Audrey Awakened by Killer_Huge

Audrey, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend are trapped on an artificial world controlled by a mysterious alien force that puts Audrey on top... in a BIG way...

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Chapter 2 - Awakening by Killer_Huge

Audrey's mind drifted through unconscious darkness. She had a strange dream. It contained no images of UFO's, aliens, or futuristic technology. Instead, she dreamed of her life. All of it. It was not linear or chronological but the images raced past her with stunning clarity. Memories she hadn't felt or thought of in years came flooding in, but they did not persist. They came and went like a collage of images caught on film and played on fast-forward. She experienced every sight, feeling, and thought she had ever known in a palpably condensed timelapse, and suddenly she wasn't dreaming anymore. She was waking up.


Audrey's eyes were still closed, but she felt could tell it was bright where she was. She laid on her back with her body flopped out in a comfortable if not awkward sprawl. It felt to her like she was waking up late on a Saturday. Her body felt a little stiff but not sore as she stirred and stretched. She seemed to be fuzzy on what had happened the night before. The only thing fresh in her memory was an intensely realistic and nostalgic dream. So many memories she hadn't felt in so long! And the feeling- it was like she was alive and fresh for the first time in ages. Audrey sighed euphorically and turned onto her side, giving herself a big hug in the process.


Now that was strange… Audrey felt grass poking into her body as she moved. Her eyes snapped open and she had to blink a few good moments to take in her bright surroundings. Stretching out before her was a vast, rolling plain of grassy hills, punctuated by wildflowers and the odd tree here and there. Further afield she could see larger groves of trees and the distant reflection of sunlight on a shimmering lake. What the fuck? Audrey propped herself up into a lounging position, using her other hand to shield her eyes from the sun and noticed for the for the first time that she was completely naked. How did I get here, she thought, adding a streak of fear to her mounting confusion. She pulled up her knees, still squinting in the brightness of the day and looked around to take in the opposite view. There was a very similar landscape sprawling out in every direction. Grass, trees, and hills, on this side crossed by a gently flowing stream not far from her. Despite her uncertainty of how she came to wake up in the middle of this idyllic wilderness, Audrey was starting to notice that this place was beautiful. It looked like someone had taken it straight out of a travel brochure for the loveliest destinations on earth to have a picnic.


Audrey stood up slowly. She deliberately tried to calm the panic welling up in the back of her mind by taking in and appreciating the charm of her surroundings. She inhaled deeply from the bottom of her lungs, closing her eyes and trying hard to remember. The air was unbelievably fresh and smelt like soil and grass. The most delicate of breezes floated around Audrey's body, coolly caressing her creamy bare flesh and bringing to her the sounds of the stream. It babbled gentle and distant, inviting her with its soft melody. It was the only sound that she heard. It was so serene! Not a sight or sound of humanity in any direction for several long moments… until a murmur of voices drifted over to Audrey from the other direction. “Sarah and Matt...” she mumbled to herself. How did she know that?


Like a bolt of lightning, the previous day's events flashed across Audrey's mind. She actually staggered at the recollection of seeing the UFO and suddenly her mind was racing to connect those events with the situation she currently faced. What in the fuck was happening? Where was the spaceship? How did she get here? Where the fuck is here exactly?


Audrey shrugged off the shock of her realization along with the multitude of questions and tried to quell the ringing in her ears. She focused instead on the sound of voices she heard. It did sound like Sarah and Matt, and though she couldn't discern what was being said, the tone of their voices seemed like one of fear and bewilderment. Relief flooded Audrey as she realized she wasn't alone in her predicament. She couldn't see Sarah or Matt yet, but their voices seemed to be carrying from somewhere in the rolling, featureless hills in the general direction of the lake. After contemplating her situation for a moment, she decided to call out to the pair.


“Sarah!” Audrey shouted with her hands cupped around her mouth. Her voice boomed deep and clear across the plains, and a moment later it echoed back charmingly, distant and diffuse.


The other voices went silent for a moment, then Audrey heard her sister call her from afar in a similar fashion. “Audrey!” came the call, and at the same moment, Audrey spied her sister who had just appeared over the top of a hill a few hundred yards away. Audrey stepped up to the top of the nearest rise and waved. Her sister quickly spotted her and waved back. She tossed her head behind her and shouted for Matt to follow as she hustled forwards. Audrey did the same, breaking into a jog as the prospect of reuniting with her sister lifted her spirits. As Audrey jogged towards the figure in the distance, she noted that Sarah too was naked. Her body gleamed in the sunshine, tanned and lovely, as she loped gracefully up and down the undulating landscape. In a moment, Matt appeared as well, moving forward more slowly, apparently still too stunned to act as decisively. As he lumbered into view Audrey could see his ripped muscly chest and torso rising and falling with his movements, not to mention his large, pendulous cock hanging and swaying below.


A twinge of delight came drifting up from somewhere in Audrey's loins. She blushed at seeing Matt's sexy body and prodigious manhood from afar. It felt so surreal… running naked through the grass, tramping over little wildflowers with her bare feet, tits jostling each other around, unhindered by clothes… Despite the uncertainty of her situation, Audrey was feeling sort of… incredible. The images from her dreams had put her in a nostalgic, euphoric mood to begin with, and now that she was moving her body with some purpose she felt elated, almost totally forgetting her predicament in the moment. Audrey laughed giddily and charged forward, jaggedly cutting left and right to slalom playfully along the tops of slopes and back down whenever possible. She was now close enough to Sarah that she didn't lose sight of her sister between the low ridges. Sarah had slackened her pace, but Audrey yelped girlishly as she stumbled for a moment, then rolled roughly back to her feet running faster than before and smearing herself with soil and grass stains as she did so.


As Audrey approached Sarah, she could see that her older sister had stopped walking entirely. In fact, she looked a little uncertain, maybe even apprehensive. Something seemed wrong, but Audrey continued skipping merrily forward, slowing down courteously while giggling happily in greeting. Matt was now running forward, closing the distance between to his girlfriend with some urgency. He too seemed to be acting almost fearfully, and Audrey quickly realized that both of them were staring up at her with wide eyes.


That's when it struck her. Matt and Sarah were looking up. Audrey was looking down. They were all close enough at this point to realize that there was a problem with this picture. It had not been obvious at a distance but now it was clear that something substantial had changed Audrey's perspective. She stopped giggling, and her run petered out into a lurch as she stopped to look down uncertainly at her hands. Her gaze followed down her body, past her big heavy breasts and powerful legs to her little feet planted firmly on the grass and back up. That's when she realized another thing. She had skinned her knee moments before losing consciousness yesterday evening. She saw no evidence of a scrape or even a scar. And her legs… they seemed somehow… stronger. She had always had wide hips and strong thighs, but Audrey was seeing slabs of muscle she had never noticed before. She planted her feet a little ways apart and seeing those powerful inner thigh muscles jump out in support was like watching a weight trainer do lifts. What the fuck was going on?


Matt had reached Sarah by now and grabbed her hand, pulling her gently back while keeping his wide eyes on Audrey. He was looking her body up and down, seemingly mesmerized by what he saw. A dirty feeling of delight at being scrutinized like an animal at the zoo crossed Audrey's mind, but she focused her attention on Sarah who was stepping forward, holding onto Matt's hand behind her back. “Audrey?” she trembled, looking uncertain.


Audrey returned her sisters gaze as calmly as she could. She smiled genuinely and reassured her. “Sarah, it's me.” Audrey got down on her knees and spread her arms wide and inviting. “Don't be afraid, it's just me,” she murmured again as Sarah snatched her hand away from Matt and ran up to embrace her towering younger sister. Audrey wrapped Sarah in a big loving embrace. She pulled her older sister in close, pressing her huge breasts into the smaller woman as a little sob escaped her wide, powerful chest, dripping thick with a mix of emotions. Sarah's body went rigid as Audrey simply engulfed her, but she was gentle and obviously just as confused, so Sarah reciprocated, wrapping her arms around Audrey's thick neck and pulling herself in, burying her head in a thick curtain of beautiful red hair. The sensations Audrey felt were conflicting and charged. At the same time she felt fearful of her situation, relieved to see Sarah, embarrassed at appearing so intimidating, and oddly enough… kind of excited by it. Sarah felt small in her arms, a full grown woman standing a little larger than a toddler. It was intriguing… even… arousing…


After a few quiet, intense seconds Sarah planted a little kiss on Audrey's cheek before attempting to pull back and pick herself out of the younger sister's cleavage. Audrey realized with a start that she had been trapping Sarah and quickly moved her hands to help deposit her older sister back a couple of feet, out of Audrey's heavy, trembling bosom. Her cloudy, thoughtful gaze met Sarah's bewildered one, and the two stared silently at each other, eyes level with Audrey on her knees. The sexy, amazonian woman quivered excitedly at the realization that she had to be at least 8 feet tall.

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