Alien Ray Gun by newmark42

Bradley finds an alien size-change device on the way home from school, and chaos insues, including the destruction of said school.

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This is an experiment in 2nd person vs 3rd person. See "your ray gun" for the 2nd person version. Let me know which you like better.

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Catastrophe by newmark42

Bradley was lost deep in a dream when the screaming voice of his sister woke him. "Mom! Where's my hair-dryer!" As his eyes adjusted, he turned to the right, seeing 8:13 in square red digits staring him in the face. He wondered what happened to his 7:30am alarm, as he struggled to sit up. Before he's even out of bed, details flood to his mind. It's Friday. He looks over to the pile of papers and books, and sees that he did remember to do his math homework, but what about history? 

He has no time to dwell on it. He has to get showered, dressed, and off to school or risk another late mark in his junior year. He rushes out of his bedroom, crashing into the shared bathroom, the door banging into his sister. "Hey, what the hell! I'm fixing my hair."

"Come on Laura, you've been in here all morning. I only have a few minutes to shower or I'll be late." Laura glares at her brother, not sure she should have to pay for him sleeping in. However, she was almost done anyway. She coils up the cord, and squeezes past him out the door. 

After a lightning fast shower, Bradley's mom greeted him at the bottom of the stairs, "cutting it a little close, mister Lauder?" She smacked his butt as he passeed, telegraphing her subconscious desire to spank him, and not in a pleasant way. Bradley grabbed a pack of pop-tarts, and jammed one into your mouth while it was still cold. "Don't forget, your father is expecting to see you this evening, and I don't want that bastard coming around here, so go visit him." His mother stood ready, like she expected a goodbye hug or kiss from her eldest son.

"Alright. Sorry mom, gotta run." Bradley's speech is affected by the mouth-full of dry pastry and gummy chocolate, as he slipped by his mom and stopped just outside the front door. Unfortunately, his sister's car was already gone. So much for getting a ride. He rushed back inside, past his mom and to the garage, where he grabbed his bike and started high tailing it to school. 


After first class, Bradley was still wearing his jacket and carrying his full backpack. Kitty, his childhood friend caught him on the way to his locker. Like half of the girls in the hallway, she was wearing jeans and a patterned tank top. "Hey Bradley, do you ever get to school on time?" She cheerily hooked her arm into his. "What are you up to this weekend? I hear there is a senior party Saturday. Think you can get your sister to take us?" 

"I dunno, I have to visit my dad, so I'm not sure if I can go. You could just ask her to take you." Bradley would really rather not drag Kitty along to a party. She was cute enough that being seen walking the halls with her helped his reputation, but she was a little boyish, never quite developing like the other girls. He's also been friends so long that the one time they almost did kiss, it just felt awkward. Not that it stopped her from continuing to try. She'd been flirting with him the entire school year. 

"Alright. Well, if you want to hang, I finished my history-paper, and I'm happy to help you with yours." As Bradley packs his stuff, Kitty leans back into the neighboring locker, as if she was trying to show off her lithe body. For a moment, he thinks the looks kind of cute, especially because of how tight fitting her tank top was. "Or if you just need an excuse to get away from your dad's chic-lit." By chic-lit, she was referring to his dad's fully disliked new twenty-five-year-old girlfriend, the secretary he left his wife for. Bradley had to admit, she was hot, but neither he nor his sister respected him for leaving their mom, especially for a girl who seemed like she could be their cousin or older sister. 

"Shit, yeah. That history paper is kicking my ass. Can you help tomorrow afternoon?" Kitty slowly nodded her head, and Bradley knew her satisfied smile was half because she was looking forward to more time with him. He didn't care. In truth, he had hardly touched his paper, and if she'd help him make short work of it he'd happily endure more of her flirtations. 


By the end of the day, Bradley is beat, and ready to be done with school. He grabbed his bike, and rushed off campus before the embarrassment of someone seeing him. Unlike in the morning, he had plenty of time to take the forest trail home, further keeping him off the streets where he might be seen. 

He enjoyed riding through familiar trees, knowing exactly where to turn the wheel and how much, knowing exactly where to dodge a low-hanging branch. He was lost in his biking rhythm when he saw something very unusual. 

Just ahead, an area of trees was scorched black. The ground was disturbed, like some construction equipment had been back there diggign something up. Bradley didn't see anyone around, so he brought the bike to a stop, and hopped off to take a look. A fire out of hand would explain the scorching on the trees, so he wondered if it was caused by some kids screwing around. However, that wouldn't explain the turned up and half-cratered soil. He noticed the far side was close enough to the road that it could have been the remains of a car accident. 

As he walked carefully through the dirt, he saw something shiny and picked it up. It was about the size of a dry-erase marker, but looked more like a giant laser pointer with a few buttons on it. He only had a minute to look at it, before he heard the disturbing sound of metal scraping against metal. He didn't see a source, and it freaked him out enough that he immediately turned around. He hopped on his bike, jamming the metal thing into his backpack before briskly pedaling to his dad's house.


After letting himself in, Bradley heard a voice in the back room. He assumed it was Allison, his dad's chic-lit girlfriend. He ignored her, and headed to the spare room, where he and his sister would sleep when they visited. He sat on the bed, popped open his laptop, and started searching local news to see if he could find out anything more about the forest mini-disaster. After a few minutes, he had found a story about a motorcycle accident, but it was on the other side of town and obviously unrelated. 

"Bradley?" The door suddenly and quickly burst open. "Bradley?" Allison's voice lost its surprise and concern when she saw him sitting on the bed. "Ohh, it's just you. Please tell me when you come in like that. You had me searching the house for a burgler!" Bradly hardly noticed her complaint, instead fully drawn to the way her nipples were prominently showing through her t-shirt. And that wasn't the only thing distracting about her. Allison was the kind of cute sexy combination men couldn't say no to, blonde, and wearing little black booty shorts. For a fleeting moment Bradley understood why his dad was with her. Then he realized he should apologize.

"Sorry, I just knew my dad wouldn't be home for a couple hours." Allison noticed him checking her out, but she didn't mind. She just smiled and stood in the doorway. A moment later, Bradley continued, sounding a little uncomfortable, "I heard you talking and I didn't want to interrupt. What were you doing?" Allison wasn't about to answer that question, so she tugged at her shirt, drawing attention away from her half truth.

"I was just on the phone with a friend." Bradley couldn't help watch her shirt fabric pull tighter against her body. Suddenly, he felt himself reacting, and closed his laptop, placing it over his lap to hide the signs of her appearance getting the better of him. His struggle is far too obvious to Allison. Just for fun, she keeps pushing his buttons. "What were *you* doing in here? Browsing porn? Or is is that me getting you all riled up?" 

Bradley felt blood rushing to his face, as he turned beet red. "Aww, you're just like your dad. So easy to embarass. A cute boy your age shouldn't be hiding behind a computer, you should be experimenting with real girls your age. What about that Kitty you're always hanging out with? She seems to like you. 

"Uhm, Kitty and I are just friends." Bradley didn't know what else to say, but Allison and her headlights were still beaming in the doorway with a look of superiority. It was getting under his skin, continuing to fuel the hidden situation under his laptop. He didn't know Allison that well, but he was getting the idea she was enjoying making him uncomfortable. Finally, she let out a last giggle and shrug, and then left, closing the door behind her. 

It took Bradley a couple minutes to calm down enough to remember what he was doing on his laptop. Then suddenly, he remembered the weird metal thing he picked up on his way home. He fished it out of his back, and inspected it carefully from all sides. It was a little heavy, and looked expensive, well crafted. He was especially careful with the pointy end of it, surmising that's where the laser must come from. He wasn't sure if it was strong enough to actually hurt something, but he was ready to find out. He aimed it across the room, and pushed one of the buttons. At first go, it didn't seem to do anything. He pushed the button longer, finally letting go when again it didn't seem to do anything.

SHAZAP. A bright blue spectacle of light emitted from the device, startling Bradley. It was nothing like a laser beam, more like a jagged micro lightning strike. Bradley thought it looked terribly cool. He turned off the lights in the room, and zapped away a few more times to check out the light show. He was really impressed now, concluding the device is awesome and sure to impress anyone he shows it to. However, it's when he turned on the lights that the real shock occurred. 

Across the room, the desk was filled with awkwardly large versions of things that were sitting on it before. A stapler, two picture frames, and a cheesy medal his dad saved from a childhood swimming competition were all nearly two times their original size. Still in disbelief, Bradley inspected the objects, then the metal device, then the objects again. What he was seeing couldn't be possible, yet what other explanation did he have? Without any concern for the possibility that the device could be dangerous, he grabbed one of the picture frames, set it down in the middle of the rug, and fired the device again. After the startling spark, the picture frame was almost half-again as big as it was before. What started out as a small desk adornment now looked like a wall portrait. 

Bradley stared at the metal device, not sure whether to be excited, or check himself into a mental institution. Then he did what any teenage boy on the verge of adulthood would do. He aimed and tried the other button. A pink zap of light later, the picture frame was shrunk almost down to it's normal size. Bradly came to the only reasonable conclusion he could think of. The charred trees in the forest must have been the crash site of some alien vessel, and this thing in his hands was alien technology. At this point, he was even more ready to check himself into an institution. 

Somehow, Bradley held off the conclusion that he was crazy to spend the next half hour experimenting with the device. It turned out to grow or shrink objects proportional to how long the button was held charging it. Further, in addition to the two main growth and shrink buttons, it also had a toggle on the back. The first time he tried it, he grew only one leg of he desk, sending everything on top crashing to the floor. He spent another five minutes trying to get the leg back to normal, giving up with the desk still wobbling a little. Bradley concluded that the toggle allwed it to operate on portions of objects, but how it identified portions of objects was a mystery to him.

After a moment of reflection, he decided there was only one thing to do next -- try it on something living. He rushed out the door, finding Allison looking far too girls-gone-wild to be chopping vegetables at the kitchen counter. Some part of him wanted to just aim and zap her, but the possibility of becoming a murderer by melting his dad's girlfriend was just a little too scary.

Bradley wordlessly rushed out the back door, searching the ground for something alive. He quickly found an ant, gave the device a good charge, and a blue flash of light later the ant was twice its original size and still scurrying along the pavement. He found the demonstration convincing enough for the next step. He ran across the grass towards his neighbor's backyard, where their dog was yelping and pacing the dog run.

He didn't need anyone to see a double-size dog, so instead of charging the button, he just aimed and tapped the button a bunch of times. After a dozen or so taps, there is no question the dog is bigger. As a bonus, the the short taps only made tiny little blue sparks. Much less conspicuous than the giant light show of a longer charge. He waited there another few minutes, watching the dog yelp, run, and lick his hand before being convinced there were no immediate catastrophic side effects. Then he micro-tapped the shrink button until the dog was close to it's original size. 

Back inside, Bradley found Allison chopping red peppers, putting them into a large pot on the stove. "I hope you like chili," she offered, not bothering to turn around. He decided it was as good a time as any. He twisted the toggle to the partial setting, aimed at her booty shorts, and started tapping. At first it seemed like nothing was happening, tiny flashes of blue light barely visible in the air. However, after eight little taps, she had just a little more booty than she started with. She also didn't seem to notice. Bradley was acting calm, but inside he was totally freaking out at the possibilities. 

"Alli, I'm home," his dad's voice booms from the front room. Bradley is startled, and immediately stuffs the device into his pocket. A minute later his dad had joined them in the kitchen. "Ohh, hey Bradley. Nice of you to drop in." He offered up a fatherly hug before walking up behind his chic-lit and patting her behind. "Nice to see you too, sexy. What's cookin'? Chili?" Bradly feels super awkward watching his dad flirt with a hot young girl like Allison, and can't believe he is going to endure an entire dinner with them. 


The next morning, Bradley startles awake at 6am, unable to sleep any longer. He slips his hand into his backpack, which slept in his bed with him, to find the device is right where he left it. For a minute, he wondered if his memories were just part of some tangled elaborate dream, but then he spotted the double-size metal he left on the desk as evidence. He jumped up and threw his clothes on in a hurry. 

On the way out of the spare room, Bradley heard a sharp noise coming from his dad's room. Against his better judgement, he paused, inching closer to the door until he could faintly hear Allison's voice through it, "you ilke that, don't you?" Then he heard a clear slap and realized two things. He was not the only one up early, and that was the last time he was going to sneak a listen at his father's door. Just two minutes later he was on his bike, headed back to his mom's house. Riding at 6am Saturday morning, he took note of how quiet and empty the streets were. 

Reaching home, Bradley paced his room for at least a half hour, freaking out. Humans were not alone in the solar system; he had stumbled upon a real alien crash site; and the device in his hand was some kind of size change device. For a moment he wondered what an alien would use the device for, but his mind quickly shifted gears into what he could use it for. 

Bradley quickly concluded if what worked on Allison's booty worked on other body parts, girls would be beating down his door. He started running over in his mind how he was going to use the little zapper to get into girl's pants. A few minutes later, he realized they were going to think he was completely nutz. He was determined not to let that stop him. 

Bradley slowly snuck out into the hallway, expecting to leave the house to find another random test subject. Then he saw his sister's door half open. Peeking in, he saw she was still crashed out sleeping. It wasn't the first time he snuck up to her, but it was the first time he aimed a zapper at her. He used tiny taps to keep the disturbance to a minimum, stopping when he was positive she was filling out the top of her nightgown more than before. He was so excited, he failed to completely contain a snicker, and she rolled over, ending his fun. He decides she can thank him later. 

After a few minutes of eating cereal in the kitchen, the house started to wake up. His mother came down, followed by his sister. Laura's top was seriously stressing her nightgown, causing Bradley to wonder if he over did it a little. His mother and sister kibitzed with each other a bit, as they made themselves eggs and cut veggies for breakfast, ignoring Bradley. 

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the backdoor which startled everyone. It was Laura's friend Terra, from next door. She was in college now, being a year older than his sister and two years older than him. She was also pretty hot. This morning though, Terra was upset, starting in like she was picking up in the middle of a conversation. 

"That bastard cheated on me again!" She was talking about the same slick and no-good boyfriend she'd been seeing on an off since high-school. There was a low-whine in her voice as she continued. "He says he wants to stay together while I'm in college, but then every time I come home, I find out he's been hanging out with that tramp, Wendy Carmichael." Bradley doesn't know Wendy well, but he knows why she gets attention, she's stacked.

"Aww. Forget about that dead-beat," Laura offered. "You can do so much better than him. Find some nice boy at school." 

"But I *love* him," Terra falls into your sisters arms, bawling. Mom takes her coffee into the living room. Bradley took that as his cue to exit as well. 


An hour later, Bradley was at his friend Steven's house, having given him a mini-demonstration of the device. "Holy fucking shitballs!" Steven never held back on the expletives. "Does it work on anything? Does it work on people?" He curled his meager bicep and pointed at it. "Can you grow muscles?" 

"I don't know, I haven't tried. It worked on my sisters tits though, so I don't see why not." Steven got the biggest shit eating grin you'd ever seen on him. 

"You fucking grew your sister's tits? You are such a perv. Is she super stacked now? Never-mind, aim that shit at me. Right there." He held up his bicep again. Bradley was a little worried about shooting it at his friend, but it didn't hurt Allison or his sister, so he flipped it into selective mode and gave Steven a little zap. Neither of them saw any results, so Bradley tapped the button several more times, until Steven's bicep was looking noticeably beefier. In fact, it was a little bit too beefy for the rest of him. He flexed it a few times. "That is fucking awesome, bro!" 

Steven brought his other bicep into view, presumably to repeat the treatment, but somehow his other bicep had already been upsized. That freaked Bradley out a bit -- it was as if the device knew what it was doing. Steven, however, was simply pleased. "Alright, put it in the other mode. Give my whole body a shot. Just a little one. I don't want to look like the hulk, just a little boost." Bradley felt like he was getting ahead of himself, but what was the point of sharing the device with him if he wasn't willing to use it. He flipped the switch, and gave Steve a couple more tiny zaps. He couldn't have been more than an inch taller, but somehow he looked bigger, beefier than Bradley expected. Steven turned to the mirror, very pleased with the results, "this is fucking awesome. I'm calling Kaitlin, then I'm going to do you." 


Twenty minutes later, Steven was driving like a madman to Kaitlin's house, and Bradley was still stunned from the feeling of just a few little zaps of the device. He wasn't just a tiny bit taller, but he was bigger all over. Walking felt different, settling into the car seat felt different, everything felt different. Bradley was glad they decided to stop at just an inch, because anything more would be too much, too obvious. 

Inside, Kaitlin looked like she was running out of patience as soon as she opened the door. "What is it this time, Steven?" Kaitlin is a sexy and unpredictable girl, who had broken it off with Steven two weeks ago because she got bored. He had spent every day since trying to get back with her. "I told you, we're done.." Steven didn't let her finish talking. He rushed up to her, lifting and kissing her while holding her against the wall. She was swept up in it, kissing him back, before she finally pushed him off. "Alright. If you have something to say to me, say it. And what the hell is Bradley doing here?" 

"Kaitlin, trust me, you are going to want to hear us out. Can we go somewhere?"


Bradley and Steven sat on her bed, as Steven had tried to explain the device, explain what happened to them. Kaitlin rolled her eyes so many times she looked about ready to kick both of them back out on the street. "Are you two doing drugs? I mean, I admit you look a little more buff there Steve, but an alien growth ray? I'm not a fool." 

Steve gave Bradley the signal. They knew ahead of time no description would be sufficient, so they planned to move straight to a demonstration. Bradley aimed it at Kaitlin's chest, and gave her a moderate jolt. It's not much, but it's enough that she can't deny something happened. Steve challenges her, "Believe me now? Take me back, and you can have as much as you want." 

"What?" Kaitlin was hardly paying attention to Bradley or Steven as she checked out the changes to her own body. At first just looked, pulling at her shirt. However, she couldn't help touching herself, feeling the changes first hand. She couldn't believe it, but the feeling was undeniable. She was bigger. Suddenly she was not concerned with Steven or Bradley, only with that little device. "Do it again, Steven. Again." Steven pressed the button and gave her another moderate jolt. Even through her shirt, they could all see she was now puffing out of a bra several sizes too small. 

Kaitlin wasted no time in jumping up to the mirror. Whatever modesty she might have had was lost as she tore off her shirt and bra. Two jolts have filled out her tits enough that they look a little too big for her frame, but pleasantly so. She touched herself again, as she turned to Steven, "honey, this is the best gift anyone has ever given me." She saunters over towards him with a sexy gait. "Maybe, just maybe I could forgive you. Would you like that? If I took you back, so you could play with them?" She climbed on top of him, shoving her tongue down her throat as he groped her new assets. 

Bradley watched them for a few seconds, immediately feeling like a third wheel. He made for the door, wondering how he got roped into a plan where Steve got the girl, and he got blue balls. As he open the door, Kaitlin turned and playfully called out to him. "Don't go Stevie. Don't you want to play with me too?" Bradley always knew she was kinky, but despite how sexy she looked, he used his better judgement and left them to it. 


By the time Bradley got home, he was famished. He started making a sandwich, and before he even finished, he could see Kitty approaching across the back lawn. She let herself in. "Hey Brad. Ready to work on that history paper?" He munched another bite, realizing he had totally forgot about it, realizing he just might be able to kill two birds with one stone.

"Uhm, yeah, right after I finish with this sandwich." He jammed another few bites down his throat, and washed it down with half a can of soda. "Come on, I'll show you what I've got so far." 

As Kitty read through his horrible draft notes, he fingered the device in his pocket. He wondered if he should use it on her. With her distracted, he took it out, and issued several quick taps on the button, her small chest firming out against a skin tight tank top. She finished reading through the scratch notes and tried to be nice, "Uhm, there are some ideas here. You're onto something about the conflict of the southern civil war soldiers. How about you write about families divided?" 

Bradley was trying to listen, but the way her less modest chest showed in her shirt was distracting him too much. Like a monkey on a pleasure button, he couldn't help tapping again, making the situation worse. So far, Kitty hadn't noticed the change, but she certainly noticed where his attention was not on history. She rubbed her hand on his thigh, "Bradley, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were checking me out. How about we work on something other than history?" She suggestively tugged at the neckline of her tank.

Bradley fully intended to take her up on her offer, but first, he wanted to tell her what was going on. "Kitty, I found something. Something big. I don't know how to explain it, other than to show you." Kitty smiled, reading his meaning entirely wrong, thinking it was some kind of sexual innuendo. He pulled out the device, and after a moment of surprise, she smiled even more.

"Kinky. You want to put that inside me?" She ran her hand down over the device, making it seem suddenly phallic. Then she leaned in, kissing him hard on the lips. Bradley felt completely off guard, kissing back, then falling into it. Kitty was an aggressive kisser, her tongue wrestling sexually in his mouth. Bradley liked it so much, it took him a couple minutes to get his whits and calm her off him. 

"No, no. It's not that. This device, it changes things." She looked impatient to get back to kissing, and there really wasn't anything more he could say, so you aimed it at the stack of notes and gave them a moderate jolt. A moment later the top sheet was notably larger than its original size. Kitty was stunned silent. "It can change people too. Do you trust me?" Kitty sat back, staring in disbelief at the oversize page in her hands. After she nodded back, he aimed it at her chest, giving her a visible jolt. The results were by no means large, maybe a C-cup, but compared to her previously boyish figure, the change is extremely noticeable. 

"Bradley." She smiled back a devious smile he'd seen before. "Do that again." He aimed and gave her another jolt. This one made her chest much bigger, sexy cleavage puffing out of her little sports bra and her top. Kitty looked down at herself, cupping her hands up against the new volume in disbelief. "I can't believe it, Bradley. This is amazing. Is it real?" She grabbed his hand, pulling it against her chest. 

Kitty liked feeling his hand against her. He massaged at the supple volume, held firm and tight under the fabric of her shirt. It made her want him even more, so she leaned over, catching him in another kiss. This time she was even more aggressive, pushing him over backwards and climbing on top of him. She brought her hands to his face, rhythmically teasing her tongue into his mouth. A moment later, she felt both of his hands on her tits, neither able to fully contain her new size.

"What's this?" Bradley is startled by the sound of his sister's voice, not having noticed her enter the room. A few moments after he gets Kitty to stop shoving her tongue down his throat, he sees his sister fiddling with the device. "Is this why none of my bras fit?" She momentarily pointed the device at Bradley, and he held up his hands in protest. 

"Wait, be careful, that thing is dangerous..." Before his sister could even heed his warning, he saw a spray of pink light envelop him. A moment later, he looked up at Kitty, then his sister, and realizes she shrunk you, all of you. "No!!!" He screamed. "Give me that back!" Even the volume of his voice was small compared to before.

"Holy shit, my brother is tiny!" Laura seemed almost thrilled at the observation. Kitty was more concerned, and justifiably so. Bradley's body was less than tree feet tall. It didn't even make it from one side of the bed to the other. She didn't know what the device was, but she didn't expect it could do that. Kitty watched her with concern, as she aimed the device at a shoe on the floor and pressed the other button. A moment later it was double-size next to a normal size one. "This thing is going to be fun. Can you use it on yourself?" Her question is rhetorical, as she turned the device at herself, pushing the growth button.

Bradley's tiny voice screeched concern. "Laura, stop! Put me back to normal before you break it." She wasn't listening, as her whole body swelled. It was hard for Bradley to judge her size, since she already seemed so huge, but from the way her head passed the door frame, he decided she had to be over seven feet tall. "Laura, please. Give Kitty the device." 

"Ohh, relax you two. I'm just having a little fun." She shot the device at herself again, this time her head is nearly touching the ceiling. Bradley noticed that, unlike in selective mode, her clothes have grown with her. "Ooops." Her expression was mockingly insincere, as she knelt down next to the bed, still towering over them. "This is so amazing. God, you are both so little." Her hand approached, wrapping a giant thumb and forefinger around his midsection. At his diminutive size, her digits were like arms, and her hand was almost as large as his entire body. 

"Stop, Laura! You're going to hurt him." Kitty grabbed him, tugging him out of his sister's grasp, protectively hugging his small form against her. It seemed impossible to her that he was now the size of a child in her arms, but no moreso than the way Laura loomed huge next to them. The device looked tiny in her hand, as she tried again to aim it at herself. Her fat fingers struggled to push the button, holding it down a dangerously long time. Kitty was briefly blinded by a huge spark of blue light, before she realizes Kitty is now growing *much* larger. 

"Ahhhhh! Yes!!" Bradley hears his sister's voice scream out, as her head crunches up through the drywall. Kitty threw him to the bed as she reached for something, and a moment later he could see she had the good sense to grab the device when it fell out of Laura's growing hand. As he heard wood and drywall splintering around them, his sister continuing to grow bigger, Kitty huddled over him, blocking his view. He could feel the dust in his lungs, and the bed and floor rumble beneath them.

When things finally calmed down, Kitty climbed off him to expose a disaster zone. The entire outside wall of his house, along with half the ceiling and half the floor -- was gone. Through the jagged opening, Bradley could see his sister's leg and hip, slightly speckled with blood. She knelt down, but not enough to see through the opening. "Hey little brother. Let me get a good look at you." Her huge hand reached in, tearing a section of wall away. 

Bradley frantically clawed against Kitty's arm, finding the device in her hand. It took both of his small hands to hold and operate it. He pointed it at Laura, charging the shrink button as long as he dared. However, through the larger opening, she must have seen what he was up to. "Ohh no you don't." She pushed her hand down on the roof, crashing it in over the both of them. The device let out a huge pink zap, but it certainly didn't hit his intended target. He was just glad it didn't shrink the entire house around him. Stuck under Kitty and the rubble, Bradley heard thundering steps leading away from the house, and surmised his sister is headed somewhere. 

"Bradley? Are you okay?" Kitty's hand groped him in the dark, making sure he was in one piece underneath her. "We have to stop her, but I can't get up." A large section of drywall and wood was holding her pinned against the bed. She could think of one quick solution. "Make me bigger." She notices a spark of blue light emanating from beneath her, as her body starts to swell. First she felt pain, and heard the bed creak, as she was squeezed further. Then the pressure let up, as her body swelled and the debris on her back felt lighter. 

When the growth finished, Kitty stood, lifting the debris away from the both of them. She didn't know how big she was, but Bradley looked even more doll-like on the bed. Thankfully, he also looked unharmed. She gently picked him up, cradling him in one arm like a baby as she carefully made her way through the part of the house that was still in-tact. 

Bradley was overwhelmed, being hoisted up and held against Kitty and her new heaving bosom. Under different circumstances, the situation would have been quite provoking. Instead, he felt fear, feeling so tiny so fragile. However, by the time she made it outside and she set him down, he felt safe and trusted Kitty even more. 

The damage to his house was beyond severe. Splintered beams, exposed wires, and the inside of walls covered the entire front corner where Laura had burst out of the structure. Around them, his neighbors were out in the streets staring, some at the house, some at Kitty. She wasn't only ten feet tall, she was stacked, and looking incredibly sexy. Then he realized some of them were staring at his tiny proportions too. Kitty knelt down as best she could to face you.

"Bradley, your sister seems dangerous. We have to go after her. You know what you have to do." He had to stop her. He carefully aimed the device at himself, sending spurts of blue sparks into himself, aiming to get big enough to catch his sister. Kitty quickly protested, "Wait, no. Someone has to stay small enough to handle that device, and you know how to use it. Make me big and I'll carry you." Bradley realized she was right. He aimed the device at her, held the button, and a giant SHAZAP later she was towering over him, the house, and the neighborhood. 

"Ohh wow, everything is so tiny." Kitty felt the boom of her own voice, as she looked down in wonder. Bradley and the other people looked like living action figures, and Laura's car looked like a small toy. She couldn't help reaching her hand around it, gently squeezing. It felt light to her, and much softer than a toy. The air filled with the sound of metal straining and bending as she lifted up one side, then the whole car. "Holy crap, this is amazing." The entire car felt no heavier than a can of soda. Then it dawns on her, how dangerous someone in a different frame of mind could be. Someone like Laura. "We need to catch your sister before she does some real damage." Kitty set down the car, the entire frame, wheels, door panels, and roof bent out of shape from her handling it.

Bradley was stunned watching her handle the car. Not only had she lifted it off the ground; without even trying, she'd trivially caused thousands of dollars in damage and left it un-driveable. He imagined if she wanted to, she could have completely flattened it. The skin stood up all over his body as the same hand rapidly approached him. He instinctively braced his arms above his head, causing Kitty to laugh. "Don't worry, Bradley. I'll be gentle with you." Her hand crossed low above the ground, before bumping over his legs, scooping him up. A moment later he was sitting in her palm and high above the ground. 

From higher up, he could see the path his sister took from her footprints and cracks in the pavement. However, he also quickly felt afraid of falling, scooting back from the edge of a hand the size of a king-size bed. Higher and higher he rose, until he was higher than the houses, higher than the trees, and staring at a pair of giant plush lips each larger than he was. Kitty was just holding him in front of her face, staring curiously, when he prodded her. "We have to get my sister, remember?" 

"Ohh, right." Kitty scanned Laura's path, and saw her walking off in the distance. Following her would be easy, but Bradley was so small she feared she would hurt or drop him. She needed to put him somewhere safe. There was only one reasonable option. "Hold onto that device." She pulled at her top, gently sliding him inside, coaxing the fabric until he was firmly settled between her over-stretched sport-bra and her left breast. She watched him claw one arm over the edge of the fabric as she called down to him, "You good in there? Hold on." 

"I guess so. Be Careful." What should have been incredibly sexual, felt like being tucked too tightly into a bed, the fabric of her clothes holding him against the softness of her body. Instead Bradley felt fear and excitement, looking over thirty-feet straight to the ground. As she started to walk, that excitement increased, her tits jostling much more than he expected. It felt like being on a waterbed attached to a rollercoaster, her massive titflesh swinging several feet to the left and right with each step. Bradley feared he would lose hold of the device, and struggled to slip it into his pocket. A task complicated by the way he was rising, falling, and sloshing about as she walked. 

Down below, Bradley could see his sister's debris trail. Her footsteps mostly just ruined lawns, kicked over fences, or downed electrical lines. "Ohh shit," Kitty exclaimed. Looking up, Bradley could see why. A red-brick house with white siding was completely torn open. The roof had been peeled back, splintered shingles and wood strewn across the yard and all over the exposed second floor. The garage door was also crumpled into pieces on the driveway, next to a mangled car. The trunk of the car was crunched like it had been squeezed, while the roof was peeled open, and two deep indentations sank into the front hood. Bradley wondered if this was where his sister lived, and why she would rampage through his house like this.

Kitty, had finally noticed that several hundred feet away, in every direction, people were standing in the streets watching, some of them filming with cellphones. "Looks like we have an audience," she called down to Bradley. She felt powerful, towering over the houses and trees, little tiny action figure people looking up at her. She had the urge to show them something dramatic, something worth being filmed, but she didn't want to do any more damage, her feet already leaving destructive indentations anywhere she stepped. 

Off in the distance, Kitty could see Laura causing havoc with traffic as she made her way down the main route. Kitty moved away from the red-brick house, picking up the pace as she put herself back on the trail. 

Bradley held on for dear life as Kitty made for the main road. Lightly jogging now, her bosom heaved up and down, each swing threatening to toss him up and out the opening. He decided holding on wasn't enough, and dug himself down deeper into her shirt, where her bra held him more tightly and he felt much safer. 

Kitty stepped around cars jackknifed in both directions, obvious signs of Laura's damage everywhere. Besides the obvious locations of her footfalls, cars had corners smashed, sides crushed, and some were half overturned. Some of the little people were out of their cars, standing a safe distance away from the road. Others, however, seemed to have a death wish, standing right in the road as Kitty walked past them. Off in the distance, she could finally see Laura's next destination, the high school. 

Before picking up her pace again, Kitty looked down to check on Bradley, momentarily terrified when she didn't see him poking out of her neckline. However, her concern quickly faded. She knew he was there. She could feel him wiggling around inside her bra. She laughed, overwhelmed again at the though of him being so little against her. She surmised he was safer in there, her sneaker accidentally snagging and tearing away the side of a shipping truck as she picked up her pace towards the high-school. 

Once at the school, Kitty had finally caught up with Laura. She was standing over a gymnasium less than waist high, throwing a section of the roof towards the soccer field. Kitty poked a finger into herself to get Bradley's attention as she whispered, "you better get that device ready. She might try to run." 

Bradley was glad for the jogging to be over, as he was feeling a bit nauseated from the huge jostling motions. At first his attempts to climb out merely sank him deeper in her shirt, like quicksand gobbling him up. Then he turned over, climbing against some texture on her skin. He quickly realized it was her nipple, the size of a hubcap in front of him. He felt self-conscious, the reality of what was happening seeming immediately more sexual. However, he remembered his task. He was there to stop his sister. He climbed against Kitty's breast, getting much better purchase against the tacky texture of her skin. 

Kitty was finding Bradley's squirming distracting and ticklish as she took in the sight of Laura's damage. She had torn through the tops of many classrooms, a few of the hallways, and smashed lots of cars in the parking lot. Kitty was close enough to hear her ranting now. "You think you can "You think you can fucking fail me. I'll show you what it means to fail. This building is fucking failing to handle me. This roof is failing to handle me. Watch this." Laura kicked her foot right through the brick side of the gymnasium, pulling down most of the wall, sending chunks flying everywhere.

Bradley finally poked his head out of Kitty's neckline, seeing the school in complete ruins. Fortunately, school was not in session, but he could see a few bystanders several hundred feet away, watching the unbelievable scene. He didn't know if they thought they were at a safe distance, or they were just crazy. Kitty called out to his sister, her booming voice startling him, "Laura, calm down. Stop this madness. You're wrecking the school." 

"You're damn right I'm wrecking the school. What? Did you think you could just get big and come stop me. You're too late. I already have my revenge. The school is ruined, and Dylan..." she looked at her hand and practically collapsed onto her ass, crying. "I'm sorry Dylan. I'm sorry." Your sister looked up. "I didn't mean to. I was just trying to talk to him, but he kept running away. I grabbed him, and before I knew it.." She put her head in her hands, bawling.

Kitty whispered to Bradley again, "any time now would be good." He remembered the device was still in his pocket. He quickly grabbed it, checked the toggle, and started to charge the shrink button. Careful not to drop it, he aimed it at his sister, and let loose a huge pink strike of energy. In just moments, she was half the size, but not near back to normal, so he did it again.

It's only then that Bradley realized that police and fire vehicles were arriving at the school, a helicopter was overhead, and some guy on a megaphone was yelling half-intelligible commands. He's not sure who they were yelling at. Kitty's voice punctuated the scene, "put that device somewhere safe and hold on." He quickly ticked the device back in his pocket, and sank down deeper into her bra as he felt her breast begin heaving around again under the force of her jog.

After several minutes of equally terrifying and blissful motion against her bouncing giant breast, calm settled in. Bradley climbed his way out to find them in a wooded park a couple miles away from the school. The trees there were finally tall enough to rival Kitty's height and provide some cover as she kneelt down.

"Well. That totally worked. How you doin' in there?" Kitty reached her hand up, jiggling her breast a little, sending Bradley sliding back inside. She laughed. "Trying to get lost in there?" She pulled the top of her shirt and bra wide open, her giant face looking down at Bradley. "Because I'd rather you get lost in my panties. But how about we save that for another time." She reached in with her other hand, gently scooping him out, and placing him on the ground in front of her. 

Bradley looked up in awe. Just as shocking as her being fifty feet tall, was her being fifteen feet wide. He hesitated a little too long, staring up at her. "Come on Brad, this has been fun, but shoot that thing and get me down to size." With reservation, he held the shrink button, spraying out jolts of pink shrinking energy. When she was small enough to be kneeling in the imprint left by her knee in the ground, she stood up, still three feet taller than him. He gave her a few more jolts before she grabbed the device out of his hands. 

"Hey there, that's far enough." She still stood over him, her still inflated tits straining at her top, when she pulled him in for a kiss. Strangely, Bradley felt almost more intimidated by her being a foot taller than when she'd been fifty feet taller. She held him by the neck as her larger tongue aggressively dove down his throat. When she finally let go, he was gasping for air. She just smiled, and shoved him playfully to the grass.

"Now, where were we?"

Alien Contact by newmark42

When Phil arrived at the random location on the side of the road, all he could see was scorched section of forest surrounded by a yellow caution tape perimeter. As he exited his car, an agent quickly made eye contact. "Mr. Upson, thank you for coming on such short notice. I'm Agent Reynolds. We're waiting for one more scientist, and then I'll explain what we have you here to do. Ahh, it looks like she's pulling up now." Phil turned to see a little compact purple hatchback pull up, looking totally out of place among the large dark sedans. Not as out of place, however, as the beauty who emerged out of it. 

Her hair was brown with highlights, and blown out in lucious soft curls. She wore a sharp black blouse that was open all the way down the front, and lacked the buttons to be worn any more modestly. Below that, a hip-hugging white skirt drew contrast, with horizontal folds texturing every move of her body as she walked towards them. Gold and white earrings dangled from her ears, and her eyes wore a look that could kill. Phil was mezmerized watching her, right up until the moment she shook the agent's hand with recognition, "Agent Reynolds." 

"Ms. Stugart. This is Phil Upson, a veteran NASA propulsion scientist. Phil, this is Dr. Nancy Stugart, she's our field exobiologist." Phil barely managed to get his hand out to meet hers, with his brain in a near catatonic state of rewiring it's expectations. This woman looked like a model, not a scientist, and what was she doing dressed like this at a field site? As he shook her hand, his eyes drifted down to the prominent cleavage her blouse was obviously designed to show off. The cut was so low, he noted she wasn't wearing a bra before he realized he was rudely staring down her shirt. He abruptly looked up. 

"You're an exobiologist!?" As soon as Phil voiced his shock, he realized how awkward he sounded. Flecks of green surrounded by dark eyeliner, winced in disapproval, giving Phil a look like she owned him. She probably could have. 

"Ph.D. in biological sciences from Berkeley, head of the DARPA west-coast exobiology field team." Her hand tugged, and Phill realized he was still awkwardly holding it, their handshake having completed moments ago. As he let go, his mind demanded another inappropriately long glance at the opening in her shirt, where the inside sliver of each of her breasts was still clearly visible. "Maybe we could get past the part where you two awkwardly stare down my shirt and move onto the science?" 

Phil looked to Agent Reynolds, finding he was equally distracted by her. The agent stammered a bit, "uhh. i wasn't.. of course. You are standing at site Zeta-Episilon-Five-Seven-Two. We believe an extraterrestrial object landed here just three hours ago. I say *landed*, because the object we tracked slowed markedly before it made final touchdown." The agent started to walk towards the forest, "Plus, a meteorite the size of the object we tracked would have left a crater the size of a city block when it impacted, and you can see this site is much smaller." 

"Excuse me," Nancy interrupted. "If you're going to pull me off a date to go tromping in the woods, I'll need boots and a field kit. Can you point me to the supply van?" Agent Reynolds startled, as if he should have anticipated her need sooner. He pointed her towards a non-descript black truck, and the men, both in their fifties, stood in awkward silence, watching the sexy young scientist saunter away. A couple minutes later, she returned, holding a large but obviously lightweight duffel, and wearing a set of dirty oversize field boots that looked ridiculous below her sexy outfit.

Agent Reynolds quickly motioned them towards the caution tape. "This way." 

About a hundred feet into the forest, the trees went from a black scorching, to burnt to their trunks. A few more feet, and Phil saw it. The smooth curved edge of an obviously manufactured object. He accepted a pair of gloves from Agent Reynolds, before brushing coal black dirt away from the edge of the mostly buried object. "This is truly remarkable. The dirt around it is fused, as if contacted melted the soil." He gestured wide with his arms. "From the curve, this part looks to be just eight feet in diameter. Is there more of it?" 

"This is the entire object, Mr Upson. We've used metal and x-ray scanners on the surrounding soil, and what you see is the top of the only object that landed here. It agrees with the size of the falling object we tracked. Hard to believe something so small is an interstellar craft, isn't it?" Phil nodded, looking back to the object for more information.

Nancy was already around the other side of the buried object. She sat down her duffel, put on some gloves, and brushed dirt off the top surface. Dozens of ridges became apparent. Contours of something. As her eyes followed them, she noticed a tiny gap, where the surface plates don't quite fit together. She fished into her duffel for something to test the gap, finding a hand-sized metal wedge. She slipped it into the gap, and found the panel popped open quite easily, a slight hissing sound emerging. "Stop! What are you doing?" Phil shouted from the other side of the object. 

It was only seconds before she noticed the first one emerge. A large red and yellow beetle-like insect crawled out of the opening, right towards her. She ignored Phil, grabbing a specimen container from her duffel. She eyed it carefully, slipping the container over it, sliding it towards the edge of the surface, where she had the lid ready. Thirty seconds later, she had the strange, presumably alien, bug in her hands. She was astounded. It would be the find of the century, and she was here to see and capture the first one. She turned to the men, stating the obvious, "they're insects." 

It wasn't until a moment later that she noticed the concern on their faces. She looked down to see dozens of similar red beetles had emerged, and they all seemed to be looking right at her. It wasn't until a moment later that she noticed one was on her leg. She quickly reached for another specamin jar. She barely slipped it against her leg when she felt a pinch at her spine, and then the world went black.

Agent Reynolds moved quickly, digging into her bag, grabbing using the remaining containers and enlisting Phil to help gather the remaining beetles off the ship. Surprisingly, they didn't seem to run or move. They just stood there, facing Nancy as she lie on the ground. Once the foreign insects were contained, Agent Reynolds turned to Nancy, first checking her pulse, then lifting her head. "Dr. Stugart. Are you all right? Dr. Stugart." Fortunately, she was quickly coming to. Even though her safety was their priority, it wasn't lost on either man that the fall had tugged her blouse, indecently exposing part of her right breast.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. I must have fainted." She righted herself, then used Agent Reynold's assistance to stand up. "That'll teach me to rush into the field after cocktails and before dinner." On her feet, she fixed her shirt, and started brushing dirt off herself, failing to do anything about a large dark stain up the side and back of her skirt. "...or wear white when I'm on call." 

"Dr. Stugart, we contained all the life-forms. Now, we really should get you to the field medic. To make sure you were not bitten, and that you didn't hurt yourself in the fall." 

"What? No. I'm not leaving the find of the century because I fainted. Tell you what, I'll go get checked out if both of you do. You came in just as close contact with these insects as I did." She looked at the both, challenging them, before picking up one of the specamin containers. "These could be extraterrestrial insects. I've certainly never seen anything like this on Earth. They resemble beetles from the order Coleoptera, but they have much more articulated limbs." 

"Agent Reynolds, can you go get something to seal that opening, in case there are any more inside?" He nodded, heading off towards the supply truck. "Mr. Upson?" She waved him closer with her hand. "Come take a look at the edge of this panel. The layering of nano-materials is astounding." 

"I thought you were an exobiologist? What do you know about nano-materials?" She didn't know anything about them, she just knew what she had to do. She touched him as he came closer, trying to lower his guard. Then she pointed to where the alien beetles had emerged from, coaxing his attention away from her. She opened one of the specimen containers, and as Phil knelt down onto the spacecraft, she carefully set it onto the collar of his jacket. It crawled up onto his neck, reared it's legs, and dove small sharp appendages into his skin, pulling and buring itself into his neck.

"Owww!" Phil briefly called out, before he lost conciousness. A minute later, he came to, righting himself. He turned to Nancy, looking her straight in the eye for the first time since he met her. "We are two. This one strongly wants to mate with your host." 

"Perhaps later. Right now we need to secure our ship. Those men dressed in black are going to take it to a secure facility. Their males seem to find my host distracting. I'll get their attention while you implant our workers." 

Just then, Agent Reynolds yelled from nearby. "Dr. Stugart, Mr Upson, a call just came over the radio that you're not going to believe. Something about a fifty foot tall girl destroying a nearby school building. We have to get this ship out of here, and figure out what's going on. Grab your stuff and hurry." Then he turned away turned, giving his agents instructions.

Nancy turned to Phil, "they have the reconstructor."

Disaster Area by newmark42

At the remains of the high-school, firemen were setting up equipment to pro-actively hose down the building, making sure a fire didn't consume what was left of it. Some of the men were still distracted, talking among themselves, trying to make sense of having just seen a fifty-foot-tall teenager walk away from the site. The captain was on the radio with the chopper, still trying to understand the report of what happened.

"Wait, you mean there were two of them? Two fifty foot tall girls tearing up the school? That is your report?" The captain was in denial himself. Even though he saw Kitty walk away, it was only for an instant, and his mind was convinced he was mistaken.

"No, sir. Only one of them was tearing up the school. When the second one arrived, she seemed to talk to the first one, and then the first one shrank down. Sir, I know how this sounds. It's crazy. We have the entire event on video. Would you like us to land so you can look at the footage or go follow the second one? We can still see her."

"Negative. We need you in the air here to control the damage to the school. Tell us if you see any flames break out." 

"Roger..." The pilot was surprised, but those were his orders. He held the chopper in hover, turning to check that the first girl was still where he'd last seen her. "Captain, that first girl, the one who destroyed the school, is still sitting in the grass. She's about eight-hundred feet south-south-west of your position." 

"Roger." He wasn't sure who was more crazy, him, or his pilot. A girl destroyed the school? He couldn't make sense of it. His training took over, and he focused on making sure the remains of the school wouldn't go up in flames. He knew his field crews were already on the way, and would find whatever kids were still on the grounds. 


"Miss?" The fireman called out to a girl, sitting on a heavily trampled patch of grass, her head in her arms. She looked like she was crying. "Miss, are you okay? I'm going to come make sure you're okay. Were you inside the school when it happened?" 

"I didn't mean to hurt him," she weeped. The fireman had no idea what she meant. He walked around her, keeping a couple feet between them, taking a look for any signs of injury. She appeared to be a pretty tall girl, and other than a couple scratches on her arms, he didn't see any injury. If she was hurt, she was hiding it. She weeped again, sounding distraut, "I didn't mean to.."

"Miss, I need to take a look at you, see if you're hurt. Can you lift your head for me?" He set down his kit and crouched in front of her, coaxing her head up out of her lap. Her pupils were fully dialated, but he couldn't see any external signs of damage or trauma. He knew from his training, however, that she wasn't out of the woods yet. She could have internal injuries, or smoke inhalation. He needed to get her to an ambulance for a final check. He called over his radio, "i have a 10-52 on the west corner. I think I can walk her over." He turned his attention back to the girl. "Okay, now we're going to take this real slow. Take my hand. We're going to stand up, and if anything hurts, I want you to just sit back down."

He took both of his hands in hers, and gently helped her stand up. As she did, his jaw dropped. The girl wasn't just tall. She wasn't just taller than him. She was *two* *feet* taller than him. He had never seen anything like it. "Holy crap, you're tall." He bit his tongue, embarrassed that the moment had gotten the better of him. That was no way to talk to an injured disaster victim.

"Thanks, but you should have seen me a few minutes ago." Laura's sorrow for Dylan's fate briefly washed away as she took a deep breath and felt a surge of superiority looking down at the cute little fireman. "I was crushing this place to the ground until my little brother showed up." The fireman staggered a step backwards as Laura let out a haughty chuckle. "What? Are you afraid of little old me?" 

The Fireman was afraid. He took another few steps back. At first, he was backing away because her demeanor seemed unstable, almost slap-happy. Then what she said clicked together. Had she been the one destroying the school? How was that possible? 

Suddenly, two agents in black suits appeared, bearing down on her with guns. "Please stay where you are, Laura Hawthorn. We are going to take you in for questioning." 

"Aww. Want to cuff me officers? I've been a *bad* girl." Laura playfully put her hands behind her back, turning to show she was ready.

"Fireman, please vacate the area. Miss, lie down on the ground with your hands behind your back." The fireman didn't need another warning, he turned, jogging back towards his truck. On the way past the agents, he noticed they were strangely accompanied by a gorgeous young woman in a black top and a white skirt covered with dirt. What a day. He wondered what would happen next.

Next Steps by newmark42

Bradley was thoroughly aroused, an oversize Kitty straddling him on the grass, their tongues playfully battling. The feeling of her lying on him, large breasts pressing into his chest as she held him pinned with her height advantage, made it hard to believe this was the same Kitty who'd been a little waify flat-chested tomboy her whole life. He reached a hand up, squeezing into her soft tit. They felt magical. The device he'd found was magical. It had made her into this gorgeous femanine perfection. He thought about how moments earlier she'd been so big he was actually riding in her shirt, his whole body pressed against the same tit. It was hard to believe. 

Then he remembered how they got there. His sister destroying the school, the police cars and firetrucks arriving. Suddenly he pushed at her, trying to end the kiss. "Stop, stop. We can't just lie here in a park. We have to do something." 

Kitty climbed off and sat next to him. "Well, it's not like you need to finish that history paper, with the state your sister left the school in." She pulled at her top, as if she could somehow get her little sports-bra and tank-top to contain breasts three sizes too large for them. "We could just turn ourselves in. We didn't do anything wrong. We stopped her." 

"Turn ourselves in! Then they'd have it!" They both looked at the device, sitting a foot away in the grass. "You saw what my sister did in a few minutes. You think you can turn that thing over to the government?" 

"No, you're right. Better to have some high-school kids watch over it. Or better yet, destroy it. Let's destroy it." Kitty snatched up the device, mocking an attempt to break it in half with her hands. 

"Wait! What are you dong. That's mine. Give it back!" He lunged for the device, but Kitty's size advantage allowed her to easily parry him with her longer arm. 

"Ohh, you want this? I think maybe I should hold onto it. All you did with it was give me bigger boobs and let your sister get big and rampage through the school. Not that I'm complaining about the boobs." Kitty cupped her new curve, still in a bit of disbelief that she had them. Bradley's eyes instantly fell on her chest, so she squeezed herself, enjoying the way he watched. "At least I finally know what all the fuss is about. These babies are like magnets." 

With some difficulty, Bradley tore his attention away from her touching herself. "This is not funny. They probably have my sister. They are going to arrest us. We need a plan.." 


Kaitlin's car pulled up at the half-demolished Hawthorn residence. "Holy crap," Steven marveled at the damage. "Those youtube videos are not a joke, Laura was huge. Look at what she did to their house." They both stepped out of the car, an odd looking couple. He was a little too big and buff for his high-school looks, and she was stacked like a pin-up model. They joined a growing crowd of people wandering around the lawn, checking out and taking photos of the damaged house. 

Kaitlin hooked the arm of her hunky boyfriend. "If I was huge, I could think of much more interesting things to do than ruin the school." Kaitlin tugged and pointed to a nearby lawn, "look at that section of debris over there. It's like it was just torn off and tossed." Then she spotted Ms. Hawthorn, sitting on her own steps, weeping. She dragged Steven through the crowd towards her. "Isn't that his mom?" 

"Ms. Hawthorn, are you all right?" Bradley asked, hoping she wouldn't notice is altered stature. She didn't look up, or acknowledge him in any way. He just stood there a minute, not sure what to say to her. He couldn't very well tell her the truth. Her son found an alien size-change device, and her daughter used it to destroy her house and the school. It was crazy. 

Just then, a man, and a hot woman in a dirty white skirt stepped between them and Ms Hawthorn. "Miss, you have to come with us. Miss, we have your daughter, she's okay. We're trying to find your son. Please, come with us." 

Steven knew when he wasn't needed, so he faded back into the crowd just as his phone rang. It was Bradley. "Steven! I need your help. Can you get some things and meet us at the old mill?" 

"Dude! What the hell is going on. Your sister grows huge and destroys the school, and all you have for me is you need help? Shit. I'm at your mom's house. There are some weird looking people here talking to your mom. They say they have your sister and they are looking for you. That can't be good." 

"It isn't. We don't know what to do, and we need some help figuring it out. Get my laptop from my dad's, some camping gear, some food and water, and meet us at the old mill. Ohh, and don't tell *anyone*, and turn off your cellphone as soon as you get off this call. They might be tracking you!"

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