*Dangerous Encounter of the Giantess Kind* by crazyboy
Summary: A man named Zack finds himself shrunk by his friend who asks him to help with an experiment, which he agrees to. He goes through his mission shrunk trying to find the person who had shrunk him. But in the end does he find her.
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Story Notes:
This story is one of hundreds that I've written over the years.

1. Chapter 1 by crazyboy

2. Chapter 2 by crazyboy

Chapter 1 by crazyboy

My friend she has a secret potion that shrinks people. My friend's name: Janet Benjamin. She's a beautiful 5'2" female who's porto rican. She is hot as hell and has eyes that you can drown in.

Meanwhile, were walking through the grass of her backyard when Janet asks me "Zack, I noticed that you're a little dehydrated. Why don't you drink some ot his strawberry-kiwi flavored water. I take the bottle of strawberry-kiwi flavored water, I drink some and I hand the bottle back to Janet. Janet takes the bottle and smirks at me. I ask her "What's the smirk for?" Janet answers, "Oh,! Nothing!" as she bats her eyes goofy at me. Suddenly I feel really dizzy and I kind of black-out a little. I shook it off, I opened my eyes to find that I'm looking at a tall slender blade of green grass. I scream when I realize that I've been shrunk. I look up at the sky and I see that Janet's knee was high above me. Janet looks down at ther feet to see me waving my hands to get her attention.  


Chapter 2 by crazyboy
Janet bends down, she carefully picks up Zack between her index and thumb; being very careful not to harm him. ?Wow! When you shrink, you really shrink!? Janet says excitedly. ?What happened?? asked Zack. ?I shrunk you! That?s what happened?? Janet responds. ?Why did you shrink me?? asked Zack. ?I wanted to shrink you for sometime now; I also thought it would be really cool to have my best-friend shrunken down to microscopic size.? replied Janet. ?Well, you could have asked me first, I would?ve said yes!? responded Zack. ?You would?ve?? asked Janet surprisingly. ?Yes, I would?ve said yes!? replies Zack. ?So, what do you want to do now?? asked Janet. ?I don?t know? You shrunk me, remember?? asked Zack.
Janet suddenly says, ?I have a great idea!? Janet then takes hold of her mini friend Zack; carries him to her living room and puts him on her table. She brings Zack close to her face; bringing him eye level. Janet blows on Zack; causing Zack to roll over by the gust of wind she blew down onto him. ?What the hell did you do that for?? Zack asked angrily. ?Chill out dude! I was just having some fun wit? you!? responded Janet. ?Zack, have you ever wondered what it would be like shrunken in a persons? yard walking around in the grass looking up at the gigantic people towering high above you?? Janet asking, Zack. ?Sometimes I do wonder about it.? replied Zack. ?Would you mind doing an experiment for me?? asked Janet. ?No, I wouldn?t mind.? replies Zack. Janet takes Zack to her backyard; lowers him onto the edge of the patio. Zack jumps down onto the patio floor; starts walking into the jungle of grass of Janet?s house. Zack quickly turned around; looking up at Janet seeing her looking down at him smiling and motioning with her hands telling him to get going. He turns around; continues walking into the jungle of grass, while Janet watches from above seeing his tiny figure disappear into the blades of grass of her yard. Zack walks for like ten minutes when he comes upon this huge black & white object. He looks up along the object following its shape into the bright sunlight. Zack soon realizes the object which he came upon was a shoe. He was standing next to a kid?s shoe; he thinks this shoe belongs to his friend Kyle. So, Zack calls, ?Kyle!? expecting Kyle to look down at his feet.
Instead Kyle looks around the yard to see who called him. Kyle doesn?t see anyone so he goes back to eating his food. Zack realizes calling his friends name was no use, he decides to walk around his shoe to his other shoe. He begins to climb Kyle?s shoe, then onto his pants leg. Zack climbs Kyle?s pants leg all the way up to his knee, when suddenly his leg begins to move. Zack holds on for dear life, as Kyle?s leg moves. Zack can easily hear Kyle?s footfalls as his feet hit the ground. He could even see the clumps of dirt that shot out from under Kyle?s sneaker when he placed his foot upon the ground. Zack slowly continued to climb upward on Kyle?s pants leg. That?s when Kyle sits down on a chair. Zack had to react quickly before Kyle saw him. Zack knows Kyle doesn?t like bugs and he would most likely flatten him if he saw him; greatly mistaking him for a bug.
Zack slides down onto the ground from Kyle?s do-rag that hung from his back pocket and touched the ground. When he got to the ground he started to walk over to this girl who was sitting across from Kyle in a chair. He walked like 5 minutes when out of the corner of his eye he saw something moving toward him. He looks toward the thing that?s moving toward him, he sees that it?s a person?s shoe moving toward him. It wasn?t just any shoe but a flip-flop. The flip-flop comes crashing down right in front of him with blinding speed. The flip-flop was so close that it gazed his upper body. He looks up at the giant foot that was resting on top of the flip-flop and he saw the foot?s arch and all the ridges and all the wrinkles that led to the sole of this foot. He was tempted to jump aboard and ride on top of this person?s foot, but then he had the danger of the person feeling Zack on its foot, shaking him off and stepping on him smearing him underfoot then walking away totally care free. Zack watches the other flip-flop sail forward and slam down on the ground. Next the foot that?s inside this flip-flop right in front of him rolls forward on to its toes and starts to raise up. The foot rise from the ground, the flip-flop slaps the sole of the foot and moves away. He thanks God for not letting himself getting stepped on. He then quickly runs across the patio floor to the girl sitting across from Kyle. Zack runs up to the girls? shoes and stands right in front of them.
He stands in front of her shoes and stares up at her from the floor at her feet. As Zack gets aroused he smiles at her and glances down at the floor at her feet. She thinks she saw s tiny man looking up at her from between her white sneakers. She looks back and sees a tiny man looking up at her from the floor between her shoes. She then looks around to see if anyone was watching and she casually picks him up and drops him into her shirt. She doesn?t have pants on but instead she has on a skirt which by the way doesn?t have pockets. He slides down him into her bra and onto her breast. He sees her pink nipple just below him, he moves toward her nipple. Once at her nipple he begins to play with it by rubbing his face and body against her nipple. He also takes his hands and grabs hold of her nipple seeing that it was big enough to fit into his hands easy. While Zack was doing his business with her nipple, she was trying to get to the washroom without causing a scene. She makes it to the washroom; she quickly grabs Zackary out of her bra and intensely looks down at him. He feels that he?s in big trouble and he shouldn?t have done that. The girl says, ?Oh! I see we have a friend who wants to join the party too!? He looks at her confused until he follows her gaze down to his midsection. He sees that he has an erection and his pants were damp. She undoes his pants and pops out his raging boner which flings premature ejaculation on her face.
While he sits in her palm, she takes her index and thumb fingers and starts to pinch his penis. He yells, ?Okay! Okay! I?m sorry! Please don?t cut off my penis off. I?ll do anything, eat anything you want or desire!? Zackary lies down and closes his eyes as she applies more pressure around his penis. He screams for her to stop, imagining the worst possible thing she could do to him and his penis. But then he opens his eyes sees her removing her fingernails from his penis, only to see her bringing her mouth toward his body. She opens her mouth; he sees her large pink tongue and her taste buds glistening with saliva from the light. He sees her teeth and thinks she?s going to eat him. He begins crying, but is suddenly interrupted by a warm, smooth, body collapsing sensation. He opens his eyes and sees his penis inside her huge lips and soon realizes that she?s sucking his dick. A smile comes to his face and he relaxes as she sucks him dry. Zack ejaculates inside her giant mouth and yells out from pure pleasure. She stops and licks her lips getting all the semen off. She looks down at him seeing him stupefied; as she says; ?See, that wasn?t so bad! Now why were you screaming?? I was screaming because I thought you were going to cut my penis off by pinching it between your fingernails. Then, I thought you were going to squash me, or eat me!? Zack replies. ?Now, why would I eat you? I think human boys taste horrible.? She tells him. She picks him up by the collar of his shirt and lowers him onto the floor at her feet.
She stands to her full height looks down at him and begins to smile. ?How does it look from down there?? She asks him. ?The room looks enormous and I?m a tiny insect at your feet.? Zack replies. He asks if he could watch as she steps on some food. ?Why do you want to see me step on some food?? She asks Zack. ?I?m like so fascinated by watching a person step on things especially soft and mushy things like bread for example.? He answers. So she puts a piece of salami on the floor at her feet, she positions herself so that Zack can see the piece of meat smash under the sole of her sneaker. She then moves her sneaker right above the piece of meat and she asks, ?Are you ready?? ?Yes, I?m ready!? he replies. ?Are you sure?? she asks again. ?Yes!!? he says in an impatient and excited tone of voice. She slowly lowers her foot down onto the piece of meat. Her sneaker comes into contact with the meat, he watches in excitement as she applies her weight to her sneaker. Watching the piece of meat flatten and slowly spread under the sole of her sneaker. She could feel the salami flatten underneath her shoe. Before she flattened it completely, she raised her foot and turned around so that the heel of her sneaker was right in front of him. She lowered her sneaker down onto the meat once again, but this time she raised her heel so that he can watch the meat flatten and spread out when she twisted her foot on top of the meat. Zack moved closer so close that he could actually reach out and touch it. He totally forgot about the heel of her shoe which was above his head. Then he suddenly realized where he was and what he was doing.
The girl didn?t know that Zackary was just behind the sole of her shoe. She lowered her shoe while Zack tried to run out but his efforts were too slow and was caught underfoot on his back. He could feel each ridge of her shoe?s tread along his body along with the slowly mounting twisting pressure. As she continued to slowly crush the meat under her sole the meat made a slight slushy squish while she twisted her ankle and her enormous she came to rest on the floor. The girl looked down at her feet to find Zackary but to her surprise he wasn?t there. She called his name several times but she didn?t get a response. She thought he had run away, she also thought about him being underfoot. She was enticed to look on the bottom of her shoe. The thought of seeing him on the sole of her shoe all smashed up made her feel unhappy. She started walking until she started to hear a faint squishy sound every time she took a step with her right foot. She suddenly realized that Zackary was on the sole of her sneaker. She continued walking forming a smirk on her face every time she heard this sound. She walked into the hallway as she rose her right foot from the floor he fell from the sole of her sneaker; watched as the sole of her white sneaker of her right foot quickly roll away from him and land like several inches away. But he was glad to not be underfoot anymore. Zack was in pain having being stepped on by this girl. She continued walking.
Zack laid there on the hallway floor trying to recover. He gets up and walks into this room with this beautiful girl sleeping in a bed. He climbs inside and smells the girl?s giant-sized shoe, and then ejaculates like crazy inside her sneaker. He comes out and climbs up the bed post to the mattress to the foot of the bed. Zack makes his way to the foot of the bed he climbs over the edge onto the top. He then walks toward the giant girl?s bare feet while on his way there he pulls out his penis. He gets to her bare feet and begins rubbing it against the underside of her big toe and almost ejaculates. He licks the sole of her other foot from her toes to the heel. The girl suddenly giggles in her sleep when he licked the ball of her foot. So her licks there again when suddenly her hand comes down to rest upon the sole of her foot. She rubs the ball of her foot with the palm of her hand and Zack was pushed into the wrinkles upon her sole. His penis got stuck in between a wrinkle of her foot. Her foot moved and the covers flew backward. The light turns on the girl sits up and looks down at her feet and sees this tiny boy thrusting his penis in & out of one of the wrinkles on the sole of her foot. ?Huh! Again, how many times do I have to take these annoying horny boys and squish them?? The girl says. Zack asks in shock, ?Wait! Squish me!? As Zack looks up at the girl she reaches down and picks him up around his waist. She brings him eye level and says, ?Ooh, I don?t think I want to squish you, you?re a cute little horny boy. I think I?ll just put you inside my shoe with the rest of the cute prisoners I?ve found. Oh and by the way my name is Sarah Connor.? She reaches down from her bed and picks up her shoe. Zack yells and screams but she simply looked down at him smiling and suddenly dropped him into her shoe. She puts her shoe on the floor under her bed and tells us, ?Sleep well my little pets, for tomorrow you begin you?re servitude.? She turns out the light and it becomes silent in her room once again. Zack meets lots of boys which she had placed inside her shoe.
Next morning she wakes up, pulls her shoe out from under her bed puts it on her computer desk and leaves out her room. The light was blindingly bright. The next thing we knew we suddenly see her standing over us smiling. Then her beautiful gigantic fingers enter inside her shoe picking all of us up in one hand-full and then putting us inside this town she had made. She tells us, ?Pets and foot slaves. I will humiliate, degrade, torture you all and while I?m doing this I will be laughing at your sufferings!? She stands up bringing her foot down right on top of a house. Then she moves her foot over to the park area where it?s nothing but grass and 1 or 2 trees. She says to us, ?Pets, worship my mighty foot or perish under it!? while grinning evilly. So we begin to worship her foot kissing and rubbing our bodies against her foot. The girl laughs; saying, ?Puny little boys, you?re nothing but scum on the bottom of my foot.? She then places her foot on top of one of her pets?/ slaves? chest. The slave begs and pleads to her to raise her foot from him. She simply smiles down at him obviously amused by his helpless pleas and slowly raises her foot and then suddenly brings it down on top of him. The force of her foot hitting the ground caused the ground around her to shake. We watch his arms wildly flail as she pushes her weight down onto her toes. She begins twisting & turning her foot as the blood runs out from under her large toes while the sound of crunching bones, slushy noises from his flesh being squeezed in between her giant toes. The girl laughs out loud saying, ?Ooh! I love feeling the bones crunching under my toes while the sound of the flesh squishes, the sight of the amount of blood that flow out from under my foot and seeing & feeling his remains squeezing up between my toes! And now this is what he looks like when I got through!? She raises her gigantic foot over us as we look up at her massive pink sole we see him flattened, and smeared along the sole of her foot. She takes her hand pulling him off the sole of her foot she raises him over her mouth and extends her tongue while she lays her head leaning back. She drops the remaining carcass into her carnivorous looking mouth and eats him. She does this so smoothly and with out hesitation. She bends down at her feet and scoops all of us into her hand telling us, ?don?t even think about running. Or you?ll end up just like that little boy!?
Sarah puts us at her feet; she watches us and smiles down at us with excitement. To her we look like colorful carpenter ants. Suddenly Sarah?s boyfriend walks in and begins walking towards her totally ignorant of us on the floor at his girlfriend?s feet. She quickly tells him, ?watch your step, babe. My pets/ slaves are down here.? He looks down at the floor and sees us and then somewhat carefully walks around us. Sarah then introduces us to her boyfriend telling us his name was Jason Clark. He asks Sarah, ?What did they do Sarah?? ?Nothing, I just wanted slaves to worship my feet.? She says. ?Sarah you know I have a foot fetish and I would do anything you wanted just so I could make worship your feet.? Jason says. Sarah says, ?I have an idea.? ?Honey, can I love your feet? Please?? Jason asks. ?Sure, why not?? Sarah states. Se Jason kneels down onto his knees grabbing hold of her foot and beings sucking on her toes. Jason picks one of her slaves which just so happened to be Zack and puts him on her big toe. ?You?re going to hate this.? Jason states to her little slave named Zack. Jason looks up at Sarah then back down at Zack. Jason?s big piercing Green eyes focus on little Zack. Zack sees Sarah?s beautiful toenail and then he sees Jason?s pink lips slowly moving toward him. The reddish colored monsters inside those lips are waiting to torture him. Jason opens his mouth extends his tongue while looking up at Sarah he slowly licks her big toe. While poor little Zack watches as Jason?s gigantic tongue move over him and presses him roughly against the flesh of Sarah?s toe. Sarah smiles down at Jason as he licks her toe while also seeing her slave helplessly being tortured by Jason as he licks her toe. Jason pulls little Zack from her to e into his mouth. He shows Sarah her slave on his tongue. ?Continue!? She strongly command?s him. He then sucks on her big toe again but this time he puts Zack in between her big toe and her 2nd toe.
Jason & Sarah watch as Zack gets squeezed between her giant toes when she curled or scrunched her toes. They laughed and mocked Zack when he yelled in pain every time she curled her toes. Sarah got up placed her foot on the floor and mashed Zack?s body against her foot. Sarah raised her foot and took poor Zack from her foot placing him on the floor at Jason?s knees and says, ?Kill him Jason!? Jason stands up looks down at Zack while raising his left size 15 Nike Franchise sneaker, while Sarah gets on her hands and knees to watch. Jason slowly brings down his sneaker on top of Zack and slowly begins to grind Zack into the floor. Sarah laughs at the death of Zack under the giant shoe of her boyfriend Jason. Jason stops grinding his foot and raises his shoe from the floor and looks upon the sole of the shoe and sees the remains of Zack smeared. ?Gross! I?ve seemed to have stepped on an insect!? As he smiles he takes his size 15 white Nike Franchise sneaker and takes off Zack, tilting his head back; he opens his mouth and plays with Zack with his tongue and slowly slides his victim onto his bubblegum colored tongue. Jason eats him and says, ?Didn?t taste bad.? He puts his foot back down on the floor, he looks down at Sarah?s slaves and tells them, ?RUN!? They all run and Jason takes them out differently, some he steps on, few he stomps on, several he eats and 1 of them he puts in his shoe. Jason picks 1 up off the floor and asks the slave, ?What is your name, kid?? He responds, ?My name is Raymond Clarke.? ?Well, Raymond I?m going to torture you before I squish you.? Jason sucks on him, and then puts him on the floor grinding his heel on his legs and breaking them. Jason takes off his shoe puts Raymond on the floor while roughly rubbing his socked foot against him, picks him up and puts him inside his shoe. Jason then puts his foot inside his shoe and walks around feeling him squish under his foot. Jason sees another slave at his feet and Jason raises his foot over him yelling, ?hey you, look up!? The little man looks up and sees Jason?s shoe over him, he shields himself and Jason stomps him thus hearing his tiny bones crunch under his sneaker. Jason kills everyone and Sarah walks out with Jason when a muffled ?crunch? came from underneath her foot. She stops with a surprised facial expression then they laughed and continued walking knowing what that "crunch" was.
The End!
End Notes:
This was one of the stories that took the longest for me to write. I really enjoyed writing this story. Feel free to make comments anything to help. I appreciate you'all's honesty.
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