A butt toy for my sister by Jamilton

Me and my sister are taken into a building for an experiment on us. Turns out the experiment is done to help my sister to stop me annoying her. This involves a little change and a new purpose in my life.
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Challenges: As Giantess butt toy
Challenges: As Giantess butt toy
Challenges: As Giantess butt toy
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The experiment by Jamilton

It was just a normal day in my life. In the town Centre, I was shopping for some clothes with my sister Tilly. I was 14 so my mum didn't want me to go in alone so asked my sister who is 17 years old. I was quite a geek but I was never picked on at school or even got that good grades. I was just simply into the Star Wars and Dr Who worlds. Anyway we were walking down the road avoiding the people trying to sell us stuff for a made up charity or something.

"Urh I can't believe mum made me go on this boring thing with you" she grunted ignoring a homeless man asking for change. She never really liked me or even being around me, so being out in public with me was super embarrassing to her. She just prayed to god that none of her friends would appear and see her out with her annoying little brother. Then a hand tapped both of us on our shoulders which alerted us to the persons attention.

"Excuse me, but would you be able to take part in a little experiment were testing on" came the friendly voice from behind. We both turned around to see the girl trying to get our attention. She was about 23/24 ish with long black hair rapped up in a pony tail. She was also wearing a scientist lab coat on over the top of the casual clothes she must have arrived in.

"Er no thanks, I don't really want to be a part of your lame experiment" Tilly bursted out at the girl. She then turned away and was about to start walking when she saw someone in the distance. It was her two friends who she desperately didn't want seeing her with me. "Well maybe on the other hand we could give it a go" she spluttered edging toward the building the girl pointed to. "Great" she yelled. "Let's go inside so we can do this experiment."

We were followed through a sequence of doors that were never ending. In a weird way it kinda felt like we were in the Matrix about to chose either red, or blue. On the left was a door that was labeled 'testing room' that we entered sitting down on the red sofas. "I think we'll start with you" the lady said pointing to Tilly who followed her into a room. "So what did you want to test on me" Tilly asked in a highly bored way.

"Your brother" the lady said still smiling as she was when she approached us. "Sorry what?" Tilly asked, now a bit confused. "How do you find your brother?". Tilly rolled her eyes as she remembered all the things I did to annoy her. #1 was being born. Tilly was always the centre of attention when she was little. But when she was three and I was born, all the attention got passed to me. Boy was she jealous. When she was seven and I was four, she tried to sell me during a garage sale our family had. Life hasn't been easy for the both of us since we were first introduced.

While Tilly moaned on and on about how she hated me, and how she wished I was never in her way all the time, the girl jotted down her notes on a piece of paper. The girl by the way was called Erica. I thought that I should've given her name as it was better than 'the girl'. Once Tilly finally ran out of excuses on how I'm the worse brother. Well actually it was because Erica had run out of room on her piece of paper. Ouch. I knew I was annoying to her but I never thought I could fill an entire A4 piece of paper.

"Well I think that you are suitable for the test" Erica said flicking the pen back inside the casing. "Can I ask what the test is?" Tilly asked trying to look around for clues. "Well you keep on describing how you hate your brother and how you wished he was never born, well this experimented is dedicated to grant you your wish". "How could you do it"? Tilly became even more interested as to what it was.

Erica leaned forward and whispered something in Tilly's ear. After Erica had stopped talking, the expression on Tilly's face brightened up to almost looking excited. "Let's do it" she said agreeing to continue with the experiment. Meanwhile, I was just getting bored sitting around in a lonely and small room. What could be taking them so long. "Could you come this way please" came Erica stepping out of the door and leading me into another. "It's time for your part in the experiment".
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