At-Lass Baptism By Fire by The Doctor

At-Lass's career as a superheroine really takes off but she faces a threat that might be too much, even for her

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1. Chapter 1: A New Threat by The Doctor

2. Chapter 2: Recovery? by The Doctor

3. Chapter 3; A Shock Discovery by The Doctor

4. Chapter 4: Lisa by The Doctor

5. Chapter 5: Finale by The Doctor

Chapter 1: A New Threat by The Doctor

In the space of a month the crime rate in Grendon had fallen dramatically. This was noticed by many who now felt that it was safer to walk the streets once again. The people had one person to ask for all this and this was the city's superheroine At-Lass who had been fighting crime wherever she could and so far she seemed to be pushing back the constant wave of crime that had been plaguing the city.

For Sophie Bale things had been going better for her as well as she was becoming more and more use to her powers. Almost every night in the month she had gone into the streets and fought crime as the towering figure of justice, she had stopped numerous muggings as well as armed and car thefts. Quite a lot of the time she would grow to her peak size of sixty feet and simply pick them up. Many were afraid of her but the truth was that they didn't really have anything to fear from her. She wouldn't hurt them and she ensured that they all learned a lesson although she still let the police take them away.

Her recent efforts had also increased At-Lass's popularity amongst the citizens of Grendon. It seemed that whenever she appeared at her giant size she would hear cheering from people who could see her. She had even heard of rumours that there were people who would follow her around just to get a glimpse of her. She didn't think that it would be long before she even gained a fan club although a part of her thought that the notion was somewhat creepy.

Sophie's life outside of her superhero antics was going great for her as well. Her studies were keeping her grades steady and her basketball team were continuing to win their games. In each match she would be on fire as the opposition couldn't stop her from constantly scoring. This gave her team a much needed morale boost and it looked like they were set to go far this season.

At-Lass's superheroics were also benefiting the failing newspaper the Grendon Chronicles. After first reporting about her the newspaper saw a sharp increase in sales and every paper that featured her on the front page flew right off the shelf. It was even getting the attention of some national papers but for now it was the Grendon Chronicles that had the best scoops on her.

The people around Sophie's life also seemed to be benefiting from her actions as At-Lass. Her parents would comment how much safer things seemed now and her brother seemed to be a fan of At-Lass. If he realised that this new superheroine was his older sister then he would probably change his mind. Even her best friend Lizzie seemed to enjoy the fact that At-Lass was around. She would mention it to Sophie every now and again and she wished that she could tell her best friend the truth about the fact that she was At-Lass. However for now she thought that it was best that she didn't know.

Doctor Julius had also been improving the suit every now and again. He was mainly tweaking out any bugs he found and he wanted to push it passed its limits so that Sophie would be able to achieve more extreme sizes. However his attempts for the moment had been unsuccessful but it didn't deter him whatsoever.

One thing that he was thinking about doing was allowing Sophie to keep the suit on her person at all times. It would be shrunk in size and kept in her pocket but then enlarged when she needed to go into action. However until he was happy that every bug was eliminated he didn't think that it would be wise.

On this night Sophie did find herself in Doctor Julius's warehouse once again. She had just put on her suit and goggles and was already starting some of her training. Once again she was shrunken down and travelling around and even smaller scale model of the city. She was carrying a couple of plastic models which represented people and where before she found this sort of exercise difficult now she was finding it easy. The detail in the scale city was immaculate and had almost everything that one would expect to see in a city. There were scale models of cars and people and it even had all the electrical wiring one would expect to see in a real city. At this scale At-Lass was sixty feet tall in this city but she walked around like it was no difficulty whatsoever.

It only took her a minute a walk from one side of the model to another without causing any damage or dropping the tiny model in her hand. She began to step out of the model city and she felt Doctor Julius increasing her size all the way up to her normal size. She did take off her goggles and walked to her mentor like figure. She could see that he was still sitting down at the console. He was more than pleased with Sophie's progress since receiving the suit and he could see that he had made the right decision in giving her the suit. He didn't think anyone could have done a better job than her.

"So how was that?" asked Sophie as she approached Doctor Julius. He did look over to her and he did give her a smile.

"That was fantastic Sophie," replied Doctor Julius. "I can see a vast improvement in your skills, it's amazing to say the least."

"Well I'm not fully competent with this suit yet." She stretched her arms up a little and she did feel a little tired. However since it was a Friday night she didn't have to worry about going to school the next morning. "Maybe I can do a little bit of patrolling before I call it a night."

"You can do if you please, I'm sure that there's someone who needs your help out there." He began to type away at the console again and just as Sophie put her goggles on again she felt herself beginning to shrink in size once again. She stopped when she was around three inches tall and now Doctor Julius seemed gigantic in comparison to her. He then passed her the jetpack and waited for her to correctly attach it to her back. "Good luck tonight and try not to push yourself too far."

"I know the drill doc, I don't want to pass out again." She still remembered what happened last time she passed out while performing her superhero antics. A night in the sewers was not the most pleasant experience in the world.

After everything was secured Doctor Julius pressed a few more buttons on the console and At-Lass began to lift up into the air. She waved goodbye to him as she flew out through an open window. It was a clear night and it was easy for her to see with her night vision. Doctor Julius was also keeping an eye on what she was seeing. If anything looked out of the ordinary she would most likely be told about it.

Around a mile away a man was walking the streets. He wasn't so much as walking but rather staggering around. He was a man who at one point had a promising future ahead of him, in high school he had a promising career in Football. Unfortunately a leg injury prevented him from going any further and to deal with the disappointment he had turned to the drink.

Eventually the drink led him to be taking substances that were both more potent and a lot more illegal. He was a man who had truly hit rock bottom and was addicted to drugs. He would do almost anything he could in order to get these drugs and he didn't care about who he had to go through to get these drugs.

A few minutes earlier he had taken a drug that had only just hit the streets. He had heard that it was supposed to be very effective and for now it was going quite cheap. He had taken his first dose but rather than feeling good about himself he felt absolutely terrible, it felt like his insides were melting.

The pain that the man was feeling was unbearable and he thought that he was on the verge of death. He could hardly stay on his feet and eventually he did fall down to the ground and he was in pain.

However this had not gone unnoticed by a passer-by who quickly came to his aid. The man who had come to his aid was a paramedic who just happened to be walking the street at that particular time. He quickly turned the man over to his back and tried to figure out exactly what had happened.

One thing that he did notice was that the man wasn't breathing so quickly the paramedic began to perform CPR in hopes of reviving the man. After the first few seconds there didn't seem to be any response and he feared that the man was dead. Despite this he continued his efforts in the hopes of reviving the man.

Suddenly the man's eyes opened and the paramedic thought that the man was saved. However for his troubles the man punched the paramedic but rather than falling to one side the paramedic flew several feet into the air. The blow had killed him before he hit the ground and slowly the man got back up his feet.

The man didn't stay on his feet for long as he almost keeled over in absolute pain. He felt every muscle in his body beginning to expand and the clothes that he was wearing ripped off of his body. His muscles swelled to the point where it almost looked cartoonish and only a small part of his trousers were covering his private parts. All of his other clothes had ripped off and he stood as a towering figure of muscle and he was completely filled with rage to the point that he wanted to rip everything apart.

Right next to him was a car and it took minimum effort for him to pick it up and throw it into the air. This got him noticed by a few people around him who began to run away in fear. These sort of things did happen in a few other cities but for Grendon this was something new and terrifying.

However they weren't the only ones who noticed what was happening. In the skies above the tiny At-Lass was flying through the air. She was looking for any signs of trouble but for now she hadn't spotted anything significant. She did see a couple of cars that were illegally parked but she thought that she would leave it to the parking authority to deal with it. She was thinking about a big game that she had next week and how it could lead the Grendon Dreams to the state championships.

"There's something I'm just wondering Sophie if you don't mind my asking," said Doctor Julius through the communicator. He was seeing everything that she was seeing at the safety of the warehouse.

"Shoot," replied At-Lass. She didn't know what he was going to ask but she didn't think that it would be any harm.

"Do you regret accepting the suit? Do you wish that you had never met me and was just living your life like a normal student?"

"Well there are times that the suit does hamper with my everyday life but no I don't regret it. We've already done so much good with this suit and I'm sure there's plenty more that we could do with it. There's also something I'm wondering, can this suit make me a few inches taller? My team's playing a particularly important game and the other team are particularly tall. If the suit made me like six foot three then I think it could really help my team. Hell it would be fun to have everyone else in the team taller."

"I know that last part was a joke so I'm taking it as one. Your first point however is impractical. If you were to take off your suit at any stature that is not your own it can cause more harm than you could imagine. Such a thing is out of the question but I can give you tips on how to grow taller, although they never worked for me."

Before At-Lass could say another word her jetpack automatically caused her dodge past a car that had gone flying right towards her. It had caught her by surprise and if not for the jetpack's automated systems it would have easily killed her. She watched as it went right by her and harmlessly hit the ground.

"Where the hell did that come from?" asked At-Lass in complete surprise. She expected to have to dodge many things while flying high above the city but a flying car was definitely not amongst them.

"Well either Back To The Future Part II finally came true or there's trouble down there," replied Doctor Julius. Back to the Future was a film series that he had enjoyed for numerous years and had been waiting to use a reference to it for a while. "I'm sending you to its point of origin, be prepared for anything."

At-Lass's jetpack changed direction and quickly went down to where the car had been thrown from. There At-Lass was very surprised to see the muscular man that was still on a rampage. Everything around him had been more or less destroyed and so far it looked like the man hadn't finished. Everyone who had sense had fled the scene although there were a couple of people there with cameras. They were trying to catch the best shots to sell to the newspapers.

With the help of Doctor Julius At-Lass detached the jetpack from her back and then grew up to twenty feet in height. The sudden change of height did make her dizzy for the moment but it only took a few seconds for her to recover. She looked down at the now seemingly tiny man who was still on his rampage. She couldn't believe how large his muscles were and she was surprised that he could even move.

"Hey you!" shouted At-Lass. This instantly got the attention of the man who looked up at her. She was by far the largest person that he had ever seen but his mind couldn't fully comprehend this. "Stop what you're doing right now, believe it or not I don't want to fight you." She took a few steps towards him and then went down to one knee. "Please stop what you're doing and I promise that things will go easier for you. You've caused enough damage, please don't make it any worse."

She then extended her giant hand towards him as a sign of piece. Despite all of her training one of the most important things that she was taught was that it was always best to try the peaceful solution before resorting to violence. In the past it had worked as many would be crooks would see that they had no chance against her. Most gave up on the spot and some tried to run although she would easily capture them.

The man seemed to stand there in confusion for a moment. His mind couldn't process what was being said and his rage quickly built within him. Without even a thought he punched away At-Lass's hand. This caused the giant superheroine some pain as she quickly pulled her hand away and rubbed it for a moment. She could see that diplomacy wasn't going to work and that violence was in order. Quickly she stood back up to her full height and glared down at him.

"Fine if you want to be that way I guess I'll just have to show you the errors of your ways with my fists!" said At-Lass. She could hear Doctor Julius through her communicator and he told her that he was about to increase her size further. Only seconds later she felt her body growing again as it stretched and expanded even further. It was a sensation that she had gotten used to and within a few moments her height had tripled from twenty all the way up to sixty feet. Her strength had also increased exponentially and she was easily one of the strongest people in the world. This was her peak size since if she grew any larger than this her strength would begin to decrease as it was diverted to simply supporting her enormous body. "Ok Tom Thumb, let's dance."

The man made the first move as he picked up a nearby car and threw it at the towering giantess. However At-Lass saw it coming and was able to catch it mid-air, to her it seemed like a model car. Rather than throwing it back she placed the car to one side and then took a few more steps towards the man. She kicked him as if he were a soccer ball and almost instantly she felt pain. It was like she had just kicked a brick wall and for a few moments she thought that she might have broken one of her toes.

The kick did send the man flying but she hadn't kicked him that hard. He landed on the ground and he got back to his feet as if it had been nothing. If anything all the kick had done was make him angry. He roared at the top of his lungs at At-Lass who stood several metres away.

At-Lass was very surprised with what she was seeing. She thought that the kick would have been more than enough to take him down for the count but he had gotten up as if it were nothing. She took a couple of steps back as she tried to think of a way that she could win this battle but so far nothing was coming to mind.

Before she could come up with an idea the man leapt towards her and within seconds he was at face level with her. He was about to punch her but in panic she was able to slap him away and he hit the ground hard. She had struck him with all of her strength and her hand did ache from the impact. She thought for sure that he would be down for the count but in horror she watched as he got back to his feet once again and it seemed like the strike had been nothing more than an annoyance.

"Doc I'm in trouble," said At-Lass through her communicator. "I keep knocking this guy down but he keeps getting up."

"I can see that," replied Doctor Julius. He had seen everything that was happening and he couldn't help but feel some concern. This was something that he had not expected and he too was trying to figure out a clear path to victory. "Whatever gave this guy his newfound strength seems to be preventing him from feeling pain."

"I do have an idea Doc, you've gotta push me up to my maximum size."

"That's a very bad idea Sophie. You know that you'll only get weaker as you grow larger than this. At that size you'll only have your normal size strength."

"I know but trust me on this one." There was a pause of silence for a few moments from Doctor Julius as he considered her request.

"Ok I'll increase your size to maximum but don't plan on causing him any damage. You'll only be damaging yourself."

Doctor Julius began to click away at the console. He didn't think it was a good idea but if Sophie did have a plan he did trust her. He set the instruments to increase her size further but he was careful about the limitations. If he pushed her too far then she would collapse and probably break several of her bones in the process.

At-Lass felt the odd sensation run through her body once again as she felt herself grow even taller. The world was shrinking all around her again but normally the feeling of empowerment was beginning to fade away. Instead she felt her body straining as it continued to grow and she placed her hand on a nearby building in order to support herself. It was a very unpleasant feeling but if her plan worked then it would have been all worth it. She could only hope that things went off without a hitch.

By the time At-Lass finally stopped growing she was a staggering a hundred and twenty feet tall. It was the tallest that she had ever been and the sight of everything being so small did take her breath away. She was taller than all the buildings surrounding her and she truly felt like a giantess in a world of little people. She couldn't help but feel dizzy as well and she placed her hand on top of a nearby building for the moment.

She looked down at the man who now seemed even smaller than he did before. He had stopped in his tracks and was looking up at her. Like anyone watching he was amazed to see such an enormous woman and for a moment even At-Lass was lost for words. However she did remember what she needed to do and she looked down at the man.

"Ok buster listen up," said At-Lass in a commanding voice. She took her hand off of the building and stood up straight even though this was quite difficult for her. "I'm bigger than you and I'm a hell of a lot stronger." She clenched her fists and showed that she was ready for a fight. "And if you think this is my maximum size then you're wrong buddy. I can make myself a lot bigger than this so you might as well give up now before you really hurt yourself."

There were a few moments of silence as the stand-off seemed to be a stalemate. The transformed man continued to look up at the gigantic At-Lass and she did wonder if he fully understood her threat. Even if he didn't her sheer size was a deterrent, all she could do was wait for his response as she was too weak to cause him any harm.

At-Lass got her answer when she heard the man roar at the top of his lungs. It was deafening even at her size and he ran towards her. Once again he leapt towards her but she was too big to get out of the way in time and he struck her square in the chest. The force of the blow made the giantess fall back and she landed on the ground hard. The impact didn't break any of her bones but she was unable to get up and her chest was bruised. It had also knocked the wind out of her and she was struggling to catch her breath again. She knew that her gamble had not paid off.

Before At-Lass could get up the man climbed onto her chest and she lifted her head to look at him. She was completely helpless on the ground and she saw the man lift up his hands as if he were going to slam them into her chest. The impact would most likely be fatal and she could only hope that Doctor Julius shrank her in time before he struck her chest. She closed her eyes as she waited for the impact.

However before the man could slam his fists into her chest he felt pain in his chest. Naturally he placed his hand onto his chest and it looked like his one arm had stopped functioning. His voice was quiet and he keeled over on At-Lass's chest, it was only then did she open her eyes and see what was actually happening.

Just then At-Lass did finally shrink until she was back down to sixty feet tall. She felt like she had the strength to sit herself back up and she grabbed the man. The one thing that she instantly noticed was the fact that he wasn't moving at all. This made her incredibly worried and she could feel her own heart rate increasing.

Doctor Julius was also concerned and he looked at the man through the cameras in At-Lass's goggles. He had done a few upgrades with them over the last month and he was using it to scan the man's body. As if it weren't obvious before there was no heartbeat from the man and it was obvious that he was dead.

"Doc is he..." said At-Lass with some worry in her voice. She feared that that the worst had just happened.

"Dead?" replied Doctor Julius through the communicator. "He has no pulse, you need to listen to me very carefully if you want to try and save him. First I need you to place him on his back."

As she was commanded At-Lass placed the man on his back and then she felt herself shrink down to around eight feet in height. She listened to Doctor Julius as he instructed her on how she could jumpstart the man's heart. She followed his instructions but her attempts seemed to be in vein as the man didn't respond. Doctor Julius was constantly monitoring the heart and there was still no pulse. At-Lass tried as much as she could but eventually Doctor Julius had to admit that it wasn't working.

"Sophie you've done all you can," said Doctor Julius. "You can't save him." He knew that this was something that she wouldn't want to hear but it was the truth nonetheless. They had done everything they could but it hadn't worked.

"No I can bring him back," replied At-Lass as she continued to try and jumpstart the man's heart. She refused to believe that he was dead and was willing to keep trying no matter how long it took.

"If he could have been saved he would have responded by now. I know that it is not the most pleasant thought in the world but he's gone. The only thing that can be done is to allow the proper authorities to take away his body and have it examined." For the first few moments At-Lass seemed to ignore him but eventually even she had to admit that her efforts were for naught. It broke her heart but eventually she did have to stop and accept the fact that the man was dead. An enormous wave of guilt overtook her and she couldn't help but look down at him. He still had enormous muscles but he lay completely still and it almost seemed like he was a statue "Sophie I'm going to bring you back here, prepare for size reduction in a few seconds."

At-Lass said nothing as she felt herself shrink from eight feet all the way down to three inches. The change in size didn't really bother her and she just waited for the jetpack to come to her. Silently she strapped it onto her back and allowed it to fly her away from the scene. There were tears in her eyes but her goggles prevented her from crying properly. All she did was wait for the journey to end.

Within minutes At-Lass reached the warehouse. Almost as soon as she took off her jetpack she felt herself grow back to her normal size. She quickly took off her goggles and began to wipe her eyes. Doctor Julius did approach her and he could tell something was off with her, he could see just how upset she was.

"I killed that man," said Sophie. She was fighting back the need to cry outright, she was considering herself to be a murderer now.

"No you didn't Sophie," replied Doctor Julius. "He died of a heart attack and there was nothing that you could have done to help him."

"There had to be something, also our fight must have done something towards him just dying like that."

"I seriously doubt it." He had been watching the fight and there were some parts that did disturb him somewhat. None of At-Lass's attacks had done any damage to the man and if he hadn't had the heart attack he could have killed her. "I believe that he was more or less dead as soon as he became that monster. Nothing could have been done to save him and although I know that it isn't what you want to hear it's the truth. I know that you want to save everyone but unfortunately that is a fantasy. Not everyone can be saved and this is something that you have to learn, I suggest that we call it a night and you go home to rest. It has been a pretty stressful night for you, maybe you'll feel better in the morning."

"M-Maybe you're right."

Sophie didn't think that she would feel any better. She did take off her suit and put her normal clothing back on. All through her actions she remained silent as her mind constantly repeated what had happened over and over again. She still thought that there was something that she could have done, she refused to believe that the man had died and that she couldn't help him.

Once again Sophie left the warehouse in silence as Doctor Julius began to go to work. What had happened during the battle did disturb him and he needed to get to the bottom of it. He had no idea just how the man had become such a monster and he thought that there was a possibility that something similar could happen again. If it did he wanted Sophie to be ready even though at that moment in time she was a shadow of her former self.

Chapter 2: Recovery? by The Doctor

All through the night and into the next day Sophie couldn't help but think about the battle that had taken place. More and more she thought that she could have done something to save the man. She refused to believe that he was beyond help and she kept repeating the events over and over again in her mind.

Sophie would have felt better if she was able to speak to someone about but that was the problem. Her life as At-Lass was secret but to one person and at this moment in time she couldn't talk to him. Instead she had to keep it to herself and this ate away at her little by little.

For most of the day she seemed to be distracted as she was seemingly coasting through the day. She didn't seem to be noticing anything in particular and this was noticed by her teachers. For now they weren't going to say anything unless the problem continued to persist. Most were used to dealing with moody teenagers.

Unfortunately for Sophie her contemplating did get her hurt. It was after school when she was at basketball practice. She was too lost in her thoughts to notice the ball heading towards her. The only point when she noticed it was when it struck her in the side of the head. It caught her more by surprise than anything else but she still did rub her head in some pain. There were a few giggles from her teammates who couldn't help but think that what happened was funny.

"Bale keep your head in the game!" shouted Emilia. The tall coach was standing at the side lines and she had noticed that Sophie had been distracted. She felt the need to shout over at her.

"S-sorry Coach," replied Sophie as she began to recover from the impact. She was more embarrassed than hurt.

"Do that in a real game and you'll only be a liability to the rest of the team. You might not want to win but the rest of us do!"

"I'll stay alert Coach, I'm sorry."

Sophie continued the practice along with the rest of her team but it was obvious to all that her mind just wasn't in the game. She was missing shots that would have been easy for her and allowing others to get passed her when she would normally be able to take the ball from them. Emilia was not impressed by what she was seeing and she did contemplate dropping Sophie from the team but she was one of the best players and thus couldn't afford to. All she could do was allow this to continue for now, if it lasted any longer than she would have no choice but to drop Sophie.

Later in the changing rooms Sophie was getting her normal clothing back on and once again she was lost in her own world. Her best friend Lizzie was standing quite close to her and it took her a moment or two for Sophie to even register that she was there. In the end Lizzie had to wave her hand in front of Sophie's face.

"Hey Soph are you there?" asked Lizzie as she continued to wave her hand in front of the face of her best friend.

"W-what?" replied Sophie as she finally snapped back to reality. It was almost like a light switch had been flipped in her mind.

"What's up with you today? You've kinda been like a ghost today, is there something bothering you?" There was concern in her voice as she thought that there might be something very wrong with her friend.

"N-no I'm fine." She wanted to tell her everything about At-Lass and the fact that she had accidentally been involved in someone's death. Telling her such a thing would lift an enormous weight off of her shoulders but she knew that she couldn't. "There's nothing bothering me."

"Are you sure?" She had known Sophie long enough to realise that she was hiding something. Whatever it was she knew that it must have been something big to want her to keep it secret.

"Yes I'm sure." She then picked up her bag and made her way out of the changing room. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok I'll see you then." She watched as Sophie left the changing room and she stood there with some confusion. It was obvious to her that there was something really bothering her and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Not just for the good of the team but also to discover what was wrong with her best friend.

A few minutes later Sophie arrived home and she saw that her brother had already gone out to see his own friends. She said hello to her parents before going up to her room, one thing that she wanted to do was to talk to her sister Nicki. She knew that she would have to do it soon or else she Nicki would be in bed due to the time difference.

It had been a while since Sophie had last spoken to her sister since both of them had been very busy. Sophie had her duties as At-Lass and her general studies while Nicki had been training with her own team and the two girls just hadn't had the time to speak. The time difference also didn't help but today she did hope to get in touch with her sister before it was too late.

Quickly Sophie set up her laptop and checked to see whether Nicki was online. Much to her delight she was and Sophie didn't waste any time in calling her over the internet for some face time. It took a little longer than expected for Nicki to pick up and it was obvious that it was the middle of the night for her. However Nicki wasn't dressed in night clothes and it seemed like she wasn't in bed yet.

"Hey there lil sis," said Nicki. She smiled at her younger sister and seemed eager to speak with her.

"Hey there Nicki," replied Sophie. Her voice didn't seem to be as upbeat as it usually was which Nicki did find odd. For the moment she wasn't going to say anything about it though. "How's everything over there?"

"Well it's not all that great. We lost the last couple of games and coach is pretty steamed about it. If we lose any more than we might not win the championship. It's a little stressful but we should find our way around it. We just need a little more practice and maybe a couple of extra players."

"That's too bad to hear, maybe you can get that Brazilian girl that you mentioned." She knew that she was most likely with another team but she was just trying to carry on the conversation.

"I wish we could but she's been taken. In fact we played against the team that she joined and OMG this girl is huge. I thought I was tall but I felt tiny compared to her, plus she was basically unstoppable on the court. Management at my team are kicking themselves for not signing her quick enough." She then gave a sigh. "Maybe I'll have another big growth spurt and be able to match her." She giggled a little, even though she knew that she wasn't growing anymore she still thought that it was fun. "Speaking of tall girls isn't there a particularly tall superheroine in the city now?"

"You heard?" She didn't really want to talk about At-Lass but it seemed like she didn't have much of a choice.

"Of course, just because I'm thousands of miles away doesn't mean I don't look at the local news. At-Lass is that her name?"

"Y-yeah that's it."

"Cool have you seen her yet? I've read comments about people who have seen her in person and when I come home I'd love to see her for myself." There was some excitement in her voice, like her brother she was a fan of superheroes but not up to his level. There was even a superhero that she had a secret crush on but he operated in another city many, many miles away from Grendon.

"No I haven't seen her but I've heard rumours that she might be retiring soon. I guess being a superhero isn't as glamorous as many think."

"I don't think that she should. Believe me I know that our city had problems, it's one of the reasons why I decided to move here for. That place is dangerous but this At-Lass if that's her name, I feel that she's really making a difference. I've read comments about people who say that they feel safe to walk out of their house at night now. Giving a person hope is more valuable than any gift anyone could give."

This made Sophie think, she had thought about herself but now she was thinking more about the people that she had been hoping. The thought of giving people hope did make her feel better. If it meant that she still needed to put on her costume and fight crime she was willing to do it in a heartbeat.

For the next several minutes Sophie and Nicki continued to talk but rather than talking about At-Lass they spoke more about general things such as school and family. Nicki did miss her family and she planned to return to them while it was the off season for her team. She would be able to visit for a few weeks before she had to return so that she could train with the rest of her team.

Eventually fatigue got the better of Nicki and she decided that it was best for her to go to bed. The sisters said goodbye to one another and the online link between the two was cut for now. For Sophie the conversation had been much more than simply a chat between sisters, it made her see that despite what had happened last night the city still needed At-Lass. She still thought that she was ultimately responsible for the death of the man but there was something in the back of hr mind that made her think that Doctor Julius was right. On more than one occasion he had warned her how increasing her muscle mass too much would lead her to a heart attack. She thought that his warning is what actually happened to the man, the same would happen to her when she grew if not for the suit compensating for her.

With a few minutes to herself Sophie thought that it was best to carry on with her studies. That Monday she had a history test that she needed to study for, it was about the Russian Revolution and in particular the rise of Communism in the country. She did find some it interesting although quite a lot of it she did find boring. However she was amazed that a country could have two major revolutions in a single year.

After around an hour of studying Sophie began to hear something. It was unclear at first but after a few moments it began to come through clearer. It was the voice of a man and she didn't need long to recognise it as that of Doctor Julius. She knew that something At-Lass related was in order.

"Sophie can you hear me?" asked Doctor Julius through the communicator. It was a marvellous piece of equipment of his own design.

"Yes I can hear you," replied Sophie. "What's the problem?"

"There's a task I need you to perform that is of the upmost importance. I need you to come to the lab as soon as possible."

"What is it that you want me to do? Is it more training because if it is can it wait?" At this moment in time she felt that studying was more important than training.

"No it is something much more important than that, I need you to come here and I'll explain everything to you."

"Fine, I'll be there as soon as I can but before I do anything do you know anything about the Russian Revolution?"

"Which one? The one that took place in nineteen oh five or the two that took place in nineteen seventeen?"

"All of them." She gave a sigh as she knew that she needed to go. In her mind she could at least carry on her studies in while doing whatever Doctor Julius wanted her to do. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

"No need, just look out of your window."

Sophie did as she was asked and when she looked out of the window and she saw the jetpack that she used to travel great distances as At-Lass. Not only did she see the jetpack but attached to it was her suit but shrunken down. She opened the window and quickly it flew into her room and landed on her desk. She looked at it for a moment before getting back on the communicator with Doctor Julius.

"You bought my suit here?" asked Sophie. She was more shocked than she was amazed by this.

"Yes, I thought that it would be faster than you coming to me," replied Doctor Julius. "Please remove the suit from the jetpack if you would."

"Err alright." Once again she did what she was told and took the suit off of the jetpack. She could see that it also included the boots, gloves and goggles. One thing that she did notice was that there was something else attached to the jetpack. It seemed to be a pen drive and she looked at it for a few moments. However she soon noticed that the suit was growing and within a few seconds it was large enough for her to wear. She didn't need to be told what to do next as she changed from her normal clothes into her At-Lass suit. "What exactly is this mission you want me to do?"

"I'll explain on the way but as soon as you place the jetpack on the ground I'll begin the shrinking sequence." He needed to wait a moment for At-Lass to do what he had asked. When she had done this he quickly shrank her down to three inches so that she could use the jetpack. As she shrank her proportions changed as well which helped keep her identity a secret. It made her body seem much different to her normal proportions. Rather than seemingly looking like a lanky teen instead she seemed to be slightly more muscular and seemingly not as tall. It also gave her somewhat larger breasts which was one thing that she didn't mind.

No sooner had At-Lass attached the jetpack to her back she felt herself begin to fly into the air. She flew out of her still open window and made her way through to the open air. It was a bumpy ride but her jetpack eventually evened itself out and she was able to keep herself balanced in the air. She still had no idea exactly what Doctor Julius wanted her to do but she knew that it had to be important.

"Ok Doc you got me out of studying," said At-Lass as she continued to fly through the air. "Now tell me what this big mission you want me to do. My grades are slipping and if I don't study I'll be saying goodbye to my scholarship."

"My apologies but believe me this is important. At the coroner's office the man that you fought last night has been autopsied. I need you to sneak inside and retrieve the report from the computer system. That is why the pen drive is attached to your jetpack. Just slip in retrieve the information and then bring it back to me."

"Isn't that illegal?"

"Yes but when I get the information I can see exactly what turned him into that monstrosity that you fought. If I can find out what caused it we might be able to prevent something similar from happening again."

"I guess that's a pretty decent excuse. But what if I get caught? I don't want to spend the rest of my senior year in jail."

"That's why you won't be caught. You will remain at your shrunken size for the majority of the mission. I might have to shrink you further and if that happens be prepared to hold your breath, your lungs won't be able to absorb regular oxygen when they're below a certain stature."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"Yes but if it is only for a short amount of time you should be fine. I don't need to say that you mustn't be caught. Not only do you risk capture but your newfound reputation will also be tarnished."

For the rest of the journey At-Lass and Doctor Julius continued to talk. However rather than going about the mission they instead spoke about the Russian Revolution. He was telling her everything that he knew about it in the hopes that it would help with her studying. She had heard that there was a chance that one of the Tsar's daughters escaped from her family's execution. However Doctor Julius had to shatter this theory when he told her that it had been recently confirmed that the daughter was amongst the dead. This did upset her as she remembered a particular film that she liked when she was growing up. Recently she had been doing a lot of growing in different ways.

By the end of the conversation At-Lass could see that she was very close the coroner's office. It was a relatively small building but she flew in closer, much to her luck there was an open window. It wasn't open enough for a person to get through but for someone of At-Lass's size it seemed to be the perfect fit.

The room that she was in had a smell that she didn't want to imagine. She knew what went on in this room and she didn't want to think about it. She was doing everything she could in order not to throw up. However she was struggling with this somewhat but she did keep herself in check.

There was also no light inside of the room but thankfully At-Lass activated the night vision setting in her goggles which allowed her to see. She prepared to fly but this time her jetpack wasn't activating. It took a moment for Doctor Julius to contact her about the fact that she wouldn't be using the jetpack unless it was absolutely necessary. This was somewhat annoying for her but she understood. However she was still going to have to walk around with the jetpack on her back.

Despite the situation this is something that she had trained for. A few times in the lab she had been shrunk in size and then instructed to make her way from one side of the warehouse to another. There were plenty of obstacles that would be in her way and she had overcome each of them during training. However this was the first time she was having to do it in the field.

After a little effort At-Lass did eventually leave the room and found herself in a corridor. This corridor was well lit so she switched off the night vision setting in her goggles. The corridor did seem to be empty and she began to walk down it. The trek seemed to be much longer than she had imagined but it was something that she didn't really mind. It helped keep her body in shape and might even add to her basketball skills.

At one point At-Lass saw someone walking down the corridor. It seemed to be a security guard and quickly she dived out of the way and thankfully she wasn't spotted. She was still too small to be seen properly so the guard walked by without even noticing her. This was a welcome relief as she continued on her journey.

From his console Doctor Julius was keeping an eye on what was going on. He was also looking at the blueprints of the building on another screen. He was directing her way to go but he was also keeping an eye on her vitals. If she seemed to be struggling due to her size then he would quickly increase her size back up to normal.

"How far is it now Doc?" asked At-Lass through her communicator. "Walking around at this size is nowhere near as fun as you think."

"You're almost there Sophie," replied Doctor Julius. "Should just be your next room on the right."

At-Lass did see the door but unfortunately for her the door was shut, it wasn't locked but she was unable to open the door at her current size. She had to remove her jetpack and then Doctor Julius increased her size. However rather than going all the way up to her full size she only grew half way. This was still tall enough to reach the door handle and carefully she opened the door and went inside. She did remember to pick up the jetpack before she went through the door.

Inside At-Lass saw the computer that had she had been looking for. It was a little older than she expected but she believed that it had the information that was needed. She took a few steps forward and she felt herself grow again. This time it went up to her normal size and she sat down at the chair right by the computer itself.

"Ok I'm here now," said At-Lass. Her voice was quiet so that it was harder for anyone else to hear them. "What do I need to do?"

"First you're going to have to hack into the computer," replied Doctor Julius as he knew that it was going to be quite difficult.

"Hack into the computer? Do I look like a computer nerd? I don't know how to hack into a computer, hell I can barely work my phone."

"Don't worry I'll step you through it. But the first thing that you need to do is to attach the pen drive into the computer itself." He waited a moment for At-Lass to remove the pen drive from the jetpack and then attach it to the computer. "Ok follow my instructions and you'll be in the computer in no time."

For several minutes Doctor Julius went through the instructions to At-Lass. She followed them as best as she could although there were a few things that she didn't fully understand. Nonetheless she carried on anyway and eventually she was able to hack into the computer which she was proud of. Although this was something that she wasn't going to tell anyone when what she had done.

Doctor Julius eventually told At-Lass which file he wanted her to copy over to the pen drive. This was something that she could do and she copied the files over, she felt happy about what she had done but suddenly she heard the door beginning to open. She looked towards it and she realised that someone was about to enter the room.

Before At-Lass could properly react she felt herself shrinking again. It was much faster than she had expected and felt lightheaded at first. When she had finished shrinking she did realise that the door seemed to be opening slower than she had expected. At first she thought that whoever was behind the door was just really slow.

However At-Lass soon realised why this was, it was like when she grew for the first time and became much slower. This time it had reversed with her reaction time increasing with her smaller size. At first she didn't know whether this was because of a malfunction with the suit or if Doctor Julius had purposely deactivated the software that kept her reaction time at a normal rate.

Despite this At-Lass went to hide again but this time she went underneath the desk. The computer screen was still on but she had logged off of it when she had finished. She had left the pen drive in the computer and her jetpack was on the counter. She could only wait for the guard to finish what he was doing.

The guard was examining the room like he did on his normal rounds. It was the same guard that she had seen in the corridor. To her he was going annoyingly slow as he went through his checks. He did find it somewhat odd that the computer screen was on but it sometimes would be when he checked the room. He had a torch in his hand which he used to light up various parts of the room.

The windows were checked along with anywhere that a normal person could hide. This included under the desk but At-Lass was able to move to another section of the room, her faster reaction allowed her to move at a much quicker pace than she could before. However at one point the guard did spot her.

However since At-Lass had seen this coming she did something that she saw a range of characters do in a particular film. She stood still when she was spotted and her appearance did catch the guard by surprise. He reached down to pick her up and naturally he assumed that she was some kind of action figure.

There was some confusion as he examined her but rather than thinking that she was a real person he thought that she was a toy that belonged to one of the children of the people who worked there. She had been able to strap her jetpack back on and the pen drive was attached to it as well.

Thankfully the guard didn't recognise the pen drive, he was an old fashioned man and didn't have a computer at home. He decided to take At-Lass out of the room and place her in the lost and found. It was more difficult for her to stay absolutely still than she had thought. One problem that she had was that she desperately needed to scratch her nose but she couldn't without blowing her cover.

Unfortunately with her reaction time increased it seemed like an eternity since she had been picked up. All she could do was wait for the guard to take her to the lost and found box and placed her inside. With her put to one side now the guard carried on with his duties as he didn't think that he had just handled the real At-Lass.

"Sophie are you alright?" asked Doctor Julius. He had decreased her reaction time down to normal before he spoke.

"Y-yeah I'm fine," replied At-Lass. "But this box is really doing a number on my nose." She tried not to breathe in as the smell was terrible. "But I was able to get those files that you wanted."

"Great, I'm going to fly you back here. Prepare to lift off in ten seconds."

At-Lass quickly made her way out of the box and just when she did her jetpack activated and she flew into the air. The first course of action was finding a way out of the building. This didn't take too long as nearby there was a slightly opened window, At-Lass soon flew through it and found herself outside in open air once again.

The latest mission did make her feel like she was some kind of secret agent. It was also another reminder that her shrinking powers were as useful if not more useful than her growing capabilities. It was true that she couldn't throw a car when she was three inches tall but she could do many things that others couldn't. However one thing that she didn't like about being small was the fact that she would feel like she was fragile. At least when she was big she felt like she could protect herself.

As At-Lass continued to fly she noticed something below her that caught her attention. It was the sound of police sirens and when she looked down she could see that there was a car chase. She could also hear gunshots as the passengers in the car shot at the chasing police cars. It was a very dangerous situation that she knew needed her assistance, although her mission was important she felt like she needed to do something.

"Hey Doc I've got trouble here," said At-Lass as she continued to watch the chase take place. "I think those guys really need my help."

"The mission is too important," replied Doctor Julius. "I need you back here as soon as possible."

"But I can't just ignore this. If anyone gets hurt due to my inaction I would never forgive myself. Besides what's the point of having this suit if I'm not going to help people? I can't pick and choose who to save and who not to."

At-Lass waited for Doctor Julius's response. She knew that her mission was important but she still couldn't turn a blind eye to what was happening. If he still told her to return she would probably lose a lot of respect that she had for him. All she could do was wait for his answer.

Chapter 3; A Shock Discovery by The Doctor

There were a few seconds of silence on the part of Doctor Julius. He really needed to get the information that At-Lass had attained back but he couldn't ignore the danger that was taking place. The whole reason why he had given Sophie the suit was so that she could help people and now seemed to be the perfect opportunity. He gave a sigh as he had to admit that this was too important to pass up.

"Ok Sophie you can stop them but be careful," said Doctor Julius. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry," replied At-Lass with a smile on her face. "I know what I'm doing." She and Doctor Julius then quickly devised a plan of action that they hoped would work but it could easily go wrong.

At-Lass flew not too far away from the speeding car. For the moment the occupants inside didn't see her as they were focusing on shooting at the chasing police cars. At-Lass pressed the button at the centre of her the straps holding her to her jetpack. This caused her to fall towards the ground and as she fell she began to grow in size.

When At-Lass's feet hit the ground she was standing at eighty feet in height. She also ran and seemed to be going right alongside the car. This was when the occupants inside noticed her and went into a near state of panic. The felt her gigantic hand grab onto the car and they were lifted up into the air. She would have stopped dead in her tracks but she knew that if she did that the occupants inside might be killed.

The momentum of travelling at a high speed and then suddenly coming to a stop would be like if they had hit a brick wall. Instead she began to spin herself as she stopped running. This kept the momentum in the car going and slowly she stopped herself at a safe speed. It did make her a little dizzy but when she looked she could see that the occupants of the car were uninjured.

The man in the front passenger seat pointed his automatic rifle at At-Lass and began to fire. However the bullets harmlessly bounced off of her suit. If she had been her normal size they would have been a serious problem but at this size they were nothing more than a nuisance. She did use her free hand to grab the gun out of his hands.

"Hey you shouldn't play with guns," said At-Lass. Her voice was louder than she expected but she didn't really notice. "You could seriously hurt someone with this." She looked at the ground below her and she could see the police cars pulling up. "I think that there's some people who are here to see you."

Carefully At-Lass began to lower the car. However rather than placing it on its wheels she instead flipped it onto its roof. This was just so it couldn't be driven away and the chase having to start all over again. No sooner had she placed the car on the ground the cops began to swarm it and they pulled out the two occupants. They were quickly cuffed and taken into a police car.

One particular policewoman remained behind for the moment and looked up at At-Lass. She had heard of the superheroine but this was the first time that she had seen her in person. She was amazed that someone could grow as large as her. Even though At-Lass was still squatting down she still seemed gigantic.

"Thanks for the help," said the Police Woman. She was standing a short distance from the giant superheroine and she couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. "We were in a bit of a pickle there before you showed up."

"You're welcome," replied At-Lass. "I only help you guys out from time to time but you and your colleagues are the ones who put your lives on the line every day." She then stood up to her full height and the police woman could see just how tall she was. "Take care and stay safe."

At-Lass then turned and began to move away. She was jogging at a pace and she had to wait until she was far enough away from the scene in order to shrink herself. At her size it didn't take long before she was a good mile away. It was only then that Doctor Julius did shrink her back down to three inches again. The whole process did make her feel lightheaded but she was quickly getting used to it. Just a month ago such a sudden change from one extreme size to another would have knocked her out. However now it was just a bit of light headiness, this was a sign to her that she was adapting more to her abilities. She couldn't wait for the day that she had full control of her powers and she hoped that Doctor Julius would allow her to change size at will rather than going through him first.

No sooner had At-Lass shrunk in size she saw her jetpack landing right next to her. Without needing to be instructed she attached it to herself and she felt herself fly away into the air. She only needed to wait a couple of minutes before she landed back inside of the warehouse. As she took off her jetpack her height was increased back to normal and she lifted up her goggles since she didn't think that she needed them.

Doctor Julius quickly walked up to her as he was eager to get the pen drive. The information on there was essential for his research. He was also glad to see that At-Lass was unharmed and that the mission had been a success. Even the little side mission had been a success as well.

"Welcome back Sophie," said Doctor Julius as he approached her. He needed to look up to her because even at her normal size she was still taller than him. This was just something that he was used to. "Are you feeling any discomfort?"

"No I'm fine," replied At-Lass as she picked up the seemingly tiny jetpack. She took the pen drive off of it and passed it to him. "And I'm guessing that this is what you want. I hope you find what you're looking for on there."

"So do I," replied Doctor Julius as he took the pen drive out of her hand. He was thankful for what she had done and he looked up at her once again. "Did you want to stay here and do some training or would you prefer to return home?"

"If you wouldn't mind I want to go home. I have school tomorrow and the last thing I need is to fall behind in my studies. Being a giant superheroine is fun but unfortunately it won't pay the bills in the future."

"I understand, rather letting you walk back I'll let you fly back. Just remember to re-attach the suit to the jetpack when you're done."

At-Lass nodded as she watched Doctor Julius walk back to the console. He typed away at it for a few moments and suddenly At-Lass felt herself shrinking again. She attached her jetpack onto herself and when she was finished she felt herself lift off into the air. She did wave goodbye to Doctor Julius before she flew out of the window.

Once again At-Lass only needed to wait a few minutes before she eventually arrived back at her home. She entered through the opened window in her room and she was increased back to her normal height. Her body alterations was also deactivated so she had the same build as she normally did. She did like having larger breasts but she was also happy to have her normal body back. She did wonder if she could still have larger natural breasts but she somewhat doubted it.

No sooner had Sophie taken off her suit she watched as it shrank in size. Within moments it looked like a doll's outfit to her and she did attach it to the jetpack. She watched as it lifted off and flew out of the window. She also decided that she had a little bit of time to study before she had to go back to bed.

However when Sophie checked her phone she saw that she had a couple of missed calls and some text messages from her friend Lizzie. When she looked at the message she could see that her friend was concerned about her. She had noticed that Sophie didn't seem to be entirely herself over the last month and it worried her. Lizzie also knew that Sophie wasn't far from getting kicked off of the basketball team.

Sophie did send her a message back stating that she was fine and that they would catch up at school the next morning. However after a short amount of time of studying fatigue began to get the better of her. She changed into her bed clothes and climbed into her bed, she remembered to grab onto Mr Sprinkles and quickly fell asleep. She didn't realise just how much her actions that night had tired her out.

Meanwhile at the warehouse Doctor Julius was working on the reports that Sophie had been able to bring him. Unlike her sleep was the last thing on his mind as he continued to examine the information. He could see everything that was in the man's system before he had died, it was confirmed that he did die of a heart attack.

However there seemed to be a chemical in the man's system which didn't register with any known chemicals in the world. The report stated that it was called Chemical X and that was purely because there was no other name for it.

There was a chemical formula for this chemical in the report and as Doctor Julius studied it he didn't think that it was possible. However whatever this chemical was it caused a seemingly normal man turn into a hulking monster. For the moment he had no idea what the chemical was but it would have been better if he were able to get a sample of it. However such an action was easier said than done.

The next day Sophie found herself once again sitting in a Geography class. The teacher was a relatively young man who had only been teaching for a short time. His lesson was somewhat boring as he was talking about volcanos. However one thing that did make the class worth it. Just across from her sat her crush Tyler, he was doing his work and she couldn't help but stare at him.

On more than one occasion she had fantasied being his girlfriend and even moving into their own white fence house to live happily ever after. She still didn't have the courage to really talk to him, one thing that she thought that he wouldn't like about her was the fact that she was around an inch taller than him. She knew how most boys didn't want to date a girl who was taller than them. To her it seemed like the infamous Bale tall gene was working against her for once.

Sitting next to her was Lizzie who was getting on with her work. However when she looked up she could see Sophie lovingly staring at Tyler. She had to clear her throat in order for Sophie to snap back to reality. This made Sophie get back to her work or else she would probably fail the class and her scholarship was as good as gone. It seemed like Lizzie had the difficult task of keeping her best friend focused on the work.

At the end of the class both girls walked down the corridor with their books in their hands. No one really paid much attention to them as they were walking from one class to another. Sophie was feeling hungry but after this class it would be lunch time and she would get some much needed food.

"Is everything alright with you Sophie?" asked Lizzie as both girls continued to walk. She had to look up to her taller best friend.

"Yeah I'm fine," replied Sophie. "I've just been doing a lot of stuff outside of school." She hoped that this would make Lizzie stop asking questions but if anything it only made her more curious.

"You got yourself a job?" This wasn't uncommon for someone of their age to have some kind of job outside of school. "Where are you working?"

"I-I'm helping some scientist with a few chores around his warehouse and in exchange he helps me with my studies."

"Sophie you're not..."

"Oh God no." It took her a moment to realise what her friend was talking about and she quickly rebuffed the comment. "You know that I wouldn't do something like that. What kind of person do you think I am?"

"Sorry but you know when anyone says anything like that the first thing that comes to mind is you know what."

Despite Sophie's answer Lizzie wasn't convinced that her friend was telling her the truth. She had known her for most of her life and she could always tell when she was hiding something from her. She thought that it could be something really bad, something that she couldn't say. She was determined to get to the bottom of it whether she wanted to see the results or not.

For the rest of the day Sophie seemed to be fine as she continued with her work. At lunch she did briefly see her brother as he was hanging out with his own friends. They were doing something on their phones that she didn't really understand. It was some kind of game that they were playing that she couldn't wrap her head around. She did hear them talking about At-Lass and much to her disgust her brother mentioned that he thought that she was pretty cute. She knew that he wouldn't say that if he realised that At-Lass was actually his older sister.

Even at her basketball practice Sophie's team could tell that she was more focused than the previous day. Seemingly every shot she made at the basket went in without much effort. She was by far the most impressive person on the court and even Emilia could see why she was keeping her on the team. They had another important game in a few days' time and if Sophie performed like this the Grendon Dreams were sure to cruise through the game.

There was one minor problem that Emilia did have with the team and that was their lack of height. In the league they had the lowest average height and because of this her team's tactics were more along the ground rather than those that were higher in the air. Sophie was the tallest member of the team and that wasn't all that impressive compared to other players in the league.

After the practice was completed the team showered before getting changed back into their normal clothing. Emilia congratulated the team on a decent practice and reminded them about the importance of the next game. If they lost they would have no chance of winning the championship that season. It was important for the school to win some kind of championship, it was some years since they won their last trophy.

If Sophie hadn't thought that the championship was important before she certainly did now. She just kept her thoughts to herself for the moment as she made her way back home. Her parents were already there and for the next couple of hours she went through things that a normal teenager would like studying and eating.

However this normality was soon shattered after she heard a familiar voice in her ear. It was that of Doctor Julius who was communicating to her once again. She gave a sigh as she knew that she was going to have to go through another night of being At-Lass. Despite her want for a break from the superhero antics she still couldn't ignore the call.

"Hey there Doc what's up?" asked Sophie in a relatively quiet voice so that her parents couldn't hear her.

"I need you to come to the warehouse as soon as possible," replied Doctor Julius. "We might have another busy night ahead of us."

"Did you find out what caused that guy to become a monster?"

"Not quite but I still need you to come to the warehouse as soon as you can. It is of great importance."

"This better not be another one of your drills because I swear I'm going to break down your warehouse." Both knew that she was only joking but she made her way out through the door. She told her parents that she was going to get some help with her studies as she made her way to the warehouse.

One thing that Sophie didn't notice was that Lizzie was walking down the street. Her friend had been walking down the street in order to see Sophie. However upon watching her step out of her house curiosity seemed to get the better of her. She knew that she shouldn't be following her but something inside of her told her to do it. For this reason she stayed quiet and followed from a distance. She knew that her best friend was hiding something and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

After several minutes of walking Sophie eventually reached the warehouse and went through the side door like normal. For Lizzie rather than following she went towards one of the nearby windows. She found a strong box nearby that she used as a booster in order to get a better view.

From what Lizzie could see she could see Sophie approaching Doctor Julius who was standing next to the console. She could see that they were talking but she couldn't hear what was being spoken. She began to fear that Sophie was in some kind of relationship with this older man. It would explain why she had been so distracted from school and her basketball practices.

"What do you mean Chemical X?" asked Sophie as she was trying to properly comprehend what was being said. Quite a lot of the time things that Doctor Julius told her would go over her head.

"That's just what I'm calling it for now," replied Doctor Julius. "Whatever it is the chemical caused that man to transform into the monster that you fought. I have no idea exactly what it is and that worries me."

"So what do you need me to do?"

"What would be nice is if you could take out whoever was supplying this chemical but without any real leads that would be impossible." Suddenly on the nearby radio they began to hear a police report. From the sounds of it there seemed to be another man rampaging just like the other night. "Guess that'll be a start, you better suit up and see if you can help the situation."

"Hopefully this time I'll be able to save him." She did really hope this even though it was unlikely. After what Doctor Julius had told her she didn't think that there was anything that she could have done to save him.

Sophie stepped away and returned a few moments later wearing her At-Lass suit. This was seen by Lizzie who gasped with surprise. She could definitely tell that it was Sophie thanks to the fact that she wasn't wearing her goggles. Never in a million years did she think that her best friend was actually a superheroine. She also watched as Sophie's proportions were changed which helped towards her secret identity.

Lizzie watched as Sophie put her goggles on and truly became At-Lass. Doctor Julius then typed away at the control panel and Lizzie watched as her best friend shrunk in size. It seemed like something from a science fiction film. She gasped once again and she almost blew her cover but she remained quiet and continued to watch.

"I am going to save him Doc," said At-Lass as she was putting on her nearby jetpack. It almost seemed routine to her now.

"Unfortunately I doubt that you will," replied Doctor Julius. He truly thought that whoever had become this hulking monster was beyond saving. "After they transform that's it for them, it's only a matter of time before their heart gives out."

"But that doesn't mean I won't try." Just then the jetpack activated and At-Lass flew out of a nearby window. Doctor Julius watched from the console and he hoped that she wouldn't get seriously hurt. He knew that these hulking monsters were much stronger than her at her peak size. All he thought that she could do was to make sure that no one was hurt.

Lizzie also saw At-Lass flying out through the window and she tried to follow her. At this point her sheer shock and curiosity was what kept her going and she couldn't really think about anything else. But unfortunately for her she couldn't keep up with the much faster jetpack and eventually she had to give up the chase. She could only watch as it flew away and all she could do was wait.

Unaware of her friend's presence At-Lass flew through the air towards the site of that had been reported. She could already hear the crashing sound of the destruction that was taking place. She just hoped that she would be able to get there in time to help, although Doctor Julius had told her that she couldn't save the rampaging man she still hoped that she could in some way.

Eventually she reached her destination and while she was hovering in the air she unstrapped herself from her jetpack at Doctor Julius's command. As she fell her body quickly expanded and by the time she reached the ground she was up to sixty feet in height.

"Ok you want to tussle with someone?" asked At-Lass just as she had stopped growing. She did feel light—headed but she was able to recover relatively fast. "Try tussling with me!" But as she looked down she could see the destruction that had taken place. Unlike last time she hadn't been able to get there quick enough but that wasn't the most shocking thing to her. What did upset her was the fact that the man responsible was already lying on the ground. He was an oriental looking man who seemed to be just as muscular as the man from a few nights previous. This time she hadn't even gotten there in time to try and save the man, his heart had given out before then.

Now all that At-Lass could do was try to see if there was anyone else who had been hurt. Much to her surprise most people had been able to get out of the area pretty quickly so there seemed to be no serious injuries. This was a relief for her but she was still disappointed that she wasn't able to save him.

There were a few people who were watching as the clean-up effort was taking place. A few buildings had been damaged during the rampage but it didn't seem like anything that an insurance company couldn't handle. At-Lass truly felt that her presence wasn't needed and if anything she was getting in the way.

One thing that At-Lass did notice that there was a lot of people who were taking pictures of her. Most were just random people who wanted to get a shot of the superheroine while a couple of them were for media reasons. One in particular was a photographer for the Grendon Star. Right by the photographer was a young Hispanic woman who journalist for the paper. She had wanted to get an interview with Grendon's only superheroine but each time At-Lass had been in an area she had left before the reporter could get there. Now she saw this as an opportunity to get the interview that would really jumpstart her career. She cautiously made her way towards At-Lass who was trying to remove some rubble to see if there was anyone trapped underneath.

"At-Lass a moment of your time please," said the Reporter. She was very well dressed and when At-Lass turned to look at her she could see that the Reporter was not just some random person coming to talk to her.

"If you don't mind I'm very busy right now," replied At-Lass. She felt that she didn't have time for an interview or anything like that. But at that time she had just moved the last piece of rubble and much to her delight there was no one there.

"My name is Andrea Garcia of the Grendon Star and I would like to ask you a few questions." She was known to going to almost extreme lengths in order to get her story. Interviewing At-Lass was going to be a tall order but nothing that she thought would be too much of a challenge. "Who are you really and how did you get your powers? How are you even able to survive being so large and is it true that you're supporting Daniel McCormick in the presidential election?"

"I'm busy right now so if you don't mind I still have work to do." She didn't have time to speak to the press as she wanted to continue looking for any more survivors. She thought that everyone was fine but she just didn't really want to talk to the press.

Just then At-Lass took a look of the crowd of people who had come to see what all the commotion was about. They were having to stand behind some police barriers and she could hear some of them beginning to cheer her. She didn't become a superheroine for the fame and recognition but she couldn't help but admit that it was a nice bonus.

However for Doctor Julius he took particular interest in the crowd. From his console at the warehouse he was able to see them through At-Lass's goggles. He had recently installed facial recognition to the goggles so that when the images came back to him he could see anyone of interest.

Doctor Julius had to zoom in on the crowd and one particular person came up as a person of interest. He was a tall man with short black hair and grey eyes, his clothing was quite expensive which showed that he likely had a lot of money. From the facial recognition system he knew that the man was called Donald Reverend and he had been arrested numerous times for drug dealing. He was no small fry either and there were reports that he would normally get new drugs into the city. Doctor Julius had a hunch that Donald had something to do with this, the first man to become this monster had been a known drug addict and he wouldn't be surprised if the second one was as well.

"Sophie do you hear me?" asked Doctor Julius. He needed to wait a few moments to get a response from the giant superheroine.

"Yeah Doc I can hear you," replied At-Lass. Her voice was relatively quiet so that she couldn't be heard. "What's up?"

"There's someone in that crowd over there that you need to find." I'm sending you his picture now." A few more keystrokes and At-Lass was able to see the picture in her goggles. From her vantage point she was able to see the man after taking a few steps towards the crowd. She completely ignored the reporter and just carried on. She saw Donald beginning to walk away from the crowd. "Follow him Sophie, I have my suspicions that he is somehow responsible."

"I don't know if I should, I don't think he's done anything wrong."

"Believe that guy isn't a saint. This seems to be a new drug that is causing these rampages and if Donald doesn't have some idea about it I would be very surprised."

"Ok if you think that it's for the best."

She still wasn't sure whether what she was doing was right but in situations like this Doctor Julius was normally right. She just continued to walk towards the crowd and she could still see that Donald was walking away. Carefully she stepped over the crowd and she could see that many of them were taking pictures as she stepped over them. She was glad that her suit wasn't a dress.

Quickly Donald seemed to turn down an alleyway and seconds later At-Lass reached it. Unfortunately for her she was too big to go down it so Doctor Julius reduced her size to fifteen feet. This allowed her to make her way down the alleyway, from what she could see it led to a dead end which meant there was nowhere for Donald to go. However when she was able to take a proper look the drug dealer didn't seem to be anywhere.

This confused At-Lass as there seemed to be no other way out of the alleyway and if he had tried to get passed her she would have seen him. She knew that people didn't just disappear but from first glance there didn't seem to be anywhere that he could have hid. Like the alleyway it seemed like At-Lass's investigation had come to a dead end.

Chapter 4: Lisa by The Doctor

At-Lass stood there with some confusion as she continued to look up and down the alleyway. There was definitely only one way in and out as it was a dead end, her goggles had even been set to night vision so that she could see down it better. She knew that Donald had gone somewhere but she didn't know where.

Carefully she began to walk down the alleyway and eventually she felt something underneath her large foot. When she looked down she could see a manhole cover and she bent down to pick it up. At her size it seemed a lot lighter than it had before as she placed it to one side. She took a moment to look down it and she was reluctant to go inside, she knew that Donald must have gone down there since there was no other way that he could have escaped her. However she could remember what happened the last time she went into the sewer and she would still have nightmares about it.

"Hey Doc I think our friend went down here," said At-Lass. He could see everything through her goggles on his computer screen.

"I believe so as well," replied Doctor Julius. "The only way we can find out is if you go down there."

"I don't know, I've had enough of sewers for one life time. I don't particularly want to go into another one." But she knew that she was going to have to. It was the only way to track down the drug dealer. "But I know that I'm going to have to anyway, you know what to do next Doc."

"Preparing to decrease your size. The process will take place in five... four... three... two... one." Just then At-Lass began to feel herself shrinking again. Within seconds she had shrank from a very impressive fifteen feet all the way down to six and a half feet. This still put her just over half a foot taller than normal but she was now small enough to go down the manhole. "Good luck down there."

"Hey wait a minute, last time you couldn't communicate with me when I was in the sewer. If I go down there I'll be on my own."

"Don't worry I've made some upgrades. We'll still be able to communicate with one another while you're down there and changing your size won't be affected either. I'll keep my eye on you, don't worry."

At-Lass could only sigh as her final excuse had just gone out of the door. Carefully she began to make her way down the ladder into the sewers below. It was dark but her goggles still allowed her to see clearly. The first thing that attacked her senses was the smell of the place. She had tried to forget the smell from the last time but now those memories were all coming back to her with a vengeance.

From what At-Lass could see there was only one way that Donald could have gone, it was a pathway just ahead of her and she began to walk down it. It was far from the most pleasant walk of her life and she just wanted to get this over and done with. One thing was for certain was that she was going to bathe when she returned home.

However she did eventually run into a problem when she saw that the path diverged. One went straight ahead while the other led down another path. Unfortunately she had no way of knowing which way Donald could have gone. She could be searching for hours and not find any trace of him at all.

"Doc a little help here?" asked At-Lass as she looked down both paths. "Any idea which way he could have gone?"

"No but I think that I know a way that you can," replied Doctor Julius. He then typed away at the console and At-Lass saw her goggles settings go from night vision to heat vision. "Ok now hopefully you should see some small heat signatures on the ground from where he stepped." She looked down and on the path to her right she could see very faint heat signatures on the ground.

"Yeah I see it." She marvelled at just what modern technology could do. It seemed more fantastical than the fact that she could change size.

"You better hurry, those heat signatures won't last for long."

At-Lass had no choice but to agree and carefully she began to follow the heat signatures. She hoped that it would lead her to Donald and that he had some answers about the insanity that was taking place. The sooner she got this drug off of the street the more lives that she would be able to save.

At one point At-Lass did see the heat signature of a rat that scurried right passed her. Thankfully she was much larger than the last time she had run into a rat so it was no threat to her. She was still unnerved by it but she carried on walking anyway, she could tell that the heat signatures in the footsteps were beginning to fade. If they faded away she would surely lose Donald.

Eventually At-Lass did reach what seemed to be an open area. For the moment she could hear people talking and after a quick instruction to Doctor Julius she found herself shrinking to around half of her normal height. This allowed her to eavesdrop much easier and her heat vision was deactivated.

The area was well lit and there seemed to be a few people down there who were working away. They were all working at tables which had a series of chemicals on them, these included many colours and At-Lass didn't want to think what these chemicals were. There was around eight of these people working away and she did notice Donald collecting some of the results of the work. This included a drug which was in a liquid form and he seemed to be happy with what he was seeing.

Doctor Julius was seeing everything that At-Lass could see and he was very interested in what was happening. He could tell that it was some kind of drug lab that was being built below the surface. Through the sewers the dealers could get to and from with some ease and they wouldn't have to worry about running into police.

Just as At-Lass began to think that Donald was the ringleader of this operation she saw him beginning to talk to another man. This other man was tall and skinny, he wore what seemed to be fairly simple clothing and from the looks of it the man seemed to be just like anyone on the street. However as she heard them talking she could tell that this man was in charge of what was happening. He was a Caucasian man with thin brown hair and blue eyes, he also spoke with a New York accent with a slight lisp. It also sounded like he was slightly out of breath but she didn't think that he had been running.

"Another one happened," said Donald as he continued to talk to the man. At-Lass had been able to move in relatively close and she watched what was taking place. "This is getting very dangerous."

"Yes we haven't gotten the mixture quite right yet," replied the Man. "It's pointless creating a drug that kills the user after one dose. No chance for repeat customers, how much damage did the last user do?"

"A fair bit before he finally keeled over. At-Lass did show up on the scene just after he died."

"Bah that bitch might cause us some trouble. The last thing we want is her snooping around here." He coughed for a moment and it seemed to be a very deep cough. "We've worked too hard for this operation to go belly up."

The pair began to walk away and in order for At-Lass to continually hear what was being said she needed to follow them. She stayed behind a group of boxes that kept her out of sight, she knew that if she was caught she would be in a lot of trouble. Although the area was fairly open there wasn't enough room for her to get that big. Plus she was outnumbered and she thought that everyone down there would be heavily armed. Her suit might give her protection against small firearms but automatic rifles was another matter entirely.

In almost what seemed to be like a video game At-Lass followed the two men and from their conversation she could hear them talking about money. Each box that she hid behind seemed to be perfectly placed for her to quickly move to. Despite the fact that she was only half of her normal size she still needed to keep her head down. She wished that her goggles had x-ray vision but that was one thing that Doctor Julius had left out.

Eventually the two men stopped walking when they reached something that At-Lass had to see in order to believe. There was what looked to be a young woman inside of a pod filled with some kind of liquid. At first glance At-Lass thought that it had been water but as she was able to get a better look she could see that it was not merely that. It seemed to be some kind of strange chemical that she had no idea about. The young woman was floating in the pod and had a piece of equipment over her mouth so that she was able to breathe. She seemed to be asleep as well as her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving.

"It's amazing to think isn't it?" said the Man as both he and Donald looked at the young woman in the pod. "Without this miracle here none of this would even be possible. This equipment should keep her asleep for as long as we want."

"Who is she anyway?" replied Donald. This was one aspect of the operation that he had no idea about. His field of expertise was bringing the drug onto the streets but actually creating it was beyond him.

"That is none of your concern. All you need to know is that without her our new wonder drug wouldn't exist. We just haven't gotten the combination quite right yet but when we do we will have a drug more addictive than heroin."

At-Lass was so taken in from the conversation that she didn't see a worker approaching her. At first the worker didn't seem to notice her but when he was close enough he could see her clearly. Rather than raising the alarm just yet he rushed her from behind and tackled her to the ground.

At-Lass was completely taken by surprise and she hit the ground hard. She knew that it was going to leave a bruise but she was doing everything that she could to try and fight back. Unfortunately the altercation between them had brought the attention of everyone there included Donald and the man who was in charge.

Quickly the man ordered At-Lass to be killed but before the worker could do such a thing she quickly grew in size. Fairly quickly she grew from around three feet in height all the way up to eight. Her growth spurt had given her a definite size advantage as she grabbed onto the arm of the worker and threw him away. He went flying further than she had expected and he landed on a nearby table. It was enough to knock him out but there were still plenty of other workers there who were all ready to fight.

Many of the people there were armed and quickly they began to fire at At-Lass. Thankfully none of them were headshots but they were enough to knock her off her feet. Her suit protected her from the bullets and she was just thankful that they were all carrying handguns. She knew that after this her body would be riddled with bruises.

Doctor Julius could see everything that was happening and he knew that At-Lass could very well be killed. He didn't want her death on his conscience and quickly he devised a plan for her to escape at least for a moment. Quickly he commanded her to take a deep breath which she did and then she closed her eyes as she felt her body shrinking. The sensation lasted longer than she had expected.

When At-Lass finally opened her eyes she seemed to be in a world that was alien to her. There were several bumps in the ground and she couldn't seem to be able to see very far. Everything seemed to be misty and when she looked down to her feet she could see what seemed splodge like creatures. At one point she tried to breathe in through her nose but she discovered that she couldn't. She had no idea where she was and she was beginning to worry, her increased heartrate was picked up by Doctor Julius who knew that he needed to do something in order to stop her from panicking.

"Sophie please remain calm," said Doctor Julius. "And don't speak, you're probably wondering what just happened. I had to shrink you down to microscopic size, at this moment in time you're too small to breathe. I'll return you to a larger size in a few moments, I'm sorry I had to do that but it was the only way to save you." At-Lass couldn't say anything and she was a little scared. This was smaller than she had ever been before and she felt like she could be crushed to death at any moment.

At-Lass had to hold her breath for around a minute before Doctor Julius finally increased her size. She grew quickly until she was up to three inches, the first thing that she did was to take in a much needed deep breath. There was some light-headedness that went along with it but she was fine.

One thing that At-Lass did notice was that the men who had been attacking her had for the moment dispersed. They had tried to crowd around her after she had been knocked off of her feet but they had been surprised to see that she had disappeared. They had assumed that she had somehow escaped and now they were searching the entire underground area for her. Their orders were to kill her on sight.

"Ok Sophie you need to get out of there as soon as possible," said Doctor Julius. "We'll contact the police and they can storm the place. Your work is done here, come back and rest up."

"No there's still one thing I need to do," replied At-Lass. From where she was standing she could see the pod that contained the young woman. "There's still someone down here who needs to be saved."

"You don't even know who that is. For all we know she could be in league with them." It helped that he could see everything that At-Lass was seeing. It meant that there was less explaining to do.

"There's no chance that someone would be willing to have that done to them. Besides they said that she was the source of the drug so without her there is no drug. No more people becoming monsters and then dying. I'm going to free her and then we're getting out of here together."

"I still think that it is a bad idea."

"Maybe but you know I'm right, when I give the signal I want you to increase my size. Make me as big as you can in this area."

"Fine but as soon as you're done you're coming back."

At-Lass agreed with him and quickly made her way towards the pod. She had to make sure not to be in the line of sight of any of the people looking for her. Even a normal bullet could kill her at this size. She still ached from where she was shot but she didn't allow this to slow her down.

At-Lass's current size certainly had its advantages and disadvantages. It made her harder to be seen by her seekers but it also made distances seem much greater. What would be a short walk for most people was instead a trek for her. She jogged at a steady pace towards the pod and she remembered to conserve her energy. Her basketball training seemed to come to mind as she remembered what she had been taught.

Just then a shadow appeared above At-Lass and she darted behind a box before she was seen. She looked up and saw the man in charge, he hadn't seen her but she could see that he was carrying an expensive looking handgun. His foot had been mere inches from crushing her and she felt lucky to be alive. One thing that she hoped was that he wasn't going to look down.

At-Lass waited for a few moments before the man finally moved away. She gave a small sigh of relief before moving along. As she came closer to the pod her jog turned into a run as she wanted to get there as soon as she could. She knew that her plan was risky and there was a good chance that it could get her killed. She could only hope that fate was smiling on her on this day.

After what seemed to be a few minutes At-Lass finally reached the pod which seemed to be gigantic in comparison to her. She took a look at the young woman inside and she could see felt sorry for her. She didn't think that anyone deserved a fate like this and she wished to free her.

"Ok Doc make me big," said At-Lass quietly. She then heard Doctor Julius begin the countdown and she was ready for whatever happened next.

The workers were still looking around for At-Lass but their search was soon over as they saw the once tiny superheroine grow into the tallest person that they had ever seen. She grew quickly and within seconds was up to fifteen feet in height. Her head was barely an inch away from the ceiling.

For a couple of moments there was an awe of wonder from the workers and it prevented them from doing what was needed. This gave At-Lass the time that she needed to punch the pod as hard as she could. With one mighty blow she was able to smash a large hole in the pod and the liquid inside began to pour out. At-Lass was safe from being cut thanks to her suit but it did sting for the moment.

With one quick command the man in charge ordered all of the workers to flee. They didn't waste any time in making themselves scarce which At-Lass was glad about. To her it seemed like her size had scared away the workers and it meant that she was able to focus on the young woman inside the pod.

Carefully At-Lass began to break away more of the glass until the liquid had completely drained. She knelt down and looked inside, the young woman still seemed to be asleep and At-Lass did check her pulse. She feared that the young woman was dead but she felt a strong pulse.

At-Lass's size was reduced to normal and she helped to take off the breathing apparatus on the young woman's face. She thought that she didn't need it anymore and slowly the young woman's eyes began to flicker open. She was wearing a one piece suit which covered her from the neck down much like At-Lass. However this suit didn't serve much of a purpose rather than clothing her.

"W-where am I?" asked the young woman with some confusion. She looked at At-Lass for a moment and she became scared. "W-who are you?"

"My name is At-Lass and I'm here to help you," replied At-Lass. She smiled at her to try and keep her calm. "What's your name?"


"Ok Lisa, I'm going to get you out of here and then I'm going to take you to get the help that you need. You've been used by a drug supplier, they have had you in this pod for a while I think."

"Are you my friend now?" There was still a confused look on Lisa's face and she had to move some of her brown hair from in front of her eye.

"I guess we are." At-Lass was beginning to see that there was something peculiar about Lisa. The way that she spoke seemed to be out of the norm. "Now do you want me to carry you over the broken glass?"

"No thanks." She closed her eyes and smiled. "I'll be fine." She then took one step out of the pod and suddenly At-Lass heard a loud cracking sound. When she looked down she could see that Lisa's foot had caused the ground below her to crack. This only worsen the situation when her other foot came into contact with the ground.

It was at this point where At-Lass could see Lisa's height which was barely above five feet. She seemed to have a pretty average build but it was obvious that he was much heavier than she looked. At that moment in time Doctor Julius was using the software in At-Lass's goggles to scan Lisa. What he was seeing was both amazing and somewhat terrifying, he couldn't even fully comprehend just what Lisa was. Almost instantly he knew that there was much more to her.

"Be careful Sophie she's more powerful than you realise," said Doctor Julius through the communicator.

Lisa took a few steps towards At-Lass and everything seemed to be fine. She actually seemed to be happy but after taking these few steps she began to suffer from a severe headache. Quickly she held onto her head and cried out in pain, instantly At-Lass became concerned and she thought that there was something seriously wrong. She didn't realise was that she should run.

"Lisa what's wrong?" asked At-Lass as she approached her. For a moment she thought that Lisa might actually be dying.

"She's coming," replied Lisa. She was only just able to get these words out between the screaming.

"Who's coming?" She didn't receive an answer as Lisa continued to scream out in pain. At-Lass felt helpless as Lisa's screams became more intense. Then almost as suddenly as it had begun the screaming stopped. Lisa stood still and didn't seem to move a single muscle. "Lisa are you alright?"

"Not Lisa, Jasmine."

Before At-Lass could fully comprehend what was being said she saw Lisa go to punch her. She didn't expect it to hurt that much but something inside of her told her to dodge. Despite her tall frame she was able to dodge but she was blown back by a force that she couldn't see. It was like she was struck by a hurricane as found herself pushed back, she went flying across the room and landed on the wall on the other side. The impact took her breath away and although her back was bruised she didn't suffer from any broken bones.

At-Lass looked over at Lisa and saw what seemed to be an evil expression. She thanked her for allowing her to escape before leaping up into the air. Lisa shot up like a bullet and burst through the ceiling with incredible ease. At-Lass could only look in amazement as she slowly rose back to her feet. She stepped towards the hole in the ceiling and she looked up towards it. Lisa had gone from being a sweet person to a cold and calculating monster it what seemed to be seconds.

"Doc I hope that you have answers for me," said At-Lass as she was trying to work out exactly what had just happened.

"I tried to warn you," replied Doctor Julius. "Lisa is not a normal person, her body is much more dense than that of the average person. From the scans I was able to take she seems to have superhuman strength."

"Well that's pretty obvious."

"No Sophie don't you get it. You think that you're strong at your peak size, that would be like comparing the flame of a match to the sun. You need to stop her, if she gets out in the open there's no telling just how much damage she could do. There is something else that I fear as well."

"What's that?"

"While she was being scanned her strength was increasing dramatically. I fear that very soon she might even become powerful enough to destroy the entire planet. You might think I'm exaggerating but believe me I'm not."

"Then what do you expect me to do? It's not like I can really beat her in an arm wrestle." She was still looking up through the hole, she could see all the concrete that Lisa was able to break through. It was several metres worth and was incredibly strong. However it had been nothing compared to Lisa's strength.

"For a moment you were able to talk to her, keep her calm. Maybe you can do that again, reason with her and maybe you can stop her."

"Something tells me that Lisa isn't there. Just before she tried to hit me she called herself Jasmine before she went to punch me."

"It doesn't really matter what she calls herself. Get yourself out there as soon as possible and stop her."

At-Lass did as she was told as she made her way to the nearest ladder. She did have to move a short distance before she could find a ladder, she wasted no time in climbing up it and heading to the surface. She would have loved to have stopped in the makeshift drug lab for a little longer and collect evidence but there was no time. Already she could hear the screams of terror and the crashing of what sounded like cars colliding with one another. She could only hope that she could stop Lisa in time.

When At-Lass finally did get herself out of the sewer she found herself in what was now an empty street. It was obvious that a few moments before there had been people walking and driving down it. However before she could take a good look she felt herself growing once again. The sensation lasted for a few seconds and by then she had become a colossal sixty feet in height.

With her increase in size her vantage point she tried to look around to see if she could spot Lisa. It didn't take her long to spot a car flying through the air just a few hundred feet away. At-Lass quickly walked to where all the commotion was taking place. On the way she walked passed a few people and they began to cheer for her. Whatever terror they were experiencing was seemingly being counteracted by At-Lass's sheer presence. In a way this made her feel like her efforts were having a positive effects on the citizens. Before she became At-Lass people didn't seem to have much hope for their city but now they felt that they could fight back against criminals.

A short walk later At-Lass finally came onto the street where she had seen the flying car. There she saw Lisa effortlessly picking up cars and throwing them around as if they didn't weigh an ounce. She even seemed to be laughing as she did this and on the ground her footprints could clearly be seen. At first she didn't notice At-Lass standing a short distance away from her.

"Lisa!" shouted At-Lass at the top of her lungs. This instantly got the attention of Lisa who threw the car that she was just holding to one side. She still looked to be a petite woman but her sheer strength was scary for all those watching. "Stop this madness right now!" Her words were stern and she hoped that it would be enough to make Lisa give up this path of destruction.

"You again," replied Lisa. Once again the tone of her voice didn't seem to be like the Lisa that At-Lass had spoken with earlier. It seemed more mature and it was obvious that Jasmine was in control. "Hmm you've seemed to have grown considerably since I last saw you, things have changed since I was put in that pitiful pod."

"Why are you doing this? These people have done nothing to you." She stood strong and she hoped that she was still an intimidating sight. If a fight broke out between the pair she knew that she didn't stand a chance.

"Because I've been cooped up in there for so long that I haven't had a chance to flex my muscles in a while. Besides going on a rampage like this is so much fun, you should consider doing one or two."

"Then you leave me no choice." Against her better judgement she readied herself for a fight. She didn't realise just how scared she was but for the sake of the city she was willing to put her life on the line.

"Ah it's a fight that you want." She then punched her fist into the palm of hand. It was enough to cause a small shockwave. She did chuckle for a moment as she looked up at At-Lass. "This is going to be fun."

Chapter 5: Finale by The Doctor

At-Lass stood firm but inside she was terrified. Although her opponent was much smaller than her she knew that she was much stronger. Lisa or as she was calling herself right now Jasmine was really looking forward to the fight. She had been cooped up in a pod for a very long time and the chance to finally use her fists again was too much for her to resist. She took a few steps forward towards the towering superheroine and she even seemed to giggle when she did this.

A part of At-Lass didn't want to fight. Not because she knew that she didn't stand a chance, it was because she had seen the innocent Lisa. It seemed like the incredibly strong woman had two personalities living inside of her head. The sweet Lisa and the terrifying Jasmine, one she thought wouldn't hurt a fly and the other could destroy the world. She had to tread carefully in order to save herself from serious injury or worse.

At-Lass began with a strong kick, she expected to be able to send Jasmine flying but instead all she felt was incredible pain. Jasmine didn't even move either and it was if the kick had been nothing more than a small gust of wind. At-Lass winced in pain and took a couple of steps back. She feared that she might have bruised her toe and it could mean bad news for her basketball career.

"Was that really the best you could do?" asked Jasmine as she stepped closer towards At-Lass. "I actually expected some kind of challenge but to tell you the truth I'm not really all that surprised."

"W-What are you?" replied At-Lass with some fear in her voice. She hadn't received any word from Doctor Julius yet. Like her he didn't have much of an idea on how she was going to stop Jasmine.

"I wish I could tell you, the truth of the matter is I don't remember. All I remember is having to share this body with that freak Lisa. To her everything in the world is rainbows and butterflies. God that girl gets on my nerves, too bad she's never coming back, I'm in control now!"

Just then Jasmine leapt towards At-Lass who wanted to slap her away. Instead she dodged out of the way, this was something that wasn't entirely expected. For At-Lass she just remembered her dodgeball practices from years ago. She would sometimes use it in her basketball games to throw off her opponents. It seemed to work well as Jasmine flew right passed her and struck the ground behind her.

When Jasmine landed on the ground a huge crack suddenly appeared and it almost seemed like the entire street was going to split in half. However rather than being angry about what had happened Jasmine instead seemed to be happy. It seemed like she was going to have some challenge after all, not much of a challenge but a challenge nonetheless. She simply got back up to her feet and looked towards the giantess.

Before Jasmine had a chance to react she saw that At-Lass had a partially destroyed car in her hand. She slammed it on top of the petite woman and she hoped that it would do some damage. Instead she felt Jasmine grab onto her finger, her grip was so tight that it caused her some pain.

At-Lass felt herself get lifted off of her feet as she was lifted into the air and then slammed onto the ground. This happened a couple of times before Jasmine eventually released her grip on her. This had caused some damage to At-Lass but she had not suffered any major injuries. However if Jasmine wanted she could more than easily kill At-Lass at that moment in time, unfortunately she still wanted to have some fun.

Despite being overpowered At-Lass climbed up to her feet although she was quite slow. When she finally stood up to her full height she felt a little giddy but was able to keep her balance.

"Doc what do I do?" asked At-Lass through her communicator. "Nothing's working and she's only getting stronger. Please tell me that there's some kind of super upgrade that you neglected to mention."

"I'm afraid not, rather than attacking her body try going for her mind. It is obvious that she is much stronger than you."

"Attack her mind? How the hell am I supposed to do that?"

"I'm not too sure, she has to have some kind of weakness. All you need to do is find it and exploit it."

"I don't think that she has a weakness."

Before At-Lass could hear a response she had to dodge another flying car that came her way. She was only just able to get out of the way in time and she saw Jasmine preparing for another attack. To her this was one big game as she didn't feel like she was in any kind of danger. Everything was going just as she wanted and she took a few more steps towards At-Lass.

Jasmine was thinking just what she could do next but she caught the glimpse of something in the corner of her eye. As she looked it was a store that was selling numerous stuffed toys such as bears and unicorns. She wanted to ignore it but something inside of her decided to go towards it. Much to Jasmine's dismay it seemed that the Lisa part of her mind wanted the stuffed toys in order to hug it.

The store had been undamaged from the fight but with ease Jasmine was able to break the lock of the door and open it. The Jasmine side of her was beginning to fade away as Lisa began to take dominance. With all the stuffed toys around her she felt like she had just entered heaven.

This hadn't gone unnoticed by At-Lass who requested to have her size reduced. Doctor Julius responded by shrinking her to around seven feet in height. It was a little taller than she would have liked to have been but at least she was small enough to enter the store. She had to duck to get through the door but when she entered she saw that Lisa was sitting on the floor and hugging a pink bear. She seemed to be lost in her own world and her extreme strength didn't seem be doing any harm to the bear.

Cautiously At-Lass approached her and she was ready to duck out of the store if anything were to happen. It almost seemed insane how one moment this young woman had been an absolute powerhouse and now she was hugging a stuffed toy like she had owned it for many years.

"J-Jasmine?" asked At-Lass. Her caution kept her a couple of metres away from Lisa so that she at least had a head start.

"No I'm Lisa," replied Lisa and at that moment she lifted up the bear in order to show At-Lass. "And this is Sir Hugsalot the softest and most huggable bear in all the land. Do you have any teddy bears?"

"Err..." It was now that she realised that the destructive personality that was Jasmine had been subdued for now. Instead she was talking to the sweet Lisa once again which was a relief. "Y-yes I do, I called him Mr Sprinkles."

"We'll have to have a teddy bear picnic, you can bring Mr Sprinkles and I will bring Sir Hugsalot."

"That does sound nice Lisa but we can't stay here. I know someone who can help you, can you trust me?"

"Sure we're best friends now." She smiled up at At-Lass, she was still amazed by the fact that although Lisa had the body of a fully grown woman she seemed to have the mentality of a child. In this mind set it didn't seem like Lisa was capable of hurting anyone. She just seemed like a happy woman.

"Ok take my hand and we'll go together." She held out her hand to Lisa who quickly responded by gently grabbing it. She expected to feel pain but it seemed that Lisa knew exactly how much strength to use.

The pair began to walk outside but Lisa had not released the teddy bear. At-Lass didn't intend for her to steal it but instead she was going to return on another pay and pay for it. She thought that any provocation could revert her to Jasmine and then everyone would be in trouble.

However as soon as they left the store they were bombarded by a blinding light. At-Lass changed her vision to heat vision so that she could still see. Because of this she could see that they were surrounded by many people and a few of them were even pointing guns at them. From the sound of the cars she figured that they were police but using her heat vision she couldn't tell who they were. She was tempted to taking off her goggles but then it would expose her face and ruin her secret identity.

"Stop right there!" shouted a voice. "Take another step forward and we'll fill you with lead." From the tone of the voice At-Lass could tell that they weren't kidding around and she stopped exactly where she was. "Step away from the girl!"

"Who are you people?" asked At-Lass. She stayed close to Lisa in order to try and protect her, even though she was practically indestructible.

Just then a man was able to step out from the light and Lisa was able to see him quite clearly. He was a fairly tall man with blonde hair and green eyes. He seemed to be wearing a grey suit and he looked to be in his thirties. Instantly Lisa ran towards him and hugged him fairly tightly. Again she only used enough strength to keep him there and not actually harm him.

"Daddy!" shouted Lisa as she hugged him. She even began to cry and the man hugged her back.

"Lisa are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I was really scared but she helped me." She pointed towards At-Lass who stood there quietly. "Please don't hurt her, we're going to have a teddy bear picnic. We're going to have a lot of fun."

"Don't worry Princess, no one is going to hurt her." He then turned his head towards some of the people who were pointing guns at At-Lass. "Ok people stand down, she's not a threat to us."

It was then that the bright light disappeared and the people surrounding At-Lass lowered their guns. She changed her vision back to normal and she could finally see who they were. They were not dressed as policemen and women but it was obvious that they had positions of authority. If she had to guess she would say that they worked for the government. She could see Lisa hugging the man and knew that she felt safe with him.

"Who are you people?" asked At-Lass.

"I'm afraid that I cannot tell you that," replied the Man. "All I can do is thank you for finding Lisa. She's very important to me and since she was stolen we've been trying to find her desperately. Now we can take her away to a place where she can be safe." There was something about him that she felt that she could trust.

Doctor Julius could still see everything through At-Lass's goggles. He could clearly see the man that Lisa was hugging and he seemed to recognise him. It was a face that he had not seen for some years. He told At-Lass through the communicator that he was someone that he could trust.

"Just keep her safe," said At-Lass to the man.

"Don't worry we will," replied the man. "Lisa is more precious to me than life itself." He once again turned to the others. "Ok people let's move out!" Fairly quickly the people began to get back into their vehicles. There was one particular car that the man got inside of with Lisa, before she could step inside she waved at At-Lass who couldn't help but wave back at her.

Almost as suddenly as the group had appeared they drove away leaving At-Lass there by herself. She still wasn't sure exactly what had just happened and she began to regret her actions. However there wasn't much that she could do at this location, it was completely deserted and she thought that Doctor Julius would want to speak with her.

At-Lass only needed to wait a minute or two before she saw her jetpack flying towards her. It landed on the ground right next to her somewhat enlarged feet and suddenly she began to shrink. She soon found herself at three inches tall again and after she strapped the jetpack onto her back she flew up into the air.

From the air At-Lass could see some of the damage caused by Jasmine's rampage. To her it had all seemed pointless, Jasmine had no goals to speak of. If anything it just seemed like mindless violence with no point whatsoever. She just hoped that she wouldn't come face to face with Jasmine again. She had gotten lucky this time but next time she knew that she didn't stand a chance.

After a few minutes of flying At-Lass landed inside of Doctor Julius's warehouse. As soon as she took off her jetpack she felt herself growing up to her normal size. Not only did she return to her normal size but her proportions also reverted back to normal. She had to say goodbye to her larger chest and muscles but she knew that they would return to her next time she became At-Lass.

"What was all that about?" asked At-Lass as she stepped towards Doctor Julius. She took off her goggles as she walked and she watched as he turned to her. "Who exactly were those people?"

"We have much to discuss Sophie," replied Doctor Julius. While she had been flying back he had been thinking of the best way to explain everything to her. "That man who just took Lisa away, he was an old friend of mine from college. There used to be three of us who wanted to better the world with science. His name of William Crimson and he was probably one of the few people I met that I consider to be smarter than myself. After we left college I heard that he had gone to work with the government and that was the last I saw of him until today."

"Do you think that Lisa is in good hands with him?" That was her primary concern, the last thing that she wanted was for Jasmine to return since it seemed like nothing could stop her. "You should have seen her, when she was Jasmine she was a monster but as Lisa she just seemed like a sweet girl."

"I'm confident that she will be safe. William was always a good person and I doubt that he would do anything to harm her. In fact I think that nothing could harm her. When I scanned her with your goggles there was something about her that didn't seem to be human. If you had of been able to bring her back here I would have been able to study her." There was one thing that he did fear. Back in College he had heard William stating how he wanted to create the perfect person. It seemed more like a hobby idea rather than a step forward in his career but it seemed like he had succeeded somewhat. "But all I want to know is how exactly those drug dealers were able to get their hands on Lisa in the first place."

"I don't know Doc but I just hope that it doesn't happen again. You saw what happened to those guys who took the drugs. They became monsters and there was nothing we could have done to save them."

"I'm sure that however Lisa was kidnapped in the first place will never happen again. You've done well tonight, go home and get some rest. You can have the next couple of nights off unless something big happens."

After a quick change Sophie got changed back into her normal clothing once again she stepped outside of the warehouse. Her body still ached from the night's events but she would recover soon enough. There were some small bruises on her body where the bullets had struck her. She just had to make sure that her family didn't see them or else they would be asking questions that she couldn't answer.

However as Sophie was walking she could feel something vibrating in her pocket. It was nothing to really worry about however as she knew that it was simply her phone. From the fact that it only vibrated once she knew that it was a text message. Quickly she took her phone out of her pocket and she could see that the message was from Lizzie which was no real surprise.

However the message did catch Sophie somewhat by surprise. It read 'We need to talk. Come to my place.' She didn't know why it couldn't be anything that they could have just talked about over the phone. After everything that happened that night a nice conversation with her best friend was just what was needed. It just helped to remind her that although she was a superheroine that she could still have a normal life.

The walk to Lizzie's house was not particularly long and when she reached the house she could see that her parents were out. There was also a cool breeze blowing and it did cause a shiver to run down her spine. She regretted not bringing a jacket but she took comfort in the fact that it wasn't raining. A couple of times she had been At-Lass while it had been raining and when she was at peak size there was never an umbrella large enough for her. She wondered if Doctor Julius could create some kind of upgrade to keep her dry but she knew that it was unlikely.

Eventually Sophie knocked on the front door and immediately afterwards she heard the famous words 'its open.' With that she entered the house and she saw Lizzie sitting down on the sofa. It seemed like she had been waiting there for some time for Sophie to arrive and she looked over to her. The room was well lit so it didn't seem all that creepy but she did see that there was an odd look in Lizzie's face. It was something that looked to be very serious but Sophie tried to pass it off.

"We need to talk Sophie," said Lizzie as she looked over to Sophie. She watched as her best friend walked into the room.

"Sure what do you want to talk about?" replied Sophie. She thought that it was something about basketball. However she could see that Lizzie's serious look was not fading away and this worried her.

"I know Sophie."

"Know what?" She began to get a sneaking suspicion about what Lizzie was talking about but she still tried to pass it off as nothing.

"I know that you're At-Lass." Her statement seemed very blunt and straight to the point. Rather than admitting it Sophie seemed to chuckle at her best friend over what seemed to be an absurd comment.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me, I saw you at that warehouse. You were in there with that guy in the lab coat and then you shrank. I didn't want to believe it myself but I can't lie to myself and neither can you. You're At-Lass and that's why you've been acting so weird lately, I should have known, she had the same hairstyle as you."

"I.. um." She wanted to tell some kind of lie but she knew that there was no getting around Lizzie. It was obvious to her now that she had seen her in her At-Lass costume without the goggles on. She gave a sigh and she knew that she had to come clean. In a way she thought that it was for the best. "Ok I'm At-Lass, I've been the one who's been fighting crime and still trying to pass History."

"I knew it." Lizzie seemed happy with herself knowing that she was right. "But how can you even grow like that? I'm no scientist but even I know that people can't just grow like that."

"I-I have a suit, it allows me to grow big or shrink really small. I'm not sure of the science behind it."

"Can you grow now?"

"No I can't. Without the suit I'm just regular Sophie Bale. Please don't tell anyone about this."

"But why are you doing this? Can't you just let someone else look after the city? You're not supposed to be a superheroine, you're supposed to be worrying about schoolwork and basketball."

"Simple, because someone had to." She gave a sigh before she spoke again. "You know how bad things were in this city. Now at least I'm giving people hope and that is something that is too precious to be ignored."

There was a silence between the pair as both were thinking about what they were going to say next. This was new grounds for their friendship and it was easy for it to be shattered if things took a turn for the worst. They had both been friends for practically as long as they could remember and it seemed like they were taking a step in a direction that neither of them could have anticipated.

"Is it fun being big?" asked Lizzie as she finally came up with a question that to her didn't completely sound stupid.

"In a way it is," replied Sophie. She began to see that things might be taking a turn for the better. "It can be a little scary though, if I'm not careful I might accidentally cause some damage. Thankfully I haven't stepped on any parked cars but I always need to be careful, you know."

"That sounds pretty amazing. One day you'll have to grow and then pick me up, I really wanna see what the world is like from that height." Something suddenly she realised something that she thought could be important. "Hey why don't you just use the suit to make yourself taller for the basketball games?"

"Believe me that is something that I have considered but the Doc says it is a bad idea. If I take my suit off while I'm at a size which isn't my regular size it would lead to a lot of trouble. If my size is extreme enough it could even lead to my death. It is not something that I don't particularly like to think about."

"Oh. Wait who is this Doc that you mentioned?"

"His name is Doctor Julius, he's the guy who created the suit and is the real brain behind the operation. I'm just the body and he is the one who is the mastermind, in fact he is the one who controls my size. If I'm out kicking some bad guy ass I can't grow or shrink by myself, he has to do it for me."

"That sounds pretty lame."

"Well really it is for my own safety. He doesn't want me to push myself past my limits because it could be very dangerous. You might think that I can make myself as big as I want but the truth is I can't. If I go beyond a certain size it would kill me, that's why he controls my size because he knows when to stop. He says that one day he'll be able to allow me to go past these limits but for now it is still far too dangerous."

"Oh I see. So what are you going to do now?"

"Simple I'm going to keep going. There are still people who need me and I'm not going to let them down. Maybe there's a way for you to help me with that?"

"You want me to be your sidekick or something?"

"No, it's too dangerous for you to do that. I mean if I have to leave for an emergency can you cover for me? I'll try and not do it on a regular basis but I need to know if I can count on you. Above all please don't tell anybody about this."

"Sure, I can do that. Besides there's plenty of things that you know about me that I wouldn't want people to know. But I don't want you to do anything really dangerous, I really don't want to see you get hurt."

"That might be a little difficult." She chuckled as she lifted up her top so that Lizzie could see her stomach. There the shorter girl could see bruises on her best friend's stomach and it did catch her by surprise.

"Oh my God what are those?"

"These are bullet wounds but thankfully they're not as bad as the ones that you see on TV." She tried to brush it off as if it was not that big of a deal but from Lizzie's reaction she could see that she was taking it serious.

"Y-you're bulletproof?"

"Not exactly, the suit is bulletproof but me personally. If you pointed a handgun at me I'd most likely duck out of the way. Don't worry they're not as bad as they look and they'll be gone before you know it."

"Wow that's amazing, I just wouldn't show that to your folks."

Both girls laughed and for Sophie she knew that she truly had someone special as a friend. Lizzie had always been there for her and now it seemed that they shared a great secret with one another. She just hoped that Lizzie wouldn't be endangered by her career as At-Lass but only time could tell.

Meanwhile in a classified location Lisa found herself face to face with another pod that was similar to the one that she was released from a few hours prior. She was crying and she looked towards William. There were several armed soldiers around them but if they shot Lisa the bullets would harmlessly bounce off of her skin. It was unknown whether anything could hurt her. William thought that even a nuclear explosion would be nothing but a gust of wind to her.

"No I don't want to go back in there," cried Lisa. She never liked being in the pod and she didn't wish to return.

"Please Lisa you know that it is for the best," replied William. His voice was calm and reassuring. "Your strength makes you a hazard to everyone and that other side of you is extremely dangerous. I promise you that as soon as you're cured we can let you out and you can live like a normal person." He placed his hand on her shoulder and her teary eyes looked at him. "Can you be brave for me?"

"I-I guess so." She wiped the tears off of her face and she looked at the pod again. "I just don't like going in there."

"I know you don't but if there were another way we would do it, unfortunately there isn't. You can even take your new teddy in there with you so that you're not alone."

"Ok I'll go in there."

"That's my girl."

Quickly Lisa was handed her teddy bear which she began to hug once again. It was still amazing to see this fully grown woman act as if she were a little girl. Slowly she stepped inside of the pod and allowed William to place the breathing mask over her mouth. Not long after the pod shut and began to fill with an odd chemical. Even Lisa's indestructible body succumbed to the chemical as she found herself falling asleep again. William looked at the pod again and he sighed.

"We can't have anything like this happen again," said William. He seemed to be talking to the armed soldiers in the room. There was also a scientist who had been standing in the corner. "She isn't ready for a combat situation. Purge the Lisa side of her mind and have her ready for advanced training within the month."

The End

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