A Normal Day at Work... by Texasisntreal

As a Janitor at a grocery store, your day is pretty normal every day. But today is one day you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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Chapter 2: Can I Get Her Attention? by Texasisntreal

I woke up later that day to the sounds of Cailey pulling her car in the driveway. Her shift must have ended. She walked to her bedroom, and I saw a bleak amount of light through her panties as she undressed down to just her panties. "Maybe there's a way I can get her attention from here!" I thought with glee. "There's a chance she might call me a pervert for being here and not help me at all, but it's worth the risk!" I rub my body against her asshole as hard as I could. I then heard a quiet moan escape her breath. "That's it, it's working!" I then started to shout her name to get her attention.

What I got was not what I expected.

She slid her finger down the back of her panties and pressed me up against her asshole. "No!" I screamed. But my screams of pain were drowned out as I was pushed fully inside her ass. Her moans became louder and more frequent. Just when I thought she was goiung to push me too deep, I grabbed onto her finger as she slowly pulled it out. "There's no way she can't notice me now!" But she didn't even take two seconds to inspect her finger.

She slid her panites all the way off and pressed the finger I was on against her clit. Cailey pushed down harder and faster with every rotation she made on her clit. It was getting hard to breathe under the weight she pressing down on me. I finally managed to slip away. I tried to climb up, but it was so wet that I couldn't get a firm grasp. Cailey then stopped rubbing her clit and lowered her two fingers to her vagina. I slid my way onto her fingers, and then started getting thrusted into her pussy. Any attempt for me to scream to grab her attention was drowned out by both her moans and her fluids filling my mouth. Cailey shoved me deep in her pussy, faster and faster, until her orgasm finally came. She was out of breath, and I had to catch mine. I was caught in a puddle of her cum, and passed out once again, as did she.

I woke up the next day with her pussy still over my head. She was still asleep. "Okay, I have to come up with a way for her to notice me before anything else happens." The only thing I could think of was to climb up to her face and open her eyelids. I climbed around her pussy and made my way up her stomach. I was in the home stretch. I decided to take a more scenic route and climb up her boobs, because I knew I wouldn't get this chance again. 

Just as I grabbed onto her nipple, a loud, sharp ringing went off profusely, and she started to move. Cailey quickly jumped straight up out of bed, muttering the words "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I was barely hanging on to her nipple and she quickly moved around her room gathering her things. "I'm gonna be late for class!" She muttered loudly. She slammed her fist on her alarm, and threw on a pair of panties. Then, I saw a green and pink poka-dot shadow leer over my head. She threw her bra on so quickly, I had no chance to even let go and let myself be killed from the fall. I was pinned against her boob as she got in the car and drove off to school.

End Notes:

This is my very first work and is still a work in prorgress. I cannot guarentee I will continue the story anytime soon, but Cailey isn't done with you yet.
If ther are grammar errors, I apologize. I used Notepad to write this, and there is no idictaion of spelling errors

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