A Normal Day at Work... by Texasisntreal

As a Janitor at a grocery store, your day is pretty normal every day. But today is one day you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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Story Notes:

This is my very first work and is still a work in prorgress. I cannot guarentee I will continue the story anytime soon, but Cailey isn't done with you yet.
If ther are grammar errors, I apologize. I used Notepad to write this, and there is no idictaion of spelling errors
And please, any critisicm is much appricitaed. I'm new to this and want to know how to improve.

1. Chapter 1: Time to Clean the Restrooms by Texasisntreal

2. Chapter 2: Can I Get Her Attention? by Texasisntreal

3. Chapter 3: School is in Session by Texasisntreal

4. Chapter 4: The Eventful Day by Texasisntreal

Chapter 1: Time to Clean the Restrooms by Texasisntreal

I'm just a normal teenager who picked up a standard custodial job at a grocery store to try to make ends meet. I was fully trained on how to do my job, what to do and what not to do. But as I put months behind me at the job, the girls who were put on casheirkept on getting prettier and prettier. We got along pretty well. Some of them had expirience behind the job by a few years, others were 16 year olds with fresh working papers. 

But, there is one day on the job that I will never forget.

I was doing my normal rounds around the store. It was swept, mopped, and trash had been changed. Then I had to do the restroom maintenance. I started off with the boys because, as a boy, its a lot easier to get in without any commotion. But then I had to do the girls room. I knocked on the door, walked in and put a trash can in the door to let everyone know I was in there. Toilet paper was stocked, paper towels were fine, and there weren't any messes... until I got to the last stall. There was some sort of a yellow powder. I decided to grab some paper towels and just brush it don the toilet. But when I was all done brushing it off, I noticed the walls growing around me. Before I could do anything, I was down to the size of a bug on the toilet.

I couldn't grasp what was going on. The only thing I could think is that what i touched was shrinking power. But, nothing bad could happen. I had the trash can in the door, so it's not like someone will come in here and--

"Travis?" I hear from a distance.

I then heard the door shut on the trashcan, then hear what I thought was the trashcan being moved. I then see a familiar head pop around the corner. It was Cailey, one of the new cashiers here. She had just gotten her working papersand was excited to work instead of doing nothing with her days. She used to stand at 5'6", but towered over me now. Brown hair, blue eyes, and a body like you would expect from a 17 year old. Her ass was petitie, but I somehow always found it attractive. And Ialways imagined that her boobs couldn't have been larger than a C cup.

"Okay, this could end really good or really bad" I thought to myself. "She might notice me and get me some help. Maybe even call an ambulance." I desperately jump up and down on the front of the toilet, flailing my arms to get her attention.

Then, she closed the door, locked it, and moved closer to the seat.

"Or," I continued thinking, "She won't notice me and bring me to a watery, or flat, grave"

She turned around and dropped her pants and panties in one fell swoop. As she began to lower her ass onto the seat, all I could do was scream as loud as I could. But, because I was in the direct center of the front of the seat, she didn't squish me. But when she sat down, she shifted the seat enough for me to lose balance. I started falling and closed my eyes out of fear. As I was falling, I kept waiting for the splash of water to hit me. but I felt something rather soft. I opened my eyes quickly to sound of a waterfall pouring and hitting a lake. "I'm not in the toilet!" I thanked every God mankind has named.

"But, where am I?"

The waterfall stopped and I opened my eyes. My head was shooken up from the fall and I couldn't grab my bearings quickly. I heard the roar of the toilet flush away Cailey's waste. When I looked around, I saw I was on a pink surface with a cotton texture. I looked to my left and right. Two giant white fleshy hot dogs. At that moment, I quickly looked up and saw Cailey's ass and pussy hanging above me. Before I could even open mouth to scream, I was skyrocketted up against Cailey's ass. As she walked and hummed, I was pushed deeper into her butt with every tiny wiggle she gave her hips until I was against her asshole.Then, the last thing I heard before blacking out was her cute voice saying "I can help whoever's next in line!"

End Notes:

This is my very first work and is still a work in prorgress. I cannot guarentee I will continue the story anytime soon, but Cailey isn't done with you yet.
If ther are grammar errors, I apologize. I used Notepad to write this, and there is no idictaion of spelling errors

Any and all criticism is welcome, so long as it's more detailed than "Bruh, ur stury sux"



Chapter 2: Can I Get Her Attention? by Texasisntreal

I woke up later that day to the sounds of Cailey pulling her car in the driveway. Her shift must have ended. She walked to her bedroom, and I saw a bleak amount of light through her panties as she undressed down to just her panties. "Maybe there's a way I can get her attention from here!" I thought with glee. "There's a chance she might call me a pervert for being here and not help me at all, but it's worth the risk!" I rub my body against her asshole as hard as I could. I then heard a quiet moan escape her breath. "That's it, it's working!" I then started to shout her name to get her attention.

What I got was not what I expected.

She slid her finger down the back of her panties and pressed me up against her asshole. "No!" I screamed. But my screams of pain were drowned out as I was pushed fully inside her ass. Her moans became louder and more frequent. Just when I thought she was goiung to push me too deep, I grabbed onto her finger as she slowly pulled it out. "There's no way she can't notice me now!" But she didn't even take two seconds to inspect her finger.

She slid her panites all the way off and pressed the finger I was on against her clit. Cailey pushed down harder and faster with every rotation she made on her clit. It was getting hard to breathe under the weight she pressing down on me. I finally managed to slip away. I tried to climb up, but it was so wet that I couldn't get a firm grasp. Cailey then stopped rubbing her clit and lowered her two fingers to her vagina. I slid my way onto her fingers, and then started getting thrusted into her pussy. Any attempt for me to scream to grab her attention was drowned out by both her moans and her fluids filling my mouth. Cailey shoved me deep in her pussy, faster and faster, until her orgasm finally came. She was out of breath, and I had to catch mine. I was caught in a puddle of her cum, and passed out once again, as did she.

I woke up the next day with her pussy still over my head. She was still asleep. "Okay, I have to come up with a way for her to notice me before anything else happens." The only thing I could think of was to climb up to her face and open her eyelids. I climbed around her pussy and made my way up her stomach. I was in the home stretch. I decided to take a more scenic route and climb up her boobs, because I knew I wouldn't get this chance again. 

Just as I grabbed onto her nipple, a loud, sharp ringing went off profusely, and she started to move. Cailey quickly jumped straight up out of bed, muttering the words "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I was barely hanging on to her nipple and she quickly moved around her room gathering her things. "I'm gonna be late for class!" She muttered loudly. She slammed her fist on her alarm, and threw on a pair of panties. Then, I saw a green and pink poka-dot shadow leer over my head. She threw her bra on so quickly, I had no chance to even let go and let myself be killed from the fall. I was pinned against her boob as she got in the car and drove off to school.

End Notes:

This is my very first work and is still a work in prorgress. I cannot guarentee I will continue the story anytime soon, but Cailey isn't done with you yet.
If ther are grammar errors, I apologize. I used Notepad to write this, and there is no idictaion of spelling errors

Chapter 3: School is in Session by Texasisntreal

I tried to struggle against her boob to grab her attention, much like I did with her asshole. But, I didn't want to let, afraid that her shirt might be tucked and I would just end up face-to-face with her pussy again. After Cailey pulled her car in, she quicklyto class. Her boobs bounced up and down with every step she took, and with her boobs, me. 

"Whew, made it" I heard her utter as she sighd in relief. Then, I hear a loud male voice say "Cailey, late again?" "But I'm 3 minutes early!" She shouts back. "Maybe its about time you change your clocks and remember that Daylight Savings was yesterday. Go change and meet the rest of the class in the gymnasium"

She stomps away, frustrated at her teacher."Did I hear him right?" I thought. "Go change? Gymnasium? Why does her first class have to be gym, of all things?" I hear her locker oopen and can now see a faint amount of light through her bra. I then see her hands reach up and take off her bra.

Now, most people in this situation would have let go and rest in her bra until she walks away, or try to scream to grab her attention. Me? I have acrophobia (fear of heights). Seeing her torso ad her legs stretch for miles, literately, gave me vertigo. Even though my head was spinning, I decided to hold on to her nipple as she slid on her sports bra on. I knew that I had to overcome my fear and find some way to get her attention.

The nightmare of gym class was longer than I could hope for. She had to run 2 laps around the track for being late, then went inside and did volleyball. One thing I did find out about her was that she was overly competitive in sports and, every so often, did a chest bump with one of her teammates. But, she was really good at volleyball. So, not only did I have to deal with her boobs constanly jiggling, but they would be pressed up against someone else's chest every 10 minutes. She was even called over by the teacher to tone it down a notch.

Class was finally over, and she headed back into the changing room. "Okay, I cannot miss this opportunity. If I don't do something soon, I will just end up a blood stain on her chest". Her bra comes off once again. I decided to take my chances and jump off when she sets her bra down. I ride inside her bra and she sets it down. I climb out onto a sorter frabric.

And, my opportunity at freedom was short lived as she picked up this black fabric and stuck her legs through the yoga pants I was lucky enough to land on the crease of.After realizing my mistake, I tried to leave, but her sweat had weighed me down too much to run. All I could do was watch helplessly as I, once again, was sent up against her ass.

Every minute spent in her yoga pants were drawn out. Every class felt like they went on for days, and lunch period wasn't any more pleasent. After lunch, she stepped into a hallway that was empty and quietly farted. Quiet for her, at least.. My entire body got a large portion of her fart over my body and down my lungs. Every second I was up against her butt, constantly being sat on, my thoughts plagued my mind on whether or not this is how I'm going to live the rest of my life, however short that may be.

After 6 hours of agonizing torture, I heard Cailey's engine turn over as she headed back home."So, you're parents are gone today on a business trip?" I heard a male voice say.

Oh, no...

Chapter 4: The Eventful Day by Texasisntreal

Cailey's car pulls into the driveway. Her and her boyfriend enter her house, with me still trapped between her underwear and pants. Since she was standing, I took what little chance I had to climb up her panties and get free of this prison. Before I knew it, I had reached the wasteband of her pants, surprisingly with ease, and climbed out. 
I then saw why it was so easy for me to get out. She was laying on her stomach and her boyfriend was gving her a back massage, her shirt completely off. His hands, however, got closer to me. I tried to at least get his attention, but he didn't see me. I began to think the shrink powder made me invisible, but that's farfetched. 
He kept on rubbing his hands down her back, toward her butt and stuffed me inside the back of her panties unknowingly, trying to get a peek at her ass. "Um, no. I'm not ready yet Mike", she said in a relaxed tone. "Baby," Mike replied "Would I do anything to hurt you? We've been together for a few months now, and you still don't trust me?" 
While they babbled on about whether or not if he was right to take her virginity, I was being swallowed up by her ass. I constantly tried to get a firm grip, but then I would continue to slide down. before I knew it, I slid past her asshole and could smell nothing except her vagina, getting more moist as they talked.
"I'll tell you what. I'll just lick it. And if you like it, we can see where it goes. Its not sex until I put it in" She rolls over so she is on her back, making me land on her pussy. "Well.. okay. But I'm not ready to put your dick in my mouth", she says as he takes off her pants.
Rather than taking off her panties and going to work, Mike was kissing every bit of flesh that was revealed as he slowly took off her panties and maintained eye contact. He pushed his lips against me, pushing me into her pussy, which caused her to moan. Then he started licking her pussy, and me. All I could do was scream helplessly as I was surrounded by his saliva and her wet pussy as he stroked his tongue up and down the inside of her vagina. All I could hear from her was her wincing from fear of pain and moaning at the same time. Then, he stopped licking her pussy and worked on her clit, leaving me in the sticky pussy.
"Do you want to keep going?" I hear Mike ask. After a breif pause, she says "Mhm"
Then, it got dark. Even though I was in here only once before, I can say it was never this dark. I worked my way to the enterance of her pussy, only to be stopped by something big. After 2 seconds of thinking, I quickly went back to screaming as Mike's penis made its way deeper into her vagina. I couldn't escape it, and it eventually started pushing me deeper. "Ow ow ow" turned into moans of pleasure before long. Once that happened, Mike started picking up speed and went faster and faster, with me riding the tip of his dick against my will. Before long, he moaned out "I'm gonna cum".
With me stuck to his dick, he pulled it out and she rolled over. The light was so blinding that I didn't get a chance to enjoy it before getting slammed into the darkness and flesh of her asshole. I was then shot into her ass by his cum. I had to swim my way out of his ejaculate to breathe. Once I was able to breathe, I felt the flow being pulled by gravity out of her ass. However, this was not my lucky break. The flow stopped and what was a sea of ejaculate became a sticky residue that stopped me from moving.

Morning comes before I realize it, and I'm still stuck in her ass. She was about to hop in the shower, but quickly turned it off. All I could hear was the trembling of her ass as she began to push her shit out of her ass, along with me. On top of being stuck in his semen, I was now trapped in her shit as it bobbed in the toilet water. I looked up to try one last time. Rather than getting noticed, i was covered in her urine. Then I saw a white cloud of toilet paper land on the water. 
She then got up and looked inisde the toilet and stared at the turd for a moment. She then giggled and said "Goodbye, Travis!" before the roar of the toilet being flushed drowned out my life.

End Notes:

This is the end of the story for now. I think this end everything pretty well, but I'm always open for critiscm guys. I'm new to this and would like to hear what you think.

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