Now we go for the blow.

“Nah, I think I’m good.” I reply. Her grin dies for the second time. Heh. “I’d rather have some more of that biscuit though!”

“Really?” she says. Why is she smiling again? “Well, get it yourself!”

Damn it, didn’t expect this one. I’d rather die before begging her though. So I stand up, holding the tissue around me with my right hand now, and walk to the stack of biscuits again. I can feel that I’m still tired, but at least my legs don’t tremble under my weight anymore. I pull the top biscuit towards me, so the corner of it is not resting on the lower biscuits in the stack. I hold on to the corner with my left hand, and raise my right hand up. I intend to break it off with a strong karate move. I raise my right hand up as much as possible, my muscles should be able to handle this with ease. I use all the strength in my shoulder and my right arm. “Hiiiiiiiiya!” I shout madly as my hand comes down towards the golden biscuit like thunder and…. OUCH! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! It hurts so baaaaad… OOPS!

I suddenly feel cold. I look at my body. The tissue has fallen down and it’s now crumbled at my feet. I stare at little Sam dangling down there for a moment, then I look up only to come face to face with Ashley, whose nose is suddenly in my face again. We stare at each other for a moment, without either of us even flinching, then her cheeks inflate. Her eyes’ expression turn from amazement to joy, and then she explodes.

“HAHAHAHAHAH” she laughs hard, quickly leaning back on her chair. Her belly and breasts are going up and down fast, and she is laughing hysterically. Her head is tilted back on the chair. I bend down to grab the damned tissue. My entire face is burning.

“OH MY GOD!” she finally says, gasping for air. “Sam…” she struggles to say something, but she bursts into laughter again as soon as she sees my face. She is practically crying now… K

She finally stops, and is now looking at me. “Oh, I’m so sorry Sam.” She says, still smiling. Yeah, I bet you are, Ash…. Her hand is reaching for the biscuits now.  She breaks off another piece and holds it in front of me. At least she’s got out of the slow-mo. I take it from her, and grab a bite.

“It’s just so weird, Sam.” She says, her voice is hoarse from all the laughter. “When I saw you lying on my carpet, I thought I was still asleep and dreaming. Does anybody else knows you’ve got this small?”

“No.” I say, regretting the thought instantly. What the fuck, Sam? You just said that she can do anything to you without anyone ever knowing, STUPID!

“I see.” She says, thinking. “So, why me?”

“Excuse me?” I reply. What does she mean?

“Why did you hide in MY backpack, why not someone else’s? I thought you and Kyle were very close. We haven’t really talked much since…”

I don’t even want to hear about the beak up. I’d better interrupt her before she mentions it:

“I don’t know, Ash...” actually I do know. “...It felt like the right thing to do, you know...” Nope, yours was the only backpack in the classroom. “...And I somehow KNEW you are the kind of person who’d take care of me....” Actually, I was scared shitless of you just half an hour ago. What? Chicks love to hear deep emotional bullshit like that.

“Oh, Sam.” She replies softly. There, didn’t I tell you? “I’m glad you think of me like that. But, what should we do now?”

Okay, this is something I haven’t thought about. I need to plan ahead from now on. First, I need to regain my strength.

“A bath would be nice.” I tell her.

“A bath?” she repeats, puzzled. Come on, Ash. You were smarter than this. “Oh, okay... should I bring some hot water here?”

“That’d be nice.” I reply. She walks out of the room again. All this filth is getting on my nerves. I’ve been feeling itchy since I woke up, and I can’t wait to wash myself. I hear foot step again, Ash is back with a bowl in hand. The bowl is brown, and on it says ‘onion soup’. Hmm.

“Here.” She says, putting the bowl on the desk, next to me and the stack of biscuits. I can see steam coming from it. I walk to the bowl, just to realize that it’s as high as my shoulders. I doubt I can climb that high now, given my exhaustion and bruised body. I look at Ash.

“Do you want some help?” she says. She’s not being funny this time.

“Yes.” I reply plainly. I’ve been humiliated enough for one day, and I don’t intend to give her any more excuses to laugh at me. The curious look I’ve been getting the entire evening is enough for now.

She opens her hand and puts it on the desk right next to me, her palm is facing up. I climb up on her soft hand, still holding the tissue tightly. Then, I open my feet shoulder length to keep my balance as she raises her hand up. I can see that she’s being extremely careful, but still, standing on the soft, uneven palm of her hand isn’t easy. I’m finally at the same level as the bowl. There’s about a normal inch of warm water in it. The rising steam is welcoming, and I jump inside the bowl with the tissue still covering me.

The warm water surrounds me up to my waist. The tissue is now floating on the water. Oh, it feels so good… and warm! I feel a gaze on me, and I look up. Ashley is still over me, watching.

“Ehem. Can I have a little privacy here, Ash?” I ask her.

“Oh, sorry!” she says, disappearing instantly from my view. I’m only now realizing how much my back hurts. The water seems to ease the pain, but it can’t do any miracles. I let go of the tissue, and watch as it sinks into water. I’d better wash my face and hair now. I sit down, and take a deep breath, and now I’m dipping my head under the warm water.

I’ve been sitting here like I’m in a hot tub for a couple of minutes, and the water is now lukewarm. I think I’d better get out but I have nothing to cover my body with, and the bowl is still an obstacle for me. I wonder if Ash is still here.

“Ashley?” I shout from inside the bowl. A pretty face soon appears.

“Yes?” she says, looking down. I use the sunk wet tissue to cover my crotch, and then look up.

“Can you please get me another tissue so I can dry off?” I ask her.

“Sure, hold on.” She gets out of my sight again. I stand up, still trying to cover my crotch with the wet tissue. I doubt it’d hold up for much longer though. Now that I’m standing, I can see the room. Ash soon shows up, holding another tissue.

“Here you go, Sam.” She says, holding the tissue above my head, and within my reach. But I don’t want to get this one wet too.

“You know what?” I say, looking up at her. “Get me out of the bowl first. I don’t want to get it wet.”

“Oh, okay.” She says, putting the tissue on the desk. She cups her hand and lowers it into the bowl. I let go of the wet tissue and climb up. She raises her hand up to her eye level, and notices that I’m naked.

“Oh!” she yells. She looks startled. Little Sam must still look pretty impressive!

“What? It’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before.” I tell her, staring. I don’t know why I felt so exposed before, like some vulnerable damsel. It’s like what I always say: to prove you’re tough, show the stuff. Kyle never found that funny though, the fat ass sissy.

“Yeah, but we’re not in a relationship anymore…” she says while putting her cupped hand on the desk, with me still on it, holding to her middle finger for support. I climb down and go towards the dry, crumbled tissue. My body hurts with every step I take.

“Well, in case you have failed to notice, my clothes didn’t shrink down with me.” I tell her. I reach the tissue and turn my back towards her to bend down. She’s seen my ass too.

“Oh my God, Sam! Your back!” her worried voice comes from behind. I turn back a little too fast, and my back suddenly hurts. “Ouch” I say impulsively.

“Oh my God, Sam! There are so many bruises on your back! Did… did I do that? Oh my God, I’m so sorry Sam.” she says. I think her voice is trembling. I carefully turn back, this time using my legs instead of my waist. Just as soon as I can look towards where Ashley was sitting, I see two huge lips coming my way. The soft lips touch my face and chest, and do a small sucking motion. They disappear just as soon as they’d appeared. Ashley’s face is now in front of me. The blue of her eyes is now deeper… it only happens when she cries…

“Just… wait a moment, Sam.” She says. She then opens a drawer of her desk, and takes out a white and orange tube.

“Sam, why don’t you lie on your stomach on that tissue? Let me take care of your back for you.” She says softly. There’s still tears in her eyes. I feel like I should say something.

“It’s not really your fault, Ash.” I say uneasily. I’m not good at this sort of conversation.

“Just, lie down. Please?” she says again, almost begging this time. Okay, I don’t see why not. I let go of the tissue and lie down on it, my head is towards the mirror. I can see Ashley’s hands in the mirror. She’s opening the cap of the tube, and soon the sharp smell of ointment fills my nostrils. Ashley is now squeezing the tube on her index finger. A small glob of white ointment come out and lands on her fingertip. She then puts the tube away. Her finger is now hovering above me with the blob of ointment still sticking to its tip. She has rested her face on her forearm on the desk again, and her blue eyes are now visible to me. Her index finger is getting closer to my bare back, and it’ll touch me any moment now. She notices me looking at her in the mirror, and she smiles at me. The kind of happy, comforting smile that makes you feel like everything will be alright. She used to have at the beginning of our relationship, but it soon faded. God, how much I’ve missed this smile. I've been searching for it eversince, I never found it after Ashley though. The cold ointment comes in contact with my skin, and she begins to rub it with her tender index finger ever so softly on my back. The ointment heats up my skin, and soothes my pain. The heat and the harmonious feeling of Ash’s finger going up and down along my back, massaging it makes me drowsy. I’m still looking at Ash in the mirror. She’s now looking at my back, but she still has her old, familiar smile, and it is the last thing I remember.


End Notes:

And so ends Sam's first day as a shrunken man. hanks for reading, and let me know what you rhink through your 'preferably' kind comments ;)

Chapter 5 - The Things We Do for Love by Samius
Author's Notes:

Morning dawns, holding promises, rewards and perils! More so when you are so miniscule.



I wake up in a dim room. What’s this annoying sound? I turn back to the direction that the relentless tic-tac is coming from. It takes me a couple of seconds to remember why the clock next to me is so big. Wait a minute, where is Ash?

I’d better take a look around. I use my elbow as support and get up a little to get a better view of the room. It’s hard to see anything in the dark, but I manage to distinguish the first rays of sunlight coming through the curtain. A huge body moves to my right. Oh, there she is!

I think I can see better now. I’m on the nightstand next to Ashley’s bed. She’s created a makeshift bed for me with a towel and some thick kitchen tissues. I look at her, lying a foot away from me. She turns in her sleep every now and then. I think she’s having a dream. Oh well, I’d better go back to sleep. My body’s still sore….

Okay, I don’t think I can fall asleep. I’ve spent the last 23 minutes and 40 seconds staring at the ceiling. It’s very easy to keep time when a giant clock the size of Big Ben is just a couple of inches away from your face. I thought the tic-tac would help me go to sleep, you know, like counting sheep or something. But it’s only given me a headache. I guess Ashley failed to notice how annoying it’d be, or else she wouldn’t have put me here on the nightstand. Could it be that she wanted to keep me close?

Anyway, the sun is almost up and I can see the room clearly. It’s pretty much the same as yesterday, except for the stack of biscuits and the bowl with ‘onion soup’ print on the dresser across the gap. You remember the one that ends into Ash’s trash bin? That’s the one.

I sit up to look around more easily. Ash’s face is towards the wall and out of my sight. All I can see is the tangles of Ash’s black hair, spread across her pillow. I know it sounds creepy, but her hair has a special aroma… I remember how I enjoyed kissing her on the head. Mostly because of that aroma, and also because she was so short that I had to bend down to reach her face. LOL.

I look back, and now I’m face to face with the photo of Ash and her sister, Amanda. She’s taller than Ash, at least 6 inches I’d say, and has auburn hair. Her eyes are dark brown, unlike Ash’s. I think Ashley said she looked more like their deceased father, rather than their hippie mom. Oh yeah, get this: her mom has been living with a tribe or something in India for a couple of years now. They probably smoke pot all day, and fantasize about that fat dude Buddha all night. Or was it Ashley who looked like the dad, and Amanda looked like the mom? Damn it. I don’t really remember.

I only met Amanda a couple of times, but we never really connected. Mostly because she was being a bossy bitch all the time. I mean, she’s only 24 but she always acts like we’re a bunch of dumb kids that need her majesty’s impeccable supervision. Ugh. I remember her joking what Ash had seen in me! Can you believe that? ME!! She must’ve been jealous. I don’t remember her being in any relationships. I must admit though, she’s pretty hot.

I stare at the sisters’ faces and jugs for a couple of seconds…. Nah, I think I scored the right sister!

Well, nothing to do here. I’d better jump off to Ash’s bed. I approach the edge, the drop looks rather high…. Hmm… screw it. The mattress should cushion my fall. Here we go…

Okay, it wasn’t as high as I thought now that I’m on the bed, looking up towards the edge. But my back hurts a little. I stand up and walk towards Ash’s left hand. Her face is still towards the wall, but her hair and her left hand are on my side. I look at her hand. It used to be so small and tender. Her nails are painted black, her favorite. Her fingers are clenched loosely, as if she’s about to make a fist. I take a step closer, she still smells of peaches.

I’m standing right next to her loose fist now. Her finger joints come as high as my waist. Her hand smells of peaches, and her… her distinctive smell… you know, when you spend a lot of time close to a person you love, you somehow notice their distinct smell? I hope you don’t think I’m creepy for noticing smells so well!

I bend down and kiss her bent index finger. Her skin feels soft on my lips. Her spell is on me again. I kneel and kiss her bent fingers one by one…

Okay, now I’m sitting right next to her hand. My back still hurts a little, but I feel much better today. It’s… yeah, it’s 6:20 am. Today is a Friday? I guess so. Hmm, it seems like ages since yesterday morning, when I got out of bed a tall, handsome dude. Now I’m only handsome. Damn!

There’s really nothing to do in Ash’s room… Well, except for her, heh. But I doubt I can do much at this size. I can now either wait for Ash to wake up, or wake her up. I don’t think she’d notice me like this. No, I should get close to her ears, or her face. In order to get to her face, I’ll have to climb over her. Well, I’d better get sta… wow, hold on a minute. I just noticed the dark purple carpet in the middle of the room, and now the memories of my first encounter with Ash at this size are coming to me…. Screw that! I’m not in the mood of flying today!

Hmm… I could sleep a little longer. The clock is not as loud as it was now that I’m on the bed. I can still smell Ash’s lotion, and the warmth of her hand is soothing… I look at her loose fingers again. I don’t see why not?

Ash will get up in an hour or two anyway, and I never let the possibility of pain stop me from doing what I want. Yeah, now would be a bad time to be a sissy Sam. I’ll never get the chance to do any of the stuff I can do now once I’m normal again! Besides, what can a chick do to me?

I try to block out the voice in my head that’s trying to remind me of what happened the last time I said that to myself. I stand up and face Ash’s loose fist. Okay, how should I do this? Hmm…

I think I figured it out, it’s very much like a sleeping bag. I’m going to hold her index finger up with my both hands. Umhh, it is heavier than I thought!  Like  its resisting me. I put my right leg inside her fist, and lower myself so I get on my left knee. I use my left hand to support my upper body, while squeezing my right leg into her loose fist as well… umph… damn it, her finger seems heavier now… okay, I managed to quickly pull my hands inside…. Oh… boy! It’s so cozy here!

I’m surrounded by her soft, fragrant palm and fingers. I wiggle farther inside, and my entire body is now in her fist. Wow, the feeling is amazing! Her fingers are on my naked body. They’re applying some pressure on me, but it’s not that hard. It’s more like being in a tight sleeping bag like I said. But man, it’s nothing like that now that I think about it! I’m all cozied up in her warm, soft hand. I trun over in her fist, and then I put my face on her warm wrinkled palm. The familiar fragrance fills my nostrils…and it feels so good to feel her skin on my naked body…. I close my eyes. My other senses are sharper now that my eyes are closed. The warmth, the scent, the constant, reassuring pressure, the moisture… I think I’m drifting into sleep again…

I wake up at the movement and the cold. I can still feel Ash’s soft palm beneath me. I impulsively plant a kiss on her palm. Suddenly, I hear a feminine voice giggle. I flip over, just to see Ash’s smiling face above me.

“Well, hello there sleepy head!” She says cheerfully. I sit up on her hand.

“Good morning Ash.” I reply, looking up. She’s sitting on her bed now. Her hand is still on the bed, and her stretched naked arm goes all the way up to her shoulder from where I’m sitting. She’s still looking at me curiously, but I think there’s now more kindness in her eyes, than sheer curiosity.

“I felt a bit cold, so I decided to sleep with you… uh, I mean on your bed… in your hand… I hope you don’t mind…” why am I being so awkward? It still feels strange, talking to Ash after so long I guess…

“No silly, it was so cute!” She replies cheerfully. “But you’re lucky I noticed you in my hand as soon as I woke up, Sam. I don’t even want to think what would happen if I squeezed you in my sleep!”

Great, the petite girl I used to lift with my left arm is now afraid she might squeeze me in her hand. What cruel destiny is this?

“Haha, yeah that wouldn’t be good I guess…” I reply, still looking up. Her hair is such a mess! Oh, I think she noticed it too!

“Oh my God! I must look like a zombie right now! Let me wash my face and get ready!” she says. Her cheeks are slightly red now. You look beautiful even now, dummy! But I won’t tell her that…

She quickly approaches the door and opens it to exit the room. She closes the door shut behind her. Is…is she afraid I might wander outside? No, she always closes the door shut. It’s her habit… I hope…

The doorknob soon turns, and Ashley appears. She’s holding a cup in one hand, and a plate in the other.  She approaches me with a smile.

“Sam, I brought you breakfast.” Sweet!

“What have we got?” I ask her a bit too eagerly. She giggles.

“Milk and peanut butter sandwich.” She replies, putting the plate and the cup on her dresser.

“ASH, YOU KNOW I HATE PEANUT BUTTER!” I shout at her. What the hell? I’m starving and all she could bring for me is peanut butter?

“Relax, you fatty! I’m joking.” she replies, taking a step towards the bed and me on it. She bends down to reach for me. I’m gonna stand still, despite my instinct, so she can grab me with ease. Ok, I’m now in her fist, surrounded by her warm flesh once again this morning. She holds me in front of her face at eye level. I can see her white teeth, and I smell mint on her breath, must be the toothpaste.

“Fatty?” I ask, trying to mimic a puzzled voice. “Ash, I must be like 50 grams now!”

“Remember the family size bucket?” she asks, grinning.

I try to keep a straight face, but I lose it as soon as I glance at her eyes. We both laugh at the memory.

“I doubt I can eat a whole chicken bucket now!” I tell her, kissing her index finger while still in her fist. Her smile widens, and she strokes my cheek with her thumb. It… pleases me more than I like. She begins to walk towards the dresser. She’s nothing like the Ashley after the breakup. I’ve been waiting for her to come back to me for an entire year, but she didn’t even talk to me. Now she acts like we’re back in a relationship, could it be that my Ash is really back?

She puts me on the dresser, next to the cup and the plate. I walk towards the sandwich to make sure it’s not peanut butter. I notice that Ash has sit in front of the dresser, and is now looking at herself in the mirror. The smell of the sandwich makes my stomach grumble, is it strawberry jam?

Yep, it is indeed strawberry jam, and not peanut butter. I owe you one Ash. I look at her head, several feet above where I am. She’s putting on mascara or whatever.

I shift my gaze from her face to her boobs, entrapped in her grey top. Wow, how did I fail to notice them tits this morning? Oh shit, my already half erect penis working its way into a full erection.

I quickly turn my back on her in an attempt to hide my fully erect penis. I’m looking down at little Sam now, he’s all up. Damn it, why didn’t I take a piece of the tissue to cover myself?

I notice movement in front of me, and look up. I see the reflection of Ash’s huge grin in the mirror. She has bent down on the dresser, and her grin is right behind me. Her breath washes over my back, and I feel I’m getting goose bumps. I resist the urge to turn around towards her. Instead I lock my hands in front of my crotch.

“Whatchya got there Sam?” she asks. Her moist, minty breath washes over my naked body once more. I begin to shiver slightly at the feeling.

“Umm… nothing! It’s just… cold here…”

The reflection of her face gets bigger. She’s getting closer to me. She’s now completely bent down on the dresser, and the tip of her nose must be mere millimeters away from my bare back. I stare at her blue eyes in the mirror, and she’s staring back. Holy shit, why is she being so creepy?

“Why don’t you lower your hands from your crotch so we can see this ‘nothing’, Sam?” she whispers in my ear in the most foreboding tone I’ve ever heard. Oh God, I knew it was too good to be true! Shit, what should I do? What should I… what is she doing?

I see her opening her mouth in the mirror, she’s sticking her tongue out now and… WHAT THE FUCK?

Her wet tongue touches me in the waist, and she licks my back all the way up to my head! I feel shocked at the sudden cold, and impulsively run a couple of meters towards the mirror and away from her. I turn back, just to see her face’s about to explode.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA.” She laughs hysterically, hitting the top of the dresser, on the other side of the plate, with her closed fist. Each hit sends the cup and the plate up in the air, and they hit the wooden surface with small bangs after each hit. I’m still too shocked to think straight, I just stare at her laughing and gasping for air in turns. She hits her fist on the dresser again. The stack of biscuits collapse, and she finally stops.

“Oh…Oh my God, Sam…” she says, gasping for air. Her eyes are full of tears. “I swear… your face… priceless…” she chuckles a couple of more times, and then fixes her eyes on my crotch. I look down at my now uncovered crotch, it is still erect.

I think she’s about to laugh again, but she somehow manages to control herself. “Relax, Sam. I can hardly see it anyways.” What the fuck?

“It’s not funny Ashley.” I tell her with a straight face. “Can we get back to the breakfast now?”

I can see that she’s disappointed in my reaction, maybe even embarrassed. She looks at me some more, then pulls the plate towards her. She’s now tearing a corner of the jelly sandwich off. She puts the sticky piece in front of me on the wooden surface without uttering a word, and proceeds to eat the rest. She didn’t even look at me while doing all this.

I grab the upper piece of toast and pick it up with both hands. There’s jelly sticking under it, and I take a bite. I can’t bite two pieces of toast on each other, they’re too thick for me. I have to take several bites just to eat this small piece, and even this looks very thick to me. This shrinking thing really sucks.

I look at Ash discreetly, so she won’t notice. She’s eating her sandwich in silence while looking at her nail polish bottles on the dresser. I doubt she’s really looking at them though, she must be thinking about the past, like me. I take another bite at the sweet bread and remember the last weeks of our relationship.

Guess you could say that our ‘honeymoon’ ended about a month through our relationship. Eventually, the occasional sulking became a normal thing. It was mostly Ash’s fault though. I mean, I treated her the best I could. I always bought her pretty things, always took her out to the hippest places…. Hell, half the school was jealous of her because of all the things I got her. Also, I am good looking, I’m fit, I’m funny, I never betrayed her, what else does she want from a guy?

Our arguments mostly began like this one, with me doing something that pissed her off, or her saying something that pissed me off. Then we would stop talking with each other for some time, just like now. I never thought it was that big a deal though, until she broke up with me.

Eventually it seemed that no matter what I did, Ashley expected and preferred the exact opposite. I tried hard to keep her happy, but I never really managed to do that. Truth be told, I still don’t know what caused so many arguments. I KNEW we had something….

“I’m going to school now.” Ashley interrupts my thoughts with her flat voice. I look at her, she’s stood up.

“Okay.” I reply, looking at my piece of jelly sandwich now.

“Don’t you want to come with me?” she asks while putting on her jeans.

“No.” I reply. Being in her backpack is the last thing I want right now. I’m tired of being shrunk, but even worse than that, is being shrunk and trapped in a moving cave.

“Okay.” She says, before putting on a red t-shirt. She proceeds to wear her favorite black converses, and then she goes out the room without even looking at me. The door is closed shut with a bang after her.

I finish my food and use my cupped hand to drink some milk from the cup. What should I do now? She won’t be back for at least 6 hours. I look around, and then it hits me. I have no way to get down from the dresser!

Minutes pass one after another, with me just sitting here on Ashley’s dresser, looking at the furniture for the hundredth time. The highlight of my day so far is pissing off the edge into her trash bin….

I need to figure out a way to get back to normal. I think I should’ve gone with her to school, maybe then I could ask Kyle or even Julia for help. A second fall out with Ashley at this size won’t be very helpful. Tomorrow is Saturday, meaning no more school for two days. What the hell am I supposed to do with Ashley for two days?

The doorknob finally turns, and Ashley walks in. she throws her black and grey backpack in a corner. She’s scanning the dresser now, I think she wants to see if I’m still here… yep she just noticed me. I hope she opens a dialogue…

She continues to take off her clothing. She’s in her panties and bra now, but I’m not going to look at her. I don’t want her to think I’m attracted to her….

“There was talk of you at school.” She says suddenly.

“What did they say?” I reply. I’d completely forgotten about the outside world….

“The teachers are mad at you. They think you’ve taken off your clothes in a classroom to go on a naked streak or something.” She continues, still avoiding eye contact with me. She’s wearing her grey tank top now.

I get it. They’ve found my clothes lying on the ground, and they’ve come up with the easiest explanation. Well, no way for them to guess what really happened I guess…

“They’ve also suspended you.” She continues.


“You don’t need to swear.” she says, now looking at me with… disgust?

“Oh, don’t you dare lecture me on manners, Ash!” I reply, my voice is still loud. “You left me here trapped for the past 6 hours!” I say, thumping my bare foot on the wooden dresser. I’m tired, I’m bored, and I’m mad. She wouldn’t mess with me if I was normal….

Ash looks surprised for a fraction of a second. Did she not notice that she’d left me stranded here…?

“It’s not my fault you’ve shrunk!” she says, still standing in the middle of the room.

This is too much. She leaves me like some toy here on her dresser, and then treats me like shit?

“Yeah well, why don’t you just leave me like the last time then?”

She just froze there, still standing. Now, she’s just staring at me. I feel awkward, did I go too far by mentioning the break up? It was a year ago!

“DON’t YOU DARE BLAME ME FOR THAT! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO MADE ME END IT!” she shouts back, pointing at me with her giant finger.

“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO BROKE UP WITH ME! I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING ASH!” I feel a burning sensation in the back of my eyes. This is the first time we’ve discussed our relationship’s end.

“No, I HAD SOMETHING while you were obsessed with your arrogance and your basketball and all that shit like always…”

What is she talking about? I was obsessed? Is she crazy?

“I loved you Ash…” I say hoarsely. I can’t believe it. I really don’t understand…

“OH, SHUT UP!” She says, taking a step closer to the dresser and me. “You’re an animal Sam. All you care about is your stupid ego!”

“What are you talking about?” I reply. My heart is pounding in my chest, and my face is burning. She walks towards me. She’s now towering above, and now she’s raised her hands. What is she gonna do?

She puts her hands slowly on the dresser on either side of me and bends down…. Her face is right in front of me. There’s no way for me to run, I’m trapped….

I stare back, still standing still.

“Don’t you get it?” she says slowly, her low voice is trembling. “You’re not who you think you are, Sam. Haven’t you ever wondered why Kyle was your only friend in the entire school?”

Wha… What is she talking about?  I can’t say a word. I just keep staring at her. Her blue eyes are still fixed on me, motionless.

“What do you mean?” I finally utter the words. My throat is dry.

“People don’t think you cool, or hot, or manly or whatever the hell you think you are.” She says in her low voice. “You’re just a rich, arrogant asshole to them.”

But… my team… my friends? The girls? Oh my God…Ash…

“What about you?” I ask her, still looking into her eyes. “What am I to you?”

“You’re the only person I ever loved Sam.” She replies in such a low voice I doubt I could hear her if she wasn’t inches away. The blue of her eyes is getting richer… deeper… a tear drop finally gives up and falls down on her cheek.

“I…I loved you, Ash… I swear I always loved you…”

“Liar!” She suddenly takes a step back, struggling to hold her tears. “I never felt loved. You were obsessed with yourself all the time!” she turns around and lies on her bed, face down. I can hear her muffled cries....

I spent the last hour thinking about what she said. I think real Ash has fallen asleep on the bed. I… I admit, at times I was being self-centered but… I never thought….

The memories of our relationship keep rushing to my head. It’s June. Ash is asking me to go to Nadia the nerd’s birthday party. “She hasn’t got many friends, Sam. She’d love to see us there!” she says.

“Nah, it’s gonna suck. Besides, what would the guys say if I showed up at her stupid party?” I reply, laughing.

It’s July. Ash has been cold to me ever since the double date we had with Julia and her boyfriend a couple of weeks after Nadia’s birthday, which she attended alone. We went to the movies, but I doubt those guys saw much of it… but I’d picked the movie, and I enjoyed it a lot. I try to get her talking again.

“Why don’t we go shopping this afternoon?” I tell her.

She smiles for the first time in a while. “I’d rather we buy dinner and go to my place. Amanda’s got a new movie…”

“Will I finally get lucky after that?” I tell her, getting close.

“Sam! You know I want to know you better before that…” She replies, pushing me back. Her voice is sad again.

“Nah, forget it then. There’s a game tonight, and I prefer to avoid Amanda whenever I can.”

The next scene that comes to my mind is the latest. This one took place in September. We’ve just lost a game. Ash is sitting next to me in a bench in the park on Morton St. She’s wearing a white dress, my favorite.

“Don’t worry about it, Sam.” She says, stroking my cheek. I stop her by shaking my head.

“You’re a chick. You don’t get it.” I tell her harshly. My face is all red, and I’m still wearing my team’s uniform.

“I understand how losing feels. But I think you’re always overreacting….”

I stand up.

“Don’t pretend like you care, Ashley. You’ve been avoiding me all week.” I shout, turning around to face her. She doesn’t say a word. She’s just sitting there on the bench, looking up at me. “I don’t know what else you want from me, and I don’t care anymore. But don’t try to pretend like you care about the games, or me or whatever.”

“I just wish you’d care more about us…” she says slowly, still looking at me. She’s about to cry, and for some reason it makes me angrier.


Ash is crying.

I remain there for a second, dubious. I walk off then.

I called her back and apologized two days later, inviting her to a classy restaurant, and then a late night show at the local movie theater. That’s when we broke up.

I remember my previous relationships, how I’d bought myself a couple of more dates with expensive gifts.

I remember the fights I had with David, how Julia would avoid me…. I remember when Tina asked to go to an expensive French restaurant for our first date. How Kyle had forgot about me as soon as someone showed interest in friendship with him. Then it hits me. It finally hits me.

Ashley’s face is in front of me now, in my mind. “You’re not who you think you are.” Her imaginary lips say.

I look at the bed, where Ashley’s fallen asleep. She must have been tired, I woke her up too soon today after all…

I approach the edge of the dresser and take a look at her trash bin down there. It’s full of tissues she used when she was crying. She cried for a good 20 minutes with her back towards me. I look at her, sleeping on the bed. 

“I might have been a selfish asshole Ash.” I whisper, still looking at her as I take a step closer to the edge. “I might have been a lot of things. But I always loved you from the bottom of my heart.” I open my hands. “And I will prove it to you this time.” I continue before I take a step off the edge. I fall down into the heap of tissues and Ashley’s tears, with my eyes still fixed on the petite, bent figure of the only person who’s ever really loved me in my life.

I have the most important game of my life ahead of me.

And I must not lose this time.


End Notes:

Can a man change in a blink of an eye? Is love really that powerful? What will it take for Sam to change, and for Ash to accept him back? Will the author take another month just to write one chapter? When will they return to school?

Follow Sam 'da' Man's...umm I mean Sam 'da' ass's englightenment on the next episode of: A Love Story of Another Kind (read it like that dude from the end of the Walking Dead Episodes!) 

Chapter 6 - A Knightly Deed by Samius
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the delay, been busy :(


Ash’s back soon disappears from my view as I hit the bottom of her trash bin with a bang. Luckily, there’s enough tissue- and thankfully nothing else- to cushion my fall. It takes me a couple of seconds to get my head straight, and my aching back isn’t helping either.

I look around inside the grey cylinder to see how I can get out. I’m still sitting on Ash’s tissues, and I think I can feel a cool moisture on my bare skin. Guilt creeps its way into my mind again. No use feeling guilty though, I have to act. I have to show her, I have to make her know….

I stand up to see how high the top of the bin is from where I am standing. Okay, it must be like ten feet from here…. Can I reach it? Umph… nope. Not even close. Damn it, I should’ve thought of it before the jump. What was I thinking?

Ok, on the second thought I must say I did the right thing. I can’t risk losing Ash. Not because of my peculiar situation, no, although that is also a factor… but now that I know how she really felt about us… hey, what if I stack all the tissue against the wall? It should make a little hill for me to climb on…

Okay, bad idea. The tissues collapsed under my weight despite me being so little. What was I saying? Oh, right. I always thought she’d been the one who ended it. But now I realize that it was me who ruined it for the both of us. And to think that I expected her to somehow figure out what was going on in my mind, and how much I really cared… I was such an idiot.

Now might be the last chance I’ll ever get to prove my love to her, and indeed, I shall not rest until I’ve fulfilled ‘tis sacred quest! I feel like a knight from the old romances, you know, the ones who would embark on a journey to save their princess and prove their love? The difference is that their challenges included killing dragons and trolls and stuff, while mine includes getting out of a freaking trash can. Damn!

I kick the stupid cylinder I’m trapped in, and the darn thing shakes a little. My toes hurt, and I…wait a minute! The vibration has subsided now, but the ENTIRE metal bin shook for a second. What if I topple it?

I take some steps back towards where I think is the side of the bin that is against the wall. The tissues muffle my footsteps, and insulate my bare soles from the cold metal floor. My back is against the cold metal wall now, and I’m staring at the opposite metal surface like a mad bull eyeballing the matador. I put my right foot back and shift my weight on my left foot, crouching a little to achieve the ideal position for running. The trash bin isn’t that big, and I’ll have maybe 7-8 paces before I reach the other side. I focused all my strength in my right foot and push as hard as I can against the floor and run as fast as I can towards the other side. The tissues slow down my acceleration as they slip between my feet and the smooth metal floor, should’ve thought of it before, but now it’s too late to stop.

Just before I reach the metal wall in front of me I jump as high as I can, guarding my body with my right arm. I hit the cold metal wall hard and stay there for a fracture of a second. The world shifts, the wall becomes the floor, and the floor becomes the new wall, and I feel like I’m falling. It’s a familiar feeling now.

The trash bin hits the wooden floor with a low thump. It’s not as loud as I thought it’d be. Probably cushioned by Ashley’s socks or tissues or something. She’s not the tidiest of people…

I crawl out of the bin. The first thing I notice is the cold. I look up to see if Ashley’s been woken up by the sound, but I don’t see her face peering from above. Good, the last thing I need is to further upset her before I get the chance to show her my affections.

I look around the giant room. What now?

Damn it Sam. Why couldn’t you have your enlightenment when you were a normal guy? What the hell am I supposed to do at this size to show her how much I love her? The door is closed shut as always, and all there is in the room is Ash’s stuff. What if I just tell her how I feel? Nah. She won’t believe me. I must show her how I feel. Words alone were never enough.

I’d better grab a tissue from the bin. There’s REALLLY nothing I can do if I freeze to death here. At least Ash may shed a tear or two for me when she finds my frozen body on her floor, that is if she realizes what I had intended to do!

I grab a tissue and walk out of the bin again. Her room is always so co…ld… THE WINDOW!

The curtain above Ashley’s bed is blown every now and then, and it was its movement that caught my eye. Yes, the window must be open at least a little. I try to picture the position of Ash’s room in the house. Her window must be on the same side as their entrance…so… it must open directly towards their front yard! YES!

I waste no time. I run towards the bed and jump for the bed sheet, where it is hanging lowest. I climb it up like a rope just like the last time, and…and…umph…almost… okay. Now I’m on the bed. Looks like Ash’s back is still towards me. The large teddy bear holding a heart in its paws is the first thing that I see. What?

This requires closer examination, hmm, yes. Closer…closer… an even closer examination is required in my professional opinion. Can’t miss the opportunity to solve the giant teddy bear’s mystery. The science depends on it, I tell you!

At a closer look, about an inch away by my standards I’d say, I can safely conclude that the enigmatic teddy bear is indeed the design of  Ash’s panties, and what is in front of me is Ash’s butt, HAHA! I just love science.

I lean forward and kiss the giant red heart. I… let me kiss it again… It feels strangely good to be close to Ashley again, and feel her warmth. Even if it is her butt, and I’m not joking this time…

Right then. Now that I’ve successfully managed to kiss her ass, literally, I shall continue my quest to find a way to kiss her ass once more, this time in a more metaphorical, more romantic kind of way. Onward! Or more accurately, upward!

I walk down the bed along Ash’s well shaped legs. The warm wall of flesh to my right gets lower as I cover more distance on the uneven mattress, and a faint but welcome smell of peach is with me all the way. Finally I reach her ankles, where it’s low enough for me to climb over. I don’t really want to wake her up, or even worse, get kicked by her, so I guess I’d better jump over her ankles instead of climbing them. Luckily, her feet are separated and not on top of each other. The jump should be easy, she has tender feet.

Same as before, I take several steps back until I’m almost near the edge of the bed, I bend down and shift my weight on my left leg, and I dart towards Ashley’s left ankle as fast as I can. I have more ground here, and I can accelerate more. I’m almost by her foot now, 5 feet…3 feet… and… JUMP!

I land on the soft surface gracefully. Jumping is an essential skill in basketball after all, and as you know, I’m famously skillful at baske… ah forget it. I made the jump anyway, but now looking at Ash’s right foot, I think I have a problem! I don’t have enough space between her feet to make this jump. Let me see, nope. Her toes are hanging from the edge of the bed, and I have no way to walk around them. The only way is to jump, and… whoa!

The mattress beneath me shakes, and I notice movement from both sides. Ashley’s moving! I turn around.

Her left foot is going up the bed as she bends her left knee, pulling it towards her stomach. I can see her upper body is shifting…and now she’s lying on her left side, with her face towards the room now. She suddenly raises her head, I crouch down impulsively. I don’t think she can see me here between her feet. But I’m not going to take any chances…

She punches her pillow a couple of times and pulls herself up a little for a more comfortable position torest her head. She then lowers her head again with a moan and remains motionless. I think she’s fallen asleep again.

I turn back towards my goal. It’s lucky she didn’t hit me with her feet. I look at her right foot, and notice a narrow passage between her toes and the edge of the foot of the bed.

Wow! Just as I wished there was a way for me to cross her other leg she goes ahead and makes me one. That’s why I love her! I’d totally kiss your pretty toes if I wasn’t afraid you’d kick me to oblivion! Now is not a good time to let my foot fetish get a hold of me.

I take a couple of steps towards the foot of the bed and the newly created ledge, and then approach her right foot. She’s lying prone, and her sole is up towards the ceiling. I take a step on the ledge between the drop and the line of her pretty toes. There’s a very slight smell of foot odor, mixed with peach lotion. It’s not really that bad, and I like it. I keep walking between the toes and the edge, hoping she won’t decide to move again.

Okay, I’ve finally reached the opposite wall, where the window is visible from the gap between the wall and the hanging curtain. I can defiantly feel a cold breeze. Good, it must be partially open. But how can I get up there?

There is no space between the wall and the bed, meaning there is no furniture to climb. The curtain is hanging rather low, but it’s still too high for me to jump for it. There’s no way I can climb Ashley and then jump for the ledge from her, even if I wasn’t worried she’d move and accidentally kill me beneath her. And the head of the bed is too far away from the window, with nothing in between except for a poster of Ash’s beloved indie band pinned to the wall right next to her head. She listens to them so much that I think I’ve unintentionally memorized most of their songs! I look at their lead singer and his stupid beard. Wish I could grow a beard like that…

What if I used that to get to the window? I look up… yes, the poster goes well past the lower ledge of the window, and it seems thick enough to handle my weight. I look around again… I don’t see another way. Do you?

I assume you don’t. So here we go! I walk up the bed again, with Ash’s back still towards me. I feel a bit offended, as if she intentionally ignores me! Just wait till I show her how much she really means to me. I bet we’ll be lovers just like before, and maybe then we can figure out a way to get me back to normal…

I reach the lower end of the poster. It is pinned to the wall in all four corners, but there’s nothing attaching it to the wall in the middle. There’s enough space between the wall and the poster for me to climb up, I suppose. It’s a long way up though, I’m not sure if I’ll make it…

Screw it, even if I fall, I’ll fall on the mattress, or even better! I might fall on Ash’s breast if she’s turned in her sleep again by then! Here we go…

I’m about half way up now, but my shoulders and forearm muscles are killing me. I’m using my feet to help my ascent, but there isn’t any suitable footholds for me here. I grab onto the side of the poster with both hands, my face towards it, and then I pin the poster between my legs and pull myself up. It’s worked this far, but I feel more and more tired with every inch that I climb. I think my size change has made climbing much easier for me. I doubt I could’ve climbed a rope this high in my normal size…shit…

I hear a loud tear and lose the support of my legs before I know it. I hold on to the poster with my both hands, hanging from it. I look down to see what’s happened.

Okay, apparently I put too weight on my legs this time, and they tore the poster for a good inch or too. I can’t help it, my arms are too tired… but I must go on…

I… finally reached… the ledge…it’s so cold here…let me catch my breath…just gonna lie down a bit…

I couldn't rest for long thanks to the cold. I’d better get moving. The window is open a little, and the cold breeze is coming inside from the small gap. I squeeze through it, and find myself looking at the front yard.

It takes my eyes some time to adjust to the darkness. Ash had left the lights on when she fell asleep, but there’s just a distant street light here. Okay, now to climb down…

Okay, it took me longer than I wanted but I think I’ve found a way down. As you can see, Ash’s room is on the ground floor unlike her sister’s, thank God! The drop to the lawn however, is too high for me. So what I’m planning is to use the bricks to climb down! It’d be like what them rock climbers do. Yeah, I measured the bricks too. I can reach the top of a brick if I jump a little, and there’s enough space between all bricks where they are joined with cement or whatever, and it’s enough for me to support my feet or my hands.

I tried it and climbed two bricks up, and it’s much easier than poster climbing! So, now I just need to go down…umph…yeah I think…I think I’ve got the hang of it. The trick is to hang from the top ledge of a brick, make sure your feet are steady, and then hold on to the side of the brick with your left hand while you’re hanging from the top with the right, then you simply let go of the top, using your left hand and the side of the brick to make sure you won’t deviate from the path and don’t fall off, then put your feet on the lower ledge, which is the top of the lower brick, before you slide down. This part is tricky though, so be careful. What? You never know if you’ll suddenly shrink tomorrow, I sure as hell didn’t know it, and then you’ll be thankful for my elaborate description of brick climbing. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it into a sport one day. You’re welcome!

My bare feet touch the cold, moist earth. I should make clothes out of something for myself. Running around naked is simply not as fun as I always thought it would be. I see what I was looking for, and I walk towards it. It is so beautiful, just like Ashley.

Okay, this is the final part of the quest. This is the duel with the evil witch! This is the final boss of the level! This is where I shall slay the dragon and rescue my lady! I hold on to it with both my hands, squeezing its neck in my fists. I use whatever strength there is left in me, and then I pull…I pull and pull…umph… shit it’s so…AAAAAAAAAA… YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEES! I’ve done it! The flower’s stem finally breaks from the middle, and I hold it up in the air triumphantly! The dragon is slain, my lady! And I’m coming back!

Okay, all jokes aside I’d seriously better get back. I think I saw a cat eyeing me from across the street. I snap a blade of grass and tie it across my torso to hold the flower in place on my back. Genius! It’s a wild flower, with white pedals and a yellow center. It has a nice smell, but it’s nothing like that of a rose’s, or a chrysanthemum’s unfortunately… well, time to climb the bricks again…

I’m on the wooden floor of Ashley’s room now. I came back pretty much the same as I got out of her room, except I simply let go of the poster half way through, where I’d torn it, and landed on the mattress. Ash is still sleeping. Only one more thing is left for me to do, I walk towards Ashley’s black and grey sling backpack, aka the rollercoaster of death and misery, to finish the job.

Alright, it’s all done. Now that I look at it, I must say I’m pleased. It might seem a bit childish, and it’s defiantly not my style…but… that was the problem, wasn’t it? My “style”? Anyway, I’m too tired to worry. I just hope it’s enough to get me the second chance I want. I look at Ashley again, her back is still towards me! I don’t mind, Ash… I’ll give you all the time, all the love, all my life from now on… it’s your choice whether to accept it or not… and I’ll accept your decision…

Just before I walk towards her backpack with a tissue from the trash bin in my hand, I look back at my last hope once again. There’s a note on a small piece of paper. I wrote on it with a pen I got from her backpack. The handwriting is messier than usual, which is a great achievement in itself, but the message… it reads: I love you Ash. Please give me a second chance. This is all I ask. Sam.

After I wrote the note, I put it on the floor where Ashley can see it easily. I put the flower right next to it. This is all I can do at this size, and I hope it works.

Anyway, I’m gonna go to sleep now. I’m so tired and cold, and I want to be as far away from that window as I can right now…


End Notes:

So, we didn't have much giantess action in this chapter, but it was essential for the plot. As an apology, I'll leave you with this reminder: Sam and Ash have the entire weekend ahead of them!

Chapter 7 - Second Chances by Samius
Author's Notes:

I feel a gentle stroke on my cheek, followed by a strong scent of chocolate that fills my nostrils. I open my eyes. Ash’s bent knees are the first things I see. I look up. Ash is sitting next to me on her knees, with her left hand on the floor next to me, supporting her upper body that is bent over me. Her right hand is hovering above me just a couple of inches away.

“Sam…” she says looking down. “Where did you find that flower?”

Flower? Oh right!

“From the front lawn.” I say plainly, regretting it immediately. From the lawn? It hardly explains all the effort and sacrifices I faced retrieving that flower! But it is the truth. What else was I supposed to say? I got it from Eden?

“I guessed as much, but how did you get to the front lawn at this size?” she asks again, still looking down at me. Her right hand is now also on the ground, and her tities are now hanging above me. I try to ignore them.

“I climbed your poster to your slightly open window, and squeezed through.” I reply. Better stick to the truth all the way now.

“So that’s why my beloved poster is torn?” she says, grinning.

“Did… did you like it?” I ask her. On the second thought, the note was pretty lame….

“Oh, I loved it Sam! It was so sweet! I never expected it from someone like you …” she suddenly stops speaking. Her cheeks are red now, and I can see guilt in her eyes.

“Yeah well, I guess this shrinking thing has made me a better person!” I reply, smiling. I don’t want to see her like that.

Ash suddenly bends down even lower, and… and… wow a soft tit is coming my way! Brace for impact! BRACE FOR IMPACT! Oh, never mind that, she slipped back on her knees a little to adjust herself, her lips are coming down now, they… wow!

She plants a kiss with her full, pink lips on my face. Her lips engulf my face and chest, and she pauses like this for a second, or a minute? I don’t know, I wish it’d last for an eternity, but her lips are already going up in the air just as fast as they came down on me from heavens. Ash is sitting straight now.

“I love you, Ash.” I confess in a low voice, still tasting her lips on mine.

“What?” she asks, bending down once again. Oh great, she’s turned her head and her ear is an inch away from me.

“I said… did you read my note? So…what do you think about it?” I say, this time louder into her ear. It looks so weird at this size!

“Oh… yeah I did.” She says, turning her head again to face me. She has completely bent down now on her elbows, and looks more like a crouching cat. “It was very sweet of you, Sam.” She says, smiling. She’s looking at her backpack now. A faint smile is still on her lips.

“So…?” I ask, persisting.

“Want some breakfast?” she says, still looking at her backpack.

Oh, hell no! I’ll be thrice damned if I let her pull that shit on me. I hate it when girls do it, you know, when they give you mixed signals. They don’t really say no, but they don’t say yes either. They just get a sadistic pleasure from keeping the dudes suspended in the abyss, with them toying with them just like a cat toys with a mouse.

Hmm. However, I could play along until she decides to give me an answer, so I’d know where I stand in this relationship. Yes, that’d be the most mature, most prudent option here.

Too bad it’s never been my style.

“Ash, will you give me a second chance? Please?” I say, adding the last word hastily ‘cause I said I’d change for her. See? Baby steps. That’s the key. Though I’d feel so much better if my steps were really as long as a baby’s….

Ash sighs, shifting her gaze from the backpack to me. Her face is still well above me, and she’s still bent down. Whenever she looks at me from above, engulfing me by her massive arms or body, like now, all my instincts beg me to run. It must be a primitive, self-preserving mechanism.  You have no idea how many times I’d almost began to run just as soon as she’s started a conversation like this. I doubt I could put myself in a similar position like this with anyone else. It’s simply too exposed, too vulnerable like this…

Ash’s voice stops me just before I can reach my grand conclusion of how my trust and love for her has enabled me to stand such situations. And she says I’m not romantic…!

“I… I really don’t know, Sam.” She says hesitantly. Her soft voice reaches my ears just a fraction of a second before her warm breath washes over me. “Why don’t we…”

“Ash, I need to know if you’ll give me a second chance.” I interrupt her before she can ask for more time to think, and procrastinate. I really mean it when I say I can’t wait. If she won’t have me then I’ll have to leave…. I can’t see her walking around the room, ignoring me once I’ve become an ordinary part of her life, like one of the gnomes on her dresser. I can’t see her and not love her, especially now that I know it was my arrogance that cost me her love.

I sit up and stare at her blue eyes. It’s clear that she doesn’t know what to say. But besides that, I can’t tell what she’s thinking. Silence dominates the room…. Come on, Ash… please…

“I… I really can’t, Sam…. I’m sorry.” She finally says, covering her face with her hand.

Why, now that I’m determined to take care of her, to love her, why would she reject me now? An inner voice reminds me: how can someone like you take care of her?

I ignore my impulses, I ignore my anger, my desperation, all my feelings.

“I…I understand, Ash.” I manage to tell her, slowly standing up. Maybe Shila, my step mom, will help me? I picture myself licking peanut butter off a toast with shila standing over me, laughing….

As I turn around aimlessly a soft wall of flesh comes to my view. What the hell? It bends and changes shape to surround me in all sides, and then I’m lifted up. There’s only darkness and smell of chocolate here… light suddenly rushes in and I can now see Ash’s giant lips.

“I LIED SILLY!” she shouts cheerfully before her pink lips press me against her palm. “OF COURSE I’ll” she kisses me again, “HAVE YOU” Another kiss, “AGAIN!” yet another kiss, this time longer. Her lips suck me so strongly that I think I might end up in her mouth anytime, but who gives a shit! SHE’LL HAVE ME BACK! I can’t believe it!

“YOU’RE MY OWN LITTLE SAMMY! MINE ALONE.” She says, still holding me tightly in her palm. Her wide grin gives away her white, shiny teeth, and her blue eyes have a similar shimmering. I feel euphoric, I feel relieved, I feel some good feelings whose names I don’t know in English, or any other language.

She moves her hand and me in it closer to her face… to her eyes… I see my reflection in them. I bend down, still in her cupped hand, and kiss the tip of her nose. She giggles heartily while her eyes are fixed on me. She is looking more and more perfect every second, if that can be possible!

Well, perfect except for her bad jokes. But who cares! SHE’LL HAVE ME BACK Y’ALL!

Ash closes her hand with me in it to make a loose fist. I raise my arms so they won’t be trapped, and rest them on top of her closed index finger. I can feel her soft thumb next to my head.

Her grip tightens as she stands up. I can’t help stroking her soft index finger with both my hands, I kiss it again and again. The smell of chocolate overwhelms me and the familiar feeling of ash’s palm on my bare skin adds to my joy. I was worried I might get an erection in her hand again, but no… it’s not that kind of joy. It’s something better! And that says a lot coming from me!

Ash looks down and smiles at me, good, she can feel my kisses. She takes several steps. Let me see where we’re headed… towards the dresser? Oh no, towards the bed! Yep, she just sat on her bed, with one leg bent under her and the other one hanging from her bed.

She puts me on the mattress in front of her and looks at me smiling.

“So?” she asks unceremoniously.

“So?” I repeat, puzzled. So what Ash?

“So, you’re going to change for me?” she asks, still smiling. I think she enjoys the idea.

“Yeah, well. I want to actually show you how I feel about you this time around.” I reply. Oh boy, she looks disappointed. Her smile’s fading, quickly Sam….

Silver tongue to the rescue!

“…And treat you like a princess, and love you every second of my life and have making you happy as the sole goal of my life from now on.” I add hastily, the thoughts flow in my mind like a river. I must sound like some big sissy, damn! But I guess one could paraphrase my feelings for her that way….

Yep, it worked. Her smile is back on, and her eyes are shining again. She’s just staring at me now and, wow, she’s giggling? Oh her cheeks are getting red. Wow, she looks so happy! Why the fuck didn’t I make her happy more often? I suddenly feel… fulfilled….

“So, my prince.” She says cockily, her shining eyes still fixed on me, “what will you do to make me happy?”

“Anything you’d like, my lady!” I reply instantly. Please don’t ask me to think of something… pleaaaaseeeeee….

Ashley’s scratching her chin now, looking at a corner of her ceiling, as if she’s thinking hard. Boy, this girl can be really naughty when she wants. I mean, she almost gave me a heart attack just a several….

“I wish you to give me a foot rub.” She finally says, looking down at me.

“As my lady commands!” I tell her formally, bowing. She’s giggling again.

She quickly snatches me and raises her left hand and me in it, then she pulls her left foot up and stretches both her legs on the bed. She is putting her pillow against the bed head now with her right hand, and now she is lowering me down on the mattress, right next to her left ankle. She puts her hand on the mattress, with its palm and me on it facing up. I jump off. She proceeds to lean back on the pillow comfortably, and now she’s looking at me curiously.

I walk around her heel and stand in front of her pink bare soles. I’m almost half as high as her soles, the toes excluded, and I think can reach her toes and the ball of her feet only if I jump. Well, I’d better start from the heels and the arches.

The smell of chocolate is prevalent here too. Now that I think about it, her grey top is changed with a loose blue t-shirt, I think she’s taken a shower while I was asleep. So the smell of chocolate must be from some kind of lotion…. Wonder why I didn’t wake up sooner.

Well, time to get to work, Sam.

I put my palms on the warm sole of her left foot, just above the heel. It’s smooth, just like the time when I kissed them back when I was normal. I press both my hands into her pink soles, the soft skin sinks a couple of millimeters under my hands but I have to use my shoulders and waist as well as my arms for it.

I start pressing the pink, aromatic sole with my hands on several spots around the heel. I can hear Ash’s giggles every now and then, but my view of her is blocked by her soles. Well, it sounds like she’s enjoying it, and that’s enough for me.

My hands fall into rhythm soon. I work my way to the arches of her left foot. I have to raise my arms to reach this part and it’s taking its toll on me. I can already feel cold sweat on my bare back, and my shoulders have started aching. But I’m not about to give up, Ash is having a nice time and I’m going to prolong it as much as I can. She doesn’t giggle as much now, but it’s clear from the occasional wiggle of her toes that she’s enjoying it.

I’m working on the ball of her foot now, but it’s difficult to reach. I jump a couple of times and punch it midair, but it’s useless. Got to think of something else… oh, never mind that. She just pulled her heel back, so her arches bend and the ball of her foot just came forward and it is in my reach now.

“Thanks Ash.” I say, peeking from behind her left foot to take a look at her. She is still leaning on her pillow. She smiles in reply. I get back to work.

I keep pressing and rubbing the soft ball of her foot. I can still feel the aroma of her lotion, and I feel excited to be so close to her pretty feet. I can’t stop imagining how being under them would feel like.

I’m done with her left foot now, and I move on to the right one. I’ve had the sensation in my penis, as if it’s about to get erect anytime. I’ve been trying to focus on anything but her feet, but as you can imagine, it’s very difficult when they are forming a lovely wall right in front of me. Besides, the thought of being under them isn’t helping either.

My arms ache so much, I doubt I can finish her right foot if I keep up pressing her soles like this. Hey, what if I punched her soles?

“I’m gonna try something here, Ash.” I yell at her, standing next to her right ankle with my right hand on her arch. “Let me know how it feels, okay?”

“Alright.” Ash replies softly.

I go back in front of her right sole, and I punch her sole with my left hand.

“How did it feel?” I yell again, still standing in front of her right sole. I can’t see her face from here.

“It felt good.” She yells back.

“It didn’t hurt, did it?” I ask.

“Oh please. You give yourself too much credit.” Her voice says, followed by another giggle. I can see the toes of her right foot wiggling in agreement.

Okay then. Here we go. I hold my fists in front of me and put my right leg behind myself to support my weight. Then I punch her heel. I wait for a second. No protest. Cool. I start punching her soles. My penis is erect now and I’m going to pretend I’m boxing her feet. Maybe then, little Sam will go back to sleep? I start dancing around and punching her arches. Right cross, right cross, left cross, right cross, a massive hook just under the ball of her foot, dawmn, I’m owning her!

Left right, left right, left ri…

“AWW” I hear her say. Shit.

“I’m sorry Ash!” I yell at her, quickly jumping forward and hugging her right foot, kissing its arch exactly on the spot I just hit. I keep kissing it frantically, and my manhood is pressed against her heel. It feels a little rough now that I’m probing it with my penis.

I feel the mattress going down, and I see Ash looking at me from above. I look at her, then I kiss her foot one more time, still hugging it. I then let it go and step back. I feel a bit embarrassed. Damn it, I forgot to make clothes for myself again!

“Thanks, Sam. It felt so good!” Ash says, smiling at me sweetly. She is stretching her right arm towards me now… wow, she just stroked my hair with her thumb. It feels so good!

“It feels even better now that you’re small! Even better than the foot rubs you’d give me when you were normal.” She continues.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ash. I know I did.” I reply, still standing by her pretty feet. I can now see that her toenails are painted black.

“Oh did you?” she says, grinning. “I thought you said you had a very mild foot fetish!”

“Are you kidding? Kissing your feet is the joy of my life.” I reply boldly, trying to ignore my erect penis.

“I can see that.” She says, staring at little Sam briefly. She bursts into laughter.

I laugh along. Strangely, I don’t feel humiliated or angry like the last time.

“I especially liked your little kisses.” She says, looking at her blanket at the foot of the bed. Now’s my chance!

“Put me on the floor, Ash. I want to try something.”

She looks curious, good. She grabs me again and then puts me on the wooden floor just next to the bed. I lie down on my back.

“Ash, put your feet on me.” I shout at her as loud as I can. She is bending slightly over me. She’s still looking at me, without moving her feet.

“Sam, you might get hurt.” She says seriously, still looking down at me.

“No, just rest your feet on me. There’s no need to put any pressure on your feet. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” I shout again. I give her a thumb up to encourage her more, though I doubt she can see my thumb from up there.

She hesitantly raises her feet, and her face is soon blocked by the sight of her soles. They keep coming closer and closer to me, and I feel the most amazing sensation in my stomach, like a kid waiting for Christmas.

The warm flesh soon touches my naked body, and then it keeps coming down until it surrounds me from all side.

The ball of Ash’s right foot is right on my lips, and her arch and heel are covering the rest of my body. Ooooh, and I thought being in her fist felt good! The constant pressure of the weight of Ash’s right foot is diverted through my body to the wooden floor, and her foot is beginning to get moist I think. My crotch is as hard as it can get, and it is being crushed between her sole and my stomach. I try to hug her foot but my arms are pinned under the weight of it. Trapped beneath my beloved’s foot, I keep kissing her soft sole frantically. I can hear giggles coming from above. Good. My life means something now that she is happy. I kiss harder, faster. I can slightly taste salt in my mouth now, and the chocolate lotion’s smell is as strong as it can get down here.

Wow, it’s moving! Ashe’s foot is moving! She is rubbing her foot on me! Oh man…. God it feels so good…

She is rubbing her sole gently on me now, the giant foot is going up and down rhythmically, grinding my dick and my body beneath it. I’m gonna keep kissing her foot, fuck that, I’m licking her soles now. The pressure is increasing as she rubs her foot faster on me… I… oh God… it’s heaven… oh… she has stopped rubbing her foot on me, but the pressure is… constantly increasing… I fix my eyes on one of the many wrinkles on the ball of her foot. I know for sure now… I’ll willingly die for this girl, if that’s what it takes to make her happy… oh yes… the pressure is still increasing… I keep staring at the wrinkle while kissing her warm salty foot… ooooooooooooh goooood… I feel the sensation forming in my waist… making its way to the tip of my penis… my crotch jerks violently while still trapped beneath Ash, and its jerks are limited by her… I feel it jerking again and again, harder… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

My penis finally gives in and explodes, showering Ash’s sole with my seed…. The immense pressure is gone. Only the weight of Ash’s foot is on me now. I remain motionless, my entire body is loose like a sack of beans. I’m breathing heavily… my heart is beating like crazy in my chest… Ash’s warm and now sweaty foot is still on me….

As the pressure of Ash’s foot is taken off I realize this. If you are lucky, you’ll someday, through your life, find a place for which you were born, you were designed. As if your entire life happened just to take you to that particular place at that particular time… for me, that place is beneath Ash’s feet, and that time is right now.  Or it can even be her hand, or anywhere near her…. I know this now that I’m looking at her smiling face hundreds of feet above me… she’s the one. And I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.


End Notes:

 The plot will expand to cover more people and places, and the relationship between Sam and Ash will take its form faster from now on. Thanks for reading! leave your comments.

Chapter 8 - The Ride of Your Life by Samius
Author's Notes:

Love this chapter, or die!

“And that’s when I knew I had to get back to your room before I become cat food.” I finish the tale of how I procured that precious flower for Ashley. I’m sitting on her chest, on her left breast to be exact. It’s very comfortable here, not to mention its other perks…. Ash is lying on her back on the bed, resting her head on the pillow. Her head is raised just enough for her to see me.. We’ve spent the last hour talking, about the past, about our time together, about school and what’s happened to me. It’s like we’ve met for the first time, and we have so much to talk about.

“Don’t you think we should ask for help, Sam?” Ashly asks. I feel the air coming out of her nostrils and mouth for the hundredth time. I wish she would re-adjust her head a little.

“Well, we probably need to talk to Ms. Wundt. I mean, she must know what has happened to me, she’s the chemistry teacher after all!” I reply. It was her stuff that made me like this, I wonder if I can sue her?

“You think we can trust her?” Ashley replies. Her right hand is coming towards me now. I’m struggling to control my involuntary impulses to run. I hate to think how I’ll feel if I ever encountered some other giant person besides Ashley. I’ll probably freeze like a scared rodent. Her warm palm is around me now, and the familiar sensation of Ashley’s skin on my skin surrounds me again. God, it feels good!

She raises her loosely clenched fist up, and suddenly sits up on the bed. Her bent, crumbled pillow loses balance and falls on the mattress. Ash’s blue eyes block my view of the pillow immediately.

“What about Kyle and the rest of the guys?” the warm air comes from within Ash and through her full lips just to wash over me. Is there any part of her body I don’t find sexy at this size? Her anus needs some more contemplation, I suppose....

Her laughter interrupts my thoughts.
“Sam! You’re doing it again!” She says, giggling. The warm breath washes over me again, this time with more force.

“What?” I reply, puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“You keep staring at times, as if you’re blacking out!” Her face suddenly gets bigger like ten times, and I feel her hand and me in it getting closer to her face. Okay, now I’m right in front of her left eye. Creepy!

“Sam, is… is everything normal with you?”

“No, I’m 5 centimeters tall.” I reply sarcastically. What’s wrong with her?

“No, silly!” she replies impatiently. I think her face is a getting a bit red. I feel guilty.

“I mean, is everything alright with you mentally.”

“I’m not crazy, if that’s what you’re asking!” I reply. Okay, maybe a little harshly. She’s sensed that too. I can see it in her eye.

“Sam, you don’t need to act like that. I’m just worried that the changes you had weren’t only physical.” She says before she takes me away from her face. Damn it.

“I’m sorry Ash.” I reply. Kissing her index finger, which is around my chest. Her thumb brushes my right cheek tenderly.

“I’m okay, Ash. I always act stupid when I’m around you.” I tell her softly. Okay, now I’d better look down as if I’m ashamed of admitting it. I just keep staring at her finger… why is it taking so long…

“Oh Sam! My stupid little Sam!” I hear coming from above, before her fist and I start going up. HAHA!

She kisses my face and neck twice before standing up. I think I heard her phone vibrating on a wooden surface. I’d better clean off her saliva from my face now that she’s not looking… there!

We’re going towards her desk now, where the phone’s light is on. Yep, it is indeed a message. Ash’s other hand comes into my view and reaches for the phone. Her thumb quickly unlocks the screen, and a short message pops up. It’s from Julia.

Hey, Ash. Wanna hang out? J 

I look up to see Ash’s face… nah, I just see the ceiling. What if I turn my head… no use. Oh, there we go, thanks Ash. She bends her wrist towards her. She must’ve noticed my struggles. I finally face her, she's looking at me.

“So?” she says.

“So?” I repeat.

“So, should we go?” she says, rolling her eyes. Oh!

“We? To see Julia?” I ask. I feel dumb.

“Umm, yeah!” she says impatiently.

“You mean, you want to tell Julia?” I ask, amazed. “About me?” I add, just to clarify.

“Sure, she’s like my BFF. I’m sure we can trust her.” She replies, sitting at her desk. The change in her posture sends my stomach up, like when you are in a roller coaster. Never a pleasant feeling.

“Ash, I’m not sure about this…” I reply. I really don’t think I’ll feel comfortable with anyone besides Ash at this size. Though I must admit, I’ve never had any problems with Julia. She always seemed like such a nice girl. And hot! I still remember her big toe….

“Sam, I won’t tell her about you if that’s what you want.” Ash says slowly, stressing out every word as she gently puts me on the wooden surface. “But there’s nothing the two of us can do about your size. We need help!”

“Sure we do, but we must ask Ms. Wundt for help, not Julia!” I tell her. Julia’s chemistry grades aren’t that good anyway, what is she talking about?

“Ms. Wundt doesn’t have any classes at the Triple H until Thursday, dummy!” she says in a reprimanding tone. “Do you really want to be like this for an entire week?”

If the week is spent with you, fuck yes! The thought passes through my mind instantly. She’s still looking at me though, waiting for an answer…. “Umm, no?” I say hesitantly.

“So, who’s the closest student to Ms. Wundt in the class?” she asks again. How the fuck should I know?

“Oh, umm…you?” I reply again.

“You sure there were only physical changes?” she asks with a crooked smile.

“Quite toying with me girl!” I say playfully. “You’re the one who ran after her when the class finished.”

“No! I just had a question!” she says quickly. Her white teeth are on the edges of the black hole that leads to her stomach. “Julia’s her favorite student. Maybe she has her phone number or an e-mail address or something to help us contact her sooner.”

“Why don’t you ask her then?” I tell her. She’s looking desperate now.

“Look… I just want her to see you, okay? I want her to know about… us, and what you’ve done for me at this size….” She finally blurts out.

I keep staring up at her, not sure what to say or how to react. I’m crippled by the sudden rush of mixed feelings I have. So she wants to show me off? Her miniature boyfriend who gets her flowers and massages her feet? I picture Julia laughing and eyeing me as Ash tells her how I cum under her feet. Feels fucking humiliating to me. then again, I can picture how proud Ash will probably feel when she tells Julia what an awesome boyfriend I’ve been, and makes her jealous. There’s a third picture of me having a threesome with Julia and Ashley while at this size, but I’d better not think about it. How would a threesome like that even work?

“Umm… Okay, I guess….” I tell Ash. My doubts fade away as soon as I see her happiness. Her eyes are shining, and there's a wide smile on her lips. She must really want to show me off. Damn, who would’ve thought? She’d never do that back when I was over 6 feet tall. Girls are weird!

“Sweet!” she jumps from her chair, laughing cheerfully. “But we need to dress you!” she says suddenly.

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to do that for some time now…”

“Hmm, let me see…” she mumbles, scratching her chin. She’s looking around the room. I do the same, and the first thing I see is the fat miniature gnome staring at me from the other side of the table. I pause at his green jacket and red pants. I can feel a giant figure moving behind me, and soon a shadow falls over me. I look up just in time to see Ash’s white neck and chin above me. She’s staring at the gnome too.

“Oh, hell no!” I shout at her.

“Oh, hell yes!” she shouts back. She’s now looking down at me, and her grin is so wide I think she might tear her lips!

“Come here, you!” she says, laughing. I see her right hand coming towards me, and this time I indulge my instincts and dodge her hand by a quick roll towards the mirror. Her hand closes an inch behind me. I look up… she is surprised!

“Oh, no you didn’t!” she says, her grin is getting even wider!

“I refuse to be dressed like a gnome!” I declare impulsively… in a pathetic attempt to make my words more effective. I’m still looking up at her… it seems as if she’s frozen!

“You refuse wha…” She manages to say before her frozen features explode in shrieks of hysterical laughter. She is bending down now, holding her stomach tightly, andlaughing like crazy.

I try to keep a serious look but… heh… “Oh stop it, I’m serious…” … It’s a word isn’t it? Like, when you say I refuse to… “hahahahahahahaha…” I can’t… stop myself and I… I begin to laugh too… hehe…LOL

Oh… okay… I think Ash is finally stopping… my stomach hurts so much…. Yes… yeah I can see through the tears in my eyes that… she’s sitting up straight now… oh shit, she’s raising her hand again.

I turn back and run through her stuff. The shadow of her hand is directly over me, I look back and I see her open hand coming down on me like the claw of one of those machines in amusment parks that pick up toys… I suddenly change my direction and turn around a the cup with the pencils in it, just like I always do in basketball games… oh shit, I think she hit the cup. I hear a loud sound coming from my back.

“Ouch! Damn it Sam, stop already!” she says, annoyed. She sound serious now, but I don’t dare to look back. I’d better lose myself in her stuff. I scan the table for more stuff to hide behind. I… I do want to stop, I was playing at first but… it seems difficult to convince myself to give in to the giant girl now… must be a primitive thing… Oh, there it is! Another fat ass gnome! Another shadow falls over me, and I feel something right behind my neck. I dive behind the gnome, hearing a loud thump behind.

“Are you kidding me?” she shouts, surprised.

I stand up, ignoring the pain in my knees. The wooden surface is hard, and I’m almost at the end of the desk. The giantess’s hand is over me again, I run away from it without thinking, and I suddenly feel myself in the air. The floor of Ash’s room is coming towards me… a wall of flesh appears out of nowhere, and I hit tits surprisingly soft surface. Suddenly the word goes dark, and I feel an immense pressure.

It takes me a second to recognize the familiar fist of Ashley. But it’s different now, I don’t feel safe in it anymore, I feel… crushed….

The fist is moving. I hear a muffled voice.

“What the hell, Sam? You almost killed yourself…”

“You’re crushing me!” I shout as loud as my crushed lungs allow me to.     

“What?” she says, her fist is still closed.

“You’re crushing me, Ashley…” I say. Fresh air suddenly rushes in, and Ash’s fist opens in a fraction of a second with a loud “oh shit!”

I turn on my back, still lying on her now open palm.

“What the hell were you doing Sam? Oh God, I’m so sorry… I… I…”

I’d really rather she didn’t mope around now. “I was playing around too, Ashley. Just like you.” I take a deep breath before continuing. “I just didn’t see the edge, that’s all… I’m OK.”

“Oh thank God!” she says. She’s stroking my stomach with her tender index finger. She gently puts me down on the wooden surface again.

“I knew you’d catch me, baby.” I blurt out. She’s smiling at me. What would I do without my charm?


Okay, I’m practically dressed like a clown now. Red pants and a green jacket. Ash had to make some adjustments to the jacket and the pants though, because they were too loose for me. She spent like half an hour cutting and stitching them up so they’d fit me. She totally fucked up, but I’m not gonna tell her that. She even made me a belt with a piece of rope so my pants wouldn’t fall down. I guess her stomach still hurts from the last shrieks of laughter she had.

I did have a choice between three sets of gnome clothes, all except Mr. Chubs's, Ash’s favorite one. (Duh)

The fact that I chose the red and green mockery tells a lot about the other pieces of clothing, and I’m gonna leave it at that. Why didn’t she play with Ken or some action figure or something? It just had to be a fat gnome, didn’t it?

Anyway, now that she is done playing with me, and she is finally done with her make up (would’ve been faster if we’d waited for the next Thursday to come) she’s preparing to finally leave! Everybody clap them hands for her!

Seriously though, she’s been wondering how to carry me to Julia’s house. She can’t just carry me in her hand all the way. She has to take the bus again. I did want to propose that she put me in her bra, but I don’t think she’d agree. Besides, I’m trying to be a nice guy here for once in my life, so I kept my mouth shut and let her wonder for the last 10 minutes.

“What about in my pocket?”

“I’d get crushed as soon as you sit down.”

“I can bring my backpack again?”

“Hell now. I’d prefer the pocket to that thing!”

“What about a purse? It’s not really my style but….”

“What about your shoe?” I finally say.

“Are you crazy? You’ll be crushed in there!”

“Not if I’m in the toe section!” I insist. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since I was shrunk, you know, how it’d feel like to be in a giant girl’s shoe? Even the mere thought is pleasurable to me….

“Are… are you serious, Sam?” she asks dubiously. I look back and nod.

“Hmm…” she pauses for a second. “We must try it first. I still think it’s a bad idea…”

“What shoes are you going to wear?” I ask happily. She notices my feelings about the idea. She’s so keen when it comes to understanding people’s feelings….

“Which ones do you want me to wear?” she asks, smiling.

“Your favorite black converse shoes?” I ask hopefully.

“Haha… okay.” She says, walking towards her backpack where she threw her shoes and almost killed me. Having Grabbed them, she walks towards me on the desk.

“Should I wear socks too?” she asks. I love her so much.

“No!” I reply loudly. She is giggling now.

“What if you suffocate in there Sam?” she asks, embarrassed. Her cheeks are a bit red. Could it be that she enjoys our little adventures too? She definitely enjoyed it when I was under her bare feet….

“Don’t tie your shoe too tightly. There must be enough space for some air to come in…” I tell her, it’s hard to believe what we’re talking about… I feel butterflies in my stomach, and little Sam is already tingling at the thought.

“Wow, you’ve really been thinking about this, haven’t you?” she asks naughtily. I must keep a straight face.

“I have experience in confinement at this size, that’s all!” I say, looking at the backpack.

“Okay, let’s try your new confinement, then.” She says, giggling. She seems very happy… I let her grab me this time, and then she bends down. I can see her left converse on the ground, and through its opening, the grey shoe sole is visible. I feel my heart beating faster as she lowers me more and more towards the shoe. She finally puts me in it, on the soft insole. I look around like a kid in candy store.

The inside of her shoe is lit enough for me to see. Frankly, it smells more like plastic that foot odor. I thought the smell would be stronger… I can see the dim toe section a couple of feet away. It’s hard to believe I’m actually inside Ashley’s shoe!

I look up to see her smiling face above me. “So?” she asks.

“I’m going to lie down in the toes section. Slide your foot in slowly!” I yell out. She nods. Good, now to the toe section!

I have to crouch down near the end so my head won’t hit the ceiling, or whatever this thing above me inside her shoe is called. It’s a nice change, having to crouch so your head won’t hit something. Even if it is inside a petite girl’s converse!

Okay, I’m almost at the end of it now, I’d better lie down here… okay, it’s nice and cozy here. The insole is soft, but slightly uneven in the toe section, where I’m lying on my back. I think it must be because of Ash’s toes, they’ve dented the insole, sweet!

The inside of her shoe suddenly goes dark, and I look at my left to see the reason… oh, I can see Ash’s toes. They’re making their way towards me, and… I… my heart is beating so fast now… am I getting claustrophobic? But I don’t have that…. Her toes gently poke me in the side, and she raises them so they go over me. I... I feel her toes above me know… her big toe is right on my face and chest… and her middle toe is on my penis, there’s a little pressure in me, but nothing I can’t handle… it’s already getting damp here, and I can feel myself sweating. My heart is beating so fast, but it’s not because of fear… it’s excitement!

My penis is already hard against her toe, I begin kissing her big toe passionately. I hear a muffled giggle.

“I guess you’re okay in there, Sam?” Ash asks.

I pause for a second to see if she’s going to say anything else, then I stick out my tongue as much as possible, and begin licking the slightly salty flesh of her toe, right beneath the joint. The giggles get louder.

“Gosh, you must be having the time of your life, huh Sammy?” Ash asks. I feel the pressure increasing, she must’ve stood up. Suddenly, the pressure of her toes are lifted off me, and we go up. She must be taking a step, I feel the sole of Ashley’s left shoe hit the floor, and my back hitting her insole immediately after that, and her toes pressing me hard after that. The pressure is more than before, but I’m floating in odor and moisture and pleasure.

I’m wiggling pleasurably in Ashley’s shoe, pinned under her pretty toes. The… the pleasure is beyond anything I’ve ever felt… it’s beyond imagination! The moisture and sweat, both from me and Ash’s toes, mix and make my pleasurable wiggles easier. I’m waiting in anticipation for her to take another step, but nothing happens.

“Sam, are you okay? Why are you moving so much?” the muffled voice asks again.

I doubt she’d hear me now, so I lick the side of her big toe again. She must’ve felt it.

“Bite my toe if you need to come out, okay?” she says. Smart girl, I love you Ashley. I kiss her toe frantically. I’m hearing laughter now.

“Okay, here we go Sam!” We’re going up again, I’d better slide myself closer to her foot so I’ll be right under the joints of her toes, in the gap between the tip of her toes and her sole… okay, she’s putting her foot down now, just a bit to the left… and… yes! I’m cuddled by her sexy little toes now! She seems hesitant to take the next step, I’d start licking her big toe again… there we go… I keep licking and kissing and worshipping the toes of the love of my life… I’ve never felt safer before, right here, beneath her feet….


We’ve fallen into a rhythm now. My erection exploded with the fourth or fifth step she took. The pressure and moisture is making it a bit now, but I’m getting enough air mixed with her slight foot odor here. I don’t mind inhaling it though.

We’ve been on the move for about 20 minutes now, I think. I didn’t get dizzy, the only problem I’d anticipated, which is a good thing. I don’t have any good memories from the last time I barfed in a dark place.

Our sweat is mixed, and I’ve become a fixed part of her insole now. MY clothes are sticking to the insole, and Ashley’s firm steps press me into it a bit more each time. I’ve licked her big toe so much it practically squeaks now! I’m going to reposition the next time she takes a step, but she’s been motionless. I can hear a lot of footsteps and the roar of an engine, she must be on the bus.

The constant, reassuring pressure of her toes, especially her big toe that is resting on my face, is still every bit as enjoyable. I plant another kiss on her big toe. Her toes clench inside the shoe, and hug me. She’s been doing that every time I kiss her now that we’re on the bus. I inhale the damp air with force, trying to curb my excitement. Good thing my pants are made of wool, good absorbers….

Wow, she just raised her foot again, but not like when she takes a step. This time we’re going sideways? The world suddenly shifts, and I find myself sliding down on her sweaty toes. My feet just hit the side of her shoe, is… is she crossing her legs?

I kiss the toe next to her big toe to show that I’m okay. I can hear a whisper, coming from… just outside the shoe?

“Sam, you there?” What the fuck? Where else can I be?

I lick the same toe, massaging it as hard as I can with my tongue and face. This one tastes saltier… and sour! Sweet…

“Okay, okay. I feel stupid, talking to my shoe…” I free a hand and hug her toe. Her foot is not on me anymore, and I can move my limbs a little.

“Sam, Julia just texted me. She said Suzanne will be there too.”

It takes me a second to snap out of my euphoric state. Suzanne? The best friend and second in command of Tina? OH SHIT!

We’re almost there now… what should I do? I kiss her toe hesitantly.


I kiss it with more force, practically smooching the warm flesh.

“Okay.” Ashley says again, before putting her foot and me down.

I’m lying here, in the dark, under my love’s toes… but I’m not enjoying them anymore. What if Suzanne catches me? Is Tina holding a grudge against me after a year?

I don’t know. But I don’t think telling Julia about me is an option anymore, at least not in front of Suzanne.

Damn it, when will we arrive? I need to speak with Ashley….


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Chapter 9 - Check by Samius
Author's Notes:

The more the merrier!


Ding dong.

I hear the door turn on its hinges, and Ash and Julia start greeting each other noisily, as if one of them was back from her third consecutive tour in Fallujah.

Okay, we’re finally moving again. I can hear the bottom of Ashley’s converses hitting the wooden floor; after all, I’m lying in her shoe and under her left foot. I can feel my clothes sticking to my skin thanks to the mixture of our sweat, as well as other bodily fluids….

My body’s sore and my muscles ache. I never really could stop tensing my muscles whenever Ashley’s toes landed on me after each step. I could tell that she was careful not to put too much of her weight on her arches. The poor, sweet girl practically limped half the way, just as soon as I relocated beneath her toes.

I’m sure I’d have more sympathy for her under better circumstances, but frankly the magic was lost after the first 15 minutes, or the third involuntary ejaculation beneath her toes. They coincided. Maybe if I could think of a better…. UGHHHHHH!

Oh… what the hell was that? Oh shit, not again, no… no… UUUUUUUUUUUH… Why is she pressing her toes so firmly all of a sudden? My stomach hurts from the hit it got from one of Ash’s toes, it is… UGHHH… are… are we going up the stairs?

I’m gonna puke in here if she keeps it up, I'm gonna  bite her….

I go for biting the inside flesh of her big toe the next time it lands flat on my face, but she raises her foot as soon as my teeth hit her skin. She’s climbing another step, oh God here it comes again… UGHHH.

This time I bite her as hard as I can. I hear a shout from a mile above, and the world, which is Ashley’s left shoe for me at the moment, shakes violently.

“What’s wrong, Ash?” I hear Julia’s muffled voice from up there.

“What? Oh, it’s nothing. Let’s go.” Ashley replies, raising her foot and me beneath it up again, but this time her toes rest lightly on my tensed body. I let the air out of my lungs hesitantly. Glad I didn’t puke. In my experience, barfing in confined spaces is the worst that can happen. Well, that is, if the giant foot doesn’t squish you like an ant.

 I hear another door open. Sweet merciful God, it’s finally over, I’m finally fre…..

“Hi Ash, come sit here! We were about to play a board game.” The devil beckons from pits of hell. Well, a ginger devil, whose name is Suzanne. Which is, interestingly, quite similar to Satan. Coincidence? I think not.

“Hey Suzie, sure!” Ashley replies with the same charming tone she’s been using ever since she entered Julia’s house. I’m willing to bet on my life that if ‘Suzie’ was not in the room, she would be the first topic of their gossip. That’s how girls are, my young friends.

The world turns 90 degrees, just like when we were on the bus. Thankfully, my feet are towards the bottom and not the other way around. I stand on my feet, with Ashley’s sole in front of me like a soft wall. Her toes are now to my left, and I have to put my hands on top of her foot to support myself.

The girls have started chatting again. It seems that Ash has forgotten all about me. I can really use some air here.  I wish she would take off her shoes so I could breathe fresh air a little. I can easily hide from Suzanne in her converse. I’d better get her attention. Let me tap on her sole… nothing. Maybe she doesn’t feel my taps? I punch her sole lightly, but all I get in response is her toes wiggling to my left.

Suit yourself.

I tickle her sole as hard as I can with both hands, she moves her bare foot inside the shoe. I can hear her laughter… I tickle her even harder… okay now the shakes are getting too violent… I’d better stop… before she knocks me... OUCH!

She hit me right in the nose! With her sole! Dafuq?

I‘d better hold on to her foot before I lose my balance; it’d be hell, falling down towards her heel. I put my hands on top of her foot. I feel dizzy from the hit, and the dark, shifting place I’m in has really disoriented me. The muffled voices of the giantesses continue in my head without me making much sense of them.... Ash's foot odor is stronger now that I'm pressing my face against her moist, wamr sole… I… I’m not really feeling so well….

I lean on her foot; practically hanging from it. My hands are on top of it as if I’m giving it an awkward hug. I try to find the a foot hold inside the shoe, but there seems to be a curve down there. I fumble around with my feet, still using my hands for support. All the while, my face is pressed against her bare sole. Not really the best…

I suddenly feel like I’m pulled back by something. Blinding light rushes in, and I feel the fresh, cool air on my face. The chatter from the outside has stopped, and the silence is also another welcome change.

I open my eyes slowly to see where she’s put her shoes but… Ashley’s foot again? But… where is her shoe? I notice the distant floor below, with weird colors and pictures... my hands are instinctually holding on to her foot as I notice my position; I'm still clining to her sole.

I look to the right, where I sensed movement. My heart starts beating in my ears. Julia’s right hand is up in the air, holding a plastic cone between the index and the thumb. Her eyes are staring right at me.

I swallow my saliva, the sound my throat makes is the only thing audible in the silence. I look back, still hanging from Ashley’s foot, just to see Suzanne’s frozen features. Her mouth is half open, and her green eyes are fixed right on me. Her eyebrows are raised so high I can’t see them among her hair. The entire ordeal must've lasted a second or two, but it is in slow motion.

A pair of dice falls from her hands and fall down on the cardboard surface with two consecutive bangs.

My frozen brain lets out a not very constructive thought: HO-LY SHIT!

“Holy shit!” Suzanne says under her breath.

At least we finally agree on something.

My trembling hands let go of Ashley’s foot, I slide off her sole and fall down the short distance to the wooden ground, with three pairs of eyes following my fall.

I close my eyes. The fall wasn’t that high, but I’m suffering from another kind of hit. Please God, let me see Ashley’s room when I open my eyes. Oh Jesus, please, please, please….

I open my eyes, and Suzanne’s face above me is the first thing I see. So much for miracles.

“Is… is that Sam?” Suzanne asks, looking at somebody to my left. I turn my head towards that direction, still lying on the floor on my back.

Ashley’s face looks pale. She’s looking at Suzanne blankly, clearly she doesn’t know what to say. I don’t think she knew I was holding on to her foot.

Julia’s face appears in my view out of nowhere, okay too close now… too close…. Her nose is resting on my chest now, and the crappy nose job isn’t helping either.

“Oh my gosh! It IS Sam!” She shouts excitingly. My ear drums are about to be torn apart. I sit up impulsively. Lying on your back with a nose poking you just seems… too exposed….

I’d better get on my feet. I stand up unsteadily. The world is spinning, and my ears are ringing. I shake my head to clear my vision.

“Oh my God, it says it’s not him.” Suzanne says stupidly. Wow, ‘it’ says?

“Guys, it is Sam.” Ashley finally says in a morbid tone. Well, I guess there’s no point in trying to hide it now. At least I’m not naked this time.

“But he’s so small!” Julia exclaims. No shit, Einstein!

“It… there was an accident.” Ash explains. “Sam… somehow... there was a sort of accident. He then asked me for help.” Ash says in a slightly trembling voice.

Strange, for some reason Ashley left out the part about the chemistry class and Ms. Wundt. I think she doesn’t trust Suzanne either, smart girl!

“But he was IN YOUR SHOE!” Suzanne says heartily. What’s she so excited about?

“Umm… We had no other way to hide him…” Ash replies uncomfortably. Her cheeks go red a little.

“Can it talk?” Julia asks curiously, looking down at me. The three girls are sitting cross legged on the floor, around a cardboard square that seems to be a game of some sorts. And I’m right in the middle of the three.

“Of course I can talk!” I snap at her.

“OKAY! I guess it is really you, huh?” Julia says, looking askance at me from up there. The look gives me shivers.

“What are we going to do with him now?” Suzanne asks, excited. She is staring at me like a cat who’s found a mouse while saying so.

So she thinks I’m some toy Ash has brought along for them to play with? I might be a couple of inches tall, but I’m gonna show this little bitch….

“YOU are NOT going to do anything to him, Suzanne.” Ashley’s voice booms from above. “And YOU aren’t going to tell ANYONE about him, if you know what's best for you!

OH MY GOD I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH! I’d totally kiss her if any part of her except for her feet were within my reach.

“Okay, I… I think we’d better keep playing….” Julia says uneasily. Clearly, she’s understood that Ashley doesn’t want to involve Suzanne anymore. Well, I guess she’s not that bad.

I look at Suzanne, her white face is red now and for the first time since I got out, she’s not looking at me. She’s staring at Ashley, and Ash is staring right back at her. Wow!

Normally, I’d welcome a chick fight, but not when I’m in the position that might get me stomped.

Suzanne finally looks down at me again.

“Well, I guess it was your turn Julia.” She says slowly while staring down at me. She picks up the pair of dice which is lying next to me. I can feel her desire to snatch me, but her hand doesn’t get anywhere closer. She knows she’s the minority here.

I look back at Ash again just in time to catch her looking at Julia. They both know, as well as I do, that Tina and God knows who else will find out about me the second Suzanne sets foot outside the house.

Julia picks up her plastic cone again. “Does… does Sam want to play too?” she asks Ashley in as normal a tone as she can, as if this is nothing but a casual weekly gathering.

“No, I’m fine.” I reply back loudly.

“Oh… okay….” She says, embarrassed. She smiles at me while tossing the dice on the board, a good 3 inches away from me. I step back and approach Ashley. I look up. She’s looking down at me. Her face is still a little red with anger. She is looking at me, but I doubt she is seeing me. She is distracted.

There’s nothing but the sound of Julia’s plastic cone getting dragged on the cardboard square. I look down, it looks like a picture of a jungle or something, with a castle in the top left corner.

“It’s your turn, Ash.” Julia declares.

Ashley reaches for her plastic cone.

“You know what! Sam can be your game piece!” Oh great, Suzanne has decided to open her mouth yet again. I swear, it’s like she and Tina intentionally try to be annoying.

“I told you, Sam….”

“It’s okay, Ash.” I interrupt her, approaching her hand that’s holding the dice.” I’ll gladly be your game piece.” I continue, kissing her hand.

I can see that Julia has a faint smile, whether out of disgust or interest I cannot tell from down here, and Suzanne looks a bit dim. I guess she didn’t expect me to react like this. Haha, I’ve changed  ‘Suzie’…. Umm… I mean, my personality has….

Ashley’s tender fingertip brushes my cheek. Suzanne’s green eyes get even wider. I guess she expected a more defensive, more distanced Sam whom she can humiliate easily. or maybe it is the weirdness of it all.

Well, screw her. I walk to Ash’s plastic cone, and she picks it up and puts it aside. I stand on a circle with a big black 13 on it.

“Not a lucky number.” Suzanne says, smiling. She then picks up the dice.




Who the FUCK plays board games anymore? I mean seriously! When was the last time you played a board game? Couldn’t they play on their iPads or something?

Anyway… Suzanne’s red cone has been on my ass for the last ten minutes or so. Ashley seems distracted and has been on a streak of fuck-ups for the past 5 turns, and Julia’s yellow game piece is like 50 squares ahead of me. I never thought I'd be jealous of a piece of plastic so much. Well, time to move three squares forward. Here we go... there! I land my bare foot on the eye of a corocodile or lizar or whatever.

“Aha! You have to go 10 squares back!” Suzanne says, completely oblivious to the quiet atmosphere of the room and the fact that I'm small enough to be compared to a game piece. She must the only one enjoying this stupid game. I sigh before turning back to walk closer to her game piece. I hate this side of the board, it’s too close to Suzanne and her shadow is over me all the time.

She rolls the dice and tosses it on cardboard. It’s a total of 5.

Julia is eyeing Ashley, and she raised her head to look at her. Suzanne picks up her piece and moves it 5 squares forward. Oh, her hand is right above me now… and it’s coming down hard! SHIT!

I jump to my right towards Ashley, and Suzanne puts down her piece with such a force that all the other pieces – me included – shake unsteadily. A yellow cone is knocked down by the force of her hand. She has a grin on.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ashley snaps at her harshly. Julia’s also staring at her now. Oh my beautiful guardian angels! (I have to ignore Julia's nose for this part.)

Suzanne looks at them quietly, then suddenly stands up. Her feet are on either side of me and her pink socks do little to make them feel less frightening. She looks down at me, smiling. I look up, she looks like a skyscraper compared to me and her head is in the sky.

Suddenly, I feel Ashley’s grip around me. I know it’s her, her aroma precedes her, and her touch is the most familiar feeling I know. I feel myself going up, Suzanne’s feet get smaller and smaller until I’m at eye level with her.

“I guess you’ll be going?” Ashley asks, or order? I never knew she could be this serious, and admittedly a little bit frightening ….

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going.” She says, looking at me with her naughty eyes. “I’ll see you soon.”

She exits the room, followed by Julia.

Ashley sits on Julia’s bed, still holding me in her hand.

“Sam, what the hell were you doing? Why were you hanging from my foot?” She asks quickly.

“I was feeling dizzy, Ash….” I tried to explain.

“You were suppsoed to stay in my shoe, hidden from others. Didn't you hear Suzanne's voice? What are we going to do if she tells other people?” She continues, she sounds worried now.


“What if she calls the cops? Or the principle!”

“Ashley relax….”

“What if they take you away from me?” she finally says, looking at me with her blue eyes.

There’s tear in them.

I hug her thumb, kissing it.

“They gonna have to do way more than that to separate me from you.” I tell her. She gets me closer to her, and kisses me with her full lips. A tear makes its way on her soft skin and reaches my head while she does it, and I can taste the salty love in my mouth.

I kiss her lips, not sure if she’s felt it but… No, she has felt it. She kissed me again, and I her. I wish I could hold her in my arms….

The door opens, and Ashley lowers me a bit so she can look at her friend, Julia, who’s staring at us while standing in the doorway.

“You wanna tell me what the hell happened to him, Ash?” she asks, closing the door behind her.






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Chapter 10 - Reaching Out by Samius
Author's Notes:

I'm back already!  B-)




“Sam managed to somehow shrink himself in Ms. Wundt’s class.” Ashley tells Julia while still holding me in her hand. "We don't know how."

“Hey, is that my fault now?” I object. This is so unfair!

“What, did someone else did it to you?” Ash asks, now looking at me in her hand.

“Umm… no.” I reply hesitantly. I think she might have a point there.

“So, try to take responsibility for your action.” She continues calmly but grimly, like a mom teaching her child. Her hand tightens around me and she squeezes me to assert herself as she says it. If I didn’t know her so well, I’d probably get worried because of her sheer power over me. But she’d never hurt me, at least not intentionally….

“He might be right, Ash.” Julia says, crossing the room towards us. “I don’t think a chemical compound with an effect like that can be made by a below average student in a school lab.”

At last! Someone who understa… wait, did she say below average?

“I’m not below average, I’m average.” I declare, tensing my muscles in preparation for another squeeze.

“Hmm, you’re right.” Ashley says, completely ignoring my remark. “To be honest, I didn’t know that such a thing was even possible.”

“And you’re the top student!” Julia replies, stressing on ‘top.’

She then sits down on the bed, besides Ashley. I notice her stare, and I look up. Her hazel eyes are curiously studying me. I feel embarrassed to tell the truth, it’s not like Ashley’s stare. I sense pure curiosity, nothing more.

“Can I hold him?” Julia asks, now looking at Ash.

I suddenly feel the urge to interfere. I’m sick of others thinking of me as a thing, like I’m Ashley’s property.

“Umm, I’m still a person, you know!” I tell her loudly to get her attention, but… what teh fuck? She’s just smiling at me. Bitch!

“He’s right, Julie. You need to ask him, not me.” Ashley replies. I’m so glad she was the one who walked into the classroom that day. God knows how I would have been treated by one of these savages.

Julia is not saying a word now. She’s just staring at me, and you know what, I’m gonna stare right back until she asks me nicely.

“Sam, can I hold you in my hand a little?” She asks, still smiling as if talking to a baby.

“I’ll think about it.” I reply, smiling back before my perfect smile is squeezed out of me. Ouch!

“Come on Sam, don’t be an ass. She asked nicely!” Ashley objects. I can feel her stretching her hand and me in it towards Julia’s upward palm. I thought we agreed I was a person….

“Hey, hold on a minu…” I’m about to say before being dropped onto Julia’s palm. I hit the soft, slightly moist flesh on my side. Before I get the chance to collect myself, Julia’s fingers close on me and loosely engulf me. I’m trying to ignore my beating heart and the instinct to struggle against her fingers. I don’t want to give her any ideas by showing my involuntary fear.

“Wow!” I hear her say on the other side of the wall of flesh that has surrounded me. “He really is small!” She continues as she opens her fingers.

I’m right in front of her face now, and from here I can see her features in great details. Her hazel eyes are smaller than Ashley’s, and her lips are wider. Julia’s skin tone is whiter though, I’d say just a bit darker than Suzanne’s. She usually leaves her auburn hair down to cover her brow, but now she’s tied it in a pony tail.

She is still staring at me, and her disgusting smile is still there. Great. I’d better look around casually so she knows I’m not worried or anything.

“And he’s so light!” Julia suddenly says. I’m being held so close to her mouth that her warm breath hits me right in the face. I’m trying to keep myself from clenching my face, she might think it… WHOA… she’s… WHOAAA….

“Stop it, Julie!” I hear Ashley midair. I land on Julia’s palm again.

“Relax, I just want to see how much he weights!” Julia assures her.

“What if you drop him to the floor? You need to be extra careful around him.” Ash continues. Her tone is not as harsh this time.

“Since when do you care so much about him?” Julia asks Ash. I guess she’s forgotten again that there’s a third person in the room. I’d better remind her.

“I hid in her backpack.” I say loudly. She shifts her look to me, at least her smile’s gone.

“Oh!” She nods slowly. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Ash?” She continues interestedly.

“He didn’t show himself to me until later that night. He just hid there through lunch and the afternoon class.” Ashley replies apologetically.

“Through lunch, you say?” Julia says, frowning. She suddenly falls silent and looks down at me again. Yep, she’s still looking at me, thinking. At least that’s how it looks. Yeaaah. Okay… getting awkward now. Why is she looking at me like that?

“So, Julie. We need to contact Ms. Wundt to see if she can help us.” Ashley says. Thank god, Julia has finally stopped being awkward.

“What? Oh yeah, sure.” Julia says, stretching her hand and me towards Ashley. “Let me give you her email address.”

Ashley’s small, well at least small to a normal person, palm is waiting for me down there. I stand up and jump off onto her hand before Julia decides to drop me like the change after buying a soda. Soft landing!

“Email address?” Ash repeats. “Don’t you have her number?”

“What? No! She doesn’t give her phone number to anybody from the triple H.”

Julia walks towards her laptop and presses a button. A blue screen comes up. She begins clicking the mouse.

Ashley slowly lowers her hand and rests it on her lap. I look up. Her face is above me, and she smiles as soon as she sees me looking at her. I smile back, the warmest smile I can make. I jump on her soft lap. Wow, very soft! I mean, wow! I sit down and lean against her even softer belly. She raises her hand and puts it besides me on her lap, and rests her thumb on me. Are we… Oh my God, we’re cuddling! :3

So I’ve been sitting here for a couple of minutes now. Ashley’s warm body has got me sleepy, and the reassuring weight of her thumb on my lap has really made our cuddling cozy. I lean my head against her warm, soft belly that hugs my tired body from the ride earlier, and I rest my hand on her black-colored nail. I can hear her belly making small, deep noises. Her smell surrounds me….



“Still nothing?” I hear, my eyes closed. I half open an eye. I can see Julia sitting at her desk, in front of her laptop. I clear my throat. A giant thumb comes up into my blurry view and lightly strokes my face and chest. The soft, tender touch makes me close my eye again. A familiar, reassuring heaviness is back on my lap. I close my eye. I’m in no rush to leave this place right n….



 “No way!” the disturbing voice comes back poking again. I feel like I’m collapsing. I’d better pull myself up and sit straight. I open my eyes.

“You guys are back together? But he’s….” It’s Julia’s annoying voice. Figures.

“What’s going on?” I try to say, but it sounds like I’m mumbling. "I…I…yaaaaaaaaawn." I clear my throat.

“What’s going on, guys?” I say, this time louder. “Did Wundt answer?”

“No, Sam.” A voice from above says. “She’s not answering.”

“How long was I asleep?” I ask. My neck hurts. Wish I had some coffee.

“About half an hour.” Ashley says. Well, it was time well spent.

“What were you guys talking about?” I again ask.

“Ash said you guys are back together.” Julia says from across the room. “How’s that even possible?”

I feel a shadow falling over me, and sense Ashley’s gaze. Okay Sam, let’s not fuck this up.

“I apologized to her, and told her how much I love her.” I reply clearly, uttering each word carefully so as not to mess them up.

“But, you’re so small. How does that even work?” Julia persists.

I hear a sound coming from above, Ash want’s to say something. Quick Sam. This one’s your game.

“I still have feelings and I love her. The… the rest is not really important.”

“You sure this is Sam? He sounds more like Kyle when he’s around Tina.” Julia jokes. Wow wait, she meant it seriously?

“He’s nothing like before, Julia.” Ashley says, her thumb is back next to me. I kiss its tip. “he’s very nice to me.”

Julia is staring at me, then at Ash. Then she decides to let her ravaging voice loose again.

“You sure he really means it” She says, looking at Ash. "He may be tricking you."

“Excuse me?” Ashley says sharply.

“I mean, what if he’s pretending so….” She continues.

This is too much.

“If you’ve got something to say, say it to my face Julia.” I say loudly at her, standing up. I’m not letting her come between us, not after all I’ve been through. She’s taking a deep breath. I can feel my face heating up.

“Okay, Sam. What I mean is what if you’re abusing her feelings to make sure somebody will take care of you until you’re normal again?” She says with a straight face, looking right at me on Ashley’s lap.

“What?” I say. I feel dumb. I don’t feel the anger anymore, I… I’m speechless!

“It’s not like that, Julie.” Ash says slowly from above. Is she sad?

“I’m sorry, Ash. But I still remember how devastated you were when you guys were together and even after that.”

Silence. I don’t know what to say, and apparently, neither does Ash.

Julia comes towards us and sits next to Ashley, hugging her. All I can see are hands and thighs now. I look up, the chins that I’m seeing from here don’t give away much of an impression either....

Okay, they’ve stopped hugging now, and Julia’s face is visible to me. She looks down at me, and then back at Ash.

“Look, guys. I don’t want to break you up or anything, I just don’t want to see you hurt.” She looked directly at Ash when she said the last sentence.

“I know Julie. But Sam really is different now, trust me.” Ashley says. She looks down at me with her innocent, blue eyes, as if convincing herself. I hate myself.

“She’s right, and nothing is gonna change once I’m back to normal.” I reply. The blue screen attracts my attention again. “If I ever get back to normal.” I finish. An ominous silence is dominating the room now. Damn it.

“She must be busy at the moment. I’ll let you guys know as soon as she replies. You can email her from your own computer too.” Julia says, looking at us.

“Okay, thanks Julie. I guess we’d better go now?” Ashley says, looking down at me.

“Sure, let’s go.” 

Ashley’s hand grabs me, and I hold on to it as she lifts me off her lap, and then to her left where she puts me on Julia’s soft blanket. She then stands up to walk towards her shoes in the corner.

I didn’t get a good glimpse of her face, but she sounds sad. Julia has really messed... oh wait... Ash’s looking at me from across the room now. And now, she’s looking at her shoes? Oh.

“Just put me in your pocket.” I shout at her. Yeah, she is nodding. She’s sitting down next to her converses now.

I know Julia means well, for Ashley at least. And that’s probably why I’m not that mad at her. I just hope, oh. A shadow is over me again, I look up. It’s Julia. She’s bsitting down next tome, bending over… and now her face is just a couple of inches away from me. What now?

I look up helplessly.

“I know what you did to my foot in the cafeteria, Sam.” She says under her breath. I look at Ash's back as she ties her shoe.

I look up, trying to muster up whatever strength I have in me.

“What do you mean?” I tell her. It’s so damn difficult to look into her eyes.

“I mean you fucking humped my foot when nobody was looking. I thought it was a bug, but it was you, wasn’t it?”

Good, she has no proof. “It was the bug, Julia. There are better places for a guy to hump.”

“Yeah, unless the guy has a foot fetish, like you do.” She replies in her low voice. I feel cold. “And bugs don’t smell like semen.” She says, sitting up straight. I know I’m pale as a ghost right now, and I know she knows the truth. She is looking down at me and on me, with disgust. I turn my head to look at Ash. 

 She’s stood up.

“What are you guys talking about?” She asks innocently. Her large, blue eyes jumping between us curiously.

“Oh nothing. I was just telling Sam what will happen if he makes my best friend upset.” She says cheerfully, standing up. “And that girls tell each other everything, so he’d better behave himself!”

Ashley smiles too, I guess she thinks that Julia is joking. I don’t blame her, Julia’s too good at pretending.

“Haha, yeah. Seriously though, he’s been very nice. So quit teasing him!” She says smiling. “Okay, hop on mister. We’re going home.”

I jump onto her open hand, and use her now closed fists as support. I’m sticking out of her fist from chest up, and my hands are free. I wish I could avoid Julia, but she is approaching us. She’s giving Ash a hug. Now her giant index finger is coming my way, and I can’t avoid that any more than I can avoid her. Her giant finger taps me on my head twice, rather firmly, then she winks at me from up there.

“See you guys soon!”




The sun is about to set, and the streets are crowded. Ashley has put me in her pocket, and I’ve only thanked god 5 time’s that she didn’t decide to wear her tight jeans today.

The pocket isn’t that bad. Her linen pants loosely fit her, and except for the coming and going of her surprisingly strong thigh muscles, I’m mostly left in peace. There isn’t enough space for me to sit though, so I just stand up, holding on to the fabric for support. I’ve been like this for a couple of minutes now.

I’ve been thinking about what Julia said about me taking advantage of Ash, you know. I wish I could dismiss her just as I would if the shrinking accident hadn’t happened, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if she’s right. Is Ash nothing more than a shelter to me? I must admit we’d never have got close again if I hadn’t shrunk. Maybe that’s the reason?

Damn it, everything used to be so straight out and simple before. Now I keep thinking, and questioning myself and everything I do. It’s like it’s not just me that’s shrunk. The world has got much bigger too….

Ashley’s tender fingers fumble inside her pocket. It’s not that big, and they soon find me. She carefully cups her hand so I’m resting in it, then she proceeds to take her hand and me out of her pocket.

“Ash….” Oh Ash, what should I say to you?

“Sam, I just want you to know that I trust you, and I know that what Julia said isn’t true.” She says. The city lights are shining in her eyes.

She’s so much better than me at this.

“I meant everything I’ve said to you so far. I do love you.” I tell her, my gaze jumps from one eye to the other, not sure which one is more beautiful. Wish I could focus on both of them, never missing a move they make.

She takes me closer, and then we kiss, and then we kiss again, and then I lose all doubt, and instead, I feel such feelings that I honestly don’t know how to describe to you.



So Ash has decided to take a taxi home, because sitting down with me in her pocket would be problematic. She wouldn’t be able to hold me in her hands either, because the buses are very crowded this time of evening. But in the back seat of a taxi, this wouldn’t be a problem.

We’re still in the back alley where she took me out to talk. The sky is dark now, and she’s making her way towards the main street where she can hail a cab.

“Sam,” She says, breaking the rhythm of her footsteps on asphalt, “Do you remember the chemicals that you used in class?”

“Not really, I wasn’t paying any attention to what Wundt was saying.” I reply. “And then she pressured me so much that I just mixed some stuff to get her off my ass.”

“Hahaha.” She laughs abruptly. What did I say?

“I guess now you understand why you should always pay attention to what your teacher says.” She says.

“Well, I thought the worst that could happen is a bad mark, not… this!”

Now we’re both laughing…. But, she stops all of a sudden. I shut my mouth and look up at her, worried.

“What’s wrong, Ash?” I curiously ask. She’s holding me at waist level, and my view of the dim alley is limited. Suddenly, I can distinguish a figure walking towards us.

“Did he see you?” Ash asks softly, she sounds worried.

“Nah, I don’t think so. He’s pretty far off.” I reply in a low voice, hoping that she’s heard me.  The figure is getting closer now, and… he just stepped into the light of one of the far apart lamps in the alley. A normal looking guy in jeans and t-shirt.

“Ash, keep to the right side wall of the alley, he won’t see me there.” I tell her. She’s holding me in her right hand, so the view of me will be blocked by her body. Besides, it’s not that well lit here.

Ashley keeps quite but sticks to the brick wall that forms the southern side of what appears to be an office building. There are old dumpsters here and there, and the ground is littered with all sorts of trash. I want to see if the other guy has noticed anything strange, but Ashley’s body is in my vi….

“Hey there.” A masculine voice says.

Ashley keeps walking, ignoring the man. Ok, smart move Ash. She is still keeping next to the wall, so I don’t see anything besides her hip. What the fuck does he want?

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” The voice insists, “What do you have in your hand?”

We stop, right next to two huge, ugly dumpsters that are in the dark narrow space between two buildings. Ashley quickly puts me on the metal surface of the first one, her motion is covered by her body. I run my way through the trash towards the end, where it’s shadowed by the skeleton of what apparently used to be a garbage chute.

“Nothing.” Ashley replies, showing her hand as proof. I finally get the chance to look at the guy. He’s… he’s not that older than me!

“Okay, ah… okay… then you must keep your money in your pockets, huh?” The guy asks. He looks nervous, he keeps looking left and right. I also look right, my view of the left side is blocked by the wall of the old office building. There’s no one there.

“What?” Ash asks, her voice is faltering.

“The money, damn it! Give me your money… or… or I’ll hurt you!”

I can feel my face heating up. This skinny pussy wants to rob us? He doesn’t even have a knife!

I can see Ash’s left hand going to the back of her pants. It’s… it’s shaking….

“O…Okay, just… let me…” Ash’s mumbling, I think she’s about to cry.

“Hurry up!” The asshole snaps at her, and I see Ash’s shaking hand fumbling for her money.

“Okay…” She begins to cry. I lose it.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT, MOTHERFUCKER?” I shout with all the anger, all the force that I have in me. I’m shaking and my body has heated up and I’m itching to throw a punch at the punk. My voice echoes in the empty narrow space and the alley, and a pale face appears from behind Ashley’s body.

He’s not even 18, THE MOTHERFUCKER! I kick the empty tin of sardines next to me as hard as I can. It jumps about half a foot forward and then falls down on the asphalt, in front of the dumpster, with a hollow bang. The guy’s eyes widen, and he begins to run.



“Oh my God…” Ash says with her trembling voice. “Sam…”

“Let’s get outta here, Ash.” I tell her, barely containing myself. She picks me up, and starts running towards the main street.


End Notes:

Them feels man :'(

Chapter 11 - Hot and Heavy by Samius
Author's Notes:






I look up at Ashley again, and… oh, here we are! This time she’s looking back. She’s been gazing out the taxi’s window, and then at me, and then out the taxi’s window again, ever since she hailed the cab. It seems as if she’s wondering about something, or making a decision. She must still be shaken from the mugging. She’s finally loosen up, though. I smile at her, she still seems a bit occupied. I give her two thumbs up. Hmm… I’d better nod too….

Her tight lips loosen up to form a smile, which gets wider as soon as I start to nod. She lets out a giggle. I’m sitting in her loose fist which is resting on her lap. The sound of her laughter soon stops and her head goes up, looking straight forward in embarrassment.

She is looking at me again, her face is a bit red and her lips are tightly pressed together. She looks at me, then points to the driver who is in the front seat. Is she about to laugh again? Oh! The guy must think she’s a looney, laughing with herself in the back seat!

I point at her pocket, then hold my hand next to my ear, gesturing a phone. Her eyes widen, and she looks impressed! I told Julia and her I’m not below average! Wish I could point it out aloud.

Her left hand reaches for her pocket as her right hand fingers embrace me, she squeezes me gently in her hand. I think she’s giving me a hug. She pretends to be checking her text messages, as we both start to laugh and make gestures at eachother like idiots….




We’re in her room again, and I’m taking off my gnome clothes. The fresh evening air feels good on my bare chest, and if only I… can get this… umph… how did she tie such a tight knot? I don’t think I can untie this belt myself. I feel like a chick opening a jar…. Oh what the hell….

“Umm, Ash… a little help here please?” I ask her. She’s behind her closet door, and all I can see are her ankles. Those tender, slender ankles… mmmm….

“Just wait a second, Sam.” She calls out from behind the wooden closet door. A hand waves at me as she utters the words, then disappears again.

Okay, it’s hopeless, I have to wait for her to help me out. Oh yea the taxi! She held me tighter than usual in the car, which was nice given the raging boner it gave me the entire time. I very much would prefer a SWEET JESUS MOTHER OF GOD!! 

“Hey Sam!” Ashley says seductively, appearing in view. HOLY SHIT!  She’s wearing a pale blue nightgown that leaves little to imagination, her hair is open and touches her shoulders playfully, and her pink, full lips have formed a warm smile. She takes a step towards me, very, very slowly. Her soft, bare toes touch the floor, as the rest of her foot follow and land on the ground. Her white toes spread a little as her weight rest on her foot. I look up.

“How do I look?” she asks, keeping her voice low. Oh my god! She’s getting closer now, soon I have to tilt my head up to maintain eye contact. Her shadow is over me now, I… my mouth feels dry, and I muster up enough self-control to close it. She is fidgeting with one of her nightgown’s straps now, pulling at it, and staring at me in the meantime.

Should I say something? What should I say? A little help here guys, what should I say?

She takes off the strap, and the silk nightgown smoothly slides down her body on her left side, and stops just above her left breast. As the smooth silk glides down to her chest, her magical scent gets stronger, and engulfs my world. She is pulling at the narrow right strap now. There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted in my life so badly, than to see that little piece of cloth torn to pieces.

The other strap finally gives in, and the silk veil begins to floats down along her figure, unveiling more and more of the masterpiece it’s been hiding. Soft silk on soft skin, the encounter between the cold fabric on warm flesh ends swiftly and effortlessly, when the nightgown tumbles at her feet in submission, and her two hot bewbs hang above it, brazenly, with the winners’ pride.

What the fuck am I saying? She’s reaching down toward me now.

“Let me help you with that…” She says, untying the knot in one swift, violent motion. My big gnome pants fall down, as my waist is jerked forward by her force, and my erect penis is now visible.

“…and that….” Ash continues, as her index finger pushes me back. I fall down on my back on the wooden surface, honestly not giving a fuck about anything but Ash. She sits down at the desk, and bends down on me, her weight supported by elbows on either side. Her full lips are about to touch little Sam, and I close my eyes, waiting to wake up with a wet underwear, but instead I feel Ash’s rough, wet tongue.

I open my eyes to see her big blue eyes, as I feel her mouth pulling and sucking my penis in and then rejecting it out, just to force it into her mouth again. My penis has as much a say in this as I do, and neither of us seem to care.

I reach out and touch her cheek, her soft, red skin feels hot, and her kind eyes stare at me directly the whole time. Thank god I shrank.

I can feel her wet tongue playing with the tip of my penis when it’s been sucked in, and occasionally she traps it between her lips, pressuring it. She begins to suck harder, and an eccentric sensation begins to spread in my body from my underbelly. Ash is sucking harder now, her eyes on me the entire time. I stare back, touching her face with both hands as my dick is being whacked in her mouth. She’s sucking even harder. Now, her face is going up and down slightly paralled to the sucking motion. The feeling is immense, my entire body begins to shakes as my penis gives in and love juice squirts out of it… and Ashley takes it all, she takes all there is, her blue eyes still staring at me. I feel the load being delivered, but she is still sucking at it, demanding more.

She doesn’t seem to care if I’m done; she isn’t, and neither should I. I close my eyes, trying to lose myself in the feeling again. The same sensation soon emerges in the back of my belly, and works its way to my waist as I feel my penis getting hard in Ashley’s mouth. Now my penis feels cold and sticky and what the fuck?

I open my eyes, Ash is not bent down on the desk any more. She’s sitting back. Oh come on Ash don’t leave me hanging here!

She reaches down and grabs me in her moist hand, then stands up.

“Ash, what….” I begin to say, my voice is hoarse.

“Shut up.” She says softly. I obey her as we begin to go towards the bed. She sits on it, putting her feet up. Then she begins to take off her pink and grey panties. I feel my heartbeat in my ears as she does so, and then she lowers her hand and me to her crotch. Her little pink pussy is in front of me now. Goodbye virginity!

Still in her fist, I suddenly feel myself getting closer to her.  Ash gets me closer to her pussy and opens her fingers. All I can do is stare at it. Thankfully, she’s in charge, and she knows what she’s doing.

My skin soon touches Ash’s vagina. It’s slightly bigger than me. Her palm is on my back, and my weight is still supported by her hand. I soon feel the pressure on my back, and she begins to rub me gently on her pussy. My erect penis penetrates it, then goes up, and then down, as my entire body is rubbed against her vagina gently. Ash begins to moan, and I sense her thigh muscles getting tense. The force multiplies.

My face, my chest, my dick, my entire body is being scrubbed against the rims of her soft pussy, she shoves my face into her clitoris, rubbing my head in it with the side of her thumb. I gasp for air at times, but the pleasure is simply too intense. If I suffocate here, I’ve died a good death.

I’ve already ejaculated, but Ash doesn’t give up. Her vagina is all wet, and her sweat is drenching me too. I hold on to the lips of her pussy for some control, as they loosen up and her fingers suddenly begin to push me in. My head slides into her pussy, I can feel Ash is holding my legs. I begin licking and kissing the soft walls, and suddenly I feel going even deeper. Her scent permeates.

The pressure on my ankles is still there, as Ash shoves me in and then pulls me out of her pussy fast. The scent is as strong as it’ll ever get, and my hard dick is beginning to feel sore. Like I care!

She finally pulls me out just in time before I suffocate. I’m going up, just to see her smiling face upside down. I realize that I’m hanging from her fingers, she gets me closer to her face and kisses me with her plump lips. Then suddenly, her mouth opens, and I’m inside!

I begin to panic, her sharp teeth are poking my stomach. I’m inside her mouth just as I was inside her pussy, she’s still holding onto my ankles, but it gives me little comfort. I stare ahead into darkness, to the direction where I assume her throat and the long way down must be. I have zero control. Soon I feel my body being jerked in and out, and her rough tongue begins to lick me as I’m being sucked by her, returning the favor I suppose.

My erect penis suddenly gets jabbed by a sharp tooth, just to be consoled by her warm tongue. I’m drenched in her saliva as well as her feminine juice, and gasp for air when she opens her mouth slightly as she pulls me back a bit. I fear she might decide to let go of my feet one of the times she’s pushing me in, then I can’t do anything but slide down her throat and into oblivion.

Luckily, she takes me out of her mouth after a couple of seconds, I notice her left hand on her breast in the upside down world, and soon her pussy comes into my view again, also upside down!

She begins rubbing me again, this time my feet are up and my head is down, and my face is brushing and licking the length of her vagina. Ash’s fingers soon begin to press me firmly into the slippery flesh as I begin to involuntarily slide the length of her pussy up and down faster, and faster, and faster without even getting the chance to inhale anything but her scent and the moisture. She suddenly begins to gasp loudly as her hand freezes and every muscle around where I am tenses up. She’s pressing my head into her flesh so hard I might pop any second. My world gets dark as her thighs close up, and I shielded by her hand kiss her clitoris involuntarily as I lsiten to her sweet moans. she suddenly lets go, and I fall down on the soft mattress.

“Oh… oh…” She says, gasping. I can’t move, I press my head on the soft white surface, also gasping for air. The shadow of her thighs is soon lifted.

“That… that was amazing….” She says under her breath. I feel her soft fingers fumbling down, and she picks me up once again. I look at her cute face, she’s smiling, and her eyes are shining with life.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Sam!” she says. What does she mean?

Her palm and me on it begin to go down, and she puts me on my back on the ground, just next to the bed. She then puts her feet on either side of me, looking down. Her hair hangs down, and surrounds her gorgeous face and smile as she bends down, still sitting on the bed.

She raises her right foot, its heel still on the ground besides me. The pink sole covers my view of her face, and comes down. I manage to catch a glimpse of her face from between her toes just before her big toe lands right on my crotch. Its soreness is suddenly forgotten.

“Put your hands up.” My goddess commands, and I do as she says. That’s all my life is about. She puts her left big toe on my hands, pinning me down. Then her right big toe begins to rub my body, rather violently, as I lose my self in the smell of lotion mixed with a touch of sweat between her toes and beneath her feet, where I belong, as I let go of the load in my dick for the third time this evening.

She picks up my tired body from the ground, planting a kiss on my face. “Well, you look like shit!” she says playfully.

“You look like a goddess….” I manage to say loud enough for her to hear. She giggles heartily.

“Wanna take a bath?” She asks.

“I really prefer to just go to bed.” I tell her.

“I agree.” She says as she stands up to turn off the lights, leaving me on the mattress. I roll over so I can see her. She disappears in darkness as soon as she flips the switch, and then I hear and feel a massive figure moving around in darkness.

“I got you, don’t worry.” She says, as a giant hand appears to pick me up. It’s good to see that the kind and caring Ash is back. She is moving somewhere down there, holding me up in her fist. Then she lowers me and puts me down on the mattress, her breath washes over me.

“Sam, what did you call me just before?” She asks sweetly, resting her thumb on my stomach just the way i like it. My eyes have adjusted, and I can see that she is on her side, her face towards me.

“My goddess.” I reply, putting my hand on her finger nail.

“I liked that.” She says, as she strokes my face with her thumb, just the way I like it. Soon her breathing falls into a rhythmic pattern, and as I stare at her partially torn poster, I suddenly notice that if I listen very carefully, between each breath she takes, I can hear her heart beat in the dark.





I grab the paper towel Ash has put next to the cup/bathtub I’ve been in. Ash is surfing the net on her laptop.

“Any news from Wundt?” I ask her, drying off my hair. Our day started late today, half an hour ago to be precise. I woke up as soon as I noticed Ash getting up; it is hard not to notice someone her size getting up when you’re sleeping in the same bed. It’s like sleeping on a mountain and not noticing it when it starts to move. Aside from that, I slept like a baby. I always enjoy the morning after sex, you know, it’s….

“OH MY GOD, you’re doing it again!” Ashley’s annoyed voice interrupts me out of the blue. What is she talking about?

“What?” I ask her. Even her fat gnomes look surprised.

“If I didn’t know you any better, I’d think you have some sort of a mental problem or something.”

Is she on her period? Wouldn’t I notice when we…..

“GOSH! You’re unbelievable!”

“What are you talking about, Ash?”

“You stop responding all of a sudden! It’s like, sometimes you’re not even here.  ” She says, looking down at me. “I told you twice that there’s been no email from Wundt, but you just didn’t seem to have heard me.”

Ooooooh! I casually step closer to her laptop to dry off the rest of my naked body in the hot air that comes from the whizzing fan. I can feel her gaze on me, I look up again.

“I heard you!” I say plainly.

She bends down, studying me with worried eyes.

“Do you still have imaginary friends, honey?” She mocks in a melancholy tone, her sad eyes barely hiding her mischievous humor.

“Careful woman, I’m known to be a wife beater.”

“WHAT?” she shrieks, laughing, as bends even lower to the point that her chin touches the wooden desk.

Grinning, I approach her left hand that is resting on the desk, all along looking at her daringly. “You don’t want to go to school all beaten up tomorrow, do you?”

“Pleaaaaaaase!” she says playfully, rolling her eyes. She looks at me again, noticing that I’m getting ready to attack her hand.

“Oh, are we doing this again, Sam?” she asks, grinning.

“Oh, we’re totally doing this!” I declare, pretending to warm up my muscles.

“You sure you want to do this, little man?”

I don’t let her continue her mockery. Quickly, I jump forward and bite the skin next to her knuckle.

“OUCH! You little….” She snaps, but her surprise has bought me time. I roll over and start running towards her stuff on the desk. If I can get there like the last time, I might WHOA….

I suddenly feel I’m in the air, her grip is around me again. How did she snatch me so fast? Oh, now her smug grin is right in my face. I can’t help but remember last night when I was in that mouth…. Hold on, I’d better pay attention to what she’s about to say.

“Well, well, well! What have I got here? A nosy little man has dared to enter my kingdom!”

I look around her relatively small room with raised eyebrows. “’Tis what you call a kingdom, madam?” I ask contemptuously.

“Silence, puny one! It must be like a continent compared to your little ass!”

Wow, never thought I’d see her talk like that! Nice!

“I assure you, madam, I am but a simple traveler, seeking my fortune….”

“But you BIT ME!” she says, suddenly remembering.

“Umm, nay, I merely mistook thy hand for…” I say, looking as her facial expressions change from playfulness to devilish naughtiness. Looks like the role playing is over, God help me!

“Oh, you dare disrespect ME? You will pay for it!” She says, before standing up. The sudden acceleration makes my head hurt. Oh, and now she’s moving to the center of the room.

“Let me see if I can throw you into my trash bin from here!” she says, grinning.

Tough luck, everybody knows girls can’t throw for shit. Besides, it’s not like she’s really gonna….

“Ready?” she asks rhetorically, as she prepares her right hand and me in it for the throw. I’m next to her right ear now, even her posture is all wrong! But it’s really high, and the bed and the bin next to it seem like a long way from here… umm… I’d better not take any chances.

“Hey Ash, enough with this. Let’s go back to the desk.” I say as I begin to struggle… but… shit… she’s tighten her grip….

“Ash… ASH!” I shout towards her ear as I squirm in her palm. The floor is miles away from me, and I start to feel dizzy up here in her hand. I can’t see her face since she’s looking straight forward, but I bet her grin is wider than ever, and her white teeth are shining devilishly.

“Prepare for launch!” she says, clearly struggling to contain her laughter. Nah, she’s not gonna do it.

“3.” She starts the count down.

She’s bluffing.

“2.” Uh… I don’t like this. She always takes care of me….

“1.” Oh shit she’s gonna do it, oh shit, SHIT!!


“NOOOOOO” I shout involuntarily, closing my eyes. The feeling of flying starts in my belly, and… and… oh….

I hear her hysterical laughter, and open my eyes to the easily imaginable scene. Ash is laughing so hard her eyes are full of tears, she’s bend down, clutching her belly with her left hand, and me hanging in her right hand somewhere between her knee and waist.

“Oh my god! You totally freaked out!” she says, gasping for air.

“I really thought you were going to throw me!” I say, laughing. I admit, she had me there for a sec…..

“Well.” She says, standing straight. “You were right.”

“Wha…” I’m about to ask when suddenly I find myself in...WOOOOOOW... IN THE AIR? The world spins as the familiar sensation fills me as I fly towards the trash bin, and over it, and... SHIT... fall on the soft bed, with a thump... and a dizzy head. FUCK!

I... I quickly roll over so I’m on my back. She really did it! Wow. Ash’s footsteps coming from the side. I look there just in time to see her jump on the bed, I go down with the mattress. Her panties is about an inch away from me, and I can see her boobs hanging up there. Her soft fingers grab hold of my chest, and she pulls me up so she can see my face. She pauses there, looking down at me, smiling. I smile back, barely....

“And now, for the punishment!” She says, as she begins to poke…. No… to tickle me with her… hehehehehe……heh… with her index finger in my….. hehehe……

“Ash… stop it….” I manage to say. She stops.

“What should I do with you then?” she asks, still looking down. Then she looks toward her laptop, biting the left side of her lip, as if thinking. I look at the pimple that the gesture has created in her cheek.

“Kiss me!” I say impulsively.

“Kiss you?” She says, now looking at me again. “You mean like this?”

She snatches me up again at lightning speed like a cat, and before I know it her lips are all around my face. I kiss her too, hoping she’s noticed. The suction her lips make takes away my soul.

“Okay, there!” she says after the smooch. “Now, I should punish you!”

“Umm… what do you have in mind?”

“I want to sit on you!”

“Oh! I’d very much like that under other circumstances, you know, when there was less of a chance of me being crushed under your hot butt!” The words come out of my mouth like a river. Smooth man, smooth! B-)

“My hot butt! Oh you perv!” she says before putting me down on the bed again, and pulling herself up on her knees. I can see the bottom of her grey and pink panties, her fine thighs are now on either side of me as she moves on her knees closer to the head of the bed. I’m directly under her ass now. There’s couple of wrinkles on her panties, right where her vagina is, and a line goes from there to her… umm… butthole…. The soft ass looks encouraging, I must say… Oh look, it’s coming down now… perhaps it's not that bad dying under THAT! Oh….

She sits on me, or better to say, almost on me as the wrinkled part comes down and traps me underneath, with my head and neck barely sticking out as she slightly rests her vagina on me. The smell of chocolate lotion messes up my consciousness, and the pressure of her sweet, sweet body on mine and little Sam is mesmerizing. I think I heard a beep coming from somewhere….

Ashley’s head comes in sight, sticking out between her firm yet slightly hanging breasts. She’s giving me that smile I love. She begins to move her body, and her crotch brushes against me hard, as it slides up to my chin, and then covers my face. Her smell, darkness, the pressure, they dominate my mere existence. She then gently slides back to her former position, trapping just half of my body under her, I try to kiss her lady part as it slides down, but it’s not really in reach.

“Call me what you called me last night.” Ash whispers, as she dominates my existence once again.

“My goddess.” I say, as soon as her sweet body is off my face.

“Tell me who I am to you.” She says once more, as the pressure subsides. She bends down, getting on her elbows. The shadow falls over me, and now I’m directly beneath her pussy, she resumes pressing me with her body again, and this time, I can kiss her lady part all I want.

“You… you’re my goddess, Ashley….” I say, gasping for air both because of the pressure and the excitement. She presses me harder as she begins to rub her crotch on me faster, and all I can think about is the word ‘goddess.’

“My goddess, oh… you’re my goddess Ash… You’re my goddess…” I keep repeating the word, every time believing more and more in it, until it becomes a fact of life… “YOURE MY GODDESS ASHLEY.” I conclude loudly, as she moans in agreement, and as our voices synchronize in impeccable harmony.

The pressure gets off me, and Ash’s hand soon comes down from the sky to pick me up, as it always does. I hope the water in my cup/bathtub is still warm.

Another beep, Ash and I both look towards her desk, where her laptop is still open, and a mail icon is flashing with a red dot.




End Notes:

Okay, school is finally about to start, and exciting adventures in the triple H await! Also, I've been recently informed that the triple H is also the name of a hentai. I thought I was being original! ;/

Chapter 12 - Making Decisions by Samius
Author's Notes:




Ash jumps off the bed and walks towards her desk in long strides. The motion sends a wave through her mattress, and sends me slightly up in the air as a result. I manage to catch a glimpse of the entire laptop screen.

“Who’s it from?” I manage to ask before I fall. I hit the mattress on my butt. Ash’s at her desk now.

“Ash, who’s it from?” I repeat, shouting so she can hear me.

“Jeez, hold on Sam.” She replies, working with the mouse. Click… click…click…

“It’s from Ms. Wundt!” Ash says excitingly. Wow, finally! She took her sweet time, that’s for sure! We’ve been trying to contact her for….

“SAM!” she shouts. I look at her. “Are you talking to your imaginary friends again?”


“Never mind, she says she’ll be at school tomorrow at around 12, and we can see her.” Ashley reads on, “She says that she has to leave early, so we’d better be on time.”

“Okay, guess I finally have to go back to school!” I say. Having to go to school is always sad, even when it’ll give you the chance to go back to normal. Damn it!

Ash’s phone beeps. Another text message. I fidget around for a while, not sure if I should even bother to ask…. Fuck it, it’s not like I don’t already know the answer.

“Ash…” I ask, looking at her as she raises her head and lowers her cell. “Has… has my dad been asking about me?” I feel a void starting to form in my stomach as I utter the words. I… I’d better shrug my shoulders so she knows it’s no big deal… I shrug….

“Sam…” she replies, smiling faintly. “My friends haven’t heard anything…” she pauses for a second. “But, it doesn’t mean… I mean maybe the principle has kept it quiet so the students won’t know anything….”

“Oh, okay.” I nod. I know she’s lying. Anything that happens in the triple H spreads among students like wildfire. My dad probably hasn’t even noticed me going missing. What about Tina? Too busy spending money I suppose. I hope she chokes on her peanut butter sandwiches.

I turn back and look at her torn poster, thinking. I shouldn’t have asked what I already knew. Two soft lips touch my back and I hear a loud smooch as I feel myself getting sucked into something for a second. I turn back and face Ashley’s lips. I plant a kiss on them, and stroke her cheek, next to her nose. She puts her right hand behind me and pushes me towards her cheek, and presses me against it.

“Don’t worry, Sam. We’ll get you back to normal tomorrow, and then…then you can go back to your normal life.” She finishes her sentence hastily as she rubs the palm of her hand on my back as I’m pressed against her soft skin. “I’m sure you miss playing basketball!” she adds quickly.

“I don’t want my normal life if you’re not in it.” I whisper, kissing her warm cheek. She presses me harder for a second, before whispering back. “I already knew. I just wanted to make sure.”

“Why didn’t you just ask directly?” I ask, puzzled as she sits straight on her knees, beside the bed.

“If we hadn’t… ‘done it’ just a couple of minutes ago, I’d think you knew nothing about us girls, Sam.” She says naughtily, before standing up.

What? I don’t know anything about girls? Who the hell just… oh! I look up at her; she’s tying her hair in the usual pony tail, smiling down at me. Oooooooooooh! I start grinning impulsively.

Ash giggles. “Stop grinning like an idiot!” she says heartily, before laughing again.

“So, you DID like it…” I proclaim!

“Shut up! You don’t have to repeat what I just said!” she says, grinning. “You smug jerk!”

Wow, this girl’s gone wild tonight!





I wake up at the sound of Ash’s alarm, and so does she. I yawn.

“’Morning, Sam.” She says, looking at me. We’ve figured out a way to sleep in the same bed. I sleep next to her pillow, on the flat mattress. This way, I won’t get crushed by her body. Her hair falls on me at times, and wakes me up. It’s really freaky, especially in the dark, but I think I can get used to it.

“Sam, wanna come back to the world of real people?” Ash’s hoarse voice comes from above.

“I’m here, babe. Good morning to you too!” I tell her. I like my voice in the morning. It’s deep and sexy!

“Yeah I can see that. Get up or we’ll be late for school.” She says, as she sits up and stretches her arms. I look at her petite figure. Her small back is towards me, covered by nothing but a bra strap. Her hair is loose on her shoulders and back, like a dark waterfall, lit by rays of sunshine that pierce the room through the curtains. The pony tail must have loosened up. Her smell is prevalent in the bed, and I’ll soon have breakfast while sitting on her lap, and she’ll occasionally stroke my cheek, just the way I like it, out of the blue. The only thing that can ruin such a beautiful morning, of course, is FUCKING SCHOOL. GOD DAMN IT!!





Ok, we’re on the bus now, and on our way to the triple H. The good news is that I can talk to you guys all I want now. The bad news is that I’m back in Ash’s side pocket! It’s the one next to the last one. I insisted on that, and Ash was surprised why I was so picky. She doesn’t know I’ve puked and jacked off all over that one, lol.

It’s more comfortable now that Ash has laid some paper towels in it. She even put a piece of biscuit for me! She’s so sweet. I drank a lot of OJ with my breakfast, so I shouldn’t need anything until the end of the first class. Oh, by the way, Ash’s sister finally got home from a work related trip last night. I heard Ash and her talking, and then Ash gave her a hug. I didn’t see her though; I was sitting down the entire time. It’s easier this way.

I asked ash to take off her backpack this time, so I’ve got enough space here. What else? Hmm… Aha, the first class is Literature, taught by good old Mr. Brooks. The class after that is history, taught by Mrs. Erikson. She’s not that bad. So long as you pretend that you’re listening, and don’t talk to anyone, she’ll leave you alone. Unlike Mrs. Wundt, who feels the need to randomly ask questions despite the fact that you’ve been staring and occasionally nodding at her the entire time. I mean, what else do you want me to do, woman?

Oh, okay, the bus has stopped. I prepare myself, holding on to the polyester walls. Waiting… still waiting… yep, Ash picks up her backpack and wears it, and… now we’re moving again. I’ve got really good at this, haven’t I?




Hey, so ash is sitting at her desk, and she’s put the backpack on the ground, leaning on a desk leg. I raised the flap and peaked, the class is half empty. I always told Ash that she was too early for everything, but she never.... sshhhhhh, listen!

“Hey,  Ash!” It was Julia’s voice! Oh, I totally forgot! She has the same classes as Ash, mostly. Damn! Can’t say I’m happy to see her….let me take a look… yep, it’s that troll all right. 

“Hey, Sam” I hear her voice aga…. WHAT THE FUCK? The backpack suddenly shakes as if… did she kick me? I raise the flap. Yeah, that bitchy grin confirms it. She’s looking directly at me. Ash must’ve told her. Wonder why she didn’t object to her; she must’ve kicked me when she wasn’t looking.

I get back inside. I can hear more footsteps around us. Ash and Julia are talking about random stuff, completely ignoring me. I think they don’t want to risk giving me away. All I can do now is sit here, listening to the chit-chat of students around me. I’d better eat some biscuit.




Right, so the class is about to finish, I think. I have no way to tell the time, but it must’ve been a day or two, more or less, since Brook started yapping. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. Now…. Yeah okay, he is assigning homework…. No way! An entire paper on… who the hell is Richard? Anyway. Sucks to be you guys, I was absent, so I don’t have to do it! Haha…Oh… I’m suspended….

Who cares? Now we’re going up… waiting for the bumpy part… yep, now we’re on the move. The shakes disturb my full bladder. I’d better take a piss the first chance I…. Wait, I think I can hear Kyle….

“Hey, Ashley!” He says. His voice is… I think he’s caught a cold….

“Hi, Kyle. How are you?” Ash replies.

“Caught a cold, I think. Any news about Sam?” He asks. Does he know too?

“Not really. I haven’t seen him since the chemistry class last week.” She replies.

“Me neither, but you know I never really noticed him. Recently, more than ever!” Julia says. She’s intentionally doing this! What’s wrong with her?

“What?” Kyle asks, confused. Dumbass! He doesn't know about me. He’s not good at pretending; Not by a long shot.


“Sorry,  Ash. How about you Kyle? How are things between you and Tina?” Julia continues. She must be out of topics for gossip.

“Oh, well. We’re good…. I mean, she’s been busy… but we’ve been going out more or less… so….”

Dude, just shut up! Why do you always have to explain yourself so much to everybody, it’s pathetic! Oh…Hmm….

“Hey guys, any news about Sam?” a new voice asks the day’s favorite question. Who’s this one?

“Hey David.” 3 voices answer at the same time.

“No, I was asking the same thing. I saw James talking to the principle the other day.” Kyle continues.

“Who’s James?” David asks.

“Their driver.” Ash replies.

Well, at least James gives a shit about me; that’s some relief.

“You guys heard what they say? They say he’s run away.” David says. Only a pussy like you runs away, David. Not me. I wish I could point it out loud.

“It’s possible!” Julia remarks. Okay, she’s about to beat Tina and become the queen bitch at triple H if she keeps it up. The backpack moves to the right slightly, I think Ashley’s looking at Julia, probably suprised as I am. That’s why she’s turned left. Boy, I’m getting good at this!

“No, it’s not like Sam. I’d say he’s gone on a naked streak through school. Now that’s more like him!” Kyle’s muffled voice says. “But, nobody’s has seen him anywhere.”

“I heard he’s suspended now.”

“Yeah, me too.” Julia confirms David’s remark.

“Let’s walk to the next class, guys. Old Brook finished late today.” Kyle says. “Oh, see you guys there.” He adds hastily before I hear his footsteps.

“Tina’s boyfriends turn into lap dogs.” Julia points out loud enough that even I hear. “Oh, sorry David.”

“It’s okay.” David says with a sigh. We’re moving again, and he must be walking alongside us.

They talk about school stuff the rest of the way. If James was asking about me, it means that they know I’m not at home. If I can come up with some sort of excuse when I’m normal again, they might let me finish high school. Hmm… I can say I was kidnapped! How about that…? Nah, too cliché, as some might say….

I’m going down again, Ash must be sitting at her desk. I can already hear Mrs. Erikson’s voice. She looks just like an old crow, and her voice is no better.

“Quite down, everybody. We have a lot to cover this session, and little time to do it.” She says her ceremonial opening statements. This is going to be one long class, and my full bladder won’t help either. *sigh*




As any dude has guessed by now, I’m about to explode. I’ve been thinking about pissing right here on the table cloth, but the picture of Ash taking it out with discuss isn’t the sexiest thing coming to mind. Besides, it’s difficult to untie this stupid rope-belt I have on in the relative darkness in here.

“You sure Mrs. Wundt will be at school today?” I hear Ash whispering to Julia. I mean, it must be Julia.

“Yeah. She told me the same thing. She has no classes today, but…”

I can’t focus, the pressure is too much. I’m going to get out, take a piss, and then slide inside. I’ve done this before, it’s easy enough. And rest assured, my bros, I know what you’re thinking. ‘What if somebody sees you, dude?’ Or ‘What if Suzanne or Tina or someone snatches you, Sam.’ Right? Well. I’m NOT gonna get out unless I’m positive that I have good cover. I’ve played enough CoD to know at least that.

Quietly, I raise the cover of my hideout. It goes up smoothly, like a shadow in a forest. Eyes like hawk, scanning the perimeter, tagging every cover there is. Ash’s black converses to the south… uh…that is, if we say the whiteboard is the north. Her backpack covers our east. I can see Julia’s Greek sandals and white feet to the west, directly in front of me. I bend forward and look around…. The desks are well apart in this class. Even Julia is a good 4 feet away. Although I can see that she’s bending towards Ash. The guys sitting behind Ash will probably be the major threat, but I don’t… holy shit! ASH IS SITTING AT THE BACK ROW? DUDE NO WAY!

Well, that’s new! And even better for me. I slip out of the backpack and on the cold floor. I wish the fat gnomes had shoes too.

“But… but where are we supposed to find her if she doesn’t have any classes today? “

I stand in front of a desk leg, struggling with this stupid rope thing. I should tie it myself next time. I have half  a mind to piss on Julia's foot, but... nah....

“I don’t know, maybe the teacher’s lounge. Or maybe the principal’s office.” Julia replies.

Okay, I pull little Sam out, and… there it goes… aaaaah…the heavenly feeling every dude experienced… aaaaaaaaah…it’s better than sex…. I know because I've had some! Heheeh....

“She said she was in a hurry!” Ash says. I notice her right foot going up and down fervently on its arch.

Aaah… my bladder is shrinking…It’s better than basketball….

“Don’t worry, she knows we want to see her. She’ll wait…”

…better than pizza…

“YOU TWO! Get your stuff and come to the front of the class…”

…better than… wait…what….?

“You just won’t stop talking, huh? Ashley, I was expecting more of you…”

Ash’s hand comes down and grabs her backpack. I turn towards it, still pissing. Wow… Ash…wait… wai…

She stands up, and walks AWAY! I… I can’t believe it! She just… she must think I’m in the pocket… shit… SHIT!

“You, sit over there in front of my desk.” I can’t distinguish ash’s feet moving in the forest of legs between us. “Julia, sit next to Nadia.” Mrs. Erikson continues.

My worst fear has come true. I’m left alone in a sea of giants and giantesses, far away from the only person I can trust….

But I can’t lose myself now, I’m not David! My best bet… my best bet is to draw her attention again, or slip in her backpack…. She’ll probably leave the class, as soon as it finishes, to look for Wundt. Okay… okay… she may or may not check to see if I’m okay, but she’ll probably do it just before seeing Wundt… damn it… let me see if I can somehow get to her under the cover of desks….




It’s no use. At first I was glad that the desks were so far apart in this class, but now the same advantage has turned against me. I seriously doubt I can make it to the next row without being spotted. There’s too much open space. Even David isn’t stupid enough to risk it, let alone me.

What should I do? It must be the most hilarious death ever, if I’ve got myself killed. Death for a piss! and I had so many better opportunities to die last night. I should’ve dived into Ash’s lady part, or into her throat. At least then, I would’ve died a good death….

Class is finished, and there’s not much I can do. There’s stomping giant people around me, and the last row goes out last. I… I just caught a glimpse of Ash, wearing her backpack. I can’t do anything but watch her helplessly, as she exits the door, followed by Julia.  

That’s it. I’m fucked for life. I need to plan my next move carefully, if I want to unfuck my situation… let’s see…hmm… I can either dash out of the class, looking for either Ash, or Julia, or even Mrs. Wundt… or I can hide here, waiting for one of them to come back to the class….

If I walk out of the class, I might be able to go to the teacher’s lounge unnoticed. It’s lunch time, and the corridors must be empty. There’s a line of lockers almost the entire way to the teacher’s lounge, which is thankfully on the same floor as this class. Then again, I might be noticed or crushed on my way there, or there might be nobody in the lounge.

I could wait here, hiding. Ash will notice my absence sooner or later, and she and Julia will definitely start looking for me immediately. But… what if someone else comes to class before her? I know there’s a class after lunch break here. What if she doesn’t find me by then? What if it doesn't occur to her to look here?? Best case scenario, we could lose our chance and Mrs. Wundt won’t meet us until the end of the week…. Damn it, my head is aching…




Chapter 13 - Tight Spot by Samius
Author's Notes:




I hear a voice in my head: Stay here brah…. Amen to that! I doubt my heroic adventure will be very inspiring once I’m a red mark on the bottom of a freshman girl, whose restroom happens to be just around the corner from here. Damn, I wish I could go there at this size!

Anyhow, I’m gonna stay put, waiting for Ash or Julia to come pick me up, literally. Hopefully either of them will notice my absence soon. It’s almost lunch time….

I’m walking towards the teacher’s desk now. There’s a better chance of hiding there than here between these student desks. The thick, wooden legs can provide good cover for me in case a student comes in to collect something they’ve forgotten. The cold floor feels unnerving against my bare feet. I hope Ash comes back soon, but it’s going to take her a while to come back from the cafeteria. Guess it’s just you and me for….Shhh! You heard that?

I… shit; the door handle is turning already! There’s still a long way to go, I begin sprinting…. Too late, I jump behind a desk leg, the narrow iron pillar hardly covers me and….

“Hahaha, you’re tickling me.”  A girl’s voice says. Is that…?

“Shhhh, quiet!” a dude replies. I… I can’t believe my ears; I need to take a look….

EWWWWWW, that’s… DUDE WTF! Dave and Nadia the nerd are sucking each other’s lips like…. Ough…. Just… gimme a sec….




Okay, the hoovers are gone now. Dave totally sounds like a dog eating wet food when he’s kissing… it was truly unnerving, listening to them… It’s hard to watch a man fall to such low levels… oh well, if they’re happy I guess…. Ash always says I need to be more open minded….

Anyway I’ve made my way to the teacher’s desk, and am now waiting for Ash to come. Judging by the clock, it’s been 15 minutes already, and…. Door handle again; let me hide.

“Gosh, did you see them…?” Suzanne’s voice says.

“Nadia and David! They’re like the worst couple ever!” sure enough, it’s Tina who says that.

I’ve been wondering when I’ll see her again. Well, technically all I see is the wide bottom of her UGG, you know, because she’s that original. She came straight towards me and sat down on the teacher’s desk. I can see Suzanne’s sneakers in the distance, next to the wall. She must be leaning against it. Anyway I should be fine so long as I stay hidden here; there’s no way they can see me.

“Hahah, from me to Nadia, Dave has really lost his confidence.” Tina says.

“Totally.” The ginger sheep agrees. “What did Kyle say?”

“He doesn’t know anything about Sam. You sure you weren’t on something?” Tina asks. Hmm.

“No, I’m sure what I saw…” Suzanne says uneasily.

“That sounds really stupid, you know….” Tina says, her big boots are shaking in front of my eyes as she begins swinging her legs one after another, and the grooves of her beige boots come toward my face, then disapepar in the distance just to rpeat the motion once again. I can easily see the dirt stuck to the bottom of her boots from here as they get near. “Anyway, let’s go get some lunch. The Principle must be gone now; I wonder what the hell he was doing up here during lunch time.”

“I heard Matt say he was looking for Wundt.”

“What, she’s here today? But she doesn’t have any classes….”

“No idea. Let’s go….”

The two huge boots stomp the ground simultaneously, and begin walking towards the door, accompanied by the blue and black sneakers.

Before they reach the door, the handle turns yet again, with force. “You here Sa... oh!” Julia’s sandals are in the threshold. “What are you guys doing here?”

My nails are deep in my palms. This… this stupid bitch! Oh boy….

“What are you looking for, Julia?” Suzanne asks ignorantly.

“Nothing!” Julia says, louder than what is considered normal. Much, much louder. I look around for additional cover, but there’s nothing but a trash can next to the corner, and fifty feet of open space in between.

“Well?” Tina says, as if waiting for Julia to say something.

“Umm… nothing. See you guys.” Julia’s sandals disappear, with the door still open.

“Was she looking for…” Suzanne says.

“Sam?” Tina completes her sentence, bending down all of a sudden… and her back and half her ass come into my view out of the blue… whew…. I quickly get back behind the thick wooden leg, exactly opposite of them, so she won’t see me. They’re looking directly at where I was just a couple of minutes ago… man….

“He isn’t back here….” Suzanne says, amidst the sound of footsteps.

“He ain’t here either….” Tina’s melancholy voice says.

“Check the trash can.” Suzanne says.

“Don’t be ridicules.”

“Just do it.”

Tina’s huge beige boots walk around the desk and towards the trash can. She kicks the metal bin with her left foot.

“You here, miniature Sam?” she asks the can, before bending down. “Nope, he isn’t.” she concludes, before standing straight again. The boots begin to go towards the door, where the black and blue sneakers are awaiting.

"Isn't it a bit cold for sandals?" I hear the girls giggle.

Whew, that was close. My heart almost jumped out my asshole when Tina bent down so suddenly. I…

“Hmm.” Tina’s voice says closer than expected. I peek, the beige boots are standing towards the desk and me, the left boot is raised a little where the heel is, as if dubious whether to turn around to come straight ahead.

“Oh, God. Not her, please… not this bitch….” I pray, but it is soon interrupted by the sound of Tina, saying “oh what the hell.” And the ensuing sound of fucking UGGs getting closer. Another big ‘FUCK YOU SAM’ from dear old universe, I think, standing here, frozen before Tina’s petite curious face appears next to her bent jean clad knee, and her small jaw drops a bit as her hazel eyes widen in surprise, and her crimson colored nails creep their way towards me instinctly, and her relatively short fingers grasp me, and I go up in a flux of colors, in which not blue, but the gold of her hair is dominant.

“HOLY SHIT! HOLLLLLYY SHIT!” She shouts at me. My hands are tied in her fist, and my ear drums have to bear the immense volume without any protection as her spit showers me. She is staring at me now, silent. “HOLLLLLY SHIIIITTT!” She shouts one more time.

“WHAT? WHAT?” Suzanne shouts from the door. “OH MY GOD! TOLD YOU! I FUCKING TOLD YOU!”

As Tina’s ring pressures my neck, I remain motionless in her very tight fist. It’s not gentle, like Ash’s. It’s firm, as if not ever willing to let go of the prize it’s got!

“I’m going home.” Tina says, before beginning to run.

“What? Wait….” Suzanne says, before running after Tina. Her footsteps are following us.

Tina suddenly comes to a halt and turns around, and I get a view of Suzanne. “No, just give me some time with him… I’ll see you tomorrow!” She says before turning around and running again. Suzanne’s last expression was one of shock, and surprise. Tina doesn’t even bother to hide me, she just pushed me a bit down with her thumb, so that her clenched thumb and index cover almost all of most my face, which is pressed against her salty flesh. She runs for God knows how long, getting me even further away from Ash with every giant step she takes in those fucking UGGs.




Soon we reached Tina’s home, which is just around the corner from the Triple H. She didn’t talk to me; neither did she loosen her grip. My face was pressed into her palm all the way, and her sweat has drenched it. As soon as we get there she runs upstairs and into her room. I’ve only been here once, and that was way back when we were still close.

As she takes the steps one after another, all my frozen mind can thin of, besides what Tina does, is Ash. I will probably die in Tina's room. I know that.

She puts me on her bed, more slowly than I thought she would, and sits cross legged in front of me. Her hazel eyes are studying me carefully. I thought I’d get used to it by now, but still I feel embarrassed. I feel the need to say something.

“Tina….” I’m about to say before I’m interrupted by her sudden motion. Without uttering a single word, or questions like what the hell happened to you, or even crushing me under her UGG boots and smearing my remains on her room’s ceramics, which frankly I thought she would have done by now, she bends down, and her huge lips land on me.

She gives me a big, wet kiss on the face. It’s not gentle, like Ash’s. It has a certain force… violence… in it. She gets up, and stares at me again. I’m too surprised at the sudden reaction I’ve got.

She bends down again, this time making out with me, or my body to be more precise. “Sam…” she says under her breath, before resuming kissing me. She licks my face between the kisses, just before her lips engulf me once more. I… I shouldn’t kiss her back… she’s too… oh… ouch….

She bites my face…. Well, her white front tooth brushed against my cheek somewhat tenderly, before letting it go unwillingly. She then suddenly leans down on her left elbow, placing me under her large breast, which is hanging above in her dark brown blouse. Her right hand is fumbling with her pants.

I finally get a chance to say something. “Tina, what are you doing?”

“Shut up.” She says, panting. Apparently she’s managed to unbutton her jeans, and is now leaning even further on her elbow, trying to take them off. Her right breast lands on me. Trapped under the immense weight of that much dream stuff, a struggle sparks between my super ego and my dick as to what reaction I should have.

“Tina…” I say, knowing my muffled voice won’t reach her. The pressure multiplies, and I should be feeling worried that I might suffocate here, but my hormones get the better of me. Suddenly it is all lifted off, and her hands replace her boobies.

She grabs me tightly and gets me up in the air. I’m at eye level with her.

“Tina what are….” She begins to lower me towards her crotch? Oh not fair... No I mustn’t… “Tina, what the hell are you doing?” I say.

If my dick had hands, it would beat the shit out of me, but… I quickly try to imagine Ashley’s eyes.

"STOP IT!" I shout. Her hand pauses around her covered belly button. I look up, her face is a bit red, and she’s begun to sweat. She smirks and puts me down on white ceramics next to her, and stands up over me.

The sight of her cute body, her curved hip and long, strong legs gets to me. She squeezes the remainder of the struggle out of me when she lifts her right foot, and presses it down on me. Her white sock has a faint smell of sweat, but it’s really not that much. She begins pressing my body with it gently, leaving my face in the open, and staring down on me while doing all this. She begins to rub her foot up and down along my body. I give up and lay there, staring at her face. Her blond hair has come loose, and it’s surrounded her face, giving it a golden aura. She lowers her foot, resting only her toes on my legs. The tip of her toe is right on my dick. She then shifts her weight on her right foot, putting immense pressure on my crotch. She puts her left foot right next to me; I’m roughly as long as the length of her big toe. She pauses there; still keeping my dick under her big toe, then the weight is lessened, and raises her right foot, taking the sock off in a quick motion. Then her warm, bare sole lands on me, this time putting my face between her big toe and the toe next to that.

I can still see her face from between her toes. The inside flesh of her big toe is pressed firmly against my right cheek, while the toe next to that is resting my shoulder and my left cheek. She tightens her toes and grabs my face with them, pressing firmly. I tense up my body automatically, waiting for the rubbing to begin… but nothing happens, she just stands there, occasionally getting her hair out of her face in a quick motion. The pressure of her foot on me neither subsides nor increases. It’s just steady. She then looks up and begins looking around her room as if I don’t exist beneath her foot. Suddenly, I begin having these thoughts I’ve had from time to time.

I don’t even exist to her. As if I’m nothing but an ant beneath her foot, not worthy of any attention, I think. My penis is about to cum, and the stream of thoughts keeps flowing effortlessly. I am but a lump beneath her beauty. She knows it for granted that I belong under her foot, without her giving me any mind… I begin to cum like never before, and my body jerks violently beneath her foot, but her weight doesn’t allow me to move an inch. Somehow the restraint makes me cum even harder, and I tremble beneath her toes. She pressures her foot a bit more strongly on me while I tremble and shake, then she finally looks down, and smiles… victoriously?

She lifts her foot and picks me up, then proceeds to lie down on her back on the bed. She begins to take off my pants, struggling with the fucking rope-belt. She takes it off, and proceeds to take off her blouse. I look up at her, and at the sight of her soft breast and pink nipples, I feel the urge to take off my gnome coat. I take it off while she patiently watches my struggle with the unfit clothing. Then, she picks me up and makes out with me again.

I begin kissing back instinctly. She licks me between kisses, and now she is sliding me into her mouth up to my waist. She holds me between her teeth as she sucks my lower boy. Her smell permeates and I feel all wet, still confused what the fuck is going on. But before fear gets a chance to appear, she spits me out on her open hand, and I land on her palm. She then licks my body from knees to my head several times, the brush of her warm tongue on my penis erects it again, and then she spits on me!

Her warm, sticky saliva is another surprise this afternoon, but it doesn’t end there. She then reclines, and pushes me towards her vagna with her palm on my balk. She opens a narrow space in her panty above her vagina, and slides my wet body inside. The pink pantie has made the word pink here, and her pink hungry vagina is waiting for me. She puts me on her vagina, and then her hand goes out of the pink, leaving me and her saliva alone.

I lie on her pussy, licking her clitoris with fervor. Her hip begins moving slightly, as if she wants me to slide on her lady part. I put my hands on either side, and begin sliding my body and rubbing it against her pussy. She begins moaning in the distance, and I shove my dick into her pussy, well as far as it goes, and start humping her while my face is deep into her clitoris. She moans louder, and her index, ring and middle finger slide inside, pressuring me deeper into her vagina, just like Ash did. But it lacks the care she had, it’s more violent, and it keeps pressuring me even deeper, and I... like it. I’m too horny to give a shit, and she quickly makes my body vertical, and puts her fingers on my head, pushing me deep into her vagina.

She puts her index and thumb on my chest, and begins shoving me in and out. The soft, warm inner wall of her vagina against my body is mesmorizing. Then she takes me out, and shoves me once again, this time from the other end!

I take a deep breath and conserve as much damp air as I can before the dive. The air here is full of her aroma, and femininity. I can feel her holding on my shins while shoving me in and out of her. I feel I’ve ejaculated already, but there’s so much hot moisture here in this dark den of femininity that it’d be hard to tell, if not for my aching muscles. Then the world starts pressuring me hard like that time when I was stuck in Ash’s backpack and she leaned back, but it’s even more… intense… the flesh begins pressing me, and Tina’s moans up there so loud I can hear from here. Then she moans loudly one more time, before her fingers push me deep into the depths of her vagina.

I begin to panic, and start struggling; kicking and punching as much as my tight space allows me. I feel the world moving, as if she’s stood up. I feel dizzy and my head begins to spin, and I feel nauseous, and I feel I'm about to faint. I... I can sense my vision fading even here in the dark. The magic is lost and .... Struggles coming from below, and then something holds onto my right ankle, and I feel fresh air again.




A few minutes later, I’m sitting on Tina’s bed, and she’s sitting cross legged in front of me. It’s time for a conversation.

“Tina, what was that?” I ask.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like it.” She says, tying her hair.

“Well…” I feel embarrassed all of a sudden.

 “Not even the foot fetish thing? I know you Sam.” She says, smirking.

“I did, but it was unexpected….”

She sighs, and stretches her legs, putting each bare foot on either side of me. “It means that I want.” She says plainly.

I try not to look at her feet. Good thing I came twice. “But… but I’m with Ash now!” I say.

“Please! She doesn’t even talk to you anymore.” Tina says.

“She does, we’re back in a relationship!” I protest.

“Have you done it with her?” she asks.

“Yes!” I say boldly.

“Was she as good as me?” she again asks.

I pause, was she? Admittedly, she lacked something… the violence, the humiliation, the feeling that Tina made me feel. I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it. But her innocence... her eyes....

Tina’s grinning. My pause has told her what she wanted to hear.

“Tell you what; I can hold you here against you will and do whatever the fuck I want to you.” She says. Now she’s more like the Tina I knew! Shit…. “But I won’t. If after two days, you decide that you want to go back to Ashley, then I will give you back to her.”

This is totally unexpected to me.

“But, you weren’t into this fetish stuff back then.” I say, puzzled.

“Well, I am now.” She quickly remarks.

“But… you didn’t even feel anything… I’m so small!” The words come out despite my hesitation and shame. I think deep down, I’m trying to find an excuse not to get into more action with her. Can I forget about Ash this easily? What the fuck. No I won’t!

“I felt very… empowered.” She says seriously. “It’s exactly how I thought it would imagine when Suzanne told me about you.”

“Empowered?” I repeat. My confusion gets only more by the second.

“Look, I liked it. You sure as HELL liked it. So just give it sometime and we’ll see where things go.” She says, as if she’s bored with the conversation now.

“And if I want to get back to Ash, you’ll let me? I repeat.

“Of course. What kind of person do you think I am?”

The kind whose pussy eats live humans! The thought passes my mind in a flash, making my penis feel funny.

“Okay then.” That’s it. I just have to hold on for two days, and go back to Ash. I doubt she’d easily let me go, but again, she could simply tie me up or keep me in a box or something. It’s not like she has to lie to me, and I'd better not tempt her.

“Be a good boy until then, Sam. You don’t have the physical strength over me anymore.” She says, biting her lower lip. I must admit, she is hot. “I think you’re even smaller than my big toe.” She continues.

“No, I’m taller!” I say. She quickly puts her foot next to me.

“Let’s check!” she says. Unceremoniously, her finger pushes me back so hard I get knocked down. She drags me up a little by holding my hands to ensure accurate measurement. Then begins to laugh.

“Haha, oh my god. You are exactly the same size!” she says as I sit up.

“I used to have to look up to see you. Now you’re happy if you can be taller than my teeny toes.” She says. She really enjoys this size change, doesn’t she?

“Haha, yeah….” I try to think of it as a joke.

“I feel so… dominant…” she says to herself, wiggling her toes next to me. I knew I had to survive Tina somehow as soon as she got hold of me. I just didn’t know it would be this kind of survival. I thought it would be more like her stomping violently and me dodging her boots. This looks more difficult, honestly. I need to prepare a plan to run away once our two days are up.

I look up. She is staring at me without the smallest tinge of embaressment. Her eyes are curious and interested, like a cat playing with her new toy.

There is no way she just lets me go after two days.

I smile at her.

No way in hell.


End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. My other story explains How Wundt got the formula, but it is half finished at the moment.

Chapter 14 - Getting Wet by Samius
Author's Notes:




I wake up in the middle of the night, sweating. The dark, unfamiliar room does little to slow down my fast beating heart. It takes me a minute or two to remember where we are. Oh, did I say we? I mean “I”.  Umm, there’s no “we.” It’s just me; you don’t exist. But, why am I explaining this to you if you don’t exist? Ah whatever. Just shut up and listen.

So, I’m in Tina’s room, and she’s sleeping somewhere up there on her bed. She rolled one of her socks over the other to form, and I’m quoting her, “a comfy sleeping bag for my tiny lover.” Well, the lover part was kinda sweet, I guess, but to have a sock as your sleeping bag… I dunno. It’s exactly the pair she’d been wearing in her UGG boots, I’m sure of it. I originally thought they were plain white, but now I see that they are, in fact, light grey. You tend to notice such subtleties when you are forced to spend 8 hours in a teenage girl's sock. They smelled a little at first, but I don’t notice it anymore. I admit it is more comfortable than the tissue bed that Ash made me, but still….

The Sun must shine anytime now. I don’t have a watch, but I can see the sky through the window. It is in its lightest shade of grey and navy, just before the first rays penetrate it and change it into its daytime light blue.

I don’t think I can sleep anymore. I put my hands on the bare floor of her room, and pull myself out of the two layered sleeping bag.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. I stretch my body, and hear several satisfying cracks. Guess I’d better exercise a little. Wouldn’t want to get out of shape, my survival might depend on my "physical" capabalities in the upcoming days, heh….

So I start jogging along Tina's bed, from one leg to the other. I’m wearing my gnome jacket, but my pants are somewhere on the other side of the room. My bare feet hit the ceramic floor faster as I accelerate, and my dick swings left and right harmoniously.  I run even faster, and the other leg of the bed is getting closer rapidly. Wind starts blowing in my ears, and I close my eyes and picture a hoop, instead of the bed leg, in front of me.

“Go Sam, go!” the chicks cheer as I snatch the ball from my opponent and make a run for it. Cheerleaders are jumping enthusiastically, and their boobs jump up and down just as the ball does in my hands.

I open my eyes and make a sharp left turn a few steps before I hit the wooden pillar and turn around. I’m now running towards the other side of Tina’s room, and there’s the length of two football fields in front of me. I close my eyes again, and accelerate. I’m beginning to sweat.

Chicks are shouting my name all over the stadium, and a reporter is describing every mad move I make. I get past the last defender, and face the hoop. The hot blond girls who are wearing my team’s clothes are encouraging me.

“Go Sam. Go Sam. Go Sam. Where the fuck are you going Sam. Where the fuck are you…” Oh WTF?

I open my eyes and begin slowing down. I’m panting, and sweat has left a wet line along my spine.

“I said where the fuck are you going?” Tina this time shouts fromthe other side of teh room.

“Wow, easy!” I shout back, as I begin to jog towards the two white feet that have landed on the ground. Their short, chubby toes are spread, and the toe nails are painted red. “I was just exercising.” I continue.

“Oh… okay…” she mutters before standing up. “Let’s brush our teeth.”

“Okay.” I agree. I haven’t brushed my teeth since I shrank because I had no toothbrush my size. Wait a minute!

“I have no toothbrush.” I tell Tina as she bends down to grab me. She picks me up a bit harder than I’m used to, and lifts me up to her waist, where her hand freezes. Then she begins to walk.

“It’s okay, you can use mine.” She says. Ewww.

So we walk out the room, and she turns left, walking down the corridor. There’s a bathroom at the end of the corridor. I know because I’ve taken a piss there before. In fact I’ve taken a piss anywhere I’ve ever been.  I blame coffee.

I look down, there’s like a hundred feet between me and the floor. I can see her feet coming forward and then disappearing under her belly. Her bare soles make a soft thump as they hit the ceramic surface. I look up, we’re facing a closed wooden door. Her other hand comes forward, and turns the handle. Funny, it looks like I’m in a first person video game from here, except she’s holding me instead of an M4. I’m even more bad-ass than an assault rifle though, because I have THIS BABY!! (I just pointed to little Sam, in case you were wondering.)

So I can see myself in the mirror now. She grabs her toothbrush from the plastic cup.

“Good thing you were my girlfriend.” I tell her with a grin, before she puts me on the side of the sink next to the bottle of soap.

“You’re in a good mood.” Tina says as she begins to squeeze tooth paste on her yellow toothbrush. She then proceeds to brush her teeth, and blue foam soon covers her lips. I look around at the tiles. She’s right, I’m feeling happy for no reason today. Perhaps it's the feeling you get when you think you are going to die, but instead you have sex with one of the hottest girls in school.

She finishes brushing her teeth sooner that she should have. Remember kids, always brush your teeth firmly for at least 5 minutes. Oh, her hand is coming my way….

“Okay, your turn.” She says as she lifts me up so I’m in front of her chest. I look at myself in the mirror; her nipples are visible through her t-shirt on my either side. Then a yellow toothbrush with a lot of green foam on it is shoved into the view, and my face.

“UMMBBBBBDIIIIIMAAAA!” I try to speak but the green foam has filled my mouth.

“Relax.” She says as she begins to move the toothbrush left and right. I'm trapped between her index and thumb as a fifth of the bristles, those longer ones at the tip, are in my mouth. But the rest brush my face with every stroke. I close my eyes before I go blind. She didn’t even put new paste on it….

“See, it’s all done.” Tina says, smiling, as she opens the water tap a little and gets me close to the thin stream of water. She then holds me vertically, and keeps my face and head under the water. I again close my eyes, but I soon feel flesh being shoved into my mouth in an attempt to clean it of the toothpaste, apparently. I manage to see that Tina is using her little finger to wash my face and mouth. She rubs my face for a good half a minute, before closing the tap. I shake my head left and right to get water out of my hair.

“You could’ve washed it first!” I protest. She begins grinning.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby!” she says, as she gives me a wet, minty kiss. I still can’t understand why she’s being so… friendly… to me. We hardly talked before I shrank.

She turns around and takes a step towards the toilet. She puts me down on the black mat in front of the toilet, and as I stand there with my mouth open, she unties her pajamas and sits her white, naked butt on it.

So I’m standing here staring at her crumbled, colorful pajamas and her white toes and red toenails, when her left foot’s toes and arch goes up, making her pink sole visible. Her heel is still on the mat, in front of the toilet though.

I look up at her, confused.

“It’s gonna take a while. You might as well enjoy yourself a little.” She says. “Unless, you prefer to watch me poop.” She continues with an evil grin.

Seems pretty obvious a choice to me. Without uttering a word, I walk towards her partially raised foot. I make sure I won’t run, or take a step too fast. But then she begins to slowly lowering her arch, and the space between the mat covered floor and her sole begins to get smaller.

Fuck it, I run the last couple of steps, and slide beneath her foot. She then rests her foot on me like last time, except this time my face is beneath her sole, and her toes land on my feet.

There is little air here; I should’ve placed my head towards the toes, damn it. But the pressure here is more intense…it’s like her… the weight of her entire leg is on my face… I start kissing the bare bottom of her soft foot. It smells, more than before, and I start taking more of her odor in me as I breathe faster. I hear the sound of water pouring into water from up there. She’s urinating.

Soon, she begins pressing her foot down, firmly, and I feel my face and ribs being crushed under her left foot. I hear a BLOOP, as if the sound of something solid hitting water. I guess you know what it was.

Again the pressure of her foot increases, this time more than before. I can feel my eyeballs hurt as she practically pushes her foot into the mat, with me in between. I almost shout for her attention, but the sound of water being flushed soon resonates in the bathroom again, and the pressure subsides.

“Sorry Sam, it was a big one.” She says, as I feel cold air reaching me under her foot. “Let me take off my pajamas all the way.”

She lifts her foot off me completely, taking her pajamas off. The colorful fabric lands on me a second, before she gathers it. She then throws her pajamas in a corner of the bathroom, and lands her left toes behind me, acouple of inches away. Her white heel is directly above me. It looks like a circle, well almost a circle, and her calf is also visible from where I am. Then her heel starts descending.

“YOU’LL CRUSH ME, TINA!” I shout out as loud as I can.

“Don’t worry, I got this.” She says as I lie down submissively and her heel lands on my dick. She then raises her heel, her toes still on the ground, and then she lands it on my penis again. She repeats the motion again and again, as if she’s is nervous or impatient. Her surprisingly soft heel hits my dick in the head again and again, making the tingling sensation more intense. Then her heel lands on it again, and this time pressure it so hard I feel pain in my waist and belly, and I ejaculate all over it. All my muscles are tensed up as all my force is focused in my crotch, shooting the white juice beneath her soles desperately.

“You came, didn’t you?” Tina asks. I can picture the grin on her face.

“Didn’t you?” she asks again. She starts pressing her heel on my sore dick harder.

“YES, YES I DID!” I shout.

“Good, I’m done too.” She says. The huge foot goes up and lands on my left, as I watch Tina stand up. It really scares the shit out of me to see just HOW MUCH bigger she is. You have no idea how underpowered you’d feel unless you’re where I am, laying on the ground as a giantess is standing right above you, her gigantic feet on either side.

I stand up, my legs slightly trembling from the early morning excitement. Funny how much more action I'm getting at this size than when I was normal. I take a couple of steps on the floor mat so Tina can see me on the ground. Then I turn back and look up to meet her panties and a flat face.

“I’d like a bath.” I tell her.

She looks down at me, then her pink lips open. “I’d like a bath, PLEASE.” She says.

“Okay, I’d like a bath please.” I tell her, rolling my eyes. What, it’s not like she can see them from up there.

“Okay, I could use a bath too.”

So I walk towards the cream bathtub which is next to the toilet. This bathroom is very small; they’ve got a bigger one downstairs. But Tina uses this one because it’s so close to her room. She’s a single child with a very fat dad and a very tall mom, yet she’s neither fat nor tall. Weird, right?

So I’ve reached the bathtub now. Tina took a big step over me and is now standing in the dry tub, taking off her T-shirt. Her skin is white, just a tone darker than Suzanne’s I suppose. Oh she’s taken off her t-shirt now… and she’s not wearing a bra… her breasts are small, smaller than Ash’s. I wish I knew their size system so I could provide you with a better picture… let me see… okay have you seen those small coconuts? Those… oh wait they’re hairy, ew…. Okay, umm… picture two blood oranges, yes, that’s about the right size, like bigger than a man’s fist, anyways, her milky skin is soft… yes very soft, with a couple of small, light brown marks on her chest, and one on her left tit. Her nipples are dark pink, a shade darker than Ash’s, and her breasts are smaller too. Ash’s tities are like… pomegranates…. Anyway feel free to jerk off to Tina’s white, hanging tits. But Ash is off limits you perverts. Her hair is natural blonde, yea I’ve checked, but it’s like a dark blonde. So you already know she usually ties it. She’s sitting down in the tub know. Her body is slimmer than Ashley’ but they must be the same height. The width of her body narrows down around her belly, giving her very, very hot curves. She’s studying the row of shampoo bottles and body lotions in the corner of the tub with her brown eyes. Okay, apparently she’s come to a decision, and her tender hand is going towards a white bottle with a picture of coconuts on it. Her hands are small, like freakishly small. Her fingers are short and slim, and very tender. At the end of each finger, a small, round nail is covered in red nail polish, her favorite. Now she’s reaching down for me with the very same cute hands… I feel the touch of her warm, soft skin.

So she’s holding me in front of her face. Funny, I’d never noticed the few light brown freckles on her nose. Suzanne’s freckles are usually the only things I notice as they are right in your face when you look at her, but not Tina’s…. Her pink lips open and give me a tour of her white, bright teeth. Her tongue is moving in her mouth as a breath of minty air hits me. Her brown eyes are wider now, and I can see the pupils have contracted in reaction to the well lit room. It’s funny how many details one can see at this size, it always amazes me. Now she’s opening and closing her lips even more often, and the minty air hits me with more force every time. Small wrinkles have formed around her eyes and on her brow, and her eyebrows are frowning….


“What?” I ask her in confusion.

“I’ve asked you twice already, do you want the coconut milk  body lotion or do you want another one?”

“Oh, no coconut is fine.” I tell her.

She puts me down on the dry tub between her… holy shit! I’m face to face with her vagina! Now that’s a sight I’ll never grow tired of seeing. The pink cavern is staring back, as if daring me to make a move. I take a step towards it. My dick is practically horizontal now, and is pointing me towards Tina’s pussy like a compass pointing north.

Suddenly a dense white liquid hits me in my head. My first thought is: FUCK it’s someone ejaculated up there, but the smell is that of coconut. It’s all sticky and it’s in my hair and my face. I try to open my eyes to get my bearings and see where the fuck her vagina is, but they hurt so much. Then I hear water hitting the surface of the tub, and soon the frightening sound of a sink resonates in the empty hollow of the bathroom.

“Tina, where are you?” I shout with my eyes still closed. I extend a hand to see if I can find her. I hear her giggle.

“I’m all around you, silly. Come here.”

I freeze so she can pluck me off the tub with ease. There’s warm water up to my ankles now. I feel her hand around me, her grip is still harder than Ashley’s, and I’m up in the air. Then a very hot stream of water hits me in my face with force… shit this is not good…

“TINA GET ME OUT….” I manage to shout before swallowing lots of hot water. I start coughing. The sound of water and the sink sucking it down into oblivion is terrifying. It’s like I’m in the middle of Niagara falls.

“You OK?” Tina’s voice asks from behind.

“Yeah, can you just get this foam off my face and head?” I ask her.

My eyes are still shut, but I feel that she’s leaning forward. Then warm water is poured down on me, with little force this time, thankfully. I start wiping my eyes, and open them. I look up, Tina’s looking down at me, and her cheeks are puffed up. She opens her mouth, and I close my eyes before water hits my face again.

“Wow, are you spiting water on me?” I ask her.

“Well, it’s better than the tap water.” She says, smirking.

“You could’ve lowered the pressure…”

“Shut up!” she says. Her voice booms in the bathroom as her right thumb comes up while the rest of her fingers are holding me in place in her right hand, and then it taps me in my face twice. It reminds me of how Ashley used to stroke me with her thumb. “I like it this way better.” She continues.

What the fuck is wrong with me? It’s like I’m constantly horney around Tina. Right now, just because she kinda hit me with her little thumb, I’m fully erected and am eyeing her boobs. I didn’t get stimulated so easily with Ash, with all her kindness.

She leans back and puts me on her belly. The water is almost up to her belly botton, and barely covers its surface. She closes the tap with her foot. I sit down next to her navel, looking at her boobs as they go up and down with every breath she takes. When she’s inhaling, her ribs emerge on either side. She still smells of mint, now mixed with coconut milk. She’s just looking at me. She’s not smiling or anything, just a poker face staring. I don’t feel the passionate look of Ash here, there’s just a sense in her gaze, as if she’s wondering what to do next. It’s weird.

I lie down on my back. Her warm smooth skin beneath me is comfy, and her routine breathing relaxes me. Her belly slowly goes down as she inhales, and warm water rushes forward to meet my body. Then as we go up it recedes, as Tina exhales long and slow.

“So how was your first day so far?” Her voice echoes in the bathroom.

“My second day. Yesterday was the first. It was good.” I tell her, dipping my hand in her water filled navel.

“You enjoy being under my foot, don’t you Sam?”

“I do.”

“How much, exactly?”

“A lot.” I say after a pause.

“You like it when I use you like that? Like my insole?” she asks.

Who am I kidding? Of course I love it. I love being nothing and everything to her at the same time. But I also feel ashamed… no, embarrassed, to admit it.

“You like it to live the rest of your life under my foot like a toy?” she asks. Her hand comes into my view, and she begins rubbing my sore dick between her index finger and her thumb. I sigh , both excitingly and from the pain.

“I… I do….” I utter the words impulsively as she begins pulling at my penis, still squeezing it gently between those lovely fingers.

“You enjoy being my little foot slave?” She asks again. Her squeezes get harder.


“Say it, say it completely.” She insists, as the tip of her thumb starts tapping on the tip of my penis.

“I… I love being your little foot slave.”

“It’s you dream, isn’t it?”



“It’s my dream to be nothing but a pathetic foot slave under your gorgeous feet for the rest of my life!” The stream of consciousness leaves my mouth, without me giving a fuck about it.

“I’ll have you as my little toy, so you’ll be my insole...” She’s stopped touching my penis. It is now standing erect, pointing to the ceiling, without her keeping it that way. She keeps speaking: “…so that you can spoil my feet and lick the sweat off them.” I feel my waist muscles tensing up. “…and you’ll worship me and my feet, and kiss my toes...” I clench my fists and bite my lower lip in anguish, no pleasure, no a mixture of both. “…and maybe I’ll suck you like a candy in my mouth from time to time…” it begins from the lower end of my spine, “… and keep you under my foot as a pathetic, insignificant bug turned insole…” it makes its way towards the root of my penis, “… and you’ll spend the rest of your days as nothing more but a little foot slave, living off  my feet…” I cum like I’ve never came before, and my load jumps up high, “…and you’ll love every second of it.” aaaaaa. "Forever." She finishes as my exhausted, sore body collapses on her soft skin again.

I feel embarrassed of admitting all that, but it’s true. I can’t deny my feelings. I… I feel I should say something to let her know we were playing… fore playing… or whatever….

“Boy… I feel exhausted….” I tell her in a normal tone. I turn my head to look at her eyes. I feel worried, what if she really starts treating me like… a toy… just as she said… I enjoy the sexual aspect, don’t get me wrong. But I want to remain a person!

I’m still looking at her, but she hasn’t uttered a word. She’s just looking at me with her poker face. Her hand is resting on her belly next to me. What if she stops talking to me, and I really become nothing but a foot slave to her? What if she simply grabs me and start… using me like a toy… and then trap me in her boot forever? Oh God, what the fuck have I done….

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” She finally says, smiling. “You’ve got a real animal down there.” She says, grinning. The impeccable lines of sharp white teeth shine for a second as she begins rubbing more lotion on her hand, and then rubbing my body with it. I clsoe my eyes. As my body is being rubbed between her hands, I wonder.

Whew, I’m still human to her. How can she evoke so much fear and pleasure at the same time in me? If, if I were to know he better… perhaps the fear would stop, and then there’d be only pure pleasure, I think.

I don’t know. I can’t shake the thought that Tina has a certain way of making me feel… that Ash….

“We’d better hurry. Suzanne’s coming over.”

“What about school?” I say abruptly.

“Screw it, we ain’t going. We’ve decided to stay home.”

With me….

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Chapter 15 - Between 2 Girls by Samius
Author's Notes:


Tina’s left the room to greet Suzanne. I quickly grab my gnome pants off the room’s ceramic floor and wear them. Wouldn’t want to be naked and exposed in front of Suzanne too. Soon I hear footsteps coming up, and then I see the door open.

“Watch your step, Suzzie.” Tina warns the ginger, and they both poke their heads from behind the door like idiots, staring at the floor.

“I’M OVER HERE!” I shout at them. They notice me a good ten feet away from the door’s threshold, and they step inside. Suzanne’s staring at me like a cat staring at a laser point.  Tina walks towards me, and bends down.

“Let’s go downstairs, my parents are at work. She says as she picks me up. Clearly, she's not expecting an answer from me or Suzanne. Tina goes out with me in her hand, and I can hear Suzanne following us. We go downstairs to the living room.

The girls relax on the sofa in the living room, in front of the TV. Tina puts me on her lap. She’s wearing navy pajamas with a white top. Her pajamas are a bit long for her, and they cover her heels too and go under them as she walks. Suzanne’s wearing simple black pants and pink and grey sneakers. A thick grey blouse covers her upper body, and she was wearing a hat too, but apparently she’s left it somewhere in the house.

Tina puts me on her thigh; her pajamas are surprisingly soft even though they are made of thick fabric.

“Oh, look what I bought!” Suzanne suddenly shouts with excitement, as she slides her hand into her pocket, and takes out a bottle of cyan blue nail polish. The girls begin talking about it and it’s brand, Loveal or some French shit. In the meanwhile, I’m sitting here on Tina’s thigh like an idiot, thinking how long this slumber party of theirs will take. Next they’ll start painting pictures with crayons and putting glitter on….

“Yeah, Sam will do it.” Tina agrees. Wait a minute, I'm doing with what?

“What will I do?” I ask, puzzled.

“You’ll paint our nails.” Tina says charmingly.

“WHAT?” I ask again.

“Come on! Just a couple of fingers….” Suzanne insists.

“No, he’ll do our toenails.” Tina declares, as if that’s that.

“Well, okay….” I agree. It’s not like I’ve ever refrained from touching pretty girls’ feet.

Suzzane quickly begins taking off her shoes while Tina picks me up from my waist with her two fingers, which hurts like hell, and puts me on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Then she leans back and puts her feet on the edge of the table with hertoes pointing at me. Suzanne opens the bottle and puts it next to me, then does the same as Tina.

I look at the twenty tiny toes in front of me. The ten to my right are very short, the piggy ones are so small even I can barely notice them at this size. They must be like one centimeter tall. Anyway, the ten toes to my left, that belong to Suzanne’s feet, are freakishly white, and a bit longer that Tina’s. I notice a faint shade of pink on them. Tina’s short toes still have traces of her red nail polish on. I shrug my shoulders, and pull the cap out of the bottle with both hands, then I walk unsteadily towards Tina’s left foot, and it’s little toe which is the farthest to my right. Suzanne quickly bends forward and pushes the bottle closer to Tina’s foot, then leans back, perusing me. I smile at the bitch in appreciation, and put the cap on my right shoulder, holding it in place with my right hand. Then I approach Tina’s piggy toe, and bend down so the brush comes in contact with the delicate circle that is her toenail. As soon as the brush hits the smooth surface, light blue color covers the entire nail, and I simply stand straight again, and move on to the toe besides that.

"You missed a spot Sam." I hear Tina's voice booming from up above. I look up, Suzanne is nodding in agreement. Well, fuck! I repeat the motion; thankfully nobody asked me to clean the red marks first.

Same technique here for this otehr toe, except I have to actually use a couple of strokes to cover this toenail, as it’s a bit bigger, and I'm supposed to do it a couple of times apparantly. I stand straight again, and notice Tina looking at me with a faint smile. She wiggles her toes seductively in my face.

“Good thing you have tiny toes, Tina.” I tell her with a smile, before going back towards the bottle.

“Yeah! You’re going to have a hardtime with Suzanne’s flat toenails though!” she replies, grining.

 “Shut up! My toes are way prettier than those swellings you call toes!” Suzanne replies, punching her gently in her shoulder.

“Well, let’s ask Sam then. He’s kind of an expert because of his foot fetish.” Tina says, looking at me deviously. I look at her, and then at Suzanne’s green, admittedly innocent looking eyes.

“You’re both beautiful in your own way, girls.” I answer before dipping the brush into the bottle and leaving it there.

Suzanne bursts into laughter, and Tina’s feet are shaking as she giggles.

“That was a shitless answer, Sam.” Tina says, still giggling.

I shrug, laughing with the girls. THis could be fun after all.

“Take your time Sam.” Tina says, then she looks at Suzanne. “How about we watch another episode while Sam’s doing our toenails?”

Suzanne nods in agreement, and Tina picks up the remote from between the cushions, and turns the TV on. I pull out the cap and its brush, and walk towards Tina’s middle toe on her left foot, and I can feel suzanne's gaze on me the whole time.



Right, so Tina’s toes are done, and now I have to get to the piggy toe on Suzanne’s left foot.

“Just paint over it Sam. Please.” The ginger says as I approach her milky foot. I sense faint foot odor on her, probably because of her sneakers. Anyway, I start painting her toenail while the girls are watching TV. Tina occasionally takes a look at me, and  brushed my face with her big toe once. But it’s mostly Suzanne who’s been eying me, waiting for her turn. Now that I’m at her feet, she’s begun wiggling her toes and looking at me more often.

I paint her toes and work my way to the big toe on her left foot. As I approach it, she raises her big toe a little so I have to bend down less. I start stroking her toenail, from where it starts from the flesh to it’s tip. I can feel her gaze on me as I do so, and then when I’m done with it, she raises it even higher.

“Would you like to kiss my toe, Sam?” She asks.

Well, this is unexpected. Tina has shifted her gaze from the TV as well, and is looking at me.

“Umm… sure!” I say as I drop the cap and brush, and put my had on either side of her big toe, pressing my lips into her marble white skin. The smell gets stronger as I shove my nose into her flesh, and I plant a smooch on her big toe. I can taste the salt on her skin.

She bends down and picks up the cap, and dips it into the bottle, and then she holds it in front of me, her green eyes shining.

I take the cap from between her fingers, and resume painting her toes. Tina resumes watching the TV, so does Suzanne, though she still looks at me from time to time.




Okay, the toes are finally done.  My shoulders ache, but I’m satisfied with my work, even though surprisingly, I’ve never painted toenails before.

“You do know you have to paint over them again?” Tina says, in a serious tone.


Suzanne bursts  into laughter again, she’s laughing so hard even Tina looks at her with surprise.

“We’re gonna do it ourselves though.” Suzanne continues, looking at me. “Nice work by the way.” She says, bending forward, and kissing my head. I smile as I watch Tina bend forward too, and grab the cap and brush, painting her nails. “You have missed out a couple of spots though.” Tina adds, wiggling her toes in my face.

The girls begin a conversation but I’m too tired to tell you about it. I just sit down cross legged on the table as I watch the two 17 year old girls talking about David, who has happeend to be the hot topic of the week apparantly.




“Guys, let’s get drunk!” Tina suggests.

“Isn’t it a bit early….” I say. It must be around noon.

“Oh yeah, you’re right Sam. Let’s wait until the evening. We can even make a toast to my dad!” She says in one breath.

“Her dad doesn’t allow alcohol in the house.” Suzanne explains.

“Okay, let’s have it, then.” I say. I haven’t had a sip in ages.

“I’ve stashed some vodka. Let’s see what we have in the kitchen.” She says as she stands up and goes upstairs.

“Can I hold you?” Suzanne plainly asks.

“Sure.” I agree. So long as she keeps this level of civility, why not? I never thought Suzanne would be like this, frankly. I always thought of her as a ginger version of Julia, but now… she seems like a nice girl.

Suzanne puts her hand on the table, allowing me to step onto its white palm. I get on her hand.

“Now cup your hand like this.” I show her, and she does it. Then she raises her hand to eye leve, and looks at me with her green eyes.

“Wow….” She says. “I still can’t believe my eyes!”

“You’ll get used to it.” Tina says, as she descends the stairs and walks towards the kitchen without stopping. Suzanne looks at her, a bit... stragenly? She then gets up to follows her, keeping me carefully at eye level. Hmm, I can see that her other hand is also cupped and that she’s keeping it under this one. She then starts to walk very slowly towards the kitchen, watching me in the meantime, like a kid that has a gold fish in her hand.

“We got tomato juice and chips.” Tina says, closing the fridge. “But no dip.”

“It’s okay.” Suzanne says.

 “Oh, you don’t need to be so tender with him , Suzzie.” Tina happily declares. She then sits at the counter next to ‘Suzzie.’

“He can take some punishment, trust me I’ve tried!” she continues, winking. Suzan laughs awkwardly as she puts me down on the wooden counter.

“Umm, can we start drinking the vodka?” I ask. Tina drags the transparent, gigantic bottle closer. The glass bottom makes the wooden counter shake. Suzanne gets up to get the glasses and tomato juice. She appears to know her away around the kitchen.

“Okay, how is he going to drink?” Suzanne asks curiously. It looks like everything about being a few inches tall fascinates her.

“I’ll drink from the cap.” I tell her. Tina opens the pack of chips, and pours a little vodka in the two glasses, and a couple of drops for me in its metal cap. Then she tops it off with tomato juice.

The girls begin sipping at their glasses, and I pick up the metal cap with both hands, drinking it all in one gulp.

“Ah that’s nice.” I say, shuddering.

“Here, have some chips.” Tina says as she puts a couple next to me and pours me some more.

We all keep sipping at our glasses (well, cap in my case) while Suzanne tells us more about her friend, Nadia the nerd, and Dave. Apparantly, Dave was actually rejected once before he got a date with Nadia, which is not surprising as David is one bif sucker in everything, from girls to basketball, and... Umph... I think it's kicking in....

Soon my head begins to spin slightly and I feel the soothing warmth in my belly. Apparatnly, the girls are feeling the effects too. They laugh much more loudly.

“Let’s satisfy Sam’s foot fetish!” Suzanne proposes out of the blue.

“Oh, I did it just this morning.” Tina says before laughing.

“No, we should do it together!” Suzanne insists.

I open my mouth to say something, but... WOW easy... ugh... she jsut grabed me and is now running to the living room... I think I might puke... so much movement.....

“Hey wait up!” Tina says before following us. The girls put me on the sofa between themselves and suddenly I find myself surrounded by 4 lovely feet. I feel better now that I'm abck on solid... well semi solid ground. Suzanne big toe coming from my left.... I get knocked over by her big toe, and now I'm on my side on the sofa. Tina’s right foot is vertically on the edge of side on the sofa, and she pushes forward so it comes in contact with me. Suzanne does the same from the other side with her left  foot, and the girls trap me between their salty soles. I’m right in the middle, with their heels pressed to each other just below than my feet, and their toes touching each other over head. They keep pressing, and I get a raging erection in the process.

The pressure from both sides continues, and the salty foot odor of Suzanne comes from my abck, jsut as TIna's coconut milk lotion fills in my nostrils as they are har pressed against her pink sole. Suddenly I feel fresh air and Tina's sole is no longer in my face... oh.... she is getting up to fetch the vodka. Good call... Suzanne puts me on the ground, and rests her foot on me. The smell is great. I start licking the side of her big toe. It is soft. It is a bit stinky, and it is crushing my head now, harder and harder....

“Tina’s told me how you like it the most.” She says excited, as the freakishly white bigtoe pressures me even more. I can't kiss her toe any more... it's....

“Hey, is he beneath your foot?” Tina’s voice comes from above as the weight subsides a bit. I can’t see her as my face is now shoved into the ball of Suzanne’s white foot since she repositioned it a second ago. With every breath I take, more of her foot odor enters my lungs. I’m beginning to feel dizzy.

“That’s where he likes it. Under our feet like a carpet.” Tina says, laughing. “Here, let me add to his joy.”

Suddenly the pressure multiplies, and I feel my chest being crushed beneath it.

“Get your leg off me!” Suzanne protests above, as she lifts her foot off me.

“Relax, Suzie. He can handle it.” Tina says, drinking a third of her refilled glass in one motion. “Don’t you, Sam? “she says, tapping my erect penis with the tip of her big toe. “You’re a horney little fucker.”

I look at her with anger, and feel my face going red. Suzanne’s quiet. Then suddenly Tina puts her glass on the coffee table, and leaps forward. Her hand reaches for me, and snatches me up before I can do anything, then her full lips surround me as she kisses me repeatedly.

“I’m just messing with you, Sam!” she shouts, holding me on her palm. “Totally got you, I’m not even drunk!” She says steadily.

“You’re a bit drunk.” Suzanne comments with a giggle.

“Yeah, but just a little bit! If I drink some more, I might get drunk enough to sit on you though.” She says happily, before picking up her glass again.

“I’m down for you siting one me!” I tell her, accepting the cap full of vodka and tomato juice from Suzanne.

“Okay, let’s see then!”

Suzanne quickly springs up and stands next to the table to get a good view as Tina gets up and stands right over me. Then carefully, she sits down. I lay on my back, watching her huge, yet shapely ass in dark pants land on me and my face. Her ass crack shows itself as the pant gets stretched out from either side. She’s aimed to put me in the crack exactly, which is good because I won’t be squished like an ant. Also the soft sofa underer me gives in to her weight, and goes down a little. Soon her pajamas is in my face, as I breathe in the air in her butt crack. It’s very warm, and a bit moist. Coconut milk is here too.

I…I soon run out of air, and start punching her as hard as my arms have space to move, and soon she stands up.

“Holy shit he actually survived it!” Suzanne says.

“Told ya, he’s a horney little thing.” Tina says proudly, as if showing a dog. Soon I’m back on her lap, drinking vodka and eating chips.


Hey felllas… we’vee been driiinking for a while now… guessss I had a biit too much but…. It’s okay……… I can handle it….. I’m daaa mannn!

Anyyway back in the living room and….

“Come on Sam!” it’s Suzannee, we’re playing this game in whiccch the person who faaills to answer the question hass to do what the otherrrss say…. So now I’ve to…..

“Come on, drink the vodka from her bellybutton!” Syas that chick….the ginger…. Suzie…. Again.... So I’m on Tina’ss warm, sexxxy, saltyyy, sweattty tummmmy now… wisshhhh it was her hot, tight asss…. Anyhowww so I’m here  and I bend dooowns and suck the vodka,… *drinks* from her sweet, hottt…. Belly…. *drinks*…. *burps.* …. I’ da man bitcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees *barfs.*





Cold… cold water splashes all over my naked body. I try to escape from it, but something is keeping me in place. I hear distant voices in a distance.

“Quit your squirming, damn it!” Suzanne’s voice says. Oh….

She takes me out, and I notice the kitchen’s sink. My entire body is shivering. She takes out a piece of paper cloth with her other hand, and rolls me in it like a baby.

“Okay, you should feel better now.” She says, as she holds me in her hand, walking towards the living room, I think.

She sits down, and I notice Tina cleaning her belly with a wet towel. Then she looks at me.

“Seriously? You barely had a few drops.” She says. “This is disgusting.”

“I’m so sorry… I had no idea….” I try to explain.

“Never mind.” She says with disgust, throwing the towel in a corner.

“I’m much better now, but I don't seem to be wearing anything. "Can you give me my trousers?” I ask, as I crawl out.

“here.” Says Suzanne.

“I have such a headache….” Tina says. Suzanne and I both agree.

“Can I take a shower?” Suzanne asks Tina, who nods. She quickly moves towards the stairs.  I think she might puke.

I look at Tina. She is covering her eyes with her hand, and is lying on the sofa, her feet are still on the ground. Soon she begins snoring. Damn. I look at the bottle of vodka which is now almost empty. It was almost 3/5 full an hour ago. Shit… my head is splitting… and I think my legs shake under my weight… my ears are banging too… and it just won’t go away….

It still banging… no wait a minute… it’s a knock… someone’s knocking at the… door? No it’s glass. A window?

I jump off the sofa and onto Suzanne’s sneakers, and then I follow the noise. There’s a window. It’s closed shut, but the curtains are drawn, and on the other side there’s... oh my god... Ashley’s face? As soon as she sees me, she literally jumps  up and down of joy, as her beautiful lips part and mutter something quickly.

“SAM! OH MY GOD, SAM! I’M HERE FOR YOU BABY, JUST COME TO THE DOOR!” her muffled voice says.

I stare at her, then turn around and look at the door. Tina’s dark blonde hair is visible, and she’s snoring steadily. I turn back again, looking at Ashley.


I turn back, and take a couple of steps towards the door. Then I pause, and stand still in the middle of the vast living room.

 To my right there’s  Tina lying on the sofa, the extremely petite girl who let me experience things I thought unimaginable before. She humiliates me, and loves me, and she hates me at the same time, and plays with me, and makes love to me… I honestly don’t know how to describe her… but she makes me feel things… feelings… dark desires... deep desires... that I rarely even dared to dream of. I hear the shower from upstairs. Leaving Tina would also mean leaving Suzanne, the curious girl and Tina’s shadow,  who’s down for anything if a tiny man is involved.

And then there’s Ashley behind the door, waiting for me. The nice, geeky, smart and gentle Ash whose love would’ve  been enough a couple of days ago… but can she make me the way Tina makes me feel? Can she satisfy me sexually, and personally, the way Tina does through making humiliating love?

I don’t know. There's just something about getting what you thought was impossible....

The world has never felt so large to me.


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Chapter 16 - Fire Beats All by Samius
Author's Notes:


“SAM! COME ON!” Ash’s voice calls out to me once again. She disappears from behind the window, and soon two shadows emerge under the entrance door.

“Come through here! You can squeeze through.” She continues as the shadows of her feet move left and right.

I stand frozen in the middle of the living room. Ash falls quiet for a second, and the only sound in the room now is the sound of Tina’s snores, and the shower coming from upstairs. Guess Suzanne’s not done bathing yet. I look back, glimpsing at Tina’s sleeping body.

“SAM?” Ashley says again, this time more hesitant. I look towards the door. Another shadow has emerged beneath the door, this one’s bigger. I notice a deep blue eye looking through the narrow space. I… I can’t bear it any longer, I turn back and start walking towards the sofa and Tina’s hanging foot.

“SAM? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Ashley really shouts this time. Tina chimes in with a loud snore. I look back instantly, still facing the sofa. The blue eyes are back behind the window pane again, watching me curiously. I look forward and take a step. Then I hear something, and turn back once again.

Curiosity has given way to pain and realization, I notice, as I watch Ash’s lips pressing tightly together, trembling. The blue of her eyes gets even deeper, as tears start to fall down. I resume walking towards Tina, trying to ignore the staring eyes that are focused on my small back. Too sentimental for my taste.

I’ve reached the sofa’s leg now. I look back to see… yeah, Ash’s gone. The sound of shower has also stopped, and I hear thumping of bare feet on wooden floor coming from upstairs. I look at Tina, who is still sleeping. She’s gonna have a hell of a hangover when she wakes up.

Two bare feet stop on the last step of the staircase on my left. I look at them, Suzanne’s scanning the floor for me, her gaze soon fixes on me and she smiles, then she steps off the step and onto the floor of the living room. A very, very white pair of feet with a light blue shade on the toenails take a couple of steps toward me, and stop about a normal inch from my tiny body. Sweet aroma of shampoo and shower gel reaches my nostrils as I stare up at the ginger high school girl.

Suzanne’s wearing nothing but a white towel around her, and it covers only the lower half of her white breasts and barely the length of her lady part. I soon find myself confused as to what part I should be looking at. The shapely yet small tits, the lady part which is, by the way, completely visible to me from where I am, or the clean feet and perfect, painted toe nails. I wish I could see them all at once.

“Tina’s still sleeping, huh?” Suzanne says to me, or maybe herself, as she takes another step forward, placing me right between her legs. I look up, and brother, my jaw drops at the sight I see! Some drops of water fall around me like a drizzle. Wooow!

Her asshole is exactly above me, hovering. It’s slightly darker than the milky white tone of skin around it, where Suzanne’s ass is. Yummy. What? Yeah, it’s not the most favorite hole for many, I know, but fuck you, I want to stare at it as long as I damn please. If you prefer other parts you can shrink yourself and risk your own tiny ass over them. Anyway, I look at the two thick ankles on either side of me as they move a little, but… nope, apparently Suzanne’s going to keep me here for a while. I can see some of her red hair over the sofa; she must be bending down to take a closer look at Tina, who’s still snoring like a 200 pound sailor.

I look up again, following the direction of her ass crack. There’s her asshole again. I think it can swallow me whole with ease! Damn, the thought is more appealing that I’d like to admit. Then there’s where her vagina probably starts, you know, the bottom part. A couple of inches from her asshole, pink flesh eventually starts, and leads to where dreams coming true. I imagine licking the entire length of what’s in my view, starting from the top of her pink, rose like vagina and the clitoris and licking it top to bottom, and continuing to lick her until I’ve licked her small butthole, and everything in between. Mmmm, I close my eyes, imagining… my mouth soon feels dry from the imaginary licking and the fact that my jaw’s been dropped this entire time, and…. BLEH, what the fuck was…?

Eww, a drop of water just went into my mouth… eh… guess the giantess is still wet from her shower. I look up dubiously, yep… I don’t know from what part of her it dropped on me, but at least I got a taste, LOL!

“Enjoying the view, little Sam?” Suzanne’s voice echoes between her legs as it reaches me. The gigantic legs retreat a step, and soon eye contact is established between us. I preferred the former position though. I know she is doing all this intentionally.

“Yeah.” I tell her. “But you already knew that.” I continue. Guess our little drinking session has helped me get rid of embarrassment and all that. I think I vaguely remember being surrounded by a lot of warm, soft skin. Though I don’t know what the girls had done to me. It must’ve been fun….

“Tina’s knocked out.” The ginger scoffs, as she takes yet another step back. Why is she going the wrong direction?

“More time with this little man for me then.” She says seductively. “What do you think of my tits Sam?” She continues as she bares a white boob. Even her towel is not as white as her skin.

“Are you excited?” she asks devilishly.

“You had me just by showing your butthole, Suzie.” the thought cross… oh shit… I said it out loud didn’t I?

“HAHAHAHHAHA!” She giggles as her white cheeks go red. Tina snores again. I catch Suzanne looking at her with... disgust? Then she hides her boob again. Damn.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She says, squatting down and snatching me before I can see how her pussy will look like in that position.

As I'm here in a hand, which seems a bit bigger than Ashley's as I can barely reach her thumb now, one thought crosses my mind. This is who I've always been. Suzanne wil be the third girl I've been with this week. I'm back to my game now!

She ascends the stairs fast, her white bare feet thumping on the wooden surface. Her tight grip makes breathing a little difficult, but when I do take in air, it is mixed with the smell of shampoo, a distinct smell I cannot recognize.

Soon we find ourselves in Tina’s bedroom, where she puts me down on the floor. Then stands in front of me, clutching at the white towel with her left hand. Then she slowly loosens up her grip, and the white towel crumbles at her feet, baring…. Dafuq? DUDE! HER pussy is so weird with all that red pubes… ewww… wtf…. Boner kill, man….

“Do whatever you want to me, Sam….” She says very, very directly as she takes a step towards me… umm… let me look again, it’s not that bad…. Ewww… fuck it I’m not going near that… monstrosity….

“Come on!” She says impatiently. The seductive tone is gone.

“Okay, okay…” I blurt out hastily as soon as I remember her big toe can easily flatten me into a pulp. “Lay down on your stomach.” I tell her.

“Okay!” she says, quickly lying down on the towel. It is impressive to see someone that size heeds my orders. Her butt chicks are the highest points of her body now, like two white hills. She rests her head on her right cheek so that she can see me, and then remains still, eyeing me curiously.

I take off my gnome pants and coat and take a step towards her hip because I seriously want to try her butt. I’ve never tried that before! Let alone at this size… so here we go. I’ve reached her hip, but it’s… higher than I thought… and the angle’s too sharp…

“Little help here, Suzanne?” I admit defeat, as a white hand grabs and lifts me up as high as the position of her elbow allows, then goes right in front of her butt chicks and drops me there. I slide right inside the crack. I land on my feet just to find the ground to be too soft to stand upon. My knees bend and I hit the side of her ass crack with my face, falling down.

Suzanne giggles. “Did you kiss me?” she asks.

“Umm, yeah!” I answer her, using the soft, warm flesh of her butt cheek on my either side to stand up.

“Do it again!” she says.

Who am I kidding, I like it. I kiss the soft flesh of her butt again.

“Kiss my ass, Sam!” she says aloud.

“I AM kissing your ass!” I shout back. She starts laughing hysterically and her entire body begins to shake. I stop kissing and take a look at where I am. Her asshole is lower. I am standing on the very end of her spine here, I think. I sit down and use crawl on my butt towards, well, her butthole….

I slide inside and am sitting next to her butthole. There is some smell here, admittedly, but not as strong as one would think! I suggest you also try it only when your girl has taken a bath very recently. Anyway, the muscles are contracted, and I can feel them flinching under me. It’s amazing how strong and comparatively big her muscles are in this particular location. I really feel insignificant here… I bend down and kiss her asshole.

Hmm… I thought it’d be different, but really it’s like kissing any other part of her. Damn, what a waste of time. I always thought it would be much better….

“What are you doing?” Suzanne asks. I look towards her red head, she’s trying to see what’s up but her neck simply can’t make a 180 degree turn. Heh. Apparently, her hand can.

She grabs me with her hand and pushes me deep into her butt crack, where my head literally goes up her ass a little. Well, down her ass here.

I feel her muscles resisting my entry, but soon they loosen up a little. Her hand with me in it goes up a little and she shoves me inside with my legs first. I thank God that she wasn’t dumb enough to break my neck in her ass, then I realize I’m almost waist deep in her butt, and I soon regret the quick prayer.

She is holding me between her thumb and two of her fingers, and she’s pushing me even deeper inside her butt. I can hear her moaning a mile away, but apparently her asshole isn’t ready for me. I feel strong muscles surrounding my legs, and squeezing me. It soon begins to hurt.

“PULL ME OUT!” I shout at her. She does it, then quickly flips and gets on her back, her knees bent in the sky and her bare feet flat on the ground, then her hand and me still trapped between her fingers goes where the sun don’t shine.

AS I am forced between her asshole and her vagina, I realize that I never thought I would get my desire so soon. But here I am!

I start kissing and licking her moist flesh as she slides me and brushes me against her asshole, and then moves me all the way towards the bottom of her vagina, where a jungle of red hair awaits. My dick is huge despite the pain at it’s base and my balls, and I’m too overwhelmed by the arousal to give a fuck about anything. I begin licking her pussy and her clitoris, and when she forces me into it, I begin licking its soft walls too.

She’s having the time of her life, I can tell, by her moaning. Guess I got her in the mood when I was drunk. I keep licking and sucking her pussy, and I punch and bite her clit as hard as I can when it comes to my reach as her milky hand rubs me along, and when she shoves me up head first into her hole again, up to my waist, I start cumming at the pressure I receive by her vagina.

"Fuck me, Sam. Fuck me HARD!" she begs up there. A giantess at my command!

She keeps jerking my devastated body inside her harder and harder, to the point that I feel suffocating. Then she pulls me out with a moan, and leaves my tired body on the ceramic floor next to her. I’m soaked in a mixture of our body fluids. My heart is pounding; I don’t think I’ve had it this good in life. It was cruel.

“That…” she says, panting. “WAS AMAZING…” she hardly finishes.

“IT WAS….” I tell her, as I try to take deep breaths. I have to spit a little fluid before that.

“GUYS?” A voice calls from downstairs.

“SHIT!” Suzanne shouts as she springs up and grabs her clothes from Tina’s bed.


“She mustn’t see us like this!” Suzanne says, wearing her panties.

“What? It’s not like we were cheating on her!”


“ Oh…” I had really forgotten! Guess I was kind of a boyfriend to Tina…? Was I? She probably thought so, well we did have several moments….

 The realization suddenly freezes me. You know what happened when Tina and I broke up? You know, when I was like two feet taller than her? She hit me in the head so fucking hard I had trouble walking straight for a month. Yeah, well if now she finds me CHEATING on her WITH HER BEST FRIEND, AT THIS SIZE… I’ll be so fucked there’s no words to describe it….

I jump up and begin to run for my clothes that are like a thousand miles away from me, but Suzanne’s much faster. She takes a large step over me, so hastily that her bare foot thumps loud about two regular inches in front of me and the sound knocks me down again. She quickly reaches the clothes and kicks them towards me. The gnome pants and coat slide on the ceramic floor of Tina’s bedroom and hit my feet. I jump into the pants and struggle with the fucking rope-belt. Suzanne’s already dressed.

“Guys?” Tina says again. “Ouch!” she suddenly adds. “My head….”

“WE’RE IN YOUR ROOM!” Suzanne says loudly. Her tone is so normal that my eyes widen at the evidence that girls can be such devious little things.

Suzanne takes out her cellphone from her pocket, turns it on, and puts it in front of me. She then sits on Tina’s bed, pretending to read one of her fashion magazines. I punch an icon on the lit screen and her gallery pops up.

The door opens, and Tina walks inside. Her eyes are red and her impression shows her mood is fucked up.

“You OK, Tina?” Suzanne asks. She sounds worried. But I doubt the feeling goes any deeper than the sound.

“I shouldn’t have….” Tina barely says as she takes another step, and then another.

“HEY!” I shout before I get flattened under her next step.

“Sam’s on the floor!” Suzanne quickly says, crouching on the bed.

Tina looks down unsteadily, her eyes must’ve failed her because she’s now bending down a little. There! Her gaze finally fixes on me, then… then… her pupils dilate and her mouth opens….

“Noooooo….” I shout before I feel flying. The world turns into a flux of colors, and then it regains stability as I find myself in Suzanne’s hand, looking at Tina puking her guts out.




Suzanne took care of the mess Tina has made. Tina’s sitting on her bed, sipping at a cup of green tea.

“It’s all done, I should be going though.” Suzanne declares.

“Thanks, Suzie….” Tina moans, hitting her head on the wall against which she’s leaning.

“You’re going to get well tomorrow.” She says. “But you always over do it!” She adds, rolling her eyes at me. I giggle without making a sound, and so does she. Tina misses the gesture. I think she’d even miss an elephant if one was standing in her room.

“Okay, where is Sam?” she says, opening an eye.

“I’m right here!” I say from the foot of her bed, where there’s a wooden panel on the wall. It’s slowly getting dark, and I feel tired. So does Suzanne apparently.

“I’ll be going, guys. See you later!” She says, looking only at me when uttering the last phrase. I wave at her, grinning. Can’t get the thought of our little experience out of my head.

Apparently, neither can she, because she turns her back on Tina and blows a silent kiss for me, just before turning on her heel and walking out the door.

“Bye, Suzie…” Tina mutters as she puts her cup away. Her snoring resumes. I look at the clock on her wall. It’s just 6 pm. I doubt I can sleep this early. I begin walking on the wooden panel, which is part of her bed and is used as a small book case, reviewing the day I had; everything from Ashley to Suzanne. My feet are thumping on the wooden floor, as Suzanne’s did. Her thought brings a smile to my face, and all the red objects in Tina’s room seem to suddenly shine brighter. Red like fire. Red like Suzanne, with her shapely tits and white skin, and the aroma of the shampoo she used…. Who would’ve thought that the ginger kid could be so hot without clothes? Damn.

Suddenly I feel something soft  beneath my left foot. My other foot automatically comes up to take the next step, but it somehow can’t, and I fall down on the dark wood.

I sit up. Can’t believe my eyes missed something on the surface when walking, the lights are still on… oh… wait a minute… the gnome pants, they have… But… they used to be up until my ankles, Ash made the adjustments herself… now… they are like an inch longer than my sole… fuck….

I clutch the fabric and stand up and try to pull the pants up to my waist, but they are already there. The rope-belt that Ash made me is still holding it tight. I open my shaking fists and let the pants fall down to their full length… the gnome pants are longer now… which means… oh my God!

I’m getting smaller!

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Chapter 17 - Spiral of Misery by Samius

“Tina…” I say her name in the dim room. Her eyes are still closed. “Tiiiiiina!” I repeat, this time more loudly. The blond slowly opens an eye, and then another. They are red.

“What?” she mumbles.

“I need to talk to you.” I tell her. My heart is in my throat, and I’m still holding on to my pants.

“Nomhmmh.” She says some inaudible shit before turning on her side. WTF?

“TINAAAAAAAA!” I shout at the top of my voice as I watch her get up.

“What the fuck man?” she protests as she sits on the bed. I think she is about to dro… nah. She is rubbing her head now, but I’ve got more important shit than her hangover.

“I’ve shrunk more.” I tell her helplessly.

“What do you mean more?” she asks as her features regain consciousness. She is looking at me now with her brown eyes. “You are getting smaller?”

“Yes!” I say, relieved that she has finally understood. All the blond jokes are real man. “We need to speak with Wundt.”

“Wundt? The teacher? Are you crazy?”

“We don’t have a choice. We… I was going to speak with her before you found me. She probably knows what happened to me; it all happened in her class.”

“Oh, that’s why they found your clothes there!” She says, her eyes completely awake now with surprise. She puts her white foot on the ceramic floor. I look at the chubby and short toes with the light shade of blue on them. My shoulders begin to ache again.

“Well, I will ask around tomorrow.” She says, as she stretches her body. Her small belly button shows itself between her light grey top and pink pajamas.

“No.” I disagree loudly. Why doesn’t she take it seriously?

“What?” She suddenly stops stretching, and her brown eyes are fixed on me now.

“I need to come with you. Wundt must see me to believe you!” I utter every word with heat despite my dry throat, hoping they get through her thick skull.

“Okay, it makes sense.” She finally agrees. Well, that was easier than I thought!

“Okay….” I reply hesitantly.

“Okay.” She repeats, pleasantly.

“Can I get something to drink?”

“Here, drink this!” she says, as she picks up the cup of now cold green tea from the desk and puts it next to me on the wooden panel at the foot of her bed.

“But… I can’t reach it!” I say. The cup is almost twice as tall as me and I really doubt I can hold on to its rim even if I do my best basketball jump.

“Oh….” Tina says as a grin slowly appears on her face, letting her white, orderly row of teeth show themselves off. “Well, I wonder what we can do about that?” She continues. Ok, now it’s getting weird.

The blond, petite giantess’s small hand comes toward me and picks me up as I stand still. Her short, rather chubby fingers are around me as she puts me on the bed. She then proceeds to sit straight and put her feet up, stretching the right leg forward towards the wooden panel, and bending her left one inward so a triangle appears with her legs and her crotch as its sides; I am put in the middle. Her left sole is facing up as she rests her foot on the soft mattress, and the toes are towards me. The glossy cyan blue nail polish is shining. What is this bitch up to?

She has the cup in her hand, and the she… well… she is pouring some of the golden green tea on the sole and toes of her left foot. The golden liquid lands just below her round, slightly dirty heel and slides down both the width and the length of her foot towards the arches, making its way from one horizontal wrinkle to the next as it approaches the arch, gathering in between them. It then goes between her toes and gets absorbed by the mattress.

“Are you fucking daft?” I hear her groan. I look up.

“Drink, Sam! Drink from my foot!” The words barely pass her lips through her chuckles. She must be finding it hard to believe what she is asking me to do; it is clear she is enjoying this.

I get on my knees next to her big toe and the next one, put my right hand for support on the meaty big toe as I bend down… and sip at the narrow stream of cold tea just before it pours down between her toes. It tastes good, and salty.

A couple of seconds later, the stream goes dry as the cup is turned upside again, and I start to get up. Wait, she is spreading her toes in front of me now. “Lick them clean for me.” The giantess commands. Well, guess I’d better bend down in front of her foot again.

I begin to lick her left big toe. There is some dead skin gathered on its side opposite the other toes which feels like sand paper on my tongue. I can feel the goddess’s gaze on my back, so I lick it all. I lick the entire surface of it, and its tip, and the space between her toenail. I am now on to the ball of her foot, licking it like a dog. I am not ashamed. I feel useful. It is slightly dirty here, and salty. I lick it all. It has taken me a couple of minutes now, and my tongue is dry. I pause to swallow my saliva. The tea is all dried up.

“Lick harder!” She commands from above, as her index finger pokes me in the back. The force is too much and I fall on the ball of her foot face down. “This is better!” she says from up there. “Crawl on my sole and lick it clean.”

I begin licking more fervently. I do enjoy being so pathetic on her foot, like a parasite, feeding on her bare feet. I also like to keep her in a good mood as I need her to get me to Wundt. I lick my way towards her heel which is an elevated position from where I am. This part is the dirties. I lick hard, pausing briefly to gather some saliva to clean it better for her. I lick every rough millimeter of it enthusiastically, intentionally brushing my boner against her sole from time to time. I wish I could hump it right now.

But no.

The giantess has other plans apparently as I am in the air in her hand right now. Now I am on the mattress again, facing her, well, pussy. She is still wearing her panties.

“Let’s make a deal.” She says, plainly, as her pink lips reform a smile as soon as the sentence is uttered. “If you agree to be my panties for today, I will take you to Wundt.”

“You mean you will let me shrink forever and die if I don’t do it?” I ask her directly, as I feel my neck getting heated up. I enjoy all the action I’m getting, but I do enjoy living too! If that’s the case, our bet is off and I won’t stay here a second longer. This bitch can’t do that.

“You look so cute when you get angry, Sam!” she says with a giggle. I feel my face heating up. I would beat the shit out of her if I could right now. “We are just playing, silly!” she quickly adds. The smile has disappeared.

“I will do it.” the prospect being in contact with her vagina is appealing, who am I kidding. “But you must promise to talk to Wundt TODAY!” I tell her, as firmly as I can.

“Deal.” She says quickly as she gets up. The motion is making the mattress vibrate and go up and down, and I take a knee to maintain balance.

“Deal?” I say again just to make sure. “Sure, don’t be silly.” The giantess retorts as she opens a drawer and… takes out some pieces of rope?

“Lay still.” She says as she approaches me. Now she is sitting on the mattress again, and there is a slope beginning from where I’m lying on my back to her crotch. Her rather short fingers quickly grab a piece of rope and tie it around my left wrist.

“What are you doing?” I ask as I look at her. Her hazel eyes are fixed on her work with great attention. “Tina…”

“Just be quiet. I’m making a you my pantie.”

WHAT? Well fuck me. Now I’ve done everything.

She ties another piece of rope to my right wrist. The knot is rather tied, and I think it will leave a mark.

“Are you going to stay for all classes today?” I ask her, thinking whether the punishment is worth the pleasure.


“What pants are you putting on?” I ask helplessly. Well at least I could use some room in there.

“jeans.” She retors casually as she starts tying the rope around my left ankle. My red pants long fallen down and are now laying somewhere on the mattress. My dick is getting blood from the sheer sight of this ginormous girl above me. Damn.

“Can you please wear something loose?”

“I will wear what I want, little man.” She says before adding a smile. A very fake smile.

Right, now she is… holding the two lengths of rope that are attached to my hands… and… okay now I’m hanging from her little white hands like a….

“You look like a puppet!” well, apparently she has realized the resemblance too.

“Haha… yeah….” I try to laugh too.

“Dance for me, little puppet! Dance!” she says before jerking the ropes with force. I feel my shoulders going up and down in rhythm as her grin covers the entire width of her face.

“Stop! You are hurting me!” I shout before I dislocate a shoulder.

“Pussy.” She scoffs. Bitch.

“Okay, now I need to tie you around my waste.” She declares before getting up. Now she is standing next to the bed and is taking her panties off. Well hello there! I’m gonna spend some time with you today! Hehehe.

She picks up the two ends of rope again, and I soon find myself in the ai… okay… now I’m dangling in front of her pink pussy. Good thing it is shaved. I… I get closer to the pussy as she ties the rope behind her waist tightly. My face is almost touching her clit, but my legs are still hanging. She pauses a minute, as if thinking how to proceed.

Okay, we are moving now… I think… it’s hard to tell, but I think she is standing with her back toward the mirror… okay… okay now my legs are getting in contact with her pussy… okay guess we are set. I am bent from the waist and can feel my knees between the lips of her vagina. My ass is hanging in the air apparently. Quite a view I guess. I can’t see where she is going as my face is shoved into her pussy, but she is moving around her room. Maybe… wait what?


Did she? “Mmmbmbmbmmmm.”

“Did you say something?” the giantess’s voice booms from up there.

Did she take a pic of me? Well fuck.

“I can’t hear you. Maybe it is for the best, heheeh. Panties don’t talk.” She says before she puts on her pants. My world gets dark as the rough texture of her jeans brush against my back. I hear her zipping up, and darkness surrounds me once again.

It is frightening, how I can feel her muscles as she moves around. She used to be so small compared to me that I had to bend down to kiss her when we were in a relationship. Now I am her panties. Now I am merely part of her clothing. She doesn’t even notice me hanging here, in this now damp yet pleasantly warm place and the movement is so much I can’t do anything rather than hang here. Her strong, big muscles of her thighs move around with force on either side and below me as she takes steps, their size and strength as they tense up is awesome. My wrists soon begin to ache but I ‘m not gonna say a word; I know it is useless.

After much time, she finally sits down. It is weird it took her so long as her house is very close to the triple H. I have no sense of time here. Eventually, I hear noises in the background as the students get to the classroom, where she is sitting. Or so I imagine. Oh yes! I can hear the teacher now. It’s a man, but I can’t tell who. His muffled voice is the dominant sound now, with the exception of Tina’s stomach that has been rumbling up there. It’s like I’m in a deep ocean here, hearing the sound of leviathans. It sure is getting wet like that!

I begin to lick her clit and kiss it gently from time to time. Her muscles vibrate pleasantly as I do it. I rub it with my face as I fumble around with my feet. Oh there! I finally manage to kinda sit up. Now that my wrists are relaxed, I can focus on pleasuring my goddess better. I lick harder; I kiss it. Hell, I bite it slowly from time to time… the space is getting smaller as she presses her thighs together, entrapping me in her. I can feel part of her weight on my knees already. Her soft, warm thighs pressure me harder… I am part of her now. I am her. My flesh mingles in her moist vagina as sweat droplets stream down my face and her peculiar aroma fills my nostrils. I lick her hard. I lick her fast. I fuck her with my head. The pressure is immense. I cum hard. I will die here, crushed in her pleasure… but no. She spreads her thighs again. My legs let go, and I hang from her crotch like a piece of tribal jewelry.


She hasn’t paid me any heed at all. I began to rest my but on the ground shortly as my wrists began to get sore again. My ankles are not tied together, but she pulled both of the pieces of rope between her legs and across the length of her crotch and asshole, and tied them to the pieces connected to my hand somewhere on her waist, so I don’t have much freedom of movement there. The class must have ended. I can hear commotion out there.

Whoa! Somebody just poked me in the back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I manage to distinguish Tina’s voice. She must have uttered the words loudly.

“Sorry.” I hear… Suzanne?

We are moving again. Left. Right. Left. Right. The giantess paces, ignoring my existence between her legs.

Our next class has begun I guess. She is sitting again, and the environment is quiet. I wonder if I did the right thing, not going to Ash. I might have done things differently if I’d known I was shrinking more. Hmm… but Tina seems to like me. She likes the idea of me being normal; we can be together again. Nah, I did the right thing. Ash is all cute and innocent looking, but Tina is the real deal. She is the hottest girl in school!

Somebody is poking my back… oh her thighs are getting close again. The goddess wants my attention. I’d better get to work….




My entire body is tired. My head aches from all the shakes, and I feel filthy. I stink of sweat and her vagina. I just want this experience to end. It must be around lunch time. Let me get her attention; Wundt might be nearby. I’m gonna need a bath though....

I begin hitting her with the only moving part of my body: my head. I bang it against her clit hard, hoping she doesn’t think I’m giving her pleasure… shit it must be a funny sight. Good thing you are in my head and don’t actually exist, otherwise it would be fucking embarrassing. Imagine a little man hanging from a petite short girl’s pussy, beginning his head against it like he’s in a heavy metal concert. LOL.

Okay this has only resulted in worsening my headache. WTF should I do now… hmm… I can bite her? It worked on Ashley. Heheh, nom.

“OUCH!” I hear her shout up there. Good. I hear another voice soon following her shout from my left and her right.

Light pours into this cave of lust.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she snaps at me from above. I look up but see nothing but the white opening.

“Get me out!” I shout. Wow, the ropes must have come loose a bit.

“What the fuck is he saying?” Tina asks.

“He wants to get out.” Suzanne explains. Good girl!


“Come on, Tina. He is no good to you suffocated.” Suzanne says. Well, not the best thought but ok.

Let me see. Oh the opening is getting wider. wait, is she going to pull down her pants in the middle of the hallway? Oh fuck!

Light rushes in together with a pleasant and cold gust of wind. It takes some time for my eyes to adjust, but I think Tina is fumbling with the knots behind her back. Oh… okay, I see a… toilet?

Wow! Tina and Suzanne are in the girls’ room. Hmm. Suzanne is squatting next to us; her red hair is around her white face, and she is laughing at me. Her green eyes are shining brightly in the white, well-lit room. Behind her there is a brown door. It is closed. I can’t hear anyone else.

“There!” Tina says, relieved. I feel hanging for a second, and WOOOAH I’M FALL… whew… Suzanne caught me in midair.

“Careful, Tina!” she scolds her.

“he bit me!” she protests.

“I had no other way.” I respond. Ash would anticipate a way for me to communicate.

“Can we see Wundt now?” I ask.

“She’s not here.” Tina says as she walks towards the white toilet. I look up. Suzanne is looking at her. The bright room is making my headache worse.

Tina turns around and her eyes fix on Suzanne for a moment. “Leave us, Suzie.” She commands.

“Why?” She asks, rather brazenly, I guess. She was always Tina’s second in command. Or so I thought.

“Cause I want to pee?” Tina asks, rhetorically.

“oh ok.” Suzanne says, before getting up.

“No, leave Sam!”

“WHAT?” Suzanne and I say simultaneously, with her voice being the dominant one.

“Do I have to explain everything to you? Just do it!” She says. She sounds serious. Suzanne pussies out and puts me on the ceramic floor. She then gets out. Tina takes a step towards the door, her jean clad legs on either side of me. She is wearing her pink Nike sneakers. She locks the door and gets on the toilet seat, ignoring me while doing so. I just stand here.

She sits down, and… beckons me to herself?

“Come here.” She commands. I walk to her hesitantly.

“Lie down next to my foot.” She commands again. I do it next to her left pink sneaker. The cold ceramic sends shivers down my spine. She raised her ginormous foot and holds it over me. Her heel is still on the ground. I stare up at the patterns on her plastic sole. It is dirty, and I see random spots on it. She lowers her foot slowly, and now her sole is touching my body. She rests her foot and the pressure magnifies. I am trapped beneath her foot. And now I hear the sound of water. She is pissing while holding me under her foot, for pleasure.

Now she is taking a dump. She pressures me and crushes me a bit every time she is forcing the shit out her white, small ass. She groans a bit, and presses me down hard under her shoe. Then I hear the BLOOP in the water, and the pressure subsides, just to be resumed shortly after. I feel my dick is getting hard under the pressure, and the immense humiliation I feel. I am less than nothing to her.

She suddenly lifts her foot off me, and bends down, still sitting on the toilet. She grabs me and holds me at eye level. She is… looking at me with disgust.

“You look filthy.”

She soon gets up and turns around, with me in her hand. I can see the bowl. There’s yellowish water with 3 pieces of turd in it, floating around. She bends down, holding me over it. I brace myself. She wants to drop me….

No. she flushes, and together we watch her shit turning round and round. I am scared shitless at the sight. My life depends on her index and thumb. If she lets go, I will go down with it. I stare at the spiral, as the 4 pieces of rope hang below me.

An eternity passes.

The water is still now, and she stands straight.

“Remember, Sam.” She says ominously as she begins to walk toward the door. I’m held at her waist level. “Remember this the next time you decide to bite me.”

I almost start to explain to her again, but it’s no use; I know that.

The door opens, and I see Suzanne right behind it. She is looking at Tina wordily. Did she hear her?

“Let’s go.” She says to Suzanne, without the slightest hint that she is going to wash her hands. “You are getting back in.” she answers my unasked question before I get the chance. “The day is not over yet.”

End Notes:

Yes I'm back at it after almost two years. I hate to leave it half-finished.

The reason I stopped writing is I had two shit years of my life, the likes of which I hope to never experience.

Also a special thank you to those who still deemed this story worthy of a read. Cheers!

Chapter 18 - The Final Step by Samius
Author's Notes:

This is the finale.

Thank you.

Tina has finally revealed her true colors… who am I kidding? “I” have finally opened my eyes to see them. We’ve come to a point of complete objectification; I am not a human to her anymore. She keeps me in a small drawer in her night stand, thankfully without binding me. I am free to stand up and walk around in this wooden room with only a tiny keyhole as its only window, the size of which is too small to be of any use. She has not uttered a single word to me since the fight which took place many, many hours ago. I have all but lost track of time because I don’t even see the light of the sun from here. Besides, I’ve been dozing off a lot. Guess it’s my way to cope, or perhaps the new round of shrinking’s side effect?

I did a lot of thinking, sitting in the corner with my back against the rough wall. The smell of wood permeates here with a tinge of Tina’s perfume. My sense of smell has become keen, guess it’s because all I see is darkness. I could be sitting in Ash’s warm lap and be looking up at the blue of her eyes, but no. I just had to run after Tina like some lap dog. I’m so pissed that I would like to punch myself. I clench my fist and hold it in front of my face. I can’t see it. I drop it so it lands on the coarse wooden surface. Isn’t it what I wanted? Didn’t I want all the humiliation and sexual pleasures that Tina was offering at the time? Is there any form of humiliation above being nothing but a toy to a high school girl?

One thing I still don’t understand though is why the sudden shift in behavior. If she wanted revenge for the way I treated her when we were together, she could have easily squished me when she discovered me back in that damned classroom. If she wanted to use me, she could easily do it. Why would she warm up to me again after so long and try to be nice? Guess the bitch had a hidden agenda, but what?

I lie down on the floor of the drawer. My pants fell off somewhere during the struggles, and my bare ass feels the cool surface. I have only my shirt on… wait a minute! I take it off… this belonged to Ash… well to her gnome, but anyway… fuck it! I’d better not think more about her. I make a ball by crumbling the shirt and create a pillow. I’d better try to sleep again; not much else to do, and you have been of no help up to this point. In fact, you’ve fucked up things by your decisions even mo… Shit who am I talking to? I think I’m going nuts….

Harsh sound of wood dragging on wood. Light comes in, so does Tina’s hand. I don’t fear it. I don’t like it. I don’t feel anything.

She picks me up, neither too firmly nor loosely. Just a normal grip as she lifts me up in the air and down on her bed. Her crimson colored nails still smell of fresh nail polish, and her short fingers feel larger than I remember. She places me on my stomach on the soft mattress and leaves me there. I look at her face. No emotions there, and she avoids my eyes.

Her pussy catches my eye. She has only a satin top on. The soft fabric waves in the dim light of the room. I can hear very low noises in the background, coming from downstairs. Her parents must be home. Maybe….

She spits on her finger tips and begins rubbing them on her pussy. AS her left hand is busy, her right hand comes towards me and I get picked up. She does all this without even looking at me. I take a deep breath and tense up my neck before getting shoved in. She rubs me on the outer lips and her clitoris. The smell of her spit coupled with her lady part is shoved into my nose as my body is rubbed against her flesh. Her skin here seems rougher than before. She then pushes me in hard, and pulls me out almost completely. The motion continues as I am jerked inside her for her pleasure. The feeling is tense in that she is doing it very harshly.

She is pulling me out again, but this time I am distanced from her vagina. I look at her, her lips are forming a circle, is she… she spits on me twice. The warm, foamy and thick saliva is enough to cover almost all of my body. I remain motionless, ready for the next round of pounding. My skin begins to feel sore, and I stretch my hands up my head like a diver before she shoves me back in to avoid them breaking in her canal. I know what she will do if that happens; there is only one fate for a badly hurt pet. That is if she perceives me as a living being at all… there’s… oh god she is not pulling me out… my lungs burn for air but… th….?

AAAAAAAAAGH... oh god… she almost…. I’m out…. She is looking at me? Tina… “Tina” I say in a low voice….

She takes her eyes off me as soon as I speak and she realizes I am not dead. I am on the bed now, between her thighs. Her right leg is stretched in front of her along the length of the bed, as her left leg is hanging from the edge. She is not tall enough for her left foot to fully touch the floor though. Her hand comes down. I am about to be put in the drawer again.

“At least tell me why.” I say loud as I can as her wet fingers surround me. They smell of… her. She picks me up.

“Tina please.” I beg as she finally looks at me in her hand. My head is poking out between her thumb and the index finger. My legs are nowhere near her small finger. How much have I shrunk?

“Why didn’t you just kill me if you want to hurt me this bad?” The words flow almost spontaneously.

“That can be done even now.” The bitch says ignorantly. She is cold as the sweat that just trickled down my spine; my first emotion in a long time. Looks like I still want to live.


“I know you think of me as a cold and cruel person. But guess what.” She says as she lifts me up and holds in front of her face. Her hazel eyes fixed on me this time, her nostrils wide.

“You are just as big a fucking asshole as I am. It’s just that you are at my mercy now, just as I was at yours when we were together.”

“But… I….”

“We were 15 back then, Sam. 15!” she says as wrinkles form around her eyes and her eyebrows form a frown.

“Do you know how many nights I cried myself to sleep when you bragged about how I’d sucked your dick to your basketball friends?? Everybody still calls me a bitch behind my back.”

I am speechless.

“But no! you just had to show off your manliness by shitting all over me. And to think you even dare to play the victim here! You, the biggest fucking douchbag the school has ever seen! You didn’t even care about Ashley.”

My mind is numb, and I… I have nothing to reply to that.

“I’ve been wishing all this time to fuck your life up. You and your fucking ego, just so you can prove how manly you are to have 15-year-old girls suck your cock, I lost everyone but Suzanne. And now I have lost her too, and again, it’s because of you.”

She holds me close, very close, to her face and her warm breath washes over me as she utters every word. Her eyes seem moist. I can feel the hatred. I can feel the anger whipping my face with every word.

“Since you love treating everyone like shit… like… and object…”

I look into the black center of her left eye and feel her soul connecting to mine for the first time, like we understand each other finally.

“You too will be my object… my plaything…. Let’s see how your ego handles that. You don’t deserve a quick death”

She throws me in the opened drawer and I notice a hair brush and some scraps of paper as I hit the wooden ground and roll over. She closes the drawer fast and leaves me alone in the dark.

I wish I could go to sleep so soon.




I wish I could say something in my defense. I wish I could tell you that she is wrong here, or that didn’t go like that. But she is correct. Who the fuck am I kidding? There is no one here; no shame. I’ve been used as a sex toy, an insole, a plaything. I was threatened to be flushed with her shit down the toilet. Fuck my pride. I don’t get to be like that anymore.

I never thought I fucked up her life so bad back then; I honestly never did; I won’t lie to you. But I was wrong, just as I was wrong in many other things. She was not bullshitting. I saw it in her eye, man.

 I always considered Tina a shitty person. Now I must say, she is no saint either. She is bossy and sometimes rude. She is spoiled and selfish. Most of all, she is arrogant. But I am all of these things multiplied by a hundred. Who the fuck am I to call her a bitch. Wel, at least now I know why she was so kind to me. She didn’t want to kill me; she wanted to own me.

And that part about me not caring about Ash… even Ash she said. I hate myself so much. Looking back, in my entire life only two people really gave a shit about me: James and Ashley. Of these two people, Ash tried the most, and she was hurt the most. An image of her wet eyes behind the window pane comes to my mind. I bend my head down, and hit the back of my head as hard as I can against the wooden wall. Bang. Bang. Bang. Ba….

The drawer gets opened half way, and a hand comes in. I remain motionless for it to pick me… but no. Tina leaves a blue bottle cap full of water, some pieces of a blue plastic bag and some crumbles biscuit on the wooden floor. The drawer is closed shut again, and water splashes on my leg. I sit crossed legged in my corner, thinking of Ashley’s last image in my head. It is repeated again and again in my mind.

Sam I’m right here!  She says. I look at her, and I turn back.

SAM! She shouts this time. I run the opposite direction, and again she is in front of me, and again I turn back.

And then there’s my father, oblivious to my existence as always. And then there’s James. “Don’t turn into your father.”

“I need a ride, not a lecture James.” My voice says before talking about sports to change the topic.

Then there is Ash again, scanning the room through the window for me with her mesmerizing, worried eyes. And then there’s me again, turning my back on her.

Sam I’m right here!

It finally hits me.

I’ve been masking myself. I am not a secretly kind-hearted, gentle person like Ash and James might think. I am not a cool, outgoing and charming guy like what I think either. I’m a straw man, scared shitless of turning into who and what he hates the most, because I know deep down I am that person. I am an idiot who has been playing a role not fit for him his entire life. My eyes begin to burn as I doubt every second of my existence. I….

“I wish you would kill me.” I whisper at the dark wall. My eyes are not burning anymore… I feel the tears falling down. I begin crying. “I wish you would kill me….”



Time passes, one moment after another. I don’t know how long it has been, but if I assume Tina uses me every day or two, then it must be at least 2 or 3 days. How much have I shrunk in this time? Fuck if I know. But my shirt seems to be too big. I’m too scared to wear it again.

Tina has given me food twice. No baths though, I am not worthy of that. I am also not worthy of any communication besides being her dildo. However, I have failed to please her the last time and she hasn’t come back for me yet. Guess she realizes I am getting too small for her.

My left arm got sprained very badly too when my tired muscles let go and it got stuck between my body and the flesh of her pussy. She jerked me in just then, and I shout so loud even she heard it and pulled me out. And then I saw, just for a moment, a hint of fear in her eyes before it was replaced with the usual obliviousness. She does not want my blood on her hands; not yet. That might be another reason why she didn’t kill me in the first place.

No sudden realizations and self-discoveries have occurred to me since the last time I spoke to you. It is clear what kind of a person I have been. I am not saying I am so different now. I still get my reasoning for being the way I was, and it was fun for me at least. But somehow my new position and stature, and having nothing else to think about in here have helped me realize things a lot. I know more now. I understand what others have been saying now. But even if I were released this instant and was my normal size again, I doubt I would change myself much. I doubt I could. At least I am honest withmyself now I guess.

I haven’t planned any escape attempts either. A couple of days ago I began weaving the golden hair strands of the hairbrush. They are Tina’s, no doubt. There was enough for me to make at least 8 or 9 times my height. But… I don’t see why I even bothered. I will die in here soon as Tina gets bored with me or I shrink to nothingness. My pillow has surely been getting bigger and bigger.

Wait, it’s Tina. She has come to her room again. She probably just ignores me … the drawer! She is opening it. I look up.

“Come here you fuck!” she snaps at me as her hand fumbles around the half dim drwaer. Next second I am in the air and… it’s night time apparently. I tense up my muscles in anticipation for the pounding and it sends a sharp pain in my arm, but something is different today is… is she drunk? Oh… I can smell the beer on her… good… yes… maybe tonight is when this farce will be over with.

She gets naked in a flash and begins fucking herself with my body. I just wait for it to end… it’s faster and harder than ever but I think I slide in much easier. She suddenly pulls me out. “Fucking useless piece of shit.” She lets me know before throwing me in the drawer with force. I roll around into the brush as the drawer is slammed shut with such a force that everything in it hits the back wall and then is thrown forward again. I bang my head against something in the dark. It hurts like hell, so does my sprained or broken arm. I don’t care.

Hold on… is that… oh now I get it… the drawer was pushed in so hard it got open a bit… I can see light….

I hesitate. Is it worth it? I look at my bruised, naked and smelly body as I stand in the light. My back hurts, and my left arm has no strength in it. Perhaps more sleep…. My mind works up a picture of Ashley again. One more time? I know it can’t possibly go that way… but isn’t it worth it? One last time… yes… yes it is… indeed…. Where’s the makeshift rope?

It seems to be of questionable strength, but I’m so small that I must barely weigh more than a few grams… well fuck it… I made the rope by having several hairs of Tina weaved in each other into pieces, and then I tied those pieces together as tightly as I could. It took a lot of time to do it in the dark, but one thing I was never short of was time. Besides, I once climbed a poster to get flowers for her! I am no stranger to such acrobatics… seems like ages ago.

I tie my rope to the handle of the hair brush and slip its other end through the key hole. I am too small to climb out of the drawer though… hmm….

Okay I dragged the brush closer and put several pieces of paper on it. Then I stacked one of my 3 bottle caps on it… okay steady… steady… beautiful! I’m… on top of it… OUCH my arm, shit!

Okay… okay… Tina has collapsed on the bed while I was making preparations… I already realized that from her deep snoring… she is still naked… and the floor… is a loooooooong way down… I think my rope is too short… let me see… I hang from it with my right arm… but… it’s not that difficult for me now… I don’t feel my weight pulling me down much … let me go down….

Right, there is a rather wide space between me and Tina’s floor… but one of her crumbled socks is next to her bed… it is not directly under me but… where is the other one? IF I could… SHIT MY ROPE!

I heard a snap and I start falling down, my rope still in my fist… I wish I could aim for that… AAAA FUCK!

I hit the floor hard, feet first… I feel dizzy but the impact is less than… oh there’s Tina’s other sock! Under the bed! Shit… pain… excruciating pain in my right ankle… God….

Well shit… free at last I guess… I turn my back on Tina’s sleeping figure and limp towards her door. It seems farther away now than the last time I took a jog here…. Here we are. Tina always locks her door. As I had noticed, there is a good gap here that lets me pass through very easily. I don’t even have to crawl!

Okay, now I am in the corridor. stairs, bedrooms and a bathroom. I used to come here a lot back then. I think I can hear her parents in their bedroom talking… yes that’s Martha’s voice… hmm… I wish she would look after Tina more. She is one of those moms who aren’t really a mom… you know what I mean. Well to the stairs then.

Okay, okay. I think… I think if I simply jump off… due to my tiny stature I won’t hurt much… I think… it worked before let me… but I msut not land on my ankle… it hurts worse than my arm… okay fuck it, here we go!

Ouch… ouch it hurts… fuck… but nothing is broken… let me go again.

OH MY GOD… FUUUUUUUUUCK… my ankle… shit. I think I broke my right ankle this time… oh god it hurts so bad… let me… I got some time to kill. Let me go under their sofa in the living room….

Okay it is 1 in the morning. I know because I can see the huge clock on their wall… I had better rest… it’s true their house is just around the corner from the triple H but… I don’t know how far it will be at my size…. Let me take a nap.


It is 6. I couldn’t sleep even a bit. The pain in my arm and especially my ankle… I think I broke it. I’ve been thinking though while you were gone…. These past couple of days are just on repeat in my head… if only I can get to my school… if only I can get there in time for her…. I’d better get up! I can slip under their entrance door too… their house is not a new one. Many places for a… for a…. That’s me!

There is a large mirror attached to the left of their entrance… you know to take one last look before you step outside… same as the one I got in my room but this one comes all the way to the ground… and I am in it… God, my face has changed so much…. I look very thin and my hair is… all messy…. My beard is grown a bit too Wish I could take a bath, I’m literally grey from the dirt. Is… how tall am I? I was easily a bit taller than two inches (6~ centimeters) when we checked with Ash but now… let me see if there is anything… a cold breeze hits me from under the door… I look that direction… oh… I think I can get through the gap without even… bending down… how much have I shrunk? I don’t know let me… yes… I just got past the door and I barely had to bend my head! Their entrance doesn’t have that wide a space under it…. Oh, I must be half that size now… I must be a bit more than an inch (3~ centimeters) oh God… oh….



It is too late. I tear a piece of yesterday’s newspaper and hold it around me for warmth as I limp my way towards my school… the streets are almost empty aside from the occasional car… I can hear birds and an occasional meow of a cat but I don’t care… it is too late… too late for me now… wish you had killed me Tina… wish I had died sooner… I take another step….

You need to be nicer to Kyle, he is all alone.

You don’t get to talk to him like that, Julia!

I’m right here Sam!

I love you….

It’s her voice, getting stronger and stronger in my head… I limp along the curb on the wet streets from the last night’s drizzle… the air is cold… I always hated school… but not today. Its sight creates a familiar warmth in my belly; it reminds me of her. I can see some students around it, moving inside with their bent heads… how long was I on the way? If only they knew how lucky they are to see her every day.

I let go of the newspaper. It makes my dirty body stand out from the pavement. I stand near the line of well-trimmed bushes that have served as my cover up to this point. I am close to the curb and the bus stop is a couple of meters away from me. There is more people around, but I cannot get trapped here. I need to keep standing up despite my pain… I can’t miss it now…. I can’t.

Time passes. Soon I see Julia standing in front of the school… cellphone in hand. My heart starts pounding in my chest and I feel fresh strength in my legs. I hold on to a branch to pull myself up to see if there’s a bus in sight. There is none. I think I’m fading… my head feels dizzy.

One comes in view.

It stops. It’s doors open. People come out and go towards all directions. Then comes the pair of black converses. Then comes Ash. Then comes Ash. I absorb her. I stare at her for as long as I can. Her gaze searches for… Julia and I think I was eye to eye with her for a second; I know it, my vision is fading slowly but a void was created behind my heart… as if my heart just fell down… It often does when she looks at me. A moment of clarity hits me.... No more confusion... no more wrong decisions in my life. My last decision will be a right one.

My mind must remember this moment just as it remembered so many others of her. I blink fast to clear my sight. She takes a step, and then another as her black converses make a soft thumping sound on the pavement. She waves at Julia, but no smile appears on her face. Her expression is thoughtful. She is going to walk past me on this sidewalk, her usual route. I will not miss her this time. I let go of the branch that’s been supporting my weight. I too take a step.




Do you desire some sort of closure? a proper, old-fashioned ending to the story? Are you sure you don’t want to have an open-ended one and leave the rest to your imagination? Guess not. Then I shall tell you what happened next.

His bare feet made the slightest sound of thumping as he took soft, trembling steps one after another on the wet pavement, walking naked away from the bushes. His head held high as he looked at the giant, lovely figure of Ash with such attention and passion that can be found only in art enthusiasts who discover a long-lost painting of their favorite artist. His right leg was dragging, and his arm was hanging from his body, the weight of both of which seemed to slow his progress. But that wasn’t it! It was the sheer awesomeness of what he was seeing. His heart was beating heavily in his chest, not because the prospect of what would happen next, but merely at the sight of those blue eyes, though they were looking away. And that face. And that gait. And anything related to Ashley.

He limped towards her, still staring, mesmerized. He knew he had shrunk too small. He knew it would be impossible for Ashley or anyone else to notice him on the sidewalk at that size. But why would he do that? I doubt he could answer this question himself either. He just wanted to be with her, however it was possible; whatever it meant.

So as he made the final steps, a wide passionate smile appeared on his face for he had sensed Ashley’s usual fragrance. He opened his arms wide to welcome it, blinking fast to prevent the tears from ruining the beautiful picture before him. Ashley took another step, still looking at her best friend without any sign of happiness. She took yet another, and with the third one her left foot were above Sam, the dark brown sole of her converse visible to him.

A moment of clarity ‘hit’ Sam, as he would have put it. The smile on his lips widened as his entire existence felt the serenity of not having to worry about his guilt and burden of wrong decisions. Ash landed her petite foot down and the sole of the converse simultaneously landed on Sam who was standing motionless under it, his head tilted back, his eyes wide open. The force knocked him down on his back, his right arm still stretched out to welcome her, the left one laying numb on his side.

Ashley then put her weight on her left foot and him, as she lifted her right foot to take the next step. Sam though, felt her. Felt every part, every gram, every molecule of that lovely being on himself, in his embrace as a muffled cracking sound came from somewhere beneath a small black converse with signs of wear everywhere.

What was his last thought? Hard to say. But he probably thought that the very moment when he was part of Ash for a millisecond and felt her with all his life, was perhaps the best damned moment of his entire life.

Even better than that one time he scored the winning 3 points in the last minute.


--- The End ---













End Notes:

There are many unexplained events and plotlines you may be wondering about. I will continue writing about the characters in this plotline once my previous story is finished as it is somewhat the precursor to this one.

Also, there was an interactive aspect to this story that I deleted because I believe I was forcing events to happen and the quality was diminishing, so I stuck with the one with more potential.


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