A butt toy for my sister by Jamilton

Me and my sister are taken into a building for an experiment on us. Turns out the experiment is done to help my sister to stop me annoying her. This involves a little change and a new purpose in my life.
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Challenges: As Giantess butt toy
Challenges: As Giantess butt toy
Challenges: As Giantess butt toy
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1. The experiment by Jamilton

2. The test by Jamilton

3. The slave by Jamilton

4. The owner by Jamilton

The experiment by Jamilton

It was just a normal day in my life. In the town Centre, I was shopping for some clothes with my sister Tilly. I was 14 so my mum didn't want me to go in alone so asked my sister who is 17 years old. I was quite a geek but I was never picked on at school or even got that good grades. I was just simply into the Star Wars and Dr Who worlds. Anyway we were walking down the road avoiding the people trying to sell us stuff for a made up charity or something.

"Urh I can't believe mum made me go on this boring thing with you" she grunted ignoring a homeless man asking for change. She never really liked me or even being around me, so being out in public with me was super embarrassing to her. She just prayed to god that none of her friends would appear and see her out with her annoying little brother. Then a hand tapped both of us on our shoulders which alerted us to the persons attention.

"Excuse me, but would you be able to take part in a little experiment were testing on" came the friendly voice from behind. We both turned around to see the girl trying to get our attention. She was about 23/24 ish with long black hair rapped up in a pony tail. She was also wearing a scientist lab coat on over the top of the casual clothes she must have arrived in.

"Er no thanks, I don't really want to be a part of your lame experiment" Tilly bursted out at the girl. She then turned away and was about to start walking when she saw someone in the distance. It was her two friends who she desperately didn't want seeing her with me. "Well maybe on the other hand we could give it a go" she spluttered edging toward the building the girl pointed to. "Great" she yelled. "Let's go inside so we can do this experiment."

We were followed through a sequence of doors that were never ending. In a weird way it kinda felt like we were in the Matrix about to chose either red, or blue. On the left was a door that was labeled 'testing room' that we entered sitting down on the red sofas. "I think we'll start with you" the lady said pointing to Tilly who followed her into a room. "So what did you want to test on me" Tilly asked in a highly bored way.

"Your brother" the lady said still smiling as she was when she approached us. "Sorry what?" Tilly asked, now a bit confused. "How do you find your brother?". Tilly rolled her eyes as she remembered all the things I did to annoy her. #1 was being born. Tilly was always the centre of attention when she was little. But when she was three and I was born, all the attention got passed to me. Boy was she jealous. When she was seven and I was four, she tried to sell me during a garage sale our family had. Life hasn't been easy for the both of us since we were first introduced.

While Tilly moaned on and on about how she hated me, and how she wished I was never in her way all the time, the girl jotted down her notes on a piece of paper. The girl by the way was called Erica. I thought that I should've given her name as it was better than 'the girl'. Once Tilly finally ran out of excuses on how I'm the worse brother. Well actually it was because Erica had run out of room on her piece of paper. Ouch. I knew I was annoying to her but I never thought I could fill an entire A4 piece of paper.

"Well I think that you are suitable for the test" Erica said flicking the pen back inside the casing. "Can I ask what the test is?" Tilly asked trying to look around for clues. "Well you keep on describing how you hate your brother and how you wished he was never born, well this experimented is dedicated to grant you your wish". "How could you do it"? Tilly became even more interested as to what it was.

Erica leaned forward and whispered something in Tilly's ear. After Erica had stopped talking, the expression on Tilly's face brightened up to almost looking excited. "Let's do it" she said agreeing to continue with the experiment. Meanwhile, I was just getting bored sitting around in a lonely and small room. What could be taking them so long. "Could you come this way please" came Erica stepping out of the door and leading me into another. "It's time for your part in the experiment".
The test by Jamilton
Erica set me down on a massive bed where she left the room leaving me alone in there. "Can you hear me in there?" Came her voice from a speaker in the corner of the room. I nodded a yes, assuming that she could see me as well. "We're going to show you certain pictures and we will see your reactions to them. There is no need to be embarrassed if we send you a picture that could give you an erection or make you think about something sexual."

I started to wonder what kind of experiment I'd gotten myself into. At first I thought that it was just an average social test, but now it looks a bit different. A screen appeared above my head showing me a picture of my sister. It must have been taken while she was with Erica as she was wearing the same clothes she was when we entered the place. On the screen that displayed my thoughts Erica could see my hatred for my sister and how I wished to get away from her as quick as possible.

The next picture was a credit card lined up against a ruler. It measured 3.5 inches. That was super random! How stupid is Erica I thought. Oops. I just remembered that Erica could see my thought so she mustn't have been happy with that. The next one was a collage of pics about a young girl in the underwear. It didn't show her face but it did show her ruby lips formed in the shape of a kiss. A pair of feet without one dead cell. They were sexy but not one that I'd fall heavenly over heels for. I hate people with these weird foot fetishes. Freaks!

One picture had a set of fairly flat B shaped breast. Then I looked over the final picture lying in the bottom right hand corner. OMG! What a sexy ass. Despite all her ok features she had a magnificent rear end that stuck out like a beauty. Hugged by the tiny strings of her thong that stopped about 10% of her huge ass from showing itself off to the world. I knew that all these thoughts were being displayed to the research team but I couldn't hold back my thoughts. Plus it was part of the info they needed so it wasn't embarrassing at all. I started to dream about being up close to her magnificent rear end.

"The test is now complete" came Erica's voice through the speaker. With that the screen disappeared preventing me staring and fantasising with something out of this world. "It is obvious that you were a bit excited about parts of this girl we have just showed you" she said sarcastically. We are now about to give you a chance to meet this girl face to face" she explained before cutting the communications. This was amazing. I sat up quickly waiting for this girl to appear before my eyes.

Suddenly the walls divided in 2 and the girl walked in with her cute underwear on. Unfortunately I couldn't see her face but as she turned around I was mesmorised by how large her butt was. From about 20 meters away I could see it reaching out to me like it wanted me to touch every part of it. I definitely wanted to do that. Still with her back to wards me she slowly walked closer to me. My dangling legs were shaking with utter excitement.

Time slowed down making me even more sadder to get a between glimpse of this girls rounded ass. Now she was just a few meters away from me. I had my mouth wide open in shock. It was not because of how close I was to this georgous woman, but of how much taller she was. She absolutely towered over me with her blonde hair dangling like ropes tied to the top of her massive face. She turned around revealing a devilish grin on her face. Then her massive ass lowered down on me where could do no more than scream in terror until the massive object consumed me under one of her cheeks.

With massives of pressure on me, being smothered all over my a massive squishy butt cheek and being scared out of my mind, I could comprehend that the girl I was fantasising about her ass was in fact my sister Tilly.

She wriggled on top of me trying to get comfortable, which put heaps of pressure pushing down on my tiny body. I felt immense pain but I was not crushed. I gasped for fresh air after she lifted herself off me and walked away. Once I'd gotten my breath back and rose to my feet I figured that I should get out and find help. But as soon as I turned around I saw the smile of Erica who'd appeared out of nowhere. "Enjoying the experiment so far" she laughed whist intimidating my tiny figure.

I screamed up to her that I demanded to know what happened to me. She then explained how the experiment was only set up to benefit my sister and that because of the picture test I would be shrunken to the size of a credit card which was 3.5 inches and used by my sister. She did that whist keeping the same smile she always kept since I first saw her but for the first time it looked more menacing and cruel that kind and polite.

She scooped me up in one hand and carried me out the room where Tilly was waiting for me dressed in her normal clothes. Erica handed me to her with a piece of paper and a small jar of a strange liquid. She led Tilly out the door and told her to have fun before leaving me and her alone on the streets. A very evil grin slid across her face suggesting to me that I was not going to enjoy my experience. "This is going to be fun" she giggled to me. She then unzipped her handbag and placed me inside.

I bounced around inside as she walked. I was flung into her bar of lipstick, phone, keys, gum. Then I hit a load of used tampons which then fell down on top of me pinning me to the bottom of her handbag. I was stuck there for the 30 minutes it took for her to get back home where our 'fun' would begin.
End Notes:
Hey guys! Sorry about posting this chapter much later after I started it ages ago. My most recent story The life after death didn't really feel like it was going anywhere, so I deleted it. Family time is a bit of a bust at the moment. Also the wrong people to annoy is just a range of short stories so I will still be posting those from time to time. I hope you enjoy this and let me know how you felt about this chapter in the reviews.
Thanks again.

The slave by Jamilton
When Tilly got to the empty house she whisked off her shoes and ran upstairs to her room to try her new toy. A hand appeared from the opening and pulled me out along with the used tampon I was now stuck to. "Haha" she laughed peeling off the sticky thing from my body and chucking it towards her bin, missing the lid by an inch. "How did it feel to be consumed by my fat ass" she giggled towards me. Through my head ran the memories of the weight she put on me. How her cheek sucked me in like a black hole.

My silence gave Tilly the idea that I didn't enjoy my experience. "Well before we get started I'm in the mood for some dinner" she said skipping out of her room. "But before we go downstairs I need to undress as I'll be all alone for the rest of the day. Unfortunately my mum was working the night shift which meant that she wouldn't be in until 1 O'clock in the morning. This left plenty of time for Tilly to carry out her wicked plan. She popped me on top of the was basket and started to strip down.

She slipped off her top revealing a black bra holding her B sized breasts in place. Then the bra came off too. Next was the tight jeans I was first trapped under. It took ages to get them off as they acted as another layer of skin against her toothpick shaped legs. I watched in horror as my sister stripped off I front of me, about to torture me using her enormous butt. After untying her hair from a hair band she looked down at me and started to tease me with her ass.

She pretended to sit on me by stopping inches above my head. She then grabbed me and ran downstairs to the kitchen wearing nothing but her panties. As she spread the butter over her slices of bread she said, "what should I put in my sandwich?" As she said that, she grinned down at me like the witch that she is. "No please don't eat me I'm your brother. You would never do that to me, I'm only 14!" I screamed begging her not to place me in her sandwich.

"Don't be silly. We have much more fun planned before I get rid of you." My feelings were very mixed as I was glad not to be eaten by her. My greatest fear was having to face her teeth which would shred my fragile body in one bite. However my suffering would be over soon and I wouldn't have to endure the torment of her butt. Tilly made her sandwich and then walked over to the kitchen table. "I only got a few seconds to squish you under my butt at the lab so this is the perfect time for you to get reunited". With that she placed me on the chair and her ass cheek landed softly on top of me.

She wriggled on her seat which slid me further to her butt crack. Soon I was now right underneath her ass hole, separated by the thin layer of her panties. Tilly took her time eating her sandwich to keep me under her ass for as long as possible. I could hear the rumbling sounds of her digestive system dissolving the sandwich. Then the sounds got much louder as I realised Tilly was about to fart. The loud roar of fart bounced around in her panties filling up my lungs and making me puke in my mouth.

There I lay, smothered in a giant butt cheek and covered in my own sick. This was an absolutely horrible feeling that made me want to end my life where I was. Tilly finished her sandwich with a satisfying burp. She scooped me up in her hand unable to she the puke I'd just thrown up all over the seat and her panties. Back in her room she took off her panties making her naked in front of me. First she took all my clothes off so I was naked as well. Then she laid down on her bed, reached back and dropped me on her ass.

I bounced around on the trampoline like butt cheek which made Tilly giggle. "Kiss my ass" she ordered. Frightened for my life I got down on my knees and kissed her butt cheek. The odor coming off her ass was super strong. "Lick my ass clean" she barked down to me. Again I did as I was told licking up the sweat and grime off her butt cheek. The first taste made me throw up on her butt cheek, but she didn't notice, so I moved to a different place on her butt cheek.

As I moved Tilly started to shake her ass that caused me to fall between the two cracks. I sat up only to see the walls slowly close in on me. She rubbed her butt cheeks around twisting my body in different directions. Through the wall of fat ass cheek I could hear Tilly laughing her socks off in enjoyment. I just feared what other cruel tricks Tilly had in store for me.

The walls came apart where at first the light was blinding but I was glad to see it. Tilly had gotten tired and decided to go to bed. She rolled over onto me before quickly jumping to her feet. While Tilly was occupied with her pyjamas I chose to make a run for it. My little legs only carried me a certain way before I was forced to a gentle jog. I thought I could escape until a shadows appeared above me, and I was flattened by a pair of Togo pants. "Uh uh uh. You can't escape me" she hissed grabbing her tank top to put on.

To make sure I couldn't escape her during the night she dropped me down the back of her yoga pants and went to sleep on her back. In her sleep she tilted on her side which left me lying on the side of her butt cheek with the other dangling above me. But before I could get stable on my feet she rolled onto her front. I fell between the crack and my legs were trapped inside her ass hole. On my feet I could feel how sticky, warm and gooey it was in there. Realising that I couldn't escape I laid my head against one of her butt cheeks and fell asleep.

We both dreamt about the next day but we both had different ideas and opinions of how that day would go.
End Notes:
Thanks for the ratings guys. I really appreciate it!

Just a heads up about the next chapter. It will contain very gruesome butt activity that some may not enjoy. Hope you like it anyway! Jamilton :)
The owner by Jamilton
My morning was started by a visions earthquake that shook me out of Tilly's butt crack. This was due to her getting up and wriggling her ass in the air that created the shock wave. Once satisfied that I was fully awake, she smiled and headed downstairs to have her breakfast. Her excitement caused her to skip down the stairs which only made the torment even less tollirerble. When Tilly entered the kitchen she was greeted by our mum who had made beans on toast for me and her.

"Where's Joe? I haven't seen him since you went shopping together yesterday" she asked handing Tilly her plate with a mouthful of her granola. "I think he went over to a friends house. Mike or Jamie he said he going over". Tilly was then hit with a flurry or violent bites, kicks and screams from me frustrated over her statement. Although to her it was a mild tickle that only increased the pressure on me.

No way would she lie to mum about me! I don't even have a friend called Mike and Jamie is the loser in my class that nobody is friends with. My doubts were then confirmed about Tilly wanting to keep me for herself. Her dream about having her ass, play with me all her life was coming true. But surely mum would start getting worried about me and Tilly would be questioned as her lie about me going to sleep over was false. As Tilly remembered it she reached into her pocket on her dressing gown and pulled out the bottle that Erica had given her after the experiment.

On the label it said: Who ever consumes this drink will forever forget the person/people that you have shrunk. Only one tea spoon of this liquid will be enough for the person to forget the shrunken person/people even existed.

As mum left to gather up the post, Tilly ceased her chance. She tipped the whole 250ml bottle into her coffee before quickly sitting down. Unfortunately for me, she gulped the drink down in quick successions without knowing about the substance Tilly just pit in. My heart stopped in shear shock. Now my own mum wouldn't even know I existed. Now I had no reason to live or any quick way to be put back to normal. As my mum took the final swig of her cup Tilly gave off a delighted fart. This made her face go red with embarrassment but with a cheeky grin.

Tilly stayed downstairs until her mum left to go grocery shopping at the big store a half an hour drive away. This meant that she would be gone for 2 hours which gave Tilly plenty of time to unleash her sinister plans. The moment the door shut, Tilly sized upstairs lowered her pyjama bottoms and scooped me up in her hate-filled hand. Before she could speak I begged on my knees for her not to crush me under ass anymore. "Ha!" she laughed down at me. "My butt owns you. It is your king and you must worship it or face it's doom."

She put me back against her butt cheek and rubbbed me up and down against it. She felt mightily powerful with my tiny body in her grasp. The way it felt for her ass to dominate someone turned her on massively. Slowly, she pushed my feet into her butt crack, and continued on so that below my waste was now inserted into her asshole. Then she started to pull me back out and push me back in. Soon the speed intensified the more horny she got. After a few seconds had passed she was now bent over her bed forcing me in and out like a dildo. Screams came from both of us. Terror came from me while her screams were filled with pleasure.

When the pace had slowed down a tiny bit she squeezed me right into her butt crack and used her finger to move me around. Her ass was worse than a toilet bowl. Filled with grime, poo, sticky substance and it smelt like shit. Well obviously. Lying in a gross patch of old poo that hadn't left her body I saw the light from her butt crack fade as her panties blocked out the light. Turning to her ass, Tilly laughed "I'm going to visit a friend now. Don't worry, she won't know our little secret".

Tilly finished getting dressed and walked down the road for 5 minutes till she reached her friend Charlie's house. The 2 girls chatted mainly about hot boys they'd seen for a while before Tilly left an hour after lunch. When she got back she went to the bathroom where she finally released me from her asshole that acted as a prison for me. I was relieved to see the light and breath fresh-er air and not choke in the poisonous hell hall. She placed me on the edge of the sink and grabbed a plastic container from her handbag.

Before I could see what pills Tilly had just taken she put the bottle back in her bag. Then she turned back to me and said as she carried me back to her room. "Those pills were the only reason I went round Charlie's house today. Her dad's a docter and these pills will help with what I have planned for you next. While we wait for them to kick in I'm going to go into my room and do some work. In her bedroom Tilly placed me down on the wooden chair and jumped down on top of me, almost breaking the chair.

For the rest of this chapter I advise that you don't eat or drink anything. You might regret it if you don't.

Half an hour later Tilly rose from her seat ready for what she had next. She placed me inside a plastic bottle and got out the bottle of pills she had just taken. On the side it said, "will cause runny BMs". Before my brain could process the words into a meaning, the lid of the bottle was covered by her ass crack.

This is the part where you put your meal to the side or finish it before reading this part.

Massive farts forced through into the bottle throwing me to the bottom of the bottle with its incredible force. As it looked up, a stream of liquid shit spewed into the bottle. Then came a mud flow of sticky hot and runny diarrhea oozing down the edges of the bottle. The endless shower of shit never stopped. Tilly wasn't even pushing. The pills had given her a massive stomach ache but she knew that it was completely the opposite to me. The air around me was shortening quickly. I had to crawl upwards to breath otherwise I would suffocate in the poo-bath. Just as I gasped for air at the top of the mountain, another layer of watery stuff fell on me with some entering my mouth.

5 minutes of this happened until she stopped with the bottle 3/4 full with shit. She popped the lid back on the bottle sealing me in with the toxic fumes. I could see the thick green gas flying off the pile. To make matters worse, Tilly shook the bottle up and down covering me in her shit again. I was completely blinded by it all getting in my eyes. This made matters worse as I panicked even more, not knowing where I was going or how much longer it was going to take to get to the top. After I'd reached the top and wiped everything out of my eyes, Tilly had left the room.

I was trapped in the bottle for 4 hours until Tilly came back up to go to bed. She opened the lid to speak to me but then swiftly closed it after getting a strong wiff of the smell. I begged her to get me out of the bottle but she still had one more challenge for me. "I'll let you out the bottle......." Yes I could finally get out and get some rest. I didn't care if it was another night in her asshole, it was so much better than this. "...... If you eat some of my shit.


No way was I going to eat THAT! But it was the only way to get out and Tilly was serious. I had no choice.

"First drink some of the watery stuff" she ordered. Nervously I scooped a handful in my palm and then ***** it. The taste was like nothing that could be described by anyone ever! The taste stayed in my mouth and there was nothing to get it out of my mouth. "Good pet. Now eat some!" she barked putting on her pyjamas. Why did this have to happen to me? Why does god hate me? To stop myself spending the night in the bottle I had no choice but to grab a chin and slowly lower it into my ***** and then *** it? I was stunned by how I wasn't throwing up out of my eyeballs by now. At least I would be freed.

Tilly picked up the bottle but then put it back down on the table. "Actually I change my mind. You can stay there all night as a special treat." She laughed at my shocked body. I can't believe I was that gullible. She was never going to let me out and I should have known that. The ground was like quick sand and I couldn't stay on the surface. I ended up sleeping with part of me buried in the pit. Surely it couldn't get any worse from here? Could it?
End Notes:
Sorry it's been a while since I updated. I've been caught up with this new 'giantess poem' that I've been thinking about for a while. But I noticed that this story has been doing well in the ratings and people would be happier to read this rather than a stupid poem.

Hope you enjoyed. Jamilton :)
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