Audrey Awakened by Killer_Huge

Audrey, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend are trapped on an artificial world controlled by a mysterious alien force that puts Audrey on top... in a BIG way...

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I've been updating this story very slowly, I know.  I want to finish it soon, but I don't want the writing quality to go down, so it's taking a little while.  Probably there will be a few more chapters, then I will work on a new idea I've been stewing on, so stay tuned. :)

1. Chapter 1 - First Encounter by Killer_Huge

2. Chapter 2 - Awakening by Killer_Huge

3. Chapter 3 - Sisterly Exploration by Killer_Huge

4. Chapter 4 - Brave New World by Killer_Huge

5. Chapter 5 - Hot, Bothered, and... Growing by Killer_Huge

6. Chapter 6 - Growing Amazon's Threesome by Killer_Huge

7. Chapter 7 - Big Fucking Slut by Killer_Huge

8. Chapter 8 - Running Away by Killer_Huge

9. Chapter 9 - Separation Anxiety by Killer_Huge

10. Chapter 10 - Mommy Needs You by Killer_Huge

11. Chapter 11 - Goddess At Play by Killer_Huge

12. Chapter 12 - Milking Mommy by Killer_Huge

Chapter 1 - First Encounter by Killer_Huge

Audrey breathed heavily as she clambered up a steep outcropping of bare, worn boulders. She paused a moment with her thick pale legs spread wide to balance herself as she adjusted her large backpack, lifting it awkwardly while pulling on the nylon straps. They stretched snugly across her ample, voluptuous cleavage. Audrey's heavy, cream-colored breasts pushed right back, straining deliciously against her tight, low-cut top and the straps of her hiking pack. She was not wearing a bra today and she enjoyed the sensation in her large, sensitive nipples rubbing back and forth along the soft fabric, nearly as much as she enjoyed the sensation when she doffed the bulky backpack altogether, allowing her big lovely breasts to sway about freely and unhindered. She reached back and grabbed her water, pushing the bottle up to her plump, full lips for a deep, satisfying swig. She was sweating pretty heavily and could use the refreshment. Not that she minded- Audrey loved the feeling of full-body exertion and here in the open wilderness she felt as though she had all the inspiration and privacy she could ever want to let herself go and get a little rough and rude.


Well, maybe almost all the privacy she could ever want. She could hear a ways back up the trail a faint high-pitched giggle on the wind. It was her older sister Sarah who was her companion for this weekend trip. She was almost certainly being towed behind a some unlucky tree by her boyfriend Matt- the sole other member of their little group. Audrey imagined he was probably grabbing at her sister's tight little ass with his big hands, trying to force his tongue into Sarah's mouth. Their relationship was really new, and they had been taking advantage of every conceivable opportunity to pursue the other... rolling around in this field of wildflowers, laughing and splashing each other in that stream, fucking loudly in their tent a minute after they set it up... It was cute at first, but it was starting to get to Audrey a little bit. After all, this was supposed to be their weekend. The two sisters had booked off the time and planned their trip months in advance, as they did every year. Matt had only been in the picture a couple of weeks, and when Sarah had gone ahead and invited him along, well... Audrey couldn't exactly tell her no without seeming petty.


Besides, in a way Audrey liked that Matt had tagged along. He was lovely to look at and sure, he was a bit of a basic bro, but despite the potential awkwardness of her third-wheel status, Matt had made a commendable effort to be nice to Audrey. He helped de-escalate the sisters' occasional arguments, even took Audrey's side from time to time. She thought it was endearing, even a little cute. Deep down, Audrey wondered if Matt might even have a crush on her. A few times she noticed him sneaking covert glances at her. She might be stooping low to enter her tent or fiddling with the straps across her busty chest. Well, she had to admit that she might be laying it on a little thick just to entice him. Not on purpose of course… well… not always. A little smile crossed Audrey's face as she poured a good measure of water down on her forehead. It spread out and down, flowing through her straight, beautiful red hair and splashing down her freckled face and exposed breasts before soaking into her straining yellow top. Who was she kidding? She couldn't help herself. She loved to be looked at, loved to tease her sister's handsome, simplistic hunk of a boyfriend.


Looking back, Audrey spied the couple about about fifty yards back. True to her expectations, Sarah had her long legs spread wide, clasping Matt around his waist as he propped her up against a tree which only partially concealed the two lovers at best. Matt had one hand braced against the tree above her head while the other one supported the slender woman's pelvis from below, fondling her ass and crotch through a tight-fitting pair of yoga pants. Matt had his muscly bare chest pressed in close while he made out with Audrey's older sister, holding Sarah up off the ground and causing her to giggle sensually between kisses while she clung to him with her suspended legs.


Good grief, thought Audrey. She watched for a moment, simultaneously annoyed and intrigued at being made a one-person audience to their amorous display. Sarah's sexy little ass cheeks were clenching as she squeezed her legs together and lifted her body to meet that of her boyfriend. She was a bombshell, always had been. Sarah was lean, tall, and athletic. She had a finely toned body with smooth, beautiful curves in all the right places. Her dark chestnut hair fell around her angular, feminine shoulders, neck, and upper back in a straight, beautiful wave. In the front it usually collected at the top of her small, but beautifully pert and tanned breasts. She could easily be a dancer or a cheerleader, and she had been before going to college to pursue a degree in chemistry.


That's where she had met Matt, the tall, handsome piece of meat who gently dry-humped Sarah, grinning doltishly as he kissed her in long, deep passes. He was a varsity football player with a typical all-American, hyper-masculine swagger in everything he did. He got away with it because he stood a good half-foot taller even than Sarah, clocking in at about 6'5 and well above 200lbs of thick, rippling musculature. Audrey knew what she saw in him and respected her enough for getting out there and scoring some hot tail… hell, she was even impressed, but why Sarah insisted on attempting to build a meaningful relationship with this guy she could not begin to comprehend. Surely the sex was going to get disappointing sooner or later and Audrey simply couldn't imagine much of a hook in the beefy varsity player beyond his tight, sexy body. That lovely, powerful, manly body…


Audrey felt a twinge of arousal in her loins. She stood there mesmerized, watching the two of them grind and play. Her hand went absentmindedly seeking out her large, moist breast where her fat, protrusive nipple was hardening lazily. Audrey had just turned 20, and she was just starting to really identify with the woman she was becoming physically and sexually. She had spent most of her life living in the shadow of her big sister Sarah who was taller, slimmer, more athletic, more social, and more popular. This had contributed to Audrey growing up with a significant lack of confidence and troubles with her body-image. She had been short and stocky with wide, pendulous hips, thick, toneless arms, and a noticeable gut. However, shortly after she had turned 18, her breasts had grown quickly from a B to a D cup while her ass had begun to take a turn from saggy towards sexy. Since then, Audrey had committed to taking care of her body and toning out. She jogged and went to the gym regularly, working mostly on her legs and core. She hadn't really lost any weight but the exercise had definitely made a difference in her appearance. Particularly in the last six months the changes had become more and more noticeable. Her abdomen had toned out. Thick and powerful, it formed a lovely mound of creamy, feminine flesh with tasty muscular accents jutting from within. Her calves and thighs were big and curvy, soft-looking but firm and strong to the touch. Her hips had toned out, inflating powerfully further up towards her big, pear-shaped ass. That voluptuous, robust booty had become Audrey's favorite new characteristic of hers. It would splay out ponderously when she sat down, tantalizing the men around her with creamy, fleshy margins spilling sensually out of the top and bottom of the small denim cutoffs she loved to wear. Today she was wearing one of her smallest, most tight-fitting pairs, a hot busty redhead at about 5'5, clothes clinging to and scantily covering her 180-odd pounds of thick, cream-colored woman.


Audrey stood in silent, guilt-tinged approval as she felt her big, cushy pussy, already moist from hours of walking in the sun, begin to dampen further with a different kind of heat. She had always looked up to her sister Sarah, and since she had turned 18, they had become much closer, finding kinship in their budding sexuality. Audrey had started turning down guys for the first time in her life as they began to take notice of her increasingly voluptuous body, but Sarah had supported her by offering guidance and approval. Audrey had went to Sarah for advice and later gossiped about her first time having sex, her first full-on boyfriend, first breakup, and other delicate crossroads as she came into her own as a woman. And Sarah had shared back, telling Audrey about different boys she had seen, what they looked like naked, how their pricks felt when they slid into her… It was exciting, scary, and occult. It drew the two together, and though it was a little awkward to be so close to her big sister's latest sexual adventure of being in the seclusion of the backwoods with a smoking hot guy, Audrey's deepest impulse was not to close her ears, look away, or put distance between herself and their rollicks in the hay. Actually, she was kind of fascinated by being a sort of captive audience to the two of them, all forced to share such close space together in their situation. What made Audrey feel awkward at all was how much it aroused her. She had spent the first night in her tent, quiet and turbulent as Sarah and Matt grunted and moaned a few yards away in theirs. The next night however, Audrey had been expecting it, and for whatever reason, moments after the two lovers had gotten at it again, Audrey wasted no time in cramming her hand between her thick sweaty thighs, rubbing and playing with herself while trying not to moan…


Audrey woke up from her heated ruminations with a start. She realized that she had been staring for a few moments and the last thing she wanted was to be caught gawking. She capped her water bottle, deposited it behind her on the side of her pack, and turned around to face forward along the trail. Dusk was setting in and it was starting to become more urgent that they reach a suitable site to make camp for the night. Audrey leaned forward, using all four limbs to climb up the small hill of boulders she was perched on, ass waggling deliciously up in the air with her tits spilling out of their straining wet top. As Audrey crested the rocky bluff her legs buckled and she gasped out in surprise. What the fuck??? She slipped a couple of feet back, badly skinning her knee on the rough terrain. She barely even noticed. What she had seen defied reason, made her feel light-headed. She called out to Sarah and Matt with dazed urgency, not really conscious of what she was doing. Without waiting for a reply, Audrey crept back up the embankment, staying low to the ground and peered tremulously down into the gulch below.


About a hundred yards in front of her was a scene straight from a sci-fi film. There was a huge, perfectly rounded hole in the earth, at least a hundred feet in diameter extending straight down. The round edges of the hole were cut with razor-like precision. Audrey could see a perfect cross section of the soil and various root systems from nearby plants and shrubs, like some preposterously-scaled exhibit at a science fair. Darkness yawned upwards from the huge chasm with no bottom to be seen. A number of smaller, more erratically-shaped craters speckled the landscape as well. Spidery cracks ran outwards from the holes across carpets of pine needles, cones, leaves, and other deadfall, giving Audrey the immediate impression that there had previously been trees here.


But most incredible was the huge object in the center of it all. It was as big as a building, consisting of several stacked sub-shapes, all flattened, rounded discs of varying diameters and angles of slope. It had no apparent lights of its own, but the dying sunlight cast a deep red gleam over the west-most section. Each different shape within the object seemed to shine hard and metallic with its individualized reflection of the sun. Otherwise, there were no real distinguishing characteristics on the exterior of the object, just sheer metal slopes and faces. An imperceptible humming seemed to emanate from the object. It wasn't something Audrey could exactly hear, more something she felt, like a blank TV screen idling away in a quiet room.


All these things together would have been surprising to anyone happening to stumble into view, but the thing that really defied logic and caused Audrey's head to swim with shock and disbelief was that this giant, metallic-looking object was floating. It hovered about ten yards in the air, totally silent and placid. Holy shit, thought Audrey, It's a fucking UFO.


As though on cue, a small metal projection simply appeared on the near edge of the object, moving quickly towards Audrey. She had only a split second to see it and was too stunned to effectively react. The projection also gleamed with a metallic quality, appearing to be composed of the exact same material as the rest of the huge object. It pushed swiftly out from UFO towards Audrey like a spindly, perfectly straight metal rod. It extended about twenty feet in little more than a second before the end lit up with an intense blue-looking light. Audrey yelped briefly in surprise as the light focused into a diffuse blue sheet and swept across her prone form, left to right, then up and down. She pushed up with her hands and made a motion to bolt. It would be the last thing she remembered before falling unconscious.

Chapter 2 - Awakening by Killer_Huge

Audrey's mind drifted through unconscious darkness. She had a strange dream. It contained no images of UFO's, aliens, or futuristic technology. Instead, she dreamed of her life. All of it. It was not linear or chronological but the images raced past her with stunning clarity. Memories she hadn't felt or thought of in years came flooding in, but they did not persist. They came and went like a collage of images caught on film and played on fast-forward. She experienced every sight, feeling, and thought she had ever known in a palpably condensed timelapse, and suddenly she wasn't dreaming anymore. She was waking up.


Audrey's eyes were still closed, but she felt could tell it was bright where she was. She laid on her back with her body flopped out in a comfortable if not awkward sprawl. It felt to her like she was waking up late on a Saturday. Her body felt a little stiff but not sore as she stirred and stretched. She seemed to be fuzzy on what had happened the night before. The only thing fresh in her memory was an intensely realistic and nostalgic dream. So many memories she hadn't felt in so long! And the feeling- it was like she was alive and fresh for the first time in ages. Audrey sighed euphorically and turned onto her side, giving herself a big hug in the process.


Now that was strange… Audrey felt grass poking into her body as she moved. Her eyes snapped open and she had to blink a few good moments to take in her bright surroundings. Stretching out before her was a vast, rolling plain of grassy hills, punctuated by wildflowers and the odd tree here and there. Further afield she could see larger groves of trees and the distant reflection of sunlight on a shimmering lake. What the fuck? Audrey propped herself up into a lounging position, using her other hand to shield her eyes from the sun and noticed for the for the first time that she was completely naked. How did I get here, she thought, adding a streak of fear to her mounting confusion. She pulled up her knees, still squinting in the brightness of the day and looked around to take in the opposite view. There was a very similar landscape sprawling out in every direction. Grass, trees, and hills, on this side crossed by a gently flowing stream not far from her. Despite her uncertainty of how she came to wake up in the middle of this idyllic wilderness, Audrey was starting to notice that this place was beautiful. It looked like someone had taken it straight out of a travel brochure for the loveliest destinations on earth to have a picnic.


Audrey stood up slowly. She deliberately tried to calm the panic welling up in the back of her mind by taking in and appreciating the charm of her surroundings. She inhaled deeply from the bottom of her lungs, closing her eyes and trying hard to remember. The air was unbelievably fresh and smelt like soil and grass. The most delicate of breezes floated around Audrey's body, coolly caressing her creamy bare flesh and bringing to her the sounds of the stream. It babbled gentle and distant, inviting her with its soft melody. It was the only sound that she heard. It was so serene! Not a sight or sound of humanity in any direction for several long moments… until a murmur of voices drifted over to Audrey from the other direction. “Sarah and Matt...” she mumbled to herself. How did she know that?


Like a bolt of lightning, the previous day's events flashed across Audrey's mind. She actually staggered at the recollection of seeing the UFO and suddenly her mind was racing to connect those events with the situation she currently faced. What in the fuck was happening? Where was the spaceship? How did she get here? Where the fuck is here exactly?


Audrey shrugged off the shock of her realization along with the multitude of questions and tried to quell the ringing in her ears. She focused instead on the sound of voices she heard. It did sound like Sarah and Matt, and though she couldn't discern what was being said, the tone of their voices seemed like one of fear and bewilderment. Relief flooded Audrey as she realized she wasn't alone in her predicament. She couldn't see Sarah or Matt yet, but their voices seemed to be carrying from somewhere in the rolling, featureless hills in the general direction of the lake. After contemplating her situation for a moment, she decided to call out to the pair.


“Sarah!” Audrey shouted with her hands cupped around her mouth. Her voice boomed deep and clear across the plains, and a moment later it echoed back charmingly, distant and diffuse.


The other voices went silent for a moment, then Audrey heard her sister call her from afar in a similar fashion. “Audrey!” came the call, and at the same moment, Audrey spied her sister who had just appeared over the top of a hill a few hundred yards away. Audrey stepped up to the top of the nearest rise and waved. Her sister quickly spotted her and waved back. She tossed her head behind her and shouted for Matt to follow as she hustled forwards. Audrey did the same, breaking into a jog as the prospect of reuniting with her sister lifted her spirits. As Audrey jogged towards the figure in the distance, she noted that Sarah too was naked. Her body gleamed in the sunshine, tanned and lovely, as she loped gracefully up and down the undulating landscape. In a moment, Matt appeared as well, moving forward more slowly, apparently still too stunned to act as decisively. As he lumbered into view Audrey could see his ripped muscly chest and torso rising and falling with his movements, not to mention his large, pendulous cock hanging and swaying below.


A twinge of delight came drifting up from somewhere in Audrey's loins. She blushed at seeing Matt's sexy body and prodigious manhood from afar. It felt so surreal… running naked through the grass, tramping over little wildflowers with her bare feet, tits jostling each other around, unhindered by clothes… Despite the uncertainty of her situation, Audrey was feeling sort of… incredible. The images from her dreams had put her in a nostalgic, euphoric mood to begin with, and now that she was moving her body with some purpose she felt elated, almost totally forgetting her predicament in the moment. Audrey laughed giddily and charged forward, jaggedly cutting left and right to slalom playfully along the tops of slopes and back down whenever possible. She was now close enough to Sarah that she didn't lose sight of her sister between the low ridges. Sarah had slackened her pace, but Audrey yelped girlishly as she stumbled for a moment, then rolled roughly back to her feet running faster than before and smearing herself with soil and grass stains as she did so.


As Audrey approached Sarah, she could see that her older sister had stopped walking entirely. In fact, she looked a little uncertain, maybe even apprehensive. Something seemed wrong, but Audrey continued skipping merrily forward, slowing down courteously while giggling happily in greeting. Matt was now running forward, closing the distance between to his girlfriend with some urgency. He too seemed to be acting almost fearfully, and Audrey quickly realized that both of them were staring up at her with wide eyes.


That's when it struck her. Matt and Sarah were looking up. Audrey was looking down. They were all close enough at this point to realize that there was a problem with this picture. It had not been obvious at a distance but now it was clear that something substantial had changed Audrey's perspective. She stopped giggling, and her run petered out into a lurch as she stopped to look down uncertainly at her hands. Her gaze followed down her body, past her big heavy breasts and powerful legs to her little feet planted firmly on the grass and back up. That's when she realized another thing. She had skinned her knee moments before losing consciousness yesterday evening. She saw no evidence of a scrape or even a scar. And her legs… they seemed somehow… stronger. She had always had wide hips and strong thighs, but Audrey was seeing slabs of muscle she had never noticed before. She planted her feet a little ways apart and seeing those powerful inner thigh muscles jump out in support was like watching a weight trainer do lifts. What the fuck was going on?


Matt had reached Sarah by now and grabbed her hand, pulling her gently back while keeping his wide eyes on Audrey. He was looking her body up and down, seemingly mesmerized by what he saw. A dirty feeling of delight at being scrutinized like an animal at the zoo crossed Audrey's mind, but she focused her attention on Sarah who was stepping forward, holding onto Matt's hand behind her back. “Audrey?” she trembled, looking uncertain.


Audrey returned her sisters gaze as calmly as she could. She smiled genuinely and reassured her. “Sarah, it's me.” Audrey got down on her knees and spread her arms wide and inviting. “Don't be afraid, it's just me,” she murmured again as Sarah snatched her hand away from Matt and ran up to embrace her towering younger sister. Audrey wrapped Sarah in a big loving embrace. She pulled her older sister in close, pressing her huge breasts into the smaller woman as a little sob escaped her wide, powerful chest, dripping thick with a mix of emotions. Sarah's body went rigid as Audrey simply engulfed her, but she was gentle and obviously just as confused, so Sarah reciprocated, wrapping her arms around Audrey's thick neck and pulling herself in, burying her head in a thick curtain of beautiful red hair. The sensations Audrey felt were conflicting and charged. At the same time she felt fearful of her situation, relieved to see Sarah, embarrassed at appearing so intimidating, and oddly enough… kind of excited by it. Sarah felt small in her arms, a full grown woman standing a little larger than a toddler. It was intriguing… even… arousing…


After a few quiet, intense seconds Sarah planted a little kiss on Audrey's cheek before attempting to pull back and pick herself out of the younger sister's cleavage. Audrey realized with a start that she had been trapping Sarah and quickly moved her hands to help deposit her older sister back a couple of feet, out of Audrey's heavy, trembling bosom. Her cloudy, thoughtful gaze met Sarah's bewildered one, and the two stared silently at each other, eyes level with Audrey on her knees. The sexy, amazonian woman quivered excitedly at the realization that she had to be at least 8 feet tall.

Chapter 3 - Sisterly Exploration by Killer_Huge

“What the fuck happened to you?” demanded Matt. Audrey broke off her moment with Sarah and glanced his way. He was about fifteen feet back, standing hesitantly with his legs spread somewhat apart and his hands querulously outreached.


Audrey stifled her indignation at Matt's bluntness, clearing her throat and replying, “I don't know. I just woke up a minute ago in this… place. I don't know how I got here. I… I don't know how I got so… huge.” She glanced at her powerful, amazonian body as it rippled confidently with new-found muscles and mass. She had been heavy for her height when she was 5'5. At this size she figured she might weigh in a five or six hundred pounds, maybe more. She was easily larger than both of her companions combined and as she rose ponderously to her feet she could see why he looked so intimidated. Matt was about eye level with the top of her heavy, plump breasts. Each of them dwarfed his head and she realized that he was staring, ogling her huge, gorgeous tits. It aroused Audrey to think that this big, strong jock was suddenly looking way up to her, even scared by her. A strange tickling feeling of satisfaction spread through her as she realized she was now the big, strong woman. She could easily take control of this situation and it was making her, well… kind of horny.


Sarah cut into the unsettling silence with a stammer, “W-well, are you alright? Do you feel okay?”


Audrey smiled broadly at her diminutive sister and piped, “Yeah, sis. Great actually! I feel like a hundred bucks.” She planted her feet a little wider and stretched her large muscular arms outwards and upwards, stretching theatrically. She breathed in deeply, raising her big jiggling tits above their heads before sighing emphatically and letting them fall back in place. Matt's jaw dropped a little and Sarah's eyes widened. Fuck, thought Audrey, this feels good!


Sarah blushed slightly and continued, “Well we just woke up out here as well. I can't explain it. The last thing I remember was hearing you shout at us from further up the path. We ran up, and I saw you just laying there, and...” her voice cracked. Clearly she was upset by the recollection and had been rightly worried about her younger sister. Audrey drew up a little closer and put a large hand on her sister's shoulder. Sarah wiped her eyes and continued, “That's it. I think there was a light or something, like a flash, but I don't know where it came from.” Sarah grasped Audrey by the hand and squeezed it.


Audrey gave her beautifully sculpted shoulder a caring squeeze, then slowly backed up and sat down cross-legged. She felt a little embarrassed at feeling so giddy and pleased with her new size while her sister was so clearly troubled. She took a deep breath and began to tell her own story. Audrey described to Sarah the floating metal object, the strangely excavated landscape, and the small, but powerful blue light that had passed over her body. Matt was shaking his head incredulously, but Sarah listened intently. A couple of times she raised a quizzical eyebrow, but otherwise waited patiently for Audrey to finish.


Sarah took a moment to process Audrey's tale before replying slowly, “That's… incredible, I mean… Audrey, it sounds like, I don't know, like you saw an alien spaceship or something.”


Hearing this, Matt broke in almost angrily, “Babe, come on. You think Audrey saw aliens? That's crazy. You've been in the woods too long.”


“It's not crazy, Matt,” Sarah shot back. "How do three people get amnesia all at the same time? How did Audrey get so huge?” She gestured at her sister's seated, hulking form, briefly making eye contact before continuing, “And I've been through those woods before, and trust me, we are somewhere else.” She paused her heated rant as she looked at her surroundings, glancing around in every direction as though seized by a sudden thought. “And yet… I feel like this is familiar.”


Audrey picked up on her sister's thinking almost immediately. “It's the plants,” she piped. “They're all species found in the back woods.”


Sarah breathed deep with nervous excitement. “Yeah,” she agreed, “grass, two types of flowers, two, no… three types of trees.”


“And us,” remarked Matt sullenly. He seemed to be quite upset. It struck Audrey as a little immature that he was being so negative. Was it possible that he was bent out of shape by the fact that she now towered over him?


“And us,” echoed Sarah thoughtfully. She looked over to Audrey and said, “Hey Audrey, think you can give your big sis a boost? I want to get a better look at what's out there.”


Audrey nodded enthusiastically her consent, standing up obediently to oblige her older sister. She bent at her knees and gently wrapped her hands around Sarah's waist. Sarah seemed momentarily surprised, as though she had imagined something else, but she gave Audrey a faint little smile and clasped her own arms safely around the amazon's powerful hands. Audrey flexed from her huge, thick hips and glutes and easily lifted the slender brunette off the ground. Audrey giggled in amusement while Sarah, though a bit intimidated by her own seeming insignificance gave a little laugh of her own at the sight of her younger sister lifting a full grown woman several feet into the air. Audrey straightened her legs and brought Sarah's feet into her wide, muscly belly and braced the small woman against her trunk-like torso. Sarah instinctively pressed off against her younger sister's hard, fleshy core while Audrey inverted her grip and turned Sarah's body to face the opposite direction.


“Up you go, sis,” chirped Audrey with a broad grin. She lifted Sarah up from her belly, moving slowly. Audrey felt the center of gravity in Sarah's little body shift as she attempted to balance herself, bending and squirming at the core. The amazon giggled again. Sarah was in great shape and she was fun to handle this way. She felt the hard little muscles in Sarah's core flex against the inertia of her movements, felt her tremble slightly in fear at being lifted so high, or perhaps, at being controlled like a toy… Audrey was really starting to get a notion of how powerful she had become. She was so big… so strong… and it made her feel hot. She raised Sarah over her head, getting a great view of her sister's beautifully-sculpted ass as she did so. Audrey's loins gave a twitch and started to burn a slow, hot fire of secret arousal. She lifted Sarah higher and backwards, flexing the muscles between her shoulder blades gorgeously. Sarah spread her legs obediently as Audrey lowered her to the thick, wide platform created by her shoulders and neck.


Sarah straddled her little sister's neck awkwardly, suddenly very aware of her nakedness. Audrey felt her hesitation and quickly removed her hands from around Sarah's waist. She slid her hands forward and carefully grabbed each of Sarah's thighs, stroking her lightly with her thumbs for reassurance, and pulled down gently to help secure her older sister on her shoulders like a little kid at a fair. Feeling her huge sister handle her with such tenderness and love caused Sarah to feel a little ashamed of her hesitance. She reached around Audrey's forehead to give her a cute little hug from behind, squeezing her meanwhile with her strong but delicate, little thighs. Sarah giggled faintly, kicking playfully at the sexy tangle of red hair draped about her feet and over the top of Audrey's massive, heaving bosom.


Audrey playfully nuzzled her head backwards into Sarah's delicate little waist and small, pert breasts. She glanced down at Matt with a languid, sexy grin. He was watching the two sisters exploration of Audrey's new size with saucer-like eyes. When he realized that Audrey was looking at him, he quickly looked away, turning red and shifting awkwardly to hiding his semi-erect prick. Audrey blushed too, but she was practically purring with elation. Matt was just so easy to tease, especially now! She felt her sister's pussy nuzzled comfortably into the nape of her broad neck. It made her horny to think of how easily she was controlling this situation.


Audrey attempted to subdue her arousal for the moment. She broke the erotic silence of the moment, quipping, “Okay sis, what do you see? Where to?”


Sarah laughed at the strangeness of the situation. She replied, “Okay, I see a stream a ways off there.”


“I saw it earlier, yeah,” Audrey confirmed.


“Let's follow the water. We won't get lost that way. I don't see any beaches, so… I don't know, let's see where it goes, I guess.”


Audrey nodded her head emphatically, brushing Sarah's body with her beautiful, smooth red heir. “Okay, sis. Sounds good to me. Do you want to go down?”


Audrey felt Sarah stiffen for a split second, then she dug her thighs in and chirped, “No way, get moving little sis!”


“Alrighty, hang on!” Audrey smiled. It gave her a deep satisfaction to have gotten Sarah's approval to continue to handle her like this. She was enjoying this way more than she wanted to let on. Still, she couldn't resist, “Come on, Matt, try and keep up!”


The varsity player shook his head, trying to clear away his emotional confusion over what was happening, what he was feeling. He picked up his feet and started trotting after Audrey as the sexy, towering amazon marched briskly past him, carrying away his girlfriend as she went.

Chapter 4 - Brave New World by Killer_Huge

Audrey's thick, creamy legs carried her in long and powerful strides. She took note of all the little sensations surrounding her… the fresh, pleasant scent of the beautiful landscape, the pretty white and yellow wildflowers trembling in the light breeze, the warm grass and soil sinking somewhat under the weight of each of her heavy footfalls… It was all so exquisite, she felt easy and cheerful despite her situation. From her wide shoulders, wrapping her little arms around her younger sister's forehead sat Sarah. She glanced around from her perch atop the large, hulking amazon. It felt to her almost a bit like riding on horseback. She dug her thighs playfully into Audrey's thick neck as she attempted to stay balanced during the occasional jostle or bump in the otherwise smooth ride. Sarah shot a look backwards at Matt who was hustling slightly to keep up with Audrey's deliberately long and brisk steps. Sarah blew him a little kiss, smiling her encouragement. Matt smiled back a little weakly. He was still a little sore from having been sidelined by the sisters in the whole conversation regarding their predicament and what to do next, not to mention a little unsure of how to react to Audrey's new size and the dynamic it was creating.

Sarah leaned in close to Audrey, brushing aside a few thick strands of her red hair, then spoke softly into her sister's ear, “I really hope you're okay, Audrey. I don't know what I'd do if I… If what happened to you happened to me.”

Audrey smiled, keeping her head forward so as to remain inconspicuous. She liked the feeling of Sarah's little body being pressed into hers. She gave a little shiver of pleasure as Sarah whispered so close to her ear. She replied softly, “Really, I'm okay. I don't know what's happening, but… well, I kind of like it. I know we might be in real trouble here but… Sarah, do you notice how strong I look now? I didn't just get taller… I feel like a bodybuilder or something. It feels kind of… sexy.

“Well try and be careful with yourself, okay sis? We don't know what's going on or what the consequences of our situation are. And be nice to Matt,” Sarah chided, lowering her voice further, “I don't know, but I think he might be a little jealous or something.”

Audrey broke into a full grin, practically purring at the sensation of having Sarah whispering right into her ear, confirming what she already knew was happening. She giggled quietly, “Don't worry, big sis. I'll be really nice to him, you'll see.”

Sarah gave Audrey a rough little box on the ear in reply, then stroked the same spot more gently a couple of times.

By now the sisters had reached the stream and Sarah spoke up loudly so that Matt could hear as he trailed a few yards behind, “Okay Audrey, let me down. I want to have a closer look at this.” Audrey obediently knelt and plopped her huge naked ass down on the back of her legs. Sarah pushed off against the amazon's neck with both hands, nimbly parting her legs and hopping off backwards at the same time. She walked over to the stream and looked in. It was only a few yards wide and the water burbled along relatively placidly. The water was deeper than it had appeared from further away, maybe four feet deep in the middle. A fine, consistently-graded bed of gravel lined the bottom and the edge of the stream, and extended a couple of feet out along the creek bed on both sides of the water. Sarah knelt down at the edge and examined it for a few moments. “It's crystal clear!” she exclaimed, “that's kind of weird… I figured it would be too muddy, but we can probably drink from this if we have to.”

Audrey grabbed a handful of gravel from the bank. She turned it over in her hands looking thoughtful, then asked, “Have either of you seen or stepped on a rock yet?” Sarah shook her head, raising an eyebrow. “There's loads of them here,” Audrey continued, “That's probably why the water is so clear. It's almost like… I don't know, like it's… artificial or something.”

Matt went to the edge and dipped his hands in. “I don't know about you, but I need to hydrate myself pronto,” he announced. The big, muscular guy leaned forward, using his cupped hands to drink large mouthfuls of water. Bent horizontally as he was, Audrey could see the sexy bands of muscle around and below his ribs ripple as he drank. She watched in admiration for a few seconds before leaning down and doing the same. She didn't realize how thirsty she had become. Having woken up from what seemed like a long, deep sleep, and walked around in the sun she felt quite parched. She spent the better part of a minute sucking up large mouthfuls of deliciously clear and fresh stream water, while the weight of her magnificent body caused the gravel to sink into the mud, smearing some of it on herself. Sarah looked for a moment like she might protest, but she was feeling just as parched, and she knew they were going to need to drink sooner or later. She joined in and was likewise delighted with how refreshing and pure it tasted.

Standing back up, Sarah glanced over at the huge, kneeling figure of her sister as she noisily continued slurping up water. Looking at the base of her thick neck, Sarah noticed something she hadn't seen while sitting on Audrey's shoulders. “Hold up, sis,” she said, “what happened here?”
Audrey reared up looking perplexed at the question, but Sarah pushed down insistently on her broad back. Feeling this, Audrey obediently bent over once more, watching the reflection in the stream of her older sister inspecting something near the base of her skull. “What is it, Sarah?” she asked.

“There's something like… under your skin,” she replied. “Do you feel that?” Sarah gently rubbed Audrey's creamy flesh at the very top of her spine.

“I do,” the amazon murmured, “what is it?”

“I don't know… I just saw it… um… it sort of blinked,” stammered Sarah. “When you were drinking, there was this little blue flash. Audrey, this feels like something small. I think it's connected under there.”

“...blinked?” echoed Audrey. She narrowed her eyes a little. “Matt, can you please have a look?”

Matt shuffled over and scanned the back of Audrey's large neck. “I didn't see a flash,” he started, “but there's something there. I can see it.” He gingerly reached over Audrey's broad back and gave her smooth, pale skin a tentative feel, rubbing his fingertips over the little object in question. Audrey was enjoying the attention, and it was distracting to have Matt's gorgeous, naked body so close to her, despite her curiosity about the thing under her skin, whatever it was. She leaned her huge torso towards her two companions, bringing her neck in closer to them while deliberately nudging up against them at the same time. Audrey felt her sister immediately adjust herself to accommodate the new position and inspect her neck more closely. At the same time, she felt Matt's body stiffen uncomfortably. A twinge of excitement spread out from the amazon's loins as she realized she could feel Matt's large rod pressed between their bodies. She tried her best to subdue a little shudder of pleasure that passed up her spine. After a moment Matt laid his arm on Audrey's muscly, wide back as though to seem casually supportive, but coming across as anything but.

Audrey giggled despite herself. Too easy. “Sorry, sis,” she chirped, “that tickles.”

Sarah patted the spot lightly with her hand and withdrew. She spoke slowly, her voice sounding troubled, “I don't know Audrey… It's hard, and if it lights up… maybe it's a microchip or something.”

Matt pulled his arm off Audrey's back and turned away, looking a little exasperated. “Seriously?” he huffed.

Audrey lifted herself into an upright kneel and turned to face Sarah. “Maybe you're right,” she said, “but I'm kind of… not worried about it, I mean…” she paused, cocking her head thoughtfully, “I scraped my knee pretty badly before I woke up here. Look at it now. There's no scratch. No scar. And I'm huge!” She raised up her hands dramatically. “I feel better than I ever have! I think… if aliens put a chip in me, they didn't do it to hurt me.”

Matt just shook his head, looking away indifferently. Sarah gave Audrey a long look of concern, crossing her arms and frowning as though in disagreement. Audrey smiled sweetly in reply, and after a few seconds Sarah rolled her eyes and stamped her foot. “Okay, Audrey,” she relented, “just… let us know if you feel it… do anything. Matt,” she turned to address him as he sulked, “Matt! Keep an eye on her please.”

Audrey stifled a giggle. That won't be a problem, she thought to herself with a secretive surge of arousal.

Sarah continued, “We'll let you know if we see it blink or anything, okay sis?”

Audrey pressed her hands demurely to the top of her thighs, squeezing her huge heavy breasts together slightly while nodding in obedience to her older sister. “You got it, big sis. I'll keep you in the loop!”

Sarah reached over and squeezed lightly squeezed Audrey's thigh in affirmation, giving her a little smile. Audrey knew Sarah was pleased that she kept calling her “big sis” as she always had. Audrey was also behaving playfully and deferentially with Sarah which gave the older sister the comfort of feeling that things had not changed despite their situation and in light of Audrey's newly amazonian stature.

Sarah suggested that they follow the stream down a ways. Audrey agreed and began sauntering slowly beside her sister, matching the much smaller woman's pace. Matt glanced back at the two of them, a little annoyed. Seeing no better choice he marched along after them a few paces back, taking a moment to soak in the view. His lean, sexy girlfriend was a sight to behold, but it was Audrey's body that took his breath away. Her ass protruded, jiggling thick and gorgeous while smeared lightly with soil and grass. The twin, fleshy towers of her powerful legs carried her at a slow, almost sultry pace. They squeezed together near her crotch, and Matt got a flattering glimpse of that huge womanly mound of a pussy hanging ponderously between each footfall. Audrey didn't look back, and she didn't need to. She blushed with arousal at the thought of the show she was giving Matt. She dipped her hips ever so slightly lower with each step and played unabashedly with her gorgeous red hair. She was really starting to fall in love with this place.

Chapter 5 - Hot, Bothered, and... Growing by Killer_Huge

Audrey, Sarah, and Matt walked along the side of the creek, following it through a consistently featureless landscape of rolling grassy hills, punctuated by the odd tree and speckled with lovely flowers. They had been walking for what felt like an hour. The sound of the stream was lovely and soothing, but Sarah continued to treat everything with a sort of skeptical concern.


“Audrey, how is your skin?” she asked her huge sister. “We need to find you some shade before you get a sunburn on your tits.” She glanced at the open, cloudless blue sky.


Audrey cupped each of her pumpkin-sized tits with her large hands. She gave them a thoughtful squeeze and a little waggle. “I don't know, sis… I think I'm going to be just fine.” She remarked unconcernedly. “I don't feel warm, or flushed, or really uncomfortable at all. Do you?”


“You know… I don't either. It feels almost like… I don't know, like the sun feels different. Like the color is off or something. Not a cloud in the sky, but it doesn't feel harsh.” Sarah furrowed her brow as though as though trying to picture something.


Audrey picked up on her thoughts and pondered aloud, “It's like a terrarium, isn't it? Everything seems like it's been set up… like it's not even real. Maybe the sun isn't real either?”


Sarah paused for a moment and let her younger sister's words sink in as she glanced in every direction, upwards at the empty sky, and downwards at the grass, soft and green like an enormous, flowery golf course. She spoke slowly, “I think your right, Audrey. What is this place? Why would...” Sarah trailed off, looking forwards along the stream with sudden interest. “What's that? I see something… Do you see the glint?” She pointed in the same direction. Sure enough, a few hundred yards ahead there was something shining in the distance, reflecting the light of the sun. Audrey and Matt spotted it quickly as well, and the three of them hurried over to investigate it.


As they approached, the trio slowed their pace, taking in the sight with bewilderment. There was a sheer metallic box that lay partially buried in the ground. It had to be ten meters long and about half as wide, though there was no telling how tall or rather how deep it went. On the near side, there was what appeared to be a culvert into which the stream poured, disappearing into the darkness within.


Audrey was the first to speak. “It's like the spaceship! Same kind of metal I think.” The surface was bright and smooth, with perfect 90 degree corners at each vertex. Audrey walked right up to it, though Sarah and Matt lagged behind somewhat cautiously. The redheaded amazon reached out tentatively, despite a small cry of alarm on the part of her much smaller sister. Audrey touched the surface of the object, then ran her fingers along it. It was so smooth, and despite the fact it was exposed to the sun, it felt cool to the touch.


“It's fine,” reported Audrey, “definitely just like the spaceship...” she let her hand play across the smooth top surface of the object, which came up to the huge woman's waist. Audrey dragged her hand lightly along as she strode around to the far side. “Oh, Sarah… Yep… I think I know what this is. Check it out.”


Sarah bit her lip, walking from one side to the other, already guessing what Audrey had just discovered. On the near side of the object, the water entering the culvert was cloudy with the soil it had picked up over the last couple of miles. As she joined her sister, she saw there was an identical culvert on the other side, gurgling with pure, crystal-clear stream water. She shook her head in amazement. “I can't believe it. It's a filter. We're on an artificial world.


Even Matt couldn't scoff at this most recent deduction. He stared wide-eyed at the metallic box, his disbelief gradually being replaced by a sinking, grudging acceptance. The three of them continued walking. After a few minutes, they spotted a large group of trees on their side of the stream a good ways off. A distant shimmering near the horizon indicated that it might be a lake. What was strange was how familiar it looked… Sarah ran forward, shouting something back at the group. Matt called out to her before giving chase, shooting a bit of an odd look at the amazon as he ran past. Audrey watched the two run ahead with amusement. She was really enjoying basking in the constant sight of her lovely older sister. Her long legs carried that beautiful body swiftly up a green hill and down the other side nimbly and confidently. Her ass had such a sweet little set of curves, almost… tasty. And Matt's body… well he was just so juicy. His muscly frame was so formidably masculine...


Ahh… sighed the huge woman. Audrey had been finding herself in a nearly continuous stream of arousal ever since they had arrived in this place. It was starting to get to her that Sarah persisted in being so fucking concerned about their situation. It was distracting. It was taking away from the space Audrey needed to feel incredible… to feel… horny. Audrey began to trot after the two of them. Her large feet padded heavily on the perfect carpet of grass beneath her. Her crotch burned with the heat of her erotic thoughts, and she sensed she was blushing. Fine then- she didn't care. She actually found herself excited by the notion of outing her level of arousal at having become such a sexy, towering amazon. She wanted to explore her new found sexual power, wanted to share it with her companions if they were willing. Fuck, she thought… they had better be…


Something was happening to Audrey's thoughts, and she either didn't care or she straight up liked it. She began huffing lustily, face flush with uncontained, mounting passion. Her strides began to falter slightly. She was having difficulty running in a straight line, feeling faint from the heat of her arousal. Fuck, what is happening to me… she wondered before another bloom of sweet carnal need surged through her large, wet pussy and derailed her rational mind.


Audrey's huge sexy frame came into view as Sarah and Matt stood arguing by the side of the stream. The redhead was huffing noisily and blushing as she approached. Matt noticed that she was sweating and shaking slightly as well, but he didn't have the chance to mention it, since Sarah was in the middle of berating him with an angry monologue. “I told you, we've got to treat this seriously!” She fumed, gesturing aggressively to a pair of large muddy knee prints in the river bed as she continued. “We've been here already! We've literally walked around the world! We're trapped in pretty green cage like a bunch of animals on display! Audrey! Look at… Audrey???


Audrey staggered to her sister's side, moaning loudly. She had one hand gripped around her huge tit and another shoved firmly between her trembling, creamy thighs. She felt light-headed and she couldn't stand any her arousal any longer, literally. Her crotch and her breasts were on fire! She cried out in incoherent sexual hunger as she fell heavily to her knees. Through a hot horny haze she could make out her own large footprints leading up to the stream, the depression her legs had made in the bank as she drank an hour ago, and the tracks that led away, marching along the stream… taking her back here. What little remaining mental faculties she had left were astounded. They really had walked in a straight line and doubled up on themselves…


Sarah rushed to Audrey's side, eyes filled with panic. Audrey's whole body was shaking and her face had turned crimson. Her heavy breasts jerked up and down with each throaty moan and shallow, irregularly huffed breath. Sarah wrapped her arms around Audrey's neck, holding her tightly and screaming, “What's happening to you???” Tears streaked down Sarah's face as she held her trembling, amazonian sister as she moaned and spasmed like she was in pain. Sarah caught sight of an intense blue light. The chip! The outline of a small rectangular object near the base of Audrey's neck was lit up in a solid, bright blue. The light was so intense it penetrated her flesh and illuminated blood vessels, vertebrae and other subcutaneous features. Horror played over Sarah's face as she recoiled, taking a step away from the heaving, hulking form of her sister.


Audrey felt her body writhe with inexplicable pleasure. Her nipples inflated hugely, swelling up to the size of tangerines while her pussy shook with erotic intensity. She felt a strange sort of disconnect though. On the one hand, she felt sort of drunk, almost like she was not really in control of herself. On the other hand, she felt incredible, like she was fully present in the most intense orgasm of her life. In fact, she realized with a loud gasp that she was orgasming! The burning pleasure in her large throbbing cunt blossomed as she let out a long, horny moan. Her whole body was on fire! She had never felt this good. She needed more… she craved more…


Sarah took another step back as Audrey began moaning even louder than before. What the fuck? She was stunned. Audrey wasn't in pain… she was… coming! Swollen nipples, flushed face, carnal moans, and she was beginning even to smell her younger sister's big, swollen pussy as the ground between her legs began darkening with feminine fluids. Before she could react or even think, Audrey's large arm shot out and looped around Sarah's body. Sarah let out a little yelp of surprise as the amazon pulled her inwards and lifted her. Audrey placed Sarah roughly between her huge legs, pulling her inwards and mashing her older sister's naked, sexy body against her huge tits, muscly abs, and hot, squirming pussy. Sarah struggled in her sister's much stronger grip, but Audrey was not having it. She easily wrapped Sarah in a big, naked hug, and at the same time, leaned back to lay fully prone.


Audrey was in heaven. Her pussy continued to bloom with wave after wave of beautiful, mind-bending orgasms. She was barely conscious of her rough handling of Sarah until the smaller woman was already crammed between her heavy, white breasts and against her swollen, throbbing pussy. But when she realized what was happening… fuck… it just felt so good. Sarah's little body was like a gorgeous little plaything to her. She wanted her sister to feel her hot, horny body, wanted her to experience this feeling as a participant. Audrey continued moaning and shuddering, writhing on the ground like an animal in heat…


Matt stared at the scene in utter bewilderment. He noticed the blue light emanating from the back of Audrey's neck, and then suddenly she was acting crazy! She had just started moaning, then huffing, then acting… horny… like a big lusty whore! She grabbed Sarah and pulled his poor girlfriend on top of her huge sexy body, hugging her tightly and rocking on her back. That was when he realized something was wrong. Audrey was… she was… growing… the big sexy girl was getting bigger. Matt's eyes widened and his cock sprung up in salute as he stood glued before the erotic scene.


Tears still rolling down her cheeks, Sarah whimpered, “Please Audrey… please, sis… what's happening to you? What's happening...” Meanwhile, she could feel the huge globes of flesh that were Audrey's heavy, creamy tits rub along her sides, sensually squeezing her body as the amazon burgeoned with growth underneath her. Sarah held on to Audrey's ripped torso for all she was worth. To her utter shock she realized that it was really happening… Her little sister was getting much bigger.

Chapter 6 - Growing Amazon's Threesome by Killer_Huge

Audrey rocked side-to-side on her back as she orgasmed. She gripped her sister Sarah with both hands, holding the little brunette bombshell against her ripped, trunk-like tummy while Sarah sobbed and thrashed feebly. Small legs kicked against the amazon's thighs and huge wet pussy as Audrey closed her eyes and panted euphorically. She could feel the growth spurt take hold of her. It blended in beautifully with the sensation of her orgasm. Every wave of sweet, intoxicating pleasure was followed by a powerful surge of a warm tingling sensation, and Sarah's cute little frame would dwindle. Ahh… fuck yeah… murmured the burgeoning redhead as her flushed creamy flesh expanded in every direction.

Sarah beat her fists uselessly against her younger sister's powerful abdomen. “Let me go, Audrey!” she cried, blushing intensely. “What the fuck… just let me go! You're fucking… growing...” She craned her neck to get a look at Audrey's face through the canyon of her giant jiggling tits. Audrey's eyes were closed. Her face was hot and red, and her lip was curled with sexual elation as she muttered lustily to herself. Sarah kicked against that huge yawning cunt as Audrey's orgasms continued to soar. The swollen monster of womanhood was soaking her lower body with warm, creamy cum. Meanwhile, Audrey's thick red carpet of crotch hair assailed Sarah's own pussy and abdomen with its scratchy, erotic embrace.

Matt watched Audrey grow with building excitement. It was so hot, seeing her rub Sarah against her huge sexy body, and he was beginning to smell Audrey's big wet cunt from where he was standing several feet away. Fuck, he thought, she is so horny! He had been suppressing his secret attraction to the younger of the two sisters the whole weekend, and it had been difficult and awkward at times. Now it seemed that there would be no stopping those feelings. Though he was a little scared at seeing Audrey act so crazy as she got bigger, he felt his mouth grow dry and his cock spring up to its full erect length as he pictured getting a piece of her huge dripping pussy for himself.

Audrey huffed with lusty satisfaction at the stimulation she was receiving. Though she had been with a number of guys before, she had never actually orgasmed in front of anyone. Now she felt like she was in complete control, and this was her moment. She was going to be in charge of this incredible experience. The burgeoning amazon ran her huge hands up and down the length of her dwindling older sister's body, gliding them sexily along her flesh, slick with her own female lubricant. With each stroke, she pulled against Sarah's supple ass and toned, sexy back, sliding the small woman tantalizingly against the pale washboard slabs of muscle lining her trunk-like abdomen. Another powerful orgasm blossomed deep in Audrey's mighty loins, and she gasped as the sexy, carnal sensation of growth filled her body. Fuck… she thought, Sarah's getting small…

Audrey pulled her helpless sister in tight against her body, sliding the little brunette south so that her firm little tits were dragged against the scratchy feminine mound of Audrey's red fuck carpet. Audrey grunted haughtily and whispered, “Fuck… it feels so good. I'm fucking gigantic, big sis. Do you like it?” Audrey snapped her eyes open and flexed her powerful abdomen, propping herself up slightly so that she could see Sarah's reaction.

Sarah's face was flushed and twisted with a myriad of emotions. It was exciting for Audrey to see her, always the beautiful, confident, ad hoc leader of the sisters, now struggling uselessly against Audrey's enormous convulsing pussy, covered in her feminine fluids as she continued to soak Sarah and stimulate herself with the dwindling woman's body. Sarah found Audrey's eyes and whimpered in reply, “I… I don't know what's happening to you, Audrey… I'm scared… Why are you doing this?”

Audrey reached up with her off hand and began playing with one of her massively engorged nipples. It was swollen and overstimulated, and the sensation of her own touch filled it with exquisite pain. She moaned shamelessly, keeping her gaze vaguely trained on her older sister. After a few long, sexually charged moans she huffed back, “I can't help it… It feels too fucking good- UUUNNGHH…” Audrey gave a pitched moaned that blended carnally into a massive, erotic growl. She was still coming, and still she grew. “Let it happen, big sis, oohhh…. ffffuuuuuck… fuck I'm still comingUUUNNNGGHH… YEESSS… oh ffffuuuuck yeah… just let it happen… just…oooohhh... do you fucking feel that, sis? Fuck... my pussy is gigantic!”

As Audrey spoke, another beautiful wave of orgasms rocked her gargantuan womanhood as it throbbed and came monstrously. Her clit squirmed like crazy, buffeting Sarah's abdomen and filling Audrey with renewed lusty hunger. Her eyes rolled around and she caught sight of Matt who was standing nearby, gawking in disbelief while stroking his huge, erect manhood. Audrey turned her head and unleashed a string of husky, lustful moans in his direction. Her eyes then narrowed so that she could see his helpless, aroused reaction and she grinned sweetly. OOOOooohhhh, yeeesssss… Do you like that, little Matty? Fucking watch this… ooooohhhh… uhhh… hmm-UUUNNNGGHHH… Audrey rubbed Sarah's body more frantically against her huge, pulsing sex, simulating an intense wave of orgasms that caused her colossal, naked body to swell even huger.

As Matt gulped and stood frozen, he barely noticed that the halo of intense blue light emanating from the back of Audrey's neck suddenly disappeared, like someone had flicked off a switch. He was too stunned to take it in at all though. Audrey kept taunting him with sweet, orgasmically-tinted nothings and didn't seem to notice at all. He self-consciously ripped his hand away from his pulsing, veiny cock, looking somewhat askew to avoid the intensity of the amazon's gaze. “Uhh… Audrey...” he began, not having any idea what she wanted him to say.

Audrey huffed at him as if to laugh, then scrootched her enormous body over several feet of grass to get closer. She shifted her sexy frame onto her side, tits flopping over ominously, pointing her hugely engorged nipples flatteringly towards him. Sarah yelped as her diminutive form was lifted entirely off the ground as Audrey raised her easily with a single giant hand, keeping her planted firmly against the shaking, yawning folds of her immense labia. That single hand covered the top of Sarah's sexily toned hips, pelvis, and up to the bottoms of her small breasts, and Audrey's gigantic thick set of full, womanly hips stacked up a good 6 feet high as she lay on her side. Audrey continued to stroke and pull at her insanely overstimulated nipples, each of them now at least the size of a watermelon, fat and full like those of a breastfeeding mother, and inflated even larger in proportion.

Audrey focused her eyes on Matt again, her immense blooms of lusty orgasms finally seeming to wane a little. She spoke in a low, seductive voice, “OOOooohhh, yeah… Do you like that, Matty? Answer me… Answer when a fucking giant woman asks you a question… oooohhh…” Audrey closed her eyes briefly, before snapping them open and narrowing them expectantly at Matt. Sarah whimpered quietly, her body seeming to have finally found a rhythm with the enormous pulsing cunt she was pressed against. She obediently humped back, much to her huge younger sister's delight.

Matt's whole body tensed as he took in the wonderful heat and feminine fragrance of Audrey's horny, amazonian fuck fest. He met her gaze and for a moment, was so overwhelmed by the intensity of her need that he lost his balance and lurched forward. Audrey deftly inverted her hand and caught him, laughing patiently while she lifted him up to her huge, flushed face. She spoke even lower, barely above a whisper as her beautiful baritone voice and sexually charged breath washed over the diminutive man. “How about it, little Matty? Do you like my huge, sexy body? Huh? Do you want a turn to fuck? Do you want to fuck me, little man?”

Matt squirmed uselessly in Audrey's powerful grasp. His mental faculties were fully overwhelmed and he began talking with little sense of what he was saying. “Uhh… I… y-yeah… I-I want it… I want to fuck you, Audrey… you're so fucking hot… please… please d-don't hurt me!”

As he spoke, Audrey's eyes flashed with sexual delight and her whole body squirmed in excitement and amusement. She could feel that she had stopped growing, but she was not finished having fun. It was just too easy. She inhaled sharply while moving Matt even closer to her face, letting his massive, bulging dick rub against her fat, full lips. She exhaled with a throaty growl that turned into a girlish giggle. “Hahah... Mmaattt... don't worry so much… you both fucking worry about all this way too much.” She spoke earnestly but kept her mouth trained on Matt's manhood, flicking her lips against it as she articulated. “I would never hurt either of you… I just… I need you to… I need you to make me feel fucking huge, alright? I…”

Audrey's eyes closed. As she inhaled, she could smell the wonderful musk coming off Matt's beefy, swollen shaft and his large, pendulous balls. She tasted a beautiful mix of testosterone, precum, sweat… it was so tantalizing and intense that she forgot what she was saying. Her gargantuan pussy suddenly shook with renewed hunger and ecstasy. She could feel a new wave of womanly cum swell deep within her colossal throbbing womanhood and threaten to engulf her poor little sister Sarah. As she cried out carnally though, she could feel Sarah's body convulse and to her soaring delight, she sensed that Sarah too was coming with her tiny little cunt mashed up against the savage, swollen folds of Audrey's titanic red-haired fuck monster. Fuuuuuck yeah… she thought, squirming euphorically.

Audrey pressed Matt's body right into her face, forcing his big swollen dick between the wet, velvety walls of her plump lips. She sucked and swirled his beautifully hung manhood in her mouth, lightly pulling his entire muscly body out, then pursing her lips together tightly as she forced him back into her. She slurped and sucked, eating dick like a predator ripping apart its prey, rubbing her older sister gently but frantically against her colossal cunt and huge squirming clit while they both came. In a moment, Matt was coming too, spurting an incredible load of sweet, sticky cum into her cavernous mouth. Audrey shifted gigantically onto her back once again, basking enormously in the sun and fucking her sister and her boyfriend for all she was worth. Matt groaned in the height of his overstimulation at the sweet pain of Audrey's hungry fat lips around his thick, cum-spewing member. Audrey continued to suck and swirl his dick like a straw in a milkshake, gulping down his big load greedily and savagely going after him for every drop he had to give. After a few long, glorious moments of soaring sexual elation, all three of their bodies orgasmic convulsing abated, and their heartbeats began to return to normal as they basked in the beautiful afterglow of Audrey's amazonian fuck frenzy.

Chapter 7 - Big Fucking Slut by Killer_Huge

Audrey spent the next few minutes laying on her back in the beautiful field of grass near the creekside. Her giant, naked body stretched out, flushed and glistening beautifully in the sunshine. She held Matt loosely in one hand, absentmindedly stroking him and pressing him possessively into her gargantuan tits like a little doll. Sarah was stretched out over Audrey's giant swollen pussy, and her body glistened as well, coated generously in Audrey's fuck nectar. Audrey stroked her little body lovingly, running her huge fingers down Sarah's breasts and tummy, and playing lightly with the erogenous areas of her inner thighs and neatly-trimmed crotch. The little brunette was too tired to resist the thrilling touch of her titanic captor. She simply allowed Audrey to have her way with her relatively insignificant form. Audrey was being gentle but she had proved in no uncertain terms that she was going to be in charge, and her gigantic sexual hunger was going to take precedence over any protest from her now-diminutive companions. And she loved it.

At length, Audrey began rocking side-to-side on her back, grinding her humungous ass into the ground and sighing elatedly. “Aaaahhhh... fuck that was great… oh my god…” she flexed her powerful, ripped abs as she lifted her head to glance joyfully over her newly proportioned amazonian body and her little captives. Grinning broadly she beamed, “God I'm so huge and powerfulLook at me, I'm a fuckin' work of art! Look at these fuckin' arms, Matt.”

Audrey let go of Sarah and flexed her enormous biceps, wrapping Matt in a gigantic, sweaty hug. She ground his body erotically into the creamy, hot canyon of her immense cleavage. He yelped in protest, but his cries were quickly muffled in the yielding fleshy trap of Audrey's tits. Her muscles bulged incredibly, sleek and confident in their gargantuan strength.

Ssshhh, little Matty… I'm not going to hurt you. I fuckin' love you! That was so incredible… you're so sexy and manlyand that cock… god your dick is so thick and raw… you taste so good, hahahah…” Audrey gave Matt an extra little squeeze before partially releasing him from her prison-like jugs and arms. He appeared from within, gasping for breath, squirming fearfully between the mountainous breasts, trying desperately to free himself with both arms being pinned to his sides in the immense titty-hug. His face burned crimson as he sputtered incoherently, and Audrey laughed at the hopeless struggle of her little toy man.

Sarah took advantage of Audrey's momentary distraction to finally free herself from her younger sister's huge, swollen crotch. She clambered up the giantess' thick, slimy carpet of red pubic hair, deftly rising to her feet so that she could stomp angrily across the beautifully sculpted bell of Audrey's pudendum, up her unreal abs and towards her gargantuan, creamy tits. Inflated preposterously and voluptuous as they were, Sarah was noticeably shorter than both of the huge womanly towers of flesh, even as they splayed out in every direction while the horny redhead laid flat on her back. Frustrated that she couldn't see Audrey's face from under her titanic breasts, Sarah beat her fists against the immense stacks of tit flesh, sending sexy, jiggling waves across Audrey's heavy, supple breasts while arousing the giantess' amusement and attention.

“What the fuck Audrey???” Sarah fumed incredulously, “You can't just fuck my boyfriend and fuck me! You fucking bitch… I'm your sister!” She paused for a moment, trembling with outrage, then smacked Audrey's gargantuan tits again, shouting, “… You sucked off my boyfriend! You… you… huge fucking slut!” Sarah stomped down on Audrey's barge-like tummy with extra rage and emphasis.

Audrey closed her eyes and smiled unconcernedly at her older sister's assault. She was loving this attention even if she was a little sheepish at having forced Sarah and Matt to take part in the lusty orgy that her growth spurts had aroused. Now Sarah was calling her a slut. She had said it accusingly, even accurately, but instead of feeling ashamed or offended, Audrey found it exciting. Yes, she had taken Sarah's boyfriend in hand and sucked him off. She had enjoyed it more than any head she had ever given. Yes, she had fucked her sister, used Sarah's lithe, beautiful body as a living sex toy. And it had been fucking incredible, mushing Sarah against her huge throbbing cunt as she covered the older girl in thick, womanly cum. She wanted to do it again. Fuck… she wanted to stuff Sarah right up that massively swollen fuck tunnel and fuck her like a dildo!

The thought occurred that she was almost big enough to do so. She had grown formidably, her sexy, voluptuous body stretching to about 30 feet in length, she guessed. But her pussy had grown ravenously and outpaced the rest of her amazonian features in proportion. It had swollen humungously, and now shifted and rubbed pendulously between her titanic, creamy thighs with each of her ponderous rocking motions. It felt so lush and strong too! Her immense cunt muscles twitched powerfully at the thought of engulfing a fully grown person, and Audrey imagined she could probably smother a smaller girl with her monstrous womanhood… Forget that! She could probably crush them to a pulp with that silky, wet fuck cave… fuck…

New erotic possibilities and fantasies were presenting themselves to the giant horny redhead, and only by a concerted effort did she manage to snap her focus back to the present moment. Sarah was stomping angrily on Audrey's ripped tummy and comically beating her fists into Audrey's enormous, wobbling titties without effect. She yelled angrily in the direction of Audrey's face, “Come on you big bitch, let him go! Let him breathe or he'll suffocate in your huge sloppy tits, fucking slut!”

Audrey rolled her eyes and sighed euphorically. She released little Matty from the erotic prison of her tits, arched her back, and stretched her arms way up, then outwards. Her humungous tits wobbled free, and Matt almost tumbled out of that sweaty, heaving canyon, but Audrey's creamy, heavy rack had inflated so immensely in proportion to her body that Matt remained lightly tucked into her titanic cleavage. He scrabbled again, this time to keep from tumbling down towards Audrey's face, pushing outwards against the car-sized mammaries. Audrey closed her eyes and held the stretch, trembling slightly with exertion as she drew in a huge lazy yawn. She puffed out her massive, muscular chest and arched even more, feeling her new muscles move and strain with deep, lustful satisfaction. Sarah stumbled forward, falling awkwardly against the underside of Audrey's titanic tits. She yelped in surprise and irritation as Audrey interrupted her angry rant with one simple, dismissive motion.

Audrey yawned deeply, basking in her own power and sexual satisfaction. She tensed her powerful pecs lightly together to keep her hopeless little man toy from falling out of from between her gargantuan tits. Fuck, she could control him so easily with her humungous amazonian body… oh my god, it's too good... she thought to herself. Sarah had stopped yelling obscenities and was focusing all her attention on keeping her balance. She had spread herself out on all fours, keeping her body low to the huge sweaty shelf of under boob that wobbled and shifted below her. Audrey felt Sarah's little hands and shins pressed into her gigantic heaving tits. Her touch was so light and sexy, pawing uncertainly at those immense, heavy breasts as she attempted to maintain balance. Audrey continued to draw back and fill her massive, powerful chest with air, relishing in the height of her erotic stretch. God, she thought, I am so fucking huge now… I can do anything I want with them. She knew it was true. The possibilities were twisting her immense gut with excitement.

Audrey began to exhale. Her chest rumbled with a lazy, open-mouthed yawn that filled Matt and Sarah's ears. With her arms still stretched outwards, Audrey flexed the powerful double-row of muscular slabs that her tummy had become, and to Sarah's horror, the giantess began to sit up. Sarah flipped over, pressing her back against the humungous redhead's tits and began pedaling her feet against the rippling, slippery texture of her abs, in a panicked attempt to keep from sliding down. Audrey marveled at how strong she had become. She easily raised her immense upper body off the ground in a single fluid motion, and her abdomen strained minimally in all its glistening confidence. With a cry of fear Sarah began to slide down, losing purchase as the slippery incline grew increasingly steep. A sexy, girlish giggle escaped Audrey's huge lips, interrupting the end of her gigantic, powerful exhale. She reached down and nimbly plucked Sarah from below the enormous gleaming shelf of her huge, voluptuous breasts. As Audrey brought her older sister up to her huge smiling face, Sarah fought again, more weakly and desperately than before. She thrashed uselessly in the giantess' grip and beat her fists feebly against the large, unaffected hand of her captor.

Let go, Audrey...” Sarah moaned, dejectedly. She was overwhelmed by the experience of Audrey's growth-infused sex romp, worn out by her angry fit, and disoriented by the sensations she had experienced while climbing on Audrey's gigantic body and being handled like a toy. Sarah struggled for a few more moments as Audrey grinned sweetly, waiting patiently for the brunette's outburst to fizzle out. She began very gently rubbing her thumb across Sarah's firm little tits, and her lean, beautiful tummy in a caring, comforting manner. Sarah's body jerked once more in response before she slumped limply in resignation. A small sob betrayed escaped her defenses, and for a moment Sarah seemed angry again. “Fucking slut...” she groaned, “how could you do this to me?”

Audrey finally reacted, leaning her head right up to her small, captive sister and pursing those big lovely lips. She pouted sexily and cooed at Sarah with a low husky voice, “Awww... Big sis...” she prodded Sarah's tits with her thumb, swirling around them around in slow, sexily charged circles. “You don't understand how this feels, so I'm going to be patient with you.” Audrey spoke slowly, letting her breath wash over Sarah who shrank in the closeness and intensity of her titanic sister's gaze and voice. “I'm a big fucking gigantic slut now. I'm so fucking huge and horny… I want to lie here and fuck myself for a while. I'm gonna think of some ways to fuck myself that involve you and your teenie little body. And Matt's gonna get fucked too because I'm a big old giant whore. You can call me whatever you like, Sarah, because you're right. I'm gonna suck little Matty's cock whenever I please. I'm gonna stuff you up my huge whore cunt as soon as I get big enough. And I'm gonna get bigger because whoever put us in this big rat cage wants me to be in charge. They want me to grow fucking huge? Fine. They want to see my cunt and tits swell up like big womanly fuck machine? Fine. If it's a show they want...” Audrey leaned forward, brushing her huge pouting lips against Sarah's helpless form and whispered, “… I'm gonna give it to them...”

Sarah put both her hands up against Audrey's lips defensively. Horrified at what she was hearing, she took a few long moments to process the weight and sincerity of what Audrey had just said. As she did, Sarah witnessed a momentary flash of intense blue light coming from behind Audrey's head. She squirmed, and shouted with one last desperate, defiant protest, “But Audrey, this is not you! You're being used, sis! You've got to wake up and fight it or… or…”

Audrey's head went south. Slowly and sensually she tipped down her lips towards Sarah's crotch. The giant, sinewy mass of Audrey's hot slimy tongue slid noisily out of her pouted lips a good foot then suddenly curled up and narrowed into a hard, wet tip. The giant, horny redhead closed her eyes as she plunged her tongue into Sarah's crotch, causing the much smaller woman to trail off mid-sentence. Sarah gasped sensually in a mix of shock, outrage, pleasure, and compliance. Audrey's tongue was too big to properly penetrate Sarah's tight little pussy, so instead she swirled her tongue through her older sister's legs, all around her crotch, and focused a few small, fast circles on where she expected Sarah's clit would be if she wasn't too large to definitively feel the tiny nub of flesh. Audrey released a slow, throaty moan, allowing her lips to part in a look of drunken sexual abandon. Sarah groaned and thrashed as well, partly in struggle, but more so now in immutable pleasure.

With a playful flick, Audrey whipped her tongue back out of Sarah's crotch and back into her own mouth. Sarah's sexy little body responded by convulsing slightly, straining forwards right after the huge sinewy muscle, now wet with her relatively insignificant flow of feminine lubricant. Sarah quickly regained her composure. She stilled her pleasurable ministrations, then gradually hung her head and eyes down, cheeks burning crimson. Audrey whispered at her seductively, “You're wrong, big sis. This is me. I think I've always wanted this… I've always wanted your body Sarah. And now, It's mine to do whatever I like with. But you know what the good news is, big sis?” Audrey leaned in close again to engulf Sarah in her sensual, husky whisper again, “I think you want this too. I think you are gonna want me to cum all over you. You will beg me to grow bigger and bigger… And I'm gonna do just that...”

Chapter 8 - Running Away by Killer_Huge

Audrey held Sarah close to her face and regarded her with horny intensity for a good few moments, letting her words sink in. They found their mark, and Sarah simply trembled and sobbed, keeping her eyes down as her body convulsed slightly out of a combination of fear and pleasure at the stimulation she had just received. At length Audrey grunted in satisfaction. She lifted her head away from her older sister, giving her beautiful red hair a gratifying toss. She smiled ruefully as she reached with her off hand into the ample valley of her humungous tits and plucked out Matt's gorgeous, naked body from her cleavage. Audrey curled up her knees, and then raised her two diminutive companions to rest against her knees, letting them sway playfully from side to side as she held them in her gentle, but powerful grasp. God… they're so small… Audrey thought to herself. To her they seemed to be maybe a little more than a foot tall, and neither weighed enough to register against the giant amazonian beauty's strength. They were cute, sexy playthings at this scale… Sexy little dolls next to her gargantuan body and needs

Audrey felt her enormous pussy convulse with at the thought of her dominance. She was feeling horny again. She wanted more, and she needed to get rid of Matt and Sarah before they ended up being a part of what was about to happen. Audrey grunted again, this time with all the carnal need of an animal in heat. She grit her teeth slightly and a tremble wracked her colossal, body. Fuck… I'm so fucking horny…

Alright you two...” Audrey huffed through the mounting haze of her titanic arousal, “Run along. I'm going to spend some time getting acquainted with my huge fucking body. You don't want to be near my giant cunt when that happens. Go ahead and explore my new world. I'll be busy for quite a while, but I should be easy to find...” Audrey gave each of her two small captives a gentle, tantalizing pinch around their asses and crotches. Winking through a drunken, horny grin she finally lowered them to the ground and delicately released them between her legs, a few meters in front of her immense, drooling pussy. Then without waiting for a reply, Audrey lowered her massive upper body to the ground and immediately got to work. One gigantic hand, still wet from using Sarah's body as a sex toy went plunging straight into the yawning, pulsating folds of Audrey's cave-like womanhood. Moaning unashamedly, the giant redhead convulsed dramatically, slapping her thick, titanic thighs together in untamed arousal at the stimulation her gargantuan cunt was receiving. Audrey gasped and giggled erotically as her colossal pussy responded with greedy convulsions. Already she was well on the way to her next humungous orgasm. Her other hand clapped down powerfully on one of her obscenely swollen nipples and roughly began kneading and pulling. The huge, horny giantess moaned raggedly with renewed euphoria and began involuntarily grinding her titanic ass and backside into the grass, flattening out an enormous impression that began quickly filling with a steady flow of feminine juices.

Matt stood slack-jawed and uncomprehending as Audrey ground out her gigantic, carnal display of total sexual dominance. Unbeknownst to the sisters, he had already splooged a second load of spunk into the glorious canyon of flesh in which he had been held captive. The sensation of Audrey's humungous boobs squeezing and mashing his body had been simply too erotic and stimulating for him to offer any resistance, even if he had wanted. Despite this, his big veiny dick was rising yet again, eager to be thrust into the giant horny redhead's pussy. However that urge was held tenuously in check by Audrey's warning, and standing uncertainly between her massive feet, watching the huge horny amazon pawing and rubbing insanely at her colossal throbbing cunt, Matt felt more than a little fearful for his safety. Ignoring his large, pendulous erection he grabbed Sarah by the hand, pulling her back, away from the ravenous giantess' crotch.

“Let's go, Sarah,” Matt pleaded. Sarah howevver was frozen in place, staring wide-eyed at her younger sister's immense, pulsing fuck cave, just as the first jets of cum came spraying out past the massive, frantic hand. Audrey screamed in ecstasy as she orgasmed, cutting loose any remaining inhibitions she might have had. One of her titanic, creamy thighs came crashing down as she shot her foot outwards in frenzied sexual release. The impact knocked Matt and Sarah sideways. Sarah sprawled in the other direction, and screamed as she saw the other thigh coming down directly overhead. It was lowered much more slowly however, as Audrey was twisting her powerful hips to the side in ecstasy. Sarah flopped to the ground just as the enormous creamy thigh came down on her, roughly trapping her lower body against the grass. Panic gripped Sarah's mind as she lay on her stomach, pinned beneath her sister's mighty leg. It trembled and shifted above her, rolling inwards and threatening to smother her completely. Matt yelled something which was drowned out entirely by the giantess' heated moans. He jumped to Sarah's aid, grabbing her hands and pulling desperately against the weight of thousands of pounds of sexy, pale flesh. Audrey's orgasm continued to soar, and her huge, pulsing cunt distended hungrily, spewing thick jets of womanly cum as she moaned and came enormously. The huge horny redhead began bucking at the hips, and the increased movement, combined with the steadily pulsing spray of feminine lube provided Sarah with a lucky break. She slipped right out from under the giantess' thigh as her monstrous climax built. Matt went tumbling backwards, but the varsity athlete deftly pushed off against the opposite tower of huge creamy thigh, quickly regaining his balance, and vaulted over to help Sarah up. She was already there, taking the initiative of the moment to sprint out of the deadly, heaving triangle of womanhood formed by Audrey's gargantuan legs and crotch.

Sarah and Matt sprinted a good fifty or so meters away from the horny, squirming mountain of woman before slowing down. Sarah cast a wide-eyed gaze back at her humungous sister, but Matt grabbed her by the hand again and continued leading her away from the erotic scene. When they had put a couple hundred meters distance between them and the giantess it was almost possible to speak at a normal volume without being drowned out by Audrey's sexually charged moans and grunts.

“Are you okay?” asked Matt shakily.

“No I'm not fucking okay,” came Sarah's sharp reply. She opened her mouth to continue, but was forced to wait a few seconds while Audrey unleashed a huge, guttural cry which ended in loud, heated cluster of moans. Sarah cast her eyes furiously backwards for a moment before sputtering, “That fucking... bitch! What the hell has gotten into her? Fucking slut...” Sarah stumbled in her outrage, falling down and remaining prone while she sobbed, “I can't believe she did that to me! To us...” The beautiful brunette slammed her hand against the ground, tears flowing freely.

Matt put a hand on her shoulder, allowing his girlfriend a few seconds to cry through the worst of it. Audrey continued to moan like an animal. She slapped her other hand down hard on her titanic crotch, and the sound boomed around the sunny green landscape, startling Matt and causing him to snap his head backwards at the gigantic carnal display. His mouth grew dry as a fresh chorus of aroused thoughts floated through his mind, but he swallowed and forced himself to tend to Sarah who clearly needed consolation. “It's okay Sarah… It'll be alright...” he patted her hair and put his arms around her comfortingly. “What you said back there… I know I didn't believe you but you're right. Something is controlling this place, maybe controlling Audrey... Maybe it's aliens… I dunno… but Audrey's neck… thing… it was glowing bright blue the whole time while she… while she… grew...” He swallowed again, treading carefully with his words around the subject of Sarah's distress.

Sarah beat her hand against the ground again, sobbing dejectedly amidst the smatterings of moans and grunts coming from the direction of gigantic, horny redhead. Sarah drew in a few long breaths wracked with anger and outrage, but when she spoke again it was quiet and measured. “Yeah, I know.” She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, gave one last angry sob, and continued, “Audrey's sick or something and it's not all her fault. We've got to figure out what's going on here and escape before she does something… something… worse… or before she grows again.”

Matt's semi-inflated cock jumped subtly at the suggestion, and he blushed furiously as he fought off the sudden urge to look back at Audrey, to see her pummel that gargantuan cunt and fill it with massive, earth-shaking orgasms. He tried his best to distract Sarah, blurting out, “Yeah… W-we can't let that happen…” He stammered and looked away but kept talking. “Sarah, we need to get out of here.” Audrey said… well… I don't want to stick around just in case. Maybe we should try exploring a bit… We might find a way out. I'm… I'm actually getting hungry too...”

Sarah glanced vacantly over the landscape as Audrey continued to howl euphorically. “Yeah, you're right...” she bit her lip while she thought, not noticing her boyfriend's arousal. “Let's head towards the lake. I need to wash off… fuckin'… I need to wash. Then we need to find food, yes. I have no idea what there could be for us, but there are more trees that way and… well we can't eat grass...

Matt looked at her, trying his best to think critically about this overwhelming situation. Uncertainly he chirped up, “Yeah, but Audrey said… well… maybe we don't need to worry about it? Like… maybe we'll be taken care of by… well… in this place?”

Sarah grabbed him by the hand and began marching towards the lake just as Audrey began screaming in the throes of a new plateau of mind-shattering orgasmic pleasure. Sarah muttered impossibly beneath the horny outburst, “Yeah, I prefer not to find out...”

Chapter 9 - Separation Anxiety by Killer_Huge

Audrey gave one last piercing cry, grinding shoulders back into the soil to push her humungous ass and cunt off the ground. She held the pose like a champion, gritting her teeth and trembling with exhaustion. Her huge, ravenous cunt lips surged around her hand as her massive clit wobbled tremulously, pinned under the heel of her other hand. A thick tide of hot, fragrant cum oozed out from her throbbing womanly cave, and the gigantic, horny redhead simply whimpered with lusty desperation, riding out the last of her orgasms as far as she could take them. After a minute or so, her colossal writhing pussy grew slack around her wrist. The mighty flow of her womanly juices abated, and slowed to a thick, drooling trail that fell a few feet to the ground in thick, erotic gobs. Audrey's knees wobbled ponderously as her immense muscular core and lower body reached the end of their strength. With a sigh, the gorgeous mountain of woman came crashing fully to the ground. Several tons of sweaty, rippling flesh impacted an already-massive crater with a deep, booming slap. Audrey reached one arm around her glistening, gargantuan breasts, and snaked the other between her legs to fondle her titanic vulva as the aftershocks of her mind-shattering orgasms ran their course. She lay their cradling her enormous, powerful body for a solid few minutes. Audrey's lovely, full lips parted, and she sighed deeply in pleasure, gaping dumbly into space. She couldn't think, couldn't do anything but let her mind and body wind down from the experience she had just endured.


Audrey finally removed her hand from her slimy, hot crotch and rolled on her side. How long had she been fucking herself? Hours? Fuck she was insatiable! The feeling of being gigantic, being this huge… this… powerful… it was so fucking hot! She couldn't help herself until she had literally fucked herself into a stupor. “AAAaaaaahhhhh...” Audrey sighed tremendously, letting her voice boom across the empty landscape… but then again, it wasn't so empty after all. The busty, horny giantess suddenly sat up, glancing this way and that as though she was forgetting something.


Matt and Sarah… Where were those two sexy little playthings? A new feeling was brewing deep within Audrey's mighty chest. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, but she somehow felt anxious to find her companions. The feeling was instinctive, like a protective urge to keep tabs on them… to keep them safe. Audrey felt the stimulation of her desire take root in her gut and in her humungous loins. It was a sexual feeling… a possessive feeling...


Audrey stood slowly, lifting her colossal goddess-like body into the sky exultantly. Fuck... even just moving around felt fantastic. She was so strong… so sexy… The lusty giantess inhaled mightily and stretched her arms skyward. She exhaled in a huge lazy yawn, muscles rippling and flexing confidently. As her gargantuan tits pushed out defiantly into the sky in front of her, Audrey felt a pang deep within her titanic, womanly bosom. Her giant, red nipples had swollen considerably with her last growth, but Audrey sensed that since then they had ballooned even larger, hardening to painfully erect barrel-sized monsters. A hot, womanly fire was smoldering in her crotch and flaring up her spine. It spread tantalizingly through those huge throbbing knobs, filling her womanly parts with a powerful, aching need…


“Ooooohhh…” moaned Audrey as her large feminine hands groped upwards reflexively. They slapped down hard into her immense, throbbing aureoles. Audrey pulled and kneaded them viciously and quickly found herself doubled over in exquisite pain. It was maddening, like an itch, and scratching it was only making it worse. “Uuuunnnggghh…. FUCK...” she boomed heatedly. “Sarah? Matt? Oooohh… Where are you?” Audrey called out sharply. “Unngh… Where are you? I need you NOW...




Sarah pulled Matt's arm around her, shivering slightly from the chill of her wet hair and body. She had been out of the lake for only a minute and already she was partially regretting having gone for a swim. What started as a bid to clean herself up after being thrust against her younger sister's giant sex had quickly become a sobering realization that they were stranded in a strange place with no survival provisions whatsoever- not even clothes.


“Whoa babe, you're cold!” protested Matt. He gripped her tightly as the two of them spooned on a grassy slope near the bank of the beautiful, clear lake. Sarah's body was trembling and cool to the touch, and he tried his best to share in his own body heat.


“Ugh, sorry babe, I need you to warm me up!” Sarah's teeth chattered together as she inhaled quick shallow breaths. “God, it's getting so cold since the sun started going down. We're going to need to find some kind of shelter really soon.”


Matt's stomach growled, and they both heard it clearly. “Yeah… and some food, babe...” Matt looked warily in the direction they had walked from well over an hour ago. The sun, or whatever you could call it, was low in the sky in that direction. And somewhere out there… Audrey was probably pounding her huge meat or growing even more gigantic or something. Matt gulped at the thought, half in terror, half in sexual excitement. Every time he thought of Sarah's humungous slut of a sister he couldn't help but feel aroused. Even now, hugging his girlfriend for warmth he felt his mind wandering to the titanic, horny redhead and felt his considerably-sized manhood swell with anticipation…


Sarah's body stiffened feeling her boyfriend's hog rise and push up against her ass. “Matt... what are you doing?” she demanded slowly. She turned her head slightly to measure his response out of the corner of her eye.


“Babe… I'm… I want to warm you up...” The muscly jock gave her thigh a little squeeze before moving his hand into her crotch. “You were looking real good swimming through that clear water.” Matt did his best to be convincing. He wasn't lying after all.


Sarah cracked a slow grin, the first one in hours. “Hah, damn right. Show me you mean it, big guy.” She shivered one last time, then placed her hand on top of Matt's larger one and pushed it against her beautiful, exposed pussy. Sarah's sexy, lithe body ground into Matt's muscular frame and instantly he became fully erect. She sighed in between a few shallow inhalations. Matt was so easy sometimes. Whatever… I could use a win right now…


Matt slowly, but forcefully probed his girlfriend's pussy, slipping in a finger past her labia to test the waters. Sarah was wet and cold, but her crotch was clearly heating up. Matt quickly obliged, grabbing her womanhood more aggressively in his fist. This was how she liked it, and even though Matt was thinking of Audrey, he felt compelled to give Sarah what she needed as well. Sarah cried out slightly and squirmed, but she pressed Matt's hand even deeper into her pussy and squeezed his meaty arm with her strong legs. He replied by shifting his fingers to he clit and rubbing them roughly up and down.


“Ah! Too much!” Sarah protested, She pulled Matt's hand back down to her labia, but otherwise continued to squeeze and hump at his sexy arm and hand. “Oh yes… Honey that's good, just like that… Fuck, that feels good. God, I feel so warm now...” Sarah's whole body tingled in response to the heat she felt. It was like suddenly the burden of hopelessness had lifted somewhat, and she was back in control of her own body, and if felt good for a change. “Ahhh, yesss… Oh Matty, come on! Get inside me!”


Matt's face was turning red from the heat of their passion, and he too seemed to be getting carried away with this sudden shift of mood. He wiped his brow, then pulled away from Sarah with a grunt, flipped her fully on her back and split her legs to make room for his big, thick cock. “Unnhhh, yeah...” he muttered absently. In his mind, Matt imagined standing once again between the thick fleshy towers of Audrey's inner thighs as they trembled and bucked around him. With a sweet sound of wet friction he imagined penetrating the cave-like opening of womanhood before him with his magnificent dick. In and out he plowed, whipping himself into a sexual frenzy, doing his very best to please the goddess before him. Back in a small corner of his mind, Matt suddenly thought, “Gee, I'm burning up here! That sun's coming back up already?” His stomach audibly growled again. Fuck… I'm so hungry…


Sarah's pleasurable sighs were cut short by the force of the fuck she was receiving. “Hey,” she quipped, “it's not a race here, Matty.” He simply stared ahead, jaw clenched backwards and slightly ajar, like he hadn't even heard her. “Hey!” Sarah cried, now getting annoyed. “Tone it down, you're hurting me!” Matt's large, strong hand snaked under her shoulders and suddenly he pulled Sarah's body against his. Before Sarah could react, she heard, or rather felt a loud growl gurgle up from Matt's stomach.


“So… hungry...” muttered Matt. Then he came. His meaty, throbbing prick swelled up even more massive, pushing out against Sarah's inner labia. He continued his thrusting as he pumped up thick wads of cum into his girlfriend's pussy.


Sarah let her body go limp, rolling her eyes while her boyfriend rocked her body up and down against the warm grass. Fucking men… Matt grunted and pounded her until his gyrations began to slow. Without letting him fully finish, Sarah pushed the varsity athlete off of her and rolled him onto his side. She then slapped him hard on the chest as he tumbled onto his back. “Asshole! You couldn't last more than two minutes without coming or complaining about food? Useless… I should just finish-” Sarah paused and suddenly turned around. She put her hand above her brow and lifted her head up to the sky.


The sun was much higher. And it was rising. In fact, the ground and the air around the two naked lovers had warmed considerably. What was going on? Sarah went silent to ponder this just as her stomach growled loudly as well. Shit, she needed something to eat badly. Where were they going to get any food?


Matt turned on his side and came back to the present all at once. “Oh shit… I'm sorry babe, I'm so sorry. I-”


“Shh… shut up for a second, Matt,” whispered Sarah. “Do you hear that?” Sarah's hand pointed out away from the lake, in the direction of the horizon under the rising sun.


As Matt quietened down, the two felt something. The ground beneath them was vibrating slightly. It pulsed rhythmically, thrumming once or twice a second. Then they heard it. A distant, but powerful set of booms could be heard. It was getting louder. Quickly. Sarah stood up and grabbed Matt's arm. “Oh no… It's… it's…”


Audrey...” finished Matt.


He stood frozen while Sarah pulled on his arm absently, keeping her terrified eyes fixed on the horizon as Audrey's head rose up above the hills and the trees. Her face was flushed and her expression was a mix of pain and… something else. And she was looking right at them. Audrey huffed audibly from over a mile away and bellowed, “SARAH… MATT...” her powerful voice boomed across the landscape. It sounded extra low because of the distance and the reverberation, not to mention the asynchronization of the sight of her lips moving followed by the sound of her voice a moment later. “COME HERE. I NEED YOU.” The gargantuan woman suddenly doubled over and staggered into full view. Her immense, fully engorged nipples pointed straight forward. Flatteringly, maddeningly they twitched and swelled up even more hugely. The giantess clutched at her enormous breasts, kneading and pulling at them like a giant horny monster. Her colossal cunt pushed out downwards, squeezing sluttily between her insanely thick and muscular thighs as she practically stumbled into a gigantic, terrifying trot.




The now-irregular and deafening twin booms of Audrey's mighty legs carried the giant redhead forwards with earth-shaking intensity. Sarah jerked Matt towards her and locked eyes with him. With terror and adrenaline gripping her she simply shouted, “Run!!!”

Chapter 10 - Mommy Needs You by Killer_Huge

Audrey's colossal form dominated the landscape and towered over the rolling hills and most of the scattered trees. Her crimson face was screwed up into a sexually charged snarl that bordered perilously on agony as a bright sun beat down from directly over her head. She had just crested the horizon when she staggered forward on her hands and knees. As she fell, Matt and Sarah saw a cloud of dust rise, and a moment later they felt the shockwave and heard the impact as it thundered across the distance of over a mile. Audrey's prone form shone bright with sunlight reflecting off her sweaty, bare flesh. Underneath the sheen, the huge horny redhead was absolutely filthy with the stains she had picked up from rolling her enormous body around in soil, grass, and her own feminine juices. Her beautiful red hair hung in tangled ropes about her broad, muscular shoulders as she bared her teeth sensually. Audrey's eyes rolled crazily as she tried to keep them focused on her diminutive prey despite the exquisite storm of sensations her body was undergoing. “NNRRGGHH…” the gorgeous titaness groaned incoherently at first before huffing through clenched teeth, “I SAID GET… UNNGH… get over here... NOW... Mommy wants- oooOOOOhhh…” Audrey's eyes fluttered shut as she tipped her head skywards. “MOMMY NEEDS YOU… FFFFFUCK...”


Audrey hands suddenly balled up into fists as she dug deep into the earth with her immense strength. She groaned humungously and convulsed. As her whole body clenched and shook, the gargantuan woman bent her head over, bracing it against the earth and giving Matt and Sarah an open view of her backside. Audrey's thick, muscle-bound neck shone brightly with an electric blue halo, and between sexually-tortured huffs her gigantic body slowly grew again. Her monumental ass, crazily oversized with beautiful, plump girth just swelled even more enormously with erotic power. Her car-sized breasts which already spilled out out from under her colossal chest simply inflated, pushing out obscenely in every direction and propping up the titanic redhead above the burgeoning, mountains of tit-flesh. “Oooohh… oooOOOOHHHH FFFFUCK YESSSSS…” Audrey boomed in a gigantic display of horny, euphoric agony.


“Matt, fucking RUN!” Sarah yelled at her boyfriend who stood transfixed in morbid, sexual fascination. Matt's mouth gaped open and his large cock wobbled back to life at the sheer seductive power of Audrey's antics. Sensing that her giant younger sister was drowning her out with her deafening, slutty moans, Sarah pulled at Matt's big muscular arm with both hands, jerking him to consciousness. “Let's GO!” Sarah pleaded. “She's fucking growing again! We've gotta hide while the huge fucking bitch is distracted!”


Matt stumbled slightly towards Sarah as she yanked him. He recognized the urgency of her tone, but his head was swimming with hormones and still foggy from hunger, stress, and exhaustion. Matt cast another uncomprehending glance back at the growing, thickening titaness howling monstrously in the distance. His cotton-dry mouth moved slowly at first in an attempt to speak, but he was forced to clear his throat and start shouting over the echoing chorus of sexually-charged moans coming from Audrey's direction. “Sarah, we… We can't leave her like this!” Matt pleaded with instinctive protectiveness even as his cock rose into a thick, pulsing rod of steel. “Audrey's in pain! She needs… she needs our help!


Sarah took a step back and shook her head in amazement. She curled up her lip in contempt and fought back against her sudden, furious disbelief. Despite the surge of adrenaline coursing through her body, she stood still for a long moment desperately trying to think of a way to convince Matt to run when suddenly, it dawned on her that he was only thinking with his dick… and it was rock hard for Audrey! Fucking men... Sarah fumed in silence. She thought of accusing him, blaming him, fighting him... but why? It was now painfully obvious to Sarah that Audrey was no longer her little sister… she was turning into something huge… something monstrous… but to Matt she was becoming a goddess! For Sarah, trying to hang on to Matt as a boyfriend or lover… this was a battle with Audrey she could never hope to win. With tears threatening to fill her eyes, Sarah cast one final look at her mountain of a sister, whimpering like a dog in heat and cumming humungously as she expanded erotically in all directions. Fuck it… I'm out of here…


Sarah stomped her foot forward with an angry cry. Slapping both of her hands against Matt's chest she pushed hard, sending him and his big swollen prick tumbling backwards “Fine,” she spat angrily. “I hope the big-titted whore eats you for a snack.” Sarah didn't wait for a reply. She turned on her heel and bolted in the direction of the forest bordering the lake.


UUUNNNGGHH… OOOoooohhh… I just feel… I… fffFFFUUUCK…” Audrey's carnal vocalizations alternated between semi-intelligible whimpers and savage, heated growls. As her titanic, disproportionately voluptuous body shook with each orgasmic tremor it would swell up perceptibly, causing her balled fists to surge forward, ripping up and pushing away the grass and soil like a pair of unstoppable bulldozers. Simultaneously her colossal tits would rub and plow across the green landscape. As Audrey's insanely overstimulated and blood-engorged nipples dragged through the earth her senses exploded with an eruption of thrilling, erotic pain. The sensation burned through her enormous titties and lanced down her spine where it blossomed into an inferno of growth-fueling fuck-fire in her gargantuan, meaty cunt. And just when Audrey couldn't the intensity of the heat in her huge pulsing pussy, the next wave of orgasmic growth would wrack her mighty womanly body, causing her gigantic nipples to inflate and tear exquisitely through the turf and initiating the next, even more humungous and mind-bending, erotic cycle of orgasm and growth.


Audrey suddenly reared her head, howling like a lunatic as a painful convulsion gripped her titanic body. She slammed her gargantuan, swollen ass and cunt down between her powerful, creamy calves with a thunderous, wet smack. Her beautiful red hair was tossed behind her as the goddess-like woman bellowed angrily into the sky. Audrey's arms rose up to trap her humungous, wobbling titties against her broad, muscly chest. Ripped, amazonian bands of pectoral muscle had amassed beneath, above, and around those barn-sized mammaries, pushing them impossibly forwards and upwards in defiance of gravity. As the gigantic redhead pulled at the vascular purple mountains of aureoles that had each swollen to over twice the size of her own fist, she felt an unprecedented bloom of heat and pain in them. Audrey's sexually-charged scream faded into a whimper as the pain took hold and she doubled over again, slamming one huge fist into the ground to steady herself. She remained bent over, huffing and snarling, searching desperately for something to relieve her of the torment she was receiving. Her vision was foggy and disoriented with the intensity of her orgasmic fury. However, after a few moments of ragged breathing and erotic trembling, Audrey could make out two figures in the haze. She spotted Sarah, the sanctimonious bitch running full-tilt into the edge of the forest a couple of miles off. That tiny fucking slit! How dare she try to run when her mommy NEEDS her? Audrey licked her lips hungrily and her eyes rolled up for a moment as she fantasized shoving her older sister's beautiful naked body straight into her gargantuan, womanly cunt… rubbing her all over her immense clit and cumming gallons of hot, fragrant fuck-nectar over her insignificant body over and over and over…


Another brutal stab of agony in both of Audrey's colossal, creamy tits ended this distraction with a sharp, uncontrolled moan. The humungous, horny redhead needed release now, and she would have to settle for easier prey. Through no small force of will, Audrey narrowed her fluttering eyes and focused her attention on the diminutive man frozen before her. Matt stood uncertainly, cock in hand and mouth agape. He seemed to be calling out towards the gigantic woman, but Audrey simply couldn't hear him above the thunderous sounds of her own growth and arousal. She clenched her huge jaw and resisted her urge to moan incoherently. Trembling and breathing raggedly, Audrey could just make out Matt's tiny voice as it carried across the distance between them. “Audrey,” he cried, “are you… okay? Are you hurt? You… You're… growing again!


Audrey's pain-contorted face twisted into a horny, snarling grin. Too easy… but he'll do for now… She slammed her other fist into the ground and raised her enormous, wobbling ass into the air. At the same time, Audrey straightened her amazonian arms, exquisitely dragging her mammoth-sized titties against the ground so that they squeezed and flattened to the sides. Stretching like a cat, the giantess whimpered sluttily at her prey, “Yessss, Matty… I'm fucking growing again. UUUNNGGGHHH…” As if to illustrate her point, Audrey tipped her head back and pushed out another fuck-fueled spurt of orgasmic growth. A horny, baritone moan rattled through her immense chest and throat before she looked back down. When Audrey's eyes had finished rolling and fluttering they focused again on a terrified-looking Matt. Good. She let loose a menacing snarl of laughter. Then Audrey lifted one of her impossibly thick and muscular legs and swung it forwards and outwards. It slammed into the earth with an ominous boom. The other mighty, womanly leg followed suit, and slowly but surely the gigantic redhead was crawling forwards with the sensual grace of a tiger and the erotic power of a whole mountain of fuck-crazed womanhood.


Matt gulped, gripping his rock-hard dick like his life depended on it. Audrey was acting fucking insane! She had to be twice as tall as when he last saw her, and was wound up hornier and slutier than ever! She kept calling herself mommy like it was some kind of fetish or dominatrix thing. As the humungous redhead steamrolled across the landscape the bright blue halo of electric light behind her head suddenly went dark with one last surge of growth that stopped Audrey in he tracks as she howled orgasmically. Her breasts swelled up like gigantic creamy beach balls, swinging comically under her mighty, ripped chest and abs and rippling erotically as her titanic purple vulva pushed out a wave of steamy cum. As soon as she had collected herself, she continued, curling her lip in a whorish snarl of arousal.


Matt took a step back as Audrey closed the distance between them, dragging her huge wobbling breasts and massive, pulsing cunt along the ground. She moaned and whimpered the whole time, filling Matt's head with a mix of sexual dread and anticipation. “Come here, handsome… Ooooohh… Come to Mommy… Yesss… Mommy needs you…”


As the giantess neared, Matt dropped to his knees, shaking like a leaf and still holding and stroking his big meaty dick. She had him right where she wanted, and it was now too late to run, too late to hide. What is she going to do to me?


With a goddess-like sneer, Audrey laughed and reached for the insignificant man. “Haha, oh Matty… you're MINE!”

Chapter 11 - Goddess At Play by Killer_Huge

Audrey moaned unabashedly, relishing every moment of the gigantic, sexy spectacle she had become. Her body had changed so dramatically that voluptuous didn't even begin to describe her proportions. Her breasts had become two humungous, jiggling globes of pale, creamy flesh, each the size of a small condo. As she dragged herself forward, these enormous tit-mountains propped up the giantess, and her rock-hard, truck-sized nipples plowed magnificently through the ground, tearing up tons of soil and grass at a time and causing Audrey to whimper and grunt in ecstasy. Her biceps had exploded into a beautifully toned mixture of cellulite and muscle, each larger to her than a basketball in diameter, rippling majestically with inconceivable strength. Her thighs had grown even larger, ballooning outrageously inwards and outwards to roughly a third of her body length which had to be more than a hundred feet. Those gargantuan, womanly meat towers flared outwards even more immensely at the hips to support Audrey's colossal ass and pudendum. Each of Audrey's ass cheeks had swollen up monstrously to roughly the size of her breasts so that her tremendous bulk was balanced back to front. Her monumental booty reached mightily into the sky, waggling playfully with each movement of the giantess' fantasy fuck-play. Spreading across all of her titanic womanly features and wrapping around bones weighing several tons were amazonian bands of sleek, gleaming muscle. They held up Audrey's prodigious, meaty bulwark with all the might and confidence of a Greek god and more. Every sexy, feminine slab had transformed to accommodate Audrey's bewildering weight and proportion. Where a six-pack should have been, Audrey's abs burgeoned with over thirty individual muscly projections, all of them crowding against each other eagerly to support her huge slutty antics. Her pecs triple-wrapped around the base of her titanic mammaries, pushing them upwards and together so that they obliterated the small knolls and hills of terrain like so much sand on a beach.


In the center of it all, Audrey's thick womanly fuck carpet covered a vast stretch of abdominal flesh in a sexy forest of auburn pubic hair. The foot-long bristles grew longer, and denser towards the center where Audrey's monstrous cunt mound pushed outwards and downwards in an obscenely voluptuous arc. Huge plump curtains of purple flesh sprouted outwards, quadruple-folded to form her outer labia. The full circumference of Audrey's humungous fuck mountain was lost in those meaty, gargantuan thighs which ground agonizingly into the vast sexy triangle of her colossal, drooling womanhood. Deep within those grotesquely swollen beef curtains Audrey's car-sized love tunnel burned with furious overstimulation at the sensation of all this friction and growth-fueled arousal. Audrey's titanic cunt pushed out creamy, hot cum by the gallon with each grueling pulse of her orgasmic minstrations.


In short, Audrey had become a mountain of a woman. A 3,000 ton, 120 foot tall amazonian goddess.


Matt knelt submissively before the giantess, holding his thick, rock hard dick in one hand, shielding his eyes from the sun with the other. He was trembling so violently that it was difficult for the muscle-bound jock to keep his balance. Audrey dragged her gargantuan bulk forwards on her tits and cunt, steamrolling the land and pushing aside hills and shrubs as she went until she was less than her own body length away from the toy-sized man. Matt blinked rapidly as Audrey's enormous frame blocked out the sunlight entirely. Her big, meaty hands shot past him, burying deep in the ground on either side of him, and he knew he was trapped. Now in her immense shadow, he craned his neck to look way, way up. Matt threw up his hands defensively as the sweaty, dirty wall of cleavage ground to a terrifying halt, stopping within about twenty feet of him and causing cracks in the turf to radiate all around him as the ground lurched upwards. He stumbled back with a yelp, using one hand to steady himself, while stretching his other arm shakily between him and the titanic, horny redhead as though it might somehow protect him. “S-s-stop! Audrey, d-don't hurt me!” The six-inch-tall loverboy pleaded with wide-eyed terror. “You're too… you're… you're too huge! You'll crush me if you… if y-you… you…” He sputtered pitifully, his face crimson with submission as he slammed his eyes shut and twisted away fearfully.


“… If I FUCK you?” came Audrey's whispered reply. “Do you want Mommy to FUCK you, little Matty?” Audrey forced her words to come out as clearly as she could manage between agonizingly sweet aftershocks of her slow-burning orgasm. She spoke slowly as she gleefully adjusted to the different acoustic dynamics of her massively-increased size. Her words boomed out of her huge chest in a sexy, rich bass almost half as fast as she would have spoken otherwise. She grunted with need, flapping her drooling jowls and tremendous vocal chords. Audrey flared her nostrils, snorting haughtily. Then on a primal hunch she noisily sniffed the air, then bared her teeth in a wolfish grin. The huge horny redhead took her time, enjoying the extra sexual excitement that all of this intimidation generated. I'm so fucking huge and powerful, fuck… it's sooo good...


With a savage huff, the giantess growled deep in her throat. Moving in glistening, dramatic harmony, Audrey's magnificent abs rippled as she engaged her core. Hundreds of tons of sweaty, mud-stained tit-flesh rushed forwards and upwards, narrowly sweeping above Matt's prone, cowering form. Clumps of dirt and grass rained from above as Audrey's immense body began to sit up. A wave of dust and humid, pheromone-laden air rushed past Matt as the slutty, overgrown amazon scrootched her building-sized cunt forward with a deafening roar of flesh grinding against earth. Simultaneously Audrey stretched her sequoia-like thighs powerfully to either side, exposing herself like a lover to the insignificant plaything. The most humungous, monstrous pussy imaginable yawned gloriously open like a vast, womanly cave. It throbbed and squirmed, ominously drooling out a slow, creamy river of steaming cum in the afterglow of her mighty growth-fueled orgasms.


Audrey leaned back dramatically. She reached up slowly, grasping her comically large breasts from underneath. She moaned, long and low, letting the carnal sound rattle through her throat and shake the ground as she slowly, seductively lifted and parted her titanic titties. When Audrey had finished moaning, she licked her lips lustily and cast her drunken green eyes down through the jiggling pale canyon of her cleavage at the trembling little doll between her legs. Then in her sultry, slow motion voice she whispered again, “I SAID… do you want --MOMMY-- to --FUCK-- you?” She moaned again. “SweetieHoney…” The huge, horny redhead frowned and sighed passionately. “Look at Mommy's CUNT… LOOK AT ME!” Audrey's heart pounded like a diesel train. Oh fuck me… She was warming up again.


Matt gulped. He staggered uncertainly to his feet and lowered his arms, while straightening his back. Audrey's magnificent, gigantic pussy was writhing with hot, wet hunger. Trembling purple labial flesh unfurled in slabs like king-sized mattresses as mount cunt got revved up. The current of fuck-nectar began flowing faster, eagerly coating everything in its path in anticipation of the fuck to come. Matt tried to speak, but tongue was so swollen and his mouth so dry that no words came out. Fuck… I could drive a car into this slut… Matt groaned under the intensity of Audrey's demonstration. The air was so thick and pungent with her womanly aroma that he was getting dangerously light-headed. He slowly lifted his gaze up past the unreal mosaic of glistening abs, swelling up and falling with each immense breath. Up, through the valley of vast wobbling cleavage and into the beautiful face of his titanic captor.


Matt cleared his throat and waited for a break in Audrey's moans before stammering “Y-yes, Audrey...


The giantess' eyes fluttered involuntarily and she gasped. She tossed her hair as she sighed erotically, OOOOOoooohhhh what was that sweetie?”


Matt cleared his throat again. She's out of her fucking mind… But she's so HORNY I don't think she'll let me refuse anyway… Matt firmed up his resolve with a flicker of courage. He cupped his hand to his mouth and shouted, “I want you to fuck me!”


Audrey gasped more sharply. She wrenched her humungous wobbling tits further apart and snapped her head down. Narrowing her eyes she growled “Mommy can't hear you, baby. --WHO-- do you want to --FUCK-- you? WHO… HUH…. HHNNNGGGHH… UUUUNNNNGGGH…” Audrey's jaw dropped and she began groaning like a porn actress.


Matt flinched. I'm going to fucking die… He gulped and pleaded, “I… uh… I want mommy to… fuck me… Fuck me, mommy.


Uuuunnnggh… ooohh…” Audrey panted like an animal. “Huh... hhhhoooOOOOhh… fffffFFFFFUUUUUUUCK…” Audrey's enormous pussy convulsed. A huge plume of hot, fragrant cum sprayed forward. Matt was caught dead center in the blast and was instantly sent tumbling. “YEEEESSSSSS...” Audrey bared her teeth and roared like a monster, abandoning herself to the pleasure of her orgasm. She slammed her hand down into the seething, quivering fuck-cave, fingering herself frantically. For a good minute she road the first blissful wave of mind-crushing orgasms. Audrey just couldn't help herself. Shot got off on every detail of her sexual conquest, and it made her feel hornier and more gigantic than ever! She snapped her eyes open fiercely and scanned the ground for little Matty before the next colossal orgasm incapacitated her. She glimpsed his cute, naked form just over the rondure of her immense breasts. Hah! The little shrimp had been washed away in a torrent of womanly juices… of her juices… He was struggling to stand on the shifting mud flow between Audrey's enormous calves.


Audrey grinned massively and lunged forward with her cum-soaked hand. Her colossal mammaries were making it difficult to move her huge arm in front of her, though. Her gigantic tits lolled obscenely over each other as she grunted to shift them out of the way. With some difficulty, Audrey scooped up Matt in her warm, wet paw and brought him swiftly to her face. His handsome, muscly body weight didn't even register in the giantess' grip. It was electrifying… His tiny motions were almost imperceptible but with gentle pressure from her fingers and thumb she could feel the soft tissues and all the bones underneath. Fuck… I'm going to crush him to paste if I'm not careful… The thought that she could easily do so was so arousing that Audrey moaned loudly right in his face. Matt was disoriented from being handled and unprepared for the intensity of Audrey's close up low-frequency sexual vocalizations. He thrashed uselessly around in terror, but his legs were almost fully engulfed by her meaty fingers and his head and arms barely emerged above her trunk-like thumb and forefinger. In short, he only succeeded in arousing the goddess further. With a deafening moan, Audrey tilted her head skywards… and came again!


UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNGGHH...” Pheromones filled the air and cum sprayed everywhere as the goddess Audrey slammed her other fist down on that colossal, throbbing cunt and pounded her mighty meat again. Matt screamed and begged for his life, desperately battering the giantess' hand with his fists. Audrey was in fuck heaven. She was so horny she thought she would explode! With a vague sense of panic mixed with excitement she realized that she really was going to crush Matt if she didn't let go of him. Audrey huffed crazily and puffed up her immense, muscly chest like a monster, frantically trying to calm herself momentarily. She brought her little toy to the top of her gargantuan left breast, and roughly opened her hand while pressing him down with her huge palm into the sweaty, yielding boob meat.


Ooooohhhh… yeeessss...” Audrey groaned gluttonously, reveling in the feeling of Matt's entire body reverberating with her slutty expression. Her giant right hand rose up shakily from her glorious pussy, and then she greedily shoved her fingers into her mouth. Audrey moaned like a bitch in heat as she tasted herself. It's so good… I'm so fucking huge… SO FUCKING HUGE… She felt her heartbeat pound insanely, battering Matt helplessly into her gigantic, meaty boob. With a slurp and a wet, rumbling low-frequency smack the huge horny redhead pulled her fingers out of her mouth. Audrey panted wildly in anticipation as the next wave of hot womanly arousal began building up steam in her mighty loins. Involuntarily she began stroking her immense mammaries. Holding Matt as lightly as she could, she shamelessly began teasing him across the hot, sweaty surface. Audrey's tits had become so massive that she had to stretch her powerful arms to their full extension in order to rub Matt's helpless body over her humungous, purple nipples. Her building-sized titties wobbled, squeezed, and rolled around ominously as Audrey's excitement built. “Ooohhh… Uuuuuhhh… mmmmMMMMMMM…” Glorious moaning shook the ground as she recklessly increased the speed of her tit stroking. COME ON… yes… yes… YES! The goddess Audrey screamed as she cummed yet again!




Waves of hot creamy cum surged forth as the monstrous purple fuck-mountain writhed and convulsed again and again. Audrey's whole body tensed as she held on for dear life. Matt's pitiful cries were cut short as his body was pushed roughly into the titanic, swollen-up nipple. It throbbed angrily with every terrifying pulse of Audrey's powerful heart. He sobbed pathetically in fear, desperately fighting for a breath of air every time Audrey's mighty chest contracted and swelled in her huge, slow-motion panting. She had stopped rubbing him entirely, thank god, and merely attempted to hold him in place so that she wouldn't accidentally squish him into a pulp in the heat of her passion. His face was pressed unforgivingly into the truck-sized monster that Audrey's left nipple had become. Matt was held this way for what seemed like forever as the huge horny redhead moaned and growled. He began sobbing hopelessly in the midst the rumblings of Audrey's slutty vocalizations. She was controlling him completely. The giantess' next orgasm would probably drive her over the edge and Matt would either be squished like a bug against the colossal tit or wrung like a sponge in that throbbing, muscular fuck-tunnel.


As Matt trembled and sobbed in despair, some deep, unconscious compulsion began to take hold of him. His face burned bright red, and despite the deafening thunder of Audrey's movements and cries, he began to relax. With a steady, strong effort, he began pressing his limbs further into that huge, engorged nipple. Alternating left and right, Matt begain massaging Audrey's mammary. Guided by an unseen instinct, Matt began to feel oddly… comforted in the clutches of this crazed sex-goddess.


Almost like magic, Audrey's moans began to dwindle to whimpers. Her tremendous pounding heartbeat began abated, slowing to a slightly more normal pace for a giantess and her breaths became deeper. All of a sudden she felt almost… sleepy… The huge horny redhead swayed a little uncertainly on her enormous ass, and then closed her eyes lazily. She stopped breathing altogether for a moment, then leaned back to let out a long, sensual yawn. Suddenly her dreamy trance was cut short by a sharp, stabbing sensation in her breasts. “Ooohhh... oww…” Audrey mumbled absently as that familiar, unsettling pang of need flared up in her giant voluptuous tits and sizzled down her still-throbbing pussy and back up her spine. It was sexual, for sure but… somehow not the same as what she was coming down from.


Suddenly it occurred to the amazonian woman that she was still clutching Matt to her nipple. Oh shit… Audrey reflexively plucked him up into a fist and brought him up to her face to make sure he was okay. Like lightning, the same agonizing sensation wracked the giantess as she pulled Matt unwillingly away from her nipple. “Ooooohhh… Hhhuunnnngg...” The muscles in the giantess' immense, mighty abdomen seized unexpectedly and Audrey involuntarily doubled over. With a soft whimper she swiftly but carefully pressed the little man back into the gigantic purple nipple again. At the same time she gingerlyl shifted her gargantuan bulk around. Feeling Matt against her lady parts made Audrey feel... good again. Her face turned red and she sighed humungously. With growing confidence, the titanic woman straightened her back and settled her considerable weight by stacking her mountain-like ass, thighs, and pussy onto her calves and feet. Oh my god… I can feel his little body kneading my huge nipple… It's so cute … he's so helpless, the tiny little cutie pie…


Audrey let her legs splay to the side and relaxed her humungous ass, letting it plop sexily onto the cum-soaked earth where it spread out in every direction. She trembled with elation as she released another enormous sigh. Wiggling her toes girlishly, the giant redhead carefully pinned Matt to her colossal nipple with one hand while she wrapped her arm around to cradle him in her gigantic womanly cleavage. Then she wrapped him up in the other arm and carefully squeezed him into the truck-sized purple knob. It was inflating and become even more rigid, and the familiar pain returned again. Except this time it was deeper… primal... and more of a slow, satisfying burn. So satisfying. Audrey gasped lightly and breathed out with a humungous sigh as she felt something internal shift. With a fantastic sensation of release, a warm, motherly euphoria began streaming into Audrey's brain from every part of her body.


Oooohhh… baby…” The huge, gorgeous amazon cooed with elation as warm, sweet, nectar flowed from deep within her. “There it is… Ooooohh… there there” She whispered huskily. “Mommy's not gonna hurt you sweetie… You're hungry… You need Mommy's milk… OOOoohhh yeeeessssss… Careful now, not too fast… that's it, little Matty… suck Mommy's titty…”


With her eyes brimming with matronly satisfaction, Audrey the giantess cradled the tiny man with the gentlest, most nurturing care. She groaned lightly and gasped as she became accustomed to the new amazing sensation.


Audrey's beautiful green eyes rolled back drunkenly. Fuck me… I'm breastfeeding Matt!

Chapter 12 - Milking Mommy by Killer_Huge

Audrey rocked back and forth on her gigantic ass and pussy. She cradled Matt's tiny form against her colossally swollen nipple. The truck-sized knob of rigid purple flesh was puffed up bigger and more angrily than before. It throbbed magnificently, responding to the feeble movements of the tiny man pinned to it. Oh fuck yeah… I'm being MILKED… Audrey groaned heavily and occasionally gasped in her ultra low-frequency giantess voice. Matt was kneading her enormous aureola with his entire body, and the feeling was amazing. Audrey's sexuality was being fully driven by the urge to nurture and feed her tiny plaything. It only served to empower her further, to arouse her further.

Audrey shifted humungously. As gently as she could, the amazonian redhead pressed into Matt from behind. She let out a long, lusty sigh as her gargantuan nipple throbbed in response. Carefully, Audrey shifted Matt's body so that his head was pressed into the cavity in the center of the huge nipple, just as the first few drops of creamy white milk oozed agonizingly out of her epically-sized milk ducts. The sweet nectar began rapidly filling the fleshy purple cavity where Matt was positioned. As soon as he tasted milk, the bewildered jock began instinctively slurping and sucking up the thick fluid as best he could. Matt guzzled up a good cup of the stuff, then flicked out his tongue to lap up as much of it as he could from the numerous crevices that radiated out of the center of the aperture. Audrey moaned loudly as she felt his tiny efforts, and a full gallon suddenly surged forth, covering Matt's face, and filling his mouth and nostrils as the magnificent nipple throbbed in sweet agony. He sputtered pathetically, trying not to choke on the relatively small amount of milk that he was actually able to catch with his mouth. He caught his breath just before the next wave of sweet ambrosia completely engulfed his head in its erotic confine. Audrey's eyebrows knitted together as she groaned passionately. Milk flowed from both of her voluptuous tits in a steady stream. It was sexy, messy, primal… and she loved it!

Audrey giggled at the sight of her own motherly antics. The thunderous laughter caught in her throat though as the humungous redhead gasped involuntarily again. With a savage snarl she flared her nostrils and growled like a gigantic animal. She could smell herself… the pheromone-laced scent of her cum clung heavily in the air, mixed with smells of earth, sweat, and general fuckery. But Audrey could also make out the sweet, intoxicating nectar of her own milk and she knew that the stuff was flowing out of her like a creamy, sexy river! It felt unbelievably erotic. Audrey groaned like a huge sexy monster, “Ooooohhh... baby… You're milking Mommy… milk me good you lush little man, Ooooohhh…”

Matt struggled against a steadily-increasing stream of warm milk that was flowing out of Audrey's monstrous left breast. The giantess pressed his body jealously into her colossal tit with the palm of her hand. With one trembling index finger, Audrey kept Matt's little head trained into the center of her huge nipple. She bit her lip and moaned, trying hard to resist the urge to simply ram him headfirst inside her enormous mammaries. At her size, she could easily drown him in her considerable milk flow. Fuck… she would almost certainly crush him to paste without the slightest effort! Audrey sighed raggedly. She was getting turned on again. Now she was having to balance her motherly, nurturing instincts against her destructive, goddess-like sexual impulses.

OOOoooohhh, Matty… fuckin' milk me good… milk your giant fuckin' Mommy… Suck Mommy's huge fuckin' titty, ooohhh… UUUNNnnghh…

Audrey's arousal was mounting and with a heated moan the stream of milk became a river. I have SOOOO much MILK… Oh my fuckin' god… Her nipples ballooned angrily with the stimulation she was receiving. They were so monstrously swollen, and Audrey fantasized hungrily about crushing Matt's body against them in a raging womanly river of sweet white nectar. She bit her lip harder and furrowed her lovely brow, narrowing her eyes at the helpless naked man that she was breastfeeding so forcefully. Actually, Matt seemed to be doing surprisingly well. He was pressed flatly against a nipple many times the size of his body and throbbing sensually with every beat of the giantess' powerful heart. Milk continued to flow around his entire head and a much of his chest, but somehow, Matt seemed to be catching more of it. His arms clutched pitifully at Audrey's motherly tit, but he didn't seem to be panicking anymore. Sunlight reflected sensually off his muscular back, gleaming beautifully with a sheen of sweat and breast milk. Audrey had never seen anything so sexy in her life. Oh my god, I'm gonna cum AGAIN…

Audrey doubled over in the mixed agony of maternal delight and sexual climax. Her humungous, voluptuous body trembled as she let out a long low growl. “Unnngghhh… Yesssss… You have no idea how this… ffffuck… how this FEEELS… Suck me, Matty… Oooohhhh… Drink Mommy's fucking milk… Make- MMMmmmm…. oooOOOHHH... OOOOOOHHH- MAKE MOMMY CUM…” Audrey roared with all the sexual power of the giant slutty maniac she had become. “UUUNNGHH… FFFFUUUUCK, MOMMY'S CUMMING, MOMMY'S FUUUUCKIN' CUUUUMMING OOOOOHHH…”

Audrey's hand forced Matt viciously into her godlike mammaries as cum erupted from her titanic throbbing cunt. A wall of milk blasted into Matt's insignificant form and continued to stream unrelentingly past his head, filling his ears, nostrils, and mouth. The gigantic horny slut rammed her other powerful hand down between her humungous thighs and grabbed fistful of oversized clit and labia, wringing her womanly meat furiously between her fingers, then rubbing her whole hand open-palm up and down her colossal pussy with desperate abandon. Audrey moaned and growled like an animal in heat as her orgasm soared. Unable to control herself, she clutched Matt's helpless body and pressed it savagely into the hard, monstrously swollen purple knob. Her matronly tenderness all but abandoned, Audrey huffed and convulsed with every sharp, shallow breath as she hung on to herself for dear life. Several minutes passed, and the giantess' grunts faded to whimpers as she sobbed blissfully in the aftermath of the gargantuan orgasm. One giant palm still pressed heavily into her immense tit, while the other hand traced scintillating lines around her massive, obscenely distended labial folds. “Ooohh… Huuuhh… Hhhoooohh… Yesss… Suck Mommy's tit. Suck my giant… suck your gigantic fuckin' Mommy's tit…” Brows knit together passionately, Audrey whimpered sweet nothings to her sexual captive, riding out the aftershock of her tremendous orgasm with the same fantasy it began with. “MMMMMmmmmm…” Audrey huffed, then sighed happily, as her eyes rolled down, back into focus. The sex-induced cognitive veil lifted all at once, and Audrey suddenly realized she was still mashing Matt into her colossally-engorged nipple, still oozing its thick, sweet load into the diminutive man.

SHIT! Audrey gasped in shock. “Oh my God… Matt!” The lusty giantess blushed hugely, and quickly plucked Matt's body from her voluptuous bosom and brought him up to her enormous face. The varsity athlete's beautiful muscular body lay still in her grasp. Audrey's beautiful green eyes were wide with concern as she closely inspected his unmoving form. Fuck… Audrey covered her mouth and gasped. Oh my god I KILLED him… Tears welled in her big beautiful eyes. Oh Matty… I didn't mean to hurt you,” Audrey whimpered in her most gentle low-frequency voice. And yet…

Something was a little off. Covered in sticky, rich milk, Matt's body looked somehow… stronger. His every muscle bulged with thick, gleaming confidence. Before he was built like an athlete, but now… he was beefy… all swollen up like a superhero on steroids. And that cock… Matt's dick hung limply over his thigh. When did he get so massive? The thick, veiny hog gleamed wonderfully with sweat, milk, and cum, seemingly almost as long as his forearm… And still flaccid...

Suddenly Matt's body jerked to life. He sputtered and hacked up a plume of foamy white breast milk. Audrey's eyes shone brightly in relief. “Oh thank fuck… My little man's alright. Little Matty's gonna be okay...

Matt sat up quickly in the giantess' open palm. He looked up at the gorgeous blushing face above him and managed to smile weakly to hide his internal anger. Fuck… the huge horny slut nearly killed me… nearly smothered me with her gigantic fucking tits! Something distracted him from his outrage however. Something felt different about him… felt good. His hunger had now been satisfied and he felt stronger… Maybe even… No way… did I just… grow?

Just as Matt seemed to be getting his bearings and realizing for himself, Audrey arrived at the same conclusion. A slow, sultry smile spread across her huge lips. “Ooohh Matty… My little man was so hungry. Did you like Mommy's milk?” Audrey leaned in close. Her lips brushed against Matt's beautiful, manly body causing his huge dick to twitch back to life. “You're such a good boy, milking Mommy… I want you grow big and strong for Mommy… Yesss…” Audrey whispered sensually pressing Matt's body into her lips. She could feel him now… His muscles, his bones… his cock… he WAS growing! In the aftermath of his feeding, Matt's body spread slowly across her giant lips, becoming incrementally larger than it already was. The sensation made her feel good, made her feel horny… Audrey sighed in maternal bliss, blowing her sweet, hormone-filled breathe all around his body. His huge dick was growing alright. It throbbed to life, pushing up and into the giantess' formidable lips. Oh my god… it's so lush and thick… Fuck…

Oooohhh, such a good little man. You milked Mommy so well… you made Mommy's giant tits so happy…” Audrey's colossal tongue lolled out of her mouth sensually. She gave Matt's dick a slow, sexy lick, and he gasped as his meat thrilled at the erotic sensation. Audrey whispered with all the intensity of a predator about to rip apart its prey, “You make Mommy feel SO fuckin' HUGE… I think little Matty deserves a little reward… I think…” Audrey moaned loudly while she licked Matt's cock again, even slower this time. “I think it's time Mommy milked her little man… MMMMMmmmm...” And with that, The gargantuan redhead leaned in and inhaled Matt's huge cock, wrapping her lips around it as her little lover fought back hopelessly against Audrey's unstoppable sexual onslaught.

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