Step Monster by asukafan2001
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Being a parent is a hard job. Being the step parent is a even harder job. One step mother finds her job just got that much harder when she takes some medicine which isn't perscribed to her and finds herself shrinking. 

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I thought i would dust off the proverbial pen one last time. Reviews and Critques positive or negative appreciated as long as they are constructive. I plan to update regularly but i can't commit to a schedule. I'm shooting for an update or two a month. 

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Chapter 1 by asukafan2001

Step Monster



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                  “Peyton, you were supposed to mow the lawn today. I have been asking you all week to do this and you are always busy. Monday, it was the movies; Tuesday it was homework which I never saw you do. The list of excuses goes on and on. Now it’s Saturday and we have a rain forest growing in the backyard.” Nancy, Peyton’s step mother exclaimed.

                  “I swear I really will do it tomorrow. Jamie Grace’s pool party is the social event of the year. If I don’t make an appearance, it will be like I’m snubbing her.” Peyton whined.

                  “Well you should have thought of that earlier in the week. Now give me your phone. Now young lady.” Nancy said as she extended her hand out to her step daughter.

                  “You can do this. Arrggh, you are such a step monster” Peyton huffed as she threw her phone into Nancy’s hand before leaving the kitchen. Nancy listened to the stomps of her step daughter storming up the stairs. Then waited until she heard the door to Peyton's room slam shut. "If you're going to be like that clean that pig sty you call a bedroom while you pout" Nancy added

                  “And another thing, I told you not to call me that, and don’t you even dream of coming out of that room unless it’s to mow the yard.” Nancy bellowed before walking further into the kitchen. She rustled through several cabinets and drawers as she looked for some Tylenol. 

                  "Drat, I forgot to pick up some up when I was out yesterday. Well, I guess I could take some of Peyton's migraine medication. This is her old stuff but, it should be good enough for a headache. One of these should really knock this headache for a loop. I need to stop letting her get to me." Nancy thought to herself while she tossed the pill into her mouth while she opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine.

                  Nancy poured herself a small glass while swallowed the pill whole.  She took a sip of wine and, a few deep breaths. She started to feel better and, headed upstairs to her room. She dropped Peyton’s phone into her nightstand drawer making sure to lock it.  She slid the key into her pocket and, took a step back before a wave of uneasiness fell over her.  The room started to spin while her head pounded harder and harder. The door looked to be getting further and further away as she felt her stomach clench. She tightly closed her eyes as a strong sense of motion sickness washed over her like a wave over a sandy beach. A strong sense of nausea filled Nancy's stomach before she finally collapsed onto the floor.

                  Nancy awoke covered by a large heavy tarp. She lifted up on the tarp but, whatever it is made out of is quite heavy. Her arms struggled to hold the weight as she looked about in total darkness. The material felt coarse and foreign to her as her hand swept over it. Her muscles soon became over burdened by the immense weight which meant she was forced to slither along the ground like a snake. Nancy crawled and pulled her way forward doing military crawl. Making matters worse, her movements were aimless as she had no bearing or direction to head. So the distance she had to travel was several times longer than it needed to be.

                  As she made her way out from beneath the tarp; she looked about in amazement as if her eyes were somehow deceiving her.  Surrounding her is her bedroom but, it is absolutely massive in scale.  The dresser next to her rises so high she can't even see the top.  While her bed stretches on and on as if it were a mountain range. The tarp she crawled out from beneath was no tarp at all. It was her own clothing only looked as if it could be used to cover several baseball diamonds.

                  She stood for several minutes just trying to take in the reality of it all. As the shock and awe begun to wear off the frightening reality started to creep into the crevices of her mind.  As she looked down at the high plush carpet she loved so much which now rose up and passed her knees. It nearly reached her waist.

                  All the sudden her arm brushes up against herself. This causes her to look down at herself revealing the fact she is completely nude. Instinctively she covers her breasts and privates as best she can with her arms and hands. 

                  “This…this can’t be happening” Nancy muttered as she took her first steps. She struggled to move with any sort of ease through the high carpet.  She knew she had to get off the floor. Visions of a rodents or bugs kept flashing into her mind. She would be completely defenseless against them. However, what terrified her most was the thought of Peyton’s cat Simba. Rodents and bugs could be pushed from her mind by the thought that she keeps a clean house. However, ending up in the clutches of that cat seem like a real possibility

                  “I need to get off the floor, to some higher ground somehow.” Nancy thought to herself. Knowing it would be her best chance for survival.

                  “NANCY” The voice boomed causing her to stop in her tracks as her palms begun to sweat. She looked towards the door with her heart racing. She could feel it beating against her chest. As her legs locked into place and no longer responded to her commands.

                  A tremendous thud reached her ears as she could feel the floor shake slightly at first. A second loud crash, then a third. The floor shook more and more vigorously. Dust and dirt shot up into the air causing her double over and cough. Her legs wobbled as if she were walking on a trampoline.  Nancy struggled to maintain her balance as she stammered left and right from the shockwaves reverberating across the floor.  It wasn't long before she found herself unable to maintain her balance and she tumbled to the floor as her legs gave out from the powerful tremors.

                  “Nnnno it ca-ca-can’t buh buh be” Nancy stuttered and stammered at Peyton’s now colossal five-foot form. Armed with the knowledge that she only stood exactly five feet tall made her size much more impressive. However, she couldn't help but notice the wildly inappropriate outfit. Peyton’s fashionably ripped jean shorts that hugged her legs. Nancy had told her to get rid of those jeans as they were so short that the pockets hung below the denim. Matched with a top that ended much too far above the navel for any self-respecting person.

                  “NANCY” Peyton called out again. The power of her voice forced Nancy to cover her ears. As the carpeting now rose up around her shielding much of her body from view.

                  “Where is the step monster? Well there’s her clothes. She must be taking a bath” Peyton said to herself as she eyed the bathroom door tightly shut with the lights visible from beneath the frame.

                  “Perfect” Peyton said as her eyes scanned the floor. Nancy’s eyes lit up as butterflies filled her stomach.

"She is looking for me. She could see me." Nancy thought while Peyton’s eyes ran across the floor finally falling on her.

                  A smile spreads across her face as she pushed her summer blonde hair with butter highlights from her face revealing pink earbuds. As she started crouching down, a massive shadow loomed over Nancy; Who was nervous and excited about the thought of being found so soon.  Peyton’s knees hit the floor with a final thud as she stretched her thin arm outward allowing her bracelets and charms jingle from her wrist

                  The realization hit Nancy as Peyton picked up the shirt that she had been trapped underneath earlier and absentmindedly tossed it to the side that she hadn't been found at all. Peyton then grabbed the jeans Nancy had on taking the key out of the pocket before dropping the pants onto the floor. 

That simple action alone was enough to cause a massive blast of wind which stormed across the floor. Once unnoticeable traces of dirt and debris battered her body as the deafening sound of her step daughter rustling through her pants boomed overheard before dropping them onto the floor was enough to beat her into submission.

                  Nancy knew this could be her only chance for discovery though. She mustered all the courage she had left and yelled as loud as she could. She silently prayed Peyton would hear her now meager voice.  However, with the ear buds pressed tightly into Peyton’s ears she was prevented her from hearing her now diminutive parent plea for help. 

Spotting the ear buds before the opportunity was completely wasted. Nancy begun to wave her arms wildly hoping to draw some attention to herself. She knew that from Peyton's perspective it would be as if she was a single person in a massive ocean, and Peyton is looking down from a helicopter trying to find that person. Even if you know where to look you can completely miss that person.  Nancy remembered new stories over the years where the distressed victims would recant their tales saying how the rescuers had passed by several times before finding them. The idea that this macro issue was now playing itself out on a micro level in her room home with her as the star was sickening.

                  “No, No No” Nancy screamed as the floor continued shake violently forcing her to fall flat on her face once again. As Peyton stood back up. A second scream erupted as the stocking clad foot whooshed over her head. Dirt and debris that the sock and picked up rained down on her like a summer rain shower before plummeting back into the carpet a few yards away.

                  A sense of awe washed over her as she stared at the former resting place of Peyton’s foot. The carpet was still compressed down even after a few seconds had elapsed since her foot had rested there. The carpet struggling to regain is former form leaving a godzilla-esque footprint for Nancy to marvel over. The thought of being caught underneath all that weight and power sent chills down her spine.

                  Nancy was helpless as she looked on at her step daughter who casually strolled towards the nightstand drawer which contained the cell phone she had taken away earlier. Peyton brazenly shoved the key into the drawer opening it up pulling out her precious phone before relocking drawer.

"Don't you dare. You put that phone back this instant. Do you hear me!! I will stand for this." Nancy spewed instinctively as the parent in her bubbled out in anger over the disregard of her authority displayed by Peyton.  Who walked back over towards Nancy’s strewn clothes. However, as Peyton attempts to move her phone from her right to her left hand so that she could return the key to Nancy’s pocket. She fumbles the handoff which sent her phone crashing to the floor with a mighty thud.

                  The impact shook everything around Nancy as the massive object seemed to crater the carpet around it. Nancy looked at the immense object unable to believe how large the phone is. Just earlier today she took it away with such ease, and now she had no hope of even moving the phone the slightest of millimeters let alone picking it back up.

                  The recognition of the reality that had befallen her took the wind form her sails. The idea that this could be her only chance for discovery welled inside of her. She could make no guarantees that anyone else would notice her. This notion gave her the courage she needed to run as quickly as she could towards the phone stumbling to the ground a few times in her hurry to reach the phone.

                  As Nancy reached the phone she pulled herself onto the phone. She then positioned herself so that she is in the center of the phone. She knew once Peyton returned the key to her pocket. She would surely see her on the phone. This phone is her life. Since Nancy had met her she could nary think of a day or moment it hadn't been glued to her.

                  Peyton slid the key back into the pocket of Nancy’s clothes and spun around to grab her phone. As she reached towards the phone she noticed the small figure sitting atop her phone jumping and waving its arms. Peyton couldn't believe what she seeing. A being that looked so human only on a smaller scale was literally before her. Almost like a living Barbie Doll.

                  When she was a child she could remember dreaming of what it would be like if her Barbie Dolls were real, and could move and think on their own. However, this is reality not the dreams of some wide-eyed child.

                  Peyton pulled her left earbud out from her ear with one hand while brushing her hair out from the front of her face by pulling her hair back into a ponytail to get a clear view. She crouched down in front of the tiny person standing on her phone and stared at the small being.

                  A sense of relief washed across Nancy as Peyton stared directly at her, however as she got closer and closer the sheer difference in size begins to overwhelm her. A sense of panic washed over Nancy as she could see Peyton trying to make sense of what she was seeing. She could hardly blame her. If a miniature size person had jumped out at her this morning she pictured herself reacting much less calm.

                  “Peyton, Peyton honey. It’s me Nancy. I’m not sure how all this happened.” She screamed so loud she could feel her voice breaking.

                  “Holy fuck, like oh my god. You…you are real.” Peyton stammered in a surprised tone as she reached out towards the miniature person. As she continued to lean in the look of astonished surprise turned to glee.

                  “Is that really you? I mean, it has to be, but how? This is incredible” Peyton Exclaimed as Nancy took a few steps back as Peyton’s hand got closer and closer. Before long the outstretched palm of Peyton was directly in front of her.  She looked up at her with a bit of trepidation before climbing onto her hand.

                  “You weigh nothing at all. So cool.” Peyton said as she grabbed her phone with her other hand before standing up. The upwards movement forced Nancy against the palm of Peyton’s hand.  As she peeked over the edge and almost instantly regretted it as she looked down at what now appeared to be a fatal drop to the floor. It looked hundreds or thousands of feet down to the frightened step parent.

                  “Call your father quick, then we need to get me to the hospital. If we hurry maybe there is some way to reverse this voodoo.” Nancy said more frantically then she had hoped as she noticed Peyton wasn't moving at all.

                  “What? I can barely hear you.” Peyton said as she leaned in and held her hand up closer to her ear.

                  “I had said we need to call your father quick. Then get me to the hospital. As if we hurry we can maybe reverse this.” Nancy yelled.

                  “And if I don’t? What are you gonna do about it Step Monster? You’ve been a pain in my ass since day one. This is karmic justice the way I look at it. So why don’t you just chill for a bit.” Peyton said with a smile as she lowered her hand towards her waist.  The sounds of Nancy’s voice faded from intelligent banter to unintelligible speak the further she lowered her.

                  Nancy looked up at her step daughter with fear in her eyes as she saw her slide her phone into her back pocket before pulling her front pocket out from her side. The momentary confusion faded as the full picture of what Peyton has in store for her becomes apparent.

                  The palm of Peyton’s hand tilted as Nancy grasped against the oily skin in vein as she slid down off the palm freefalling for a period of time before smashing against the denim wall of Peyton’s jeans before sliding into the bottom of pocket landing on some change and next to a giant tube of Chapstick.

                  “No, no, no. PEYTON!!!” Nancy screamed as she beat against the pocket furiously. Any semblance of rationale that she had went out the window as she found herself caged like a rat. The jeans were skin tight leaving no opportunity to climb out. Punch after punch landed against the wall of the pocket without mercy. She spat hateful words towards her step daughter out of anger and fear. The idea of being locked way and helpless frightened Nancy in a way she never thought possible.

                  “This is hell. This has to be some form of Hell.” Nancy continued to say to herself as she peeked out at the world from the bottom of Peyton’s pocket; as she tried to calm herself down. Since the pocket extended out below the bottom of the jean shorts Nancy found herself able to see through the thin fabric which makes up pocket lining.

                  As Peyton walked further into her parent’s room Nancy found herself continually being bounced against the wall of the pocket and slammed into the tube of Chapstick and loose change as Peyton’s legs churned her body forward. While Nancy struggled just to keep herself upright as gravity treated her with the same dignity as the rest of the stuff in Peyton's pocket which was none at all.

Everything came to a halt after a few moments, however those brief few steps felt like an eternity to the diminutive authoritarian. Nancy picked herself up and peered back through the thin fabric wall. She sees Peyton opening her purse and pulling out her wallet.

                  “What do you think you’re doing? Put that down this instant do you hear me? Well of course she doesn’t hear me. When I get back to normal she is going straight to boarding school or maybe a military academy.” Nancy fumes. As she watches her step daughter paw through her wallet.

                  “What do we have here? 100, 200, 300, 400 and 67 dollars. Nice, and it looks like someone has a few of their own credit cards. Thanks MOM.” Peyton said sarcastically while shoving cash and credit cards into her other pocket.

                  In one motion Peyton dropped the wallet back into the purse before tucking Nancy’s purse underneath her arm. She then took a few steps back over to the pile of clothes and picked them up and buried them deep into the hamper. Then, with a skip in her step she headed out of the room making sure to re-close the door before heading downstairs.

                  Nancy thought she was going to die as Peyton bounded down the stairs and headed into the mud room where her rollerblades lay discarded on the floor from earlier in the week. Peyton patted the pocket Nancy was in gently. The small fleshy mound in her pocket only made her smile grow bigger as she sat down pulling the right skate on.

                  Peyton was just about to grab the left skate when she paused. She could feel her step mother pounding against her leg. She imagined she was doing this with every ounce of strength she could muster.

                  Nancy was in fact doing just that. She was pounding so hard against Peyton’s leg she could feel some blood drip from her knuckles as she shouted about how she will punish her. The shouting was somehow therapeutic for her. As it was something her brain could rationalize and understand. Being trapped in your teenage daughter’s pocket? Now that was something a bit harder to grasp.

                  The pocket began to expand causing Nancy to look up for the first time. She cringed, as the massive digits of her step daughter approached her. She felt like a stuffed animal in claw machine. Almost as if on cue she her fingers expanded a bit to account her for size and circled around her. 

                  Nancy pounded against the fingers as they curled around her and pulled her from the pocket. She took a deep breath of fresh air which was a welcome change from the musty air of the pocket. A small piece of her wondered if maybe Peyton had changed her mind and if she was going to help her.  Those inspirational thoughts were quickly pushed from her mind when she felt herself descend downward.

                  “What’s going on?” Questioned Nancy as she looked down, she quickly put the pieces together. She found herself being lowered towards the mouth of Peyton’s left rollerblade. This caused her to start to squirm and kick her legs in hopes of freeing herself from Peyton’s grip. The closer she got the larger and larger the mouth of the skate seems. The more futile it all seems. Then all at once she feels Peyton release her grip on her and she tumbled the rest of the way down into the rollerblade.

                  “I want you to go all the way in. You should see a footprint in there. Lay down just in front of those toe prints. NOW STEP BITCH” Peyton ordered.  Nancy picked herself up off the insole of the rollerblade. The mouth of the skate seemed inescapably far away.

                  “PEYTON” Nancy managed to yell out before she saw the stocking clad foot approach her. Not having any other choice, she made her way towards the toe end of the rollerblade. The air reeked of stale sweat. Nancy could feel where Peyton’s foot normally rested as the insole was now incapable of raising itself up to the same level of the parts where her foot never sat on.

                  As she reached the toe end of the rollerblade she saw the point Peyton was talking about. Knowing that she will surely be crushed to death if she doesn't lay down in the raised gap just behind the toes she begrudgingly complies.

                  All at once the bit of light that was entering the rollerblade was eradicated as Peyton’s foot enters the skate. Nancy screamed as if she is being buried alive as the massive foot passed over her before touching down in its normal resting place. This left Nancy completely cocooned beneath what felt like tons of stocking clad foot flesh.

                  “You need just a little help for the perfect fit.” Peyton said as she stomped her left foot at few times. Nancy felt her body press up into the cotton sock forcing itself against Peyton’s foot. Peyton for her part curled her toes around Nancy’s body making sure she was stuck in deep into crevice underneath toes.

                  “Perfect” Peyton said proudly as Nancy screamed at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately, her loudest cries were inaudible to all the world.

                  “This can’t get any worse.” Nancy thought as Peyton stepped out of the house and jumped off the steps onto the sidewalk. As her weight shifts to her left foot Nancy felt the full weight of Peyton shift down onto her. 

                  As soon as Peyton was outside Nancy felt the heat level increase.  They were in the middle of the dog days of summer. She had lost count of how many days it had been over 90 with nearly 100% humidity. It made the air feel thick and the heat index go off the charts. Often times just a walk to the car left Nancy hot and sweaty.

                  Several minutes of this hell had gone by and Nancy had yet to get use to the rhythm as Peyton shifted her weight from left to right. Sweat was already forming on Peyton’s foot and started to soak into the sock. Tears slide down Nancy’s face as the damp putrid cotton rubbed itself across her body pulling off layers of skin which left her entire body a dark reddish color. While the sweat mixed with the sock fuzz and grime from the sock along with the bottom of Peyton’s foot that all continued to soak into her skin.

                  The minutes tick by like days. As Nancy opened her mouth in an attempt to breathe she cried out in absolute horror as a ball of sock fuzz dislodged itself landing in her mouth. Desperately Nancy tried to move it however, she didn't have any way to move. So, when Peyton shifted her weight back onto her left foot this forced the large ball of sock fuzz into her mouth as if it were a gag.

                  “Nancy frantically tried to scream. But her voice was engulfed by the ball of sock fuzz. As Peyton’s weight continued to press down on her left side the salty sweat of her teenage stepdaughter now freely ran down her throat encasing her mouth in the rancid substance. Nancy forced herself not to gag or spit it up in fear of drowning. Visions of choking or drowning in sweat seem like such a pathetic way to go.

                  Thirty minutes later Peyton had reached the gas station near her house. She skated over to the ATM at the gas station. She inserted the first of several cards into the machine. She looked around nervous at first until she remembered that she isn't doing anything wrong. Using an ATM is not illegal nor is getting cash from one. No one knew she had a person underneath her foot.

                  “Thanks for writing the pin number on your card. You really are stupid; however, it makes this so much easier to max out all your cards. You always brag about your 800-credit score. It will probably be 100 when I’m done with you. Maxing out all your cards and then, not paying them. That can ruin a person, or so I hear.” Peyton said as she maxed out card after card.

                  “Between all these cards, with your limits. I stopped counting at 100,000.” Peyton said shoving the cash into her bag while skating behind the gas station. Peyton tossed Nancy’s purse into the dumpster before skating back off towards the house.

                  Nancy was beside herself at this point. Her entire world was crumbling around her. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Any further thoughts on the subject were pressed from her mind as the full weight of Peyton landed on her once again.




Nancy felt sick as the damp cotton curled around her body. She desperately wanted to scratch her body, but found herself unable to move. As the cotton sock of her step daughters foot cocoons around her she screamed at the top of her lungs while attempting to flail her limbs. The anger and frustration growing in her as the temperature continued to climb.

Peyton, on the other hand was relishing every minute of this. A since of power she had never felt before pulsed through her. The idea of being in complete control over another life was exhilarating. She didn't just have control like the way a parent can control a child. She had someone who is a slave to her whims. Who is at her every beck and call.

The idea of taunting Nancy as she skated down the road was thrilling, but she found that she needed to fight the urge. There are people doing yard work, grilling, sunbathing, playing around outside. She didn't want to risk the thought of someone hearing her or thinking that she was crazy. Instead, she merely squeezed Nancy with her toes which brought a smile to her face over the thought of being free from her reign of terror.

Peyton skated towards Jamie Grace's house. However, by the time she gets their she could see everyone had already left.  She sighed as she looked at the setting sun and decided to head back home.

Nancy had hoped that eventually she would get use to the crushing sensation of Peyton's foot pressing down on her. However, each time it felt worse than the last time. She knew from experience that it only took about fifteen minutes for Peyton to skate down to that ATM. That short amount of time had felt like several hours. This felt like days had gone by. She had no idea where they even are at this point.

"Dad, what are you doing home?" The shrill voice of Peyton cut through the air breaking Nancy from her thoughts.

"Have you seen your mother?" Her dad asks as Peyton skated up to the driveway. She neared her father and noticed a police officer standing to next to him. A sense of dread and worry formed at the pit of her stomach. She knew that they must have found out somehow. She desperately started searching for some kind of way to explain this way.

"She's not my mother." Peyton said pointedly.

"We've been over this, but now is not the time. I got word of unusual activity on your moth...Nancy's credit cards. So, I called the authorities about the suspicious activity and, because no one can seem to reach her."

As horrible as Nancy had felt just moments earlier, she felt like a million bucks upon hearing these words spoken by her husband. Peyton wasn't going to weasel out of this and, now she could be facing trouble with the law. Nancy thought as she waited for her freedom.

"I haven't seen her in a while dad. I was just coming home to mow the lawn like she asked." Peyton said trying to play up her good daughter act to her father.

"It looks like all the charges originated from a nearby atm. We went to get the footage from the camera" the officer says before Peyton cut him off. 

"An ATM has camera's?" Peyton declared nervously while Nancy gloated, busted, in her head.

"Yeah, pretty much all modern ATM's do. Unfortunately, the camera was malfunctioning on this one. So, there's no footage from it for the past few weeks.  We tried to see if there were any security camera's or anything nearby that would have an angle but, none of the surrounding buildings had any exterior security cameras in the general direction." The officer said.


"No, no, this isn't happening. She can't get away this." Nancy thought as she felt Peyton's toes wrap back around her body as if her foot was giving her a hug.  Nancy almost threw up at this point as she sobbed. Unable to believe that Peyton could actually get away this.

"You don't think she could be kidnapped or raped, do you?" Peyton said as tears welled in her eyes. "I always blamed her for mom and you breaking up. I wished bad things upon her Dad, but I never.." Peyton said as she started to cry.

"Sweetheart, I know that and so does Nancy. I'm sure she's fine. Why don't you run along inside. You can mow the lawn tomorrow. I'll finish up her with the officer." Peyton's father said as he gave her a gentle push as she skates by.

Nancy couldn't believe her ears. She was livid. Shouting as loud as she could for her husband not fall for that performance. If she had any hope of getting out of this situation so bizarre it could only be derived from some poorly written fiction, it was now. However, in her heart of hearts she already knew that this round had gone to Peyton.

As Peyton skated into the house. She sats on the bench in the mudroom pulling off her right skate first. The loud thump of the skate hitting the hardwood floors sent a chill down Nancy's spine. She felt Peyton's toes once again wrap around her body only this time they started to drag her down the length of the insole.

"Stop, stop, stop." Nancy tried to call out but, the damp cotton sock was so plastered to her mouth and tongue she couldn't even hear her own voice yet alone expect for Peyton to hear it.

As her skin slid against the insole of the rollerblade she could feel bits of dirt and grime press and stick against her skin in some places while roughly rubbing against, and ripping off of a layer of skin in other places. By the time she reached the end of the insole and felt her body ascend upward; she noticed her skin was red in some places and, deeply bruised in other places.

The ascent was so sharp Nancy found her stomach was still on the floor by the time she found herself no longer rising. A moment later she felt herself free falling. Fresh air was racing by her so quickly it never had time to hit her lungs before she impacted against the soft oily skin of her step daughter.

"You really look like a monster, step monster." Peyton said as she looked down at the minute authoritarian.

"You deserve an academy award for that performance out there you brat. You won't get away with this! I don't know how, but you will be found out!" Nancy screamed as she pounded her fists against the palm of Peyton's hand. Tears flowed freely from her eyes while her skin stung from being rubbed raw.

"Thank you, thank you. I would like to first thank the Academy and then my mom and dad for always supporting me in everything I do. Lastly, I would like to thank my step monster for getting what was coming to her. As without karmic justice none of this would be possible." Peyton gloated as she grabbed her skates and bookbag with her free hand before heading up the stairs toward her bedroom.

As the door shut Nancy heard the thud from all of Peyton's things hitting the floor. The parent in her wants to say something, but she thought better of it. Peyton always had a way of pushing her buttons. Nancy liked things neat, organized, labeled and put away. However, this was in stark contrast to Peyton who lived more of a sloven lifestyle.

Peyton tilted her hand unceremoniously dumping Nancy onto her desk not even bothering to move any of the clothes or junk out of the way. She watched her step mother tumble end over end finally landing partly on some discarded yoga pants and partly on some loose papers. As she pulled her desk chair out her father shouted for her to come downstairs.

"Ugh, see what he wants. You can chill out here. I wouldn't get any delusions of grandeur. If you get lost in here you'll never be found. You'd probably end up stuck somewhere and starve to death, if Simba doesn't find you first." Peyton said as she walked passed her bed petting her kitten a few times before walking out the door shutting it firmly behind her.

As Nancy looked about the room she couldn't help but feel disgusted. She had harped and harped on Peyton to clean her room. It had gotten to the point where she was planning on doing it herself, and just throwing out what she thought was garbage. She just could never bring herself to stay in here long enough without leaving in disgust.

It felt surreal as Nancy looked out across the messy landscape. Clothes and shoes strewn about everywhere. Sporting equipment from Soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball could be found in nearly all corners. It was as if her closet was a person and vomited its contents across the room

Nancy spotted Peyton's cat lying lazily on the bed. As she looked out across the room she knew Peyton was right. Any attempt at freedom from here would be fruitless. She could never hope to navigate this sea of filth and, if she could she doubted she could go unnoticed from the cat.

The sheer thought of being noticed by Simba was already causing Nancy's heart rate to sky rocket. Any time she contemplated moving she thought better of it out of fear of making too much noise or drawing attention her way.

When Peyton came back the day has shifted from late afternoon to evening. Her room was dark when she walked in. Simba scampered out of the door as soon as it is opened. Nancy saw her step daughter holding a bag from McDonalds and munching on some fries as she walked in and used her foot to close the door while texting with her one free hand.

She set the bag down on her desk next to Nancy. She knew it had to be on purpose. The smell made her stomach growl while her mouth watered. She moved about freely now not having to worry about the cat. However, she found that the sweat which covered her body had dried leaving herself feeling stiff. As Nancy ran her hand over her body she could feel the dried sweat and grim flake off of her body as if it was its own layer of skin.

Peyton plopped down in her desk chair grabbing her bag of food. She leaned back in her chair propping her feet up on the desk as she continued to text her friends and, munch on her French fries. Nancy could see the filth and dirt which clung to the white sock turning the bottoms a dingy grey color.

"Peyton!" Nancy shouted! Unsure what the girls plan was, but she wasn't about to just sit here and watch her text and eat. However, Peyton completely ignored the minute woman as she continued to eat and play on her phone for 30 minutes before looking up from the screen.

"I don't think you understand step monster. I won. The police don’t suspect me of anything. Dad is calling all your friend and family seeing if they know anything. No one suspects me of anything." Peyton said

"Why are you doing this? Just get me help! Please! I'll forgive everything." Nancy pleaded as tears rolled down her face as she continued to stare at the giant. Hoping that somehow these words won't fall on deaf ears this time.

"Really, you forgive me? For everything I've done to you?" Peyton inquired curiously as she paused from eating and turned her attention from her phone to the diminutive authority figure.

"Y-yes. Please, I just want help, and I want to return to normal." Nancy cried out happily unable to contain her emotions.

"I guess you're a much bigger person then I am. I can't forgive you for worming your way into our life. I have a mother and I don't need a second. I know you could never make my dad as happy as my mother could. You just took advantage of him and forced yourself into a happy marriage." Peyton spouted down at her step mother as she glared at her with an anger that had been held in for too long.

"I..I never knew you felt that way. I'm so sorry. It didn't happen that way. Your father and I never imagined..." Nancy started to say before Peyton cut her off.

"My father had no part in your games. He's a good man. We go to church every Sunday or Saturday. Don't you dare bring him into this." Peyton yelled angrily as she took her foot and jabbed it against Nancy sending her tumbling across the desk. She landed against the side of a laptop.

"I wasn't... I was just trying to explain." Nancy started to say while wincing in pain before being cut off again.

"No one wants to hear you spew your lies. You're my property now! The days of me having to listen to anything you say are over. You listen to me. Every waking moment of your life you should be thinking about how can I make this up to Peyton. What can I try to do to make her happy? You will be spending your remaining days repenting to me for what you did. I'm your god now you sniveling little cunt. You exist for as long as I allow it." Peyton bellowed from on high.

Nancy was in a state of shellshock at the livid teenager who was spouting her demands, and forcing the miniature woman to do nothing but acquiesce to her demands. Desperately she wanted to try to explain herself. She needed to understand the truth but, each time she opened her mouth she found herself in a deeper hole.

"I'm person. I have freedoms and rights. Please Peyton, just get me help and I will disappear from your life." Nancy pleaded as she tried to stand up still reeling from being knocked across the desk.

"You do have freedoms and rights. You are free to do exactly what I say. That’s your new bill of rights. You should think of yourself not as an American but as Peytonian. The money you paid to me is your tax and since I took everything you had when your taxes are due next month you will just go in debt to me. I will pay you minimum wage for your service, but garnish your wages for fees owed to me. As that’s my right as the ruler of the government you serve and the God, you now worship." Peyton decreed to her tiny subject.

"Everything alright in there?" Peyton's father asked as he knocked on the door startling her.

"Yeah, just great dad. Just great. All this stress about Nancy. I think I'm going to turn in early."

"Okay sweet dreams Munchkin." Peyton's father said affectionately before heading towards his own room.

Peyton looked down Nancy briefly before grabbing her over turned pencil holder on the desk. She shoved a bunch of clothes onto the floor clearing off part of the desk so that the decorative ceramic pencil holder would remain flat and upright. She grabbed Nancy roughly with one hand while reaching down onto the floor grabbing a discarded sock with the other. She set the sock into the bottom of the pencil holder before dropping Nancy in.

Peyton than got up and headed over to her bed and pressed her ear buds into her ears before going back to texting with her friends. As Nancy looked up at the smooth pink ceramic walls of the pencil holder sobbing to herself knowing there was no way out. The walls stand so far beyond her own height. They leave no means for escape.


Chapter 2 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your opinions and perspectives. It means alot.


Step Monster Ch2



Nancy pounded against the ceramic wall hoping that she could break the wall. However, after a few punches she quickly thought better of it as her fist turned a deep red in color and swelled a bit. Knowing that the walls were much to smooth for climbing to be a viable option Nancy walked backwards until her bare back pressed against the cold ceramic wall. A shiver went up her spine slightly reminding her of her lack of clothing. She then took off running and leaped at the ceramic wall opposite her. Hoping that the force and momentum of herself running and slamming into the wall would be enough to knock over the pencil holder onto its side so that she could get out. However, the wall which was before her didn't budge. Not even a wobble.

"What am I going to do now?" Nancy mumbled under breath in frustration while she slunk down to the floor and looked up at the lip of the pencil holder which almost appeared to be getting further and further away with each failure. The idea that the floor of her prison is covered by the discarded sock of her step daughter was humbling. The idea that this could be her life was overwhelming.

Time slunk by at crawl for poor Nancy as she stared up at the ceiling. From her vantage point in the bottom of cup she couldn't see much but, pictures, and posters on the wall of Peyton's room. A glow could be seen which spread across the ceiling from the light of Peyton's nightstand. This light provided just enough brightness so that Nancy could still see. The room would have been quiet if it weren't for the sound of the central air unit kicking on and blowing cold air out the vents for several minutes before cycling back off.

"Peyton!" Nancy shouted desperately as tears slid down her face. She punched the ceramic wall behind her in defeat before yelling Peyton's name again. She knew it was fruitless, but she felt some relief by doing so. A few more minutes  had passed by before Nancy stood up and paced about the small room which had grown to become her cell. She actually found herself wishing that a pencil or pen would have been left in here. As then she could have shimmied up the writing utensil to gain her freedom. The fact of how she would have gotten down once at the top of pencil holder had not entered into Nancy's mind.

Time continued to trudge along every so slowly. Nancy didn't think things could go anymore wrong then they already had. Like clockwork however, things went from bad to worse when Peyton decided to turn off her light for the night. Nancy listened to the squeak of her bed springs as Peyton tossed and turned a few times trying to get comfortable. Once Peyton was satisfied and the sounds to distract her gone. All that was left for Nancy was the cold air pushing down on her from the vent above and, the cool ceramic walls trapping in the coldness. This mixture of circumstances caused her to shiver in the darkness.

Nancy looked down at the dingy sock that laid across the floor. It looked as gross as she felt. A slight odor still wafted off of it from the oils, sweat and grime that had gotten trapped in it from whenever it had been last worn. Knowing from having done the families laundry she knew garments such as these were not like fine wine and, didn't get better with age. As repulsive as the thought was Nancy found she couldn't stop herself from shivering and shaking.

Since her body was now smaller she was much more susceptible to the elements of temperature. The sheer notion sounded ridiculous in her mind. That the central air blowing cold air down at her and, a cold ceramic structure could be enough to defeat her. She didn't want to believe it. She was a person and, now here she is cowering before her step daughter. A prisoner in her own home on the verge of freezing to death because of an air conditioner.

Having no other choice Nancy grasped the Cotton sock Peyton had tossed into here. At her new size she was surprised how thick the simple cotton sock now was. When she had previously washed Peyton's clothes she could remember how thin the cotton felt. Now, as she wrapped the cotton sock around her body it felt more like a thick luxurious blanket. She could feel the warmth starting to return to her body and, she absolutely hated it.

She hated the idea that Peyton had tossed this sock in here on a whim. Probably to belittle her or, to demonstrate to her that she was no better than a used sock. Now though, she forced to wrap this repulsive sock around her nude body to for warmth and survival. It felt like she was letting Peyton win. This was just another example of her newfound reliance on her stepdaughter to survive in this now gigantic world. She knew this would be used to lord over her. It was just a matter of when and where.

The sound of a blaring alarm pierced the air and caused Nancy to jump several feet into the air. She climbed to her feet spinning around taking in this new reality that had been forced upon her. Knowing that her hope, that this was all some horrific nightmare instead of a twisted reality were too much to wish for.

The sound of Peyton getting out of bed was surreal. If she didn't know that it was just her step daughter climbing out of bed she would never in a million years guessed that those were the noises she heard. The squeaky of the bed and rustling of covers sounded completely foreign at her new-found size.

The heavy sounding footfalls from a girl Nancy knew walked very lightly, she found to be quite humbling. Nancy could feel her heart begin to race as the footfalls of Peyton grew closer and closer. Her eyes locked onto the rim of the pencil holder awaiting that moment in which would catch a glimpse of her. She wondered what she would see first. Would it be her fingers creeping over the rim of the pencil holder, or would her monolithic sized body slowly come into her field of view.

Much to her surprise none of those came true. She could hear the closet door open as Peyton pushed some discarded clothes out of the way followed by the sliding of hangers along the rack. Each collision sounded powerful like thunderclaps directly above her. It wasn't long after the familiar thuds from Peyton's footfalls returned. If Nancy had looked down at herself she would have seen her body shaking unconsciously in fear.

The footfalls became louder and louder until it sounded like they were right next to her. "Peyton has to be directly on top of me" Nancy thought to herself. "Why can't I see her?" She questioned. However, slowly the powerful footfalls faded until she finally heard the slap of her bare feet against the tiled floor in Peyton's bathroom.

The pipes groaned as the hot water gushed through them for the first time in hours. Nancy could see the steam from the bathroom billowing out like fog rolling over a city skyline. The sound of top 40 pop music blared through the room like an anthem as it filled the otherwise dormant sounding room. The noise shifted from water hitting the tub and shower walls to hitting Peyton's body. This reminded Nancy of just how dirty she felt. Her skin felt itchy and a slightly rank odor emanated from her which she didn't want to admit.

The sound of water begun to have a calming sense. It was something that was familiar and normal. It was something comforting that she could grasp onto as it was still how it should be. The sense of normalcy was quickly cutoff as the creaking from the water spigots being turned off broke the euphoric trance Nancy had fallen into.

It wasn't long before what could only be described as a hurricane filled the room drowning out even the music for Nancy. She heard the whirling vortex grow louder and louder until it sounded as if tornado was directly on top of her. The creaking of from Peyton's desk chair told her that she was right there. Her pulse rate had gone from calm to beyond measure.

She saw flickers of Peyton's hair billow into her plane of view. It was then the monument sized black hair dryer appeared, followed by all of Peyton as she walked into view for the first time, today. Nancy stared up at her step daughter dreading what horrors she may have in store for her.

However, never once did Peyton look down at her. Nancy could only watch as Peyton blew her hair dry. After several minutes, which due to Nancy's sky-high heart rate felt like hours. Any movement or fidget caused her to jump with fright at first but, as time unfolded she begun to grow use to the situation.

As Nancy looked on never once did Peyton's eyes deviate downward or did she pay her the slightest attention in anyway. It was then that she remembered the mirror that is on the wall behind this desk. In fact, Peyton's actual desk is on a wall adjacent to here this is actually her vanity table.

"She's not even paying me a single thought." Nancy declared to herself as she watched her step daughter get ready. It was then she saw Peyton's arm dipped downward and the mouth of the hair dryer angled towards her. What started as a slight warm breeze at first, quickly changed into hurricane force winds.

All at once Nancy was forced to her knees. She was then down on all fours before to long, then finally the full brunt of the hair dryers power was forced upon her. In a matter of seconds Nancy found her back pressed against the ceramic floor of the pencil holder. Sweat formed across Nancy's body as the hot air shot down on her like a cannon. It wasn't long before her skin turned beat red.

"Peyton" Nancy screamed as loud as she possibly could. Unfortunately, her voice was drowned out all too easily by the hair dryer. She could see Peyton brushing her hair with her free hand with her eyes seemingly locked onto the mirror. Nancy on the other hand could feel her body temperature rising higher and higher. Spots started to form in her vision while the hot air continued to plaster her to the floor.

"My skin feels like its melting." Nancy said to herself as she desperately tried to hold on. A couple more minutes passed before the hair dryer lifted upwards and Peyton started blowing her hair a bit more.

"Oh god, oh god, I thought I was going to die." She huffed as she sat up with sweat dripping down her body. However, her reprieve was short lived as Peyton lowered the hair dryer once again. Nancy's back slapped down against the ceramic flower. She noticed this time the hair dryer was even closer to the rim of the pencil holder.

"No more, please!" Nancy cried out while Peyton continued to dry and brush her hair. Several minutes passed and Nancy could feel herself starting to lose consciousness when she heard the powerful motor from the hair dryer start to wind down. Nancy painfully pulled herself upright. As she looked at her body she could see burns from the intense heat in several places on her body.

Nancy weakly pulled herself across the floor until she reached the wall and propped herself up against it breathing heavily. As she looked upward trying to shout Peyton's name in an attempt to get some help but, couldn't seem to find the voice to do it. Nancy stared up meekly watching her step daughter continue to brush hair unaware of the pain and suffering she had caused.

The sound of Peyton's voice reverberated through Nancy as she heard her sing along to the music she had turned on in the bathroom. Struggling to catch her breath Nancy could hardly believe this is what had become of her life. She went from a successful business woman, happily married to a wonderful man and trying to build a relationship with a new step daughter. To lying on the floor of a ceramic pencil holder with a body wracked in pain from being nearly burned to death by a hair dryer.

"What's that smell?" Nancy said as she felt a mist pelt against her body. It took her a few moments to place it before she realized it was hairspray. Nancy started coughing as the hairspray seems to hang in the air with a strong smell. Never could Nancy remember a hairspray that smelled so potent. It made her wonder if it was her newfound size that causing her body to react differently to the hairspray.

"ugh, I hate hair in my brush" Peyton's voice rumbled down to Nancy. Nancy's head was already slightly cocked upwards but, Peyton's voice made her instinctively move to turn tilt her head further back in an attempt to see the source. That's when she found out her body no longer responded to her commands. As she tried to tilt her head adn she found herself to be stiff and felt damp.

"No, the hairspray is bonding to me. Its holding me in place as if I'm Peyton's hair. This can't be happening." Nancy tried to shift her body from side to side but, as the seconds continued to tick by any kind of movement was getting harder and harder as the hairspray continued to adhere Nancy to the floor.

This left her helpless as she watches Peyton pull her hair from her brush. After watching her pick the brush clean of her hair she looked on helpless to move or dodge as Peyton absentmindedly dropped the hair she had gathered from her brush into the pencil holder while before grabbing her for makeup bag.

No matter how much Nancy tried to will her body to move or break the adhesive bonds which held her in place. She was forced to watch the blonde locks of hair float down into the ceramic pencil holder and drape across her damp body. As the sweat and hairspray continued to continue dry on her.

"This isn't reality. I'm in hell." Nancy said as her eyes darted from left to right while Peyton's thick blonde hair draped over her. The smell of oils, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray radiated from the fallen hair and assaulted her nose. She could feel her stomach ache and twist as Peyton finished putting on her make up without once looking down, or acknowledging Nancy's existence. She was forced to watch as she heard her grabbing her bag and phone before heading out of her room.

This left Nancy all alone. The room was silent and the air was still. The drapes were still pulled tightly shut blocking any natural light from entering the room. Desperately she wanted to cry out for help but, between the hairspray adhesive, the chemicals from the hair, and the hair dryer itself Nancy found herself without much of a voice.

Time ticked by slower than Nancy ever thought was possible. She had no way to pass the time, but her thoughts. There was nothing to look at, or distract herself. She just had the slow march of time to keep her company.

As morning drifted to afternoon and then from afternoon to evening Nancy had never felt so helpless before. She found herself trapped by haircare products, covered in her stepdaughters discarded hair from a brush and, she had nary the power to do anything. It was sickening, and what made matters worse was the fact Peyton was either ignoring her or just didn't even think about her when she got up.

Nancy's stomach growled in hunger while her body thirsted for anything to drink. It was hard to believe that It had been over a day since she had eaten or drank anything and it begun to worry her. She remembered from when she was in school that a person could go three weeks without eating but, only a couple days without water. Visions of herself thirsting to death filled her head.

It was late in the evening when Nancy heard Peyton's footsteps approach the door. As the door opened she could hear her talking on the phone to what she can only assume is one of her friends. The familiar noise of the Xbox starting up and the tv turning on filled the room as she heard Peyton kick off her shoes and sat down.

"Where's my headset" Nancy heard Peyton speak but she was unsure if it was to herself, or to whoever her friend on the phone was. She could hear Peyton moving things about as she searched.

All at once Nancy felt the ceramic pencil holder she was in violently shift to the side. The force would have knocked her senseless if not for the hairspray holding her in place. She could see Peyton searching above her until she finally saw the headset passes overhead. Peyton's massive form started to move away when her eyes fell onto her diminutive step parent.

Her eyes look down her step mother stuck to the side and covered in her hair from this morning. "Oh my god...look at look so fuckin' pathetic. You can't move, can you? You're just stuck underneath my hair and shit." Peyton said as she giggled trying to imagine what she unknowingly put her step mother through this morning.

"I swear to god I didn't even think about you till like this afternoon, and then I just didn't care, as it wasn't like I was going to come home just for you. Well I have this raid in Destiny to get to. So, I guess see you later." Peyton nonchalantly said as she started to turn back towards the tv.

"No wait, Please I'm so thirsty, and hungry." Nancy yelled as loud as she could but even she noticed her voice was much more muted than before.

"I can barely hear you. I think I made out you were thirsty." Peyton said halfway looking back down at her step mother while logging into the game. Nancy nodded vigorously hoping that Peyton would show her some mercy.

"Let it never be said that I'm not a kind and giving ruler towards my people." Peyton said between fits of laughter at her own statement.

Nancy looked on in horror as she watched Peyton move the microphone away from her mouth before her head tilted back slightly and the terrifying sound of phlegm and mucus gathered in the back of her step daughters throat which was released all at once.

The massive wad of spit struck the inside of the Ceramic pencil holder like a cannonball against a castle wall causing her to shudder as the spit landed directly overhead which meant she could only watch as it oozed down the side of the wall gathering speed as gravity took over. It wasn't long before it slunk over her body canvasing every square inch of her. Nancy let out a blood curdling scream as Peyton's thick white mucus ladin spit draped itself over her like a blanket. She screamed as the spit slid into her dry mouth.

"Drink up Step Monster." Peyton said with a glee Nancy hadn't ever heard from her before. The smile on her face exuded a level of happiness she never thought was possible. Then in a matter of an instant Peyton was gone as she headed across the room. Nancy could hear the gunfire and dialogue from a cutscene before she heard her stepdaughter push any thought of her from her mind as she played her weekly Destiny raid conversing with her team.

The warm spit was quickly growing cold, but it did have the benefit of the fact that it ate away at the hairspray which had covered and, fused her to the ceramic wall. Nancy quickly pushed the hair off of her and bolted from her transfixed position. Having the freedom to move felt heavenly as her limbs ached and her body still hurt from the hair dryer burns.

Nancy's looked down at the disgusting pool of spit and fell to her knees. Desperation overtook her as tears welled in her eyes. She cupped her hands and pushed them into the quickly cooling spit. She lifted her hands up and brought it near mouth before pushing them away.

"I'm not going to drink that. I'm a person not some parasite or bug who will live off the refuge of my stepdaughter. I have my pride." Nancy thought as her stomach rumbled and she turned away from the pool of spit as she listened to the noises and music of the game.

A couple hours and had gone before she heard the tv and Xbox turn off. It's about time that thing ended. Nancy had expected Peyton to come back over but, the lights were cut off and she heard the squeaking of the bedsprings. She wouldn't go to sleep, would she? Just leave me like this?

Nancy punched the wall as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Her mouth was so dry her tongue scraped against her lips which caused her a bit of pain. She finally could stand it no longer as she fell back down to her knees and cupped her hands. She submerged them into the cold spit and brought it towards her mouth. She opened wide and drank in the cold spit of her stepdaughter.

Her body was much to thirsty to even gag. The cold spit sliding down her dry throat was actually soothing, but the only thing more disgusting then the taste was the thought of it. As she cupped her hands again she brought more of the spit up to her mouth drinking it all in feverishly until she finally just lowered her head as if she were a dog drinking from a water bowl and just lapped up the spit.


"I did what I had to in order to survive." Nancy thought to herself as sat down leaning against back against the ceramic wall. "God, please. Help me! What have I done to deserve this?" She said as she cried herself to sleep. The only comfort being the solace that no one saw her do it. More importantly Peyton.



Chapter 3 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Thank you everyone for your continued support, critiques and kind words

Step Monster CH3 




As morning came Nancy awoke to what now felt like all too familiar surroundings. Peyton's sock was wrapped around her otherwise nude body so that she could fight off the cold. The loud blaring alarm once again echoed across a room that had already became old hat. Nancy felt a sickness dwelling in the pit of her stomach that this was already what was to become of her life.  

She found herself wondering how long she would be able to take this. If she could muster the will to live on under these conditions. Her step daughter always referred to her as a monster but, she couldn't help but think what this all made her? Never in a million years could she imagine imprisoning someone like this. Denying someone rights, help, safety and more importantly a chance at getting there life back. Peyton had denied her nearly every basic human right under the guise of the fact she was no longer considered human. No, that wasn't true. Nancy knew It was under the reasoning of bitter hatred over an act that she views as destroying her family.  

The sheer thought of that made her sick. The notion of having to live under the rule of this Titaness day in and day out. Having to have her rights peeled away one by one over the course of days, weeks or months. Nancy shuddered as she thought about the day when there would be no more rights to strip. The worst part of the whole thing, was that for a significant portion of her torture she wasn't even sure Peyton even did it to her on purpose. She was neglectful in forgetting she had sealed me in this hellhole. But, Nancy was honestly not sure if any portion of her Morning routine was intentional, or if it was more careless.  

Nancy listened to the thuds of Peyton's footfalls plod about the room. The recognizable booms and thunder claps from her hangers clattering together in her closet as Peyton picked out an outfit. It already seemed like a lifetime ago in which she could remember when that would be her. She remembered relishing the idea of going through her own closet and, putting different pieces together to create the perfect ensemble. She always felt she missed her calling as fashion designer or, wardrobe consultant. Now however, just the idea of having a garment to put on would feel like a luxury.  

 Peyton swarmed about the room readying herself for the day in much the same manner as the previous day. She had always been a creature of habit. She had much of the same routines each day. This led Nancy to brace herself for the hair dryer as Peyton approached.  

"No hair dryer today. It's too hard on your hair to wash and, dry it like that daily. I only do a full wash and dry on my hair a few times a week. This is a rest day so I let it air dry." Peyton said as she hovered over the Pencil holder in which Nancy still found herself trapped in as Peyton applied her make up. This made Nancy furious that she could just be ignored once again in such an insolent manner. She was a person and, was being completely ignored as her step daughter applied make up. She was about to lay into her when she heard her name mentioned over the radio.  

In a follow-up to yesterday's story about a local woman Nancy List who had disappeared from her home.  The police announced today that she has officially been declared missing. While no signs of forced entry were found in the home, the police do suspect foul play. They however did not elaborate as to what led them to that conclusion. The police announced today that they are following up any and all leads. They ask the public if you know anything about her whereabouts to call immediately. The radio reporter said before Peyton cut the radio off. Nancy couldn't believe her ears. It was somehow surreal to hear someone speak about you and, report on you as if you're gone and yet you hadn't ever left.   

"Oh no, maybe I should call in a tip that I saw you in my skate the other day." Peyton said with a laugh as she looked down at the diminutive parent. "I don't have time for the likes of you at the moment. I have class today." Peyton said with a dejected huff. 

Nancy found herself in horrific situation. She knew she couldn’t stay here forever. She needed to get out of this pencil holder or surely, she would die. She knew that she needed real food and, if she had any hope of being discovered or escaping from her stepdaughter she would need to get out.  

"Peyton, honey, please don't leave me in here." Nancy said as sweetly as she could fighting back the anger that raged inside of her over the humiliation and maltreatment she had put her through.   

Nancy found herself looking up at the back of Peyton's head as she continued to walk away. Nancy was left wondering if she didn't hear her or, was she just ignoring her. She could feel the frustration welling inside of her when she saw her titanic stepdaughter stop and turn back towards her.  

"Did you say something? I thought I heard something, but I could have been mistaken." Peyton said leaning down as close as she could.  

"Please Peyton, I'm begging you. You can't leave me here another day. I...I'll do anything. Just get me out of here." Nancy said in the least demanding voice she could  

"I mean, I could, and I see your lips moving but, I don't see the begging. You always said you were a woman of action. However, all I'm seeing is lip service." Peyton says with a smile. Nancy gulped as she looked up at her captor.  

"She knows she has me over a barrel." Nancy thought to herself. Doing the only thing she could think of she dropped to her knees as she pleaded up to the giantess. She said anything, and everything she could think of which could possibly stroke Peyton's ego. She apologized for ever making her do chores. She said how wrong she was for trying to oppose her. She called her a queen and a goddess. She admired her radiant beauty. She fought back tears as she said how wrong she was for forcing her mother and, father to break up. She buried the shame she felt deep inside of her. As Nancy knew she needed out if she were to survive. 

"I'm sure we could come to some kind of agreement. Since I know you wouldn't lie to me; These must be your true feelings after having had time to reflect on things, right?" Peyton inquired in a tone which Nancy couldn't tell if she was being serious, sarcastic or just messing with her. 

"Yes, yes. These past couple days have led me to realize my wrongs and, I want to repent for my transgressions." Nancy blurted out. Inside she knew she would agree to anything as her stomach grumbled in pain. Even though she could still taste the cold spit she had drank in desperation last night. Her mouth was still so dry it would only be a matter of time still she had no voice at all.  

"You called me your goddess I think I heard. So, pray to your maker. Show me that you are thankful that I allowed you to live in these gracious accommodations." Peyton ordered down. Her eyes narrowed as they focused on the tiny woman. She knew she would never do it. As faithful and religious as her and her father are she knew Nancy eclipsed them both. Whenever she was with her friends they called her a bible humper when she was out of earshot. As she would often recite passages, and use stories from the bible to get her points across.  

"I want you to say you forsake all other gods and, say you believe in me as your one true god. I want you to say that you will spend the rest of whatever life I allow you to have in service to me, your god, as a way of repenting for your sins against me and my family." Peyton said. She knew Nancy would never do that and, that was why she said it. She wanted her step mother to know that she would die in there.  Peyton wanted to see that look of desperation that was in her eyes now shatter, and the hopelessness of her new existence crush her. So, when Nancy dropped to her knees Peyton was forced to hide her shock. She couldn't believe what she seeing and hearing.  

Nancy, like her husband was a devote catholic, but she knew though that she needed to fight as god only helps those who first help themselves. She needed to survive. In her heart, she knew for whatever reason that this had to be part of god's plan. He was forcing her through these trials and, she just needed to survive.  She needed to hold on for as long as she could. Then at some point he would drop down an olive branch.  

"I believe that Goddess Peyton is the one true god and, my god. I will devote myself to serving my god in any way she sees fit. While I do not deserve it, I pray to her to absolve my sins against her and her family." Nancy said wiping tears from her eyes. As the last words stumbled out across her lips in her mind all she could think was god, I'm sorry. 

Peyton looked down at the miniature woman. "You disgust me. You sat on your high horse since the day I met you. Now look at you, for what it's worth. I was going to take you with me regardless of what you said." Peyton gloated. 

"I don't know how such a loving man could spawn such a hateful bitch." Nancy spouted Peyton having pushed her last button. She made her forsake her beliefs. She made her go against everything she believed in and, forsake it all! It was all for nothing, but just her entertainment. Nancy felt a fury she hadn't felt in days swell inside of her like a rising tide. Peyton then swiped her hand across the vanity table knocking the pencil holder off the desk in retaliation.  

Nancy was in a state of shock. One moment she was standing up yelling the next she felt her head smash against the ceramic wall of pencil holder with a deadening thud. She hadn't ever experienced a force like that before. Her body rolled along the wall of pencil holder a few feet before tumbling into the bottom of the pencil holder which was now the ceiling. She felt a dreadful pain envelope her as her shoulder hit the floor of pencil holder which continued to tumble end over end. Nancy was bounced like a popcorn kernel into either wall before finally becoming mercifully entangled in the discarded sock Peyton had tossed in days ago.  

As the pencil holder hit the floor and Nancy tumbled out somehow managing to land atop the sock. She let out a scream of pain so loud even Peyton who standing fully upright could hear it. Tears rolled down her face as she stood up on her knees grasping her right shoulder with her left hand. Blood slithered out from the gash in her head from the initial impact.  

Nancy's looked up and up until she couldn't tilt her head any further. Peyton looked impossibly tall. Two large white pillars made from white cotton knee-high socks bunched up around Peyton’s ankles running halfway up her leg.  She then saw nothing but her bare legs until finally a blue and grey plaid like pattern made from a cotton polyester blend skirt was barely visible before her eyes could see no further. This made it so she couldn't even see the top half of Peyton's body form her point on the floor. She didn't remember her looking so massive before as her heart raced in a mixture of fear and pain. She willed herself by perseverance alone to rise from her knees. Her body wobbled left to right like a tree branch in the wind.  

Now standing on her own two feet Nancy found herself looking directly into a pair of black Mary Jane styled Doc Martens. She could see clearly what must have been years of dirt and filth beaten into them from use. They had clearly seen better days. However, in the back of her mind she wondered if they were really that beaten and worn or was her size making the grime filled cracks and crevices more noticeable. 

"Beg" was the only word spoken by Peyton as she looked down at the tiny woman. The word Peyton spoke seemed almost as if it carried a power behind it that Nancy had never felt before. The idea that this was her five-foot-tall step daughter seemed completely appalling. As she glanced from left to right she only felt smaller as shoes, purses and bags the size of buildings were scattered about everywhere. Clothing covered the ground looking more like a multicolored ocean of grass which encompassed the whole landscape. They created hills and valleys in their own right. A plastic hanger which laid next to her could now be mistaken for city piping if she didn't know any better.  

Nancy staggered forward humbled by the enormity and scale of Peyton's room. She found that she could somewhat focus rationally if she just stared at the shoes her stepdaughter had on.  They were large enough in stature that when she looked at the shoes she could separate the shoes from her stepdaughter and, it made it seem somehow easier to take in.  

"I said beg." Her voice belted down causing Nancy to cover her ears from the sheer volume. She watched in dismay and awe as her left foot lifted what appeared to be stories upon stories in to the air. It just hung there for a moment as if it had its own power source. Her brain was telling her this was impossible but, her mind was saying this was reality.  

A gush of air surged down like a wind forcing Nancy back to her knees. The air alone was pelting against her with so much force she found her face pressed into a cashmere sweater. The perfume which Peyton had put on whenever she last wore the sweater still clung to the fabric and filled Nancy's nostrils. This caused her to go into a coughing fit as Peyton's foot seemingly exploded into earth causing Nancy tumble end over end landing on her already hurt shoulder.  

As she looked back up she found that she had gotten even further away from the five-foot tyrant. A part of her was telling her to run and hide. However, she knew it was fruitless. She struggled to pick herself back up off the floor. As she reached her feet she couldn't believe how heavy her body felt as her head pounded in pain. Her vision was blurring slightly as she looked forward at Peyton's shoes while wiping the blood from her head wound from her face. 

Knowing how impatient Peyton was. A memory of her yelling at a waitress and calling over a manager all because she had to wait five or six minutes before getting a drink refilled filled her mind. Nothing bothered Peyton more than having to wait her father always said. Everyone always told her that Peyton got it from her mother. When Peyton was a child, people often recounted tales of how she never crawled as a baby. She walked as she didn't have the patience to crawl.  Nancy rushed as quickly as her beaten body could to move towards Peyton. As she reached summit of her shoes she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms as best she could around the dingy black rims of the shoes.  

"Pucker up and kiss em. Kiss these shoes with the mouth you seduced my father with you siren." Peyton lorded down. Nancy, wanting this to be over puckered her dry lips and pressed them against the shoes. She didn't think Peyton would be able to tell if she actually licked them or not but fear kept her compliant. She snaked her tongue out and ran it over the rough dirty rubber. Her tongue rolled along dirt filled ridges. She felt herself swallow the dirt as soon as it her mouth. She had wanted to spit it out but she feared what would happen if she pulled away far enough to do so.  

An audible click could be heard causing Nancy's eyes to dart up. She looked horrified as she saw Peyton had taken a photo with her phone of her. The idea that this moment would be commemorated for all of time made her sick to her stomach. She pictured her posting this on snapchat and Instagram. The idea of her friends all seeing the picture and laughing made her feel smaller than she already felt and was.  

Peyton looked down at the time on her phone. She knew that she didn’t have any more time to spend humiliating the step monster. She sighed a bit dejected as she looked down at the former authoritarian before reaching downward to grasp the tiny woman.  

Nancy tumbled over onto her backside as Peyton tapped her foot against the tiny woman.  Nancy was then looking straight up as her step daughter’s body loomed over her filling every crevice of her vision as she bent over. Nancy still couldn’t believe how far away Peyton’s face looked even now as she bent down. Her locks of hair spilled down like massive blonde ropes from a freighter. She halfway expected to see anchors on the end of each piece of hair. Peyton’s hand descended lower and lower blocking out much of Peyton’s body from Nancy’s view. She found herself mesmerized as the giant fingers curled as they constantly descended lower and lower.  

Every instinct in her body told her to run. Told her to get away but, her body laid on the ground frozen until ground shock around her as her fingers dug in around her. Nancy could feel the clothing material that was underneath her buckle and give way underneath the power of Peyton’s finger.  She pushed her own hands outward instinctively as the one-time dainty hand of her step daughter curled tighter and tighter around her. The fingers which once looked trim and thin now appear meaty and powerful.  

It wasn’t long before Nancy felt herself forced into the warm oily palm of her step daughter. She let out a single scream before her voice muffled by the flesh all around her. Desperately she tried to look around but, she found that she didn’t have the strength to circumvent the power of Peyton’s grip. Which for her part she wasn’t applying any real pressure on her stepmother.  It was nothing more than a gentle loose hold to Peyton.  

“Munchkin, would you please come downstairs?” Peyton’s father called from the formal living room. Peyton started walking down the stairs obediently to her father’s wish.   

“Sure” She simply said as if she had already forgotten the minute woman in her hand. Nancy soon started to feel sick from slight side to side movement of Peyton’s hand. By the time she reached the stairs Nancy was ready to bow out. However, as Peyton approached the stairs Nancy started to bounce slightly in her hand as Peyton bounded down the stairs. She was about to turn the corner when she saw out of the corner of her eye she saw a police officer.  

Peyton froze for a moment as her face turned pale white. She looked from left to right for a place to hide her step mother. She could see nothing that would seemingly work, and wouldn’t cause attention. She lifted the flap of her blazer pocket up slid her stepmother into the pocket before pressing it back down firmly making sure the top was secure. She then adjusted her tie slightly before walking into the room.  

“Munchkin, this is officer Martinez. He is assigned to your mother’s disappearance. He just has a few questions for you.” Her father said motioning for her daughter to sit down.  

“Oh…umm okay.” Peyton said stumbling over her words a bit before sitting down on the sofa across from the officer.  

“I don’t mean to take up too much of your time. Peyton correct? I understand you may have been the last person to see your mother.” 

“Step Mother and yes.” Peyton corrected as she re-found her confidence as she remembered the report on the radio from earlier. They don't know anything and I'm not even a suspect.   

“Yes, step mother. Sorry. Did you happen to see anyone hanging around or notice anything that was off?” 

“Umm..Well we got had gotten into a fight. We did that a lot. I was supposed to go this party, but she wanted me to a do a couple chores instead. So, I didn’t see much of her as I was up in my room. I remember hearing her opening and closing a bunch of cabinets though. Like she was looking for something. She’s a very organized person. So, it was out of character for her to be rummaging through draws and cupboards. When I came out of my room later to apologize for my attitude and behavior. She was gone.  I figured she just ran out to run an errand. I didn’t know anything was wrong until I came back home later that night and dad an officer were in the driveway.” Nancy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was distorting the events. That all happened but, not like that.  

“HELP! Officer! My stepdaughter is holding me hostage.  Please!” Nancy pleaded as she beat against the blazer pocket as she listened to Peyton weave a tale of events while accurately misconstrue the events to put herself in the best of light and Nancy in the worst of light possible.  

“I didn’t see anyone weird or strange though hanging around the house that day.  She had been getting a lot of phone calls lately in which she would leave the room or go outside. She never had done that before.” Peyton added.  

“No, no, no! that’s not anything. I was planning a surprise a getaway for your father. You know that you brat!” Nancy screamed as she continued to kick and punch at the pocket. However, much to her chagrin her voice was to weak and strained from the events of the past couple day. The material of Peyton’s blazer being much too thick for any signs of her movement to be visible. If anyone saw anything the movement would've appeared to be nothing more than a byproduct of Peyton moving or fidgeting.  

“Well I think that’s all questions I have for you for now. We spoke to your father earlier. If anything develops we will let you know.” The officer said standing up shaking Peyton and her father’s hand before excusing himself and leaving.  

Nancy felt defeated at that moment. She knew she couldn’t have been more than a few feet at best from an officer and her husband. Neither could detect her presence, or hear her cries for help and salvation. She knew now for any chance of getting help, she would need to be in the open and high up off the floor to have a chance at being rescued.


Chapter 4 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Thanks everyone again for the reviews and critques. I'm thrilled that people are finding an interest in this. I decided as a way of saying thank you to everyone reading along I would dust off my rendering skills and do a render from chapter 3. I also ahve one from chapter 1 but I left it rendering overnight and I haven't been home yet.  

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Step Monster CH4





Rain pelted down against the streets washing away the filth of the suburban town. People could be seen dashing to their cars; others standing under awnings as they waited for public transportation. The dreary skies showed no sign of succumbing to the sun behind the cloud cover on this day.

Nancy was tussled to and fro as the pocket she found herself trapped in swayed from side to side under the power of her now titanic stepdaughter who plodded along the path to Pacific Coast Academy for Girls. She could hear the voices of people passing by clear as day. She called out them, but they never called back. Her voice was seemingly lost in the struggle of space.

The clip clop of Peyton’s feet hitting the wet pavement; The splash of water as her feet pushed the puddled water to the side. If Nancy was on the ground the water would appear to be waves crashing against her. Water droplets falling from the sky like bombs descending upon a war torn third world country. She was sure she would drown to death if she was left to her own devices in the wild on this day. It pained her to admit that.

Peyton smiled happily as she listened to the rain hitting the ground. She always loved the rain. It relaxed her in a way nothing else could. It brought about a sense of happiness in her. As she plodded along the path to school she stopped as she reached the corner of Delaware road. She looked down the side path and smiled as she saw her best friend Avery who was trudging along the small the path. As Avery looked at the path she waved as she saw her.

Avery, quickened her pace as she rushed to great her friend. As she met Peyton she hugged her tightly greeting her as she does every morning. However, this morning unbeknownst to Avery was different from the rest. As she hugged her best friend Nancy felt the crushing weight of the two bodies bearing down her. She found herself sandwich between two immoveable forces with nowhere to go.

“Hey, I know with your step monster disappearing you have a lot going on. But, do you think I could crash at your place again tonight?” Avery asked as the two girls continued along the path towards there school.

“Your dad again?” Peyton inquired curiously. “You know you don’t need to ask.” Peyton said as she folded her umbrella up and walked in step with Avery underneath her umbrella.

“Yeah, he started drinking again. So, moms picking up extra hours..“ Avery got out before Peyton cut in handing Avery a pop tart from her backpack.

“He doesn’t…”

“No, he hasn’t. Not often.” Avery reluctantly said turning her face slightly away from Peyton.

“He hasn’t or doesn’t very much.” Peyton said as she grabbed Avery’s shoulder.

“He hasn’t yet. I’m pretty good at avoiding him when he gets like that. I have you.” Avery said resting her head on Peyton’s shoulder with a yawn.

“Yeah you do. Oh, I forgot to tell you, after you left the mall yesterday. I saw Gavin, I think he broke up with Stacie.  They had an argument and both stormed off in opposite directions.”

“And you’re just telling me this now? Did you swoop in and console him in his hour of need?”

“Yeah Aves, I just swooped in on my magical horse. He is cute though.” Peyton said as both girls laughed. “Besides, Bradley is good to me.”

"I'm still surprised your allowed to see him. He's older than you." Avery questioned as she stuck her hand out letting the rain fall upon it.

"Oh, well that’s easy they don't know yet." Peyton said while pulling her hair back into a ponytail. 

"You're so bad." Avery said as she playfully bumped her shoulder into Peyton's.

"You don't even know. I'm only telling you because you’re my best friend. You can't tell anyone though. This is serious vault level stuff." Peyton exclaimed as she looked seriously at her friend.

"You know I don't say anything we share. So, what's the story. It's not like you preface things." Avery questioned curiously as she moved in closer towards her friend.

"It's probably easier if I show you." Peyton said as she opened her blazer pocket and reached in.

Nancy for her part was beside herself. She couldn't believe she was just going to be so casually showed off. Here she had spent the whole morning fighting to gain the attention of another soul who could possibly help her. Now, she was going to be shown off as if she were part of some dog and pony show. The idea didn't sit well with her however, as the flap lifted up on Peyton's blazer shards of light started filter in. Nancy blinked in a daze as her eyes re-adjusted to seeing light. 

She quickly scanned the pocket with the little bit of light she had for something she could use to maybe ward off Peyton's hand. However, as she suspected from her investigation in the dark confines of the pocket that it was indeed barren. Nancy nervously eyed the top of the pocket as Peyton's fingers surged through the opening. The small tight confines of the pocket meant she literally had nowhere to go as Peyton's fingers encapsulated around her body.

Nancy felt her heart start to race as she was lifted upward trapped within a prison of flesh.  She could feel walking motion of Peyton come to a halt and noticed how much louder everything sounded as she was pulled outside of the pocket.  The cold rainy air swirled around her naked body causing her to shiver in the warm fleshy palm of Peyton. As much as she didn't want to admit it she secretly wished for the sock she had used a blanket the past couple days.

As Nancy looked about she realized for the first time she was outside and somewhat in the open. As she looked upward she could see the massive umbrella and the rain drops pelting against it. Each droplet hitting the umbrella sounded like fireworks going off. She couldn't get over how vast the world now looked. She had jogged this route many times and knew where several homes should be. However, she found that because of her newfound size her eyes were much less powerful. It was something she had never put much thought into till now. When she was on the floor in Peyton's room she couldn't even see the top of her skirt. Now, she can barely see the houses that line the block. The notion that as her size diminished her vision or at the very least it seemed to scale with her size.

This revelation was humbling to Nancy. A group of boys who looked near the same age as Peyton walked by. She couldn't help but notice how her existence was oblivious to them. They didn't view anything as out of the ordinary or strange. As they walked by she could feel the wind their bodies generated just by passing by. The lawns of the houses that lined the block looked as if they were dense rain forests.

As she spun around her vision landed on Avery Jennings. She was Peyton's best friend and partner in crime. She knew the girls home life wasn't very good. She was a sweet girl, but her father has a weakness for liquor and, from what she knew of him he seemed to not be able to put it away. She had heard from several neighbors he was in and out of jobs a lot because of it. This left Avery's mother to often pickup extra shifts. So, she never minded how often she was at the house or, that she would sleep over several times a week.

Now though, as she looked upon Avery for the first time she found it odd seeing someone who was larger than Peyton. Avery was by no means a tall girl as she stood only five-foot one or two at best. Which made her taller than Peyton but, very much a short girl. Nancy's eyes bore into titan as fright spread across her face. Like Peyton, she had blonde hair and while Peyton had a bit more an athletic frame to her Avery was just thin.

"Like what is it? It's too small to be a doll. It looks pretty detailed." Avery says as she bends down closer to Peyton's outstretched palm to get a better lock.

Nancy started backing away but the unevenness of Peyton's palm sent her tumbling down to the ground. She found herself in a crabwalk position as Avery's massive body lowered downward and her face moved in closer and closer to Peyton's hand until it dominated her plane of vision.

As she spoke questioning what Nancy's existence was she could smell the cherry pop tart Peyton had given her on her breath as the warm air from her mouth washed over her. The smell while not unpleasant caused Nancy's nose to crinkle. As much as she wanted help she couldn't forsee a situation where one of Peyton or her minions would provide her any relief from this hell she was being forced to live.

"It looks like a tiny person and moves like a tiny person but how?" Avery questioned as she reached her hand out towards Nancy. The massive digit of Avery knocked her onto her chest with a subtle ease she was still not use too or expecting. Nancy felt the air rush out of her lungs from the rough impact. She grimaced in pain from her injured shoulder striking against Peyton's palm.

Nancy soon felt the large fingers return as they ran over her body. The voice Avery boomed in her ear drums at a level she had not heard before due to the proximity of the girl to her. It wasn't long before she felt her legs forcibly spread apart as the young woman eyed her.

"She seems to have all her parts too? Where and how did you get this? It's just incredible." Avery asked in an astonished tone.

"It's my step monster. I found her shrunk on the floor a few days ago." Peyton nonchalantly said

"Oh my god, it can't be." Avery said laughing as she picks up the tiny woman by the leg lifting her off of Avery's hand.

Nancy wasn't prepared nor expecting Avery's reaction. She felt the grip on her right leg tighten and then she was drug roughly against the palm of Peyton's hand. She could feel the oils of her skin being pressed into her. Pain coursed through her body as the burns on her skin chaffed against the skin of Peyton's hand. Nancy yelped in pain as she was finally lifted up into the air.

She could feel the blood in her body start to drain to her head as she was dangled upside down. Her body swayed from left to right as she rose up higher and higher. As Avery stood back up to her full height she handed the umbrella to Peyton as her eyes remained focused on tiny woman unable to believe what she was told.

Nancy's body spun wildly as the pressure on her ankle and foot increase as Avery's two large eyes focused on her every move. Analyzing and studying her as if she were some kind of science experiment. It left her with an unsettling feeling as she helplessly dangled before the girl.

"It really does look just like her. Does it speak?" Avery said her gaze turning from the tiny woman over to Peyton. Nancy felt humiliated and furious as Avery spoke about her as if were a possession instead of person. She handled her like she was nothing of importance at all. 

"I'm not an it and, I will not be treated so disrespectfully. Put me down this instant young lady." Nancy yelled finally finding her voice as she twisted about haphazardly as she remained dangling in front of Avery's face.

"I guess it does." Avery said laughing at the diminutive woman's high pitched and squeaky tone of voice as she tried to yell at her. "I can't believe this is your step mother is this helpless little thing now."

"Ugh, I thought I had her trained better. Sorry she's being such a bitch." Peyton said as she poked Nancy in the side causing her to swing back and forth some more before finally settling down in front of Peyton's face.

"If you want to continue to see the light of day you won't ever speak to my friends like that again. You are nothing to us. You've always been a parasite of a woman leeching onto people like my father and, now you've been turned into what you are."

"Pey--" Nancy managed to get out before Peyton cut her off.

 "I wasn't done slave. Your mantra should be something you always told me. You should be seen and not heard. If you are addressed you should feel humbled and honored that someone has acquiesced your existence. Unlike you, Avery deserves respect as she's an actual person unlike you." Peyton spat down at Nancy in anger.

"Whoa, settle down Pey. It's no big deal. It's not like this is a person or something that I would care what it says or thinks. I mean look at it, it's just a thing." Avery rationally said as she tried to calm Peyton down.

Nancy wanted to curl up and die as she dangled before the two titans. As she gazed upon Peyton her face turned ghost white while her teeth chattered together. She looked upon the giant nervously yet afraid. The kind of look a child gives a parent when they know they did something wrong.  She found that she was fearful of the repercussions that could be brought down by her slave driving step daughter.

"You're right, I just hate that stupid step monster and she was disrespecting you." Peyton said to Avery. "And you, you're lucky Avery's here. Peyton said at Nancy having calmed down as she extended her hand out below her step mother.

Nancy always heard Peyton's father, her husband Douglas, talk about how Avery was a Peyton Whisperer he joked. But, she had never witnessed it, till now. She felt a wave of relief hit her as the situation seemed to have been defused by Avery. However, she found that her ego had taken another hit. Nancy couldn't help but notice Avery's word choices in speaking with her. She was always it or thing. It was if she was talking about a purse or a piece of clothing instead of a person.

Avery released her grip on Nancy's ankle and Nancy was sent into a state of free fall. The world rushed by in a blur briefly before she crashed into Peyton's palm. The impact caused her body to crumple like paper upon impact.  She rolled over onto her back as Peyton and Avery continued walking. They chatted about this and that ignoring her existence completely. After the recent string of events Nancy couldn't help but feel it was for the best. Several minutes elapsed before the campus of Pacific Coast Academy came into view.  The rain and had stopped allowing Avery to put her umbrella away. 

The campus was a fairly large private school and renown for providing an elite education from pre-school and all the way through college. It had on campus dorm housing for students of all ages along with high end athletic facilities. The girls were walking past the dorms when they stopped. Nancy for her part was thankful as while she appreciated the fresh air and after recent events was glad to not be the center of attention. As while the girls were walking in reality quite slow for Nancy it felt like they were traveling hundreds of miles per hour and, she was out in the open.

The booming voices of Avery and Peyton continued as Peyton bent down dumping Nancy out onto the wet cement. Directly next to her was a large puddle which to her could pass as a lake. As she looked out across this cement walkway it was surreal seeing what to her was massive bodies of water everywhere which could pass as lakes in some cases, to her. Then seeing gargantuan sized giants stomp through the puddle as if it were nothing further drove home the fact that if she were to escape from Peyton she would die in less than a day. Any one of those footsteps could end her existence as they go about living their lives. If she was going to escape Peyton she would need to plan and find the right moment.

"We don't have all day. If you want some water you better drink up." Peyton bellowed down to Nancy breaking her from her thoughts.  Nancy looked back and up and Peyton as best she could but the girls were standing and chatting. From her place on the ground, just as earlier she couldn't see much past their skirts. 

If she could she would have seen a smirk on Peyton's face and a bit of a bewildered look on Avery's face as she looked down at Nancy. Avery figured Peyton was joking to see how far she could push her stepmother. As they had never gotten along. However, she couldn't picture the woman actually complying.

Nancy's dry mouth salivated as she looked at the water. Images of drinking Peyton's spit just so she could survive to this point filled her mind. Knowing an opportunity like this may not come around again for days she took a few steps to the puddle and got down on her hands knees. She lowered her hands into the cold water of the puddle and cupped her hands. She drank several sips of the cold rain water before splashing it up and on her face to wash away the blood from this morning.

She then slunk her way into puddle letting the cool water wash away the sweat and grime from Peyton's skates and feet. She drank several more mouthfuls of water. She had never tasted water so good before. She didn't care that she looked like an animal to the two girls as she drank in the water and cleaned herself. She wasn't even thinking about them. She had a near euphoric feeling wash over her.

"When did you last give it water Peyton? I swear that thing has to be part camel." Avery said with a laugh as she watched the diminutive woman take her fill of water and clean herself.

"Give? Ummm let's see. I got her like this on Saturday pretty early in the day its Monday morning now. And, do you mean water specifically?" Peyton asked with an innocent look on her face as she looked at Avery.

"Peyton? What did you do?" Avery Chided as she looked at her friend.

"I may have given her nothing for a couple days then once she was begging for water and food spit down at her so she would have no choice but to live off my spit. It was so funny though." Peyton said laughing a bit as she recanted the tale.

"You are horrible and, I love you." Avery added before turning around to see who called her name. Oh, Hey Becca" Avery yelled as she waved to their friend.

Nancy looked over as she saw another giant head in her direction. She had her fill of water and headed back towards Peyton. As she neared her shoe she pulled on her laces, but Peyton didn't seem to notice. The voices of all three girls boomed around her. She felt like she was on Mount Olympus as a guest to the gods. It wasn't too long later a fourth girl appeared. Nancy thought she recognized the voice but, without being able to see much of anything other than their shoes and legs everyone looked same.

It was a surreal situation for Nancy and, she couldn't help but feel the authority of Peyton press further down on her as each sentence carried more and more weight. She was in the middle of a group of girls and only half of them knew she was existed. The two that did were not thinking about her at all. Nancy yelled Peyton's name but, none of the girls even batted an eye. They didn't even pause their conversation much to her chagrin. Several more minutes passed as the girls chatted. Nancy was shivering as she clung to her step daughters shoe fearful she would be left behind. It felt like an eternity before Peyton and Avery's friends left.

"I got English first period. See you at lunch Pey." Avery said before dashing off. As Peyton looked down at her step mother.

"See where you stand. No one acknowledges your existence. I own your little ass.  Don't you ever forget who your god is. Now beg me to put you back in my warm pocket so you don't freeze to death on the sidewalk of my school, or don’t and see what happens." Peyton ordered down to the shivering woman.

Nancy was beside herself as she peered up at the god-like young woman before her. She had hoped that they had passed this point already. She felt like she wanted to die as she fell back down to her knee’s resting her right arm on Peyton’s shoe for balance. The wet pavement she was so happy to see earlier, now just ate into her causing her to shiver even more. The rain had cooled the air to the point where she felt colder than she ever had before in Peyton’s room.

“Please save me. I won’t survive without you.” Nancy cried knowing the words were true however much she hated to say them.

“I don’t know if I really feel the love from my Peytonian subject. Why should I?” Peyton knowingly said as she impatiently looked at the clock on her phone. “I don’t have all day. I’m not getting a tardy because of you.” Peyton added.

“Please Peyton. I will be your loyal subject. I will fulfill your ever demand. Just please, I don’t want to die here! I don’t want to die like this. Allow me the shelter of your pocket.” Sobbed Nancy unable to comprehend a world where she had to beg to be carted around in a pocket.

“I suppose but in the Greek mythology books were reading the gods always put the mortals through tests in which they must prove themselves. So, climb on my shoe Step Monster. As if I’m truly your god as your claim me to be that makes all me a divine being to a mere worshiper like you. So, if you’re still on my shoe when I reach the main doors you will have proven yourself worthy. If not, well I’ll write a nice eulogy for your funeral.”

Having no real choice in the matter Nancy grasped the thick laces of Peyton’s shoes. She shimmied up onto the shoe using the rope like laces. As soon as she was atop the shoe Peyton started walking not waiting another moment.

Almost immediately Nancy was nearly thrown off the shoe. She grabbed the laces crisscrossing over the tongue of the shoe as Peyton walked along towards her first class. She thought about walking at quickened pace but decided she would merely push any thought of her step mother out of her mind and let fate decide if she would still be on her shoe as she went about her normal life.

Nancy found her body being pounded against the shoe with each step of her foot. One moment she would be hurdling through the air as if she were holding onto the outside of a moving vehicle. The next moment bone shattering earthquake would seemingly occur as her foot imploded into the ground.

As Peyton walked along the sidewalk water from puddles splashed up into the air causing the water to beat against her body. The droplets of water slammed against her which felt like she was being shot with an airsoft rifle due to her size and the now denser water droplets.

She could feel her hands slipping as the shoe and laces became soaked with water. The doc marten mary jane styled shoes themselves would shed the water which made the hard surface of the shoe slick. Meaning the slightest of miscalculations on Nancy’s part could easily send her tumbling from Peyton’s shoe. She knew this would surely mean her death. If not from the fall surely from someone else, the cold, or some now monstrous wild animal.

The walk felt endless to poor Nancy. When Peyton’s seemingly swift movements came to halt once again she could feel tears sliding down her face as her teeth chattered. She had thought several times before this would be it and Peyton was there. However, a few of times she stopped to chat with people.  However, knowing Peyton is not one to be late. She couldn’t imagine this wasn’t it.

“Venti, half sweet, non-fat Carmel Macchiato” Peyton ordered gabbing as she pawed through her wad of cash courteous of Nancy’s accounts. “I’m a little hungry too. I’ll take that Bacon, Gouda & Egg sandwich”

“That fucking brat. I’m fighting for survival and, she stops for frickin’ coffee and breakfast. If I could id kill her.” Nancy said as she used the reprieve to careful weave her arms and legs through the crisscrossing laces.

“Thanks” Nancy heard Peyton’s voice boom to the attendant as she stepped away from the outdoor counter with her purchases.  Several more frightful minutes passed by before Nancy felt Peyton stop again.

A cup of coffee larger than her lowers into her field of view before being set down just inches from her. Nancy watches as Peyton grasps onto her cold body lifting her upward. In her opposite hand she can smell and see the delicious looking breakfast sandwich. Only a bite is left but, she figured Peyton must have been saving it for her. She was almost sure she would have to do something equally demeaning for it.

“Oh, do you want some?” Peyton said having eyed her stepmother staring at the sandwich. “Well speak up.” Peyton said impatiently.

“But you sa—“ Was all Nancy managed to get out before Peyton popped the last bit in her mouth.

“Delicious.” Peyton said with a smile as she raised her step mother up to her mouth and stuck her tongue out containing a mashed-up wad of chewed up bacon, egg and bread. Peyton dangled Nancy by the leg so that her face was directly next to the wad of food. Her stomach grumbled and without a second thought she reached out to grasp a piece of the chewed food. As her fingers tips brushed up against the pile of food Peyton pulled her tongue in swallowing the last bits of food.

“You didn’t think you were going to actually get some did you? How precious!” Peyton said laughing near hysterically. “Something like that is much too good for you. Assuming you’re obedient I could maybe find something for my most loyal subject.” Peyton said with glee before opening her blazer pocket up and dropping Nancy back in side. She patted the pocket a few times feeling the small fleshy mound of a woman.

“This is your life now, slave.” Peyton said as she pulled the large metal doors open and walked into one of the main academic buildings. It wasn’t long before Nancy heard one of Peyton’s friends greet her. The girls exchanged greetings before walking towards Peyton’s locker.  the girls continued along chatting as they moved about the school building. They greeted their other friends as they passed by. Nancy shielded her ears as she found herself overwhelmed. She could hear the shuffling and pounding of the student’s feet as they walked about. Voices laughing and talking boomed around her. It was the voices of Peyton and her friends which were loudest and most deafening. She found herself forced to listen to their gossip and stories.

Even now, as Peyton ignored her. Nancy couldn’t help but feel that this to was a form of humiliation. Any other day or time Peyton would never allow her to hear these stories or conversations. Things that normally they spoke about in hushed tones around her now were spoken freely. Never once did Peyton care.  It infuriated Nancy that Peyton had lost all fear of her wraith and respect for her authority.

Through all this Nancy could feel the warmth starting to return to her body. As the coldness seeped out of her she started to feel a bit more human. As Peyton chatted and carried on she realized she should be feeling relief.  As she figured with Peyton being busy with her classes she would be mostly ignored. The irony in that thought was not lost on her. She could remember back to just a day or two ago she was pleading for Peyton to notice her. She just wanted some acknowledgement that she wasn't going to be left to die, and now she's thankful just for a reprieve from her.

As the bell sounded the pace quickened as everyone headed to class. The swaying of the pocket soon stopped as Peyton reached her class. She pulled her pencils and pens out of her bag along with a bottle of water as she settled into her desk.

“All right girls. Make sure your desks are clear of any study materials. Remember this is a one-hundred-point test which is multiple choice.” The teacher said handing out the test and scantron forms.  “You have 60 minutes. As soon as you have your test you can begin.” The teacher said.

Nancy smiled evilly. She knew that Peyton had not once studied for this the past couple days. She was too concerned about her social life and giving me hell to study. She never was the best student but a few bad grades could maybe draw in a chance for me to get discovered by someone who could actually do something.

It was then Nancy felt an unnaturally motion followed by rays of fluorescent light entering her dark world. Nancy blinked a few times as her eyes struggled to adjust to the light once again. The next thing they saw was a giant hand coming down for her. Nancy raised her hands up as if she could somehow block or ward off Peyton’s awaiting hand.

The giant hand encircled around her in a matter of seconds. She then felt herself rising up and out of the pocket. Nancy was dumbfounded as to what was going on as she was sent tumbling down on the desk below. She looked from left to right unable to believe the size of this desk. As she spun around she could see to the left and right of her were giant girls. Both of them even larger then Peyton. She realized for the first time just how few people she had ever seen like this, and wondered if there would ever come a point she wasn't taken aback by the scale and stature of these now giant godlike beings in comparison to her.

It made her heart race, and then she knew this was the perfect chance. She had no idea why she had gotten taken out of that pocket, but with everyone quiet for this test surely her voice would be heard. She was about to call out for help when she heard a tapping noise. She looked up towards the top of desktop and saw Peyton tapping a bottle of super glue with her pencil.

“If you so much as a make a peep I will super glue your mouth shut, followed by your body to the bottom of this desk.” Peyton whispered. Nancy for her part knew she was serious. She wondered even now if her voice was strong enough to be heard, and if it was, if she could do enough to draw someone over here before Peyton could silence her. She doubted that she could.

Not having much of a choice. Nancy obliged, and decided to sit down, and enjoy a bit a freedom while Peyton most likely failed her test. However as soon as she sat down she felt the pencil knock her over face first. Nancy rolled end over end with her momentum carrying her all the way up to the first math question.

“You always gloated how you finished at the top of your class, college grad with full honors I believe you gloated to me. The days of you making me toil away after school on my homework are through. You’re my golden ticket.” Peyton once again whispered as she jabbed the pencil into Nancy’s back.

Nancy gulped as she looked at the first test question. She could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Peyton Jabbed the pencil in to her back once again forcing the air from her lungs. As her chest was pressed into the desk she winced in pain grabbing her rib.  She reached her hand over to answer C and tapped it several times.

She felt the pressure release from her back as the pencil was lifted away. She looked back at Peyton who stared down at her not breaking her gaze for a moment as she filled in bubble C on the scantron. Not wanting to a repeat of the previous event Nancy walked over to question two. It was and odd feeling to be standing on the test your taking. To be reading sentences longer than your body.

As Nancy read over the question she could feel the pressure. She knew if she didn’t score well Peyton would be upset. She wondered what the girl would do? She never seemed like a violent person, however she never seemed like a kidnapper either. The idea that she was being held hostage by her stepdaughter was surreal enough. However, now to be forced to live as her subject. To be forced to take her tests, and do whatever else her mind can devise up.

Nancy pointed at question A before heading to the next question. She didn’t dare look back up. She realized now for the first time what this was. What this feeling she had felt wash over her ever since she was dropped in Peyton’s pocket. It was remorse.  Nancy found herself wishing she could turn back time. She could fix what she did as maybe then she wouldn't be here now.

She had been scared and startled before. She never felt fear like this though and the more she thought about it. Most people haven’t. Most people don’t have to ever stare thirsting to death in the eye and make amends with that. The average person never has to come face to face with a truly life-threatening situation, and the unlucky ones that do have a modicum of control.

However, these past few days have made it painfully aware that she is truly at the mercy of her stepdaughter and that scares her to death. The full understanding that in the past few days since the accident the only thing she has had to eat or drink is the saliva of another human being in which she was forced to drink and lap up of like a dog. The water she was given earlier was merely an act of benevolence by a now greater being. As her stomach growled she was left only wondering when her first real meal would be. As she pointed at letter A again and Peyton filled in her test question. Nancy knew now that she feared Peyton in a way she never knew was possible.

Peyton for her part smiled down with glee as she watched her former slave driver of a step parent take her test. This made her wonder what else she could do for her. She felt happiness as she saw the small woman fearfully scurry from question to question in an effort to appease her will.

Nancy felt mentally drained as she finished the last question and stepped off the test. She watched Peyton gather up the test and scantron. The entire desk lurched as she stood up. The desktop shook from side to side as Peyton rose from her throne. Nancy gulped over the massive size difference still not having gotten use it and unsure if she ever would.

“Hold this slave.” Peyton said quietly enough so only Nancy could here. This caused her to look up at the giant girl. As soon as Nancy looked up she saw a pencil many times her own size descending towards her unabated. If she had more time she would have ran or dodged. Anything probably would have been better but everything happened much too quickly. She reached her arms out in an instinctive attempt to block the object from hitting her. However, the pencil struck her collapsing her like as if she was nothing.

Nancy looked over at Peyton who already had her back to her and was walking away from her desk. The weight of pencil bore down on Nancy’s minute frame. She tried to lift the pencil, but no longer did Nancy have the strength to move such objects. She felt so helpless as even simple everyday objects like this pencil lorded its power and weight over her.

            “I’m being held down by fucking pencil. This isn’t my life. This has to be a nightmare. I’m living a nightmare.” Nancy thought as she struggled in vein underneath the pencil. She felt more helpless then she ever had before.

“I’m going to have to wait for that fucking brat.” She fumed helplessly underneath the weight of the pencil. She then felt the desk start to shake again and the thud of footsteps. She knew Peyton must be returning. However soon a thin lanky girl came into view. Nancy gulped as she stared up at her. She was much taller than Peyton. As the girl walked by she stopped and looked down at the desk and her.

“Oh my gosh. That’s such a cute pencil holder. Mine always rolls off the desk.” The girl said as Peyton approached.

“Yeah thanks, I saw it in one of those little shops downtown and had to have it.” Peyton said as she sat down. Nancy tried to call out to her, she tried to say something or anything, but the weight of the pencil was forcing the air out of her. She couldn’t find any words to speak. She watched in horror as a real chance at discovery walked away thinking she was nothing more than some gadget used to hold Peyton’s pencil.  


Chapter 5 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Since i'm about 50 pages ahead of this point i figured i'd edit instead of write and post the next chapter. I also did a render of a scene depicted in chapter one. You can view the picture by following the link below. Thanks again to everyone who is reading, comment, critquing.



Step Monster CH5




Nancy found herself sealed away in all too familiar surroundings for the rest of class. She felt everything around her sway from left to right as Peyton moved about and fidgeted. As the math class drug on, she found out some things never change about school. As everyone completed their tests the classroom slowly degenerated into everyone talking. The room broke off into their cliques and hierarchy's in which Nancy realized Peyton was apparently fairly high up the pecking order at Pacific Coast Academy

She slowly pieced together how the school was run. She found that things were setup almost like the military in a lot of ways. The general would be this Jamie Grace. A girl who Nancy had heard Peyton talk about, and was pretty sure had been over to the house a few times. However, she couldn't quite place the girl. Then this Jamie' Grace's Lieutenants were Peyton and some girl named Kaitlyn.  In this case each Lieutenant then had two Majors. Peyton's were here two best friends Avery and Sabrina.

"Finally, this class is over." Nancy heard one of Peyton's friends say breaking her train of thought on comparing school societal structures to the Military. As Peyton stood Nancy felt her body slam and contort against Peyton's body as she moved along with it. The booming voices of Peyton's friends who chatted about events she cared little for, or wanted to know about filled her ear drums making it almost impossible to have her own thoughts. She found herself forced to listen to the mindless dribble they spewed as important events.

Lockers slammed, people laughed, feet shuffled as they walked passed Peyton all oblivious to Nancy's plight for freedom. Her voice to weak and powerless to be heard. The pocket, to high climb out, and even if she could escape, she had thought of no viable way to contact these newfound giants who dominated her world. Surely, she would be crushed by any one of these students without a thought or notice until it was too late.

As Peyton reached her next class she pulled her surface laptop out of her bookbag and booted it up. She then grabbed her water bottle as she opened OneNote on her computer, finally grabbing her step mother from her pocket dumping her onto the desk. She watched the small woman tumble end over end a bit before rolling to a stop.

Nancy looked up at the laptop in a state of awe. The screen was simply massive. She had been to an Imax theater a few years ago on a date with Peyton's father. She remembered that the screen appeared almost endless in size. It was unreal watching a movie on a screen that seemed out of this world in size and scale. Now, as she gazes upon Peyton's laptop that Imax screen might as well have been a thirteen-inch television.

" can't possible mean for me to type on that thing. There's no way I could keep up." Nancy said as her eyes were still transfixed on the massive screen.

"No, this class is soooo boring, listening to Mr. Larson drone on about Science things no one cares about. I'm not going to be a scientist or anything. You will be my little jester for this class. Your job is to keep me entertained." Peyton said as the bell sounded, and she slid on her reading glasses.

Nancy watched Peyton start taking notes as the teacher began the lecture. A sense of dread weighed on her as she looked across the sea of students. A few others using laptops some using the pencil and paper for notes. Nancy feared what would happen if she couldn't entertain the giant.

It was then she watched Peyton pull a massive wad of bubble gum from her mouth and stuck it on top of the desk. Nancy looked at the heap of bubble gum almost in admiration of its size. It looked like she must have chewed an entire pack of gum at once. Even if she had been her normal size it was still a fairly large piece of gum.

She turned to look at Peyton unsure of what she was supposed to do with it exactly. However, in a flash Peyton's hand jutted towards her. Nancy didn't even have time to react. The movement seemed almost improbable as it moved so fast, she wondered if her eyes just couldn't keep up with Peyton's movements.  She never saw her finger pull back or flick forward. Nancy just felt the pain from the impact of Peyton's finger into her stomach. She tumbled backwards landing in the massive wad of gum.

Instantly Nancy begun to flail as she felt herself sink into the gooey sticky pink wad of gum. As she lifted her arm the gum stretched with her arm before snapping back into place. She then pulled both arms out of the wad of gum trying to push or pull it off hands, and arms but it only seemed to make it worse.

Nancy looked up at Peyton with a petrified look on her face. She wanted to see a look of concern or have her make a move to help her, but instead she merely saw enjoyment and laughter as she struggled in the mess of gum.

"You need to find a way out before the end of this class, otherwise, I'm going to leave you here, a gift for whoever sits here next." Peyton decreed as her attention turned back towards her laptop briefly as she took down more notes for the class.

"Peyton, you can't be serious. This has gone on long enough. I'm not an instrument to be used at will. Get me out of here." Nancy ordered as sternly as she could. However, the young woman didn't even need to respond. The cold Icey gaze with a telling smirk was on her face told her everything she needed to know. Nancy kicked at her feet trying to free them from the gum. However, as she pulled and pressed the gum merely molded with her legs and arms.

Peyton looked on with glee as her step mother struggled in vein to free herself from her chewing gum. As she continued to take her notes, she had to stifle several laughs as the more Nancy fought the more she seemed to sink into the gooey pile.

This went on for several minutes before Nancy finally managed to break her arm free from the chewing gum.  She took the sticky arm and grasped the flat wooden desktop in vein as her hand slid down the back towards the wad of gum. A feeling helplessness washed over her as she looked for anything she could grasp onto. The hope was that something may aid in freeing herself. However, nothing was around that she could use to pull herself free that she could see from her current vantage point.

"That’s right, struggle my slave. See how meek you are? You can't even free yourself from some bubble gum. I wonder who sits here after me? Maybe it's that slut Becca Rodgers. I hear she'll put anything between her legs." Peyton taunted quietly at her step mother.

Nancy wanted to believe that she wouldn't actually leave her here however, she knew that would be a fallacy. She could completely believe Peyton would leave her trapped on this desk for whatever student would come in here next.  Nancy tried not to think about some sex crazed teenager coming in finding her but, her mind could only focus on things worse than her current situation.

The taunting of her step daughter and the fear of actually being left behind caused Nancy to fight with a renewed vigor. As she knew as bad as things were; That there were worse things than life under Peyton reign. She turned her body, and reached in an alternate direction. This time she spotted a small notch in the desk. 

As she reached out towards the notch she found her fingertips just barely sliding into the crevice on the desk. Long strings of pink chewing gum stretched from the wad of gum all the way to the crevice as she fought with all of her strength in a vicious game of tug of war. As she reached out with her second arm the stringy bubble gum broke off of her arm, and she was able to dig her fingers of her other arm into the crack of the desk.

Looking further up the desk Nancy could see nothing further to put more strain on the gum. She could feel it start to harden as the once warm saliva from Peyton's mouth which covered the gum had dried. Slowly it was becoming more and more rock like to her. She glanced over at Peyton who had stopped paying her any thought. As much as she hated it, she knew this round had gone to Peyton. She was going to have to stroke Peyton's ego if she wanted any chance of not being left to the wolves.

"Please, Peyton. I don’t want to be left here. I will serve you faithfully I swear it. Just free me please." As the words left her lips Nancy couldn't help but feel dirty. The idea that this skinny little twat had forced her to this point. She never imagined that she be groveling for mercy before her step daughter.

"Why should I? You've shown no sign of believing any of the words you say. What's in it for me. I mean as far as I'm concerned, if I walk out this door your as good as gone from my life." Nancy gulped as she pleaded with her eyes staring up at the giant teen. Knowing she had no cards to play.

"Free me, and I will treat you with the dignity that your position and authority deserves." Nancy said with a long pause before sputtering out "Goddess Peyton."

As soon as the words left her lips she could feel any authority she had left over her step daughter vanish as a proud smirk rolled across Peyton's face. Peyton pulled her diminutive step mother free from the wad of gum with utter ease depositing her back on the desktop.

"I believe we have an understanding. In exchange for me freeing you. You readily admit and agree that I am your god. A second requirement to this is that if I am your god, you must forsake your humanity. I want you to admit you're nothing more than a Peytonian and that’s all you ever were." Peyton decreed as she closed her laptop and started putting her things away not even looking at Nancy any longer.

"That wasn't part of the deal." Nancy said, as she watched Peyton grab her water bottle and a backpack so large it could have been an apartment complex to her. In which, Peyton slung the backpack over her shoulders with ease as she stood up.

As the bell rang Nancy could see a sea of student's swarm towards the door as the professor headed towards her office out the back door. Not a single student even noticed her, or her plea for help. A feeling of complete and utter despair washed over her as Peyton took a step towards the door. She was actually leaving her here. Nancy ran to the side of the desk and looked down. The height was simply dizzying. She would surely die from a fall this far.

She looked back at Peyton who had paused momentarily as she waited for the Jam of students at the door to thin out. Knowing she had no more time, and if she ever wanted to see  her husband or have any hope of getting back normal.

"I agree! Don't leave me! Please! I am nothing but your humble subject, a mere Peytonian and you are a god. Please show me mercy. Please, don’t leave me here." Nancy begged as tears rolled down her face. The harsh reality of her new life felt like metal binds clasping, and locking around her neck, arms and legs.  As Peyton turned around with a smile she took two deliberate steps towards her desk looking down at the woman.

"You will never use my name again. You will obey without question, you will never attempt to gain the attention of another being. You exist in my shadow. Your existence is bound to my will. There are no second chances. Swear it now, or I leave. Hesitation means no." Peyton commanded as she stared down at her step mother coldly. Knowing what she is asking of her.

"Y-yes. I swear. I swear it" Nancy says as she hung her head in defeat.

"You swear what?" Peyton bellows.

"I swear it, My Goddess." Nancy added. As she does so the figurative chains clasped around her, tighten further. She can feel an ache in her wrists and ankles as she does so.

"That’s what I thought." Peyton said as she grasped her step mother tightly in her grip as she headed out of the class room.

Nancy looked outward at the sea of massive students from between Peyton's fingers. It was a bit unsettling seeing people even larger then Peyton traipse around. The heat radiating off of Peyton's hand felt soothing against her nude body. The simple thought of not being cold distracted her from recent events The idea of contacting any of these people seemed an impossibility. She was in the middle of a classroom on a desk with students swarming passed as Peyton left her there, and not a single one acknowledged or noticed her.

The reality of her size started to become apparent to her. The naivety she had earlier seemed so silly now. The idea of just being able to be out in a clear open spot, and flag some giant down to help her. It seemed so easy mapped out in a person's head. However, when the nuts and bolts of it all come together the cracks start to show. No one is looking for a shrunken person. It's not even something people consider as a possibility. If they were, they wouldn't be looking on the ground or tabletops.

"All anyone sees when they look at me, is that I'm some kind of toy, or figure. They don't see a living breathing person anymore."  Nancy mumbled to herself. The slight creek of Peyton's locker opening jarred Nancy from her thoughts. The locker itself looked normal only magnified in every way possible.

On the outside of the locker Peyton had used paint to spell her name out on it. While on the inside of the door it was plastered with pictures of her, her friends and teammates. Inside there were a couple of plastic shelves added. She had a shelf for books, another for folders, and notebooks. Her jacket, and a hooded sweatshirt hung loosely from a hook while her purse sat at the bottom of locker.

Nancy found herself dropped onto a shelf full of odds and ends in the locker. It had several pens, pencils, a bottle of water and soda.  A couple of fun sized candy bars, Along with a Nintendo 3DS and an empty jar. Nancy found herself staring into Peyton's waist as she blocked her view outward.  She watched her unload her books and materials from her first couple of classes before loading in her books and folders for the next few.

"Pey! I've been looking for you." Nancy heard a voice from somewhere nearby but out of her realm of view. A second later a blonde-haired girl bounded into view hugging Peyton from behind. She was the same height as Peyton, but to Nancy that still seemed way to large. As she looked upwards the young girl she recognized her immediately. She had been to the house many times. She was Peyton's other best friend, Sabrina.

"Sorry for leaving you hanging on Saturday. The step monster wouldn't let me leave the house. Then since I saw her last, I had to deal with 20 questions from my dad, and the police." Peyton said in a bothered tone.

"It's all over the news. It's all anyone is talking about right now." Sabrina said leaning up against the locker. "I know you two didn't exactly have any love loss, but are you doing okay? I mean really."

"Of course, it's been great not having her in my hair, or lording house rules over me all the time. Dads, taking it rougher than I thought though. He tries to put on a good show, but you can tell its smoke and mirrors." Peyton said.

"And that’s first bell! Why don't you not make us late today!" Sabrina said playfully shoving Peyton.

"Me? Whatever do you mean?" Peyton said causing both girls to laugh as Peyton slung her bookbag over her shoulder as Sabrina closed Peyton's locker pushing her friend towards class.

Nancy never had time to react. She found herself entranced in the conversation of the two giants. Not for the content exactly but, this was the first time she could actually see two large giants interacting so casually.  She could see the body language and fidgets of the two. The unconscious way Sabrina would play with her hair wrapping it around her finger as she spoke before letting it unravel only to do it all over again. Each movement and motion was benign to them but dominating and forceful to her. This left Nancy unprepared for Sabrina closing Peyton's locker door thrusting her into darkness.

"Pey--" was all Nancy got out before she stopped herself. The words of Peyton rang in her mind. Clear as day she could hear her saying you will never use my name again. She could feel the proverbial chain tighten around her limbs and neck as she thought this. Nancy slunk down onto the shelf knowing she wasn't going anywhere for at least the next hour.

As bad as the morning had gone for Nancy, she found this somehow worse than what she had been put through. The idea of being forced to sit here and wait. It made her feel like she was nothing more than a mere pet waiting for her master to return.  She could hear the voices of students and teachers scurrying about trying to reach their destination before the second bell. 

The difference in octave ranges made calling out to any one of them an impossibility. As her vocal cords are much smaller and create noises on a different wavelength then when she was bigger. This meant unless she was within a certain range and spoke loudly at the upper end of her vocal capacity that she no longer had the power to clearly communicate with the giants. This made for situations such as these incredibly frustrating. People swirling about who could possibly help her, and she had no way to get in touch with any of them. She could yell and scream as loud as she wanted but her voice would be lost in the void of this locker.

As classes began the sounds from the outside world slowly faded to nothingness. The silence of the world around Nancy was deafening. She found her eyes had adjusted to the darkness of Peyton's locker to that she could see about the shelf she found herself trapped on. As she looked behind her the giant bottle of soda standing tall next to a bottle made her mouth water. The rain water she drank earlier satisfied her thirst but, she found herself wanting more. She wanted clean liquids from a bottle or faucet.

As she approached the plastic soda bottle she ran her hand across it. The plastic felt rough and she could see imperfections in the production. The normally pliable plastic bottles now felt like they were made of steel. The plastic had no give in it whatsoever.  As she took a few more steps she could see several discarded hair ties strewn about. The elastic hairbands looked now like thick ropes. Nancy shuddered as she pictured Peyton using the hairbands to constrain her. As she pulled on the hairband she knew there would be no breaking them if Peyton did decide to ever restrain her with them.

It wasn't long before her eyes fell upon the normally small fun sized candy bar. However now, it looked like it might as well have been the world's largest candy bar. Nancy soon noticed that it looked like Peyton had opened it one point with the intent to eat it as it was partially unwrapped. It seemed like it must have been recent as the candy bar itself doesn't look old or stale. Nancy knelt down next to the candy bar to take a bite however she found her teeth glided along the top of the chocolate layer of the candy bar.

"What the hell?" Nancy exclaimed as she went to take a bite again however once again her teeth slide along the top of the chocolate layer unable to break through. As Nancy stared at the candy bar she realized that her jaw must not be strong enough to break through the chocolate layers. So, she took her fist and, punched the chocolate in order to break a piece off only as her fist hit the chocolate she cursed loudly and stepped away shaking her hand in the air in pain.

The sheer notion of starving, not having eaten anything in days. Then, to have food that is literally before her eyes and not be able to break through a layer of chocolate. Nancy about wanted to die. She then heard the clomping of footsteps which broke her focus from the candy bar. The footsteps sounded like they were coming towards her. A moment later the entire wall seemed to lift away as the locker door opened up.  Nancy looked outward blinking a bit shocked by the bright lights as she saw a massive frame move in front of the locker door. 

Nancy stared up expecting to see Peyton however Sabrina stood looking into the locker. She could see her eyes scan the shelves darting to each one. It was unexplainable to her, however Nancy found her heart racing as sweat began to form around her brow. This was the chance she had been waiting for. Peyton wasn't around. She could use this opportunity to make contact with Sabrina. She knew that her and Sabrina have had their differences over the years. As at one point she tried to forbid Peyton from seeing her. As she felt Sabrina was a bit too much of a bully. Not to Peyton, or her friends just to others she didn’t like. However, she found it was near impossible to keep the two apart.

However, each time she opened her mouth she found that nothing came out. Nancy grasped her wrists rubbing them as if they were being constricted. As she looked down at her limbs, she could see heavy chains wrapped around her neck, wrists and ankles. She pulled at them with all her might but they kept constricting. Soon the chain around her neck had constricted to the point she found that it was getting difficult to breath. In her head, she could hear Peyton's voice saying you will not make contact with another person. Nancy found herself in the midst of a full-blown panic attack.

"This isn't happening." Nancy sputtered out as she looked up fearfully at Sabrina. She continued to struggle to find the words to gain her attention.  She watched as her hand glided over her to grasp something on the shelf. It was then her eyes fell upon the small woman. A look of surprise and apprehension washed over her as she bent down looking closer at the tiny figure. 

Nancy exhaled deeply looking at her wrists and seeing the chains gone. She rubbed her neck as if to reassure herself that she still had freedom. That they were but a figment of her imagination. Her eyes however, seemed unable to look away from Sabrina. The idea that she could be so paralyzed in fear by one of her step daughter's friends had a profound effect on her. Peyton was winning the mental battle against her.

"Mrs.'s List? Is that really you?" Sabrina said as she knelt down slightly and hunched forward to get a better look at what appeared to be a tiny person. This caused Nancy to cover her ears as the girl's voice boomed around her. She found it unnerving at how much louder her voice seemed with her so close. She still struggled to find the words as Sabrina's eyes pillaged her body. She felt somehow violated as she continued to look up at her.

"Sab--" Nancy said before cutting herself off. The words of Peyton still to fresh in her mind. She couldn't be sure if she was nearby or within earshot. The fear of angering her teenage master was too great a risk. Because of that she dared not use Sabrina's name. "Ye-yes, its me." Nancy meekly replied. 

"Amazing, I mean, look at you. You look just like your larger self only in miniature form." Sabrina said unable to believe what she was looking at.

"Yes, I shrunk this weekend." Nancy nervously declared eyeing left to right trying to see if Peyton was around.

"Is she here?"

"Is who here? What are you talking about?" Sabrina said. Nancy looked about unsure of how to respond.  She didn't want to use Peyton's name in case she was nearby. The last thing she wanted was to face the wrath of her step daughter. However, the idea of referring to her step daughter with her appropriate title would be humiliating. It was hard enough to use it when it's just Peyton around by herself.

"You know, her!" Nancy said again as she tried to avoid having to use the demeaning to term.

"I don't have time for this Mrs. List. I can barely hear you and I have to get back to class." Sabrina said impatiently. However, fearful that she could lose out on this opportunity Nancy decided to put all the cards in play.

"Is my master here, Goddess Peyton." Nancy finally declared as her eyes immediately fell to pink floor of the plastic locker shelf she was seated on. She didn't dare meet Sabrina's gaze as the disgrace was to great. Nancy swore she could feel more power being sucked out of her and transferred to Peyton as the words spilled out of her mouth.

"Wait a minute, your what?" Sabrina struggled to say between fits of laughter as she looked down at the tiny woman. "Did you really just call her your master and god? She's in class I just came to get a pen as her locker is closer. But I think you better spill a quick version of what happened. She mentioned she had something in here she was going to show me later. I never thought..."

Nancy gave Sabrina the highlights of what had transpired. It was only a matter of time before She heard the full version in detail from her step daughter anyway she figured.  As she recanted the tale she found herself still unable to look up to meet the gaze of her daughter's friend. Hearing the events flow from her mouth made her feel even smaller then she already was.

"I can't believe this. This is just too great." Sabrina said laughing as she pictured the events that Peyton had put the woman through.

"You have to help me. I can't stay like this Sabrina." Nancy said

"Tsk tsk, I believe you were told to address us with the respect that our superiority deserves." Sabrina gloated as she looked down at her friends clearly defeated step mother. Nancy immediately regretted not leaving that part out of her explanation of what happened.

"Sorry, it won't happen again." Nancy dejectedly said knowing that she won't be getting any help from her daughter's friend.

"Sorry what? I want to hear it." Sabrina ordered

"I'm sorry," Nancy said with a long pause before sputtering out "Master." She didn't want to believe this is what her life had come too. She really didn't want to live out her days serving her step daughter Peyton and her friends. She was absolutely mortified as any modicum of respect Peyton's friends ever had for her was stripped away.

"Why don't you hand me a pen, so I can get back to class." Nancy looked over at one of the pens lying on the floor. She desperately wanted to put this teenage titan in her place. The adult in her felt so disrespected by a person she by all rights had a degree of authority over. Now she was forced to her bidding.

Nancy grabbed the middle the pen with her good shoulder and picked up the pen enough to drag it towards Sabrina. She couldn't believe how heavy this thing was. It felt heavier than the pencil she was stuck under in Peyton's last class. At that time, she thought it was just weight distribution thing that was holding her underneath the pencil. However, as she was forced to drop the pen back down onto the floor she can see now she is no longer strong enough to lift it up.

"I can't move it any further." Nancy huffed doubling over. The expression on Sabrina's face told her everything. It simply read, pathetic. She watched the teenager lift the pen with ease before she shoved it into her pocket.

"Please, I haven't eaten in days. I'm so hungry. Perhaps if I had some food I would be able to be of more use." Nancy said hoping that maybe a little psychology could atleast get her a meal.

"Well I already have what I want and there's a candy bar over there just eat that." Sabrina said as she started to close the locker.

"Wait, wait, please. I tried. It's too hard for my jaw. I can't break through the layer of chocolate." Nancy watched as Sabrina opened the door back up fully. She reached towards the small fun size Snickers bar and bit it in half before dropping back down onto the shelf.

Nancy looked at the massive bite marks and shuddered a bit over the display of power before scurrying towards the candy bar. She attempted to take a bite in the middle but still found the candy bar to be quite tough for her jaw. However, she noticed around the edges she could see some of Sabrina's saliva had left the outer portions more malleable then the rest of the bar. She moved towards the edge of the bar and bit into the now soft chocolate. She could hear Sabrina laughing as she chewed on the chocolate.

"I believe you understand your new place in this hierarchy now? Considering, you can't even eat without me. Enjoy your feast of chocolate coated in my spit so, you can sustain yourself." Sabrina said with a laugh as she reached down for the second half of the small piece of candy. Sabrina shook the morsel of candy knocking Nancy's grip on the chocolate bar sending her sliding a few feet along the shelf of the locker. She watched the second half of the candy bar disappear into Sabrina's Mouth.

"What I giveth, I can taketh away, loser. I wonder if Peyton would sell you to me. What do you think your worth? Five or six dollars?" Sabrina said as Nancy saw a devious smile cross her face.

"I was thinking, If Peyton is your god. That would make her things holy objects to you right?" Sabrina said as she grabbed the tiny woman between her thumb and index finger. She was lifted up higher and higher until she saw the very top shelf of Peyton's locker where a pair of dingy white gym shoes resided. One rested on its side while the other remained upright. Nancy gulped as she found herself deposited next to the shoe.

"Show some respect. These graced your deity's feet. You should be on your knees praying before them. Not many people get to be so close to something touched by god." Nancy looked back at Sabrina as surely this had to be in jest. There was no way she could seriously mean for her to grovel or pray before these things.

"What you're going to do is clean the bottom of that shoe with your tongue. You're gonna clean out every speck of dirt that has been mashed in from the gym floor that now resides on the bottom of those shoes. When Peyton and I come back after next period they should be spotless." Sabrina ordered.

"If you think I'm going to serve you like a dog you have another thing coming. There is no way I'm going to lick that shoe clean." Nancy spat out.

"Sabrina, there you are. You never came back." Peyton yelled as she walked over to her friend. "Ah, you found the step monster." Peyton added as she looked at the tiny woman standing next to her shoes.

"I was explaining to her how your gym shoes are holy objects to her since you're are her god now or so she says."

"What? I love that." Peyton says while laughing at her step mothers plight.

"Only she refuses to listen. Said she won't serve me like a dog or something like that." Sabrina said with a smirk.

Everything happened in an instant. She could feel Peyton's fingers clasp around her tightly. Much tighter than she ever had before. She tried to turn her head but all she could see was black. She felt a swift movement but the downward motion made her sick as she plummeted seemingly hundreds of feet while held tightly in Peyton's grip.

Light then flooded her vision as she found herself staring into the abyss of Peyton's knee-high socks. Nancy desperately wanted a chance to rephrase her words but she felt Peyton's grip on her release as she tumbled down the length of the sock. The white cotton wall flew past her. She tried to reach out and grasp onto something, but she couldn't find any handholds. Before long she came to an abrupt halt as she slammed into the toe end of the sock.

"Wait I can explain." Nancy said but she was too far from the girl's ear shot to be clearly heard. They could hear the sound of her voice but It was unintelligible to them. Nancy looked up as Peyton's massive foot that was shoved back into the sock.

"AHHH" Nancy screamed while Peyton's toes passed over her and squeezed her body underneath them. Peyton wiggled her toes repeatedly beating them against the side and back of her step mother as she pounded the tiny woman underneath her toes.

"I don't think you understand your place in this world. You serve me and by proxy my best friends Avery and Sabrina. If they tell you something, you should do it because I own you. I'm a kind master though. You're like a stupid animal. You need to be trained for obedience. You can spend the next class cleaning the underside of my foot, and make sure you get in good between the toes. I hate that sock fuzz that gets stuck in between."

"No, no please. I'm sorry. I will obey. I will obey." Nancy cried out in horror.

"We can't understand you, and it doesn't matter. Lick bitch, lick your way to freedom." Peyton said as both girls laughed while Peyton shoved her foot back into her shoe.


Chapter 6 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Thanks again everyone. The number of people who are enjoying this tale is surprising. You're kind words humble me. I have a scene rendered from the chapter five depicting Sabrina at the locker. You can view it here:

Step Monster CH6 




The air movement was non-existent. Blinding darkness was everywhere Nancy could see. Even with her eyes adjusted to the absence of light, all she could see was the bleak black darkness of the inside of Peyton's shoe. The damp cotton of Peyton's sock was plastered against her back and, wedged around her. Directly above her, and resting atop of her were the gargantuan toes of her stepdaughter. The toes had pulled her, and the sock up into the crevice underneath them. This left Nancy entombed under a mountain of sweaty flesh and damp cotton.  

The air was still, and muggy as the temperature continued to climb higher and higher to near unbearable levels. The lack of air movement prevented any relief from coming Nancy's way. The sounds of the outside world were muffled and distant. She could hear bits and pieces of the conversation but it sounded more like noise than anything intelligent. The only thing she could clearly hear was the voice of Peyton and Sabrina, booming and powerful their voices normally were they seemed distant and far away now.  

Making matters worse, the amount of heat, and the fact that Peyton's shoes weren't made to allow for airflow meant normally the perspiration which formed along Peyton's foot would soak into her thick cotton socks that go with her uniform. However, now that Nancy rested underneath Peyton's foot she found that duty was falling to her.  

As Peyton and Sabrina walked down the hall back to class, Nancy felt her back sink into the damp cottons of Peyton's sock. She could feel the sweat bubble up from the cotton and rush over her as she was pressed further and further into the cotton, and in turn pressed itself into insole of the shoe as Peyton lifted her foot up. Nancy suspected the sweat and oils bubbling from the shoe was a normal occurrence that normally isn't detected by humans. However due to her miniscule size she is being subjugated to it, and able to now witness this horrifying act.  As Peyton's foot was at the apex of its ascent Nancy could feel the giant toes scrunch around her  squeezing her face deeper into flesh underneath her toes.  

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening." Nancy kept chanting as Peyton's foot glided through the air. She could feel the perspiration from underneath Peyton's toes drip down onto her body. The worst part was the droplets which would slink down between Peyton's toes. The salty perspiration would collect everything it rolled over and then drop down onto her face like a droplet of water hitting the cement.  

Instinctively Nancy would want to wipe the sweat away or move her head, but the predicament she found herself in left her unable to do anything other than let it happen. As the perspiration droplets landed upon her face and shatter it created mini droplets upon impact which would splash against her face and get into her nose, mouth and eyes.  

This caused Nancy's eyes to sting in pain. Instinctively she would close her eyes in a meek attempt to shield herself from this horror. However, she found that this only made it worse as it led to trapping more of the sweat into her eyes. In turn her eyes began to water profusely. She was forced to open her eyes from the stinging pain which allowed more droplets of sweat to burn against her pupils. Nancy cursed Peyton's name as she fought for her own survival. Even this simple action of frustration led to further torture. As while she cursed Peyton's name bits grunge and grime which had collected on her foot from the sock, the floor, and everywhere else Peyton had been was carried from her foot landing atop Nancy. While she cursed Peyton's name the bits tumbled into her her mouth.  

This led to her coughing and gagging as her body tried to expel horrific tasting substance only this led to more falling into her mouth. This led to a state where her body was continually convulsing against Peyton's foot. Because of her mouth being so full of gunk and coughing fits had led to her breathe more heavily through her nose. Which led to the bits and pieces that weren't tumbling into her mouth were getting pulled up her nose. This had the effect magnifying the smells of Peyton's foot. As she breathed it was as if she was breathing Peyton's foot. The entire experience felt as if she were drowning as she struggled to get the oxgen she desperately needed to survive.  

None of this was as bad as the bits of sweat and perspiration which would squirm its way into her mouth. The salty sweat would cause her gag as it slowly rolled across the taste buds of her tongue. Nancy could feel her stomach attempting to vomit as the sweat worked its way across her tongue. The gagging motion had the unfortunate byproduct of leaving her mouth opened which meant continually more sweat would drip into her mouth.  

"Please save me god." Nancy cried out while her eyes watered in pain. In her head all she could hear was Peyton's voice saying I'm your god now.  

As Peyton's foot continued to glide along Nancy felt as if she was in a form of hell, she never knew existed. It was at that very moment, Peyton's foot, which Nancy was beneath landed on the ground. Nancy felt a strong, but bearable pressure at her back for a moment. But, that pressure continued press against her back getting stronger and stronger. Before long she felt the top of Peyton's foot press down upon her with its full weight leaving her sandwiched between the floor and her step daughters foot.  

As the weight continued to increase she could feel the sweat from Peyton's foot getting pressed, and massaged into her skin. It felt like it was becoming a part of her as the weight of her stepdaughter continued to press down against her. As Peyton transferred more and more of her weight onto the foot Nancy was trapped beneath.  

The girls for their part continued to talk as they slowly strolled along the hallway making their way back to class. Nancy was the furthest thing from Peyton's mind as she talked with Sabrina. If she knew the horror that Nancy was going through underneath her foot she would have smiled happily of the fact that this plight was what she deserved for her transgressions. However, she had no idea the true hell she was putting her stepmother through. The horrific torture that wouldn't even be condoned by the harshest of organizations was occurring underneath her foot with her unaware of it all.  

Nancy felt the last bit of air forced from her lungs as the full weight of Peyton pressed down on her. She was sure that she was going to explode against the underside of her foot. However, the weight begun to dissipate as Peyton shifted the weight back to her opposite foot and soon Nancy felt the familiar ascent. As sweat droplets continually but, randomly fell against her face making it difficult for her to find any pattern to take in any extra amount of air to prepare.  The fact she was gagging profusely, and trying to vomit meant even if she could time out the steps she would not be able to keep the air within her lungs to store it for the part of Peyton's step that pressed her body against the floor.  

"I won't survive this. I can't believe that was just a single step. How far is this class" Nancy mentally screamed as Peyton's second step took place. She had never wanted to give up on life more than at this moment. It was then Peyton gave Nancy an unexpected squeeze with her toes as if to further remind of her where she was in case she had forgotten.  

This process repeated itself again and again. Nancy could feel herself losing control. The assault against her a mixture of psychological and physical torture. The constant pounding of her foot against the floor ringing in her ears. She struggled to try and think about something anything else but her mind could not focus anything, but the events happening to her. Nancy just wanted this to be over as Peyton's foot once again bore its full weight down upon her. The idea of just being crushed to death, and not having to continue on seemed so appealing. The bliss of death was all she wanted. She wanted to be free from this.  However, her body forced her to endure more and more. Time seemed to expand infinitely Each second turned into a long torturous hour. Leaving the entire experience feeling like months had gone by even though in reality it was just a handful of minutes and short walk down the hall. As Peyton and Sabrina reached their class they headed to their respective seats.  

"Nice of you to rejoin us girls." The professor stated with an annoyance and aggravation in in their voice that couldn’t be missed. 

"Sorry." They both said sincerely before the professor resumed the lecture.   

 As Peyton sat back down at her desk; the pressure and weight of Peyton's torturous steps subsided. Nancy felt Peyton lift upward on her toes, and spread them apart as she tilted her foot up at angle to rest it against one of the legs of desk. Nancy could feel her body rip away from the underside of Peyton's toes. Nancy used her freedom to turn her body so that she was in a vertical position. Her legs dangled down towards the arch of Peyton's foot. 

"Lick" Peyton said quiet enough for no one else, but her step mother to hear. Nancy knew with every fiber of hear being that she was serious. She didn’t want to comprehend that this was truly about to happen. That Peyton was about to sit through a class, take notes and such while she serviced her foot.  

Nancy couldn't see much of anything. She wasn't sure how Peyton intended for her to do anything other than withstand the musky scent of the foot which seemed to envelope her. Nancy knew her size was amplifying the smell, as Peyton's foot hadn't ever smelled this horrific before when she was normal sized. That fact did little to make this situation better. As all she could see was darkness.   

It was almost as if Peyton was sensing this hardship. As Nancy felt her use her other shoe and pressed down on the heel of the shoe Nancy was in allowing the shoe to slide off her foot and drop down ono the floor. Shards of light shone in through the tiny holes which made up the thick cotton sock. 

"You're all heart." Nancy said begrudgingly as she now saw the underside of Peyton's foot in the dim light that made its way through the sock. A thin layer of residue coated Nancy's body as she looked at the massive foot before her. She peered briefly out of the thick sock at the giant desks and students that sat in them. Even now with them seated Nancy found that she couldn't see their faces.  

Peyton shook her foot ever so slightly but enough so that her body banged roughly against the underside of her foot. Nancy winced in pain, her shoulder still injured from this morning's event. She could tell that Peyton's patience was already wearing thin. So, she snaked her quivering tongue out of her mouth. As she pressed it against the warm flesh of Peyton's foot her body convulsed in disgust. Her first immediate instinct was to retract her tongue. It was the similar reaction to touching a hot stove, your body automatically wants to remove your hand from the hot stove. However, in this case, Nancy found herself having to consciously force herself keep her tongue pressed against the foot.  

As she ran her tongue along Peyton's slightly moist foot she could taste the salty, sweat mixed with the bits of filth, small pieces of dirt and sock fuzz. All of which would enter into her mouth as her tongue glided over Peyton's foot. This caused Nancy to cough profusely in attempt to expel the filth from her mouth. As she coughed she could hear Peyton's voice at a tone quiet enough where only she could hear it.  

"You weren't told to stop. If I don't see some improvement in your work ethic you may find your stay extended." Peyton said.  

"Peyton do you have question?" The teacher asked as he walked down the aisle towards her desk.  

"No, Mr. Miller. Sorry, it won't happen again."  

"I would expect not." Mr. Miller said as he walked back towards the front of the room to continue his lecture. While Peyton pressed her foot firmly against the metal leg of her desk. She could feel her tiny step mothers body knead the bottom of her foot as she pressed her foot against the metal leg of the desk. AS she pulled her foot away from the leg slightly, Peyton felt her body slide down so that she was completely against the arch of her foot. She then, pressed her foot back against the leg of the desk allowing her step mother to roll up, and down the underside of her foot.   

"Please no more, no more. Mercy. Mercy." Nancy cried out but her voice was enveloped by a mountain of flesh and never heard by her teenage captor.  

Peyton pulled her foot away from the metal leg of the desk and pressed her foot against the cold tile floor the class room. This caused Nancy's body to press into her foot. As she did so her body convulsed against her foot from the amount of pressure coming down on her. Peyton sighed in pleasure while Nancy's tiny body convulsed against her foot digging deep into her foot.  

After a couple minutes she would release the pressure enough to where Nancy couldn't move her body but, wasn’t under any adverse pressure. The respite of relief however was short lived. As before long, Peyton would press her foot firmly back against the floor and Nancy's body would once again flail and convulse against her foot. Peyton had no idea the stress and terror she was putting her diminutive step mother through. Her thoughts only rested on the comfort her step mother was providing her. She wondered if this was the first worthwhile thing Nancy had done for her.  

Nancy for her part was in absolute hell. When Peyton had her foot pressing against the metal leg of the desk Nancy's body would sink into her supple foot. Peyton being a student athlete in multiple sports meant while her nails weren't manicured the skin on the underside of her foot was rougher and firmer. As while she applied lotion to her feet daily her activity level prevented her feet from ever being as soft as her friend Avery's. Nancy thought her body was going to break in half as she was pressed firmly into her foot. The skin on the underside of Peyton's foot rose up on either side of her as she sunk further into the foot. Making matters worse, was the fact that she was also being pressed against the metal pole of Peyton's desk. She was having to endure Peyton's toes which would scrunch and unscrunch ever so slightly, but it was enough to cause Nancy's small body to knead deeper and deeper against Peyton's foot.  

"Please stop!" Nancy cried out as Peyton's foot continued to assault her body. As much as she tried to fight against the foot; The immense power her captor now held over her was too much. Nancy sobbed into Peyton's foot as the entirety of her being was used to comfort her step daughter. She could hear Peyton sigh blissfully as Nancy's tears pelted against the foot. 

When Peyton's finally removed her foot from the metal leg of the desk Nancy had hoped for some kind of relief from this hellish life that she was being forced to endure. However, that wish fell upon deaf ears as she felt her body slide down the length of Peyton's foot until she was completely underneath the arch of foot.  

"No Peyton! Please!" Nancy managed to scream out before her body was pressed firmly into the arch of the foot. What amounted to tons upon tons of weight surrounded Nancy making her feel as if she were buried alive as Peyton's foot settled on top of her.  

"This isn't so bad" Nancy thought to herself briefly as the giant foot continued to press her into the floor. A few moments later Peyton started to rock her foot from front to back across the floor. Nancy could hear Peyton sigh quietly in comfort followed by clacking of keys on her laptop. 

Nancy felt Peyton's foot lift into air. She looked down seeing the foot lift to what felt like hundreds of feet in the air to her. Nancy's eyes then bugged out as Peyton moved her leg in a downward motion. The descent was so sharp she felt like she was on the tower of terror at Disney land. Her stomach was pounding against the back of her throat as her eyes bugged out as if she were a looney tunes character. The ground got closer and closer until she felt her body careen into the floor. The entirety of her being shuddered in absolute pain. The foot just rested on her for a few moments before she felt the leg lift up again and the process repeated once again.  

She knew that there was no way she could take much more of this. On the fourth go around Nancy couldn't look anymore. She turned her head back towards Peyton's foot so that she wouldn't have to witness the repeated descent and the floor coming closer and closer until it seemingly enveloped her. When she did this, and the foot lowered she felt her tongue slap against Peyton's foot.  

As she hit the ground this time her lips pressed deeply into the foot above her, and her tongue slid along the foot flesh. She heard Peyton sigh once again, and realized what she needed to do. She couldn't believe she was being trained, and manipulated in such a horrendous way. However, she could see no way out of this. She could only comply with the commands of her teenage overlord. She forced her tongue out of her mouth, and started licking Peyton's foot.   

If she remained in one spot for too long Peyton would press the heel of her foot down hard against the floor. This had the effect of crushing the lower half of Nancy's body. The action would force her to shimmy her way up Peyton's foot a bit. Through this process Nancy learned what Peyton expected of her. She was to service the entirety of the foot not just the one spot she was underneath. 

Time felt like it was at a standstill. The idea that this class was only sixty minutes seemed like a fallacy. As it felt more like the seven days it took god to make the earth. Nancy felt her tongue go dry as she continued to roll it along the underside of Peyton's foot.  She thought the dryness of her tongue would be her ticket out, however she found that as she came up to a rough patch of skin on Peyton's foot that her the dry abrasiveness of her tongue actually was benefiting her step daughter. As her tongue would rip a small bit of the rough skin away. So as her tongue continually lapped over the rough skin she found Peyton's foot getting smoother, and softer.  

Nancy felt a renewed hatred towards her step daughter. She was a person with dignity and respect. She had worked hard to get where she was and, now she had been relegated to this low station of life. In which she had to service a foot large enough to be a building or risk immense pain, or quite possibly death. Nancy was forced to endure thirty minutes of this hell before Peyton finally was satisfied. She lifted her foot off the floor, and tucked it underneath the thigh on her opposite leg as she sat at her desk.  

Nancy was breathing heavily as she struggled to catch her breath. As she rotated her injured shoulder she yelped in pain knowing that Peyton had caused further damage to her injury. Because of the fact Peyton's foot had been out of her shoe for so long Nancy found the intense heat she had felt earlier had dissipated.  This had a unexpected effect on Nancy. She had thought this would be the ideal situation to be away from the high temperatures of Peyton's shoes, but now the cool air was nipping at her damp body. The sweat and perspiration which covered her body was chilling now. As the cold air blew over her damp sweat, damp, oily and grimy body it sent shivers throughout her body while her teeth chattered. She found that she couldn't seem to stop shaking from the cold. 

"I can't believe I'm gonna do this." Nancy said to herself as cuddled her body tightly against Peyton's foot. This allowed for the heat coming off of her foot to pass through her, and warm her body enough to keep her from shivering to death.  

"This can't be happening. Because of my smaller size I must not be able to maintain the appropriate temperature my body needs to survive. Then on top of that, I don't have any clothes. I can't believe this brat finds way to keep me further under her thumb on complete accident. I've seen her grades she's not smart enough to have deduced that." Nancy said to herself as she further pushed her body against Peyton's foot while trying not to think about how degrading it all was.  

"And that’s the bell. Remember test tomorrow on the Greeks. You're study guide is due at the beginning of class." The teacher shouted as the students gathered up their things and begun to stream out of class. 

"Hear that, you have a test tomorrow and a study guide to do tonight. I expect an A." Peyton said staring down at her foot that held her stepmother Prisoner.  

Nancy couldn't even find the words to respond as she further bit her tongue not wanting to upset her teenage master. However, the idea of being forced to do all of Peyton's homework was sickening. She had always been a good student. She graduated with full honors with a 4.0 GPA a Master's degree in communication, and Education with a minor in Science, Math and Political science. She had no doubt that she knew most of the material, but she struggled and trudged her way through this once. The idea of having to relieve it again as she toiled away on papers, reports and test for her ungrateful step daughter seemed like a step to far. However, any further thoughts on the subject were quickly eradicated from her head as she felt Peyton's foot swing downward.   

"Whoa, wait, wait. I'm still here. You forgot to take me out!" Nancy said as the foot she was under dropped seemingly hundreds of feet.  All the light and fresh air she had enjoyed was quickly erased as she found herself entombed in darkness.  The lack of breathability in the shoe meant it held the hot musky air well after the foot that caused it had vacated. This caused a hellish nightmare for Nancy as she found herself thrusted back into the pits of hell. 

She could hear Peyton packing her things up above and, then the voice of Sabrina raining down around her. She desperately wanted this to be a mistake or some oversight by Peyton. However, she knew that wasn't the case. Peyton knew exactly what she was doing. As the full weight of her step daughter begun to rear its ugly head upon Peyton standing up. Nancy realized how much worse of a position she was now in.  

Before she was underneath Peyton's toes which while wasn't ideal but afforded a certain degree of protection. Now that she was under her arch the full weight of Peyton fell around her. She could feel back press much more firmly into the thick cotton of her sock which was sinking into the insole of her shoe.  

As Peyton took her first step Nancy had reprieves previously that she now no longer could enjoy. She was continuously being pressed into the arch of Peyton's foot. The sound of her foot hitting the floor pummeled Nancy's ears with each step. The noise was deafening, only to be outweighed by tones of their voices. When Peyton arrived at her next class Nancy was ready for the reprieve. She actually found herself looking forward to being toyed with by Peyton if for no other reason to get out from underneath the foot.  

However, that time never came. Peyton's foot remained firmly on top of her. The sweltering heat in Peyton's shoe pushing the air temperature up further and further. The slow march of time made the wait unbearable.  She could hear that the students were doing some kind of group project. Nancy could tell Peyton was interacting with other students, however all focus was removed from her. Nancy was simply existing underneath her foot.  

When the class ended, and Peyton started walking again, it felt jarring. Nancy knew she must have had this class without any of her friends as there was no chatter. There was just the constant pounding of her feet against the floor. This went on for some time before she heard Peyton acknowledge her finally.  

"Enjoy that! I wanted you to experience your place in the world. You're an afterthought. I choose when to acknowledge your existence, and give your life worth. You can't even get out from underneath my foot unless I will it. Even now you're stuck underfoot as I walk to the cafeteria. Show me your worth before I get there, and you may get out." Peyton said as she laughed  

"You won't get away with this. You can't get away with this. You're evil." Nancy cried as she pressed her body against Peyton's foot while licking under the underside of her foot in an attempt to get her teenage overlord to release her for this prison.  

Nancy's lips were chapped and her tongue was dry from the salty sweat. Her body felt sticky all over as she continued to rub Peyton's foot while Peyton plodded along the path on her way to lunch.  

Peyton was relishing her new-found power over the woman who had caused so much pain, and misery to her, and her family's life. Each step seemed to further enforce in her mind that this was the right thing to do. That this was her penance for the crimes she committed. The law may not be able to punish Nancy for what she did. However, god had intervened, and made a wrong right. He had allowed her to have this power over her step mother.  

"That’s right my little subject toil away, and prove your worth." Peyton said as she pushed the cafeteria door opened. She walked through the line grabbing her lunch, but didn't see Sabrina or Avery yet.  She looked at her table and saw a couple underclassman at her table.  

"Excuse you?" Peyton said glaring at the group of upper classman girls who were sitting at her table.  

"There was nowhere else to sit. Perhaps we could share?" A girl Peyton recognized as Rachel Livingston. She used to have Peyton's slot in the hierarchy of the school before Peyton worked her way in elevating her status at record pace. 

"That’s not my problem. I don't care where you sit. It's just not going to be here, Scrubs." The group of girls nervously starting packing up their things not wanting to cause trouble, or make it on Peyton's radar. Fearful of the repercussions. They had heard the rumors like everyone else.  The students seated at the table around them turned away knowingly not wanting to draw ire.   

"Your Rachel Livingston, right?" Peyton knowingly inquired. 

"Yes, I'm sorry. It won't happen again."   

"Sah-sorry" One of Rachels friends sputtered out before scattering away.  While Peyton sat down in her normal chair at the table. It wasn't long before Avery and Sabrina sat down.  

"Kaitlyn and Chloe are on some field trip." Avery said as she sat down with Sabrina. 

"Sabrina, I want you to take care of Rachel Livingston. She was sitting at our table. That’s a slap in the face. I ruined her, but that wasn't enough I guess. I want her destroyed, and shunned. Start a rumor, I don't care what you do. I want to her to be an example. I run things here."  

"Sure, should be fun. She was always kind of bitchy to me anyway." 

A wave of relief wafted over Nancy as the pressure her body was under finally released, and light illuminated everything around her. She could only look on helplessly as Peyton dug her hand into her sock, and pulled her easily from the foot she was unable to escape from.  Nancy eyes her massive step daughter briefly before averting her eyes to table.  

As she was set down atop the table she couldn't help but feel disgraced as the teenage titans talked amongst themselves. Everything she once was felt as if it has been removed. Any self-respect, and dignity she had, Peyton had ripped away with each and every degrading act. She glanced at the massive titans humbled.  

She watched Peyton eat slice of piece as her stomach growled, and her mouth watered. She never allowed herself to eat something as unhealthy, and greasy as Pizza but, such beliefs had long since left her as the days of hunger bore on. But, that’s how principles work. It's easy to be a vegetarian or vegan when you have the ability to do that. But when one is faced with the harsh reality of starvation such a conviction gets harder to maintain.  

"Come here, girl." Avery said in a infantile voice usually reserved for pets or babies. The fact someone acknowledged, and spoke to her was shocking. It wrested her from her thoughts. She swung around, and looked at the girl. Avery, while taller than Sabrina and Peyton by a couple inches is still relatively short person. However, it was still hard to grasp that there were people taller, and stronger than the ones who lord over her.  

Nancy found herself moving towards Avery without hesitation. Fear of what the consequences would be, weighed on her. It made her feel sick as she did so. She didn't want to admit but, she knew what Peyton was doing to her. She was training her. She remembered her doing similar things with her dog, and cat at home. Now, she is finding herself on the wrong end of Peyton's obedience training. In the time she has known her, things usually go one of two ways. Either you submit to Peyton's will, and relent on whatever the issue or cause is. Or, she will make your life hell until you submit and agree to her terms.  

"I think it's hungry. You mind if I feed it?" Avery said looking past Nancy as if she wasn't there. Nancy could feel her blood boil as Avery spoke down to her. She hated how she never referred to her as a person. She was always it or thing.  

"Whatever" Peyton said with complete disregard for her stepmother's hunger. "Anyway, so then once I put that dress back I showed you which I wanted for the summer formal Jen grabbed it like instantly. Like I wasn't still maybe still wanting it." 

"She's always been a bitch trying to one up you. You know that." Sabrina added as Avery broke off a small piece from her blueberry muffin. 

"Sit, sit girl." Avery said as she held the small morsel of Muffin just out of Nancy's reach. 

Nancy wasn't about to let this stand. She jumped up as far as she could surprising Avery at first. Her fingers brushed up against the muffin just before Avery lifted the piece of muffin up higher. Well out of her reach. Nancy jumped up again only for Avery to lift it out of her reach once again. Avery then dangled the piece of muffin just an inch or so off the table. Nancy dove for it, but Avery once again lifted it up forcing her to watch helplessly as she whizzed by the muffin piece. This caused both Peyton and Sabrina to laugh over the exchange. 

"I said, Sit" Avery commanded once again as Nancy's stomach growled loud enough for all three girls to hear it. Knowing she had no choice left Nancy gave in to her pride and sat upon the table.  

"Good girl, that’s a good girl." Avery repeated in the same infantile voice. "Now roll over. Roll over girl" Avery said as all three girls laughed as Nancy looked horrified, and embarrassed. She desperately wanted to find a hole to curl up into and, hide forever. But, her hunger and desperation for food won out. As she laid flat on the table she rolled over.  

"Make her beg Avery" Sabrina added before taking a bite of her sandwich.  

"You heard it girl, Beg. On your hands and knees now. Beg" Avery commanded. Nancy was about to explode. Every grain in her body was saying to unleash a raging fury like these girls had never witnessed, raining down anger, and punishment from Valhalla. The reality of the situation told her that she needed to comply if she had any hope of getting the food she desperately needs.  

Nancy clambered up from the table getting onto her knees and, clasped her hands together and begged.  This caused the girls to laugh as they watched her demoralize herself for a few crumbs from Avery's Blueberry muffin. Nancy watched the meager morsel of food dance back and forth as Avery toyed with it as her attention moved away from her, and back to the conversation with her friends. This caused Nancy to wonder if she was just being toyed with all along. If the intent was just to see if she would obey the commands over the tease of food. However, as Avery paused from conversing with her friends she looked back at Nancy who was still on her hands and knees begging.  

"That’s a good girl." Avery said in an infantile voice as she finally dropped the small portion of the Blueberry muffin she had broken off. As the food fell to the table it appeared as nothing more than a meager crumb to them. But, Nancy's eyes lit up as she immediately rushed over to the fallen piece of food. As she grasped the muffin crumb she looked briefly at it unable to believe how large this piece of food was to her. Avery had only torn off a tiny piece, but to Nancy it looked like an oversized muffin reminding her of the large muffins you often get from the bakery that equate to about 3 homemade muffins.  

She pushed any further thoughts from her head, and ravenously begun to devour the food provided. As she bit into the soft moist muffin her taste buds exploded, as the food slid across her tongue. In that moment any care, or perception that girls may have had over what transpired in order for her to procure the food was pushed from her mind.  

"Look at her go. Had you given her anything Peyton?" Sabrina asked as she found her gaze transfixed upon the primal nature small woman was showing over the food she was given.  

"No, food is a privilege for those who obey. I gave her water." Peyton said defensively  

"She spit into a cup and made her drink it. That is not the same thing as water." Avery chided  

"That was Sunday." Laughed Peyton as she stared down at her shrunken stepmother. "She had real water on my way to class. It had stopped raining, and I allowed her to drink from the puddle of water at my feet." Peyton added. 

"I swear you're living in the wrong period of time. You're just like those kings, and queens Mr. Martin talked about in that European history class we took last year." Avery said as Sabrina laughed over the thought of Peyton surviving in pre-modern times. 

"She'd never survive without her phone Avery. Remember when we went camping. We had to go hiking for signal bars." Sabrina said with laugh.  

"All I hear is that you all think I'd be a great queen. Ruling over a civilization with an iron fist."  

"You should go into public relations with spin like that." Sabrina laughed as she watched Nancy finish the last of her muffin. 

"Aves, you're staying at my place tonight right?" Peyton asked changing the subject. 

"Yeah, I just have to grab my things from the house. I forgot to grab them this morning." Avery said as she finished her lunch. 

"Can you take twerp? I'm skipping out after lunch to meet Bradly again." Peyton said. Nancy couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had never known Peyton to be one to skip class. She had never been the greatest of students but was a solid B student. So, when Nancy heard this she instinctively spun around to reply. 

"Peyton Louise, you are not skipping out of class to galivant ---" Nancy got out before she stopped herself, and covered her mouth. She could only think what have I done, as she looked at the three giant faces looking at her with their mouths partially agape in surprise by her outburst.  

"You got the middle name. Someone's in trouble" Sabrina said in a singsong voice.  

"What did you say to me?" Peyton said as her eyes bore down at her miniaturized stepmother. She could see the tiny woman shaking as her gaze focused on her finalizing in a dead stare.  

"I..I..I" Nancy sputtered out in a stutter as she saw Peyton giving her the look. She had seen Peyton's look before, but never had it struck such fear in her. As she looked at the teen now she gulped as searched for a way to explain her actions in a way that would defuse the situation. However, she just acted on parenting instinct alone intermixed with the rage she which had built up through the humiliation she had to endure to get fed. She knew Peyton would never take that as a valid reason. She tried to think of a valid excuse she could use but, each one she could think of she knew would fall apart when she put it to the test. The sheer notion she, a grown woman was having to come up with excuses, and reasons for her actions and, statements to give step daughter was ludicrous to her.  

"What are you a Pirate? Spit it out twerp! Who do you think you are? I'm the boss of you not the other way around. I don't need to justify anything I do to the likes of you anymore." Peyton said with an air of authority Nancy hadn't ever seen before.  

"I didn't mean it. It just came out.' Nancy blurted out not knowing what to say as she stared at Peyton. She found herself subconsciously backing away, and didn't realize it until her back pressed against Sabrina's milk carton.  

"Don't you dare back away from me. I need to meet Bradley, but you are in so much trouble. You just wait till we get home." Peyton scolded while still giving her step mother the look.  

Nancy still desperately wanted to find a hole to hide in. She dared not look over at Sabrina or Avery. Nancy doubted that they would provide her any kind of support from the teenage terror she wasn't currently under the thumb of for the indefinite future. As she slowly took steps forward her heart was racing; while every instinct in her body was telling her to turn to tale and run.  

"I shouldn't have to tell you that I meant come over here now." Peyton snapped her patience wearing thin as she held her angry stare. Knowing how impatient the girl was, Nancy quickened her pace scurrying towards Peyton as fast as her legs could carry her in hopes of not making the situation worse.  

"I was going to leave you with them as I really don't want you around while Bradley and I are together. It's been hard enough sneaking around with him under yours and dads nose. " Peyton declared as Nancy looked on assuming the question was rhetorical.  

"You should go Peyton. Leave her with us. I will personally ensure she gets the punishment she deserves." Sabrina says as smiles down at the diminutive woman with a smile that sent a chill down Nancy's spine.  

"Fine, just get her to Avery. I have to swing back by here for Soccer practice as Coach will absolutely kill me if I miss practice. You want to meet after Aves, or you just gonna head to my place?" Peyton asks she gathered her things up.  

"I have to grab some clothes, and things. So, I will probably just head to your place. I still have the key you gave me from before." 

"Keep it." Peyton added. 

"Come here Mrs. List. It looks like your spending the afternoon with me." 

"She is not Mrs. List anymore. I own her. She's my property. The best she can hope for is to be elevated to pet status if she can prove to be obedient and useful. Her name from now on is Twerp. Isn't that right?" 

"Please My goddess." Nancy begrudgingly said as the idea of referring to her in such a manner felt so demeaning. "I have a name. I don't want to just give it up. I'm sorry for my outburst prior. Im just getting to use this new life you have allowed me to have." Nancy said fighting back tears as she faced overwhelming despair.  

"You don't have a name right now. People have names, and are you person? No, you're not. You're property. You're like my PlayStation or Xbox, and the clothes in my closet, the shoes on my feet. You're my thing. You have a name now because I deemed it. Your name is twerp.  Now be a good girl, and say it."  

Nancy wanted to die at that moment. She couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face. As soon as she wiped them they would be instantly replaced. All she had left in this world was her name, her identity as a person, and now she was being forced to forsake that. She struggled to imagine what she possibly could have done to deserve this.  

Peyton then took the glass from her lunch tray and placed it on top of Nancy sealing her beneath it. The bit of water was still in the glass which rained down on Nancy and the table covering her in water.  As she wiped the water off her Nude body she noticed one other horrifying fact. The water had created a seal with the table.  This meant not only was she stuck underneath this glass, but there was no air getting in either.  

"This is the power I have over you. We all have over you. I don't think you understand that I mean it when I say you exist as long as I allow it, and you should be grateful to me for allowing you this life. So, I ask you again what is your name?" 

As she looked about the giant faces staring down at her not a single one made a move to help her. They looked upon her as if this was right, and just. As if she somehow deserved this. Nancy couldn't comprehend how none of them could see her as a person. A person with rights, and dignity. However, she knew Peyton wasn't bluffing.  

As she wondered how they could allow this. How this was just, she could feel the air already getting thinner. As she breathed in, and out a fog formed on the glass. Panic started to set in as she saw Peyton making no moves to free her, or overturn to the glass.  She could feel it getting more, and more difficult to breathe. The air was thinner. It began to take multiple breathes to try to get enough air, but it never felt like enough.  

"Peyton, I don’t think she has any air." Avery said reaching towards the glass.  

"Stop, she needs to learn. Say it. What is your name." Peyton asked once again as she bent down so that she was level with the table.  

"I can't give up who I am. She will win. I know it. If I give up my name there is no coming back from that. How can I ever hope to reclaim anything that I was? My god has it already started. When did she start winning? I already am thinking that I need to regain what I was as if I've lost part of my identity already." Nancy thought as she fell to a single knee gasping for air now as her body felt the constraints of the lack of air. All her movements felt slow, and her body felt heavier than it has ever felt before.  

"Peyton, I know how you feel. I know what she did to you. But if you do this you're only letting her win." Sabrina Said.  

"I know what I'm doing. What is your name?" Peyton snapped 

"Peyton really, this is too much. You could kill it." Avery added as she looked down at the small woman struggle for air.  

"Then I guess she dies. It is her choice to live, or die. It is not mine. She only has to tell me her name." Peyton retorted as looked over at Avery with an anger in her eyes. 

"Peyton, you can't mean that. Sabrina tell her?" Avery said. 

"She's made up her mind. Let's just see how this plays out. She's the master at this stuff." Sabrina added as she took a drink water. While Avery nodded in agreeance.  

Looking at the side of the glass Nancy could barely see out of it. As she looked about She could see spots in her vision. Standing to her feet felt like she had just run in a marathon. She felt light headed and staggered about as she fought to maintain her balance. When she went to lift her feet to take a step her body felt impossibly heavy. She managed two steps before tumbling to the ground.  

"TWERP! My name is twerp" Nancy screamed out with her eyes red, and puffy from crying; While the tears continued to flow from her eyes. However, as she tried to scream she found she no longer had enough of a voice to do so. The girls weren't hearing anything from outside glass.  

"I can't die in a school cafeteria. Not like this." Nancy thought as she pulled her body forward just enough to where her arm could reach the glass. She pulled herself back up to her knees so that she was now staring out the foggy glass. She wrote Twerp on the glass as large she could.  

"Let her out." Peyton said as she sat back down nodding towards Sabrina to lift the glass.  

A gush of air swooshed around Nancy as Sabrina lifted the glass from the table setting it down on her tray. While Avery watched the minute woman gasp for air taking in mouthful after mouthful of air.  

"My Name is Twerp. My Goddess." Twerp said painfully as she rolled over onto her side. She hated herself at that moment. She always viewed herself as a person of conviction. A person of honor. She would fight for what was right. However, when she came face to face with an opportunity to truly fight for her greatest conviction. Her own self-identity, she couldn't do it. She chose to accept the identity that her step daughter had given to her.  

"I told you she would give in. She's my subject now, forever, and ever. This just proves it. I gave her everything she wanted. She could have died Nancy List but, she chose to live as Twerp. My slave, my subject, my pet. She submits to my will now, and accepts my decisions as right in all facets of life. Don’t you?"  

"Y-yes my liege." Twerp sputtered out as she meekly clambered to her feet still trying to catch her breath.  

"I am your Goddess, but they are your masters. You will obey them. Is that clear?"  

"Of course, as you command my goddess." Twerp walked towards the girls not even able to look at them in face. She felt humiliated that she had been bested by Peyton. How could she hope to try to convince them that she is anything more than Peyton claims now?  

"Well I'm off to meet a boy. See you girls after soccer practice this afternoon." Peyton said as she ran off to meet her boyfriend.  

As Twerp watched Peyton leave she felt odd. She thought she would feel happy. But as she turned towards the two girls. The idea of them having any authority over her was frightening. However, the idea of having to think of them as her masters, and obey their wishes seemed insane.  

"Come Twerp." Sabrina ordered pointing at a spot in front of her. Briefly Twerp looked over at Avery halfway wishing she would have been able to go with her. As she got the feeling she would probably just ignore her for the most part, which would be a nice change of pace.  

"You gonna take it?"  

"Yeah, just till we have science at the end day." Sabrina added packing up stuff.  

"Okay, I gotta run. My next class is across campus. I hate my Monday, Wednesday Friday schedule none of my classes are near each other." Avery Added before dashing away waving Sabrina goodbye before darting around the corner.  

"And then it was just you and me." Sabrina said with a smile.


Chapter 7 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Thanks everyone for making it this far. Now that the posted version is upto the part where Nancy's name is changed it will make editing it easier.

Step Monster Ch7




Twerp gulped slightly as she neared Sabrina, and stared up at her. The incident at the locker was still fresh in her mind from earlier this morning. She truly had nowhere to go as she looked up at her new overlord for the time being.

"Listen Master Sabrina" Twerp reluctantly started to say before she was cut off.

"I believe we just established where you stand in the hierarchy. There is no listen. It's just we command, and you obey got it?"

"Yes of course.....Master Sabrina."

"The fact you hate it so much makes me love it all that much more. I remember a person who thought they were in charge of everything, and everyone. I seem to remember last month being tattled on to my parents over being caught drinking. My mind is a little blurry though."

"I’m sorry, Master Sabrina."

"I also remember a couple months ago someone making Peyton miss my Birthday party to do chores. Chores I'm sure that could be done another day.  I can go on if you like."

 As she continued eying Sabrina she was confident in her thought that she would rather be just about anywhere, but here right now. As nearly every parenting decision she had ever made that had affected Sabrina was brought before her as if she were on trial. Making matters worse, was the degrading name she was forced to call her by. Any hope she may have had of turning things around were continually stopped every time she had to use that accursed name.

"Climb in while I throw this way Twerp." Sabrina said as she lifted her backpack onto the table and unzipped it before walking away to drop off her garbage, and dirty dishes.

Twerp looked about the massive cafeteria. A thought of running, crossed her mind. She could head out now free and clear. She ran to the edge of the table. As she did so she could feel the invisible chains Peyton had placed on her bind tighter around her neck and limbs. She looked down at the floor, and out at the wide-open expanse of tables. She could hide in hundreds of places assuming she could make it to them without being crushed. She could never be found. The students here are messy enough where food droppings would be a common place.

As she thought about it all, she felt her body weaken, and breath shorten. As she took a couple steps closer images of Peyton flashed in her mind ending with the look she gave her just a few minutes ago. The images caused Twerp to fall backwards onto the table. She crab walked backwards in fear several steps before picking herself up off the table and running towards Sabrina's backpack.

When she reached the backpack, she looked inside the dark confines. She could see large books, notebooks, a makeup kit, a computer. A couple granola bars lay strewn about along with a bottle of water. Looking back at the edge of the table she clambered into the bag fearful. As soon as she made it in she could feel herself calming down and her breath returning back to normal.

"What is Peyton doing to me?" Twerp thought as heard Sabrina return.

"That’s a good girl." Sabrina said in an infantile voice with a smile. "I bet it's pretty humbling for you. Just last week you were bigger than us. Now look at you. Cowering in my backpack. Don't think I didn't notice you walk to the edge of the table. I saw the panic on your face. I watched the fear course through body. You're afraid to disobey. That’s why you're Twerp now." Sabrina said before zipping the bag shut, sealing Twerp in darkness before she could even respond.

"Wait, I can't see anything." Twerp shouted, but her voice wasn't strong enough to power through the canvas material of Sabrina's backpack. She slid to the bottom of the backpack as it was lifted up, and slung over her shoulders before settling against her back. The large textbooks, and notebooks slid from side to side as Sabrina walked. This forced Twerp to continuously move about the backpack in order to avoid being crushed by the now giant everyday objects.

"Stop! Stop!" Twerp yelled as Sabrina walked out of the cafeteria. Even as she left the other students seated around her table dared not move to that table in the crowded cafeteria out of respect for the hierarchy that had been put in place at the school generations ago.

Twerp was in a state of panic as a massive text book started tumbling towards her. She looked about not seeing anywhere to run to so she merely covered her head instinctually, and braced herself to be crushed underneath the massive book. Several seconds went by, and she opened her eyes seeing the large text book standing upright at an adjacent angle from the far corner of the floor of the backpack to the top corner her above.

A few second later the book started tipping towards the other side of the backpack. For an instant the book was completely vertical against the wall along Sabrina's back. Twerp then looked on in horror as the bottom of the book started sliding towards her.  As she looked about for some safety she found herself juking, and jiving as the now giant objects that were strewn about the bookbag. The granola bars would tumble toward her causing her to leap over them. Then Sabrina would move or take another step and they would tumble back towards her once again.

The most annoying of all objects for Twerp was the tube of lip gloss along with the pens and pencils. They were small and enough and light enough that they would bounce about the bookbag flying through the air. This would cause twerp to have to duck to avoid being knocked senseless by the tube of lip gloss or writing utensils.

 The chaotic dance of survival seemed to continue on for hours. Twerp could feel herself tiring and new it would only be a matter of time before she would mess up when everything came to a halt. Everything in the bag shifted violently, and moments later light shone in illuminating the dark world she had been forced into. Her eyes traveled up seemingly hundreds of feet before she could just barely make out the face of Sabrina looking down at her.

Twerp tried to call out to her but she could see earbuds pressed into her ears as her eyes scanned for something that wasn't her. She then watched as her arm as it reached down into this backpack. It seemed large enough that it could easily hold three or four houses on a city block. As her arm lowered down she could see bracelets clinging to her wrist jingling as she reached down grabbing a pen.

"No, wait. You can't leave me here" Twerp shouted running towards Sabrina's hand. However, as she approached Sabrina merely knocked her back to the floor of the bookbag. Frantically she shouted, and waved her arms trying to get her attention. Sabrina's eyes narrowed on the tiny woman. Seeing that she had Sabrina's attention Nancy pointed at the objects and tried to explain what was going on by reenacting what had transpired as she seemed unwilling to remove her earbuds.

"We don't have much further to go, and besides this is your life now. Get use to how it will be lived. If you can't survive a short walk in my backpack. I guess you're just to pathetic to live, loser." Sabrina said as she zipped the backpack closed, and slung it back over her shoulders without concern for the tiny woman trapped amongst her things.

Twerp found herself thrown about the bag as Sabrina put the backpack back on and begun walking once again finally landing atop the makeup bag. Twerp gripped the large canvas bag tightly as Sabrina walked she found as along as she was able to maintain her hold atop the makeup bag she was able to avoid the many perils happening beneath her. She couldn't get over how demeaning it all seemed to her as she struggled to maintain her hold on Sabrina's makeup bag.  She had to fight just to survive the inside of Sabrina's backpack. At any moment her life could be snuffed out by a calculator or a granola bar. These were all things she shouldn't have to worry about.

Several minutes passed by before Sabrina sat down in one of her favorite locations on the campus, the quad. She always felt it had a central park kind of vibe and look to it. Sabrina slung her backpack off her should allowing it drop the ground roughly as she always does. As soon as it hit the ground she looked at it with a hint of concern having forgot about Peyton's stepmother. However, figuring she would be okay she quickly pushed the concern from her mind. She knew Peyton was right. The woman would have to learn how to live, and exist in her new larger world.  She let the strap of the yoga mat that had been over her shoulder as well slide down her arm before unraveling it and laying it out across the grassy plain.

Sitting down upon the mat Sabrina then opened the zippered compartment. She looked into her bag and smiled seeing the tiny woman cowering atop her make up bag clinging to it for dear life. Reaching into the bag she pulled the makeup bag out along with Peyton's step mother.

"I have free period this hour before my Yoga class which meets here. So, we get to relax a bit." Sabrina said rather of matter of factly, not waiting or expecting a reply from the small woman. "You haven't been the nicest to me over the years. You must hate this, but I'm not like you. We can leave the past in the past. However, I think it's important we get started out on the right foot in this new relationship we have."

Twerp slid down from the makeup bag, and landed on the yoga mat. She noted how long Sabrina's body seemed to be. It made it a little unnerving seeing a person stretch out for what looked infinitely in both directions. The cool air from outside made her shiver a bit as a slight breeze blew through. She figured if she had been her normal size, this would have been beautiful day considering how dreary the morning was. She looked up into the sky, and could see the blue sky through the tree branches. She could hear birds chirping from somewhere nearby along with the sound of water from the stream which cut through the school campus and connected downstream with a river.

The relaxing nature of the area left Twerp understanding why Sabrina would spend her free period here. As she listened to the birds chirp she found herself feeling a bit more at ease until one came down landing several yards from her. She gulped as the bird stood amongst the grass pecking it beak into the soil. The bird was nothing more than a small songbird. Hardly threat to anyone. However, Twerp's blood ran cold as she looked upon the massive beast.

As she looked at the bird she found herself in a much different position in the food chain then she was just a few days ago. The bird scanned the field seeing the small woman amongst the tall grass. Twerp who had strayed a bit from Sabrina's side ducked down amongst the large blades of grass hoping to conceal herself. However, the songbird made its way towards her. It's normal whimsical sounds and chirping now cut through the air almost as if it were a warning.

"S-stay away" Twerp shouted as the bird continued to approach. The bird was nearly on top of her. She felt her blood run ice cold as her body quaked before the predator. She dared not to look back at Sabrina as she knew breaking eye contact would be a sign of weakness and, would most likely spell the end of her life. She back pedaled slowly hoping some thought of how to get out of this would come to mind.

As much as she hated to admit it. She now cursed herself for straying to far from Sabrina. As much as she never cared for the girl. Sabrina was now her protector for the moment. The only line of defense she had from these now massive predators and, she stupidly drifted from her.

The bird head lowered towards her, much  faster than she figured it would. Twerp dove out of the way as the beak pecked at the ground hitting nothing but dirt. The bird pivoted as Twerp looked down at the birds massive feet which now seemed like claws of doom. Its beak opened up wide once again as it's beak lowered towards her.

Twerp dove out of the way, and somersaulted a few feet. As went to stand up she found her leg had gotten stuck in some of underbrush. It would be unnoticeable to Sabrina. Howevr to her it was an obstacle that now may spell her doom. She pulled at her leg trying to free it as the bird took a few steps forward. Twerp knew this was it. She was going to be the lunch of a small songbird.

"Shooo" Sabrina's powerful voice rolled across the grassy plain as she waved her arm towards the songbird. Her slight movement was enough to send the bird fleeing from what its lunch. Twerp looked up at the giant girl who was now her savior. Their eyes met for a moment before twerp looked away ashamed. Nothing had to be said between the two in order for the new dynamic between them to be known. Any chance of escape, or fleeing from her captor had once again been cut off. If it weren't for Sabrina she would have been nothing, but a snack for that bird. The thought of being able to make it somewhere from here would be impossible with her new place upon the totem pole of life. Placing her below nearly all life.

"I'm sure you now understand your place after that little incident. What Peyton said to you was horrible, but it wasn't wrong. The sooner you realize that the better. You need us if you want to survive in this world. Why don't you demonstrate just how appreciative you are." Sabrina said stretching out across the yoga mat.

Freeing herself from the underbrush Twerp dashed out from the grass pulling herself up, and onto the yoga mat. She walked towards the end of the mat making sure to stay close to Sabrina's body. It made her sick having to walk in Sabrina's shadow. Hug her body like a wall in order to keep predators at bay. Use the warmth from her body just to keep her body temperature up. She never liked Sabrina. Out of all Peyton's friends the two of them got along the least. Sabrina would disregard her wishes, or ignore her completely. Now she was at the complete and, utter mercy of this girl.

That wasn't the only reason. As much as those things bothered her about Sabrina she could look past them to a degree outside of the blatant disrespect she showed her. However, she knew girls like Sabrina when she went to school. Sabrina was a bully. She came from money, and has never had to actually work, or want for much of anything. More than once she has seen her belittle, or cut someone down for nothing more than her own amusement. However, with that said she is loyal to a fault to her friends. As much as she never cared for Sabrina. Twerp knows Sabrina would walk to the edge of the world, and back for her friends. Which is the only reason she relented, and finally allowed Peyton to continue to hang out with her again. Even though she knew the two were still hanging out behind her back.

As Twerp reached the side of her foot she could see she was wearing the same shoes as Peyton. It was then she was knocked backwards as Sabrina leg lifted up, and the heel of her dark black shoes rested on the toe of her other shoe. She pried her shoe off her foot. Twerp took a few steps back as she saw the massive building sized shoe come crashing down into the grass just a few feet from her. She then watched her two legs swap places and her toes shove the other shoe off her foot. As this shoe tumbled downward Twerp could see the shoe tumbling towards her.

"God no!" Twerp screamed as she pressed herself as tightly as she could against Sabrina's leg. As she looked down she saw that her leg raised up off the mat a bit. Seeing this she dove onto the floor of the mat, and rolled beneath Sabrina's leg. Seconds later the shoe crashed down where she had been standing finally coming to a rest on its side.

Shaking in fear Twerp remained lying on her back for a minute. Trying to coming to grips with how close to death she had just been for the second time in a matter of minutes. Knowing the weight of that shoe would have crushed her flat she found herself looking at it with a newfound respect for its power.

As she rolled out from underneath Sabrina's leg she realized that she could look straight into the shoe. A heat radiated from the inside of the shoe as the hot stuffy air billowed out. Twerp's nose twitched as the air around the shoe turned the air around it from fresh and pure to a much fouler scent. Twerp had become quite aware of the fact because of her size that scents were much more powerful than they would be at her normal size. However, she still suspected at any size the shoe would have smelled far from pleasant.

The coolness of the air around her made her actually contemplate going into the shoe in order to warm up. The fact she was even contemplating that made her realize how far she had fallen. That she now had to decide if she was going to huddle up in a discarded shoe and steal away the warmth left by the foot in order to survive.

"I believe you were saying how you wanted to show me how appreciative you were for saving your life, and how you wanted forgiveness from me for your lack of respect that you had shown me over the years." Sabrina chided as she laid back onto the Yoga mat relaxing a bit.

Twerp scowled knowing she had said or thought no such thing. It was this over grown brat that had come up with that. While she was thankful to her for saving her life. She wasn't about to grovel at her feet in appreciation for it. Whatever happened to doing a good deed because it's the right thing to do she wondered.

"Master Sabrina, I am sorry for my treatment, and disrespect of your relationship with Peyton. I never meant--"

"I believe one of your lectures you gave me when you caught me with some alcohol was actions speak louder than words. If I wanted to be a good person I needed act like it. Do you remember that?"

"Y-ye-yes" Twerp nodded unsure of where this was going, but she was quite sure it wasn't going to end with her getting a nice peaceful nap.

"Well maybe you should heed your own advice. I understand your saying the words of wanting forgiveness from me. However, I don't see you making actions towards wanting me to forgive you. Now that your nothing, but a mere pet of my best friend, and seeing how much time Peyton and I spend together. I'd hate for there to be any animosity between us since we will be seeing a lot of each other." Sabrina said as she wiggled and stretched her toes enjoying the cool breeze against her stocking clad foot.

"You can't possibly mean for me to massage your feet." Twerp said as the wiggling, and stretching Sabrina had done with her feet was not lost on the diminutive girl.

"I wouldn't dream of telling you such a thing. You're going to ask, and beg to be near my feet. Now, I don't allow animals on my yoga mat. So be a good pet and step onto the grass." Sabrina said as she watched the tiny woman step off the mat with a horrified look on her face. Which caused a warm of feeling of happiness to bubble up inside of Sabrina.

As Twerp stepped off the yoga mat she found herself further away from leg she was using to sap some of Sabrina's body heat into her. The cool breeze, while comforting to someone of Sabrina's size was frigid to someone Twerps size. She could feel her body temperature falling, and without any clothes to help her maintain any semblance of her bodies desired temperature she knew it wouldn't be long before she would freeze to death.

She looked over at Sabrina's shoe. She knew that by now, much of the heat that was there at first had dissipated, and while crawling inside would block out much of wind she knew it would only be prolonging the inevitable. Sabrina had said she had a free period, and then a yoga class out here. There is no way she could survive in these temperatures for two hours.  She glanced over at Sabrina's feet that rested amongst the grass. She looked back at Sabrina knowing she had to have planned this.

"That little monster is more diabolical then I gave her credit for." Twerp said quietly to herself as she approached Sabrina's massive feet. They stood like tall buildings extending up several feet above the tall blades of grass. Twerp tried to find to the words to ask but as she looked at Sabrina she found she couldn't even see her as her face was blocked out by her feet.

"Sa—erm. Master Sabrina." Twerp begrudgingly said. Sabrina tilted her feet to the side revealing her face at the end of a body that appeared to outstretch for what might as well have been miles to the small woman.

"Yes." Sabrina said in a tone that exuded her superiority over the diminutive woman. Twerp couldn't help but detect the overwhelming joy that she was trying to hide behind that response.

"May I please rub your feet." Twerp mumbled quickly wanting to get the humiliating event over with.

"I'm sorry I couldn’t quite hear you down there. What were you saying?" Sabrina said feigning ignorance as she watched Peyton's step mother shiver between the blades of grass which towered above her.

"May I please rub your feet." Twerp said louder, and more confidently.

"Oh I don't know...."

"Puh...please. I won't survive otherwise. I need ---" Twerp got out before being cut off and drowned out by Sabrina's much more powerful voice.

"You won survive without my feet huh? Is that what I heard? I'm not sure your deserving of such an honor."

"Please, Master Sabrina. I will do anything! I need this for my own survival." As the words left her mouth Twerp couldn't believe she was uttering them. It made her sick as hearing them in her own voice. She was having to beg Sabrina of all people for the right to live. Her very survival depended upon her ability to be near her feet.

"I suppose I could be persuaded to allow such a request. First though, I want you to kiss them. Show me with action how badly you want this. If I'm not impressed, I will just tell Peyton you ran off and I couldn't find you in the grass. You won't survive out here, and even if you did somehow manage to survive, and find your way back to her who do you think she's going to believe. Me or you?"

"God, you really are a bitch." Twerp said verbalizing her thought louder than she had intended.

"Yeah, I am. But if you want to live I suggest you start puckering. This offer expires in twenty seconds." Knowing she was right Twerp waded through the grass pushing the large blades of grass aside as she approached the massive foot. She could feel the air around the foot already felt warmer. A pungent aroma had bonded with the air around Sabrina's feet creating seemingly a new form of air that filled Twerps lungs.

She coughed a few times as she felt her eyes starting to water but, she held back the tears knowing she had to be strong. The white cotton sock was a dingy grey color. It was damp and clung to her foot as if it had become one entity. Flecks of dirt, and bits of god knows what littered the underside of Sabrina's stocking clad foot. As twerp approached she rested her hands on either side. Sweat bubbled up from the sock and ran over fingers. She knew this was probably a common occurrence it's just normally not visible to the human eye.

That point hit hard. The human eye, even in her own observations she was no longer human. She was some kind of sub human. Dependent on the larger humans for survival. As she saw this she found her body shook in repulsion. She wanted to turn away but feared for her own survival if she took such an action. She forced her head down closer and closer towards the damp cotton sock which clung to Sabrina's foot.

Twerp could feel the heat radiating from Sabrina's foot, and being sapped into her body. She could feel her own body temperature rising the closer and closer she got. Her nose twitched, and her nostrils flared as she had to fight the urge to not vomit. As she pressed her lips against the damp cotton sock she could taste Sabrina's sweat enter her mouth. She wanted more than anything to pull away, or flee. However, either option surely meant death.

The shivering of her body subsided as she pressed not just just her lips, but her body against the damp sock of Sabrina. As she sunk into the cotton she could feel filth and grime wash over her almost as if it was trying to assimilate her into itself.

"That’s right Twerp. This is your place now. You can start rubbing, and showing your subservience to me. This is all you are now. Your life as Mrs. Nancy List is over." Sabrina said with a bit of glee. "You won't be able to get in the way any longer of Peyton and I."

At that moment, Twerp felt lower than she ever had at any point in her life. She wanted to argue, or refute anything that was being said, but she couldn't find the ammunition to do so. As she pressed herself further, and further into Sabrina's stocking clad foot she found that she had to use her entire body to knead and press into the underside of the foot. As she did so she could hear Sabrina sigh in comfort.

"When Peyton tires of you, and she will. I'm going to have her give you to me. She won't want to do the day to day caring of you. She doesn't see any benefit to having you around. She wants to get revenge and that’s it. However, once that’s over with she will just move on. But, I do see the benefit in having you around Twerp. This will be your existence eventually. Consider this a sneak peek of what your life will become." Sabrina said before putting her ear buds back in and stretching her arms out before lying comfortably flat against the yoga mat.

As she continued to rub her body into Sabrina's foot she continued to feel the warmth radiate through her body. However, as the damp sweat exuded sweat onto her she found her eyes were starting to sting once again. As she tried to rub the sweat from her eyes she realized she was only making it worse as the layer of sweat and grime that had transferred from Sabrina's body to her sock and then from her sock to her body was now being rubbed into her eyes. The only recourse in action she could find was just to allow it to happen.

This continued for several minutes before she shifted to Sabrina's other foot. As she pressed her body against Sabrina's supple foot she could feel the figurative binds the girls had placed on her tightening with each moment.  The idea of escape from underneath their thumb became harder to perceive with each passing moment. How could she hope navigate this giant world without freezing to death? They don't make clothes that could possibly fit.

"I could let you do this hours." Sabrina said as reached down and pulled the sock free of her foot. Twerp watched it hover directly over her for several seconds before it fell to a crumpled pile next to her.

"Here, I broke this off so it's more sized to your scale." Sabrina said tossing her pumice stone down to the tiny woman. Nancy looked down at the pumice stone, and still found it large to the point she was unsure if she could lift it. She looked at the heel area of Sabrina's foot. She could see callouses and dry patches of skin along with a bit of cracking skin. The sweat, and hot shoes did a number on her feet. Plus, like Peyton she was an athlete. Peyton played on more of the sports teams where Sabrina mainly just did soccer. She was on a few teams and played soccer almost year-round. She remembered a few times a year Peyton would say Sabrina is at soccer camp this week. Her feet reflected the rough treatment they received.

"You can't possibly mean for me to scrub your feet with this? I've done everything you've asked." Twerp replied as she continued to look back and forth between the pumice stone, and the large foot.

"Do you not understand you live a life of service. You exist to serve my needs right now. Your only purpose in life, and complete focus should be on me. Your entire life revolves around me right now. You’re like those sucker fish we learned about in biology that attach to whales and sharks.... remora's that their name. They use the whales, and sharks for transportation, protection and, service the host eating their scraps and cleaning away dead skin. That’s you to a T." Sabrina said while laughing.

Knowing that it was useless to say anything more Twerp looked down at the Pumice stone trying not to let Sabrina's words get to her. She couldn't for the life of her understand how her, and Peyton became friends. Outside of what she thinks of her, Peyton is a good person. Sabrina just seems mean. Twerp thinks to herself as she attempts to lift the pumice stone. She lifts it to her knees before letting it drop back to the ground.

"I can’t lift it."

"Hmph, that sounds like more of a you problem. Than a me a problem. But, I understand not everyone is a problem solver. It's only natural you would look to your bigger, and wiser master for guidance. If you can't lift the pumice stone use your mouth. Chew away the dead skin from my foot Twerp.

Desperately she hoped inside that she was joking. That she wasn't in any way serious when it came to that request, but she knew better than that. Dropping to her knees before the massive foot in front of her she looked at the tough skin on the heel of the foot. While her head neared her foot, she kept waiting for her to tell her to stop, or that she was joking. However, as her teeth landed on the soiled oily foot she could feel her teeth sink into the skin.

"This isn't happening." She said to herself as her teeth raked across the heel of Sabrina's foot peeling away a layer of dead skin.  As the sweat socked dead skin landed in her mouth she was about to spit out when Sabrina stopped her.

"You're going to swallow that. In fact, you're going to remove the dead, calloused skin off both my feet, and eat it all. Consider it a way of repenting for your sins." Sabrina commanded as she remained stretched out enjoying the idea of having a small slave to do her bidding.

Twerp felt sick to her stomach as she continued to chew away at the calloused heel of her tormenter. She would run her hand out across the heel feeling for the rough spots before biting, and chewing at the skin. It made her feel near worthless over the fact that she seemed so well suited to this task. Her jaw was only strong enough to bite through the first layer of skin. Her teeth just the right sharpness to tear away at the layer of flesh, and as much as she tried she seemed to not be able to cause any harm to Sabrina. In fact the more she tried to cause her some pain the more she sighed in pleasure.

"Hey Sabrina" A voice cut through the air, and boomed far above Twerp. Twerp could feel Sabrina move reacting to the voice. She had expected Sabrina to grasp onto her, only she reached by her and grabbed her damp sock.  Visions of being sealed against her foot made her absolutely sick. However, instead of pulling the sock onto her foot Sabrina mere dropped it on top of the small woman concealing her body beneath pounds of damp cotton ripe with Sabrina's scent.

"I didn’t tell you to stop slave." Sabrina command. "Oh, hey Kaitlyn. I thought you were on a field trip all day." Sabrina called back to her friend, and neighbor. Kaitlyn was a year older and, a grade above Sabrina. Although, since PCA is a private school. They structure there classes differently than most schools. The individualized classes aren't restricted by grade. They just have classes you need to complete to graduate from each program level ranging from Preschool, to then elementary school, then Middle and high school is combined into one that you need to complete to get into their undergraduate program, which then concludes with a master's program. So, while there are classes students generally take during a specific grade, it is by no means required. So, from time to time despite their grade difference they share a class.

Every time Twerp thinks her life can't possibly get worse. She can't possibly be forced down to a lower rung, or to a lower station in life. Life finds a way to further beat her down. She's now having to eat the skin off this she devils feet from underneath her disgusting, and raunchy sock.

The ground quaked, and what sounded like thousands of trees being knocked over at once billowed from all around Twerp. In reality it was merely a teenage girl walking across the lawn. However, making matters worse she could hear the girl sit down next to Sabrina. 

"This can't be happening. She can't possibly plan on staying here for the rest of this period." Twerp said to herself as she bit down against Sabrina's foot clearing away more dead skin. Much to her chagrin Sabrina and Kaitlyn chatted away showing no sign of slowing down or stopping.

As she finished clearing the heel of dead skin she was to stop when saw the heel move away from her. A cold wind swirled in behind the foot causing her to shiver for a brief moment. She could only watch as the heel of her other foot was pressed against her as Sabrina crossed her legs. The cracked grungy heel looked just as bad as the last. Her stomach was already crying out for her stop however the reality was she knew she had to continue or face possible death.

Tears dripped down her face as she found she could no longer hold them back as she chewed away on Sabrina's heel. She tried to comprehend what she could have done to possibly deserve this. It's no secret she never cared for Sabrina, and she did somewhat discourage the two from hanging out. However, her crimes don't fit the punishment she's been given. 

"I suppose, I have to check in, and then head across campus for gym. We still going to the mall after school?" Kaitlyn asked as she stood.

"Yeah, sounds good. See you in science." Sabrina said as Kaitlyn waved goodbye. "You better hurry up. I have to get changed for Yoga soon." Sabrina bellowed down as she laid back down on her mat enjoying the feeling of the tiny woman eating away at her dead skin.

The better part of twenty went by before Twerp felt the sock lift off her body. The giant form of Sabrina shifted to sitting Indian style as she grabbed her back pack She unzipped her make up bag and tossed in the pumice stone, and looked down at the tiny woman.

"You're basically, a care product." Sabrina said as she grabbed the minute woman, and tossed her in her makeup bag before zipping it shut sealing Twerp in the bag. The makeup tubes in the bag jostled about as she carelessly dropped the makeup bag into her backpack. She once again slung the backpack over her shoulder. This time it wasn't without thought of the tiny woman. It was just without care.

"When you're mine I just might keep you in there. You're basically a beauty product. Although some of that makeup is worth more than you are." Sabrina said to Peyton's step mother before putting her ear buds back in, and promptly ignoring the small woman. She had decided on the fact she would give her no more attention than any other piece of makeup she owns for the rest of the afternoon until she has to give her to Avery after science class.



Chapter 8 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Realize i posted the unedited version of this. So i apologize to the early readers of this chapter for the gramatical errors and odd wording. 

tep Monster CH8




Twerp found herself lying atop a mountain of makeup products at the pit of Sabrina's makeup bag. She would gently rock from side to side, and slide about the bag as Sabrina walked. The sounds of objects pelting against the outside of the canvas makeup bag were a bit jarring to the tiny woman. It sounded like hail beating against a window. But, she found herself thankful to be in the relatively safe confines of the makeup bag.

For the first time in what seemed like quite a while Twerp found it generally quiet around her, as she was sealed in Sabrina's backpack, and then sealed further in her makeup bag inside the backpack. The silence was a treat for the first couple of moments, however, before long she found that the silence allowed her time to think, and contemplate. The idea of having to relive any of the events that had gone on recently was not something that Twerp was looking forward to, or wanting to do anytime soon.

Unfortunately, her mind kept wandering back to the final words Sabrina spoke, that she was hers. She shuddered at the notion of having that brat as her caretaker. She couldn't imagine a life of that. Day in, and day out, living a life like the hour she just spent toiling away completing Sabrina’s every whim.

As the afternoon drug on, Twerp found herself drifting in, and out of sleep. Once in a while she heard something from Sabrina's Yoga class, but it was mostly peaceful. It wasn’t until she felt the bag lift up, and everything shuddered from side to side, as the bag was carelessly slung over Sabrina's shoulder that Twerp awoke.

The booming footsteps, and muted murmurs of the outside world felt distant as Twerp found herself carried to an unknown part of campus. Completely shrouded behind a veil of darkness, it still felt odd, although not as strange as before to be carried somewhere with no control over where you were headed.

The bag shook, and came to a crashing halt upon the floor as Sabrina dropped her bag next to her desk. Twerp heard the main compartment unzip, and she braced herself to be pulled out and tormented. Instead, she heard objects being removed from the backpack. Than the distinctive sound of the zipping of the backpack. The sound assaulted her ear drums as it closed. Twerp continued to brace herself knowing that Sabrina must have merely forgotten her in here momentarily, or she was taunting her by leaving her in here for an few extra minutes to let the suspense build. Surely, she couldn’t be left to her own devices.

A few minutes drifted into several, which before too long had turned into the entire class period having gone by. Sabrina tossed her class materials in the backpack as she chatted with some friends before lifting up the bag. She knew her last class wasn't far so she didn't bother zipping up the bag.

Twerps limbs were starting to feel stiff, and she longed to be able to stand up and move a bit. She didn’t want to admit it, but she actually wanted the girls to take her out. Apart of her desired the interaction. She knew it wouldn't be long before Sabrina would pull her out now. She seemed to get a lot of joy out of the misery she caused Twerp thought as the voice of Avery, and Kaitlyn from earlier were overheard. The sounds of their voices encompassed every crevice of Twerps being as they spoke. She could feel her eardrums reverberate.

As the trio of girls walked into the class room they gathered around their lab table. Sabrina, and the girls dropped their backpacks on the far side of the lab table before taking three of the four seats.

"I need to get out of here. I'm going to go crazy if she keeps me in this makeup bag any longer." Twerp said to herself as she punched and kicked at interior walls of the makeup bag. As the class started she had a feeling that she was going to spend yet another class period confined within the tight quarters of the makeup bag. Having kicked, and punched herself out of energy. Twerp found she could do nothing, but wait until they chose to release her. She had been relegated to an afterthought as the class droned on.

Twerps blood boiled, as she fumed in the cramped makeup bag. The idea, that out of all her step daughter's friends. She had to be with Sabrina, only led to more anger to feed into her fury. Sabrina, by the simple nature of being herself pushed her buttons, and grinded her gears in a way that only Peyton could match.

"Tomorrow, when you come in, start doing your lab right away." The teacher said loudly as the bell rang.

"Mrs. Fields, can we get an extra lab sheet for Peyton. I'm meeting up with her later to go over the notes she missed." Avery said sweetly.

"Sure, here you go. I'm glad to see you all taking this seriously." Mrs. Fields said before heading out of the class room.

"Is she showing up for practice." Kaitlyn whispered

"Yeah, she said at lunch she was coming back." Sabrina said. "Oh Avery, that lip gloss you wanted to borrow is in my makeup bag, if you want to grab it before Kaitlyn and I head to practice." Sabrina added as she then distracted Kaitlyn by discussing a few snapchat updates.

As light shined into Sabrina's makeup bag waking Twerp from her daze. She found that she couldn’t focus, as her eyes hadn't adjusted to the light. Before she could make out what was going on a warm palm of someone's hand wrapped around her. She attempted to see who it was, but by the time she could see, she found herself tumbling into an all too familiar pocket.

Twerp landed on her hand, and then slid down onto her injured shoulder causing her to yelp in pain. As she righted herself, the pocket she was in was already closed blocking out any light she had. She felt around confused, and was about to call out when she heard the powerful voice of Avery emanate from behind and above her.

"I'm grabbing a few things, and heading over to Peyton's. Tell her that I'll see her at her place." Avery said before gathering up her things, and heading out the door.

"Hey, can you hear me?" Twerp shouted hoping for some response as she braced herself in the pocket.

The silence was deafening as the miniaturized woman found herself once again, being ignored. She laid lackadaisically in Avery's pocket. She found the boredom starting to get to her. She didn't like the idea of being tormented, and ordered around by her step daughter and her minions. However, she found being left alone as they went about their lives, ignoring her as if she never existed wasn't exactly a pleasant feeling either.

Twerp listened to Avery walk in silence for quite some time before she heard a series of doors open, and then close followed by a loud elevator ding. The woosh of the elevator doors opening told Twerp that they had to be in the lobby of Avery's apartment building. As the doors closed shut, she saw some light shine in as the massive eye of Avery looked down.

"You need to be quiet. Got it?"

"Ye-yes Avery. I mean Master Avery." Twerp sputtered partially surprised that she had received any attention at all from the girl. Since her accident Avery had mostly ignored her. She seemed uninterested in her in nearly every way. Twerp hadn't yet had the epiphany that someone of Twerps size, and stature just wasn't important enough to garner Avery's attention. Twerp was just simply her friends pet to her.  As soon as she agreed, she found herself thrusted back into the darkness. When the door to the apartment opened up. Twerp could  clearly hear a drunk Male voice which shouted at Avery.

"Avery ish that yew?" The man drunkenly stammered out as the apartment door closed.

"Yeah dad. I'm just grabbing a few things. Then going to Peyton's." Avery said as she made deliberate quick steps through the living room hoping to avoid a confrontation.

"Will you-sh get yer ol' man a beer?" He said slurred.

"Don’t you think you've had enough? Why not lie down?" Avery said pausing. As she looked concerned about her father’s state, but also embarrassed.  

"don’t mother me. Get me a damn beer." The man struggled to say as Avery continued walking through the living room hoping he would get forget about it in his drunken stupor.

"I have to get my things together Dad."

"Get me a beer, or you're not going anywhere!" Her father angrily shouted before he threw beer glass bottle. His intent was to throw it towards the wall, however in his drunken state his aim was off, and the bottle struck Avery. She moved her hands upward covering her eyes in reaction to her father. The bottle ended up striking her cheek, and hand breaking upon impact. Glass shards flew everywhere causing Avery to scream before tumbling to the ground.

"I'm shorry swweeetheart. I, I, I didn't mean to do that. Juz get me a beer." Her father stammered as he struggled to stand up.

Avery sobbed on the floor as she bled out from her cheek, and hand. As she fell Twerp found herself knocked out of the pocket lying on the ground next to Avery. As she looked up at the giant girl she could see her bleeding from her face, and hands. A horrified look spread across her face as she picked herself up.

"Are you okay?" Twerp asked unsure what exactly she could do at her size.  She ran towards Avery by instinct alone. However as she approached she found that she was helpless to do anything. She couldn’t wipe the blood away. She couldn’t hold her, or protect her. She was trapped in this helpless form. Even now, she needed Avery. She needed her protection to survive.

"I'm not fucking okay." Avery shouted angrily at Twerp as she continued to cry for a few moments before picking herself up off the ground. She grabbed twerp in her left hand as she saw her father stagger towards her.

"Honey, I'm sorry." Her father said. His beer breath washed over Twerp causing her to sneeze as Avery crinkled her nose.

"I didn't mean to hit you with that bottle. Now  get me a beer. I won't tell you again." He angrily said as he neared her.

"Ye-yes dad." Avery said sheepishly. As he walked towards the Kitchen she felt her father slap her roughly on the rear roughly as if she were a bar maid. The slap was hard enough to cause her to stumble towards the floor. She reached out towards the wall pressing Twerp flat against it in an effort to maintain her own balance.

Realizing what she had done to catch her balance, Avery pulled her hand off the wall and looked at Twerp with a bit of concern. After a few seconds she noticed Twerp groan in pain as she laid in her palm.  As Avery rounded the corner she went into the kitchen, and flicked some water onto the tiny woman to wake her up fully.

"Avery, you need to get out of here." Twerp meekly said while still writhing in a bit of pain.

"I'm trying. Just shut up. Shut up, and do as your told." Avery yelled down at Twerp dropping her back in her pocket trying to hide her frustration and fear from Twerp.

"At least call your mother. Look what he did to you." Twerp shouted from the pocket concerned.

"I can't, she left alright. She hasn't been home for days. Just keep quiet, mind your business, and do like your told." Avery said frustrated, sad and upset.


"That's master Avery to you runt, and I warned you." Avery said wiping the tears, and blood from her face. She grabbed a beer from the fridge while making sure she had recomposed herself. She then walked out of the kitchen handing her drunken father the beer.

"Thanks honey." He said slapping her again on her bottom as she walked past.

"Dad, I’m your daughter not a slut at the bar." Avery said as she started to walk away he grabbed her arm. Slapped hard across the face. Avery fell to knee grasping the side of her face.

"Don't you talk back to me." Her father said before staggering back to his chair sitting down.  Avery stood up with her tears nearly blinding her as she ran into her bedroom closing the door behind her. The tears were mixing with her cut up face, and stinging her eyes. She grabbed a large duffle bag from her closet, and kicked her school shoes into it. She transferred twerp to her bloody hand and used her clean hand to throw in several pairs of shoes and stuffed as many of her clothes into the duffle bag as she could, nearly emptying out her closet into the oversized duffle bag that was normally reserved for gymnastics.

"I told you to be quiet. This isn't a problem for the likes of you." Avery said angrily dropping the small woman into a pair skate shoes. She never gave Twerp a chance to respond before shoving her bare feet into the shoe toppling the woman over pinning her down against her foot.

Not wanting to stick around any longer Avery grabbed her duffle with her bloody hand and her backpack and purse with her clean hand and dashed out of the apartment not looking back once.

Twerp was stunned as she found herself thrown into the sneaker. Her body hit the soft insole, and rolled a few feet before coming to a rest halfway down the length of the shoe. She had never seen Avery in such a state but, she couldn’t blame her. Seemingly seconds later, Twerp saw Avery's bare foot enter the shoe. She attempted to thwart off the foot, but it was no use. As Avery's foot rolled over her as if she were nothing.

"Stop, stop" Twerp shouted as her head got wedged between Avery's largest toes, and she found herself drug the length of the shoe all the way to the toe section . As Avery's foot drug her along, she could feel the skin peeling off her back layer by layer until she finally came to a halt and, felt her back press deeply into the shoes insole. Twerp coughed as the full weight of Avery's foot rested atop of her.

Unlike Sabrina, and Peyton, Avery was more of a girly girl. She spent time pampering herself, and using various lotions, and oils. She would work at making sure her skin looked nothing short of flawless in all situations. This made for a different feeling then the previous feet she had found herself under.  Avery's foot molded around Twerps body pressing her into the padded insole. Leaving her firmly stuck underneath the gargantuan girl. Save for her head,  which had somehow managed to get pressed between her two largest toes on her foot.

However, unlike the prior times when she had been underfoot, Avery ran with all stuff slung over her shoulders. The rapid footfalls were something Twerp had never experienced, and was unprepared for. Avery's massive toes rubbed up, and down the side of her face. As she ran she could feel Avery toes grasp, and toy with her head. The bottom pads on her toes would run along her face.

"Avery" Twerp tried desperately to squeak out hoping somehow her voice would be heard, deep down though she knew it wouldn't. She knew she would have to endure. The normal long reprieves she had to take breaths were shortened drastically. The slow methodical rise, and descent of the foot were compounded into a much shorter time. As Avery's foot rose up into the air, then seconds later her foot came crushing towards the floor. Twerp felt the air squeeze out of her lungs as her foot dug into the ground propelling her forward. Her toes grasped down on her body tightly as if they were giving her a full body hug.

Making matters worse, Avery in a panic didn't want to wait for the elevator. She feared her Father would come after her. In his drunken state it wasn't a practical, or possible for him to give much of a chase, but when you're in a state of fear rational thought often goes out the window. Pushing the door to the stairwell open, Avery ran down the stairs wiping the blood, and tears from her eyes once again so she could see clearly.

Twerp was just starting to get used to the process of running and making sure she had enough air in her lungs to make it to the next footfall when she felt a strange gliding like feeling of the foot. Everything had a strange weightless feeling for a moment then all of Avery's weight came crashing down onto her. Twerp found herself pressed deeper into Avery's foot flesh as her toes grasped her hand tightly. She desperately tried to move, or free herself but the foot had overpowered her with ease. She could feel her body starting to give as her last bit of air seeped out of her lungs when all the weight lifted off of her.

"That wasn't so --" Was all Twerp managed to think before the foot she was underneath lowered itself down to the next step and the same process repeated once again. After the third or fourth step it dawned on her that Avery must have been going downstairs and as she reached the last couple steps jumping down to the landing to avoid having to go down the last couple stairs of each section, and Twerp found she absolutely hated it.

When Avery reached the bottom floor, twerp found she couldn't think any longer. Her entire focus was just on breathing, and staying alive. She had hoped that the stairs would have worn Avery out so that she would walk, however that wasn't the case. Avery's heavy footfalls went from carpet to cement without a hint of slowdown. As this went on step after step a horrifying realization hit Twerp. This wasn't enough weight to crush her to death. She knew many of her bones were about on the verge of breaking, however actual death would take more force. She suspected if Avery would stomp down on her with full force, and power that would perhaps be enough force. This meant as painful as this process was, as hard as it was to breathe she would be forced to endure this indefinitely.

"God help me if Peyton ever finds out about this. She would leave me under her foot forever." Twerp shuddered upon the thought.

"PEYTON!" Avery shouted as she opened the door to Peyton's house. Peyton, and her Father had said long ago she didn’t need to knock anymore. She was over so much she was like family anyway. Douglas, Peyton’s father just viewed her as his other daughter.

"Hey Aves, we were just wondering...Shit, what happened?" Peyton said with a level of concern Twerp had never heard her use towards herself. As she pushed her chair away, and ran towards Avery who dropped her bags As Peyton wrapped her arms around her.

"Sabrina get a towel, or something, and some disinfectant." Peyton ordered as Avery cried into her shoulder. A helpless feeling washed over twerp as she heard Peyton console her friend. The parent in her wanted to protect her. She wanted to somehow shield her from this. However, the reality of it was she was unable to do anything.

Peyton guided Avery over to one of the chairs in the kitchen. As she sat down she kicked her shoes off sending them flying a few feet before coming to a rest in the middle of the kitchen floor. Twerp who was left behind in the shoe was sent cascading into the walls of the shoe as it tumbled end over end. Her back crashed into the top of the shoe, than a moment later her face slammed into the insole of the shoe, than her body tumbled towards the sidewall of the shoe before the shoes finally came to a rest in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Twerp dizzily crawled out from the large skate shoe. She felt as if she had been involved in some kind of Nascar car wreck. As she slid out of the shoe, she found that the shoe she was in had fallen on top of the other shoe in a way that left it angled upwards. So, if she was going to get out of this shoe she would have a bit of a drop to the floor.

As she dropped down onto the floor she felt the rapid pounding of two feet hitting the ground. The floor shook strongly enough for Twerp to be knocked back to the ground. She looked up as Sabrina who stepped over her, and the pile of shoes as if they were nothing. She tried to yell to Sabrina in hopes of getting off the floor. She felt vulnerable around these giant girls. Especially with them not aware, or thinking about where she was.

Twerp looked towards the table, and chairs but much of it was blocked from her view. She could hear Avery's voice shakily recanting the tale of what had transpired to Peyton as she sobbed into the shoulder of her best friend. Seeing the girls distracted made her wish her husband Douglas were here. She could use their distraction to get help from her husband. However, it was much too early for him to be home from work.

Slowly Twerp turned her head from left to right scanning the kitchen. She smiled as she saw both girls hovered around Avery. As bad as she felt for Avery, and wished she could help the poor girl. She knew there was nothing she could do at her size for her. However, the idea of hiding from them until she could get in contact with her husband seemed quite compelling. She could then turn the tables on Peyton, and her band of minions.

Looking back at the girls once again Twerp dashed towards the baseboards of the kitchen. Luckily the Kitchen is open on both sides so she can sneak out the back. Then it's just a matter of trying to find a place to hide.

As she walked along the baseboards she found herself getting colder and colder as her body dropped in temperature. As Twerp reached the end of the kitchen she was shivering profusely. While Avery's foot was far from sweaty, the oils and lotions she had on her foot had transferred to her, and she found her body smelled just like Avery's foot. The oils and lotions as they cooled on her skin only made her colder. She also didn’t like the idea of smelling like cucumber melon with a hint of vanilla.

Twerp made her way around the corner, and stopped dead in her tracks. As she looked ahead she could see Simba, Peyton's kitten drinking from her water dish. She cursed her husband. She was vehemently against getting her pet cat. She didn’t take very good care of the dog. As those tasks usually fell upon her. Peyton, had demonstrated that she is far from the most responsible person. Not out of immaturity, just out of laziness. If something doesn't interest her, or appears to be too much work she won't want to do it, or will find a way to pawn it off on someone else.

Nervously Twerp started taking a few steps back upon the realization of just how bad of an idea this was. However, as she started backing away, Simba sensed her movement, and cocked her head. The entire event took place seemingly in less time than Twerp had to process it. Simba had bounded towards her in smacked her down with her paw.

"Simba, it's me. I feed you, and take you to the vet. It's Nancy." Twerp said. As she said her name she realized how long it had been since she used it. It felt almost foreign to refer to herself in such a way. She knew even that was Peyton's doing. She needed to get away from her before she had her fully trained, and reprogrammed to her will.

Simba hissed as she batted Twerp sending her sliding along the floor. Twerp would then start to crawl away, and just as she would get about a paws length away Simba would slam her paw down, and drag her back towards her.  She cried out as this last time, as  Simba's paw drew blood with her sharp claws. She knew she was just playing as Simba often did. Nancy could recall one afternoon she had hunted a grasshopper that had found its way inside. She played with it for an hour or two before it eventually died. As she looked up at the gigantic pet kitten of her step daughter. She knew that this would be it. This would be her demise. As she desperately tried to crawl away only to have Simba's claw slice across her back, and down her legs before dragging her roughly towards her.

"Simba no. Simba Sit." The powerful commanding god like voice echoed through the room. Twerp watched cat instantly comply without hesitation. She looked behind her to see her massive step daughter standing before her glaring down at her.

She could see her bare feet with her blue painted toenails which eventually disappeared behind her baggy grey sweatpants which seemed to extend up into heavens. It normally bothered Twerp greatly that she couldn’t see their faces however, this time she didn't think she wanted too.

"Twerp sit. Simba bed." Peyton's voice firmly, and powerfully ordered while her foot stomped against the ground. Twerp watched the kitten scurry away, and head up the stairs towards her bed in Peyton's room. Without hesitation or thought Twerp found herself sitting down on the cold tile floor. It wasn't until a few moments later she realized that she had obeyed the command so willingly and naturally.

"What do you think you were doing? Where in the world were you going?" Peyton bellowed as her foot tapped the floor.

"I-I" Twerp managed to get out before being cut off.

"That’s what I thought. I don't even want to hear your lies. If you have to preface the statement with I it means you were doing something you weren't told to do. The days of you thinking are through. You merely obey."

"Goddess Peyton, please just listen" Twerp said fearfully as she looked up at her stepdaughter knowing she had just been caught.

"You were trying to get away. You were trying to hide. I'm not dumb. We are going to have a talk." Peyton said bending down grabbing her stepmother roughly before heading over to her father's study. On the desk Twerp could see an open box from Amazon.

"G-goddess Peyton, I would never dream of" Twerp tried to sputter before once again being cut off.

"I don't want to hear it. I'm in charge of you. I run your life, and you don't seem to understand that. You can't live without my protection, and this just proves it. Simba would have killed, and eaten you. Your old home isn't even a safe place for you."

"Wha-what do you mean old home? You're not giving me to Master Sabrina are you? Please Goddess Peyton, I swear I will never oppose you again. I should have never left Master Avery's shoes. I should have waited till you got me." Twerp sputtered out fearfully as she looked up at Peyton.

"No, nothing like that. However, if you don't shape up I may have to consider it since you seem to want it so badly." Peyton said as she dug in the box pulling out a massive syringe. Twerp could only watch as Peyton read over the instructions before pinning Twerp down face first on the desk.

"Don't move." Peyton said as Twerp felt the needle press against the back of her neck. The needle was as thick as a pencil to her and Peyton pushed it into her. She felt the cool liquid enter her body before the needle was pulled out.

"Wha-what did you do to me?" Twerp asked rubbing the back of her neck.

"I chipped you. Just like I did Simba. Now I can track you no matter where you are via this app. Your body powers the chip and the chip sends your location via gps satellites down to the inch. See" Peyton said turning her phone around.

She looked at the screen horrified as she saw their home and then zoomed in the section of the house she was in appeared with her picture on it. She immediately recognized it as the picture she took of her in her room groveling and begging at Peyton's feet. Next to the picture, the name Twerp appeared.

"" Twerp said as she grasped at the hole on her neck, as the smile on Peyton's face increased more and more.

"It's no use now. Its embedded into you."

" could you do this to me. You're a monster." Twerp said fighting back tears as she continued to grasp at the wound left by syringe on the back of her neck.

"I own you, there is nothing wrong with keeping tabs on my property. Now,  no matter where you run to or whatever you do I can find you. Isn't this great?" Peyton said looking down at her tiny step mother.

"This isn't happening." Twerp said as she pounded her fist against the desk.

"You keep saying that, but you need to realize this is me winning. You serve, and work for me now. More on that later. Right now, you're going to tell me how this happened to you?"

"I..i will not. I won't let you do this to anyone else." Twerp said. Peyton then looked down at her with a look she had never seen before. She begun to inch away from her when Peyton's fist crashed against the desk.

"You listen here, and you listen good. I'm not playing, I'm not messing around. I'm not being mean. You will tell me how this happened or I will fucking kill you. Do you remember lunch? I don't think you understand your place. I'm lord and master. You obey. I order you to tell me.  Avery is in the kitchen with the shit beat out of her. Her mom ran the fuck off without her. No one hurts my Avery gets away with it. You will tell me how this happened to you, or I will torture you until you do. I will take the lighter out of this desk drawer, and slowly burn your feet off. Your small enough the flame will self-cauterize the wound. Then I will ask again."

"Y-yes of course my Goddess. As you command." Twerp fearfully sputtered out. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. As she looked up Peyton she could see the hurt, and fury burning in her eyes. She wanted to tell her to go to the police. She wanted to tell her the responsible thing to do. However, a larger part of her felt compelled to obey. As she looked up at the giant girl before her it was getting harder, and harder to view her as her step daughter. Another part of her wanted the same vengeance Peyton wanted. Avery was a kind soul.

"The pills, the pills you got from Generisoft. When they gave you the wrong migraine medicine. The one that your allergic too. I had a headache after we argued about you doing the yardwork. I took a pill, and I took drink of liquor. Some wine, and then I went upstairs and collapsed. It happened so fast I couldn't call out for help or do anything. I just shrunk. Then you came in, and well you knew the rest. "

"Interesting, those old pills. Aren't they expired?"

"Expiration dates are just a guideline." Twerp said.

"I guess not in this case" Peyton laughed. Before continuing on. "I hated to spend some more of my allowance on you, but it's part of being a pet owner." Peyton as she reached back into amazon box, and pulled out a clear plastic hamster cage with pink exercise wheel, and food dish. Halfway up the front of the cage the plastic turned to a white metal bars on the front until it reached the top where it returned to plastic around everything else.

"You're not gonna put me in that are you?" Twerp said as she backed away from the cage.

"Of course, like I said Simba just proved you can't survive in your old home, and I can't, and don't want to be around you all the time. So now you have this nice new home to protect you from the dangers of the outside world. Where I can come home, and know right where you are." Peyton said with a smile so large it could have wrapped around her face.

"No, please. I'm not an animal. I'm a person. I have rights for goodness sake." Twerp argued back.

"You were a person, and you did have rights. Now you're my pet. You pledged yourself to me. To serve me. To accept my decisions, and beliefs as your own. To serve my every whim, and command. This is my will and command. What was it you always said to me...oh yes. You need to have faith in me that I know what's best. Well the tables have turned. Now I'm the one with the power, and the one making decisions. You live under my roof. And you have a nice little home to live in."

Twerp was speechless. She kept trying to look away but found she just couldn't. The idea of living in a cage. Some kind of pet habitat while Peyton went out and lived her life. Being forced to wait to live life on her terms.

"That's for later though. Right now, you're coming with me, and I think you need some time to think over that little incident we had in the kitchen where you were trying to escape. Now you see while I was out with Bradley I got my tongue pierced, and my belly button pierced. I had been working on forging your signature for some time now. I just wasn't sure how to get around using it without you finding out. Now I don't need to worry." Peyton smirked as she lifted up her shirt showing a metal stud with small metal chains wrapped around it. She then stuck her tongue out showing a tongue piercing with a similar design.

Peyton grabbed Twerp and dropped her on her tongue. She then grabbed one of the metal chains, and unclasped it from her tongue piercing before she forcefully grabbed one of Twerps arms, and then slid her wrist into the metal circlet. Finally, she clasped the circlet closed around Twerps wrist. Twerp could hear the metal snap back into place. As she looked down at her wrist she could see a small metal wristlet attached to the chain. The part around her wrist reminded her of the end of a necklace, and how you attach it. Only now because of her size it fit around her wrist rather tightly. In fact, it dug into wrist. She grabbed the metal latch, and tried to open the part that is clasped shut, but found she didn’t have the strength to do so.  Peyton then grabbed another chain from the Tongue piercing, and clasped it around her other wrist. She followed the same process for ankles and neck.

"Release me, release me this instant." Twerp shouted from inside Peyton's mouth. Since she wasn't strong enough to take off the wristlet she yanked on the chain where it went into the tongue piercing only she wasn't strong enough to break it on that end either or cause Peyton any kind of discomfort.

"I can barely feel you on my tongue. You weight nothing, and I can still talk normal. I was concerned on if I would be able to speak." Peyton said. Twerp looked out as Peyton's mouth closed sealing her in darkness. The hot air of Peyton's mouth smelled of Chinese food. As she spoke, Twerp found herself knocked from left to right, and front to back as Peyton's tongue moved about her mouth to speak.

Twerp covered her ears, and dropped to her knees as Peyton's voice rumbled around, and encompassed her fully. Light would continually enter, and then disappear as her mouth opened and closed as she spoke. Twerp looked back at the piercing horrified to find herself chained in such manner with nowhere to go.  The fact she wasn't able to break chains or separate herself from Peyton's piercing made her feel that much smaller.

"This is so cool. You're really trapped in my mouth. I could make you live in here. You could eat the food I chewed up before I swallowed it, and drink whatever I drink. We are gonna have to try this out later."

"No, no. Let me out of here this instant. Please, I don't want to live in your mouth. I will never cross you again. I swear it. I one hundred percent mean it. You're in charge Peyton. You win. Just please." Twerp begged as Peyton stood up and walked out of the study.

"The best part is I can only hear you when my mouth is open. So, I can just silence your voice by closing my mouth. I wish I would have had this piercing on Saturday. I guess, hang tight. Gotta take care of some business." Peyton said before sealing Twerp in the dark, humid, smelly confines of her mouth. 


Chapter 9 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Here's chapter nine and this one has a bonus picture go along with this it. You can follow the link to view the picture, however id suggest reading the chapter first.

Step Monster Ch9




Darkness had fallen over the city as the sidewalk was now lit by streetlights, and porchlights as she walked down the sidewalk. The cool breeze made her tuck her jacket tightly around her as she made her way down the sidewalk. She had taken this path often enough over the years to know where the shortcuts were. Before too long before she had already approached Avery's Apartment building.

The movements about her mouth, made her remember that she had her wicked stepmother imprisoned inside. She only wished that she had eaten something far more foul smelling that would have tainted her breath. However, she had a lifetime torment her with such acts. As she entered the lobby Peyton entered the building code. She had known Avery for as long as she could remember. Not many people who lived in her building new that the security system had a code. However, she and Avery were around when it was installed. The installer told the two sweet little girls something he probably shouldn't have, but he figured what harm could two girls do.

Peyton made her way into elevator, and took it up the second floor. She slowly walked down the hall sweetly smiling to Mrs. Anaderlie as she passed her on her way before knocking on Avery’s door.

A gruff voice bellowed for her to enter, so she pushed the door open wiping her shoes on the mat before walking to the living room. She saw Avery's father on his recliner chair watching a Lakers basketball game as she entered the room.

"Hi Mr. Jennings." Peyton sweetly said as she sat down on the sofa, and started watching the game. "They aren't the same without Kobe." Peyton said as she sat back a bit on the couch.

"Yeah, is there something I can help you with?" Her father asked having sobered slightly  up from the earlier incident with his daughter.

"No, Avery said to meet her here. I just got out of Soccer practice, and threw on some clothes then came over. It sounded important." Peyton said looking down at her phone.

"Oh, okay. I'm sure she will be around shortly. She was here earlier." He said not breaking his focus of the game.

"You look a little out of it Mr. Jennings. Is your head hurting you?" Peyton asked as the first half ended.

"Yeah, it does. I've been getting these killer headaches lately."

"I get migraines quite severely. I have some pills if you want one? My dad takes them for his headaches he says nothing works better."

"Well since you offered, sure." He said extending his hand out towards the girl.

Peyton let two pills tumble from the bottle before putting the medication back in purse. She smiled sweetly as he swallowed the pills chasing it with swig of beer. The two continued to chat about the Lakers team through halftime when all the sudden Mr. Jennings stood up.  He looked over at Peyton with a groan before collapsing to the ground. She watched the tall mountain of man slowly shrink away to nothing being coming lost in his own clothing.

She spied the man confused and wandering around beneath his shirt. If she hadn't known, he would just appear to be a small lump moving around beneath a shirt. He continued to dwindle until she couldn't even see a lump. It was several minutes before he confusingly walked out of his sleeve.

"What the hell." She heard his weak voice say with a hint of fear and confusion.

"Mr. Jennings, you have been judged. You egregiously committed some horrific crimes. I watched you drink your wife away. I saw you yell, and scream at her. You said unfathomable things to that woman. She was far from innocent herself. She slept around. I know that. The neighbors know that. So, I can't say you weren't wrong to be angry. However, you raised your hand to your poor little girl. You threw a beer bottle striking your daughter down to the floor. You belittled her, not just tonight, but over years, and years I learned. So, Mr. Jennings, while most of your crimes are not guilty by human law. You are no longer human. You have become the very thing you made those around you feel, helpless."

"Wha-whats the meaning of this. Change me back. Change me back now you hear; Or you will get what's coming to you." He shouted angrily at the young teenage girl before him. As he looked up at her now massive frame seated on his sofa he felt no fear or terror. Maybe it was the liquor in his system, maybe it was being two cases of beer into the day giving him liquid courage. As the fear he should have felt, was not present.

Peyton's smiling face turned to a frown as she looked down at Avery's father.  She watched the small man march towards her as if he had a bone to pick with her.  Not wanting to play games with the now small man she lifted her foot up, and knocked Mr. Jennings over with her foot. His miniscule body disappeared underneath the white with green striped sneaker she had on.

"I want you to clean my shoe Mr. Jennings. I want you take everything that you are, your entire being, and clean the underside of my shoe. Use your small hands which should easily fit within the groves now, and pull the rocks and dirt out from underneath. Then clean the top, and in between the grooves with that mouth of yours. While you do this, I want you to think about what have you done. The way you have treated Avery, and your wife. How you have hurt them.

"I-I will do no such thing. You will not get away with this. I'm going to sue you, and your family." Mr. Jennings shouted up to the giant teen who had knocked him over. His voice only wavering slightly, but Peyton noticed tremor in his voice. As it showed the weakness she needed to see. He didn't have the level of conviction in his statements that he was leading on. His bravado was false. She knew at that moment that he was all hers as she moved her sneaker clad foot off the man setting it down right next to him.

"Mr. Jennings, I don't think you understand. I've already gotten away with it. You have only one decision left to make in your life, and it will be the most important one. You can pledge yourself to me and become my Peytonian subject. Live a life under my rule, and respect and follow my decisions and decrees regardless of what they are, or you can die." As Peyton finished her statement she bent forward while still remaining seated on the sofa. She bent just far enough forwards so the drunken man could see her face. 

As she did so she saw his eyes bug out, as his body trembled in fear. She watched his tiny eyes try to take all of her in, now that he could see her face. She knew she was no longer a personless face to him. It was easy to be arrogant when you're talking to a shoe, or leg. However, looking a person in the eyes is much harder. When the person's nose is probably bigger than your whole body it's nearly impossible.

Once she was sure he could clearly see her face she opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out. The look of pure unbridled terror that went across his tiny face as he looked at the tiny woman chained to her tongue like a wild dog. The sad sobbing look on her face as he looked up at a woman who looked completely defeated as she hung in the air. She rocked back, and forth across her captor's tongue in disgrace.

Peyton curled her tongue upward running her tongue against the front of her stepmother's body. She then curled her tongue inward, and patted her stepmother. As she did so Peyton could hear her stepmother, the woman she had renamed Twerp weep, and cry as she mercilessly toyed with her on her tongue. She relished knowing that as she spoke, her voice must have sounded louder, and more powerful than ever. She loved knowing that she had to cover her ears, and cower on her tongue.

"What...what is that? What have you done?" Mr. Jennings managed to sputter out as he continued to look at the shrunken woman chained to the giant teens tongue.

"This is Twerp. You remember my stepmother, don’t you?" Peyton said with a smile as she fidgeted with her foot a bit next to shrunken man.

"My god, Nancy?" Mr. Jennings questioned as he watched the shrunken woman disappear back into the Teens mouth as she lifted her foot backup placed her sneaker clad foot back down on top of Avery's father.

"Now Mr. Jennings. You have a decision to make." Peyton forcefully said as she begun to press down harder, and harder on the man. She could hear him howl out in pain. Soon his yelps of pain shifted to crying, as tears fell down his cheeks. As she continued to press harder, and harder she could hear his one free arm which hadn’t gotten caught underneath her shoe pound repeatedly against the rubber trim of the shoe.

As she rocked her foot forward rolling her weight across his tiny body she felt him give in, and ease the pressure on his tiny body. She listened to him weep in anguish as he picked the crud out from underneath her sneakers. Peyton smirked as she could hear his tiny first pounding on a pebble wedged between the treads of her shoe.

Mr. Jennings pulled and punched at a pebble that dwarfed his fists. Blood careened down his knuckles as the stone dislodged itself from the shoe, and fell to the floor. Tears dripped down his face as he shook in fear. He snaked his tongue out, and pressed it into the grooves of her shoe. His body convulsed in disgust as his tongue slunk along the inner treads of Peyton’s shoe. Cleaning the grotesque grime that had built up, and wedged its way in.

He extended his arms to the tread in front of him, and pulled his body forward. His nose, cried foul as he looked up at mud beaten into her shoes. His eyes could tell hit was fresh. She had picked it up on her way over. As his tongue touched down onto the wet mud it retracted instantly as it wasn’t mud.

“I cut through the Roberts yard on the way over. These shoes are brand new. I’m sure you could tell as they are spotless on top. But, I stepped in some dog shit. I wiped it out on the grass, but don’t you just hate how you can’t seem to get it all off. Then that shit, and grass stain your white tread.” Peyton said as she her eye darted over to the game.

Mr. Jennings wanted to say something. He wanted to teach this girl a lesson. However, he found himself in no position to do so for the first time in his life. As much as he tried he couldn’t lift her shoe an inch. He cried against her shoe as he felt her weight increase. He snaked his tongue back out. He heard a squelch like noise as his tongue pushed its way into the wet dog shit. As it fell into his mouth he started to sputter, and spit it out.

“No, no, no. Be a good little boy, and swallow. I know you always made your wife do it.” Peyton taunted as she pressed down on her foot for good measure.

Helpless to argue he let the dog shit fall into his mouth. He started to chew, and swallow. He could taste the grass pounded into the poo.  His teeth were stained brown as he felt the shit hit the back of this throat. He pushed his arms forward, and felt them sink into the poop as he pulled himself forward once again. More tears slid down his cheeks as he forced his tongue back between the treads of shoe.

“That’s right, fight for survival. That’s human nature Mr. Jennings. If you can just struggle on a little bit further. Surely someone will come through that door. Surely someone will save you. It’s a shame you ran all of them off. Your wife ran out on you, and your daughter. You pushed your wife so far that she would leave her own daughter behind. Then you pushed your daughter out. No one’s coming through that door. All you can do is lick your way to freedom. Beg for my mercy.

“Please! No more!” Mr. Jennings shouted clearly crying.

“I’m sure you showed Avery mercy when you hit her with that bottle. I’m sure you ran to her, and hugged her tightly. I’m sure you said how sorry you were. Do you know which of those things you did Mr. Jennings?” Peyton spat down in a hurt tone.

Knowing the answer, Mr. Jennings pushed his tongue back out. He had to fight his brain from turning his head away. He had to force his mouth to remain open as the shit fell into his mouth. Every instinct in his body was saying to spit it out. But he knew couldn’t. Mr. Jennings swallowed audibly as he pushed his tongue back out. He knew he had to leave each part spotless to have any hope of survival.

Peyton allowed the man to toil away on her shoe until he heard him tap the front toe section of her shoe. She lifted her shoe up, and smiled seeing her treads cleaned out, and the white of the underside of her shoes returned to their full glory.

“We can let all that settle in your mouth, and let your body naturally clean away that crud out of your mouth before you clean the other one. What I want from you now, is for you to say it. I need to hear it from your mouth so it’s official." Peyton said as she tried to contain the smile that spread across her face.

"I-I will serve you as your subject, and respect, and follow your every wish and decree Peyton." Mr. Jennings sputtered out sadly, still crying from the previous events.

"You will refer to me as Goddess Peyton. You will demonstrate the proper respect to me and my friends."

"Y-yes of course. I'm sorry Goddess Peyton. D-don’t hurt me." The tiny man said fearfully as he watched his daughters now giant friend stand up from the sofa.

"As Twerp was tested. So, will you be. I had to clean the blood from your daughter’s face Mr. Jennings. I cleaned her wounds. She showed up at my doorstep in tears, and you don't show any remorse for your actions." Peyton said as she reached down grabbing the tiny man roughly. She felt his body go limp in her hands as she carried him to the kitchen setting him down on the counter.

"Sit." She commanded. She watched the guy stammer about as he looked around for some place to sit. Peyton raised her hand and then flicked the tiny man sending him flying a few inches from her hand.  He tumbled end over end before coming to a halt, lying on the back of his neck with his legs folded over his body.

"Sit." Peyton said once again as she spat down at the tiny man. She looked on as the massive ball of phlegm struck him directly, covering the entirety of his body. She looked on as her warm saliva oozed down him getting into every crevice. He tried to right himself, and stand up but, tumbled he back down onto the kitchen counter. He pushed himself off the counter in a meek attempt to crawl out from the puddle of spit he found himself trapped in. As he tried to scream the warm saliva filled his mouth causing him to cough repeatedly.

"That’s right, fight for your own survival. You can't even escape a puddle of my spit." She taunted down at the man before walking across the kitchen, and going into the pantry. She pulled out a blender, and set it down on the counter next to Mr. Jennings. Opening the junk drawer, she pulled out a piece of scotch tape with one hand and grabbed Mr. Jennings with the other.

She lowered the shrunken man into the blender pressed him against the glass side of the blender with one hand before putting the scotch tape across each limb with the other. She rotated the blade making sure the blades wouldn't hit the tiny man.

"Wait, get this tape off of me. What are you doing?" Mr. Jennings shouted.

"This is your test. Assuming that tape holds you're gonna be just fine. Now if that tape doesn't hold, well I'm sure your pea brain can connect those dots." Peyton said as she plugged the blender in, and started to put the lid on the blender.

"Wait the spit is eating away at the tape. Dry me off first. This isn't fair." He shouted fearfully

"It wasn't very fair to strike your daughter. It wasn't fair to bully her. It wasn't fair to make her feel worthless. To keep her under your thumb for what? Child support? A check from government so you can get a few more beers. That’s not fair Mr. Jennings. You never gave her  a chance. I, at least am giving you a chance to survive." Peyton said before pressing the lid down firmly on the blender.  she watched him squirm about, covered in her spit. She smiled as her spit slunk its way down over the tape. Then she started the blender.

Peyton bent down so her face was level with the blender. She watched the blades spin round and round. She knew from when she spun them that assuming he doesn't move the blades stop just a couple millimeters before hitting his chest. However, if the tape gives or he struggles to try to free himself the blades of the blender will slice his chest open.

Mr. Jennings screamed in terror as the blades whizzed. Each rotation he saw the blades appear to get right up next to his chest. Each time he thought for sure he was going to sliced in two or his guts spewed out across the blender. If he died here they would never find him. She could just clean out the blender, and dump his remains down the garbage disposal. Who would know. As this shouldn't be possible. People just don’t shrink.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I will never drink again. I will be a better father. Just turn me back Turn me back please." He shouted as he looked over at Peyton hoping for some kind of mercy. It was at that moment her phone rang.

"Sorry, I need to take this." Peyton said, as she turned from facing the blender showing the tiny man her backside as she leaned against the counter.

"No, I'm not doing anything Bradley. Just in the kitchen....No the girls all over I can't come over......No I told you I can't yI can't........I know you love me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to come running at your every beckon call...I might have some free time tomorrow after school.....You're so funny....Stop making me laugh.....Okay bye. Kiss Kiss" Peyton said finishing the call, and sliding her phone back into the pocket of her sweatpants before turning around.

"Boys can be so needy. I swear your half of the species doesn't mature after age 12." Peyton said before bending back down to get a better view of Mr. Jennings. "Were you saying something before I got that phone call?"

"I said I'm sorry. I will change. Please turn me back. I will be the best father Avery has ever had."

"You'd need to be human to be her father. Did you forget you gave up your human life? You're nothing but my subject. My slave, assuming you survive your little test. Then you get to live out your life in my shadow. I think I will call you Pig from now on, as that’s what you were in your previous life."

Pig cried out in fear wanting to struggle against his bonds wanting to fight back. However, as the blades of the blender continued to whiz by at high powered speeds he found himself helpless to do. Unable to comprehend how a simple teenage girl could upend his life. Could steal away everything.

"I guess the tape is going to hold after all. Pfft" Peyton said a bit dejectedly as she turned the blender off. She watched the blades slowly wind down until finally coming to a stop. She watched the small man's chest rise and fall, and sweat drip from his brow as he stared at the blades unable to comprehend how he survived.  Peyton reached into the blender and pulled the tape off the glass side of the blender giggling as she watched the man try to fight his way off the piece of tape. She allowed the tape to dangle on her fingertips as she walked towards the back of the kitchen. The man continued to fight, and kick against the tape until Peyton tired of watching, and she pushed the tape from her hands letting it fall into the garbage below.

Mr. Jennings tumbled into the kitchen garbage can landing on a pile of orange peelings.  The garbage can was only about half full. As he looked at tall blue walls of garbage, he realized any hope of getting out on his own were gone. He looked about the garbage seeing remnants of prior meals, and most disgustingly, a pile of tartar sauce nearby.

"Hey..hey what’s the meaning of this. I did what you asked! Passed your test. I-I even gave up my life, my humanity. You can't just leave me here." He shouted as he the girl who demanded that he call her goddess walk out of his field of view. 

"I can do what I want. A privilege you no longer have. You do what I say from now on. Your days of belittling people into helpless submission are through. I remember a big man who pushed around a little girl. Well now the tables have turned. I put you in that garbage can as that’s what you are. If you want me take you out, to have me take you with me. You will have to beg. Otherwise, I will leave you there and, you will thirst to death. "

"No, no. Please master, goddess Peyton. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just don't want to die. I will serve. I will serve."  The man pleaded as he dropped to his knees. As he saw the teen girl head back into view his eyes lit up. He felt a wave of relief as he saw her appear. It was still harrowing to see a person so tall from his current vantage point he couldn't even see her head.

"What's your name?" Peyton asked tapping her foot impatiently.

"Dave, Dave Jennings mam, master, goddess." The still partially drunken man sputtered out.

"Wrong" Peyton said reaching into the Garbage can pulling a pile of garbage tossing it into the sink. Mr. Jennings tumbled end over end before coming to a rest. He tumbled what must have been several yards to him. Peyton walked over to the sink methodically, and looked down at the tiny man.

"You're a despicable sack of skin. I'm going to enjoy breaking you." Peyton said, as she turned on the garbage disposal.

Mr. Jennings backed away tripping over an apple core before his bare back pressed against the sink walls.  His body shivering, and teeth chattering, but the man was too drunk to realize that trauma his body was going through. He could only look on with the helplessness of an infant child as Peyton turned on the water faucet.

A wave of hot water poured out of the faucet hitting the metal sink first. A tidal wave then spewed across the sink as the visceral churning sound emanated from below. Mr. Jennings could hear the garbage the water had already pulled into the disposal being destroyed beneath him. As he looked down, he found himself doing something hadn't done since he was a child. He realized he was peeing himself.

"Oh my god. You're so pathetic. Not such a big shot now that you aren't the biggest one around, are you? What's your name, Slave." Peyton questioned.

"Jennings, Dave Jennings. Please let me out. I will do what you want. I will do whatever you want. I will give you everything I have. Just please I don't want to die here." He pleaded as felt the scalding hot water race across his legs. He tried to move to the side as a large piece of bread knocked him over forcing his head beneath the water.

The torrent of water, and force of the bread was too strong for the Mr. Jennings, now shrunken body. He kicked against the water flow trying to break the current, but he could feel himself being drug backwards towards the drain.

"Pig my name is Pig". He cried as heard the garbage disposal turn off. As he looked up at the sweet looking blonde-haired girl. If he hadn't just lived through this expierence he would never have guessed the evil within her.

"Now push that garbage toward the disposal." Peyton ordered as she walked back into the kitchen leaving Pig to do her bidding. She grabbed his pants pulling his wallet out. She pulled out forty dollars along with his credit and bank cards.

As she walked back into the kitchen she looked down at man gleefully as he did as he was told.  She watched him for several minutes toil away while calling his credit and bank cards to check his balances before finally fishing him out of the sink, and turning the disposal back on to take care of the mess.

"It looks like your only worth 80 thousand dollars Pig." Peyton said as she walked out of the kitchen, over to the small corner of the living room he had turned into a home office. Peyton went to the Pacific Coast Academy website, and saw that the login information had been saved. As she logged into the site she clicked on the tuition payment site.

"Y-you can't. That’s all I have." Pig said as he looked at the massive computer screen.

"Are you really questioning paying for your daughter's education right now after what you did to her?"

"N-n-no Goddess Peyton. Of course not. As you wish." He said averting his eyes embarrassed.

"The other thing you need to learn, slave. Is that you speak when your spoken too. Otherwise you should be seen, and not heard. I command, and you obey. That’s the deal."

Tired of looking at the man Peyton lowered Pig to the floor while she sucked on Twerp as if she were a lifesaver. She relished pushing her body flat against the roof of her mouth as her tongue rolled back, and forth across her body. She could hear Twerps cry out as her tongue continually rolled across her.

She slid her bare right foot out of her sneaker knocking it onto its side. The opening of the shoe which fell just in front of Pig who was shaking in fear.  Hot air plowed out of the dark cavernous shoe from being trapped on her foot.  Pig's nose twitched as he coughed from the smell billowing out of the sneaker. He suspected at his old size he might not have noticed anything. However, at his current size it was nearly unbearable.

"In" Peyton commanded as she stomped her foot. Fearfully pig climbed into the shoe. A few moments later without looking Peyton knocked the shoe back over so it was upright causing pig to tumble halfway down the shoe. Before he could get his bearings, he saw her large barefoot passes over him. He screamed as her foot lowered on top of him sealing him underneath the arch of her foot.

"Lick" was all Peyton needed to say before the she felt Pig's tongue work across the underside of her foot.

Peyton shut down the computer, and walked into Avery's room. She grabbed a suitcase packing a few things she knew Avery would want along with the rest of her shoes, clothes, pictures and her jewelry box. Peyton looked around one last time; not seeing anything she grabbed the suitcase, and headed out the apartment. Making sure the door was locked she headed back home.

"Peyton, where'd you go?" Sabrina asked, seeing her walk in with a suitcase.

"I went to Avery's, where is she?" Peyton asked as she set the suitcase by the door, and walked over to the sofa.

"She's sleeping upstairs. She's pretty shook up." Sabrina said while sitting stretched out Peyton's Sofa.

"Understandable, considering everything she's gone through. Did she tell you about her mom?" Peyton asked as she slid her shoes off leaving Pig trapped inside.

"No, not a word. If you didn’t know, no one knew." Sabrina said as she chewed on the drawstring of her hoodie while setting down her phone she was playing with on the end table.

"It looks like it's just us then, if Avery's asleep." Peyton said as she sat down Sofa between Sabrina's legs resting her head on Sabrina’s chest seeing something was bothering her she asked her what was wrong.

"You know, I really hate Bradley" Sabrina said with a heavy sigh

"Why? He's a nice boy, for the most part."  Peyton said

"He just gets in the way, and he's kind of needy. You should find someone else."

"Well I have something that will cheer you up." Peyton said sticking her tongue out revealing Twerp chained still chained to her tongue dangling from her piercing.

"Oh my god. Is that Twerp." Sabrina said between fits of laughter. "Hold on I need a picture of this."


Chapter 10 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

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Enjoy this chapter. This entire chapter and the next one exist as an edit. They didn't exist orginally. However as i was editing this chapter and the next i wanted a bit more depth to the characters. So hopefully you all enjoy it. 

            Step Mosnter: Chapter 10



Peyton woke up early that morning. As her alarm went off she rolled over not wanting to get out of bed. Then she realized what day it was, and a smile crept across her face. She jumped out of bed, and ran to her closet. She put on some of her nicer clothes. As she went into the bathroom she stuck out her tongue, and dabbed some toothpaste onto it before opening up the cupboard beneath her bathroom sink. She grabbed a clean cloth and ripped a small square off the corner.

“Make yourself useful and clean my teeth as I get ready. Oh, and here’s some floss as well.” Peyton said as she reached into her mouth, and unlatched Twerp from her piercing before heading over to her vanity table to apply her make up.

Twerp was still groggy, and trying to comprehend what was going on. She looked down at the piece of floss in front of her and tiny square of a cloth. She grabbed the cloth, and slung the floss over her shoulder before dabbing the cloth into the toothpaste.

Twerp carefully made her way across Peyton’s tongue. She noticed Peyton was nice enough to have the tip of her tongue just hang out of her mouth. This allowed for her to walk to the front of Peyton’s teeth. She then knelt down on the tip of her tongue, and she looked from left to right unable to believe this was actually happening. She was going to have to clean her step daughters mouth. She couldn’t believe how lazy she could be. If she bet her a dollar over who could be laziest person. Peyton would respond back to put the dollar in her pocket.

Raising her hand up to her front teeth twerp pressed the rag against the powerful white teeth. She begun to rub in a buffing motion the cloth against her teeth. As she did this she could smell Peyton’s morning breath wash over her. It made her feel sick as she scrubbed her step daughter's front teeth.

            As she looked back she could see in the mirror Peyton applying makeup to her face, and paying her little attention. The idea of being a human toothbrush was not the career choice she was hoping for. As she finished the front two teeth of Peyton she shimmed into her jaw. Her feet sunk into the skin between Peyton’s cheek, and her teeth. As she continued to scrub the top row of teeth.

            “Don’t forget the backs of my teeth. That’s very important according to my dentist. Also, the bottom row.”  Peyton ordered with a smile as she went back to applying her makeup.

            “Twerp felt sick to her stomach as she scrubbed a layer of filth from Peyton’s teeth. A white sludge had built up over the teeth, and as she scrubbed it away, it would end up on her body as she brushed up against the teeth. She felt disgustingly dirty. Making matters worse as she crawled along her inner cheek scrubbing the front top row of Peyton’s teeth she couldn’t help, but hope that this wasn’t going to be a regular occurrence.

            As she finished the top row she found the bottom row to be immensely worse. As she had to crawl on her hands knees. As she scrubbed away, her body pressed against the dirty teeth of her step daughter. She felt truly like a parasite as she toiled away.

            Peyton for her part had never felt happier. She relished the feeling of her step mother cleaning her teeth. She found that it was working surprisingly well. As Twerp’s small hand allowed her to get in-between her teeth as well. She could feel her pulling out small chunks of leftover food she could never hope to reach. Her small size also allowed her to finally polish and clean the tops of teeth.

            “I may never go back to a toothbrush again. You just have no idea how great this feels. I can actually feel my mouth getting cleaner than normal. It’s like I just am leaving the dentist kind of clean. This could be your true calling in life.”

            Twerp didn’t even want to respond. She just felt her heart sink lower over the idea of having to do this each morning. She knew how Peyton was. If she knew that she didn’t have to brush her own teeth she wouldn’t. She would just eat whatever she wanted, and then have her do it.

            “When you’re done with that make sure you clean my piercing too. It should sparkle. These will be part of your daily chores. Think of it as your contribution to betterment of me. You should really be thinking of some of these things on your own. How can I make Peyton’s life easier? That should be your mantra in life.”

            “Yes Master. Of course.” Twerp responded halfheartedly. She knew that she was serious, and that was the worst part. This was going to be a daily aspect of her life. She knew this was only the beginning. Give Peyton an inch she will take the whole thing, and leave you out on the street. Then sell you back the scraps she doesn’t want, and make it seem like she’s doing you a favor.

            Twerp toiled in away in Peyton’s mouth for the better part of a half hour cleaning the grunge that naturally accumulates in someone’s mouth over the of the day. She used her hands to pick out bits of food that had gotten stuck between her teeth before finally wrapping the floss around Peyton’s teeth one by one and shimmying the floss down to her gums and back up. All the while Peyton applied make up and did her hair.

            The hair dryer going off still was a sore spot for Twerp. She could vividly remember the torment Peyton unknowingly did to her. She wanted to stay as far away from that machine as humanly possible. By the time she was finished Peyton had completed her daily routine as well She found herself only able to watch as Peyton pulled her from her mouth and set her on the vanity table.

            Twerp gulped as she saw her step daughter stand back up and head over to her door. As she saw Peyton reach the opposite side of the room she was reminded that her visual power wasn’t what it used to be. As to her new body, the distance of Peyton’s room was miles in size. She no longer had the visual prowess to clearly make out what she was doing. It was humbling to her. She dared not speak or ask to many questions. Peyton hated being pestered with questions.

            It wasn’t long before Twerp saw Peyton return with a large purse tucked underneath her arm. Peyton reached down for her grabbing her phone with one hand and Twerp with the other. As Twerp looked over at Peyton’s other hand she couldn’t help notice that while neither her nor phone were held very delicately. That her phone received a bit more care then her.

            Looking down twerp shook in trepidation of what she could only assume was coming. She was hovering over Peyton’s purse. She pleaded with her step daughter in hope of changing her mind. However, her plea fell on deaf ears as Peyton released her grip on her without a single response.

            Twerp tumbled end over end. She screamed as she fell through the air helpless to stop her descent. The cool breeze blew through her hair as she continued to fall gaining more and more speed. The blissful light of the world was soon cut off as the denim walls of Peyton’s jean purse soon rose above her.

            Crashing into a hard plastic compact, she then rolled down the length of the compact into a pink coin purse.  Twerp screamed Peyton’s name but her step daughter didn’t even stop walking as she headed out of her bedroom closing the door behind her. Peyton’s movement sent Twerp flying into her brush. Her back cried out in pain as one of the plastic bristles struck her before she found her body lodged and contorted between the bristles. She looked up, and could see Peyton texting someone.

            Peyton then looked down into the purse, she scanned the contents of her purse making sure she had everything when her eyes fell onto her step mother. She laughed seeing the woman struggle to free herself from brush. Tossing her phone into purse Peyton began to shut her purse when she paused.

            “You may clean that old hair of mine stuck in the brush. Pull it out, and gather it into a ball or pile. I don’t want that all over my purse.”

            “You can’t be serious? I just spent all morning brushing your teeth” Twerp called out as she still struggled to pull herself out from the brush.

            “These chores are how you keep a roof over your head, and food in your belly. What did you tell me? Oh yes, chores build character. So, get to it Twerp.” Peyton said as she closed her purse sealing Twerp inside the dark confines of her purse.

            “That ingrate” Twerp said to herself. She couldn’t believe her own lessons were being used against her. Never once did Peyton listen to her without harping, and nagging. Now, that the tables are turned. I have to carry out these tasks without question. Twerp thought to herself as she pulled herself out from the brush finally.

            She carefully eased her way back onto the brush, and noticed another change. Not only was her body more durable post evolutionary change into this Peytonian lifeform her step daughter calls her. Her eyes have seemed to have changed as well. While her ocular prowess has been diminished in the form of range. She does seem to have much improved visibility in the darkness. As while only a few shards of light are coming in, and yet Twerp can still see the hair in Peyton’s brush.

            A feeling of seasickness began to hit Twerp as Peyton walked down the street. Twerp looked about the purse, and somehow felt humbled that simple everyday objects now towered above her. Nearly all of them weighing more than her. Soon her eyes fell onto Peyton’s phone. She smiled as she realized her step daughter had finally made a grave mistake. She was for the first time left alone, and with access to her step daughters phone.

            Twerp carefully made her way over to the smart phone. It was standing up right, but she found if she pushed on the front screen while she made use of Peyton’s movement as added force; she was able to push the phone over so that it was lying mostly flat. The fall made the phone turn on illuminating the purse. As twerp looked down at the phone she could see her lock screen.

            Twerp stared at the text on the screen. At first it looked like gibberish, but as she blinked the gibberish started to form into letters. She stared at the screen for a few seconds wondering how Peyton got her phone to do that. However, not knowing how much time she had, she pushed the odd lock screen out of her mind. She swiped her hand across the phone only nothing happened. Twerp tried several more times,  only the lock screen remained. She swiped her hand across the phone one last time, and the only thing happened was the illumination timed out, and the screen went black once again.

            “This isn’t happening. I can’t seem to apply enough pressure to this phone for it to activate. As far as the phone is concerned I’m just some dust, or something resting against it.” Twerp then took a few steps back, and slid against the phone. As she looked back at the phone it still remained off. Twerp pounded against the glass of the phone in frustration before slinking down to the floor of the purse sitting on a tube of lip gloss.

            The sound of a car door opening, and closing. She then heard Peyton give what sounded like a driver some directions. Before the car sped off. The lack of conversation told her she must have gotten an Uber. She sighed knowing she had told her countless times she wasn’t allowed to use uber. She was just too young to use it on her own she felt. You never know what kind of creeps are out there.

            “I guess not much I can do about it from in here.” Twerp mumbled to herself kicking at Peyton’s phone in frustration before walking over to her brush. If she wasn’t going to get any help, she knew she better have something done to show for her time in here.

            “I can’t believe I’m having to acquiesce to my step daughter. I’m the adult here. She should be doing chores I assign. Not the other way around.” Twerp griped as she pulled several strands of Peyton’s hair from the brush. She couldn’t believe how thick they were. She hadn’t seen Peyton’s hair up close since the shrinking. It hardly seemed like hair. She was sure she could use this hair as a rope. The purse then opened up, and she saw her step daughter looking down at her.

            “Gum” Peyton commanded. Twerp looked about the purse seeing a pack of gum on the other side. She climbed over her wallet and slid down the other side. She walked around the pack of gum a couple of times before she grabbed the end of one of the sticks of gum and started pulling. Twerp pulled and pulled taking several steps back as she struggled to free the stick of gum from the package. Once it was a quarter of the way out she saw Peyton’s hand reach into the purse grabbing her phone.

            Twerp could hear the sounds of some kind of phone game, followed by Peyton tapping at the screen repeatedly. She couldn’t believe she was having to work this hard to get some gum to her brat of step daughter. She could have done this in a second.

            Twerp climbed onto the package of gum, and started pushing with her hands the stick of gum out. After a few minutes of pushing, and a return to the pulling she managed to dislodge the gum from the package.

            “Peyton! Master Peyton!” Twerp called up to her. A she looked down Twerp pointed at the gum. Twerp then grasped the gum, and struggled to lift it above her head.

            “I don’t feel like it anymore.” Peyton said waving her hand in a shoo like motion waving off the gum.

            “Why you little.” Twerp got out before she saw Peyton glare down at her. “sweet kind human being.” Twerp said gritting her teeth and smiling as she dropped the gum onto the floor of the purse.

            “Put that gum back in the package I don’t want it loosely tumbling around. Then find my lip gloss.” Peyton ordered, her attention already back onto her phone game. Twerp was fuming as walked over to the end of the gum closest to the package of gum. She lifted it up and slid the front of the gum into the package. Then grabbing the opposite side she pushed the gum back in the package.

            Breathing heavily, she scouted around the purse seeing her lip gloss underneath the coin purse. She knew there was no way she was going to be able to move it. The coin purse weighed many times her own weight. It was then the car hit a bump. The coin purse tumbled in the opposite direction. Twerp placed her hands upwards in an attempt to hold off the coin purse from falling on her. However, she was no match for it, and it knocked her to the ground.

            Twerp had expected to be crushed to death or at the very least injured seriously. However, she found that the coin purse was resting up against the phone ever so slightly. This was enough for most of the weight to be offloaded onto the phone. Twerp took advantage of her luck and crawled out from underneath the coin purse.

            Picking up her beaten, and battered body Twerp made her way over to the lip gloss and yelled for Peyton. She watched as her hand parted the two massive walls of the purse. Her eyes looked down into the purse while pausing her game.  Twerp saw her hand descend towards her. Peyton’s fingers curled her fingers ever so slightly so that the lip gloss could be set in side of her hand.

            “I see that look. Be thankful I’m not making you take it to me, and climb up and out of my purse as if you could.” Peyton says with a pointed laugh.

            “Yes Master, of course. My apologies.” Twerp begrudgingly said as she lifted the lip gloss into her hand.

            “You know, I kind of feel like that gum after all.”

            “What!” Twerp exclaimed as a look of defeat fell across her face as she looked over at the package of gum.

            “I said, I feel like some gum.” Peyton said with attitude as her head bobbed side to side slightly as she said it. Twerp started to say how she didn’t like her tone when she stopped herself before going into full parent mode. She looked over at the gum, headed over towards it.

            “That’s what I thought.” Peyton said with a smirk as she watched her step mother pull struggle to pull a single stick of gum out from the already opened package. She could see her tiny muscles working away as she put all her weight into pulling the stick of gum out. As she got the stick of gum halfway out. Twerp climbed onto the gum itself and crawled over to the stick of gum. She then pushed her knees up off the stick of gum, and ran in place on the stick of gum with hands gripping the package. The stick of gum inched its way out of the package falling onto the purse. Twerp picked the gum up as Peyton reached in, and popped the stick of gum into her mouth.

            “Take care of that” Peyton said tossing the balled-up wrapper into the purse.

            “Why you little shit.” Twerp said losing her patience

            “and I thought I told you to clean out my brush. I shouldn’t have to deal with my old hair in it, and I certainly shouldn’t have to tell you twice. What have you been doing? It looks practically the same.” Peyton condescendingly said down to her diminutive step mother not hearing Twerps prior comment.

            “Sorry” Twerp muttered.


            “I said, My apologies. I will work harder to please you master.” Twerp said “You brat” She muttered underneath her breath.

            Peyton closed her purse, and stared out the window while Twerp made her way back over to the hairbrush. She carefully slid herself in between the bristles, and resumed pulling out her step daughters hair. As she climbed up onto the plastic bristles she jumped several times on one hoping to break it out of frustration. However, she found she couldn’t muster the strength, nor did she have the weight or mass sufficient to do so. She found her attempt of vengeance towards Peyton foiled.

            Twerp had spent the better part of the next twenty-five minutes pulling out old hair from Peyton’s brush when she felt the purse lift up into the air. The walls on either side started to compress in as Peyton’s arm pressed the purse into her side. The footfalls of her giant stepdaughter mixed with the everything in the purse bouncing about made clearing the remaining hair difficult. As she pulled the final strands of hair free the top of the purse opened.

            Looking upwards, and blinking a bit as her eyes readjusted Twerp saw the massive hand of her step daughter reach into the purse. She figured she was going towards her phone, so twerp was in no rush to move off the comb. However, much to her surprise Peyton grabbed onto the brush knocking Twerp back between her bristles.

            As the brush was lifted up Twerp found her arm caught underneath the plastic. The bottom of the brush was open with just dark purple plastic columns connecting either side of the brush with light purple plastic bristles stuck into the columns that connected each side of the brush.        

            Twerp tried to call out to Peyton, but she found her step daughter wasn’t looking down. She was just subconsciously reaching into her purse as she probably as done a thousand times. Twerp’s jaw opened wide as the thick long blonde locks of her step daughter hair drew closer and closer until she was covered in a sea of blonde hair.

            The smell of the tropics with a strong hint of coconut was everywhere. As Twerp found herself drug across Peyton’s head. Twerp tried to scream, but her voice was lost and muffled in a sea of hair. As Peyton pulled brush down the back part of her hair Twerp realized the danger she was now in. Instead of trying to free herself from brush she was attempting to secure herself on the brush. However, speed and volume of hair made it difficult. Twerp felt her arm twist, and pull from its socket briefly. She cried out in pain as while her arm was pulled from its socket it managed to free itself from being wedged into her brush. Twerp felt her body pull away from the hairbrush while her arm and shoulder throbbed in pain.

            Twerp felt slight relief as her shoulder and arm slid back into place. However, she watched Peyton pull her brush free from hair. Twerp grasped onto Peyton’s hair strands and found herself dangling near the bottom of her Step daughter’s hair. She screamed Peyton’s name, but she seemed too far out of range to be heard.

            Twerp looked about in a panic as the noise of the city drowned her out. She could see People walking all around Peyton as they traveled to their destinations. They were all oblivious to her plight.  Twerp gripped a strand of Peyton’s hair tightly with her good hand wrapping her arm around the hair. The arm that she had pulled from its socket and then slipped back into place she managed to grab onto another strand of Peyton’s hair. But, she found she had no strength in it. So all she could do was hold on.

            She looked down at what seemed like hundreds of feet that was passing by at eighty or ninety miles an hour to her. She was certain a drop from here would be fatal. If she somehow managed to survive the fall onto concrete from what amounted to her jumping from a moving object going near ninety miles per hour. One of the people walking behind Peyton would surely crush her to death moments later.

            “Peyton!” Twerp shouted again as she saw the brush work its way through the rest of Peyton’s hair. Twerp looked upwards seeing Peyton’s brush descending down towards her for one final passthrough. As the brush approached her she let go of the hair and grabbed the bristles with both arms. She cried out as Peyton’s strong thick hair beat against her body. As Peyton pulled brush through the last of her hair Twerp could see the brush moving back towards her purse. Twerp breathed several sighs of relief before Peyton dropped the brush back into her purse. As the brush hit the floor of the purse she was knocked from the brush falling onto Peyton’s phones.

            “Make sure you clean out any hair that got stuck in the brush just now. I shouldn’t have to tell you anymore. That’s just one of your constant chores when you’re in my purse.” Peyton said still without looking into her purse.

            Twerp was breathing heavily unable to believe she made it back in here. While at the same time upset that her bratty step daughter was oblivious to what she just put her though. Twerp grabbed her injured arm, and shoulder. She rotated it several times, and was relieved she could move it. As she knew if she could move it, that it wasn’t broke.

            “Best case scenario, Its just sore and tender for a few days. Worst case, I may have strained a ligament.” Twerp said to herself while wincing in a bit of pain as she looked down at the brush. She found that she couldn’t stop the tears from falling from her face as she pulled the new hairs that were stuck in the brush.

            Peyton opened the large heavy door of a apartment building, and started bounding up a flight of stairs. She ran up them two at a time before reaching the fifth, and top floor of the apartment building. As she walked down the long hallway. She finally reached unit five ten and pushed the door open not bothering to knock.

            “Mom! I’m home!” Peyton yelled as she closed the door behind her. She could hear her mother in the kitchen, and dumped her purse carelessly on the table as she walked by, and hugged her mother.

            “There’s my girl! I would have come and got you.” Her mother Sandra said as she hugged her daughter again happy to see her.

            “You don’t need to mom. I’m perfectly capable of working an uber app.” Peyton said as she opened the fridge pulling a bottle of water out.

            “Besides, I know money’s tight for you, since you and dad split up. You don’t need to use your gas.” Peyton said as she leaned up against the counter.

            “You don’t need to worry about that kind of stuff dear. I’m getting by just fine. Besides, I don’t like you using uber by yourself.” Sandra said as she smiled happily at her daughter.

            “Dad said he would help with the medical bills you know? He didn’t know you were sick when, you know happened.” Peyton said trailing off at the end.

            “Honey, that just means your dad is a good man. He made a mistake, and how all that turned out. Well, let’s not worry about what happened years ago. Those bills are my own, they aren’t his responsibility. Now pish posh. Tell me about what you have been doing?” Sandra said as the two walked towards the kitchen table.

            Peyton recanted what she had been doing since she saw her mom last, as her eyes fell on her purse. She bit her lower lip, as she wondered if she should say anything about that. She knew her mother was hurting. She had heard her mother’s pain several times, when she didn’t think she was nearby.

            As Twerp heard the two chat as much pain as she was in. She felt her body go ghost white as her limbs seized up on her. She nervously looked in the direction of Sandra from within the purse. The two had never seen eye to eye. They disagreed on parenting decisions. The two never fought, or said anything in front of Peyton. But, Sandra didn’t like the fact that she parented her child. She felt all the parenting should fall on her and Douglas. She should just stay out of it. However, she couldn’t do that. She viewed Peyton as her daughter too. She didn’t care if it wasn’t biological. She couldn’t just standby and not parent a child she cared for.

            “Well Mom, something else sort of happened too. It’s probably best you just saw it for yourself.” Peyton said as she reached into her purse and grabbed Twerp. As Peyton pulled her out she could feel the tiny woman shaking as she was freed from the clutches of the purse, and dropped onto the table in front of her Mother.

            “What in the world.” Sandra said as she eyed the small woman. “N-Nancy?” Sandra said in an astonished tone. Twerp backed away fearfully as she saw Douglas’s Ex-Wife now in giant form. She couldn’t even fully focus on her face she was so large.

            “Yeah, she had a little accident.” Peyton said

            “What do the doctors say? And your father? I’m surprised he would let you bring her out of the house.” Sandra said still unable to believe what she was seeing in front of her.

            “No one knows. I haven’t told Dad. I haven’t taken her to any doctors.” Peyton said as she looked down at Twerp.

            “You mean you’re just holding her hostage? Peyton Louise. I thought I raised you better than that. How could you treat another person like that?” Sandra chided much to Twerp’s surprise. She looked over at Peyton who she could tell wanted to say something, but new better.

            “Mom, I thought you would have wanted this. After, everything she did to you. All the pain she caused you. She was probably the reason you got sick.” Peyton argued.

            “Honey, she didn’t cause my cancer, and those aren’t your sins to bare.  Now,  I have a pot roast in the oven and some potatoes cooking so I hope you’re hungry. I ordered one of those cakes you like so much from Sally’s around the corner. Now be a dear and pick it up?” Sandra asked as she got up from the table, and checked on the meal.

            “Sure mom. Be right back”

“Leave Nancy here. It’s clear you can be responsible about this.” Sandra said as Peyton said grabbed her purse, and headed towards the door. Twerp looked back over at Sandra who was walking back towards her.

            “Sandra, I know we never saw eye to eye. You need to understand I never meant to hurt you. Thank you so much for freeing me from Peyton’s torment. Now if you could just call Douglas or even better an ambulance” Twerp said as She watched Peyton’s mother set down two large plates and begun setting the silverware.

            “Never saw eye to eye, you have no idea. Do you know what it’s like seeing you parade around with my husband? Having to pretend to Peyton that I’m okay with that.” Sandra said as she leaned over the table. Her eyes glaring at the tiny woman.

            “I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone. It just happened between Douglas and I. I never asked him to leave you. Please, I know it’s asking a lot. But if you could just help me get back.” Twerp said as she looked up at Sandra.

            “I don’t think so dear.  I have a feeling you will be spending your life making this up to me. What a nice gift, my Husbands cheating slut would be.” Sandra said as she reached down grabbing Twerp.

            “To tight, to tight” Twerp sputtered out.

            “You weigh nothing at all.” Sandra said as she walked over fridge. She pulled the freezer open, and tossed twerp inside.

            “Last time we were together you told me to chill out. I think this time it will be you who will need to chill.” Sandra said closing the freezer door. Twerp ran towards the door as it closed hoping to throw herself out the door, and hope for the best. However, her limbs couldn’t move quick enough as the door slammed shut.

            Twerp fell to the floor of the freezer. She could see giant bags of frozen corn and peas that sat in the freezer next to her. She was already feeling her body starting to give out at her new size she was just too vulnerable to the cold. Just room temperature air is now much too cold for her. Being stuck in a freezer is like being dropped in middle of arctic.

            The door swung back open and she could see Sandra beaming down at her. She grabbed the freezing woman who was breathing was labored. Twerp screamed as Sandra pulled her from the freezer by the arm Peyton’s hair had pulled from its socket. She set Twerp down on the floor, and stood back up to her full height.

            “Having you freeze to death just wouldn’t be satisfying enough. What you did, how badly you hurt me. I want to feel you expire. I want to see you pain and hurt in your eyes as I put you through all the pain you made me feel. All the emotional torment you made me suffer.” Sandra said as she lifted her foot up above the small woman.

            Twerp struggled to her feet, and begun to run just as twerp felt the air pressure of Sandra’s bare feet being forced to the ground. Twerp dove forward as Sandra’s bare foot slammed onto the tile floor of the kitchen. She rolls end over end as Sandra laughs manically.

            “I told you not to parent my daughter. I told you that she was my daughter, and you had no business disciplining her. It was the duty of Douglas, and myself. Yet time and time again you had to butt your nose in to parenting decisions you had no business being a part of.” Sandra yelled as she lifted her foot back up into the air as Twerp struggled to her feet.

            Sandra pushed her foot down roughly against Twerp. She rolled the woman end over end underneath her foot before finally dragging her down so her toes rested on her chest. Twerp coughed and hacked gasping for air as she looked up at the massive woman.

            “You will never Parent my daughter again. Parenting should be done by parents. Not by dirty little whores who go after sloppy seconds.” Sandra spat down at diminutive woman.

            Twerp coughed up blood as she felt her chest begin to give out. As Sandra prodded Twerp’s body with her foot. She grabbed her with two largest toes and gave her head squeeze as she scrunched her toes together. She watched Twerps face change colors before releasing her from her grip.

            Sandra grabbed a cigarette off the counter, and let it up. She took a few drags before crouching down over her shrunken nemesis. She exhaled the smoke onto Twerp causing her to cough and hack. The smoke cloud was much too dense for her. She couldn’t get enough air, and begun to feel her lungs burn.

            Twerp begun to panic as her body fought for air when the cloud of smoke began to dissipate. It was then she felt the burning embers of the cigarette drop down onto chest. She cried out in pain writhing on the floor as he embers burned her skin. The heat was much more severe to her. She could see her skin burning on contact as she rolled back and forth on the floor trying to get the embers off of her.

            “Please, im sorry.” Twerp said as Sandra looked coldly down at the tiny woman and pushed the lit cigarette into Twerps chest. She twisted and turned the cigarette back and forth several times before standing back up and leaving Twerp underneath her cigarette.

            As the cigarette continued to burn into her. Twerp started to each down for the giant burning stick that was stuck into her when she felt Sandra’s foot crash down on the top half of her body just above the cigarette. Sandra’s foot pinned Twerps arms against her body leaving the cigarette to burn deeper and deeper into her flesh.  Twerp could feel the air being forced from her lungs as Sandra continued to press harder and harder down onto twerp.

            “Mom I’m back. This cake is huge. You know it’s just us, right?” Peyton said opening the door. “Mom what are you doing?” Peyton asked as looked at her mom first before her eyes fell down onto the floor.

            Twerp felt her body giving out. She couldn’t feel her legs any longer. Her entire body felt like it was being poked with needles. She could feel the cigarette burning deeper and deeper into her. Twerp heard Peyton gasp.

            “Honey, I-I didn’t think you’d be home yet. Why don’t you go upstairs and wash up? We will be eating soon” Sandra said as she inched her foot over the small woman hoping her daughter hadn’t noticed. She didn’t want her to see the demise of this woman.

            “Mom, you’re hurting her.” Peyton said as she watched her mother lift her foot off Twerp. “Honey, I didn’t want you to have to see this. But, I know you’re old enough. I know you don’t feel any love for this woman. You told me all the time how she was ruining your life. How she ordered you around, made you do this and that.”

            “Peyton is my daughter too. I love her. I wasn’t going to just watch. I parented her because I love her, and care about her. If I didn’t parent her, it would be mean that I didn’t love her.” Twerp labored to say as she gasped for air.

            “Mom stop! Please!” Peyton said as Sandra lifted her foot off the woman. Peyton stepped forward and brushed the cigarette off of Twerp. Twerp then struggled to her feet. She could hardly believe Peyton was her savior. She pulled her way behind Peyton’s sneaker clad foot and cowered behind her heel as she looked up at Sandra in fear.  She knew that her intent was to kill her.

            “Honey, I-I just need a minute. Can you take pot roast and potatoes out of the oven?” Sandra said as she walked out of the kitchen towards and headed towards the bathroom. Peyton watched her mother disappear around the corner, and then turned around looked down at her step mother.

            “I really hate you, you know. This doesn’t change anything.” Peyton said defensively.

            “Of course not.”

            “You made me do all those chores. You wouldn’t give in like Mom and Dad. I hate that about you. I hate that you broke my parents up. I hate that you care so much.” Peyton said as she crossed her arms.

            “I just did this because you’re my pet now. I couldn’t have Mom killing you after I put in all that work.” Peyton said defensively as she bent down, and set Twerp down in the palm of her hand as she stood up.

            “I know this doesn’t change anything, but thank you. And I love you too.” Twerp said as she struggled to sit up.

            “Of course, you do. I’m your master. It’s only natural for a pet to love its owner.” Peyton said as she headed over to her purse. “Don’t let the fact that I busted you up to pet status go to your head. You’ll still be serving me, and doing my bidding.” Peyton added as she lowered Twerp to her purse, and zipped it up. Peyton then headed over to the oven and pulled the pot roast and potatoes out. As her mother returned she finished her helping set the table.

            “Honey, I’m sorry. All the pain and emotions she put me through just came flooding back. I just wanted vengeance so badly. You, more than anyone know what she put me through. How she hurt me. How she made me feel. She stole the second-best thing in my life from me.” Sandra said sadly as she hugged her daughter.

            “I know Mom. I’m making her pay for her sins. I’m making her live out her life as my pet. She’s living under my thumb. Killing her will only make you feel good in the moment. You need to look at the bigger picture. You have said so often that she stole Dad from you. Well now you can get him back. We can be a whole family again.”

            “Well, your father will need someone to console him, and a shoulder to cry on.” Sandra said as she started to buy into Peyton’s logic.

            “and I can nudge him along here and there.  You just need to not worry about the past anymore. Let me deal with Nancy, and you can focus on dad.” Peyton said as she looked over at her purse briefly.

            “I am sorry about, trying to kill her. You know that’s not me. I just –“ Sandra said before Peyton cut in.

            “I know mom. I don’t like her either. It’s just, I couldn’t stand there, and watch you do it. I thought I wanted that too at first.” Peyton said as she wiped a single tear from her eye before her cool icy calm persona fell back over her.

            “That’s your dad in you. It’s why you’re better a person than me.” Sandra said as Peyton looked back at her Purse.

“I don’t love her. I don’t. I don’t even care about her. She made my life hell.” Peyton said in a half-baked tone to herself. She shrugged off any further thoughts as the two ate lunch together. She then spent the rest of the afternoon together with her mother. It was evening before Peyton started to gather up her things.

            “You don’t need to go dear. You have a room here you can stay in.” Sandra said.

            “I have responsibilities Mom. I can’t. Avery’s at the house now, and she needs me. I wanted her to come with. But, you know how she is.

            “Of course, well this is your home too. The doors always open. Love you!”

            “Love you too mom.” Peyton said as she headed out the door, and walked down the hallway. She smiled, and then looked down at her purse. She grabbed her phone and texted Avery she was on her way back, before pulling up the Uber app and ordering her car. She then looked down into the purse.

            “Twerp, I want some gum.” Peyton said with a smile. As she dropped her phone into the purse.


Chapter 11 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

This chapter was hard. I had two different endings. Both which I revised and rewrote countless times. I couldn't decide which one I should go with. So I ended up choosing the one I enjoyed more. Hopefully, you all like this one.  Unless I add a chapter while editing. It looks like this one will net out at about 17 chapters. So we are nearing the end of this tale.

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting. I enjoy hearing from all of you. Your words, critiques, and opinions have meant a lot. 

Step Monster CH11




The Darkness was soothing to Twerp as she felt Peyton’s purse sashay as she walked down the hallway. The noise of street sounded further away than it ever had before. As Twerp looked upward she could see out of Peyton’s unzipped purse. As Peyton swiveled her head she could briefly see the side of her face before she turned her head back showing her nothing but her blonde hair which fell over her shoulders.

Twerps mind was still racing in a panic from her near-death experience. She had never felt so close to death than she had with Sandra earlier. She truly felt as if her life was about to be snuffed out by her husband’s ex-wife. The idea that she would be most likely brought back there by Peyton made her sick with worry.

The idea of only surviving the current situation because of Peyton was bad enough. She knew that Peyton’s salvation comes at a price. She has lived with her stepdaughter for years. She knows her well enough that Peyton doesn’t do anything for free. She doesn’t do anything without some kind of angle. The fact she didn’t let her mother just kill her meant there had to be an ulterior motive. The only other reason would be to further strengthen her grip on her physically, and mentally. It couldn’t have been out of love, could it?

The footsteps of Peyton walking again broke Twerp from her thoughts. The cool night air made her shiver even from within the depths of Peyton’s purse. She could hear her footsteps resonate, and echo against the concrete path as she walked. It wasn’t long before she heard the familiarity of the wooden steps as Peyton walked onto the porch. Twerp knew Peyton was home before she heard the front door creek ever so faintly as Peyton pushed it open, and closed.

“Hey, Pey” Twerp heard Avery’s voice from nearby. It sounded more powerful than ever as Twerp struggled to sit upright. She could feel the torment, and stress her body felt pulse throughout her existence as she tried to sit up. She had mostly made it upright when everything tumbled and fell on its side. Twerp looked up in horror as Peyton’s massive wallet fell down atop of her sandwiching her between Peyton’s cellphone and the wallet.

“Sorry for having to leave you. You should have come though. Mom wanted to see you.” Peyton said as she kicked off her shoes, and then dropped her purse on the floor near the couch as Avery curled her feet underneath her allowing Peyton to sit down.

“Peyton! I’m still in here. Get me out!” Twerp shouted, but her voice wasn’t strong enough to reach either girl. Avery was oblivious to Twerps plight and Peyton and didn’t care. Peyton looked down at her purse briefly and shrugged.

“I just didn’t want to intrude, and after everything that happened yesterday. I just didn’t feel up to seeing anyone. I just don’t know what I’m going to do Peyton. I can’t go back home.” Avery said her voice trailing off.

“You’re going to stay here. I told you that. Dad, even said it was okay. He loves you. He brags about you all the time to me.”  Peyton added as she fidgeted with her hair.

“He does not,” Avery said

“He does. Just last week he was saying how I should get grades like Avery, and I should be more responsible around the house. Avery doesn’t even live here, and has washed the dishes more than you.” Peyton said in a mock imitation of her father’s voice.

            “That doesn’t mean he wants me to move in,” Avery argued.

            “No, but him telling you today he wants you to stay here does. He doesn’t want to see your life uprooted. This doesn’t change anything. Besides, dad does what I want. I’m his munchkin. You were basically my sister before. Now it’s just official as you’ll be living here too. We can unpack your stuff tomorrow. It will make your room feel more like you, and not like a guest bedroom” Peyton said excitedly

            “Please! Someone help” Twerp yelled once again, but her voice was still drowned out by the girls' conversation. She struggled in vain to pull herself out from underneath Peyton’s wallet.

            “You know what makes me feel better. Bossing around Twerp. Why don’t you give it a go.” Peyton said as she reached down towards her purse grasping it, and pulling it towards her. As she looked into the purse Peyton could see Twerp struggling to free herself from beneath her things. She couldn’t help but think how natural it all seemed. How right it was for her to be trapped trying to fight her way out from underneath her belongings.

            She was after all just another possession. She was her property. She relished the feelings that encapsulated her as she looked down at her stepmother. She pushed the thoughts of this afternoon from her mind. She knew surely, she couldn’t have actually liked her stepmother on some level. She made my life miserable. She embarrassed me at my games with all her cheering, and that’s my girl. Shouting and yelling louder than all the other parents. So embarrassing.  

            “It’s not really my thing Peyton. I mean know you and Sabrina really enjoy her. I’m just not a pet person.” Avery said.

            “Twerp felt another weight fall upon her as Avery’s words landed upon her ears. She thought the girl was torn over her treatment. She thought she maybe had a chance at persuading her to help her. But, all this time she thought of me as one of Peyton’s pets. I’m not any different then Simba or Max to her. I’m just some pet of her friends.” Twerp thought to herself as Peyton’s hand lifted her from the purse.

            “Trust me, Aves. I’m going to take a shower. I feel grungy after traveling uptown. If you try out Twerp this one time for me and don’t like it” Peyton said as she started to tilt her hand to drop Twerp onto Avery’s lap.

            “I will, but raincheck for later tonight,” Avery questioned

            “Sure,” Peyton said as Twerp watched Peyton’s hand level off, and her fingers curl around her. As soon as the fingers pressed against her body she could feel the heat from Peyton’s body radiate through her. She didn’t want to admit that it felt good. As her eyes wandered up she saw her stepdaughter knowingly smirk as her eyes caught a glimpse of Twerps relaxed expression as the coldness from her body dissipated.

            As they entered Peyton’s room Twerp found herself set down inside the bathtub as Peyton turned the water on, and begun to adjust the heat levels. As the water gushed from the faucet and sped towards her she found herself knocked to the ground by the force of the water. The hot water burned turning Twerps skin red as she fought against the mighty current of the water. Looking upwards at Peyton, Twerp saw Peyton stand up and move away from the tub having been satisfied with the temperature level.

            “Peyton, Goddess Peyton!!” Twerp shouted as the water was at a high enough level that her body floated above the floor of the tub. As she looked towards the front of the tub she could see the large drain that the water was speeding towards. She remembered Peyton’s tub didn’t have a guard over the drain. It was just an open drain. Twerp looked on fearfully knowing at her current size if she were to be swept down that drain she would surely die.

            Peyton turned her back towards the tub as she docked her iPhone, and scrolled through her playlists before selecting a country playlist. She sighed looking forward to a relaxing shower. She could see her mirror already starting to get covered in steam as she reached towards her razer.

            Twerp started swimming with all her strength as she swam against the current. She looked up the walls of the tub unable to comprehend how she couldn’t even see over the tub wall. Peyton had just seemingly vanished. She knew she was still in here. She heard the music flick on and could hear her humming along.

            Even as Twerp swam with all her strength against the current of water she found that she was in a losing battle as the drain was drawing closer, and closer. She could now hear the water hitting the drain. It made a gurgling noise as the water disappeared.

            “I’m going to die. I’m going to fucking die in this brats tub.” Twerp cried unable to believe after everything she endured, and fought against this was going to be what does her in. As she continued to swim against the torrent of water she looked up in awe as Peyton’s nude body stepped into the tube. As her eyes gazed upon her she looked like a greek goddess out of the history books. As her leg entered the tub water splashed up into the air and rained down on her.

            “Please! Help!” Twerp pleaded. She tried to not to think about the humiliation she felt having to beg her stepdaughter in this way. She couldn’t believe a mere stream of water from the shower could be this strong.

            As Peyton’s second leg stepped in Twerp felt the water level around her drop dramatically as she fell onto the floor of the tub. Craning her neck up she could see Peyton standing fully in the tub. She could hear the water beating against her body before making its way to the ground.

            “This did not just happen. I can’t believe Peyton unknowingly saved my life.” Twerp said as she looked up at her stepdaughter standing underneath her massive body. She could see the torrent of water rushing on either side of Peyton’s body. She was in a cocoon of protection created by Peyton’s body blocking the water gushing from the shower head as it’s hitting her body instead of the shower floor. Twerp took a couple of steps and tumbled to the floor. She found the floor of the tub even slicker than normal. She knew this had to be because of her size, but wasn’t sure how or why.  Peyton looked down seeing the water envelope her stepmother.

            “There you are. Good to see you getting clean. I will allow you to use the soap that has run off my body to clean yourself.” Peyton said pausing momentarily from singing along to her music.

            “I am humbled by your generosity goddess,” Twerp said with the statement dripping with sarcasm. A few moments later Twerp started to see soap running down Peyton’s legs. The idea of taking the dirty soap that just cleaned someone sounded disgusting to Twerp. Just a little over a week ago she would have turned her nose up at such a prospect. Even the notion of it sounded so far below her station that it wasn’t even an idea she ever imagined.

            The fact she without question she reached towards her stepdaughters ankle and grabbed a glob of soap spoke volumes to her current mindset. As she lathered herself up in Peyton’s discarded soap, she felt as if she was in a five-star spa.

            “That’s right. Soap yourself up really good in my grungy filthy soap. Even my dirt is above you in life Twerp. As you covered in my dirt is still a step up for the likes of you.” Taunted Peyton as Twerp tried to push her Step Daughters words from her mind. She knew she was trying to get a rise out of her.

            “I should just spit on you, and make you use that to clean yourself. Water is too good for you.” Peyton teased further pushing Twerps buttons as she knew how important cleanliness was to her. She could remember her stepmother cleaning the house daily. She would wipe down counters, and floors. Several times Peyton remembered her walking through Kitchen making a mess just because she knew it would bother her. Seeing her have to clean herself using her dirty soap felt empowering. She could see the fury in her tiny eyes burn.

            “After everything, you girls have put me through this is too much,” Twerp shouted.

            “You know, for once I agree. This is too much.”

            “R-really? Thank you. Thank you, master Peyton.” Twerp said happily. Unable to believe she was going to get fresh soap, and a cloth to clean herself. She knew she had gotten through to Peyton at her mother’s apartment.

            “Yes, I agree this is too much. I am being much to giving.” Peyton said as she reached down grabbing Twerp with her left hand. She then reached onto the shelf in her shower, and grabbed her loofah. She pressed twerp into her purple loofah folding the material around her. She then took the string attached to the loofah and wrapped it around the midsection of the loofah before twisting the string back on itself and wrapping it around again.

            Twerp felt the rope press tightly against her as she struggled to free herself. Her eyes bugged out as she saw the massive bottle of body wash appear overhead. She fought against her bonds in a futile attempt to somehow avoid her fate.

            “Here you go. Fresh, clean soap. Just as you wanted” Peyton said laughing as the pink soap oozed over her stepmother and the purple loofah. She could hear her stepmother sputtering trying to cry out as the soap ran over her. Peyton squeezed the loofah causing soap suds to bubble up around Twerp.

            Before Twerp could say anything, she felt herself press against Peyton’s arm. She screamed as Peyton ran her and the loofah up and down her arm. A grin crossed Peyton’s face as she lifted her arm above her head. Twerp’s eyes burning with soap as they were bugged out as she saw the dirty, sweaty armpit of her stepdaughter get closer and closer until her face along with the rest of the front of her body was slammed into the armpit. Peyton rubbed Twerp up and down her left armpit several times making sure she was good lathered before repeating the process on her right armpit.

            “Please no more, no more” she tried to sputter out but her voice was lost in a sea of soap suds. Her attempt for mercy only caused the soap to run down her throat. She could taste the fruity soap in her mouth as she gagged several times before being pressed into the front of Peyton’s body.

            Twerp couldn’t believe she was being used to clean this brat. It felt despicable. As Peyton continued to run her over her body. Scrubbing her body against her skin roughly. She was trying to figure how this could get worse. It couldn’t possibly be her thought. It was then the underside of Peyton’s foot appeared. She cringed as she felt herself slam into the rough underside of Peyton’s foot.

            “My heel is always horrible because of soccer right now, and then basketball coming up doesn’t help either,” Peyton said rhetorically as she pressed Twerp into her heel. She saw a few callouses and raked her stepmother over the rough patches of skin on her heel.

            Twerp felt herself scrape again and again across Peyton’s foot. The entire room was spinning, as she felt dizzier than she ever had before as she Peyton pressed her back into her heel. The rough patches of skin felt like she was being keelhauled. Knowing Peyton wasn’t going to stop Twerp couldn’t believe a part of her was even considering it. However, as she was smashed into the heel for the umpteenth time a side of her brain thought this is what master Sabrina had trained us to do. Something in her mind clicked, and she felt herself react in against her control.

            “What’s happening to me.” Twerp mentally screamed as her body begun to react against her wishes.

            She opened her mouth, and bit into the rough skin on Peyton’s foot. As Peyton pressed and rubbed her into the heel of her foot Twerp begun to eat away the dry calloused skin on Peyton’s foot. As she did this Twerp was mentally screaming for her body to stop. She felt appalled, and disgusted as the soapy dry skin passed over her tongue. She gagged, and wanted to spit it out. However, all she could do was swallow as she kept biting into more and more of the skin on Peyton’s heel every time she started scrubbing a rough patch.

            As Peyton pulled the loofah away from her foot Twerp felt this was finally over. She wanted this to be over more than anything. However, Peyton’s other foot loomed beneath her. She could do nothing to stop it as Peyton rubbed her into her underside of her opposite foot. She felt the process repeat itself before her eyes. She could do nothing, but submit not only to Peyton’s will but this seemingly foreign part of her brain barking orders to her body.

            Twerp struggled to regain control of her body. As Peyton pulled her away from the underside of her foot she felt the hold the foreign thoughts had on her subside. She felt herself regaining control of her own body. She looked at herself fearful of what was happening. She remembered vividly that part of her brain saying master Sabrina and trained. As if Sabrina’s actions were somehow educational, and not for her own torment.

            “You do good work Twerp. You may have found yourself another chore.” Peyton said as she dropped the loofah Twerp was tied to onto the floor the of the tub. Peyton watched the water current send the loofah into her foot.

            “Twerp, no need to ask. I already know what you’re thinking. I will most certainly spread my toes so you can clean between them. Thank you so much for offering. You should have a good amount of lather built up around you by now.”  Peyton said with a grin as she grabbed the pink loofah she used for her face, and grabbed her face wash.

            Twerp already knew better than to say anything at this point. As she most likely would be not heard, or just ignored. She pulled herself and part of the loofah wrapped around her body between Peyton’s toes. As she looked into the deep crevices she could see bits of grime and dirt stuck within. She cringed and looked away in disgust.

            “I want you to get in good. Use that tongue if you need to. I shouldn’t hear any complaints unless you want to visit my Mom again. If you aren’t useful, then I may just give you to her, and change my mind on making you my pet. She mentioned wanting to microwave you.” Peyton could see the horror on Twerps' face as she worked twice as hard.

            Peyton couldn’t believe how dumb she was. She had no intention of giving something this valuable to her mom. She knew twerp wouldn’t last an hour. The only thing keeping Twerp alive now is how much her mother loves her daughter. She knew after explaining everything to her mom She wouldn’t harm Twerp anymore unless she told her too.

            “don’t forget I have two feet,” Peyton said as she saw her stepmother fight her way across her toes.  She never knew how much she would enjoy seeing the woman fight to do things she could do herself so easily.

            As the minutes passed by Peyton was growing more impatient. She finally tired of waiting and grabbed Twerps body and shoved her between her toes. She raked her body up and down between each toe before stepping out of the shower. Peyton then dried herself off before carrying the still wet Twerp over to her desk.

            Twerp shivered in the cool air as she watched Peyton gather her school things together. She finally set her soccer bag and book bag near the door before unzipping her soccer bag. Twerp looked away as she saw Peyton pull out a pair of her socks from practice. Those were things of nightmares. Twerp could remember many times she would wash Peyton’s sports clothes in their own load. They were usually dirty and sweaty. She hated the idea of the other clothes being washed with them. She knew cross-contamination wasn’t a thing but she somehow didn’t feel as if anything washed them was clean.

            Sitting down at her desk Twerp took a few steps away as the massive socks were set down next to her. Twerp shivered in the cool air as Peyton opened the drawer beneath and pulled out a large scissors. She ducked as Peyton snipped the scissors together before her face.

            “I remember you and dad fighting about how much you spent at the salon on your hair. I get it. I just took his side because it was you. That, and I hated that perfect hair of yours. It was all so effortless for you. I think it’s time we took care of that. I can’t have my pet having better hair than me.” Peyton grinned as she shoved Twerp to the ground and pressed her chest down against the desk with her pinky finger. Twerp thrashed against the desk as Peyton held her down with the greatest of ease.

            “Now, now. None of that.” Peyton said as Twerp continued to squirm and fight. Peyton then pulled her finger back and flicked Twerp in the chest.   

            Twerps' eyes bulged out of her head as she felt all the air leave her body. Looking down at her chest Twerp could see a large red welt from Peyton’s fingers. She felt tears slide down her cheeks in a way that she hasn’t felt since she was a child and she was spanked by her mother. Her cheeks turned red, and she felt humiliated and ashamed as she looked up at Peyton.

            “Now I told you to stop. I’m the master around here. What I say goes. I should only have to tell you once. Understood?” Peyton saw Twerp nod. However, that wasn’t the response she wanted. She flicked her again in the chest in the same spot as before.

            “I said understood?” Peyton ordered again.

            “Yes, Goddess Peyton” Twerp said as she cried. Embarrassed that her stepdaughter had brought her to this point emotionally. She shook as Peyton moved her hand towards her. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt Peyton pet her gently several times before she felt cold metal against the back of the neck. In a single snip, her long hair was gone. Twerp looked down at the desk and screamed. She grabbed the back of her head and just felt her bare neck. She felt upwards and now felt her short hair. She couldn’t believe how short it felt. Peyton brought the scissors back and made a few adjustments leaving her stepmother with a pixie cut.

            Twerp looked over at a fallen glass on Peyton’s desk. She could see her reflection. As she took a few steps towards the glass she let out a horrific scream. She looked horrible. She spun around to see her long hair chopped off. It was as short as it could be with a scissors and her size. She fell to her knees, picked up her shards of hair while weeping.

            “Now stop crying, or I will give you something to cry about. It’s only fair that I have the best hair don’t you think?” Peyton taunted down. She relished getting to use Twerps own words against her from when she was a young child.

            “Y-yes of course Goddess Peyton,” Twerp said as she looked down at her hair still unable to believe it was all gone. It had taken her years to grow her hair out like that. She had spent hundreds of hours maintaining

            “Now, how would you like some clothes?” Peyton asked as she pulled out some doll clothes from her desk drawer. She held a pair doll pants up to her legs and started trimming them down. Followed by a doll-sized shirt and sweatshirt.  

            “Really? Y-y-yes Master. Please” Twerp said trying to stop herself from crying. The idea of clothes pushed her butchered haircut out of her head for the moment. The idea of not shivering in the cold felt luxurious. Even if they were doll clothes, and looked like they would run big on her she couldn’t take her eyes off of them. They looked like they were worth a million dollars to Twerp who had been denied such luxury by her stepdaughter.

            A smile spread across Peyton’s face as she grabbed Twerp with one hand, and her sock with the other. She tossed twerp into the sock letting her roll all the way down to the toe section. She felt twerp struggle for a moment and bottom of the sock.

            As Twerp laid in the toe section of Peyton’s sock she couldn’t believe she was foiled again. The idea of Peyton giving her clothes was crazy. Now she was living her worse nightmare. She was trapped in Peyton’s athletic socks. She could feel her skin crawl as the filthy cotton enveloped her body. The cotton material smelled of old sweat. Her skin itched as the cotton pressed against her skin. Twerp briefly thought maybe this was a test or trial in order for her to be awarded the clothing. She knew it wasn’t likely, but her humanity needed that string of hope to hold onto.

            “Don’t move” Peyton said as Twerp froze in fear. She closed her eyes unsure what her stepdaughter had planned but knew she wouldn’t like it. She heard the snip of the scissors, and then a light shone around her. She looked around confused for a moment before she saw a piece of Peyton’s sock missing. She lapped up the fresh air confused as to why she was cutting holes in her sock, but relieved to have the fresh air hit her lungs.

            “wait no, no,” Twerp screamed already seeing what Peyton had planned. Twerp felt her head get forced through the tiny hole. It felt like trying to put on a t-shirt that was too small. As her head was forced through she looked around at the hole knowing it would be difficult to get her head back out the hole if not impossible. As she doesn’t have the strength or force necessary to carry out such a task anymore.

            “I know how much you love my athletic clothes. Especially the socks.” Peyton teased as she flattened Twerps body out.

            “Please, not this, I don’t want clothes. I will stay naked’ Twerp said as her nose twitched catching the scent of the soiled sock. She looked down horrified as Peyton’s sock draped down her body. Adding insult to injury the way she was positioned underneath the toe section of the sock, which was covering the front half of her body. She could see dark discoloration from use. The wear and tear Peyton had put the sock through.

            “Don’t be silly. We all see you shivering all the time. Think of this as your fur extending out from your body. Since your basically an animal now anyway. Just a dumb, stupid animal. But don’t worry. Your master will take good care of you.” Peyton said with a smile as she grabbed a thread, and needle from her desk drawer sewing kit, and poked the needle through the sock. This caused Twerp to cry out in pain as the needle pressed up against her. Peyton paused briefly as a devious smile crossed her face. She reached into the drawer, and pulled out a bottle of super glue. She reached into the sock and squirted the super glue out over Twerps body. She then grabbed some exfoliant face cream and lathered Twerps body with it. Once she was certain she was covered in the glue and cream from head to toe she pulled the sock as tight as she could against Twerps skin before shoving the needle and thread back through several layers of Twerp’s skin but not enough in deep enough to draw blood.

            “Stop, stop” Twerp yelled and howled in pain as Peyton continued to cut, and sew the sock around her body. Peyton pulled at Twerps' arm telling her to hold straight. Tears flooded down Twerps' face as Peyton pressed the sock tightly around Twerps' arms. She felt the glue squish against the sock, and Twerps skin.

Twerp cried out in pain as Peyton pressed the needle and thread through her skin again and again. Twerp looked down at her arm unsure of why blood wasn’t oozing out. However, the science behind it all was the furthest thing from her mind. She looked horrified as felt the thread pass through her skin. As Peyton pulled it through she could feel the glue starting to dry as Peyton pulled the sock tightly against her legs and other arm repeating the process. She then trimmed away the excess cotton of the sock before sewing sleeves around her arms and cutting gloves into the sock onesie that fit around Twerps body. Before lastly tying off and sewing the seams into the inside of the sock.

 Each pass of the needle through Twerp’s skin Peyton was getting the needle just behind Twerps layers of skin. Twerp could feel the disgusting cotton bonding to her body like another layer of skin as Peyton sewed sock around her body creating a onesie out of her athletic sock. Twerp looked down at the front of her body horrified of this recent development. As Peyton flipped her over onto her stomach she wanted to die. She wanted to just combust here and now.

She could feel Peyton continuing to sew the sock around her body. This was one of the talents Peyton kept hidden about herself. She found it embarrassing. Twerp caught her once fixing a hole in one of Peyton’s favorite shirts. When Peyton was done with the sewing patch job she could no longer see where she had patched it. She wasn’t sure what she did to fix it but it looked amazing. She complimented her on the work, and wanted to know how she did it. However, Peyton just gathered up her things, and went to her room. She never saw Peyton sew anything in front of her again. When she asked about it she acted like it never happened.

Now, she was getting first-hand treatment of her stepdaughters talent in a way she never wanted. As Peyton trimmed around the sock, she sewed it together at a professional level. She pressed the sock against her stepmothers back and sewed the sides together she tucked the seams into the sock itself on the inside so that the seams that she sewed together would adhere in the glue. Bonding the sock to her stepmothers skin. She looked at each side and the back as Twerp laid flat against the desk. She couldn’t see any of the seams on the outside. It gave the appearance of being seamless. She wanted the sock to appear as if it really was an extension of her skin.

            “Stand up let me see how it looks,” Peyton said. She watched her stepmother begrudgingly stand up. She spun around as Peyton made a few adjustments here and there before finally being satisfied with her handy work. Peyton shooed her away to go look at her new skin.

            Twerp looked down horrified. The sew job was perfect. She didn’t draw blood, but she managed to sew the sock behind her skin. She made her handiwork permanent as the super glue dried against her skin. As she ran her hands down the disgusting sock she couldn’t feel any seams.  As she pulled against the sock it felt like she was pulling on her skin.

            “Now cut holes in this. I want two holes for your eyes, and one for your mouth. That’s it. Do it or I will.” Twerp looked up fearfully. The idea of Peyton cutting them scared her. She reached down to the discarded bit of sock Peyton had sewn into a face mask. She cried as she cut two eye holes and mouth hole in the thick material.

            “Now pull it overhead like a good girl’ Peyton said in a degrading infantile tone. Twerp sobbed as she pulled the mask over her face. She knew Peyton didn’t allow a slot of her nose on purpose. As she breathed in the air was filtered by her soiled sock. Creating the perfect hell.

            “Good, almost complete,” Peyton said as she grabbed the needle and thread once again and sewed the mask onto twerps sock covered body being careful not puncture any skin this time.

            When Peyton had finished Twerp looked down at her body horror. She could see dirt and sweat mashed into the cotton from being worn in countless practices. She tried desperately to pull the filthy cotton rag off of her but it had bonded fully to her and become a part of her. She screamed as she looked up at her giant stepdaughter who was laughing at her plight.

            “Soak it all in you little bitch. My filthy practice socks are now a part of you. Your own little set of fur like the animal you are. The best part is, you need this. You can’t survive without it. You don’t generate enough body heat. You’ll eventually freeze to death without this.” Peyton said with a laugh.

            Twerp knew it was true as she screamed. She ran her hands over her cotton covered face. She was trapped beneath a layer cotton filth. She could smell Peyton’s sweat all around her. Twerp wanted to die. As she pulled her hands up she wiggled her digits unable to believe that Peyton had even sewed the sock into a glove so that she could wiggle her fingers and toes. She had maintained her dexterity.

            As twerp ran hands over her cotton fur she could feel her body tingling and burning. She could feel the sock irritating her skin. Every instinct she had in her body was to remove the sock from her. However, she knew it wasn’t possible.

            “My skin feels like it's burning. Hurry, we can douse me in a solvent and maybe remove the glue.” Twerp said desperately to take it off.

            “Oh, that’s normal. I forgot to mention I mixed an exfoliant cream in with the glue. It’s supposed to eat away the top layer of your skin, and then reveal the smooth skin underneath. I figured it would help bond everything to you as I want this to be permanent.

            “You what? Pah-pah-pah-Permanent?” Twerp said as she grasped the cotton covering her arms and started trying to pull it off. At first, she noticed a bit of wiggle room as it pulled slightly away from her arm. However, as a couple minutes passed she found that there was no separation between the cotton of the sock and her arm.

            The burning sensation continued to get worse and worse. Twerp cried out in pain as the burning continued to get more severe. She pulled at the cotton of the sock however as she did so it felt as if she was pulling on her skin.

            “Get it off, get it off. Please. Goddess Peyton. Please. I don’t want to live beneath this layer of soiled cotton.” Twerp cried out.

            Peyton at that time had no idea how true her words would become. Due to the difference in size and the changes Twerps body had gone through to shrink down the chemical makeup of Twerp and Peyton are quite different on a molecular level now.  The exfoliant cream while a regular beauty product with a tingling sensation to Peyton. Reacts quite differently when put in contact with Twerps skin. For Twerp it as the exfoliant cream mixed with the super glue it adjusted into one chemical property. The chemical was burning away layers of her skin while soaking bonding to her on a chemical level. In essence, her body was absorbing the glue and exfoliant cream. Because the cotton of the sock covered in the glue exfoliant cream mixture it is taking the cotton sock along with it. Twerp’s body is assimilating the cotton sock into itself as it absorbs the chemicals Peyton placed on her.  

            “Please, you can't-do this. Get this disgusting thing off of me. Please, please.” Twerp pleaded on her knees.

            “Don’t be silly. You need to think of this as an extension of your body. In fact, I order you too. You should treat it like fur. You should embrace this as a blessing that I have given you. You need this. This is how you regulate your body temperature. You’re not shivering anymore. You can walk around normally without fear of freezing to death.

            Twerp felt sick to her stomach as she knew Peyton was right. She knew she did indeed feel warmer. She wasn’t shivering or freezing for the first time. The idea of being sheathed into her step daughter’s athletic socks for survival was harrowing. She felt lower than she ever had. As she looked down at her new body, the once butchered haircut felt not so bad. She felt more of her humanity stripped away.

However, Twerp and Peyton had no idea that Twerp’s body was taking Peyton’s words to heart. When Twerp shrunk she didn’t lose any cells they became more densely packed. As the chemicals assimilated the cotton into her being. Her cells immediately pushed into the open space viewing the cotton as an extension of Twerps body. In a few hours, Peyton’s wish will have come true. Trapping her stepmother in a cotton fur coat maintained by her body as if it were the skin she always had. 


Chapter 12 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

This was the other chapter i did that had extensive edits. Mainly because of how the last chapter ended up going with the edits and rewrites. As originally this chapter was focued on Avery however, i felt with how the last chapter ended it no longer worked to shift focus to her. It felt jarring. 

This chapter is also longer than intended. However i didn't think the two parts worked as well as two seperate chapters as they do together as one. 

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for enjoying the last chapter so much. It eased my mind to see that you all enjoyed it so much. 

Lastly, it requested that i do a render of last chapter with twerp in new fur. This turned out more difficult than I expected however, i hope you all enjoy the results its as close to my vision as my rendering and 3d skills allow:

Step Monster CH12




            The soft sound of Peyton snoring enveloped the bedroom. Twerp cried softly to herself as Peyton slept comfortably in her bed. The snoring would be gentle and innocent sounding to almost any normal sized person. However, she found herself no longer normal sized, for all intents and purposes she was barely considered a person to those around her.

            As Twerp looked down at her body for hundredth if not thousandth time over the course of the night as it stretched into morning. She struggled to recognize herself. Her soft smooth skin she had spent hours upon hours over the years rubbing lotions and creams into were gone. All the time she spent tanning in salons meticulously cultivating the perfect tan had vanished. Her long flowing beautiful brown hair had disappeared.

            When she looked at herself now she no longer saw the Nancy List she had known. She struggled to see the person she was. She realized how vein it made her seem. However, she was like so many Americans and people in general in this world, looks matter. She could remember growing up there was a boy in her school. He had crooked teeth. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just had bad teeth. She remembered teasing him as a child. She could see the hurt and pain in his eyes as she thought back on it now.

            Growing up, she wasn’t a bad child. She wasn’t mean. Nancy was just like everyone else. You have those people who get picked on. Who stick out. Now as she looked down at herself. She could hardly believe what she saw. Well that wasn’t true. It was more she didn’t want to believe. She had spent her life being the prettiest person in the room, or if not the prettiest one of them. She took her fashion and looks as a sense of pride. Now as she rubbed her hand over her face she no longer felt the silky smooth skin her husband loved to run his hands over.

            She felt the grimy cotton of her step daughters athletic sock. She felt the dirt and sweat pounded into it over the course of a practices and games. she could feel the strain of some of the cotton fibers from being put through Peyton’s punishing athletic schedule. As she touched the top of her head she could only slightly feel a few strands of her once long hair brown hair poke through. As it had been replaced with a butchered hack job of a hair cut.

            Twerps entire identity had been melted away by her stepdaughter. As vain laden as it sounded. Peyton took her entire identity, and wiped it away. As she thought back on it. She realized that it happened almost right away. She ruined her financial worth out of malice. However, Twerp couldn’t be mad about that. Knowing the pain and anger Peyton felt for what she did. A part of her knew she deserved it.

            She deserved it, because she knew the first time she saw Douglas, Peyton’s father. She saw that ring on his finger. She saw that he was married, and saw the pictures of his loving family and she didn’t care.  She saw an attractive man and she flirted with him. He didn’t return the flirt at first, but as she continued on he did. It was a game to her, but then she fell in love. Her heart twisted and torn. They had talked so often. They had numerous lunches together.  Because they were co-workers. So it wasn’t cheating right. It wasn’t a date because they were just sharing lunch.

            When Douglas said he loved her. She was on cloud nine. She knew she should have put an end to it then. A small part of her wanted too. However, her heart said he was the one, and let everyone else be damned. She went for the kill because she wanted her own happiness. She wanted her own happy marriage, and blissful family.

            When Douglas said he was leaving his wife so they could be together. She couldn’t believe it. She looked at it as the ultimate sign of love. They were happy. So happy until news came that his now ex-wife had cancer. Then Peyton was moving back home with him. As it was closer to school, and neither of them wanted her to have to see that. They didn’t want her to be around through the chemotherapy. They didn’t want her to see Sandra grow weaker and weaker. Neither wanted her to see her at the end of it all.

            As mean as it sounded. A part of her was thrilled. Not for Sandra’s disease as that was horrible. She was thrilled because now she could be a mother. Now she could do the only thing she couldn’t do. God had heard her wishes, and given her a daughter. As she wasn’t able to have her own kids. This was the closest she would come.

            She made sure to be there for every game, every school event. She harped on her to do her chores and show responsibility. She wanted her to be successful. As while she could never be her biological child. She thought she could be in the picture she saw on Douglas’s desk that first day. She could be a part of that loving family. However, now as she runs her hand down her body she can’t see that person.

            As she lifts her hand up and wiggles her fingers all she can see is hellish prison her stepdaughter had trapped her in. She could see her humanity flowing out of her. As tears rolled down her face before soaking into her skin. How could she ever get turned back to normal now? How could she ever be human again? Her self-identity was gone. No one would ever recognize her. How could she prove she was anything more than what Peyton said she was.

            It was at that moment she heard the bed springs squeak and decompress. She heard the thuds of her stepdaughters footfalls across her bedroom floor. The caster wheels wheezed as she pulled her desk chair back and sat down. The face of her step daughter appeared above her. As Twerp looked up at her now she felt for the first time inferior.

            “It doesn’t come off. It doesn’t come off. That cream, burned away my skin. My skin’s been replaced with this, with this sock you trapped me in!” Twerp shouted in a sadness filled rage.

            Peyton reached her hands out towards her stepmother. She ran her hand over her Stepmothers body. She could hardly believe what she felt. The cotton sock was tight against her skin. She could feel her body heat radiating from the sock. As she ran her hand over her stepmother’s body she could see her reacting to her sense of touch. She could feel her through the cotton. She knew she was telling the truth. That cream and glue had mixed together and burned away her skin.

            Peyton couldn’t believe this. A smile crept across her face as she looked down upon her stepmother now forever trapped beneath her socks. Most of all not just any sock but the socks she practiced and played in. The socks she sweated in. Those athletic socks were now forever a part of her. She had sealed her beneath the very socks Twerp hated to wash. She hated to touch. Now they would live as part of her. Her stepmothers body would maintain her sock as it was now her stepmothers skin.

            Twerp hated this. She hated how she was trapped underneath this horrid layer of cotton. However, she hated most of all that it was doing everything Peyton said it would. The coldness she was always felt. The ease at which she could freeze to death. All those issues were now no longer a fear. She could comfortably be inside the house at room temperature and maintain her appropriate body temperature. As much as she hated it, she truly did need this to survive and this fact killed her.

            She wanted to be furious and upset. She wanted to yell and scream. However, a part of her couldn’t. How could she be mad at something that was now keeping her alive. The feeling of not being cold. It was wondrous. Twerp didn’t miss her teeth chattering together. She didn’t miss the constant shivering. She hated throwing herself at Sabrina’s feet a few days ago just to stay alive outside. As she looked at her new cotton fur. A part of her relished it. A part of her loved the freedom it provided her.

            “This is amazing. Just look at you. I never imagined this. This is so much better than I could have hoped for.” Peyton said as she looked down at her stepmother. As her phone rang.

            “Hey slut. No, I wasn’t sleeping. I miss you too. No, you can’t come over. Because you can’t. You know I want you too. My dad is home. If he woke up and you were here he would be pissed. Yeah, you can come over tomorrow. Come over after class you have a free day from practice. Bye, Kisses” Peyton said as she continued to look at Twerp, and run her hands over Twerp’s new skin.

            “Sorry about that. You know how it is when your dating.” Peyton said as she scratched the back of Twerps head with her finger.

            Twerp was hurt, and furious as she looked up at her stepdaughter. She knew as she looked at herself that any hope of returning to her old life was gone. Even if she could re-enlarge herself, her body has melded with a sock somehow. However, as she looked at herself the reality of it all hit her. She couldn’t fool herself anymore. Just the act of this happening is so farfetched. How can she bring back the matter in her body that dissipated and seemingly poofed away.

            “That feels so good.” Twerp said to herself as Peyton continued to scratch the back of her head. She started to kick her leg slightly as Peyton continued to gently stroke the back of her head. She had just the right amount of pressure. She could scratch herself with enough force in a way Twerp no longer could. It was more than just scratching though. It felt amazing. Almost euphoric as her body released its stress. She could feel her anger dissipating as Peyton continued to scratch the back of her head down to her back.

            “You like that don’t you Twerp.  Yeah you do.. you can’t lie to me. Your head is shaking no, but your body is saying yes. Simba and Max love this too.” Peyton says warmly as she continued to stroke and scratch at Twerp.

            “I’m not an animal. You can’t do this.” Twerp said halfheartedly as she drank in blissful feeling that encompassed her body.

            “Being my pet doesn’t have to be bad. You can be a good girl and get rewarded. You want to make your owner and master happy don’t you?” Peyton asked as she continued to scratch and stroke Twerp.

            As she looked back up at Peyton. She didn’t want to answer. She hated that she was enjoying this. She hated that she wanted this continue. She had seen her do this to Simba and Max countless times. Now she found herself falling into Peyton’s trap. However, this feeling is a like a drug. She can’t let it go.

            “Please continue Goddess Peyton.” Twerp finally said as Peyton stopped and pulled her hand away.

            “Then I need you to say it and mean it. I need you to say that you want to be my pet.” Peyton said as she drummed her fingers against the desk. As Twerp felt the euphoric bliss drain out of her. She could feel her body desire more. She couldn’t believe she was craving Peyton’s touch and attention.

            “I can’t be her pet. I can’t. I’m a person.” Twerp thinks to herself.  As she looks down at herself the idea of being nothing more than a Pet. Some dog waiting for her master to come home. She couldn’t wrap her head around that. She wasn’t ready to give up her freedom. The idea of truly giving up her humanity was too much. She doubted she could ever truly be a person again. However, to admit that. To say it out loud, to say then say she’d willingly be her stepdaughters pet. She couldn’t do it.

            “No, you have taken my dignity. My life, everything from me. I can’t give up my humanity. It’s all I have left.” Twerp said. As she soon as she said she saw Peyton’s hand move away. Her body language changed.

            “You’re not a person though. You’re my pet.” Peyton said as she grabbed Twerp. She threw on a hoodie and sweatpants before walking down the hall. She quietly tiptoed passed her father’s room and downstairs. She slunk out the back-patio door and walked to the edge of the yard. As she reached the corner of the yard she wiggled a board in the privacy fence and it came loose. She then set Twerp down in the yard.

            “If you want to leave, I won’t stop you. You can walk through the fence and be a person. However, you know that you can’t be. At best you would be rummaging through garbage and living off scraps that real people left behind. You would be living in the shadows of man. You would have to struggle to survive at the bottom of the food chain. If that’s what you really want. I will give it to you. Because, I’m a kind and generous person.” Peyton said as she knocked Twerp towards the opening in the fence with her foot.

            Twerp couldn’t believe it. She looked out at the giant free world beyond the fence. The idea of being free was enchanting. She then heard the singing of a songbird in the tree above. Images of the giant songbird she tried to escape when she was with Sabrina flashed through her mind. She gulped as she remembered the fear she felt.

            She knew she wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Sabrina. How would she ever fight off such a beast without the help of Peyton. How could she ever convince someone she was ever a person. The only people who could vouch for her true identity are all tied to Peyton. Her stomach rumbled as she looked out at the massive yard.  She tried to take a step forward. A step towards being free from Peyton, however she found herself stepping backwards towards her stepdaughter.

            Peyton smiled to herself as she saw her stepmother back away from the freedom she desired for so long. As she backpedaled from the chance to live freely as a person. She knew for hall her bold claims that she was owned her. She was dependent on her now. Peyton never expected to feel as happy as she did seeing this.

            “What’s wrong? I thought you didn’t want to be my pet? I thought you were a person.” Peyton said questioningly down to her stepmother. She waited for a response but none came. “I guess this is you saying you want to live in my home isn’t it? Your saying you want to be my pet.” Peyton said gleefully.

            “I just can’t survive out there. I need your help.” Twerp said as Peyton released the board in the fence and it snapped back in place. She wondered how many times Peyton used that board to sneak out of the house? How often she avoided curfew by that little trick?

            “It sounds like to me your saying that your dependent on me. You need me to manage your life. So then its settled. You can stay here and live in my house, as my pet. You will follow my rules now since you live under my roof. That seems only fair. As I can remember my step mother  Nancy saying to me. As long as you live under my roof you will follow my rules.”

            “That’s not fair. That’s still my house. You can’t do that!” Twerp said unable to believe the audacity of Peyton. Trying to use her words against her. She wanted to cut her with her own rules. However, she wouldn’t let her. As that was still her home. She paid the mortgage. She decorated it with Douglas.

            “But, this isn’t your home.  The people who live in this house are Avery, my father, myself and my Step Monster Nancy. My parents divorced, and my stepmother, well that’s just tragic.” Peyton said as she held her phone up so that Twerp could see the screen.

            “The police have uncovered the body of local woman Nancy List along with the bodies of missing persons Amy Lee, Denise Fuller, and Jane Grayson last night after an abandoned warehouse started on fire. All the bodies were burned beyond recognition. They were able to be identified using a combination of forensics and ID’s pulled from the bodies remains. The police believe that the four women had been abducted. They were most likely being held against their will and ended up caught in the fire. How the fire started is unknown at this time.” The news reporter said before Peyton closed the video.

            “Dad’s taking it pretty rough. The whole family is really. But, I’m willing to open up my home to you. If you’re willing to follow the rules.” Twerp could hear the sheer enjoyment  and condescending tone in her voice as she spoke the words. She couldn’t believe that this was happening.

            “I’m Nancy List. You know this.” Twerp shouted

            “Don’t poke fun at the dead Twerp. It’s very unbecoming. The wound is still fresh. We haven’t even held the funeral yet. Just the thought of my poor stepmother dying like that.” Peyton said as fake tears fell down her face with ease from years of practice.

            “This isn’t happening.” Twerp said wataching Peyton’s Academy Award performance over her death. She found herself unable to comprehend how they could possibly think she was dead. She then remembered Peyton tossing her purse into the garbage behind the convenience store. Quite often bums would rummage through there for old food the store throws out. They must have taken her purse and then got caught up in the fire. Twerp shuddered realizing the position this now puts her in. She feels the ground start to shudder as Peyton kneels down and lowers her face so that her face is just inches from her. She can smell her morning breath wash over her.

            “Face it Twerp. I own you now. You’re going to live as my pet forever. Those dumb police closed your case. No one is looking for you. Dad is planning your funeral. Even if someone does see you. Look at yourself now? Who is ever going to believe you’re anything more than I say you are? You had your chance to go, and now you’re going to live as my pet.” Peyton said taunted coldly

            Twerp could feel more of her self-worth drain out of her as Peyton’s words sunk  in. The idea of having to live as that brats pet. Having to follow her rules just to have a place to stay. A place to live. She couldn’t believe she had truly done it. She had taken her home from her. She was going to live as a pet to her stepdaughter in her own home.         

            “Come.” Peyton commanded. Twerp wanted to fight it. She wanted to give Peyton a piece of her mind. However, she felt the once small foreign presence in her mind growing. She felt it rivaling herself for control. She could hear it whispering to her body to obey. She could her the voice telling herself to obey her master. Obey to survive as this rebellion taking place in her mind fights to seize control of her.

Twerp found herself moving towards Peyton. She screamed to stop. She told her body that this was not what she wanted. However, her body ignored her wishes as took more steps towards Peyton.  

            “Good girl, Now Sit.” Peyton commanded. Twerp felt her body lower towards the ground. She was using all her strength to will herself back to her feet. She felt sick as she watched Peyton get taller and taller as Twerp lowered herself to the ground and sat like a dog.

            “See Twerp. This is what you are now. I’m glad you understand your rightful place in the families hierarchy. You obey the commands of your owner. Like a good pet. Once your fully domesticated perhaps we can look into giving you a few privileges for obedience and good behavior. 

            “Now, if we are going to get fully past this little incident and You know fully embrace this new Owner and pet dynamic. I need you to tell me what happened to my stepmother. What happened to Nancy List.” Peyton asked as she stared down at Twerp.

            “She-she died.” Twerp said painfully.  As the words left her mouth she felt smaller than she ever had before. As the words left her mouth she kept hoping the voice wasn’t hers. She looked from left to right hoping there was some other shrunken person who had answered. That it wasn’t herself. She didn’t just admit that she had died. She hadn’t just told her stepdaughter that she embraced this existence she had wrote her into.

            “I want you to remember that. I want you to remember this moment. You could have left. I set you free. But you choose to live your life as my pet now because you want it. Because you recognize that’s all you are. That’s all you will ever be. Isn’t that right Twerp?” 

            “Y-yes Goddess Peyton.” Twerp meekly said. As the thought of Peyton not allowing her back inside the house was fresh in her mind. She didn’t think she would actually do it. However, she couldn’t take that chance.

            “That’s a good girl” Peyton said with a smile as she bent down and petted Twerp.

            “Do you have to potty?” Peyton asked as she lowered her hand down. Twerp shook her head no as she climbed onto Peyton’s hand. She couldn’t believe the nerve of her asking her if she had to use the bathroom like some child incapable of deciding for herself when and if she needed to use the bathroom. As the glass door opened and closed. Twerp started to feel a pressure on her bladder. She could feel her face turning read as her cheeks blushed. Twerp looked to the side and could see the downstairs bathroom.  She realized just how badly she had to go. She hadn’t thought about it before with everything else going on. She looked up at Peyton and knew she was going to have to demoralize herself further. She was going to have to admit that she had to go to the bathroom after she had just been asked.   

            “Goddess Peyton. I guess I do have to use bathroom.” Twerp said as she pointed towards the bathroom. As she asked she felt her cheeks turn an even brighter shade of red as a wave of embarrassment hit her. She couldn’t believe she was having to ask her stepdaughter just to use bathroom in her own home. She refused to call it Peyton’s home.

            “Ugh, fine. I just asked you. I bet max has to as well. Max! MAX COME!!” Peyton bellowed. Twerp watched in awe as the giant golden retriever ran up to her. Peyton opened the sliding glass door and the dog ran out into the fenced in yard. Closing the glass door Peyton walked to edge of the brick patio deck and set Twerp down in the grass.

            Twerp looked at the grass confused before looking back up at Peyton. She wasn’t sure why she was set down while they waited for Max to use the bathroom. She was also a bit upset that Max had bathroom priority over her. However, she decided to wait patiently. Not wanting to press her luck.

            As she waited she could feel herself have to go more and more. She started to dance in place a bit wondering how much longer they were going to be out here. She thought her bladder was going to explode if Peyton didn’t call Max back soon.

            “Well are you going to go or what? I don’t want to be out here all night.” Peyton said impatiently as she looked down at Twerp.

            “What do you mean?” Twerp asked with a confused look on her face. While Max ran about the yard.

            “You said you had to go to the bathroom. So go.” Peyton said

            “wait you mean out here?” Twerp asked confused

            “Where else would go? Oh” Peyton said with a laugh. “Did you think you were going to use the bathroom? That’s adorable Twerp. That’s for people, not pets. When you need to go potty this is where you go. Go on, pop a squat.” Peyton said she motioned her out to the yard.

            “This is ludicrous. You can’t expect me to use the same facilities as Max.” Twerp argued.

            “What do you mean? Of course I do. I don’t see a difference between you two. You’re both my pets. You both rely on me for everything. This is where your kind goes. You’re aren’t human. The bathroom is for people. You go outside. You can’t possibly work a toilet anyway. It’s too big for you. How would you lift the lid? Reach the toilet paper? How would you flush? How would you sit on the seat? Those are all things you can’t do. This is where you go.” Peyton said as she looked down at Twerp.

            Twerp couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t believe she was being denied the bathroom in her own house. She couldn’t believe she had the audacity to suggest that she would just go in the yard. Like some kind of uncivilized beast. However she felt bladder groan in pain. She begun to dance back and forth rapidly before pacing about.

            “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” Twerp said as she continued to pace about. It was then she couldn’t take it any longer. She ran back off the brick patio and into the grass. As soon as she hit the grass she begun to pee.

            Twerps felt ashamed and looked down at the ground. She could feel Peyton’s eyes on her, but all she felt was embarrassment and shame. She couldn’t believe she had been relegated to this. She was peeing in public. She was going to the bathroom outside. It felt so wrong, and so uncivilized.

“To think you were saying that you were my stepmother, Nancy List. She was a dignified woman. She would never be caught dead urinating in public. She’s a woman who would rush to the bathroom. What is little Twerp doing though? Maybe my view is just clouded by the grass but it looks like she’s peeing in the yard like an animal.”

“I-I” Twerp got out before being cut off.

“Didn’t know what else to do? I understand. You see us using the bathroom and think it’s something you can do. But, your tiny animal mind can’t quite grasp something so advanced like that. This is what is natural to you. This is what you can understand. Just let it all out.” Peyton exuding a cocky yet sweet sounding tone as she smiled down at Twerp.

Twerp wanted to hide. She wanted to bury herself. She wanted to stop. She wanted more than anything to prove Peyton wrong. She was not animal. She was not a pet. She picked out the tiling in that bathroom. However, her bladder was having none of it. She was past the point of no return. She looked up at Peyton demoralized as she continued to go in the yard.

            “Can I at least get a little privacy?” Twerp said angrily as Peyton continued to look down at her.

            “Privacy? That’s a human right that’s gifted to people as they mature and demonstrate a capability to care for themselves. When a person thinks a baby, or young child has peed they just check their diaper. They don’t give that baby privacy or ask if it’s okay. The baby doesn’t have the right to privacy it’s in the care of someone responsible for its needs. So, they pull away the diaper and check and then they pop it back on if its clean and go about the day. When max poo’d in the yard no one looked away concerned with his privacy. That’s you now. You need that person watching over you to make sure you go. Plus, your so small and helpless. What if a bird or squirrel came after you? This is for your own good.” Peyton said casually while Twerp continued to pee. She wanted to refute her stepdaughter however she made a valid point which made her more upset. If she was left alone or not being watched she could be attacked before Peyton could get to her.

“If anything that’s more of a reason to go inside. But she knew Peyton had made her mind up, and she no longer had the clout or authority to change her mind. As she finished peeing Twerp took a few steps into the yard realizing there was more she had to do.

            Partially shielded by the grass she could hear Peyton giggle as Twerp pooped in the yard. Instinctively she reached over for toilet paper for a moment before realizing that she was now denied that privilege as well. Tearing up she broke off some of the grassy underbrush of the lawn and used that to wipe herself.

             “Yours is too small to pooper scoop. Bury it. Dig with your hands and bury your business girl” Peyton ordered. Twerp was thankful that Peyton was standing up as she didn’t have to see the proud look on her face. She didn’t have to see the look superiority exuding from Peyton as she looked down at Twerp. The woman who had been her stepmother now was nothing more than a house pet before her. She always had her fingers in everything, and liked to control everyone. Now being relegated to using the bathroom in the yard like a common domesticated animal.

            Twerp looked up at Peyton through the blades grass unable to even see her face. She felt so small compared to the girl. As she stood at her full height she felt compelled to obey the girls wishes. She looked down at the ground while crouched down dug her hands into the dirt. She cleared the brush to the side before digging down into the dirt. She then pushed her feces into the hole before burying it back in dirt, pushing the brush back over it.

            “That’s a good girl. Now clean your paws. Lick them clean.” Peyton said as she crouched down so that Twerp could see her and made a licking like motion.

            Twerp looked at her cotton covered hand which covered in dirt from her digging. She looked repulsed at the notion of cleaning her hand with her tongue. She was above such actions. She was a dignified woman regardless of what her step daughter, and her friends said. As she said this she realized she was licking her hands free of the dirt. She looked horrified as she stopped herself. She felt that familiar strange presence in her head that she pushed back down.

            “I’m not an animal. I’m not an animal” Twerp told herself as she looked away from Peyton ashamed by her actions.

            “That’s a good girl.” Peyton said as she gently petted her affectionately as she lowered her hand down. As she stepped into Peyton’s hand Twerp hated how the praise Peyton heaped upon her filled her with pride once again. She couldn’t understand why the words of praise made her feel this way. She didn’t desire such encouragement. Peyton and her friends were but children to her. She was raising Peyton. She felt disheartened by this sense. She looked up at Peyton, fearful for what was going to become of her. She knew if she was going to survive in this new world she needed to make her own way. She knew the ship of changing back into a person had sailed. However, living as Peyton’s pet was going to be harder than she could ever imagine.

            “Come on Twerp. I’m tired” Peyton said as she lowered her hand to the ground. Twerp climbed in ready for this horrible experience to be over. She hoped things would be somehow better when Peyton awoke.

            “Being my pet, has perks. You get your own little bed instead of pencil cup. I don’t have a pet bed for you yet though. Ummm here.” Peyton said looking around before grabbing a sweater off the floor. She bunched the sweater up on her nightstand before setting Twerp on it.

            “You can sleep there for now.” Peyton said as she undressed throwing her clothes on the floor. Twerp had to fight every urge to say something. She shouldn’t have to stand here as she undresses. She knew Peyton was raised better than this. Twerp said turning around.

“What?” Peyton asked sensing something wrong.

“You’re practically naked.” Twerp said looking away.

“I always sleep in my underwear. Its comfy. Besides nobody is in here to see me.” Peyton said confused as to what the problem was as she sat down in bed.

“I’m here.” Twerp said to herself as she looked down at Peyton’s discarded clothes. She knew that was how Peyton lived, and she was no longer in a position to say anything about it. She heard the bed springs squeak a few times as Peyton climbed in. Looking back over her  at her she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t bothered at all changing in front of  her.

Looking down at the sweater. She felt the soft knit fabric of the sweater. She couldn’t believe how luxurious it felt. As she ran her cotton covered hand over the material it still amazed her that she could feel. That her body had absorbed the cotton of Peyton’s sock into her. As she wrapped the sweater around her body. She found herself jealous. It made her sick that she was lying here wishing this sweater could have been her fur instead of Peyton’s rancid sock.

            Twerp didn’t remember falling asleep. She only remembered thinking about how upset she was that Peyton would undress in front of her. She never considered that too Peyton it was no different than changing in front of any other pet. She had fully accepted Twerp as a pet in her mind.  Twerp only remembered waking up staring at Peyton’s massive body. She looked over at the clock. As she did so the numbers were jumbled. They looked foreign to her. As she closed her eyes and blinked a few times they once again merged from gibberish into numbers. Shaking it off as just the grogginess of sleep. Twerp knew Peyton would sleep the day away if someone didn’t wake her up.

            Twerp looked at the massive body of the slumbering giant which was Peyton. She couldn’t believe that such ruthlessness, and terror could reside in such a small five-foot frame. As she walked up the length of Peyton’s body she wondered how exactly she could wake up Peyton. It was a bear at her old size. Now she’s just an insignificant creature in comparison to Peyton. Twerp gulped as she approached Peyton’s face.

            “Goddess Peyton” Twerp sputtered out as she touched the cheek of her step daughter. As soon as she spoke, and touched her cheek Twerp took several steps back. However, she noticed Peyton didn’t even flinch.

            “This is ridiculous. I’m not going to live in fear of my own step daughter.” Twerp said speaking the words with a conviction she didn’t feel. She could feel the anger radiating from her humanity. The humiliation she had suffered last night Being basically shoved out of her own home. Being sheathed in this cotton prison. Forced to pee in the yard. It was all too much.

            “Peyton, you wake up this instant young lady. You aren’t going to sleep the morning away. Do you hear me?” Twerp shouted in full parenting tone. As she spoke the words she felt an ease wash over her. She felt a calmness fill her. A certain rightness in what she was saying. This was the natural order of things. She’s the adult around here. However, As the words settled Twerp felt a relief that her Master had not heard them.

            “Wait Master?” She thought to herself “As good as that felt. Thank god she didn’t hear that.” Twerp said as she started walking back towards her step daughter’s massive face when her eyes flicked open and focused on her. Twerp stopped dead in her tracks. A level of fear and panic resonated in her as she back pedaled.

            Stepping backwards she tumbled over a fold in the blanket falling to the ground. While her eyes remained locked onto Peyton’s face, Peyton’s eyes followed her tumble to the ground. Twerp’s heart continued to race in a way she hated to admit was fear. Peyton had gotten into her head.

            She had no idea till that moment to what level her step daughter had won the mental battle. She could vaguely remember a time when Peyton would fear her gaze. When she could just flash a look, and Peyton would stop her argument and sulk off knowing it was meaningless to continue to belabor her point. That time, felt so foreign and distant in this moment.

            Twerp knew that Peyton now had a power over her she never wanted her to have. She felt compelled to follow Peyton’s rules and mandates. She now felt fear over the consequences for her disobedience. As she looked at her step daughter turned enforcer she could feel the total reversal of their fates.

            “I-I just meant if you’d like, and felt like it. It would be wonderful if you would consider waking up.” Twerp stammered out as the conviction she felt just moments earlier was already groveling before her step daughter. Lapping up the obedience which exuded outward by Peyton’s will alone which now dominated everything in the room including her.

            “I swear I heard a much different tone before?” Peyton said sitting up, and stretching while yawning. As Peyton spoke her morning breath washed over her. The smell was horrid, but she was too afraid to do anything, but sit in the aroma it left behind out of fear of making the situation worse.

            “I’m sorry.” Twerp said falling apart before her step daughters gaze. A knowing smile crept across Peyton’s face as she looked at the woman who use to have full control over her life now a blubbering mess before her. She could see the fear in her. She knew that she owned her now, and forever. No matter what happened she knew that she would never truly disobey her. She had broken the woman. She now fed on her praise and approval as the force which drove her to exist. Seeking her approval was now the ultimate desire for the woman who use to lord over her.

            “I hear all, and I know all. I don’t think you fully understand by that little outburst you just had. That the days of you ordering me awake are over. Your place is to sit, and wait until I’m ready. In fact in the future I expect you on your knees with your head down in that muslim prayer position you see them do on Television. I’m sure you know the one. I want you in that pose until I wake up, and allow you to move.”

            “Yes of course. Goddess Peyton. I believe you are referring to the sujud.” Twerp said as she assumed the position before her step daughter as her tears dripped from her eyes onto the sheet of her bed. Twerp could feel a battle raging inside of her as she submitted to Peyton’s will. It felt as if two sides were squaring off for control. She could feel a part of her that was accepting Peyton’s logic that was battling against herself for control of her will.

            “Since you have illustrated that you seem to work better with examples. I think it’s time we illustrate your new position in this household to you.” Peyton said as she yawned once again before rolling over onto her stomach. Peyton grabbed her phone from her nightstand, and then picked up Twerp.

            Twerp saw everything shift from light to dark as she was shoved underneath the blankets of Peyton’s bed. She then felt herself drop onto Peyton’s body. She could feel the heat radiating off of her. As she looked around the darkened haze beneath the blankets, it still surprised her that she could see. She hadn’t gotten use to how her eyes now work in her shrunken form.

            As she looked down she saw that she was sitting atop Peyton’s butt. She was wearing what looked like some skimpy panties. She knew she didn’t authorize a purchase of this kind of underwear. She wondered how, and when she snuck a purchase of these. As she knew Peyton didn’t work or make her own money.

            “I’ve wanted to say this you so many times Twerp. You have no idea how often I bit my tongue over the years as you ranted and raved at me. Kiss my Ass!” Peyton said gleefully as pulled up YouTube on her phone.            

            Twerp couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wanted this to be a mistake. As she looked down at Peyton’s butt cheeks and then she looked away all too soon. Not wanting the idea to even marinade in her mind. This was simply out of the question. Everyone has their limits. Everyone has a point where they will simply not allow their pride to be downtrodden any longer. This was it for Twerp. She was drawing her line in sand here.

            “Come on now, KISS KISS” Peyton said as she pulled up a video on her phone. Twerp shook her head no. However, she could feel the authority and power of Peyton’s voice resonate in her head. As she placed her hands down on her butt she could feel her head begin to lower on its own once again.

            “No, no stop. I’m in charge. I said the line was drawn. Peyton is not in charge around here.” Twerp screamed in her mind. However, her brain ignored her wishes. She felt the foreign power exude its control over her humanity. As her head lowered down she felt he lips press against Peyton’s warm skin. Tears ran from Twerps eyes as if she were child who had just gotten spanked by their parents. The water works flowed out of her eyes.

            Peyton could feel the tears drip down onto her along with the lips of her step mother. A  large grin crossed her face as she felt the tiny woman submit further to her commands. She felt the final holds in the crevice of her own mind that still thought of her step mother as a parental figure to be respected and obeyed vanish.

            “This is the new natural order in this household Twerp so get used to it. You do what I say, and this proves it. The days of you running things are officially over.” Peyton gloated as Twerp finally managed to pull her lips off of Peyton. She felt humiliated as she reflected on what she had done.

            “I’m sorry, did you hear an order to stop? You have a lot of ass kissing to do if you want to get in my good graces.”

            “Yes of course. I’m sorry goddess Peyton” Twerp said as she felt the fight and resolve she once had vanish. As she pressed her lips back against Peyton’s backside she wanted to die. All the things that had been done to her felt like nothing in comparison to this. She couldn’t comprehend why she should have to be subjected to this. This felt so wrong on every level.

            “In fact between kisses I want to hear I’m sorry goddess Peyton. Those should be only four words I hear you speak until I tell you to stop.”

            “I’m sorry Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said before bowing back down. Peyton’s couldn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t believe she actually had gotten her step mother to do this. She could hear the futility in Twerps voice, and she loved it. The pangs of defeat in Twerps voice, sounded like victory to her. When she saw the submissive way she now held her body it felt more empowering than ever.

            She noticed even around Avery and Sabrina Twerp didn’t hold herself in such a way. She responded to them differently. She acted differently with them then her. She knew it was because she had broken her. She knew that her step mother was starting to buy into her retelling of her life. If she kept this up she knew there would be a day when every word she spoke would be ring as truth to that former evil bitch. That the reign of her step monster had truly ended. As her mind, body and soul was slowly submitting to this reality. Even against the wishes of her Step Monster herself.

            “Tell me again who is in charge around here?” Peyton asked wanting to hear her step mother have to say it again.

            “You are Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said between sobs.

            “Good, you may resume your previous task until I feel like getting up.” Peyton said as she returned to YouTube. Hardly giving her step mother a thought. She no longer concerned herself with the shrunken woman. As she was her pet, and she was through with her for now.

            Peyton then yawned again, and set her phone back down on her nightstand. She decided to go back to sleep. she slunk back underneath her covers. As she drifted off to sleep she could feel Twerp degrading herself. She decided to test how defeated Twerp was. She briefly wondered if she would awake to Twerp still kissing her butt, before drifting back off to sleep.

            A couple hours had passed by when Pig rolled over onto the mostly hard floor. He could feel a thin layer of padding on his back, but it wasn't nearly as comfortable as his bed. He struggled to recall where he fell asleep last night or even what day it was, as he rolled over onto his stomach he could feel the effects of the hangover weighing on him. His body was cold. He found himself visibly shaking in the cool air, while his teeth chattered. He curled his arms together in a vain attempt to maintain warmth.

Finally opening his eyes, he came face to face with gigantic number 6 imprinted on the carpeting. He shockingly found himself to be completely nude. A feint odor of feet, and sweat hung in the air causing him to scrunch his nose. Standing up he spun around seeing a large room with walls extending up several feet above him creating an open roof skylight overhead.

The room extended further down, but he could see the ceiling slope, and get lower and lower until he couldn't see anything but black.  He looked about for a light switch of some kind but could see nothing lining the walls.

Pig jumped hearing what sounded like a loud snort. It sounded encompassing, and coming from directly below him. Confusingly he started to head towards the darkness of the room he was in hoping to find some kind of way out. He needed to get home.

As he walked towards the end of the room. The ceiling continued to get lower and lower. He felt the need to crouch by the time he got to the end of the room which seemed to curve around, and send him back towards the way he just came on the opposite wall. Pig still struggled to recall the events of last night as he finally found himself back at the giant number 6 printed on the floor.

"Peyton!" Pig heard a loud voice callout. He had no idea it was the voice of his own daughter. Avery’s voice boomed across his ear drums sending him to his knees. He looked up towards the skylight hoping to see what was going on or how someone's voice could be so loud. However, all he could see was white ceiling.

"Wait, did that voice say Peyton." Pig's face turns ghost white as he collapsed to the ground. A broken series of images flow through his mind culminating in the gigantic face of his daughter's best friend staring down at him.

"G-g-goddess Peyton" Pig whispered. "No, it was a dream. It was just a dream." He said calming himself. He then heard a heavy thud which were Avery’s footfalls, but Pig didn't realize that yet. A loud squeak which sounded like bed springs, but magnified, rang in his ears.

"Hey! Someone out there?" Pig shouted still not understanding fully what had befallen him. He had no idea he had slept through an entire day.  Everything around him shook as the room felt as if it was being lifted, and carried. He fell to the ground desperately looking for something to hold onto. The lack of hand grips caused him to slide from left to right as Peyton grasped the sneaker containing the tiny man from its perch on her headboard.

As Peyton lowered the sneaker so it was on her pillow he couldn't believe what he was seeing.  As he stared through the skylight, he could see a monstrously large version of his daughter's best friend Peyton.  As he stared up at her, memories of the other day flooded into his head. He could see himself yelling at his daughter to get him a beer. He watched the bottle leave his hand, and then he hit Avery.  His eyes watered as he relieved the events in his head unable to believe the actions taken were his own. 

Peyton's eyes then lowered down onto the pig. As their eyes met the trials, and tribulations from last night came bubbling to surface as if they were happening again. He tried to scream, but he couldn't find the vocal capacity to do so. He silently yelled in his mind. As his lips trembled the only words he could utter was Goddess Peyton.

"Thanks, for everything Peyton. I'm sorry I didn't come to you sooner. I should have said something when my mom left. I knew she wasn’t coming back. I just didn't want to burden you." Avery choked back as she sat on the corner of Peyton's bed.

"Avery, you're never a burden. I consider you my sister, and love you just as I would if you really were. Nothing, you ever have to tell me is a burden." Peyton said as crawled over towards Avery and gave her friend a hug. While Twerp fell from Peyton’s bottom, and found herself lost in the sea of blankets on Peyton’s bed

"Thanks, Pey." Avery said leaning her head onto Peyton's shoulder.

"I do have something for you." Peyton handing Avery her shoe.

"One shoe? A shoe you've worn before even. Thank you?" Avery said sarcastically.

"You're such a goober sometimes. In the shoe." Peyton exclaimed.

Pig could hardly believe what he was seeing. His world was seemingly up ended. The entire room was moving up, and down, left to right. He was starting to feel sick when he saw Peyton disappear from the skylight only to be replaced by his daughter Avery who looked equally huge.

It was surreal listening to the girls share a private moment. As he heard them speak he realized he was in a shoe. As he looked back down at the floor, it made so much sense. The number stamped into the floor. The carpeting wasn't carpeting at all but an insole. The smells that were inundating his senses.

"Dad...Daddy?" Avery said as she looked down the small man inside her best friends shoe. She could hardly believe what she was seeing.

"Wha-what have you done Peyton? How? I mean, this isn't possible. "Avery said staring down at the man she knew to be her father. A man who she feared for so much of her life. Fearing she would say the wrong thing too, or do the wrong thing. She spent years of her life walking on egg shells, not wanting to be cause of another fight between her parents. Not wanting to force her mom to leave, or run off and sleep with another man again. Not wanting to make her father grab another drink.

"He's been judged. He can't hurt you anymore. He can never hurt you. I made sure of it." Peyton said looking back down at the miniscule man.

"I just can't believe that’s really him. I've spent so long being afraid of him. To see him like this is just surreal." Avery said looking down at her father.

Pig was visibly shaking as he eyed his daughter. If he could have, he would have dug a hole and buried himself alive. A wave of helplessness lapped over him like a wave on a sandy beach shore.  As her eyes lowered  and focused on the miniature man inside of the shoe, he could feel his body go limp. As she spoke his name Pig averted his eyes not wanting to look her in the eyes.

"Avery, honey listen. Let's talk about this. I..I never meant to hurt you." Pig called out.

"You don't have the right to use her name. You can call her Master from now on Pig." Peyton interjected angrily.

"You have no idea what you have done to me. How much you've hurt me. You've made my life hell for so long. I've spent nights wondering why I even want to exist. Do you know what that’s like? I'm sure you don't because you always run to that damn bottle. You've been a better father to the bottle then you have been to me. Do you even know my birthday? Do you even know where I was last night, or where I slept most of last week? You didn't even care did you?"


"No, don't Avery me. I don't need to listen to you anymore. You've tried to take everything from me. Do you know how many times I've filled our bathtub, and just laid there relaxing in the water crying. How many times I've submerged my head, and thought what if I just don’t just come back up? But I did every time, not because of you, but for her. You didn’t even know that I use to cut myself. I only stopped because Peyton saw my wrists one day. Now if I hide them she demands I show them to her. You had no idea.  You're a sorry excuse for a parent. I don't know what she did to you, or how she did it, but I don't care. You're a horrible person, and you deserve everything she's going to do to you." Avery shouted not even realizing that she was.  Pig looked up at his daughters hurt eyes unable to say anything.

"Please, I can change. I can be better. Just change me back. This can be fixed."

"Daddy" Avery said with a long pause. "Goodbye."

"No, no. Avery honey. Please. You don't mean that." Pig shouted as loud as he could.

"Peyton, I'm not strong enough. I need you to do it. I need you to do what I can't. I'm sorry I have to ask you to do this. I'm sorry, but he's still my dad. I can’t just can’t bear to do it. I will only let him hurt me again and again. "

"Aves" Peyton said wiping the tears from Avery's eyes as she continued to look down at Avery’s father. " I know, you're free now. You're safe. You're going to live with me, and you don't ever have to feel that way again." Peyton said giving Avery hug. As she hugged her she took a deep breath.

The idea of doing what Avery wanted. What Avery needed weighed on her. She knew it was different. She knew what was about to happen wasn’t like with Twerp. She cleared her head and allowed the actions of Mr. Jennings to fill her mind. The words Avery spoke to him hurt her. The idea that the only person she could ever think of as a sister could be so hurt. So damaged by one person made her blood boil. She buried her emotions and feelings.

"But your dad...he's not going to want me."

"For starters. He loves you. Secondly, he does what I say. I'm his Munchkin. I packed up your stuff. I’m pretty sure I got everything you'd want to go back for. If I forgot anything let me know. You don't need to go back, just forward. Now go downstairs, get something to eat. I'm sure dads making waffles, and bacon because you're here. Lastly, stop bringing it up. I’m not going to let you leave." Avery tried to smile as she passed Peyton the shoe, and headed downstairs rubbing her stomach a bit realizing how hungry she was.

Peyton took a deep breath and let the shoe drop from her hands. As the shoe hit the floor it rolled end over end a few times as she watched Pig fall from the mouth of the shoe and get flung forward. He tumbled a few more feet before coming to a rest on one of Peyton’s shirts strewn on the floor. He looked back behind him to see the shoe lumbering towards him. He ducked his head as the shoe rolled over him coming to a rest just near him.

As Peyton stood up she found herself noticing how small he now looked. She had spent so much of her life looking up at him. It felt odd to see him in this helpless, and fragile state. He was now no different than Twerp. They were more like bugs or mice as they scurried across the floor. They cowered before her, and looked up at her with an awe. As she spoke they quivered. She then looked over at Twerp who had managed to crawl out from underneath her comforter. She grabbed her from the bed, and let her dangle before her face.  

Twerp felt sick as Peyton's morning breath washed over her once again. She wanted to vomit as the raunchy breath enveloped all the air she could breath. Sweat dripped from her entire body as visions of the horror filled night she had spent a day go fighting for survival in her step daughters mouth came back to her as looked into her cavernous mouth.

As Peyton yawned, and Twerp looked in her mouth. she could remember the tongue piercing, and chains that were much too strong for her to break. She could pull, push, kick, and the chains would not give or budge. Twerp had never felt so hopeless before. She vividly remembered the nights prior events. As she was forced to watch from Peyton's mouth as she tortured, and played with Avery's father.

As hard as it was to watch she couldn't help but feel deep down it was justified. She struggled to feel that what her step daughter was doing wasn't just on some level. It pained her to admit that. That maybe she wasn't so different from Peyton, and that's why they never got along. That if roles were reverse would she do the same things?

As Peyton spoke her voice rolled over her, booming in her ears. She found even covering her ears left her unable to shut out Peyton's voice. She was literally everywhere. The sheer reality of it all began to come into view. As she stared into her step daughters mouth she could see herself back in there. She could see the light that was coming in get shut out from Peyton's mouth. As she found herself helplessly chained to a piercing in her step daughters mouth. She shook her head forcing that trauma from her mind. As she opened her eyes, she could see later that night when Peyton stuck her tongue out, and she saw the look Sabrina's face. She felt somehow lower than she had earlier. She wanted to just jump down Peyton's throat, and give in. Let her win, however the chains that bound her prevented her from death. They stole away any salvation she could have.

When Peyton went to bed she thought surely, she would be free. Surely, she would have to release her from that horrible prison, but she kept her chained to her tongue as if she were a dog chained in a yard. As Peyton’s head turned from left to right her entire world would adjust with her. The soft snoring of the giant, inaudible to her at her previous size was deafening as she laid across Peyton’s massive damp tongue. The entire night was a fight for survival in the new world of her step daughters mouth.

Now in the present She looked back at Peyton’s mouth hoping to never be a resident again. As she gripped her cotton body in fear, even she knew that was but a hopeful wish that could never come true. As Peyton dumped her onto the ground she found herself staring at Avery’s father. The man her step daughter had dubbed Pig. She felt little remorse for the man as his actions that led him to this were his own doing. However, the irony on her perspective was not lost on her. As her eyes averted from the man to the commanded presence of her step daughter. She could feel her heart begin to race.

“Twerp, I want you to watch. You are not allowed to look away. You are forbidden from closing your eyes. You will witness every moment of Pigs punishment. I want you to know if you ever cross me. You even think of about trying to garner help from someone, or do anything other than accept your fate. This will be you, without mercy, and without prejudice. You are only alive now because of me, and because I will it.

“Yes, Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said with a gulp. The words still painful as they rolled off her tongue. She desperately tried to think of some way to change her lot, or adjust her fate. However, as stared up at her step daughter so large she cannot even see her waist. She wondered how she could hope to oppose such power. She knew she couldn’t. She knew deep down inside of herself. That this was her reality, and life now. She served her step daughter now, and forever.

“You can begin showing your appreciation at any time.” Peyton said lifting her left foot in the air and stomping it onto the floor. Joy spread across her face as watched how just a slight stomp of her foot on her part could illicit such a response from her subjects.

Not wanting to upset her step daughter, Twerp ran towards Peyton’s bare foot. She could see that the blue nail polish on Peyton’s foot had begun to chip away. She briefly recalled how much Peyton despised doing her nails. For the longest time, she thought she just wasn’t that type of girl. However, it was only later she realized that it was the act of doing it that Peyton didn’t like. She found it tedious, and her impatience often got the better of her. So, she preferred having others do it for her. Before she put a stop to it Peyton would go up town, and have it professionally done. However, when she married Douglas, Peyton’s father. She put an end to that as it was much too expensive.

Twerp shook off the now seemingly distant memories, and fell onto Peyton’s left foot. The drumming of her right foot a constant reminder of her new place in the world. As she fell she could see her new cotton skin. She hated that it had become a part of her. She hated how the dingy grime Peyton had embedded into it with natural use was now fused into her being. Every time she saw part of her body now she was reminded of her place in this world, and who had put her here. Her new skin served as a constant reminder that she lived in service to her step daughter. Even in her own mind she was having trouble trying to keep idea of her own humanity alive.

As her hands rested on Peyton’s first and third largest toes the enormity of her power started to weigh on Twerp. As she lowered her head she kissed Peyton’s toe. She extended her tongue, and ran it along Peyton’s unwashed skin of her second toe. She could taste the dried sweat and filth that collected on her skin fall into her mouth. She desperately wanted to spit it out. She wanted to vomit, and gargle with a gallon of mouthwash. However, none of those were now options.

The tapping of Peyton’s foot drumming against the floor like that of a slave drum. She pictured a scene depicted in the books of history a thousand times. A man beating a drum as hundreds of peopled rowed a mighty vessel across the open waters. The drum keeping their strokes in time. Only now it was Peyton’s foot.

“That’s right, this is all you are. Show your devotion, and appreciation to me Twerp. Ironic, isn’t it? The one-time ruler of the house. Who ran things with an iron fist now broken and groveling at my feet. Begging for my scraps, drinking my spit just to survive. Serving my every whim. Remind me again Twerp who is in charge?”

“You Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said stopping momentarily to wipe the tears from her eyes before returning her tongue to her step daughters foot. She continued for a few more licks before Peyton scrunched her toes. Twerp tried to move away, but before she could react Peyton’s toes sent her flying for what appeared to be several feet to her.

“You can now get in between my toes.” Peyton said with a smirk, and stomp of her foot once again. She watched as her step mother rushed back towards her toes pushed her head between them, and started to lick.

“That’s a good girl. You see pig, she respects her master’s authority. As any good pet should.”

“Wha-what have you done to her? She doesn’t even look human? I-If you think I’m going to lap at your feet like a beaten dog. Y-you have another thing coming.” Pig shouted up to the giant girl as he eyed Twerp fearfully, not quite believing his own words. As he looked at her he shuddered over the thought of himself in such a state.

As he ran to distance himself from the shoe, he scurried over a fallen sweatshirt finding a spot hard wood floor not covered by an example of Peyton’s laziness. He slowly looked about taking in what appeared to be a wasteland of her stuff strewn about the room.

“Pig, I told you before. You have been judged. You hurt Avery. More than I realized, and that’s on me for not doing something sooner. Not realizing what you were doing to her.” Peyton said as he lifted her right foot up. Twerp turned around with her jaw agape in awe as she saw her step daughters foot rise out of her line of sight.

In an instant, it came hurdling back towards her. The force of all her weight, power and strength behind it. She watched the ball of her foot slam down on the left arm of Pig. Shock and horror filled Twerps face as she watched Peyton twist her foot on his tiny arm as if it were a cigarette butt. The man howled and screamed in pain. Twerp had never witnessed anything like it.

A look indescribable by human words spread across his face as pig backed away from the foot. It took a full minute for him to realize his arm was gone. Still beneath Peyton’s monumental foot. Blood from where his left arm use to be poured out. He grabbed where his arm formerly connected to his shoulder, and screamed.

Twerp couldn’t find the words to say anything. She just looked on at the tiny man, and fearfully up at her step daughter. Unable to believe what she was seeing herself. This was a person after all. Despite his faults, he was still a human being. She fought not to look away. Yet, She watched as Peyton ordered.

Pig looked over at Twerp and mouthed help me. Twerp continued to look taking a step back. She looked up at Peyton and over at man on the floor. His eyes were pleading with her to help. He wanted her to step in, to stop her colossal stepdaughter. She heard what he did. She saw the blood running down Avery’s face that day. She was old enough to know how things worked. He would get away with it. She couldn’t bring herself to help him. She didn’t want too. She wanted him to suffer. She felt ashamed of herself for that. However, that was her humanity still inside of her. If that made her a bad person. So be it. She thought in that moment.

“No.” Twerp spoke. Shaking her head as she took another step back.

“Do you want to throw another beer bottle at your daughter? Maybe you want to scream at her to get you a beer, you drunken slob.” Peyton said as she spat down on the Tiny man. Pig tried to run, but the ball of phlegm was too large, and exploded on him sending him tumbling to the ground. As it covered his body he tried open his mouth scream, but Peyton’s Saliva oozed in. He took his only arm now, and tried to wipe the warm saliva from his face when he saw the giant teen crouch down.

As her giant hand lowered towards him. She extended her pinky finger and held him down with ease. He punched against her finger as he screamed any and all expletives he could think of. As he continued to scream his tirade at the teen, she just stared at him.

“You’re not a person any longer Pig. If you want me to feel sympathy for you, think again. Do you feel sympathy for the ant you crush walking to your car to buy a beer? Do you feel sorry for the cow that was killed so you could eat your hamburger? Do you wonder if that pig your bacon came from had a family with two piglets? You don’t do you. I don’t blame you. I don’t either. So, what makes you think I’d feel anything for you. You’re not a person, and You’re not my pet like Twerp. You may have passed the trial last night so that you can be allowed to come before me. So that you can serve me. However, I don’t allow it. I don’t allow you to be reborn as Pig. Mr. Jennings, I deny you the right to be pig. To have the honor of being reborn as one of my loyal subjects as Twerp was before graduating to become my Pet..”

Peyton took her other hand, and grasped his right arm with her left pinky finger still holding him down. With the greatest of ease, she pulled his arm from its socket separating it from his shoulder. She slapped him across the face with his own arm before dropping it on top of him, and standing back up to her full height.

Mr. Jennings screamed uncontrollably as he looked at the entirety of his arm laying on chest. He started to crawl away. He found himself unable to pick himself back up from the ground without arms. He pushed his body with his legs inching backwards like some kind of deformed snake.

“You bitch. You fucking bitch.” He cursed at the giant teen.

“Twerp, this is the other side. This is what happens to those who flee. To those who try to escape.  You squandered your life as a person. You broke up a marriage, you forced a good man to commit adultery. Now you will serve. You have given yourself to serve me for all eternity. In this life, and the next. You will spend all your days at my feet begging and worshipping me. Thanking me for saving you from this. Thanking me for forgiving you, Thanking me from elevating you from bug status and allowing you to serve me as my Pet.” Peyton said as her gaze shifted to her diminutive step mother who was shaking in fear.

“Thank you, Thank you Goddess Peyton. It is an honor to be elevated from a bug to your pet. The highest of honors,” She cried as she fell upon Peyton’s foot lavishing it in kisses and adoration. She could feel her pulse racing as her heart nearly beat out of her chest.  Looking up at her stepdaughter now, she could see now that there certainly is no escape. The power Peyton wields over her is unparalleled. She looks over at Avery’s father, and feels a sense of relief over being Peyton’s pet that she hadn’t before. She looked down at her cotton fur thankful to be here, and not where he was.

“Avery is much too sweet to give you what you deserve. Even now she loves you. You do understand that don’t you? You fucking beat her like a government mule, and she still loves you. You drove her to contemplate killing herself. She cut herself repeatedly over you, and still on some level she loves you. She may be able to forgive you in time. However, I will not and, your soul will never know pleasure of forgiveness.”

“Please, don’t do this. Please, I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I will do anything. I will serve. I will serve you.” Mr. Jennings pleaded as his own blood spilled from his body.

“I believe in god Mr. Jennings. I am raised catholic. I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins. You’ve been judged Mr. Jennings. You’re actions have made it so I doubt you will go before him, and enter the gates of heaven as I know you aren’t sorry. You’re sorry you got caught. You’re just sorry about the situation. You weren’t sorry when you bullied your daughter into nearly committing suicide. However, it is man who judges you on earth, and I send you into the pits of hell that await you to be judged there.” Peyton said as she lifted her foot back up into air.

Twerp started to look away until she remembered Peyton’s words, and turned her head back towards Mr. Jennings. Twerp could only watch as Peyton’s foot stomped down with the full force and power she has in her being. As her foot landed atop the man She could hear his bones breaking. The sickening thud of her foot expelling the contents of his body across her foot, and the floor underneath her foot. The squelch like noise his body made before he just imploded from the pressure.

“Ewww, I fucking hate bugs.” Peyton said as she hopped on one foot then leaned over onto her desk grasping a Kleenex she lifted her leg up and twisted it so that it was parallel to the floor. She then ran the Kleenex over the underside of her foot wiping the bloody remains of his body from the underside of her foot before tossing the tissue down onto the floor letting it land near her foot.

“Fucking clean that mess up Twerp. I don’t want that on my floor.”

“Of course, Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said jumping into action. She grasped the discarded Kleenex, and began pushing it over the bloody mess on the floor.

“That’s a good girl. Do good and you may get a prize.”

“I will, I will goddess Peyton.” Twerp shouted towards the titanic teen, not wanting to upset her.

“You will find that it doesn’t have to be all bad living underneath my rule. Especially for you Twerp. You’re my pet, and you see how happy Simba and Max are? That can be a life you can have too. You just have to accept this new life.” Peyton said as she reached towards her Twerp ran her fingers over her. The cotton of her skin felt soft, and smooth. As she tugged at the cotton she noticed Twerp wince in pain.

Twerp looked up at Peyton unable to deny her words. She didn’t feel like much a person anymore. As she looked at her white and grey patterned skin She knew that she would never truly be a person ever again. She would look like some kind of side show. She didn’t even know  if such a thing could be possible. How could she make mass she no longer has. Her former mass was expelled out into the world as she shrank.

“Don’t look so glum. Once you prove that you’ve been house trained. I will give you a nice tide bath in the sink, and then once you dry I will even Febreeze you. I love Max and I love Simba. I hated my Step Monster. But, I could maybe love Twerp.  Your life doesn’t have to be horrible. So buck up.” Peyton said  before rubbing her stomach. “Man, all that made me hungry. I didn’t eat last night though. I better get some before Avery destroys that pile of waffles.” Peyton said as she smiled down at Twerp before skipping out the door.

Twerp was at a loss. In an instant, she seemingly went back to the same girl she had always known. The idea that Peyton’s word hung true had not yet formulated in her head. The idea that she could no longer be viewed as a person wrestled about in her mind. That to Peyton she wasn’t interacting with a shrunken person. She was truly interacting with a lesser species like how a person views grasshopper or spider. Those who prove their worth to her are viewed as something more along the lines of a cat or a dog. Either option being a lesser species that had sworn fealty to her. A species that obeys her whims in exchange for being cared for.

“I’m going to be serving her forever. How could this happen to me?” Twerp cried as she continued to scrub the remains of Avery’s father from Peyton’s floor. It was surreal to think that this was a person. Who had a life, thoughts, dreams, and now everything that they are, is being soaked into a Kleenex. 

Twerp got down on her knees pressed hard into the Kleenex as the blood-soaked in. The two-ply tissue however was more than absorbent enough to wipe away the remains. It was a matter of minutes, and Twerp looked back to see the floor perfectly clean. Peyton's word weighed heavily on her. If this is all that he is, maybe he wasn't a person any longer. Was this really an act of murder, or was this just a girl killing a bug? It pained Twerp to have to think about Avery's father in this way as she knew the same could be said for her.

At what point is a person no longer a person. The idea that she could be on the same level as a bug or animal felt unreal, and unfair. As while her size had changed her mind, her thoughts, her ideals had not. Twerp felt as if she was the same person she had always been. As she looks at the bloodied Kleenex it looked horrific to her. When she saw the remains of Avery's father on the floor it looked like something out of a CSI crime scene.  It was gruesome and made her stomach churn.

However, looking at it from Peyton's point of view she wondered if she would feel the same way? When a person loses their size, and stature are they afforded the same rights? Are they really still considered human? She seemed to have some different properties about her than what she would have when she was larger. When she was in Peyton's skate, and shoe her weight should have crushed her to death but, she was able to survive. Does this make her a new kind of species? Is Peyton right? She could tell a growing part of her thought she was. A growing side of her mind sided with Peyton’s ideals, and truths.

She continued to contemplate on her place in the world until she finished cleaning up the horrifying remains. As she finished, she started looking about the room, and noticed Peyton had left slightly ajar. A part of her still wanted a chance at freedom. However, freedom now seemed like a privilege beyond her station in life. The idea that she could end up like Avery's father was an image she couldn't get out of her head. For the first time since this ordeal took place. Twerp had no desire to run or flee. She decided if this was going to be her life. She might as well explore a bit. Peyton’s room was now in essence her room. As she looked about, it disgusted her to say that. She halfway wished she could be Avery’s pet. Avery was much a cleaner person then her owner. Twerp thought to herself. Not even detecting that she had just thought of Peyton as her owner.

Peyton walked out of her bedroom and leaned up against the wall outside of her door. She exhaled deeply. She let her body sag as tears fell from her eyes onto the floor the below. She looked down the hall glad to be alone. She didn’t want anyone around. She couldn’t be seen like this.

“This was for Avery. It had to be done. Forgive me god for I have sinned.” Peyton said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Behold me at your feet, O Jesus of Nazareth, behold the most wretched of creatures , who comes into your presence humbled and penitent! Have mercy on me, O lord, according to your great mercy! I have sinned and my sins are always before you. Yet my soul belongs to you, for you have created it, and redeemed it with your precious blood. Grant that your redeeming work not be in vain. Have pity on me; give me tears of true repentance; pardon the penitent thief; I ask for your blood to cover my sins and make me white as snow. I receive you into my heart lord Jesus Christ to be my lord, my savior and master from this day forth. Look upon me from your throne in heaven and give me your blessing. I believe in god…Amen” Peyton said before making the sign of the cross. She then took a deep breath, smiled and headed toward towards the stairs. 


Chapter 13 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the delay with editing this chapter. Got sick over the weekend but its out now.  Just as a heads up. I'm moving on Friday. So I will try to get another chapter edited this weekend to post next week. However, it may be late next week or worse case the following week as my PC access will be limited because of the move. 


Step Monster CH13 



Twerp started walking about the room. She took in how Peyton’s bed seemingly hung in the air. She could so easily see beneath the bed at her current height. In fact, it was easier to see what was underneath it than the top of the bed. Her pink and purple comforter hung down from the bed draping down onto the wood floor below.  

As she looked beneath the bed she could see the clothes that had worked their way underneath. Massive shopping bags and over turned shoeboxes cluttered the underside of her bed. Twerp shuddered at the thought of the ecosystem that exists underneath it. She knew if she were to wander underneath she could easily become lost. The notion of living beneath Peyton’s bed sounded terrifying.  

Moving about the room which she knew was fast becoming her world. She found it odd to be able to explore it so freely. As she ran her arms over her new fur a part of her was thankful. She relished not freezing to near death. However, the fact that it was Peyton’s athletic socks still weighed heavily on her. As she brought her arm up to her nose she could smell herself. Her fur was still covered in Peyton’s dry sweat.  

The fact she was going to have to beg and follow her stepdaughter's commands like some kind of infidel in order to be bathed and cleaned was sickening. She knew she could only get such an act of mercy by obeying her stepdaughter which angered her. She had found yet another way to force behavior and compliance from her.  

She looked back at the door which was slightly ajar and wondered if it were a test. She was curious if Peyton was doing this on purpose to see if she would leave. Eying the door she found she didn’t have the courage to step outside Peyton’s room. As she thought about leaving she could feel her body become wrought with fear. It made her sick to think Peyton had done this to her.  She had truly started to become domesticated by Peyton and it scared her. 

Twerps thoughts were interrupted when she felt the floor shimmy and shake. Twerp halted all progress immediately as she stood firm on a discarded sweatshirt on Peyton's floor.  A perfume radiated up from the material telling her that it had been worn somewhat recent, but she had no clue when. The shaking of the floor continued to get worse and worse. It wasn't long before Peyton strode into the room. Twerp looked on with awe as she picked up the Kleenex and walked into her bathroom. Twerp heard the toilet flush before she walked back out of the bathroom and stopped in front of her.  

"Grab onto my foot. Dad left, so you're coming down stairs." Peyton ordered as she tapped her foot. "I meant now." Peyton added impatiently as Twerp scampered onto the top of her barefoot.  

"I have nothing to hold onto. I will never make it wherever we are going." Twerp shouted as loudly as she could. However, since she couldn't see anything over Peyton's knee from her foot she couldn't tell if she had heard her at first.  

"Ugh, you're so pathetic." Peyton chided as she walked over to her vanity table and grabbed an anklet Sabrina and Avery had gotten her for her birthday. It was covered in tiny charms representing her interests and spelled out her name in cute lettering.  

"Grab onto this anklet then. I guess I will have to start wearing anklets more." Peyton said to herself tapping her foot. 

"I'm not walking back over to you. Come here and climb up." Peyton commanded stomping her foot clearly annoyed as she waited for twerp to cover the distance she effortlessly cleared. 

As Twerp clambered onto her foot she noticed how soft the top of Peyton's foot was. Her body sunk in a bit as she climbed onto her foot and pulled herself up and underneath the anklet which then allowed the anklet itself to rest underneath her armpits.  She looked back up at Peyton who didn't wait any longer before starting to walk.  

The anklet, and her by extension flapped slightly as it draped over the top of her foot. Each step Peyton took, Twerp was fearful she would fall off. The hallway sped by as Peyton walked as if she wasn’t there. As she bounded down the stairs Twerp grabbed the anklet tightly. As falling off now would most certainly result in injury.  

As they reached the Kitchen Peyton shook her foot knocking Twerp to the floor before sitting back down at the table. The kitchen smelled of Waffles and eggs. The fresh maple syrup smell still hung in the air. As she looked upward Twerp felt humbled over the fact she wasn't able to see the top of table or counters.  

The tile of the kitchen floor dwarfed Twerp in size.  As clean as she kept the kitchen she found that she could still see crumbs on the floor around the baseboards and underneath the table and chairs. The scraping of the silver against the plates made Twerp realize how hungry she was. It had been a long time since Avery had fed her during lunch the other day.  

"Oh yeah, since dad called in saying we weren't going to be at school with everything that happened. He said we had to clean up around here. So that obviously means you need to clean up around here. You should see some scraps from a rag I ripped up for you and I put with some cleaning liquid in a small dish. You need to wash kitchen baseboards." 

"It would take me hours. You can't be serious." Twerp shouted hoping the girls could hear her. 

"NOW." Peyton said stomping her foot once on the floor. Twerp had already learned that the stomp meant that the discussion was over.  

"Could I at least have some food? Please?" Twerp begged.  

"You are worse than Simba and Max." Peyton said getting up from the table and heading over to the counter. “Could I get some food please” Peyton parroted back in a way a younger sibling would do to an older one. Twerp could hear the rustling of a large piece of Tupperware. A moment later a single piece of dry dog food dropped onto the floor.  

"We should get it a little food dish that says Twerp. You could line it up next to Max and Simba's food dish. All the pets could then eat together" Avery added. 

"That’s a great idea. Let me text Sabrina. She was talking about getting a few things. I will have her get a food bowl. You can use the same water dish as them Twerp."  Peyton said walking back towards the table. 

"She looked down at the dog food appalled by the notion of having to eat the same food as Peyton's other Pets. Eating something like this seemed so uncouth. It felt like an insult. The idea of eating dog food made her stomach cry out in disgust. She was a person. She wanted some of that waffle. The fluffy waffles drowning in maple syrup. She could practically taste it already. As she opened her eyes looking down at the dog food her stepdaughter had tossed down, her heart sank. The feeling of hunger wasn't going away. She knew that she needed to eat when she could as it could be another day before she was fed again. Peyton wasn’t exactly the most responsible person when it came to things like these.  

Crouching over the morsel of dog food Twerp already knew what was about to happen, but she had to try. She bit into the dog food and, as she suspected it was too hard for her jaw. Like with the candy bar in Peyton's locker it just glided along the top of it without any piece breaking off. She suspected if the piece of dog food was smaller, or if she was bigger and it could fit her mouth she wouldn't have this problem. However, her jaw can’t seem to penetrate the tough exterior of the dry dog food. 

"Oh yeah, Sabrina told me about your food dilemma. People food is difficult for you so I figured puppy chow would be better. Here let your owner help." Peyton smugly said walking back over to piece of dog food she had dropped onto the floor. She watched her stepmother scurry away like a mouse as she approached. It made her smile seeing her so helplessly tiny. Running from her approach like a bug. Already learning what her new place on the food chain entailed. A fact all animals learn is that when a predator approaches the smaller and weaker creatures scatter.  

Twerp eyed Peyton as she sat down on the floor leaning up against the kitchen cabinets as she sat down. She grabbed the small piece of dog food. She found it surreal that this one piece of food would probably fill up her stepmother. It was nothing at all to her.  

“Come here Twerp.” Peyton said sweetly patting the top of her thigh as if she was calling a dog to come. Even seated on the floor Twerp found herself still unable to believe how large Peyton and her friends were.  

As Twerp approached, she nervously eyed Peyton unsure what her game plan was. She knew she surely must have an angle. She must be trying to gain something from her. As she nervously approached the side of her stepdaughter’s leg. Peyton reached down grabbed the small woman. Peyton watched Twerp adjust herself having gotten to use to her grip.  

Twerp sat her down in her lap and looked up at Peyton who was staring down at her. She could see what was going to be her breakfast in her hand. Peyton ran the piece of dogfood between her fingers.  

“Did you mean that stuff you said about me in mom's apartment?” Peyton said as she stroked Twerp gently behind her head. She watched her body go limp in her lap as she scratched her. She liked seeing how easily she could bring about pleasure to her stepmother.  

“You mean that I love you? Yeah, I meant that. You are the only daughter I’m ever going to have. Why do you think I made a point to be at all your games no matter when or where they were at?” 

“So, you probably hate me now. I didn’t really help you.  I just really hated how you mothered me so much.” Peyton said sincerely as she stroked Twerp.  Who was dumbfounded as she sighed blissfully by Peyton’s gentle scratches and touch.  

“Things can be different now that you’re my pet. I’m willing to put all that behind us. We can start fresh, and build a new relationship.” Twerp found herself torn. She liked that she had seemingly made a breakthrough in her relationship with Peyton. However, the idea that in order to do so she'll have to be her stepdaughters pet made her sick. She shuddered at the thought of following Peyton around like a puppy dog.  

"Maybe we could start this new relationship off with some real food?" Twerp asked hoping to parlay Peyton's goodwill into something more than dog food.  

"Funny, not quite funny ha-ha. But still funny Twerp. You know you can't possibly eat waffles with bacon and eggs like Avery and I. You aren't a person. You eating something like that can’t possibly be good for you It’s the very reason pet food exists.  

“Since you’re hungry. Let me crush this up for you Peyton said setting the food down on the floor a few feet from where she set Twerp down. She patted Twerp’s head a couple of times before standing up. Peyton then lifted her barefoot up and smashed the dry dog food with her heel. She grinded her heel into the cold tile floor several times before walking back over to the table and sitting down at the table with her foot resting on her Achilles tendon.  

"There, you can pick the bits of food my heel. Bon Appetit.” Peyton said. 

Twerp couldn’t believe her. As she looked up at Peyton she couldn’t believe she just shared what is probably there first warm and tender moment. Then she just set her down. Smash a piece of pet food into her heel and expects her to eat it off of her foot. As if that’s just some normal thing.  

“Well go on. Eat up. Munch, Munch” Peyton said playfully while motioning Twerp towards her foot before her focus shifted away from her step mother altogether.  

"Remember Twerp. Clean Plate club." Avery ordered as she eyed the small woman for a bit before losing interest. 

As Twerp approached Peyton's foot she could see the crumbs mashed into her heel. She actually tasted the vomit come up and hitting the back of her throat before she forced it back down. She meekly reached her wavering hand out towards Peyton’s foot. She brushed a single crumb off her foot letting it tumble onto her other palm. As she eyed the fallen morsel, she squeezed it a bit with her hand. It was now weak enough for her to eat it. She felt humiliated as the piece of dog food crumbled a bit more in her hand. She needed Peyton to survive. She felt Peyton’s grip on her tighten as the symbolic chains tightened their hold on her. The idea of only being able to eat when Peyton deemed it and with her assistance only made her feel like Peyton’s view of her was accurate. She didn’t like the idea of being her stepdaughters pet.  

She lifted the grungy piece of dog food up to her mouth and pushed the dog food threw her lips. As soon as she did so her body started gagging trying to expel the food. She closed her mouth tightly and chewed the dog food up to mush before finally swallowing it. As soon as the food hit her stomach her body seemed quite accepting of the food. Twerp had expected her stomach to throw it back up or get queasy. It was almost as if her stomach was pleased with the food. However, as she looked back at the crumbs stuck to her stepdaughters disgusting foot her stomach growled loudly.  

As she repeated the process she had hoped it would get easier, but she felt it getting worse. She could taste the lotion Peyton had rubbed into her feet mix with the natural oils of her body along with the dirt and dust she had collected from walking around barefoot all morning. All the tastes were getting pulled into the bits of dog food clinging to her foot. So, as she pulled each one off and shoved it into her mouth it tasted a bit different than the last and, never in a way that was remotely pleasant.  

"I can't believe she's really eating it Peyton." Avery said. Her eyes having wandered back towards Twerp.  

"Why wouldn't she? This is how I plan to feed her each morning. If she doesn’t like it she can go hungry. She's not a person anymore the days of her eating people food are done. Pets eat pet food." Peyton boldly stated.  

“No, no, no, please. I beg of you.” Twerp cried out but her plea’s fell on deaf ears as the girl’s own voices from their conversations easily overpowered her own voice. She felt like a child before her teenage stepdaughter as her eating arrangements were discussed before her in committee without any input or thought on what she may want.  

"Maybe, a can of dog food would be better for it though. We could get a Tupperware dish and pour a can into it. Then just dump a bit into her food bowl each day. I bet a single can would last awhile." Avery added. 

"That sounds like a lot of work. I could see getting a can and using it as a reward for good behavior. If the dry food doesn’t work out. I mean I guess we could go to canned food. It’s important she stays healthy. I doubt her body could process the foods we eat now on a regular basis anyway."  

 “Do my ears deceive me or is that actual care I hear in your voice.” Avery teased. 

“I-it is not. I just want her healthy. She can’t do my bidding and entertain me if she’s sick. And now that she my pet she’s my responsibility.” Peyton refuted back defensively.  

“sure, sure. Of course. It’s not because you care at all. Just your own selfish desires and uses you have for her which are prodding your concerns. Avery said 

“Right, as long as you understand my point of view.” Peyton said. As Avery smiled knowingly. “She will have to learn that her body has different needs now.” 

This infuriated Twerp to no end. Reward for good behavior? Then Peyton acting like feeding her this pet food was what was best for her. She could certainly handle some of that waffle just fine. This was truly something she couldn’t have ever hoped to have dreamed up. Even if she was trying to come up with some horrible torture test. She couldn’t have come up with something like this. Being rewarded with a meal of canned dog food for good behavior was too much. Peyton was taking this pet thing to far.  

Twerp shuddered as she pictured each and every morning eating pet food. The only improvement coming if Peyton does get her a food dish. However, she viewed the likelihood of that slim. Peyton hasn’t shown a penitent for follow through if it’s not something that benefits her in some way.  

“No, she would just make me eat it like this every morning because it’s easier for her.” Twerp said as tears dripped down which she wiped away while she bit into another piece of dog food. As chewed on this she noticed a small piece of waffle had fallen near her. She looked up at Peyton and over at Avery noticing that neither girl seemed to notice.  

Twerp smiled as she inched over to the small crumb. She could feel how soft it was so she knew that she would have no trouble eating it. As she put it in her mouth. Her tastes buds exploded. She couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted. She couldn’t remember a waffle ever tasting so good before.  

As she swallowed the waffle she found herself wishing she had more. Than a moment later her stomach started churning. Twerp doubled over knowing what was coming. She tried to hold it down however she threw up the waffle she just ate.  

Peyton looked down hearing the commotion and spotted her stepmother throwing up. She pushed her chair back a bit and leaned over. She could see her puking on the floor. As she was finished the spot was barely noticeable. She smirked at how pitiful it looked. She bent down with her napkin in hand and swiped it away. As she looked at the napkin she could see bits of waffle. 

“Twerp! I told you not to eat people food. This just proves it. Your body can’t process this stuff anymore.” 

“This isn’t happening. That can’t be true. It must have been the dog food. I’m sure of it.” Twerp said. 

“Then eat another piece. If you throw up I will never make you eat pet food again. If you don’t then you can never eat human food again.” Peyton said as she looked down. She watched Twerp nod in compliance.  

Twerp knew it wasn’t the waffle she that made her sick. So she had no issue making the agreement with her stepdaughter. She knew better than her stepdaughter what was appropriate to eat and not eat. As she walked over to Peyton foot. She paused as Peyton lifted her foot. Twerp walked beneath it grabbing a piece of the dog food from her heel. She then plunged the piece of food into her mouth.  

The taste was horrible. Her tongue tried to expel the food. As she chewed it she hoped it would somehow get better. However, that was a wish she knew would never come true. As she swallowed it. She shuddered as the revolting pet food slid down her throat. As it reached her stomach she waited for the sick feeling to overcome her.  

“She’s not getting sick Avery. I knew it. I knew it was the people food.” Peyton happily said as she looked down at her stepmother who now had a panicked look on her face.  

“No, no. Let me try again. It took a bit of time before. Twerp said pulling another piece of pet food from Peyton’s heel. She promptly tossed it in her mouth and chewed it as quickly as possible. She tried to ignore the horrible taste but even swallowing it almost immediately left a bad taste in her mouth. As Twerp swallowed, she waited to get sick. She expected it to come spewing out at any minute. However, nothing came. Her stomach felt fine. In fact, if anything the dog food seemed to be calming her upset stomach.  

“Face it Twerp. I know whats best for you. This just proves it. Pet food is what your body needs to survive. People food just makes you sick. So, you best get used to this. As this is your new breakfast and dinner.” Peyton said with glee as she looked down at her stepmother who was beside herself.  

“This isn’t happening. I’m a person. I can’t be expected to eat pet food. I want some waffles. I want some bacon. Please, that sickness was just me getting used to pet food. I swear.” Twerp pleaded as Peyton merely looked away, and went back to her conversation with Avery.  

“The days of Twerp thinking of herself as a person are over with. This little test only proves it. Getting her on this pet food will only help her training really. It’s confusing for her little brain if she is treated like something she’s not. She is nothing more than an animal that shares some similarities with a person. Like an Ape.” 

“Well, that does make sense Pey. I mean society dictates right and wrong. Just like they have dictated what quantifies a human and not human. There is no specific law that says you need this to be human. It is society which has decided what is given and not given human rights. So, Twerp, falling outside of the bounds of society is now judged according to the guidelines of the society she used to be a part of.” Avery said as she took a bite of bacon. 

“Exactly, I should really write a paper on this.” Peyton exclaimed as she took a drink of orange juice. When she knocked a piece of bacon off her plate. She tried to grab it but it tumbled to the floor landing just a few inches from Twerp.  

Twerp struggled to swallow the last bit of food from Peyton’s heel. The fact it was actually filling her up made her feel even worse. While the aftertaste from the disgusting dog food resided in her mouth for quite some time. She actually found that she had more energy. Which bothered her profusely. Peyton couldn’t surely have been right. Twerp thought when she heard a piece of bacon hit the floor, her body swung around towards the strip of bacon larger than her. Her eyes locked onto the piece of bacon as if she had radar. She felt her back arch as she lowered her body a bit to reduce drag. She would prove that she could eat normal food.  

In an instant, she felt herself moving. She didn’t even realize she was running at first. Then she felt the wind billowing through her cotton fur as the bacon neared. Then all at once the entire ground shook as if it were going to implode upon itself suddenly. Twerp had no chance of remaining upright as she tumbled the floor falling painfully on her still injured shoulder from a few days prior. She yelped grabbing her shoulder in a bit of pain.  

“NO” Peyton’s voice rumbled with a power and veracity she hadn’t ever heard before. As Twerp looked up she hadn’t even seen Peyton stand up, but while she couldn’t see her face or anything much past her knees she knew that her eyes boring down on her. She could feel it.  

The simple one-word command struck a fear in Twerp that she didn’t know existed. Her body instinctively cowered away from the food like a beaten dog. She dared not even eye the food as she hung her head in shame. She found that her eyes locked onto the tile floor and remained there. She tried to raise her head or look elsewhere, but it was as if her body was awaiting a command. She felt fearful to oppose her master in this moment. 

“That is people food. You are not to eat it. Do you understand? It will make you sick.” Peyton said placing her hands on her hips and taking a step forward. Her bare foot hammered down onto the tile floor just above where Twerp resided. Even staring at the floor, she couldn’t help but see a portion of Peyton’s foot now.  

“You will never eat people food again. You don’t see Simba or Max running in here. They know better. They got a whipping when they tried it. That’s only way to train animals like you. You need to impose your will upon them. You need to teach them what is right and wrong.” Peyton said as she crouched down onto the floor. Even bending over Twerp couldn’t see Peyton’s face as she momentarily found the strength to avert her eyes upwards.  

Pain then ripped through her body. It was a savage brutal pain that pulsated from her ribs and soon encompassed her entire being. Tears flooded from her eyes in a way she hadn’t felt since she was a young girl. She grabbed her chest in pain as she rolled over onto her back.  

“NO” Peyton said pointing at bacon grabbing it in her other hand before standing back up. Twerp watched as Peyton walked across the kitchen and dropped the bacon into the garbage can.  

“What did you do wrong?” Peyton said as she stood back over Twerp drumming her feet on the ground. While Twerp struggled to stand she searched to find the strength to answer Peyton as she looked up still fearful. However, more than fearful she felt ashamed. She felt ashamed that she had upset her master. It was at that moment Twerp stopped cold.  

She couldn’t believe what she just thought. Peyton is not her master. She is her step daughter. She did nothing wrong. She tried to eat forbidden food. No not forbidden food, real food. As Twerp looked up at Peyton now she found herself struggling to combat the mental power of her immense step daughter.  

“I-I’m sorry. I tried to eat the food. It won’t happen again.” Twerp struggled to say as she felt shame radiate from her body. As her body still shook in fear before the two teens. 

“Good, people food will never grace your lips again Twerp. You will live off pet food designed for pets. As that’s what you are now. You don’t get things like pizza, chicken or hamburger. Those are reserved for your betters. They are reserved the for the ruling class. As you need to learn there is a degree of separation between us and you. The food designed for people isn’t healthy for you. Your body has different needs to survive in this world. You will do better with the food your given.” Peyton said with a smile as she looked down at her stepmother. Knowing how much she hated the pet food taste was a bonus. Now she had real evidence to enforce her rules. Her stepmother couldn’t deny the facts.  She got sick eating the pet food. A part of Peyton wondered if it was the pet food she had eaten prior that got her sick, or if it was actually, the waffle. However, she wouldn't give Twerp a chance to find out.  

Peyton knew she couldn't let the opportunity pass her by. She could wield the evidence she had like a sword. She would banish normal food from her step mothers diet completely. She would force to eat like the animal she now was. Peyton relished being able to lord real food over her stepmother. The small woman begging and pleading for even the scraps she was going to throw into the garbage can. Even those being denied from piercing her lips. Such an honor would be reserved for the ultimate reward. The rarest of occasions.  

“Y-yes, my master. I’m sorry.” Twerp said unable to believe the words coming out of her own mouth. She wanted to stop feeling this way. She wanted to stop feeling bad. She didn’t want to feel like she had done something wrong. She didn’t want to accept the logic Peyton was putting forth, but she found her brain starting to accept these words as some kind of law and fact. These principles being spoken to her were somehow entering into a prime directive that her species must follow.  

“N-no that’s not right.” Twerp thought as she tried to push Peyton’s teachings from her mind. As she tried to eradicate her thoughts and logic form her brain, but as she looked up at her step daughter she felt fear inside of her. However, behind that fear, was a small beacon of respect. A small beacon of desire to please Peyton. Twerp knew now she needed to get away. She needed to find a way to return to her normal self soon. As Peyton was forcing her will upon her. Her body was buying more and more into Peyton’s teachings. If she can’t find a way back to normal soon, she may not be able too.  

“That was amazing Peyton. You will have it trained in no time at all. It’s only been a few days too. Imagine what it will be like by next week.” Avery said astonished by Twerps response and actions to Peyton’s authority. 

Twerp rubbed her full belly. Knowing just a few feet up above her was a plate filled with fluffy waffles dripping in syrup and greasy bacon. She desperately wanted the forbidden foods, however in her mind she struggled to find the courage to even fathom trying to eat any again without permission. Still, the idea that all she would be getting from now was pet food made her weak in knees.  

Making matters worse her life, treatment and care were being discussed above her without her being able to have any input or thoughts on the matter. She felt like an invalid as the girls discussed her. She wanted to snap. She wanted to grab Peyton by the ear and give her the tongue lashing of a lifetime. She wanted to ground her into the next millennium. However, she was powerless to oppose her step daughter. She now found herself under the care of her step daughter. She had been demoted to a pet. She’s only in the house now because she’s Peyton’s pet.  

Further muddying things was that Peyton was actually showing her real care. Peyton had opened up to her in this pet form in a way she never did or would before. She couldn’t believe the relationship she wanted with her stepdaughter could maybe be possible in this pet body of hers that Peyton has called Twerp. However, to achieve it she would have to live as a pet to her stepdaughter.  

Twerp sighed as she looked over Peyton's foot making sure it was free from any dog food. Not so much out of hunger but out of fear of her wrath. Seeing it was clear and her belly feeling full Twerp looked across the kitchen seeing the smaller saucer which looked like a plastic lid from a container along with several bits and pieces of washcloth ripped up.  

The thought of doing Peyton's chores just infuriated her.  By the time she made it across the kitchen she felt as if her feet were going to fall off. The tile of the kitchen floor held a much cooler temperature. So, she found herself actually feeling a little chilly even with her cotton fur. She then grabbed a rag and dipped into the cleaning solution. Twerp then started to wash along the wall underneath the counter. She dared not look back at the two titans who sat at the table behind her.  She still struggled to push the idea of shame and disgrace from her mind over her actions. She needed to remember she was a person too. She couldn’t let Peyton’s mind games grip her. However, the longer she remained like this. She wondered how long it would be till she broke. How long till Peyton’s words were an unbreakable law to her. As if it were a commandment from god itself. She shuddered at the thought of living a life under Peyton’s rule.  

However, as she cleaned away she had no idea how difficult it would be for her to hold onto her humanity. Her reduced size had also reduced her brain. Her brain has been trying to reprocess everything and make sense of what has happened. Her brain is searching for answers and her step daughter is muddying the process by giving her brain another option. Making matters worse her brain shedding things it feels it no longer needs to survive and learning new traits to adapt to survive this new way of life. Twerp found herself not only in a battle for freedom from her step daughter but, also a battle to retain her humanity.  


Chapter 14 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the delay. I've been moving. However, chapter updates should return to normal soon. I had to speed edit this so I apologize in advance.  

Step Monster CH14 




Twerp had been toiling away washing the baseboards for quite some time, or so, it seemed. She had made a decent amount of progress but, not anything like she was hoping for. Avery and Peyton had left the kitchen some time ago, and were in another part of the house entirely. Just a few feet from her stood a giant baby monitor resting up against the baseboard. Twerp grumbled silently unsure if Peyton was listening.  

As she scrubbed along the baseboards of the kitchen she could see how dirty they truly were. Because of her size Twerp found that she was able to get into the corners she normally struggled with quite easily. She found herself wishing that there was a way she could shrink down like this to clean those hard to reach area's then grow back to her previous size.  

Having finished three quarters of the kitchen's baseboards Twerp tossed the rag down into the cleaning solution as she had decided to take a break. Looking out at the massive Kitchen was still a bit surreal to her. As she strolled along the Kitchen she peeked out into her living room. It was huge at her current size.  The sofa and chairs towered above her. She cringed as she suspected that she could comfortably walk underneath the furniture without having to duck.  

"Twerp, I can see you're not in kitchen." Peyton's voice crackled as it came through the baby monitor.  Twerp spun around looking to see where Peyton was. She couldn't believe that she was able to sneak up on her without hearing the footfalls.  

"Where are you?" Twerp asked spinning around confused as to where Peyton was seeing her from.  

"I chipped you remember. I can see you moving around in the app. You should be cleaning, not on some sightseeing tour." Peyton chided as her voice cut through the otherwise silent room.  

"I'm a prisoner in my home." Twerp mumbled to herself as she walked back towards the baseboards when she heard someone come down the stairs. She had braced herself for Peyton. However, when she saw Avery walk into kitchen. she was a bit surprised.  She looked up nervously as her bare feet slapped against the tiled floor stopping just in front of her.  

Twerp looked at the deep dark red nail polish perfectly painted on each nail. She could smell the lotion radiating from Avery's feet as she looked up at the young fashionista. Twerp took a couple of steps backwards as Avery looked down at her friend's former stepmother.  

"You should be done by now. I need you to pick up those crumbs underneath the table. The baseboards should have been done long ago." 

"I'm working as fast as I can. I'm just so small." Twerp shouted trying to explain herself to Avery. 

"You were given chores. I can remember you telling Peyton that there are no good excuses. So, maybe you should remember your own teachings." Avery said snidely as she watched the diminutive woman start to pick up the crumbs off the floor.  

Twerp couldn't believe she was being ordered around like this in her own home. It's bad enough that Peyton does it.  She certainly couldn't stand for having Avery do it. This was just too much.  

"I don't need you to remind me of what I lectured about. If you would just listen to me." Twerp managed to get out before Avery interrupted.  

"No, I'm done listening. I don't need to listen to you. I've listened and I've been pushed around by people enough. You aren't in charge around here anymore. Infact, this is now more my home then it is yours. I have a room, I live here. You're just here as Peyton's pet." Avery said pointedly  

"I'm on the deed of this house. I'm sick of this. You know that I'm Nancy List. Please, you of all people Avery." Twerp pleaded as Avery walked over to the baby monitor and turned it off.  

"That's silly, you are nothing more than the family pet. Ironically, since I live here now. That makes you my pet as well. Besides, no one is ever going to believe you're Nancy List. You live as Twerp now" 

"You don't understand --." Twerp argued before getting cut off. 

"I do understand. I understand that this family is now Mr. List, Peyton, and myself. You're just here as one of Peyton's pets. You are a part of this family the same way Simba and Max are." 

"No, no." Twerp shouted.  

"Don't believe me?" Avery said in a questioning tone as she walked over the kitchen cabinet. She pulled down a box of doughnuts. She broke off a small piece of the doughnut and bent down staring at the small woman.  

"I know you want this. You want this food to prove that you're a person. Now sit." Avery commanded in a tone Twerp didn't know she had. She looked up at the small meager piece of doughnut that looked massive to her but was dwarfed in Avery’s grip. Twerp knew she was going to have to comply. She reluctantly sat down.  

"That’s right." Avery said tossing the morsel of doughnut down to the small woman. Avery watched her devour the doughnut crumbs she tossed towards her.  

As Twerp swallowed the doughnut bits she half expected to throw up. She thought she was going to get sick like earlier. However, she felt fine. She knew she had just gotten sick off the dog food.  

"Thank god. this proves it was the dog food that got me sick earlier. When Peyton hears this, I can get back on real food." Twerp said happily.  

"Twerp, roll over." Avery said.  

"No, I complied before because I needed the doughnut. Now I don't. I'm a person. I can eat people food." Twerp said proudly.  

"What doughnut?" Avery said with a smile.  

"What do you mean what doughnut? You gave me some for sitting earlier." 

"that’s the thing. Only I saw it. Peyton can't hear anything right now. That little baby monitor is turned off. She's never going to let you have people food again."  

Twerp couldn't believe this was happening. She was being blackmailed by little Avery Jennings. She could feel her blood boiling, she couldn't do anything about this. Avery was right. She was the only person who witnessed the act.  

"Roll over" Avery said. Twerp dropped onto the floor and did a somersault. She felt like a child. She hadn't done a somersault in probably thirty years.  

"Good, now beg." Twerp rose up to her hands and knees and made a begging motion. She felt ill as she complied to Avery wishes. 

"This is how things will work from now on. You are going to do what I say without question from now on. We will trial this for let's say two months. If after two months you have never questioned any order I give you. I will consider telling Peyton about your little ability to eat real food. If you disobey me, or hesitate even once. That timer resets." 

"Two months? But, but, that means in the interim... I have to eat dog food?"  

"Nothing but, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, I want you to lap water out of the water bowl when you get thirsty. Go over and show me how you're going to drink from now on. Mrs. List." Twerp knew she added on her name as an insult. She used it as a weapon to further cut her down. As she looked over at the water bowl she couldn't believe this was happening.  

Twerp walked over to the large dish. She had seen Simba and Max drink out of this many times. She never had given it much thought. However. Now as she pulled herself up the side of the bowl. She felt humiliated. She could see crumbs floating in water. Debris from she didn't even want to know what from. She couldn't possibly lower head into water. As she looked back at Avery standing just behind her she felt sick.  

She pushed her head so it was just above the water line. She stuck her tongue out and started lapping up water like a dog. She could taste bits of dog and cat food in the water as she continued to lap it up.  

"That’s right Mrs. List drink up. This is how you will be drinking from now on. If I ever see, or hear of you drinking otherwise the deals off."  

"Yes, Master Avery." Twerp said as pulled her head away from the water and slid down the water dish towards the floor. She felt humiliated as she stood before Avery. She as going to have drink water like animal or risk never getting real food.  

"Then later today, you can come upstairs and do my nails. I have a feeling you will be doing those from now on. You know how meticulous I am about my nails. So be prepared to learn how I like them done. I don't care how long it takes you. I remember you talking about minoring in art. I could get you a little paint set and you could do tiny murals on each nail. Get back to cleaning. I'm done with you worm." Avery said as she bent down and turned back on the baby monitor. Just then there was a knock at the door. The slapping of bare feet against the floor told her that Peyton was going to the door. Twerp looked over at the cleaning supplies, however her curiosity got the better of her. She dashed back through the kitchen following a good distance behind Avery who met Peyton at the bottom of the stairs before the two girls headed towards the doorway. 

 She could hear the loud voices of Peyton and a person talking the doorway. The closer she got the sooner she realized Peyton was talking to some police officer.  Twerp wondered what the police could possibly want with Peyton. They closed the case, or so she thought.  

"I have just uncovered some additional evidence that raises a few questions." Twerp heard the officer say. As she looked at the entry way, she wanted to get a better vantage point on what was going on. She crept out of the kitchen and back into the living room. She found herself thankful for once in her life that Peyton lived slovenly. She noticed a stray pair of shoes lying on their side in the entryway. Twerp carefully made her way across the living room and crawled into the overturned sneaker concealing herself. As she looked up from the sneaker she could see Peyton and the police officer talking while Avery listened in.  

"What kind of evidence are you talking about? You just told us that my stepmother had died. Now you're saying she's alive? You can't do this to me and my family." Peyton said somberly as she forced herself to fake cry convincingly.  

"The brat was always good as crying. Sickeningly good." Twerp said to herself as she watched her stepdaughter work her magic of the officer.  

"Nothing like that, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea." The officer delicately said. 

"Why don't you come in so we can talk about this." Peyton said motioning the officer inside. Twerp looked up fearfully as the giant beings stepped over her with oblivious ease as they sat down on the sofa.  

"Would you like a drink Officer Daniels, right?" Peyton asked inquisitively.   

"Yes, that’s correct mam. Sure, some water would be fine." Officer Daniels said as Peyton walked into the kitchen. She looked down at her phone and sighed seeing Twerp was somewhere in the living room. She grabbed a juice glass from the cupboard and turned on the water waiting for it to chill.  

"So, what's this you wanted to speak out? We are all really just trying to move on at this point." Peyton said somberly as she filled the glass up with cold water.  

"Well I found a hidden camera taping that shows a girl about your age. Blonde hair, at an ATM down the road here. The camera never catches her face. I was just curious if you happen to know anything about that, or someone fitting that description." The officer said while looking over at family photo with Peyton in it.  

Peyton nervously looked down at the water. Setting the glass down on the counter she reached into her pocket and nervously pulled out the bottle pills. She looked at the bottle for several long seconds before starting to put it back in her pocket when she stopped and opened the bottle allowing two pills to fall into the water glass. She watched the pills dissolve before grabbing the glass and heading into the living room.  

"No, I can't think of anyone." Peyton said setting the glass of water down on the table next to the officer before sitting down on the sofa.   

Twerp took a couple steps out of Peyton's discarded sneaker. She inched along the perimeter of the room taking the long way to the couch. She could see the backs of Peyton's bare feet. She walked underneath the sofa nearing stepdaughter.  

"Are you sure, there's not something you might want to tell me or share with me. As once I get to the station and enter this tape into evidence my hands are tied on what I can do." Officer Daniels coyly said as he played with the mini dv tape in his hands. 

"what are you trying to say? You think it's me on there?" Peyton said annoyed   

"No, I didn't say anything like that." The officer said as he took a drink of water. 

"I'm not stupid Officer Daniels. You didn't need to say it but you sure hinted towards it." 

"If it was you on the tape. It would behoove you to come forward now. As the materials this person has, are the same materials we recovered in the fire. I'm not saying the person on this tape killed Nancy List. However, without hearing the other side of it from the person on tape. I could certainly see how that line of thinking could occur.  

“That doesn’t prove anything. All it shows is me at an atm. I was using her purse because she asked me to run and grab her some cash. She's my stepmother, I don't question what she's asks of me. I wasn't raised that way.” Peyton said.  

"So, you admit that’s it's you on the tape then." The officer says as Peyton realizes her mistake.   You're a bright girl. I can see that. With the same purse recovered in the fire now shown in your possession just before your stepmother's disappearance. The same fire that we found your stepmother burned to death in. This will definitely bring up questions when I get back to the station with this. So, we can handle this in one of two ways. You can let me search your house. Or, I can call down to the station and with the evidence. I have enough to get a warrant. Which I will then come back and the warrant will allow me to search your house anyway.” The officer said while taking another drink. 

“Y-yeah sure. You can search the house. I have nothing to hide at all.” Peyton said nervously. The officer took a final drink of water before standing up and heading towards the kitchen.  

"Officer Daniels, this is just a misunderstanding. We can surely talk about this. I may have taken my stepmother's purse. But, I was just mad at her and threw it in the garbage after i grabbed a couple bucks. I just wanted to get back her okay. I had nothing to do with anything else."   

Twerp followed behind as they entered the kitchen. Everything in Twerps mind was screaming this is it. This is it. You can get noticed and found. You can get the help you deserve. As Twerp thought this, she took several steps. She soon realized she wasn't moving at all. In fact, she had moved backwards, and placed her back in Peyton's shoe.  As she looked towards the kitchen in her mind she could see the disapproval of Peyton.  

"This is ludicrous. I'm a grown woman. Not the pet or slave to my step daughter." Twerp said as she attempted to convince herself otherwise. However, her body shook in fear. 

As she found the courage to take a few steps forwards and peek out of the shoe. She looked on fearfully as she saw the officer and Peyton in the kitchen. Her body told her to hide. Her body was trying to convince her that hiding away and concealing herself would get her in the good graces of her stepdaughter.  As badly as she wanted to get his attention, the words of Peyton prevented her from doing so. Every movement she took to make progress towards her him, she was betrayed by herself. She felt disgraced that she had already been re-educated to this point already. She needed to get his attention. This could be her only chance. 

Twerp looked up at the police officer tearfully and headed towards the two giants. She couldn't find the strength to do what she needed to do. She couldn't find the courage to disobey her stepdaughter. All her words, all her bravado she has had since this horrid accident occurred. It was all talk, she realized now, as she found herself unable to find the strength to disobey the teenage tyrant who now ran her life. The person who just treated like a dumb animal. The person who thinks of her as not even human and as she looks up at the officer now she finds herself wondering to herself if she is. If maybe Peyton was right?  

She struggled to comprehend how this could be happening. How her own body could betray her. It was then she realized the stepdaughter she always chided for poor grades. The girl she always said took the easy way out of everything and, was never willing to put in the work unless she got something out of it, was smarter than she gave her credit for. She had been manipulating her since the beginning. She had been retraining her for this moment. This time when she had a chance at freedom. A chance to turn to the tables on her step daughter, but now can no longer find the strength in herself to disobey her master. 

"No, she's not my master. She's not my owner. I'm a person. I cannot be owned." Twerp said to herself aloud. As she watched the police officer begin to search the room looking through various drawers. 

Twerp slunk into the kitchen scurrying along the baseboards she had just cleaned before dashing over to the table. She hid herself behind the table leg looking up at the officer.  As she looked up at Peyton she sighed. She knew this was it. This would be her last shot. If she doesn’t get that officers attention she will truly be Peyton’s pet. This will be her life.  

“This is for us Douglas” Twerp said as she dashed away from the table shouting as loud as she could, waving her arms as she watched the now titanic sized police officer head out of the kitchen.  

Twerps eyes lit up as she saw Officer Daniels look down at her. She watched confusion spread across the officer's face as she looked upon her cotton clad body.  As the confusion spread throughout his body elation spread across Twerps body. The idea that someone who could actually help her had seen her gave her a renewed energy and confidence.  

"What is that?" Officer Daniels asked looking at Peyton and Avery as he pointed down at Twerp.  

"That's just my pet. You don't need to concern yourself with it." Peyton said as she started to step between Twerp and the officer. However, he had already started to reach out to Twerp. As Peyton moved to step between them his hands grabbed the humanoid figure of Twerp.  

As he grabbed her he could feel the warmth radiating from the cotton as if the cotton cloth she was covered in was a part of her.  He continued to look at the humanoid figure with a shocked expression. As he pressed down on her he heard her cry out.  

"This...this is a person? What's the meaning of this?" Officer Daniels questioned as he stared down in amazement.  

"That’s my pet. I told you already." Peyton said as she glanced over at Avery who shrugged her shoulders. As Officer Daniels squeezed on Twerp she yelped slightly from his rough treatment.  

"Wait this thing speaks? What have you done?"  

"TWERP!" Peyton said angrily as she looked down at her step mother.  

"Just who are you?" The officer asked unable to believe what he was seeing.  Unfortunately, he started to feel the effects of the pills Peyton had put in his water. He felt horrible, as if he were having a heart attack. It seemed like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. Then, as if he were in free fall just dropping from the sky. As he looked forward the walls appeared to be warping upwards while the colors blurred and elongated as he grabbed his chest.  

"I think he's having a heart attack." Twerp yelled, she looked towards Avery who looked indifferent and Peyton who was watching with a smile. Neither one seemed concerned for his safety.  

The officer groaned in pain as he felt his clothes loosen and start to feel heavy. As he reached his hand out he saw that it disappeared in his sleeve. Let out a terrified scream as the world around him seemed to be growing.  

"Oh my god. Peyton! What have you done?" Twerp shouted as he saw the officer shrinking before her eyes.  

 The officer tried to push himself off the floor, but his body felt heavy and weak. He looked up at Peyton and Avery who now looked more like older siblings in comparison to him now. He felt his body start to convulse and a crushing pressure as his cells compacted. 

Soon the officer was shrouded in a darkness, as a tremendous amount of weight fell upon him. He continued to writhe in pain, while his body convulsed for what felt like hours; Before finally his mind began to clear, and he felt relatively normal again outside of a bitter coldness over his body. He felt around in the darkness moving forward, towards a small beam of light. As he stepped through the light he thought surely, he was dead for a moment. His eyes blinked several times as they adjusted to the bright light.  

As his vision returned he couldn't believe what he saw. Standing before him was a foot, only it was beyond what he could ever imagine in size and scale. He could see the blue nail polish that had started to chip away. As he followed the massively sized foot upwards before it was shrouded beneath a thick grey structure. It had the appearance of fabric but looked much too thick, and strong to be any kind of fabric known to man. The grey material seemed to extend up as far as the eye could see. 

"Officer, are you okay?" Twerp shouted as she ran over to the officer, and helped him to his feet.  

"Who or what are you? And why do you smell so bad?" The officer questioned.  

“My name is Twerp. Formerly, Nancy List. I-I I don't know how to tell you this..." Twerp said, wondering how to break the news to the officer that he had shrunk. 

"Don't worry, I can." Peyton said  

The officer grabbed his ears covering them as the powerful voice of Peyton boomed around him on a scale that seemed penetrate his very being. As he looked over at Twerp and then back at the grey material, and the feet before him. His eyes started to panic. As he looked behind the small woman he could see another set of bare feet. Only these were perfectly pedicured blood red in color. Beside him lay a pair of handcuffs that just clattered to the ground. He recognized them as his own, only on a monstrous scale.  

"I believe you've met Twerp, Officer." Peyton said as she stared down like a kid in a candy store.  

"P-Peyton, what have you done?" The officer said as he craned his neck upwards unable to comprehend how he couldn't even see either of the girl's faces. His body shook in terror while his eyes were as wide as a kid at Disney World. He struggled to take everything in. The everyday objects of the kitchen now dominated the landscape. The tables and chairs that were nearby now looked distant and extended up into what appeared to the heavens. The counter tops were simply beyond his realm of view. His brain and eyes were struggling to keep everything in check as he took in this now surreal landscape 

"You shrunk. You should have left the case alone Daniels. No one likes a nosey cop. " Peyton said nonchalantly. 

"Who the hell is Twerp. What did you do?” The officer said still confused. His mind struggling to comprehend the life altering events that had befallen him. The officer yelled as he placed his hands-on hips. His years of training allowed to respond much calmer than he truly was.  

"Twerp is that little thing over here." Avery clarified as she bent down and pointed at the small woman.  

"Wha-whats the meaning of this. This isn't funny. You two change us back this instant. Do you hear me Young Ladies. You're in a lot of trouble" The officer said looking as sternly as he could. 

"It's sorta a one-way trip down." Avery exclaimed as she eyed the officer.  

"You are in big trouble do you hear me. You are in so much trouble. We are talking about attacking an officer, assault, and I don't even know what call shrinking an officer. Evading arrest maybe?" The officer shouted angrily  

"Calm down." Twerp said hoping to settle him down before Peyton got upset.  

"Silence" Peyton bellowed as the officer fell to the ground taking Twerp with him. He watched Peyton's barefoot extend what must have been hundreds of feet into the air. He could barely see it for a moment before he saw it thrust downward exploding against the tile the floor with a force that knocked him back what looked like several feet to him. The floor quivered like Jello all around him as a simply massive cat dashed into the room in the background to see what the fuss is about. 

"Officer, it’s a whole new world for you. As Twerp has been finding out."  

"A whole new world, A fantastic point of view, No one to tell us no, or Where to go, or say were only dreaming." Avery sung and danced. 

"Avery!" Peyton said...before giving in and singing and dancing with her friend. "A whole new world, A dazzling place I never knew, but when I'm way up here, Its crystal clear, That I'm in a whole new world with you." The girls finished both laughing. "You really are in a whole new world, Officer. I think you may want to reconsider that tone." 

"I know your upset officer. Believe me, I know. Things are different now." Twerp said trying to calm him down. 

"Listen to Twerp. Things are different. We're in charge around here. I don't have to do anything you say. In fact, you'll be doing what we say from now on." Peyton said with a smirk. I kind of like the idea of having a police officer to do my bidding.  

“No one is above the law. You won’t get away with this.” The officer said while shaking his fist at the giant girl.  

“You said yourself that the mini-dv you got from the store across the street was the only camera that saw me at the ATM taking out the money. It was partially hidden which is why you didn’t see it right away. You told me that you had then dashed over here immediately as your little pea brain put together the pieces.” Peyton said with a smile as Avery rustled through the officer’s pants pocket pulling out the mini dv.  

“I believe this is called checkmate.” Avery said walking over to the sink and, dropping the mini dv into the garbage disposal before turning it on.  

“That’s destroying evidence. This makes you an accomplice. I need you both to turn around put your hands in the air. 

“For what crime? All they will be able to find of you is an empty police car outside of the house. No one is going to be able to vouch for you being here. As Peyton and I are going to say we never saw a thing. We noticed the police car, but that was it. No one’s looking for a thing like you. They would be looking for a person.” Avery said 

The officer looked between the two now giant girls with a look of panic in his eyes. As he looked at Twerp's face he could clearly see the dirt and grime all over her cotton body. She held her body in a defeated posture. He could see the look of sadness in her eyes. Officer Daniels noticed swelling around her right shoulder. He wondered if it was or had been separated? A part of him theorized it could be a byproduct of whatever they did to her to cover her body in cotton.  Whatever it was, it was clear that she hadn't had it easy. He wondered what had been done to her, but was afraid to ask.  

"Watch and learn officer. Twerp, lick Avery's toe." Peyton said with a stomp of her foot. Which knocked both officer and Twerp back to the ground. Twerp looked over at Avery, she felt a fear she hoped she'd never have to relive course through her. Her body begun moving towards Avery on its own. She looked over at Peyton fearful as she approached Avery's foot, and dropped to her knees.  In her mind, she was fighting to stop herself. The part of her brain that was still her old self was screaming stop, stop. But the logical part of her brain that has been processing all the data of this horrific transformation that she had gone under had already accepted all Peyton's logic as truth. That she is sub species who serves her human masters.  

As her lips pressed against Avery's foot she felt herself pulled back. She saw the officer pull her from Avery's foot. She never had time to react when she saw Avery's other foot knock him over sending him skidding across the floor crashing into Peyton's bare foot.  

Twerp looked up at Avery, and now felt more fear than ever before. She never would have imagined that Peyton would have shrunk a police officer. She felt any hope that she ever had of returning to normal fizzle out of her as she dropped back to her knees and pressed her lips against Avery's toe. She felt dumb forever thinking if even for a moment that the officer would be able to help her. 

Tears dripped down Twerps face as she realized this was going to be her life now. She was going to be serving her step daughter, and her friends forever. The idea of getting help from someone else, seemed cruel. Peyton would surely shrink anyone who discovered her. 

"I should have just done as I was told.” Twerp sobbed as she thought more about how this guy was never going to see his family again. This officer now had the same fate as Twerp. The idea of putting someone else through this just seemed wrong on every level to Twerp.  

"See officer, Twerp understands. You've been turned into a new species I have coined Peytonians. For the record, I never wanted this to have to happen. You forced my hand, and then, you were so insistent on searching the house. You were trying to arrest me. You don’t understand that she’s not a person. You can’t rob yourself. She’s my property, you didn’t let me explain that. You just jumped to conclusions. You left us no choice in the matter.” 

"Girls let’s talk about this. Maybe I misread the situation.” 

"No, your time is done. Now you listen to us. I didn't want to take your humanity. You just left me no choice. I promise though. You will want for nothing, and I will train you to be an obedient little pet." 

"T-train? What are you talking about?" The officer said confusingly as he looked over at who they were calling Twerp. 

"You aren't human. You're not like Avery and I anymore." 

"What kind of nonsense are you talking about. Of course, I'm still a person. 

"She's trying say you're sub human now Officer." Avery said snidely.  

"That’s a great word for it. Thanks Avery. I will train you just like Twerp. You will learn to serve your human masters. It's important you understand. This all for your own good. You just need to pledge yourself to me, as your goddess. Then you can serve Me, Avery and Sabrina." Peyton said sweetly  

"Are you fucking high? What kind of drugs are you on? You seriously need help!" The officer said as he stared up at Peyton’s knees while backing away.  

"That is not, the right answer." Peyton said as she shed her sweet, kind voice she had been using, and went to a much sterner voice. "I think, I will take a page out of your book, and I believe it’s you who is looking at some time in prison. You can come out, when you accept me as your god, and pledge your life to me."  

"That's crazy, stop with that girl’s foot, and tell your daughter she is fucking crazy." The officer shouted losing his cool. He then, felt the warm strong hands of Peyton wrap around him. He pushed against her fingers unable to budge them. As he felt himself rise up higher, and higher he soon felt his ears pop, as he continued his ascent until he was looking squarely at Peyton’s face; Which is now so large he struggled to comprehend it. He watched Peyton extend her tongue, and saw a large metal piercing with chains in her tongue. 

"What is that? Is that a tongue piercing?” The officer shouted shocked by the size of the piercing in comparison to him. However, he only saw himself getting closer, and closer. His nose twitched in disgust as her warm morning breathe washed over him. He gulped as he looked into the cold penetrating eyes of the now gigantic teenager. He couldn’t comprehend her scale as he looked down towards the floor. It was then he realized he was so far up he could no longer see the floor.  

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.” The officer pleaded. His police training unable to prepare him for such a situation. As he looked into the girls mammoth sized mouth her teeth hung down like menacing daggers which glistened from her saliva in the light. Her large pink tongue quaked and quivered as it rolled out of her mouth.  

"Stop, stop." The officer screamed as he felt Peyton's grip on him release as he dropped onto her tongue. A massive silver ball jutted out of Peyton's tongue. Douglas gulped as her tongue spreads out expansively. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that piercing was real and was stuck out of this girl’s tongue like a building unto itself.  He looks on helplessly as she gripped the chains coming from her piercing and expertly in a single swift motion slap the chains onto his limbs.  

"This isn't happening. Someone help!!" The officer screamed as he ran towards her mouth hoping for freedom forgetting his chains in the panic. As he neared the edge of Peyton's tongue the chains reached full tension, and he was knocked onto his back. He then saw the final chain clasped around his neck. He looks over at Avery's who waved at him as he looked out of Peyton’s mouth. The hot breath of this young girl was sweltering. He could feel the beads of sweat from along his brow as the rank air from her mouth caused him to cough. while her un-brushed teeth looked ominously back at him just a few feet from him.  

"This isn’t happening, Peyton stop! Stop this right now young lady. I'm an officer of the law and I command you to let me out." However, his shouts fell on deaf ears as he watched helplessly as her tongue retreated back into her mouth. He ducked down covering his head in fear as he passed underneath her sharp teeth. Seconds later as her tongue settled back down in her mouth he watched in horror as her mouth closed sealing him in her mouth. Chained to her tongue piercing like a dog in a yard.  


Chapter 15 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Not many chapters left. We are closing in on the conclusion of this tale. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented and enjoyed the story up until now. 

Step Monster CH15




Officer Daniels was humbled by the dark moist mouth that now encased his body. He still couldn’t comprehend how this had all happened. He kept running through the events in his head trying to figure out where he went wrong. What led him to this scenario where he was chained to the tongue piercing of a minor.

The powerful voice of his captor rang in his head. It was so loud he couldn’t understand much of what was being said. As she spoke her tongue would curl, other times it would move forward to the front of her mouth. While another time it would be along the side or back. He never realized how much a person moved their tongue when they spoke. Desperately he tried to scream for help. He tried pleading with his captor, however she seemed to pay him no attention or she couldn’t hear him.

As she spoke shards of light would shine into her mouth allowing him to see his horrifying surroundings. He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. As he enjoyed not being encased in complete darkness. However, having light just reminded him how screwed he was.

Peyton begun speaking again, however her words were nothing more than a jumble of noises. As he looked out from her mouth while she spoke to Avery. Officer Daniels could see her gathering up his uniform. As she bundled it up he realized that was the only piece of evidence that would tie him to this his house.

He kicked himself for being so stupid. His pride had gotten the better of him. He should have called in, and informed the station of the evidence he found or his whereabouts. If he had, they would have known he was here, and why he was here. Now, they will just find his car, and as the girls said that does nothing to lead anyone to suspect anything

Officer Daniels lurched forward falling towards the front of Peyton’s mouth as she stood up. He skids several feet before the chain became taut and he came to a crashing halt. He rolled from side to side banging into her teeth. He wondered how much more of this he could possibly take. He was unsure of how much time he had been in here but, it felt like hours already.

He covered his ears once again as Peyton spoke. As he looked out of her mouth he could see into her refrigerator. It was humbling for Officer Daniels to see the large food and drink items in the fridge. It also made him realize how hungry and thirsty he was. He debated briefly calling out to Peyton, however his previous attempts went unanswered, and he couldn’t see why this would be any different.

“Hey! Even prisoners get food and water!” Officer Daniels shouted knowing he wouldn’t get a response. However, for the first time he noticed her lips curl upwards. From inside the mouth he had no idea Peyton was smirking. As she could hear his every word. She had just been choosing to ignore him.

Peyton grabbed two bottles of Coke from the fridge before closing it, and handed one to Avery. She watched Twerp looking longingly at the carbonated beverage. She could see in her eyes that she already knew better than to ask or beg for any. Peyton felt glee over the fact she was already successfully training her former step mother.

Officer Daniels ears perked up as he heard the hiss of the bottle opening. He sat in the darkness waiting for her to take him out. He couldn’t wait for the metal chains around his limbs and neck to be removed as they were digging deeply into his skin. However, as Peyton opened her mouth his eyes lit up as unbridled terror spread across his face. He could see nothing, but the opened top of the Coke bottle hurdling towards her mouth.

He remembered Peyton saying this would be his world until he submitted. He had no idea the reality until now. As rim of the bottle rested of her soft lips. Officer Daniels eyed from left to right. He desperately searched for somewhere to go. However, a torrent of Coke flooded her mouth. The power and force of the coke knocked Officer Daniels backwards with his back slamming against the metal tongue piercing.

“Stop!” He tried to scream, but this only allowed the coke to careen down his throat. As the Coke flooded her mouth he poked his head up above the torrent sputtering out coke. As he looked down he could see the levels rising her and higher. He took a deep breath just seconds before the entirety of her mouth was filled with coke.

Thoughts of drowning to death filled his mind. The Coke burned his eyes as it pressed against him. The worst of it was the Coke that was getting forced up his nose. It stung and gave him a drowning sensation. He tried to blow the Coke from his nose, but it was futile. However, just as quickly as the coke entered, and filled her mouth. He saw the levels dissipate until there was nothing left. He took several deep breaths of air as he watched the rim of the bottle move away from her mouth, and retreat back to the table.

Officer Daniels figured this was another way for her torment him. He expected another swig of Coke to come any second now. That wasn’t the reality of situation. As the reality of it all was that Peyton hadn’t given him much of a thought at all. Her only thought was I am thirsty. She soon went back to cutting up his police uniform. The idea of her world not revolving around his torment and punishment seemed so foreign to him.

As from his perspective he had been attacked. He was being held against his will. Now he was imprisoned inside a girl a mouth for amusement. From his perspective, she is spending all of her energy making his life hell. But, in actuality Peyton is ignoring him for the most part just living her life.

Twerp, found herself lost in the task at hand. As Avery and Peyton cut up the police uniform into scraps she would pull the scraps away put them in piles. She felt like an accessory to their crimes, but knew she had no choice. She tried to avoid looking at Peyton, however her eyes kept wandering towards her.

As she eyed her step daughter she couldn’t help but feel as if something is out of place, or wrong. She couldn’t put her finger on it though. As she continued to clear away the fabric they had cut. It wasn’t until she grabbed a piece of fabric with a label on it that the source of the bad feeling became apparent.

Looking down at the Fabric as she pulled it away she could see writing on the label. As she looked closer at the label she noticed the writing on it seemed to be in a foreign language. It was all a jumbled mess of nonsense to her. As Peyton reached her arm over her she found her eyes drift over to her shirt. She could see the same nonsensical words spread written on her shirt. They were different, but appeared to be of the same language.

“Umm Master, what is written on your shirt? I don’t recognize it, but it appears to be the same language as this label.” Twerp asked. As soon as she finished asking she watched the eyes of Peyton and Avery meet. They shared a knowing smile before erupting in laughter.

“English, duh” Avery said between fits of laughter. Twerp looked back over at Peyton’s shirt. She knew surely that this must have been some new form of torment. She couldn’t quite figure out what the end game was to this one though.

Once Peyton’s laughter subsided she noticed the furrowed brow of her step mother. She could tell she was thinking deeply. As normally she saw that face when she was trying to figure something out. Peyton cocked her eyebrow as a thought popped into her head.

“Twerp, what letter is this?” Peyton asked pointing at her shirt. She watched Twerp’s eyes focus on her shirt for a couple minutes.

“Well? It’s not that hard of a question miss college grad. Did you not need to know the alphabet to get high honors at your school?” Peyton teased while tapping her foot impatiently.

“I-I don’t know. It looks foreign.” Twerp responded deciding to answer honestly as clearly they were trying some kind of scheme. She just wasn’t sure what. She watched Avery and Peyton both exchange looks before staring down at her.

“I think she’s being honest Pey. I don’t think she can read your shirt. What does this bottle say?” Avery asked as she pointed at the word coke on the bottle. As Twerp turned her head her eyes bore into the bottle. She could see the curvature of the letters. She knew from her the red and white patterning was the coke logo. However, the word coke itself, she couldn’t read on the bottle. It might as well have been Arabic or Japanese.

“Oh god, I-I can’t read it. I can’t read it. What is going on? What have you girls done?” Twerp looked up fearfully as her eyes darted between the two titans.

“We did nothing, but this is absolutely rich. You can’t fuckin’ read.” Peyton gloated.

“Peyton! Language.” Twerp said instinctively falling into the parenting adult role she had been in for so long now. As soon as she said it the girls just looked down at her, and laughed harder.

“Someone’s a comedian today. She thinks she’s a person.” Peyton says laughing harder at the notion.

“That’s a good one twerp. You have no authority in this house.” Peyton says spitting down on the table.

“Grab some of that cloth and clean that up.” Peyton ordered. She saw only a moment of hesitation from her step mother before she ran over to the glob of spit dropping onto her hands and knees. Twerp began wiping up the spit with a scrap of Officer Daniels uniform.

“Hmph, that’s where you stand in this house. Get the picture.” Peyton gloated as she watched Twerp labor away struggling to clean up the small glob of spit.

“Really though, you not reading is to great. Looks like the days of you lording your education over everyone are through. You’re not even smarter than a first grader anymore. Twerps mind was reeling over this revelation. As she looked up at her step daughter she never felt smaller and more helpless than she did at this moment.

“Please, Masters. Seriously, you need to help me get back to normal. If I don’t get changed back soon who knows what else could happen.” Twerp pleaded frantically. Hoping the seriousness of this would end these games the girls were playing.

“Seriously Avery, did you hear her?” Peyton taunted.

“Seriously, Peyton you just have to help me get back to normal.” Avery taunted back in a high pitched babyish voice causing both girls to laugh.

“The thing, acts like it needs to read.” Avery said to Peyton ignoring Peyton’s step mother completely.

“Anything you need to know, is read to you. The way I see it. I hope you lose your ability to speak. I could just teach you commands. Like Twerp Foot massage. Twerp clean, and then point to what I want cleaned.”  Peyton said gleefully.

Twerp found herself horrified by the picture her step daughter painted. The idea of being reduced to such a state was sickening. Being unable to communicate with them, relying on Peyton to reteach and educate her. She visibly shuddered as she tried to push the thought of such a day out of her head.

In reality, Twerp had no idea the struggle her brain was under. Ever since she reduced in size it has struggled to make sense of everything. When a person is reduced their brain is also reduced. The reduction kicked an evolutionary process in her body. A very primal process that is hard coded into everyone’s DNA.

Twerps brain has been sifting through her knowledge trying to make sense of this reality and decide what skills she will need to survive in this new form.  While Peyton has called her not human, to be mean. In some ways, it’s closer to the truth than either realizes. Twerps brain has pushed the human knowledge of reading and writing from her brain. As the logical subhuman processes of Twerps brain are feeding off the knowledge that Peyton and her friends are providing as truths as it’s something that makes sense to her brain. Its logical to her subhuman brain which has assumed control of Twerps mind. The human side of her brain where Nancy List resides is getting pushed further and further to the back of her brain like a distant memory. Like when a person tries to recall a memory from when they are three or four. It's not normally a memory that's immediately accessible. 

Something in Twerps state cannot be human therefore it’s not is the directive her brain and body has been working under. Her brain has begun to push out the useless knowledge. While her body has also been adapting to its new size. As she shrunk instead of shedding cells her body held onto and merely split them making her denser. Thus, leading to her increased durability.

“You may become the ideal pet Twerp. Just think, you could be waiting for me to come home from school. As I walk in the door your face could light up just happy to be acknowledged by me. Wanting me to play with you. You begging me to feed and water you. Praying I part some of my knowledge and wisdom upon you. As Avery and I speak you can only look up at us in awe. Unable to comprehend the words we speak, except for the most basic of basic commands and words you have been taught. Your tiny little sub human brain unable to grasp the concepts of our advanced language. “ Peyton said enjoying the scared look on her face as her words sunk in.

Twerp desperately wanted to refute everything Peyton said. She wanted to say she would never live a life like that. However, if she could lose the ability to read and write. Losing concepts like mathematics. She knew the reality of the world Peyton painted was a possibility. She could feel her mind wanting to accept the lies she spews as reality and fact. Her mind, in her shrunken state seemed very impressionable. Like that of child or baby as it gains its knowledge from its parents.

“You might have to re-potty train her though” Avery said as she teased Peyton.

“I will not. I will get her a litter box or something.” Peyton said.

“Well you still have to teach her to use it. It’s not like she comes with the knowledge of domestication. She’s just a dumb animal now.” Avery said rather matter of factly. The words stung Twerp. Hearing the girl talk about her in such a way was bad enough. However, she seemed to be disregarding her all together. The way a person talks about a cat or a dog not worrying if they hear you as you know they can’t understand you.

“Hmm. Well I guess that’s a downside to this.” Peyton said in a way that made twerp wonder if she was considering how best to do this.

“I can potty on my own, thank you very much.” Twerp said feeling the need to assert she was still capable of such a feat on her own. However, neither girl seemed to acknowledge her statement.

“Now that you have a male. You could look into breeding.” Avery said dropping another pile of fabric in front of Twerp as she finished wiping up Peyton’s spit.

“I’m sure it will happen.” Peyton said in a way that concerned Twerp.

“Well that’s the last of it. Let’s start getting these piles in the garbage disposal.” Peyton said picking up a pile and walking over to the sink.

Officer Daniels could only look on from Peyton’s mouth as his uniform was shredded and any sign of his existence removed from premises. It made him sick that the girls had won. As he stared out of Peyton’s mouth he felt defeated. It was then the rim of the coke bottle rested on her lips. He looked on ominously once again as gallons upon gallons of coke surged into her mouth. He was blasted once again with coke as her mouth filled up.

He struggled for air for a few moments before the liquid drained down her throat. HE thought that was it until he saw her mouth re-open as part of a cookie was shoved into her mouth. Officer Daniels back pedaled to make room. While his stomach rumbled.  He bit down on the cookie and nearly cracked a tooth. He was learning the same lesson as Twerp. His jaw was not strong enough to penetrate most human foods without assistance of some outside force or it was broken down into small insignificant crumbs.

He could only look on with a terrified expression on his face as he watched her teeth crush with greatest of ease a cookie he could never hope to break. The crushing sound was horrific and sounded like bones being broken as her teeth mauled the cookie into a paste. The constant up and down crushing all around him was a warning of just how dangerous his current predicament was.

If an arm or leg would get caught underneath her teeth that would be it. He knew she would sever any limb instantly and may not even realize as he mixed in with the cookie.  He hungrily looked at the cookie continually getting crushed around him, spread about her mouth.

“If you are hungry eat” Peyton said with her mouth full of cookie. He looked on either side as she held her mouth open. He saw that the seemingly all-powerful cookie had been transformed to a disgusting paste.

“Until you submit to my will. You will eat and drink what I eat and drink. I know your mouth cannot breakup human food. So, you will wait till I chew the food to a mushy paste. Then you will grab pieces of the mushed-up food before I swallow. If you are thirsty you will have to steal gulps of the liquids I drink before I swallow them. That is your new reality until you pledge yourself to me. I will not acknowledge your existence again until I hear you submit to me. Until you agree that I am your goddess and you will serve me.” Peyton bellowed.

Officer Daniels had a mixture of terror and disgust on his face. As he saw her mouth gathering the mushed cookie in front of him. He felt himself start to throw up. The taste of vomit reached the back of his mouth before he forced it backed own. As he eyed the cookie paste before him he reached his shaking hand out to it pulling a wad of cookie mush from the pile. He gulped as he watched the mush of cookie slide across her tongue. He side-stepped as the cookie disappeared down her throat.

"Disgusting" Officer Daniels said tossing the wad of cookie mush onto her tongue. He watched it slide towards the rear of her mouth and disappear like the rest.  He shuddered again before sitting back down on her warm slick tongue. He was glad that was over, and knew if she thought he was going to eat food she had already chewed up as if he were some kind of baby bird she had another thing coming.

Light shone in once again in the form of just a couple beads of light. Then it all he could see was a cookie approach with a large bite mark in it. He cringed over the reality of situation. She was eating a cookie. No one takes just one bite and then tosses the remainder aside. The cookie slid across her tongue jabbing him in the stomach as he watched her teeth shred threw the cookie biting off a chunk seemingly larger than him.

The cookie this time pushed him with it towards the outer rim of her mouth. He could only look on helplessly as her teeth started to descend. Officer Daniels lifted his arms over his head as if he could somehow protect himself or ward off the strength of her teeth.

"I don't want to die!" Officer Daniels screamed as the cookie slid onto her teeth. Then at the last second the chains tightened and locked his limbs and body in place as the chain would allow him to go no further. He could only watch as her teeth crushed down on the cookie right before his eyes. He found himself mesmerized as she crushes the cookie to bits. His nose pressed against the backside of her teeth as he she chewed on the cookie.

Bits of cookie mush would spray up into the air and splatter against his face. More times than he cared to admit he found himself accidently swallowing pieces of the chewed cookie. As the cookie crumbs slowly became crushes up tiny bits then a fine cookie paste he found the cookie mush would flow from the right to left side of her mouth. He tried his best to avoid the paste but he found his body was becoming slowly covered in remnant cookie.

When he would try to wipe his body clean of the cookie bits he saw Peyton's mouth open back up. The already all too familiar cookie entered her mouth. This time he was saw the remainder of the cookie plopped into her mouth. The cookie landed onto the lower half of his body. As it tumbled over him he found his skin was soft enough where the cookie made tiny cuts as its now powerful sharp edges cut through his skin like a blade.

Officer Daniels found it humbling that a cookie, a girls simple snack could now cut him to pieces. As she crushed the cookie up like the previous attempts he was once again pelted with cookie crumbs and paste which stuck to his body. As Peyton went to swallow a wave of Saliva washed over her mouth. The warm wet Saliva oozed over his body further sticking the remains of her cookie to his body. He watched the cookie disappear down her throat relieved that her snack was over.

He wondered how long he could take this. He couldn't imagine a meal. What would a hot food be like. He looked down at the chains wondering if they could hold. His thoughts were interrupted as her mouth opened back up. He had expected it to be closed for awhile but, as she opened it up he saw a second whole cookie appear at the entrance.

"You gluttonous bitch!" Officer Daniels called out. He wanted to cry as he held onto her piercing as tightly as he could. He watched the cookie approach helpless to stop her. As she shoved the cookie into her mouth and took a bite he noticed more of the cookie was in her mouth then prior bites. He felt like this was on purpose. As if perhaps calling the person whose mouth your trapped in a gluttonous bitch isn't a good idea.

The cookie swarmed around him as he looked from left to right everyone he could see was cookie. Larger pieces of cookie stuck to him as Peyton chewed. This time once she crushed the cookie into a fine paste of cookie bits and mush she forced the cookie onto her tongue and tilted her tongue downwards sending Officer Daniels into the mush of Cookie. He felt his body smack the massive was of cookie with a squelch before it seemingly enveloped him.

Peyton then held him trapped in a mound of decomposed cookie for several seconds before she pushed him and the cookie to the roof her mouth and sucked on him. He could feel the bits of and pieces of cookie that were stuck to him being pulled off as she treated him like a lifesaver.

As the last bits of cookie were pulled off of him he saw her mouth open up and torrent of Coke washed over him. As her mouth filed with coke he found himself swimming briefly as the Coke rolled over her taste buds. Seconds later the coke drained down her throat. He then felt himself rise up as her tongue pressed him against the roof her mouth. She pressed him flat against the roof of her mouth and then lowered her tongue. The bits of cookie remaining on his body and the sticky coke allowed him to stick to the roof of her mouth. His chains dangled downward towards the piercing in which they attached too.

"Get me down from here you brat! I'm not some kind of toy to be used for your enjoyment" He screamed but was drowned out by the garbage disposal. Her tongue than slid between his legs. He tried to close them but the tongue felt like it was all muscle, and easily spread his legs apart. She felt the tip of her tongue brush up against his member. Visions of this woman raping him filled his mind. However, he felt her tongue lower and push forwards so that it was partly out of her mouth. She then shoved her tongue back upwards towards the roof of her mouth.

Excruciating pain pulsed through the body of Officer Daniels as her piercing dug into him as if field goal kicker had just tee'd him up and kicked him in the nuts. He groaned in pain as his body clung to the roof of Peyton's mouth. He was gasping for air as her tongue lowered back down to the bottom of her mouth. He thought it was over for but a moment before she rammed her tongue piercing into his midsection. This happened twice more until Officer Daniels was audibly sobbing from inside Peyton's mouth.

Peyton then pulled her tongue to the rear of her mouth and ran the metal ball stud of her piercing along the roof of her mouth twice this time allowing for her tongue to gain more speed as the piercing traveled between his legs before ramming into his midsection. The last hit unstuck him from the roof her mouth allowing him to mercifully drop onto her tongue. Where curled up into the fetal position, and groaned in pain.

Light began to trickle in before her mouth was wide open. Officer Daniels struggled to turn his head so that he was looking forward. Tears continued to drain from his eyes as he saw the rim of the coke bottle return. Defeat washed across his face as he cowered on her tongue.

"I give, I submit! I Submit!" Shouted Officer Daniels. He continued to yell in hopes of staving off another drink. However, he could only watch helplessly as Coke gushed out of the bottle and onto her tongue. He was helpless to resist in any meaningful way as the sticky cold coke washed over his body.


Chapter 16 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

Only one chapter left.  Its going to be a busy week at work so i thought I would post this chapter early. I will try to post and edit the final chapter later this week but it may be the weekend before that happens. 


Step Monster CH16




It was the middle of the afternoon, and Twerp was walking back down Peyton's stomach for the umpteenth time. Resting on her stomach was what looked to her a massive pile of grapes. It looked as if it could feed a third world country. As Twerp approached the pile she grasped the grape by the stem and pulled. It usually took several tugs for her to break it free.

In the background she could hear some teen drama that Peyton was binge watching on Netflix. As she pulled the grape free she knew Peyton was pushing her buttons. She was never allowed to eat in living room which she already was breaking that rule. She was also not allowed more than two hours of television a day. As she hated the idea of a child being in front of the television all day.

However, now as she pulled the grape free from the stem which held it, she found that she had little say so in the matter of stopping her step daughter from doing so, and it made her sick. As she pulled a second grape free from the stem she tucked both under her arms, and started heading back up Peyton's body.

She found the idea that all of her weight could so easily be supported by her step daughters body to be surreal. Peyton's shirt had gotten pushed up as she laid down on the sofa and stretched her legs out. This left what appeared to be several yards of bare flesh for Twerp to walk across, as she did so she noted the athletic tone to her abs. She wasn't ripped by any means, but as she walked across her abdomen there was a certain power housed within them that she knew she lacked in hers. Now, as her bare feet walked along her step daughter's abs, her feet didn't even sink in much at all. It was an odd feeling to walk across someone's muscle. To know that all of your being is so easily supported by an abdominal muscle was humbling.

As she reached the shirt, Peyton's body tilted up a little bit. The slope caused her to drop a grape onto her stomach. As she did so she looked back down her body and took in just how small it made her feel. Peyton, now in comparison to her body was hundreds of feet tall. Nearly every aspect of her body dwarfed her. As she looked down her frame she could see her wiggle her feet as she played with something. She bit her tongue as she noticed that her feet were resting on the sofa. If anything was to bug her more than eating in the living room or watching an inappropriately large amount of television, it would be feet on the sofa. More importantly her sofa.

Grabbing the grape angrily, she turned around hoping not having to look at Peyton's feet on her expensive Sofa would make it not bother her so much, but it still did. She didn't notice it somehow during any of her other seemingly hundred trips, but now that she noticed it she can't not think about it or see it.

As she reached Peyton's breasts she found herself relieved that she wasn't gifted with a massive a chest. She knew that she landed in the lower B-range from having done her laundry so often. However even now her smallish chest proved to be a bother as she made her way up.

Finally reaching the top she stood waiting for Peyton to want a grape. After every other house rule she was breaking, having to stand here waiting for her to decide that she wanted grape as she watched some mindless teen drama dribble was just too much. More than anything she wished she had the power to march over to the television and turn it off.

"Grape" Peyton said opening her mouth. As she opened her mouth wide she could see Officer Daniels still chained to her tongue. As she tossed in the grape she could hear him pleading with her to tell Peyton that he had submitted. That he would do or say whatever she wanted to be free from his prison.

However, anytime she mentioned anything about this to Peyton she was ignored. Not knowing what else to do she merely tossed the grape in mouthed sorry as she watched the giant Maw close. She watched her chew and swallow the grape with utter ease. As she stood with the second grape waiting for her services to be called upon again.

"something bothering you?" Peyton finally said as another episode ended.

"I’m not sure what you mean, Master." Twerp said gritting her teeth as she said the last bit.

"You know what I mean. I can see it on your face." Peyton said with each word dripping with arrogance.

"Yes, it bothers me, alright. You're breaking every rule of the living room" Twerp shouted angrily. "Master." She added on much more meekly having realized how angry she had responded.

"Grape." Peyton ordered as she extend her tongue. Twerp set the grape down on the tongue watching it curl back into her mouth. "Well it’s a good thing you don't set the rules anymore isn't? What's the new rule around here? I can't seem to remember it." Peyton said sarcastically.

"You make the rules around here now, and you're always right." Twerp said as she gritted her teeth before starting to walk back down Peyton's body.

"I'll tell you what though. I'm not like you though. I don't have to be a bitch in all aspects of life. So, I will keep one of your rules of the living room as a compromise."  Peyton said as Twerps ears perked up.

"That's very gracious of you. Thank you. Thank you Master." Twerp said eagerly wondering which rule would be kept.

"No animals on the furniture. That seems like a fair rule. Animals are dirty you don't want their remnants left on the tables, chairs, countertops, sofa's and that that kind of thing." Peyton said as Twerp reached the pile of grapes.

"Yes, my thoughts as well." Twerp said pulling another grape free.

"Good, so you understand than that you won't be allowed on any furniture in any rooms in the house. You will be expected to stay on the floor unless told otherwise." Peyton said as she started the next episode.

"What! This is my furniture. I picked this out. I paid for this." Twerp shouted.

"Actually, my step mother picked this out, Nancy List. I don't think you met her Twerp." Peyton said with each word exuding snarkiness as she looked down at the tiny woman fuming with anger.

"I am --" was all Twerp managed to get out before Peyton paused her show and looked down.

"I'm sorry, what is your name?" Peyton asked

"Twerp." Begrudgingly Twerp said in a defeated tone.

"That's what I thought. You can't be two people at once.  However, remember what we talked about? You should say name and owner so people know who you belong too. At your size, you never know. You could get lost."

"Yes, of course. Sorry Master." Twerp said as she ripped the second grape from the stem angrily and started walking back up the body of her step daughter.

"So, let's try this again. What's your name?"

"My name is Twerp, and my owner is Peyton." Twerp said as she fought her brain in an attempt to stop it from replying. However, the words flew out of her obediently.

"That’s a good girl. Now this next step is important. I order you to forget about everything you think that you were. As that previous life you think you had, is a lie. Say it back to me. NOW!"

"You c-can't be serious. You know that’s not true. Please, I will do anything else." Twerp pleaded as she fought to maintain a semblance of her identity. However, the cold eyes of her step daughter showed no emotion as she looked down at her minute body. She felt powerless as she visually prodded her. The glare in her eyes alone melted Twerp's conviction. She knew she had already lost.

"I had no life before you. You brought me home and named me." Twerp said tearfully.

"Tell me who you aren't." Peyton said with a smile on her face.

"I'm not Nancy List." Twerp said reluctantly.

"Good, you will never use that name again. You will never think of that as you, because it’s not. My step mother went tragically missing and later found dead. You are nothing but my pet and slave. You will be treated, for what you are. A mere animal, and you will obey the rules set forth by your masters. Isn't that right?"

'Yes Master, of course" Twerp said. As the words left her mouth, what scared her the most was that she could feel the sub human side of her brain accept these facts as truths. She could feel mind being warped by Peyton's laws and logic. She feared that if she lost the mental battle between her human and subhuman side her brain may forsake her knowledge as Nancy List. She may truly only exist as Twerp.

“So now where don’t you belong in my house?” As the words, my house rang in Twerps ears she felt smaller than ever the before. The idea of this being Peyton’s house that she lives in. She always thought of this as the home she had with her husband. Where their family was being raised and where they would grow old together. Now the idea of this not being her home felt so wrong.

As she looked up at her step daughter she couldn’t believe this was happening. After everything she had gone through the past few days she had no idea why this affected her this way. However, as the words my house hit her and settled into her mind. The reality of what Peyton was doing made sense.

“That’s right, soak that in you little bitch. You live in my house. The days of you saying as long as you live under my roof are over. The proverbial shoe will live on the other foot.” Peyton said as Twerp made her way up her body.

“Grape” Peyton said as she opened her mouth. Twerp approached the giant mouth and set the grape onto her step daughters tongue. As her tongue retreated back into her mouth and she begun chewing she wondered how far she would slip.

It was at that moment the door swung open and Sabrina walked in. She always hated how Sabrina would just open the door and come in without knocking. It felt so wrong to her. She was a guest in her home, just barging in felt like an insult.

“Hey Pey, school sucked without you. How’s Avery? Where is she?” Sabrina said looking around while setting down to large shopping bags.

“Oh, dad had to come  and get her. I guess there’s a bunch of paperwork that they have to fill out so he can be her legal guardian, and Avery has to consent to things. I guess it’s a big process.” Peyton said turning her attention back to her show.

“Cool, we got the place to ourselves then.” Sabrina said plopping down into the chair next to the sofa and stretching her legs out over the arm rests.

“Yeah, I’ve been binge watching. Now that I don’t have the step monster breathing down my neck anytime I try to watch TV.”

“I bet, you have a lot of stuff to catch up on.” Sabrina added. “So, what was that text about the cops showing up?” Sabrina asked as she leaned her head back over the other arm rest looking at Peyton upside down.

“Oh my god, I forgot you weren’t here for that. It was crazy Sabs. Officer Daniels showed up and was gonna arrest me as they found some footage with me at the ATM taking all the Step Monster’s money.”

“What? You didn’t 911 me!”

“Well I didn’t think it was that serious he was just looking around, but then twerp started acting a fool. Then he noticed her. So, I had to improvise.” Peyton said as she stuck her tongue out at Sabrina revealing the officer chained to her piercing.

“Holy shit. Is that him? You shrunk a police officer?” Sabrina said as she sat up from the chair and walked over to get a closer look.

“Yeah, I guess that’s your influence rubbing off on me.” Peyton said with a laugh. As she wagged her tongue in the air sending Officer Daniels from right to left.

Sabrina then slowly leaned in and pressed her lips against Peyton’s. As their two lips met Peyton smiled as she opened her mouth. The two girls pressed their lips against each other’s lips more firmly as Peyton slipped her tongue into Sabrina’s mouth as she bit Sabrina’s lip.

Officer Daniels was in a state of shock and awe as he watched Peyton’s mouth open and close rhythmically. He found himself pushed forward into Sabrina’s mouth. As her tongue pressed against officer Daniels, Sabrina's eyes lit up with excitement. She bit Peyton’s lip back as she pressed her tongue against Officer Daniels metal shackles. The tip of her tongue unlatched the Shackles with an ease which humbled him more than he cared to admit. The idea that this girl had more power in her tongue than he possessed in his entire body was mortifying.

As Sabrina released the tiny man’s arms she sucked the top half of his body into her mouth. She thrusted her tongue between his legs flicking his tiny crotch briefly before pressing her tongue back against Peyton’s. She pushed the shrunken officer body back into Peyton’s mouth as she stood back up. Sabrina swiped the grapes sitting on top of Peyton’s pelvis onto the floor. Twerp looked on fearfully as Sabrina swung her legs over her and climbed onto Peyton, sitting on her pelvic region.

“Wha-what are you two doing? Stop this right now!” Twerp shouted shocked and surprised by the incident. Her parenting immediately took over. She felt the urge to pull Sabrina by the ear right off her step daughter. As Peyton wasn’t allowed to do this type of thing. However, her current size and stature has diminished to a stage where neither girl cared what the minute woman thought.

Twerp’s eyes darted from left to right as Sabrina lowered the top half of her body down so she was parallel with Peyton’s. Twerp dove against Peyton’s body. As she did so she found herself sandwiched between Peyton’s now gigantic breasts. As she looked up she could see Sabrina’s body moving in rhythm above her.  Sabrina pulled away sitting straight up on Peyton’s pelvic area with her knees on either side of Peyton’s waist. She looked down at twerp cowering between Peyton’s breasts and grinned.

“Sorry Twerp, the days of you getting in the way are through.” Sabrina said as she lustfully looked down at Peyton. Her eyes momentarily staring at tiny woman. Twerp shook in fear as Sabrina bit her lower lip. Twerp could see that her step daughter’s giant best friend was clearly turned on by seeing her in this weakened helpless state.

Sabrina then lowed her body back down so it was parallel with Peyton’s placing her hand on either side of Peyton’s head as the two pressed their lips back together. They moaned lovingly as the two intertwined their lips.

Twerp was helpless with nowhere to go as Sabrina’s body moved up and down over her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She desperately wanted to stop this sinful act. However, she could see things only getting worse as Peyton pulled Sabrina’s blazer off throwing it to the floor the below.

“You’re so fucking hot.” Sabrina said as she pressed her tongue back into Peyton’s mouth. The two made out for quite some time before Sabrina sat back up looking down at Peyton and then back at Twerp.

Peyton then pressed her arms forward pushing Sabrina off of her and onto the Sofa. As Peyton stood up Twerp dropped down the length of her body crashing hard into the sofa. She rolled over onto her back groaning in pain. As she looked on either side of her she could see Sabrina’s massive legs rise up above her. Looking further up she saw her Step daughter pull her t-shirt off and tossed it over the chair as she wiggled out of her sweatpants. Reaching down she pushed Sabrina’s skirt up as she pulled off her panties. She then knelt down on either side of her.

“Officer Daniels, I know you can hear me if I whisper. Now is your chance. If you want to prove that you will obey and serve. If you want to ever see a life outside of my mouth you will eat out Twerp until I tell you otherwise.” Peyton ordered.

“Damn girl” Sabrina said as she felt herself getting more turned on by Peyton’s command.

Twerp looked up fearfully hearing Peyton’s every word. She took off running away from Peyton as she saw her head lowering down towards her. It was only then as her pupils dilated fully, and she clearly saw where she was going that she realized futile nature of this.  Sabrina’s crotch was only getting closer and closer.

Twerp then tumbled down onto the sofa, her bare chest skidded against the sofa as Peyton puckered her lips, and blew Twerp down onto the sofa cushion. She pressed her lips against Twerp and raised her head as she tilted her head back she felt the small woman fall into her mouth. As soon as her waist passed her lips she closed her lips just above her waist.

Twerp punched against Peyton’s mouth in a vain attempt to free herself as she then felt Officer Daniels shove his tongue into her womanhood. She cried out in pleasure as the shrunken man’s tongue rolled over her vaginal lips. As she shuddered in pleasure she couldn’t help but feel dirty. Tears fell down her cheek as she thought out of her husband. How she felt as if she were cheating on him.

She then felt Peyton lower herself down so that she was staring at Sabrina’s Vagina. Peyton then pressed her lips against Sabrina’s womanhood forcing the top half of Twerps body into her best friend. Twerp’s eyes bugged out as she found herself surrounded by the slick walls of the young woman. She reached out flailing her arms in a desperate attempt to somehow free herself.

            However, the more her arm flailed the only thing it did was please the giant Sabrina more. Twerp could feel the walls become slicker and slicker as Sabrina’s Vaginal muscles closed in around her.  While inside of her daughter’s mouth she felt Officer Daniels tongue deeply inside her. She punched and clawed on anything she could inside of Sabrina in a mixture of frustration, anger and pleasure. She found herself crying out. As she did so the cum coating the walls and raining down her helplessly dripped into her mouth. While Sabrina’s vaginal secretions soaked into the cotton fur covering Twerps body. She felt Sabrina’s secretions becoming embedded into her now cotton skin. 

            “Get me out, get me out” She screamed from deep inside Sabrina as her daughter thrusted her in and out repeatedly. She could feel the air around her leaving and not enough coming in to replace it. She wondered if this is how she was going to die. However, Peyton pulled her out, and sat up briefly. She opened her mouth and looked down at Sabrina who was staring up at Officer Daniels eating out Twerp even now.

            “That’s right Officer. Show us how badly you want out of Peyton’s mouth. If we aren’t impressed you may find that to be your permanent home.” Sabrina taunted. Peyton shared a glance down at Sabrina. She saw Sabrina nod. It was as if the two were speaking telepathically. But she knew it must have been from a deeper bond she never knew they had. She had done that with Douglas sometimes. She just knew what he wanted or was going to ask just by a simple look. The fact that Sabrina and Peyton could do something like that made her sick. They had an entire romance underneath her nose. It was no wonder she couldn’t separate them.

            Sabrina reached upwards grabbing the metal shackles that had been around Officer Daniel’s wrists, and attached them to Twerps ankles. Her lips smirked as she jutted her tongue out, patted the woman’s head. Peyton then shoved Sabrina back down onto the sofa roughly. The top half of her body was shoved into Sabrina’s mouth as the two locked lips. She found herself dangling in midair inside of Sabrina’s mouth with officer Daniels. Peyton’s tongue was underneath them, with Sabrina’s on top. The tongues were going back and forth sliding over and under them. Sabrina’s tongue would slide down Twerp covering her body from head to toe in her Saliva. Sabrina could taste her own juices covering Twerp as Peyton’s tongue came up between Officer Daniel’s legs meeting the underside of Sabrina’s tongue as the two kissed.

            They pressed their lips gently against each other in tune with their emotions, and feelings. Their lips remained locked for quite some time before they broke apart. Peyton’s drug Twerp down the length of Sabrina’s body. She tumbled unable to control her descent as she still found herself shackled. She was helpless to do anything but allow it to happen.

She grasped at her breasts with a primal sense of preservation she hadn’t experienced. The futility of it all overwhelmed her as she slid between Sabrina’s breasts. Tears fell down her face as she was pulled free. She could feel Officer Daniels fighting for his own freedom. She could feel his tongue rubbing up against her clitoris. The sensation would send vibrations of pleasure throughout her body.

As Peyton drug her down Sabrina’s fit stomach she found she had nothing to grab onto. She could only allow the events to happen. She pleaded for it all to stop. She begged for it to end but as she was pulled off of Sabrina’s body she slammed against the sofa roughly. As she craned her head up she could see nothing but the pulsating vagina belonging to Sabrina. It was larger than she imagined as her eyes bugged out. She couldn’t pull her eyes from it.

            “Peyton, no, no more.” Twerp pleaded before she was shoved back into Sabrina. This time Peyton moved in and out using her Step mother like a dildo while at the peak of her push inside of Sabrina Peyton would pucker lips and blow her and Officer Daniels out of her mouth and into the very depths of Sabrina’s Vagina. This happened several times until her inner Vaginal muscles tightened around Twerp and Officer Daniels with their bodies fully expelled from Peyton’s mouth.

            As her hot, slick walls closed in around her she could still feel Officer Daniel’s tongue against her clitoris. Her own Vaginal muscles tightened with Sabrina’s. Twerp felt her body shudder as torrent of hot sticky cum pelted against her face. She felt it gush down her throat at a rate which didn’t allow her to do anything but swallow. Sabrina’s muscles tightened more and more until finally she felt them release.

            She was pulled along Sabrina’s Vagina and drug partly out. As soon as her feet leave the vagina Peyton unclasped the chain that was around Twerps ankles from her piercing. She looked down at Twerp devilishly.

            Twerp was breathing heavily as she flailed her arms and kicked her legs. She found most of her body trapped inside of Sabrina. She wanted to die unable to believe that this had happened. She cried as Sabrina’s cum oozed out of her vagina and dripped and down onto twerp and the sofa.

            Peyton looked down at Sabrina’s two looped Vaginal Piercings. She grinned as she took the end of the chain that use to be around her tongue piercing and attached one to each of Sabrina’s Vaginal piercings. She then pulled Twerp from Sabrina’s womanhood. She was gasping for air as she saw the smiling face of Peyton.

            “Twerp, I want you to lick Sabrina clean, and then lick this sofa clean. Do a good job, and I may release you. Don’t, and I will leave you chained to Sabrina.” Peyton said as she licked her lips, and climbed further up Sabrina. She pulled off her own panties and had Sabrina please her.

            Twerp looked on confused at first until she felt the shackles of Peyton’s piercing still around her ankles. She looked down and saw the chain leading to two vagina piercings on Sabrina. Her eyes lit up in pure unadulterated horror.

            “No, no, no. Not this, not her. Not Sabrina.” Twerp said as sat up pulling at her chains helplessly. From her time in Peyton’s mouth she knew it was futile to try to unclasp the shackles. Her body simply did not possess the required strength. She wanted to die as found herself inching towards Sabrina.

            “Stop, stop. I’m in control here.” She screamed in her mind. However, the subhuman part of her brain which had been winning the tug of war battle overpowered her completely. As it took control of her she could hear her thoughts submit to the whims of her master, and owner without question.

            “Stop” she screamed again only to realize that she was no longer in control in this moment. She couldn’t operate her lips. Her body wasn’t responding to her own wishes and commands. She watched her tongue slide out of her mouth, and press against Sabrina’s vaginal lips. As cum still dripped out of her the giant pussy she could do nothing, but watch as the salty tasting cum rolled up her tongue, and her body swallowed it without question or hesitation.

            As her eyes darted up she found that she couldn’t see beyond the crotch of Sabrina. She could hear Peyton release and get up and off of Sabrina. She sat down on the other end of Sofa breathing heavily. The two eyed each other and smiled. Their eyes drifting downward at Twerp.

            “That’s right, lap it all up slave. This is all you are. Clean your master to earn your freedom, or stop and become my slave forever.” Sabrina said with a laugh.

            Several minutes had passed as Twerp looked back behind her seeing that her body had already cleaned up the Sofa. However, she continued to work away on Sabrina when she felt her stand up. As she stood up her body banged into the girl’s thighs as she swung helplessly between her legs. As she stood up Sabrina’s skirt fell around her sealing her in mostly darkness.

            She found that she could only watch the floor as Sabrina took a couple steps over to her black Panties. She gulped at the black cotton panties were pulled up her legs and pressed twerp against her womanhood.

            “No one told you to stop.” Sabrina said as she patted her crotch causing both girls to laugh at Twerps plight. A second later Twerp felt her body resume its cleaning duties in earnest. She screamed as she tried to pull herself away. In her head she was going ballistic over the idea that it wasn’t even Peyton this time, but Sabrina who gave the order. However, it was as if Sabrina had imprinted herself onto her mind. Her brain could see no difference in the order only that it was issued by her owners.

            “That’s right Twerp. Bradly was just a cover. You were supposed to find out about him weeks ago, but you didn’t pick up on the clues. Then Peyton started like to her time with the guy.” Sabrina said slightly upset.

            “You know he’s not nearly as important to me as you. He’s just a toy I like to parade around. He buys me things, and does what I say. He’s a little puppy dog. Which is funny considering he’s older than me. I just don’t want the world to know yet. He makes the perfect cover. You know I love you. You have nothing to fear from Bradley.” Peyton said as she gave Sabrina another kiss before getting dressed herself. The girls then both sat back down on the sofa, and Peyton laid her head against Sabrina’s breasts as they un-paused the episode, enjoyed some rare time alone.


Chapter 17 by asukafan2001
Author's Notes:

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Step Monster CH17 




The sounds of the television faded as Twerp found herself trapped behind a cotton barrier. The elastic on either end that held the material tightly against Sabrina was much too strong for Twerp. She hated how weak and helpless her body was. The weak elastic band she often berated in her prior life as being inefficient was now blocking her freedom. The voices of her step daughter, and Sabrina hung in the air.  

"What gives? I can't say I didn't enjoy it. But you're not usually so bold." 

"I love you Sabrina. I do. I needed it. As much as it was about you and me, it wasn't about us at all. She took everything from me. She took my family. My parents were happy and she ruined it. I'm not blind though. I can see how much she does love my father. However, for what she did justice had to be paid." 

"If that’s justice, sign me up for another round." Sabrina said playfully.  

"No, not like that Sabrina. I needed her to be hurt. I wanted her to be hurt. I wanted to hurt her the way she hurt my mother. The way she made me hurt seeing my parents fight and yell at each other. I wanted to make her cheat. I wanted her to feel the shame my mother had to feel. She needs to hurt so I can feel that its fair."  

"I get it. I do. My parents hardly acknowledge my existence. They work long hours running that stupid Generisoft. I get outlook invites for family functions. Your mom and dad weren't like that. I get why you'd be hurt by what happened. Its why it's so hard to not to show what I feel for you publicly. You give me something I never thought I'd have." Sabrina said as she stroked the top of Peyton's head 

"Sabrina, I never want to hurt you by keeping us a secret. I'm just not sure I'm ready to be public with us, and everything that entails.  I just don't want you to think I used you. I loved what we shared. I just also wanted Nancy to have to feel hurt. I needed her to feel the pain of being betrayed and having to live with that. It's the only revenge I could have. As much as I hate her, she's also been good to me at times. I'm going to have to take care of her as she certainly, can't care for herself. It's not logical when I say it out loud okay. I get it. I just..." Peyton said before Sabrina cut her off.  

"I know I get it. I do. You don't need to try to explain it anymore. You know I never liked her so you don't need to justify anything to me. If you got what you needed out of that, than I'm happy.  I love you. I care about you. We can do this all at your own pace. I will always be here for you. Couples are a team. We will just be a secret team for a while. 

"Is that me rubbing off on you? If you don't be careful you might be mistaken for being nice." Peyton teased.  

"If you tell anyone." Sabrina said defensively  

"I wouldn’t dare." Peyton said with laugh.  

 Twerp was but a distant memory to them as they both stretched out onto the sofa. The smell of sex still hung in the air as she labored away. Her stomach felt queasy, and she had a horrid taste she couldn't seem to get out trapped inside of her mouth. She had long since finished her task, but still she remained imprisoned and chained to Sabrina. 

She had to listen to Peyton catch Sabrina up on what had transpired as two additional episodes played to completion before she felt Sabrina stand up. She was powerless to do anything but grasp the cotton material as she stood in darkness as Sabrina carried her somewhere. She could hear Peyton's voice nearby, but knew better than to call to her. Several events of the past few days have made her painfully aware of her stature in this household. 

As she looked down at her body she felt disgusting. Her cotton fur held onto the sticky remnants she was forced to endure. She felt dirty as she rubbed her hands over her body. What disgusted her most was the feeling that she cheated on Douglas. She couldn't stop it, or prevent what was done to her. However, she felt dirty. She loved Douglas and could never imagine hurting him or cheating on him.  

She knew the irony in that. She knew what Peyton thought. She had voiced it to her several times. If you knew my dad was married and still slept with him. Still dated him. Still flirted with him what would stop you from doing it again. If you would wreck one home why wouldn't you wreck it again or wreck another.  

At the time she had no good answer other than she wouldn't. She would never dream of doing that to Douglas, or hurting him. She never meant to cause him or Peyton any pain to begin with. It just happened. However, Peyton would never believe that and she couldn't blame her. If roles had been reversed she didn't know if she would have either.  She prayed that justice may finally have been paid. She struggled to think if she could possibly hold on for much longer.  

Light shone in finally as she saw Sabrina's hand reach in and grab her. She was pulled out and roughly set on Peyton's bed. She felt sick as she looked about this disgusting room. It disgusted her greatly at her previous size. Now, it made her want to heave. She never could handle mess very well. Even as a child it bothered her to get messy, or see things that were disorganized or dirty.  Sabrina set two large bags down on the floor, as Peyton left the room. 

"Told you would be mine. You just didn't realize how true it was. Seeing your face when you saw me was absolutely priceless. You had no idea Peyton was my girlfriend. You're not ever going to get away from me." Sabrina taunted down to her friend's step mother.  

Twerp shuddered as the reality of Sabrina's words hit close to home. If Peyton, and Sabrina didn't break up it made her sick to think she could have to spend the rest of her life under not only Peyton's thumb, but Sabrina's as well. Twerp tried to think back at how she could have missed the fact that they were in a relationship. There had to have been signs. As she tried to recall events, and memories she found herself struggling to remember things that happened before the accident. She could clearly recall the past few days. However, her memories of her life as Nancy List were blurry and scattered at best. She could feel herself waging war against the sub human part of her brain.  

It pained her as she fought with herself to recall clearly events from her time as Nancy List. However, anything she tried to remember felt like it was on the tip of her tongue. Any memory she tried to envision was cloudy. As if she was watching an old television, and was trying to make out what was happening through the snow filed screen. She could see bits and pieces but the full picture was hidden.  

She couldn't believe her body was already adjusting. It scared her how quickly her body was adapting and changing now. Her subhuman mind was becoming stronger and stronger. She could feel what was left of her humanity being assimilated into the now dominate subhuman part of her. As she looked up at Sabrina, she felt a timidness in herself which was normally not present. As she thought of speaking out, or going against her wishes the concept seemed almost foreign.  

"Can you really not read?" Sabrina asked with more excitement in her tone of voice then Twerp would care to hear.  


"Yes what?" Sabrina asked snidely wanting to hear the defeated woman say it once again. 

"Yes, Master Sabrina." The hatred she felt only grew in her as she was forced to once again submit to the will of the giant before. Making matters worse it was someone she truly hated with every fiber of her being. 

"So, if I hold my phone up with these text messages showing you can't read these text messages?"  

"No" Twerp shamefully said. 'It's like the knowledge is gone.." Twerp got out before being cut off.  

"How fitting. So, you're like stupid now. You really are going to be like a dumb animal. I was hoping you'd do my homework, but now you're not smart enough to do it." The words stung even if they were truthful.   

"I could maybe you send you to school with my little sister...but she can read already. I guess that won't work. I guess even little kids are too smart for you now." Sabrina gloated relishing her new-found  intelligence advantage over Twerp. 

As Peyton entered the room Twerps jaw dropped. She looked at the massive hamster cage. She had forgotten about it. She remembered seeing it the other night. Now that she saw Peyton carrying it into her room she wanted to run and hide. A large shadow loomed overhead from the cage causing Twerp to scurry out of the way.  

"I think I got everything we need in bags." Sabrina said as she turned her attention away from Twerp. 

"I got some newspaper we can line the bottom of the cage with before we put the bedding on. You're lucky my dad is so old fashioned. No one else gets a physical newspaper anymore." Sabrina said as she pulled out the want ads section of the newspaper. 

Twerp was horrified as she saw Peyton pull out the bottom with ease as the girls begun to line the bottom of the cage with newspaper. The notion that they were going to put her in that was sickening. She could feel the last of her humanity being pulled away from her with every moment she stared at it. 

"Oh, Kaitlyn says she wants to see her by the way?" Sabrina said as she rummaged through the bag 

"What? You told Kaitlyn. No one is supposed to know. I told you to vault it. We are in a relationship. I need to be able to trust you Sabrina" Peyton said with a hint of frustration. 

"You can, I know you don’t fully trust her, but I've known forever. I will handle this. I know messed up, don't be mad." Sabrina said as she flashed some puppy dog eyes at Peyton. 

"Oh please. I invented that move. You're lucky I love you slut. I hate that I can't stay mad at you." Peyton said as she playfully shoved Sabrina.  

"Because you think I'm gorgeous, you want to kiss me, you want to hug me, you  want to love me,  you want to marry me" Sabrina sings.  

"really, breaking out the Sandra Bullock. You have a problem you know." Peyton teases 

"If the Sandra Bullock quote fits." Sabrina said "Ah-ha found it. I wasn't sure what you were going for. Kaitlyn found this little doll bed with even tiny sheets. It would be a bit big for Twerp, but workable." Sabrina said holding up the doll bed. 

Twerp eyed the bed from above. Even in the packaging it looked highly detailed and comfortable. She wondered where Sabrina and her friend were shopping to find such a bed. However, she knew Sabrina lived in the rich country club area. So, the more she thought about it she figured she shouldn't have been so surprised. 

"Don't you think it’s a little too human for her? I mean I'd hate to confuse her, and have her thinking she's a person" 

"See I thought that too, but it was only like forty dollars. So we thought what the hell." Sabrina added.  "But, we wouldn’t want little twerpy werpy thinking she's people or entitled to rights." Sabrina said an infantile voice. As she tossed the box still in its packaging into the trash can in Peyton's room. 

"Don’t use big words like entitled. She may not know what they mean." Peyton chided playfully which caused both girls to laugh. While Twerp felt as if she was shrinking even smaller before their eyes. She couldn't remember ever feeling smaller as they berated and teased her. However, what hurt worse was seeing that bed thrown away.  

"Please Master Peyton, Sabrina. Can I have the bed. I will do what you say." Twerp pleaded. She felt like a child begging her parents as she looked up at the young teens. She couldn't believe how much their places had swapped, Just this past weekend Peyton was begging her for permission to go to a pool party. Now she was the one begging and pleading to them. 

"Hmmm, I don't know. I really don't feel like you've earned it." Peyton said. 

"I know, when I was little I really wanted to wear big girl underwear. But, I wasn't potty trained yet. So, my mom set the underwear I wanted on this shelf as like a goal that I was working towards. We could set the bed aside for when she's earned it." Sabrina said 

"I don't see any issue with that." Peyton said pulling the bed out of the trash can and setting it on her desk for now. Twerp felt mortified over the idea of having to prove herself to these girls. That she would be graded and judged. She would need to serve them blindly just for the opportunity to sleep in a bed. 

"Knowing you so well, at the pet store in the mall. You know the one with the cute baby bunnies in the display window all the time" 

"awww, yeah. I love going in there. Just don't go with Avery. She will spend like an hour inside." 

"I know right. But I saw this bedding for hamster cages. It's all natural and absorbent. It was a little bit pricier than the others but this is supposed to be safe for your pets." 

"That’s more what I was thinking. I'm sure this is more what she's use too anyway." Peyton said while Twerp fumed. She was furious. They were talking as if she was always like this. As if she's never slept in a bed. She was just some kind of outdoor animal they brought in and rescued. It was appalling. She wanted to say something. She wanted to fight for her rights. She wanted to scream and throw a tirade. But, she knew it wouldn't solve anything. They would merely dismiss her thoughts and opinions. She held no sway with either girl.  

The cage had a pullout tray at the bottom for easy cleaning. So the girls pulled it out and then spread a layer of the bedding over the bottom of the cage covering the newspaper completely. Peyton pressed down on it several times making sure it was deep enough before shrugging and pushing it back in.  

"You know you will have to change this once a week, right?" Sabrina added as she reached into the bag. 

"Weekly! Are you serious? Now that the step monster is gone it means I don't have anyone to pawn this off on." Peyton fumed with a huff causing Sabrina to laugh.  

"You're so lazy. You're the worst owner." Sabrina added. 

"Well who wants to clean out cages? It's not like she's smart enough to use the bathroom. She can't even read a picture book." 

"I can use the bathroom!" Twerp exclaimed feeling the need to defend herself.  

"I like how that’s the breaking point. Not the picture book comment." Sabrina said while laughing.  

"Really, how are you getting up to the toilet? How are you reaching it? What about the logistics behind using toilet paper? How are you flushing? Not to mention closing the door. You can't possibly do any one of those tasks let alone all of them. You're helpless without us." 

"but..but..but.." Was all Twerp could get out as she fought for some kind of response or retort, but she knew Peyton was right on those points. She couldn't use the bathroom without assistance.   

"You don't even have money. Everything you see we paid for." Sabrina added. "Oh checkout these cute food bowls we got. Kaitlyn knew this place where they do customizations. So, we had them engrave twerp on the food dish." 

"That's so cute. Look Twerp, Sabrina even got you a food bowl so you won’t have to fight with Simba or Max for food. What do you say?"  

"Thank you, Master Sabrina." Twerp said as she gritted her teeth.  

“Just seeing you have to use it is its own thanks.”  

“You want to pick up the cage. I’m going to clear a spot off.” Peyton said. As she stood up, Twerp tumbled down onto the mattress. As she laid there, she pressed down on the mattress and noted how she couldn’t even make a dent. She no longer possessed enough weight to sink into mattress.  

Twerp looked up as Sabrina stood up a few seconds later and lifted the cage up. She carried it behind Peyton who picked up a bunch of clothes that were on top of her dresser. You can set it here. Peyton said as Sabrina slid the Cage onto the dresser.  

“Go ahead and put her in.” Peyton said still holding a pile of clothes in her arms as Sabrina grabbed Twerp from the bed. Twerp danged loosely in her grip as she walked back over to the hamster cage. She grinned as she held her up to her face. As Twerp looked into her eyes she saw pure glee over what she was about to do.  

All at once Twerp found herself in a state of freefall as she tumbled through the air. She yelled for help but knew none was coming. She tried to brace herself as best she could. However, as she hit the floor of the cage she found the landing to be much softer as the bedding the girls had put in softened the fall. It felt more like falling onto a mattress.  As she stared up at the opening she saw Sabrina close the latch on top of the cage as Peyton walked back over. She dropped all the clothes that were on top of her dresser ontop of the cage. The clothes spewed behind and over the sides of the cage.  

“It would have looked weird if it was clean. Dad would have said something.” Peyton said as she took a few steps back admiring her handiwork. 

Twerp looked up at the roof and could see nothing but Peyton’s clothes as they draped over the cage. A sleeve of a sweater draped over the front along with part of a pair of Peyton’s underwear on the other side of the front. While the sides, top and rear were nothing but a pile of various clothes. 

“Are those even clean?” Sabrina asked. 

“Not sure, don’t care.” Peyton replied as she leaned in eying her stepmother as she still laid on the ground. 

“P-peyton. Let me out of here. Do you hear me. I’m not animal.” Twerp frantically said as she pounded against the plastic part of the cage lining the front, before jumping up to reach the metal bars and shaking them as she continued to scream at the girls let her out in a primal rage which only made the girls laugh harder.  

“Sorry Twerp, that’s your home now. You didn’t really think I’d be keeping you in my pocket, did you? Taking you to school, or out with my friends?” 

“Look at her face..I think she did.” Sabrina said laughing as she pointed at Twerp. 

“I told you what your life was going to be like. So, embrace it. Those cage walls are going to be all you know for the rest of your life. I even gave you a view of your favorite room of the house, my bedroom.” Peyton teased as she saw the rage further bubble over. 

“Let me out. When I get you of here you both are big in trouble. Do you hear me! I’m a person. I’m a person dammit.” Twerp said as she fell to her knees crying as she punched against the plastic wall one last time. 

“How can you be doing this to me? Are you heartless?” Twerp said as she looked up at the two girls unable to stop herself from crying like a baby before them. 

“I can only speak for myself, but I can do this to you because I’m a bitch. I never liked you. I never wanted to like you. When I found out what happened to you. I was happy. Do you deserve this? No, but you can’t do anything about it.” Sabrina said as she gave Peyton a long passionate kiss in front of the cage window before looking back towards Twerp. 

“Please, please Master Peyton.  Don’t do this. I don’t want to live in a cage I’m not animal. I’m not animal.” Twerp screamed and begged. 

“I think she needs some time to come to terms with this. Let’s leave her be. She can adjust to how she will spend most days while I’m at school, or just out living my life.” Peyton as she headed towards the bedroom door. 

"Get back here! Don't you dare leave me in here. PEYTON!!" Twerp screamed as the bedroom door shut. Twerp dropped to her knees and let out a horrific scream before collapsing to the ground.  

The only solace she had was in that moment she knew her humanity was intact. But, in exchange for that she seemed unable to recall much of what happened before Peyton had discovered her. She found that her brain had successfully assimilated her humanity into her new existence as Twerp. As she looked out at the messy, rancid landscape of Peyton’s room she saw a sea of words she could no longer read, or comprehend.  

She knew with the inability to recall much of her old life. She would have to forge a new life. She would need to find a way to accept this existence as her own. She would have to do what Peyton wanted her to do all along. Admit that Nancy List is dead. She knew now as she looked around this large world that it would be the only way for her to move on. Today she would mourn her death, and tomorrow, for better or worse. When she woke up, she would be Twerp, and that had to be enough.  





Step Monster: Epilogue  


The blaring of Peyton's alarm clock awoke Twerp. She knew Peyton would sleep the alarm a couple of times before getting up. However, twerp laid there with her eyes open staring up at the pile of clothes resting atop her cage.  She could feel the conflicting thoughts that were normally fluttering about her brain were gone. She felt in control for the first time since the event happened.  

She turned her head from left to right finding herself contained in a massive cage. A sense of disbelief fell across her as the realization that this wasn't a nightmare hit her hard. As she stood up and looked out the front of the cage she could see a dirty sock hanging down from the top of the cage.  Facing her on the sock was some writing. As she stared at the sock she found her brain unable to decrypt the seemingly foreign writing.  

As she continued to stare at it for a few moments she found the knowledge was just completely gone. She couldn't decrypt any part of it. It was completely gibberish to her. She knew at that moment that the knowledge to understand and comprehend it was lost to her. As she looked over the now foreign English characters she felt saddened over the knowledge lost to her. Desperately she looked over the characters again and again hoping to trigger something or see something familiar. However, it may as well have been Japanese as far as she was concerned now.  

The bed springs squeaked as she heard the thunderous pounding of Peyton's footsteps across the floor. She watched her disappear into the bathroom for a bit. It was odd watching someone while trapped in a cage. She felt utterly helpless unable to interact with the outside world. She was disconnected from nearly all facets of life.  

When she saw Peyton walk out of the bathroom and headed towards her closet. She thought she was going to ignore her. However, Peyton turned her head remembering Twerp.  As Peyton's eyes locked onto the cage on her dresser a smile formed on her face. She took several deliberate steps forwards until she was directly in front of the cage.  

"I see someone is awake sleepyhead. You were out cold when I came back in." Peyton said. Twerp's nose crinkled as her morning breath washed over her.  

"Please let me out. I don't want to live like this." Twerp said staring up at Peyton. 

"This is your home. It's for the best. Simba would hurt you, and I can't watch you all the time. I will assign you little tasks each day to do while Im at school so you won't get bored. You're in the Peyton business now. Your whole existence focuses solely around me now." 

"This isn't happening." Twerp mumbled as stared at her step daughter through the metal bars of the cage.  

"Oh, but it is. I told you it would. I told you this day would come and It's finally, here my pet." Peyton said with glee.  

"P-please. You can't be serious. I-I need out. I need to use the bathroom. I need food." Twerp said searching for anything to get her out of this cage.  

"Do what your kind does. Pick a corner and go. The bedding is absorbent. That's the beauty of keeping you in a cage. I don't need to worry about taking you out. Sadly, I'll have to clean out your cage each week though.  

"You can't be serious. It was bad enough going outside. Now you expect to just go in a corner?" Twerp exclaimed frustrated by this new revelation.  

"Of course. If you're good. I will consider taking you out and letting you run around my desk while I do the homework you can't do anymore." Peyton said with a huff.  

"sorry" Twerp said sarcastically while crossing her arms.  

"you should be.' Peyton replied not picking up on the sarcasm. "This is quite the inconvenience for me." 

"You can't be serious? You're can't just keep me like this."  

"Of course I can. You don't have to worry anymore. We're square now. Since you cheated on my father I consider us square. You just have to live with the shame of what you did." Peyton said.  

"I couldn't do anything about it. That's not fair." Twerp pleaded. 

"Really you couldn't. You never asked me stop. When Officer Daniels was having sex with you. I don't recall you asking for it stop.  During the Sabrina parts you asked to stop, but that was to avoid Sabrina. You never asked for me to stop what Daniels did to you." 

"I love your father. You know this. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I treated you like my own daughter. I love you like a daughter." 

"This is a fresh start, so, embrace it. MOM." Peyton said with a crooked smile followed by a hair flip before heading into her closet.  

Twerp couldn't believe this was what her life now. As she looked up briefly at the bars she knew now she was truly at Peyton's mercy. She could feel her mind and body working as one in its new state. She found that her brain had merged her subhuman and human halves into one new entity. She had managed to hold onto herself identity. However, there were things that she should know that now seem beyond her grasp.  

It feels as if she's living with amnesia in some ways. As she can remember some aspects of her old life like people and some events tied to those people. However, she can't seem to remember where she lived before this house. Her life before Douglas had seemingly been erased from her mind.  

Twerp felt solace in the fact that she could at least remember her life with Douglas.  She was afraid of her mind being completely lost. She felt horrible over what happened with Officer Daniels. She loved Douglas with all her heart. She would never intentionally hurt him. A part of her wondered if she would have asked Peyton to stop would she have?  

"Hey Mom, Sabrina left her soccer shoes here." Twerp heard Peyton yell. She had never called her mom before. It felt good to hear her call her that even if a part of her knew she did it to further degrade her. She heard the rumbling of Peyton's footfalls as she the roof the cage was lifted off. Twerp looked up a bit shocked for a moment as the roof of what was now considered her home was pulled away.  

"Here clean these." Peyton said dropping the soccer cleats into the cage below. Twerp dashed out of the way as the fell onto the bedding with a soft thud. A musty smell wafted off of them as Twerp looked up at Peyton. Who reached into the cage grabbing her water bottle bowl. 

Twerp knew there was no way she could ever hope to escape this cage. The walls were many times her own size. She would need Peyton, Sabrina or Avery to pull her out. She was truly now a pet in Peyton's world. As Peyton returned she lowered the water dish back into the cage. A second later several pieces of dog food dropped into her food dish. Twerps stomach churned in disgust as she looked at the bits of food she would be forced to eat.  

"Sabrina's coming over after practice so have those shoes cleaned for her by then. She will need them for the game tomorrow. If you do a good job I will consider rewarding you a merit towards that bed you want." Peyton said with a smirk.  

"A merit? What are you talking about?" 

"Every time you do something good you have the possibility of earning a merit. If you do something bad you lose a merit automatically. When you reach 10,000 merits and hold that amount for atleast a month you get your bed."  

"What? I'm not a child. I don't need a reward system. I deserve a bed. You can't do this." Twerp shouted upset. 

"Now Twerp, I don't like that tone. Minus one demerit. See how that works. If you keep this up you will be sleeping like an animal forever. I will allow you to earn back some privileges you had as a person. Once you earn the bed, maybe we could look into a tiny home or some kind of enclosure of some kind for privacy. However, for you privacy is a privilege not a right." 

"Peyton come on" Avery said walking into the room. Twerp watched Peyton set the roof back on the cage before waving goodbye and leaving her bedroom closing the door behind her.  

As the door shut Twerp kicked at Sabrina's over grown cleats. She couldn't believe how unfair this was. As she looked out at Peyton's room the reality sunk in. This view as all she would see. She would never see beyond Peyton's walls. Getting to leave her bedroom was even a reward she would have to work towards.  This was now her life.


Interlude 1 by asukafan2001

Step Monster: Interlude 1



The wind howled causing the tree branches to scrape against the snow-covered bedroom window. Darkness had long ago crept across the room creating shadow like figures out of the disheveled mess of everyday objects. The clunk of a central air unit turning on cut through the otherwise silent bedroom. The whirring of a fan spun up bustling heat into the chilled bedroom. 

In the corner of this slovenly kept bedroom rested a large wooden chest of drawers with its top cluttered with knickknacks, make-up and a small hamster cage. Various articles of clothing rested atop the hamster cage causing its mesh top to bow inward under the weight. Wood shavings unevenly covered the floor of the cage hiding the newspaper below. 

 A small woman sat in the corner of the cage with her back resting against the glass wall. Hours ago, she could see her reflection in the glass which allowed for a painful reminder that her body was covered in a cotton fur made up of her stepdaughter's sock. A sense of relief almost filled her being as the darkness overtook the room sealing away her reflection. A reflection that brought back vivid memories of the day her humanity was lost. Even now she could remember the feeling of the chemicals burning away her skin while bonding the dingy cotton of the athletic sock to her body.  

As Nancy List stared outward blankly, she wondered how long she had been here. Just to the right of her on the wall she knew hung a calendar. However, long ago she gave up trying to read it. When she looked over at the calendar it appeared to be nothing more than a jumbled mess of gibberish. The numbers and months were all displayed as unintelligible garble to her. Only its rectangular shape and grid like pattern told her this was a calendar. She could see dates and small drawings Peyton had made on various days. However, the knowledge held behind the writing was sealed away. It was sickening to look at the calendar on the wall or the alarm clock across the room on Peyton’s nightstand and realize that it is now impossible to decipher the numbers. The concept of time had been completely stolen from her.  

The cycle of time became day and night. The fact Peyton kept her room dark and curtains drawn tightly shut most of the time made it so the fact she was being given food told her that it was evening. Peyton tossing her bookbag into the room told her it was afternoon. The blaring of the alarm clock meant morning. These were the only ways she had to judge the passage of time. However, when she wondered how many days or months she had been in here. She was left clueless.   

This wasn’t the first of such examples. As time continued on, Nancy found herself struggling to maintain much of her human knowledge. When Peyton or her friends spoke to each other she found it harder and harder to follow along with the conversation. The words they used in her mind seemed to grow more and more complex by the day until much to her chagrin they were simply lost.  

 Peyton had to re-educate her.  Nancy felt humiliated at the prospect of this. Peyton would at her leisure teach her the skills she deemed necessary. Such as since she hated painting her nails Nancy was provided with the knowledge of how to properly paint Peyton’s nails. Nancy had always been a bit of a painter and Peyton provided her the materials in order to maintain her skills. It was at one time a dream Nancy had to have a painting on display at an exhibit or art gallery. However, now her skills were used only for her rotten step daughters benefit. Her art was exclusively reserved for Peyton’s nails. The world would only know her skill through her step daughters nails.   

Days and weeks went by with Nancy begging and pleading for Peyton to teach her more. She yearned for more advanced knowledge. She missed being able to read. However, anytime she asked the response was always the same.  

“How does this benefit me Twerp?” Peyton would say. When she couldn’t come up with any valid argument that Peyton would accept. Nancy would be simply forced to view her gleeful smile as she rejected her request.  

Peyton relished these moments. Here was the former dictator of her life now coming to her begging to be taught to read, begging to be taught proper English. A feeling of empowerment washed over Peyton in these moments as now she could decide what was important to know and what skills would be needed in this new life she was providing for her step monster.  

Almost as if on cue the bedroom door swung open carelessly as Peyton strolled into the room dropping her purse onto her bed and letting her jacket fall carelessly to the floor while she sipped on an orange fizzy drink.  Twerp could remember a time when she would reprimand Peyton for treating her stuff so neglectfully. Now that seemed like another lifetime ago. Now she was just thankful when she remembered to feed her each day. 

Peyton approached the cage with her long straight blonde hair falling out of her beanie as she bent towards the cage. She tapped her pointer finger against the glass several times. The noise boomed in Nancy’s ears as she picked herself up from the floor. Peyton bent down lower removing herself from  view briefly before returning. She lifted up one corner of the roof of the cage not even bothering to remove the dirty clothes she had piled onto the cage some time ago when looking for a shirt.  

Hanging in the air by Peyton’s fingertips stood a pair of snow-covered canvas sneakers. They seemingly hung in the air for several seconds before they fell off her fingertips and landed in the cage with an audible thud. The impact caused some of the snow to fall off the shoe and land onto the ground. The snow that had fallen off the shoe melted wetting the wood chips. The hum of the overhead light kicked on as Peyton illuminated Nancy’s world.  

“Clean” ordered Peyton. The word filled the air around the cage seeming to encompass every aspect of her audible range. This was a human word Nancy knew. This was knowledge deemed necessary for her survival. As Nancy’s eyes continued to look upward at her stepdaughter whose gaze had already left her. She had already moved her attention towards her phone. The digital clacking of keys on Peyton’s phone was all she could hear as Peyton turned away from her showing her only her back as she walked away falling into a cream-colored faux fur bean bag chair. The familiar beep of the Xbox was heard as Peyton pulled on her headset and grabbed her controller off the floor.  

Nancy looked over the black canvas sneakers. The dingy white rubber trim was covered in snow from the outside. As she ran her hand over the snow, she shivered as a chill overcame her. It had been so long since she had actually touched snow. It almost felt foreign to her now. The chill was such an unfamiliar feeling it almost scared her. The snow itself was still malleable to her touch. Nancy could remember when she touched snow before it would rest coldly on her skin melting as it turned to water.  As she held the snow in her hand now bits of snow clung to her cotton fur. As the snow melted the horrid cotton sock, she found her body encased in grew damp. As she went to drop the bit of snow much it clung to her hand.  

Looking over at her empty water bottle her mind savagely took over. She lowered her head towards the slowly melting snow which clung to Peyton’s shoes.  Twerp opened her mouth and extended her tongue as sucked the cold dirty snow into her mouth. As the snow melted and turned to water, she couldn’t help, but relish the cold liquid as it slid down her throat.  There was a time in her life she vaguely remembered drinking nothing but bottled water. She would look at where her water came from and discard some bottles simply because of the source it came from.  Now just the notion of having cold liquid slide down her throat was a treat. As all the water she got was room temperature when Peyton did remember to fill her bottle in the bathroom. The dirt and filth of the snow meant nothing. As she looked back at the snow, she could see it was covered in impurities. Its white form like her own body has become dingy and filthy from being trampled on. As she lowered her head back down and licked more of the snow off of Peyton’s shoe to quench her thirst. 

The notion that something so repulsive could now seem almost natural was not lost on Nancy. She hated herself for it. She hated that her life had become this. Peyton had gained full control over every aspect of her life. The longer that her life remained like this the harder she found it to remember her life being any different. She tried to remember what the bedroom she shared with Douglas looked like. The names of co-workers and friends all seemed impossible recall. It was chilling to think she couldn’t remember the names of her own family and friends however she could recant the names of all of Peyton’s friends.  

Nancy brushed some of the snow off white trim of the shoe. She looked over at the corner where a small trough sat filled with cleaning solution. This made her mumble in disgust over the fact that never once had Peyton forgotten to fill it with cleaning fluid when it was near empty. However, countless times had she done without food or water.  

Dipping her cotton covered hand into the solution she scrubbed the patch of white rubber trim she had just cleared snow from. She pressed with all her strength making sure to remove even the slightest hint of dirt. She knew what was expected of her. Peyton expected her shoes to appear as if they are brand new. So, she continually used her fur cover hand to scrub the trim and brush the cold snow to the ground with the other. She would trade off every so often in order to give the hand she used to brush the snow away a chance to warm up. The muscles in her arm and hands expanded and retracted repeatedly as she scrubbed and cleaned the trim of the shoe. 

Nancy could feel the discomfort in her knees from kneeling on the wood chips. Her legs and back would bend and twist in unnatural ways in order to thoroughly clean the massive shoes set before her. As her pulled her hands away she looked at them in utter disgust. However, this was now her life. This was her new normal.   

“My hands are nothing but wash rags to her” Nancy said to herself as she listened to Peyton’s voice as she spoke into her headset. The constant sound of gunfire and explosions told her she was playing Destiny again. Listening to Peyton talk and laugh into the microphone made her long for conversation. She wondered if she could even laugh anymore?  

What frustrated her the most was being unable to articulate what she wanted to say. She could think it clearly in her mind and then when she would go to speak it and it was as if her brain couldn’t figure out how to form her thoughts into words. This made her feel like a child or a toddler. She could only scream or cry out in frustration when she was unable to find the words to argue back or explain to Peyton the injustice of what she was asking or doing. 

As Nancy finished cleaning the trim of the shoes, she took a few steps back admiring how brightly the white shined now. As she looked more and more at the trim of the shoes, she started cry. She couldn’t believe how horrible her life had turned out. She felt wretched over the notion that this was her station in life. She was now forced to comply and obey every wish of her teenage step daughter or face horrid consequences.  

What made matters worse was the fact that while she stared at the bright white trim of shoes, she desperately hoped that it would please Peyton. As much as she hated herself for it, she felt a need to seek approval from Peyton. When Peyton would praise her or rewards her, she felt a sense of accomplishment that made her sick. After everything that has happened, after everything that she has been put through she still wanted the approval and admiration of her step daughter. 

“I hate myself” Nancy struggled to say as she forced her legs to move back towards the massive shoes. She carefully climbed the trim of the shoes she had just cleaned and clambered on the canvas top. At one time she would have marveled how it could hold her weight. Now it was simple humbling. As she crawled towards a stain emblazoned onto the canvas of the shoe. She rubbed with her hand several times hoping it would rub way. She desperately wanted it to disappear however the stain clung to the show like a young child to its mother. So, she did the only other thing she knew. She lowered her head and extended her tongue.  

As her tongue slunk out of her mouth it quivered from the cold. The snow and coldness of the sneaker had cooled the cage which held in the coldness.  As her tongue ran across rigid canvas of the sneaker it felt like sandpaper. She recognized this taste it was ketchup. Unfortunately, this ketchup had been exposed to the elements. It tasted nothing like the ketchup she knew as it had more of an earthy tone to it.  

Nancy drug her tongue across the stain again and again. She could see it dissipating as her saliva ate away at the substance. As repulsive as it all felt a sense of accomplishment hit her as her tongue stroked over it one last time before it was no longer visible. She then continued her climb slowly across the canvas sneakers making sure to remove any blemish she came across.  

Her muscles ached as she slid down the shoe and back onto the floor of the cage. Nancy didn’t have to wait long before Peyton sat up from her game. She yawned as she stood and stretched her arms into the sky before eying her prized pet. She walked towards the peering in as she lifted the roof the cage. She pulled the shoes eying them over.  

“Adequate” was all Peyton said as the lid fell back into place and the shoes were dropped to the floor carelessly. As the shoes spilled over onto their side they were already forgotten by Peyton.   


Interlude 2 by asukafan2001

Interlude 2 




Silence was everywhere. The only noise coming from a droplet of water into Peyton’s bathroom sink. It happened like clockwork every few seconds.  Drip drop, drip drop, it would annoyingly happen again and again as Nancy breathed in the stale bedroom air. As her eyes sleepily stared out the bedroom window while she watched life move on for nearly everyone but her.  

In the morning she could watch families bundle up and rush to their car on cold days as parents take their kids to school. She could see kids shoveling the sidewalks in the winter. In the fall she could remember seeing kids raking leaves and mowing lawns. All oblivious to her existence. No longer was her disappearance a news story or an event.  

The bedroom door creaked open as Peyton rushed into the room tossing her backpack onto her bed. Nancy didn’t think much of it until Sabrina walked in after her. Nancy watched helplessly as Sabrina looked over at her habitat with a glint in her eye. She hated when Sabrina came over. All of Peyton’s other friends would leave her alone or ask Peyton permission before doing anything with her. Sabrina didn’t seem to have that restriction.  

“You’re going out with Bradley tonight are you Pey” Sabrina asked as she walked towards the cage.  

“Yeah, you aren’t going to be weird about this are you?” Peyton shouted back as she walked into her closet. “I don’t have feelings for him. I just don’t know how to tell my dad.” 

“I know, it’s an awkward conversation to have. Especially because your parents actually care.” Sabrina said pausing with a hint of sadness displayed on her face briefly before it disappeared. “My dad’s response was be yourself as long as it doesn’t tarnish the family name or the business” Sabrina said in a mock parental tone as she reached towards Nancy. 

Nancy’s eyes darted from left to right as she scurried away in a vain attempt to avoid Sabrina’s hand. As she looked behind her, she could see the hand lowering faster and faster towards her. Trying to avoid Sabrina taking her out. Nancy would dart left, then run right, however the attempt was for not as she watched the massive wall which was Sabrina’s hand slide towards her trapping her in a corner.   

Looking on helplessly Nancy watched Sabrina’s fingers curl tightly around her. She could feel the warmth of her hand radiate into her body. She hated to admit that it felt a little nice. However, as she was pulled upwards, she felt the confines of her cage give way as Sabrina lifted her into the world at large.  

Nancy struggled to remember how long it had been. It made her sick knowing that she was deriving such pleasure of being free from a cage like she was some kind of animal getting to go on a walk with its master. Everything felt worse knowing that it was Sabrina of all people freeing her from captivity.  

Sabrina dropped Nancy into her opposite hand and ran her fingers over her body a few times before gently scratching her.  Nancy could feel her muscles relax as Sabrina gently stroked and scratched at her body. It felt like a transcending experience as her body gave in to Sabrina’s touch.  

“I’m sure your parents care Sabrina. They just aren’t good at showing it. Besides, even if they don’t, you know I care.” Peyton Said walking out of the closet in a new outfit.  

“I know you do. I just want to be able to show it. I don’t want to feel like your secret.” Sabrina said as she sat down on Peyton's desk chair. She fidgeted her foot against the leg of the chair in an attempt to hide her nerves. 

“I never meant to make you feel like I was hiding you or embarrassed of our relationship. In fact, I actually got something for you. I was waiting till valentine's day even though I know that’s so cheesy.” Peyton said as she went to her nightstand drawer. She rummaged through the drawer for a couple seconds before pulling something small out with her hands held tightly together. Peyton took a deep breath as she walked towards Sabrina and opened her hands revealing a small jewelry box.  

“awww Peyton” Sabrina said as she shifted Nancy to her coat pocket before grabbing the jewelry box from Peyton’s hand.  

“It’s a promise ring. I want you to know how important you and our relationship is to me. You aren’t my dirty secret and I just need a little more time to tell my family the truth about me. But I wanted to give this to you as a symbol of my feelings and commitment to you.” Peyton said as she leaned in and kissed Sabrina. 

Nancy couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she held onto the edge of Sabrina’s winter jacket looking up at the two girls. She couldn’t make out the majority of the words that were said but she knew the meaning of the ring. It was a commitment ring of some level. She couldn’t be certain as to what level of seriousness. She had known their relationship had grown but she never expected anything like this. As she looked over at Sabrina a chill ran down her spine.  The idea of being Sabrina’s property as well was horrifying. It was bad enough being lorded over by Peyton who had no loveloss towards her. However, she had never cared for Sabrina. She felt she was a bad influence and now she could do nothing but watch as the two lovingly kissed.  

Nancy was smushed between the two titanic bodies as they embraced. She never felt as small as she did at that moment.  She was helpless to intervene and nothing more than a viewer of the choices they were making. As they pull apart Nancy slunk back further into Sabrina’s pocket. The lining of the pocket was soft and it felt like a treat to lay on something besides woodchips. 

“I will bring Twerp back later or tomorrow at school.” Sabrina said as she zipped the pocket with Nancy closed. Moments later she was thrown across into the opposite wall of Sabrina’s pocket. She grasped the lining with her hands hoping to steady herself. She couldn’t remember the last time Peyton actually took her anywhere or she left the confines of Peyton’s room. She could feel her heart racing at the notion of leaving Peyton’s room.  

The dread and nervousness she felt were new feelings. She never thought that she would feel this way over something as trivial as leaving.  Everything Peyton had predicted had happened and it was making her sick. She didn’t realize it till now but her world revolved around Peyton in the most literal of senses. Food, work, knowledge, it was all provided by Peyton. Even her view of the world was warped and now merely an image of knowledge and facts that were provided to her.  

Nancy felt smaller than she ever had before as Sabrina continued to walk. The glass ceiling had broken in her mind. She realized she couldn’t think of one actual current event taking place in the world. The world could be moving towards devastation or it could be on the brink of a major technical breakthrough and she was none the wiser either way.  

Light shone into the pocket interrupting her thoughts. Nancy resigned herself to being grabbed by Sabrina as she watched the girls hand reach into the pocket and her fingers curled around her. The scent of her lotion relaxed Nancy’s mind a little which made her sick. 

As her eyes adjusted, she realized she had no clue where they were. As she looked around, she could see a fenced in yard but it was not a backyard she knew. Even though it was dead from the cold of winter she could see the signs of a meticulously kept lawn. Landscaped trees with what looked like flowerbeds that would get planted underneath in the spring. it dawned on Nancy that this must be Sabrina’s house. She remembered a conversation from before the accident where she mentioned her Dad was the founder and owner of Generitech. As Nancy looked at the house, she couldn’t believe how large it looked in comparison to her own. She wouldn’t call it a mansion but it was clearly one of the more expensive houses in the area.  

Feeling the sharp descent of Sabrina’s hand, she was set down on a bricked in patio. The coldness of the weather made her shiver as her feet stood on the bricks. Even with her cotton fur she still felt a shiver as the wind blew across her body. This made her realize this was the first time she had felt the wind with this new skin of hers. She wondered if this is what it is like for a dog or cat? She could feel the coldness of wind but she didn’t feel as cold as she would have expected. A bit of warmth was wrapped around her.  

“#######” Sabrina said looking down at Nancy as she held a small object in her hand. Sabrina then threw it to the other side of the patio.  

“######” Sabrina said again as she looked down at Nancy with a grin on her face. She then grabbed Nancy by the scruff of her neck like she was a small dog and carried her across the patio setting her down next to small rubber ball. It was more like a beachball to Nancy but it was nothing more than super ball you’d get for fifty cents from a vending machine at a store.  

Nancy looked at Sabrina as she reached down grabbing the ball. She held it in front of her face as she said the same command. It was infuriating to Nancy as she looked at Sabrina confused. She knew that she should be able to understand what was being said to her. She watched again as Sabrina threw the ball across the patio. Nancy watched the ball bounce a few times before coming to a rest. She looked up at Sabrina wondering if she was going to pick it up again when she felt the boot of Sabrina push her towards the rubber ball.  

“#######” Sabrina said again this time pointing at the ball.  

As she looked up at Sabrina and followed the point her eyes fell back onto the rubber ball. She took a few steps towards the ball and looked back at Sabrina who motioned her to forward. As Nancy felt her pace quicken, she realized how good it felt to stretch her legs. She begun to run enjoying the exercise. She couldn’t remember the last time she got to actually run. As she reached the ball, she picked it up and ran back to Sabrina who bent down grabbed the ball and threw it back nearly to where it was before. 

“What the hell” Nancy wanted to say but she couldn’t find the words.  

“######” Sabrina said again pointing at the ball. This time as Nancy ran towards the ball and grabbed. She carried it back to Sabrina.  

“Fetch” She heard Sabrina say this time.  It startled her at first. As she looked over at the ball and back Sabrina. “Fetch” Sabrina said again as Nancy ran back towards the ball. Her face was beat red beneath the cotton fur as she grasped the ball and carried it back towards Sabrina.  

This isn’t happening to me. Nancy screamed in her mind. She wanted to stop herself. She wanted desperately not be enjoying this. But her mind and body were both enjoying the stimulation. As she carried the ball back, she found her mind wondering where the ball was going to go next. While her human part of her was furious. She couldn’t believe she was being forced to play fetch as if she was nothing more than a dog.   

As Nancy started bringing the ball back, she felt the ground shake. She looked to the left to see another giant walking towards Sabrina. She was bundled up in a thick looking white sweater with a fashionable scarf wrapped around her neck. The girl's denim jeans disappeared into a pair of boots. Nancy noted the family resemblance between the two. They had similar facial structures and the same long blonde hair. Only the other girl looked a little younger than Sabrina and was a bit shorter. She looked up at the two girls discussing something. Nancy could hear their voices plain as day but she found the majority of the words were simply beyond her comprehension. She would pick out words here and there but not enough to understand the conversation.  

Sabrina bent down while continuing to talk and threw the ball once again. Nancy wanted to stop as she desperately wanted to listen in and try to figure out what they were talking about. However as soon as the ball was thrown her body reacted instinctively and she found herself fetching it. As she carried it back this time Nancy felt winded and her legs were sore. She could tell that her time locked in that cage Peyton kept her in was not doing wonders for her fitness.  

“Good girl” Sabrina said in a tone voice a person normally reserves for speaking to a baby or young child before grabbing the ball from the infinitesimal sized woman and putting it back in her jacket pocket.  

Nancy stared up at monstrous teens mortified that she was literally being played fetch with. She felt even worse that a part of her enjoyed it. That as much as she hated Sabrina and god did, she hate this brat that it felt good run and stretch her legs. That being told she was good somehow pleased her. She couldn’t understand how Peyton could do this to her. How her mind and body could betray her. She should be the master of her own body. 

“I can’t believe that’s Peyton’s step mother. I mean you told me what happened. I saw the pictures on your phone. Just seeing her down there is unreal. I mean you were playing fetch with her like you do the dogs.” Sabrina’s sister Shannon said as she eyed the small woman.  

“She's no different than a dog now. She's just a dumb animal. Watch this.” Sabrina said to her sister as she turned her gaze back down towards Nancy.  Even now having been months since the accident seeing the diminutive woman at her feet exuded a certain excitement from her. Sabrina remembered the miserable woman getting her in trouble with her parent's countless times over the years. Now she derived such pleasure out of her seeing like this.  

“Go on, Potty!” Sabrina said shooing Nancy into the grass.  

“You aren’t serious” Shannon said while laughing as she looked down at Nancy with her curiosity filled eyes.  

A wave of sickness wafted over Nancy as she stepped further into lawn. The large brown stalks of grass rose up around her like some kind of dead forest. She could feel her bladder wanting to explode but she desperately wanted to hold it. She didn’t want to give Sabrina the satisfaction of ordering her to use the bathroom outside. Making matters worse it was in front of this stranger. However, moments later her bladder gave way. Nancy dropped to her knees as she relieved herself.  

“See Shannon, animal.” Sabrina says with a superior smirk across her face.  

“So, why’s she here?” Shannon asked as her eyes fixate on the small woman.  

“I felt like teaching her fetch. Plus, it looked like she needed some exercise and you know how Peyton is.” Sabrina said while absentmindedly playing with her hair.  

“So, can I play with it?” 

“what you mean Twerp? Of course not.” Sabrina said 

Nancy was finishing up using the bathroom. She was looking upwards at the two giants standing mere feet from her as she walked back onto the patio. Desperately she wanted this to be over. This all to be a horribly vivid nightmare. However, it was still so humbling to use the bathroom outside before these two giants and it's supposed to be just normal. Now having finished just having to wait until they are ready to leave. She remembered when she was a young child her parents would take her somewhere and she would be ready to go but she would have to wait until they were ready. Now, her life was back to a similar station. Nancy wondered how would she be able to adjust to a life with no freedoms. The only freedoms she has are illusions.  

As Nancy continued to stand her muscles were aching more and more. Her stomach growled as she continued to wait on them to finish talking. In her mind she wondered if master was here if she would have to be waiting this long for food. As soon as she thought it, she stopped herself. Nancy shuddered as she thought of Peyton in such a way. It was worrying her that in her mind these slip ups were happening more and more. She could feel herself losing touch with her humanity in a way she never thought possible.  

If you would have asked her six months ago if sitting or lying on the floor would ever be considered normal, she would have scoffed at the notion. Now the mere act of sitting in a chair or on the sofa like a person does is so completely foreign. It was at this moment in time Nancy realized that Peyton had won on a subconscious level. The idea of equality or same treatment and considerations seems almost absurd. As she looks at Peyton and now at Sabrina the notion of being on the same level as them is not a concept her mind is capable of computing.  

“Come, follow” Sabrina said as the girls start walking towards the patio doors. Nancy fumed as she started running after them. Each step they took dwarfed her meager steps. Her legs were still burning from the exercise Sabrina had given her earlier. As the glass sliding door slid open Nancy looked on terrified, she was going to be left behind. She knew she would never survive the outdoors. People hadn’t evolved any tools to deal with giant animals.  

“Hurry” Sabrina said in an agitated tone over having to wait on Nancy who was just thankful Sabrina was waiting for her. The fact that the young woman was using simple and deliberate commands was not lost on her. It was strange to now be forced to go through life unable to communicate in a meaningful way those around you. It was a strange contrast to how her days normally went. Peyton almost never took her out. She rarely if ever spoke to her other than to order her around.  

So as Nancy reached the sliding doors there was a large lip that led into the house. It would have been inconsequential at her previous size. However, in this new life that was thrust upon her it might as well have been a mountain.  As her eyes looked above the massive wall, she could see Sabrina looking down at her. Sabrina grinned as she shook her foot from side to side causing one of her shoelaces to fall to the ground in front of her. Nancy gulped as she looked at grungy faded shoelace. At one time it was a sterling white however now it was a dingy gray with a few darkened dirt spots.  

Nancy never was one to work much on upper body strength. As a child she always hated having to do pullups. Not having any other real choice Nancy grasped the thick shoelace and started pulling herself up.  Her arms began to shake as made it halfway. She looked down briefly serendipitously and soon regretted it. The floor looked further down than she expected. Knowing she was too far up to stop now she continued climbing finally reaching the tip of Sabrina’s shoe. As she pulled herself onto the toe end of the shoe Sabrina slid the door closed.  

“Come, follow” Sabrina said. As Nancy reached for anyone kind of support, she felt herself slide from the shoe and tumble onto the hardwood floor. By the time she looked up Sabrina was already walking into the kitchen. Her words Come and follow echoed into her mind. The words of Sabrina felt somehow different then Peyton’s others friends. She felt compelled to comply.  

As she walked across the hardwood floor her heart was racing. She appeared to be in a dining room but it looked like something out of the movies. A large table rose above her, mountainous chairs surrounded the table in the distance. As she looked at the table and chairs, she couldn’t help but feel out of place. Even if she was full sized, they seemed to be a level of elegance that was beyond her.  

Running into the kitchen winded Nancy. She felt her side cry out in pain as she gasped for air. She couldn’t believe how out of shape she felt. As she entered the kitchen saw the girls standing at the island talking as they sipped on drinks. She realized how dry her mouth was as she watched Shannon lift the cold bottle of water up to her mouth. Several moments passed as Nancy watched entranced by the thought of cold water. It wasn’t until Shannon had set the bottle down that Nancy realized she was salivating.  

“I bet Twerp is thirsty. Grab the water dish from under the sink” Sabrina said ordering her sister as she pulled the bar stool out from the kitchen island and sat down.  

The ground shook a bit as Shannon sighed with a bit of annoyance before walking over to the kitchen sink. Cabinets opening and closing echoed through Nancy’s ears as she heard the faucet turn on. The opening of cabinets and drawers went on for a few moments before the floor shook once again. Seconds later found herself staring into the stocking clad feet of Sabrina’s sister.  

Sabrina snapped her fingers a few times before asking Nancy “What do you say Twerp?” in an authoritative tone that was pointed enough to cause her sister to pause.  Nancy looked up at the two giants almost confused. Her mind was reeling it was such a simple question but she struggled to compute the meaning. Nancy took a few steps back unsure of what to do or say. Her mind raced through every possibility  

“Puh-please” Nancy sputtered out her mind finally arriving at those words after being unable to think of anything else. She could feel her heart still pounding but now from nervousness more than tiredness from the run into the kitchen from the dining room.  

“Good girl.” Sabrina smirked looking down at the defeated, once proud woman.  

The metal shiny metal dish was massive to Nancy. It was clearly meant for a large dog however in her current state she didn’t mind. As she approached the bowl she knelt down on the floor. She pressed her chest against the metal side of the dish as she lowered her face into the water. The cool water felt soothing against her chapped lips as she lapped up water like a dog.  

“She was really thirsty. Are you hungry girl?” Shannon asked as she lowered a second dish. Nancy looked up surprised to see a heaping bowl of what looked to be honey nut cheerios. Nancy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She couldn’t remember the last time she was given people food. Her mind slowed to a crawl as she thought about how long it had been before finally landing on Thanksgiving. Peyton dropped a single scrap of leftover turkey into her cage. That seemed like a lifetime ago now.  

“She can’t have that. Dump it out. She has to eat the kibble. People food will tear her stomach up and it's not good for her.” Sabrina said  

“Oh-okay” Shannon said looking down at the miniature woman with a hint of sadness.  

Nancy tried to respond. She wanted to interject however her voice fell on deaf ears. She was a grown woman and these two teenagers were discussing her well-being as if she were but a child who had no say.  Nancy couldn’t believe how close she was to real food. Now she watched Shannon take a few steps over to the garbage can. Her foot depressed on metal lever causing the lid of the garbage can to lift up. She was forced to watch as the cereal fall into the garbage can. As Shannon’s foot moved off the lever the lid slammed down seemingly ending any hopes Nancy had of eating regular food.  

“Here you go” Shannon said bending down setting a small dish of dog food down next to the water bowl. She gently patted Nancy’s head before standing back up. Nancy couldn’t help but notice a second much larger dish of food in her other hand.  

“Rex, Ally” Shannon yelled as she set down the second larger food bowl. Nancy felt the floor pounding as two colossal Doberman Pinschers bounded into the room and begun eating. Nancy nervously eyed the dogs as she inched away from her water bowl. She stared briefly at her own food bowl but continued to step backwards.  

A doorbell rang causing the two dogs to bark as Sabrina stood up. She commanded both dogs to heel. On command they stopped and waited for Sabrina to pass. She looked down at the two large dogs and told them both to sit and stay as she walked out of the room momentarily. A few minutes later Sabrina walked back into the Kitchen with a box of Pizza she set down on the Kitchen island. Shannon opened the box smelling the cheese pizza.  

“I think she's scared Sabrina. She’s not eating or drinking anymore.” Shannon said sitting down as Sabrina sighed a bit annoyed as she looked down at Nancy. “You can’t blame her those dogs must look huge to her.” Shannon said while grabbing a second piece of pizza. 

“I suppose not.” Sabrina said standing up and walking over to the person she used to view as Peyton’s step mother. She followed her gaze over to the two large dogs. The idea of Peyton’s stepmother eating food from a dog dish just like her dogs was empowering. 

Nancy’s stomach over powered her fears as she finally moved towards the food bowl. She hungrily ate the same food as the dogs. She knew Sabrina was deriving a sense of empowerment from this all. But she didn’t care. She had learned that she needed to eat when she was allowed. As she no longer had the luxury of just walking over to the refrigerator later.  

“That’s right, eat like the animal you are.” Sabrina said walking over the island grabbing a slice of pizza for herself. As Nancy ate she didn’t want to believe she now lived in some kind of bizarre version of hell where Sabrina was actually lesser to evils.  




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